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8ATGRDAY, t I lC. 85 1886.
cHiimu oxck aai
Onoe more Christmas, with its many
endearicg association!, ia with as
celebrating tlie birth o a person
who haa produced a mora pro
found and benilijial irfluoncs
upon the human kind than any
other human being that ever lived,
Chrialmse with its cheerlnp. inflaenota
ia with na once again fiom Cape
Hern to the Arctic sta, over the extent
o( this vast continent tbat wi s of yore
covered with savage darkness where
not overwhelmed with crqol arjper-
tiiion, the name of the Jew who waa
born in Bethlehem in a stable, ia now
acclaimed by millions of tonguts. In
"merry England" something of the
o'd mirt't sparklet ti.is Christmas
tnornirg. In all her wide colonic, in
vast Australia where the midsummer
snn is pouting down bis fervid bnniH,
in lately cannibal F.ji, in New Zaalaud,
oa the vast African plains, in the wido
expanse of India, and on a thoiiFand
far off intends, g'adnera and mirth
greet old Christinas. In the tolemn
fanes of tho European continent the
prayer ol the white-robed priest, the
iiiHiiirir.g voices of (banting choim,
cch thin morning to the vault of
heaven, because glad, merry Cbilatmia
in with ni once more. Mia 1 those
only wh ) have moans to fount on this
auspitlons day be glad? Khali we
selfishly rt-julcs, unmindful cf thoie
wboae tables are bare, whOBe limbs
totter in the cold, whoBe homes are
invaded by the pitlltss hi Rets ol th
winter winds? Yon who feast and
rejoice, spread your joy. IM other
f arcs siiiile because you are glad, let
other pulses beat the livelier because
your hoBrt la light. Yon rejoice j then
make the poor widow, for a brief day,
forget ber sorrow, and upon your good
cheer earn the bleeaing of the father
leas. You are sharing in the riches
lis dispensed who was born ia piv
erty nineteen hundred years ago, and
He identified himself with these im
poverished and sorrowing ones. Are
yon grateful? He atka you to show
tbat gratitude to the poor, then it ia
done to Ilimaelf. Merry Christmas,
, we welcome you, and shall we not
iiiake it welcome even in abedes of
woe by cheering downcast hearts with
generous gifts? Christmas, Christmas
once again, and once again, for almost
iti fiftieth Christmas, the old Aitial
bids Its esteemed readers "Merry
' The advceites of the system of leas
ing ont the labar of ths penitentiary
eonvluts are principally t'joso who are
concerned in leaaing and making high
profits out of that labor. Beside
those, there are some cillrni who
think that the State gains money b
the nyatcm, saving themselves some
thing In the way of taxes. There is
no such saving, but the exact contrary.
""Voere it ia made an cbji ct to reform
convicts, each ons whosa term ex
pirp, when he is reformed, becomes a
" eo'if supporting member of society,
and thus the numhor of that portion
of the population that Supplies sub
jects f it tiio penitentiary is decroar:ed.
Ktiformr.tory iuflnr(i:)8 arj lot eight
of when the object Ib poHily to get as
much w.irk out of tho convict as pou
e b!o, and to iccreasa the profiis of the
capita iota who prefer ai workmen
cheap rogues to fairly paid hum at
men. That the lenee ayatem iiutead
of brlrging a revenue to the Bute is
an addition to the cost of the prison
sybtem, ia provod by atut'stica we dud
in the Chat'auorga Time, of live
Statu?, of which the following given
the names, population and number of
imprisoned coavicls:
Oaorc-la .. I.MJ.IKHI
'lonneeaee I.Ml.tmo
IlllnutH. :i,H77,(K)
Ohio 3,n,iKI
I'ennaylvanla 4,U,lAiO
1.4 N
1, MI
()orgia and Te:ute8ee have equal
rnpnlaliors, tiio G.oriu prison man
agment ist-vrn mote thaa that of
Ttnnovee, ard accordingly Georgi
has the greater cumber of convicts.
Oiiio waa lucit ao diitcerning enough
to d'H:ovHr the Iocs caused by the
2eie tern and abandoned it, and
n 3 w ao wisely manages its peoiten
i'.nry that while Ohio hai one convict
fa cvp y 2,502 of her population, Ten
fu'es-te (na cne to every 1179; Tt ri
ms ue hai the am.itlett population of
tt.otxo, and yet has thirty-two more
lonvlc'B than Ohij. Illinois, like
Tc.-.nwHHO, follows tho lqiso system,
yet while her pnpalalion ia lliO.Ol'O be
low ttmtnf O;iio, alio li ,n 5til) more
convicts. Thesa liurcs toll thnir own
ttory, and what they say should In-
Juno Tunntssee to aiop a policy which
is rut on'y a crime, as depriving
' the ci'ii riil of reformation irill rcncei,
but a hlundtr, by having the
wcrt syetuu while incuiring the
gnau-jt propoitioaal exptnro. The
('(nitun'.i.iry le?Hees pay thpstate $100,
- (X0 a year, and the State's criminal
r rojt.ctilioni cost $180,000 a year,
Tiiei r mora criminal, and conss-
xjiientJy more crimes where the peni
tentisry aysiem, instead cf aiding to
reform the criminal, permits the
young to learn evil from the hardened
in crime. A here benevolence snd
regard for one'B follow creatures has
no intluence, tho lower motiva of sav
ing nuedlesH exptnne, and diminish
inn ih mim.wr of those who prey
npn propsrty and take life, shcnld
induce tvery citirjn of Tenneeaes to
oppose strenuously the continuance of
the lcailng Bystem. The haBlng sya
ttm in nat go.
