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For iH Belief and Succor of Dr.
Euiin Pacha, the Friend or
Gen. Gordon.
losnoK, DcmW 21. Spedal to
Ihn New York IfirraiUJ-Ttie intareit
felt by British r (f-apnera io the fata
of Ewln Pacha, uo U now making
ncii a depperatuly bravs Ktattil ia
Ktjua'orial Africa, was well aliown by
toila.t'd meeting of tha Council of t
Royal Gdrgrapbical Society at their
rooms, near BurUugton Ana.le. Neat
ly every mrmbor of the Oonnc;l was
present, wbicli is a very nnusoul
event. After bonrs of sharp discus
aicn of the various rontw the Council
deddtd to adjourn action until Stan
ley's anival tomorrow rihull Rive thern
tbe benefit of bis knowledge of tae
Aftr tbe meelirg of the Council
-men over I fa the nUt-tnan by
wh(w ent.'rpritie tbe pri ject of reliav
in Kmin reachod tbe present st(n.
Jin Is a wealthy mrchaiit, idoniilled
with African rea'atc'j, hnt di-airou if
not luvirg bis mine ue'd riLtil the
expditiou is well underway.
lie aid: "All the moaey ncedf d
for tho txpedition hai been already
rained ami will l placed io B.nnley's
bands when htj bmuitus command.
We wish t i do as the Herald did in its
LiviiiRi-tone exppditiuu, teil him,
'Hum a ro bo mai.y thousand poiioiis.
go and tlnd Kmin by the sbortt-Hl and
buot way, but cbocse yoar oan route
atid your own means; we ahull not
hamper you in any way.'
"We tha 1 have XiC.CO!) from the
Egyptian Gjvornincnt; the reet we
ehs'l raisa among onrfelvaa. The
amount already raised? Well, tuat
need not be mentioned, it is a.l that is
Auiong other noted authorities re
garding Afiioa whom I l ave been the
following iiiteivhws give the heist
idea of the present position of alburn.
At Ssvan Otks, near London, in a
houee full of African curiosities, I
iouud 8lr John Kirk, B-ltiah Oonnil
General to 'M t bar. After a little
talk about Euiin Pacba, who is per
sonally known to Kirk and for whom
he bus the highest admiration, Sir
John gave me an idea of thj condi
tion of affairn on the Zanzibar const.
lie said: "Eailn Pacha does not
ant to loava bis Central African
Province, lie oould at any time flgbt
hie way out to Zanzibar, but to do this
he would be compelled tn leave be
hind all the Egyptian officials with
their families. Theie men would be
at once killed, and the Province then
would relapse into barbatlsin under
tbe control of tbe slave traders.
"Emin is a man of (iordjn'a stamp,
and will be killed with bis men rather
than deport them, lie is a very re
markable man. Cat off entirely from
European support, Burrnunded on all
" sides hy powerful enemies, he rules
several millions of native with sush
vfgir and Justice that they will light
for him aven alter they are naked
and demote of alLeupplies.
"Ho fir he han beaten back the
Mahdi's forcea from the Noith and.
. prevented serious attacks by th- slave
traders from the Ewt and South. His
provinre is a very rich country, but bo
uaciviliied that he collect) bis rev
sane in ivory, which lie la forced to
aell to the Arab trtxlara In ordyr to ob
tain European goods.; In the midst
of such a country, with fighting on all
aides of him, he Las taught the oe jroos
to weave cloth, make shors and enki
vale tobacco, lie has also made a
natural biBtory collection of great
eclentifiu value. In one of bin latest
lotU rs to me be any he is out of sug ir
and tra and all Europeun supplies,
and sliort even of ammunition, but hit
aBkcu only for aranio to enable him
to can tin in bis uulural history cjllec
"After his ammunition 1h exlmr.nt
UmI Eiuin will be unable to keep back
the Mahdi's forces. The region near
him is toi p tpu'ous to euabie liiui to
fUht muskeM and epenra whhcpoius
alone. As It is now his 4001) myro
troops a"- mniuly rireased in Bkirn, It
would be imp;)vsihle for a military
force to fight its way thiough to Eiiiiii.
An aimed cunvin, such as thit
Tliomiron need in going through tins
country, ccu'd e.iaiiy reach Euiin, but
only by paying b'arkroail to the na
tives. A'ri au blackmail of tail type
is mn:h the oarne ibiug at your
American ctiBtom duties. The ne
TOfs, in fact, are rather more polite
iban you Americans, Bince they do
ji ;t iiiKit-t on e arching your la,;ngn
when you c oss their territory.
Stanley'e ruiU fritn the Z h a'bar
coiBt, over I.!se Victoria Nyann.
tt.rouh thsUKat tU country, "would
bo the beet and quicken! way of reach
i g Emin, if tha King cf Uanda wt re
roc a cruel despot npon ahoiu not the
least depomteoce cjn be plated
Wiinn he neaid somo months ago tuat
Kninwai relrtatieg via Uuyoro ti
lniirhi the king tout a laig war ex
p.ilition h eh tllltd lO lhiO Uuyoro
iiegrors bt.'ore they found it was a
III tttt npirt about K in ill. IlidtiUj
the King allowtd l)r. Jutik r to pas
through tiia country fram lUn n l'jcha
i o hurmed.bul tli let wits bucaua.i Juukcr
wm i o ir auci nltuodt a'oue, and there
i.ire nut fard t s c Jiuirg to eat up the
c. u . try.
