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Tarn people general! jo! theeoonty
the women paiticularly, are prond of
Mr Horton's sccss as Superintend
ent of Comity 8choo!s, and they
woald hail her re-elec'ion by the
County CoorS next week with satis
faction. She has done her whole
duty, and has proven one cf the moit
eapable rf school superintendents.
She possesses the industry, tact and
ability, and is remai sable for her on
Vrinjj aaal.
Ma. Jobdax, the prseent County At
torney, fca g'vea inch general satis
f iction to the conrt and the public
that we f-el quite jaetifisd in indors
ing him for re-election. Tie has been
a cafe and firudnnt adviser, has been
always on the tide of f conomy, and
has been thoroughly faithful at all
times and u.id:r all circumstances.
He deserves such a full and complete
recognition ol his ability and fidelity
as re-election by the County Court
next week would be. It is always safe
to let well enough alone.
Oji Cbristnvs dy we received a
dispatch from Atlanta! stttlng that the
Southern Express Company had car
ried into that place 200 jugs that, as a
witty friend jys, "did tot all contain
ink." The consrqnence was a great
deal of drunkenness. But Atlanta
Wis not a'o e. The same company
carried from this city to neighboring
prohibition towns 2529 jugs, ranging
from quarts to two gallons, 160 kegs,
equivalent to 3200 quart j nits and thirty
barrels, equivalent to 4SC0 quart juvs.
These l9Cts, procured from the com
pany on Inquiry, tuzgeetea Dy (tie
Atlanta dirpatch, proves that proh'
bition doss not prohibit.
Th Merchants' Exchange will cele
brate their anniversary on Thursday
next by a reception and bill at their
Chamber, (be who'e lower fir of the
Palace cf Commerce to be thrown
open to the gumt. Th's will bs one
of the great affairs of a seea:n that eo
far has been the moat Mlliant and en
lovable io the anca's of the city. The
merchants never do things by halve?,
ana in this case have mads arrange
ments tbat will satisfy everybody
even the molt critical. Today mem.
bars of the Exchange are expected to
send out their invitations, which havs
thus far been delayed, owing to tb
demands of the holidays npon their
Opposition to a Legislative caucus
, grows etrorger and stronger every
day. The spirit ot fair play has bren
so tborcughly aroused and the spirit of
oppof it'ou t) t ction, that it seems
reasonable to conclude tbat the Dam
ocratic members of the Legislature will
follow the example of toe last Dera
ocratie Sia'e Convention, of which
many of them were member?, and re
fuse to muzzle themselvei in order
that a minority may dictate to a ma
lority of the wnole number or mem
bers of the SdDats and the House
Whatever is done by them must be
done openly. Tbe'e shoulJ be no ee-
ciesy about aoy part of ibo public bus
inees. The peuplx d -reaud it. They
do no' wish to be kept in the daik as
to thuir ounafliirc
Tub capture of Jim Cnmrningi (real
name Wbitrock) and two of his com
panionsone in Kansas, C.ty named
Cook, and one iu Nashville, named
Haight is a fcat of which the Tinker-
tons may wel! feol proud. No robbery
was better planned than tbat effected
by these men, and none tbat we have
- any record cf was better concealed
Bat the Ingenuity of the detectives
was equal to the unusual emergency,
and bit by bit they traced the crime,
tracked thi criminals and secured
them and their two pals. The davs
when great crimes were permitted to
go nndetrted and unpunished have
parsed, men biodle Aldermen and
their biibers bavs to succumb.
Atijanta. has ehot ahead of ns again.
She has just ordered a Hyatt filter,
wnicn ner Board ol Health baa re
ported noon most favorably as ac
complishing effective Alteration, re
ducing the amount of organic mat'
ter in water, the analyses show
ing tbat the a brcrolnoia am
monia in our city water may thus be
cut down from 0.10 parts per million
to 0.02 parts per million, which ren
ders it a remarkably pnre water, and
removirg the mud held in solution
and in suspension. "This conclusion,"
says the report, "is reached by the
observation of this method of filtra
tion emp'oyed at the Kimball Honne
on comparatively a small scale, by the
study of published reports and from
ttUementa made by Mr. Rutherford
himself, conpled with the analyses
that we have procured."
