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ROiTS rosinox,
Which Has Been CiKidcnieJ as Un
1 tenable br the Presbyterian '
Church of the South.
. To tlio Editor! of the AtpmI:
In my former urt'uies I h'.ve shcwD,
I think, coeclatively itto what eai
ba'raiBiQK dilfciniHS tnth lbs men of
science and the men of the Dib'.e wll
be driven if oar eood critic makts
out his pcsition that the evolution
theory in till ilH fmrn', even Dr.
Woodro'wV, i wholly incoinva'iVe
with Chii tUuiI y. I have c td tho
words oi D rin li'ms-lf, ebowLg
lht be ww no confl.c: be'weeii h:a
eienre Mid the fi rtic'e i f tho
A pottles' Oree-il, w ith is: "I be
litivo n Go! the Father Alm'irhtr,
maker of h. uvu tad i-artb." Tint he.
did BOt. fu-rhsr wnno! be charged
ti ev-itution. f r i ll the wo-Id kn.jws
Ilia: Charles Djrwia catne if a tk'.i
cal fami;y, hi3 'otiitr and prundfatht r
bfcioj; puth bb'ire he win bum.
And, bit-idf, w en asked wkat
his faith aa to Christ w.h,
he did cot snji!e't that hio Fcientifie
views wer.1 an inseparable barrier to
Christian fni.b. but that ha doubled
a had never investigated fu'ly thst Jv
uettion of all qiettiom. AUt! it
oneftion ot all q
was a fatal tez'et on lita par! .in
irreparable mittske but it wou'd be
unreasonable to chdrgo this nenlect of
his hiutest relie'itis duty upon Mm
Bc'entifii cpinioi 8, for hundreds are
doing tlifl tame thing and yot bava no
convict:ons whatever about ovoiut'on.
Let us now go On to soe what an
awkward dilemma the Ohnrch's ex
paUion of D . Woodrow compels ber
to sssnme with referenci to 'biatory
her own hutorv with rfarece to past
contioversi b spoilt SL-ieutfic opinions.
As illuatiatio: s o! this tat us tike
two inf-Unc. s only, the ,-Atrinomical
Confroveny," bo called, and the ' Geo
logical Con.niveray." All tha world
are suppo-d to know ttuttlie Bible
rontaioe cy uiauy f.l!mions to the
heavenly lo'lie; and t oat. down to
the axo ot ICoporrii and Gililflo, fell
thesa nllaeions in the paired text were
inturprettd more or Uss f 10m the view
p.im rf the Gr..tk or "i'tolcmaic
tht ory" o! ta ronomy. There was n j
hplp for it, inn.-iuaiah as ail interpret! rs
of Scripture wur no' to be super
naturally inpp r.-d. And eo i: came
about inetilahly thit thof,e current
ide.is a'l uttlio ewtb, t" buu and
moon and e rj, became veiy c'.oso y
associated witiih') SKrcd word .f
the Bible. Tl em was 120 help fori',
humanly spe.'kirjr. And, lurfrel'ore,
wben Kopsn.ik, tlie piou-i piit.st oi
Denmark, and the pius I atian sa
vant, Galileo, atUcktd tho old icienre,
it tetmfd lo ilu-uaandx ot wpII mean
ing, but ba-ily luformel, in n lha
they ero atficking t!:e last words rf
the B bio; or fee itwt-8 pissicna ely
cxpies'tid, "contradicting the Holy
Cheat," by who n the llil.le was in
fpir;d. Poir K"po nikl Hi only
lived lo tee a prin t d copy of his im
mortal br?oi afUr his pliy?'ci.ios hrd
assured bim that he coita nly was dy
icg. Then he bed it Be:retly conveyed
to hie ct ambir, held it in hia arm:',
kissuo. it, prayed over it, and saut it
forth -to revilut!ou 1 tt e science of
ttie worid. G ilileo fred worse, anil
was forced loabjciro the Iruth as to the
works of God, iu order to maiutnin an
erroneous interpretat'on of his word.
Centuries roll l y and men buain to
decypher tho Mysterious writing in
the rocks, which tratill t.i the vase
antiquity cf the ear:h The half un
conotiom ot,i".i(;n of men hud
been that the earth was only
a few boms o'der . than
the human ran, ard that ws sup
posed to bst : bout COtH) ytars old. Tc.is
opinion ha ), l ko tue falte astronomy
oi Ptolemy, bi conie associated with
the itiBpirt-d ttxt until men could not
BtparatJ bets e en trie to. Fierce
di'pUt.B aiose; but truth always coa
qurs. . Now ail iu'ell gent mea ( ave
a few incorrigible!)) admit that tha
earth is iiiimei B!y chi, anttd it nc t.'ie
crea ioa of m m hy e .ns too vrst to bo
comprehended by Bny miiid.i save
that One with whum a thousand
years are bat as yesterday when it is
Kowobs-rvo this t oitt: The out
came cf . eio tso famcuH contrvr
eiea about tci'-Jce hive left the great
confessions of the churcS, ancient Hiid
modern, paifedly unchitcged. Bit
certain popular cottons have been for
ever annihi atod, to tha grvat benefit
of all enni erui'd. And 8s t ) tl:e words
of tho Bii5le, 110 hi::g hs bjen done 10
de.Htroy fa.ta in their truth and divine
authority. Ae.rouomera and geol
ogijts can, and dn, receive them as
revelations fro.u God. And the only
change of opinion among iulelligect
Uhrutisns is to eeo morj and more
cleaily the f.iot that tne Bible is Bilent,
that it reveals nothing whatever as to
the ssicritific qietions, or theories,
which are embodied in a tronomy or
in geilrgy. God in giving ns the
book did not incorporaie any theory
eb to the troth or f jisitv of the Greek
astronomy of Piolemy, nor the mod
ern astronomy of Kopernik and Gali
leo. It W83 a mistake ever to have
thought no. The language of the
Bible is popular, or is "phenomenal,"
to uss a technical word, not referring
to physical causes, which would be
Now. this is the fundamental idea
in Dr. Woodrow's Bttsmpt to harmin
iz) the Bible with esience. Ms holds
that Soripture, which is with bim as
wi'H all Presbyterians, the highest eu
thority on everything about which it
gives an opinion, is silent aa to the
details which e iter into the new the
- ory of evolation. And herein many
o! us, who have no fixed decision aa
to the scientific truth or error of evo
lution, tgree with him. In so do ng
we are moving in the c-xtct direction
that hiBtory iodic-tes. For it was ex
actly in th s way that a solution was
found for the older controversies, one
and all. And this feature, common
to Dr. Wood row and to his illustrious
brethren, the tboligians and the
Christian scientist?, will remain un
changed whatever else of his or theirs
fihall be amended.