"Tlirt expi.iu'U to mlieve 10 in I u
rr.nstb a lureone. The unsp.oiouB
iii the K'ng arn certain to be rons -d
ty us sz', aud by letton a a Irom
tun foreign ra'ere, w ho ore anxioos
to rev.ii.t Eogland aLing tbi ir plHce
in Co .tril Af i.e.
"l'berit are no laig4 hnats on th
Victoria, hence the ex -edition would
la jo in smail dtlailimenis in Uganda
nud bo cut off in dt til, probably, or
bn ni:idj riHoiui rs on lauding, ihe
Ooogj rcu e by Mcbungi or Hiyorrn le
injvMsime. () )( Canunt liau 2i,U milos
o' an ab'Oiiitely uutnown country,
andnorne is ao'e to loll bow many
uiinih Bunli an nordition would
t-ik. Betide, it would tie revfairy
to brii;g porters (rora Z mzibar. for the
Cuiuo neroej are not. trained to that
nortolwo k. The Congo Free S:aU
deiunds, evr now, upon 2itiibar
i eroiB for ah r
"felkin'- route ti the west and
v.onth of Uttaoda would be both long
aul daiigerojp. It would bo through
mushes in a fly conntry, forhidilii'g
t!ie u of pa -k euioia'e, aud wou'd b
long exfiosd to Httark from Veit
UuBida, whe'e tbi King is vt-ry
foweilu!. Ih Miipsou' route to the
iimthentt ti! U;a da I regrrd as the
hor'o t and t.if of, p'snicnMe ore
t :r cm-l or dcitkeVH c iu!d bo u& d
1- p4Bte aioiu' a d r-tiict where tie
11 ng of Ug;.n Ib lea t poweiiul.
"ity this ioa 1 tl.ick Kjiin con'd
hi eaily reached tn tibt mnn lis
frnm E ig;a;td. Ho, 1 would not aie
to Rtt theie ia le nU an night uaoutLa.
Pnpplirs must not be brought from
England, as fashions change so in Af
rica. When I traveled with Living
stone we got oar beads in Eog'and,
but conld not trarle tbrm for food, as
thamtives aaid tby were old ftsh
ioced; they wanted new beadf.
"I'oiUcally tbe wortt thing that
could hipoen to enrh'an expedition
wiinldbetn bavo its members held
pritonirR. Tbis wjnli lead to many
romp'fca'ions, wb-rofB If they were
ki )td it w .uid only mean a new tx
Col. J. T. G.-aat, the companion of
Spke in many trira through Eqoa
turial Africa, bad just letorued to his
(irosvenor fitrr et bouse from Scotland,
aherelio 1 at not kept himielf fully
informed rerurding the proposed ex
ptditioa. fie ttiuught auy route pis
flibe for Kuinley, but, personally,
would prefer tho eatt coast route from
Zee, bur tnrough Uganda, which ia
quite well unowo, whereas there is
much entirely new country from the
C.mgoto Em n. As a geographer he
would I eg' like to coe Stanley tike the
long routs from Congo to Kmio, re
rnruinj! by tbe north uf Uganda ti
Z: r,lbr. This, if succceiifui, would
Btttln Hsveral gtogiaplncol poinla of
gr.nt intores.
An armid fores would p.implycim
plicita niiitters. It would bi tar b t
ler to tjke a small fores and submit to
ail B.irlscf blackmail. If no native
wain wrro going on he ttioaght tliey
might make the trip, by way ( Zinz
ba-, in feve.i months from Eagland.
0 aat thought Emin could leave Irs
province wfitn ba wanted to. His
lifd whs apparently io to danger, even
if bis Hniinniiition gives out, ca his
troops era injre accustomed to fl;lit
wit'i BpMtirj than guns. If Emln bad
arsBB cat soap aud ammunition he
could retsln rotitr d of his province
indi tluitelr. tie Bckuowledged, lnw
ever, tint Emin, if be Jolt the prov
ince, uiiiB". desi rt the Egyptisn offi
cials, whoie lialf di aen stivisand end
lees n metier of children it wou'd not
be poetise to bring south. Also, that
his valuable rcitutillo col.'eotion would
be loBt iu such an evi nL
Gen, (1 ddsnild, tho great Persian
traveler, litd al. o some vxperleros in
Africa wbou he was appointed C'm
inLi'onor Id tho Congo by tbe King of
tha Be gluns. Al houh not knowing
a 'i tiling nb jut the Maoangi river ho
thoiiibt Ihe Zicslbar coa-t route to
Emin muoli belter thau tbs Congo
route, par lv becauss the country be
tweon r.n'har and Kmin is well
known by native triduru, who oould
bs engag d by guide', while the other
route bis 30J miles of utterly unknown
It would be madness to attempt to
go through Uganda land. Of the
ronton ninth and wouth of Uganda be
thouitbt Thotnpsun's noithern routa
tbe mnal dangerous.
Whtra whj now tha young Prinoa brat
In aUbls, blank and 'ornt
TkmuKb the bickea roof tha sky
Olimniernd noil and ilutkiln
And tha Hly'i drat iwot erf
Mon nd t.ri bnt low to hri
Th fmit ni itl tloflna ailTsr olr.
jlbf l'rlnne, ht pUo u thli lor Thtaf
1'iUo Intlla J bliig etei should tae to loo.
