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' .Jil-.r.
Thb finances oi the State cannot be
Baid to be in good condition when the
Treasurer baa to confess to an over
draft of $40,030, and admits that even
after January another overdraft may
be neceaeaty. While we do not wish
to see a too plethoric treasury, we
think there should always be enough
in the hands cf the Treasurer to meet
the public nfcwsitirs. The present
condition of things is hnralliatirg,
and it is ta be hoped tht the next
Legislature in making op its appropri
ation bill will make ample provision
to prevent a repetition of it and pro
Tide for all possible contingencies, and
so put a stop to this method of bor
rowing by ths Treasurer. It h not
Thb Democratic members of the
Legislature will not, we feel quite
ture, ba argued, coax-.d or cejo'ed
into holding a caucus. The State
convention declined to indorse that
held by the Etst Tennef see Dem
ocrats, and all the traditions
of the party are opposed to
it. The peop'e of the Stt3 of Ten
nessee like nothing so mush a fa r
play and a free and open contest for
office. Let us have that in January.
Let every c'andidats far every office
in the gift of the Legislature feel sure
of a free field and no favors, and there
will be no room for caviling, no room
to question the fairness and just
ness cf party methods.
fc'KNATOB Blaib hue great faith that
bis Federal aid to education bill will
pass the House this session. Leading
Democ rats in that branch of the Na
tional Legislature, convinced by what
George and Vanes and Hampton have
raid in the Senate, are now satisfied
that It is a popular ai d cot a partisan
measure, because it nmurea the South'
ern States especially a help that is
much needed in educating the negro.
Schools have made the West what it
ip, and it is schools that we need in
the South ti moke self reliait, ener
getic and industrious, as well as broad
and liberal minded men and women
-The schoolhouEe is the best sign of
civilization, as it is its best and most
potent agency.
Thb Boston Herald rashly ventured,
in utter ignorance of the tacts, re
cently to bay that "Woman suffrage
stands just where it did when the
reform began, .and makes no prac
tical progress." To this the YtomarCt
Journal makes response, and says
"Twenty years ago women cauld not
vote anywhere. Today they have
school suff.aga iu thirteen States, full
suffrage in three Territories, and mu
nicipal suffrage (single women and
widows) throughout 'England, Scot
land, Ontario, Nova Scotia and British
Columbia. If woman euffrage con
tinues to temain ttationary at the
same rate for twenty years more, its
advocates ooght to be tolerably well
r-atitfied with the state of things at the
end of tfcat time."
Lord Alfred Tennyson has out
lived his usefulness, he has gone be
yond hie time. His poem received by
telegraph and published in the Ap
peal of yesterday ie point in proof.
The world has progressed too fast for
him and there is too muoh liberty.
The distinction between classes is fast
fading out and the euffrage conferred
upon the plowman and the shepherd
. is to ifim a degradation of the
ballot. The venerable poet laureate
belongs to a class who see
with regret that the old-time national
costume?, cumbersome thougb pict
uresque, are going out of use,
thanks to the ' store-clothes ven
der, and that the people, the toil
ing masses, are availing themselves of
public schools f or the education that
enriches and ennobles the mind. The
old dotard is in love with the rotten
borough system and all the rest of the
infamies by which in England ignor
ance and vice were perpetuated and a
degraded and poverty stricken people
were kept. in sodden slavery. Poor
old poet. He is a warning to all
rhymEters, to all who twist and dis
tort language out of the lines of direct
ness and strength into the involve
ment of jingle. Would it not be a
good thing to bang a poet once in a
while? '
Meb. Helm Campbell, a real phi
lanthropist, who has devoted a great
deal of time in a generous spirit to a
truthful exposition of the condition of
ihe working women of New York, in
last Sunday's Tribunt has an article in
which she deals' with the most dis
couraging and pitiful phase of the
great labor problem the condition,
namely, of those working women who
are incapable of any other industry
than sewing, and who toil inceet&ntly
to no- better purpose than keeping
starvation at arm's length. The life
of this class seems to be an almost
hopeless slavery. Sixteen hours a day
for $3 60 a week. That is their exist
ence. No time for even meals. These
must lie taken snatched, rather
standing. When the long, exhausting
day is over the women throw them
selves upon their wretched pallets and
sink into a sleep that is almost a stu
por. The instant their eyes open in
the morning they must resume work,
and this is the routine so long as there
is any work to do. Sometimes the
supply fails, or the eea?on ends, and
then a good many of the workers mutt
starve, for it is net porsible for tbem
to save anything out of the pittance
they earn. It is the story of the "Spng
of the Shirt" over again, and, -too, in
this "land of the free and the home of
ilia brave"
At Chattanooga, a Man Jamps From
the Tialn While Crossing the
Tennessee He Survives.