The ManaEBaa Ha;, tie of B.iturday
list hai a i jlalion by Mr. J. L Kic
ci a war intideut tn.r ia far out of t.i
rcamo. way. Bin fly atied, st the
battle ot Bull Kun Col. Ric, ihen a
yriT.a'e in the Second New Hump hi: e
Regiment, was shot through ths lungs.
Ha was carried near to Sudley Church,
where the surgeons were attending to
the wounded. The approach of the
enemy drove these away, leaving
hint, apparently dead, and lying under
a fenee. Two days after ths battle he
recovered consciousness. He could
not ' move; the 'flies-clustered about
the wound, and he 1V alone, auflr
ing and hopeless. Amoi Becsan and
his wife, returning from Eudley
Church, where they bad been aseio'
ing the wounded Yankee boys, caught
eight cf Lira. On discovering ibat he
was alive, the services of a doctor
was abked, but he said be had loo
many to attend to to give time to ao
hopelefs a cie. The good Bencona,
however, stood by him, bathed, ftd an
attended to him until in ten days he
was well enoogh to be taken from the
feuca and gain attention from the
.doctor, and eventually he recovered
and was sent to Libby prison. For
twenty-fivo years Mr. Rice thought of
those who hai saved him, but joining
an rxcniBioniet party to Gettytburg
fe-v weeks ago, he hastened on to B all
Run to aiik after hie deliverers. They
were still living, and His Kard to tell
whether their joy or his was greuti a
at the meeting. They told him ttat
whon they bad found Lim they re
girded him rs an enerr.y whem they
might m-glecr, then came tbe thought
that tho Christian must do good, even
to h e enemy, and they gave him the
tendereat care. 1! Jore returning Col
Rica nekrd what he could do to testify
his gratitude. They declared nothing
wau wasikia ta them, but on his pi r
elating, Jt, Bars in said their chimb.
had been destroyed In tbe war. With
much difllcnl'y, for the neighborhood
ia poor, they had rebuilt it, but a debt
of 1200 on it hung a heavy weight on
the congregation, and if he could help
a litis there his helpers would think
thenosslves amply paid. On reach'
ing Mb noma (Jot. Kica gave
a narrative of what the Benson's had
doro for him, and BBked if any would
join him in paying off (he church
debt. These Easterners, once so de-
aptaed In Old Virginia, responded
neartny, and In a lew days J-'ao waa
sent lo Dudley Ohurjh, the very creed
fcnd denomination of which Col. Rica
was entirely ignorant of; bntheeaya
he knew that a ohoroh that produced
such Obriat'ans was a good and true
church. And tbe Yankees of New
Hampshire that so promptly raised
ths money for a church in the South
is no credit duo to them? Here alio
ws have another Instance of Ibe happy
fiot that we are again one people, of
oae nation, with ons government snd
glory log in one dig. We cannot but
thir k of the words "the lion and the
lamb eh all lis down together and
Utile child shall lead them."
A Ilafrns tire.
I.ivmtrooi,, December 24. Thelarg
esi ana mon disastrous nre in Liver
pool since Ilia year 1847, occurred this
morning, when tbe extensive general
retail stores of John Lewis A Co., on
liruniwicK roau, were entirely at
s'rored. It e stores crn'ained an
enormous Uhiistmas stock, all of
which was consumed, as waa alto an
attractive menagerie corrected with
tho t( tatiliebuiout. When the tire men
had Hftniredtueh cont ol of the flames
eat) h j libit) to routine them to tho
Imr.iliiR preuihe, it waa noticed that
the largo poMr bear in the ini nagerie
wninti i a'lveflnd ompura'iveiy im
hurt, though surrounded by lliines
A determined effort wai at once uiaiie
to ref.cno the flue brute. A powerful
fttir-nin of water wa kept in full piny
nn the cage, and a number of during
men muiu ttieir way under the cur
rent to tho C)ge. This they wrenched
from its fistenii'CH, ai d urapril ng it
with chains and bars manager.', the
bear desperately flying at them all the
white, to diag itscccurant trom the
fire, Just btfore tho waia of the burn
iuc tiuiidmgi lull in with a crash, lha
rwiusof tue haar was witnessed by
tnou lauds ot people and greeted with
great cheering. The loss is placed at
Ill Uadilbek Harder.
CuiOAfio, Decambp 24. A special
lo the AYh'i from Sioux City, Iiwa,
fays: xne tiaxiy jewt correspondent
lias found ano her ere witness of the
murder of lhdJock. This man's name
hai never hi en mentioned iu connec
tion with the afl .ir. He will be used
ai a witoeai oa the tria1. bnt at this
t ins fir ti bavo his Earns published
i nut lie will meet with violence at the
hamUcf the accuaed men. Such ia
tbo reign if terror in this city. There
aro undoubtedly a dram men In Sioux
City who saw the murder who have
bcin efraid to say a woid. Some cf
them iinvit been driven to leave town.
The new witness r. fuses at present to
say whom he will jden.ify as the
cl rgyman a a'uasiiin, but ths infer
Mire from hit story ia that it will be
the wealthy brewer, Arensdo fl.
A (tunrrrl Knda la Murder.
Lomsviu.a, Ky., December 24. A
spc at lorn Marvavit e reports tho
killing of Frank Jefleison, ngd 40
veare, by AVrMi nud Sam Jrlt'ararn,
u mi uuner zu years oi age. ilie par
lies wcrs not relateil. There was a
general qn.itrol and a ahooting scrape,
wiiu me anovs result.
