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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, December 22, 1886, Image 2

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r&rnoll WJU Probably Rqo.iliutetiii
"i'lua of Ciunpak-ii" France's
foxorm, Defe;nb?r 21. Judtro Btti
tl is it.oriime Ir.rnnlly diauiiasod th
pxtiti in for iii vorca presented by Lud .
O lin and 1nd Co in Campbell in vn v
of t ie vcrdu t by the jury yesUrinj ,
finding nei'herof the parties ouiHy ri
aduliery. The judjre prai.ttd Lidy
Colin 150c 'Slsai Lit suit aaainet hn
huslui d and the fa 1 oMs of bur de
fense against hir hunt-aid's eni'. lie
also granted full tnitsti ttioDuker.l
Marlborough, Chief thaw and Dr
" Jtiii d. ccn pjntknti in Lord O lln'r
em. taunt hii wife. Gun. Durier,
aLoibcr corcaroiadcnt, did not apply
for costs. Tne exri iipea, bv a cuuit
cos's export, warn JCJOOt) per d.iy.
Sir. t'ltlltln'N arrtt iu MrrttforU
IviKDON. Di iviobt'r 21. TI.e corpo
rttwn of S ia frd-on-Avon voted Iht
Iioartio t thaiiknit the tcwn to G.o.
W. Child, t,f i'hi a lelphiB, for the
fift ol b drinkinjj lonn'i'iu. In the
lt-nnr prejeutlrtf the (jift Mr. Child
JapriSeHfl a tij nt tli fotmUiti
wi.l rrovd i vid. nee ot mi d will be
tween two na'ioi a LnvinK tho fame
and ( .rk 'f Biittkesjet-rj ai a out
moa horitRg?.
I'Hrnrll Will H iuilll ' "f'litit "
Drei.tN, De.-t mber 21 The Exprm
(Tor; ) nihk- s ttief jllowlii(;Btiifeiiu'nt:
An it'fliieiitial wiie puller belo.'iein
ti iho U'uilfltoiiittu Bee, ion of the L b
th! paity was recently ehkf d what he
?xucc:ed from Mr. l'timell. llo replied
ttat lie rxptctud Mr. l'miioU to r.ipu
3 ute the plan of cnmpniir.n rif Inland
lo withdraw her enppoit from the
plain forthwilli ; ''otherwise," to
oldtd, ''we are ruinnl, and will ao
j: owerleeo and in a r.diculoui position
trlu n Parliament meetr!."
Jiha Dltlou'e Ailli'nllou Itrfuiaeil
Dubi.ik, December 21. The court
1ixly retusud John Dillon's applica
tion for a 8 ay of tbe order agiiut him
to liiruinh bonds In the sum of !0r),
with too euretits in the rum of XtlDO
each, (or tn.uru good bchavier, pond
ing the onlroma of an appeal fioui the
rente sees.
The" rinii" Will Bo Curried Oul.
Dt'nus, December 21. At the reo,
ular fortnlphtly me; ting of the Eiei.u
live Committee ot the Irish National
Jatni todjy, it waa announced Out
Sirica tho hut mcf tir.g there hint limn
roreived in dor.a'.ions from Ireland
" S270i), and from America f 25,00.1. Mr.
John Dillon said he would a nitinu lo
oarry ont the plan of ca'iipidsrn iu de
tiance of the govurnnaeut. "Nobody,"
he (aid, ''had a right to ray the plan
of campaign Is illegal until a jarv hna
decidi'd cn the facta." Mr. Dillon
aiBi aaid tue lendera ot this new move
nuitit dnsire to ben tl". the tecanta In
Ireland without tbe aieiatanco of the
Tronafa DeninixliaK Itailnollona.
Duni.m, Djcnmbcr 21. Tho tenants
ri the Dnka of Leimter, in county
KiUlare, met agiin and mditlad thiir
(lemtnd (or a rpduotion In rtnt, ank
ii'K now 20 liiBlend ot 25 per cant
ThntennnlB nlaoj lined in the r.'qncs
ot the Duke'a tftixnta tit Athey to be
given the hem IU of the purchtfB
clausea of tha Und act.
Parnrll'a Iltnraa.
Pfhmn, December 21. The fiicnda
ot Farm 11 aay li s illmns baft been of
voryaorimian vureif rrevenl wek?.
Ilfl ia In a datigrouH condition. Wh -ii
.b!e to act've'y rnno work ho wid
convene the lrhh lViiaiuiiittary parly
in thu Council u is.iulii.ra of Dublin
'! n on (nrum beh.i ffing to rarroH'n
).r :h'er John were eold at auc i n t
inyiii ArmiiMh f r f)0 per cent, h a i
ili. ui they wire valued nt thredumntha
Sliirlng llor Arimtint'iil In n Com
. le Hi (Ilium.
Tauh, Doceiiibi r 21 Utit aa;nnMi ia
It It Jure ovcr t i tapidity with which
t'io Kivornn ent ia wo: kjig to plnro
t'm armament ol Fr in 'o ia thiom
vlete t co id.ti in poi il)li. Tue Btate
tninn'ui'.tori ml arms ami animun -uoo
an a I be iu w irke 1 to tlmir nt
t cipiir.i y. H U ri'p:ut d 'tri m
Homo 'hat. Itily ia arming. AiIv odm
from Iiirlia nta'la that Uermanv ii iu
i::iag:ug b .r troops in Albac&uod Ixir-
Th nil no ( iiniilrr.
fAnta Dee ml or 21. Di !rp;a's
i?.)i.ir nn f ir the Kienrh tJiinuo
io:i' try ia delayed penJin tho action
nf '. h, Depu iea on the propoud
m ililiiat on of the budget et')iiato
l r ihnConiio i:'iiint, IlrrfM Bij'B
r i vill iva-gn if t'ie eftlutnlo la in
c. u( eil Thy lli.vai I bth paid 400 CO I
I n i ci wrt iiid"iii-i)iy iln Fmr.ce
uii 'r tiio termi f tl.u t'e'y ol
p : t nd t ie ev.ii! iat:on t f Tam
tve, vl v 1 1 ,i, Ks i.ir, by the t'.ench la m
JI. fn.rl (A Acpfi 1'iiiiro Fi'rdlnai.d
St IViui ran, Pcceiiiliitr 21
'! he .Ituniul (. .Si. J'fhnhwg a. y
?:-'n".iiii tt fiteai to n rep tiie cii'id,
i ( Trlei e Kordi an', if rlaxo
i' .ImI'K (ioih'. 'or tue l'u g iiu
t r i n u taut tin to r!T3. nal ohjeo-
. Hi (Coilirnt lo l: FntKlillHtltri.
