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-TUESDAY. DECEMBER 21, 1886,7"
taaawaaaanTri-- - Beate 'Traiat
mwrt as follow" Fart lis lm at
.a. Put arrivf at 1'
Leaia tWt line arrive t :40 a..
WMMwt Ml THMMI.-Trll
krreas lollowti Bow Orient Bail arrt
felly at :e.m.i ieevaeJaUFBt:00 ..
sWdtl aeeetaaodatloa arrlvae daily at :M
i ,7 hvm Tdilr at : p.m. Local
fc&ht asrivo. dolly (exoept Sndy atS:M
ill?, j Wave daily Uioopt Banday at S:li
J. Moil traias do not itop at flag ita
tiona, nor Waitehavea, Horn Lake Sbti
ai IiOto.
lMinl Tallow Boats (It H..
aa ff. H.y.)-Traine on tall roa. ,, , fol
lows: Dow Orleans fet mail, dally, leave,
at 4:90 p.m. Vloksbura oxprooi, doily.
)aveeat9:U a.m. Now Orleans feat mail,
ieily. arrive t t:H) a.m. Viokabarg ox
reet. daily, airiraf a 1846 p.m.
Laatawlllw mm Wiaeavllla Tralni
roroM loliown ait nail arrive daily at
15 a.m. I loam at 10 :1V p.m. t mall loarol
daily at 10:10 a.m.i arrive at 4:00 p.m.
Brownsville aooommodatiom leave daily,
aiceptSonday, at5:(10p.m.t arrive dally,
xoopt Sonde, at :60 a.m. (lUndard time).
uir hamui IHabmi fll v. Hnrint-
Idaad euspsHe Tralni loaroM.and
T. dopot ai fallow! No. 4, Kansas City ox
ares, loaTOi at 10:45 a.m.i No. 3, Kansas
City eipreas. arrlvae at SHW p.m. No. I,
faotu City mall, leave atdiOO p.m. I No. 1,
..x f!U Kail. arriToi at t:V a.m. No.
I, tit. LoaU and Chloaco iprest, leave at
:00 p.m. No. I, Bt. Louka and Ohioagoei
presa, arrive at 1:46 a.m. Ia afleot Bandar,
April is. law.
Heaapkla and Cbarleetaa Train'
aove aa folk) wit Throagh axprou leaves
daily at 10:00 p.m. Mail and axprou leavei
&t a i&ka.ta. fianarvilla aooommoda-
lion loayoi daily, except bandar, at 4 :40
a.m. Through expree arrlvae dally at 0:10
a.m. Mail and eipraea arrives daily at 10:15
p. a, eomervtiie aooommoaation arrives
ally, oxoopt naaaay, miiw m.m.
empbie, Bsranlagaata aid At lan.
ate Holly Spring Route Train rnovo ai
follow 1 No. 1 Iootoo Momphli dally at 8:45
6,m.i arriTOf at Holly Springs at 5:58 p.m.!
o. i Iootm Holly Boring daily at 8:10
a. as. I arrlrai at Momphli at 10:10 a.m. t No.
fl leave Memphis dally at t :15 p.m., arrives
. at Holly Springs at 11:45 p.m. t No. 6 leavea
Molly tririgs daily at ttii a.m., arrive at
Moapbli at 6:45 a.m.
lompali aaa Little Rook. Tralni
Goto ao tollowi (central standard timoll
o. 1 Iootm dally F t 4: p.m. arrives at
Silt p.m. No. 3 leave at &:56 a.m j arrive
at 9:46 a.m. No. 5 (freight) Iootoi Hopoflold
ally (oxoopt Sunday) at 8:30 a.m.i arrlTM
at 4:80 a.m.
tor Alabama: Fair veatfur, followed
bt local rains; tou'.htrly wind, becoming
variable; tlighUy odder.
For Mittittippi and Louisiana : Rain;
toutherlf toindt, booming variable;
tliqhily coliUr.
Far Tennettee: Rain; variable tvtnii;
tiightly colder.
tor lexai and Arkantat: Rain;
myutherly windi, ihifling to norlhwettorly;
The Miuiuippi river will rite slowly
from St. Louis to Memphis ; it will (all
from Memphis to Nevi Orleans; tlie Ohio
will rise from I'iltshurgto EvansvUle; the
Tennrstte and Cumberland rivers will
rise slowly; the others will fall slightly.
Cold Wave Comlii.
Waihinotoh, December 30 6:10 p.m.
