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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, December 22, 1886, Image 1

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i , . , '
Tbi right thing to da with tha con
vict labor of the Stats U to employ it
in making pab'io highways Jhat will
assist in the ip'd eettlement cl the
Etate and teciliUte iU internal trade
tad commerce. Tennessee hfs to
legal or fast r?ght to leate the con-
ticte to any man for any purpose, and
when efee does it it is on the principle
ol the robber Might, who jattifies any
tnfasy to himself. We want to slaves
or masters in Tennessee, -nor anything
that fci lint i in either dh'eslon. Let
TiBave dare with convict leaeaa.
Tn Canard St. amah'p Company, of
ILiverpDol and New York, propose
puttina on a line of Tery fast eteamer j
'between London arOer Yoik, eash
of theve.-Be'e of tio'fljetto be tap
plied with double screws, and barn
ga for fuel Instead t)f coal. Tfce gis
is to be aopplied from gas meters iu
London, and is tote made by a new
American patent from craJe petro
learn. It is ptcposed in this way
greatly to lessen the expense for f set,
for firemen and 'the space now oc
cupied by cod, measuring on the
present Canaders 3510 tons. This
will be a revo'c'.lon, indeed.
Tin people a! Charleston are stand'
ing in their own light when tby at
tempt by le&ifl'ation to pr vont the ne
groes from -organiilcg labor assenv
blie. Already, tit one reeson or
another, thousands of them are lear
ing that State for the Sjathweat, and
this sort of slave -code legislation will
have a tendency to increase thbir
numbers nd accelerate the speed of
thtir departure. Brides this wrong,
there iaio'f illow to the whole South
the i fleet of the cy that will be set
np that thd Democrats are determined
to re-eneiave tne negro, auey are
free, and elioalJ not be interfered with
in aoy of thtir orgatf e itions so long
as they do not infract the peace of the
Thc 3a?t Tennessee Democrats, led
by the 'Knoxville yribtine, propoajd
' last fall to bold a caucus for the pur
pose of selecting a nominee for Gov
ernor, the other grand division) of the
. BUte having conceded the candidate
to them. Jus' before the
convention met the caucus was
held at Na hville, aod Col.
McCcnnell, of Oiiat'anooga, was se
lected as' East Tennessee's choke for
Governor. Bat the coevsntiAi ro
fu?ed to endorse the caucus in any
way, and after a few ballote nominated
Bob Taylor, who refused (o go into
caucus, thus efl'aciually repudiation it
in the name of the Democracy of the
Tea defeat of Mr. Morrison tot the
third time proves that the free trade
Democrats in the Houss cannot cope
with 'the minority protectionists,
bacbod by the Republican member?,
and that if the tariff reform is to come,
which nearly ail parties admit is
csterrtiol, it must be throngh a com
promise measure that -will meet the
views of both extremes on the tariff
question. To effict this Mr. Randall
and ir. Morrison should hold a con
foronce at an early day and rgrae
upono Dill tna', will secure taO lull
voted the Democratic side of the '
Uooae. The people are anxious and
clainorons for tariff ref-rai, and the
Democratic party moat, acting cp
, , ... . , r I
to the pledges of the Chicuzo rd.it-
form, secure it fur tbsm.
m 1 1 - . .. 1
unoenying canso 01 tna parse-
cutlon ot tue liov. Dr. McCHrnn, p.e
the Italian correspondent of the New
York rtmMputn it, is the jaalouty of
the preBent Archbishop-of New York.
who regards him as altogether too
large a man for the Archdiocese to
hold with hlmfi!f. Thss nonnnt,nn of
the good Doctor with Esnry George
is merely made the pretartfor hissns-
nonktm. r : M. a .,;nnp i.;n 1 1 : 1 1
, u'vimaio
uveimrir.v. we caoieas we cannot I
credit this statement. Archbishop
Corrlgan could not Stoop U) persecute
hrothsir nilpat ond If ,..(!,! mA u I
-s "
w on iiutqu abviuv wuuiu UO.prUlIipi J I
prevent the unlawful fierciee of the I
power it has lodged in him. . . ..
mmm lmmmt I
Evbbt now and then paper, north
01 na taste up "tne servant airl nues, I
..,.,.,. , . I
linn " n r rt HaI.i1 n. an .maah A fiA I
. ,' . I
fault, and DonrontDolltaanathflmaa- I
then Ihey subside, and the evil goes
on unchecked. The New York Tribune I
is heading such a crusade just new.
