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(Ibmmm to HCIULAT BUDOKaVr,)
.. . JTo. 88 ItADIBOlf BTBIIT,. .
Il ta receipt af a lirrer,' ore Varied and better ie-
letted iteck ef CASSIMIKES,W0BSTED8, t CIT1NC3
aid 0TESC01T1HGS, (all thia leaioa'i latperta
Uen.) thee wei ertr ilowa ia taia narket. The
teek ceaiariiee tie choicest designs, flnast textaret
ad aieit d arable goea la gentlemen's wear.
KJ- Samples oad Fricei o application te these
Who have left measures.
flOf il
ock Ooen for In;
WE would reanectfully announce to the rublla that we have opened an Auction Tlnnse,
1 1..- .1 inntinn lt,,.ln..a.. -I nnr ot.t NtumL BiO. MHlll
SlrMt. In the Webstir Block. Havioa secured the eervioee of Maj. J. R. MnDONALD.tbe
well known Aootion Hale-roan, who hna a long exporierea in the auction business, we are
r a . i i- u Llncwni.'u A. tin nit uuoumva. .nrl will nav nartioiilar atten-
proparou uuin-i biha' r.. huuii'iii' . ...j v. . , " V . ' " J, ," 7mtY.ii. a i uu
tion to the sale of Real Estate and solicit a liberal patronage, aaour motto is QUICK hALKS
and PROMPT SETTLEMENT. We will make special ralea with Attorneys, Adminis
trators, Assignees, Sheriffs. Commissioner.: and Guirdians. bales at our balesrooma daily
at 10 o'clock a.m. and at 7 o'clock p.m., and Trade Sa'ea onoe a week, the day to be an
nounced hereafter. Consignments of Meronana'se 01 every aina eouoiieu.
N. JtKMlIOfcF fc CO., jLtceuiaed Auctioneer.
.1. R. Mr-DOTJALTt. Snlc-man.
The Oreatost Living Actreia. in Grand Old
Cfariatuiaa Matlne l.aYO" LYONS)
UrSea'e at Half rd'a.-fcfi ,
Uew Yeir'e Week - ADELAIDE RAN
Christmas Week Hriml Gala Week I
THE TWO-to si tamo IRi,
A little lady lilted by nature with Two
Tonfuea the most reina-kabie freak
of nature known.
FRED HOWE. Krntucky'a Fat Boy. VlRXO,
Sirnamed the LUh'ning Raphael. Gen.
, Jhi rrman PoTTRar, ths Tiny MirlKet. A. 0.
TBt, Cowboy Pianitt. Jamrs Maur ci,
Ula'tic hkin Man. And a Uraoa Collection
ol Wondors. and a Doub'e Htapre Perform
unco. A UM1S-HOV T') ALL. lOtiEM S.
Ar ULK-Owner can have aama byprovlni
1XL property and payina caaraea.
TAOG Lomen and whlt Setter. Anaweii
xJ to name of Sam. R-turn and I
warded. C.B. CLARKK
OUT OR MISLAID A Set of Plana be
Li Tonainar to B. Lonenetein A Brother!
New Building. Please return to
JOHN REID, Builder
CITEEH A large red aleer, with large
O horni. A libera) reward will bepairl a
"XTADAMB FAN NAY8 Th celebrated
XvX Gipay Ulairvoyani ana xeit meuiuiu
17T Thirt Btreel, near ropier.
Banner Boys' Grand Jubilee
AT B'""1 e4LL.'
The Memphia u.uum iio;a will, on
flive thsir Grand JnMlee at theirnew and
beautiful llall, Unrated corner Main and Pop
lar eirta, en'rance on Poplar atroet. Ihia
entuUinuient i FREE to nil that may aoe
fit to cerae Speaking and Singing by the
Children. Thoe who have vulun'eered to
speak tmigbt are Preailentlliidleii.Capt.
Lee and Mra. Lide Mei iw.ahcr. Cmne every
body and got yur Lhrintmaa Niuht Present.
A Preaent for Everyone.
Hanner Hoys' wurk tor the ew leirof
1KS7 to commence the Firt .-nmlay in Janu
ary, 18R7. i hiocfoSunday Sol ool every Sun
di yt9:)o'olick a.j. Bund of Hope every
Sund iy at 2 pm Everybody welcome.
Ci)W On Itscem'oer loth, a rmall brnwn
J cow. wilh wriitn fnce, turned in h"rii:
giving rci k. Th. finder will be rewarded
for returning hor to i.MjKET
MULK-From Panola Oil Works. Tuesday
last, one light bay innle.wiUoutab.oee,
alibtly aiiff in fore leie. Liberal roward
will be raid for return f same to
tT WiXIFl).
EtALKeM15N In ever' State in the U ion
ING KSTAbLItHMENT having several
Srimai.TiiB that are popular and easy aell
Ing. Can be handled alone or in oonneotion
with other goods. Addrosa THE WM. B.
A LL nersona are warned not to credit
XV Mra Y . u. Sullivan, as I will not be re
sib e lor It. H. nuiui i".
caption, I know, will attract some
attention, and I feel aure aome Ingenious
individual will find grounds on whih I can
obtain a divorce, nttooogu several lawyera
n .knn T m rflKa cfiuld find none.
