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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, December 19, 1886, Image 8

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MIN 'MHTMt1 uir r.
It teeuii like a hundred jaan go, " '
Th Braveae on. through the drifted
i mmw 'ii''' ' ' ,
ts nMlK und theCb'btiJi t-ee.
Toa we child, ich fair r''iind fk,
And o buDgoa the tree, with el jr, meet
ToJr'cErinlm" preeent for oin. .
1 w rrarltt, headed nin'n!ilnn heart,
Br liieot ami eh in a triumph of rt
With be.il bird on it d'.vu.
1n bnuirht of a "iquaw" (who itok with
a bruauel, .
And tu aaid In your note-dear little
Tbat .ou gave it me with jour love.
Well, tlia' Utile red hwrl Im been with me
T"uh dl-ta'it ouiint iue f ir over ttj i fea,
Pro-p. d river, moio t in and I?;
tbeugh never a io bavo itl u-mb. eidoj
For (he bert wai hard aa I'haruuu i own.
Hut 1 loved it tor your fake.
We're ve-ymsoh o'deranil wlwr mWi
We in ft with a funnel w rd and bow,
and ninny ino-e thing-- we kH"W :
Yd .uiii't hang our be i ta on trees, I believe,
Si r wirtliin a t tier ujxin nurileeve ;
Ii it better. I wonder, eo?
The trea it laden with gift ton'mht,
An-! the colmed tier- are Rleainiiig bright,
And IheCbri t-i bild 6 nt- a mve:
But iny uoiMiii-iiir aitt in'i on the tiee,
I want h heart, will ma g ve 't me.
Aa ym di b f ire,"wiili ymirb ve?
xefrie Chandler in tlritoklv Mngnin(.
A l'wurlfnl Mm lor Oil and Voanar.
I V JAMKS HVs K' 1. i.O'A ELL.
tC' piriffh rd bv tiie Aitthin )
.Yil.l)ii fory i riie.-iully oni yr'noVed
for i ui'lie ti i in the Muii.n appeal
eeotal airaintviuei.t with Ifcr. Lowoll und
bin i ubli hire )
"N 'W. Uuo e, Mi l )' II I ti
lt h ii' y to-1 fftrt") l'-ng,"'ia!d ' y 'i'e
Ii,iioo'. ".md n you mil t k, tin
ot t'ds very vi i.njtf."
'"Ye, 1'iicl'. Do; why phu'i
yiilT"ii't ojiprrtot-f, corii)if he
tw en in en-is wr limit u.tiuli cere
mony "You tied to lirve lots of
"My dr r ildiHt, h!1 tin- efniies
vo mIhh ara lull i f I vt', and mill"
ar a i of the Bill, old fa I iotied ku,d
Kuppi h 1 1 wrrd 1 1 bt-nnj : 'Once tiou
m t in1 il i-rj tt a htta-t tvliore i atnu
v bh Hydr ic'i). "il he livnl in An ln
1i robb -r hiigV "
' O, i o, no, not that kind 1"' protest
ed h im at i i en.
W 11, ttitii, on-of ti inioit cri-
on c rc,jrn'i.'nc'iH r-lKiiiik to tlie
Cn eo(it rile I i ti n b "
"Niiw, y u t.r.- ri-blly too bud," pout'
J Liici tfo'it.
"Iln'ii ou don't think itl dr tlmt
win n the pie in opmieil, tlie birja
Ml) n ' it big n to preach T I am very
n u. b f t ynr m ud abiitit that, ho 1
elm I iry o tell .you a etorv aftr my
om iiiiion, Pit' It is eo Ifiiw mnce I
tuv ' to d nne. lb t I ant aba'd 1 Nliall
tuirte hot a poor baud at it. You mupt
It tine have my head, an t'ley aay of
h' MHH, and I may n id the riKbt ruuuu
alt r a wbllt). o here ko.bI
' Win n our EumI Bh fon-fatnora cirae
ovrr to tills new ixiid, I riimint luar
tint, they br.nulit any Yaiilea with
t 'i. . TIioqkIi eiicb tiny oreature
lit., ap but I ii tie Kpnc, v t I do not
tii nk that the 1 1 grim fathers wi uld
iiHTB caed for 'heir company, even
tboiieb the MaU iwer Had not benn
pin kd an full ol tiibba anil chair, aa
we all know it waa, and 1 doubt If
they w 'Qui have Jid a very go id
time with the 1'ilurim Fathers at any
rate. It Is ml'), I kuow not how tru y,
thHtoneol the compHiiy that came a
few years la er to Si m br ugiit with
blm n acorn t orn Uint'i tiali, tin-
di r which, you ki.ow, ihx trood fulk
loved tn I'ame by inooiilixht. Jliis
hn p'Hntnl, and a. fine tree frw
irom it, and they tay tDHt who
ever R"P1 to tliep under that
trie tit the f ill of h miilntimnier
iiioon will nfiorwaxi hkve the g It of
Been g l.ir en. tint I never cmnu tlnd
O'li anybody who t VvT did Hii;' t xoi pt
a man na tiHtl llawthome, nnd he
el' iter toiil'l not or Wituhi nut tell
Wbe e ti e tree nr((bt l' f until, f-'oine
tb nk it is in Wit b Worn s at Ilevi r
ly, tint f r my par I ronld nevi r l iar
o! a Kiml't who would la !e in to it.
AHuei! uel r-iin miilie on , a fo K i
f ie'i fniiies did vi tun over from
time t tune, but they were istvrf
Vei v well pieced ysitu our f et'iiH .vur .1,
it mh 80 much leB rut th. n what
tli y it'id In e,i lined id, hi il woro on
l-n i iti elioi'H ko f .nt. i Iu-siih!! .v., t
i' -rk lit er i e Itiweluil p, lor f iiiies
ir! i Ot li.liU Ol liew llillljlH, Mi l thi;V
. . I . I f 1 T '
th ii :i e io d 01 I Tune war no
n v
e v
t i i" me i) ei. A Mr. 1) k
bat lin h 'H s ii I nil tiiuruon
li.itu n river, but i. is Ftnry dci s
Ln! pi'i'in a very iki'ly one In
ni , and I iitihor tr,lnk he
on y ilrer,r.ieu t aftr reading wlmt
an o it pi et i' mi. imI lliHYt n bad to d
i u thi in. It in pretty n rtnin ttu.t
U in (iooilfi I oi nt'v r ciuno over,
lh i git I havi BO'tiB' i mes hi nt d an
0'i elioot "llol hul'' In I be wotp'a
v ry mtii'h as he i i smd o ilo, I hard
ly Ibilik Kluda huh Kuliiu, oven if he
bud come, would have carerl t fct'y
w "'0 even cider is pitiful, uuIohb it
b- turre lto vim'uar to keen aoitie
f.k' fai'i'S wed sntrid A great
mt iy will n' ihe-wisuB, who lovu to
1 a 1 ptl iple the wnmj ', and bhiih
1 1: ii in to d Hutur ax diiKi tin ir will,
fimud ibei- way untnuilie n k, n I
thi'v teem to like their new ho i t
very I. Hill, ell the whnle, I tl ink
il like'y ua' e Imv nut anv rial
Ki ki.hIi fa iienover ln e u. w. I have
In' nl, ii.th'Hil, nl a On ch K, ib h! i
. Fimug e l hiin-e f o.er to n"W Am ter
d i'ii, hut 1 1 luiuld in t ihink iuui a
e tier nl ry 0 ul qua. 1 y.
