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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, December 22, 1886, Image 5

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(Bwessaser ta
ll li receipt at a larger,
Ittwted stack of CASSICKE8,tT03TEiS,
u4 0TEKC0AT1569,: (U
fleas,) tfcaa was erer shown
tack cexpritet tka choicest
mi t daraala foods la (rentlcmen's wetr.
Samples aad Prices oa application te those
Wke kive left measures.
St W ffi
230 Mi?K STREET ,
asf stoGK UD8n
"T7 E would rcsrentfully announce to the rublie thnt we havo opeier) an Anotlon niuse,
W and will conduct the Uonnral Auction Jiusirwss, nt onr oirt stand. e. Its' Sila
M reel, in tho Webster Mock. Having secured toe services ut Mj. J. It. MoDON ALD, the
well known Auction Sale-mim, who hns a lone ei-perot o in the auction busineae, we ire
prepared touiako sa's at RESIDENCES or K lOKKHllUSES, and will pay particular atten
tion to the s:itn of Ileal E'tate and solicit a lilierul p4trunago, ssuur tnotco is ULICK SALliS
and PROMPT ohT('MCivlfcNT.'.i We will make tpeoial rates with Attorneys, Adminis
trators. Afiirnrea, (Sheriffs. Cotuin'ssioners and Ouirdiuns. t-ales at our tnloroonis daily
at lllo'olook a.m. and at 7 o'olook p m., and Trade M m once a week, tbe duy to be an
nounced hereafter. Consignments of Merchandise of every kind solicited.
H. HlvM HOI 1' V .. IJoiitl Auctioneer.
.1. V, V'iTWIVATjH, nlemTi.
AUP8 Linden street.
4 L ADY and tientlemoo Salesmen. Cs.ll at
r e 9 i d c n o o: retotenros II ,145 Madison .
ClOTTAttK To rent a 6rst-o!ass cottare,
J containing fiv or fix rooms s mu.t be
near eir I ne. Cull at or addross Hoom E,
Cotton TSzrh ant Building. ,
MAN-A sober, indaatrlous. bnnott man,
to dfie our city sou water wairnn.
Nose ned apply utile-" well re -or.imended.
PRIVATK Booardinghouse all newly fnr
niihed, wiih U Rood boarde-s. Mill
t.kebcnrd lorrciitnf houe. Address
D. W, T., Apieil office.
H1TB OOOK-Atonco. Apylyal
blTUATlON B a younir maa from Vii
liinia, either in who!elo or retail dry
ffeods or iirocery boune. M aaleiiian orapipi
ant book-kcuper. Iliivo had 2Vi oari epo
rionco in bnti lines, allry no object. Verr
bent of ro'e-anco a( tn rh.rac'or und bum-tio-l
Qualifications. Allrj',LrsTEIl
P. 0. boxlVii, liTpchhurK. Ya.
TnVB'lA l(On To know tjut we bave a
JJJ Hue It ck of furniture, all Sindnof rock
r end hilit'e ohaim, etn , tuitahle lor
:hTiftiua!t, at ap ciai:y low prices ftr toe
bcl' a'mKH. T1KATTIE t TO., 313 Main si.
TWO Kxiwriencod llardar TrTelin
Bil''fi"n: pojitivel rone others notd
apple- Def lardin-. Miller 4 Hooten, SA Mam
rriRST CLS!t COOK At West Momihie
H Atilv n 7 1 Main trft.
I BSI.S. (VHN CODS Addrrrs
K hMlil.M J.iHirn IKU'Q.
VV uri "f-r us tit thot wn ho nes; Kood
Wfico1 : no cunra-'rinfr: oit.nce nyobio ition.
Add Aid "upplv ' o.,41 1 liol l" .fcuKtiin.M'in
SA I.I SW M-.' In this bt-.ta ! r Blair's
Hold i'n: r.:.i Vim. f'i fo:i.Ps sout
frr , th..!-il P'ioO- Til'. P0PI!IjA
Fi li'N' " 1 N' Pf S '.., 57 Tr 'ndwuy, M. .
lil :: .' .-UK -itv'ore o. requited : 37S
Ad:i-"F n. I'i'l during innmiPghnurj.
Olll) T1 N-llyanesiieriuBied end prae
O tint .Uiiiii:-on niHiLiwr: nest ot re -eroces
i iven ; corrtf pnM'nt. holici'o
Ail.lrcK't 'Mi.WAurB,"
tare '(Vmmcrri l'i 11 u fl .rk
,AV Hii.MtDlU'.j At
OUllAI' 1 . A q aiittty t (ovet aid
D iini bip- r- cr:,p imn m d c !d cir whu-lu.
ST. LOvIi M A Ll. AiU.lv lltuN Cu.,
St. l.otna Mo.
kjA I MKN'-'o 'K' ;""'i work ou the
iiUv.' Memphis, liii tn i a Uh in and Atlantic
. It., near Ah rd en.iM's Apu yon work.
(Al'.VKV l-iKb. tontr ciory.
oii.Vp.is fcorcafu t-ro
,RflH I). .le-we 2Ktm
C"l .-" iEA.VIS At84 por rt'iyj l i,rivern
ZUU a Sl.ro ier dy. Pay every Butur-davr-iirht
201 S ation Mer. will pay trorn
12 tn 17 ennu i.tr viid. tent wotK on the
levee; no root.': no (trunbini:; all utw workj
in U0108. ltd U r-HHllll. l'(-IIUUI
H. A. .ION Km it CO., til Monrte street,
or on works f Fwert A Co.. Austin, Mis.
001) Colored Chauibern.aid
At 72 Madison street.
A GEN lo-in evert town to sell Pianos
andOrcnns. H01ICK CO., Motuph't.
Sf AMl'lSti AND KMBKOliiiiUiNU To
order ,. bt styjesat. KMr(?Rnr
MAN An Intel liifont.cnrnei't uiu to rep
. resont, in hi own locHljty, a larso ro
i rtftnaiiiln linurp. A reiuiinornri ve sn'iiry to
riiht i.fi ti. Heady pusition P.eleronces
cschnnrej, American Maautacturmf liouse
tl hrelee fi.. N. V.
K( 1 O'iS-ln 0
t'rotfiiK town Lf AK-
JV Ci'LA, or
the li. . O. ud T. R-it..
and '.!'. 11 K. w. li'pots in thetonn.