Obtorror, Mtnu hlli
lioibt cold wave signal. The tem
perature will fall from 16 to 20 dar
In the Deit tweuty-four to thirty-Biz
hoars. ruziif.
trarologloHl Hrporl.
Mimfrii, Tn.. Docembor 30, 1HM.
Time. Bar. jTtier. Wind. W'lb'r
7:00 a.m. :tO,371 20.0 8. blear.
8:00 p.m. 30 24J 43.0 RE. Ulear.
10:00 p.m 50.174 89.0 H.K, Olenr.
Maxiuiam teinperntare, 411,
Minimum temrmratare, 20.
Oioiis, 11 .m., 1.
Bainfall, 0.00.
The Lady of Lyons, Bnlwr' beau
llfnl and romaDtlc play, will be pro
duced tonight by Boss Oaghlan and
Three new pasgpnger cars were
received hare yesterday for the na of
the Kansas City, Memphis and Bir
mingham railroad.
The remains of Capt. H. L. Staf
ford and wife, who were lost by ths
burning of the steamer James White,
have been recovered,
Sims of the stndonts of the Chris.
Man Brothers' College have organised
themselves Into a military company,
under the name of the College Cadets.
The funeral of the late Henry M.
Forgnson, who died at Qiilveiton a
few days aluctt, took place Sunday af
ternoon from the family residence, 93
Mudison streut, the Kev. Dr. Lang
Nothing wa heard yesterday of
the Bullock water purchase, although
c Appeal repoiter was Informed that
Bullock had telegraphed to parties
hern that tlie money for the present
water works will be paid to Judge
Latham today.
Capt. J. O. Oatne, a well known
cltiien and dealer in machinery, died
-Sunday from Injuries received some
weeks since hy an accident at his saw
mill, on the Valley railway, south of
here. 11 is funeral took place yester
day from his late residence, at Filth
and Looney ttreets.
Marriage license' were ipsned yes
Urday to Med Wilson and Miss Alice
Somers, colored; James Cash and
'Laura Williams, colored: A. M. Kel
ley and Miss Jonle Williams, W. L.
Newton and Miss Edna M. King; Gil
bert Pol ark and Mrs. Laura Brown,
colored; O. Simon and Miss Jane
Owens, colored.
A new weekly newspapf r, edited,
owned and published by Noland Fon
taine, lr., aged 14, Is announced to ap
pear January 1, 1884. It is to be
called the Memphis OatUe, and will
donb'lers chronicle the happenings in
the youthful world of Memphis with
fidelity and skill. A comfortable ad
vertising and subscription patronage
' is promised.
A young man -named James Wil
on, a planter on Frenchman's bayou,
in Mississippi county, Ark., some fifty
miles north of here, shot and killed
lorn Uotton, a young engineer, of
Covington, Tenn , Saturday evening
t last ai uoiuun iaae. on tue river.
Thev quarrelled about $10 due Cotton
, by Wilson. The murderer made his
Vo.85, F.and A. M., lant night elected
the following nmoer; II. B. Oallen,
H. P.: J. 8 Drake, JC.; P. M.Stanley,
S.; D. T. Potter. Trea.t J. D. Hnhn,
flee; B. F. Haller. Truate; M. H.
rnce, U. a. ; B. F. Price, P. S, ; R. M.
Drake, R. A.O.; O. M. Espy, Iblrd
V.; Ed. Cayo, Second V.; Jos. W.
iiruce, utt v.j w. 8. Matthews,
There were two firaa i-trrl
but the loss was very slight The first
alarm was from box 4, at 6 o'clock
a.m., and was caused by a fire in the
one story irsme bouse, Mo. 11 Alabama
atrest. The house, which is owned by
Mr. James Monahan, was damaged to
the extent of $50. Tbe tecond alarm
vas from boxO, at 9 o'clock am. the
roof of the two story frame house, No.
83 Court etraet extended, was slight
ly damaged. .
The (Indication of the new chapel
and boil-iiflgs o! tbe ChrUtun Broth-
era' Oolleaa by taa Bight Kev. Bishop
Badsmacber, assisted by the reverend
clergy, frill take place on Wednesday
morning at o'clock. The members
of St. Peter's choir, under tbe direo
tios of Prof. Winkler, have klndlv
consented to ting Weber's Mass in G.
The patrons and friends of tbe college
rre cordially Invited to attend.
The city was fall of visiting coun
try neighbors yesterday laying in holi
day goodo. and Main and intersecting
streets were packed with people to an
extent that made locomotion difficult.