-.1 i.urn, D,ci.lr CI. I ho ro-
ernnvnt iicr ha it-ht d oili : a a to en
i.iti'i-t'i n int. iem 'et at. th iiiout'i nf
t'4 Muui river on t'ii vfa; cia.t if
1. iil,; In ltu on.o Na tllrmrnlo.
I'uvih m, ll.cn her 21.- Cit. Cj
ip'lhoi, itiittf of Uu ta a Station, in
Urn () ,n;o Fri-o Khit", who ia here on a
v e t, lontlrma tho lepnr; thdt Liei.t
I u i.l a- driwi.ti l in Kv-rOugi
v.--.i!d rn'rea iuit fr mi St dy Fa 1 H -
in. T.'ie ev. cunion id the plain hy
wbi e, tl.pt. O qn Ihot at rihat- a tt
t ih .itar.pp y t,t i) r-imii'ti' n. Ti.e
(ip ii'i i i 'h thai af er au uriauo
i-fu' i,t:t' i jit n' ti'iiin-f nd pir y
I v. tik i SUul- Fi n iro'ii a i ioet.t
t ) w " ii:ti he i a 1 tien drtve.i by fui
ifii firi; k ly Ari'w ah.ni tho livor
i .n '., ii.. ,n . i' h d the A b?v r y
nr T'i.h (' ntaiti -'ii -r, rut hr
'i. v tnrm i K'anh Fui'sS ntitvi
t .,i ;?r in I i i.i A i. a t mi !.!..-
at'.iMiyi p.e.'iivt.f t.tiut vwill
.l e A aba et-culd
l.l 1
t -ii i.t . u h a move iu.
r.i n t.o
Dubi.iv, Dtfomur ID On fUtir
day night a party if umir.iid.fia
ttackerl tha bonae of a man
named Ggin, at Bclllnprior, county
Kerry. Two ehota were flret at G g
grn, who aurceeded in faiping. Tha
Prty eobsequeot y abot Constable
Fitajerald, wonoding him in tbe leg
i wilve person arretted for complicity
In the outrop have been discharged
for want of evidencs.
Dwouy, December 19. Dr. Lyonp,
f ramrly meml' of Parllryriejit lor
Dublin, died In thi eUv r' m:rnlng.
iu t:ie iMttu iaror pakty
tir ruii.ADKi.PiiiA,
fa niifrh lie IiIik Hl B1i
llonrtlo ihr l.at inkiir ',iiliilal
for Mnjor of !r Torli.
riiiLAOiriruu, Pa , DoremVer 21.
Grand Ma ler W. rkman I'jadr r'y I as
add-o ard a lettir to a oumntteo i f
the Un t. d l.ab r pany of thin city In
roply tt au invitnli in to iddrieith
loavpii.icii ot thHt P'ty this exeniDg.
He llin'.tg I'm in for the tior.or to::
derfd him, but rays there nre mary
g ol ra'fota who be ehou'd dulue,
and a id.:
"V iicn the lal oring p-op'o of Nw
York tiorninited Henry Ueori e fnr
ilayrr'they rctf-d iud. pmdei.tly of
raUjr's tttad wl Inut rer.rd to trn. ai.ann
thiil tbry i tn'ed at th hi: d ol t:i
ticket. My nrr:o was used by pr.rti
Ba :Bii.N w Yoik to ittm tbe ihle. it
mi nre- d that I vir do a 'e'.ter agnf.t
Hmry Gorg-, an I that I o,ipo d t'ie
in' vunen' gm er .l!y. 1 knew of no
better war of g'viag the lio to allot
those (aid il.oo.is, and at tbe 'fa no
limed ing my purl toward tlie e.-tah-lihhm.ni.
ii aaiirtiui nt thit would
ivuntti illy l').:d to avcur for labor
riu5 ot tbe beni'fltJ that ahe itks fur,
'hljitogi Ii p rsou and letutthe
charge. I did it, and tlier toy du'y
i nded. In oi'ig;to New Yorkotit tat
o'O'fliiinl undo a d. partuie from a
iu!o that I have nb-O.Tid fir m-ma
llmr, nrd which I do not intend to
hra.k rgiin namely, ro' to aprak
tt a polni al meetit g again while I
hold the partition of chi-f fUcer i f tbe
ICn g'.ta i f Lihor. Whilo it might be
en I rely proper for me to speak tt
gticli a n-G'ting, yot it crHtea no im
prenion that the order if the Knlhta
ot Libnr ia buing drawn Into the con-tea-,
antl it is my duty to do a 1 that
lios in my power to keep the nrd r
over which I have been chosen t
I realde above th t 4e tt p iriisaa
prilit c. At New York I epune bi an
individual voiclug the Bn:imerit i f
tint ed labor, and not m General
Mutter Workmai of ti e Knights ol
Lnbr. While lam Geutral Mauler
Woikman I will never again occupy a
plnr-e eithirai Bpea'ierorciruer oa a
politio.l plattoiui. I would adviee
vou not to take any ncti in us a p'ty.
It feoius to me tt.at it heroines the
duty ot all Ir.ttrasud to endeavor to
lnilnc:i tbe uiansea to free the baMot
hoxtDin the degrading infljencrs of
tho hrito plver f.nd taker, as well
as (mm that toil( monopoly,
whlfk. Put forth your every effort
lo discover what is wanted. In tbe
manag'tnont of the muniiipal affaira
of jeurcity don't, a is too often the
caw, allow the I merest to die out on
thetvaof ehction day, lnt continue
until yen have loca'eii the cavreof
the trouble. You will & d that in
ordur to remove the cause of the
trouble, that y.m will hovs to begin at
the b.ttoiuand work ur i utcadof
heg'unlng nt the top and falling down.
I' your movement mo.tns what its
nunie imlicatei, keep it up, an 1 l c t
tho airvicee ni all tiont men, for all
such a:o inleies'ed in boneoi govera-m-nt
regardless of th ir caliirg in
'I ho Kr'n'li.n llrlwrn Hie linlfttit i
aud AuurelillM mplniur!.