Lastly, let me conclula with a
word as to the s id dilemma in which
the church will find herself, thongh
she is prai-ed by the Appeal for it,
about her educated young people.
Tne church will find tbat hundreds
and thousands of her choicest youth
of either sex are being educated to
the opinion tbat evolution is a truth
a law of na'ure. The result is in
evitable. Tefchers may be forbidden
to Biy anything in tchools under
church control. Bit the text books
speak. All the be t seem now to be
on that side. The periodical of tha
day teem with the new ideas. Young
people are not preposeeLsed with old
interpretations. Tney move on with
the tid4 fit evpnfn Vj.r RAin thn
chmcb. will find hrreif like cer-
tain pusc'rois who uss Gar-
man or -Sedirdi in their ser-
mui.o iw amriiK-u auiuBnces ppetiK-
ing 10 me oin poie, me ounir. nav-
ing adop'.cd E iglish as their targuo. j
This is the most distressing view of
the ca-e. I know it has preened
heavily on Dr. Woodrow's mind. Fcr
this he has continued to endure oppo
lition and criticism. He felt ts a wit
ness called to testify for pea?e between
fdith and science, between the church
and tha precions souls committed to
her care. Had the churck, wa ned
by the p 1st, taken this view of the
mutt r tntre would have bxn an end
rftroub e. The charch would havs
niioe no cbarga whftever in her
crsed. 8i;ed,d uct iccirporatJ tho
Cops-r.iicm atromcy or geol-gy into
bercouf iseio'i. Bat she wouln have
said, ' A to thesn mit:ers the B ble is
silent, and en am 1. . 1 have no uvc
triuB b iva such as arj taught iu the
Saiipturts. A I else is mere opinion,
niMrnNucuUrthPorim with mi. I preach
tha W.ud aud know nothing auoag
mm hut Ohrifit ai d Him crucifbd."
As lha matter ro a'ands, in a time
of 1 seiumeut, ourb loved church hai
di-mi.-eel with fever ditapprola'ton
her lnilh.'iil servant a id eon tor ilcirg
ex ictiy the th ng which che appoiate 1
him ti do. she iu a-e it oy ai:u uy.
hh !; eeeu it with regara to tue
g'olrg st3. Aid sie wi 1 lie ready to
makrt tiim are.enns, u rus ira 1 me ooiy
b )idt out for leu year--. Stn will see
that evolutim is a maferof ptr3iual
nninio.-j. wlie her correct c.r incorrect.
and that it do-a not contratict her
craod or her Bib'.o. wsi. k. boggs.
lo l)erraal Tli.lr Credilan.
Niw York. Dot-en vr 21. Ii the
specUl term f the baprenie (Jour; to
day Jndgo Vanbrunt give a decision
trat irw assigumei.1 ot tba tlrm o.
Ko-cj h. Marx & Co.. tho well known
ilai.iea Line jewelers and diamond
dealers, made iu September, 1S85, fa
mill ynd void. lie declared that it
was th consummation of a scheme to
defraud tfceir cieditois,. who were
chi.fl for igaeis, and ordered it to he
net aside oa those gronnds. Tno firm
wb rompoed ot three bro bers
Kccntb. Adclnluig aad Jncob Ma'X
Ttie linn failed in that month for over
Sl.O.O.OlO. The failure created con
8iiliTtil)!e excittmer t both liera t.nd
abroad iu the trade. AU.--Ciirni'niB
were at once procured against the
pioper'.y of the firm and uia wire
Drought to i et asii!tlie tBigt:ment cn
the ground of fraud by bath heme and
fnieun trediUis. lney bad es'iviBive
forelgi cmJinKst Jaiqnus Rnd other
I.omioa cieJit ire 1 i:iied in tlio nu'ts
nd the cans was iri'd before Jude
Vaubraut !mt mouth. His division
uiven tadav Kt itoa rhat, while thtra is
jior direct proof that tho firm pid
cram claims eviJe-ntiylraiiilu en'.y.it
iin:um.-:tanci s poir.t that way and in
d;ca!o that tbi firm nude long nr pi
rations for tho rfB'unnient. Ii ibe
iprna of 1885 the firm ha J purchased
Si'oO.UOO wcrth of coeds abribd, and
had net paid let them. Thy were
imparled, uud the proceads p ml npm
o d debts. He sriJ they lua pro ectod
f ionda and rrhitivcB at thn expat bj of
otliMB abraad, Xiie irid.vidud mtm
bfcr.i of thn Arm drew lu avily f ir sx
pen.'ei. The no'e of Unaries Ka3 -h,
a debto", were accepted, and hu wai
releiBid fr.im pavm. nt on tha 1101?.