This town is loeateo In Wufhinnton couoty,
Miss ,'On iles nbovo Vun'oor an l-llniilea
lulow .Vieaiulii.. in the . oot.r of lho finest
.ot li, .oomlrv in -be wrlo. on tLo IIIku
l-atiltso' lieoi creok. Kir lnrthi.rinfora.a-
lioti aiJdrot.s Jr.. D. ha 1 rii. I
' Are. la. Mi-s.i
Atir.M'lE CO
two aulloos
t re,h with cnlf; aies
pcrdaji uiiln.vi.ry noti. t
Pile . Apply to
At sou'h cn'o Klii'Woj'dJ iiie'er-'
It TitvANi 'wtilow u n it I Cat pet fancy
LY Horknrr, H iet-osr , Furtiiiuro
Larse t.ck ! r Xmts 'rade.
AMI'S, P.K.A l't tK 4 CO
H'.l Vain st
L Can be s en at 5ii Jla n strei -t.
VfKE 11KATINO STOVH-C'hosp, r.eatly
UN n.w, a: 10 i'uion iti'ooc.
COrTAflK-IIiind ntneuew cottntjonti Xlis
irsi ij its. tJ'x.Md .!; J!. L'l!'liL
OT'inSh ilooj tVti.lo buivy h- n-ei lady
tt. enndri e. A P. Ta or. Madiaon st.
ONlvXi'i.P. " Funiunhar" Ste.iu b.nkir o
and Uorir.untal u 1 ubular liodcr, com
plete: a l iiood as new; has not sceu 1 tir
months actual service. Also, o:ie new h o. 2
'Kay" U saw Muehms. ith 24 inch sw.
Apply to It. .' W"tjOS, Cotton V:x. lluildine.
rSir tiK AIX A nl pyin Ueriuan
3,.ardinithouse In llalena. Ark., owner
wishing to retire F -r lurther particulars,
iiquire at BHUNER'S. In llelenaLArk
P cood t'nde; roason or selling, kadhealh.
Willroli chep. Adlreis
B. this offl-e.
-Abd )ocng calf,
at Keek's Starves,
C'toTI'-'S USUI Ai'en i-on ernpie i;ov
J tn eee.l ; 60 cents rer bushol in lots ol
not leva than lu ouitols. OTAR'T
Q aiULEd AS" l) ft A l. S Address
K.,ilLi Mi-si-s ppi avenue.
I Ad'treas W thisoflice.
Oi--''ho.- y rt '-ici:
J O.W, ''K. H'
l il; oo oily
TiH Man st.
Ll Pai'cHS
Al'i'T M. OFPIf-a.
j'Ortr'Al.B 'dlh i' No. o W ail'inaton
J Hand Press, for nine-column nper;
t cd a new, Inuuirenl No. Tt l.'oion sf,.
iT 1 . J.c.es A Co.'s., one mce (untie
Xx buavy M A K ih.t any lady can drive
or rjilc p'Tlo'tiy rx't.
1 ES I Di :: Nos. Ho nd M Mars el at;
;u gu d r- ri:r: lot S7'',l4-. Aiply to
sore varied and better ia-
thU season' l-parta-
ia this arke Tks
designs, finest textures
pfll'cf i
THEI15 -
t ai -
lor jnsDBcnon
DOO Sundiy, Deo. Ith. Nowtoundlnnd
d'. I.laok, wt'h whim brenut nnd leott
hud on leathnr cellar. Kxtura to S. A.
POOL, No. tl MulhorrTif . nnH h- n wa-ded.
P01NTK11 DO'l-Laren liver and white
pointer i ok ; one e out. Bemrn and
be rowarded. Pl'OSTON, 59 MadiBon.
troct car No. 8. goinir nouth, about 5
o'clocl;, Deo. 14th. Return to II. W. Millir.
TOST t.'!i MISLAID A ISet oj Plans be
1J lonnntr to it
liowenttoin A Brothers
New lluilding.
Pleifla rt;irn to
,1011 N HKIt, uut'dcr.
QTEJ3K A lurKi
red utter,
yj burns. A liberal reward will be paid a
il re
A1MS1N hl KKKr.
caption, 1 know, will attmot soma
attention, ard I teal sute corns Iniienious
individual will find around on whi h I eaa
obtain a divorce, altousti several lawyers
to whom I btaled my sue could find Done.
I tavo been married two yenrs and eixht
roontns, My husband is a good lo king man
of 40 years; is nut addii-ted to drink ; in fact,
has no vices th it 1 know of, and while he
loves ma and eitppllcs me with lny every
want, yet, though 1 aui ashamed to say it, I
1'ive him ni t, and therefore, nnder a ficti
tious name and address offer ('25 or one ol I.
Samelsi-n & bcantiiul Mrer-ctauu
fits as a reward 1 1 an i 'individual who oan
fchow me on what aroucJ I can t;ct the aiore
sid diverse, and he cm therchy earn t. nice
Chrietuins proer,t. Add-ea,in confidence,
1MIUP"Y wirn. Appeal fli,-e.
KAT1B lAD.-ELI,-I"eose write to your
own Frank ,i. 11., Memphis. Tonn.
MADAM13 FAT NAYS The ce'ebratod
(liusy Clairvoyant nnd Teat Medium,
177 Third street, ne ;r Po lar.
CUSTb-K.S lluilt and repaired mid wr-
runted. Invtotor if the Sanitary Port
Ir.nd Cement Vuu 3. Corrrnf-tor snd brick
Inwr. TeV-'v-r HXB. 1 HoS. CIMHIINS.
itixurs ami :o vi:i.
Witn anard, at
J ,V A iIS')M ST
T. JaMKS IIUl'Hii Corner BocniJ and
Aonms prrre h H'ioihh utid board, 90 per
week ;jl;iyliouid,ll 51 m
1 Coll JSOAHi) By the or we- k
At .Vi in rd OTicet.
-Two unfurnished mo-jis.
bo'ird, nt No. tW Ad.,uis sireet.
I ho lit'Vtthe n arhelai-
I Ionia,
At 7 Cull H'f fSTHKKT.
lorninhed front room, with en -
gnnl bjard, lor singlo gontleuien; M
Court slreec.
OUM.S - Pleont,
uraif ii u rooms, wna
iTV board. for ladiesorifonileii en. Terra
i i
verv reiconahle.
Court Kxtonded,
BbAUliKUIj lront roonia, sinnle or tn
suite, furniEbod or unlurn'shed, with or
wit'oont hoard ; other tow. 1o41'' f'nnrt st
FOlt It H JIT.
riTWO NEW COTTAES-$12 SO por month.
