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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, December 25, 1886, Image 7

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Cotton Firm Middling S la 16c
Sales Yestertlaj, 1500
Money ia In active demand ft 8
aer cant. Finance! are eas'er. Loca'
Mouritioi are quiet. The cotton market ii
firm: middling, 8 15 lOo. Sales, 1510 bales.
At New York epoti w r ateady; middling.
7-16c. Foturet quiat.'.andl point hither;
December, 9.3639.38o.
Aleadirg Sew York ootton eircu'ar ayi
( the speculative market: "A larger
portion of the day m givon over to holiday
jollificathns and the regular coureeof Uusi
neas greatly internip ed. So fir as shown
however, tha fluotualion have been mod
erate, and the lutes were much the aame as
last evenint:
At New Or loam ipota were quiet and
nnchanired; middling, 9a. Future.! quiet
and iteady and 3 poinU higher; December,
At Livorpool pots were dull in buyors'
favor,: middling, 5Vid. Futurea quiet and
Itcadj ; Deceuibor-Januar, 5 11 Hi, tellers.
The general market preienti a aUady
'eliDg' " IMPOSTS.
Two brla bears and peas, 16 pksa butter,
M pkgs kinni 11 pkirs boots ana shoe;, 7 47
bu corn, 15) sks colic, , 18 bags seed cotto ,
ilwi sks ci tto'i see l, 53 pkgs dry goods, 44
pkgseggs 11 1 brls Hour, l.;3 bales hay, 14
pags has, 25 hcid eat'le, 27 head horses and
mule. 2 k:' la-il, 24,(i0 ft lumber, 100
lka liquor, 111 br a meal, 17 brla inolaseea,
8 cars ) rk miles, 55 brls sugar, 232 bkgJ lo
ttacci, 2101 hu whint.
The following shows the amount of grain
received, withdrawn and in afire by regular
elevators, ns reported t" the Merchants Ex
change yesterday: Wheat in storo, 1567
bu. Corn received (121 bu: withdrawn, 625
bu; in store, 43!6 bu. Oats received. 1H63
bu; withdrawn. 2018 Inn in store, 214,491 bu.
Tl:tly QuolKtluna or Col ton
Oil TraKtej and New Torsi Kx
rhiiDce Mtucba are open to Itaoae
Inlnrealexl, nt say ofHec
24 MadiHQH St Memphis Tena.
Monev in active demand a 8 per
ent. The Clearing House report ia aa
Fridav, Dee. 24, '86 8 426,602 82
Thus far this week 2.172.475 20
San time la.t week S.Ot.fi.' 24
Corresponding time in '85 I,i7,5' :J Id
Corresponding tin e in '84 ...... 1,542,133 36
Fridny, Deo. 24. ad $ 76.340 48
Thus tar this week 44.66ii 62
Same time last week 636,o7!) 17
Correspoa-Gng time in 'H5 2So,..23 57
Corresponding lime in '84 2l9,ua3 48
New York sight on all points, M discount
buying, par selling; New England doiruind,
H diso uot buying; New Enland sight, y,
discount; New Orleans, 'A discount buying,
paraeilms. ...-.
n.nv,rrAmmnrM 155 hid asked
First National 150 bid, 165 asked
Gorman Bank lfthid, ztsjasaeu
Ktot National 147 hid. 150 aked
Union and planters 156 bid, ... asked
Mercantile Bank 135 bid, ... asked
Bluff City 105 bid,
. asked
.Id! hid, ... ssked
Momnhia City...
Phoenix ...............
Plant, rs
77 bid, BUuskeii
..... 107 bid, ... asked
85 hid. iQii asked
,; hl bid, ... a ked
Ill) bid, ... asked
25 bid, 30askid
35 hid, ... asked
3'.1 b'd, ... aked
12' i bid, .. a ked
Shelby County warrants 96 hid, 98 asked
M.AC. K. H. sL-iros
M. T. R. U. el are i
M. A 0 iwjjole. 7?
M. & I: a. l't 10. Si
IMifs. i 1 . It. K. cs. ..,
Miss, i T. R. K. cs.B...
..45 bid. ... a.-"ked
45 bii, 5u asked
121 bid, ... askid
10.5 hid, ... asked
IK! bid, ... asked
,...lb2 bid. 105 asked
...90 hid, 98'-;Hkd
Teno. n. scr. 1)
Tenn. wts. srr K to J.
Shelby Coonty 6'
Taxing I'i' trict 4. lij
Taxinif Diitnot 6i
Memphis '-as bor ds
Mumi'li'? Wate' bonds
m. Cot. till tru ts
Pinniti., Ctit ton Mills..
S5 hul, m askeil
',01 bid. 110 asked
....l''l Mil, K'J'-i. asted
106 bid, Hi a ked
li 4 bu). ... asked
VO bid. ... aeked
C2W bid 1'4 asked
Memphis Srn-. Com Co. .126 hid, 127K, assed
Memphis ln stock 77 bid, 80 mkqd
iviaaonic letiitie oonos. in iu mn
Cot. hx li'ldi. 0 I'M bid, US' asked
Ala. Si Term. I. A C lnobid, 105 nsked
Tenn. Valley I. A K. K 45 bid, .'0 asked
NEW TOR K, December 21. -Money on
call ea.y nt ;l(a5 p rceni., olosing at 3 per
oent. asked. Prime mercantile paper 4'5
percent. Sterling exchange dull but steady
at 47'J'i for sixty day bills and i'.'i for demand-Bonds
Government bonds have boen dull
and firm. Sute bonds dull and steady.
Bank ctatement-The weekly bank state
ment shows the fo lowing changrs: Reee'vo
increise, ,(,224.0.). Loans dnorase, 05,
20,6UC. Spjcie increase. $2,917,600. Legal
tenders decrease, Jil5,:i00. Deposits do
crease, ?i,0sy.2 Circulation decrease,
111,100. The banks now hold 87,232,200 in ex
cess ol the 25 per cent. rule.
Stocks The stock market today, in conse
quence of tomorrow being Cbrtstutas, was
excessively dull and without special feature.
A large proportion of the broVera were ab
sent and those who attended the board gave
na much attention to the buffoonery,! usual
at this lime, as thoy did to tradirg in ati'cks.
The transactions were nearly monopolised
by four stocks, Jerey Central, New Eng
land, Reading and St. Paul. The former
was conspicuously strong in the early trad
ing upon considerable covering of shorts,
but in no othur stouk was there an impo'tant
movement during f.e entire day, with the
single exeep ion ot Tc nessee Coal, vhich
rosu 2 per oanr... but afterwards lost the ad
vance The strike on tho Ljuiv llo and
Nashville mlvtrsely arTttctod the stock in the
early morning, but the aliirht loss a'tor the
opening wa later recovered. Tbe oredrg
was weak, declinos Irorn lust eveuing'a final
prices ranging up t 'U per eoi t., the latter
in New Lnglnrd. Tlior." were some fu'ther
slight declines in the early tru lini', in which
Lnuisvlle and t-H.hviile was the lender.
Therally which followed was led byJtrsay
Central, which quickly reached the highest
prioeof tho day. slter which the market
dropped into a dull and littloss state, in
which the (Itioluciions were measured by
vory small fi actions, and in no ease did tlie
pojccss any aignitincpfi. The marketlinally
closed as it hul been throughout the day, ex
tro.nely dull and sto.idy The busi
ness dono was the smallest for the
year, amounting to o.' ly 79,814 shares. Rul
Toad bond' were slightly moreattive on sulea
ot 81,04'.,000. Tho improvement, however,
was entirely duo to the increased trading in
Donver and Rio Grande 4s, in which the
aales were 824.1,100. Tbe only soec'al feature
waa the advance in bbonandoab Valley firsts
open the decision of the matter which
invalidates a large uortion ol the issue. In
tho remainder ot ihi list thia mine dullness
and apathy prevalent in the slock mariet
wai noticeable, and prices shows alight
changes only.
Tha total aslea of stocks today were 89,
894 stares, lnclu ling Delaware, Lackawanna
and Western, 79U0: Lake Shore, 3005; Lou
isville and Nashville, 4750: New Jersey Cen
tral, V,V.V; Heading, 8 00; St. Paul, 7410;
Western Union, 3740; Oregon Trantoonti
ncntal, 1070. Closing quotations t
V. 8. 3s, IOOI4. 4i. eonp, 128.
4K), coup, 110.S. Paoiho 6a of 1895, 125' a.
La. stumps, 4s, 82U. Missonrt As, V S.
Cent. Pao. 1st.., 116'-,. Den. A R.I4. lsu,119S
!.AR.1.W.l'U,7o. Erie 2ds, 8J'.,.
M.K.AT.en.6.98. North. Pso. lets, 118
NorMi.Pac.2da.Hi3U. N. Westorn eon. 139.
N.West dab.r5s.108. Ht.L.S.F .Oen.M..lDl:i
St.Paal con. 132.
T.P.R O.ex cou,"5V;.
Wiit Shore. lWi.
T.P. land grania,&6.