Thtir pyateui of bookkeeping was
doctored to dsceiva. All of tlie cir
cumstaucts to the mind of tin Oonr:
wero suspicious, thcrefor.i his decision
was Riraiust tbe Vdlidi'y of tie aatign
meut I
Tub Cbstuby for Jiiunsy will con
tain a brisf bicg'spliy of Ge-vga Ba
ooft, the dl'tini!U shed historian.
The articlo Ik wriltui by Tiof. Sloaue,
editor i f The Princeton Rcritw, aud
formerly the hisicnan'a private sec
rets: y.
Mr. Jcun HEAni: has a very irtr
esting article in the January number
d the Popular Snena if mlhlyou ''Tho
Iaterrainglirg of lticea," in which I e
shows thit LrosiDg is'a gitioral, an
almost uuiverral phiuomonoa in
human his ory, t hit has ben coin
on for thousands of yeire, and is sti.l
coing 00 ; and thit tiidat of t ie exiat
r g races of men are, to a grea'er or
less ex;oiit, the rriunlts of it.
Tun ealss of Tlie Century Ifngatine
1 . if , Ann . . : I . :
uave gtiia up ovur ou.uuu copies in a x.
wetks, since beginning the "Life of
Liacjln." A second edition of De
cember wa3i'ud on the 15. h. A
veteran New York publisher predicts
that the permanent edition i f the
roRgaz ne wiil go beyond 300 OHO be
fore the completion of the Lincoln
hietiry. The Januarv irstaiimer.t,
which is Raid by the editcrj to be of
mo.it furpaising intirest, cceupiei
thirty ptg-!S '.I the maor,'ne, and
treats of JMr. Lincoln's eettiemBut in
SprtrgQild ; his 1 rajti.e of law in thut
city; tha Harrison campaign; Lin
coln's niarrlugn; bis friendship With
theSpeeda, of Kentucky; the (Shields
duel, and the campaign oi 18-14. The
illus Mtions are numsrou?, incluiiug
poitr.ii's of Jo hua Spsed and wife, of
Mrs. L'.icy G. Speed, Milton Hay,
President Harrison, Gon. Shields,
William II. Ht-rndon (the law partner
of Mr. LiLcoln), aud Mr. Lincoln
himself, from tha photograph pre
sented by him to Mrs. Lucy G. Speed,
in 1801. Pictures are given of the
house where Lincoln was mnrricd,
also tha housH whore ha lived after
his mairiage, etc.
To ns sxact, 102 famouj authors
find plecs in the fifth volume of the
Cyclotiu of Vnivral Literatwe, now
insueil. Ths list is headed by
MaryCowden Clarke of England, liv
ing, and closes with Cyprian of Car
thaee, a. i. '2CQ 2r8. Between these
appear the names of not leas than thirty-two
American authors (which
shows the great importance cf the
work in this respect), including the
name; of S. L. Clemens ( Mark Twain),
Robert Oolyer, J. Feniniora Cooper,
Henry Clay, B shop Coxe, F. H. One
a9nt(author of "fc'parrowgrassPiipers"),
V. M. Crawford and George Wui. Cur
tis. French literature is represented
by Cousin and Cjmpte, Chinese by
Confucius, Italian by Colorna aid
tbusihs whole world is brought under
tribute. The fotm inhich it is issued
is as superior ai it is unique, the vol
umes are handy, the type all tbat can
be desired, and tha binding is in the
very best taste. Peihaps the most re
markable feature about the work is iti
low cost only 30 ceBts for paper, 50
cents for c'oth, 00 cents for had mo
rocco bound volumes of nearly 600
pages each, and even from theee prices
large reduction is made to early pur
chasers. Relying upon the intrinsic
merits of the work the publisher oilers
a specimen volume in cloth fir 25
cents, or in half morccco 35 cents
(poBtage8 cents extra), on condition
that within three days after receipt
you will remit the remainder of the
firice or return the volume. The work
1 planned to bs completed in fifteen
volumes. Addre?s John B. Alien,
publisher, New 'ork. '
DjelnfE aud Cleanlc
Lndies and gents' clotben c!ei.ed
ordypdiu any color, also kid glovflt1,
DBiru u i Btiiprs im lace cuiiains uy
ixjuib khikci, 08 Jtuerson street. aiem
phia, Tenn, Gooda received by express.
JA'03 frniEPC, WAST3 TO BE
Outside of ISew York, Believing
JIa Cannot Urt tn Impjitlal
Trial There.
Nkw Yohk, December 21. Jacob
Sbarpe hs deched thaf, under t'i
circumeuneis, ha wan's 0 change of
venue. lie served notice y8terJsy
through his attorney, Allien B. Ml. k
ney, upon the D.striit Attorney that
he would moka Hiip'ication to the Su
preme Court on t'ie24lh of thisminth
for the r. movnl of bis tjrini to anot1 er
ccunty, cn the grjund thit in thi
rr 8!iat. sa'e of puhlico inion in Njw
YjK Ot be c n u t trot a fair an J im
partial tr.al here. H'S i fli.lcvit Sits
f jrth thnt there: arc twe'ity nne indict
ments ag iaet bim for b'ib ng alder
men to vo e fur the Brof dwsy stuh.ee
toed. Uj rajs: "I am nearly TO
vearaofeee. I have, lived in Njw
Y.nk upevard of fiby years. I
bejri act.vely engsg d in
rr.oting s reet rnilroads.
Bioadwav riilrosd has
and is today widely ard commonly
kaewn as 'noa-pe's railroad.' The op
position to euterprsts with which I
hsvj been connec ed h. 8 in part bwn
in oppwition personal to ma and
affected by hrsility mor. or less tin
fair to ma pereonaby. It has bepn
common for such oopoi'lon ti de
scribe me vulgarly es 'J ke sharpe,'and
the enterprises in. which I hav been
supposed to be interest-d es 'Jake
Shirpe's enterprises.' It is, therefore,
f s I oelieve, iuiprss.b'e if I be tried in
the city of Now Yoik, that all (it the
Vitst and widespread opposition to the
construction of a street railroad on
Boadway shou;d not be directed
atminst me." .