if coiumm, you kim', a count 'v
0 'il l tu t g-1 aloiig v. iy well without
lirie.' of sun" kind mob r. Kit"
h i inn lil a IihIiv be b rn ni h a Bi -v
r en mm in iii" inoiit i, i r anything
o t' a sift, wit'i ii.t help Intra the
1 i l e? No .v, wit nil know very well
1 1 1 tat bali'i a :tre t i,w a :d t' en born po,
e en I eie, h i ; b e (Mint be sotnebnd .
t in-" i hw it for tin in; ami i s Unit
I' nil i 1 t i h a ill v,m li.nii done
I ( Vi'i a all the world nvur. llmiii
irn.'Mt be m ue ,uu iit nu 1 HB u t
i in iub If 111 1 nil wi.y, but 1 ki ov
a tnod niin y 0 'bat wi re, an that
i.i ulrt me i n ions to tl id ont all I
i mil ab nt the 'Hi iet t'at brongVt
t " Mpo ns At ft r t 1 thought tney
t rift be Irihb oiiei, tbey are so apt to
". ka bluiiilvrs, end Hut they, per
! p', had car 1 d my spoon to mi
tii he' hfi iy Ku' Bincu theu I have
tii uji' tl n' I 49 tiot meaitt to have
' tiiy, and lb ,t 1 am as well without it,
Jl iwever, that ptl me on bunting tip
t t fairit-e, una I i.ave Inainid that
t -re ararome 1 idian one here of
"nit thpsanm figjas the Eampean
t-. il voryniuih I ke ttiem, only t' at
IHry a e id a swartbii: Imm. Tney
v ,'f le ik'it'gi uiu e of the liitle bns
t i" Bpn!e e c 'V"r tlnir egui
w t'i, and moccasins lelted veiy
i . rfiiy of fer.i down, n lint
1 .y may pas through out w'uodi
v tiuut c nl bii g their lew r (eei.
'. i . iire mo dy in ek'1 a, Htid t og"
wi' er! ado ti it - i-nr I n n iiit. it f i
i I I) irnti e lie 6, wh ch tip y k ri tn.w
n e ', ii-'-iy oy s r-te i. g 1 li"nt on
pid i h-'i , by ui " irfM. t'i tin-
..m g ':' O'ltaa 4. l.i lies H"d riv-
tuft!"!)" in i.auoi mete oi ao irn
i i pit ii two I. iiatliwi e,
,1 i ti.eiii web t"H l..r r le.ith
tm .inn. r M d, wb ib iliev
,i w... vry wi !1. Th y .' d
,e how, wiin wun'h thiy a-e
...Uu:, c
'l of
11 1 I
bringing diwn a midg iuptn the wing
nine timed oat of ten. Their arroas
meb.itbid with bonut s irg", and
ihjy mike bow niigs of tnre t eiraws
of go-earner twisted t'vht y lonelier.
IbiB is at tbt. I could Qua oat aoom
tein wheb Io u d be sure aastrun.
I havH b' a'd olbi-r tbuiRN bat I d
i.i t teilti eiiiBiiaiii bee u I do. not feel
aa if 1 ronld b'l ee them uiy.elf. It
is add, for example, that the r danuiB
tire not iikalh ee old wor'it i.in.s,
but war dimes, ai d that tbey pa nt
tncniBelve at the India is do
'.Vui tli-r theie tlilrKtae like y or co,
y ii can judga bh well as I. One ih'iin
If ru it: turir wilt warns, for bo they
cull them, are made of the cups if
ni cber pbinis (I wi u'd tell y u toe r
Latin name il I knew it ni'sni),
turned npa.de down and St. ked firmly
with basteeih. lh-se will bold a
vri-at many of t'iein. Hume tba' I avo
bad more to do with the whites bui A
rg cablue, wl h grase stems laid aer bs
encli other. But tbeee re not tl.ouabt
si good analnht riin, tbongh Ibaic ed
ptet y th tk y witb la len pme nceuiea.
Tney have Wedoeailay and S.ilu d y
aMe. i o me, i f cours, to play iu, jus:
like ever b dy vise.
"Now, Ibera ore two t ibeaof tbwe
Faiiia, ote ot tbm m'ed'by a tqnsw
b c iem, named Fantasia, or Hbe
t a, bin with bu ib'es, and the other
by a raii'iuinie who is ial!e I E -bo-gns,
or lis that cumes out light. F n-ta-B-i
and hir tribe are vary uo d
huiuorid, but t'ev aieof so'i wils,
and no', very thrifty, btintu g only
now and then fcrape i, rotiiat win
ter thev sometioii-s bav-j a l aid tiino
ol it. Tbey upend uios' of trie nay in
lilowii g bubnlei, or piayiDKOi s euilur
reed p p B, wi b which ibey ixiake veiy
wine ine ui Bi i. Thiy aie all their
lives trying to s'rlug theae bub oes to
tbuttiiey may take them ti market.
01 e.'iU n.i tney aiaass lail, but th-y
fuel so i u ret f gran' p i e if they could
only ge. tt eiu ibi h r, lhat tiny keep
on try i' g As f ir lh ir uniaie, n ibody
will p-.v much fori hat, UntKl bo grei
and all bis pe' pie, t'lounb tbey b olt
croH", have t r.tirly sort of liuilues-t in
them eftara l. and. b 'ina very active
by nUure, are always (inehand-d, io
tnat if )ou catna to one uf tretr bg8
iVfO in February, ynu would betu
t t hud a gond e ore ef lritd anti'
tingues and ureat noioked gamniores
nl a-shopper, that Would make any
one's mouth water that was used to
that k nd of ftod. Over the doirol
eviy wigwam you would tee huge
antlers of the born bieile set uo ai
troub ib. and the akins i f ca'eruil
hrs with the lur inwards, and
will rubhed with fmiiet'd Ktease to
make tbotn gro s .It. ibey a:no
make a iin-at u.anyuifjl th nmin
the winter fvtnmge, such at bos and
arrows, to key-Biioi-B, ciicket ballB
and very pr t y b.Bkes, woven of
driud uorn Bilk. Toes they s-nl tb the
other tribe it ben thiy are at peace
with them. And they never will take
Pity meat in npromi .e to hit ng so many
but blej nest w.iek, but only in (era
Bmd. whereof th-v tr nd their fl iur,
and which Fa i-taBi a's people, whm
they are bard bsetea, somet mis
gather dudes the InOiau summer, be
Cnuae it is light w- rk, ai d may be
turned Into a pionio wbeuever tbey
"Well, children, now yon know as
inm b about thexe two triins of nit ye
fanes as I can till yon You h ive ba I
tho (untterof fact, or body ol my stu
ry, and now you shall hav the wiiieb,
by which I mean the fanciful or tiuttr
purt thereof. I think it will be ai u
fnl to you aa the hugi sad things thttv
try to tiake you learn mil nowa
drt)i, because every one ol ui has two
pair ot eyes, one within ride and the
other wiiutiut. Thia you do not know
any bing hbout as yet, but if yon ak
me to tell a d y I mu-t t1 1 it in my
own way. When 1 was ot your ane
no b iy thoug it be ba l a rial good
t ied i id day uulO'S his money would
buy two severe sioup ci.anhHa, one lor
the forncoa Hud the ulher to cs'ry
b turt at niitht. J list in that, way!
have ill vl Itid niy ttory, uivir g you
llr t the Inn i e, whiih you m.y get ti I
of aa soon as you pluaie, for tney me
o i'y l'ie snei , mo! the lextt' eui
re il kernel, which ynu mivthkn t
bid with you il you ti .d tnat yutl do
n ii in imt it loo Boon.