.L InuuireHt 110 hay burn HVenue
BOOMS Furnished or un'nrr.i'hod; con
iral locUion ; terms moderate.
v'l Slanisnn tiett
WkLLINU-UOUSE-With 7 rooms, at
15J LuoLcy siieetj rlypao'od nd
painted; to Orst class co dition. Add ess
H . H. HA ES.
NICK, NhaT CO'lTAtl K- Hve rooms,
sp'enoid v,.it r. larce osek ynr 1, No ( I
Lallote sireii. apply at Dr. A WESSUN'O
oili.-e. No. 21:1 Main e.riet.
Q noOVig invle or en suite; dosirnhle lo
ss eality. Ad re s A. H (' . tins ndine.
Z i Zf KN hS.-THM Kl' Wa'er nud all
J.U.L modern conveniences. Apply
CiM F Mhii.
I 'I.
UVU rurnish d Koomsin rKnte la i ily,
suitivli o I rentlcnmn, :it 2M Uaion ft.
lL NT allON 46 acr- u,
t 2." mi'i s iil'ovn Memphi .
ll novo overllow.
A r I' ansas
Jar(r. kiohouu mi I siwmi
I o, it. W l rent
F. li.'VAMXElt.
ve y low to a xood t nty.
rpilK UliatKKt' 1'os.CL- ri.er .-.aytmn
L avenue ai,d Jackson street; two-story
Irame, a rif 21 sere- lend, truiisol Ml kind,
bne trit'i- and v nolahlo aeidn, Willtent
lor refits of yo;.rs, Al o, ano'rer place,
tome s: aire-, near Oaiion'n; tiue vines
sod fruit, w to reridencn
1.. 1 101 a cvIj'A I. leO'SQo Hi.
1' 3' OM-1 c nl deii-able r ;i jis in Ma
i fooio Teinpie, fro January 1. le7.
Art-iyto iii.'N v. PKitb,
aT oniH oi noire i i.u i n I .
T7t)0 Vis Pu'iii-'heil (TTu i uriishtd; ca
LX tra! loffatiou; terms moderate.
oj Vad-sirn stree.
7 TiFiTClTljt Fich-On T soraind floor,
' Main sireot, cornor Imion. Apply at
crTi.. .In.-. LKN"w.
AT EW 8 1 ORE -Southe-st
rner tn and
PopUrsts. M. K CuNAW Al.ZHft 'am.
SPLENDID rooms, iurmshed or uniur
nisbed, with board. IN) LINDKN fal
ROOMS Furnished or unfurnished, at
121 t OUR f ST.
OFFICICH AND Ki.iiMn A' b7 .Madisou
stieot. B. M. ESTKS. 5 Madis.n.
LARUE STittE-First floor and cellur.
wth side and roar antrasces, Ios.Soi
and Sol Main stieet.
OFl ICES No. i Peooud street.
I'.V RLLi N" 1 0 Court -troet.
VACANT -LOTS Apply to ,.
M8 M dison street.
OOO.Vh Pleasant rooms
furnished tl
desired, with references, at 2111 Madison.
OFFICE-Firct floor
a.t 32 Ma Hsno 'treat.
At fit Markei street i
lunlshed or untar
'r sumlo or en I' He,
nished, lood wa'r. Hfid ar hil'ioess.
ijIOHEilOIIr E Vour s'ory ana basemen'
O storehojee. No. 2.i4 Krot t street.
M A I. L't YjJ.A .'L- .
Ct07T 'S '"Fl'ICh Apply to k. M. Apper-
son Jt Co., No. 304 Fro?ittroet.
QTOKEll ., ". , "
O ,u, P'l Main oct.
'i 2' Main Strsf .
No. 2o7 ?'lain Street. ,
AppW to 1 AM' R 1,1 v.. .It.. 4 M.dt.ew f
Id the Presence of a -Yorj Larje ant!
. FuruUinikbie Audience Kecrp
tion at the l'eabodj.
All thing conBirlered, Chrietmafl
week is percaps thu be i t'rno to pet
married, lor the cei:ntial joyonannfR
of tti rcwia on ia euhuL-ced a buniirt-d
fold by lhe holiday cha-ee'er of th
eet-Bors enviioiiinnnt. This fact w;b
ploofirgly irprvtsed upon al who
waiietl in Calvary Church last ni.ht
It ti e brii'al patty to epptar. lhe
chancel and it i a?protho.) wort a'
naiiy arrnvtd ia their bnliilay ,arb
of Lrlly at d evsrprcitn eiid this ptr
fitme tiba cd by thfe fr Arrant f.ttc.s
enrinB rtTiiotl with thf-m aHigj rt. ot
t f 'e'tivity nrd morrimmt a'id r-joking
that w.o relli'f.rd iu leiiilH rLar
acitra npo.i the joyoua f.u-rg cf the
va 1 1 ea 'mblasie. Ra'H upon rowj o!
the luvelirBi aid n.o-jt fashiotable
women in Mumpha wtri theic,
sorm in full ev.'nirn; dra-p, in
rnciinres tn nt'end the woildinn
ttcpp ioit, and others nnt los-a ?.t
trnctiva in be.oiiiiuir etreet dries (f
eiyliab rnnkH tid cortiy trxt'ir-', at
tiae'ed fcy th f.tino ol the b'iJti's
bi anty and tbe hih social thf.rdt!! r
cf the pf r ii it utitN i.i'tha cerimotiy.
't'be'e werti otht r?, too, no less lovely,
fif hnmbler dejiiee and eimpler station
in lif, who eame meiely toB-.eorto
b? ap"P, or pos lil v itnpe led by tbe
iriwiitibl-1 n'tiaution that ihu Biiucta
c!n rf a fiiRliioiiab'.e weiidinjj alwava
a ema tn txirci-e tipsja ih') leininit:e
mind. There wi re, too, a large
ga'.ion r.f m n, many of them p;om!
uent i-i t';o walk-t of comnitrce, end
trhoaa prigeuca i.t a wddittK tan on y
b3 c.inM'.tttod uh b special c implimei.t
to tbe bride a3 rate ai it wai de
seived. It fjofs wi.bout sayinR that
every avuahle 89it was occupied
lon b;fre 7:30 o'clock p.m., the
hour unnc unced for the terenicuy to
begin. The thuich was n it only
packnd to Itj u moat capacity, but all
the avfnu a of appn ac'i were so
thickly peup'ed that waan the bridal
paty did appear a pathway had ti be
cl a ol for I lie m tbrottjih a donee maBH
ol gaping hninariiiy, mca'ly of the c:il
rrud race. There was an aba-nen cf
the ttdions wiiting incident to such
octasioutr, l owevr, and it was only a
few ruinates tl er 7:30 when tho
anpeaMnre of the Rev. Divid Sorsuma
at the ves ry dn'ir appritod the er
pectint icultilnda lhat
Prof. Levy, who had been iejiling
the audience wi ll liht and hiry mal
odies, at once accepted the ti rucl, and
the "Concert Match," by K-tttr r,
buret fr itu the oigiti ia a il oJ of har
mony and roiled throtiKh the huiltliou
with increp.Bins; volnm-i as if concioiiH
of its roiad.m of welcome. Slowly
down the center aieie marched the
bridal p-r ia the followiun order:
The groomsmen in double file, Mwrs.