T4 at.i. 1...
siuua uoTvuub Bir.o w vs n iiiueoas
lot, and among their Other faults they
are too highly paid. This lSt Com-
piaim comes wun an ill grace from a I
paper that is si prominent in itac:aim I
to be a benevo'ert supporter and pic-
tecUr of American lahnr. Th TA.
points out how ill the labor of sewing
girls and others 1a paid, and asks why
thev do not arcnt cronH w.noa an A I .
1 . 1 .1 v i. . , , ,
plentiful food by becoming household
servant. Our American girls are not
tZ- "nJlL t!)n8ti0I,al
common tense, and with it they com-
bine some degree of personal pride.
xneir sense wouia induce tnem to ac- names,
capt Ihs better pay and living, "Love your enemy, bless your haters," said
bnt their self respect cannot en- rh,"i.,t,.Uirete,t o( the.iJrett: , . , ,
rinra ska k , j Christian love among the churohes looked
ante tne arrogance, the cold, the twin of heathen hate. "
measured tones and icy etare accorded p,m ., ..,,
the servant. Too often the work of Fro,Be.,0,ffis,.ifn.,c0ur"!n,r B,SB Ud
the servant is never done.foften tha Bone of Caesar. nme 01 Peter wkioh was
servant's table is most coarsely pr crueler, whioh was worstt
vided and their room accommodations Franc, had shown a light to all men,
miserably deficiett, while their liberty cuiutmri f Ai0TJ ' wm'f'. . ,
isnngeneroaalyraetricted. Thetearo .gSCT,!,' witTbfoot,ek,d nd
good and kind mUtre.ices, but there ire nnr,.w....e h. m..n(.i. . n
too many who are the 'reverse, who DopTirtr."a0ynbeh,un,,nou,,t',ln wtohln'5
make the kitchen a sheol, and the Crowned with sunlight over darkness from
servant's Lfe a bitter portion. If the the stiiiunrison sun.
JVi'fcune ctn jierruade harsh and over- IIllv T',,"0"? VTl be)rord the paiom
bearing mistresses to treat th air de- Kill your enemy.'' for y7 hatohlm? Still
penaenU as f show creatures, the po.4- r"' enemy war a man.
tion of hou-e servant will erase to be Have we aunk bo'ow them? Peasants maim
the ha'e'nl botbear to the trirlfi ttiat it r theholpieaahorasanJdriv.
iano wui.uer w tue guia mat H Innocent caitle under fhutch and bura the
13 B0' kindlier brutes alive.
AXD mas.
The Literary Senoatioo of the Closla?
DarsOof the Eventful
Tear, 1SSC.
Ljnook. Dicember 21. The follow
'pr ia tie camp)et textof L rd A'fred
Teanyson's pnt-m, jnt now tho literary
lenfa ion lo MipiHrin.
Lite, my r'andson; half the morning hard
Sitoed thts sands trusts,
ad twain the hollow ridges roajlng into
aiamcts ;
Waisrd back to living- boyhood while I
h-ard ih. curlew's end :
I, aynlr, so olose on death, asd death Itself
in lAokalei nail.
S yrur happy suit was blasted sh the
faultieaa. tbe divine
And 70a liken boyish babble this boy-love
oi your, w.io mine,
I, myself, hare often babbled, donbtleis, of a
loolish part;
Bibb'e, babble our old England may go
town la Dibble at lait.
Curse him, curse yonr fellow-victim oall
him dotard in your ram;
Eyes hat Jured a dotinic bohood well might
lool a dotards .get
Jiltsd for a wealthier, wealthlari ret per
haps ahe wai no wise,
I remember ho.yjn kissed the minatore
wiih those sweet eyes.
In the hall there hangs a painting, Amy's
arnia aooui my dock,
Bappy children in , sunbeam sitting on the
iids 01 wreca.
In my 11 'e there was a pioture she that
eia-pea my neon Da 1 How u ;
I was left within the shadow, sitting on the
wreca. auoue.
Yours has beea a slighter ailment! will you
You? not you. your modern amourist is of
eas er, earitn.r make.
Amvloredm. Atnv vu & tlmM i.htM .
But yoor Judith, but your worldliag,sbe had
never unreu uio wiiu ,
Ehe that holds the diamond necklaee dearer
than the golden ring.
She that finds a wiuier sunset fairer than a
morn o: spring,
She that In her heart Is brooding on his
briefer loa'ecf life.
While (he vows "Till Deth Shall Part" she
the would-be widow wile;
She the worldling born of worldlings father,
mother, b. content;
Even the bnmely fivra can teach us thore is
something in descent.
Yonder In that chirel, (lowly sinking now
inui the ground,
Lies the warrior, my lore father, with his feet
upon the houod.
Crossed for once, he sailed the sea, to crush
the Moslem in his pride ;
Dead the warrior, do nil his glory, dead the
cause in which ho died.