Mr. Scarps wiuds up by preseating
a great colleC ion of extracts from the
daily new.-papera of the city, which,
tie tays, hsve diiectod the puolic cen
timent aa'nst him. He has been col
lecting b itk Kuuiberr, and has ma le
11 y LiiiO selections. He adds tint
t'ie jury in the fl'Bt trie.1 of MtQiade
dienureed en 1 Wtiie cersnrid by tbn
preie, whereas the j jry which hi.sjuit
convictel him has oecn praised for its
Tho hcaiirrr vrill ha befora Judga
Birrett on Friday.
M-ln itl-' Nmy.
New Yoi:K, Dernmher 21 Judge
Trait, of Broonlyn Suprema Cour, to
diy granted an order 1 1 S low causo
wliy a s'ay ehou'd not ba granted to
MiQti'.de, tho boodle ex-Aidtrinm,
who was ypnterda? sentenced to seven
years iu prisnnment anl t py a fire
of fOOOO, returnab e tomorrow at 10
o'clock a.m.
Hie New Wnlmsli Receiver Visit
ht. I onl-.,
Ft. Loi'i", Mo., I)''cember 21.
Jii igS J'. M. Cooiy, the newly ap
pointed receiver of the Wabisu R.il
road Ciitupany for the lines east of
tho Miesisu'pii river, atrivod ia this
city today. He s.id tD a rep jrier his
visit was .8 mply for tne purpose of
acqu linting himss f witli the all'iirs of
tbac part ot the system whitth is to be
under I id control. Ho would eonlor
with the pr ssnt receivers before
January Is', at which time he thought
everyt liing would be ready for trans
fer. He uleo stated that ha does not
i 't-!nd to make any changes iu the
official liHt, but will retain all the
prtBOit employes.
A llold Kobbery.
Milwavkeb, Wis, De;emb?r 21.
A bod robbery wts committed et
the First National Bank, in this city,
at noon tiduy.. F. G. Bigelmv, the
ca?hier, who wai eogaged in rigning a
new ieaue of $ uot-s, when about
h df through with a $i!()00 lot, went ti
d'HiK-r, loaving ttie notes on the dusk.
On his return he drxovered the
money had been etolen by some un
known pe:son wlio unlocki d the door
of his room. Two suspicions perilous
were seen in tho vicinity of the bank
thii lno'iiin,'.
(tenulnc has Trade Mark nd crotic4 Refl
Lines on wrapper.
A'ow The 1 tine To Speculate
ACTIVE Fluctaationi In th Market offer
opportunities tu ipttculators to maks
money li e)min, titoaha I!ond and Petro
leum. Prom '.t porsonsl attention riven to
orders rooeived by wire or mail. Corres
pondence solicited. Full information about
the markets in o.:r Bonk, which will be lor
wardod -ee on aoplioation.
11. t. KVL1C, Unnkerand Broker,;
a Brnad A a New btreets. ew Korkllitj.
Public Admlnlstrntor's ISale.
OfBre of Publio Admlnlptrator, Courthonsei
Sfelbf county, 'i'enn. De-em ber 21, 1HW.
NUIICK is hereby uiven that I will, as
administrator ot the eatute of 11. 11.
Avrit, deoeased, on
Tueadnx, Jnnanrjr 4,
In front of the ourthoupe, St-elby county.
Tenn,, proceed to sell, at publio outory, to
the hlrnert bid ler, tor cash, the following
property, to-wit: Three Coat Carts, one
Wagon, one Sultry, one Iron Pafe, and a
quantity of Coal hhnvels and Forkl. Bale to
commence at 12 o'o'ock.
JOUN tOAOUB, Publle Administrator,
nrl as suoh Ariministrator oi the estate of
If. 11. Avrlt. deoessed.
Winter Expuanrc Canee t'onnh",
Colds, Pleurisy, Eheumalifn, Pneumonia,
Ntturaliia, boiatiea, Luinbavo, it.icHar-he
and otbor admenU, for wbi-h llenn n's Ci
cine Platerfl are admitted to be tho heft
remedy knuwn. Thry relieve and cure in a
to hours when no oilier nnnli.'sii n is of the
least benefit. Indorsed by r)0 Pnye-Hns
anil.llruKiri'-ts. llwre ot im;:atioita unii'T
situil.ir noundina oaaios, inch a " Capsi
cum, " sioin" nr ''Capsioine)." Afaroa
UsSHrs's 1XO Tll NO OTSSaa. KIlU.iliO
cireiully when you huv. All druca sti.
Propriotors, Kew i'ork.
A Common Cold
Is oftrn the beginning of iorlmw rTto
tious of the Throat, Itrnm-hlul Tubes,
and Lungi.k. TUerctore, the Iniporlnm-e of
early snd effective troatuient cannot bo
.overestimated. Ayer's Clierry l'cctor.i)
niay always be relied upon for the speed)
euro of a Cold or Cough.
last Januarv I was attacked with a
fpvero Cold, s'hivb, by neglect and fn
quent exposures, beeanK- worw, finally
settling 011 my lunpt. A terrible cuj;h
soon followed, aeeoiiipnnii'd tiv pains 111
'lie ehest, from which 1 hi lie red iulenvly.
Aftr 1ivinr vnrious leinedies, wltliout
obtuiiiliii,' relief, 1 commenced taking
Ayer's Clierry l'eetoral, uud was
Speedily Cured.
I nm satisfied that this remedv saved uiy
ll.'e. Juo. Webster, l'aw Utckct, li. 1.