Fotionrd ky Kitting ('Muned FrnK.
Cincinn. ti. O.. December 24. The
whola family of Joseph 8-idelor. a car
paintfr, consisting of himself, wife and
a U year o'd eon, waro poisoned today
by eating canned areen nets. Snide-
let died tonight, but L a wife and
child may recover.
MiilJ'ordX 21)4 Main.
XI Willi niilarbltg (ha Tally Sheet.
Coi.CMmii, 0.. December 24. Judaic
Wylie, of ths Common Pleas Court,
today ordered a special grand jar to
bs impaneled on Monday to hear the
rhargits against the 6ve men who were
bound over by a j ituice charted with
committing the Thirteenth Ward tally
sheet forgery in this city one year ago
rasi ran.
Molford, Jeweler, 2t4 Slain street.
solicits oHer from t he conntry.
Tlirjr Are Hot Horry.
There is ons thing nobody ever re
grets that ia, the day they Cret adopt
ed I'erker'a Tonic as their regular fain
ily medicine. Ui range is so wide
find its good effects so mire, that nuth
ing olae, except good nursing, ar
needed in a great majority of caaet
liny it, try it, and afterward it will not
rarjuiie any praise from na.
Bnvy Baying Frepcnfs fur Friends
and Loved Oces Services
at the Churches.
Judged by the throngs of people
that made Main and Beate streets al
most Impassable coring the past week
Memphis must hive celebrated Christ
mas la t evening on a scale of liber
ality unprecedented in her hiatory.
Tbe retailers all did a rnahing busi
ness ard were, without exception,
fomp?lUd to employ ex ra help in
ordor to enable them to attend to the
wants of the evtr changing stream of
purchasers tbat swept through their
stores. Kven np t) a late hour laat
night tbe stops were crowded with
pnrcbawra and the etree's a living
mais cf people, j wtlicg each other
giol cumorfdty hoq pushing their
way in oppotits direttione. witu pock-
eta and arms and bands loaded, witti
patots. At many of the churches
Christinas tiers bad baen, prepared,
loadtd witn guts ijr tne poor, and ai
on Ka't Court street, a delightful
entertainment wta providt d I y tne
children of tbe Snudav school. Ic
was in the rature cf a piny in whlcn
between Cf y and tiity children
of both nm ouil rat g ng in age
fiom tluce years tothtrtten, ioo rt
Hie p ot is tnus deatribdd in tne pro'
Scrne 1. A number of ecbool cbil-
rirrio ato giving their school mate,
Cirncie Wills, a surpriso ptrty
Bemrs leading Gracio'a home, thfy
rueolve to writna letter to Hanta Ulnua,
requesting Irtn to remember a poor
littie girl and her mother. S.inti Clans
gets tne let'era and visits the ponr lit
He girl s home, leaving many gifts.
Scent ( Alter an interval of twelve
hours ) UnUbnstmis morning the
nhtldien meet again, and the story of
t-a'ita u,au a ktcdui sa is told, wtiico
causes piucn r. loimng,
1 he cait of character.' waa as follows
Wlnnio Worrell Mt'i Minni Falls
Mraaia Wollt Mini Sal lie F irrtat
buaia flrar Him Mildred Molntrrs
Alice Hpovbi Mim Deornie L-e
Harry Warren Mator Dwlirht M boeler
Yi una llruwn Master Thomai M ewart
(leunie Lee .-...Maater Win. Walden
Banta Olaat. 11. J. FaradioK
The scenes were interspersed with
dialogu s, recitritions and eongs by
tne cniidren above named, consptcu
om amors whom for eeterrl exoel
lence'were Miss Minnie Falls and Miss
Sillie Forrest, both cf whom recited
with grace and skill. They aho aarg
very eweetly, and svd p-xsersed of
voices tbat n omtse well lor the future.
A little chin c f a girl, bnraly two feet
nign, also distinguished nerjell by an
a Jmirtb'y sp ;ken piece in versa which
bad been asalgned to her. Tne l.ttle
miss, tbontrh not over 8 veirs of aire.
surprised the audience by her clear,
bell like voice, ter easy gestures, and
tne art and wiu'ome trace that char
r.cterix'd her delivery of the lines snn
was cha-ged witn, She was rewarded
with a geuuine and spontaneous round
of applause. Her name Is Emma
Wheeler, and she is the owner of Ons
brightest snd cu'est little faces (hat
ever pooped out oi a miniature poke
Ten songs were iiiag br the chil
dren during tbe course of the even
ing, and tbe precision and fine bar
mor.y with which it was done sneaks
vol onus tor tbe skillful training cf
I'rof. JJowns, who drl. led them for the
occasion. At the cooctusion of the ex
ercleea, Mr. Waddell advanced and in
bhalf of thn Young Ladies' hocioty of
the uumburiand Uliurcti
with a handnouie silk qu it, the work
oi na lair nonnia. mrs. uanaway roau
and with much fading accpteii the
gilt, declaring that words were inndo-
quite to exprees her ptolound ap
preciation ot the gut. Tbe mult is
in sen i ti ;e ni piece of handwork, and Is
tie j lint production of upwards of
fifty young lailii s, ench oi whom con
tributed a ultimo, without reference
and without being permitted to see
what her co!oborra wera doiog. The
reault is a surprising y happy combina
tion ot every cilorof the taiubow,
inning a mojiiic el silk with a crun-
eon plush and velvet border, that is
a constant delight to the eye. it ii
lined with enmton aatin, and each
young lady bai embroidered the ini
tials of her namo upon her own con
tribution. Altogether, it is a gor
geous present, fully worthy of its oati-
niHDie donee and its lovely donors.