Chattako-ga, Tknn., Deiembcr 22.
Ja no O'N'i il, an excurbionisc fiom
Little Rock, Ark., whiln erasing the
Tennessee river at Biidgport, Ala.,
lat nigbt, though: the tr-in was slow
ing uo in t'.e deptt at Chattanooga,
and jumped off. Instead of striking
the riiatfoim, he struck the wafers cf
ths Ton n wee about tixty feet below.
As hs fell he uttered a scream, which
attracted the train haods, and the
train was etoppei. O'Neil (truck the
water feet foremost, and suffered no
injury at all. He was taken
out of the watrr about a half
mile below, and went back to the train,
which was dslayed half an hour or
more wiling for him. He didn't stea
off until under the glare of electric
lie Ms in theChat'anooa union depot.
Prominent citizens on the north
side of the river are agitating the
Question ft a private bridge who
strong prospects of enccesn. Oce cf
the wealthiest of the land owners,
who is now absent, has not been seen,
but it is believed he will subscribe
liberally, which will insure the bridge,
Unite a social event occurred to
night at St. Paul's tChan h, in this
c ty, being the mariiage of Mr. Joe M,
Stone, a prominent voung iron broker,
and Mis? Frances Huselhurst. one of
the wealthiest and most popular young
ladies oi tms city.
Huffman, thn Krgro Preacher,
Nashville, Tend., December 22
The First Co ored Baptist Church tins
at last get en rid of its pastor. K. T,
Huffman, who' was tried some tima
ago for seducing one of ths unmarried
members cf the congregation., Lvt
night an attempt was raids to lynch
nun, two shots being Bred at iiim as
he ltft the church. Today he signed
an agreement to leave, and it is be
lieved that he has done si. All of the
dcent colored people are rt joiced nt
ms overthrow.
The Supreme Court has adjourned
lor the Holidays.
Huffman ouly pretended to leave,
and is now fat his honaj guarded by au
armed body ot his friends.
The '
Basette" Cminn Anoibcr Libel
. Suit.
Little Bock, Auk., December 22
Tho Circuit Court, J uuge Martin pre'
eiding, was engaged today in hearing
testimony in the case (1 Ubenanlt vs,
the Gazette Printing Company, in an
action tcr libsl. W. S. Ttrry and T.
E. Gibbon defended, while J. B. Mc
Laughlin and Mr. McKinney prose
cuted the case, ine piaintiu, Uloe
nanlt, is an old negro 65 years of aga.
and lives on the Caotrell farm, five
miles below town. The courtroom
was crowded with spectators, all
anxious to hear the testimony, which
from the ntture of the cae promised
anadulturated richness, wtiile the
outcome was predicted by all who
understood the annimus that prompted
the institution of the r-uit. Last July
the Gazttte printed a news item stating
that Uheoatilt and one Mcfarland,
both colored, were hav:ng a great deal
cf tiouble in the justices' courts
of the city because of the
brutal treatment of Cuenault toward
McFariand, who had been in the em
ploy ot Cuenault. A reporter inter
viewed McfaramJ, and Iiom mm
learned the causa for Cbenault's con
duct was that ths old man was mar
ried to a 16 year old wile and that be
was j'-a'eus of him. Every time he
asked for a settlement Chanault boat
him, aod growing tired of this he
put the matter in the hands of the
law and had his persecutor brought
before the court. From this statement
Mr. McLaughlin, who entertains
little aSixtion (or the Gatttle, induced
Chensult to bring an action tor $10,000
libel. This he did, and some of the
testimony brought nut at the tiial
was richness itself. The defense
called Cbenault's wife, also her father
and several other important wit
nesses, from all of whom testi
mony was adduced which place the
article complained of in a justifiable
light before the jury, which, on the
case being given to them, lost no
time in rendering a verdict for the de
fense. This is the second libel the
Gazette has hasten for Mr. McLaogh
lin within the patt two ' months. It
still has one in the courls that of L.