Lamar Cbappell, T. FreeiriHii, 0. B
Gallowsy, jr., J. II Itis, K (i. Mor
row, J VV. Fulmar, J. McReynoIda, M.
Pepper and J. Walker. Thneo (rxntle
man esi eudid to th) chancel and di
vided into two parties, faciott cash
other. Therowaia cratiinu; of uenla
t ) see what cams uex", and thetighi
wh well worth the etl ri.
It w&a a riaion of lovetincst t'u.t
ra'gbt woll biifllj a ptinter'e akid. At
flret sight and through the int'rven
Irivj hi ze of iliBtauce i' looked I kn a
procesiion of lovely Lines Hoa'irK on
cloiidH of fl ii'ry pink and gr.jcn and
white. Itnt, s um (tiese airy fi run as
anmed shape, and proved to b-" some
thing more tuiblu ihun c'oudj and
irjfiiiittilv more Bitit-Iitttory. imthii'g
l.ss, in f c, than the br.dnMinida an
bride com nf down the&iilavi h a
(rince r.f nr. t on that nitht easily a1
c ititit for tbe illusion abov riv or.led.
Fint cHiiirf Mi-8 A v.n i Lmi 1'nlk, ( f
llHl tia, rind Miss Oer ie Ale- r.,, of
Mieds p 1, iu pitik eur.ih and tuih',
Kie'n ribbons, Folbuvini; a', a il a
tarcj of a fw fiaet w?.s n trio oom
piiBid. of Misit'O Jennie Day f.iid Ids
Btuci, wiih M;nt Je3-i" Alcorn, . f
Mueisilppi, Let wean tbcra. MiBe
Dav iiinl ttrttce wore pink nurAh uud
tulle, pr.d MifB Aldvn grnen of t in
eaiii" nialerial, the i on'ra.t'ti.g co oru
prnlu 'ipfta very happy t-fli ct.
lk'hln 1 tl.e-ie lathecame Mra. Alice
Summere, ol Ltuini.li', and M ea Vla
gioMadae, in green auiah and tulle,
and following them in white euiali
and tu!le, Miesi M. E. tiilloaay and
Mies Carrie Grosvenor, leading be
JIi84 Loltie 0. Galloway, in white
satin en traiD, tulle veiile and r.now-bt-lla.
The bridal c turns wnt a
marvel of the dr Fgmakei'a art, and
would tax the iletciip ive eloqunrcjof
afa-d'ion writer. Conspicuous in the
trimming that adorned it was a pro
fusion of attticial bdow l.ara.
furnishing a mo:.t appropriate
and' nch eeUina It the ceni
tbev eucloscd. At tl e foot uf
tho'ehancel ttena Mr. R ehard K Jlor
rie. trio itrcom. awaiti it tra nune, nun
toethfr they m nintt d the 811)1 aijil
advanced to tim ehencel mil, where
iho F.hv. Sf smine, in iuranaonlata our
p'icc, B i od in readiiii es.
The iroup tl at t ontrotited the rf v
prt-ud L'cntcnian wite a tiii'.ttiro thai
villi e'ou tleca lingT in theineiuory of
tl-oaa who wiimaed it. Ojeithir
e de a iow of cioom:;mn in black,
drprs Fttitfl. Iu front fftbern two
bridoi maids iu pitik, two in gre.n and
one in whit. In the cmter thebr ibi
and grootit, and to the left t f t' e
former the bride's father. Tako it ell
iu al), it wcu'd bi hard tl imiikiiie
rnvti ine rn no f flenliveiy pictn'o que.
The r.r beauty tf the bride, the tin
Utnii hli lovf l;in-(of the biiddBmai('B,
wl o termed lo have beeu se'ec'cd
with epppci-d regard to their pt rannal
be -.nty, the bribiaut coloring of tbe
biidesmaidB' dr asot, and the art 8'n:
fronpirig of tbe whole, all combined
to prBijut a scene that ha, perhaps
n vcr b -en equaled at BBitniiar olcj
tiou lu this cny.
tub cek:cnt,
delivered with tbe ImorfS ive elo-qu-nce
habitual to the Iisv. Hps urna,
wee a ion ov r, and to the eQchanling
atraitis cf tbe ptelude o the bridal
chorus in "Lohet grinn," the bridel
taly ec on fahd out cf eibt. Tbe
pe.fect attettion to detail that
waa everywhere manibs'. wat
the euhjct o! unanimous com
merdition. Thero waa no delav,
mhitiiiintne procei'liag", t o fl .w
iu the ep'eodid epecia'dn, lor euih in
dotd:twaB. M'i'tlis of preparrtiO'i
cor. Id not h ive efJe' ted hap;)' r ic,nl'e,
and a 1 concern"d a:o ts he c m grata. -
latPd ujiou raving rontributtd to to
Lriliiant a Brifc-Pi,.
folio ed, at which the- flit cf Hem
phia Bticifty wsg p otent, m the noui t)
pli.lni.'ll uers-wt'Ii w.ll llliri; if.
Thi tnnacr, which wai eerved c:m-
tinncm-'iy from 9 tos12 o'e'rek, e n
braced, of nr. or r, en ura of de-bca
cica thtt it wou'd hot dims to inn
chief of thia famous hotel eclipsed all
his former achievements in tbe pre par
axon of the banquet. Dancing was,
of court-, the order of the evening,
and as Arnold's Band contributtd the
music and tbe great dining hall was
converted into a ball room, it is need
lets tn enlarge upon the delightful
time tl at was had. Tracy seemed to
have taken apecial paina to preoare a
d:incirg tablet in tet ping with thn oo
eion, and a.icrede f.
ta an rpar.mc:it set apart lor the
purpcae wat an
that attested, if auythirg wera net ded
to do so, tbe poou arity of tbe bride.