"O, Uncle Oobu', do pleaan tell ui
He a oiy, J i' 1 dim I I hi k bit p rt ih
pu tty a bill ' aiulind Ll.ditfoot, push-
iini the villo hair bu k Ir jtn I er
(if", where the bad not mindol it t II
''N'r I nolher!'' growled Copp trtoes,
Btti'itily. " 'lain t any mora like i
real story limn Ip'snrfHoeol ibeoun
irrin the j mmp'iy at s ibool is like
the 11 -Id a In the way hi uiol''
"Y u should say 'neiiht' and
' tieu't', my hoy;" I said, trying to
put i ioi down.
"Thai alu't tiolbin' to do with the
s'o'v." reto tud be In triuuipri, gt-
ing ile"pr into his uureery dialect
th tu ever.
I s iw it was o! no nae to parlay, bo
1 went on.
"01 coarse, oae or the o'her of thee
two head fairies wuv be by whenever
a baby is born. And this keeps them
pretty btiey f ir the population of this
country im r asit at a rat.O ol what's
the ratio. CopoortiUBT"
"Dunno, and ttou't care!" Hnoitd
the youug iilidul to the a pel of
"O, Uncle," tbrnttened Lightfoit
1 relieve yiU e doing inistin pur-
po e, so as to iii t lime to make up a
Mnry. iMow, I don i like the made up
oil"; I want u r. nl one, and, il yi u
d i "O any more, I aou't kine y,.u when
I tin to bed, aee il 1 do,"
" Well, there tuui't bjagre t muv
born, or there would not be so rainy
pa aley bei!s, I S' ould think," 8 i l I
grave y.
"NjW, you mus' know tba1 it make?
'ill the "Kle i'i tue world whic'j of tne
two fiiirii s k"'tN to the biby n.st if it is
a man child, F r, tin uiib both of
bum have very giod wils In the mat
ti'r and mean to do the little felloe;
it'.od. yet it is f und that wb'eie KI bo
gres brlniiB his gilt) soonest tue child
ta apt t g'ow up into a man more
willing to work, nnd therefore, on the
whole, better fl ted to live ba pily In
thin ant hill of ou'B. After that is
madi sure cf, what Frn ta-al-a giv B
does blm more good than barm, lint if
she came earlieat the child would turn
out to have too much girl In him, and
would not Bad bis right plane so easily
in ibis rougb. and tumble UK For the
to fdriisare very un' ka eaob other
in what thev bet-to - b -Kres need
to rub the liitle pink palms i f the ba
by s bands with the )u ce ot a weed
called od spt'ed-W'.rt. Iomiiot find
' he name In any book, but the birth
fauies know Vtry we 1 where to get It
wi en they want it The good ol tide
Mii'6 is that it makes tne nanus tian
dy, so that tbey ca.i turn readily to
any kind uf work, f it you know that
mere are two kikds of hands tV.oso
that aie it Oil fi.r anything etui thoiu
th t 'TS g 0d fetsoni" thlnua "
' Wlii, hjew'a Le' have?' b" Uo'in
Ooppcrt s, till io O'l.i word u' ha
in mole liiu i of I i
' I wop it rf ei have l!i tir-t m .d
n-' era I f "I a p.ir id I lie 'Oroi.'i t al
we e Ihn m i v i !n tli ir ', p e
Mr. Ii ' tii'M y- u ' ii '.., ;ti
!. ninhio- ullil Ii 'i y 11 l k HiOiT
1.M nllH i a .1." 1 auald .mr to B e von,
time, in epiteof everything lean ray."
OopMtrtoaa waggled his cloee-tr.ipt
h ad at ins io I ke ante iam that 1
toot up uiy SIO y again at.Oi'C'i.
"so when ttitra was a baby buy
brought into a cu't in house. In a cer
tain village net far from here the
rro'h' I tou'd !)' he p b' pliu that
E-bogr.-e w 'O'd g' t tin e before
rau-t.-ti-a iii till I cnanced i''at I e
had be n very busy all tint dav, be
uanee. for loma r.an n or o b r. a
lirtat many ' at'ii had croeti ir 'o bj
b irnoii, ai dsn Fan-ten'!- alipp-d iut
ib's hon e he . re him M e came in
Veiy roftly indeed, and, gliding np to
whim t'lit bull new-comer lav m-k
ii g very queer face at Ilia wodd be
had cuiun iao, fha put the end 'of a
ibln re d it t i hi ijt.le res'! leaf i f an
ear a' d n ew a I ubble insure bit he d
just behind bis ey s. Bf re Io i in
11..D1H lil bo g e- in n great i u tie, but
be tie at "i.ci by ib st sDe way in ;
which t biby wa ami ing t at Fan
Bl a had been tnere biiore i.un
However, he ruhbed bis wuderful
Julca on as f nmhli g bad hi.ipen d,
thoaa-n iieiearej u woum uo no great
80.!,'.' ....
"wmt was tbat nany b tauier ot
uiai (led Ooupert icb, Bha ply.
lla was onriatetied John, one MS
name a first Bbn, ami the i Hosdn,
and h n Jack i. und then Jack, arid
at I a , when I e gie up, J hu gain.
N iw tins bu"be t ml bud been
blown in bis h ad did two thiiw ; it
madrt V' rya ug I e V o d t-t seem to
I a6 a rim of r .i ibuw ar ti d it,
wblnh, y u know, i n"Ver really h rl;
and !' gave I iui th' p w r o n ream
ing when he was wido eWHe, si that.
wai alino t a.t no id at a w s uw cat),
Io' I e O'lld be nnd do audlotv wu t
evi rieiiku l 10 long s t ie dream
la-t-d "
"Hed v and Irulv, n"c'. ? ' i.st l
I.iybtfoot, mt'i p Hiulive doulit.
N ), my dtar cb'l l, uut retiiy end
truy u linn ee but r. ally and
u v lu a lOiner, widnu, s i iar a.i mis
world u cniicuriie i, touna tivuy
miliih the same t'diiv, ' tit . 11 wil.
uniltrd aid be't r one i f tiiiae dnye.
.So, whn Janky tp.i I to l lm ell:
'L 'h piav I'm a king, or a cata n, or
whi-t n it, he won d not bav given a
U 10 bu what be f ncied, I r any odds
tii itt he c ul I boh he wiwn 'ho rea
thinx nnd hit driam f it. Niw, on
this ia th, and e-pe : al y in our part
of it, eviry bitty must be good for
pom th'ug; that i, be mus. ba willing
and aide t do, a well aa t ist a d
thii k bow n ci it would Pe t) have it
done. Perhaps Ja ky ml5bl have
uia le a pretty k'oJ poet
"What? L ke Mr. Longfellow,
une'e?" aiked i.ig'itfoot, awlu ly.
"No, my chili), not qune I ku him;
f i I Hunk that El-bor re8 muit bav
go', to him before F n-tn-ai-a, t e ' ai eo
much work in him and bis ba ds are
ale aye so ready to do good.
riot that i bore wan any harm in
Jart y, but be could see e w di what
might be done, that be uev-r q rnl
much to do anytlip g in par tcuiar;
and then, if he did anything, it al
ways had snih a rainb 'wa'iout it tbtt
it looked fior to bim tnao to other
people. And inaeed it see mid cf no
urea' conaeaiie:ce at tirst wnether be
did aoyth ug t r net, f ir Ja ky's father
was rcu, ami, ot course, lie wouia
never med to do auytmng you know
But peepla have a t ick in Aiuedca of
bo ng poor one day and rich ttie next,
or the other way, just as it h ppen ;
and H loll to the lot bl J ciy atatber
tobeonoof thi second e rt When
true took pWce, hoaever, Jncky bud
orown up to be a y juug man, ami was
calbd John. But long bf. re hia
Jacky'e mother had u"guu to ibink
eor ofu ly about blm, ami at la-t,
whm Ina father henaa to have ill luck
aud to c ma hotm Uie- and la er, hIih
naedioeitup by the lire watt tig for
i i n, aud after every ou el-a i.. d nLie
lo b d. and think about J.icky inuie
eB'ily th in ever.