Ciuotoi, Hi., D c n.b r 21. Au
Imeoitiiit arcriK c.iuu'ar has t'en r
c tvo l bv D 'triit Aaaembliia Ni b. 24
and M Knighls i f L-;h"r of this ft: r.
from Majtor WorWn .iri Pow 'erly, c n
t(trii!ng faeti' nal qmi'rili whicU h.-va
exii tud in the oraii r. iiij fd Beni"
liimi. TT n c n.u'ar touches upon bit
i r,.l umtTia, b it the ruis-t important
are poli'it a! qU 'a'.i irB ar.d the ri' mn
d tha Ko:ghi.H in rutfi'tiCH to Iboc p
d ned auarchistfl. Wtii'ii tie order
it prmt!lgitcd it ia c'ainn'd that the
CQiiari alive elenieut ot iheorua'zu
tinn will ho ji'ewi-d with Mr. I'.iwd-ir.
ly'u comipai d, while tin y Will gren, ly
it fiplcaM iB la iicul winif. Mr. P.iw
d 'r'y has ordered tho Ma ler Wcrk
men of Diatrict Ariwmbliea Nos. 24 un I
f)7 not to a'lnw money to be col oo'id
lor tha cr.ndemned anar liisie, and in
flrnrls thai if eny fuuda have liernto
f ire htcn cilboid that Buch moneys
be returned to rusembl ej and
rorpora who coiitrlhnted the smie
TheGenoral Ma-ter Workman's ordirs
are nal J to be imperative. Puwderly'a
action ltii-coutetded,eelt!est rever t! e
qu.'uion ot the relaton t ( tha Ku'ghts
of liibcr and the cor.demeed an
aiohis s. It a'aa i xplaina hy in joint'
mel ting ol thes" district rs emblien nn
14 Mtinilay at Woiner's Hall, on Hal
ideal st'eet, tha, sympat'iy for (lie an
a'chii'a' matter was not brought op
wh n tha mi.etiiig was for that special
Mullrr Nnlterti llolou.
ltKAivNd P.., D;rorier 21. A
noeii il nvetiiiir ot the I'derra ionnl
r.rolhtrbi od of Itoiler Makers' and
tr.m Shi; B lilib-ru' and 11 -lp, ra'
I'liFpurtiva aid lio.'iellisal Union I e
M ir h"e t 'dy atid will continue r'v
crul diiys. Dclcro'ta ro prero .t from
' hi ai-'i, Milwaukee, Mi l nenpoii". 8t
I'.ujI, Duhnq 10, Hamilt nt O it , New
Yo k nut ot;ier c t m. Ti.e netiiia
i hvhl wi'h cloa.il drora. ltpo ta
a;ibtnit.t d p! nt tn vt. tha orgat.ix :on
h In II iriehing lomlithni rnd rp
idly i crcivi n rneinb r hip in lai ge
in.'ttitrial ct I ip.
hlllllllltlll tl.lltll.
CiM iiMi. (., IW'mticr 21.-()nl.
D 'ic'i, V Met nt Police, today d c v
Met Iti 'i aid si li.Klck In tlm C.nclr
n.iti v.o-k"0!Vu, wheie had been
pla ad two months a(i for ilifoide ly
conitu.'l. A d Bimti h hail I een sent
t ) Co'. Do tac'i to areit SMnniik for
a n iudi r which N'.innii kV wife, on
luir doith bed at Richmond, Va., eiiii
linLa lommit'. d there )at fall. Siiin
nlnk will bo held for the Uthmond
aul borl lie?.
llewlii'a mil.
Wabuinot in, December 21. In (he
Ways an I Mtai a Conimittre this
inorn'ng Mr. Hewitt calhl up his bill
in rrgod t.i I'm antioirat'on of inter
ct "ii tho f n'dio debt, and x,ilnined
II I prnvinl urn ard nroh.ib'e t-H. ct. ll
was then lefer edtoa nihcummittee
cunpos d cf M rris-'n, Urockenii lee
(A k) m:d Ke y. In.-.ldtutHllv Mr
I i I . i . . - ...
iew iu it mum . a rauva i in w.i'
i tuctitd lumn in the eotme o! dici'B
B'on, a .1 Mr. Hew t' e n e d t'.a h "
v. ul.i I nvi pro.'erred tor thu. oi l
the c ' in in - ! a rep ut i f big hi:l em-
o Iji g a ht'tit'iia! a'liiuesil'Mis by the
tienUty o! the Tre.iaury for t ie im
p o viii.eM ( f the ciV'toiii" ro.V'ce.
Crdrrn l.r h 1 tlud if Milrin inntle
lo mrnM-ri, nl Sit nuO !I0 Nrrouil
Hrecl. r. t'AHtlil l.tCI).
Of the Prlfsthood Has Been Eu forced
-What U Ttionglit Abutit
Win Iu Iteuie.
Naw Yckk, DocemSer 21. Tbe
Kev. D -. McG:yon had not n turned
to the pastoral residence yfB'.erduy
fro bin trip cut of town. O.te of tbe
i ariat ioters ot t. ri -pheUb' eaid
yeat?rday that Dr. MiGlyna had not
iior.e'ntoa retreiitiu'the ec(li eti
cal sinre of (be word, but in the ord'
nry meningol the word he htd.
Ho hid retrea ed t om the pas'.orKl
r.-i-idente. A rriwt who hs long
known Dr.' McGiyun intimately
said lait eveainin: "fhe Itiv. Dr.
MtGynn biiH not celebrated niiis
nine he wa euapendod from bin
fu icii ns by a Bunirujna tltonio.
All Biati nieuts thit 'he has a lid mes
eince that time sru mistake?. Trie
mi-eUleinent ia piobahly cauefd by
nii'tnkiug Father Laavuiuu forK iier
MiU ynn. Ne ther I as Dr MiGlynu
been within the altar rail durii g
8'Tvice. The anrnmnua to It me cf
ite f s leppcded Dr. MiG vno, ami he
will ray no rims', high or low, nmil h -g
un t II mie. He will go to It in-,
nke ibe n d pieat that re ia, nnd he
will ttibmi'. tj the d. ciaon cf Hit-i-huruu.
