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WEDNESDAY. I I DEC. 22. 186.
Oar high tariff sysUiin hM practi
tally cut us off from sel'irg mwt de
ecnplions of oar manufactures In thi'
markets of the world. Those com
rnoditlesare practiciily restrict! d fo
se'eoniy to cuch cu t m as can le
fonnd within the area of the United
States. At the ram time invention
is conticuilly Introducing iocreas.-i!
eupf ly, and enlt-rpriee putting up fa
toiieo, fnrnsets and machiutry, 6"
tbst cur power as a people to produco
hps lec.ime larg r than our ability to
consume. A'resdy feara are expressed
that row the business denipn I is im
proving ILcra will be a glntte.1 mur
kct in inDy articles. Notwithstand
ing ihe heRvy demand from railroad
under construction, such feats havi
been especially altered as ,to uir
iron tradi. The cocs'qiieme
of whet is c-.llcd "over-prcduc-tioi"
but which la m thing but
high-turiH exclusion fiomf rtinm.ir
ketlwe felt (strongly enr ugh d ti t i : k
the depression no passing away.
Ooa'.k accumulated far baond the
home demand; the surpluo wiigMed
down the rnirtet; prices fdll, employ
ment becpnie fcaieo, a:id gnurl die
trees prevailed. Are wo to lc aru noth
ing from soch painful experience?
Wo might at Irani have the prudence
to admit free of ihity such raw
ma'c ialc, and pwtialiy taw tuatm Ula,
ab will iucrts.e sources of employ
ment far our laboring population.
IJivh tar!if is reaching a cribia at
which instead of protecting labor it
restrHs labor. Suppose Euglaud woro
to tux colt.n out of that
con.ntry bargee it is a foreign pro
duction, we cm Boe what tho e fleet
would bs upon labor there, Preciatly
the same eftVct ia produced bore,
when foreign material is taxed out of
o-.r market that, if admitted free,
would supply employment toonrwork
irg pfople, and fiord pr. fit to their
employers. II Congress return to Bfo
the tics now, they will become pain
fully conspicuous ib time go as on.
Then lower tariff will ho demanded in
wny that cunr.ot lo ' resisted,
. and the lowering will be much more
formidable than la duuiandod just
now. Changs is inevitable, the tarill
cannot long besuitoined at its present
extravagant, war tax hlght. Those who
oppose present chaugo do not secure
tho retention of high tariff, thoy only
put off the evil day, and the more ob
stinately it ia put of! the more mo
wontons tho ohacge will be whan it Is
accomplished. The bonrbon, hide
bound tariff men are tho worst eue
mios the tariff has, bnt the go Is take
away the wits of those they would do
(troy. '
There Is something ominous about
tho way soma of the European powers
are increasing their armies, arms aud
military supplies, FraLca hai increas
ed her foices,sud Germany ia following
bur example. The Balkans disturb
a 'ire has turned Austria's attontinti
toward its a my, and Russia ia laying
in army supplies aud trying to boiroiv
money. That cjuu'.ry has disturbo)
a l Kuropo by its oppr-sdous in Hnl
pa i i, and t our it r.cti ns if cn tho eye
of war. Ru b:. nowapape-s coa'.aiu
Rov.rnment advorti-i'.mionlB for iiti
enormous amount of war matoiial, iv
ciml ng malcriil for 50,000 tenti, 03,
00J cloaks for soldier.', .O JO.tOO pMis
ot booti; alao, for gunpowder aud
gullet?, to bo diltverod in April lit t'.o
t.tJtt. As the fibld cannot ba takua
in ;he whiter, ail thispuiuls to pro
c.'tdiua to he taken in the sprlnir.
5eruiatiy h a Imestid much of the
lai-u capital lying idl ) tlit-ra In Hub
e :.i bond, bill tue immense amoutit
fl debt Hubs: a ia staggering under f as
' iviJeulW alarmed that countrj', firan
Lttnnptby Knin'ft to borrow thera is
without nice 63, anil it is now at
tiMu,it;ui to rais.t 73,00J,0J0 roub'es in
Pu is All them t'.iovs Rtve 8 r,y
p!:i Mis' for peautf next Minimtr.
Tui; si:ukukh Ann iu ivi.s.
IVo-ident 0 eve'aad has do3 more
'to tib ili rate rate pn jitiliroi r.td t)
pr.-diicj a kind L-tling between the
vhi'i'n gi:d lilacks ttnn Hny mao in
I'm Uulltvl .k ta'kf. Jlis iMiumon-nda-t.'i
in h'e iiv ent u wagu lint the
p vi-rmuont rifuod to thu ignorant
ii gro's th-j amouiit on', of which t!:ir
v.c n fwir,d'.inl by ttm KiHfd.ncn's Hav
if.g Bit k l as fl-.t':i.(led tho colnied pco
i' th t tl ey li'ivii a Hinji'ie friend in
the iVofideiil. Wlion the noniina i in
( Ma tho-, a col ro i maa, viai Bent
i.i 'i'u Si-nat i ti hucc'i J Fred JJong
ism ai Uee. .'irdor cf I) dj for the Die
(:;;'. i f (' lumhin .Mattliewa's nonii
viatir n whs uch'a v.. by Ai IX ublicmi
1 1 n to I a! i! voti d a .mrist bin cn-
.1 a i'n r.p M ti.rt (.riund that h i.
i id i u: want 1 1 enrruri pti co'orod 1).
in ctm-v. Ti'.e .puiiliciri .iis of
Ma-'lu-w, luih n rrgards isnml
c.ia to', r Mid uhiiiiy, were a luii'.led.
T:e r ; ,ii i t Slittbews by
the r'm ' to ld v. ts nf the Krt
raViem Sr.an-, while tho Dymrmti
nut k! nif t a tclid vot for his co i
fir r,.t on, pr ;d.i 'Md g-ncal sorpiine
an i u m r'al iudijv.a inn among the
rul.'Md ptople in every rfctlon of the
V i!o;i. A fev flyi time a delegation
ifc )'orul ci ;ne wa t d oi IngalUto
sdv.-eiti tiie riiitiruatiou of Met
the8 I . wi'compoitd of Mr. Hmyth,
exMi:iftr to Lib-ria; Fobi-rt W.
X in k.itn. a wi 11 ktuu colored ci'
nn if Wahhinct m, rnt Wuj. H.