V. P. l.ts, l'ri.
Tenn. 6,eot'mt, 107.
ienn.&s,tet'mi, 100.
Teno. :ls,set'mt,79s.
Adami Express, l.'K. MorrlsAE., titTd.138
Allegheny Cent'l
Nashville A C , 78,',.
Alton A 1. It,,
Nor. A W.i.id,4!
Northorn Pac.,27.
Nortnorn Pac ptd, 0
C.AN.W ptd. ,110.
A. AT.U.,pfd
American Kx.. 107
11. C. K. A N..V'.
Canada Par., ti6U
Canada Sou.. 6L7ri,
v.eni.rai 1 nciuc, s.i. ,tjenirai,lJ- 4.
Chosojieabe A 0.,8V:. 4N.Y.C.A St.L.,127.
C. A 0. lit pfd, 15'4" N.Y.C.A tt L.pld,26
Central I'.icillc. 43
N,Y. Central, 11-
O. 0. 2d pfd. n. Ohio Central, -.
Chicago A. ,143. Uhio A Mm. ,27i.
C A.pfd,160. O.A Miss. pfd, tul-i
C. B. i Q , U5S. Ontario West,.
C, St.L. N.O., Oregon NaT.,10).
C.. St.L A P.. 15J4. Oregon Trana., 314.
C.St. LA P. pfd, 37. Oregon Imp., 40.
C. S.AC.. 41. Pacific Mall, 48.
C. A C, 64. Panama, V.
C. H. Valley. 3I. Peoria I). A I!., 2Pi.
Del. A Hud , 101. Pittsburg, 147.
Dol., L A W, l:t1 Pullman f.(l.,'U84.
Den. A Rio G , 32. Reading. 3.1'..
Erie, at1- Rock laiand.1251;.
Erie Ptd. 7IS. St.L. A h.F.,31'.
New East lean., It1;. St.L JtS.K ild, 62.
NewK.Tenn.pf l.74U. M.L.A S.F.Ut . 113.
Fort Wavne. 145. C. M. A St. P.. Ssh
Hannibal A St. Jo . M A St.P,, p. 117SJ.
n x nt jo . ptd, . m. P.. M. a m ., ti t
Harlem. 216
St PaulA0mah,4.vi.
St.Paul i 0. pld, HO i
Tenn.CnalA Iron. 45.
Texas Pacifi, iVi.
Union PaciDo, 6o'.
U. S. Express, 61
W., S. L A P.,lS'i
W..S.L. A P. p.. Mi
W.A V. Ex.. 129.
W. f.Tel.,oV.
Coin, ado Coal, 37.
Home Stake. U.
Iron Silver, 253.
Houston 4 T., SS'i.
Illinois Central, 131.
Ind .B. A W.,15.
K:,L9B A T., 31'ii.
Lake K. A W , 18.
Lake .Shore, WS.
Lou, A Nash.. :.
Leu. A N. A., 63.
M. A n. 1st pfd.-.
M. A C. seconds.
Mem. A Char , 47.
Mich, Cen., 93f
Min. Abt.L .18
Min. A St. L.pld,42
Missouri Pacific. hta',i. tiuirksilver pfd. 27.
Atomic a unio, i. ,-ouin factno,
M. L. S AW. 66. Sutro. 28.
M.L S.A W.pfd.lOlS.
LON'DOS. December 24.-Con(ola, 1001 16
fr money snd loo1, for the account. At
lantic and Great Western firsts, 61; At
lantic and Urrat Western seconds, 13.
PARI, December 21. Three par eent.
rentes, 82f 271,0 fur the account.
CUICAOb. ILL., December 24.-Bank
clear ngs, t8,217,t)00.
NEW YOHK, Denembrr 24". Batik olear
i'gs today were tU8,4:0,580; bulancea, 14,
UlU 144.
BALTIMORK, MD.. Do-emher M.-Bank
"'earings today were $l,911,48li bilauocs,
PI1ILADKLPHIA, PA., December 21.
Paok clearings today were fcV,M.,.,.,Jo3; for
the wock, i"'5, o23,514 ; bilntiroa today, 81,
S;U,257; lor tbo week, 87, 3311. 75.
ST. L'Jl'IS, MO., Decrmhor 24,-Bnnk
ciearius todav were 8.!,ol3,,8i; for tlie
week, SU.3M.6J2s. balasctS to luy, ")23,231;
tor tlie aeeg, t- 4o4,486.
BOSTON, MASS., December 24.-Bnnk
clearings today were (!IU, 403,827; lor fie
w.ck, rj73,3'.i7.i15; l-r the same wn-kin 18S,
8ti,3;3,3t0; bnian'-e today, Sl,5'J,7o!: tor
the wek, 58.650,317; same Hook in IStt,
The local ostton inirkflt oDred
firn and cloned firm; middlinr, 8 15 16c.
S.les. 1500 b-Ues, 12u0 to exnortera and 'M
to aidnuers.
ex;hanqe quotations.
Yesterday. Thursday.
Uood Ordinary
Low Middling
Mid Ming
(loud Middling
Middling iair
Stains and tines..
8 5-16
8 11- 6
8 1516
3 16
9 9 16
8 5 16
8 11 16
8 15-16
U 3 16
U 9-16
Mkmphisj, December 24, 1883.
hroek. Sept. 1st. 18J6 4 009
Received today. 4,5-0
Received previously 46o,41S
Shipped today 4 590
Shipped previously 311,745
Home consumption to date... 357
Stock, running aooount
Thus far thia week ....,
TO ii a far last week
Siuce September lat ....
M. A C. R. H m.-
M. AT. R. R
L. A N. R. R -
M. A L. K. R. R
C., AS. W. R. R
L..N. i. AT. tt. 11
K.C.,8 A M. R. R
M., S. A B. K. it
Steamera H
Wagona and other sources
Tbua far thia week -
Thua tarlastweek
Since September 1st
M. ACR. R -
M. A T. R. R
L. A N. R. R
C, O AS. W. R. R
L. , N. O. AT. K. It.....
Steamera North
... 33,539
... 31,068
...316, 35
... 1236
... -319
... 1,100
. 674
... 4,590
Now Y'ork spo's opened quiet, and closod
steady; middling, 9 7-16o. Sales, 673 baloa.
Quutationa were as follows:
Y'esterday. Thursday.
tlcoil ordinary....
Low middling
Good Middling...
Middling luir
..6 11U1 fill 16
... 8 1-16 8 l-!6
... 8 15-16 8 15 16
.. 9 7-16 9 7-16
... II-16 9 11-16
...!0 5 16 11) 5-16
,.10 15-16 10 15-16
New York futures
nponed rtady. an 1
clos d quiet itad I point nigucr tlnn yes
t rday. Sales, 38,100 briles. Tha closing
qcioiiuions were as loilows ;
Yesterday. Thursday.
December 9.;i0ce 9.3S 9.?nV'S 9.37
lanuarv (I . : t' 11 4'i 9.:;'.ifi 1M0
Februnry O.'l'H 9.52 9.51n 52
March 9.62,rj 9.63 9 62 X 9.-3
April 9.73'.) 9 74 9 73d 9 .74
Must 9.83 4 9.84 9 Ki. 9 HI
June 9.93 9.11 9 9 '.14
July 10 02ni.i3 io.o.v.sitt 03
August IOOJQJIIO.09 10.0810 09
The New Orleans spot market opened
quiet, and c!o.cd quiet and unchanged mid
dling, 9c. Sa'es,' 1500 balta. Quotations
were as follows:
Good Ordinary.
Low Middling
Middling V
Good M.ddling SSY, Y
Tbe New Orleans fu'urs market opene l
steady, and closed quiet and steady and 3
pointa higher. Sales, 10,010 bales. Quota
tion 1 were aa foliowa:
Yesterday. Thursday.
December O.fOrtl 9.08 9 004 9.02
J nuary 9.07(4 9.08 t00'19.0J
Feb. u iry 9 1"" 9.19 P.I8' 9.19
March 9 30 9 30 9..1IM
April . 9 41(ta 9 43 9.3
!y 9.51M 9 55 9 Wis ...
June 9 6 .(1 9.67 9.66 'S 9 67
July 9 76fia 9.78 9 77.'. 9.78
August .9.78f 9.80 9.79.S0.80
Prices. jSiocg
New Orluans.
Siivann.'ih-.. .
Charleston ....
Italtimore ....
New York .
St. Louis. .....
Dul .
D11 1.
6 324
fi 387,
8 15 16 125,1. i2
!l :;'J8,Hi3
8 15 16i 39.467
8 15-16.1 8.147
9 1-16
9 7 16
9 5-16
9 I
18 97
1 232
Receipts at ports, this day, lsii f-5,tst9
Koooipts at poits, this day, 1885 33,204,
Receipts U. States
ports, 7 days
Export Gt Britain
Receipts Sept. 1st.
Foreign exports...
2.37.3-4 20.B3
sK9V)l 9l.5.t4
3,4lii 283:3,52:1,156
l,52 19l!(,l:'-) 7o0
2,101 ,M8
Increase in receipts thia ycur 19,088
At noon: Liverpool spoil dull. In buy
ers fdvor. Sa es. 6'SX) bnles. of which Amer
ican 6200 bales. Receipt, 70U0 bales, of
which American (too bales.