W lh Prinon't Orudis ie
Wlih litiruanln ftilnonod
Ualil uf crnoim uir ill nun,
"r lik uawilrnii -learatdiw.
1'oarl andomernld ictonminir throairh,
Ktinbiw draixrlna tiilhns o'ar,
i'rifUnc on a aiarhln U.iort
la a uiiiikc llbr Mm In wore chill,
Hut tha nhuulil niroad all bnrdor till
Wm aoiro ct imnli tml brara,
Hiiflh an hnhy ahoira uilah' hv
I.aiil all Klillarini, Inirr fl no,
Oil nuilk bad hua.UiKn winil
oltTWhaby'a look did 'iin .
N vericulo In all tha wo: I J
l.ikt llm aur. -liiroxda iwined and onrlod'
In auinll rnta b(ivtf o nar browa ol mnrn ;
Tko hhtit bn ona day a crown of Ihara.
Wr Hie Prlncn'a b ib j otn hoa.
Olutli ul ailvrr (tiiKliiid with ro",
I.U'lruua iiurplo alim wlili (nlil?
hwnil lluif rata dul Una unfold.
Sbivorud Ho m.d wuie.l with noldi
And ilia nioihor nnled and rood
tliorr In linr to- t'er brnimt
'1 b i a Kin.t'a hon. who bold Ilia bnliy itnta
Iu ao a'.ranifo pl.toa aud doolala.
Did Hln I'alher'a rourth ia atnad
Nilkon olai, a "lilulnn bai.d,
Uiiubl with JhwuioU brnviiry,
And iir Ibo 1'r ucu tbuir ( ultyT
'I'biirn iiu oourttai' ionl Ibe knuti,
but ttio n n k u I a In tli4 aky
Hmic tuoir con.ia oirar anil blah
'I'ruuM on troi ul alunii a arrniihim,
Wbuar i rent wluaa uiudo 'ill lh said atari
bivnly m the Vrinw'a noiirt,
hhuehoi'd ladi did thorn a onrt
In poor tt 'r'lionia mid unnitiut
Hnw tho in th"T ptilti mid awovt,
KUa ibo Imhy'ii liltlo Itiut,
Ha wot all In nil Io hurt
(in mo Hunt kinaa with cold and myrrh,
(lniiUit by a lrn"nti atnr tn tbs airi
liikawiao dwell tlm meok et. Joaoph thora.
Ah mi il oion snapil till in ltd
On tint mother and Ihe child
Who had ul'iMi.iaei'Ko.i thmn ao;
(Inand wit i rrat oyoi anil and alow,
Wiiilful with aoiiio iintient woa
Venriiluw on tha II ' face,
On Ilia mi'lhor'a lull of Rraoo.
bave ali duu.b thiiiia bat ar for nil take,
W hu with tbeaa II n urat aojouru did tuakol
Vim 11 Uiiliy fnlr to a.'oT
Kairar than a'l llnwora that ba
l.af ely wrra lh btnu. blu area,
LaiHO anddatip Hud rtrvaly wian,
Viutoti itruwn in iiarmllaot
bltllo dnniilfd hnnda and laet,
KosrliuiU wnun Die Juno Ia sweet.
Oa tha all Kali hand tho aunrat'e thoen,
Irndnrrkt I 'i llm woild hath aver toon.
Oh, I know Hit Kathar'a halh
(lulilon W ior an.l nryatil walla
Hnao nil alitolv fir away I
Why dld'a: laavo thorn, Unby, sayl
For Hie uianncr blind wita hnyT
1 avK 1'ia imini'o, for mid warm,
For (he atnbla in iho utorui,
K ir 1'ia oiTth whr.ae wolinua wna ao poor,
livon I ha itina 'nit Tlion bad oloaed tuoir
door If
1 n Iho r:iptnre nnd die bliaa
W hore Thy Ka'hor' proponne la,
llntir nriiel Thy haurt waa aura
For iho pnln lint vvetmore
Wmlrd uiion tbo fad rUi'i ehoro
lloaru dial litoiio aim hetrU that blot,
llonrta tint wont iiiit'omfortod ;
Ami I'hy crown and royal robot did'at dolf
Vca. 'I'hy ki.i.ly lato ibou ihd'at put oBl
Did'at lake ptlti anil poverty,
Xnia 1 hy btrth plnco ilia' 1 ana;
i-id'at take for Ttiino own mother
Siitiu r of a poor o,r ; onlcr
'Ibou did'at cluif and clear to tar,
Hid I by youth In lowllnoia,
tloalod all w.o ami all diatrata
Ki r thy Cbriklalnp'a nuerdon and lit fame,
bled up in I'm crone, the death of ehamol
lit tho Ilaha who crle I with cold
Kr bia lirsl hour waicd old;
Ky III" lla'ie who thad Ilia blood
lac ninth d-y l bubyhoodi
Hy Iho It ly a i. fmr and aood
On Ilia Kalhur'a buinoi bant;
Hy tbe lovely uianhi.od apent
tar all i iin an tin and cure and lore;
lly the Urokto bcart upon the eroaal
T.) the Chriat all love and rraleel
In the holy Ohrialniaa Java;
Jn Ihe aunimor nnd Ibe 'peine,
In the autuinn'a lona; dvlna.