It's- k, f r n-aily ilir-eyia'-a rei lent
if Wihhitgtm. A linn K'puhiiea.
ltd la.'" fUNor v-!t -.t h Uem-WA la
'.i krt. T!l9 del-;: t m;:ort tea . th'y
w. re Lrac'Oit'iiy r-c.-u-.d, bittliigdit
;i.b 6t'd hia f urjni v a' the u..-l. gt
t on of evilo ed niu rnd ll'.'i.iilli'.Mt.E
i.-:i-U:iug a Demo r i.- mi'.nin t.t,a
Vnn In i'sill' rtjto iniiV.o inroai's
.to tin U.ijiul! can ra:ibs by ip.
pointing colored men to office, Thlo
was mot by a member of tho commit
tee with tbo statement that It might 1
appear novel to ths honorable Senator
from a color etandpo'n', bnt among
white men it was quite a common
thing (or them ti favor and indoisi
o;ch other for position without reftr-
nee to p Etics, and cited instincts of
R'poilican Bar.ators v.itkg to reat
Djraocra'tivar . B'pub'icm compac
tors. An; t'ier ti,etn)Lr 1 1 tha dclr'gfi
tion lema'kfd tiiat the colurtid pHOpla
bf the Holed H',afs c;u'd not nndei
a'and why a Itopuh'icaa Hcnateahonld
confirm whit Ddmncrati and yet re
ject colored ones. Ingl's wai nimh
disconcerted by thii robile of his
vote sgiln t tbo confirmation of Ma1'
thewHandfjll bick to his old por
tion, to which flmjth roplied that it
was gratifying to him to see a Demo
cratic Trchidjot oproinihg a col
ored mm to ii lucrative
poiitlon with too via- ol oh iterating
ha color line and ruce p-ijudiees.
The o!lar in ida by log tils t vote to
co firm MUthuwj fo ny pos'tion in
New Yoik wai Dot sti f :'o y, 88 the
colored deUgation c?uld not under
etand how M.t'hewa could ba nccjpl
a'ole to the U-pubiitao S t.n tors for an
ofFict in Ntiw York, bat not for one in
WaihinjjUin. Tie cooinilt'e lef ,
aftT Inform'n Iugal s t'la: the rojac
tion cf "ifatt'ieivj by a It pnoll
cm S.nato wiu1J cm ie a F-tamp -de in
tho n .'it lVea'd uitial olonilm of a
Inrg i aud l. fl inn'tal cl.is of c dored
Vi.t rs throughojt tin cojn'ry. To
wbljli Ioy.allH o.m'd only reply that a
negro who v .td tha Dimojraic tick
et wis tin ingrito. Iig .lls h knon
to bo oho ol the sbrowJes'; an t ah'est
ol tue Republican lead ri lo tha Sen
ate, bnt n'l BiJio ht-a'd the intorview
anl'.i in tho opluion hal. ths co'oted
co noilt'eo trininpho.l over biin. 8o
itseemitbat toe whit Rpnblicana
regard DPgroea as only fl ' to vote whito
Republicans into oflija nnd.utterly
unfit to hold otTico.
Di dori ig the fact tha', a1, tha pres
ent tlin, fie ladlaishould bo the prin
cipal raate ot the diH'.ruc.ioo of tbo
most beantiful blrda in oar wood, the
Arrs.ti, oflired a few days ago a plea
in bohalf of the cru-lly cs id songsters.
There aFe ladiaa who e gentleness,
meroifalneis and conu ioralion will
not allow the a to m ika penonal or
nainon'a of portiomof rutbL-sily slain
birds. Tlnae and other friend i ol our
winged favoritsi des'ro to knoir how
they can efl H-tu d y stop tha brutal
dectruiioo thatii going on. The first
effectnal stop to u;o is the iiifl oeaca,
eloqiieoos and too charm of witohing
snilai la aid of our Liglilatnto pass
ing suoh a lair on tha eubj ct as that
passed In New York Btata last year.
That law makoi it nnlawfu! for any
parson to kill or ctch "oy bird of
son ? or any lianot, b'uabir l, yellow
hammer, yellow bird, t'iriia i, w;ol
pecker, ct Jr.l, piew.ie, swallow, mir-
tin, bus joy, oriolo, kildea,
snow blrl, grirs bird, gros
beak, bobolink, pi une bird, hum
ming bird, wren, meadow
lark or starling, or a iy wild bird other
thm a ga ne bird. A'so, no pjrs.ai
eh i!l ptir.?ViRie, or have !u poa.'ssion,
or rxpon fir silo nay such son; or
wild bird, or any par. iherool, af or
t lie Mine 1ms ' oo k.l!td." The vio
l.ifnn h Hilda s mbd memor, pun
i.s'uld.i by inij.r'aou!u.j:it for not less
ih.m five i. or muro thau thirty diy.i,
or by a fine uf mt toil thon. $10 nor
mire than 350 Ad 1 mv. is for en
firci'gt'.!0 liv.andhy lti opt-r.itiin
t ie women who ara wilhou1. cjmtiai
s ou can b l prnveiit;id f .am gratifying
tno.r cmel d eirm.
I lie Nle or I ho Wnti-r WorUa unly
HU Ottllou AUrr All.
Tho pnrchatH i f the Memphis Wator
Works by K. R. Dtilloct has como to
nought, ne will appear by tho fallow
ing teierem received jestcrday:
Nw YohK, Uno.TiiborSl.
To Mem., l'.i-tli.ll, Moma and others .-
I lie Ckiii' ci 's ctuu'le.t action deters
Bullock's f loni's. l'-ullock hns un
tionnded fullh in a fair city conlrpc',
'nJ agKl at tiumediat't purchaee,
bnt th y f ared a lo'.lminn wltti the
c ty and iliiilinml. Otherwise tlie
mot'fiy is ready. 1 will leave Tuesday
or Wtd leuhiy nls-ht. I tt.ink tho ie
eatt u ifnrt;uitito for Monydiis. bhe
c mid other:t have mla a contract
with mi iil uu of iay five jens, by
w ieh fliui wi.uM hav raved fully
$M J.000 os ib'y mn h nnro.
r. j. Latham.
ivEiisoNAir mm riox.
Foht Kmii-h (Aik.) Tiitiniui: Misi
Kva M.t.ilml, an a'eomp'iitinvi young
In ly of Mem .hia, will epend t :n h oil
it yn wi'h Mr. hi) it '.ha Turmey.
Oai.i.atin (Ten'i ) Kruini'itrr; Mrs,
It-it:e KuHiViin rf (ids ptwee, U a cav.
(tidatn f ir tlie Kn roes m tlierk hip i f
ihi Mihmo. H ih Hrr"ciallv well
i)iiitltleil for the dnt. us of tha cilice.
It. msu.m.v ( Vi, .) T.'wk': Mr. T. U
Mrtiiiirean I wi'eret"'ried fiom Mom
liliia 8iiii ):iy. t)ol. Ynrr nd Mr.