He w II ananaa his aO' ir
in b a rarinh a toon as he c. n, bat 1 e
iniittt. go, f' r even if Ari!hb;fl).op t'or
iii;:'.n wished ti let tim ce'ebiut
uiaur, pi rmif8ioc ould not be giveii."
What la Enitl Attunl l(r. Mriiljrnn
la ilowi-.
Nkw Yoik, D.'cembir 21. The
Time's corrmpondenr, at Rim, Itily,
writ.a: ihacife if Dr. McUlynn, I f
wlncii the outer world has only j net
vanUt ly heard through the Blow me
d U'Ji of a cahlegiam in a Lo nlon
papi r, is a unhjec; of mu :h ain-cnl.i-tion
HLd ictuiett in Amrican College
ciiclee, where ho hn ipanv Irienda.
At the Prnpngauda gnat attenti' n is
Civen tbe mit er a oae cint.inin
Ki-rras of poiib'e eabarresmei t and
trouble. At b itn phcoi tin b ritte t
rtticencb is obwrvrd. The docu nenta
in the ci'e rre ia the hndj of Arch
bisliop Jacobin), cf Tyre, aud two
cunsultors, one a Jesuit aud the other
a t'er.od;ctins, who, of course, are
pledtol to absMut-) secrecy. It ia
nouiihto ray that my iuformaot ia
not one of these.
Tlie f jci seems t be thai the os-tent-ible
charite of btterodxy on tie
qnettion f propeity is only a prtttxc
jiiAekiitK a series ot ling Banding
i U ir's to contrive bis downhill. Dr.
McGlyuu iu no Strang r in Rjme. O 1
Vie contrary, he ia hound to it by the
links of having ttuJiod theology at tbe
Proppgard aud tiken the mias onary
oath. Whoa Ei'ibop Corr gan wai
promoted ta the Archbishopric, with
the right of bu cession to tha tig; d
Cardinal McOioekey, a dihtingaisned
end ii tiaeLtiil friend ot Dr, Mo
Glynn's msde a strong appeal heie
that Dr. McUlynn be noruinttsd to
bo mo newly crtaed see, or to a va
cancy in one of the old cnes. Tlrs
advof.'e oulog'nd him ai one ot the
best paiish priests in America, manag
ing the enre of 22,000 eouls with great
adaaiiiietraiivo ah 1 ty, bu lding aud
htantilyli g his chuns. and school and
working smoothly with a number ot
dovotoa agsiatant priests to this
P'aiee was 8iga:llMully atd' d a hint
ttiut t' e new aribbitihop nrght tind
that Dr. Mc(ilno'a oloqucnen, indo
peudenc, utrikirg persouali'y and
popularity gava him an U'.conifurhib'e
and di-"pri.p rtioaute prjmlneni'0 in
tue frelnlijciiBP..
rthilothis rrqnest wainndtr con
H leration a B?rlts ;f charges andcjm
I'la nta Bkains1; Dr. McGynn b'gan
from a --other quarter. Itwnsalhgt-d
that he hid ileinhd auti Iiotiian sym
pathies, end io fa :t Kiifl the In ad aud
f 'Di.t of a i Amoiicn t. ng mivement
iiijidtt the chunn which was q lite
out of harmony with the tra Citmilic
i ptrit. It ai ur;cd ttut to nuik-t him
a bishop wni'd to fun and water t )
lie Koei's cf Gailuauiaiu which ti e
J I ily S-e h: d alnady noted in A mer
it a and wlrch it was tho ni ts on t l
ciiiiiicila likii thil if Bittimiir-i tide
htro. Kuveiul Ameiioan bithoiia
hi.'rd Ibis viitv,nt;t nuly whilo viiit-
ii g Rouio, but nutibly by letter o i
oiiit on union when Dr. MtU ynu's
riiiino wai rent up In a t jn a or 1 st of
three CHrtdidates f ir a ruiirfe. la
thene littcta it wai Btattd that if can
onical obedience Wft3 a meaHiire of
merit Dr. MiG ynn was immeaamably
la. king, f r he cimductid bis p.iri-li
in en uodutiful, independent spirit,
morn refloni tiling the irresponsib'e at
tiiute of itolatut paatotsol 1'io'ettjnt
Beets than a servant of the chmcb.
Iu )epto:iibr laft came the ti et cf
tho Btrioua charges rthcllions action
Hgunrt the anth lily cf Archbiahoji
Conigau, culminating ia bis eup.irrt
of Henry Gaurge. I o these have been
added irruve a leiratioi sol i personal
cl aracior rttl ctingon Dr. McGiyn'.'aJ
... .1 .... ..I I.:- al.. J.. I- J I I
iir(iei:i. oi um (Tietiiy uuvv uiiu uiiti-
rea for wi r dly tocioty. Thoso latter
rli.trgei did no cntno from Aruhbisbnp
Cornwall, but f.oui a leacer c'crirul
lourc, which doubllesa would as
t.iund aud giLvfl Dr. McG ynti if 1 e
knew thtif toiiBtitofed a very iweep
ing ai d ilaniiiirg iuipi uchineii if it
were imt for tlie f'Ct that the Propa
ganda views ihum with grtut inuie
Uul ty.
Dr. McGlynn's coming hero eeimi
li. h' uncertain. Tlie who'e Biilij it
w. a uf r.t d l in un end euce lviitr.
Strauieio ha 1 wi.li Ida II ilintHB, but
ing n rnl ternis and without detai's
r d ci.ion. Dr. McGlynu does not
lt:k f.ietda here fit tha aViiieii an
Ccd 'ge and aim m s Un American s ti
diiita at the t'roeagmd. Ho Iihs
avmpaihit rs ouUitle, alas, among
wh'mi are Abbot lluiard Hinith, a
learned and powerful B'nidii tii e,
au.l iMiits K.tdts, au American la ly,
wlior.e eiiueto moty and uduiiraliiu
b -um) gi ve her in American chinch
circles much the same potit on t'u.t
l.nly H'Theit, of l.Ha, erj .ys amo' g
EiiKiieb C.itholics here. TncBe tullice
to c,ea e a s'.roi'g fdtdiug in favor ol
Dr. iVIcG ynn.