Allauial Ohriil ihu Kinil
had iicarU, ulad hea'ta, hear the call
Ua hath tanurrnara for all.
Allelnilal chant Iba praiaful word
For iue ilaha and Buy aud M in and bordl
Y'Tit'iWwa Tynan
A Mi renil Strike,
rnit.AiiKi.rHiA, Ta., DtCmbor24
Tha euiin ere, firemen, trainbands
and coat beavers employed by the
lieat'ing l-'aUroad C.imoany at the
coal wharvrB pt Port Kichmnnd, who
Imve I etui dhiiati ti d over ths recent
rules if tiie co upany, and who re
turned to work t's:erday, again
B rack th morning, aud trams were
leportod is b-dy blocketl between
the in Ifl i f l;oi)uy.kill aud Pott Kich
mei.il.' N .no a. InrmeiB are iving in
ibo docks waning t'l receive their
cartetof coa1. and f otn present Indl
citioni tbi y wi.l not be losdod for
tome t::ne.
The Fff ct of the War Rumors In
En rope and the Political Dig.
turhuuee fa England.
Nkw Yopk, December 24. R 0.
Dun & C . have 8'U)d tbe following
trade review for the past week: War
rumors hava given charartler to a week
otberwiee dull. With Europe arming
and pol.tical prnnpects in Giet
Britain a'.I unsettled by Cbnrchili's
ri-signation, chancea of tlis'urhancB
abroad ara eagerly dbcuBsed in Amer
ican marltelH, and better prices for
wheat have reau.ted. tpttcuiatiin
was stagnant. Bales f ;r three weeks
have bet n :
Pant ertnta fiVat Wi
Ylr.k. r,k. l),mirr.
Hharotatoik Siiti 000 a.HW.ono ftu'.'.itiO
Uuhlawhnat..2ri,i -l,ian 62,:v.() M 'Hh.MII
iluabela corn.... 2,74,(0() J, tin;, (MM 4,''4 ,l
Ila oao'jtton Wl.tliai Hol.ll 0 Wi.ltt)
ll inell oil 12 tt7,U0t' , fiM 8.',ti,OII0
Foreign investors continue to hold
rtocksand send gold, i.aat week the
bank of England lost $:l,0-0.0ik) and
trie Bink of Franca $3,050,00 gold.
Partof thtse remit'anios maybe re
quired to cover reported needa of Bri'-
irn companies In tbe ra tia trace,
which overproduction and the power
ful clutch of tb4 Oh.cno riUBr have
rendered emharrsc-niog to tome toreigo
iuv atiird. Freedom lor toe m-nt
traffic would help llritinh capitalifctsas
well as American consumers. It it ibe
iienmnd.4 rsultiug from the fail in
sp'-ciila'ivesjctir.tiio I av been heavy,
and so far bavu been mot by romit-
tmces rather than nv sates. An act rial
outbrotoc of war aoro.td might caune
roalu lit',, bat when eveiybodv is
armed, as a rule, nohodv fights.
liu', on Wednemlay and Tiinrsduy
tbe war reporia and boavy freigh: eu
gsgemeDiB tuddenly mad wheat act
ive, with tales of 0,000,000 tj 8,000,000
Dustie.s uaiiy, ana the price rose It
Corn d 'dined during the week 1
cent; pork products c.oeed about ai a
week ago.
has beim large. K ceipts now exceed
those of the last crop vear to date, and
exports also are about as much as
uaual at this B'ason.
grows dull, but standard brown cot
tons bave advanced and deabrj are
reckoning up fa r prod a. Woolens
are in a transition period; for dresa
fabrica tbe mills are wall ccuupied.
i riues lor Heavy gooas are not yet ad
justed to the higher cost of miterial,
and strife between two rival makers
has uuorganiBod the carpet trade.
at the West ia lurge beyond precedent,
as back clearings prove. In tbe East
tbe increase is irregular and la-gs
where spsculatlon is active. At tbe
Suuth there ia still shrinkage in vol
ume with lees aathUctory collections,
except whore now manufactures give
new life. The Pennsylvania railroad
reports a derroaae In net earnings ef
$89,5l)0 for November, the attempted
advance in Eait bound rales is not
enforced, and the Alton and R:ck
Island road gives notice of withdrawal
from the Pacilio Coast Association,
lint lit the general activity there is
striking proof in tbe week's movemeot
of 17,21a1 loaded c ars at Iadlnnapo is.
The Treasury baa put out nearly a
million gold, a million legal tenders
and over two and a half million silver
certitlca'es duriug tbe week.
Money is p'entifu', bm payments In
silver at the New York Custom hnnie
wcro 9 and are now Id psr cent, of tbe
The business failures throughout
Ihe country during the lnht seven d iys
number for the United States 231, and
for C nada 3, or a to'al of 'M as
compared with a total of 28 i last wetk
and 274 the week nrvious.
or the IwcreiiNvil Vnlua of l.autl
Tha Orliciual Kononl Tom 1'roin
lie (toiinty Heulir.
