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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, December 28, 1886, Image 5

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li ( receipt ef a larger, More varies! and better ie-
leeted stack ef CASSIatlMS,
tleai.) tkaa wii aver eaewa
ateek ceairUet the choicest
aft Most dan We go la gantlemen'i wear.
Samples am Price oa
ke have left numra,
lock Open
Now S
WE would resceelfully announce to the public that we have opened an Auotlon Honae,
and will onnd-iot the Ueneral Auotlon Business, .at our old stand, ,. ""
at reel, io the Webster Biook. Having secured tne ervioes of Maj. J. K. MoDOji ALU, the
well known Auction Saleiman, woo has a long experieoen in the auction business, wo are
prepared lemaae sale at KKdIKNOK8 or K10KK110U8K3, and will papar;lpiilar atten
tion to the sale of Heal Ette and aolioit a liberal patronage, asour m..ttni QUICK hA LhS
and PROMPT SET FLKM&NTd We will make special rates with Attoroejs, Adminis
trators. Assignees, Sheriffs, Commissioners ant) (luardians. Sales at our bale-rooms dally
at 10 o'clock a.m and at 7 o'olook p in., and Trade Sees once a week, the day to be an
nounced hereafter. Consignments of Morohand;se of every kind solicited.
N. ltrWriAOF fc 0., LiceMMCd Auctioneers.
J. Tt. MrTMINAT.T. Bloman.
NeW Year' "A7ooXsl !
Tuetdiy Kiet and New Year's Mitinee,
Wednesday IAroTtK
Thursday S'lIIUSe ttf MKAHHV
Friday..... rRBlVKH ol TKKHiHOJsiK
Saturday t. ight I HIiHll)AL iBAf
January 6-7-6-ltOL-AND BEEP.
811 B HA9 ARRIVED And w'll Positively
A one Tills WEEK,
THE IwO-UXftlitll 6IBL.
S)-A Uonttroua Bill of Attractions will bi
introduced tois week. , ...
arThree Honrs Crowded with Curiosities,
and a Grand Double Programme in
l AoM'SToN TO ATiTi io
MULK-Owner can have same byprovint
proirty init paying oares.
w M hPK.i.i MAN. old MaHl.omt.
T00 Lenta and whit" Setter
L to nume el oam
Keturn and re re
r, B. C'.ARKR.
MULEFrom Panola Oil Works, Tuesday
hwt, one Unlit bay mule, itbout shoes,
sliihtly stiff on I re less. Lil.urul reward
will be paid tor retu'n of same to
PNQ, A till, AND KwhTH-JKR CO. .
CATTLK Fio u Samter's Diiry, one ;arge
red steer, uiio rtd he far, or.o red and
white spotted te!fer A liberal roward will
hepaii at Meitphis VVholrBlo Meat Co ,
MADAME VAN NAY 8 The oe leor ted
(litwy CUirvoyant nnd Tent Medium,
177 Third st-fct, nor Plar.
-A DlVORf'K The abote
VV oxplion.
1 know, will atArsol fomo
attention, and I lesl sure some inneniouj
individual will Gnd grounds on whih 1 can
obtain a divorce, alt otigh seveiat lawyers
to whom I fti ed my rase o. mid find 1 nooe.
1 I ave been married two years and euht
nontns, My husband is a d lo king man
of 40 tears; is not addicted to drink i iu laot,
has no vices thit 1 know of, and while be
!.-ves me and supplies me witn my every
want, yet, tlough i am ashnnied t say it. I
love him n t. and therefore, under a ficti
tious name eud address, offer 5 or oneoi I.
Bamelson k ' beantitul Mior.oi aum
tfu as a reward to an iodividoal who can
show me on what (rounds I can get the alore
said diveroe, and he cso thereby earn s nice
Christmas pm-ent. Add-es, in oonfidenoei
nNIUPfY W1FK, Appeal office.
CtiBltt'KCitj Built ana repaired and war-
ranted. Inventors! the Sanitary Port
land Cement Puud. Contractor and brick
laver Te" -r,V. TI10S CUBHTNS.
AY BDARDBRS Also bavs rooms sulta-
able tor toDtlemeo, at s rantoioo si.
SALE8MFN In ererr Stata in the V' ion
toreAsent a PAir5T MANUKACTUR
INO ESTAbLISUMENT having several
Brtc:A!,Tirs that are popular and easy sell.
Inj. Can be hir.dlod alone or In connection
with other gooils. Addrern THE M. B.
vriop Mutinm. oo.. daltimob k. md.
MEN, women, roys. girls to earn 170 rer
month atthsir own Domes; costly out
It of samples, a packase of goods and full
instrno ious for luo. to hflp pay pos ane.
Adilre-B 11. 0. HuwaLL A Co., nutland, Vt.
I- ADIB- and Gentlemen, in city or coun
J try, to take light work t their homes,
11.00 toti.ta day easily male: work sent
by mailt no oauvassing We havea good de
mand lor ear work, ana furnish stsadv em
ployment. Adrtren, with stamp, CROWN
M'F'A (!., 294 Vine Et.. Circinoaf, Ohio..
C"1o'JCTA'iK-To rent a first-olass cottawe,
J coutaininn live or six rooms; mutt be
Pear car line, van ai or auuroM noum c,
Cotton Eschanto Building. ,
tilTD'ATION By a young man from V it
) ginia, either in wholesale or retail dry
woods or srooery house, as salesman or assist
ant book-kener. Uave hd i jears expo
, rience in bot.i I nes. Salary no objeot. Very
best of re'e-caoe at to rhurao'.er and busi
... luahfications. Address
P. 0. box :V2. tivnchbiirg. Va.
, kh'1.4 fin u i (KiliS Address
iJlJJ t SMlTU.St. James llrnse.