The Kansas City, Memphis and B rm
ingbam railroad brouirht in 700 people
from New Albany, MifS , and interme
diate points, and oiher roads were
equally well peopled, tbe Mississippi
and Tennessee's quota being 245. Re
tailers all over the city did a thriving
trade, and the countrymen went home
loaded with spoils for the Christmas
On the night of January 6th, of
the new year, that thriving social and
benevolent, organfaition known as the
Knighte of tbe Red Branch, Tvill give
a grand boll at tbe Knights of Innis
fail Ball, at the corner of Second and
Jefferson streets. That the ball will
be a success, both socially and finan
cially, there ia no doubt. Tbe follow
ing gentlemen compose tbe Arrange
ments Committee: Je.e Sullivan,
Jobn A. Scott, R. D. Lee, M. Judge,
James Duffy, Cornelius Qaflney, Wm.
Qulnn and John Colbert.
Mr. O. H. Braokett, owner of Bar
bara, Nina B, and other good horses,
has been playing in goodlock lately.
He bad made arrangements to embark
from Vlcksburg with his hordes by the
ill-fated steamboat, James White, but
mlesed the boat, lie then arranged to
ship over the Louisville, New Orleans
and Texas railroad, but changed his
plans, and the train' be intended his
horses to go on collided with another
one, and the ears were broken to
pieces, lie did finally send bis horses
away from Vlcksburg to New Orleans,
and the day after ttiey left tee tables
at tbe fair ground) and everything in
them were destroyed by fire.
At the theater last night about the
close of the delightful peiformanre of
the School for Scandal, by the Rose
Ceghlan Company, scores of people
np stairs and down stairs arose and
started to leave the house, to the great
annoyance of three who deft red to
bear every word of the comedy. The
noise was such that the dialogue of
of the people on the stage could
not bs beard. This, on tbe part of
mmy no doubt, was unintentional,
but it is to be hoped that daring tbe
engagement of Mies Coghlan, such
conduct will not be repeated. Keep
your seats until the play is over and
von will confer a favor upon lovers of
the legitimate drama. Politeness de
mands no snore and is not satisfied
with any less respect to the common
observance of the ordinary rales of
social life.
Mits Mamib 8ata(ji is at the Pea
body. Mrs. A. P. Montana, of Lake View,
Miss , is lying very ill at her sister's,
Mrs. L. M. Doan, Dean avenue.
0. S. Moixitts, late of Macon, Ga..
is stopping at the Poabody. He will
locate In Memphis to teach tinging.
Mm Gsokoia 8oani.an. who has
been ill for Beveral weeks, Is now con
valescing and is stopping at 75 Union
Mishis Miriam and Mary Liu Nel
son, daughters of Mr. F. M. Nelsou,
are at home from school to spend the
Sis advertisement of R. J. Black A
Co., fur auction sale of lots on Thorn
ton avenue and Winchester street,
commencing at 11 o'clock.
Tin names of the following ladies
who were present at the Gayoso
House reception Friday night, De
cember 17th, were inadvertently
omitted from our account: Mrs. T. 11.
Sims, Mrs. J. L. Cocke, Mrs. Frank
White, Mrs. Simpson and Mrs. J. U.
At the theatre last evening, the
boxes were occupied by a party ch
elating of Miteoe Pearl Neely, Maude
Milburn, Hadio Tolk Fall, of Nash
ville; Evelyn De Bow, of Nash
ville; Maurice Robinson, Capt. James
11. Heise and Messrs. Eugene Mil
burn, John Errington, James Neely,
L. E. Burns, chaperoned by Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Miller.
Mies Claba B. yesterday was In a
very perplexed etats of mind. What
to give George 'ora Christinas present
was the problem. She thought and
thought, but could arrive at no con
clusion until a friend of hers suggested
a meerschaum pioe. She jumped up
in ecatacy, rushed to Hamelsnn's Cigar
Palace, she saw, she admired, she pur
chased, and came away happy.
LioroLD LowBNSTtiif, of New York,
aocompnnied by M ss Etta Lowen
stoin, of the same city, arrived here
Sunday, and will spsud a few weeks
as the guest of her ancle, Ellas
Lnwenstein, at No. 155 Second street.
Miss Lowenstein is the daughter of
the late Benedict Lowenstein, one of
the pioneers of Memphis commerce,
and she will doubtless be welcomed
with pleasure by the legion of friends
who remember ner father with rever
ence and regret.
In the window of N. Williams'
bookstore, at 279J Main street, is an
admirable specimen of tbe portrait
painter's art, executed by Memphis
amateur. Itie a picture of Mrs. W.