''No the i nly imig Ihlcg Bhe had
to keep h' r coiupauy w s a cricket
tl a' lived to iieo bine in t ie c imnev
corner, aud wbne li e she l a t Biived
one day Irom iho hous-ma .'v br nui.
Ko ynuci'ti gu h-i In. w aran fill tlie
c l' ktt blttowuid h "t, and t o she
brtiiui), by degiees, 'o love tne cr cam ;
for P'op'uaie more pt t i lovatliis
t ii v have none a kirn n.Bi t , Pec -us i
that fa the eon i f ibi i Ihitb ii g
out wh iiever itood t o re is on hot
s do d oi't y iu am T rio Jcii)'b
luothiraurl thecriik t b gmtoiove
one nuo her, and iht-ii, t hu eur,
thiy bcKHii t.nunl rs'.andniie a ot'ier,
bo it a. the one cou d m.t.g i tie k,
cu ak nor the o her eih mi l a t look
in if at i he fire, but 'hat ea. h knew
veiy will wha t i otb.r n euit. Now,
Ja ky s tn ilbo' hid be mi t unking
one niubt that if abe cuiil I only find
Kl-ho met I e m'ltVt t-ll h r some
lh na tht would do good. Tlien the
cricket creak i teak.d a g ioJ many
timisand crawled ou from a crank iu
the bearthsio ' and lurued up at her
his little eve, tba' shone like any mby,
only bdgh er, li'imcaa nothii gs niies
hke lie. Au J iky smother knew
what h min, and it was Ibis: 'I
kuow where B b -gr s ii to b foud,
and I cm interprrt ne'wen ou F r
that ti ib -i never hurt re Cfick. ts, be
catt'e we mike music for them af.er
the dny'a woik. Tney are eni'atii d
on the ede of the pond, whither tbey
come every cntntun t hunr drau n
fluB. Thevuiak i a'lnnr cut of the
scalea of the g nen and blue une, a id
faun of t' elr wioir.'
"H.itb" neit dav tbey went 'or tber
to Ihe pin t, aud f und everi t'i'iig as
the cilctt liad said. As they went
ab'nir the oiows over yin er. nt pine
wo'ii!." k'pt h oi ii tt llriihl h rahl
which tiiey cou'd not bnp ta ii g for
a afgn of void) Imk i' s und d bo
cbetry. Jukye mother did m bb
Kl b irre, en I I am bo'tv, fiir if Blie
had, I -Oll'd btva told vmi how
he looked. (She beard sntnuthlng lile
the hnticuof a be one of tho
ereat, irnimpy ones, that msba their
iiet'i In the ground, s a I I can say
crtain'T 1 tat he hvl a his vnpti
But s' e tw sure that the cictet bad
told her the t u'h ahou' the tr ie's
comlrg there, Oecausfl nhn ?aw thuir
nets B'retchul for the d'kiion fl c
(mm one pickerel week io another.
ad lookina i'l't like spldro' web ,
Well, the end of It wa' that K'-bo-eres
d d not think anything ciu d be done
till aomeihino should break the rub
hie in Jecky'a head. It would take a
pretty hard knock to do hat ; bat if it
were once done, then th juice tha
had been rubbed on Irs pdtns would
begin to work. Vo Jacky'a mother
and the cr oet went horns eat on, not
muih wlsr than tbey went forth, as
p -ople are very apttod.i when they
aek anybody a advice buitneir own
For all that, the cr ctet chlrpi d away
more cheerily than ever that eyi nlns.
as if he Ml tare that something was
coming to pas.
Creak ereak, ereaklty-cre'kl
hoiuolliin, I aura to hat peu next week I
pans, ti e rr ckel; and tboiiih 11
r IIU was whin' than w :oe ir "j h"ta
k 'Ow 1 1, ma tool' rare i ot to ' V inat
w hat w uld inppi n, vt .H m
motlp r k n w, nt aeh .i if I n hud
"Hid it t' at he t- mn S"me pi ce .f
BO ' i UirV.
Mr. Ih'i rr , k t was iu Hlnk i,.h-
ev, , e w a b' i f Ihev, no Ice 'b-n
ml", 'n tii'lim ? are One dv wit
wi'i k J aikv'a father came bo ne and
told bis ri'o th.pt he had loit every-
thing that ha. h id in the world, and
tht tt.ey uiuet tell the hnus-it' ey
lividin, sn1 wt.ere Ja ky waa l on.
pay Ida debts. Now re- the niff-r-
enc-i Jat'ky t m iter lad been bu k
i' a for l Ii if, aid it had made h-r sad
firav-'y areet while; rur. when it
an.e ehe lo.iin d chei 'f il, and r ed 'O
ci H' r lu r Po, h m.', snd t' eykt-sixl
one Brother m d a'. h.ddn k ach
olhe'a ba d till thev fi.lt hap,dr
than liny bad f r many days, and
lov-i i a Ii ctner im il thoir hearia
i old in t br aa aft r a 1. Bir, 1 1
crit ki Ii n vt r oi.co chirp d auuiu the
WI ole evelili g.
"Thi ve y nixti'ar, wh n Jidv
bairrl the news, it hh med to him inat
at if a inn one I a l hi. him a tiuet
raponu.e lead and tomtbin ike
tPo very ti im eit nlnsi wee broken
all in pieces wi hm ic. A' d wbeu bM
can e to lo k at tnini there st no
lonxeraiiy hnr 'er of ra nbuv abu
thin, bm tbey all seeme t very tear
and eba p tdg .ii, ai d hid a kind of
ad took a Ik.', Likwi e hia paUu-
gin 1 1 prict l ,a f t ie fdn w uld
be a do n , for the i n ;e f the tinod-
spi td-wori b gu iiuw tJ wcrk ttr.ng
y n l. im.
"Well, yon both bp l:ow tt is BO'ne
t ien.1, lor U ceO bin ifei t.-old
u I i f e'"ty . n i'i r.s u ed to ba told
hiuiev ro in ni yi-iiraeirnhi the wt.od
lire, a d 'b'-BH ulwaya bad go (l el d
in i. Ja ky bh o aorit wi hiiwll,
d t a' al is iiMtes a wa, yon
oi, And io, all in g ol 'im-, he
lid o ti'ji.t Iihi-h fin ii us.) a 'tti,i, a d
li' fattn r and ,n ph r b'.e t h r- wun
blm at h pi us c n!d he til: they
i'i-d A' d bv "ii t b thorn jv'u-
t jei- lo lo Jerky, but, I tmpe K -b -
(!ro gi: to him Ura , bn: I ib n't i n w.
Ar.il eve. y evt-miu wtiali o you tr ink
ti a i r cker il il 7 He sat in hi crev
iCf1. Iiif he w e it ltiiiif i re ty ri!d now,
and ruhbed hit I rn ila.v.i t- g- tber
and lamr:
retik rrnnk. nraakPv.o-n.ik.
1 luld ynu noiuu U i ii at wuuld happen next
for cri kelji, a e 1 iib m-n, ar' Very
.lit to i liiuR that tbey Hie (Pwa 8 iu
lie 'iK'it Bn i ti " iiil"8' wps, ilia.
Iiy d. w; eis, ht'-vei vl r John I O ed
at (( r eo we ui'iBt ra l him now,) b-
to get a r.in io t . rigoter than
ev r '
T ien L'g'n fo i', wo i-i g"lting,a
'ittiH b .yoiid me nnw and we ra a
h i p, ir iy." iu - a k"8 an 1 bhc', "Qo d
i iglr, Unc e You k e up a xrave
f e e, bu I h leve his is a 'iro- d'H
i-to'v, Hftir a'l an 1 y u know I d oi't
hink they ie nail eo r tyaio nerg.