Jones, Republican candidate for
County Treasurer at the late election
in this county, but it is thought this
will be settled before the case comes
to trial.
Stoekalager-WileoB Naplailx.
SPtOIAL TO TBI atrial,. I
Helena, Ark., December 22. Mr.
Thomas. A. Stockslager, a prominent
young gentleman of Fort 8mith, Ark.,
and Mies Benlah Willing, one of Hel
ena's most popular beilos, were mar
ried today.
Champion Stake Declared Off.
Gbano Junction. Tens.. December
22. It was impossible to obtain judges
for the Champion stake, and the
same was declared oiw
The Della-tatr nl Liquid Laxative.
Syrup of Figs is a moct agreeable
andvaioable family remedy, as it is
easily taken by old and young, and is
Erompt and effective in curing
abitual constipation and the many
ills depending on a weak or inactive
condition of the kidneys, liver and
Bowels. It acts gently, streeg'hens
the organs on which it acts, and
awakens them to healthy activity. For
sale by H. J. Heister and all leading
drnggihts; Van Vleet & Co., G. W.
Jones & Co., W. N. Wilkerson it Co.,
and S. Mansfield A Co. have been ap
pointed wholesale agents at Memphis.
A Woman Rmnailer.
Jersey Out, N. J., December 22.
William Gibson, a longshoreman, re
ported to the police today that his
wife was receiving stolen goods from
the Irman atearnnlilp. She had them
Ntored in h:s house. Last night, he
said, she had carried a largo clothes
baskest containing linen lacs into the
home, and when he endeavored to
get possession of the contraband
goods, she resisted him and as rs-
sted by John Gavey, a boarder.
They succeeded in escaping from the
bouse with the lace, except three
pieces, which they dropped in their
flight. These were ;hown to the au
thorities. Mrr. Gibron ard Gavey
were arrested and held for examine
tiop. Two daughters of Mrs. Gitsou
are detained as witnesses.
Ibe Work of Pelertiag- Ihe Jury
Very UlRicnli ('nance
of Veooe.
Kansas City, Mo., D .camber 22.
In the trial oi the Kuights of Labor,
charged with train wrecking, in tin
Disuici Court at Wyandme today,
the motion to quaah iatormntioii and
lea in abatement against Geers and
eary was not passed upon, ihs de
fense asked that they be released,
arguirg that the killirg cf the two
men was one crime, and by the
abatement cf the charge cf kill
ing ilortoj, the defendants s ood
discharged. The Couit refused
to grant the relets, sayieg that the
prisoners are held by the Justice's
order as bound over f ir trial. Tbe
ess of Oliver J. Lloyd was called,
and the S'a'e announced its readimss
to proceed. The defense atked a
chnoge of venn, on the ground that
defendant cjn'd not have a fair trial in
the county. Thia was granted, and
the casa ordered rt moved to the Dis
trict Court of Miami cmnty, which
meets at Pail la on the firtt Monday in
February. Tin detente stated the
same application would obtain in the
ca-e against Newport, but for tome
reason it was not piiisid upon today
and will prohably come up tomorrow.
In the afternoon the case igiinst
George Hamilton was called. This
defendant is a prominent member of
the Knights of Labor in hi district,
and wt-s chairman of the Executive
Committee. Tre Slate WtS ready for
trial, but the defense wanted ten days
continuance to investigate the charac
ter of new witnesses. This the durt
refused, holding that sufficient time
had been granted, and tbedhfensswas
forced to tiHl,sfter noting an exception.
Tbe work nf selecting a jury then bs
gao. Twflva rtnrrue in the regalar
panel ware called. Eleven men were
questioned, but not one had been ac
cepted when the court, adjourned for
the day. B? order of Judge Hindmnn
a special venire ot 1(H) names wes n
sued tonight. The selection of a jury
promises to be a tedious undertaking.