P. Miller, and is a marvelonsly faith
ful likeuew, besides being a flae
study of color and drapery. The ar-
tut has neitlected no detail to make a
finished picture, even the lace r utile
around the collar of her suite's
dress being painted with a fidelity to
nature and a Bareness of touch rsre
even in more pretentious work.
Admirers of that rare thing, a good
rortrait, should not fall to study It.
t is tbe work of Mrs. N. Williams,
who Is to be congratulated upon her
success. '
Vhaneery Coart-Kllrt, CaaaeoUar.
Opinions tendered December 20,
1880: Duval vs Lavalette, fund re
moved: Rainey va Bowling, decree
granted ; Lane vs Donnelly, reference;
Kenedy vs Campbell, demurrer over
ruled; Loagae vs Brown, decree for
sale; Angus vs Coleman, report con
firmed. Decrees passed: Holmes V3 Oarr,
continuants let aside; Hill vs Andur
son, continued; Dowdy vs Hodges,
continued ; Meadows vs Meadows, dis
missed ; Lippold vs Cody, pro con
fersoset aside; White vs Benjamin,
decree lor sale ; Bailey vs Algee refer
ence ; Higler vs Vaughan, revivor; Cox
srn Cox, decree vesting title.
Clrealt roarl tuteo, Jada.
The long drnwn out rase of Don
nelly vs the L-n sville. New Orleans
ftnd Texas railroad Is iu the bauds of
tte Jury. .
(Tlmlanl 'onrl DaBoae, JucIka,
The Criminal Court was engaged
yesterday In trying Juntos Casshly for
ca'rying a p'stol.
aNtMii eeaao
i aeeesoee nmiminsii aaeoeae Maaea.
(In oar north window)
From 0 to 11 a.m., 8 to 5 p.m.,
aid 7 to 9 at night.
Good news for all who wish to pur
We bavs Marked Down our entire
stock of
Silk Plush Comb Sets,
Silk Flush Manicure Sets,
Silk Plush Toilet Sets,
Bisque Ornaments,
Tienesse Ornaments,
Tenetlan Pottery,
Rndolstadt Ware,
Dolls, Toy", Etc ,
We don't want to keep them over,
but are determined to close oat all
fancy artiolea. We guarantee our
prices to be fully 25 per cent, less
than any house in the city can
name. Dou't delay your purchases.
Tbcss goods cannot be marked
We sold an immense amount of
Handkerchiefs yesterday bard to
tell how many but our stock still
remains unbroken. We have said
a great deal about this stock late
ly, and we could keep on naming
prices, describirg the many kinds
we have, etc., but we deem this
unnecessary. It goes without say
ing that we have not only the lar
gest stock and tbe greatest variety
of Handkerchiefs, but we can just
ly state that our prices are by far
lower than any other house in the
We give a haniuouie box with
every half doe n handkerchiefs.
Ladlos' Cloth Wraps,
Walking Jackets,
Meal Tlath Wraps,
Sacqueg and Dolmans.
Among the sbive will be found
hundreds of garments marked
down to sach low prices as to make
them very desirable ar:d uselul for
(8atin Lined), at 05 CENTS.
Imported Fan?,
Pocket Books,
Leather Card Cases,
Shopping Bags.
At Extremely Low Prices.
To enumerate farther. SufflAsto
say, give as a call you will find
Big Bargains throughout every de
partment in the house.
Oar ater will Be Oaaa Every
Klf h4 CaUl '(lHk.
oaaaaaee to
loaaaaeae Meaeee
a- aoeeeaaoe esaaaeaae
A Present for Everybody. Fine Son'
vent's and Vases Given
Away Free.
Greater reductions than ever la
Corkscrew Suits reduced from $18 to
C ssimereSu'te reduce'! from $14 to $3.
All Wool Suits reduced from $12 to $7.
Working Suits reduced from $10 to 15
and 16.
Great ba. gains in boa' and children's
Our $5 Suits must gi at $2 50; our
$3 50 Bui's must go at $4; cur $8 Suits
must go at 10.
Special tacrifioe in Fine Clothing.
All our fine Prince Alberts,Trfoots
and Corkscrows, f jrtneriy $30
and $35, vour choice now
for yi-t.
Actually slaughtered. An extra good
child's Overcoat for $3, worth (6;
a boy's Overcoat far 5, worth $10.
At ose-half price this week. Your
choice of 500 styles $1 Ties for 25c.