I lava been married two years and einht
months. My husband ia a g.Kiil lo king man
nrii..,r.( i. not Bililirted to drink: in faot.
has no vines that I know of. and while he
loves me and supplies me with my ever
want. vet. thouirh 1 am ashamed t say it.
love him m.t, and therefore, tinder a ficti
f Iaii. ntm. mill a ililreaa. offer S2S or one of I
Samelson A Oo.'a beautiful Moerncbaura
Nets as a rewsrd to an r Individual who can
hnw m on what arounds I con get the alore-
aiid divorce, and he can thereby earn e nice
Christmas nre-ent. Aan'oss, in conouenoe,
( 1 W II A PPY WIPE, Anneal ( fliro.
I ' ATIB IIADSELL-P'oase WTite to your
XV own Frank M. H.. Menmhis. lonn.
r iikt evt imh Tinilt ond reuaired and war
J ran tod. Inventorof the Sanitary Port
land Cement Purro. Contractor ana oriog
layer. Te'erHra THOS. mimillUM
15 A
A White Man Named Jamri Cmbree
AbooU Hie XIatre, Hforpie 13 e
: son, and Kills Himself.
A little before 8 o'clock lut night a
tragedy occur e l a the bagaij of
Kate I.awarde, fin. S) liasoto etreet,
which will result fatally to bith
the mm deter and hie victim. It
aporarj that a man named Jas. Einl r e
called at the house at ti e time
mcnli ned and was admitted totbe
rorm ol a- wrman named Georgie
liesorj, whom he hed of en visited at
t-ie eamo place during the pest
three month. About a half hoar
afterward two tliots were heard
coming from the room. The police
were uestiiy eummoned. and when
tVy arrived they fannd t)ie woman
lying m trie aootway wrn a pts.oi
aiot trTOund in her right side and tba
man on tho floor of the ro m wi'h o
bullot in hie brain, and i n his clenched
band a small p etol. Dr. F. A. Will
ianiFOD, Secretary of tho State Bjgnlo!
Ilncltb, ariived rromut'y at.d
found tho man unontciorp.
Tfce woman revived after a biif
examination, and made statement
to the fallowing eflect: That ehe is a
native of Hfrnando, Mim, and has
lived in Mern ph's abou thirteen ye.ire.
Fell from virtue sbiut five n ou'.hs
ago, but wai not feilured by the man
who killed her. IUslivtilin bonaiB
of pr. s'itution but a shcrt tiuae ad
had known K nbree two months. He
was of a j . atous il.Hp isitioi end bad
freq'tnniiy fhreatoned to kill l.cr and
him-ilf. That la t night when he
call' d he appeared in pond humor, but
she detected a bok in hi eye wnich
pat experience had taught her to
fear. Becoming aVmod she started
for the doer, and just es she suc
ceeded in ODRulng it he firei',
the ball lodging ia her right
side. He tbn fir. d iigaln. This is
all that could bo learned of the cir
cumstances of the kil ing. Tho nun
and woman wilt probably btttj
die. At Dr. Williams n 'a sug
gestion tbey were removed to
the hofpiul, Wire an ex
mnina'on was made by
Drs. Williamson and Black. The
man had a bullet bole in
h:s light temple, the ball hav
ing penetrated the brain. He will
urobatily nevr rncovar csnecionsnesa.
The woman was f jund tobs wounded
at a point two and one-half
inches to the right of the
spinal colotnn and two inches below
tee scapula. Probin? did not show the
location of the ball, but as both of ber
lower limbs tre paralyzed, the
physicians are of the opinion that the
bullet is resting against tha spine.
The woman may linger, bat her
deth is only a matter of days.
nothing co old be loarned. She her
bM refueea to disclose the name ot
her seducer, although she freely af
firms that it was not Embree. She is
a tall and we'labaped woman, of plump
and symmetrical figure, rf blonde
complexion and rather good looking.
The inmates of the house wtere fhs
was shot profi 85 ignorance as to ber
name and anteredonts, and sty that
ehe hsi been there but three weeks.
Jim Embree is a kalsomine r, who
came beie about six months ago from
St. Louis. Nothing is known of him,
exc?pt acquaintance with the woman
he bbS murdered was ol snort aura
"Sir Harconrt Oonrtly" it can eaaily
be said that it was perfect. It was a
finished performance, had about it tha
aroma of good breeding and high life,
and waa consistent even in its incon
sistencies. Mr. Walcot has no supe
rior, in this country at featt. and
he leaves a memory that Mon
phis will always keep alive. He is a
rarst arcomnliahed actor. Mr. Clar
ires' "Mx Harkaaay ' wes an excel
lent performance, qnita in keepli g
with tiat gentleman e rerntstlon, and
Mr. McDonald mado aiapita? "Mark
Meddle." Mr. Lipman fa "Chafes
Courtly" made ag'eat succee?. He has
aome habits of fjc al com r Action tbat
he seems to have borrowed from a bad
school and a squatting of the eye that
he should put wy as very bad habits.
An actor should be free from improEs
ions and shon'd carefully avoid man
na .a. Miss Pelers as "Pert." did
n' t ' ave much to do h i she did tbat
littie well, and Mits llnrron played
Grace llarkaway" very acceptably
and sometimes with charm and grace
of manner. Mr. Kdwin's "Carl" vai
a very clevar performance and added
much to that gentleman's jepu-atioB.