, C! ALkS w AN In this StaU
tr Blair s
i Gold Foontaia Pens. Het samp'es sent
for - (whol-sila price). TUB POPULAR
FoUNTlS PKN i.O., .57 Broadway, N. Y.
XI mil B CoOK Relereioes required; 378
VV A da s st. rial; during morning hours.
SITU ATI' N -By an experienced and nrae
tiosl plantation manager; best of ref
erences l iven; correspondence solici'ed.
Address "MANAtfkR,"
Care "Commercial," Pine Bluff, Ark.
77 AD MS ST.
CCKAP Xll'JN-A qiaotity jf lovet and
. kt maohiners rerap iron and old ear wheels.
ft! Louis. Mo.
(Lit WwLu A btLV&K Fonasn or ex
) oh.nre M HLFOW ' Jewe 2M4 Main
i 1 00D Coloted Chambermaid,
VT At 72 Madison street.
AGENiS-ln evorv
and Oreais. HOI
wn to sell Pianos
UOIICK A CO., Memphis.
order in bet styles at
MAN An IntelliKODt. earnest man to rep
reaont, in hii- own locality, a large re-
ponsiblo house. A remunerative salary to
right party. Steady position References
exchanged. American Manufacturing lioase,
lfi ButcIbv m.. N. v.
Flue Hatch liiepalr.'Bgr,.MaUonl'a.
tkla ssasoa't hnparta-
la tfcli aiarkeU Tka
dssJras, flaeit tcxtaree
application te taste
for Inspection
Desirable rorms and beard at 19
Market street, corner t-eeond
V AKSIW Altl.R KoGMS Witn ooaed. at
ST. JAMES IIOCKK Corner Second and
Adams etree Koomi and board, 5 pet
week j day hoard, tS 60
i nhri nrunn h. et J., or wmIc
VjT At 3UI Third street.
T fti"iUfiTearA n rt fnn i ahead rAnmi.
t k..nl.it11ii MiHiniilnnt.
nnABLB B0ARD--Tho best the market at-
- lorue, n, oi wu i niui,t..
NEWLY turnished front room, with el
(ant board, lor single gentlemen; 81
Court streec.
ROO MS Pleasant uruieh-d rooms, wita
board, for ladies orgentlonen. Termi
very reasonable.
m Court Extended.
OKAUTIFUL front rooms, single or
j suite, furnished or nnturntsnoa
Ith oi
rlthoiit bord: ot'Serrooms
lm-ldfifVinrt St.
DK J. A. BHOWlf.
Ca'l on
little used, and in good condition. Ap-
Kf 1018 In tie arowinu town of AR
OU COLA, or the L. N. 0. and T. R.R.,
and Q. P. R R. h i depots in the town.
This town is located in Washington county,
Miss , 70 miles above Vi:ssburg and 160milej
below Memphis, in the tenter of the finest
ootton country in 'he worlo, on the High
Banks 01 Deer creek. For further informa
tion abdrei JaS. I). eiViIlll.
Areola, Miss.
CIOTTAOE-Uandtonie now cottage on Mis
rifsii pi av.t ir.f UxlMI. Add L., Appeal.
0E 3.) 11. P. " Faniuahar" Stenui hnnioe
and Ilorieontal n lubular Boiler, com
plete: ail good as new; has not seen f ur
tnotiths aotual s.-rvioe. Alco. one now ho. 2
'Fhy"R saw Machine. ith 2S inch s iw.
Apply to R. !. Woods, Cotton Kx. Building.
AT A BAtWAIN A good payiug German
B arilinghouse in ilrlona, Ark., owner
winhina to rmire. F r lurlher particulars,
itguireat BKUNER'S. in llelcna, Ark.
C Ti'ON SEED Aen Un 'tiinie Col
ton t-eed; SO cents nor hu-hoiin lotsol
not less than 100 bushels. ,
K., S65 Mi'si-S'imi avenne.
L Address W., thlsoBoe.
1 OT Choice Fort t'lc-kmim tot: no oity
a taxes. PR. H IN80N, 27t) Mam St.
LD PAPERS-Cheap, at r
lj'OK SALE cllEnP No. b Washington
P liana Press, for nine-column paper;
good as new. Inquire at No. 37 1'r.ion st.
AT F. A. Jones A Co.'s., one nice gentle
buggy MAKE that any lady can drive
or ride porfently sae.
RESlDENCB-Nos. Hti and W Market st. I
in good repair; lot 57Sxl4KH. Apply to
M.f! KENNKOY.47t Mo.hvat
ROOMS Furnished roomi
at 72 Court street.
STORE Corner Hornando road and Brooks
avenue, sou'h of Noncnnnah. Apply to
TUB Best Ptand tn Fort Pickering; store
and duel log combined; wel I ad tpted "or
drug store or dry goods, cor B'dwav and 7tb.
ICELY junT'shed front roim, 270 Second
st,, for man and wife or two gentlemen.
rpWO NEW C0TrAOES-$12 N) permonth.
JL Inquire at ltfl Ha' burn avenue.