To ths Poblio I intend going into
tbe wholesale clothing business ex
clusively, and have sought the above
means of closing out my entire retail
clothing stock, and you will find it to
your interect to give me a call before
purchasing elsewhere.
Bluff City Clothing Boas,
SOL. TEN DIG, Prop'r.,
259 Main Street 259
Fire! Fire! Fire!
You can buy candy very cheap.
Underwriter's mle thin morning at 8
o'clock. The Peters & Sawrie Co.,
No. 43 Jefferson street.
PinandV, Ralger's, Coudry's and
leading American Perfumes.
J. J. Mi'es'a Drug Slor?,
No. 299 Main Street.
Memphis Steam Laundry finish col
lars aad cuffd equal to new.
T. J. HeCarthjrtao Iobk.miI favora
bly known la the Hen's I'nrnUhlog
trade of (be eliy, la wlita
2HO Neeond atreet.
The Ladles ay
Tbat the goods at Lavigne's, in Odd
Fellow's building, ere the prettiest and
cheapest in town. This applies to bon
nets, bats and h.tir goodx, of which
there is a large acd carefully selected
Mafic Boxei
In the Greatest Variety.
J. J. Ml lee's Drug Store,
No 299 Main street.
OppotIM tbe Col ton Kxehaag-e, at
Mt aeeuad atrecl.yon will Had tbe
Intra! and beat aly lea for men's wear.
HoRArABL, the great Supper and
Break f t.t Fry. For sale by Weet & Co.,
No 65 Jefferson street, near Third.
Dyeing- and Cleaning.
LhiIii-s and gents' clothes cleaned
or dyed io any color, also kid gloves,
ostrich f nthers t-nd lacn cnrains by
Louis Rciiiel, 58 J-ffnroc n streut, Mem
phis, Ten n. Goodx received by express.
Toil t 8ets, Manicure Set,
Smoklnv Seta, Shavirg Sets,
J J. Miles' Drugstore,
No. 299 Main Street.
A lirnjrgiKt'a Wlory.
Mr. Iimae O. Chapman, druggist,
Nowburg, N. Y., writes uo: "I have
for the past ten years sold several
groes of Dr. William Hall's Unlearn for
tho Lungs. I can say of it what I
cannot s iy of anv othfr medicine, I
have never heard a customer speak of
it but to praise i'fl virtues iu the high
est manner. 1 have recommended it
In a great many cases of whooping
cough, with too liipi&st eUuctti. I
have noeil it in my own family for
many yxars; in fact, always have a
Imtt'o in the inttdiciuo rlowt ready for
Ordera for all KIihUoT Nhlrtomnde
to menanre at SJ4 and S0 Reond
atrret. f. 41 P1IKIX ft CO.
All disnders cansed by a bilious
state of the system cm be cured by
using Outer's Litiln Liver Pills. No
pain, griping or discomfort attending
their us(j. Try them.
Five Cents Gone.
Elndly Old Lady-Whafs the mat
ter, little boy?
Little Bo, (crytrg bitterly) I jes'
lost fl'cents thht 1 1 ad saved up to buy
sinie of Sol Coleman's Ko-Ko Tulu.
Kindly Old L.idy (giving him a
nicktl) Well, here is cents more for
you. so don t cry. How did you
lose it?
Little Biy (feeling better)-I lost it
pitchin' pennies.
T.J. McCarthy, ao Ion and favora
bly known la tbe Mro'a Farnlablaa;
trade or tbe rlty la with
VHO Nocond alroct.
b'caAFAKL, the Great Supper and
Break f t Fry or sale by West A Co.,
No. 65 Jeflertonstieet, near Third.
LoNiBona'a porfuiue, Edenis
Luudbnrtf'a perfume, Marchal NiJe
Luudbnrg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lnnrlborr'a perfume,- Lily of the
PITT8BI! RQ, PA., Dooombor M.-Nlght-Rlror
V foot on tho saugo and tiilns. W oalhar
oloar and eold.
CINCINNATI, 0., Dooombor SO-NUht-Rlrtr
14 foot on tho aauro and ruins
Woatbor oloar and ploaaant.
KVANSVILI.K, l.SD., Dooombor 20
Niubt Hivor 10 loot on Iho raun and rlilnf .
Woalher oloar; thormomotor 31".
CAIRO, ILti., Dooombor 30. NlshtRlror
10 loot 6 inohoo on tbn ruato and rinlof.
Woatbor oloar and col, tio arrival! or do
parturoa. LOUISVILtK, KY., Dooombor 20.-Niht
Hlror t foot In tho ctnal and 6 foot lQinohM
on tao falliiand rixing. W author oloar and
Oold. Bun neit dull..