Taken altogether it was a moot ratis
factory performance, upDn which, as
upon tho whole of a meinnrnbie we k,
we congtatu'ate Miei Onghlau. And
we thank her in bilnlfof the Mem
phis public for mpny rare dramatic
Ferlormanccc dub nan neipu largely
to make the Chrittmas wiek rf lfc'SU
the most brillitnt in our history.
Tbe IVrfornmnrr Tixlay.
Af tho matinnaind )V M as Cohlan.
supported by br b .'.linnt cimpanv,
will appsar as "Puliue" in the LaJy
of Lyoru, and at nitiht, being her
at a tneir ir.s appBarin-, e;-n
will asaln play "IVg Willingtan"
in find Fact). 'Ihe Theater on
both cc-asinns shcul.l ho packea in
honor of the toil dramatic company
today in Americt-a company ol
artihta who f re aD honor to the pro
fesdna and are w rihy cf all that the
public can di for them. The graciotis
ness and facility with which many of its
members have comletcended to what
are utfually considered inferior par's
W7 ih & mi .-non) to nuinisin a wen
earned reDUtatlon. la woithy Ol
possible commendation. xney
have, one and all, made an
enduring place in the public mt9era
here, ana wnen iney come twain win
find themselves at home and among
fiianrlfl who BDDreciutB their abilities
nnr! their ardor f ir the art above all
art). We part with them with reluo-
The List of Toll Taxes Uncollected
Will Not Be Turned Over to the
. , r Back Tax Collector.
MEN, wome". foya.girla to earn 70 per
month at their own boruea; coaUy out
fit ol aamples. a paokage of goods and full
instructions for 10a. to hflp pay poa aee.
Addrea H. C. Hnasu k Co.. rlutland.yt.
LADIES and Gentlemen, in city or conn
try, to take lisht wotk at their homea,
11.00 totf.tOa day easily made; work aent
by mail: no oanvasaing We have a good de
mand lor our work, and furnish steady em
ployment. Address, with ataicp, CROWN
M'F'G Ct'.,2tH Vine St.. Cirpinnati, Ohio. .
"iiTTiijH-Tfl rant a flrRt-olaaa oottase,
V I n.mintTilna five or six roums: must he
near car lino. Call at or addrois Room &,
Cotton Enchnnto Building. ,
II1TE COOK At once. Apply at
li.l rflniinoii
O giiiia, either in wholesale or retail dry
roods or grocery nouso, as sBn,uur "...
liave had sei
rionco in b.ito lines. Salary no objc
ant book-Uoepor.
ears expe-
unct. very
best of ro'oience as to rhiracrer and bum
nors qualifications. Add'LJ!gTERt
P. 0. boiMg. Lynchburg. Va.
IrVBrtYBOV-To know Uot we have a
U fiaestM-k of furniture, all kinds of rock
rs and 'hild's chairs, oto . suitable for
-Christmas, at i picially low prices for tta
:h0li(AMKS. TiV,ArTIEAnO.,3Mainst.
DESIRABLE ROOMS Witn noard, at
JAMES UOU SB-Corner Second and
Adams strce a Kioma and board, So per
week; day board, 83 50
G100D BOARD By the da or week
r AtaijTh rd atreet.
IVobMS Two unfurnished rooms.
V 113 ADAM38T.
X board, at No. 60 A flams street.
rnARLK BOARD The best tbe crarketaj
1 ford?. At 87 COURT STREET. .
"VTEWLY furnished front room
X gant board, tor single gen
Court street.
I, Willi .IB
tlemem 87
KOC6V1S Pleasant urnishd rooms, wuo
board, for ladles orgcntlerten. Termi
very reasonable. S.I2 Conrt hitended. .
inale or an
furnlthed or unfurnisbed.with or
ithont board: otherroom., im-H. onrt t.
TDEAUXIFUL front rooms,
J suite.
STORK Corntr Hernando road and Brooks
avenue, south of Nonconnah. Apply to
JOHN OR AH AM, M Talent.
THE Boat Stand In Fort Pickering; store
aoddwel.ing combined: well adiptod'or
drug store or dry goods, cor. B dway ana 7th.
NICELY furnished front ro-im. Ii70 Second
at,, forman and wife or two gentlemen.
TWO NEW COT CAG ES-12 ftO per month.
Inquire at 160 Hayburn avenue.
KOOMS Furnished or uniurniihedi cen
tral looation; terma moderate.
ritWO Kxperienoed Hardware Traveling
I a , . ....ic.vj. .... olnnra nesu
. apply. DesJardin. Miller 4 Rootes, m Mam
"riBST- CLASS COOK-At West Memphil
H'tel. A pul y st fT Main street.
.OAfi BKLS. CdR COUS-Address
It U'J P- SMITH, St. James Hcnse.
B' Al.K8.vi AN In this State lor Blair'a
Gold Fountain Peoa. Sot jamp ea sent
for $ (whol.sale prioe). THE POPULAM
FOUNTalN rr n 'Ql nroaaTi
iTWBELING-UOUSE With 7 rooms, at
J iftj Looney street; nf wly paperod and
painted; in first olasa c0'll)ng jN ES
PLANTATION IS i acri'S, ahove overflow,
25 miles abova Memphis in Arkansas j
I.... uinhoiiMA and sawmill od it. W ill rent
verv low to a good party. F, L. WARNER,
THE GILBERT PLACE-Uorner nayourn
avenue and Jackson streut; two-story
t .1 , ol u., l.ml. fruits of all kind.
fine fruit and vrgetable garden, V ill rent
for a serioa of years. Also, another place,
some aix aores, near Gaston s; Una vines
I I ' M.lk pa.iilnnn.
anu ii ""-i." . , . r on mruU.M
l,. u. mcraaurLiu,.- i..-e.. -
St: Till i K CkiOK Reterenoes required; 878
VV Adams at. Celldurine monhoura.