ALBANY, N. Y., Dec nahor 2. It li un
derstand that Giv. Uill will commute Mra.
Druea'aiitalh lenteno to iiupriioDiunt lor
NEW ORLEANS. Dr.ainh.r 22 A n.nUl
to the Pieayum Irom M.rton, Mifl., gays:
J. FluiiMin'l It.ain cotton kid and riit
an aaw nulla vers burned toauy. LosiXtV
(KX) do inaurano.
Bl'FFALO, N. Y., D.omber 22.-An pt-da-jilcottbs
diaeaae known at "pinkeye"
prevails amont tbe horai in ibis oity. The
street railroad oompaoies have eighly-ieven
horses on the sick list.
NKWYOHIv, December 22.-K. Oliver, a
nepnew oi lamer mcwiynn, sum tonight
that his unola was busy preparing- his de
iense, and at soon as it was ready would
probably start for Home.
DETROIT. MICII . DocomW 22. -A Ch.
boyagn special nays : The eity hall and epera
noure were nurnea tonuiil. ine jail in the
rear of the eity ball contained two priionerit,
both ef whom were burned te eoaih. Lost
tlft.OOUi no insurance.
M01S1LE, ALA., December 22,-Twomen,
named Louis Pascal and A. Vincente, were
arreste'1 here yetterduy on an dni.r irom
L. d. Ilewett, a Louisville and Mii!livill
Toxl detective. They are wanted in New
Orleans for robbing K. If. Upjou ot 870C0.
CINCINNATI, December 22. p. . Tab
bntt. of Lexington, Ky., b" aold to W. 11.
Willtin, of Abdullah Pnrk, Cynthiana, Ky ,
his interest fn the trotting stallion Snltan,
2:21, on tbe basis of KiO.UlO. Mr. Wilpun is
now the full owner of this lamous ttallim.
I.OUISVILI.K, KY., December 22.-?npt.
John Alooon, an old turfman, died lit bis
homo oejr Olnngow, Ky., tndiy, aged 75.
Capt. Alcock w t a noted trainer in his day,
and ha trained for and run more four mile
racos thin any man in the country.
SAN FBANCHCO, December 22.-A trot
ting raoe between Oliver K. and Hurry
Wilkes tor $"IH0 a side was arranged this
evening between tha ownera of those homes.
The race will take place in thin city on
April 2d, and will be bent threo in five. The
toOUO has beon depotited as lorteit.
LOUISVILLE. KY., Pecomber 22.-The
meeting of the rvproientatives of railroads
and rivor lines carrying ootton from points
south of the Ohio ti form a cotton pool was
held here todat , but nothing wai agreed
unon, '1 he meeting adjourned till January
17thr when tho representatives meet in tit.
Louis to again try and form th pool.
NEW YOHK, December 22. A number of
the Her. Dr. McUlynn'a friends deny at un
true tee published statements asserting tbat
the reverend gentleman had been transferred
to another country pirish. One of tha as
sistant priests, at the residence of Arch
bishop Corrisan tonight, said the case was
out of the Archbishop's hands and would be
tettled by the propaganda.
NRW YORK, December 22.-Th steamer
Rhynland, from Antwerp, which arrived
here today, reports that yesterday, abreast
of Naniunkett, she passed the toa menster
reported by the steamer Thingvala. It
proved to be a dead whale of gigantic site
floating aoout Blteon foot out of water. It
had apparently been dead for a long time,
MILWAUKEE, WIS., Docomher 22
Msrgaret T. Ivers, known in religion at
Mother Mary of tit Bernard, one of the four
6istors of the Good Shepherd who oatne to
Milwaukoe nine yers ao and established a
reformatory for wayward girls, died last
evening after a, lingering illm ss at tha age
ot 47 rein, bhe was originally from bt.
Paul and later from tit. Louis.
NEW YORK. December 22. -Th. linn.
Joseph Pulitter, editor of the World, enter
tained at dinner tonight at his residenee on
Kast Thirty-sixth street M. Munkncsy, the
distinguished Hungarian artist. There were
Jiresent 'lor. Hill, the Hon. Levi 1. Morton,
leorge W. Chillis, Kx-.V!ayor Cooper, Cyrus
W. Field, Gea. Carl tichura, Allen I horn
dke Rice, St. Clair McKelway, editor of tho
Krooklyn AViv'e; Albert ilierstadt, August
Felmont. M. liertier, of Paris, and others.