Yet how often I and Amy in the mouldering
aisle have stood,
Qaitns for one pensive moment on Lhat
lo J oiler of our blood.
There again I stood today and where of old
we knelt in prayer.
Close heneith the easement crimson, with
the shield of Leckjley there.
All in white Italian marble, looking still as
if she smiled,
Lies my Amy. ded in childbirth, aoad the
mother, dead the child.
Bead, and sixty Tears ago; and dead her
aged hnsoand now.
I, this old, white-headed dreamer, stoopod
ana kissou ner murine brow.
Clone the tree of youth, the follies, furies,
curses, iiasslonate tears.
Gone like fires and floods and earthquakes of
sue pianes aawaing roars ;
Fires that shook me ones, bat now to silent
asbes fallen away, -Cold
upon tbedead roletno sleeps the gleam
Oone the tyrant of my youth, and mute bo
low tho chancel stones.
All "his virtues" I forgive them, bliok in
white above his bones.
Gone thecorarados of my bivouac some in
finht airainst tli. fi.
Some throutu asre and alow diseases gone, as
an oa cana win ku.
Gone, with whom for forty years my Ilfo in
sroldon aeiiuttnu. tun.
Ehe, with all ihe chutm ot woman, she with
an 1 no ureatun oi man.
E'ron in will, and rich la wisdom, Ki
Feminine t. her inmost lieart, and feminln
VeTJ7nTu a? Jd mind' uurse r ""'
61la that linked main th broken chain that
, ,
Ilore today was Amy wiih me while I wan
riorrd down t.h .t.
iiotr u uuiid i amy iuuuijiffliiiD at Uio
ouijiiuir gaust.
QoH oar sailor son, thy father Leonard
Thou alone, my boy. of Amy's kin and mine
enriy 10BIUT sea.
10 mo-
Oone thy tontlsr-nntured mother, wearyin
Tining lor the stronger heart that once had
Truth - for truth is truth-he worshipt, bein
Good lor good is good -h. followed, yetb
look'd b3yond ,he 'v-
WliJSnteT0srftu.t" b"
D,om.lbi,i.or?!:'iraf'0 raua' closing eur-
Bcaitiful was death In him who saw the
ueatn out aein mo ueca.
'"wUh'th.Sinkin'g'w" "d ,ink""
Gone forever-ever? No I Forainoeour dy
ingraos began.
Bver, ever, and torever was the loading light
Thothat in birbarian burlalj kllleJ tb
Mt ;i?hinTemv..e th.V.cr.d passion o;
the seoond liio.
Indi7d,,T.,do"dThe0nig,h0t?,er huntl,,,
n" austraimo, uymg, hopes ha
shall return awhi e.
Truth for truth and good for good? I
rood? Tha trim. th n,if .v-;...
Tak,cru,mor.rintf"du'trom th,ai "d th,
Gone the cry of "Forward! forward!" lost
r " roin aioom,
Lost.oronly heard in eilence fromthesi-
leuce 01 a tomo ;
Half the marvels of my morning triumphs
St.l.dTy' 'fru'.'n'oJr.unk byn.ageinto
vuuiui.ui cuunnonpiace.
"forward!" rang He voices then, and of tha
us hu-h this ory of "Wwardl" till ten
tuoueanu years nave gone
Far,K?nn.VwoVdnii.h;1 ra0M M A,"tiatt
p BertS0Wetori the'
while la Asla.he that led the wild
Tta"iiou!lindnuV.V.k,Slit,0.w" of ,iih"
Then and her. In Edward's time, .a age of
noblest English names, ' 0 w 01
Christian conouerora took and flung tha
Brute 1 The brutrs are not your wroagers
buret at snidnicht. found at mora.
Twisted hard in mortal agony, with their
onsprmg born unborn.
Clinglag to the sll.nt mother. Are we devils?
are w wear
Bweetbt Ftanoit f Assist wants) that
were here again,
He that to his Catholic holiness uied to call
the v.ry flowers
Sisters, brothers, and the beasts whose pains
Are baraiy less than oute.
Chaos, cosmos I Cosmos, rhaost Who i
t.ll how all will .ml?
Bead h. wide world's annals, yu, and take
Hope the best, but hold the present fatal
uaugm.r 01 in. past ;
Shape your heait to lnLt tbi hour, but
aream not mat lae Hour will last.
Aye, if dynamite and revolver leave you
courage 10 oe wise.
When was a.e so crammed with menace
inai ntss written, spoken Ue. 7
Envy wears the ma-k ollcve; and, laughis
Sjbsr fot to soorn.
Cries to weakest as to strongest: "Year
diaais, equal bora.
Equal born? Oh, yes, if yonder hill be level
with the Hat,
Charm us, or at or till the lion look no larger
loan tne cat.