Closing quotations were as follows: Or
dinsrv, 4Sd; rood ordinary, 4 13 16d ; low
middling. 6 1-161: good middling. 5d
m'ddling uplands, 64d; middling Orleans,
I Tilt prices art given in psnce nni 64(As,
Ihut: 4 63 means itti-bid; and old means
5 1 04d.l
At noon: Liverpool futures wore nniet;
December. Slid: Deoeraber January. 5 lTid ;
January-February, 5 10 1; Febru iry-March,
5 111,1: Mtu-cli-Aoril. IS 1.V.U I'.'H: Anril-
May, 514d; May June, S 16.4517; June-July,
5 18a5 l'Jd: J 11 V-AUU4 .5 2IM52 d.
At 2 p. in: Liverpool tuiures were quiet
andltesdy; December, S lid, burersj Ue-
oemher-January, 5 loj, buyers; January
February. 6 lod, buyers; February-March
5 lid. sellers: M-rch-Anrll. ft 131. sellers:
Ap-il-May, 5 15 I, sellers; May- June, 5 17d,
sellers; June-July, a JOd, sellers; July
Auirnst. 5 2id. sellers.
At.5 p.m.: Liverpool futu'oa wore quiet
and steady; December, a IZI, sellers; le-oomber-Januiiry,
5 lid, se'lers: Jnnuary
Fchruiiry, 6 lid, ellors; Februarv-March,
0 lid, pollers; Mnrci-Aprtl, 5 isd, value;
April M.iv. 5151. buyers: Mtiv-J .ir.o. 5 17-1.
hu ers; June-J. ly, 6 I'.'d, buiers; Juiy-
aubusi, 3 2tu, puyers.
The following nre the total notree'ptt of
cotton nt nil the ports r-ir.ce -.eptctnber 1,
1SH: i.alvost .n, r-, :8 hales; New Or
lc-n. 1.0IV47; ilobilc, 116 5J: Savannnh
620,956; Charleston, 812,171; Wilmington
111.22 ; Ne folk, :I81.814; R.utiniore. 3.1,411'.
New York, 35. 892; Boston, 27,8Jr,; Newport
News, 48,339; Philadelphia, lJ,6Si; Veit
.. S3.504
.. 31,774
,. 775
. 750
,. 522
.. 1,110
.. 2-9
14 i
Point. IST.TSrs Brnnswick. 21,731; Port
rioval, 12.150; Penaaeola, sl7,4. Total, 3,
IWeek end'g
Since Sept. 1
waiNoi aacav d
Mal.UK R
C, O A S W K R
1., N t) A T R K
K 0. S A M R R
M. B A A RR ...
M ifsistippi rifer
Wnite riv-Ar I
St. Francis rivor
Arkansas river...
Wuguns, eto
C. O S w K R.
L,N 0 A T R R.
M, B A A 11 li....
Steamers north.
Sleutueri aouth.
Tutal ..?3,5.','.i; l(i,'5l!:il6,3:t5i2)7,W3
Liverpool weekly statement fur tho week
ended December 21, lS8s:
Weekly sales , .y,0n0
Of which Aiueii.un 4-..MI0
Including tor export 4.7nO
Iool'dingforspcrulation 2 H)0
Forward from strip sid;. 2l,'.'l
Total stock 5s,( imj
f whuh Americiu 4o3,lo0
Week's roee pts f 000
Of which Americjn ... 78.ISK)
Tot il ree'd since SeMt.l.l.2.V.WM
Ol wniill Amcri an '.i.Ci.Sini
Actuil week's expjrt loom
Stoc ntloat 3:6,i iiij
0; whicti American 2V,O.i0
4 1 ,oort
1.3 0
379 001)
(151, HO
753 7ii
4 700
G ESifl LtAL. Tit APE.
CORXMEAL - SUndird, S135; pearl,
$ I 2.5 .5; roller, 82 4,5, lirnt.
II AY Choice, from sore, 75c; car load
from lovee or .tepnt. 8!3 'tO; prime, fr. in store,
70c; oar load from levee or depot., 812 5ti(ii 3;
pra ric, f mi su.ro, 4 c; ear load lioio le,t
or depot $8 0.
Ci'ltN rrotn s'ore, white, 50c: mixel,
43c, fr.itn levee or depot; white, in bu k, 44c;
io sin ks, 47c; mixed, in bulk, 42c; in tucks,
UAIS rrom Here, wtitte, L'tcj nnxi-il, 3tic;
from levee or depot, white, in bulk, 33 '-tc; in
sact a, 35ici mixd, in oulk,31ac; in aacka,
FI.'Hlll From store. No. 3. 83 $3 25: fam
ily, 83 50I3 75; choice, 84: fnoci , 81 25: ex
tra funcv, 81 50; p .toM , $5 25
Bh' AN'-Frum atore, 9U; from levee or de
pot. 8 1 .
BEANS Nvy, 82; medium, 81 Weil 7.5;
common, S- 25.
Kicb Louisiana, i:4,',c; uaroltn i, o,(9
Sot's, extra, 4c: soda, tr'ble
extra, 4'c; extra, 7c ; motor snaps, extra.
6c; n'flottjiJ jumbles, 10o.
UAi.iiiu-in trail ujrreis, r-:w , trom
CRACKED WUEAT-In half-barrels. 04 25
from storo
HOMlNi: AND GUlTi From atore. 833
3 25.
ST. LOITIS. M0.. December 24. Flour
steady and firm, but unchanged Wheat
strong and fairly active, The n arket opened
higher and advanced '.S-t, beosme easier and
closed at yester. lay's figure ; No. 2 re 1 cosh,
81c; January, 8n;B(.i)Ji;i;c, closing at 8 Jc;
Fobrua'y, 82'(!8:fc, olosing at 827e uske .' ;
M.iv. 87'.'4K8'. s o. hi at S:-'.t uial. Corn
weak and a shade lower; No. 2 mixed, cash,
Il;4L.toi,.iO : .laouary, 3'..o; beoru try, down;
May. 89.(414.39?, olosing at 3f!.c, Oats
stoady but. very dull; No. mixed, cash, 2S',,,-;
January, 290 asked; Fobruary, 29c bid;
May, 31c bid. Rye dull; 63! c bid. tlaney
dull and unchanged. Hay easy and lower;
t moihy. 810t41'4 AO: prairto, ISU10. Flax
seed, 92?i93e. Bran steady at 67i40Je. t.'orn-
meal firm at82c2 in. rleceii.ls-t.onr, hjo
bra: wheat, a.4.000 bu: corn, 77.000 bu;
oats, 16.000 bu; rye,2!00hii; barley, 23,000 bu.
Shipments Fluur, fits) bu: wOeat, 30.100
bu ; corn, wsm bu; uau, ouuu uu ; rye, m ne;
barley, 6000 bu.
KANSAS CITY. MO.. Deoember 21.-
Wheat dull ; No. 2 red, cash, 09 ''.c bid ; Junu
ary, 69o bid; JVay, 76-J4o bid. Corn htoai'.v;
No. 2 cash, 30o bid; January, 3 )' i bid;
May, 37; c bid. O.ta nominal, 27V4c bid.
CHICAGO. ILL.. Deoember 24 There was
light trading in wheat tod .y but tbo tona
Was firm. Foreign sdvice wi re of a favor
able character, quuting a good demand and
higher moes or all kinds of wh-at. The
strength of European markets continue the
ppritioipal t'.turo Rec ipts conttnm, to be
tatr, lliomvke' opened nrm at e;ati ior
May, fel1 itl'ito ri'io, rosn to 85 '4o, and el'sed
at 8 '.'itsSSJe. Corn was quiet ur.il steady,
developing t o unusual feutuics of interest.
1 ne rose n.tt o .ntioue l nriy large and the
shipping demand was not So utgont
l'ricea kept wit.h;n u narrow range and
closod bba-lo easier. Onts were dull and t-lio
wed no change. Closing quotations acre
aa lolloas- Flour sUuJy and v un
changed. No. 2 spring wheat, 77Jc:
No, 3 spring wheat, 7oc: No. 2
ro i, 77'4C: No. 2 corn, StVJc : No. 2 oat .,
26j: Nu. 2ryo.53c; io. 2 barley, 51'c ; No.
1 lla.xeoid, 94't9,c; prime timothy seed.