CJ ITLI ATIoN By an experienced and prac
tical plantation manager; nest ni r
nces siveni oorreapondence aollclted(.
ddree MANAUKtv.
A .IJ...D
Care "Commercial," Pina Bluff, Ark.
77 AD'M8 ST.
CRAP IRoIC-A quantity of tovet ana
i ..ktr. irrin Iron and old ear wheels.
V chanir
a- siI.Vn.K-For cash or ex
MltLFORD. Jew VM Main
TKAMti-AtH per oay; uaj wrivera
ZUU aitl.oOrer day. Pay every batgr
A...t.k, iim sii.i'nn Mem will nay from
1? to 17 cenU per yard. Beat work on the
levee: ao roots; no grubbing: alt new wora
infields. Go-d camps, ir quire oi
F. A. JON Ert A CO.. l Monrce street,
or on works of Vorreat A Co.. Anstin, Miss.
' A 00D Colored Caanibermaid,
At Tl Madison street.
to sell Pianos
. and Orsana. HOUCK CO., Memphis.
O orior in bt atyl,.,tg tMp0HnjM-
..ai inlcllii.i...rnest man to rep
resent, in his own locality, a largo re
sponsible house. A remunerative sa.ary lo
ruht party. BUaJy position References
evobangfld. American Manufacturing Ilouse,
Jo Hnr.-lny 'r... iV . V
A GEN lo-ln every'town
JSoIld Silrer at Bluliwrd'
r-AfiIJ K.icAia rfimirahi rOOOQI ID
ri.fi To id Die. iroiii Janaif !Wi7.
Apply to m , V rwtp
OOOMS Furnished or unturnisneu;
A.V 1
. I lna.li.iii Upm tnorlerate
) llltlU'Billl r.iv-.
. ...iiii'h: or. ii.b. un pneuuu .'wi
I Main street, corner V n ion . A pply at
SiiUnion. JOS. LKM.
KWTSTORE-houthoaiit corner Main an
-nr ra.TiTTV.Anma.
h.h.d. with board.' 11 LINDEN ST.
-DOOMS-Furniahed or ""rtST.
aU. M. E. CON AW AY.2S5 Main.
furnishod or unmr
SifFlOKS AND RuCIMH At Madiaoa
J .trtt. ft. M. ESTESf M Madlson..
T A RGB STuRB-Firat floor and wuar.
JLi with aide and rear antraaoea, JMoa
and SUM Main atreet
OFFICES No. )W2 Second atreet.
DWELLING 1.0 Court street.
VACANT L0T8-AppltonTvT
38 Madison street.
R. B. 8N0WDEJI or
ROOMS-Pleasant rooms, "';'
desired , with references, at jilt) Madison,
FFlCK-'First Boor
At 32 Madison roet
4K L K G A N T J UU M A 1 0 M a r a o . s irw. . i
single or en anite, furnished or untar
nished, good water, ana near nuwmn
a..l. Uft,.fZli IT.... .....a. a n .1 hl.tlniebl
uiUMimiiiJO-ic' "'""" "
O atorehouse. No. H i root streot.
CtOTTON fiFFICE Apply to E. M. Al Per-
aon Co.. Nn. fta Front street.
No. l'Vt Main Street.
No. 2"f) Main Htreot.
No. 3ci7 Main Street.
Apply to lAMSLKK..la..4 MadiaawSt.
"Fine" Jewelry it "Mnlford'fc
lioae t'oghlnn nn 'I.Htljr liny
N it ubei-."
It la worth nnttinir on record that
tbe following was the brilliant cast of
characters at the pe'if jrininc of Lon
don Assurance at ihe llitator mat
Lady Oay Spanker Robo Coghlnn
Ki.-hiarJ llnrzlu. Efln... Era dor c do llolleviile
Sir tlurcourt Courtly Mr Ch.irles Walcot
Charles iMurtu, nis son...mr a. o. laipiu m
Max Uarkaway Mr. Vornor Clurgos
Murlr M.. I.lle Mr. John G. MacDonild
AdolphusSpaiilier...Mr. G. Herbert laoonsrd
fr.nl Mr. Charles Edwin
Solomon lseaca Mr. Malcolm Hradloy
.Inmeii Mr. W. r. Maonlchol
Mortin Mr. Adolph Uvruard
Grace llarkaway Miss i lyae tiurrou
pert Mibs jlauda i'otors
When ou.y IS years of aee, and yet
unknown. Dir.n iioucicauit proauuea
Jondon Assurance at a London theater
aud under cucometances ot excep
timal eclat. It is so compact with
wit, has bo much of tho flavor of
the great eighteenth century com
edies, eo much of the pld'ow
nhv of life that only coines to
a man a. th result of personal expe
rience, that it was deemed imp insibie
tbat so young a man couiu prouuuu n.