Till the eat, throuth that mirage of over
neaiea language, looca;
Larger than the ion. Demos end in work
log us own doom.
Russia bursts onr Indian barrier. Shall we
fUbther? Shall we yle'dT
Pause before you sound the trump)' I Hear
tue voices irom tne noia 1
Those three hundred millions under one Ira
penal soepter now.
Shall we ho d them? bhell we lose the:
Take the suSrage ot the plow.
Nay, but these would feel and follow truth
If flnlv vnn and wit.,
Whlcn of realm ruining (?) party whea you
speua were wnouy true.
Plowmen, shepherds hsve I found, and more
nan once ami sun could find,
Sons of God and kings of men, utter aoblesa
vi mina.
Truthful, trustful, look upward to the rrac
Used hustinv'a liar;
So the higher weilds the lower, while the
lower is tne miiuer.
Here and there a cotter's babe is royal born
by 'ight divine;
Here and there my lord is lower than hia
oxen or mi sw.ne
Chaos, cosmos I Cosmos, chaos I Once again
the sickening game.
croeuom iree to slay berseir, and dying
while thsy shont ber name.
Step by step we gains d a freedom known to
Europe, Known to all ;
btepbyetepoo roae to greatness; through
iitusueswrs we may tail.
Vou that woo tha voices tell thsn old Es-pa-rienc.
la afnnt.
Teaeh your fiaitored Kings that only those
ass caunui reau can rule,
Pluok the mighty from their seat, hut set no
meak ones in their place;
i-iiior wieuoui in your markr':, pelt your
Tumble natore heels o'or head and yelling
wniriuo jaiuut? airotl,
Sot the feet above the brain, and swear the
brain is in the feet;
Bring the old. dark ages back without the
aim, wiiiiuuui ine ntpe;
Breuk the state, toe church, the throne, aod
tun ifieir rums aown ine slope.
Author, atheist, essayist, novelist, realist,
rhvmstar li'av vnnr nart .
Paint the mortal shame of nature with the
living hues ot arts;
Rip your brother's vices open, strip your
own iuui i.ajsionB oare;
Down with reticnce, di wn with reverenoe,
"rorwardl" nalri let them stare.
Feed the budd ng rose of boyhood With the
drainage of your rewcr;
Send the deain into the fountain lest the
stream snomu issue pure;
Set the maicUn fanoioa wallowing ia the
troughs of Zoluism;
Forwaid, forwaid aye. and Ibackwari.
downward, too, into the abysm ;
Do your best lo charm the worst, to lower
the riainr race of men;
Have we ri-en from out the beast? Then back
into the beast again.
Only dust to dust for me that sicken at your
ismesi uin ;
Dust iu wholesome Old-World dust before
.us t.owcr t, vnu uegiiit
Heated am I? you wonder. Woll, It scarce
herimns tninaav
Patience! Let tue dying actor mouth his
last upoo ue suige.
Cries of unprogreasive dotage ere the gray
beard fall aal.cp,
Noitee of a current narrowing, not the
musio of a doop.
Ayl for doubtless I am old, and think gray
thoughts, for I am gray ;
After a:l thn etonoy chaogos shall we find a
changeless May?
After madness, alter inussacrtj, Jacobinism
nuu uncqtierie,
Some diviner force to guide us thronsh the
days 1 shall notsoe?
Whon the schemes and all tho system King
doms aud Ke:iub.i-3 full.
Something kindlier, higher, holier, all for
eaob aod each for all?
All the full-brain, half-brain moss led by
ormi'tioe. love mid trnti,
All the millions (?) at length, with all the
visions ol my youth?
All diseases quonohed by sclcnoi-no man,
halt, or dnaf or blind.
Stronger ever born of weaker, lustier body,
larger mind?
Earth nt Inst a wnrloss world, a single race, a
single tongue?
I have seen her f ir away, for is not Earth as
yet so young?
Every tiger-madness muoled, every sen ent
blision Killitd.
Every grim ravine garden, every blazing
Robed in universal harvest, up to either pole
Unlvers il ocean softly washing all her war
less islos.
Warless when her ters of thousands, and
All her barvosts all too narrow who can
fanry warless men?
Warless war will die out late, tlen will it
usr luuuBMnui mit'iiina u.n.
ever. iai. or soon I
Can iU till this outworn earth be dead at yon
ueau norm, uiu UIOLU,
Dead, the new auronomy oils ber. On this
day and at this hour.
In this gap between the sandhills, whence
yuu pee me liocusiey lower.
Here we met our latest meeting, Amy, sixty
Bhe and I. The moon was falling greenish
luruugn a rosy glow
Just above the gateway tower, and even
where you see her now.