Tub death of Gen. John A. Logan
removes from the field of American
politics a notable figure. He was by
nature ardont and Impetuous, some
time! intemperate, and therefore made
enemies among his fallow Republicans
as wsll as among Democrats. To the
South, ever since the war, he was bit
ter and Implacable, and he largely
based his national strength upon his
ability to surpass Mr. Blaine, the
preeent custodian of the bloody shirt.
But we have survived his rancor and
can easily forgive an over teal, much
of which was duo to personal causes.
Gen. Logan was perhaps the ablest of
the volunteer soldiers of the Federal
army during the civil war, and rrs to
well deserved rank ancV distinction,
lie could bn orjve aren, iorrnsbnors,
bnttempeiing this cliarsctrris'ic by
discretion, be made an able com
mander and was much beloved by his
oflljers and men. His d ia h mikes a
clean field for Blaine, who has now r.o
opponent for the Pres'deccy among
republicans tbat he need fear.
with WM. JL LOWE, OP
Br the Death of !the Has Wnoai
Lowe Claimed to Have Sjmpa
tblzed With the South.
Israelii to tss irrtAL.l
Desember 27. The death of Sn
ator Loaian overshadows evry
taing tlae. rtoininx but t'ia
sad levant is talked of and th
nuwopapcH contain nolhiug eUe. At
the death of a great man reminiscences
are always ii order, and there !s one
in connection with the deceased
statesman which Is not generally
recollected. During April, of 1S79, tha
Illinois statesman came near fighting
a duel wiih Representatives Lowe, e
Alabama. The latter gentleman
while discussing Logaa'abliter speech
against the Confedtra'a briradieis,
which had just beet deli v red in the
BMidie then, lor.tnenrtt unia since tns
war, in the con rot of the Deniocra's,
related to a newspaper crrreiroadeni
he story nl the regiment which wi
being raiced in Illinois in rame rf
John A. Logan and io becalf of the
Confederacy, just at the outbreak of
hnstilitip. Ha toll! hoar it tha a wall
nndeistood thing at that time that
Lot an cherished Southern sent!
men s and hearty opposition to
Line An and bis plans and be was only
prevented from carrying out hi) de
signs by the lact that ins cremated
ar Governor of Illinois, "Dick"
Y les, gave him a colonelcy in the
Federal army, where he af erwards
rise to such prominence. AH this
was printed as an interview with Mr,
Lawe by hn orreipondent. Gen.
Logau replied that the statement wai
"a viodiuuvo and man ioui lie, as
well as "Inlaw and slauderour." Rep
resentative Lowe was quick to ask if
the latter words wero applied to elm
and he stnt his raestag by his
"Friend," Charles Pelhim. No notice
was laen of the inquiry and a second
note was forward through tbe same
channel. f-Ay angered ati-'ena'"r
ijognn s Retrace, air. u wa wrote mm
a third note in which he called atten
tion to the offensive language and the
two notes, and ore nded as follows
' You havd failed and lefased to
answer either of them, and tfcerebv
fores me to tbe last alierna ive. I
then fore demand that ycu Garni some
time and placs out of this District
where another c rmmunication will
presently reach you. . My friend,
Charles PelhHm, is authorised to act
in the premises. Kesuecif nilv,
Lowe then published a card, char
ac er zing Gen. Logan as "a man who
knows how to iniutt, but not how to
satisfy a gentleman." To this card
Sena or Logan p dd no attention and
the matt r dropped.
There eeemi to be now do doubt
that Secretary Limar, when ho raturns
from his trip to Macon, will brlog back
wttn blm a brids. The lady s name
is Mis. Heniie ra J. Holt, the widow
of Gen. Ual, who wa at ths time cf
bis deth one of ths financial kings of
Gi-orgia, and the diughtsr of James
Dsan, who was a leading planter and
prominent pili ic ao. (Since hts ar
rival at Macon the Secretary hai been
almost constantly iu the company of
Mrs. Holt, spending his fint moruing
at her elegtnt manaioi and in trie
afternoon driviug hor through the
city. The general indications pjint to
a marr age during the next few days,
The Secretary's visit, his de
voted attention and some prepar
tnn made by the lndy, uamij-
takaoiy point to a wedding at an
early date. It is confidently ore
dieted, should the Secretary succeed
in the accomp'.Lhinent of his desiie,
that his hcuso in Washington will bs
presided over wurj an euganc un'ur
passed in Cibinct circles. Mrs. Molt
is some 48 yeers of sgi, but wi'h her
erect and graceful carri ice. h"r bright
aud yonng looking face, she would
never be judged fo old bnt for ber
beau'ilul bilver hair, liar chief cham,
bowtiVur is in her elegant manners and
courtly appearance.