1 71 '! ik llio Iciding futures rjiirct
follows: heat. N". 2 UecciiiOer opened
at 77'o, hinhoft 77r'-i,c, lowest 77';, rlo'.ng
at 77.'.n.-; Jtinuttry openod at '7!o. highest
8c. loM,et n-tvC. closina. ut n u-'t.t .-:
Febrtiarv, opene l at 78.',c, biirhest 75.7Mc.
l-iwo t 7S)c, cl .s n ut ,'';-c: May opei.ed
at 85 '40, hlKQCSt-8,c. lr west 85;'. 1, chu n
nt K5;intH5!,o. Ct rn. No 2 He-comber opened
at.'iii'sc, ingliest 36;hC, lowest 3'i'Mc, c osiug
:i'hc; Jstiu -ry opened at niiroesi
:V.'hC, lowest 30V-JC, closing at 36!y a.: 'Mc;
li'i.ltruiirv ononed at 37c. hlirbcst 37' c. low
ost odfye, clo.-ing at 3ti7-h(it:l,c; May ope'ied
at 42"v, highest 42J4C lowest 42'ic, closing
42c. Guts No. 2 December opened a
!.'. hiirheU2tio. It.west 2o-hc. closing at 2vaC
lanuary opened at 26.;, higaost 2to, lowast
2oc clusing at 2ijc: May opened nt 31c. nisu
est 31c, lowest 31c, closing at 31c. Keooii't
Hour, ai,oiiuori; wneat, ,,u:io ou: corn,
20.000 hn Okta. 85 (HHI hu rve. none : bar
ley, 43,0X1 bu. Mupmonts Ftou-, 19,000 brls;
wheat. 21.0U1I bu: corn. 73.060 bu; oats,
114,000 bu; rye, none; barley, 42 000 bu.
H1ITTER But'erlne. 14ai5c: creamery,
3P'435c: dairy. 13422a: country butter, 154
HOG PRODUCTH-Mess pork. 812 50;
suear cured bam. 10 aio'o: breakfast b4
con. gwtuilK: clear lib sides bacon. 7!c:
bacon shoulders. : bu-k pork clear aiues.
fi'a clear rib tidal, b.c; sbouldert, oiijjo;
lnrir c ear. oV&n.
LAUD iiireos, ii'-c: halt-barrels and
keirs. 6'nci choii-e kettle. 7o.
KHKMl MKA16-tieet. toreuuartcrs. 1
1: mutton. 4 ado: hind uuurttr of boot', 4(4
be : bogs, t, 1 70
POULXKY --Chickens dull :spring, ,5ti-a,2;
old bens. n0fS. Turkrys e-s ul.Gicau.siwl.
Ducks, tbll'6: dres.,ed chi"kens, SI O 'Si 0.
per dozen ;dressed turkeys, 12(413c p- r potintl.
GA M K-Quails, per Uiien, '.alctttl:. Sqmr-
rola. 7 .octal, rtatthtts. 6ic"SI per il-sen
I'ucks, wild, 52. Venison, wno:e, b'joc;
addles, 7(9c
C IKESK PrlrLO flats. 8 449c: New York
factory, 7!-j'43c; full oream, 13!o; uuog
Arneric. Ho
PIGS FK1ST -barrels, J Zo; half barrels,
tl in; kegs. 1
ST. LOUIS, MO., December 21. Provisions
fl-tn but dull. Pork. 81i5f 4ll0O. Lard. 86.4
6 05. Bulk meats dull; loose lets-Ions
clear, 8 off,; short rihs, 8 lOati 10; short
clear. 8.5 SO: boxtd I U long c ear. 8 1 0(1
short ribs. 85 70; short clear, 80 85. II ,cou
firm; long e'ear, C06U; short ribs, to,-.;
short clear. 87. linms ste.oly at 9!i.tlle,
Butter q.iiot ; crsamery, 24(;27c; dairy, 15'3(
23c l'.sgs steady at 21c.
CHICAGO. ILL.. Dorombcr 2l.-Provi-
I oris were stronger. Mess pork advanced 15
(u.20j per barrel and closed steady. Short
ruts war luati.oe tier 0 nouuns nicuer.
Weekly net rece nt'. 35.752 pounds: gross.
lo.t-''-; cxn-rts to Great ttritiun. 2i,2i4; to
r ranco. itte; to tne ' ontliiem, n : coast
wise. 13.40: sales.. 2766. Cash Quotations
were as follows: Meis pork, per brl, 811 4-t
evil 45; lard, per 10 lbs, 16 22' .Io 25; ,hort
rib sides, loose, 85 65('i.5 70t dry saltttd
boulders, boxed, 84 80(44 85; short coar
idos, boxad, $6 05(46 10. 'I he lead i tig futures
ranied a. follows: Mess pork Decern
her opened at ill 3i 'i. highest 811 4U lowest
81! :io, closing at ill 40; January opened
at 511 4.',, bisnest I I 45, lelwest $11 to, cms.
ing at 811 4;! j; February opened at til 5'!
highest 811 57',, lowest 811 60, closing at
$11 15; Mav opened at 8118-!,. higbett
S 2. lowest 811 82. doling at ill 97V,,
Lard Docember opened at 86 2i. highest
$0 22J-;, lowest 8620, closing at 802;Si J.n
uary opened at 827S, hlkbest 86 27H, lowest
an vo, closing al art : rebruary opened
a' 35, big est 86 35, lowcat it :uy
closing at 86 W,; May opened at 86 6!H
highst86 65, lowest 86 62, closing at 86 d-'j
Short ribi January openod at 8-5 70
highest 85 .0, lowest 85 70, closing at
85 70; lebruaty opened at 8" 75, highest
8580, lowest 85 75, dining at 85 75: March
opened at 8) 85. higlie't. (5 90, lowest
8.1 85, closing at 85 i. On the Produce Kx
change today the butter market, waa quiet
or-umory, 20.1.U:; U.uy, li'JZM,
i:ic lur tresn.
SUG AR-Purewhlto, Oc; off white, .o'ic
yollow clarified, frVna; socurids, 6 45!iio
roiined A, 6'H6!oi: granulated. 6!j,t; planta-
lion vranulateil, b.'c; powdered, ,(9t!4i
cut loaf. 7 'l7'.kc.
C A N I'lh S St cks.allsiaes, in boxes, pails
aru na-reLs, i.-a-t'-tj-io.
COVKKK-Cmmon. 13!4Hc: ordinary,
ll',c; prime Rio, 16al6V; choice to taucy
lic.i old g'.vcmmeot, i4'25o.
SOAP 3u.5S.o per Hound.
SALT-81 20 per barrel; sacks, fine, tl 33
This Last Thia Last
Year. Year. Ysar. Year
6,714 6.275 67.1i4 M.d
3,;7t 4J: 45,517; 4:1,244
2,472! 2,:itt 41, Hi' XVM
5.611 4.6J 92,iH 5T.V7'
1.K74 l.:wi s:t,.vi
2,7'.') 1,367 ?.,07 2o.V.'5
1,521 8ti7 29,716! 1.1.IS5
2 li 1,422 14.7(2 12.7-0
3,775 4,17 56,7u"v 66,576
1.1W l,78ii 15 i't-M 17.21.5
16 2.72. 1 5..' 45
Wl7 1'41 6,.- 6,0.8
1,2J 2,700 40,r21j 47,58
33.501 31.2W I6J,(X)8 4iV1.207
5,661 2.8'.7 57.twJ 42.9IVJ
5 i6 1,557 24 8!2 10.273
6.717 l.SI'l 80.501 4i.i,2.
7.S7S 5,4 Si (Hi52' M.K2H
4.5S1 1 tss 16.9 3 3',17l
.S 3,04 7 8. lis
3,Ssl 4,811 S6,6C' 41,ffl
94 I.l 11,116
1 45; coarse, 81 101 15; pockets, bleached.
2J4i7o; car loada t.-om levee or depot, 5e
ea; Pincapp ee, f 1 2M1 50: peaehea, 2-lb,
standard, tl loJl 20; seconds, ll'jal 10; to
matoes, 2-lb, aiandard, 90cn81 : S-lb, 819
1 15; strawberries, 81 I'Ml 25; raspbernea,
tl 10(91 25: blackberries, 8141 10; green
gages, 1 wai ho; pea s, t.mi 2.0; plums,
81 00 tl 70; asparagua, 82 604: green corn,
8l(41 :V; nre n peaa, 81 Matl 65 1 cove oys
ters, full weisht. l-'b,(t; coveovsters, lull
weight, 2 1b, (179; core ey.ters, light
w ight, l-lb,60c; rove oyrters, ligbt weight.
10.11 jo; conuensea un k -rown, ao ijj
K"t; Eagle. 87 75: Swiss, j.5 75.
r.DLAtsSK-v Lou siaua, common to fair.
18 -2o; prime to choice, new, 45c450c ; syrup,
!0.cUoc: common to fair, 20 4.5c; i-ri-ne 10
oice, ZN't.IOc; ccntriiugn, lancy, SS.jHOc.
NEW YOHK. Deormbcr 21 Corlee-falr
Rio dull at 14' 4c : options stronger but very
quiet ; sales, 1'.!,, bug; Pcceiiibor, 12.15o)
la.K'c; Jai.iary. 12 1.1:; rtoruory, title;
ainrch. l'i.lS.ttli'ic: April, U.i2al24e: I'ay.
li'4CSl2.S0: June, 12 Hoc: July, 12 .Vc. Sugr
easier. Alolassea quiet and steady, nice
H AVANA. December 21. Su.. ewlrg to
the firiuness of holders, lue approach ot t'ie
holiJays and unfavoroble nows from s broad,
only a small bus ness wos done. In new
'gu. only small porceis cnangctl bands.