Here we stood and clasped each other, swore
ius aeeuing aoaiuiess vow.
Bead? But how her living glory lights the
nan, in. aun, in. grass
Y.t th. moonlight is the moonlight, and the
sua nimseu win pass
Ventii, near her, smiling downward at this
eartnner eartn nt ours.
Closer on the sun, perhaps, a world of never
lauing nowers.
Hespcr. whom the poet callod bringer home
VI nil guilt! lUingS
All good things may move In Hesper, psr-
ivut jjuuii.va, peijoos Kings.
Hesper, Venus, were we native to thatsplen-
dor, or in Mars
We should see the globe we groan In fairest
vi inoir ereinog stars.
Could we dream of wars and carnage, craft
and madness, lust an ri !,
Rearing London, raring Paris, in that point
v, ffcauviui aigaii
Might w not In glanolng heavenward on a
star se silver fair.
Yearn and clasp Ihe hands and murmur.
noma to Uod that we were there?
Forward, backward; backward, forward. In
Bway.it by raster ebbs and flows than ean
ue aoowo 10 you or me.
All the suns-are these but symbols of in
numerable man?
Man or mint Ih.n sees a shadow of the Plan
ner or in. piau i
Is there evil but on earth? Or pain in every
peopled sphere?
Well, be trra'efu' f ir Ihe sounding watch-
nwii uiviuuvu, uero ;
Evolution ever climbing aftor somo ideal
iiniu .
nd Reversion, ever dragclnir Evolution In
ibe mud.
What are mea that Ho should heed us?"
. crlerl Ilia Kina nf ..n,..!
Insects of an hour that hourly work tboir
bruther insect wiong.
While th si'e t h.arans r jll. and luns
alons; their fiery way,
All their planets whirling roand them, flash
a million miles a day.
Many an sron moulded earth before htr
highest man waa born 1
Many aa seon, too, may pass wbca earth la
- manless and fo.loru.
Earth ro huge and yet so bout ded, pools ef
salt and p ts of land.
Shallow skin of green au-, chains of
mountains, grains of saod
Only that which mad. 0.1 nee ait us to be
mignuer ny ana oy,
Set the siiher. of all th. boundless heaven
wi bin the human eye, -
Sent the shadow ot himself, the Boundless,
through the human soaU.
Boundless inward in the atom, Boundless
outward ia the Whole.
Her. ts IWkslcy Hall, my g-xudson, her
the liou-iruardetl gate;
Not tonight in Locksley uall, tomorrow yen,
you come 10 lute;
Wrecked your train, or all bet wrecked a
shattori-a wheel, a ticio boy.
Good this "Forward? V ou '.hat preach it,
is 11 well to wisn yon jorr
Is it well that while we rant with science,
g orying the time.
City childron soak aud blaekon aoul asd
sense in city shiner
There among tb glooming alleys Frogiess
kalts tin pals ed leel,
Crime and Hunger cast our
aaidens by th
thousand oa the street;
There the master icriuips his haggard seam'
stress of htr daily bread.
There th. single sordid attic hold the loving
and the 1
There the smou'dering fore ef fever ertepi
across ire roueo noor,
And the crowded couch of inesst in the war
reus of the poor.
Nay, your pardon. Cry your "Forward?"
yours are hope and youth; but I
Eighty winters leave the dog too lame to fol
low wun tne cry.
Lame and old and pist his time and passing
now iuto th. night;
Y.t 1 would the ri-ing raf. were half as
eager lor in light.
Light, tha fading gleam of eren', light, the
glimmer oi the dawn I
Aged .yea may tak. th. grewlng glimmer
ior in. gleam wun-dewn
Far away, beyond her myriad osnilng
enanges eartn will u
Something other thiin tb wild.st modern
guess ol you and m
Earth may reach her earthly worst; or, if
an gain nor eartuiy nest.
Would 1 lie find her human offspring, this
lu.ai man at rest:
Forward, then ; but et'll remember how th
course of time will swerve,
Ciook, and turn upon itaelf in many a baok-
waru siream lug ourv.
Not the Hall ton'ght, my grandson; death
- and silence hold their owo.
Leave the master in the first dirk hour of
nis last sleep alone
WortViers ul was he than I am ; sound and
ll iliest ruMici si lire,
Kindly landlord, boon companion. Youth
ful jealousy is a liar.
Cast the poison from your bosom; oust the
maaness lroni your brain ;
Let the tangled aernent ahow you that you
nave not lived in vain.
Youthful youth and age are scholars yet but
in the lower echi ol :
Not is the wise-t man who never proved him
self a fuol.