Y U UBd to te I n '-, funny o ee,triHt
m ole m a mh. uut I ni a ire! t iank
yon very mncli."
d p uopo. r ii s l tne cr no lor mn
He ma le a f -i t aa if ti ihiow a i-o er-
Bet, end Ht.outed, ' Huria I Fust
rit I" He aa out ol the ro no s '
aoun tb,t I dnl not tidiik in tim to
find fauit w't i him for aaung "lust."
Ltnta t r. Pi December 18. The
t amp li.snrrHi ti ni at the La trai-ter
Workbous ib at an end, the men re
suming wo.k yette'day at S'.oi e
breaklnir aber havii-g heen deprived
of foi d for thir y-six b' u s.
0'iarlestor, S. O., D-'cember 18
B b JJ'eT, col'Trd m banged at
8, artanbiirg yeeterdav. He liroke
dnwa rottii.letelv ou the tcoffold a id
the scene wai pitiful.
8 n Fiani'i-iv O 1.. Dic-mVr 18.
Fhe eienner whal ir Alay and Helen
to 'k fire y n e dav wb le lyinu off
the works i f the Pacific O 1 Trn--
p.i't.ti n Cmnptrv, in the sou hero
part of tne city. T i" fl e c immuni-
citid with tl e mag z tie of tbeveiBel
An tip o I oi lol orfi, k Htuu a toa
I l;a, r. Miller a .rt a de kha (!. 1 1."
ve sol wks hi.dlv dnuagti), one aidd
teing b own nut.
Owausbor , K., D c 'nter IS. Tne
war hopBot ii n J w. Wr-li ri iJi ln
le y Company Imrne.! Ti un-day i-tir,
nneinni f I.S 0 barre t ot wbpky.
It iati ing i iho tire wai if i; ci ti
ll a-y o g ii.
HiMliobuj Va., Dotu.iSir 18
V I t' E II .nt, a pn ini ant mmnbe'
of Mo fla-ri- mbar. b ,r, died bu I 'oi-
y Tbu s lay i ig' t oi l i ni rib g ol
"hu bo vil-. 11 w b a br i i -r-n-i.w
f Lta ider J VlcCorniii!k, of Ob cato
I idi' u p i-, I ni., D c-tinher 18
in ID J iriii '. a nfli cs in a ' of
lorj don, ci'inn.i t-d bincn o ; eiin rday
by 8 o t ng II . w e a inein'ier ol n V-
eral Berr-d is .rn tj s aud bad bifl lil
i.'BU.edf.'r.H Oil.
ilulararlaii Tliroiin IMFered
I'ri.ue I- r4lluai.il.
Ft. Pbt.k uuhq. D re.tiher 18. Tho
Jiiumal rte iSi I'den'rurg Buys the oflar
I (1,0 iiUilililoi thro, e ti t r.ucu
Fe'du aud of r-axe Cohurg Ui tna. re-
p oti I io have be.-u u a le b the li i.-
iianan d uutat ou wl.kh is i ow vi i -i
gihe Elup an i api als, c mid i.ot
have DBju uu le bo iou-ny. Toe depu
tation, says tba Journal, had no au
thority tJiillur the Balga ian crown,
and it is d inifiu if ai yb. dy woul.i
accept rhs ciown under bucu toudi
tins I m iy be, says the paper, that
the deputation made the oner tentt
tively on H e part ol the pr pent d cti
'ors of Bu gada. iu oidt-r to tornw nut
tho uleatuat Miey mean ;0 coiUtuuato
make ueiuri.rtia io. 8 ag ins'. RuBsia.
Trie reckleaa usu ition tba.no power
wnuid oupi "'.'e t e e'ec ijn of Piitire
Feiilinauii t ' tbu Bagar.au throne is
uuworlhy of l is 'iiaiioo.
Itla: PiMiiiri,' Bllia.
Cnic0'i. Ii.'... D cemier 18 Tin
City Council Kuiaucu t'ommitleH Fi i
day a(jiejd u ion a ba Is of se tlnmeut
wiih the phy-ic aii" who eii'-ndad the
police on u woinded ai th Ii -y niaiket
riot. Dr Mi.rp y wana'lowed $ fifil),
w I. f'.i Ki mi Dr. llama .f)U
Dr. Murphy's b II, as finally presumed
io the t oil', cil ws mr ts.w, nr.
Idea's J29I4 a d D . Harris's $203.
Their otikinal b ila wera c tnsidmaoly
h'ghi r. Alt-r tne cimmuw agreea
upon the amount) today, tie tnree
doeiors were ealled in and loimal
oilers were made to tho u to 8 tt e
their claims. Tney declined to accept
the amount offered, saying such
action would lay them liable to the
charge ol presenting extortionate
bills. They tioal y agreed, however,
to taka th oil irnnd r advaement.
Tb Ureal Moaep ly ad.
Lotjibvilli, Ky., DdOtuibar 18.
Gsorue Kya, of MarieiU. O., filed
tuit io the Untied Huies Court Friday
aftercooa BKaiuat the Standard Oil
Company and the Lonisvilleand Na h
ville toad, for fWO.OCO damagiaand
iiO.tKMj for albged freight ov-rcharges.
The plaintifl charges that the defend
anls Lavs 1 1 t-ied into a loin-piracy
and are combining to diiva ail oil
pr timers po iut'mtid !n the 8 and
atd O I Compauy from the nnvtet by
ui j iBt illsiriiiiniati' ns. Tne defend
ant in.k B(.ec lio c.'.arnt e iu his own
cmeaniUsVa for a. p-rp. tual injuuc
ti .;, nnd the -b 've da najep
Hhe w tin evonlil He
1 :,i- Qiiee .1 of lli ttuly must lo 'k to her
th lor a piccy month is l;!ds-
, enhle io fi uia e lovelu e-a B-iv-h
yunr ti-i th iwelmlv wnh SOZOUONT,
and you wi'l b.- ci a'tn-'d witn the real-,
it "lorltia wi'bout.iqualjas a.di'uli
fib'e, ,
hie mimm fiik
Of Hie (J rent Metrnpiili, A Golden
Ilaind Uodilecs Ibe Quuldyor
Tact Waalilug the Fate.
IspaoiAi. coaaEapiiMDgacs or th appiaL.I
awYllllK, I)eu-m' er 17 Li t us
fltudy beau y. Ttda aa bei a iireat
weik lor J- WHfies. I oi-md Ii giU't'r
ly and adm'rinly. l'i,e Montfiore
lar for charity bs cer.teed the
"alt , r flu-oa nt and brmuty of Ne
Y rk Ierauutea uudr one e. orn.ons
rool. Tue ui at lovely rx-iib t la no.