I contracted a sevevo ro!d. wliKh ud
di'lllv developi-d ln'o I'll' nmoniu. plvm nt
ins; tbingei'ous rmd ob-tin:iii eyinplmus.
Jly pliwician nt once ordered the uv of
Aver's'Clienv l'celoral. Hi" instrin tion-'
eru followed, ami the ii-ult was a rapii.
and perniunc iit cure. 11. K. ISiiiipsuu,
llogn s 1'iaii ie, Texim.
Two veins ap-o I sofTcn .1 from a severe
(Vd w fiieli sellled on In) Luiilh. 1 eon
suited Various physicians Bud took the
medicines thev lu'errilii d. but ieeeied
only temivorurv relief. A friend induced
nm to trv AM'i's cherry l'eetoral. After
taking two bullies of this medicine 1 was
cured. Since then 1 have (;ii n the Pec
toral to my children, aud collider it
The Best Remedy
f.ir Colds, Cough, and all Throat and
l.unziliseii'es.evei-nsed in my family.
Hubert Vaudei-pool, ileadville, l'a.
Porno time n-o I took a slUrlit Cold.
Which. b i(f tiet'leeted, ei. v worse, and
aetllid on mv liiiirt. I had n liaeking
cough, and was Very weak. Tlw.-o who
knew me best considered my life to bo
In treat danger. 1 continued to suffer
until 1 commenced usher Ayer's Cherry
l'eetoral. Less than one bolt loot this val
uable medicine cured me. and 1 feel that
I owe tho preservation of my life to Its
curative powers. Mrs. Aim Lovkwoud,
Akron, Iev York.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is considered,
here, the one great remedy for ail diseases
of the throat lli'ings ain't is ""io
In demand thnu 1 1 VC ibef iae.1 i-ine of its
class. J. F. li lirts, lhe.;nolii. Ark.
Ayer's C fclTty, Peel oral,
Prepurrd Pr. J. C. Avi r& Co., T .droll, Xlacfc
4olil by liruggitu. l'rk (li six tutUti, f
K. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
I Established In ISHO.1
UB.JOtlNhUN is aeknois ledtod by all par
ties interested a L im thu most sua
eessful physieiau in the trcaitiientof privat'
or secret disoasft. CJuick, pornianent ourel
Kiiarantoed in every case, mule or female
tleeent easo ol tlunorrho and ISynbilh
cured In a f.w days without f he useot mer
oury, chanae .of diet or hindrance Ir -'j
business, t-oeondnry 8y; hihf, the last vet
tiseeradlonted witbo-itthe uie ot mercur,
Invidunsary loss ot semen stopped in short
timo. tfuflnrors troui iuipovn"v er loss o
sexual powers restoro to tri e viwor in a fee
weeks. Victims ut self-abuse anJ eaoessivi
venory, sutorin from spcriunu.rrboa nil
lossof phystnal snd mental power, speedili
an.i permanently cured. 1'i.rt'cular stton
tion paid to tho lii-eases of Wuinen, ami
euros irnsrantoed. Piles anil old sores oured
without tho use of c lustioor tho hnito. Ai
oonsuluit'ons strictly ooifidcntial. Modi
eines seat by espress to all ports ot th
rWorklnirmen onrod at half theusn
rsts, (jBice hours from S o'oiock a.m. to
o'olook p.m. .1). M. .riUINMiN, M.ll
rm& I TV a Uarth.
W' ii ,-e-
for Of pop ,nll o.iin iRtreats
t th flltreatito lr;;i"in una tltse
LlTVC.Sikln l)liruir, t'nlv, fisrus,
cnlda stiaC Itrulaee. Its IHOIf
RAKTIl U n npelllr.
Rksamatlsin, llnlnrlnl Dlstb
tiers. Chronic Ularriius a4
tltiato cases of ipioort Pnlmomltkg,
Tlx id wlftxoat lull to It W0ls4er
Mil sermiUvsi jfvmaw.
Aadk f m tsir.-myltfel. Cat Im Bbfl
4 mil BStlra etc seat, f
trum ( A. I. K. C., nM, Aln.
At Wliolfftale by TAN VfiHKT& CO.
Notice to Contractors.
SEALED Pllf'P()SAI.S for the rebuilding
of the County Ja l at Fomervil e. Teen.,
are hereby advertised for. Oontraotora de
siring to oi'i for this woik ni I please tile
tbeir proposals with the Clerlt ol the County
Court of Kayutti Countv on or beloie MON
DAV. JANUARY , 1S87. It is expected
tbat the brick, and other msUrial huw on
the arounds, Includina walls, so tar as they
are sound, will bo'used ir. the rtbuildins,
and bids are asked tor on time basis. Plan
and specifications will be shown contractors
on application to the County Court Clerk, iu
Tho county xpools to pay (or the work -u
CASH not In warrants), and contractors w
reirulata tbeir bids ac-ordinulv. Kiuht '
Lreieist any and all bids is rurerved.
V lonu 1 umi.ii.u
trwe Ton Crwifrri. Tlrnnchltts, Aslhmfi, Indfce-tlont Wj
ARstER'S TONIC oiiim.ui d. br. it Im. cnti
imiiy or Hie wor.a en.vm anil Ij. On- I .t Tt iocOy tor e
Itcrtfciniior tlie thrtMit..nd ioiih, ard illm-'W arlKlK
nsri Imi.iro nlivxl mxi nirumM I. ii. I ho lool .! anil it
CromrlliirT aeiilTiHt uinuuw, ami Hkmly OillllriK Co ai
rat. ill tn nioHtcnjwm-oTfrtlirir lioullh Oy tliettm
eeofeAiiKrK'B loMo,Out du&v tMUaiie'-rouN. 'Irtae
I Diod. Curoe wriou .H el-e tiul.. ulvi-. now lirtat
miKin to ihv aaoa amummu 1 at noiirirMai
Public Administrator's Sale.