Nkw Yokk, December 24. At tho
begiiuiing of the presant catitiry
'Roger Merritt owned three auctions of
laud in Westchester county, adjoin
ingththen village of Bawpit'.B. lie
loused a p rt of t he property end died
iu teat ate in 1810. Under the leaBe,
filed in While Plains in 18 )2, subse
quent small leases for parts of tbe
laud were made to aovorai parties for
ninety-nine years. Then the old
honsa and lands we e converted into
buatuo s places, and in 1800 the in
habitants inorporated the place into
the vlllaite of Port Chester. The land
on which tha village stands ia valued
now at 15,000,000 to $.'0,100,000. In.
the year 1800 the leaf iu the Register's
otlics containing tbe record of the
original lease was torn out by some
unknown person, the only evidence
of it being in tbe index. The matter
was put into the hands of an attorney,
who filially gota clew and left yester
day for a small town in Alabama,
where, it is claimed, the identical
mlEsing leaf is in the po-seslou of tha
family of John Merritt, a ron of tha
original owner, who quarreled with
bis brothers, and the claim is that he
tare it out through, spite.
Vot BtlUO tnllnaj-A Noble fbnrlty.
Clkvii.ind, 0.,D.cBmber24. Some
time ao the fnfr started a Christ
mas dinner fund for the worthy poor
of tbe city. Contributions ooured in
and this morning the fund amounted
to JJHOO. At o'clock tht distribu
tion began. There wore 3(100 baskets
aud each basket contained a larga tur
key, a peck of pituties, a half pound
of out er, a two pound loaf of bread,
a half doi n onions, three or four or
anges, namely, etc The baskets were
given out at the great Tabernaole on
Ontario street. A Christmas card wai
tied t i each basket with directions in
English, German and B.ihemian for
cooking a Btituptuona Christmas din
ner with the mat r al furnished.
Koine of the people who applied for
tickets bad sick ones in their families
and in such a case a special mark was
placed on their card. For these, 600
separate baskets bad been piled up.
In each one was placed a quart can of
oysters. The crowd was very large
and the distribntion was tbe greatest
thing of the kind in tbe history of the
Hcolt'a EtualalOB.
Of pnre Cod Liver Oil, with Hjpa.
phosphites, is a most valuubla rarnSdy
for consnmption, scrofula, wasting dis
eases of children, colds aud cbroaic
roughs, and in all conditions where
there is a loss of rtobh, a lack of nerve
power aud a general debility oi the
i'nr Work lieatioyetl by Fire.
llARiUHiiriui. Pa., December 24.
Tbe car works of Shall & K'ng at
Middiet wn were almost wholly de
at roved bv fire this morninir. L b.
' f 100.000. The Hie ataried in tho
boiler room at 2:30 o'clock and deapite
tbe ifTjrtB of the firemen six sub
stantial brick building", inc udirg tbe
Carpenter and construction, machine,
pattern and blackamitb shops and
pianiog mill were destroyed. Tbe
foundry and office and a few sheds
ware saved. It is likely tbe works
will at nnca be nbnilt ' About 155
meu are thrown out cf work. An in
tunnte rf t lO.OCO was carried, part cf
which wai on tbe saved building?.
Wasbirgtou. D'cemher 24 All d -par'nients
will ba closed tomorrow,
Augusta, Me., Decmbr 4. Mr.
Blaine'" attack of gout was only Tir a
day. II t has entirely recovered and
is at wir't.
Baltimore, Md., December 24. Mor
ton D. B.cka, furnilare denier, made
an aeeignment to 'ay to C. C. Iaa-s
for tbo huefit of bis cr-d tors. The
bond of tha trustee is $ 0,000.
Buflalo, N. Y., Decmbi r24 ChfB.
Robinson Smith, of New Yorhr, today
tiled notire cf appeal to the Buprema
Court in the rmt:tr of lb will of tbe
lat'-i Francis Tracey, whicti waa recent
ly admiitad to prolate.
Waehirgton,. Lecemher 24. It it
an' borifjiti ve.y Bla'i'd that no scion
will b-t tnken by 'l.e Prcaiilcnt Iu tbe
niatb r ol the opp intinei't uf a Bin -c
ts:.r to Surveyor Get-eral L"dbetter
of E'liiisiaoa, uec and, nutil after the
Lo-g Is'and (Jitr, N. Y, D'remb"r
24. Ti e loss hy the fi' at Maver A
Loweattein'a Varnu'i Works last night
is p'a''nl by a uvmoer of n lirm t)
be betw-HT l75,(,tJ nnd $00,000. Jno
amount of insurance caiinot yet be bh-certnini-d,
but is twr posed to ba about
St. Lou, Mo., December 24 A
special fiom Jmiiiii, Mo , to the Post
Duiatch s.iys : lh a morning, Fcuwarta'a
dry g Kids B'.ore and Mine. E'. pileit'a
millinery a.cre were destroied by fire.
Two fraiiit buildings Wrrealeo burned.
Loh', $,!0,0(0j iu.uranca abou' half
that, nuiouut.
Cbieag", 111., D.cember 24. An
Evening Journal special from Mioneup
nliHBiyx: The six day buyele race,
twenty-fonr hours a nay, now being
riddm in th'B city, Is sl.owing some
lornftik'.bla work. Up to 10 o'clork
'bis mo ning (tht lOrt'h hour) W. J.
Morgan had soured 1019 milop, 6 laps;
Albert Huhocc 1040 milrn, and Mia.