Yonder lies our young seavlllajo; art and
grace era less and lea. i
Science grows and beauty dwindles, roofs
01 siateu aiueocxness.
There is one old hoatel left us where they
svlsv the l.nrhxl.v shlnlil.
Tilltbo peasant cow shall bait the lion pas-
aam irom uis neiu.
Poor 0 d Heraldry, poor old History, poor old
Poetry passing hence,
In common deluge urownlax old politleal
common sens.
Poor old voice or e:gbty orytng after voices
that have fled,
All I loved are vanished vtjioss) all my
steps are on ine aeaa.
All the world Is ghost to me, and at the
phantom disappears ' ,
Forward far and Ur from her ia all tb
nupe 01 eiguiy years.4
In this hnstel 1 remember I repent It o'er
his grave
Like a oiown hy chnnc h mat me I re-
lureu tne nana ue gave.
From that ciisoment where tha traitor man
tles all tha uiouliiarinff brinks.
I was then in early boy hoc j, Edith but a
While I sheltered in this archway from a
day of driving showers,
rasscn tne winsome nee ot auith, like a
uouer among ine uoweis.
Here tonttrht. the pall tomorrow. Whea
tney toil tnecnapti bell
Shall I hear in one dark room a walling, 1
novo lovau moo wour
Then n peal that shakes the portal? On
has come to claim hia briJu.
She t!iit shrank and put me from her
iiirieaed aud auirteu irom my aide r
Silent e'hoo4, Vou, my Leonard, use an
not abuse Tnurnir.
Move a non .- y iur 110 plo, kann them, fol
tow uiu. wuo lea n way.
Strove for sixty wi lowed yeustohelp his
homelier brr.thnr men.
Served the poor and built the cottage, raised
1:10 scuooi and drained Uio lou.
Hears he now tho voioo that wrnngod bimT
Wboshall swear it canuot ho?
Enrth would nevor touch her worst were one
innity sucn as lis,
tre she guin her heavenly rest a (Jed most
mine , wun tnoiriL!nA,
Nay, there uay be those about us whom we
neitnor see nor name.
Felt within ns as ourselves, the powors of
goou, tun powers oi ill,
Strowing balm or shielding poison in tb
louniains oi me win.
Follow you tha star that lights the desert
patnway, your sand mine I
Follow till ou sea the highest; human
naiur. is divine.
Follow light and do the right, for man ean
half control bis doom,
Till you find tho deathless angel seated in
uio vacant louiOrf ,
Forward! Let th. stormy moment fly ant
mingle with th. past!
I that have loathed have come to love hint
Love will oonquer at the latt.
Gone at eighty! mina own age, ana land
you will be at the null I
Then I leave thee, lord and master, latest
liora 01 liooksicy uall.
Alfred, Lord TtnnyioH,
The Delightful Liquid l.aiallT.
Syrup of Fit's isamott agreeable
nd valuable family remedy, as it is
easily taken by oii and yono, and Is
prompt and effective in carina?
habitual constipation and the many
il's dependioK on a weak or inactive
condition ol the Kidoeya, liver and
Bowels. It acts ewtlv. sirens hens
the organs on Tblch it acts, and
awakens them to healthy ac'ivity. For
sole by II. J. Hpffter and all lundi'ig
droguMs; Van Vleet A Co , G. W.
Jones A Co., W. N. Wllkersnn &, Co.,
and 8. Ma infield & Co. bave been ap
pointed wholesale mrent at Memphis.
Ha hai not s1?tt for tvorjtv-fonr
hornv, ecnzhiDK all the time. A doe
of 1)'. Bali's Coaiih Byrtip broke hia
congb, and be slent quintlf all night.
Ark&ksas City Journal: Ctpt. R
R. Kice, BheriU of Lincoln conntr.
passed throngh Wednesday, Memphis
RHitTafavrisM, nearaleia and font
are speedily enred bv Salvation Oil.
the great pain onre.
Clestsslssir, DyelsscA Brpalrlaia,
No. 17 W. Coca? Stsikt.
.CsV90X-b;s) m. ZCrioiL3l.
fjnA I5 HHs Kerurvcd isliv?, in Iron
-- 40 mlnu'estol bnnra. rrlth ten'! oi, in
pl.ta. or do ctiurii. No Fa tins; roiuirrl;
no Dols .nnua meilimnes. te t.kn with
ease by child fr srl'i". OpII or send for oir
ulrs. DU. M. HbX SMITH. Nueoialist,
. iU iia'Jison street.
WALL At the residence of Msjor J.W.
Cbeatbam. near vs ileon Blaiion. .a th. at,
in T D 1 1 I 01 1 ..A Ul..ln...