Oe. ro Y H-itt returned a fewdiys
f i ..ion fii m Memnliis.
Ct.utiisDiN (Ark.) -a.- Mies Iao
liel M. He i t, wo t ai b um ab ent for
tr-a punt two months on a vsit to re'a
tivecaud friend' at Minph s, roturaed
home by a'e mer tlhume i .
Cn m B IhtiNKt uv, for a long time
one of the lending lawyers of De Witt.
Ark , and e 1 ki otn, baa ebandoned
the practice ot law and gone to
r reaching. Ha ia of tae Methodist
CMiTraNorwA Timn: Tho Rev. J.
M. KoncFO'i left f r Momphis I wt
nh'ht. Tie trsuy friei di of Wiley
Puttoo wa'e h'r 1 1 we'tomo him back
yps'erday ft r nn ahssmeln Men
p'liti. L-iw Ilao 'nun, .f 0 niinmti.
a.iiv d ii tl.oc U y.:tsrday to attusd
tin f ineral ol Hm brother, Anthony
Ekiam) (!!ns.) llvord: Thera Is
ro Gu r m tVm.-iD, t ii' r fr e'ii, nor
uoblir palriot than (ieti. (tta uie,ra,
nnd we common I him to a'l at a man
worthy cf I 'l.-ir i.onii lerieo and i lit
r .negi". Mr, r'n Hill, the e'evo' i x
prws 2Cir, ties i(i" to Meiopi la to
recuate, imd Mr. Fowtr-i, of V.cke
b hi r, is doiiii; tin y.
SoHjS Mlicr hi X3ul Vra'as
1 L0C0X0-
lEotser Fallsre In Little Rock
Riot Among Colored Baptists
it S&shvlllr.
i ItruiAb to tai arm i.. I .
Ciiattanoooa, Turn , I--cembr 21.
Mr.i. L z e 8i(;k, in atteuipMnu to
cros.-i the hville and Ot.atun o,;a
trck attiie Moatgomery avenue crow
ing, lost her footing and fe'l in front
of an approachiog engine which
pawed ovor be-, eovn-in b th lens
near tee Lip joints Bhededinafe
I-htm R. FJio"of Ibiuci y, p"t
to Shell M mnd thii morniri; for Iho
avowed pu -no e of visiting Co o Ctv
rn t killing !. K. Davie, phypi. iin cf
the Dado Col Ojinpauv, wio, h
nl egei), bsd traduced and alandir-d
hi w.le. Roactiing Shell Mom d, he
lei.rm d that Dr. Davis waj t.'.ero.
Procur nir a sbo if'in, bo went ia
se.'rc'i of Mm, and oo fiod'na htm he
ti ed a 1 in 1 of l:ot a, bun, so ionaly,
thr-ngh not f italy, wou.ding him
Faisoi ejiape l wiifiout beiiu ar-rsted.
Wljdom Si B.ivier's barn, stable and
cair ae hnofe, sr.d tno cr.bi ot corn,
00 ti e Amnico a arm, fornii ily tru
rr-ipertv of T. onraj O'Utchti Id, were
tod iy doitroyed by (Ire. Onathmi
ia'.il biistiele o( cern, se eral buuiitB
and rgricu'turul iinpiein.u's we e
Uy Kavl'rjlie young irsn chafed
with ribbing tho mail a Kn ixv:lle,
w.st itdtolay biforo Umt'd Htut s
Ooin'iirGsloner Bnrtoi and dipchs-e'l.
T'-ere was no evuii-tc.o intphualing
Kaylvr any mnro tt ao tiny othir cm
p oya i-t the pus!' lii :e.
Tom MacMahnn, cn engineer cn the
Alabama (ireat H.iuthern railroad, get
int, i a (tillloiilty tonight with Haroiy
K-iao', a fireman, a id utolihi d him
very si riously, if not fattlly. Mac
Mi. lion has not yet been arrn tod,
Uarrv F. (Jrieom hts disposed of
hi gfeck in tho 0:ia'tanmg Commtr
ciil, end will ie:iro from ttie paper,
II-mill bo leaned January 21 s a
morning d lily, in chi rn of a former
employi of tlie Uiiiciuna'i Commrrciaf
Tub 1! ?ard of Mayor nnd AMermeu
tonight pcss'id ao o:dinam-a snhrait
ting tha f)tieetioi of subscribing $10 ',
(W) in the bonds of tho city to tho
Chattinooga and Houthoast-irn Roil
road Uompanr for the pu piso of
builcli.ig arailrool from thia city to
Itowdon, C irroll county, (9a.. to con
nect witi the Ueorgia Central at that
point, The company guarantee to
build the road withiu eighteen months
bfter th's fin nnt is 8tib..i-rihed in this
city. Thine is moch ontbu-iaam over
th-i ichemn, and the subscription will
undonb edlv ba niiule.
Tae election will ba held Fobruaty
Ths City Council tonight ordered
tha pnr base of a site f r the erection
of a market honse, tha work tocooi
mef.cs as sron as possible. The build
ing will roe located on Georgia avenue,
fronting 100 feet and running 400 fert
to a stret t on a lot between Ninth nnd
Auolher Firm rnll, 4'niiNiHK Great
laracuL to thi arrtiL.l
Litti.s Rock, Ark., December 21.
Th:s city was again Uro.vn into a
par.'Xjijm of enrpriee thii mornirg,
tn cime bring the asngrmo:it of
Nava A Br j,, a pjom'nent Miin street
b'oi hwiis '. The ti in has bm-u in
ImsiniRi nbont two years, nnd wiro
t. ought ti hi Ii oancially sonud H.
F.lirtnberg, o( Luilo R iclr, 1 1 irt..d 'l;e
t'H nirain -c Win ti in ai d nUni-heil lor
(744 11. J T. Oiiir was aoo outt-d
receiver. Tha fo'iowing id t he
or ni-.ipd culitor : H. Kh'-MbiTi',
$711510; Mrs M. N-vrA. $112 8;'.: f.
Uiiigieimupt, $l2)Ki5i8, Ksiunv no Na
ti ijh! 1J nU, $7IS 30; O-niuan N.eni'ial
liai.k. $17.j; Tun.' & i'iitle. '01 .
Flint N t.' it.ai Bmk.iulibo; Menhnil
Si AlliB, J'l.'t 75; A. Katzave n (a.-ent),
I 0, (i is It u & Co , $75 Ti e ii
b 'i'.a are eniinnted et from $SO0O t )
I'OIUVI. A-nets r ook on h mil, $10,-:-:lii74;
Cx urea, f4U: chescs iu Bit
t lij, ? l; tota ,$'1,774 74.