NEW OH1.KANS. I.A., Dooombor 20.
NUbt Arrlvod i llnrnot andtiiw, Ohiorivort
B. I,. Wood and to". i'ittibur- Dopartodt
0. 1. Chouteau, Mauiibit.
hT. LOI'IS, .VO., Dooombor t). Nht
Rivor risen 4 10 foot, nnd itandl 4 (cet 2
Inchea on iho iu. Woathor modoratin.
No arrlTil or doiiarturo. I ho Unilerwrit
ort' omliarxo huaboon roinoTod, and narija
tion will be roanmod Tory toon.
P. M. Staxlbt, runeral director and
embalmer, 66 Madison street.
Mrss Cabbis M. Kiati so, pianist,
may be found at ths Gayoso Hotel.
Mimpbis Steam Laundry. Calls and
deliveries free. Telephone No. 21.
Mikfhis Wholesale Meat Co., 11
Adams. Dally fresh Beef,Pork and Mut
ton, also Corned Beef. Orders solicited
and promptly filled. Telephone 874.
Brown's Bbonchial Tbocbcs will
relieve Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh,
Consumption and Throat Dlserses.
They are used always with good success.
G. W. Miller A Co , Patent Asbestos
Fire Proof Koofers. For durability,
equaled by none. Ueed on wood, tin,
iron, felt and gravtl roo'a. No. 66
Madison street.
All members of the Banner Boys'
Temple will meet at thtir new hall,
nottiiea3t corner of Main and Poplar
streets, third floor, tonight. Entrance
on Poplar strett.
Harsh purgative remedies are fast
giving way to tbe gentle action and
mild effdtts of Carter's Little Liver
Pills. If you try them, they will cer
tainly please you.
Tui Herbal Chill Cure, the best
tonic and antl-iwriodlo known. A eartais
and aura oaro for ohills. Vriro 11 por bot
tlo. flond lumpi for oirsalari. Any ref
eronoo rlxon tddrotf Jobs 0. Rnokar,
Lrnohbori, Va
Millin's Foon, the only perfect
substitute for mother's milk, is rec
ommended by our most prominent
physicians as the best and safest food
lor infants. It contains no farinaceous
matter, whioh so often produces dis
orders of the stomach.
Ir your complaint ia want of ap
petite, try' half m wine glass of An-
Sostura Bitters Half an hour before
inner. Beware of counterfeits. Ask
your grocer or druggist for the
fenuine article, manufactured by Dr.
. G. B. Siegert & Sons.
To all purchasers
cf Shoes at
292 Main street,
Marble Block.
F. Campbell ft Co. are abowlasthe
latrat noveltlrala Beekwear, Hand.
IterebleTa, Gloves, Collars aad Carta
No. 980 Reronol tree.
MuiPBis Steam Laundry, No. 224
Second street. Calls and deliveries
Harked down for ono week.TToirs
aad Candy. Spwht Walter's.
An Eievaut Combination
of Mo sic Boxes in Toilet Cases.
J. J. Milee's Drug Strnre,
No. 209 Main street.
Handaome boxea or Fine Candles
for Cbrlatmas prevents at Spccbt'a.
Flunh Toilet Cases,
Finest and Handeomebt
ever exhibited ia this ci y.
J. J. MiIps's Drug Store,
No. 299 Main etrert.
Memphis Steam Laundry finish
shirts. specially for evening wear.
To all Purchasers
Shoes at
292 Main street,
Marblo Block.
Orders for all blnda ofShlrta made
to meaanrc, at Bad and 2H0 second
atreet. '. CAMPBELL dc CO.
Advice to Mothers.
Mrs. Winnlow's Soothing Syrup, for
children teething, is the prescription
of one of .be beet female nurses and
physicians in te United States, and
has been used for forty years with
never-failing success hy oaillions of
mothers for their children. During
the process of teething its value is in
calcuable. It relieves tte child from
pain, cares dysentery aad diarrhrea,
griping in the boweU ami winl colia
By giving health to the child it rests
the mother. Prion 25 rents a nettle.
l olla, Tr anna, Cradle, Drama, for
preaontfi, at Hprcht Walter's.
If you had taken two of Carter's
Life Liver Pills before retiring you
would not have had that coa'ed
tongue or bad taste in the month this
moraine. Keep a vial with yon for
occasioual nae.
Ivory, Celluloid, Fine Woods,
Combs tnd Brushes
in Endless Variety.