The ttom could statO'ly hold tbe
treasnns ol the jewo'cr's art that
friendly hand hud pl&ced there.
Added to there w.tre co. tly china lea
acts, a profus'OQ of siher table wart,
bnc a-oraj nl every aessnptu n, trotu
the lO.t'y brorzj mid IrBgiie porcelain
ti the piliilied Venetian
mirrors in f ames of h:vi:moied
biasH. Hut. why p;r:iculr;ia.
A libt of presorts would teem like a
catalogue at tn ert Ble, heme we
must conleut e.un;"!vos v.ilh ERyirg
that the dt:ttra wive numbered by
bundret'e, and the r gilta wee all the
v-ry thoiceit Bpo.imeuB cf the a t
they re'preren'ed.
The britie and gropni nefd only ti
be namd to te m-retr'tad by tie ma-
i iti'y i f the Tradi ra. The Lriiie hea
lorg bden a fiivorilo in B'. cial clrclec,
where her peraoaui ooautr, tier
amiable tuaunere, lp'rawcct womanly
temper l ave won her a host of life
ltirg frioruls. The gioom, Mr. Mo. rie,
ia c.shier in tho counting re'om
of I'jit'T ft Bl itrse, and br.a
won a high l it e in the es
tem cf t! o rne:ca:.ti'o coiiinnmity
by bia fiie cattnntr i.il tqnitinfotit,
apti'udefor IubIh ks a"d faithful at
t - nt'on to hia "atio. He is above the
mf'.nnt l.inh, riiier g'cd looking,
and a tit mate lorth fair htide be.hat
won. Among tho ladies and centle
men pi eevtii at the reception were !
Mr. A. I,. Duval, Mrs. A. L. DnrJ,
Mr. .1. ?. I'iit. Mrs. J. ft buy,
Mr. J. M. Edwards, Mis, J. M. Edwards,
Mr. J. .'. Freeman. Mrs. J. J Freeman,
Mr. N. Fontaine, Mia. N. Fontaine,
Mr. W. C. Fa kner, Mrs. W. 0. Kalkner,
Mr. 'A. 0. Halliiway, Mrs. M. C. Uallaway,
Mr. J. 8. Oalloway, lr. .1. 8. Hullowny,
Mr. J. L. Ooi'lli e, Mrs. J. L. Ooodlno,
Mr. E. lloldoaum, Mrs. K. Holdbaum,
Mr. N. Hill. Mrs. N. Hill,
Mr. Harry Hill, Mrs. Uarry IIM1,
Mr. I. P. Itadden, M. D. P. Iladden,
Mr. E. 8. Hammond, Mrs. K. 8.' Hammond,
Mr. Frmor HoUt, Mrs, Prater Moist,
Mr. Levi Joy, Mrs. Le i Joy,
Mr. A. Ku-r. Mrs. A. knrr,
Vr. J. M. Keating, Mrs. J. M. Keating,
Mr. A. D. La' gstulT, Mrs. A. D. Langktufl,
M-. T. J. Latham, Mrs. T. J. Lai ham,
Mr. A. A. Lauronoe, Mts. A. A. Laurence,
Mr. H. W. IVUcrno, Mrs. U. W. Alacrao,
Mr. W. R. Moore.
jum. iv. tl. mnore,
Mr. J. II. "Curtin,
Mr. J. 11. Mathes,
Mis. J. II. Martin,
Mrs. J. 11. M utlics,
Mrs. W. Miber,
Mrs. R W. Mitchell,
Mrs. 0. Morr- w,
Vrs. B. Montgomory,.
Mrs. T. It. Milburn,
Mrs. R. W. McLean,
Mts. 8. Mantfiald,
Mrs. 8. Moi'alluru,
Mrs. J. C. Netly,
Mrs. li. M. Neely,
Mrs. J. Poston,
Mrs. I). Pjston,
Mrs. W. P. Proudflt.
Mrs. J. W. Proudflt,
Mrs. D. T. Porter,
Mrs. 0. W. r'chulte,
Mrs. M. L. Kel.ler,
Mrs. W. II. t-eward,
Mr. W. D. Sawrie.
Mrs. J. K. Speed,
Mrs. ft. A. 8pte l,
Mrs. Ralph cernmsa,
Mrs. II. J. Seiiimes,
illrs. R. K. t-'omuirs,
Mrs. J. M. Semuos,
Mrs. J. hcaile,
Mrs. J. W. Kinith,
. Mrs. 8. 0. Toof,
Mrs. W. L. Trask, ,
Mr. W. Mil er.
Dr. R W.' Mitchell,
Mr. 0. Morrow,
Mr. 8. Montcomory,
Mr. T. I'. Milburn,
Mr. H. W. McLean.
Mr. 8. Muustiold,
Mr. 8. McCulium,
vir. J. C. cely,
Mr. U. M. Neely,
Mr. J. Poeton,
Mr. I). Poston,
Mr. W. P. Proudflt.
Mr. J. W. froudnt,
Mr. D. ''. Porter,
Mr. 0. W. Bohulte,
Mr. V.. L. Holder. .
t"r. W. II. Seward,
Mr. W. tl. hawrie,
Mr. J. K. bpeed,
Mr. R. A. Mieod,
R:Itb betnines,
Mr. H. J. Setnmes,
Mr. R. li fee mines, r
Mr. J. M. t-ouumei,
4r. J. t-oaifu.
Mr. J. W . Mnith, .
Mr. S. C. Toot,
Mr. W. L. Traek,
Mr. 8. Tain ir..
Mr. V. M. White. " Mrs. V. M. White
Mr. J. r . wi.knrson, ""rt. .t. r . vt tuerson,
Mr. 1. P WalSor, Mis. l. r. Walker,
Mr. II. Williams, . Mrs. B. Williams,
Mr. F. I. Anderson. I"'s. r. i. Anderson,
Mr. W, A. r.rown, Mrs. W. A. llrown, .