lobe sought in tho er. talliry . r
ami ng i he booths, where tik attire
anl j wels and b io-a brae are dis
play d. I ia iu be ce ter of ihe hall
and elta in a iireat satin tho in the
nib's . of a colony of d llr. '1 he little
old woman who lives in the shoe and
h a eo many wax amt porclaiu c il
(in n tbat B e doi su'c t no Vvhat io i.'o
ii a Je wn-h n aiden. A ciowd ia al
ways rou,.d tier watohinii a d edmir
i g. Man, wmni u nt d cbildien an p
to g-z upo i her beaut fat face, and s
winsome is i er h.vrlt iets that no
anad'j ( f envy, no hotwht of j alone
di praig me I c .mm ac oa ti e m mi
id any woman wh 1 oka i-t her. ll-r
pe. r e.-Bin Bi in aikHW.dg-d md al
do her tiOoiHg". be sits tne e all U i
o IiBcki 8 of th" UjiirOiins of nd mil a
Hon, lor io g ifiddi n nan- flja ing in
wavy iu b et o.ci bur ih u deie, aud
her Jarke blue ey-n. r c io color
us ptn.ia, np etiiu be tiz
of her wO'B'ipers with kirave, (rank
innocence. F x bei b auty is nor. tbat
of In. Semitic i a:e. Tieipica Jearee..,
.8 dark, aqui iue and hae r i h olive
r.ouiplnxiou, wnth full ied ii po aud
ilaib ng b auk i-ytH. Many smm may t e
bi:ea at. t in Iui., but no te of t.itin le
coiuimra )Ih to tne guide t bai ed
daughter cf Kr'becc , w-'o sit l amotu
lie no le, toiiibiioies rinili- g andchn
t ng witn visi ore, aud nuaiu si zing
eeiiouely faraway and ta king to h-r-Buif,
ail uiic .ni; "iied and tar-bes of
the throng. There is to s mujii aa
aiUgkCBti n of uqueiry in bei smile,
or woid or ac ou ; nor, a trace of -eif
coueciourUrB aouuthei. Khuisibeie
bicauio ot her tare brauty, but she
dote not teeiu to know ttiar. at.e Iibb
tne mo t wiutoj.elai!.,p-i. feet features
aud ewe test io ebud mou'h in 'be
Wur d. llor nanie is dab I HhiIz aid
ebe will be four y-iais old U'X June.
Itieamodtan unive-Bal l.allnci a
tlou tnat tact is aoiueihun peculiarly
feminine, and thatali wumtu po ser's
it. lact and iituiuon ae Bnpfina. d
to woik out, f ir tue pent e eex, wi h
out couicioiiB iiieii'al Sort, there
rats that imfo til' ate, man muet
reacu through ihe lubirioun wear aud
te.rif gray cerebri mi' ter Tr.ct
emoo he awey the rough pla eB aud
mates tOii ii ii.tir.mur e esy and
pleas .nt, puts ibe aakward at eane
aud d spell it.e painful Bejf tonsil us
nistof the embrra-8"d n vice. Tac
i a great thii g At ihe Hebrew fair
one day was a litt'e scene in which the
average amount of feminine taut was
display eJ. Three or f ur (tirla met in
tue ojidd e of ihe hall, gieeied each
other tfl uive y and kitS'd all around
One i f t iem, after tbe osculitioc,
1 oked crticd y at a rather pretty
Jewess aid said: "Emms, what
nxfceeyou wetir tt a-bang? I deiVare
it makB you look liLe your o.ilett
eieter "
Whin litllo Johnny said: "Giils
ia j tt the same as bnye, i nly 1 ng
bair and no sense, " lie mu-c have
oteu a tece'ii Wi'm-a to a elri&iug dis
play i f ft niii ina tact.
"II iw yotuu sne loo el" ''How
djtfl e' e manaw t i conceal tbe m -r.-B
nl eg I W o bai nut he trd iheae
ri-liiall.8 fl I IUI' lib Ut the 81 dit irlom
of thia tr w len b mop plarac: es-i
is 01 the bo rde? (h queeti in re
a e not pi va o la ien, but a a mlo ' be
ladoB nrrt in .fvi a ly ii'icr eted in
tue prob em B'11'gerted. How can One
prevent ho Irom eho vi'. it-ie fn ihi
luce, and wnat io tne becnt of the,
ao'reia'a long o ul irin y. iilbT Aa
to the latter n i.-j banliy wo '! n't t o
1 1 pay much h-tei tiou lo it. I th'i k,
f r t id an cf uiaxiug up lor tt.e staue
ib quite a dillo ent mat er ftom thai o'
maKii g np fur ibn d aiu loom. I i
tli on i aa-tb" eriirt cm w.ke o e
of br ail, Bugiies ive t tic'ies; in the
otoer eve lb iu inuet b. ar an ela w
ta'e fl in b. S i there arc two aty ea of
p ii ting in V' gu i in fi al i nibelPs i
iiic'Lt tiH well ai in pict r al art. But
I know bi mi tbir g n ucO le'lr ih n
paii tin i for pri fe'V.nif a ynu bful ap
peiranre In tbu face. I. is very pim
ple, and ttai sugnes ed by ihe mas ge
t ea mint ft removinn eupn flmus
flian. In this casn the o1 jnct s in a
measure to te tore wasted fl -so, 0'
rather to prevent wuote. Wrin
kles, the turest ma'k of
advanuit g ae, and tba bar b at to
eiaduate or conceal, are due to tne
uradual wea'ina away of flean under-
neaih ih c itiiiie. Why does it wear
away? B ciute tie facial mn-cle-i
haw uiilmr too lit'le or tbe wrong
kit d of exercise. It wdl be obs rved
t' atwricklis unnnlly take a down
ward coii'Hit. This is due to ib
wr nii kind of tx-rciae. What exer
cise? Wtiv. tha wash na and wiuinit
of tbe fa "e, to be sure. Not t' at I
am going to tntvjcatu tbe dc n lntt
ence ol this silutary ai d wbol-aome
exerciee; I sunp y sngjint a chirge
io ihe m ttio J. l..Btead il nib ini!
tl p !ane i own iu wa-lnnir or wipi e,
Hlwava rub iipwaide. This will Pavo
Ibeelb ct of c 'tir.ti racing tbu infla
ei ce of the Hrfeii to d part fiom under
the cut cle and will keep the face froe
from wru kbs. It le ra'her an awk
wa d habit to acquire at brut, bu: per
eevtrauce will n.ake i' second nature,
and the reniilt ia wottb many pains
this ixe cue is ilosi.ned particularly
for the bi-ni fit ot tbe eyes and upper
I onions of tbe cheeks.
For Ibe lower and middle portion,
where hullnwceps ieolte noted rather
than wrinklep, but somelimes both,
tbete ia another plan. Tbe facial
niuacles are aui jected to very Blight
activity in the oidinary exeitiuna of
eating aud talking. To fill the cheeks
out plump and round it is neteesaty ta
develop the muscles there. These
musilna are very sliabt at tbe beg',
and any special effort well directed
will Inorea'e them in capacity and
t.i ' An excellent exercise for this
putprtso is this: Take a piece of toft
leaiher kid or chamois ekiu will
do and put the end cf it betwten the
teeth; then chew gently npon It for
aavetal minutes, taking rare not 'o
raire theteeih f ora tbe leather. If
tbe terth are ra sed il will bring into
play only lbs ordinary mucl- a of
niaalicatiou, whereas the purpose ia 1 1
rieVflop thoso that ate snld ni naed
Oae who hits Ih'd method wili find
tun cheek going tVoutih a qie.-r
acion that is an) lb" c but, gr .ctdul
and pret v ; i.everttii U it ia iin
ineutely eflecttve, and wi l lest ire to
i s youthful plumpness even ihe m 'tt
'billow; (h.eki if tbe derrepi ! eexa
gttiaii.n. Thoee iu midd e life, or
ibo.-e who aie jti"t bekii- iiirg 1 1 fe. l
the appioach if ane, wii bud this
plan especially valuable. Iib beauty
do i not recommend it, but ita elm
pi c;y does.