J. J. Miles's Drug Store,
No. 299 Main street
See tbe Toys at
To all rurchaaere
of Shoes at
292 Main street,
Marble Block.
r. Campbell A Co. are abowlas; tbe
lateat novellloa la Reek wear, Hand.
kerrblefa, Slaves, Collars aad Caff a.
a. SHO Seeaaal Rtree.
Fine Perfumeries
in Cut 14 lass Bottles
of Bsantlful Shapes.
J. J. Mlles's Drug Store,
No. 299 Main street.
Cnt Flowers.
For fine cut flowers and boqueta and
funeral designs of all descriptions and
decoration for partica and entertain
ments and weddings. A great many
of my friends are witness to the fact
that one ot the finest decoratlors ever
made in Memphis was at J. O. Neely's
last Thursday night. Bear in mind
you can get J ust as fine decorations in
Memphis as in any other city by giv
ing notice ahead at the greenhouse
and nursery, Hernando road, two
blocks south of Hertisndn curve.
H. MOORS, Florlat.
Opposite tbe Cottoa Kxchanffe, at
SO eeoad street, yoa will Sad the
lateat aad beet aty Ira Tor men's wear.
IO Ml'-l TUB n OP XKIrtTItla.
And t vjiuo isatw. sil l ,t.uivte tho
nr., til of the hair.
Vi.rr:' yi:.-..T:ne r."rrrf -cthe
aa,aaai naiiamh
on file tn Mil laSnlnMk
1a," iSr'm . - ''"' aavn.., ot xtewia
ia an m ova. w awimwiaeu auyopv
A Common Cold
Is often the beginning of serious affoo
tlont of the Throat, Bronchial Tubes,
and Lungs. Therefore, the Importance of
early and effective treatment cannot be
overestimated. Ayer's .Cherry Pectoral
may alwayi be relied upon for the speedy
cure of a Cold or Cough.
Last January I was attacked with a
severe Cold, which, by neglect and fre
quent exposures, became worse, finally
settling on my luna. A terrible cough
soon followed, accompanied by paina in
the cheat, from which 1 auffered Intensely.
After trying various remedies, without
obtaining relief, I commenced taking
Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral, and was
Speedily Cured.
I am satlafled that this remedy saved my
life. Juo. Webttor, Pawtuckct, K. I.
I contracted a acvere cold, which sud
denly developed Into Pneumonia, present
ing dangerous and obstiiuito symptom.
My phyniclun at once ordered tun ue of
Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral. Ills instruction?
were followed, and the result was a rapid
and permuncut cure. II. . Simpson,
Kogers Trail ie, Texas.
Two years spo I suffered from a severe
Cold which settled on my Lunca. I con
sulted various physiciuns, and took the
medicines they prescribed, but received
only temporary relief. A friend Induced
me to try Ayer'a Cherrv Pectoral. After
taking two bottles of tills medicine I was
cured. Since then I have given the Pec
toral to my children, and consider it
The Best Remedy
for Colds, Coughs, and all Throat and
Lung disease, ever used In my family.
Bobert Vandorpool, Aleudville, Pa.
Some time ago I took a slight Cold.
Which, being neglected, grow worse, and
settled on my lungs. I hod a backing
cough, and was very weak. Those who
knew ma beat considered my lifo to be
In treat danger. I continued to suffer
until I commenced using Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. Less than one bottle of this val
uable medicine cured me, and 1 feel that
I owe the preservation of my life to its
curative powers. Mrs. Ann Lockwood,
Akron, Kew York.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral la considered,
here, the one great remedy for all disease
of the throat 111 I'sugB, nati is mure
In demand than liy ttier medldne of its
class. J. F. ltt sl.ts, Aiognolii, Ark.
Ayer's Gkurfy Perioral,
Prepared by Dr. J.O. Ayte a Co., Lowell, Haas.
Sold by Dni((lata. I'rkw $1; aix botllaa, k
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Dealer la
Hons, riabins Tackle aad Sport,
men's Happlles. sar Speolal attantloi
sivaa to MANUJACTURIN9 and R
413 ftftiln Nl MTwmnhia. Tnr
In the Country should order the
Ask your Grocer or Druggitt for it,
or send to SPECHT & WALTER,
Manufacturers, and take no other.
lraportori anu aoa.era iu Huub, Amain,
alllon anl riahliuf Tackle, BalMert'
Hunt tire, Meetrla Cell and An
nanclricr liotola and Kiidanoea,88
Main atreot. Itprapliln, Tena. Klaotri'
inppliei alwai oa bD.l. BeraiHnr tat
And Acenta (or the Purchaae, Sal or
ieaaa of Landi, ,
vSpeoial attaDtion given to the examina
tion of titlai.
aarLanda advertised and placed upon the
market. fr ot oharire, anion a aaleia made.