1 he Cost of the ninle'a l'ronrrnllon..
Namiivillb, Tknn., December 21.
In ttie (Joint troiler's rtll.e today,
Uleik Allen coin pie ed tnbles showing
cost of ttite prcsecutiors for ISSo,
also revenue c itlentlops. Tbe former
nmunnted to 1107,172 82, ngairs' $10,
tH)2 6f for 1885 and $11,5182 76 for
1884. To'sla abir.t $2000 lere than
for any yrar witlrn the past decade,
the aveiage for the previous 'eo ytara
beiog over $11)1,01 0 Oo Ire inns from
ab sources fir the pvst vnr were
$057,088 Oil, arsicst $1,007,397 84 in
18H5, a rodmt:on of nearly JoO.rQO.
Toe Cmnptrolier flt'ribnti-s re duetloti
in criiiiii-al c -ntd to i( sening of liivo-1-U
i proseeu i otic, deereaao io crime
an I prcsier cure in auditing bills '-f
ce'.s. R Huctim In collictions i)
t'Unrly iB'iihiibhi to changn in tra i
nir of a B03aiiu pr voto tax, col
lections from which are mnillor than
berotnfo o.
The N lahvilltt Bjb ba'l As:cc;(tirn
mot tonisrlit, roorgardz d f ir t ho si a
too of 1887, elected odeer, and re
ceived nuineiouj aipticatl'Uis from
periona to manage and pby in the
io.Mii. In !e!egr.ipbl! pnrr pimdon
with severs1, oi.o will bo solenifd th s
we.lt. All the H&.iOO worth of ftoik
has been ra sod. Enthu.iia.itic meet
ing. '
A Klot Among I'nl.ml HapllNH,
N.siivai.K, Tin Doceintier 21.
For Buni monttin paot th Frst
Colored liaptint Churjli of i Ii la city
h s bnon involved in a bitt-r q imro',
which errne iirima1 ily from H e calling
of R T. Hnftm.in, of l,oiuvi'le, lo the
pae'or-gt. Tho intelllgn' part of the
coru'eeation opposed ral dug him on
S'leuu ii. of his na 1 cbarsctnr in Louis-
ville. but were overruled and llutluian
camo. Ha was toon aicuicd of im
proper conduct toward the women of
tha church, ami sevnial laid their
shame at bl door. He had n uac
countable iutlu-ince over the Unoraat
uo-tiun of the couirreitation, how
-. and noaniceU to hold on.
It was nnnoiuiced that lis would
n'nach on "Rittleinakes " Sumiar
ulnh. and ai thii w.-a constrced ra
person il to Ids enemies, a Urge con
ureua'i in itattierorl. armttd for a row.
He. however, postponed his rerinon
until to-iijlit. The c'inreh Uriht
ws packed with HuUmaus armed
aluereius, and an aug'v moo stir
Kviidei ttie hiiili'iim. Hudm n, on
(lie advice of friends, did not i r a h
h b ra toenske sernr n. As he . fr
ihechuroii thH mot) snrgi d to va d
htm madly. He drew tw pUtuls at d
fired ii to tho cpwd, bat no one Ii
known to bo li't. thot,s were retutned,
mi l iliiU'iiau II d t fie church. Ho
e.j.iiipedthrD'gh a hoc W'liilo, bu;
the C'Oiv.', thii.kiug bs is iusiJ ', are
still there, tbreotening lo barn tho
house to get at h m.
The Balloaml Fl.ld Trial t'lnb Hftve
s Hue Vmr.
Isrioui. to thi irriaL.l
Grand Ju-nction. Tkhn., Decembf r
21. Rahicon acd Jan val Jan were
pot down to rin'sh thn heat begun
yeetordav, bct'i dgi doing vTy poor
work. Jean hid a slight advantage
in lange, itylj and - speed." ltabiccn
won. .
Chance bfat Keyttooe, the former
havi; g tte a hau'ee in rpeed and
rinse, and ou worked tha la ter o:i
Allie James teat Bun Roy, the in
ner bavins; th advanag' in speed,
ranee acd style, making five points to
Roy's none.
The tMrd a lieu begin by C'nt
beating Boh H. io a very cl. si liea,
the foim-ir having tin e.dvantige in
spee i, r irge ai d styl-'.
Nat Go- d-- io 1 e t L't'la o!l. The
Ltt r bad the b st oo range. Tory
were about t ) nil in ip ed ar.d tty.e,
wl die (1m former did the b;'6t w.uk.
Rub con b at Chance in a long hot
heat The l-frr had toe btt on
r?n i rjerd end style, the Jo mir
wintiin on p i..ta
Ti,e foirtb in !oi rtpn by unss o
beotirg Ailin J-riKS bo'b dogi te
lonf'nu: to 'he Momphi ' end Ava .t
kencel. The t eat I st d nnlv e;g! t
mieu e1. B th wre about eqini l.i
ra'ue, rpred a id stjli, a':d rieit'n r
enmm ttod un error. Ti o. winner
m do onu po ut, tbe lo.-c- ".-.'ne.
H ib con th u bra- .Nut U io t -v n m
h vo-y shoit liHs-t. IJjth werneiptil
in rorco rn i fpn ;d, Nit hivb;g th
ad vantage i.i ityio. liooicu uihae
two .i,inr,a moM ihoii Nut.
Kiib coo nut O'tu-io "ere t.' fto put
down ;o r,i ( ir first rlc '. This was
a very a'lort Ii at f r Ii s p!ae. liny
were a Oont eq ml in rang ), thn latter
having the ulvantajn in ntyle ai d
eneo). The heat liwttd oi:y tvenij-
fivi in nriten ti e winner m k n t'O
p lints, the les r-u.e, with .no trroiu.
Cliaocelb a- Oomho, both I'ogs b
lonuinir to the Memphis! nnd Avont
Kennel. The rwat only lasted nve
nr. a n to', (Bitti dor making a poin'.
Caice had tbe btst in soeod a.od
C ia;ca and Keyston-o wi'l go down
togtther tomorriw to d?cido thi'd
Sni Ilonte
I'lx'leil Alildrman-A
i'liokea l l(lll bf h
l.l(ll tjirl
Knoxvii.lk, Tenn., Dacember 21.
Sun Hou- e, ccbhibr.o! the Mechanics'
National Bank, vuh r-oc ed Ald.rman
toninht, by tho City Council, vice
Cbsweil, rtniifcod. h. R. Rodger waa
his uio?t dang irous opponent.