Lruise ArmaindoOlO miles and 5 laps.
Newark, O., December 24 Brad
ford Dunham, general manager of the
Baltimore and Ohio rtliroad, who 1 as
bi'Oi here Bince the d.iatn of Col.
Foreacre, has nert hiB resignation to
headqnrtera, at Bititnore. Gen. Or
land Smith, tl ir.i vice pyeident, is
here to assume tne duties cf Ihe posi
tion for ttio preaeut.
Van Wert, O., Dpcember 24. In
June last the Union Na'ior.nl Bank, of
Cincion-atl, sent by Uni'ed States Ex
press $10,000 to tbo Van Wert Na
tional Bank. When the package
reached the Van Wert bank Hern
ia; nod no mom yi Suit was brought
against the exjreBs company, and tha
jury in ten minutes gsve a Verdict f jr
the in iney and interest.
New York, Decenib?r 24. When
the ferryboat Atlantic, of toe Snmh
ferry, was making her Blip at 7:30
o'clock this morning she collided with
tbe Northtleld, of the Staten Island
ferry, which was juet leaving her Blip.
Tbe vuard rail aud bow of tho Atlan
tic was badly smashed, antl tbe Nortb
fiold 'a rudder wait can led away. Ed
ward OoBgrove, a p issengor on the At
lantic, had his rigot leg taken oil' be
low tbe knee.
For Toilet Use.
Ayer'a Hair Vigor keeps the buir soft
nod pliant, imparts to It tbo lu.stre and
freshness of youth, causes it to grow
luxuriantly, eradicates Dandruff, euros
all scalp diseases, and is tbo most cleanly
of all huir preparation..
iVFR'SJ Hair Vigor lins plvon me
mull O ii i fret eul infliction. I whs
nenrlv bald for six years, ditiiiiir which,
tlion 1 used limiiy buir prepurul ions, but
without Hurivsit. Indeed, what, little
buir 1 bud, win growing thinner, until
1 ti led A.vor"a lluir Vigor. I used two
bottles of llio Vigor, and my head is now
covered ith a new growth of buir.
JiuUon It. t'liapcl, l'euuody, Muss.
tl ft ID that lias becomo weak, gruy,
IlHIII mid fiiilud, may have new life
nnd color restored to it by tbo use of
Ayur'a lluir Vigor. "Sty bnirwas thin,
fuded, and dry, and fell out In lurgo
quantities. A.vur'a lluir Vigor Btopjied
the fulling, ami restored m huir to its
origiuul color. As a tlresMog for tho
buir, this preparation bus no equal.
Mury N. lluimnoiid, Stillwater, Mmu.
VIPflR y0"1'1. ami Vipuuty, In tha
lUUIilf iimii'iirancn of thp iiuir, limy
be preserved lor an Indefinite period by
the use of Ayer's Hair Vigor. "A dis
ease of tbo sculp caused my hair to bo
rouie harsh ami dry, mid to full otu).
freely. Nothing I tried aeeiuoil V. i i
any good until I commenced r.siliJ
Ayer'a lluir Vigor. Three bottles of
this preparation restored my buir to a
healthy condition, and It is now Roft
and pliant. My scalp Is cured, and it
is nlflo free from rliuidrutt. Mrs. E. II.
Foss, Milwaukee, Wis.
Ayer's Hair Vigor,-
Bold by Prugiilata and Vorfumora.
Pbrfrct bavf.tt, prompt action, and
wonderful enrutivo properties, easily
pluco Ayer's Tills at the bead of tbo list
of popular remedies for Sick ami Nerv
inis Heiidiu lies. Constipation, and all ail
ments originating in a disordered Liver.
I have been a great sufferer from
Headache, and Ayer's t'athurtio Pills
are the only rnedicino tbnt, bntf ever
giveu me relief. One dose of tb :e Till
will -quickly move my bowels, and freo
my bend from pain. William L. Pago,
Uicluuoud Va.
Ayer's Pills,
Prepared by Pr.J.C. Arr at Co., Lowell, Maaa,
bold by ''1 Doalere In Medicine.
Geneml Jobber In BRICK V)ORK
1RATK8 BET, and Smoking Chlmn.je
Itofad. All work auarHntaad.
lirvr Ton (Vwiah, Prorifhltln, Anthma. lndljrwt"nl W
ARktIR'fl TONIO ill. out dt Iny. It tinii nn
utitv tillii worsTciw mid in tlw lust TtmMT tort
tttasUtMiaor thw timttttntui luiurti tuiti d.!tt'iKpa annU
piwii imtwirv btiHHiiiiHloxiutti"itiott. Tiiof'i-iti whi
tniHKiititf atnunxt nitMotMi, and fHOwlv dilfitnj ro l
jmnwiilin i!i.etrwiitH'owrtr'ir ltth by UieVni
tortif Cakkkk'H i'owui, out dtlvv ti tininnHit. Tnm
Unatv (,?un r'n an fiM num. Uivw nw tlfM
rauui to tif Mita euuiuiiii txw 1 tu, imncniii
1 IllaUIIII ' IWItwt
ha found la tha ClEW'lt
IlKtLTII," for, Ui.
ireedr oura ni Nervoua Uohllit, Lett liner
ay, Octiiondonor, eto. A ex'tv et Hii" hiKk
will bo aont io, tcu'ed Addri'ta M l i'.Ia't'k
' ii h.ii.i it. i:to am sixiti airxet,
t'latinaail, Olil.