DWKLLINfl-UOUSK With 7 rooms, at
151 Looney street; fwly papered and
painted; in first class oor dition. Add'eas
8 . H. HAiKB-t.
avenue and Jaokson stroet; two-story
frame, about 24 acrei l ind, Irons of all kind,
fin fruit and vrgetable garden. Will ient
for a series of years. Aleo, ano'ner pljtce,
some six acre, near Oaaton's; fine vines
and (ruit, with refirtence.
L. B. McF ARL AND, 22 Madison st. .
OOMS feve'al deniable rooms in Ma-
' son
sonic Temple, lro m January 1. 1HH7.
Apply to
mm v. fkick.
of H'me Insurance Co.
ROOUS Furnished or nnlurnlshed; cen
tral location; terms moderate.
03 Mad-son street.
OFFICK-On second floor, 83"
yj Main street, oorner linion.
Ann y at
36 Union.
Poplar sts.
Kouthesit corner Main and
M. K.O'jNAWAY.28o tlain.
nished, with board
furmshed or nnfur
ROOMS Furnished or unfurnished, at
OFFICES AND RtiOMH-A'. 85 Madison
street. B. M. EST ES. 36 Madison.
LARGE 6T0RB-First floor and cellar,
with tide and rear entreaoM, Nog . 801
and 303 Main street.
OFMCBS-No. 232 Second street.
I) W ELL1NG 1.0 Court street.
VACANT L0T-Applj to
88 Madison street.
Tj OOMS Pleasant rooms,
furnished if
desired , with references, at 21M Madison.
OFFICE First floor
At 32 Madison street.
4 ELEGANT ROOMS At S Market street;
single or en si. its, furnished or umur
nished, good water, and rear business.
S'lOREHOUsE Four story and basement
storehouse. No. 254 Front street.
C COTTON OFFICE A piily to K. M. Apper
J son & Co., No. ;Vd Front street.
O No. IflH Main Street.'
No. 2nS Main Street.
Ko I7 Main Street.
Annly to IA I.KK. .la.. 4 Madison Kt.
MaUurd, Jenplor, 804 Mala street,
olicits orders from the coantr;.
Names of Famous Horses That Will
Earage la the Sport -What
Nashville la Doing.
The prjprieto'a cl the West Bide
Park, the new Nuabville racn cenrse,
are ipfrcJirg heaps of mincjr in the
t fl'ort to rxatia ttieir tiatk one of the
beat in the roiiDtry, Ld will danbt
Wfl succeed in afhitvinsr that desira
ble result They htve jott isnacd an
exceedingly nest pamphlet oi
tight p aires, enntaiuiug a list
oi Btakta ofleied for the
spring meet ng of 18S7. The book
is intended for the convenience of
horse owners and is gotten up in
check book style, witn blank fuims
containing columns of color and tes
of hone, iiameof horse, amseire, dim,
so that all that those dei-iring ti make
entries have t) do U to fill tbe blanks,
sign their namfs anil make duplicate
on stub provided for the purpose.
The following are the stakes oflered,
to close January 15, 1S87:
Iht Ivy Ltnf Stakei.-Fot fi.lios two
years eld; 15 entrance, to accompany
iho nomination, witb $-0 additional to
ttart; $700 addnr), oi which $150 to
second and 150 to third ; to carry 110
pounds; tea allowance ; Vlnm re ot a
hweb Etak rac to carry live pounds
tx'ra. Oim ba f mile.
The Trial Stuktt.-FcT colts end fil
lies twoyrars o'd;5 entiaoce. to ac
company the nomination, with fSO ad
ditional to stait ; $800 added, of which
$150 to second and $50 to tiiird ; to
carry 110 pound; sex allowance; win
ners of a Bwei-pettke race ti carry five
ponnds extra; winners il the Wet
S.da t r Ivy Leaf hUkes to tarry seven
poondd extra; maidens beaten in any
sweepstake race allowed five pounds,
ti furlonts
The Ariimia Stahi For fi'lies three
years old; $S entrance, to accompany
the nomiiititirin, with $20 additonal
to start ; $800 added, of which $150 to
second and $50 to tbiid; to cany 118
pounds; rex allowance; winners this
year of a sweeis'ake racs to carry
three ponndi; two or more, five
pounds extra; maidens allowed seven
pounds. One mile.
The Troubadour Slakei. Tot all ge;
$5 entrance, to accompany the nomina
tion, with $25 additional to stait;
$1010 added, of which $200 to record
and $50 to third; thtea year old) to
carry 100 pounds; four year oldi and
upwards to carry 118 pounds; sex al
lowance; winners this year of a sweep
ctake to carry five pounds extra. One
anH or.e-eighih milts.
The Lawyer Ibtakei. For co ti and
Allies three years old ; $5 entrance, to
ic ompar y nomination, with 125 ad
ditional to start ; $1001 added, ot which
$L''0 to second and $50 to third ; to
ccrry 118 pounds; lei allowances;
winners this year of a sweesstake to
carry 3 pound?, of two or more 5
pounds extra; maidens beaten this
year in a aweepatuke race allowed 7
pounds. One mile and one. sixteenth,
The Fretland Pritt. A handicap
sweepstakes for all ages; $5 entranoe,
to accompany the nomination, with
$ 5 additional to start; $1000 added, of
which $200 to second end $50 ti third;
weights announced two days prior to
the iace. One mile and one-quarter.