Tee markets here and at out ports closed
lull. Mid se. sugar, retrulur to good nular-
isalion, at 81 37V.l 75 gold per quintal.
IKklMilIOl.lt M I'S' I.IKS.
APPLK-Aiplos, t2 75,,vl75; dried
los, 2l,a3't.c per pound
imiu store Dried
pooches, 4 'V'C f -otu store.
hes,4 'Vc f -otu store
V H i H I AllLta OtlK ns, 5J 4IK.2 ,,0 frora
store. Cabbago, 8250; per head. 6,i8j; 8175
from level or depot per crate. Kraut, brls.
81 75(.a; half hrl, 82 75. Garlic, 40ai60c per
100 1 iiruips, Mk' i or uustiel.
t IU'I I 0.-unes, nerbof.J4; per barrel,
Lemons. 1 '4 50 Per box. l!j.uanas.
tl 50, f'2 50 per bunch.
IS I-IS i:,c.innut so per its,. 1'eanuts
Virginia. 6c: Tennessee, tanners' stock 3(4
4c; roatted, 2'nC htahsr: sliellrd, Ion. Al
ids, 2'c. n itiiiute e mlifli, ISc; Fre
Filbert. 12'4. Pecnu Texas, 7coc.
Hr.sil nuts, 12o Cheituuts Imported, 12' io
per poun-i.
H AISISS -London layers,f3; Uycrs,f2 75;
C11 1 'torn ia. 82 15; imperial, '.
r i'Kt.GJ-lr. tars, pints. i i oiinrts.
SI 50; half gallons 82 75; gallons, fti 75;
iooso, barrels, 8t. .o.r.t; nait-oarrcis, 31 1,01
-'5: mixed, barrels, eiu 00; mixed, brut
barrels . 86
EGGS Steady. 2l(2'ic.
l'tCl' A'IMKS- Not ihere stock, 81 MIX 85.
ClDfitt New 1 ork. 80 50j7 i or barrel and
83 7.5ai4 per ha f-barrel.
us 1 vliicke'o I. hail-barrels. .o. 1.1.50
6: No 2.S-5: No 3.81 Ml; 10-lb kit. So. 1,
90.. ; No. 2, 15c: IVlb, No. 3,65). Dry her
rings, family, 2c par box.
GAME Game nsu, O'tttv.
V1NEGAK lo15c per sa'ion.
TI'. rsntUt I'KiMHHTN.
COTTON 'SEED In car load lots: Prime
crude cotton aoed oil, new, 27 -4
28c; off crude ootton seed oil, i(3(4
:t: prune summer yctiow cotton aecd
oil. 33u.:Uo: olf suiuuior yellow ootton seed
oil, 31" 12": minors' suininer el nw ootton
aeed oil, 3'(435o; prime summer white ootton
sood oil, 3a.aic; oboice coogmg yellow cot
ton seed oil, 35c; prime coltou seed meal,
815 50; less than car lots, 8:. Cotton
seed delivered at depot or levee, 89 par ton:
Iroui wagou at mills, 0 per ton.
Ill 11 a J aalliAILllW.
HIDES Dry flint. No. 1. 16c: No 2. 12Kct
drv salted, 10!a(4i2o; green salted. No. 1,
atJ'.c: Ni.2,7c: g oeu. ."" toe. blicvti sklne.
16citT. Beet wax, 20c. Tailow, 4c.
sKIM A Nil rilKN.
SKINS AND FURS Doer skina. )8o;
boar, 8Ka7c; mink, 15$v50e; coun, hubt-
kandled. 15(t70c: country handled.
l...'WWc: otter, tU46&0: beaver, 60c(4
87; wildcat, 1.5(t(25o ; mx. 15i475e; tnuk rat,
ic: oi,oeui. 10c: wolf, 5tl;(iV2; skunk Ihi
90o; panthors. 50c "tSl.
WOOIHurry 'crease wool, unwashed.
13.4'8c; clear srenso wool, 2l4'.'6o; hurry
washod, 2k3oc; tub washed, 3.k437c.
NEW YORK. December 21. Wool quiet
and generally steady; doaostle Oeero, Wi
31c; pulled, H .1:1.0.
6T.LOUIS. MO.. Deoember 24. Wool
steady: medium, 2l'o'25Ho: coarse braid,
l'kaln; lowsandy, lJ.19o; Due light, 182ic;
heavy, 14"21c.
BOSTON. MASS.. December 24,-Wool
firm, with a good demand; Michigan X,
12c: cuoice itoj,tana.2c2,c: medium wyo-
2v.t2.ic; floe do, 2ov'22o Ohio and ronn
s'lv.mia X, 3lc; Ohio nnd Pennsylvania
X. 35(4:k,o: Ohio and Pennsylvania aa
aid obove, 37'!37yi; Michigan X, 32! ,c.
Other trades unchanged.
riULADliLPIIIA. PA., Docomher 24.-
Wool quiet: Ohio, Pennsylvania and West
V irginia, 3.l.v:i9o; New Vol I. Michigin. In
diana an 1 Western, 52 438c; tine washed do
la.tie, X and XX, !t7!'i(a38c: medium washed
combing $n 1 delainu, 4i(41c; cos rso washed
e iiiil-iim ami dolaiuo, 36,u t9os tuti wa-hed,
3,i'o44c; mndiutn unwash d uombing and ee-
laiue, 3:otltc: course unwasuod cembing
and diluinc, 9331.
i:tksi.i;i u MitKv.T.
CO IL OIL I'rimo white wholesa'.a lots.
9!ii'410c per gillou.
CLEVELAND, O . Eccniubor 21. -Petro
leum e. w. 110J, 7!-o.
PIITMil'IUl, PA., Deccn l.er 21.-Pelro-
Icum dull; National Transit certificates
oponcd at ist.v; ciosod ut bt;'ac; highest,
(ii'.V, lowest, ti!ic.
WHIKY-'lrtilght Kentucky Bourbon,
81 50tt: redistilled gouds in n 85o to 81 50,
according to proul ; rye, hi o(4'i.
CIU0AG0. ILL., Dcceuibor 21. Whisky,
81 13.
ST. T.OIIIS. M0.. December 24.-Whisky
firm, 81 13. 1
CINCINNATI. O., December 21. Wlilskr
steudy; sales of 64 J barrels ol finished goods
on a basis of 81 13. J
KMl.H, A.Ea, N'JIIT.
NAIL1-10.), iron, 82
steel, U 60.
4I - 0.
bUOT-Drop, tl 05
tuck, 8! '90.
wmuiHu and him, r.rv.
TIAGGING-Cirlond lots: Jute, 2
8H0; llba,7io; 1, lbs, 7o.
Flax, 8 Ris,
'y'- ...
TIES tl 05(31 10.
POWDER-Kegs. 15: half kegs, 23;
quarter ke-;s, 82 25.
RET DS Clover. (1 90. V) Per bushel
orchard grass. 81 60(41 60: hardsgrass, 5K4
5.5 ; tnuo.by, J-tti 25.
DBUGS-Quinine, P. A W..i,.,70c; cans.
Kc; New lurk quinine, oa., tooo; oans, talc;
11 a. quinine, 01., uic; cans, wi.-j
mnrnliinn. ' Ax W.. i ol.. E2 35 Ol.: 1 Ol.
viuls, 82 10; New York morphine, !j in.. 82 Z6
por ot ; los vi.ls, 8205; ciiichouidia, 1 os.
via s. 18j ol : 5 01. cans. 130 ol. : gum
opium, per pound, 8340: iodide potash, 8250
per pound, iticlusivet subnitrato bismuth,
82 20 per pound, inclusive; chloroform, 45o
per potind; blue mass, 43c per pound; calo
mel. 75c oor iinuntl .' iiiereuri'.70o por Iiound:
chloral ludrale, 1 50 per poiitid; catni linr.
c i. or poured; alcohol, barren per gallon,
2 22; ennor oil, barrels, per irillon, t 42.
ha i:Tr4 Aivu on, wnno ie.au. ijoi
licr's. 7V..C per pound ; 5: 0 pound let', 7c per
pounii. 'uts nu. i. nays: rouinuru woi.e trsu,
7'"ic per pound; 500 pound loU,7c, 2!iio off, 15
days; boiled linseed oil. 4o per gaiiou. oy
harrul ; raw,4nc; turientiue,:lb! jC per.allun,
by barrel.
CORN FED CATTLE Choice, in; good,
GRASS CATTLE Clinics, 3(ij3(.: geod,
2'-.,4 :c; lair to medium, 2--i2!,oj soallawags,
- lioii."! t-notco, ajiO; gnoa.io; common, .
SIIKKP Choice, in: medium, 8!io. Chulce
lumbs, 4! 9c per pound.