Mr. Waddoll also, on behalf of tbe
young ladies,
with a beautiful clock, which he ac
cepted in a neat and graceful lit'le ad
dress, in which he took occasion to
reter to the continuous career of be
nevolence and charity that has marked
mis. uanaway a connection with the
unmberiand unurch through a period
of nearly fifty years. The reverend
gonllemxn expreaeed himself as more
profoundly crateful for the crift nre.
sented to her than for anything that
cou a nave neon prefented to turn, in
inis compliment try strain he contin
ued tor lovoral minutes, and it was
very evident that he was deeply
i.'iii iuii as ne rrcaiiea inouient upnn
it.cidect il'uetra'ivo of Mrs. Oalla-
way s devotion to ths causo of charltv
... 1 . ... '
nn iruui ana gnutiness.
Alter tho revereud Bentleman had
c.iiciuittd. Alios adie Forreet an-
prnacli'd him and presented him with
in on bhalf oi Mr. Lennter'a Sun
day school.
After he had fxnrempil bin MmnLo
tne children marched down sUiire,
wuere an auuniiance ot Uluiatmas
presents awaited them. A pltasttnt
leaiureor inn anatr waa a row of nnr.
cela, something l.ks 100 in number,
containing presents for the poor
ueu'ueu tuere oy Kind nands and
tender hearts.
have been extenaively made, and at
ti uie uathollo and Enlsconnl
cnuruuea special services will bs held.
i . i . ...t . . .
CAVALHY tnnira
there will bs early communion at 7 :15
uiuva a ui. uu wrvices at Jl o clock
m., the Rev. Davis Seeaums cflleiat-
ng. the following muaical nro-
Krauiius unm wen arranged:
Intrplt-Anthem, Ohriatiana Awake.Werren
Venite. ny Dudley Iiuk
Olurta Petri Thr. k. i:.L.
le ireiuu LImt.1. In it a.t
enediolu.. .. . By Alb. W. Plaite
Kfenonaea By ll.riholil Tun
uiurjn ADsraii tr im ma Nuima u.-UK
; .....no. -t, from Hymnal
Vdsricry Anthem, by Johnaon, and U.oria
in i-minis, oy Mrio.
oly. Holy, lioly.... U II rthoM Tnnr.
anua Dor Py llerlhold Toure
Uymo No. IT. from Hymnal
t.rin in axpei.ia ii it-ih..i.i I r.
1 he recu'ar choir, nnder the leailpr.
ehip rf i'rof. Kniile Levy, coosints of
tho following voic.s: 8oprauos, Misses
norprre fapa and julu Uoodman
and Mm. W. A. U.igoj contralto. Miss
Emma l'eika; tenors, Mesne. W. A:
Ufgt a"d tioorge 1 Cast nor; baso,
Mr. A. Pk7ie. For the cflertory the
following additions will bs made to
the choir: Altrs, Misses Maiie Hits-
feld and Kmily Ebeler; tenor, Mr. C.
u. tiuuon.
tbe following prcgramme will be ob-
Proeeniooal Chriatmu Anthem. Chrir-
. tian Awake .Warren
Te Dttum ....p- .. ......Mora
Jubilate From btabai Mattr
Churrh Uymnal 17
( hur h Uymnal 18
riSeriurr . ......MillurJ
Olorit in Kxrol-in V.i'iatt
itereHN onal vhritttmai Antbem, Good
TidiDf i ........... lianki
Proneaaional Chrlntmai Anthem,
Ansell Iroin the llealma of Qlnrv
Cantite Domino - .... lfankf
D-ub Miser.tur Kliiot
Ollortnry Millard
Keceiaiunal Chiiitiuaa Anthem.
Choir. Mt3. 8. T. Cames and Susie
Grjenwood, sopranosj Mrs. Mancford,
alto; 11 . II. Hunter and Mr. id,
tenors; J. F. Kyan, baso; Mrs. Vf. E.
Hughes, organist.
at at. Jcsaru's CHUBca
there was high trnsi at 5:30 o'clock
tbis moiting, Fattier Valentine cele-
tvant and orator. last mats at 10
(,'ch ck a.m., vespers at 3:30 p.m. Oa
Sunday si num. high mass of exposi
tion at 10:30 a.m. Monday ami Tues
day, high mro3 at 10 a.m. Kvenii'ir
rerviie at 7:3ti o'clock throughout the
the -muilta1 pri g'auinie will he par
ticu ar y a.t'Hctive, as prepara'.io.'io
have b-ea made for weeks order the
directiou cf I'rof. C. II. Wiuker,
who, in aildttion to h's umal choir
hue enlistrd a ftrong vo'nntHtr fono.
At s;. Mn'y's (Jhurch, St. 15 icni a
and St. Patrick's there will aUo he
high mass h' 5 a.m., and at each of
them giand and solemn muaic will
en hanr. tbo liftner.
The Women's Christian Tempeta jca
Union will
with a basket lunch today, commenc
ing at 10 o'ch etc, at the following
places: The M. in etreet line drivpra
will be served t:om the omer of F.I h
and Ureenlaw etreet?, Chateea; the
8ico:.d street lino from No. 153 Sec
ond street; the Elm wood lire fiom
No, 9 Wa'ker avenue: the SLelbv
street line from No. 6..8 Shelby Etreet;
tneroplarand Vance street line from
turntable on Pup'ar'street.