It will be noted that a small cash
entrance fee is leqaired, and forfeit
orders and declaration fees done aaay
with. This is an improvement on the
old plan and drsuves general
adop'ion. It is probably the result of
a conference held ou this subject be
tween O. H. Oillock, secretary of toe
Witt Side Park, and 8. J. Mont
grmery, secretary of the Memphis
Jockey Club, who favors the
adoption of the sime plan here,
Aiixious to learn what the pro'peds
were for a rood ppiing mt-eliig in
Memphis an Atpral reporter railed
npon S'teiary Siout y Montcouiery,
ot the Memphis Jockey Oluh, and
fannd hirn smiling over the following
extract from the famous correiprnd
enr, Bread Church's letter to the iSin'f
rfthe Timet ' It reads as fjllows:
"I don't know but that thtra is a
general misapprehension as to the
etUus of tome of the Westi rn turt
clubs iu counection wiJhe as-umtid
aciiinbt the Turf Congress bearing
on the tiling of dates for the various
Wes em meetiog. In t'te fli-Et place,
the coagrcsj had no power to arrange
the datep, and what action wrs taken
was of the suggehtive or recommend
atory kind, growing out of, as I nnder
etand it, an utfo mal arraugement be
tween representatives of each club,
with the exception of Memphis, which
was not rtptesu'.ed. In the absence
cf Memphis delegate, thoEe preeent
nndtrtook to arrange for the
Memphis1 meeting the week following
that at New Orleans. With the spring
programme on that bias, there would
have hem no clash ex, ejt on one diy
between Latonia and rt. Louis, wh:ch
could not have been averted. But it
sterns the Memphis Club had already
fixed itsspiiag date, which wes a week
later than that proposed at tne ucn
gress. Ai that dale would conflict
with Na'hville. a clash wou'd have
been inevilablo if a mutnal agreement
bnt ween the clubs of thes9 two cities
could not bs afiented. A conference
was held in Memphis', and the
r. null was (hat the Blufl Oity
Club suck to the date orig
inally arranged, while it was decided
that the Nashville meetiug Bhou.'d fol
low the week after, the latter date
conflicting with the Lexington meet
ing. Na-hville does not withdraw
from tha Turf Congrers, but merely
declines ti he bouad by the fnf jrmtl
recommendatory arrangement pio
poied at Cincinnati. I should cot be
surprised if the dates and clashes of
the renent season have not bad some
little eff.ct on the arrangements for
next year, Memphis suffered some
what from them both in the Spring
and Fall, and I heard Col. Montgom
ery express himself pretty freely on
the subject. He said, and with
o me enow of plausibility, that
tha Lex'nstin me-ting in the fall
should have been held in the period,
between Louiiville and Latonia, cov
ering eleven days. Indeed, tie Lex
ington meeting was pat oS until after
Latonia, crowding the Memphis meet
ing into the cold weather. Perhaps
something like mild retaliation may
have influonced the powers that beat
Memphis, especially as the young and
thiiving club at that point is now
vigorons euougii to exhibit something
dike independence."
"How about the sprirg meeting?"
askod toe reporu r; "does it promlee
"It piomlses brilliantly." was the
ready teply. "We have now 105
homes ou the track and will receive
additions fmm stibles wintering in
Mobile and New Orleans. Cipf. H, S.
Brown, who is a member of the Mem
phis Jockey Clui, and whrge horws
aro now in Mobile at his private truck,
will bring here from thirty to friy
hO'SO", it.c'uiini the nnbesten Trna
ba lour, winner of the Kuhu-ban, and
hts recent Lexington purchase, for
which he paid $20,000, Among the
latter are Bin Wing, the Bourbon
and Bob Fisher,"
"Whin willi your staka book ba
ready T Yon are doobt eea aware that
Nashville has alrradv Iseuad hers?"
"Yea, I have seenit. il i. a saatly
gotten up and taste'ally arranged pro
ductiop, and speaki well for the abili
ty of the manager o( the new race
coutae. Our atakebook is now in
course of pre paratit o, and the ttaies
will exceed iu ainoi at those iffaresi at
any ptevioua B.,ttrjg, and fiom
the nnmher of horaea at pres
eut quarterad on the track
and the certainty of reinforcements
fr ito New Oritsaaa, tfo'aiU .and other
cities, it is eertata 1 1st there wfll be
60 per cent m:rs borses here than
ever before, and at to equality 100
per cent, would not begin to correctly
represent their superiority in that re
spect" "Will yon offer anvthing particu
larly rich in the way of f takes?"
"Yea. It is contemplated to hang
np an all age stake which, with added
money, will Bet the winner about
"What hones now on the track and
of these who are expec ed will be
eligible for thia rare T"
''Every horse in the country is
eligible, without liniitat on as to local
ity or breedng. We wouldn't object
to having Dew Drop, Fremont, The
Bard and other Eastern cracks enter
for it. Butof tiosanow in sght tt-e
following aia all eligible: Freelt.nd
(aged), Modesty (aged), Jennis T. (3),
Sir Joeeph (4), I'ure Kve (4),' Or.
maldi (4), Jim Ursy (4), Ilrown Duke
(4), Climax (4), lasier (3), Hbitub
(f), Fiee Ko'ght (4), Fruelou (3),
Elkwood (1). Puua(5)."
"liow many stakts will you hang
up and how lot g will the neeting
"We wiil rncesix days, giving five
races eaeU day, aud will o tier seven
"Will the races include a jumping
Yes; yon are of c-.utsa aware of
our President's partiality for jumping
races, as quoted in the Chtcego
;(t Ocean. Bneidts that, we have
superb material Jor a great steeple
chase race. There's AhcoK Aurehan,
Tennessee, Swlney, W. R. Woodward,
Hop fSing, Puriiao, Gilt Edge, Judge
Burnett, Bucephalus, Guv Slouum ai d
P. Line. No finer lot cf jumpers can
be found anywhere."