Mr. ti. II. Il.ood, lir. u. n llliiod,
Vr. J. llriwe, Mrs. J Hruoe,
Mr. t'lill bruco, Mrs Cliff I'ruce,
Mr. Win. Bruce, Mrs. Wiu. Hruce,
Mr ILL. uoki'igbam Mrs. 11, Ituokinchatn,
Mr. W. I,. Howies, jr., tirs. w. iiuwlus, jr
Mr. W. 1). ileiird
Mrs. W. ll. llenrd,
Mrs. W. D. II. tliell,
Mrs. ti. L. Ilyrd,
Mrs M llurk'i,
Mis. J. L. Cocko,
.M rt. 8. Ctirtii a,
Mn. W. t'tn pit, r.,
v p. A. M. Cook,
y.r. W. L. Cliuk'oi
M i s R'isa Lne,
Mi.-s Kni i M "try,
Vi.s Kiits Willicrson,
Mis U iud Milhuro,
Miss Noliie IVhito,
' is Luna Wilhoito,
V ins Kul tlochr n,
Mis Minion Itoylu,
Mi s M y Miirtin,
Mr. W. D, Ret hell,
Mr. .L. Uyrd,
Mr M.liurhe,
Mr. J. L. Cocke,
Mr. h. Cariics.
Mr. W. 1. flapp, jr.,
Mr A M Uimk,
Mr. w. I., i urke.
Migri Job son.
Mi-s M. K' nncdy,
Mms r lorunce ttao,
Mihs .luli t Kiirr,
Mis Coniiio Wliite,
,Mi-,i' aianuuid,
Mire llritikley,
Mitses Johtiroo,Tui-
eu lui.ia. n. I ' ..
Vits Mu'.tio Hunt,
Misses L uhthuruo.
Mn, I.uuri, I'rnU.lflt. Miss o Selnnlos
Miss I. mini llrown, Miss Emi .nitchtill,
M rs KHie FaUncr, Miss Long,
Miss Maud Long, Miss F Johnson,
Mi's Poston, Miss Patterson,
Miss lluoiliunn. Miss C. Hood man,
Mi,.sNoriiiii!oodinan.M'9s Woollolk.
Miss ircadwoll, M as R. Tieadaoll,
Misses Htratton, Miis Humes.
Mi's Eates, Mm Perl N-ely,
MissDoUuw, Miss ""adio l alls.
Miss Nona Winter, Miss Louise Mieeil,
M isa Mudgo Hruce, Miss faniiie llatibstt.
Miss Lila Collar, Miss Jennie Walker,
Miks .lonino I) y. Miss Robinson.
Miss Helen Veaeb, Miss P. Hammond,
Miss ' airie Koting, ti isa 8uaie dalbreatli,
Mm Nona Po uter. Miss Iligbee,
01 las noiiiiursou,
Mrs. R. C. Ltrinkley
MiBS M. 8cu tder.
Miss Muria Watd,
Mr. Traadwoll,
Mr. E Milburn,
Mr. Krcd Jones,
Mr. Hays,
Mr. 11. Raine,
Mr. C. NorUoet,
Mr. R. Lee,
.Vr. J. W arren,
Mr. 0. Fontaine,
Mr. E iriuKtun,
Mr. Sebau ',
Mr. Hall.
Mr F.Miller,
Mr. A Allison,
Mr. (i. Lt.tuuin,
I)r. Sinclair,
Atr. P. W . Volumes,
.Vl las Ulttr'l t-onnny,
Mrs. J. 11. Pbeian,
Mrs. J. 'ibnmp on.
Miss VatiiieScuita,
Mr. M. (iilohrist,
Mr- lietholi,
Mr. W. Parol,
Mr. C, Knowltou,
Mr. W. White,
Mr. T. 1 o;iney,
Mr. R. llii-hy,
Mr. John Ksrr,
Mr. 8 Cocke.
Dr. K. Jutiea,
Mr. W. Mill,
Mr. Ilaker.
Mr. II. L llritikley,
Mr. II. Lynn,
Mr. .N. Jones,
Mr. L. Ktink.
S'r. P. '1 rue,
I'npt. Ti.bln,
Dr E. M. Willett,
Mr. K. L. Carirgton, Mrs. h. L. Unnnglnn
Mr. Win. Cumerou, Mrs. ,u. tuiuerou,
Mr. R. II. Snowdon.
l ol. Moritso nery,
Mr. T im Wrmht,
Mr. Dick V right,
M n l hm Harris.
Mr. Dniiiir.an,
i r. Hoard,
Mr. II. 8)i. emaktr,
Mr. M. Ouerr'int,
Mr. M Cocliruit,
Mr. Kich..rt5on,
Mr. Euiceno Willott,
Mr. .1. Refers,
Mr. II. Klleli,
Mr. L. I;inio'on,
Mr. Jii k Donsouuibei
Mr. Prown.
,nr. jonn nier,
Mr. Jnek Harris,
Mr. Hunt,
Mr. Ilowilre.
Mr Uriike,
Mr. W. (toodraan,
Mr. Coi'brau,
Mr. Iko Wat's,
Dr.E M lllott jr.
r, r. L. Mnrke,
Mr. t d Moon,
Mr. Ed Hu ns.
Mr. D.ck Lrown,
Flue H'att livii al HloUord's.
kyrrp r I'lg-t
Mennficlnred cnlv by te tJalifornia
Fiir H.rnn Com nan v. Ban Francisco,
Cal , ia nature's own true luxattve. It
is she mobt etaiiy teken and the mnBt
nlrfaaant flaciive remedy Known w
r ' . , . .,.
iMistias tne fvatem wdbu unioun or
noetive: t denel btalnchoe, colds
and levers: to cure habi tial const'pa
lion, iudtpea lot, etn. Frr sa' in 60
rents ami .l bottles bv H. .1. Hrieter
ami all lesdirg d ugaia a; Vai Vliet
ft Co., G. W. J .nes - Co., W. N. Wd
kers n ft Co, H. M.rjsfield 4 Co. havo
h phu aiiLointcd wholesale agents at
Mem phis
Mnlford, Jeweler, 291 Main tared,
fj'jliclis or'iers Irtitu me rotiniry.
And it litimulateH aud proriot the
irrowih of the hair.
f -m Fl vtiriisv l vot are ibV
Subscribe for lite "Appeal.