John Brougham, then a young actor
and dramatiat on the threshold of a
notable rareer, was said lo have
had a b?nd in it, but this,
after a great deal of correspond
ence, was proven to have no more
of a foundation than that he had giv
en, same advice in its Btags prepara
tion. They were both irishtuon
Boueic".ult and Brcottliam both well
educated men end ot ivood families,
and bath wure enamored of a calling
they admired and ot me Biage, ior
which they subsequently did so much.
Jjondon Aiiurarue proved to b
a giea1 card, and transplanted
to tbe Ne? York s'.age under the
management of the elder Wallaek,
ran as long in the metropilis of
America a it did in the metropolis of
the Brit s'! .Cmpire. Laura Keene.tberi
the tojslof.the iorvn, wjs the "Luly
Gay," and ber beauty, vivacity and
sparkle, and very great ability, mado it
the occasion of many crowning houses,
and si it has proven in all tbe years
since 1852. Generations have come
and gone and war and pettilcnce have
deattieir blows and the sttge has
been Inundated with slop and been
made pestiferous by rut, but
Ixmdon Anuranu atill holds
own. It is full of the
human nature that never changes
and is, therefore, always new.
It hs been played every where in Eu
ropo, Asia, Africa, America and Au
stralasia wherever Eaglish-.peaking
people come together hy Uitlerent
and lnd;ft.jrent companies, but it
was never better playid anywhere
thai it was lust slant on
the stage of the Memphis
Theater. Miss Coghlan's "Lady
Gay Spanker" waa above criticism,
It was full of animal spirits,
frill of dash and chid, and in the de
livery of tbe well remembered lines
descriptive cf the fox chase, Bhe
b ooght down the house, so pereuaiivo
end captivating was ner magceusra.
Sne waa a remarkable contrast
with ber "Djlly," whose sheepisnneps
wss po-trayed to the life by Mr. L on
ard. Dt Bdleville ai "D.'izV was all
that tou d be asked for. He was bril
liant, qiiick witted and apt at eitna
tions, SB became an adventurer. His
encounters with Kir Ilarcomt were
among the beat ol tne by-play that
k?pt tne houss in an almost continu
ous roar of laughter. 01 Mr. Walcot's
A Blalleloe Waa'r Party at Mr. W,
as, jseuisrs w.
A mistletoe dinner puty was given
last night at the reeUence of Mr. W.
D. Bethel, In honor ol Misses Rvenna
DnRnw and Hidie Polk Fall, of Nash
ville, two of the fairest belles who
h ever brisbtened Memphia social
circles with their smilos. Tosay that the
affair was In every way in keepiDg
with the besuty and accomplishment
nf the fair ladiea in whose honor it was
given would bo superlative praise, yet
no n ener man ws ueserveu. nn
flnral if ncnratlons were designed with
an artist's eye and executed by artistic
hands. An immense star shaped
fliral niece was suspended over
ihn center of the table, from
nrhirli Rmiinx vines radiated in twenty
diflerent directions, and weie attached
tt the table opposite the plates pro--,i.ted
for the cursts. The rllect of
thia f Bt.t like structure of fliwerf . rest
ino on the immaculate while of the
tiblecloth.was exceedingly happy, and
save a suggestion 01 vernui ireau
teas to the feme as un que as
it was delightful. Covers were
la;d for twenty, fen lf.dies ard
ten oentlemen. 1 the side of each
lady's plate hy a coreago hiuquet and
the gontiemeu weie pruviuuu in a ouu
iior w iv u iih hontoiinieres. The boo
mieti wure bound together with silk
ribbona of various co.ors, trroiiniitiiig
in long etruamtra bearing in (inuiu
letters the HHmo ( f the lady for
whtim it who drs'ined, a-.d the
numta of Miosis Da How and Fall.
Tour imrneuse caadclabra poetcd
Chancellor Ellett yesterday ren
dered the following decree in the race
of G. K. Wealheford, poll tax collec
tor, against A. J. Harris, Coanty
This is a petition f r a msndamns to
compel the defendant, as County Tins
tee, to deliver ti tho relator, as back
tix collector, the list of uncollected
poll taxes due the relate and coanty
for the years lSSi and 18S5, and due to
the Taxing D.t-trii t f,,r the years 1885
and 18t-6. The telator claims that, in
nnrsnance lo Ihe power Riven to tbe
County Court by law to appMnt agents
lor the collection ot delinquent taxes,
he was elee'ed by said conrt at Its
April term, 188:1, as agent, fjr the col-
It ction of taxes for the State, connty
and Taxing Di.-ttlct on poll", which
aie letutued hy the County Tiustee in
his annual reports to said court as de-iirqnent.
He allegoj IVt the Cjnnty Court.
at its April term, 188, and
egiin in 1S8S ordered the
trustee, on making hie annual
settlement with the Chairman, to
make ont and dedver to tho back poll
tax collector a 1 at of all the unpaid
p ills in the county, to be collected by
The defendant moves to qtush the
alternative wilt ot mundamtii, and to
dismiss the petition.
Tee questions involved ore, wncllier
in April, 1883, tho County Court had
power to elect or appoint anollicer,
by whatever name, for the collection
of fielitqnont poll taxes; and if 8),
whether euch oflioe hni since been
abdinhed ?