"What will tha stake ba worth ?"
' If onr calculations are correct, it
should bs worth $1000 to the winner."
' Will there baa jumping raco every
"No, sir; we will ptobsbly have
three during tha meeting."
"How are the horses now wintering
on the tiack getting on?"
"Splendidly. .Jim Gray is in fine
condl ion; so aho is Feo Knight.
Pure Rye, lata purchased by Mr. D.
T. PulsiQer, at Lexington, is one of
the grandest looking fillies ever (eon
on tne turf, and wilt make a valuable
addition to the spring meeting. Gri
maldl, purchased at the same rale for
$4000, ia not looking so well, owing to
I he severe weather experienced at
winter quartets la Lexington. Bir
Joseph has been very tick, but is now
improving. lissarus, who has been
off all the yoar, in rounding
np and picking up flesh. Boot
black hss been fired. Freeland's
legs look better bnt still show lame
ness. The other horses are all in fine
"lias Memphis suocafalully estab
lished its claim as a first class winter
resort for horses?"
"You may judge of that by the fact
that we have engt'gemen's for next
year for all etubles nuw on the track,
and have applications on fi e for more
than we ran aecommodkte. That
epeaks for itself."
A Fifteen Hnndred Isollnr Blase
lbs Inaurnr.
The ono story trains building and
an addition, actuated at the non beast
rornnr of Winchester avenue and
K-Bilford street, vtai tota'ly destroyed
by fire at 1 o'clonk this morning. The
building, which is owned by Mr, Gar
vin, Deputy County Court Clerk, wns
occupied by M". Joseph llaRerty aa
grocery store end rea'deuee. Mr.
Hageity estimates his. lois at about
1500, and he is insured in the Peli
can, of New Orlesaos, through Pullen's
agency, for $100), at follows: On
et-ick, $300; on clothing and
furniture, $100; on tix'ures,
f 110. Mr. Hagerty was at
a loss to state as to how the fire orgi
nited. Hs was aroused by the cry of
fire and he and tha other members of
the family had to leave the house
qu'ckly to escape certain death.
The I,, sic K. Nlrlke Ended.
Louie vim., Ky., December 27.
Freicrat trsios were moved on the
Louisville and Nashville railroad from
Bowling G.-een according to arrange
menta indicated last night. No vio
lence wis attempted, and the new
men taking the place of the strikers
weie not lnterleiea wuu. ineciiy
authorities were prepared to give
necessary protection to the company
had there been anv interference. NO'
tices have been issued annonncing
that the road would begin receiving
freight tomorrow. The conductors
who oflered their services last niuht
as brakemen reporied for duty this
morning, bat the company announced
that they bad sucured enongh men for
that day's work and would not ava 1
themBolvesof their (Unr. Several of
the switchmen refu?ed to work in
making up trains for the new men,
but their places were supplied. The
Btrihing brakemen are trying to get
men on other divisions I) striae in
their snpnort, hut up to the present
time no such adi u has been taken,
and the officers claim tbey do not an
ticipate anythirg of the. kind.
A dimple rroceee ofNnlare.
Philadelphia. Pa.. December 27.
Dr. J. V. Who maker, of this city,
laughed heartily yesterday when
shown a rewspaper article giving the
alleged wonderful cae of a negr j man
and woman who had turned from
black to wh te and whose tranef irraa
tion could not be explained. "It is
not an uncommon skin disease," be
aalrt. "and ia known bs luoeoderma.
In white people the skin turns a milky
white, but it is moit noticeable in col
ored persons, of rourse, owing to the
fnr.ttftflt with the dark rkin. The
change of color is caused by the de-
arrncrinn. or rather absjTDtion of pig'
ment, which is not formed sgain and
U not niiofal. The disesss can only
ba cured when it is attended to at the
wrv atart It la not fatal, and the
only bad effect is the deformity or pie
bald color it c (usee. HH qu it omii
mnn amonff the negroes iu the H iuth
whre it la often produced by ma
Kolld Nil vera t Mulfordai,
DjeluK sii1 ticaiiiujr.
Ladies and gorita' clothes cleaned
nr fivwd in anv color, also kid gloves.
ostrich fe athers end lace curtains by
Lonis Ruiael. 68 JetJarson street, Mem
phia,Tenn. Goola received by exprosa.
DUnuad WatcUea, MalTord'
TIONS. Improvements Suggested for the
Correal Year-Flaanelal Coadl
tloa of the Koa4.
The sncnil report ot the Mi's'B
ippi and Tennessee a lroad hss
just been iened, and owing t tba
interest whirh ai taolies to the finan
cial affaire of the company Uie presi
dent's report is pnbl.shed at length
on a subsequent page. -It is remarked
that the report of previous yea a bas
been misleading in some reepec'ssince
the general expends and tsxes have
not neon inciu led in operating ex
penses, thereby making te net earn
ing) appear larger th.n they really
were. Ihua in 1884-85 tha net earn
ing) appeared as $103,413, when the
taxes and general expemos wer $27,
671 and tha trne netearnings$125 83,
leaving a deficit for that year of $32,
577 after payment cf interest. Adding
the item of taxes and General eiDenses
in each year, the groa aad net earn-1
ings the paat two years were as fol-1
Passengers fc0.77S
Freight MKIU'i
6, 3
7. H"S
Kqprefs A. Slfl
Mail .. 7.S"3
Pflvilojes . l.iM
ToUl - IJ5.718 NSU.M!)