At ice ti'y U -epitai an excallent
Ohristmrs dinner will be sat for tbe
patients, a f jast for which they are
indebted to the kindcess of Mrs. J. rj.
Andrawi and Mrs. J. 8. Menkon, who
have prep r d the turkeys and other
dainties with their own hands, and
who will prtaide at its distiibution.
Of One of Busfan'ie lllrlir Hen.
Boston, Mass.. December 24. The
Advertistr tomorrow will say that
Pivny Nickereon mr.da an a?sinment
this afternoon th Thomas H. Ruesell,
of tho firm of 0. H. & T. H. Rursell.
No. 27 S ata street. His liabilities are
about $1200,000, with nominal aaets of
S;53,0tO, 0. Nicker sop is an extensive
ship o arner,and has been doing business
nearly naif, a century, and was noted
among iJoaton'a firmest merchants,
consequently Ms assignment waa a
surpnee to his friends generally. S)me
of tbem, however, have known for
some time tbat be was somewhat em-
bf.rrnss'jd, and n'god him to make a
statement of his n.o.la and all.)w tbem
to help him through. This ne has re
futed to d , preferring to bear his owa
losees and involve none of his friend r.
His manager sla'ea that the failure
has resulted from the gradual
depreciation of property in which he
is iutorerted. Kxpreeeions of rym-
pathy for Mr. Nickerson are hta'd on
all tides.
DUBLIN. Dfi-mnhrr "I flvoi- a .l.ir.r.
Leue moetiuita wra hi.ld in Irnlnnil Ln.
ANTWERP. r.ceml)or 2I.-Tbe n,n.r) nf
l!etl a niR Ptrl ritieil thn nutnni.n nf tli
Ai.arcbirl KoitKiu to aix inonti.a' iuurisuD-
LONDON, rcoember 24 -The atomr.r
Snala, which sailtd iroin 6uuthauiit. n tliia
moriiinir lor Now York, haa on bourd i..".),UjO
in koiu.
LONDON. Denomher ti Riohard ll-nr.'.
bnrlea'iue Mntr Cn'fto, Junior, wna produced
at tne u:ittiy i neater last niKUt and waa re
eeiied with rupturoua appluuae.
DI'BLIN. DeMfnlier SI tVm. n'Rrt.n
has begun an action for X.W0 aRalnat the
Dublin b'.n rnt lor libel in having acruved
Dim oi uoi ug m awinaier ana an io
LONDON. Pecember 21. Mr. TlnrWl
Sionrer, who haa boon roatored to ko d
heullh, will puhlieh in Jnu iry '-Kaetori f
uriraiiie evolution, enlarge! iroin artlolei
already i.rintetl.
I.(l TUl V Tka-AM.k.a 44 V. t.ll.i 1...
written a letter in which he refuse to rive
an oidnlnn on the Welch Church question,
lie aaya he eieota that that guortiun will
not be leit eu fur a long time yet.
BERLIN, December 2I.-The German
newapapera puhiian a Imtol tbe Herman mrr
chanta enritrrd in trade In Bordeaux who
tne Krvniteoi that e.ty Uainands aball be
nanny u;cuueu ana ariren out or t ranee.
LOaVDON. December 24 Th Prim, nt
waiea I neater iirmiuced lait niaht an adaii.
ration by Haville Oiarka r.f 4li.r 1r,inrir.
laud, the nuiali) by Walter Slaughter. The
Mece ia a clmrmlna Ghrietinaa m'riv.rini.
uu mov niiu areai auccena.
rilll.Anai.PIIll. Pa.. 1)nf.Aml.- Oi Ml-.
lilllie llintOl . the well kmtuti A -.1
at the reaidence of hcrfniher. Dr. llinton.
vui moruii a oi iti. aula uneuuionia.
Fotr Sarrii. Ark.. December 21. A di.
fatch frfm lMputy Marahnl Tyann, at Mua
cues, Creek Nation, roporta tbe astaaaina-
iion oi i.api. pain Mjkiller, ot the Indian
police, by an unknown party tonight, lio
P IL4DKI.PI 14. PA.. 1Wimh.r "1 -
The aore at 11 o'clock toniai t, the close of
me nun aay waa, PIroKel, nil ee, e lui.ai
lleif' 1 man. 1115 in ilea Vint Jtl milna. II lui.a
Huiihca.:) 6 milca, 8 Up: Klaon, 2ll uii:oa, 9
japa; uoiuen, .t miles, 11 laps.
CHICAGO. December 24. A anan'nl a th.
Inter Octan fiom Galena. Ill aava.- .Tn.t
belt. re davbreik thla mornlnir. In thia i-irv.
biirilaie enter, d the jewelry atnre efJuliue
Kiurger of Main atreet, end robbed the aafe
or vj().d in money ana vvxi) worth of gold
vnitehte, diamond! and other lewelry. Up
tn thia aaenina no elew to either thn tht.v.a
or properly una been uncovered.
ATLANTA. U A., Decern ber 24.-Henry W.
Orady waa wet at the den it tonlaht br an
luimenaa concourse of citiieni to welcome
him back and demonatrate their at.afMntt.ii
at bla apeech before the New Kng'and Socie
ty In New York Wedneaday night. The
crowd eacorted Mr. Urady to the Kimball
iiouie wnere ne (poke.
lultlallllugsi at Bfnirord'tk
Fowderl'a Prlwcrlr Salary Ineon.