The r-ubiuot is one of considerable
local interest, end I have endeavored
tomakeacartdu1 examination of the
various btatutory provisions on the
Bnbject. . . ,
1 have been unaoie to in a any law
which anthoriced the Coanty Conit
to separate the collection of poll taxei
from other taxes, and to appoint a
special agont or officer to collect de
linquent taxes ni mat uesunpuon.
Tne act of 1872. new code 807, au
thored the County Court to elect a
Biiitab e person as "commisiioner of
revenue" in each c:nnty in the State,
wiiose duty it should be to collect "all
uonaid taxi a due tbe Htate and
This act manifestly anthoiii d the
election of only one person as com'
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petent officer, from time to lime,
in li s discretion. This eoutee is
to be pursued until the third
year after any taxes on realty shall
Lave become due, at which time a
statement ot all the taxes reuinininir
duo and unpiid Is to be delivered by
the Trustee to the Attorney G-reral of
the o rcuit, who ia required to file
bills in chaccerv for the purpose of
enforcing the lien. As the lien is
only given on real estate for its own
taxe', it would s:.m thst taxis on
personalty aud polls are left to he col
iiCttd by means of the ilitess war
rants to be iesne d bv th.) Trns eo.
This view ie inndri more clear by
section TI, which provides that after
Ihe Trns ee l.tt iiittdo his report of
delinquencies, and received the proper
allowance for errcn and irsnlvorciee,
It is etill made U' duty to enllrct the
tixo.s, if ho can, and to cor,tinue to
if8 ie alias and pluries ilistress war
rants, whenever Uie money ran bo
collected, and to report bis collections
from Insolvencies.
These duties thus imposed on thei
County Trustee, are tucompaiinhle
with the continued exiatenea of the
agencies allowed nndi r the acts of
1872, 1873, 187! and lSi, and these
must be held to be abol.shud by nccis-
sarv implication.
Tho tnctii n to quaBb tbe alternative
writ of mandamus, and to dismies the
petition, most therefore he lU'tained.
11. T. ELLhTT, Chancellor.
Deeember l, m.
Aa Kaat Teuancauiee Projert.
The Knoxvllle Journal Bays: A
arty of northern capitalists nave
led a charts r for the Cumberland
Valley and Unitlia Hai'rosd Cumpany.
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200 milua lo hniitb, begiunlng
on the Cumberland river lotnewhere
near Cartbfge, and running actosa tho
Cumberland table lauds into Ihe val
ley ol K'Bt Tennessee, anil lrom inence
to the Unaka rarga. It wnnld con-
lv one Demon as com- nant the railroad eretem oi me mis-
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cl'ent -add e aud
II unpaid taxes, Including, of course,
poll taXdS.
Then the act ot March 25, 1873,
chsp er 9l, section 77, provided -as
follows: "That the County Court
shall have nower to take the lists of all
uncollected tux 'B, after the settlement
of tho South the Kaat Tennessee, the
It chmond and Danville and the Cin
cinnati Southern. It wonld pas
tluongh some rich coal fields not yot
developed, and tbroogh a countrv
rich tnjnatnral reeouroes. It wonld
pass through the counties of Putnam,
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xes. Hit. Hinrn'r. .i main at.
nf the tax col octor with the Ktite Wi.n (Jrinibarland. Koane. London,
Comptroller and the Chairman of tbe Blount and Monro to tne norm
Couuty G.inrt, and by its agent or at- Carolina line. The president of the
torney may collect the same, bring all t0ad, Dr. Breyfogle, of Louisville,
necessary suits and have all process Ky., itites with apparent confidence,
ntceasary therefor;" aud this protyis- that a laige force will be pot to work
ion is expressly made to extend to all 0n the line early In the tprlng, and
uncollected taxea, either btate, county that it will be pusnea itirougn rap-
or for internal improvement pur- jiy. We certainly wsb the corpora-
poses. Tit's provision may have tion great suocesf. Any ' enterprise
baen intundud to eupereedj that contributes to tbe material wel-
the c jmm'ssloner of revenue fare of Tenneeaee has our approval,
aulhoraed by the act of 1872, or to Ths only objection we can think of to
treat his term ot otnee os nsving ex- this enterprise is tnai it uoes not gu uy
pirod with the year. At all events, it
empowers Ihe 'County Couittotike
the lists of uncollected tuxcB, and to
collect the same by ita own agent or
attorney. All conllictiog auts are re-
P'"1' . , . - . ,u-n .or, I rpu ROUGH the nierllura of one of your
T in act. nf March 14. 18, 1. nags 138. I ..,..1. r.,1 thr.,uirh Mr. Frank T.
....mi iiv IninlicAtlnti t tiiUe the. an. Wrav. Iruag'St. Apo.lo, I'a , 1 became an-
the way of CUattanooga.
a.r.-.r.r.,li na. Isiherltrcl eilicl a nil in.
Klolia llumorat siy iio-'.
a', convenient intervals nlocg the ta
b!e, Bhed tho radioucsof a Hundred
wax candles upon the scene, own
light tempered with a shade formed of
a tulip. Kv.h cover wes fUnked by a
half dcz n glasses of various s .es,
promises, as it were, of giod tliinns
to comf. It goos without
saying that the dinner em
braced the choicest delicacies
of the season, probated In the highest
style of culinary art. Mr. Bethel,
famed as he is for open handel hos
pitality, seems on this occasion to have
exerted himrell to eclipse all his
former triumphs, and it is due to him
to nay that never did hospitality take
more graceful expteBion. The genius
of good teste seoms to hove presided
in the arrantement of every detail,
and the result was a Boclal achieve
ment of which even Mr. Bethel and his
est'mable wife may feel proud.