Tho Knoxvilla Caiwrieel Company
has decided tod.y t) erect immi-dia e
ly a p act lor the coattruttiou of lare
An 8 year old daughter of Sara Ken
tamo, livine at Itockf.riL, ten milea
rtili cf Knoxville, wis ihikedto
death today.- She tnd a binbll h rot her
wi-re putt'ng beats iu b'adJers for
Chiisimas toys, a d iu simeway or
o.her one lo'g'.-d iu her windpipe,
cauaing death in a lew boura. Alter
d a htte whdpipo was opoted and
the beaa takan out. It bad swelled
f-( in ths nioirture autl! it completely
fillod tn'e tiacheo.
Tlie KnriiK-rk' Ammcltllon 0Vnl Cot
Ion VrpiuM Iimlfwil ol Juti.
IspbiIial To tui APrEAL.J
Hn.hNA, Abk , Dbceniber 21. At a
mo' t nui f mn I'hillipsU -uo y Wheel,
an agricultural org-iiiiztion of hi mi
nts, y -'i-teriiay, a loiolotion w-h Hd.-pt-lid
at k inn ti e co operi.ticn of the J'a
t'onal Colt 'in i'l a liters' A'soc u'ion,
and a.l lot on xobangee, to Bnbrt'tnto
t-Lttia wrappiu'-; for cotton bdos in
i tai i f ti e jute bn'gioir w'ueti ia
now need. Ti o r'-ssnns advanced for
t io inteiidi d ihanga aie thn' iho c 1
t) i wrrpp Hi; niakis a irtnh neaier
ha'e, and a a i would i reiito n bu ter
di'inanl f r ihe Lowprg ad sof e .-.ton.
Tim rt'solu on hhs in.ioducoi by the
11 .n. T. 11. Kug, and the sutijnct now
Sill ths hioo'a of t.i's-j vho wil pros
iiu u in ' o. lijn end uee with vigor.
ltml r ii n liniiirlni l)rr.llnn In,
vo vlnx Nvrl Million Holler.
Montgomery, Ai,a., D c:mher2l.
A decision ii.-s jua. been rendered by
the Huprbme C. Hit of Alabama in a
caso wliicr' iovolvoi ti e title to sev
eial million drilars' worth of lands
rriginally g-anted to the Alabima hud
C-nttinoiya Kii'rcad C mpany by
Congrt ss. The tuit wao brought by
Ji-fiernon c unity in the Cuancery
Court to c impel thn tru teei to mak
a local title to the forty Rcrea of land
in eight of Bntiiinjham worth $")(!,( 0 ).
The Snprnne Court (!oi idee on sppe al
It at nil sales niiidy Ixlore the como'e
Hon of toe road are void xo-ptl20
leciionsof Ir.nd on thn fiii.tenty
miliK nar Chaitannoga unles tl.ey
Wt ro undo in utiles conformity with
the ait of Connrei of 1830doua;ing
the lends An noon'o! the ea'os madn
before the cmnplttion of tbo road d d
conform to t e act all are void. All
a'en made s nee tho completion iu
1871 a-e K'od. As the road runs
through thu richest, mineral dietricts
of Alahnnia from Clitttunooc to M.v
r dian, the vo d saleo Kirirtimt tiiiil
ions of doll rr-, tl o h'.n Is bnving with
tti tho past few JNe.ru iccreureii euor
niously in wlun.
(i' Orloiux H.-trea.
New Om.KASs, L., December 21.
ThU waa the lint day cf the winter
niHi tiim of the l.ou:siaua J.ickey Club.
T,"o we iter wai clear an 1 coil.
lnt 7Vt Fiv-eighilis of a mile.
Li'llo Joe w -i. by thrui lengths; t'jo
cock 8R nd, "j m B enr-mi tlitul.
Tiiiia-liO. j. Fnd Dai-, Bill b'mi'.h,
L-w s nnd 1! voke al,o ron.
.Second Hue. Ttirecqunrters cf a
mile. B iin-ie 8. won bv a leniith ;
Flaie B. seem d. But 0k thinl. Time
1: 5. M'.s Daly, Red Bello and
ClandH Brnnnou also ran.
JAiVd Race. -Thiee qnaiters of
mile. Gn'uare won by two lengths;
Bell Binirh ueeond, K ikoroioi ttiird.
Time' :-fij. Fred Davis also ran.
fourth A'uiy. One mile. A-co'a won
by a length; Gen. Price second B
ruz third. Time l:s2 Kivoy,
Cipt. Hanmer,B rhnand KirgGeorgo
also ran.
Kext ricj day Thursday.
Jainn ti. Hiitlii Htn4 n tho (vie
brnlion ul rri Ininem' ly.
Bo Tom, December 21. Tho annual
nineties o( the CoiigreKiitinn Club oo
Fore.Ia her-' Dav was no'able this
yoir tor ihi pretence of the Hon.
Jbium (4. U'a'ne. Tha iiiro-tvg a
held in .Viib c H.ill, mid tfier the cn
tooury colli iou ppceches were uin lo
bv Gov. liohinsnn; the Rev. Dr.
Weho, p:t aiilent of t'la ilub; Piimi
pal Banco!', if Andover A-nlnnv,
1' of lleirinn L'nioln. rf Neton
Thunh't i.iil S imeary ; rretidot t Rh
i s m, i f Broa-u Uuivrrt-I')', anil Mr.
It'.'iiie. who Hftitke ppecial gmst of
the aaodKliou and the final tpcaktr.
DECEMBEK 22. 1886.
From $200,000 to $400,000-A
Paris, Tenn., Mitr ('(bt a Mica
v "-; if yfflclul Pie.
Im inAij oe tas witiii-nis ai-mai.. no. 1JC6
WA8HiNOTOM.D--i:einbe' 1. Mess re.
Muller (choirmai) and Forni-y. of the
Hr.u:e Cooinii toj on Vilith, have re
ceivtd r.unii roin u ncp imeots in m
ri Dr:-iei.titive militia u en for Jheir
Bticcesj in pa-suii; the bill ice reafeiri
the annua1 appio,r a i"n f ir te mili
tia from $200 IKK) to $100,(i30 p r nn
mitn A ru.n1"! cf mi-mhere, ia
quo-t oiling Mr. F ry y s eiday, an
peered to ue inc ined to briiiK out
lom-ithing whiili Ciiu d he c .n-trwd
ai conneciing tho measure woh t in
cnpnio bion id n'.'ikes. Of lO'irs'thi-s-
n anm' e s wo e e;.tirf ly U iwr;a':t-)d
by the f.,c s, ho tho bill, ire m fiieg
s milar. hfiH tuen pi nding b f n O n
frre s f;r -ght Aeaia p-ei. a- d on sev
eral orc siocB bus reached the lloio
Gen. F irnez sa'd tjday tli:.t tho
Peaa'e w ,uld pr b.bly ao to the
Ifoiiso amoi d iinr, ri,tr iban in'iit
uom tin $00100 bill, viln'.-h piiupel
ti'at body earlv io iiia Eunt-ion. "If
th y do ni.t," th' Gn.cr.il continual,
"I iea' thn bid nil y-t fail, ts wecaii
nt,l. po-siblv gnt-'a-iy m ie no' ney in
t'ie clous G n. F irney io very
enxi.ui vo meet thn demand forao
Ijere.e in the annual api ropristion,
aud will urrfu upon u 1 wt o are in'.er
sited i:i th nutter to lo con out
with SdOO.t.Ol, which iu douhlo tlio
amouit received, ou ihs g ounda that
ha f a loAf is bt.t. r t-an none.