Wiiliout mentioning names I ouht
ta say that the fame t advice of th ss
woo with D.. McG'ynn well is not t)
bs dlfcouraged or driven into uncv
nen'cal action, and to less ro time in
me tin ih cbal aga nut hiru, for it
is both aciive and d ermiued iu au
evident efl nt to diive him, through
tcandal, into retirement, ur-iiig the pc
luictl charge aa a prtti xt, and h ilding
the poiaii'iial charges over bis hi ad.
tie Uadvi-ed to u ake a bold rerrona'
appeal lo the Popo I iuiaa f. He ecu d
ro c une at a more opputuua t ni".
for tho ILjij See is dWplv exoicirod
oy the cjntiiaid trouble arin'ng (run
the ahn uml growh ot the Fp scepal
a'itocrcy in Anieno ", a herd t; e
lliHi.oa n c.niihirid not only to kei p the
ti iuneial, Bpiriiiiiil and t nip ra pnv, r
they l avo aire.uly g t, but UMirp new
fn'.c'io:;s a id tmpi a new f r.?is i (
aerv :itv ou pr'enti. Too rroeiit wire
and uii'deia Pent ti d shkes this (liv
vetnpiuntit, s ulnady shown iu
su'id:y Auat.r.cuu crsoj where the tj-
ranlcal ac's of Bishops tave be' n
annulled- I am cred b'y informed
tiat Mur. Striniiro's report ot his
observations has fnrther atreng'hened
this conviction. Hencs Dr. McGlynn
might with adv n'ag uia.e bin a tent
Case in the iinpendi.ng iruiad for
cnen law, whica the Amer cm priests
will to ne.r or l.,ter win.
Probab'y Dr. McGlynn dors rot
need the info in ition, hut it may S' rve
oroer i ri etn to hnow that a rei'starnl
letter in thite envelope-, each ti
drested :
Dt.la pr.fela 8. Unmanned Univcrta'e
will Infallibly reach the Pipe's own
hand. Tim iso cuter cuvelnpes will
be opened by th'i lecr t aiuii'ors, but
to o; en th ttur t h to ire ,r ijo ftuUt
tho groder ex: rmirnim cafen.
Peabixljr Jloti l.
C. K. OALlvOta a JT 00 P,ioirTiiiB.
KitWs ti -Ai o(! :'t imr tiny. anmrdirK Ui
e:o un J lr.n' t i'"-" nf ..om betrotl
mad ratnl.
U T hnrahfrt, Ark 'nn Hoborfn. In t
Tliiei ll;irtini. Ark .'no II Oirniff 1.
1'" 1 ' P-iehurit, L J .1 'hn ea, V'o
.1 n iVliiio.i-.ln J Jtet.'M.toy. D 0
li II Unrku. T. nn W l. viimurJ. Mim
f It I'm t. 'f. ni J .1 tluithat, Ark
.1 V .Ixnvon.Ark v K ! n'i. Imt
.1 ll Ziteo It, i o C 1! Oiilium, To in
ill! M ph. n'nii.T. nn It .Million, 'lenn
T V i- ohuHcr.Arli J S t'nrklo, Ark
K I' KtiKt,i)fy.1 'iii J t iiini't. , rlc
J K ll (-liitntmin, 1'i'X A K tloilivin, I.
A il.neh, Ky K V;.- lry, Arlt
W 0 I'nrli-I.,, Ar ; ! Int"i. v cyi
W 11 tVr,bmtnn, Ark J Luaulit, Ark
.Mhh L. Ilr .wii, A k Mi.-- K-ln l.evri". A:k
H J l.'l .rko, Ark W T litirrii It, Ark
,1 J U' felwill, j. I: rl
W J Polk, A -a
T f Kppy. liy
J h'leoi, N V
.1 A T etin. Trn
J W linnon, Mii
II Wield, l it
11 rv H antar, Vn
ti h O.iMil . an, ek'
K It' i-liuiiLo', Ky
I. I I'm er, Ky
A y Hsvon, Tnnn
A H Iawii.li, 'Icon
W 1' l.ofl rv, 111 ii.
T l Or on, in an, K Y
A K K i, M-fii
T If V, cpv f nu
W II Writ-lit, Ark
M KTn-lor. Ky
It I. B 'ok, Mill
.1 'I' k'i.U .l. Ala
I'eiH, lenn
W .) Ailitmn.Au t-ftliiW I Peek, Autiralin
II 11 'oUloh, Mi' U.M Kci.iie. M rn
K ll II indttrcnn, Mim 1' J Uooii.Kuii. Ark
A I. hl'mn, Tonu C I. -rluiua, Va
- 1$ lirury, h(J W II '1 hunt, Ark
w Dunrnvnnt, Ky ltl:iek ,t, Al
Vi- Chuka, Kr
M V ttil . r.nn
ii K i;inrnt. K
J M Murehtr. Te'n
A is'.M "roadoc. Turin
JIi T Trary. S Y
t J Suowdnn.TuDD M;i A Triic-y. Toan
W 1) Truooy. linn Ii HnowJon, lehn
J KKraioi. Tenn Mi Kobtr rem, .Mis
H II Putord, i N V'nd-, Km
HA VtniilKiiinBry.'I'cnii VI i? h VoritKOint.ry.Tcn
J M H'lbnrtson.Touu jN N Cox. lot n
JTU 'Vontir 1'ibB J ' J i) tier, lenn
W H Klyi.n. Ky T il Mc.Vlicbvl, Ky
A DJhuion liv II VI liuiiQ.Tonn
M 1) Hi w.-ll. Mo G II S r .lUu, SIo
(! XV Wtloy, &! Mija U PriOf. Ark
Mi- K Prieo, Ark W tj Moor, i enn
H I' ulTii. 't'ann J Anilrmn, Teun
VV (J Miloholl, Tcnn Di.J M UoburUon.Mirr.
Tha Hew Oayoao.
FARRlNul' N, .!! ilvtWniTE,
. PanpaiEiOHS.
Ceis. 0. Kura ..Mnnr.
Rate ti ou to Ji eur u., HenordiUk to loa-
ti' D ol rooms.
W ttnpnif Tnd lU'heRtrtam, Tnnn
A la Ulan g. Ark
11 Talloy, Ark
A . Idt, i i.