M. Munkacay will return to Europe next
wees;. um
Odb drueeiflt informs us that Dr.
Bull', Cough Byrup Halls tetter than
any other cough medicine.
A Prisoner SUt.
Indianapolis, Id., December 22.
Thomas Connanfihton, switchman,
employed in a railway yard, was fatal
ly shot tonight, OonetaMe Kheinhold
had placed Connughtoa under arrest
far a misdemeanor, when the latter
knocked the constable down and es
caped. Kheinhold tired two shots,
neither of which took effect. In a few
minutes a third shot waa beard, and
Connaoghton fell with a ball through
his body just above tbe hip. It is be
lieved the fatal shot was fired by Mer
chant Police Isaa, but he denies the
charge, and an official inquiry will be
necessary to colve the mystery.
"Now, it all rtgU, It's all right,
darling," saidMr3. Workhard, "I have
tfsted it thoroughly. Salvation "Oil
will surely cure your pain in the
back." .
Tin P.'stoffice Committee of tho
Houio toJay adopted the report snb
mitttd by Jiapwentative' Warner oa
the nubeidiz'd telagraph' lines, with a
fw important araendmcbtb.
Antique Oak Leather Rttkirt,
Antique Oak Tables,
Etc., Etc.
Ghas. M. Ut'i r hg been dm!tted
as a member ot the Cotton Eicbanga.
BRfADSTi'rFs wf r higher and pro
visions lower yetieiday in the leading
Cottos receipts in Mtinphia veer
day, 4514 falFN;eh!ptneuiBl2&3 bales,
aud Bales, US!C balf a.
Tiik quantity cf barley on paeA;e
to the United Kingdom is repo-ttd at
2,520 000 buahels, against 1,520,0(10
bushels in 1885.
Tin Merchants' Exchange folk
have not yet 'emdrred the use of their
rooms to the Charity Bui maaagers,
but they will do so in good time.
Tub quantity of wheat on pus'aite
from India is reported at 4350,01)0
bushels, agtinst 4,6011,000 bnhels for
the corresponding time ia 1SS5.
It is estimated that thn stocks nf
fliur and wtuat in the Ubiied King
dom at the close of tha year wi 1 b
only about one-half thote reported a,
tho el 083 of 18S5.
Nkw Oiii.kanh cotton fntn'es ad
vanced 14 to 15 pninte, anil epotn went
np 1-10q all aroucd. At New York
futures advanced 10 to ID point", and
at Liverpool 3 points.
Ye.TKBD.iY $'10,000 worth of the
minorUy stock of the 11 manor Oil
Works, now of the Ameiicnn Ciit'on
Oil Trust Comnsny, was sold by Mr.
J. II. Sinter, broker, at 83c.
It was posted on tbe Cotton Ex.
change blackboard yestenUy tbat 31!,
741 bitlesoi t'Ottou would te added to
Ihe total port receiptp, such being the
receipts at Newport News, Va , up to
Docembar Oh.
Tun total exports cf wheat from In
dia sines January 1st were. 42,044,000
bashe s, of which 10,;92,000 bushels
were to the United Kingdom and 22,
733,000 bushels to the Continent Ths
exports sinnn April 1st, or of the new
crop, were 35,852,000 bushels.
Vihitok9 on 'Change yesterday : D.
J. Ltmbert, Indian lUy, Arir. ; Dr. T.
K. Maux, Stanton, Tenn.; II. 8. Wat
sou, Loumvillflf Pail D. Owns, Taui
ca, Mist.; W. H. Talley, Ootton P ant,
Ark.; K H. Melull, Syracuse, N. V ;
Ham L. Keid, Lnui-imn, Mo ; W. T.
Chapmau, Ktodolph, Tenn.