I- Occurs to me tn irquire why
ta k;fg should not bo tflctva in
keeping ihe facial mn cles fit ly df
ve rped Thera ar) wmen who talK
inc-aca- tly, a d t miith temu at
nnli termpied a'rtivi'y of th-m nth
i'C ineira on eh" d be tn nh to
eff t all ' he ei'iargii g of tti'ic ti
pira1.).. to a taiu a yoiit r ul a:. ar
anc. So it a-ould, if t'l ' ing ex-rc s
e i the r gr t inuai les. Ir. will i e on
served li.a' t'ie moat talkatiya w o,. en
have the most hollow cbi Bag, o ti ere
ia 10 eicr urag m -ni in ibii fir
cu t v tir-K co .v -isaiii na! p ,wie. Tiie
rea-on why exreudve tala ng hr ngs
"iti it - preuih'ure de'ty of fjciai
be'nity in. that talking exe c sea al
moi' exc uiivoly tneo b'.cMarito-is "he
"iu.! e h t lerves aa a ru' utu nui ncr.
T' e tonsil'- and tr.rout musnlniae
b ought i to play, of con's-, but they
ar i ot. to be !OS"dered -n ibpctia
ing woat may have rn e(T. cl upon
tb ext-rnal fe.ee. Wbeu Ibe
oibiculmis crii, ihe efire, is txer
ceed to ti e (x ' u i n rt t' e more
d i ti'tj oti ns nf ihe i he ka, it will
D- d. y-!opnl abi'n-rn-l y in tt'cnLth;
a ni when advni'ing rge hri gs nbout
iln(bc-y o' h" tn der ch-eks, the
bim wy oibkuUiru oris reujaiuB in is
Iu 1 v g ' alio rize, a d thi ihikia.-p-er
c rrei-po d ily so n unh the
more holla and waat-d. Thiri is no
ih ng r to a.iyone win i.'.rlulg-
lU'Jii-lat-lv i.i conv -isa'.ion, but if
au o e b is any i ara tin the inv.t r
t ev may be set a' reit ly a timjly
pa tine w th the s r p of le ither. And
do 't f rg, i to mo uo w' n y u wasa
a d wine. henryadam.
Mr. Fbank P. Ubanu 'N hegiua the
d ec-union oi too dat.ag meat o(
I ir - nt Cu" s," in the Januay numner
o tti- I'ofni'ar Science Alonthly.mtit an
articlo iu wniitn the diiiicuilies oi tbe
q ua ion are forcibly set foito.
Ma Joun Lcubjck, who as
emiueni fur ibe poreoual attention be
gives to tlie ducharge of his outi-a cb
an in (flt tor of echoo h. pb be ia in
ecientidi) res-arch, will have an a -
i -le on 'Manual I ifstrnc'i 'n," in the
J nuary number of the Popular Science
Pbop. W. O. Sumnub ha made a
cirelai etudvi f ibequeatinn ( f "Whlit
Makes t. ib Rich Ricner end the Poor
PoO'ei?" and will cotnmunicxte ti e
anawer to it whici he haa reached,
t'Tongh ih January numtier of t'e
Popular Science Monthly. K'Siaperon
thm aiibjwc . will be tne fit 8t article in
tunt i. sue.
Tpb o' j-'ct of Mr. Daniel Qreen'eaf
Tl'Ompiou'a a'tie'e ou "Science in Re
lig'oui Elncaiion," in tl e January
number of tbe Popular Science MoiMv,
ii to make a plet to giv ng to science
a more iiripo taut a d etsenrial place
in te iuious education, lu oider,auiong
ohrrt iugs, tbat lergtmen, when
hey come ti deil with Biientifin
queatione, as tney often have to do,
may be more luuy prepared lor tbe
Edwabd Atkinson, tbe eminent
sihtiBtPian and pd t'ca! eouomirt.
ha-i brgtia in The Cen'ury a tones of
timely pa, era. Uue ou the 'food
Quest ou" is pu'dished in tbe Decern-
er number. In tbe Janupy and
Feb uary iiuui'os he wil puvd ah
tuo anicb 8 on "The Reia ive rtteng h
and Westiites ol Nationp." T ley are
S'id to contain t o m Bt valjable and
tUigent.v-H ei uiy of tbu n.atervil
tt' wt.i it Mi- c un ry yet maoo oy
any 8 nb. w iucr.
Little "Kn and Vomkn. Annual
volume : i!li-.tin e. I Bout '0. D L-
tnropifcUo.' Pine Ul 5d. Wiiatmoie
coud t e -I' rv nnd pi. 'tore 1 .viug six
vearohlai ek f o uuo tnis charming
v lum, wiiii.h fairly mn- over w t i
good ttmiga. lhiukofitl S v nty five
tu 1 pa e illuitirtDot s, end taice ae
many em .Her one", with ihaidiiBt
kind o' Btjr e I y ciio re con'ru utcr
ahoi.t a io. 'hoi thil ls and a'l bir h
of p'acen, witii poetry just bocu a wil
c tub ton ear a ni f imy, eouittimes
song, pouii t uitu di t'i ri inn.
iHaUoLBKN Akoo y, puoliehed by
F nk A lua ey, oi. 81 yvaiei street,
Nitw 1 "L-, l is jit t reeti enU'ced o
a tix e n in ge j lUinal. It cla ma,au t
wu tiimk iu"iy, to b- tbe mo t fudy
and m h b aut fully illuatra ed puper
of i B ' law in be woi id. Kiglu paeB
are liirably devo d to lllu-tret orn",
and tbeee pictur a cover u va iety and
ranga of lubjeus that nopal to all
(antes The Arooiy is finely pii. trd
ou a ) ft' d oine nriarn tinted paper,
audits c nributors iucludi ihe bes'
known tnimes in iiteraiure for' bjya
and gnla
Widii Awakb. Annual volume
"V." HI. Bo ton: D. Lathrop A
Co. Price! I 75 Haifa otz-nyeaa
ngi it teamed impo'aihle for Wide
jloafetobe more beautiful or mo e
ai tran ive, yet year after year it has
gone on, ad iii a i ew features and de-
yclopiiig old ones, uutd it aeems at la-t
excellence can no further go, Ita
wealth oi Blories, sketches, poetry and
ii'U tra iooR fiin ish an ii exhausiihle
reseivoir ol entertainment and in
at tictn n for the members of tbe fam
ily cii cl , old ai well as young, and il
mou'.n y visit le like a ray ol golden
puu'ilnne in tbe household. Tuo ball
yeai iy v luine, which baa juit made
its appe-rauc , inn udej the . numbers
fr m Uoceiub- r. 1885. to May. 1886. i..
cliiHive, ami iu viirin.y of c iuteuia aud
genera: aUriciiveoeBs is a etep in aj
vaiice of ita predecessors.
"I he Cowboys f thk Nohthwkst,"
bv Wiliirtu '. llornailay, the author
of ' Two Yet n in a Jiii irb," ia o in ol
the uiiml et,nkirg and enit itdtiing ar
ticles .n thu D cember Conopotlan,
naiiliah.d ih R C es'er, N. Y. It is
neaui fuliv ilioat a ed by Meeker, and
presents an ac iura e and amtxa'ed
piit'ir. ot thu h ird oni nnromnfic
life of the co b iy. The fid install
ment of 'd.-nor Io." by Salvatjre
Fatira, the most deiiclous'y hum
oua a cry ever published, is rra
sented. The other fl tion is a power
ful ChristmaB story, "Uuder the Mis-
tl-toe." by Harriet fiesootc ep .uo a
"Ou-DoorBll," a pathetic story by
M. lie mnunr. tba well Known uer
man novelist: aud ".vianmer's Cure
fnrCowaroics,"by Mary Rose Floyd,
illustrating one of the cu'ioui super
stitions of tbe Moatnern negioes.
Meditations cm thb BibliHbatbn
bv B. T. 8uar. D.D.. is a am i. s of mrdi'
tation, to a a e whit tbe Biole, upon
a nstnral and common sense construe
tion of Its langarge, saya about the
heaven to which it BO olien reiers.