.1 al Meiirn, .Vlo
M at halion, ftiira
J Alilifce, La
1.(1 iinmonH, lann
II W K nhitran N Y
J M -belit.n. Ut
J U Braitl'onl, Tenn
11-nrv AUrx. lea
in M-uar). w&a, .mii
MPs Inei Sl'ilji.VJi a Vri l.ombHTil, Mint
S U Mnr.hi.ll.
(! K Hiev. V.i
J I) Wr ttey, 111
0 11 Lee, M V
V II llurnnniii. Ind
E I WilltHnix, Ohio
J M Smith, lie
H It lUmbli". H
F 0 HhniipurJ. All
J 11 Kondull.N 0
A R Allan. NY
1) IV aVluriiD, aYli'l
l S batieoot, lnil
I II Coehran, I'liio
It lloldmi.Mii
C J Omen, Ky
T J M nne, I en a
J LCook, Ten a
M Pointer. Jii
J M Allen Mi. i
J L'unnin(hti:a, Tenn Huirh feint, Tenn
A I) Annua, Tina J A Ilirl, If.ittt
.1 8 Marlin, M m ll Fink, Mis
U W Wtldill, U ' M W Itlia-, Mo
i norh lvo-Iuj, lenn 1' J Pii'n, Ma
W M l.nllwml. Mo M J O llrien. N Y
Ii DllodiuiAif. Tenn W 11 Nik,.. Ohio
Mr Mel.n-v, Tenn Ml V Mel.0fky,Tenn
'I' A C rne. Torn
OB lilll.Tcnn
h 11 'MibtiirM, Ark
J A Ktnx, Mifs
0 A .Iolnii.(in, Mo
C - IVrkina, Ark
Ffl Fuicer. Vuj
It II Cimley, Mix
J 11 Tnzovai t, 'lenn 1" A ;-eott, Mla
il 1) rMinata. Ob o
1) II"w,.r 1. Tom
W A Hileyi-'lunn
S H llunrt. Teen
K 11 Cewan, i ell ll
K lit Me A II ter, Miea
H ? l'ie I -r i ckaa .
T M I'ttill 1 .Mi'a
K xl 1'nnPirili, Tenn lL nrv ii l.yuu. iiy
laTPU.a. Ky A H Taibm, Al
F, K lie. du". N Y II M M ,rrien i,N Y
.M:.-s .1 Morn, on, S Y 1' M U'lu-kviell, Mo
II At WilLore.in, Alo U M Ouiiiplti'll, Mo
1. .1 Pei ilo-. Mo
J ll ri.tnitt, iuMi
K I, lteod, lenn
J h Fers-intiTi. Miss
K M Alien, Ky
II S'inuiinn, t,n
II tt Piaell, A n
F, J ll iiiihon, Alits
C I) liiikeou, aN Y
.1 1 1 id tf ;h, Triin
11 l.ii.c, Mii.t
T Ii i andal., V j i
K T Swo nii", hy
e. K Wliile, 1 1 t
S K Net ,n, Ate
K ii LUruiinn, .tii
J U ltarri', Ark.
Imklon'a Hotel.
W. 11. UlSdllAV VjA!irR.
Euroeeiin rl,.n. nla-vnt ant r lurniabod.
i'ricia ueenrjinv te t;io and luua
tion of rno.ua.
T W Fnrrrll. RC J II ('(imiitnn, Misa
(I P LnFiil in-. Ky ri 1 Hiiiimre, Mia
W laSuiilb. Mi Mr Nerri-, Mi a
W it -inilh, Mii T Si'jiten, .Mian
J T ii hnloy, a rK (S Wnkeflfitl liw.Ark
K W Litlieitiii-, Mo ' A Prown, ,Mim
.1 Pl'rine. Y W M TKl,ir, Ark
Mr, 11 Owenf, V'i.l II H,,t,insi,n, Mies
W 0 Hobby, M'ns II 1) Mi ndit As, Miss
W U 8haDd, Misi MtftH K lliiyiief, Miaa
J 11 Chtarellia, Ark A hSImn.fn, Ak
J Mo n, Ark Mm 11 Mono Ad, Ark
S Pardee, Tenn L Mut'bowa. Tenn
J W Farmer .t ,A rk J I.e-Kor, Ark
.1 T lleyor, Mm-t J P W alker, Ark
J I,. Suit, n, Ark M'S M Ilarria, Mipa
Mim 0 linrru. v'.iji T Pull, Vrina
.1 .V Coleman, Tonn II T A' th-ny, Mlaa
11 K UrilB t 1, MPa (1 W Mnith, Minn
Mr It Dean. Vlisn M.oter loan, Mi.a
Mi S Sirarir-, Ark J I) W aldron, Ark
ii ,u ri-:n'. 'r in ,,.... ai.
iiitiiiu, jeuu j; quriy, nra
.1 II Verne, leun
'J' hnyil, Tann
lir ii A iStnilh. Vita
P M WI tar., Tenn
W Ulnrik. T'nn
all r U iv ioimn, Tenn
J h Sloan, Tenn
.1 A Plu .iHimr, Tenn
(1 P llama. ArU
H J (Jllftiad, Ark
S A Vton'cun c.-y.TennW II liailrtm. Mo
W I.iihk, 'i J la Web-tor, Tenn
H .S H,ly, Ark r B Niuilli .ts.Mial
w J) HiiiMi , lenn J l Huvne.', lean
J n K.,or, W ia
K J lliivneit. Wia
L Mene, Alk
.1 J ll ir y, i.
ii HI 'titen. X i'
I J Te :n
II 11 .Millnr. Vi-a
11 W Itavii. Ark
J 0 Wi I am-. Ark
T m Moore. I ii a
K P lt irneti, Tenn
W 11 ll.ido., Ark
It l'u- k, Tenn
J S Le t 'It, Tenn
J IJ Urny, Ark
V M 'bt urn, Ark
W S II rry, Miss
I K li;ivi. fntm
W Placer, SI i
W f linker, Aik
Mi.a M llryui I. Vim V ll Pulvv. ftloiieo
It H llnokor, exico Thoj .Imina At, Ark
J t! lUiarar, Ark 0 L Hull, Ark.
Dnlty'a tnrorKii Hotel.