The following named ladiea and
gentlemen composed the dinner
Misa Eveline DeBow, Prof. W. S. Jones,
Miss Annie Long, J. J. Shoemaker,
Miss C. M. Keating, Chaa.T. llobb,
Misa Sad e P. Fall, 0. P. Stewart,
Miss Maud Long, hlliston Mason,
Mrs. Jno. M. Foster, Ur. Jno. M. Foster,
uf.a t).n .1 .1. w. eulmer.
Miss Louise Kneed, i.amar t,npinin
Mias J. Montgomery, Win. M. Sliced.
ttiss Nona Pointer, Arthur Robinson.
Kallronl Knmora.
Tha Vallev Flan eays: RumoM are
flying thick and fart of railroad routes
through this ointy. One is that the
Georgia Pacific win run irom jouuuuu
ville, cro'sing the Yhboo river near
Shell Blntr, lo co meet with the Vir.00
and Mi riwippl Va'ley railroad at
Cruger, and fiotn tho Bams point,
crowing tne river at tne nam" pii;c,
an exlunsion will bs buhtto Helena,
while the LouiBville, New Orleans
nd Texas railroad will run a road
from Memphis to pas down tne wes;
ern Bide of the Tallahatchie and
Yaxoo rivers by Silver City lo Vicks
i.n,i, How much reliance is to be
placed in theas repnrta we are unab e
to say, but feel confident that another
tamiva month will find a railroad on
the western side of tho river, travers
ing this connty fromnorihto Boutb,
aud tbat the load will soon be running
scrnia In Ureenvi lie IB DOW an BfSareu
fact, aa the bridge across the Sunflower
river is now in course of construction
.hnnt half a rnila above J ohneonville,
Where it will strike the Yaroo river is
not yot definitely knewn
Inspect Wnlford m atrx-k.
aaslavllla teaaietat.
Fonndations, cellar walls and bnlld
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poiiitmnntoi thit asont (r attorney,
autli T zodbv the act of 1873, from
the County Court, and to vest It in the
JiulgA or Chairman, for it extendi 10
thoaitent or attorney app'iiiitud by
lbs Jndi.0 or Ctiaiiman of the Couuty
Court lo, collect all uncollected tsxes
the power t Issue distress wttrriic w.
Tills net BKBumes tha'. tho app jiut
montof the coun'y pirpnt or attorney
too led delinquent taxes belongs lo
the Judge or Charm in, and not to
the court hs a bofly, and it Is neces
sary, In order to give effect to the fart
named ai t, to hold luiu mo appoint
ment did belong to the Chairman, and
not tn the court.
This view is further confirmed by
tbsoctof April 211, 188J, chapter 28,
Daire 80. This act undertakes to pro
vifie by a general law "for the more
efficient collection of back tax s,'' and
seems to have been Intended to cover
the whole around aud to supplant all
f irmer regulations on the subject. It
recognize) as txiBtlus Uicials charged
with the collection of back taxes, only
"all hack tx collectors appointed by
the Comptroller, or Judge, or Chair
man of Coanty Coifft, and amenta or
persons appointed by the Stite, or any
officer cf the State, to collect back
laxoj." It wholly iitcores the Uoru
miuaioner rf Revenue provided for by
the act of 1872, just as the acts of 1873
and 1879 had done, except so lar ai re
gards causes instituted by former
Hevenue Commissioner, agents or
attorneys of the State, th- n pending,
of which suits such agen's are to re
tain the "direction and control," (sec
tion 101
Kim i was tbe state oi tne law at ma
time when tho relator was elected
back poll tax collector" in Apni.iss.i,
and it seems clear that at that time
the County Court had no power to
elect a commissioner of revenue or to
anooint a collector of back poiltax-'S,
No such cilice appears ever to ravo
heon created or authorised by law;
but all tbe aalhorily ever conferred
on the County Cjurt, or the Chair
man, cnntemnlated that the com mis
sioner, agent or attorney should be
charged wi b the collection of all the
unpaid taxe', real, psnonai or pon
And whatever authority in this re
nect had been invested in tbe Oouti
tr Coutt had beea taken away from it
and lodged in tne unairman or in tuo
County J adge.
Moreover, all tneee acts conmm
plated but one commissioner, one
agent or one attorney for each county,
and no anthoiitv appears to have been
oivetrto parcel out the diflerent kinds
ol taxes to several ana ainurent um
As to tbe poll tex dne Ue Taxing
District, neLher the County Conrt nor
can ilrive.
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lttateaNBiallll-ai-lr. I ...rr.nl rMJI ws
e-ire tba worst m a.iaaae eiMre e.v MM sa a
rw. lot am aw raon.if T"1-. ,. "
U..IIM anS r aillraal mt tor.IHI.la r-w-a-m Sl-W
ipn-a .ail eiMi UlBr. It awfta r.a Mtlas lrainat
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"-rlH., i;.t.
attainted with your Vvviuira fiaaRlitan, and
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ot l he worst cases ol ninou poisoning, iu inn
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our county. 1 take groat ploisure in tor
warding to you this leilininnial, unsolicited
ss it is by you, in order tbat others sallorliMt
from similar analadirs may be encouraged tu
give rour Cptihpha ItauKtiins a trial.