"TafaWt-v ia.'f''-'.! :
; .1-
i .
r .
Fttr Sjtlo T'vrrTwliri In (lie
Praaidont of tho lroKt LOUISVILLE C0U-KiKK-JoLiKNAL
CO.. tells trnat
bs knowa of
Wintersmith' Chill Cure.
Omca or thi Ooi'siir-JooriiaIi,
Looibulle, Kr.
Dr. WinUrntilhHir: I waive a rulo 1 have
obaorvod for many yearn, the vaiuo ol your
remody prooiiiiinr ma to asy, in reply to
your ronuoai, wbut I know of your Chill
Curs, 'iba private asauranuee of iu efficacy
I had. ard tlio good reanlta of Ita oft'aotu 1
bad oDForvod on Mr. H. VV. Moredith, who,
tot more ttian fifteen yanra, bad toon lors
mau of my office, in.4uoed me to teat it in
mitaaiily. Tbi retnltt hava boon oniirsly
aatielHcmry. Tho 6rt onae waa of two
yeura' eiuudinir. in which i bailors every
known remedy had been triod with tempo
rary relief-tha chilli returning periodianlly
and with aeemingly inoroarod aevtrity.
Vonr euro broke them at onoo, and there hat
baao nn recurrent, of them fur more than
aiz incntha. The other ooae waa ol a milder
form, and yielded more readily to other
remedioa; bat the ohilla would return at in
terval! until your medicine waa used, ainoa
which time, now levorai months, tbey have
entirely disappeared. From the opportu
nity I have had tojudire, I do not hesitate to
express toy belief thai your Chill Curo it a
valuable specific, ana perlorml all yon
promise for it. Respectfully,
ART HUH PETER A CO., A fonts, Loma-
ville. Kv.
r t -?.
Wt Oyapepvlri.ixll iira mau
(at I tie ltf walirai Organ Mud the
1.1 Fee, Skin Dlieaa, Cute, Burtaa,
BcKlda aa Krulaea, ACIO IRCH
BAKTU la apticKIc
lalheonantllain, Malatrtnl Dlaaao
Mora, ChroDle niarrben nnd aK
atloait caeea of Blood FotaonlniK,
ylatal wltlaoat tall loa tfaalaM
toil auw.UT potref .
AVata trta paeg,ikiot, ko ktRaX
mi mil etealera r amut, giaiitaV
frasi (taa A. (. i.. Cel., mtaa f, AUisV
At, Wholesalfl b? VAW TLRGTft CO.
No. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
IRatflbllahedln 18K0.I
DB. J0n N8UN ia aoknowledired by all par
tioa interested aa by far the moat too
coesful phvaiuian in the treatuientof privat.
or leoret dlseasoa. Quick, permanent ourai
auaranteed in every oaae, male or female.
Recent caaea of Gonorrhea and Syphill.
ourod In a f"W dayt without the oae of mer
oury, obanre of diet or hindrance Iron
business, booondary Syrhilii, the laat Tea
tine eradicated witboitthe use of marcary.
InTolunsary Ion otaemen Hopped in abort
time, bnfierera from impotenoy or loaa o
aeiual powers restore to freeviior in a fc
weeks. Victims of sell-abuse and exeeaalre
vonory, inSering trom aiermatorrhea no
loaaol phyaioal and mental rtower, aieodil)
and permanently oured. Particular attoo
tion paid to tbe Dissaaea of Women, and
onroa auarantoed. Piles and old lores cnreii
without the uio of oauatio or tbe knile. Al
consultations strictly confidential. Medi
cines sent by expross to all parts ot tb'
arVorkina:men snred at half the as a
rntos. Olficenoura trotu H o'clock a.m. to
O'olock p.m. ,D. 8. Jt'llNWM. M.T.
auk yma mt-.iirr for t. OrtT5nal83r.hoe,
li4-w.woif riii'.t.iiiiicA. -
NoneGf nnliiotinlca.UturiuutlilsStnmp,
BlndoluButton.Oonr.Tssrrfl IjfM. Rest Oi
i ..iK uucx'.-ciioiiui intra
h ii u. Cuir, i l rt ami A mior
viu't. A jvisuilcnrrt dt'nt to
HMTVIII IM'll'K VOll IllloilUla"
tlm tiovtoRvt-thbi Shoo ua
41 I.it-ciIh BL,
Ujmou, aiaaa.-
TSits ahoo auuidf bl'lier tn the estimation ot
Wearrri than any o'l"'r In 111" worl I. Tnoo,
aanaVwbo woarll Mil tell you lb cvuuo IX you
sua laoul.
J. W. VOEGEI,! fc CO
I htvpotttairfiitf.1y Iit tb abovwdtaWMM ( by h
tiMliiouMntl ol raaoaof tin wnrai htoj and ol loi(
taatllllall tl bt-tU CUtwL Imlwd. IV trDfllfU III
faith In It mct thai I will mA TWO BOTIIW
KliKkt,loMbfr wit m VAIaUABLK TKkAl taK o H'lt
AMti)nrrtwrsr. Ml MltreM nd r. U tvMi
1H T. A. alAXTJ. 11 fWt 9L, MV Yut.