Corner of Ad'ttMt and lYtain ttreotn. Hoonn,
Mrt, 75o and 81 por day; American Plen.
tier dtiy. Firatelaan He't.auruiit In tha
ilniel J. tl. DI KFY 1 10 yaarawitb. tW
body llotQii, Proerietor,
.T J Sbloids, Aik P (1 Me.i th, Tonn
W H KoUer. Ark .) lliilncy ,kw,Tena
J 11 Taylor, Tenn H J l'u tornon, Tnn
.1 v Klunil.e, Tenn
.1 1) lo, Alt
II I, liritntb 'in, 111
J Hrewn, T -en
0 itiileninn, Tenn
l A r-nndor, 1) 0
.1 Uob-riaon. Ark
.) II Mnek.M Y
J 0 Mimre, ir, Misa
J r II ile, Te-n
0 K.Iwiti. N
T Mi D.intiott, N Y
F 0 Mnrley. Ill
IJ M 11 o, lnn
J Fi.tier, N U
11 llouley, Trnn
M;aA VVoMlnt'ire,Ark
A Jorea &w. Ark
' F'fk. Mo
W 11 Prutt, M,i 'I
A Pernnrt. N V
W MeMieUol. N Y
J 0 ltav tt, Ter n J W V, drt Ke.Tenn
J A Uiilleid. Aik i "ilii ma w, HI
11 llunka, A-k J 11 Taylor. Tenn
J .loremn Av, NO K c leiiiir. Tenn
1, H Caldwell, Tonn 1) Cuoe.it Tenn
T L Tlitiupiin, Ark Ml' Ii Ofhorn, Ark
W I. lUuimeti, Miaa J ll.ihii., Mi a
E F.lk, Ark J II Caldwell, Ala
J la Prmk, Tenn ti T Halhtr. Mo
0 Admti). Tenn P lllenaon. Ark
W t ,n,. Tenn N A ll:i.;. Atk
J Tntnl n-on, Aik
M Y Maxwell, Ark
k K I, llarria, Tnnn
1. II Vuuithan, Miaa
C V VhukIi in, Miaa
C L Cox. Ml."
K tl lVrtor, Miaa
J la Print, fenn
II P Mnith. Mo
A w Mellri.le. Tonn
KT Luroll. .VI i-i
H v P.rker, Mi.a
K M l.-.k. Miaa
J II Cox, Miaa
K W -mi li.Mlaj
W 1) Ueae, Ark
A 11 Prown Aw, Ma
J M Mender. M n
HW llumi briea, rennvt M Jene, Tenn
I'J r I art n. I onn IN oker, lenn
T li I h. ntea.in. Ark V I, M. Hoy, N Y
J H C'riuel' . n, .MiaJ II F lleovura, Miaa
Sit liilur,Niifa li.M lnnur;d, Atk
A J ltoaa, lex J P Lillian, vij,
11 A S lue, Vina A tl It ie,or. Tenn
0 M lit iek, Tvnn C J St. John, Tens
ti ' li.iinu, I.i V T llenne t. Miaa
J 11 Dunn, Mi a ,1 I, Pure, Mira
I. II Wdd. Ark .1 L I'li.llii.a, Atk
F- Wannetib'.irr Aik K Allen, Ark
P M tlmiiifuti', Tenn L A Hurt. Tenn
A U VI Ulan an. Tann W Sunucirtield, Tonn
J Lindaay, lenn h II L nd.-y, Tana
SnlMicrlbo lor tbe 'Aircal,''
" - '' r'!'. .ia-J '.IJ r". K'.Wiajwni
1. .-'v:r?:--..
v , ;:ii.a. '?r'.".
' . -.' : .;:......; .v..-.
l'r F.vervnliT in alio
Pritldy House,
(Formerly '""oinmereial Hotel,)
Cor. Front and Jeftar-tin 5ta.. Veinehi,Tena
J. 11. 1'sinur, Proii'r, i f I'.te!.nio:.d, V.
1 Tr.nnieut rates. 1 "Ji te $3 ,ee dy.
W L Iienileraon.Toun L F ir'-cf, Ky
J W Almrd, Je,.u J K liu.xt' r, lonn
C I Handera, Al C C Totberow. Tenn
lin tun-, Ark EC 11 i;,ci, Ajk
W A M ki f.wie.MiijVra V'ii'.r.'on, Miil
J F Kh'id, a, Ark ' FlKW.it.A'k
A i, imiuiire. Arx 11 fc lloo I. Ark
M F Pinion, Miat
II K 'ci.vn, Ark
W J Falknor, Ark
K A Lyile, lenn
0 H'iilUies, Ark
HAD urU-e, .iias
W J Ashland, AU
It II Wuoolen, Mies
1 I C.K .n L'
1 W MeCr.t tt, Aik
J II Jiuir. til, Ark
J P C try i, Tenn
.1 L ,V;l'o!(. Ark
.1 It Kelly. Ark
I, I) Pmla. U
K PCr:iwf,i d. Visa
V II H ho. ti n, Maa
.luhn i'r,ct,,r, Ky
J J. Kiehardao". vo 'l , a urter. Mo
L B li.,y nton. Mo T J lii nbird. I'l
C Stin t-r. Ill
J J J dint'en. Ark
J II Hodman, Ark
.1 It ( aritdiue. Ark
J l Carter. Ark
II K Keoter, Mi-f
li F Farabea, via
W C Kobley. Mi-a
A J Vincent, Imt
A II Ne'fon. Mi-a
VV 11 Ford. Miaa
K ti Oreene 3 ni. Ark
T J Eiho ten, Tenn
U Warner, Ak
S W Itoneirun, Ala
Miaa l Farubee. Mils
E J Yineeut, Ind
W W Biooaa, Tonn
W 11 ' elion, IMt-a
ll n Xnrotit, Mim
C W Wilrey, Miaa
li W McKie.M n
D M Paney, Miaa.
Hashvllle, Cliallnnonixn nnil
XaOllla kohiI Arci'itlMl.
Wabhinqton, Decemter2l. Acting
Secretary Fairchild nr.s scciip'-ed the
oiler of the aNaBhvilie, Ccattano'-ga
and Sr. Lnuii Railrond Ccmnuny t'
pay the euro of $153,600 in conip'omise
of tbe claim of tho United Ha'esio
tbe fuit aa nst that company in tbe
Middle District of Tonneee, founded
on certain matured and unpaid iLtor
eBt coupons of bonds isiutd by the
company and held by ihe United
ti aba. "Thfl bonds in queili in, 512 in
number ar dsccured by mnr gpge.wire
tranaferr d to tbe United fcia'e a by Ibe
State of Tennessee a eeca ity for cer
tain Indian trust fundi held hy tho
United States and loaned to the S ate.