&m .1 ill il I 111 I U I 1 L1 if I AakoLhiieia Vl
Reference: Frank T. ' Wray, Druggist,
Apollo, Pa.
K ROri'l.OI N trK'FltN.
James E. Richardson, Cutotn Iloiiso. New
Orleans, on oath, aayai " In 18711 Bcrotuloua
lilcera broke out on my boot uuui i
mass of corruption. Everything known to
Ihe medical faeu ty was trlod in vain. 1 be
en me a mere wreck. At limes couiu nut
lilt in y handa to my neati. eouiu nut iuru in
bed; waa in constant pain, and looked upon
lilo aa cur.e. No relief or ure In ton yeara.
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axed them, and was poriuctly fured.
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ompnailo aaliia cenirioaie, iii.irmw.
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H-l-i. hi r,ii-i"r, uiiiiiiioiw.
300 Front St.
ths Chairm tn ever had any power-to lip. AVard S SOfllllltiry.
appoint a ollector; that duty belongs, uuiiunmj,
by the law relating to the Taxing Die- XTASUVILLJ!. TENN.. the leading school
fLi sV7W- fnntw Trnetee. -LN for young lad..- in the Souta.t au?equ.l
trict. to tha County Trustee,
The relator therefore faila to fh iw
anv ritrht to au h an cflice aa"back
poll tax collector," or agent for the
collection of such taxes under tho law
aa it stood ririor to 18H5.
Bit, however this mutter may have
stoo l Drior to 1885. tbe act passed in
tbut year (Ctiapler i., pae 6,1 makes
an enure change in tne ruoao oi c. .
lectin.! all doliuau'Tit taxes ntd tlia
neiitea tilth a I ttiesBercics rrevioudly
ex Bting. Section U2 and the following
sections require the County Trustee to
l'ftuo anas anu piunes un-t'eea wur
ran', to tbe Sheriff, or any other com
. ran- I-. ill. North. onflBS Its next. SOSSIOO
i.n.... Kali. Thia st-hool t. tmt well known
h its grand auc ess and the noble line of
.i.m.i it has oducaleil to need any coup
meat. Parents will oio find it tbe most
reuaonabloin t.rn.. A,Hr...
KIAI'liKtll. Kesaa.
rily lroe. A victim
youlhlul impsa
dence, onuslr.g Premature Decay. Nervous
n-i.jii. l.o.t Mmiliood. eis. having tried
In vuln everv known reiuady, h: dis.'overo l
a simple sell. euro, wuicn ae wiucmiih.
O. .1. MASU,
M. New York I'lfw.
? 7 S r.
W. raa tiadcraiened, HufJa tnd Bankrr:
Kill pity nli 'risrw rfrown Te ioiaMS
Slat Inillsrses iciicA man e pmtnted al our
H.OIJI.KIBT,Pr. I. Wsstl Bank.
W.KIMIRKTH.PrewJtt Mat'l Bit
A. BA1.BWIN, rrea. B. O. Hat. Mat.
Over llulfa Milliea Dldtribuled.
Louisinna State liottory" Co.
Incorporated In 1868 for twenty-a years
by the Legislature fr Kduoatlonal and
Charitable purpoaea with a yapiUI of II,-(sJ,0(-to
which a reaerve fund ot ovarKOO,
01X1 hat alnce been added.
By an overwnein.mg impaiar t
franchise waa made a part ol the prwaentHtat
Constitution, adopted December id, A.U.
J7ie oa'g LiVw rtrt mMti o and cmdtrtd
by (ft fieope . nag Mat,
fla Wrntiii Niugle niuee Draw
lima inke nlaee iiiomhly, sisiil lit
Sieiiil . AuuHitl lrala.ga regiilerlw
.wry l ISHISBIlia, -SSSS1B saaiu urmiu.
oer. . .,
A HPI.Kraltlae nrroaiemii
A t OSlTI'rif.. Kl K.V..-- U Jta IS 1
DIIA WI.tG, tl.AS-i A, IN Til K ACAPEMlf
Jamiaay 11, -su-nu juoaimr vraw-lug.
Capita! Prize, $150,000.
Ticketa are Ton Itollara
Ualvea, l. FiUha, t)H
Tootha, 1.
me ot i:si,iasr ...ira.tw
MI,ISV... 3H,lJU
211,0110 11,0110
laKW. ai'.ooo
u,ix)......-. ai.ouo
1.ISSI '.(aj
boo afi.imo
21 V... Hl.tmO
100.... 80.0ISJ
i Capital l'ri
Grand Pri:
llraml Pri
a i.nrve rriiea oi...
T 1 " 5. . .a-
rriaoe ui...
4 Larse
20 Prisea el.,
fitl Prisea of..
1(10 Priiee of
l Prises of
Ms) Prises of.
limn Prltea of.
AprRoxm ATinn rataaa.
100 Approximation Prises of 10
psi Al'proxiaiatlon Prisea of
100 Approximatioa Pi nee of 10.
lo.oi a
ol his tallow sudoreri.
Post rifllca rtev "I'm
21TS Prises, amountirg to,......... ,000
Application for raVea to eluba ahould be)
made only to tho ofLce of tho Company at
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