Mr. Hugh Diltlap, of Pare, Tenn.,
was rday np,.o'nt-:d a s, e:nl o ii nt o!
the Int rnAl Ravenoe in Or-gon In
pUco oi Mr. Co'c?, who ia idso from
Mr. Dnn?a? ia a liTither-ln law of
Ass's.'ant Sorretarfof State Potter and
son-in-lav of India i Coranilsi'onoi
A'k iiR, which probohly accounts for
tho mi.k in ih i cocanut.
Potit.cns for tho lepol of tbo "dic-
ciiniintipg, oppr es vo and monop;
lLiij" fa.itures of tho olwwrsririne
act are pou-ing iu tip in Confess.
As ia a it Sacrrlry P.nt-r w:u b
f .re the House F.oeign Atlairs Com
mittee in roh rei.ee tj ths coneular aa i
d plom.,tic bil1.
Mr. 0tc ling, nf the 8bce9'ring D's-t-ici
(Miss.), introducid a bid for the
rebel of in aud navigation, r f which
thef diowiig isaeyuopiE: That the
feveral C rcoit Cruris of the Uuited
Kites, wiihin (lie imUdifi ion of
which there is a port oi n iv'gat'on foe
Vftisels er;agf d in plving upon tlie
lakes and riven of the Uoil.-d S ato?,
which are common h:ghwavs of com
mnrco, shall app.iot an cfliier to be
turmed an Inland Hhipping Commie
s;oner, for each such port which in
till-ir judgment may r q lira the mmo
Each comai'ssion is to nave an offl :er,
and hie general duties (shall be to af
fi rd facilities for engigoig eeamen bv
keeping a register of in.ir n wnes and
character; to r.upeiin'eni their en
gagomeut end difchargo when re
q o.r. d to do no; to provide moans fi r
tecuilnu tha pre eaco oo board at tho
proper t me of moo who an to bi en
gaged, and to peifoim such o h r
dotei relating to.inand irierch nt
aeamei or inlat.d merchant vo seis as
are now or may in rjafter be required
of tbeoi by lav
Jamea V Dlnltliewi', dnl'irrd. Xom
iHllitu Hi-n i la AkiiIu.
Washingtos, DecniVtr 21. The
romiun'ion if James C. Mi:thjs,
colored, to bo Reorder oi Dudsfr
tno Di-tr'ct of Cu'umbio, wl.i'ih wa?
one of thoa s?nt to the benr.ta toil.y,
w. o re 'e red to tho C:;mm ttru o i tno
t'iMrct of O i ! io in it. It ia siid ti
l.ave ben aowimp.ooi.-d by a m vsijje
from the President iriv ng hie teaso is
for sending in a sjio i;i tune tho n m
ofauian who o noni'i'a on the Sou
ate hod occo nj ctid Ii ii report-id
tin t 'hs leev i-i. hiter ipi ir. ng ir,n
fact cf the brst riouiioatien sad j -;-t
oo, etjt.-'H that a Ihrga numii-rof
per-ons in tho D s'rict cad couc-ived
a nr. jod'eo egpnot Mitthnwa, widen
fact doiib-'O'H ii II i!iicd tho alt m rf
tl o Senato ; t' M tthe?rs hud now
been ia c llieo eeveial uiooih' eud had
proved hm c ipih'nity by rescuiug the
reccrrlrtof ilio ' dice from loee atd
i dfgibi ity. an.l t'jat Irs mrnagom 'ni
of tl ec.lllio hud hud the ell ct of r -movinir
urn eh nf the outioiitiou wliich
formerly txifitd Fr tho'o reason ,
and profo h eg an e iroeH (Uoire to c -operate
in securing for c dored man a
j list lecgnitim, lie ventures in tha
utn oit good fatth to rend in the nom
ination ayaio, d scia:niing, bnwtvr,
any Intention of quectiouiug the pre
vious action of tne Senate tn the
Requirement f Allrn lo Become
Waphiniitov, D camber 21. Sena
tor Sauhbury itiday introduced a bol
providing that after any a ien shall
have reeided in the Uni ed H a'es for
three yeoro he may .rr,eut bia peti
tion for adirisfion to citiz'iiship l h n
petition shall be aicoiiiininifd by the
Hllidavit of a cit. sen, st-'lirg th:c tha
pe itio'iir has lived three years in the
United Hifctcs and one year within
Ihe State in which tbo application io
made, and that during that tiuio
h?a bu iiivod oa a m.in r f ood mora'
character. Up ml tui prea uta'i. n of
the pe ition the c mr'; s .a'l
grinf a cerfrh'nte ita'Log the Lii.U,
wurcupoii the pe'itioner shall h.
(uhj ct lo a'l tlioiln'iei l cit zetiehip
and have nil tin r'g'.ti thorei f, exc pt
that he eba'l no', he ent tied to vote
until tao veirs hive eiapoed fiooi tho
l-siiaa of liH certilicite. Mijor
children of f o'eiuo hnro citiz 'nsshuli
have the tights of cit zm, .proviibd
thav hovo Jived th-ea yia 8 ' within
the Uni-ed State". No person tha'.l
lie don't d to clo'z inchip who cinnot
speak the K iglish language.
The Preildenl'a Approvnlx.
Washinoton, Dai-ember 21. Tlie
President baa approved tha acr to ro
lirquieli the interest of the United
H ates in certiin Inline to the city and
couuty of Ban Francicco; the ai t for
the relief of ceiUin soldiers of tbe
Twelfth Michigan Volunteer Infantry,
and the act retiring Vije Allodia!
R-iwan and Rear .Admiral Wo d n
with the hfghOi-t poy cf fie r grades.
r 1 i
Innpect Slrlforil sfoclt.
'hI Siln.ru Will Unit Wrk.