Office of Publio Administrator, Courthnnfe
(Shelby County, Tenn., Uoceiuber li, lHSrt.
Null UK. is hereby given tliatl will, as ad
ministrator of the estate ot Win. T.
Prior, deceased, on
WtMlnxftilis.r. Ilrarniber !10,
at the late residenoe of Dr. Win. T. Pryor,
on the Big Cro. k road, on the 1) 0. and Is.
W. K.R , near Frnior Htation, Hhelby coun
ty, Tenn., proiwd to sell, at publio outory,
to the highest tiiddcr. for ca?h, the following
property, to wit: 17 Head of Work Kiosk,
(leer, and Three Wagons, a quantity ol
Farming Implements, Plows, II e, etc.
fialo to oi mitience at 11 o'clock a.m.
JOHN LOAfiUE, Public Adm'r,
and as such Adm'r of the estate of Dr. Wm,
T. Pryor, deceaFnd.
ONE tract of hand, near Fraitr Station,
bheJby county. Tenn., formerly owned
by Dr. W. X. Prior, and known ss the C. A.
Hose tract, containing HHM-lOO acres. less
tho largo apple orchard.
One tract .djoining fid Pryor homestead,
Containing W W'-ldU a res.
Alsi. ono trac t nnar Lu-y P'atlon, Shelby
county. Tenn., be longing to ths eitatn of W.
T. freer, doora ed, and known as the Dun
enn pinoe, containing iiri 21 l'.O acrut moro
or le-s
All the nbove named end described real
esta's will be routed lor the year 1KS7, on
Wrdui'Ml i), Deiti mtier 2, INH1I,
at wh it is known ss the Pryor llomestniid,
near i r,itir biarion, lenn . t puo.io outcry.
J. K. U'NU, Keceiva,
ZW Second street, .Memphis, Itnn.
I. H. C007EE & CO.
Door,Rath,niinl9,nol(liaRH, nil klndsj ol Door and H'liidovi
rruuieBraokefsiSoroIl-lVork, Itoug.li andiUnemeol
Lumber,: ShlngleH, I-nllis, M'nler TanUfs.
All Ulnd;ol H'oodlsVorU F.set'iited at Shrrt Aotice.
Xos. 157 to 173 Wftsh.t.gton street Wempltls. '?Vmi.
AJiwufcW vk ?AJiT, asw ortMM
Wholesale Grocers. GotFact
SffiYAS'i1 BJlOfHESS & C01?SS1
Caulk AdvnncoM lo KferehaMt and riant ens.
mi Tfl r e t m
Cto Factors and WholosalGrGcsn:
S50-X3CS groat ESt, EgempMa, Tcklts
Cdisn Faciorsj, ComEnission Qarchaat
Tirsi IX 5 B5ot!tH Ktaira Kt.. fit.
yyis. sje;swsrWailSTia
Dinner, Toilet and Chamber Sets in Greit VarJoty.
-AcrnUfor lh .elebrateil ;tni!ltlV WOOIS VI KIFIKI) IUA, lyivolnlly
mlntitml for IIxIWm, llsnrsil wrxl M.iil,-wi
8LDSEBSOof Com-tAIaa.
Hob. SSS and 88 Front Stroot Mempbia Tapth.
' ii. 11 .i.i;i - i ' it 'Mvnftinn
W. N. llrowii.
It. F.Oarrelf.
We Me Brown & Ooe
Krlnkler, Arh W nna&cturwri of
8u3i Bll-"s DrfMiftd FloorliiK, Cclllnir. Wtfcr Boikrdlna
Cjpr MJilnKle, JLalbs, lie.
SmrfMUIUM are nnsoraaiaed by f aawsalll Ii the 8..U far ll!iBgertritiri,
sktCiag, Oidtai. Steobamker and Crrs bkiaales a Mwelaltyi sOm, sTraatKa
sat rf tulalawBSlois. We mak. tke W heleule Ussiass a areeial featsu. ti4
sollolled aa rosptlr Hied.
024. BAlfrjJttllsiliElte AGENT,
Ifo.'lS4 sTeiTarson Street - Memphis. TenxtMgtin
sjHnsssese-ii amain I, wi.wijsimimiwiiot
Wholesale Dealers and PiibllHiicri,
Bole Agents for tho following Firat-Clasa Instruments!
MAWOJi Kranich & JBach, Gablsr, and Wheslo:..
Clough &';V,'arren, and Smith American
h-a'new t-octavk:piano:for IIW.-M
Write for Catalogues. 9ion. 8!il aud a3 Neeond Klreel, Hewp iK
M.m. DAT, W. H. HTO. . M. W. AIIBT,
Latocf .S,ySi: UU of M.Mhaa Berieii UU of VMimto&m
8CO-2S3 Front 8trvt Marnvkls Taassu
mm' HI1 l iis'imesisi
mmrm est ff snasi rv X. .-"
zr'Mja HJi tci.to ri
JJ3G Koconil tHveet, MomphlM,
Uatoriali, Cuurni, Drivo t7o.ii, Iron, Iml ai 1 ;-.o" e.l'ipe, Ouiili'.urj, U.trivJ, in
i Ajcaaaw . ft WTStfia fciuiircia
(1 Utlajt
T;'. Si, BKII'II),
F. K. NORfhEiiT, Bwldemt rsrtBur.
IV. N. llrown.Jr.
t"sasMi;t sji,n.s . "imhts, a'-'T4I
CAPITAL PRIZE, $150,000.