UkrkIs something f :r cur merchants
to thinr about. It ti froiu tbe Ciarks
,dale (Miss) Newt. ' It eaye: "The
cleric of the steamer Helena says that
Catt. r & Co., cottou buyers at Ureen
ville, eay that they will not ship any
more cotton down tbe river, now that
the Ohio river ' la up; that it was a
great deal cheaper for tlinm, tT y hav
ing it compressed at Cincinnati for 25c
a ba!o, saving 40c per bale on roin
pres3'nir, and 10ii per 100 pounds on
through ra'.cs to L'verpnol vil Cincin
nati, making it $1 20 a hale cheaper
by bhipping it, by way o! Cincinnati
thnn by way of New Orleins. Iafiict,
all tlm buyeis np tbat way now Biy
th.it they will ship by Cincinnati when
tha O.jio river h up, and that they
eh'p down tha rivar only when com
pelled to do eo on account of low wa
ter ts'jove.''
Olios Itnek lo Work.
London, December 22 Jacques, the
Englihh fitter, partook ot food yester
day evenirg after an abstinence of
twenty-one, tm?s. His experiment to
fast until he collapsed had to be aban
doned owing to pecuniary difficulties,
but few psople gathering to witness
bis attempt. This morning he walked
tea miles bflf iro breakfast and then
resumed work in a silk factory, where
he was employed before beginning his
fabt. t
LrjNDBouo's perfume, Edenia
Lundborg'a perfume, Marchal Nile
Lnndhorg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lnndborg's perlume." Lily of tbe
RAWLINOS-At tha residence of J. P.
Ouiulev. on tha Ponlar fltrant Boulevard, at
Ao'clook a.m., Deoembcr It, DagiiL M.
itAWiNus, ag.a zt rears.
Funeral at Klmwood Cemetery thli (Tlicts-
dst) morninr at 10 o'olook.
MII.T.S At r.ald.nna nf Cant. T. L. Lee.
No. 70 Fifth street. Cbelnea, Wednaidar
morning, i)eo. 'II, 1880, at 10 o'clock, Jui.u
A. Mills, relict of ( ant. J. W. Mills. (Pa-
dueah (Ky.) and Philadelphia (fa ) papers
please copy.
Remains will be lakes to Palucah, Ky.,
for In'ermeTit
mr We have ear-Iond of Iloadnraa
Bssaasi, aat recolvod. In rxecllfint
blpplstc ordsir. Can Pack lo pro
tect Irons froat, f 1.00 la sa.ua per
Bnnriti. Eaoloae muury andlordcr for
HollflaTa. Tclastbnaa rS.
jwhusos at 3nmr.B, a front m.
C'leanlaa, Dyalng at Kepalrlna;,
No. IT W. Codst Stiiit.
.OeorRoS, KTlohol.
Lata of HollvBnrlt,... Mliaiailnrt.
Room No. M, otiun Kst-hauaa llallH.
Ma, nr-mnijl, Iran,
Will praotioa in ths toon- of Tennessee and
Now-Tlie Time To fSpei-ulHte
ACTIVE Flutea'iLns in the Market offer
opportunities ti si,ecalators to make
money in Drain, Htosfcs bonds and Petro
leum. Proraut personal attention given to
ordera received by, viro or mall. Corres
pondence solioited. Full inforintition about
the markets in ojr Hook, which will be for
warded free on ariillcation.
U. U. K VLh. U.nk.rand Broker."
83 DrtaJ X New etrecttaw XorkOlty.
a view to HolIdAy Qlf
and Pregentatlon. looked W jkX v""
and bent free
delivered DECEMBER 23d and 24th.
nr. ...ii.. r...s .. v.
that In order to sell good wo mtut make ladncmrBtfi la prloes.
Christmas Tables!
"In order to faailttata pan-hss.rs raplillty
of movtmsiit and tlma svin,wa hav. r
ransad Tbousands at ArtioUs, utatul ana
rnamoDtal. on tables avar articla vitlua
bla aui maor priaa.
$1.50 TABLE.
Fins I'laiUd Jer.v. Proaoh Corsets, Fin
Hats, C'raia Searf, Shawls. W rips.
$2.00 TAULE.