A Blaze oa Second Street Caused bj
aa Iacendlurj Slight Fire oa
Market Street
At midnight flr was digcnTfwd ia
the ttro-atoiy tti!!iling, No. L'O J ffer
enn rt-eet. An alarm was tent in
from Doit 0, and tbe department wag
noon on lha ground. Tre flrj was
found to he locht d in the btoihI
lloor, and Engine Company No. 1 and
the Bibcock extit gu.H'it d it after tha
huildiFg hud been ('.vmsged b.it;t
:llh worth. The hnilditig is owned
hy Mr. A. Uluck, but whether or nut lsa
had any inautance could rot he lean ed
lust night. The ground floor ia occu
p'ej by M. Iaa.tc aa a tailonrg eetah
lishiuur.t, and big place wast filled with
water, which came through tho door
above. Ilia lues will bo alight, aa hia
grinds were promptly covered wiih
tarpaulins. The tecond floor
in occupied by Buckham ft
.-hroycr f,e a job oliice, and abo
hy J. F. Hanson and C. K Uebhardt,
who are the ovvneta of tho Southern, or
Werkty Record All the type used in
lie publication was sot up there, and
nf c miee it was all knocked into ''pi"
hy the B reams ol water thrown into
the building. Th're are threo job
presses in the placo, and they worn
daujaged. Modern. ll.ickhaui &
8hrpsJe,r are Insuwd for $i00,
while Measta. II train t Gpbhaidt,
carry n policv for $M)0 on lewapaper
materlrl The inenranco is all pluctid
In tiilbert Faine'e sgencieg. The
at ck on the second floor was valued
at $;100, and the tota; Iubs will emonnt
to abe.ut SdOl). Mr. II F. Hanson,
who rents and runs the job oftiee, wai
in tbe room when the fire e at ted.
He eays a burning oonl fell fiom tbe
Move and sot lira to a lot of loose p t
per on the tl ior. He tried to fxtm
Htr8h the bin but was nnancceubf.il
and he gave the a' a m.
At 3 o'clock yosterdny morning a
negro man diacovsred tire in one of
the rooms on the third floor of tho
four atory brick building, No. 2'oS Sec
ond etreut. An alarof wat Imniedl-
ctely tnrned in from Box (i, tn which
tho department promptly te
eponded. They KOt quickly to wo k,
anil exlinguiehed the fire a'ter the
building anil other property hud f in
tained damage estimated at $401).
When the firemen arrived liny found
tho building on fir J in eevnral pi Acta
on the third floor. The tire hud al
ready Kaiutrd cona'derabln headway,
and but for prompt and eflloient werk
tho entire hlock niiulit have been de
stroyed. The third thcr was occu
pied as a lodge or mo?ting
room by a colrred secret crgauixition
known as lhe "Independent Ortler
of Immiiculatea." All their hooks,
papers and other paraphernalia wera
destroyed, and their lose will loot np
abrat. $150. The koighta of Labor
and Justice Buttenbtirg a'so had rooms
In the buildinir. and their ell eta wore
slightly damaged by water. Meagre.
1). ll. Urtliiwln AUu ticaiera in piaoos
and organs, occupied tho lower ll ior,
but they aullered no InB', ia the hook
and ladder men covered their atock
with tarpaulioe. They ca'ry ja.wO In
surance un their stock Ti e Kuights
nf Labor are incimid for $U0. lhe
buildups, which ia owned hy Ja nea
B.iro, wardamaund Mlinut fol) woith,
and is inKired for i(KXK). The fire waa
of luceQdiarv oiiuin, nud a noiiro ia
friippected of having done the work.
Itiealaim Irom lion i, ai:io ium
night, wai cattHed hy the bu-nipg nl a
hint at tho BtiUihweB' cornered Matkot
und Main streets. The t?nt waa old
and woi thlo' r and tha loaa trifling.
THE THE AT 15 ft.
Mlsa Ituao S'OKtilnn aa " Pnnllsio."
Miai Cutfhlan appeared lat n:ght
6i the a eon 1 time en tlie Mempbis
stage, and waa warmly reteivid by a
tno.t appreciative auiit'.ir.te, Doing
tiled h fore the ctrta'n at lhe elope
cf every act. Tho play wo" Jlulwer a
well worn Jaitgof I.yom ll was aa
niirablv put upnu the etnge, lhe rot-
tinits bi-ir.g npprnpruito n.nlthe cos
tumes rich ai the po iod cf tho p ay
would permit. The following wai, tho
rait :
Cluuifo Melnolto.Mr. Frederleedc Bcl'ovllle
Col. Dmnas Mr. tburloa Walnut
Mona. Ho lusoant Mr. A. S. Licnmn
Mods, fiiavi..... Mr- (I. Herbert Leonard
tJiapar Mr. Malcolm llrsdley
Landlord i"r paries r.uwin
Mona. Descha.elles Mr VernerC'arges
Cspt. Dm out
Mr. Charles llnrnes
Major !eiununus
Widow Melnoite
Madame Deschapelles
Rose Cugltlan
.Mr. Adolphllernard
,...Mr. W. Macnichol
,...M isa Clyile llarrnn
.Mrs. Churl' s Peters
Mina Ofitthlan. as "Pauline.." m;ide a
new impreesion as ol an artie to whosn
rcaonrces aro rich in all the qualities
s ential to the i orti ayal of tli many
eliled cbaractera that lie liptween the
deepest pa-siun and the lightest gaie
ty, hhe gave a moat, cnarnung pra-
esntation of the character, hi r btir-
pritie, .disappointment and cimgnn
n the Ih rd act wine qu ia
eatia'ed It her d:s:inl'i ol tne
ovettures of "Benugeani" in tho
fouith. All the tine q la'it os ol a no-
h'o rnturo were (ittituty t.ottr.iycil.
And tne sirerKth of un bonr-rnbin-pas-
Hicn, 1 118 ior.it -rreBwanu fwhivi'o o ui
love, e-e Lever m ire beaitifully
depicted th-in i:i the cloeitiaot whea
the soldier lunnnnd vrH reatcrtd to
the arma 1 1 hla bride, n a'o more
lovly by her trial uid sorrows, jvi-.
Deliellevdle mtile a very g'oi
"Ututle," a little to heavy
in appearance ami manner,
r.t.d wanting in tho dolnunnir air that
istha tradi'ional and bac iuiitg man
ner of "Melnotio" in the love miking
eccpeH. ila en liven a it:e i .iin no
I. Un Cninri" Brer.ei i h tl-
foct, and in the fiurlh acS when lie
parted with his wifu to join the atmy,
he waa uiop.t elfeciive. Mr. Chirtea
WnWiK alirava the attitt. was, as.
"Col. Dumps," the vary bfu idetl of
ablufi' old soldier, and Mr. Lpmai
gave an exoel'ont portrait of "Mnne.