KANSAS CITY, M0.. December 24.-The
Strk Indicator reports r t.ttttle re
ceipts. 4H) bead ; shipments, none; market
strong, active and 5 atlOc higher for shipping
Iteers, and limine Higher ior cuoioe cows;
good toclione, tl 95a4 15; cnmuion to me-
iini,n.s.i .iios.iB : ntneaers. i:,o, oil ieea-
ing suers, 82X0 43 40: oows, 81 5i43. Uogs
rAeninLK. 3600 hesil: sbllHiients. none
mtiliet nctlvs add 5(41' c higher: gootfl to
ehoio 8-1 05(41 15; common to medium, 83 60
bit. Sbean recainta. 260 bead : Bllllimentn
none; market quieti good to choice, 82 60(4
8 25; common ut medium, tl rWiM w
CHICAGO, ILL., December 24. The
Ih .Htere' Journal reports: Cattle receipts
10,000 head; shipments, 1HO0 head; market
strong and active; shipping steers, 950 to
1501 pounds, tl 30"47 i. siocaeraand leetlnrs,
?2 3IK43 1.0; cows, bulls and mixed, tl 50
(.;i:i0: bulk, 8230 4 2 70; T'xaa cuttle, 12204
2 90. Hogs receipts, o.tKiO head; shipments,
ai mi hjtail ! marki t Ete.-nLT for heavy : rouirb
and mixed, 81 75.K.I 2.5; packing and
riit ping, tl 254 50; light, t! tk.ajl '20; skips.
t' O U 25. Sheep - receipts, ntsi nead;
ship iients, 1S h-ad; market unchanged :
nitives, 82 5!i.'34 25; Western, r2 a)') 50
lexans, 82 903 05; lambs, I4"t5 25.
NEW YORK. Donciuber 21. As!de from
tba larire movoment ol goods intbeete.'il
tion ol orders there was little inquiry and
less business, and tho dullnesi u ml to
Christiaas a, a iu possession ol tho uiatket
Kaa. Wfxai.ow'g Soothimo Brier should
always ha used for children toothing. It
ootlios the child, softens tha gurus, allays
all pain, cures wind rolio, and is the belt
remedy lor diarrhoea ; 25o a bottle.
Frlan Point......Jnas Laa, Ip.m
Clneinnati -.Djhoto, 8 p.m.
White River.......ALaaaTA No. 3, 5 p.m.
Vlckiburg Citt or Caiao, 5 p.m.
Concordia Gtso, 5 p.m.
New Orleani Wtomimi.IQ a.m.
Arrivals Co4liomi, O -coula ; Ohettj
peake, Tiptonville: Gayogo, Cene rJia;
Dick ClyiU, Old rivur.
Xrpailur,s. lAiahoina, Osceola.
Gnycso 46 bales cottn, 35 bags seed cettoD,
1356 sks cotton seed and 45 pkg, sundries.
Dick Clyde 25 bales ctieu, r8bags seed
cotton, 3tJ sks ootton iced aud 15 pkgs sun
dries, Coaboma-32J bales crtton, 71 bags seed
cott,.n, 1442 sks cotton seed, 3 kd slock and
4l t kgs sundries.
t'hcsapc.iko 146 bales cotton, 10 bags seed
eotmn, 1212 sks cotton seed, 1242 saa earn, 10
hd stock and35 1 k.s sundrica.
Cloudy and coil.
Vkky muddy on the lovee.
Tub rnnkels are laying over to cele
brate Christmas
Tint Otiidinii Star U over due on her
way to Cincinnati.
Tim Dick C;jdi brought a fair trip
from Old river.
Tins Oni ric P. Choutaan is duo to
day from New 0rana.
Capt. H vkhy Bitotvs, tho coil klaa
of Pittsburg, is in the cry.
Tuts ThiimnsShnrlnitk will probably
pass hate this mnrnlnj for New Orloana.
DtiKiNG 1 ho 4 honra endirs at noon
yesterday the river here roae 1 loot and 3
Tii Alberta No. 3, Cant. Rrt i h, la
the regular packet leaving tills evening for
hlte river.
Til H. M. (Jrrtham rame doarn
from Piuin Point with twe buries loaded
with stone
T 11 k tiwhoat J. B. Willlimi w;U
dun here ton.arrow, on Iter way to tha
Ohio rivor.
Four boalg are annooncod to leava
here this evening, and ono Is announced to
luave tuuiorruw.
CAPr. Jauim 1U' a h soni t. J Ti ta-
burg, where he will spend the holidays with
relatives add friends.
Ihk ArrKAL whI'w ita many mi-
rine friends a merry Christmaa andahnppy
uud 1 ros porous New Year.
Wiikn tli Wvominti left St. Lmla
she had 700 tons of freitht and was drawing
lour aud one-ball feet ol water.
Tim Coahoma had a Rood trip In,
and she left on time for O-eeola with a
aplendid allowing ol Height and people.
Mh. J. D. Fui.i.kb, chief dork of the
stnmner Chesapeake, atopned oft at Tlntou-
vllle tu spend Christmas with his family.
Tin Wyoming ia annonnend to leava
lrom the elevator at 10 n'eloak tomorrow
morning for Vickilnrg. Cap'.. Ad Storm is
her agout.
Tun Ohesaroako arrivnd vea'erda
morning from TliitonviHe with 2655 packa
ges of freight. She will rt mam in port anlil
Monday evening.
Capt P. B Sxtok, a well known
and vory popular river man, catne down
on the Coahoma yesterday, ino uapauin
will spend the bolidaya bare.
Tnu. D-'Roto, Oapt. John 8. Jones, Is
due from the Ohio river, and she Is an
nounced to leave hare this evonlng for Cin
cinnati and all way landings en the Missis
ipid and Ohio rivers. Harry Bruoe and
Low ilrigga aro herclorks.
Tnu Oavoao. Oiit, A. L. Cummiria,
arrived yesterday afternoon from Concordia
with a good trip, cue poion at neiena s
hulea of cotton. 12 baga of seed cotton and
102 sacks of cotton seed. 1 he Gnycso may
return to Concordia this evening.
Tint Jamoa Lea ia expected to arrive
here this mnrr ing. and she is advertised to
leave at 2 o cluck p.m. tod iy lor Helena,
Vr ,.r. Point nnd all way landings. Cant K.
T. Clasgctt commands, w th Messrs. Will
lam Arliford, Hill liarrsrrh, Juhu Rhodoi
and Charles Burr In the tOice.
Tin Oily of (Jain wag exp-icted tn
arrive last night with MObnltaof cotton and
3.00 sacks sted. She is ill- Anchor Litis
packet loaving at 0 0 ciock mis evening mr
Virksbiirg and all way landings, 0 innecting
with st'inimrs for all points on tbe i'aaoo
ar.d Tailiihotchio rivors. Capt. Lightnor ia
in command.
A BPaciAL from Nhroyppo. I saya:
The slouiuer John G. Flotoher struck a hid
den snag above hero and su idcuiy wont
down, proving n lotnl loss. Two colored
rousl ibouts aie still missing and are sup
P ..sed to be drowned. 1 no nous papers
n.raaave.l. A t. tbe ti me el sink in s tie bud
on hoard .WO billot of co'ton from upper Re t
river, nil cimslg'ied to rhraveport merchant
ctcept fitty eight bales, which wore .con
signed to 14. vt . Cientell. new wrieana. nixiy
b ilea were caught here, flailing in tne r vor.
M, whs valnod ht &iissl and iusuroil tor
8 150 1 in Cincinnati, and was owned by the
lied lover and unnsi 1. 1110 01 ."tew urienii
Tbe Fletcher win bu.lt at Jcllcrsonville,
jti ii. , in 1877 or Arkansas river, aud entered
Ked river in isii.
Ott toa cTiokai. Ssrvick, U. 8. A.,
MsMi'HiH, Deoomhor 24, 1 p.m.
Tun followinobBorvattoria "re Inket
at all stations named at 75 meridian time.
Ah'e Low
Rise Fall
lot's lot's
"V .'."...!
""3 "
Cairo .......
Fort Smith ....
La Crosse
Little Rock
New Orleans
St. Louis
St. Paul
NEW ORLEANS. LA.. December 24.-
Nooa l'-isscil up: Chouteau, Menu Ills.
WHEELING. W. VA.. Deoember 24.
Noon-River 8 feet 0 inches on the giuge
and falling.
Pt iTSftllHO. PA.. Docember 24.-Noon
River 7 leet 8 inches on '.he gauge and lia-
lDg. n eatner clou, iy and mild.
CINCINNATI. 0. , December 21. -Noon
Itiv, r '21 foot 6 inches on tho gauge and fall
ing. Weather llain nnd snow ; thermometer
, oincinr T IS W TO.A.....t.n ol V,w,n
liOU It?, il,U'l. l . , ,'n.uillHui ... ........
River II f. et I ln"h In tbo canal and 9 leet
1 Inch on the falls nnd rising. Wentuer
cloudy and getting colder.
EVANSVILLB. IN D.. December 24.
Noon - River 18 feet 6 inches on tbo gauga
and rising. Weather oloudy and rainy
thermometer 18 . Arrived 1 Uopkioa, Do
parted: Hopkins, Paduoah.