11 u v. '..', m . 1111', 1 a 1 , . l . tntmm " - vi m
Lis A. Wall, aired 45 years, lliolly Springs
paoeri plea, copy. 1
Remains will bo (hipped to Holly Springe
this (WEDNESDAY) .veiling for Interment
fAYLOR-AtSammeUN. J., at : 15 p.m.,
Bee. 11, 188(1, Mrs. J asms Tivlos. daughter
e( the lat. A. 8. McN.tr. rf tM etty.
la order to seeommoaVt tha vast ibrcnga
tuat erowd.d our (tor Monday, w. will eoa-
tiour the Monday sal
Our Or eat Sale TOD AY in
Drew. Ooodts,
Fancy UocxIh,
Glove as,
1 lower.
Trimmed Hati.
This sale Inelud.a the SPBOTAL S.LRibe
taeen Vand 11 Bk.aa.aad t and 4 .an.
New Holiday Goods
In various departments.
BMrSoivenirs Distributed to All Piuehaesrs.
Ustween 9 and 10 a.m. and 3 and 4 p.m.
Between 10 and It a.m. and i and i p.sa.
FEA I'll Kit atLl'.-
Between 10 and 11 a.m. and 2 anal p.m.
ci. tit .
.i3W ...,.
say is hsiisiik i( aa irm i asn wii j f is I ts
Cooon, from whtrh the tit'! of
OHlLa bon romoTd. lthuHfArv
timet the ttrrngthoi Onruamliirtl
wHhPlunrh, Arrovmotor Butrir,
Hid it llieioforo fur moro oconoin.
ItTtl, coating than one etnt a
v;. Jt In drlluloua, miurJfMntr,
ptroiiKllioiiinn, tWnUy (JlffrMtoit,
iHimnJinirably adapted fur tnvat
a wnll im for pcrmin 1 h.iaK h.
afl till hf tllriViata-d awtfMsaYMltaTtrsl
F BAKER & CO., Borclicstcr, Mass.
Most Elcsraut Selection
And Amtricuu l'rodnt'tlon of
lor Our selection eoniprlHC
Elesant tVtjlcH (of tue Latent)
and 1JKST Makers, Foreign
and DoniCHlic
6yOnr tioodatare Imported
MKECT, through OVH Vu
torn Honse.
Th oaij porrnot eub.tltut. tot Mothar
milk, Jn!ubi. ia chol.rn Inlnntum
ana Taathlna. A prMtlnntd food for Dysj
Ppt,u.. vonsumeTins, convaioni.
rft fcutrt.nt in mil Waetlnc Dlssnsss.
Kqulr no oouklnsr. Our BixiS, Th Ours)
Sina F.fldlnr Off Inffnnta. lUAllod fe.
llOUBBH, OJODALB s CO., Boatoss, Umm.
mr Wo hard A ear-lonsl of nonttnrata
Unssntaa, nat rces-lsed, Its rxerllsitil
alslpitlna; order. Csi Park to irrs
tct from trout, 11.00 to Pr
ltanelt. Earlom luoorf aut;rOer tor
Hollslnja, Telptioni 9SSJ.
Ucaasx Gtna or Mshphir, I
Mrmiihis. Torn.. L'acflmhor 111. IKM. f
TUB Ilia sKinliliolilnrs nf this bank are
herrlir Diit'GeJ Urn th aniiu.U cloetiun
or iirooinrs to snrrelha ennln( xnr will
ia hnl'i at tha b mk on Tli KSI1 A V. Jsnnsrs
11, liil, belr-n tho h ur- nf 111 a m. anil 1
.m, titT. uubu.uiiu. Vitaior.
le kmi
Vron aq
Tho nbaoltito purity ef llio Koyal Ilalcing Powder is ft
fact not questioned ty anyono; but tho (juestions aro fre
ijnenUy nslvctl: Why Vo not otlior innnufucturers, nl.so, put
bj,i jno baking jvowtlerH, Jn from lime, ;ilum, nnd othor adul
terants? Is it t frt,t;t ft th Itoyal is tlie only puro baking
powder miulo?
llici-o arc tlireo eiifwen f thono artiolcs: Cream of litrtar
balking powders, made from cream of tartar and bi-carbonuto
of ftoda; phoKiluto baking powders, in whieh jiliosphatic acid
is nued as' a Biibstitnto for ercam oC tartar; and alum baking
powilorn, mmlo front turiit ulttm nnd soda.
Burnt alum baking powders aro of tho cheapest class.
They cost Iosh Hkiii four .rents a ponnd, are coneededly poi
Donous, and beuau.so of their well-known inferiority are never
nold under their lino colors. Making powders sold with a
prize or gift are of this tlivw.