PHiinstPuu. Pa . December 24
Ths Jln'.'i'rt, tie organ cf the working
men of this cty, in iti itsue of tomor
row wiil say cd torially: ' From the
number of secret circularj published
by tbe head of the noble Ordtr. it is
tj be inferred that thfc diHtinguiehod
Bentleman in trying to make it appear
at 'cait triat he ia eariiina the princely
salary of $r000 a year. Mary a poor
Knight oi Labor, in want, on tha
verge rf elarvation, ia not earning
more than eunigh to kfop hndy and
aoiil toathr dmiog this Chrtftuiaa
acatOB, while the beaila of fie order
are raveling in all the Inxmics thnir
princely satarirs a (lord. The olllciiUi
cfrtalnlv hr.va bitt red their condi
tion. Pile on the nrviei smec 1 1."
Gold Tcua at Mulford'a.
DECEMBER 25, 1886.
Senile AmuaemenU for the Children
, of Uothaii) Striplings Who
'Xasb," Smoke and Drloki
Jo Howard in Boston Globe: The
girls save their money for matinee
seat, xney crowd ev. ry theater in
which pretty women are displayed
npon the stage. They visit in thioni e
houses of entertainment in which
spectacular pieces are given, and af er
the performanca promenada the
ttreete, joirjing the great army going
np town and tbe other gr at army
going down town, the cea elees beat
ing of the human ti e npon the ahore
of t-ndeavor and of effort
I look in vain for the occupation of
the boys and entertainment of the
young men. I don't recall a bny wi'b
a hoop, a boy with a sled, a hoy with
a kite, in five year at the very
least. In the skating season thou
sands of boys and girls rf the panrer
classe) go to Central Park, and th?y
am met in cara acd on the streets
with their skatts s'uag over their
arms, but t-kating in Hew York is an
exceptional cccu rence. Some winters
we don't have au hour of it, other
winters we have a few days. Thus far
th s winter, nc t a moment.
Actually, I am atngeered to toll
what the boys do with therriaelve?.
We hava coteiiei for dancine, club3
for bisahall, but boys cannot dance all
the time, and bnnebjll is a pastime for
a eeaton only. I doti't think I have
spen a boy with a ronnd j icket or any
tort cf a coat without, a tail in ten
We haven't any boys.
They tre all young rranletp, dudes
and dudehts.
They bfgi'i smoking when they are
7 years ot age, and tbey are pretty
well played cut by the time they are
18 and" 19. If I had smoked a cirar on
my way to school when I wds a boy I
would nave been thrashed when I en
tered the rjom, and I would have
hi en thtaihed when I got home, and
I would hive bsen sick at my stomach
between timps. But the schoolboys
now wear high hats, tails to their
crata, emoke cigareltes. and are
clothed well. There ia nothirg ln the
Eden Mmee that Is ba'f as fanny as
they are. Actually it seems 88 though
humanity was turned heels overhead.
Sitting in John Stetson's box the
other night daring trie performance of
1'rincm Ida, I Jooked through the
audience and remarked at the time
tbat there wera over 150 boys tht ra
not over ia years 01 age, all d raffled io
the bight of fashion, and every one cf
them went out, as a pro'esaioual
writer would ray, "betwepn every
act." took his dink and hia amok.
anJ going ont for thoea cheerful pur
poses iney actually coaidnt watt
until they got outside the door, but,
pulling cigarette case f om one nockm
and a match from the other, puss ing
the door struck the match, lighted the
c garotte and started forth UDon tha
process of health depletion.
Alter too theater l went around to
George Brown's.
treorse Brown, bv the wav. haa
baen dead for two years, bat the
'prcperty lurvivee." and Ian verv
fond of going" there, aurrounded with
pictures, photographs, eld time play
bills, meuionstic reminiscences of
great men in jcu-naliem, great lights
on the stige, famous people in
literature and science. Ons can gat
an appetizing Welch rarebit, a go d
dish of terrapin, and a succulent pig's
foo', but the boys bless my heart it
wonia rnano you in to see them. Thr-v
abaolntely troop in fl ca after
the theaters. Each dresajd a Za
mode, whi'o tio, white waist
coat, pronounced shirt front, dangling
eealc, lahdy-dahdy manner and stink
ing cigarettes leud, hilarious, imper.i
uent, intrusive, obtr.isive, disgusting
HUKcetuniiB or wcat tue coining gene
ration will bp, if, indesd, they aro able
to Becura a coming generation at all.
How di our bo.va and young men
amu-e therosclvos? By dtinfeicg, by
amr kbg, by sitting up lata at uinhf,
by iJlii g their time in all manner ot
extraordinary avenues ta premature
I go ranch to German cpora. If
you want to B.e wbat the youag girls
today are coming to, look st a mi e of
the naked creatures in prominent
box.cs with no more ic their heads
than on their stark naked shoulder.
cneer.', Doacms, uacss. in "i'au ne"
Mrs. Langtry wears a dress cut so low
behind aa to display the whole of ber
back, a very shapely and beautiful
back, wh'ch the turns to the audienca
as much at possible. We tolerate, we
permit, indeed we look for extrava
gance on the stage. A speech theie,
to be correct and fitting, to te
efloctive, is that which muld
S'eai stilted in ordinary con
verantioo, and m eflecta there
are excf-aeiated si noaaiblv are tol
era'ed c stumea and idtsired etentr?:
ia otlur words, etJec.ive prccesees are
demanded to produce certain rean.ta
npon the stage. What can be tolerated
tt ere, however, ahould bs hls?f d out
of private bit. I hare 8 sen women
in the Metropol tan Opera Lkuso
drejaed beyond the verge ot decency.