CAIRO, ILI,Dacember 24. Noon-River
17 feet 9 inches on the u. 11 ire and rising.
Weather clear and cold. Arrived: Desoto,
Cincinnati, midnight. Departed: Desoto,
Mompbia, t a.m.
ST. LOUIS, K0., Doeemher 24. -Noon-River
stat onary with 3 9-10 feet t
gauge. Weather clouoy and raw wi h the
streets dripping with slop and slu n from
last night'a snow full. Deputed: John
Gilmore aud barges, New Orleans,
A Valuable Patent.
DaaMtjr'a (Horaaa) Corn and Pea Plaav
fi AVING cerfectod my Invention. I wish
P to place it before the public, especially
mannfaeturnra. As a Corn Planter, it ia a
narlttflt neieeias-otMna tha drill, distributed
the seed accurately, uulniured, and oovord
tbe san e, thereby one man perlorutng tn
work of three. Tbe' have beon used ia
this section for over a dosen years with per
Hot satisfaction. Can give responsible lost!
monials, a .litres
JOHN id. DANOY.DaneyvlUe,
rla-ywood eonnt. '1
Mir.I.VIJV'4 Isndiastableto meet any seed
or business. It li oheaper than pld style. Can
be put up by any ono. I ueojonloit lor
ranlry aul lluola Mielvr., Addresi
liUCH A. II. l OM Mlrra,,
841 Mi l" HT., FKORIA, Il.U.er,
aimiauu. Uajratarel)w.,st. Louis, Mo.
-The Fteimer JIHE4 LKK leaves
SATURDAY. Len. 15th. at a n m.. for Hel
ena and Friara Point. Freight will be re
ceived on levee today.
jaw. i.ieK, J , Pnr. t.
For Vickiburg, Natchei and New Jrleasi
1 ue eleraut ateamer
l voitilnir.
Henry W. Keith master. raKii451
will lesvo tbe Klevalor htDAi. Dae.
2ith, at 10 a.m. Forfreitthtor possaae apply
V I. II '1.1. t'e. Al t. A II KI1IRM. An t.
SI. .me stmt Now Orlramn Alienor
Vlty ot Cairo, fK
Liahtner master, "-treccsitj
Will leave the Kiev. tor 8ATUHDA I , Deo
25th, at 6 p.m. For Ireigbt or passage appi
L. It sl.l , I ass. Air t. A ! f .tot. STft
Fer Cairn, Kransrille, Louisville and Cin
cinnati tie elegsnt ateamer
1JL0 3
fl. Jones master t. O. Pruee clerk
Will leave SATURDAY, Dec. S5tli, at 5 p.m.
Kor freight or passr.ge apply to C. li. llifi
M:LL, G. F nnd T. A., U .Madison street.
Telephone ge7 .Tiiwh i'ssb. Pass'r Agent.
Ml. t'ritiifti Hlere 'I ranartMIJu Va,
Theeietant steamer
Ree IWacrcady, S.
K. Jon'ln master..
Leaves Menu bis EVEKY TUESDAY and
SATURDAY at 6 p.m., for Marianne and
way landings na far as tbo Cut-on.
The captain reserves the right to pass all
landings ho deems unsare. Telephone 6J.
JAS. i.KC, Ja.. bnp't,
e'ttlce, o. 4 VadOon streef.
For Osceola, Hales Point, Caruthersv'lla,
Gayoao and Tlptonviiie ine new aiae.
wheel na-r.senver sieair-cr
W. P. Hall master. I J- D. Fnller...-cl
Will leave aa above, and all way points,
i. ror freight or passage apply on ncieo
Uetil)la,t'rlitr I'olnt ami ttiigilriii
ni il 4lMi4ulHi Piiche 'o,iiiiuy.
for Helena, vJlendale, Filers Point and al
way i,audtnis eieaiuer
Thiiich Ikpc, jitsci
K. T. CLAGGETT Master.
Will leave as above on EVERY MONDAY,
WEDNESDAY and rillUAX atoo oiock.
For Randolph, 'niton, Osceola
aa Way
londtais steamer
J. U. COOPER Master.
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. The boats ol thl
line reserve the right to pass ail lauuingi
the captain may deem unsafe. Office, fin. 9
andi'iin st. ,i a ii r;w i.e. w. di -sop i.
Jluuiphlg and Vlckminrn; Packet Com
Phbt U.w..niin l.IUf.
For nolena, Concordia, Terrene and Arkaa-
sas cuv I he eiesant paasenger (teamer
tl. R. Cheek...maaur I W. 0. Blanker...olerk
L.eves ruempnia
For Concordia and all way landing!.
The Steamer
A. U. vnmmitis, iiiast r I WW rrioe viera
Leaves TUb.'-D AY and SATURDAY at6p.B
For general Information apply at
No. 4 Wadiaon itreet. .,.
K. WAliHuatU
Idtlfl OAR", Pass't A vent. Tnlenbene s,
Memplii8& White Hirer I'kt.U
I',r l lairemcloa, Itelle ttlnlt,, Ite
Arc, Augnsta, Searoy, wewport, Jaogioa
port, Uatosvllle and all Way Landings,
K. 0. Postal ......master,""-' """
Will leave EVERY WEDNESDAY at 5 p.m.
Albert 11. Smith master.
Will leave KVKRY BA tU RDAY at -.tu.
'J nrangh rates given to all points. Frelsni
consigned to tho Meirpbis and White Rivet
Packet Co., at Memphis or Terrene, will bs
forwarded promptly. For general informa
tion apply at office, No. 8 Ma lison lit., ort
Call 'telephone '.!. tl. i: l.oir r,. ,
Koii-lt(iHldcut Notice.
No. 558-In the Probate Court of Shelby
county, Tenn. Jonn aiiicneii, wonipiaiu-
piit, vs. Dotlson Mitchell, l'llcnihnt.
It niioearinir from ntlidavlt in Ibis cause
that the defendant, Dodson Mitchell, Is a
nun resident of the SUto of Tennessee, and
is a resilient ol the Stato ol New York t
It ia therefore ordered, That ha make
his nppoiuiinoe herein, nt the courthnuso ol
Shelby county, In Memphis, Tennessee, on or
belnra the hrst Mommy in reurmiry, in.ii.
and plead, answer or demur to complainant
bill, or the same will bo taken for confuraed
m to nlm ami set for bearing ex parte; nnd
thin a copy ot this order bo piiiinsneu once a
wnok, lor four s uccoasivo weeks in Hie Mom
1 his Appeul. This 16th day of December,
lUKo. A copy Attcsti .,. , ,
p. j. (join L&i, vietg
By Thus. B. Crenshaw, D. O.
Ilonrv F. I) . Sol. lor comnln't., sat
Non-RoHlilent Notlco.
No. (WI7-In the Chancery Court ol Shelby
county, Tenn. Ilomella van Vl.ot and
ethers vs. Win. M. bledgo, Executor, and
It appearing from affidavit In this cause
that the defendants, N. R. Sledge, W. II.
Sledge and G. D. Sledge, Executors of N.
R. Sledge and aurviving partners of N. R.
Sledge and sons, are residents of Miieissii.pl
ar-d non-reil.l.nts of tbeSia'e of Tennesseei
It ia therefore ordered, That they make
their appearance herein, at the Cnurt-House
ol Shelby oounty, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
belore the Brat Monday in January, 1W,
and plead, answer or demur tn complainant I
bill, or thesamo will be taken for confessed
aa to them and set for hearing e I parte; and
that a cutty of this order be published once a
week for four auooosivo wnoke ia the Mem
phis Appeal. This 24th day of November,
1886. A copy-Attest:
S. 1. MuDOWELL, Clerk and Master,
By B. K. Coleman, D. C.and M.
Taylor A Carroll and T. li. Jaekion, Solr.
foi oomplalnanta.
tC-ylrrcnnai ana rianiers, rmnii
Fanners nnd Gardeners, should, In the In
terval botneen Harvest and Planting time,
look out for the future, and
that they have made all arrangements for
Seed and Implements ne-dlul for the next
aeason. Hundreds of circulars are flooding
the country and filling tho columns of tha
newspapers, soliciting the reader
goods that they know nothing of. With tbe
experience of twenty-Are yean In the South,
both In lolling and planting, we think we
can eufely claim that
house hat always dealt fairly. We aim to
koep the uioit improved Labor-saving Im
plements, and to aend xvlI only Fresh and
Our present stock Ii lull and oomploto, and
we are prepared to furnish our papered Seed
in neat and atlraotive ityle, to tha trude, at
the lowest rate. We have also largo stock
ol GRASJand FIELD SEEDS for Spring
Hunting. Our Annual Cataluguo will bs
ready lor di'trlbution by First of January.
Send fur one
l'i ion St.. IHeiiipliKTomi.
Tins paper;
t rwi fllcin tr,itav4rlrhl
j at too rti-wwsttall' rfWlrt
!msiii gkgrii'v ih taaaia
He. 6067, B. Chancery Conrt of tThelby
bounty Louis F. Eileitet al. Tl. William
l'neke ct al.