Kepresintative fpringor siys be in
tends to do ail he can to p -Bd this res-
sion his bill to enable Dakota, Mon
tana, New Mexico and Washington
Territories to enter the Uu on of
Stat is, and he thicks he may tucceed
Etmn for and AgalnM It It Will
aimiroy tne voiwa aaca. or New
BPlOIAb TO TSS irHlt.l
WiBHiHOTON, December 27. The
interstate commerce b II is fast be
coming a handle by which the specu
lators hope to bull or bear the market
at their own sweet will. On Monday
the wires running out of Washington
were ouraenea whu aispaicnej pre
dicting the ultimate fate of tha bill.
the dangers besetting lr, and the ma
jority by which it might pass.
A caretul canvass oi tne Senate bis
been made on the bill and it will pass
that body by a very large msiority
unless come powerful influence should
change existing opinion there during
tbe holiday recess. Out of the seventy
six Senators only thirteen are willing
to commit themselves as opposed to
the nieaaure. Sanstsr Camden, of
West Virginia, a strong railroad man,
does not believs the opposition can
rally more than fifteen or sixteen voti a.
Senator William, of California, Seu
ator Standard's right band man, con
cedes the passeg.i of the bill. There
is gieat feeling throughout the West
npon the enhiect, much more than in
the Ea6t. Western men who profess
to be familiar with the public senti
ment of that section eay that no Wes'
ern member or Senaior ciu'd ever
hope to bs elected to any office again
if he Should vote against the measure.
A good maay Nenatirs will vote In
favor of the bill, rot became they are
convinced tbat it is a good measure,
but because their constituents desire
it, or, a one cf them expressed it to
me, "If I were to vote against the
measure it would take tbe rest of my
days to explain niy vote to my con
stituents." A New England Senator said: "I
know of a man who is a director In,
three manufacturing concerns nhich
buy annually 26,000 bales of cotton.
Tlin freight on this cotton from Texas
Is figured down 'so lew tbat the profit
to the railroad amcunti practically to
nothing. If we cnmpal the roads to
revise their through rates npon the
basis of their short haul rates tbe re
snlt will be that thit cotton tow man
nfactnred in New England will be
shipped to Liverpool and la'd dwn
on th wharves thrrs cheaper than it
could be sent to M ls ailni'etts. The
a line holds good with wentern wheat.
Hass an wheat, evea with tbe duty
added, will bs delivered st tbe port of
New York for lesa than it wonld roet
tirsioeit in Minnesota and ahiplt
Another prominent Republican Ben
ator said: "mere are a great many
things aoout this bill that 1 don't like,
nut the bill is a polit cil nnrsity
We mut have something of tbii kind
and at this s.ssion.
The benato baa been si 1 ng con
trolled by corporations that ths rail
read people wnen tbry fi st came here
wero very confident they could b;at
this mevnre, but cow they find that
the tide of pnblic sentiment in fav
of the proposition is to strong that it
bat even reached th Sena e. It is
believed that the bill will be tasatd
by tbe Senate tome time in January
aril agreed to by the House without
much dtbate or delay.
Tb Senate Waliloa; far Ilia Bead
ana Tall avrnart.
WAsniHQTOn, December 27. Pub
lis Printer Bared ct, in his defense
of the fight being made asaitist hi
confirmation, is preparing to throw nil
tne blame on his predecessor, Mr
Rounds, for the condition ol tbe Gov
ernment Printing Office and the status
ot tne account. He will likely fail
of confirmation and is dtermiued to
noi a anu me o'ame aione. Ths
Senate Committee on Print
ing, having bis nomination io
charge, bra called npon him for a set
tlement cf the condition of the office
and in reply he answers that when he
took cherge be fonnd the accounts
more than a year behind, with noth
ing to show the actual coet cf anv.
thing that had been done during that
time. "Then," says hs. "there are
clas'esof work which, owing to clr
cumstannea over which the Puhlie
Public Printer bas no rontrol, cannot
be compln ed for months, and maybe
will baog for years There are at Dres-
put anme uncompleted J roe which 1
Deiitve wrre oriered by Uongrws
more man peven years sbo." Mr.