Optratiafv e-rrwesef
Condu ting transportation $K1,241 fTS.ire
Motiie power Wi.AiA 87, M
Ma ntenanee ef way l'JO,317 I4,d:i2
Maintenance of e;irs 12,19 W.4it
tleiieralexpenses A taxes... 3(i.(V4 27.ftVl
Total...- t.1U,3e 3 i3,70l
Not earnings tW,X H'.SIS
Interest on bonds UMiK) i:,4ii
Deficit for year t-'l,W2 UB.MS
The balance sheet of Saptember 30.
18S, shows the bonds nf series "A,"
J'.)77,0,0, and series "13," $1,101,(10 of
wh ch $1)7,000 aro owned by the com
pany and hynotlie: atcl to secure a
pait cf the fl ating deb', including
amount borrowed io pay the Jnlv in
tereet. The floating debt is $10(1,471
and current asiit, including supplies,
etc., $71,400.
Tub following sugestion contained
io President F. M. Wr iti 's admirable
annual report will doubtlcs) be acted
upon: Your road is not in snch a
condition as to etiabla it to meet the
requirements of business and the act
ive competition to which it is now
and must in fnlure be subjected. The
purchase cf new crs and engines,
substitution ot steel in place of old
iron rails, balla-ting, the reduction of
grades and other betterments must
continue until the road and lti equip
ment are placed in first claa condi
tion if your properly Is expected
to handle satisfactorily and eco
nomically its due share of
ratuo. www we cannot ana
should not Ignore the f ct that it will
be impnesib'e for this eompany t )
handle i's traffic at reasonable cost, or
even to retain an equithb e share of
the bns ness, unless the property is
placed upou an equal footing, ai to its
uhjsical characteristics, with those
ices with whlcti it coins in snarp
and daily competition. It is needless
to say that in order to arc implish this
a considerable sum cf money will bs
required, nnd I strongly recommend
to the stock holders that thoy endeav
or to effect loms arrangement by
which it can ba obtained and the wora
The Lcnlavllle ' Nisativllle) Bull.
roas-a (Jitra trusts rieaiaeitii
Louibvim.i and Nisiivii.i.a Railroad Co
Oil K IOH . M ft l'LAfia.
Nsw Vokx, December 22, 1886
To the Editor ol the Sun.
SiH-From time to tim, In the
financial column of the burning roil,
items have appeared r. fleuiing on this
company, which, on hen g complaint a
of. have D)on regrettca Dy mo man-
agement, but have from time to tune,
ou convenient opportunity, reap
peared. In the financial co nmn to
day, with a vanoty cf other state
ments, appear two distinct etate-
raents of (act j of which notice should
be taken :
Finl. I but iho road is ""till tun
ning at an aveiage rate t f $300,0011 to
U4..0.000 per annum below its necis
perychargnn to hold I In system to-
th" r." This statemtni ib aosoiuteiy
unttus without qualification.
The mad has Irom montti to montn,
during the entiie fl cl year, largely
overpaid in net earnings all iisn cea-
siy charges for any purposes what-
Second The article CJnUins the
following ttatemnnt:
"The o iMiaual withdrawal anu taie
of the securities deposited to sncure
its collateral truit li an of Siu.uuo.tnjo,
which hts reduced thee llatsrals from
a nominal of mitt J 700 in 1881 to a
nominal of $21,201,837 at the date ol
the last annual repnrr, showing the
decrease of $0,870,8(13 nf the best secu
rities in the trait in five years, indi
cates a le.ik which is. not shown in the
company's tepor's, and which, te-
maluing uoexiuinru, uoes not
inspire confidence." The above
siaiement is false in every particular.
There has never been, nor can there
be, under the terms ol the collateral
truit mortgage, anv securities what
ever sold, removed or withdrawn from
the ttust. The trui t is precisely in
the same condition 81 it was when
the m r'gago was firet executed. To
avoid the possibility of a question on
this ecoie I append hereto the certifi
cate of John A. Ktewnrt, K'q, presi
dent of the United 8 thtea front Com
pany, and one of the trustees under
the niortgega. Youistmlv.
Presidont Louisville and Nashville R.lt. Co.
Nsw Yotn, Dooember 22, IHHfl.
I bsve read tnet aOovn leitur of Ex.
Norton, president Lonixville and
Nashville Railroad Company. Ills
statements witb refereme to the c d
lateral trust loan are correct in every
parliiu ar. Jons a. htxwabt.
1 reliaeni uniteo rr-aiee imn A-vuipauz.
. On Iu Meluaa.
The Selma 7wniof rccsntdate says:
S t lna.l..,rtn An nf ill. AnolflBUrW
of the Knaa Uity, Port ncoit, aism-
r,h a and IJirmingham railroad, H in
8e ma waiting the arrival ot the chief
engineer of the work r.na ine oaismce
of the engineers, when work will com
mence immediately on the survev of
lice dlrtct from Raima to Birmii ghsm
and then frcm Be ma to I'ensacoia.
with a view of ejti.b ish ng tba roat
between these points.
Ballroavd Karalnce,
The earnings of the Ixmlsvl le and
Nashville raiiroad tor the second week
In D. ember, were $308,185, aira nst
$286,220 in 188i; an increase of $37,
lit'.J. Dating the same ' period the
Mmphis and Charleston earning".
were$44,77o,'a(taiiat $4,7tl7; an in
crease ol 8.