" Win do Xcrefat Certify thit $tpyrpM A
irr(in(7rrti for all tha Monthly and Snn
AhuuhI Drattting of tht LfMtuina Stat Lottery
lomynnv and m ptraon mi nag and Control
tk jmifiiuam themiwlvr&t and that ths am arm
wmitntrd with hontHtitnimfMt and food
fatfh Unourd all partir, and ir authorim th
t ompnnyto hm (Am crliatt, vnth fae-nvtuio-j
our &ignnturr$ attni'hed, in t mdvtrtisty
Ha. ta HaHcrs-'cncct. iS'tnlc. aad ffanJrrre.
vill fnv ali Pritm rftt-s in Hi Loviian
Stat- Loturwu iratcA uiy U4 prevented at oisr
J. H.Oli.K.HT,rre, I.ss. Rfl fSnntu
J.W.im.HKKTll.trM.NtaiXnt'l Bk
A. BALUHIN, Prm. N. O. Rat. Ilk.
TKi:cEm:. n:i attraition i
Over lli.lf 11 Million lllstriliilted.
luisiiinn State Lottery Co.
Incjrporauxi j iuo.'f lor wnty-u year
bt the Lcgialaturo lor kdooational anil
t'oarit:hto pureises with a capital of II,
USl.Odir to which a reserve fund ot lvox'0,
(KSIhaS since beor. sil led.
Uy au overwneiming poeniar Tote ill
franotpsewaa madea part olttie prerentState
Constitu'doa. adopted Ueoembor 'id, A.D.
7'c outu Ao'frry tvfr ro.'erf oh and radorse ot
6y tfts jieop'e o any .Vof.
( a err rolf or rtcrpews.
IIIS Urnuil Mmu'le liiiilrnr rnw
lust. Ink. atltti-. auskiif lily, snarl llse
Keiiil Aiintinl Drnalnas ri tinlairlw
eer al auiiaillta, 4un. ! leciu
WIN I tlkll'M: Kl II hT OliNl
OK MU-li.'. M-1W l.llt.KANS, 1UKSUAY,
Juuiiiirjr II, l)!7-i!OOth Mvutbly liraw
ing. Capital Prize, $150,000.
aro ss-ti asssiaisrsr
Kilths, .
only, llanos.
1 Capital I'riie el..
1 (Ivand I'l iso ot..
1 Ur.-ind I'riiu of.,
2 l.nvnu I'nr.e.s ol:,
4 1 .iirti l'titos of.,
IM I'tUt'H t
l'ries of.
Km Prir.oH ol
2l Prises of
iVm Prizes of.
t imi.ihhi ji.vi.fco
tl,(Kll) ,'Sl,PtS
:o,ihi ai,t
uysn a.'.no
Mi'i.. A,iss
l.ism ai,ls.i
;li'o lio.llW
a si 41i,isj
1" iVi.OoO
s fXi.tmu
ru s rniiKf.
n. is ot 3',f
llK) I'ruus ol
100 Apprnxtioiiriou I'
lint A i proi mil ion 1
lirt Aerroxim.ition i
rn.es 1 i'' .. 2'M!M
riio! of lo t... IU,' I)
217'.! Prises, amounting lo...
ubs sboiiid b.
tnailu only to lha oftice ol the Company ai
AfMdi';'ii.ion fur rMos la
Mew Orleans,
for wirier lofermatien wri'- cl'.arly,
glvint full addre-'i. IMN t A I. i ':, H-ei-s.'s
Mimct iT.lor.i, or Now ofk Kr -lisnsa
In ordinary Icitor. Currovioj by Jt'otpross (at
"Vow Hcrleitrhv, I fbt .
Or n. A. lAO'5l J,
4HllltgJI. I. t'..
01 at ft l eol l auri Nt ., Htmit !;!, T.Baa
J!akf 1". 0. V.oncj Ordfis jiayabld
iiiidudiltiMhi Koiri'doi'i'il litittorttfo
nkw ni.:)!Hit j.vr mwa l liA.NU,
fi.-s Ol It'ltlJrt. i.Jt.
DCMCUDPf That tlie presence ot
ItCUl fc.rtlDt-1.-,j,. Heaurrgard and
Eirh-, who ma in chaino of the ilra lusa, ia
a gtinriinles of nlisolulo lalrnnsi and Inleuri
t , thut .ho ch'ini-es aro all (goal, arid that
no ou.1 ran pessibly illvluo what niitubere
illd-aw n prise All parties (horo'oro ad
Yurtblng to cu irsntoo ptiscs in this Loltc.ry,
or lioldins out sny oth. r Impossible tndueo
nirnts, aro swindlers, aud only kilu to do
eelvonnd defraud ilha unwary.
fW 1 mt 1 n Mil anVm
. I htfl1f'thllltW-o1rlintll.l'liJJ WfAU
WMhiNf ! lBtfitly. I w sum. Ml n rtmiiji
ttr itit wmtl C-w; 3itn-4Mt elhPi-B b faiM 0 mm
iuii rnr lt"w rrllut ru. food lrfnr
r-itiM kikI a I'ttm K.xtlsM mr tif HHU motxiyl W
hMIV- IV-I tl'"". llltWWMn-WHl
ted I ru' vnii; 1IH1 H. t 'HH'T "t-rltt,.K I.
Ofa ValiiHble Flaulallqn ana
l'crnouul Property.
VT0TICE Is bor.by glsen, That under and
i by virlue of a decree of tlie United
States District Court for the l-laslern Lictriet
ot Arhansas, nt Helena, tondorelil i s Oe
tobor tcr u.issi, in a oortnin oauso therein
depending and on t ie Chancery sido thereof,
between Charles K. Pratt, as Trust, e. wag
eo in p1 inn n t , and Mercantile Hunk oi Mem
phis. W. A. Ilicklo-d, el als., wore di lend
anls, I will proceed, at tbe Courthouse door,
lu the city of lioloiia, Phillips county, Ar
kansas, un
'J IiuimLi , Jaumiry 13, Is7,
tosoll, betsoon the hcurs rresoribod by law
for Indicial snht, ut pulilic (im'llon, to th.