Benedict claims tbat he win have the
cflice in nospe by the li st of Jannirv
and.that it will require a vast amount
oi noox Keeping es well as other work
to do it. Thun, he says, all will hava
cean wotaeo over and ma:le new. and
people can understand somntLing of
ihe condition cf the office. Till then
hs acknowledges his inability to find
neans or tans ot anything. The Hen
ate committee will withhold a report
on his nomination till it gets a stuU-
mnt after Ihe head and tail have been
Kaaea a Prtanrr nl Him and Co-
uuoa u uu i ma howii.
Washington. December 27. Th
President, although sufleriig from
rheumatic pa'.ns, is somewhat easier
today. Absolute rest and ouiet heinv
necessary for his ears, be was oblige t
iu ueuy 01019011 io caners today, aud
me nsnai anarnoon reception waa
omitted. Ue reuained in bel
moat of the day. Dr. O'Reilly,
uis attending pnyucian, raid
today that the Prr aidant was Imnrnv.
ing and would, he thought, be able to
roe aoonc tomoirow, bnt be would
have to keep very quiet for a fxw davs
yei. na aiuiDuiea me recurrence of
t TT - . . I . . 1 - .
the trouble to the Presidents nn
illiogness to remain ouiet anv length
oi time. J ne rresident said to Cnl
Lamont latt evening: "Ibadmyowi
way when 1 wus sick before, but I
guess 1 will let the Doctor htve his
way this time." The present attack is
not eo sarious ns the first, and it is
expected to yield more readily to
treatment' The Preaident (meets to
beaale to carry out his programme nf
reuepi'DUB, uHKinning wun the one on
new l eara iJjy.
From China for uraly Imniaral
Washinotos. December 27. The
secretary of ths Trsasury has in
formed the Socrotary of State tbat he
has information that two firms iu
HongiKocg, namely, Tung Hi and
Wing King Tung Kit, are largely en-gag-d
in selling certificates t.i land
Chinese in this count y, and (hat thi y
biuui.'kih inmates inrjugn Amerxiu
ports for immoral purposes. He am.
gests tht the ma'tir b Investigated
by the united States Consul at ilong
Ml Keply to the Henolntlon Ollared
njr nr. awiuburue.
Washington, Dacembt r 27. Chair
man Hatch, of the House Committee
on Agriculture, has received from
Commissioner Colman a reply to the
resolution onrrea n lew days ago by
Mr. Swinburne, of New York, io
which the Commissioner sots forth
comprehensively the difficulties met
In ths attempt to extirpate or to con
trol the pleuro pneumonia scourge in
tbe present stite of the law and with
the machinery at band, and rein
forces bisrecommendations previously
maun tor more heroic methods with
additional arguments and statements
of fact.
The Dellcbtfal Liquid Laxative.
Syrup of Figs is a mont aureeable
and valuable family remedy, as it is
easily taken by old and young, and is
Erompt and effective in curing
abitual constipation and the manv
11:8 depending on a weak or inactive
condition of tbe kidneys, liver and
Bowels. It acts gently, strengthens
the organs on which it act, and
awakens them to healthv activitv. For
sale by II. J. Ileister and all leading
drngtd.-ts: Van Vleet A Co., G. W.
Jones & Co., W. N. Wilkerson 4 Co.,
and 8. Mansfield & Co. have been ap
pointed wholesale agrnts at Memphis.
Wheat 17 for ol jer for Senator.
looaasaroxDiaca or tss arrsAL.l
Voidtow, Tina., December 27.
Christmas is past aud gone.
The strike stopping the freight
trains has done away with whisky,
except a few jugs that com by ex
press. Mr. W.D. Wbeatley, postmaster at
this placs, bssvbeen appointed postal
clerk in the raTlway mail service. lis
will sull his stock of merchandise and
hi ready for duty at any time. Mr.
Wheatley is a competent business
Onr Representative, tbe lion. Jaa.
K. Wheatley, w ill leave in a few days
for Nashville. Mr. Wheatley is an
able man, and will do what his people
si. Ua is for submission, and A. S.
(JuJyer is the man tbat ouiiht to be tbe
Senator. lie was the man, he and
Ti m R;mao, who beat Tom Slowey.
Success to tho Appial.