Fine Ploaa Bnnnels. Mlsara' Ja"kot, Flna
ll.adsd J.raars, Uo.brallas, Kslra long
Orea Scarfs, Klna MuOs, Kurs, Fina
Mirrors. Fins Paris Fans, Kltganl Hand
kerchiati, Fina Klowr jmt oined.
lUritlkerclilefi, Cor art, Cufl's, Fanojr Pint,
Scarfs, etj.
Handksrehlafs, Puratt, Tits, flats, Corrals,
Silk llanlkarohiar. Portfolios, Ulovat, Cor
rats. Huts, Fans Articles, Vans, llou
quotlat. $1.00 TABLE.
Fine Trlmmad Hats, Jertajs, Uanilwnrk
Uiindkarsliiefs, Unrsets, tllovas. Fans,
Mulls, Obildnn't llonnels, Winners,
Dousjuettei, Hair Orniirannts, Jot,Fronts.
3 Oil for tho choice of Una Hundred choice
Pattern Hate and llonnets.
tr l,a,t.es of la' to and judgment know that
thrir dolUrbuia mora and better gonds
at KKhlMKH'B hat, anvwhere els..-n
5C4 Pino Dro.t Combiuat'enl from ti 90 op
sll worto twice.
300 Fine JaokeUat li.HOesch, for TODAY
maov ot these are worib (15.00.
All el our Fine Flash. Beevor and 8ahla
vrats atoia-balf prioe, to close, before
Fine Tailor-made Suits at I!2.r0-wtth
120.00 to l.(K).
Our great (l.liOlllaek Faille Vrannaiaa Ibe
Urea'estlWgain and Ht Value avar i f
fered In this eity tl fall alue for II. 75.
Evening llrooidea and tiauses atOAoentt
worth t'l m
Fina Una of X aae Goods just rtosivaJ, at
Worrnnlixl ahnol4Iy tnrm
Coooa, (rum which thAxnrM ul
Oil Kan bven rcmovnl. IlUauthrtt
thnetit? Mrrnyth of Owou mixed
with Ptnrrh, ArmwroutorBunr,
mill In tlipn'fitro far inonuiiHitiit
li al, cottlttff h it Man onacrnt a
cup. It Ia drUcluun. nourlnhlug,
t'tn-nfithtMitnif, exutiiy tlitmtcii
lum atitninibly auinpu'ii iur iiiviii
Ih n wt'll ii fur pfi-mmH hi hoallh.
. BAKER & CO., Dorclicstcr, Mass.
Most Elegant Selection
And American Production- of
ItOiir clwtlon fjoniprlHCfi
Elegant Myletj (of I he Latent)
and I1KST Makers, Foreign
and Donieatlc
HaTOnr Gootlnare Imported
DIIUX'T, tlirough OUU Ciim
tom Home.
TAPK WltKDS Removed Alive, In from
40 minutes to 2 hours, with head com
plete, or no eharte. No Fasting required!
no poiionons niediolnet. Can be taken with
eeie by ohlld r sdul. Call or send for olr
oulart. U. M. Nbi' SMfTil, Hpeclaliot,
TO Ma'll.on ttroct.
UaagAM or Mkmphis, 1
Memphis. Tenn., IJecemlier 10, I'M. I
TIIK Ihn slo"l' holders of this bank are
li.rehy DotiQed that tha annual election
for Direouirs to serve the ennuing yenr will
be held at the bank on TU hriDAY, January
II, loH7, tatwoen tbe hours of 1(1 am. and 1
P.m. lilJVV. UOLLb.MIIU, Cathler.
ll lil
The k spl
f Pm v 9, P 1
mm mm,
oooca SSiv DWARF B00KCASE3,
row witu XfiCSv '
of Choree, to tie
.m safl af Hafn KImai. sansl
Total New Business Greater than tho total now business ol All
Other Lite Companies no it represented in Memphis Combined.
IncrooMO in Surplus more than twice the total increase ot
surplus ot all other Lilo Companies now represented in Memphis.
Koom No, 1. Cotton Wxnhange Kullding. Memplii TentiAssee
AT COST, FOR TIIIKTY I1YS, to mnke room tor Nprtntj
Nlook. Oae lot Open ICtiKuleH. uttaiie for coiiutry tlx.
OUK OWN S4.UlMt;rtJlti;f aud Cully Kiiiiraiiteed.