Ui'auBeflrit." The "More. Defchapellea"
of Mr. Vemon Clerges, w s ta pajs
txkinff and elever a perl rm inre at h a
"Sir Olivet" in tbe Unhoot for SeaniM
The reet of the company did almira-
blv and the perfurmanto wis a tie
rided success. Tonight V'm Conh
Ian eppesrs as "P h Wi Hing'on,"
in the p'ay cf Afusit and Face',
a character which Hhe p'sys em
amore, the announc-m nt of which
ought to ti 1 the hone-. A on tsai
nlht, anil on Monday a theater patty
w 1 ttiB tioxoi 111 lior.or til uio nr
votite art.s'e and her unexcelled com
pany of columnar a,
n.alUIt S'rsnrstt.
riUPAKg kor rt.oone.
FoundatiotiB, collar wal'B end huila
ipgs aul'ject t . oven flow ebonld be c .in
st nctd with Louibvllle Cement. It is
the BtaWard.
r.iBcnitgt'TioN of the chas'nni b"l's.
Eoiy j.urhis.r f C; r:'r.aa pco -tntart
fc'atu I oil's Ciar Palace will
receive quo gr.iliw.
I!attJ omlrj at MullordV,
Graarj DisDlajof CMstmas Goads
rilRlNTHAS tlt!S-Tho lorellest tMngi In the market.
PHUTOBPll ALRI MN Sin piu,h, Morooco and AHIsator.
WRITINM UFSKS-In Plush and Wood, Inlaid with Pearl.
ArTOUKAPlI ANIs SCRIP KUOKfe-In beautiful deaigW.
T4MI.KT VAMKM-Tq suit the most refined taile.
nilAVINU Nl.TN For travelers and residents,
Ml MO noXr.8-To enliven our homes.
' PAPKrKKU'.tS-in plush and Fancy Boxes.'
Tells, Tot Sets, Picture Blocks Toya, Etc., to malie the little ones bispy.
SisrOuT Store will be cpen until 1(1 e'oloek p.m., from December 13th uatil ChrVtnlog, to
accommodate our many re Ml oust era.a
Clias. j7io.; cf Bro.
TyOfi Main SIroot.
oodSi Notions, Hosiery
Nos. 3'-'(J nntl 32SViin Strort, Moitijilif. Tenn.
iHtn'ir sinn-w vai i. ami tn.vii.w i,im4 in i.ki:h .ind moke
COMPLWl'K TH AM LVKH HEKOKK.and our isi-cawill cotupire ith-lhoso ol any has
ill the United Htites. Ve aro Aaotus lor;
Tfiiumspo iVauuracturiiig Co.'e ri;il.lt, UrilN. Sii'ctltif, Slilrtlnu', Mo
MIHilllV V (Jtl.U
Quarter of a Century in
Nos. 322 and U24 MAIM
'Tii'w if 1 i rr"?-" iu, ?5a Tt
HolMarPreseitts. CIh Gins!
aril yeuwanl to biake a prasontito yosr Bon, Husband. Drothoir or
Kneetheurt, then go to MAKTIK t'Stll KW, The llaiior. ,You w rill
get anicef and hotter qutlltyof lint or '! for tho money than
anywhere else la Memphis. It will Ibe a lensihlojso'aotion, and, no
money thrown away, leorbyn, of English manufacture, asinolaIty,
mads by Melville. 11S Regent street, London. S'Ullilreu'HjIlalis in
all varieties. .siU';ireM Mala beat makes.
K. HI'llLKT VHITNt-'R, Prfmldcu't. N. WII.lt fltNOrV, S Icss-PrealAenl.
tt. J.tll-ae il, ( nahli r. v IS. II uiiirlNU, Tllvr.
ltltAKIS ' IIIHKCieaN,
li. A 11 A M It, i i'N, JNO DVK'lTON.Ja., ,V. F. 'f A YLOI, It. 1). bNUW fjUN.
b.i. McDowell, r. dudlh FitAVhuIt, wu.a.willumson, r.j. ulack.
srDepni'ts recolyed from fl cents npwnril, ' lisis'reat nllowoil on same seml-annil-ally.
Will But and Sell Local Mocitrlties, act as Trustee, Receiver, etn , for Corporations or
Individuals. Cm boiniun Ou irdmn, Ad,iiitiistriitor, etc. Hoy and Sell Kfuhange. Special
nt'entlxn pild to tloileettons. ciin be slrmvis out l isn sloie, when d.a red
for inveatuient lo Real Estate or otherwise. I'evo a eoiu'oo.1 ou Vault Pir lite Deposit ot
Vol uat'l i s lor the bnii'lU of KeKnL.sj S'ualoiix-ro, free ot olnir.n. Hate Deposit Uoxos lor
rent. K.g'iw. ,.n--i'i'i s-i'le'ti- l. A I'ep Uti.rf the '"te of T-lrne
nrrTho best NII'MF.I. IHSH
lliifuna Filler
o:in Per
53 33
Confoctions, (JIacos, Nougat CftramolK, French Fruit Olacw
Cream Uou IJonH, Fine Trench llandmado Crcitnn and
lion Hons, I'hocolaUiH, Icps and NougatliiPH.
Ton n find !thn goods "IAT: RETAIL,", in any gaantitiea, rA,
Peters & Sawrie Co.'s Jlctail fttAblishment.
Ko. 411 J Ifornoii Strl,stoUTli!lr I ntlory.
These are the Bnost Confeotloni that the Memphis Publie have oyer had th opportunity
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Steam Enfjines, Bollorn and Tank Work, Cotton Ulns, Cottcx.
rressea, Wood PulleyH, fShaltlnsr, Agricultural
and liantation ,Vork
Cofn ctrcl s3o,x7iTVXiXlJ3-
and Testiuials.-aw
lilniil L at Altl'SlS,
Practical Planomakexs
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aud ciilrri H I'lastis, Organs,
And- Musical InsKumrnts Oenerally,
S.17 M,IS !., NKMPKIN.
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.Vemphis, Tenn., I'te-inber e, bvt. I
ST(ICK1I iLUKU ere her. i,f no' itied Hint
tin eleetiou will behel.i at lhi li nk on
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lit a. vi. lisit l 2 p.m., tu eooa Direct, is to
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Op,,. Poabotly Hotel.
tho Hardware 13usincs3.
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,1 l.I.li-Frum Pano.il nil nis. luosuay
I last, one light hay mule, w ithout shoes.
S:v:l IK still m I re isi8. u,niiiii .-
w.l I ho naid for relit n 1 f sail a to
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property mi I p.m
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Ittiititay l'rouies nilorirB,
Mkmphis &-m Lauud.-y finisll
ehirts upeciiv f'.n evening wear.
Monogram Uangleit, ul6rtt.
mers'e. It ia fit: flicient to fay that the
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