Pennyroyal Pills.
'ttnieHKnTr.R'H Ksiwi.isn
The ttrliclBol land Only tnn'ln,
rial and alwaya Reliable. Bewareot worlli.
I. Imitations. Indiapanaablato I.AltlKH.
Au jour Itrnavalat lor Mi:iiiliet,er'i
Knalt-"and take no other, or inoloro 4t
(atampt) to na for particulars tsiitTiRbj
rrlnru mall. -' lAPKlt. A all
raat-eter I'liemlenl ('o-,
U.HI3 Mniltwn Hqllair, PhllmlH., P ".
Fold by Prurtl.n .rtrrwhere. Atk for
" htclieaterii Lmillun" fiuuy royal
Jilla. Take no oi her.
Kii)a ianiMtilAu u
i' I.KMK, Sis Btxlh Ut., Wafbinttnn, 1.
C. ProTi lrl prsotinally urelul bnnn.sseda
cation. No tcriiit cor vacatluna. Mnduti
enter nt anr tiui. Trmt: Lite ("boUrah'.p,
HO. Twelve weekt' Course, Hoard, eto.,A'i6.
K.nd lor I'trenlar.'
A MONTH, irmwuw ttaaaa
lua aTOrlr. In in- vr 1. aftmpk. ff.u.
AtaSal lrn Krtta.
Trntle jtl r!i .
hi -!r.a
Ti;, WcrMlcaxttTa'af if'Saat7
' '
r - a. a a zrr9 ri m .
ViiHimI Kl;tfia T! Sure tint
LateJ.X. Lafrdo A Cc.
x .
AN1 COMSIII015r llEKOli A'JCa,
No. 301 Front street, : Memphis, Tenn.
arlfavina retired from the Saddlery and Harriers business and opened an office as above.
ng iru iiei-eu iu auugunoo uiuuririonus aililiuo puoiiu vouerifciiy Mint wa i.r. u,iw inviiiiniij
t" lervo them in our now capacity, lleturnina: thanks for the very liberal putrousse e
tended as in the old line, we trust to merit and receive a share of your ravors in tbe new.
1 l "'
aw aib tnua arstta.fiii.L, bastt-tabj.
afesrs, Sash, Blinds, MoldLisg. Looted
Lata end ShinIea, Flcorlnj?, Celllag and Qe&nr JPos&
j iiria
Dlesale Grocers
ill I LaSlUft! ny
384 rROTr rtrtht:t, mepwis. tvivt-rt.
!Po.XM Front fKiroof. Vnr. TTnlott. W"ili5. Tfitn.
Agent a id Commission Merchant and Wnojesale Dealer.
BUT Having purchased tbe entire stook of Henry Peres, 84 Beale street' at a low figure, oon
Bistinx of (StovtS, Furnitu'e, Queensware. Tinware nnd Uousebold Furnish ng Goods, we
will sell chenper than any other house 1n the city. Hive us a call.
P.S. All kinds of Near and Second-hand Stoves Sud Machinery for sale che-p.
We buy all kinda of Ram and aH grades of Oottnn, Jron, Rones, 11 'due, Furs, Metals ana
Feathe-t. Highest t'nsh Prices Paid and Prompt Returns Made on li goods consigned;
me. lOOO lone UII Iron , WantMl.j (Correspondence solicited, and .Trice Lilt
sent on application.
IOO, III anil li:t Sliellty M.nnd Hi Roalo M.. 1HfitiTlil.Tiii..
'" Boiler Ir..
M"-fe lp4ffKf mwb
ttriinira. &3g?z Bappllfa
IRON & RAILWAY SUPPLY DEP'T, 226 and 228 Second St.
(Saoctssors In this lepartment to JOHN MANOUUK.)
sr-Wrtte n for infermntion or, ANY Til TNI In either line. .
J. t. I AMAJ0K.
O. 0. KIIK.
Ufeoielo Grocers & Cotton Factoid
SSt Front Sitirt, IeapliiJi, Teasu
Qiitu eailgne ai will hare ear eareral atteattea. We aaxry a all Hbmb a W
te!ete4 Iteek el
Ctipla L Fancy Groceries, Wines, LlcjuarsJcUtts & ClgSA
at Will
ts and Shoes
comple'e thnn ever, comprising not only tbe best and Cnost but also full heel of me
diutn. durable anf atTlish goods, whioh we offer at low figurM.
lit Tilt; TKAUK we oBVr apeoial
. . i, r- i
BOL1D 617. KS, we are prepared to fill orders
enabling Merman
its to all In wunoui oeing
Azenla for tine Oelrbrntnl W. tt. Don tine Ittrn'a Calf Itbuu a.$ti;
Hoys' Mio ! atyloe.
- ? V
- , j. - - -
IXuy the Ocnuliin Arllrle.
Late with J. i. LaPrade A Co
- itsaaawmiajeaasnaYB.
& Soiton Factors,
l0to 174 Adams Stn Memptti
f.W M ljra litVNt.
induooraenta. Crrylr. met of onr goods la
, . I t ml Ki i L'VTD L T tLu
lor syoolai aiaea at dtl LXlnA tObl, tha
comioeu vu uhj vuu, uui uvouau.
ft. A. PAUlft.
mi & go,

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