Clkvilakd, O., December 21 A
rpecial froin Youneetown, O., eyi
that n committee reprrs-n'ing the'.'O 0
etriklrg miners nf iho Miho-iine Val
lev today met Robert. MiCuidy, the
nrhitratoron behalf of the op'rators,
and it waj mutnally igres-d t renom
mend th adoption ol the Columbus
aivile, which has (or a mitilmum ba o
p .y GO cents per t m. A call wao is
aned for a tua-e meet'ng of ml -era and
rpeta'ora to bo held rcxt Fridav, if!
whiciitnie it is expcc.ed the diffor
inies will be niljont.i d.
Uraiuoud Watiilien, II tiflaiU'"
II Jil l
Tool - Chest?, Pockpt Knifes, J
Scissors in Cnso?,
Ilodscr' aid American Carvers,
Splendid Assurtment.
VJKMI-illM TUliAl t K.
Tl'.a (JreHto.it Living Art7oi. ia Uruuil Otd
Cou. ed im.
Tt'E-tlAY ..i.ai.Y lie LYIIS1
WillNl.hUAY AN l CHHIfc'J MAS M'.UT,
u wt o i- .
TlirnrAY run MHGIT
Cbratiuaa Matins- I,YI I.V.4
e-sia Ht .Mulf rVr.- .
NMr Yeur'n ce - PKI.A I lit) TtAN
1MLIAS lillulj fll'E'.U CDVIHANY.
Chrl; tniaa Week (irand Cal.i Week !
thk rov. -o-hj i '. uinL,
A I'ttia lady nilttj by uat-rs wi'h Two
Touuuos tlm inn-t rcuia k .b.e freak
ni' mi urn krow.
?r.UD HOWF. Knuicky'B Fut B-.y. Vfaxn,
Ci irniiine.l th i l.i.h'LirK K.iehiol. Hon.
hllKBUAX fuTTKRl', ilia Tiny Mi iHot. A. O.
Ii am., 0brjp i'lani.t. Jis .Macs c,
J-!ln-tio r-k'n Mnn. And a (Irnriii I'ollai-.tiiin
ot Wontem, nnil a Hi ub e Hup kerli'Tiu-nni-n.
A i-MIHliiV T.i iM,. IO ui' N'I'-i.
Bank c'earini-s ai Nnw O La s yes-tBi-y,2,80l,8:2.
Makcukstkr cloths nnd yarns aro
quo'ed quii-t, ra hertasie-.
New Oulrans spot cotton wai l-16s
lower nil t round yest tdtj.
Is the loadiog ni'irkoti breaiLtufTa
are loxer acd provisions higher.
Cotton receipts at Memphis je ter
dav wera 3433 b lies; snipm-'nt', 5163
b.'.kc, w.-i rales, 5100 ba ea suetoi
hund, 150,505 balea.
Tiik otal vifiible EUpp'y of whtat in
tha Unhid States nd O nada shows
f-.v. nciea-e of 1, 470,0 '.0 baehelr-, a-jd
of ccrn 437.000 bushels
Elabibatb prepiration3 aie ma
In;; for t. e third acntwl rt ceptioa and
ejti-rtiinmi'"t to bo given by t'-e
M rchan's' Eschirga oa the GO h in
stant. At Kew O lea"3: C do': demand
Iiuhtbui to'dus fl m. R cequietaod
weair. Cottoo seed prcdocts quiot but
firm. Sugar eteidyni firm. Aloia'OiS
firmer but not quutably higher.
At Livrpool wheat is quiet ar,d
8toiidy. The receipts fr the past three
diyc were 117 000 centae, a e nding
i 03,000 Arrericau. Coin steady, d;
maod feii-.- Tue rrceip'e of Americin
c-rnfor three da; s p?s'. were 59.9'JO
Vi'itofs on 'charge vnn'f rdav : C.
F Webber, St Lotus;' W. VcO mb,
rbi'a 'e'rbia; Vuo. Blanks, Tnssvant,
Tenn.; F. L. Cinneit, Holly 8prirg,
M rs ; M ss 1.. P. Eknn-tt, II lly
Sp inr--, Mies. ; S. J. Fiett, New York ;
J. I', Grilse, Ai.hpo.-t, lonn.
Tns r:c-ip's of wh at at eight
We'ero poi ti f r th ) p mt week ok
8'egalnl 2,0i.'9,000 l.ur-lisl, md ttie
shiiiincnts fro n the e-ime foiars weie
G33C0O bnohelo. I.ns'.- w ek tho rx
ce'pts fgg regaled U 7l;3 ODD bushels,
aud tho shipnea's wjro 1,401,01.0.
bntliHl". t
Tuk ric iptof wbra1; ar. New Yurie,
Philiiite'p'ini arid Pohmio'H for the
;-. st wo-Jt sgureuat'-il 1 .(015,000 b"aii
o'h, find, the expnrs wre W50 0
busht e. Lajt week tho r -eein'e t t
tl'O svne pints agg-igit'td K.J'i.'li
bn-hdi end the x,jor,ij wi::e l.V.H li00
John- n7. riti.ATii). cf Dli.rd A
Cotlio, in resiens to a i-iitist. h.-.s
vn''e'i rime to N pnleiii Hi'1, Geo.
I! F. I'.iU.-r-.OJ nil. I i) lir.-, lineiti i g
i.i i i i fo- iln dike ol rclid -r.t of thu
C)lto:i Exbarjge lit trie cex". elec
tion, t n the gtonnda tlet tt'- i tlic-i
wonhl ri-qo ro more (itiie tt.au l-.e
could give it ant lie would havo to
neglect nia bu-onras.
Ti'K Brodot eel Avency Tenorti 92
fo lurra in the Uint;d Males during
the weolr ending D-iember 17, 18S0,
aeiine' COO in toe p e ed ng w ek.and
217, 205, 280 find 230 in tbe crr.
euonilhm weeks of 18S') 84 83-S2 rr
sieitivnly. Miilde ota o 70, New
Eegieud Slat -e oo, Southern Stales
80. Wesiern btt-tes 80, PacBc 8tatea
aid Territories 21, Canada 31. Ti-tal
in the United S a es nnd Canada, 3j3.
Finu WniclV It- iiai'nV. Wnlfcrd's,
A I'nwnrtliy Axvnviklnnt ou A
l'liicUy VCoiunn.