The heaven thu revea'ed is presented
to u in human language, appropria ed
by nspiratl n lor this purpose, aud
tun jiiiiruage la in many 101ms r i ue
siription. Each jrm, cotsideied
relal velv to hU'nan thought, h
eoni apecia reanou for ita u e; and
w l eu ell thts-i foimi ate c jllecod to
ueil er in one agrrttat". then, so
only ih-n, heve we pefnre rur mi' ds
wt a- God has been pleasd t reveal
lu rega d to heaven Tnen, ami only
then. do we ri-allv see tbe Bihie in
heaven. Thong h. but part o' the
who e tealitv is thus brought wit iu
the doma'n of onr present knowledg'
tint part makes heaven Btipe.ntiveiy
1 be rent Kalirnad King a .Hau of
Id-aa and Abreast of 1 lie Lead
ing 1 nought of Onr Time.
ippgciaL fioaaaapoHDgacs oy tbi appiai.
Nkw YotiK, Dec mber 17. Jay
(i 'tild haa beioniea c u en gor. For
ex co'Jie;utiv buLdavs h hss at
teid'd services in a Presbyterian
Chu'cb, wbtre be ovrj s a pwt Thia
ia such a novelty for tbe financier
that many cl his friends cannot help
B(.e::til mug upon tbu p- s'ible change
ir lnincaies in n:a me?, lit J hnK.
Pax'on iitlie prescher who nonnnds
tne Scriptures to Mr. Gould, and the
church ed flee ia on Fo.ty-eoc nd
street, very mar the con er of Fifth
avenue. It ia getoDg to be a tiooular
re ort ol a Sunday m rn i it. for Dr.
V'aA'or, a'thoogh am n of i-onaid,r-
utile ea'inng jii.d vigo'in pii t,i .a
an iinrertrni.-ie t, no ti pay li 1 ai d
asy s'yiei.f Pi-cour-e ai dvjve-v. '
IIib 8' hola'h! ip crn g i nt i v-ry min
ute, bu in riottnei pliriB-s. E-'-n
h-n he dr ipa in m-i ta'iiy otit of
Enci'-h io pcknpKw r i from ibe
Oieek, ts e did in one of hie prayeia
ii n uiorLing, it uocb t o 8 ;una
pidmic or uniuterea ing, however
iimntidliiible it miy tie ,o bis bijh
torn d but no', n' cjis rily learned au
d ei ce. Il'i is h' lirtyat d c di d in
pera liihl inr( rc ur-e, no a' ad averee
to ti.e ploaaurPB ol b ( ie y, uniVaO.'ie
who kivei trie ypi a1 c ub uaa the
iniD'estion that t ere ia a pa'aou who
cm m-et ua on our own ground. So a
otd in-ay fa-bionahle pien who
wo'. bl not be likely to i o to churjh at
a I, find tbemteives regu a iy at Dr,
raxto.iV, a id pay baiidiomely for
hetr eiit'-itainmHut i v taring a psw.
Mr., tio'dd paid $1800 for In It
id io the eeiter ni-io, niriut rial!
way do nn Then l edul n'e'ortnia
proper y is J 15 0 it in mut'i properly
8 the lees.-i oi a nou, e O' lot, aud may
be diaposed of, Bold, given away,
mortgager!, just like ar.y other com
mo d y Owing to its favorable situa
tion, Mr Uuuld had to pay a prtmium
io obtain pot Bof-Hiiu, tnd in tne com
pet ii m that ensued. his bid of $300
arid the held a d secured tne prize.
Hie eol the pew dates bom Ibe
at of N vember laid aud holds fir a
year when it may bn lenewed or
ii band nd aa be seea fit,.
Dr Pax'on Hve3 in el- gatit 6ty'e on
Foriv-six h etrett Wh-nthe writer
called io m' keicq iir eaannnc thepos
kibtl ty of Mr. Giuld's b cming a
member of trie church, be w s admit-
ed to a luxurious rjrawit g loom by a
oloied butler. The Due or appeared
like anyb' dy but a cnoveutioiia1 par-
am In his bomv. uia wavy orown
hair iiitt ftreskd with tray was in
d eorder, bis em otli fane wai adorned -
with a moustache of laehn nabie cut.
ai d he woie a short, velvet trimmed
btudy ja' ke'.
&ir. tionld." be md iranniy. IB
rot a menber of tbe chuich, and haa
g ven me no s go of bis inten ion to
In come on". There are a number of
tick men who are men be b of the
cougregetion, ju t because their fancy
toy ny e nt p eacninsz ii.ey own
their pi ws, but do no j on the church.
Mr. Gou il became lntererled tbrvngn
hied 'Ugh er Helen, a m nteetimable
young lady, who Buhpcrihed tj our
nles io .i ul li tn an i o came a mem-
bnr some riui" ag .. r r h-r e:ko, X
anppi sa. her famer bnug it n pew at
he re. inning ot ou- n ca jeir, ena
for h-r oak e, too, I presuui.', deter
mined lo i c U T it. At any rate, he
hasrometu cbur. h 8' d st 8t the
e d of his pew every bunria' , rHie a
""-ii, i-l- ct lie tonK pnpio Bs'on 01 ir.
Wh fier tr.fi inU irr.ce r t i.io Burvcs,
or tne i le ichu g, wi;l make him pni-
laollirrplc ro if in to tie 8 e liut
Air. G u.ld is en ndvinced in -in, aman
f idn.p, a .d li o eover a mo l"nt and
effei tioiia'e man. It w a enn
ti ual pints. oe to la'k with bim
bec uie he :s o Iborongh y abreas! of
he leading thought f nnr fines in ail
mstte'S, pi ient fic, social a d lelig ous.
Icaniotreit anything tirri ie eb iut
bun a' ail. P opto fall: i : -t is ru.n-
leB.a y wieckipg ra rov e i ivl tho like.
Well, now, I thick ibere ts a poeii-
bi i y that, the glass house proverb
might be q't ted to a imr reoi.'e. inat
No Eoniand r nd lui.ttei,' for in
sane", wh.ro Mr. Gould baa heett ac
cused of leau'iirg wth Mr. Field
againet the iutertbts pf the property
and its ownei-e. it e mi to me that
soma of the B istou deacons have been
shown up in a most denlor bio litibt.
No, Mr. Gould is not a m oiler oi ins
chun h, a d I have no epec fii! n ior-
ma'ioa pointing to nis iouimiKuvdu
arotuer fc'uuday, though I i resu nehe
wi 1. Oat A a i 'Msg
Irou Bcatrth.
:3iiam Haws.
i r.wjt
For Oypepin,t.ll "foo
ol tba nigctre iii su iiucl tti
tavvr. Skin Dlaesuce. VuU, Burai,
Ba.ld bbC Mrabee. ACID I BOW
BIRTH la a sparine.
maaaiaaulare, Malarial Plaaw
era. Caroale Dlarrbesa a4 ".
Uaa Maai ! Blaaa PalaaaOaaj,
Tll wltaaat fall tm 1B an
tad aratlva aaarwa.
AaalavfrM aawaftlta't
flaui alwrw ew at,
Bmib th A. I. K. C.. BI
AtV koleanlo hy, TA TI.EFTJt CO,
nng, Oi.mtiuio.'i, r-sH'..':i, tackle
BUil SKH'lh.:tiflii' ieS
rt nOtKSAtB AMI KK1 All
9tAS Tkibtn tireal. lejefnytl.te, 'I e..tti
etann'iarirg ena Repalrir.g a (qrf a
Sl'eci&il. Largeit Stook. ItyntaeiortaMata.
a ism m

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