Lusr.BOHH's perfuixe, Edenis
L'indborg'a periutae, Marchal Nils
Lnndborg'a perfnmc, Alpine Violet.
Ltindborg's perlunae,J.Lily of the
la Alabama A Velar Sat sa il
Bated A 'egro HaHert III
larlOlAb TO TBS APTSAk.1
Birmingham Ala., D csru'er 27.
Last niaht, at 8 o clo.k, aa rat Bogai
a promit ent young bnsinra man, waa
going home an attempt to il l elm
was made by Ure negroes on Twenty
fourta aireet. Wiliicnt word tt-y
Dreu on dim. one raa greting h
head aud be atnmbted asaii at a vaid
fence, bnt recovered himself and ran
for his lit. lie succeeded in aludii g
his pursuers and gave the alarm. He
thenabt rohbe:y wa the object.
A special this ftrcoon ys that as
rope Mooteo. white, audJiui wo tfr,
colored, were passing tbe Georgia
Paclfln Railroad crossing on the Little
Wan lor river, this side ol Warric,
station, tbey were fired at liooi am
.bush and bjth killed. A target six
men were arre-tsd yesterday who bad
hern secreted iu the Weirlnrr.wamps.
One of tbem squea'ed, and said tha
man wbo did the shooting was Walter
Jackson, and hs bad escaped; that
there was a regularly orgAtiit d band
ot eight men wbo bid in the woods,
played cuds iu the dav time aud
robbed at night. Tha Sheriff snd
posse are looking for the otbars.
A Tonnac Man Aaaaaalnatad.
IsraoiAL to vat ArriAM
Gsinada, Miss, Dtoember 27.
Walter Dameu, a popular and de
serving yonng farmer cf this county,
was shot cown or aesuunatsd tonlgh
by George Gardner. Tha flir created
intense excitement. Gardtser mads
his escape.
In Taaoo t'l'y aad Valdan, Klw., and
lartoui, to ths ArraAL.I
Yazoo Citv, Miss, December 27.
King & (Jo., of this city, war attached
today. i
Vaiokn. Mies , December 27 Cain
& Buckley, of ibis town, wer at'.aohed
Mason. Tenn. D.cembei 27 W,
L. White, of this town, was attached
A "Hood Ifecro" Hllla HI Rlep
daughter aud Hhuota Uiuiaeir.
Littls Rock, Auk . Decea.bar 27.
News reached this city today from
aii. jonu u. Adams, Uowpell town
ship plantation, fifieen miles beow
here, of a fearful tragedy enacted there
late yesterday evening. Tbe orinciual
rctor wu a inert emi-ppard, colored, a
church worker and a ' go?4 man"
gentrally, who struck his ftnpdaugh'
ter, Mattie Uriggs, on tbe side ol tbe
and then shut himBell throngh the
hert with a gun. Coroner J. 11. Bond
wss'nt for to investigate tbe horri
me antir. A number U witne bus
were sworo, all of whose teetimony
went to show tbat Sheppard had b?en
en terms of illicit Intimacy with his
stepdaughter, she being the motner of
ihree lliegitimat) children and it
b4lng undetstood in the community
tbat Sheppard was their father, not
withstanding he hud a fawlul wife
Trie coroners verdict was tbat Slirp
pard cams to h s death from gunshot
wounds caused by himself with snl
cidal intent, and left word with
friends of tbo wounded woman to
bury her es soon es lifd berama ci
liuct without eending for him, as ber
slayer was already dead.
Imnnrlnnt Chnnara In thf Manatra.
HKrinriii urine ftneeu ana Vreacvnt
Kniironil Ifmnu.
Chattanooga, Tknn., December 27.
-The election of Vic President t-'chifl'
to the presidency of the Queen and
Cro.-cent 'railroad system has crontea
Bome stir in railroad circles. It is re
per. ed that oth-r important changes
in the officials of the road are to be
made, it is fur thai more slated tha:
sbtne radical changes in policy aud
management of the lines will follow,
The Lookout Kollirg Mill, of this
city, recoived today orders for 50 tons
of angle bars for Southern railroad?,
The awaking interest in railroad build'
ing in the South is having an encour
aging effect on tbe prices of Iron in the
The South Tredegar Steel mill will
in a few days receive a csrgo of ha
glish iron to be need in tbe mannfac
ture oi steel, the quantity of cran
berry ore heretofore need having rnu
short. Tbe mill In all departments
is running full with orders ahead.