They e-it with utter ignorance of wha1
pannes npon tbe state, absolutely re
garoleaa of the magnificent harmonies
and wonderful achievements of that
grfat body which Mr. Seidl,
under the direction of Mr. KUn
t n, haa gathered together. They
laugh, they giggle, they talk
loud, tbey hold np over their faceB
buge fane, behind which tbwr puppy
attendants snuggle, aod whisper, and
join their glyglinp, snickering laugh
ter. They are hissed night after night
by people of humbler means unable
to purchase boxee, quits content with
comfortible stalls. Their insolence
parallels that of the nobles of Franca
about the time the people took the
leins in their own hands and taught a
needed leaeon.
It stems to me as if, little by little,
the race, so far as cities are concerned,
ii lesing iti grip. It is refining itself
to too small a point.
Do yon remember the atorv of the
lady who, floating over the sea in a
boat, woks suddenly to nod her mag
nificent pearl necklace bv some acci
dent unfastened at one end, and from
tha looee string hanging down into the
water pearl alter pearl slipped off for
ever Into tbe abvasT That wou Id
seem to be a fair illustration of the
losses to mankind in general by
the gradual falling away of boy after
noy, or gin alter eiri. a iDmoa
from the solid substantialities of
old fashioned honor, modety,decency,
conrteay. Drink and tobacco are. un
dermining the physique. Idleness,
ditaipatiou take hold band in hand
with these cuisea cf tbe race, with the
certrinty tha! sooner or later this de
fmnder will ba exposed, that gnmb'er
wi.l blow his head to freomectr. that
acr.undrel will ltee the cmrtry
with the wife cf his friend, the
cash box of hia employer, aud
with the eciial csittintv that this flirt
will fi'id heisolf ia the embrace of
la 4lN 1j I jli Jl Oai) J gi ii)
Tool Chest?, Pocket Knives,
Scissors in Cases,
Kodgcrs' and American Caryers,
Splendid Assortment.
a sVfiah fortune hunter, this indis
creet will wake to tha realiz ation cf a
frli;htrul pub icity. that recalesa d'eai
piter will wallow in the very mud cf
degradation and when h goes and
warn Bht-sir.ks thvotherg ltih, heed-
lees ot the wamirg.
ff aVE
Is not alia uiil. tnuff or voutdcr, Anvliei
into nontrilsitquickly absorbed. It Heansel
ttefuad. Allays inflammation. Heals tin
tores, llotoresthe senses o f taste and smell.
uj cents at untatjuu: oy mail, requitrta, w cent.
:Lr BROTHERS, Druggists, Owego, H. I
f t yoar ewn hot
Iti oaaaci. and a new
and auce aaful IDKB
yoar own home, by one who n deal
twentv-e'mht Teara. Tre .tad hvir natni
the noted apeoialiata without benefit. CcaiD
BiaaBLf in throe months, and since then
hnndreda of ot.-ere. Vntf iiartfcula'a aaut
oa application. T. S. PAUt,
Ho. 41 Weat Slit atreet, Ne York tilts .
Electric Appliance ara tent en 30 Days' Trial
WHO are mifft'Hntr from Niaroua Debilitt,
Lost Vitality, Lack of Neeti Force axt
TlQOn, WASTINO WIAICNIS33R9. OIlll all UlOM) (Useuefl
of a I 'Kit ion a L Nat ii he resultiuic from ADt'iEd arid
Otiibb. I'ai'bk. SiM)t.iiy rnllcf and comrleltt rento
nlion of II ealtr, vtoH and Mavuood Uuaraktekd.
The tjrandtrst dlscoTery of tho Nint'toenth Century.
Qontl at onco for llluttraUxl 1'atuphlei free. AddrtuM
Young & Brolto
Uooksellers and Stationery
a 18 3Iftln HI., IfvmphiH, Tcau
TBeouiy perfect nubstltuta for Mothar'a
milk, tnvuiuubie ln cholera IntHntum
and Teetnina;. A prcdii-dled food for Dy9"
Peptics, Consumptlvn, Convalescenta.
erret nutrient In all Waatlns Dlseaaea.
Kwiulrc, no cook In ft. Our Koolt. The. Car
ond Feeding of Infants mailed free.
IOUBR, goodalb aa CO., Boston. Maes.
In the Country should order tho
Ask jour Grocer or Drupgut for it,
or send to SPECIIT 4 WALTER,
Mami factu rers , and t.-tk o no oth cr.
Dans, AmmnnltloD, FlBDlne Tackle
and Sportsmens' Sn rip lies.
9 Miftln htremt, Memphis, Iran
Mannfaatarln aan Wm I rl t. aI Anna ft
Bpeoialtr. Larveet (Stock. Beat aaaortment.
And Still They Gome
for uexrLEnr.x. :
-Every Pair Warranted!
oult ars.oo a pais,
fillOt; SSOUSE,
41ft Main N(ret. Memithla.
And Agonts far the Purchase, Sale or
Lcut cf Lun.lf ,
aMrSpfeiftl attoition tivea to the exarnlria
tion ot titlea.
mar l.onda adrertiaeil and ploroi upon tha
marVot. troe ot eharae, nnlefa a anieia made.
Slcnograui Bangles, MuUord.
iiiiiii wjiaecaaaaaaej'iuw1' t't ,'J
f DR. f
We hare remored oar entire baalneti to
Nos. 378 afc 3S0 Tront St.,
adjoining the UnyoMu tloirl, where we
are reoeiviTic n large aaaortmeut of Car.
rlair.a, HukuIvn. pmh, JIurnrNM.
baodlery, :c.,all of which will be eold
atVerr Low Prices. A full line oi Heine
U'Haakeli, and I.p K'tbea on hand. All
peraona in need o the al ove noods will aava
mnnej s ex iruining our Block before pur
uhia.Df .