Tho phosphate baking powders contain from 8 to 12 per
cent, of lime, which is an ingredient of (lie phosphate used in
them as a substitute for cream of tartar. It is impossible to
eradicate tho lima, from this class of powders. This baking
powder is next to tho nluni baking powders in cost.
Tho cream of tartar baking powders, to which class the
Royal belongs, to bu pure must bo lnudtt from absolutely pure
ercatn of tartar. The Royal linking Powder is niadu from
cream of tartar specially refined and prepared for its use by
patent processes by which the tartrate of lime is tV.ally
clUtiiiuiloJ. Tlioni im no ollior jumoos- liy wliii'h trenni of
turtur unit lo fn-ml from liinu tumlo 100 jur ct'iit. jairo
in (itaiUitioH practicul fur (.uiiiiiumvuiI luii'iio.-fs. CHIiit
halving powiW hiiiIvim-m, not bt inj; uMi' to obtuin tlicsa clu'tn
ionlly puro gootls (wliii'.lt aro ust'J cxclusivi'l.v in tliu Iloyul)
iiro uVpi'iiiUnit upon iw tnriim of tartar of tho nuiiki't, rliiiiitl
hy tho tihl-fiisliioiu'il iuctlioln, for tlit'ir suitply, ami liy tlioso
metliocli" it is imii'sil)li! to cliniinuto tlic lime uml ollior iu
Tlioso air tlio ro.iMOiis why tlio Uoyal is absolutely pure,
wbilo nil otlior buKing powilors contain oitlici limo or uliun.
The vital iinport.iin'0 of ubsolute purity in tho artioles
we cat tws proniolivo of povfoi-t health is daily moro ginorully
being foiiHiiloieil. How largo.u slutro in producing impure
and tuiwliolosomo food tho limn and alum baking powder
have hml in tho past, is boooming fully reeognized.
Tlio nbsoluti; purity if tho Koyal Huking Powder not
ovily remlors jf mortj porfeetly wholesome, but its freedom front
all extraneous (uili.shinccs inul.es it of higher etrcngtli and
cffectivencris ns a leavening agent, and therefore moro economi
cal for use. It iu aooordingly certified by the U, S. Govern--ment
Chemists as tho motit 'wliolcsomc, effective, aud pet feet
baking powder nmH).
mmj ymi t
liii V? 1 Ullli illl il 0 11UUU11U
Tntal Now KiiHineiNfl (Iroatnr than ilia foful now iiuRlnoa nt All
Other Lilo CompanIe now roprosontod in Itloniphiti Combined.
Jn.croii.so In HurpliiM moro than twieo tho total increase oi
snrplus ot all other Lllo Companies now rcpiTHonted In Memphis
ITftom No, 1. Cotton Ktchaiiarft Untitling, Mo rit nh KTen n ossitvfl
AT COST, FOR THIRTY DlYH, to iiiako room Tor prlna
Stock. One lot Open IliisruicH. uiiM for coiiulry uk.
OFIl nWN BkLXUk" AVl'V UK, nnd fully Kuarnuioc(l.
Lilly Carriage ',
325 Kecond Srcfit.
ft 'M.r-loals Htcel Mnlls,
:i iar-luiln Nnull uml hod,
1 Cur-loiMl I,artf, Hum imai rVHiisiit;e.
2 fi'ur-lssiafli Aiiierlcuti Nurdiiio.
1 1ur-l'tasl ."Mew ICuInIiim,
1 (!iurloal Mew Nalinoii.
1 f'iarIoal I 'all Torn I a tiiniioil I'rull,
10 l)MsliMlai TomatofH m4Iich. Cum, Kie.t
a uar-iiNiii AiiaorsvM ,Tiiiifr .neai.
3 far-load York ItiicMwhcaf.
a C'ardoatli 1IkII. lirant aiul Karrrtl rit klosv.
'4 flrload)i Miner NIoou t r-ain 'h';Ne,
X Car-load Virginia I'eauuiia,
X 'ar-loaI Tire OravUer antl riroworka,
H Car-load. JXnU au UnrraiitH,
3 ar-louilH Fln llMinnaM,
5 sallola lt3 liH JavlM ApitlON,
a f'ar-loaslsi I'rtxili Fancy (,'aiislif st,
1 G'atMoad Oatuifal. rakcd H'lienl. Klo,
And a Hinplelo amortiucut of Ma1 and Faury Groccr!a .
lor tli npwlal n Couailry tttn-cuan.
? taaTMcnd lor I'rlc Iiit."rtfa
a n n i'.Jt
i "ansa u f
2iw aw
Andldommlssion Kcrchnls,
m Rurnuii
Womplit Thih.
m 9, m-
:i n k, mm si
k m m aaxiA
li&w ?jwt

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