Work at the Roane Iron Company s
plan', in.tbis.ctty, converting it into a
mammoth stnel rail concatn, is pro-
greasing rapidly, and within a month
or six weeks the great concern will be
in operation.
J. Hollander, formerly of fiasbville,
wbo has been doing a dry gor.ds busi
ness in this city tbe past year, waa
closed today by the Sheriff, on attach
ment sworn oat br the John Shileto
Company, of Cincinnati. Neither his
assets nor his liabilities are known.
Hollander has not been seen here
air es Saturday afternoon.
Preston Boyd, a brakeman on tbe
Memphis ana Charleston railroad, was
killed near Hontsville this evening by
falling from a train.
ajamnel Convlatad of Harder In tb
flral Degree.
Columbus, Miss., December 27. Tha
trial of Samuel Glenn, colored, who
shot and killed bis wife's father, Ieaen
tlarnton, last summer, was concluded
Friday evening and tbe jury brought
in a verdict of murder in the first ds
gree, fixing the penalty of death.
Glenn was whipping hia wife when
her father cams in and Interfered,
whereupon he seised a shotgun and
shot him in the bresst, killing in
stantly. This Is the second conviction
for murder at this term of conrt, with
five mors indictments for the same
offense ytt to be tried.
Tbe esse of Dr. risncock, cbsrgd
with a burnirg at Shuqualak, comts
np this weex.
J ne reception given to miss unu-1
smith, of Meridian, and M ss
McKniglit, ot J'adiicnn, iiy., st th
residence of Capt. h. T. Hykcs, lust
Friday night, wus or.e of the most en-
ovahli) enterta'.umcnts i vr given in
Columbns. It wrs decidedly lbs
event of the season.
la Xaslaad Intorfero With TB
araohia CouinanaleaitaM.
Ntw Yok, N. Y., December 27.
Gtorge G. Ward, general manager in
New York of the Comma, cial Cable
Company, has received tim fillowicg
contl-rrjation f'n n trie tgmt-f the
line at B isto', K-t la"d. Tieenow
aWrrna yeet idiy io Knj'airi rpptars
to have done an anr not nf damns to
tbe telegrpn wir. s which s nnproce
dentod." T' e London Pad iYrr!
s(s: 'Tne ttiiegre pn wi-a in ite
ci y latt tight, were anapjn.it
wiib a'ft-mlrig rspidny, ml m
Flett struct tho polio- mn ,-cilfd the
broken erd arnnnrt tne lamn jott.
A train ou fio Midland road asdt
Uyed over an hour by the falling ot
tekTph wire acr ss tbe t.v. A
U'gt number of fc-lrgrnph ai,a tele
tihoi e wi'rsfell la t fv-nicg over tbe
Mrtrcp)!itan ana Thre wis very
severe meaiher at Reading yeairiday.
Ths snow thktfell iu tha afternoon as
tutavier than t as leti etpfrinnend
fir years, while tne wind b'ew
a hnriicane, ciusing eonsitbrat U
damage to ih roof of houses. Tre. s
were a'so injured by branches being
wrenched on by ths violencs of the
wind. In Conning; Cutting, on ths
Great Western railroad, the trail's
were delayed by snow drif s. Oa the
line from Paddingtoa to Riadliie,
snd frm Bath to Brhtol, all
the telrgi-apti pao are a per
fect wreck, most of tbe poles btiog
splintered like match wotk snd lying
in all ditections. The I a1 1 way bloc
lines biiug down the traira are son
tlderably delayed, and are signaled
slorg the line by fiaits It seems
probable that wires Letaeen Bristol
and London will not be res'ored for
two or three dava. The elegrapbs in
other directions have tuff-redeqrully,
an far m rai Vm a'pra:nn,l.
1)1 Ell.
FOttARTY Moaday noralnf, De. TT,
1H?6, la tb 88th yatr af hit iga, Dau T.
Funeral will take flaoa fr roildo of
bit brother, William Kef arty. No. 51 Deaa
aveaae, thii (TUEHDAV) afteraeon at 3
o'clook. B.rrlcBi at Bt. Patrlok's Chareh at
2:3)o'eleck. Frleadi art invited to attend.