The Ponlbern I apveesj Ban Into hi.
Ia May last ths Southern Express
Company withdrew from St. Lonis be
cause of inability to satiefactorily ar
range itsbuainers re'a'ious with the
Iron Mountain railroad. On January
Graiiil Display of CMstmas Cooils
CHtlSTtl 18 ClOS-The loveliest things in the msrkst.
rHOTOeaAPH ALBVMN-In riush, Morocco and Alligator.
WBITIMH naKa-In Plnsh and Wood, Inlaid with Pearl.
AVTOaKAPH AID NOKSP BOOHSt-In beantitul designs.
TOILirr VAtiKH-Te suit the most refined taste.
atHATina HBT8 For travelers and residents,
MCNIH B0XKIs-Te enliven our homes.
PAPKTEBIBT-la pluih and Fancy Boxes.
Cells, Tea Beta, Picture Blocks, Toys, Etc, to make the little ones happy. ,
attrOur Store will le cpsn nntil 10 o'clock p.m., from December 13th until Christmas, te
v - - c aoooiuiuodatsouraianrre.alloustomiirs.ua - . .
oiifxs- Herzog: tSa Bro-
8 Main Streot. Opi). Peabofly Hotel.
1st next it will re-establish an c flics
in St Louis, having perfected a long
term contract with the at ibile ana
Ohio railroad, which now extends to
that point from Mobile, Ala. The
Southern will be the only express
company extending from Hi. Louis di
rect to all principal points in the
Southern Hates,
BY Tiir.
And Many Older of the l.emllna
Paper of (he setie A tnes
llon f najwrlllra.
IsTimAL oonaKDi-oKDairoa ot ma arrasL.1
NAsnvii.i.1, Tnm., December 25.
Tour strong and sinewy article
againBt a caucus have put t e fair
minded men ol the Democrccy to
thinking. The Inclosed thouuh'ful
article is from the Dresden Enierprm
of yesterday. Pleaso rspuhlih it.
There is one vHw in this subject l lint
has not boen dwelt upon, via , the
possibility, under a mrj irity caucus,
witli the ga atttehment, of the
Slats being represented in the Kra e
thronvh a minority of the Legislature-whereas
ths lw requires the
Henatnr to be elected by a majoiity of
the General Assembly. H ins are
actually urging that a bare majority of
Democrats shall dio'ate who the Sena
tor shall be. This would put It In the
power ot fortv-three members out of a
Legislature cf l.TlmembeiB, to decide
the contest Tula would be doing
violence to all tha traditions ol Dem
ocracy, aa well as t the geniui of
representative government. A caucus
nnder the two-thirds tale with a j iut
ballot of thirty six, would be a breeder
of discontent but a n ajirity caucus
might breed disintegration. It Ib
presumed that no aspirant would spit
npon a Republican ti he wantsd to
vote Jor him.
A Pree Plant fer All.
Dresden EnlerpriM: The next Legis
lature will be sailed on to elect a
United States Senator, a Comptroller
and a Treasurer, lo addition to minor
clllcetJ connected with iia organ sa
tion. It is, of corjsje, unanimously
conceded that none but Demociats
should or could be elected to those
efficea. The chief interest ia centered
npon the ofllca of United States Sena
tor, snd there sre some seven or eight
avowed and possible candidates tor
this position of high honor. The
Democracy of all these candidates
has too long burn tried to be ques
tioned for a moment, and whoever is
elected among tbem will never prove
faleo to the party thu honoring him.
We take it that, so far as Democratic
loyalty is connorned, ail thee-e distin
guished caudida'es are on an equal
footing. lathe next L"gis!a'urs the
Democratic majority on joint ballot
will be thiitj six. This majorily is so
overwhelming aa to piec ndu tha possi
bility ot the election ot any but a
Demociai-, and one strong ream. u for
the necessity tf a cinema does rot
exist in tl;e pr.ei'nt instsr.c. Aa
no party intonst is to ba served
hy a caucus, and as all the
candidates lor Senator are equal
in paity feally, and ceiually deserving
of the Iicikt they tees, it eee nis to us
that the fair thing would be a free and
open race for all. The party would
thus be treating its candidate s impar
tially and would cement them to it
hfitcad of repelling them. Of course
but one man ran he elected Senator,
and there is bound to be a number of
disappointed candidates who will have
the Byropstty of their respective fol
lowinga. Is it not a wise party policy
to so treat all these contending olc
ments aa to make them feel that,
though tbey weie defeated, It was
fairlv and ouenlv done without any
resoit to star chamber tactics? What
will best strengthen the party and
inbierve Its ioteies'sT is the rara-
mount question, not what candidate
shall receive the CMVeted honor? which
in nurelv a tiersonal consideration.
There is no party prinolple involved
in the census question; it is mereiy a
question of expediency; and it is trie
height of folly to make it a test of De-
mnniacv. as some are trviog to do. So
far as the utterances and actions of the
nartv are concerned, the caucus has
never been a favorite patttf its ma
chinery. It will be remembered that
a resolution favoring canruirs wis in
troJuced in our last Stats Convention,
and It was nromntlv snd emphat ctlly
distpproved as a rule that could be
safely prescribed. Were there the e
molest possibility ol Demot ra'lo de
feat in the next Leulilature, there
wnulil ha some occasion for a Dtmo
cratlo caucus a pices of machinery
that ia onlv called into use nnder
very exceptional circumstances when
the Buccessof the rarty le mcneced.