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decree for
sale, entered in tua above oaese on the
1st day of December, 15-6, Minute Book 6A,
Kage ..53, I will sell, at public auction, to tbe
tgbeat bidder, in front of the Clerk and
Master's office, at the Klein atreot etfanee
of the court-house of Sh.lby eouoty, Mem
phis, Tenn.. oa
Nnluralrty, Jannary f), IMS7,
within legal hours, the following described
priqerty, situated east rf and near tbe cor
po'atiou line ol the e ty of Mexpbis, in
Shelby county, Tenn.. to-wit:
Let No. 3, as laid down on the pint or sub
division of lands as ret fcrth in the decree
entered herein nn the 19' h dnyot October,
116, in Minute Dook No. 54, rage 4!Vi : He
ginning at a point on the north s-de of Hoa
ry eveoue 44oV fe t woat from tbe southeast
corner of the lar.il conveyed by William
Wiley to llenry Uoeke by deed duiv recorded
In Rook No. 1, page 222, ot the Register'!
office of rho by county Tennessee, and run
ning thence nerth 2Ho feet to Sophye bayoo;
thence westwardly with aaid bayou 27 feet to
the east line of lot No. 2 on said P'nt ; thence
south with tho east line of aaid lot No. 2.
2ni lent, more or less, to tha nort i line ol
Henry avenue; thence east with suid avenae
67! feet, to t ho besinnng.
Lot No. 4, as laid down en the aiid p'at
and which lioa immediately east of said lot
No. 3 and has a front of 62 tret nn tha north
side of Denry avenue, and runs back north
wardly, between parallel line-, utt) toct to
Sophys bayou.
Lois Noa. 5 and A, as laid dean nn the laid
plat, which are in solldo, described aa loi
lows: llegint ing at a poti.t on the north aide
of llenry avonne3 2 feet west from the aouth
eat corner of the land conveyed by William
Wiley to llenry llreke by deed recorded in
Book No. 1. page '222. of the rteglster'aothce o f
Shelby count), Tc-nn., and running thence
westwanllv wuti tbe north line of Henry
avenuo tli'i'j loct ; thence norlh on the divid
ing line between lots 4 and 5, as laid downon
the said plat, list) leet to Snvhys bayou;
thence etstward y along said Lanil to the
northea-t corner of lot No. 6: thence south
on the dividing line between Ion 6 end 7, aa
laid down on said plat, 350 leel to the point
ol beuinniiig on Henry avenue.
Lots tos. II, 12, 1 1, It, 15, It., nnd the north
unsold Hurt ot tot No. 7. which sre in rondo.
described us follows, tn wit: Beginning at
the soiilhea-i coiner of the land oonvuyo.1 by
William Vt Key t Henry Boeka by doe t re
corded in Book No 1, p.ine'222, of t-.o Reg
1st r's otlico otShilby eoui.ty. Tenn , and
which point it about 101 leet eaa wardly
from tbe inter. cction of the cart line ol So
phys bayou and lleury avenue, as the same
ex. sted when said deed was executed by 11
li.in Wiiev lo llenry IL eke: and nmniog
thence north alongtheess: line of ra d land
470 fee; thence wr atwsrdly ali.ne ih" north
side of said land '281 feet tn Soi bys bayou :
tnence In a southwest, rly direction with said
bavou to lbs nor h end ol the west line ol lot
No 7, as laid downon said plat ; ibence south
on tha divid ng line between lots 6 and 7, 170
foet. wore or less; thence oi't across said
lot No, 7 on a line p irallel with llenry ato
mic; thence south 10 leet, more or .less, u
the northwest comer o' lot H; 'hence otst
along the north line of lots H, 0 and l, ae
laid down ou said plat, 2tti bet tn tha north
west corner ( lot il. as laid down on said
l,t; thence tomb on the dividing li' e be
tween lots 10 and 11,170 teot to the ii Tlh line
of lienrv a.enue; ibence east with llonry
aver. ue 60 feet to the beuinnir.g.
Terms ol Sale One tliitd cash ; brlrncein
three aud a x mo lis; nolo heaili a intorist
with surety retiuire I. and lien relumed.
This Dtceml.cr 15 lHNi.
S. 1. MoDOW Kl.l., Clerk and Vntor.
By 11. F. Colomitn, Deputy C. and M.
L. A K. Lehman, H Honors.
,4a.,ot mine
r l 4 llllll r i r a,' t
IV. Sccontl .St.s'
off j ' .v.-f
. Tvl'
mrrmnrrcngna of
No. 605'.!, R. Chancery Court of Shelby
cnuntv-Stato of T'onnessee vs. S. a.
Ware et nl.
BY vlrtuo of an In'Airloontory decree for
sale entnrod In thl nbeve cause on the
3d day ol December. 1M6, M. B. 65, page
301, 1 will ne: I at publi t auction, to the high
est bidder, in front ot I he Clerk and Master
ofilce, courthouse oi bhelby oounty, Mom
pbls, Tenn., on
rtoliirility. Hill davef January, 1HS7,
within legal hours, the following doscribeil
property, silualnd in the city ol Momphia,
Shelby coiinly. Tenn., to-wit:
An undivided 8 15 interest in a certain
lot, described as foliowa: ilruiiining at the
outhwest corner of -the Read lot, on the
north side of Union street, running thence
westwnnl with tbe north line of Union
street 42 foet, mere or less, to a stake stand
ing 43 feet, more or less, east ol the east
abut ent of the bridge nvor the bayou;
thence northwardly 143! feat, more or less,
to the point where the hyiiotlientise of the
triangle lot of the HrlnkMy heir., on the east
of the bayou, cuta the aouth line of old
Union street; thence eastwardly with the
south line ol old Union street K5 feet, more
or less, to the west line of the Hood lot;
thence southwardly with mid Read line tu
the beginning.
Terms of Sale On a credit of six months.
Interest bearing nolea with inod security re
quired: Hen retained, redemption barred.
This December 16, IHM.
S. I MouOW hl.L. Clerk and Master.
By II. F. Coletnan. D. 0. and X.
F. il A 0. W. Ileiskell, tollcltors. t
Nn. 62il4, R Chancery Court oT Bhelbw
county-John I. Willini vs. Wm. D. Tra
hunetnl "L)Y virtue of an Interlocutory decree for .
JT1 sale entered in tbe above sense on the
7th day of December, ItsW, M. 11.65, page 418,
I will .ell. nt tmhlln auction, to the htahusl
bi.lilor, in front ol tbe Clerk and Master a
oflico. at the Main street entrance of the
courthouse of Shelby county, Memphis, Ten
nessee, en
ISHMirilHy, Kill (lay ol Jiinnnr, 1117,
within legal hours, Hie following described
property, situated In the city of -Memphis,
Shelby oounty, linn., to-wit;
A lot beg lining on the west side of Walnut
trnnt, at the no thoa-t corner ot a parcel pt
land conveved January 8, 'Htl7, by Oi.muel P.
Walker In trust to G. L. I) tin I .on and A. S.
MoNeair, for Wm. ami Ed Drgi I; thence
running northward with the west line ol
Walnut street 76 feet: thenrte west 150 feet to
a stikn; then e south 76 leet to thi line ot
said trust property aforesaid; thence east
ward 150 foet to tbo beginning.
Terms ol Sale One hall cahl balance l
fix months, note bearing in'erest at 6 per
cent, from date, with security reoulred;
lien retained. This December 15, IK).
S. I. iV cl)0 IV ELL, Clerk and Blaster.
By B. V. Coleman, 1). C. and M.
C. W. Ileiskell, so icltor.
fVIALTH Id WKAt.Tll.-Da. . C.
WaaT', Naava o liana TsaiTaT,
a guaranteed epeolfio for llyiteria, Dull
ness. Convolslone, Fits, Nsrvnai Neural-
Eia, Headache, Nervc-a Prostration, caaseit
y the use of alcohol or tobaoco; Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Se'tsnlni ef tbe
Brain, resulting In Insanity and lei. 'log to
misery, decay and death; Proinattue Old
Age, Barrenness, Loss ot Power la either
sex; Involuntary Losses and Spermator
rhea, causa i by over-exertion ol the braia.
elf-abuse or overindulgence. Kaeh box con
tains one month's troatment. 81 a box,
iz boxes for t6, isnt by mall prepaid, em
receipt ol price. We tnaraiotce Six Boxes
to cure any ease. With eaoh order received
by ns for six boxes, aeoompaaied with tl,
we will send the purchaser our wrlttea
guarantee to refund the money 11 thet reae
nient d..e not (Pent a core. Guarantee
Issued only b A. mtNK'.vKl' ACO.. ,Drar
gists. Memphis. Tenn.
Boiler Works.
rfUrN .t(Hui nr,rropiJm
110, Hi, 114 Front, Jlpniphia.
in tha Sooth, nnd the only oomrleta
Holler anil Sheei-Irun Works In tbe city.
nMiieifH4 lr,.rao l4ny Plate Iratew
work ol evory Uiwrlgiina. Speoiel
attention glvcu to plaaUuvB wotk.

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