Om'HA, Nm ,I)eerub r2l A mya
leiiom " urdtr occurred laer. night at
the rt6id.ea of P. Hutton chon, thr.-e
nvl-B iroinllftir, Neb. Mr. Ru'itie
tchon, b s w f.i tmd four eniad chil
dioii wore eiititig at the en.'cer table,
wliiin nn u'jkiiOA-n HoenBii fired a
(ho'cmi froti tho i-utftido throngo tv
window. 'J he li'ickHiiot lodged in M'.
rtnt'i nschon's had, killing him iu
8 antiy. The i-esasrin ihen entered
ttie hi' use and attf-i, pted to k.ll Ms.
Bot'onaiition, but tho plucky woman
wi-s to i liiuco inr lnrn. SneHfynibi
saw him nalkir.g on toe rail o id t'acl
riiiirtlio hou-e uu-ing tLo hirerncou
with a g in. No nintive is giveu for
too ac .
Mtilfi;rM, ZUl illatii.
A 1-yucbluu; Knllitliteueil Olitrf.
Cincinnati. ()., D.-cn;iibir 1. N-.wa
coima f'om Eaton, O , t ui'ulit that
the tit'zena satherod iu a body cb iut
the conrtt ouse touixbt and a Boohing
tho jail broke into it ami rock ont
Willi im Mussel, and at 8:10 o'c'o.k
hidlidi ad boxly daogii; g fnnian
elf it'ic l'ght pole in front ol the court-hr.u.-
Tiitre ws an uncroi trollhblo
epint it thn crowd tlia: ovcrwholmid
rnt rely a.l effoiti of the officers to
pn tJit the prisoner. A plan had been
made to reninve Mng'el to eomo ctoer
jail tociirl.t, but the mob gathered and
aoted btfora it conld t e ca ritd out.
Golil Pcni at Mnlferil's.
Wllioa llnrrrlt Hawqnetetl.
Cnicaoo, III., Dee-raber 21 Mr.
Wilson Rnrett, the Kiglleh tr,-ged an
who b ca i an engoiemeut at the
Cntnmbia Theater th'S week, wt-s
tf-nitere,! a breakfai-t et the CMcozo
Clnh today by Gen. John B. C.r'on,
P'lfident of tbe L-u;svi!!e. New
Albany and Chicago rniirod. Air ong
n'her guett were Mavcr Iliriieon,
the Hon Rd;oit T. Li.,co n, Mr.
Gnnrse M. Pulmaa, Mr. M.iriba'd
Fields and others.
An diionlon raised by a bilious
B'.kta of the eysteui r. n be rurf d by
nfing Cote i'a JL.it le Liver Pill?. fo
pin, g i;iirg or di'oomfort tt'.ondirg
their uao. Try them.
Wt have romcved our ei.tiro tuaioeal to
Uos. 3T8 & 380 f ront St..
adjoining tlio ya' Itniel, wbcre ws
mo roneiving a lurpe Pr -,ri;uont ot fiMr-rlK-i,
lluica ii'H. Wmkju.n, klitruiKx.
rva- tlirrj , JiKi , ail ol whinh will bo soli
nt Very Low Prints. A full l.n ot tlor
H huIi. '.h grid '"I"' hi too on hand. All
persons in rend o1 tbe abovo RO"da will ;ara
monr y by oXiiuiuio our stock before iur
chu IK.
f-lanufacturera' Aq?nts.
Orange?, MaW'a Gropes, Ariplea,
iianuuas, Letuona, Crunbcrrios.
Pitted Cherries, Evaporated Peaches
Citron", Evaporated Pears,
German Pears, Letnou Picl,
(Jerrnan Cherries, Kvsporated Apples
Orairge Peel, Datcc, Raisins, Prunes,
Pine pi'-le Gltica, Figs.
Almond;), Pecans, Filberts, English
Walnuts, Brazil Nuts.
Jellies, Preserves, Etc.
Shaker Preserves, Canton Ginger,
Dundee Jams and Marmalade,
Currant, Raspberry, Strawberry acd
Peach Jelly by the pound.
Apple Butter, Mince Meat,
Manlo Syrup, Honey, fllaplo Sugar,
New Molasses, Sugar, Syrup,
Plum Pudding,
Curry Powder, Celery Salt, Olives,
Olive Oil, Capers, Mixed nd Plain
l'icklcs, Sweet Stuffed Maugocs,
Holland, Pine Apple, Young Amer
ica and Cream Cheese.
Salad Diessinif, Deviled Ham,
Worcestershire Sauce, Tomato Cat
sup, Mustard, Pepper Sauce,
Sage, Thyme, Sweet Margoriunj,
Summer Savory.
Buckwheat Fl.iur, Graham Flour,
Dried Corn, Purina, 'f'epioea, Saj;o,
Corn Staroh, Lcnteis, llolled A vena,
O.itmcnl, Cracked Wheat, Split Peas,
Jtioo, White Pohs, May Deans,
J'"aiiuooo, llouiiny, Grits, Bailey,
Grc;n Kern.
White Pone1 c:-, Apricots, Krg Plums
YelltiT Peaches, Grapes, Nectarines,
Green Gs.gcs, Cherries, Pino Apples,
Goo.--ebirrks, Burtlett. Pars.
Aspir.ogus, Baked Beans, Peai,
String and Stri:iglcs Beans, Corn,
Tninatots, Okra and Tomatoes, Okis
Succatash, Pumpkin.'
Canned Fisli and L?eats.
Lobsters, Bloaters, Deviled Crabs,
Finland lladdios, Salmon.Sardines,
Mackerel, Shrimps, Russian (.Javier,
Cove Oystera, Pigsfi-ct, Chip Beei,
Ox Tongue, Canned Beef.
Gelatine, Flavoring Extracts,
Yeast Powder, Blauks's Hand-made
Larrabee & Kennedy's Cakes andf
Creamery Butter, Sweet Cider,
Boston Brown Bread, Deep SeaCod-
liah, Shelled Alnmnds.
l(K.IMiIAia t'.KH loll
Ai.A Iroxt Koo2ng'
Flrn, vri!il Wulrr Aiiit I lhnln
pronl. bniUl.U lor nil tinilf of bnildiUKt.
for pric-fi aii etiaiati laotorr ttii
call oa or uddrMi
138 A 410 Main it., and 21 20 Kulberry
Had(inrt r4 lor Iron Fnnw CrwtlBr.
llaniied Iron Comli.n.T'n IUo' Mnw.
J. P. UOLST k 15K0.
Funsrai Binders,
n a k r-i tv v e r
5o. 33 EruD st mkmi'iiih,
A VI) uli nd oiioirle'n trak ol Hpod and!
8'.-. oili; ,'uu and Cauau. Cii.'!ti-l.o-roj
Cskoti in i iJnrtr.l iiria
nupii. Mtriir.tnra or ioyioa vroibi'UV
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iiiiilui iiiiiKts Ki Slallord.
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