J. F. U0LST & BRO.
Funeral Directors.
A FULL and aomplata itoek of Wood aad
Matallio Jaaaa aad Caaketi, ClothKk
rad Caakatt aad Burial Koba a'.wart ob
hand, ear (Mart bt talacraph oromptlr
And Still They Come
t&'Everj Pair Warranted 'Ot
siren; norsE,
41Q Wain Strctit, Memphis..
Young & Brother
Booksellers and Stationers, '
81S Mala Stn iiempblH, Tenn
a new bTJppi.t or
kriss umm widow.
What the Jolly Old Sou! Has
To Say To Memphis.
HaT There is nothing in either An
cient or Modern History to prors
that Kriss Kriogle ever had a wife,
and therefore, as he is neither dead,
nor never was married, it ia impossi
ble for him to have a widow.
Bat it is possible, and it is true
that tho Misfit CLOTHiva P.
lors, 262 Second street, are making
fine Suits, Pants and Orercoats.
Do You Want An Overcoat?
Every one is anxious to save as
much as possible when buying. Ths
Overcoats you get at the Misfit
Clothing Pablobb are cheap, be
cause they are not only low in pries,
bat also high in quality.
OVERCOATS for the man with bit
a few dollars.
OVERCOATS for the man who
wants fine dreis.
OVERCOATS for everybody and at
everybody's prioes.
You want a good Christmas Pres
ent for yourself. You want a Real
Nioe Suit, and you don't want to pal
a high price for it. Well, the Mis
fit Parlors can accommodate you.
Wo have high quality Suits at low
prices, and magnificent and costly
Suits which we are selling at loss
than half their original value.
It is a mistake to buy poor Pants
when the Misfit' Clothing Par
lors will sell you good Tailor-mads
Pants at very low figures. Remem
ber, all alterations to insure a Per
feot Fit, done free of ehargo.
Clothing Parlors
262 Second Street,
0pp. Court Square, Memphis, Tens.
Open evenings until 9 ; Saturdays,
until 11 o'clock.
Wliat fan be more appropriate to
give, or more gratifying to re
ceive aa a preaent from one'a
Ueiband, Wife or Sweetheart,
than a pair of
For Hra and Uoj.
Elaborately hand embroidered Toilet
blipiiera in Velvet, Cloth and Plush of
banaaome deaign and coloring!. Alao,
floe hand-made Toilet Rlippera, made
ol Alllitator and Morocco, in rntaet,
blaox, wine color and other ahadea.
For l adles and Mlmea Beantifnl
new deaigna of Silk and 8tio quilted
Bedroom Mippom; altn. Cloth, Velvet
and Kid Embroidered Toilet Blippera
and warm lined llonee blippera of
Felt, heavy Bearer and Mallasaee, for
elderly ladies and invalids.
aHrallppera lor Dreaa, (tllppera for
tbe Flrealde to anil everybody.
GENTLEMEN'S good, well made, hand
embroidered Toilet Blippera, worth
full 11 60, for the lew prioe of Me.
AN ASSORTED LOT of Slippers for
Ladies and Miaaea. including Velvet
and Cloth Embroidered Turkish Toilet
Slippera, Hrd and Tan Morocco Opera
Slippers and manr other atyiea, lome
of whioh cost $2 60 and 3 originally, we
want to dose them out at a figure that
will make them gn the low oat uni
form price of tl.
ITAi these Special Bargalni are likely
to go very rapidly, we would adviae
the reader to come early and eeeure
first choice.
Ice Skates. Roller Skates,
Toy Money Bank.
Boia' Tool Cheat,
Boja' Axes. Wood Saw 4 Bor '
Bodgers' and Woatenhola.
Pocket Knlve,
Table Cutlery, Baiorg, EUs.,
Carving Knives and Forks,
Plated Knives, Forks Spoons, Et
Fine scissors In cases,
Carving Tools In sets,
Bracket Saw Machines,
Plated Call Bells,
Coal Vases and Hodn,
Shovels and Tongs, Etc., Ete.
In addition to the above, the most eomnleta
assortment of Flat! HtHOWAKE in
the oity Aak to be shown the oelebrated
the beat thing oat.
387 Main Street.
aa-Telephoae &."

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