Manufacturers' Agents.
Holiday duds
Oranges, Malaga Grape?, Apples,
Uananas, Lemons, Cranberries.
Pitted Cherriesj Evaporated Peaches
Citron, Evaporated Pears, .
German Peart, Lemon Peel,
German Cherries, Evaporated Apples
Orange Peel, Dates, Raisins, Prunes,
Pine Apple Glace, Pigs.
Almonds, Peoans, Filberts, English
Walnuts, Brazil Nuts.
Jellies, Preserves, Etc.
Shaker Preserves, Canton Ginger,
Dundee Jams and Marmalade,
Currant, Raspberry, Strawberry and
Teach Jelly by the pound.
Apple Butter, Mince Meat,
Maplo 'Syrup, Honey, Maple Sugar,
hew Molasses, Sugar, Syrup,
Plum Pudding.
Curry Powder, Celery Sail, Olives,
Olive Oil, Capers, Mixed and Plain
Pickles, Sweet Stuffed Mangoes,
Holland, Pine Apple, Young Amer
ica and Cream Cheese.
Salad Dressing, Deviled Ham,
Worcestershire Sauce, Tomato Cat
sup, Mustard, Pepper Sauce,
Sage, Thyme, Sweet Margorium,
Summer Savory.
Buckwheat Flour, Graham Flour,
Dried Corn, Farina, Tapioca. Sago,
Corn Starch, Lontpis, Hulled Avena,
Oatmeal. Cracked Wheat, Split Peas,
Itice, White Peas, May Beans,
Farinoea, Hominy, Grits, Barley,
Grctn Kern.
White l'eactes, Apricots, KjgJUums
Yellov; Peaches, Grapes, NecSrines,
Green Gages, Cherries, Pine Apples,
Goosebarrics, Bartlott Pears.
Asparagus, Baked Beans, Peas,
Stnni; aod Stringlcss Beans, Corn,
Tomatoes, Okra and Tomatoes, Okra
Succatash, Pumpkin.
Canned Fish and Meats.
Lobsters, Bloaters. Deviled Crabs,
Finland Iladdies. Salmon. Sardines.
Mackerel, Shrimps, llussian Cavicr,
Cove Oystors, Pifsfeet, Chip Beci,
Ox Tongue, Canned Beef.
Gelatine, Flavoring Extracts,
Yeast Powder, Blanks' Hand-made
Larrabce & Kennedy's Cakes and
Creamery Butter, Sweet Cider,
Boston Brown Bread, Deep Sea Cod-
sb, Shelled Almsnds.
No. a Now Koadj.
NEW nxrsniATKi oi'aiitebxy
Publisfcod fcy Bulky, Banks A BiDDuJeweletf
DNLYSOCts. A YEAR.p'"adelpU1
UotkM.15Cta. Fillaaeueciid Held, with nortvat
Non-Resident Aotico.
No. 6C17 In the Chancery Conrt of Shelhy
coontr, Tenneaaee titue ot lnnoBee ra.
Ha. Qeno et al.
It nppetiriDi from the return of the Sheriff
In thia eane tbat tha deiendante, Bath
Kortrecht, Cbarlra Thomaa and wile. Jana
0. h. Xhoinaa, Mra. A. P. Green and her
hnahand, flrcen, Julia Aluander twife
of John Alexander). Anne Bauman. Suaan
Banman, Jamea M. Brooka, Jaa. H. Mhoon,
O. W. Willie, Urard, KUa D. Hoa-
Una, Henry Ho-kina. John D. Shelton,
Wrn. II. tihelton, Loo tea Shelton, Naney D.
Shelton. Alfred bhorter, Kiehard R. Dour
laaa. Ann F. llolcuee. W. BeLevenell, Joaetili
Naah, indiriduall. and aa truitee, W. II.
Darle, traate. J. II. Iiilltrd, truatee, Joaeph
Willlama a?d J. M. Weaaen, are not to ba
found in hia county t and it appearing from
the amended i ill, which la eworn to, that
Tbotuaa Leviok. aorilvina partner of Kaiain.
IieTi:k k Co., ia a non-raaident of the Stat
It ii therefore ordered. That they make
their appearance herin.at the eourthonaa
of fehelby county, ia Memnhia, Teen., on rr
before the r,t Monday in January, 1887.
and plead, ara war or demnr to complainant'!
bill, or theaame will be tat.en lop ennffi.a(i
aa to th.m and eet far heariaaea parte; and
mat ac pr oi inia order Be publiahad onee a
week, for four auiveeaire weefta, in tha
Memt hia Arpeal. i'bia 2,ith day ol liovem
bar, 18)i. A coi.y attest :
P. I. McDOWKU., Clerk and Maater.
By T. H. Caldwell, Deputy C and M.
F. 11. & C. W. llo.jkoli, Boncitora lor eom
p lainant. i
i:i i:'ri or iiiHi.tToitH.
Varna aso ftaaTaas 1ki or MrarBis,)
Mcini.hia. 'lVnn.. IW.mli.rK. TKn I
STOCUI..Ll)t.K.S are htrtby noticed that
an alertinn will he held ot th:. liMnlr rn
the heronil Mnnd.y in Jar aary, 18K7, Irom
10 a.m. vint l i p.m., to ohoofe Dircctura to
terve tie anjuing yoar.
b. Y. KltAU, Caabier.
fln WaUh Krpal-!BS,.anaforiT8.

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