Iiiuhiistand best b ddc, upon the tonus hero
luaflor men: onnl, llio lollowing real and
porsonal properly, slluato and being in the)
county ol Phillips and t-ti.tu of Arkansas,,
to-wlt: , ,
b'uld realty boinir a part cf tbs "Jot n An
durson ('ring p'.'icu,' lyiiu: ltiitofa dividing
lino which begins at point on ths division
lino botwuen sections sevoi 7; and eiableon
(Im, fonnship three 111! south, range, five (.')
east, said t u nt bcintr tha uorlhcisi corner ot'
Hie nc rtbwoBt iUi U-r ol Hie noriliwo-i ouar
tnrol section oighlnen (IS) : Ihenee soutli ono
bundled ami twenty (li cliains to a titk
In the siMillcwost corner of the southeast
iiunrter uf the northwest uuvteref section
uinotoeu (I'll ; thence on it th riiti 1 n etmina
toastakoi thence sontS ibirty five do.,rees
111 minutH, east Ally i.V ) ch .in i tin itiie
ais.ippl rivrr.
Tho lands lying w'-ol sn; J I' c re nr.ro'
particularly dc-scriioo a I I o w . i--;
The west hull of ti,.- 11 r In'.1-. ,u . t"r of
section eightren US) ; sc s'liii'f ot rooihweit
qusrlurol sec-i.ion eichteoii ( v ,si half of
tioitliwett c'irlor ol suetum nimle-n (lfi;
wrslhttlf o the south wi-et f ni rtor o fo-tlou
nlnetenn (P'l ; s ulhemt cjuartor nf.the 'ou!h
wost ciuirtir of sn.uon ntn.rcrvi ( I' : tho
Iraeti mill noriheait o lartor ol tho souttieast
fua: t ir ol si c'ion nliu-leun ilti', eonttiuing
tuirty one olll se c.h : the fractional soutli
weitinrirtur ot t e luutheast ku ' rtcr nf see
lion ninton ('in: i ontuin!n tvs. t.ty (')
acres i tho fractional mrlliiti-rt 'iin.ri.r ut tho
sciiitlienst ii'iiirier ol secrion r.Wi.'eon 1 11' i.
eciut. ittiine ibroccin sees, nn.litll ltali lyin
I i Miction t . I rty i:t I, uM of 'bo "iromilBg
find lnru in tovnl op ttue- 'ii'. otn rangu
hvol.'ii eio-', loud h.- I'-e e is' '..i'l of
socti .n se cnU-en I i; li. Koolb- .. ' iri-irter
of pe -tu.n ten il't ; itic io i'h wsci io . ti r of
see.ton i-lo.ea lll'i Hi nori e n o it ijn' tor ot
seetioii fiUeoii (l.'i: ; iloroiib b ill ,-i sen in
fourteen (M ; tl.n north ''nil of m . to n rhir
tcu'i ilH): llio lout'ii.Hi ci'iiirt'-r v section
thlr eun 11'') i the east Inn ot the tua1 bite. I
i'i ir cr oi rtri'liiiii th rlcon I : ; toe o t ball
ol aiciion tiverily lour l.'l', ill' re ill u-.i .' t
(ju'irier ol ui ciio-i t 'enfy- i or i'-lj : llio o. ".i
linlt id Hl'l norlbt -.1 ir . - o! eolii.n
I w 1,1, t, four C.'.l', and '!l , r. -il!i b ill el sen
fioll t - .illt v' (i vo o, till l: l' n. t 'li'lilji
IliresCII solit'i. r ' 11 vr- t'Or'ti K. on. tbil
lloivin i.frsoo .1 p:-j-ort, i l :
Thirty nil' ("' Lrnl ot in ii e-. iioir (I)
cows uud c.tl tei. I a o ;' b"n-, it i ., 1 ' i .riu
Iuh im.'lomir. trf oil sai.i p'li' o, rorisivt eg et
pl.iws, li'irneH', iiHii'ii. h'wroa, .i. 'l all
it o'i of ci ery oi'S'T ' i'.n . -
Ti riea ol ..!., A 1 1 t l th a"" pro
erty will be loldas u while, sad toe pur
chastrwitl t.s rf'tuiredt. pv, li eas'i, ta.
iuiii oftifly live titindred iv d.dlais, nad
execul.o bin i.otni, with appnivo I o-urily,
lor iho re idne, i,y.io,e in one i.i d tno yiats
from clnto i I imlc. vitfi ottir ir there.'P, ul
the rato ol ai lor ' ent p r iir.un "i
K. VI. NlidltiLLM.
Mtt'ler In Chaiu-ery.
ncard it C licf'i'imd b. K. Wriht, Af'-.
Atlmliii-lrnlor'N JVotice.
Ofilre l'litilli- Adrnliiis'ra'nr, t'.l.lby i' ""'y
,. .K i 'I.. ..... Ii.e. I;.
ri tilt
u 'do 'ino'd I'livma eeioi ai'l'Oioi.u
L und oil ilifi
f t.i .. e.lilt.
ol Niiiiinen li'i"- oi. uecivwad. none is
heroliv ,.il-."l to :.'l -o-n !ld '. I t . s.ild
.stale 1" .win t I ind i.-ll "'i to
I'isa lo wh.'iil Slit - ':l'e !s i ei ' d H filo
Ih-jir claims wit'i ' e !;! I " 'thin
.hi tunc presenl-e I i-y i n , or - a" ' '. wvil
he :or.'icr eurie.l. .n 'II li ' i-1' ' .
1 : i i ', iter.
'I'll Ma'. I 'f I I ' '.. '. I ' ' "i'l !

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