' KEILLEV Mondy mom Inf. Dee. 27,
H", at 3 o'oloek, Juiih i. H.u.ht, Ktoii Si
jean. I Wae,. Trior and Jcfleraon tmn)
poiwr I pleue oopy.J
Funeral from residence ef Brnry Fritl,
Ne. 143 Mill itreel. Oheliea, thli (TOBSDATfi
mornlnr at lOo'dunk. Vr'enda are in'llei.
venlna Clanaae and Tnllee-The
proper thin for aliht KBoetf.
Handeona Broaadew-For Panel Kffeetl.
Now la-Juft fUoelreJ.
Raw tilovea-Reeeired Pally.
Flowara and llalr Ornamenta-Ia
Hotel and Bilver.
Special and Eilraordlnary Releotloni THIS
rraan. in rina
Wraps and Jackets
rwTWa Terr mvnh deilrc 11 downtit ock,
fiftrupiiiariy in Hue uaribtiiiu. ion tnera
rira w if I b ftbU t8nT Conniderablt Monrv
by purrht-ii-ar yoar Ctos-ka, JakeUr Wrapt
lUIUIJb Itl a-
Unlrimmed Fine Felt t LOWKft PRICES
than erer before enerel.
In Our Trimmed Hat Dep't
We offer many Ore:.t Baraalne te Rcduca
Stock butnre Imtentury.
In Our Dress Woods Dcp't
We nVinll offer (treat Bara-alae In DHli.SH
COMUlXATMXd. baaldee very Cboloe lard
(looili lower than lame aooJn can oe beuxbt
to tnti city.
Handkerchief & Glove Dep't
You oan buy loma very denlrable thinm,
beenuii wa winh, ami are delcr
uilrjed.TOjthtihTUUM. - All thi Work ll.rinl and a)Bb
aianiiai unriniea, mi
D. P. Hi anas, Preeldent.
Kwu. Uoldimitb. Vla- 1'reildeat.
J AH a NATBait, Oaebler,
na-INTEBtCNT at tha raU of I ner eent.
per annum hei beeo deelured or ue Uoa-S
of Traiteee on all aeoouat entitled thereto,
navable on demand alter Denember Slyt.
Interest net drawa will be credited the
depoattom' account, earns ee a iw aepneit.
DriMialla aiade trior to Jaeurr Otrj.
wllioraw inrereet irom err aai.
JAMK3 THAW, tlarbler
Praotloal Pianomakert
and Bapalrera of Plaaoe, Oraana,
And Mualeal InetrumenU Henerally.
In the Country should order the
Ask your Grocer or Druggi.t for it,
or send to 8PEUIIT & WALTER,
Manufacturers, and take no other.
oar we nave ar-land of Dtnndnraa
Bananas, aet rvettlvad. In aatMllent
ehlpptaa nrdar. eian 10 c a l Bn-
trt from froat, ll.eO Ut a.sn pv
Rnerb. Rneloae monejr aneljordar tow
Holldaya. Tflahona 95 a.
OHS'OI a l lejTF, M FrnnlMt.
feriAPK H OKWH Removed Alire.In from
- 40 mliiOtetoi hur, wiih healiv.iii
plete. or no ebarie. Nu Faitina reiinlredl
no ioi.innn4 ine'lininee. Can be takm with
ee br child r adnl'. On II or nend (or olr-
culari. DK. X. ir.I Bl 1 H. MpeiMnilrl,
ill aauen itreet.
Total New Jlusimss Greater than tho total now baflineaa of All
Other Lite Comnanie now represented In Memphis Combined.
Incronse In Kurplns more than twice the total increase of
snrplus ot all other Lift Companies now represented in Memphis,
Room No, I. Cotton Knohitnw KuHiMn?. Memphis Tennessee
S CHr-Iomla Htqel Nnl,
3 f'Hr-loatlM Sunt! auil Mod,
1 f?arlM4 Ii rrt, llauiN mid NaiiNAKe.