Lilly Carriage Co
25 Second Slroot,
S rar-lontlx Nteel ATallM,
:t f 'ar-londi Smilt and kol ,
1 t'ur-loiul IiiirJ, llam and NaiiNnge. .
S C:ir-luii(l4 AmeriCHii Nardlue.
1 'iiIk1 New HalMliiH,
1 t':ir-lBt View Nalnion,
1 ?ir-lontl tiHlllbrutn t unned Frnlt,
10 tltar-loiidri TouiatovM. Peneheu, tiorut Etc
1 I'ar-loiul Atinore'si Blltu'e Meat.
X C!ar-lonl Mew York lliickwlieat,
a t'ur.ioatl llaleet, lirant and Itarrel rieklen,
9 'ar.o4N Nltver jiooii tlream Jlie3te,
m t'itr-lr'tJi Vlrtrtitt lwntj- "
a 4 'nr-loadt l'lre (bracken and Firework,
3 Cur-lttiMfN MutH and (L'urrautM,
:i )r-loid Ftilo Ilmi'inaH,
5 t'iir-loHtU Ked lien Iavln Apple,
U ('ur-lalt l'reh Fancy dandle,
1 ;arioail t)iitmeal, Oracked Wheat, ICIe ,
And a complete HNMtrtmeut ot Ntaplo and Fancy Grocer lew
, tor the fipeclal iinq ot t'omifry Mercliaat.
UsTHend lor n l'rlee-LUt.'WI
OI iver, Wi nnie & O .
IflMlfilM Mil
Dry Gootis, Motions, Hosiery
Noh. m and Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
vou it nio.'K or pai.1. ano wiNii:ii woonaj ih i.Kut:n amis won
COMPLKTK THAN EVKH BMKOIlN.aod our prices will oouiuero with tuote Jt any bona
in the United Rites. We are Aaenta tor,
TftnnesMe Jlauaraotnrlup; Co.'a I'IuIiIh, DrilU, Sheetlitr, S'llrKnir, Kla
u nwiisi v jai.ii.
HoliilavPreseDts. Ctifistias 'M
Vil you want to make a prarantito your Son,' Husband. Brother r
Bneetheart, thon aolo MAMTIX tOHtlV.Tlie llaltxr. iYou will
lot a aioer and better ojnlRy of H'l or 'P for tha money than
anywbara alaa In Mamuhls. It; will Ibe a ienible'.o'octlon, and'n'i
money thrown away. Itarbya, of KDKliih manurnoture. a tneolalty.
made by llalvilla. 11S Revontatreet, London. 'isillren'aIIat-t !-i
all varlotfoa. ieul.;lr'si llalisbott makes.
ail lf AIW NT It K
' rtrThe fcett MM'Hm, riasH In the marVet V arrantrd Pure
Havana JTillor. V-IO lr TluiiKanii lu Dealrra vuljr,
Cj E US X.8 3E! ''W X J3.
AndJCom mission Merchants,
Noh. 31 and SG Madison Nlroot. Memphlau
Praotlool Pianoiaakers
and Hopalrrraor I'laDOM.OritHiia,
And Mu ileal Instrumentt Oenerally.
817 MAIfll Nr., nKMPIIIM.
ki txrioai or i)iiij.thn.
Usioa ixo Pi.antkm Bsk or VnMrnis.l
Memphis, 'IVnn., loceiuber H, 1HHH.
STOCK HiiLUIvllS are herthy notiftod that
an elsction will be brld at this VUuk on
the Neoond Monii iy in January, IM, Iroin
111 a.m. until il .ui.,to chooio l)ireotora W
torve tha ensuing year. . ,
0. r. Kit AD, Cashier.
Mcmplita. Tenn.
rri'orttrt sort des.erl la Snn t, Arpnao
ulMiis aod il.'liinu I-Kln, Enllaeri'
Hsrilanrr, :iwlie IBells mmi As
naarlsion fi r Uotelu p1 l'.ajidoDi'ei,
Jlniii mn ri, iwi.-j'fi!., Tear,. tl-trta
in ih' lit I tcn Co kaJ. ,.&jo',;lr.neaU"-(ivct.

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