The unpaid c.tnpons wera those due
from Jnnvy 1,1801, t) January 1,
1800. In I860 suit was brought to ro
i ov r the emonnt of theaa c mponB bs
well as the interest, which ixc.'tds the
fice va'no of tbe ecu; 0' p.
The def-udai.t interonFed .the pha
i f the s Btute of limit ition aud the
Coint mat lined the plex
This decision wa, however, revrsd
by t ;e Uuitod Std'ws Supreme O.iv.it
oi a writ of error aud tbe cb;
was-, r-imanded to the cur'
w'ura it is row pe"uirg. Xne
offur to c murotri e eoiit-rup ates the
payment of the total sum in six month
ly iristatnvn tt i f l.SJ.j,0 0 each. Its
flcoep'auee wai recjiarrended bv the
IT. it, d H''8 At crnt-y a' d Jnilg
McCue, r-oljeimr (,f ho T,,n- U'V.
i - -, ia
t SaJn
141 HAVUh
IttriiUiiltilin. IT. I'ri't's iWiftritr fow(jr cjIicai
E AiHinai:in,l.iniOtAIiiiiori'hO!jjh'tt'jti, Dr. IVat--''!
unu;),, Vauiila, Luuuuix, ctCt rUvur dctluiouT
PRICE BAXMa PGWCni CO. CVcitro crrf St
SurJIeriliniil nnd Plnntrra, Fumll
Fitriueri and (lardencrs, should, In tho in
tervnl betwoon llnrvoat and PUutinu tiaio,
look out for the future, and
that thoy havo n:n,lo nil arrnngouinntj fi r
Sceda and Imiio.nent uotdinl for the next
acaaon. Hundreds of circulars nre floodinar
the country and fillinti the columns of the
aow'i'Ur-era, ao'icitinx tho rcadur
goods that thoy know n thing of. With tha
epiri;nco of twenty-Bvo ycura in (he South,
both In rolling and ptitnlini, wo think w(
can safely claim tin t
house has aliraya dealt fairly. We aim to
keep th molt improved Labcr-aartn Im
plements, anil to aend ont only Fresh and
Oenulns i
mmn mm
Our present itock ia full and completo, and
we aro prepared' to furnifdi our papered Sood
in neat and attractive style, to tha trade, at
the lnwr.it rat. We have also laruo atocka
ol OKASJ ant FIELD BKEDS for Sirina
Plantinir. Our Annual Catalogue will be
ready lor dittribution by First of January.
Sond for one
11. G. CRAIG & CO. .
rti I'ii Ion M.. Memphis. Term.
a;w ski o.i st.
17. II. 51 CAM
Genrral Jobber Sa 11 KICK OliK1,
URATF3 BUT, and Smoking CMnnejs
Cured. All work guaruraU.ed.
, ' i!i- ,i 4u-iaaWK r -v;,. ;f:,?.V,,r.;? W-l
,fj .W" YJUWU1' -A 1 .-FT JWlaW laV VA "lV" ' "
1 iillnl Vjulr UTo Sure
J.T. laiPRADE,
. bUlgiUH
No. SCI Front street, : Memphis, Tenn.
eurffsvint! retired Irotn the Paddlery and llamoas bisineaa andopenei an office as above,
vearo plia-ej lo announce toonrtriendi aridtho puhlte gonoraily that sraare so proparod
Servo ttto't- in onr now eatmeity. Knttirninv liianka lor tbo very liberal pitroaaire ei
lende t na in the old line, wo trutt to mint arj.l rrce've a aharo ot your lavora in me new.
LaFHA I'l't. MotrlATH A I D
MAX A ruiiatMtlU, AATT-7AlXw.
S3d?s, Sasli, Bifefe, Moldiog, Les
tjkib aad Sblaglea, Fiwr'Bg, Cdlla& ua4 Unite Poala
W.L"jafiiiji.ii.iL 'l?a'i!gy "I1 '!wBiwn-?aesjtJl
aayuonr rtritrt. rvimvitR. twit:
?cVt a. vv II Mu
ua.'et n 1 II J.i tV f X.'a H In fi K
Vo. Rftl Ir'rmif rSlreol. Vnr. Vntnn. Morn1alas, Term.
Mlk i-te-iZtS. S'?-:''- 'ri'fi'k v accnt a s!fal'tto,
3 v.V'f..i.4-.r.--j V f.Ai'-' ''a'" f: 4""t- ' I '5--- "fM wfi 'xr.Jt-W
Sr.",' ;--t.'n prrfT? i W ITi-u: vt. "- W at.
KV.;-f.-l.-Ni .y-';li-i;7--:'.. 1,,U-'l-.l.t KV,vVylJi'' reV
Agent aid CommissiGii Fflerchant snd Vnclesala Dealer.
osrllaTing i nrohpacd tbe entire stock of II-nry Poroa, 84 Roale street al a lew figure, eon
statlnK ot otovi-a, Furiiiture, Qienswnrc, Tinwnro (and Uoimoliold Furniah us dooda, wa
wi:l tell eh'i)er than any other h-ium: in tho e.ty. ive ut AO ill.
P.S. All kinds ol Now and Sro ind-haiid Stoves and Machinery for tale che'p.
We buy all kinds of Ruira and all ttr-idia of i ottni. Iron, B mea, U d, Furs, Metals and
Fealhca. Uinhtat t'nah Prices fi.iJ and Prompt iteiurns Made on -I1 oud ronaignedi o
inn. 1000 a.,i, I, lrun , Hnaleu., iCorroBpondooe aoiicited, and 1'rice List
sent on application.
4. HI HHiMItt ttiellty .n.iitl 81 WemnTilTeirri.
L IV t.R ffi OR E YUUN U K YAK D kAtiH iUl- COKPAh Y.
yolXDHY & A .10 if INK DPaP'T,
Iron aud
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IM1N & RAILAVAT UL'i'atY DHPT, S3 mid 238 Secor.d St.
(Sncoeaaors in this lernrtment to JOilN VANOUt'K.)
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