8 Cur-lwudr American Nardluoa.
1 l ar-l"al Kew KalHtnu,
1 'Hr-lMtl Sew Nalinou,
1 CatrloMd 'Mlirornta CatuiiHl Fruit,
IO J'Hr-loiada TotuittMa. 1'onoHeM, C'oru, Etc,
1 Oarload Aliuorw'n Itflnot; Meat.
a CarlMd Mw York lliickwliciit,
a CarOoutU I'lRMleot, Kraut and Itnrrel IMcUloa,
a C'arloMdr Nllver Jtirwui Orenui HhtMwei
a 'ar-loala VlrKtula IVanntt.
a ar-IoaU l'lret'rankorn and Firework,
a t'ar-lwada Nntannd l urrauta,
:i Oar-lou4ta Fine Ilannnan,
Q Car-load Ked Ren 1uvIh Apnlew,
a Oarloada Freali Fancy 1uihIIm,
1 Fartoad Outnieul, t rackiMl H lioal. Kc ,
And a complete arliiieiit ol Male and Fancy Oroeerla
tor llasj apelal nao ol t'otmtry Mercu'autsj.
fMrMend lor a l'rlf-I.lH(.-Xrt
Olivers Finnic Qrw
JIH JB AW 11 J.IJH. il 9 JLl! ITSi 11 St Kj JSLJS J3
nini BHaus maanan aaiaana bbbt aa aa wv wi vm iaa euasi rnaM
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery
Nor. 'i'id and m Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
par or K MlfiOK or PAI I, ANI WINIt.K Oitn Ire I. SHUCK A ISO ItOBK
( O.Ml'LKTR Til A If HVKf. BKTOHK. and our rloeiill ooinpare wlUi utoeeol any boas
In the United State. We er Aieuia lor
Tennessee JlanufiiGtarlntr Oo.'h Fluids, Drills, Shoetloir, ShIKInir, Etc
liFMMO.V atz (MT.E.
t !- iM. Li . .1 .'. . ' ,' LJL , ' .,
if mats. Cbb is!
rrl( yeu went tWV he n a.rntito roer Bnn.'Hmband. Brother or -Bacetheart,
then Io UtaTltl COHKSl, Tlia Hallar. Yoa will 1
tot a nloer nod hotter autlitr ef Ital or 'a for the aioner than "
anrwbere else in Memphle. It willfbea lenilblelaeteotlon, andna
mooer thrown away. Uer bt a, of Engllih manufaotare, a ipeolaltr. : -made
br Melville. WReaentttreet, tondua. Chllilren'eJWaW (a
all rarkiMoi. Mania' Draea llala beat makee.
No 387 Main Street, Mempbia. Tenn.,
niers aud uu lr ne
Cutlery and Meehanles'
Aome and Barney fc Berry Skated,
Eclipse Door Kprings and Chocks.
an-CAM. a sua rxirr: tiiuh.-h
Plaque I Plaque I
aa-The belt NICKKL IQH In the market Warranted Pare
llarana Viller. $39 Per Tknuwuii Io nenlrre uul.
LEU tfij LiE X S.
Quarter of a Century in the Hardware Business.
No. 333 and 334 MAI W ST.. - MEMPHIS, TFTTir.
C3t-TlaTTT3Wrr BAWn TWTTlVt.
security babim:
Bl. DVDUET rBTNrti,Prila1anl,
nuave, aaanirr.
uuaho or
W. h. TIKTHEL. J. R. OODWIN. H. P. RRAD. W. N. WIT.rttasnre. nTrFn.
B. I. MolMJ W fclibi IV. DUDLtil JrKAItiBH,
aorDenoalte recelred from 80 oentii (award,
nr. win Bar ana Bell boeal B.oarllirl, act aa lr union, Knciver, ain , fr Uvrpura'loae or
odlrldaali. Can beeoeie Uuardtan. Adiuinlitmhjr. i In. liu, and ir.nh.nn. K.,.ni.l
atlentiua paid to Oollnotione. KIMajr tan be ilrawa o at jr iliuv, ann doaired
for iBTeetment in Real Katate or othurwlae. li tre a oomniodioat Vault for tbo li'P.uit ot
ValnabUe for the benflr of Krarnlar laMeiuxn, freool ruar,-e. Sie tteiHMlt Udiea lot
rent. Har'nrl eenenially enllolted. A Uepniillor or the Ktnto oi Tennottne.
ri rv mm m r i u t.ti ii -vy
And Commission Mcrehants.
Noh, 31 nudSG Madison h trcct, Jit in M .
W. M. WM.KFKWfiN, VM-prealdani.
. M Ultlltl.NU, Toller.
W.F.HVLOh, R. Ii. t-KOiVDh
Wa. A. WILLIAMSON. K. rLAt bl.
anf lalrrr"! alloerad nn tame erml-enna

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