Without pretending to know which
candidate, or pet of candidate, wou'd
be benefl ed by a c ucus, we are d
nidddlv of theouiuion that a broad,
conserve tive spirit should contr .1 the
rartv that spirit which is manuetiea
by lmiartisl irsatment of Democrats
seeking its honois. Any policy suop
ed for the exclurive bemju of any one
furtioncan donothina but brew ducontrnl
and weaken the parly. Such: is the cau
cus row con tern ptaied, and ai such it
should be disapproved.
Inspect W tsl ford si atoch
Mrnp of I' inn,
Manufactured only by the California
Fig Syrop Company, Ban Francisco,
Oai.is nature's own true laxative. It
Is the moil easily taken and the meet
pleasantly ifldCtive .remedy known to
cleanse the eyatso wheii bilious or
costive; to dispel heaiacnee, coiui
and ieivars: to cure habi uat const' pa
tion, indiges ion, eto. rrreain in ou
nonta and tl bottles bv H. J. Il'lster
and all leading drnga a; Van VWet
A On.. G. W. J. n-scklk)., W, n. VV 11
keram ci Co, S. M.nsfl'ld & Co. have
heen anuointed wholesale agents at
Memphis.' !
Flue Wali'lifx Ht 1nHord,il
Holiday tints. .
Nothing more u?ef tl, inexpensive or
acceptable I hart a box oi ioigai
Cabhuere B luqtiet Soap.
Holldaj Prek)ul, Malford'a
- 5
IVORY ((.'uii,0 SPOON.
Z ON W FISH l a lifir ISental C'renm.
ll.i'lcatiHioir. reri.ii.IOng aiil pi'cTRtiM
pr..perliia, iti-lu-lnus navonim and cimvenifiwe
of us,, 'l:ic It flir in aiIvinco of all pn.vlolis
preparations for tliv T. Ui. H.ilil hyall Druniwu
Junasoa A Jonasoa, OpcmM CtinnUs
S3 Cetlsir atreet. Sew Turk
' Not onlv shortens the lime of l.bnr
ad les.ens the pain, hut It anally
diminishes the danger to lite ot both
mother and child, and leaves the
mother In a condition more tnvoratile
to speedy recovery, and lets liable to
Flooding, Convulsions, ai d o her
alarming symptoms. Its eflicscy In
this respect entitles it to bs ca led
Thi Miitusk's Faiaxn, and to rank
as one ot the life saving remedies of
the nineteenth coniury.
We esnnot publish certificates eoe
eernli.g this remedy without wound
ing the riell any of the writers. Yet
we have hundred, on file.
Bead for our book, "To Mother!," mailed
For Honss, Cattle, Sheen,
H Dogs, Hoes, Poultry, s
I tJSED B T V. S, OOyttT?!
Chert ea aeOin, aa4 shI Seat Pne.
nraits-Kevera. 4'ongestloas, InHasMallen..
I, II. Mrattii, LfitnrviiM lihnui
V. IMaiimiiprr. IHaHa
I. lt.--li(ttai far lirtibat. ITornia.
tralni. l.aiiMoiifM. HltnumatlMtt)
St PBTtlP. m
C. K. lmvt, rrtrttHsiln,
l-rtllr or v.rliM-, llnllvavlta. J
l.(J!1siaarrtftan. Nrinorrrittt
ll.ll.-l rtn
Tf. I. -Km
1 rlnsarv and K Initw Uti
J. K. -lllaoe.ee ot Ulaeatlou.
I'rh-o, Bottle (oror H doeeas. .V
Stable t'ase, with Manual, (OT) pages w(lhT"Vi
,, cnarti iiiikihiiw Mom iMm, iwtusul niton
ill llaial Oil eud llauliator, ,
' . u... I...... li -Mi.t -riUM .. t
Humphrayt' Med. Co., 109 fulton St,, g. T.
al W
I u uasi Oil viMim. Tha on lr BtintifiMful mi
Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness.'
nil Trout ratiim, front or-worlt or oitror CAafinii.
I nnr or A fin' mil Inrue vinl tiowtlur. for M.
nourtT i)RiifHJirrrH,orawntpoMtnitiiinii
llaaphnr.' HnlklMC, lug VuU IU.,
V3S Ni;.l NT.
Wa If. M CV Alalia,
ieneral Jobber la IlltlCK ItORKl
HRATK3 BKT, and Hmoktng Chlmneyi
(tiered. All work fiirnteed.
"To the VICTOR the LAUREL."
Pie-smlceot In every Mgtier quality, the
HANAN SHOE has become the lecognited ttacdaid
lor tics wasf among diecominatiog g.oelaaien.
A Irian with limine nnd Conscience
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when mull kn Urti tin- door. Swh arc invitad
In try nnr uiir ot " HiHian's" Hliia-. We know
Mie rraoll : every niiin wlio waola the brat and
6oe.t ailiiic in t he- nmiLct w ill Ik-limiic a pvrpet
aal " llanaii " man.
MaKTTM'H (waatacuL tot.
LlalK, SIS Sixth Ht., Washington, p.
0. Provldoa practically aaatul husmesseda
nation. No terms nor vacations. Htudsnts
enter at any tim. Terns i Llie scholarship,
asa Twelve weeks' Course, hoard, eto.,J75.
hend for clrnlae.
Cream Balm
Gives lU'lef at I
onoa aad Cares
iw "IDay; .-a
C ATA R Bit,
Hay Fever,
or Powder, Free
from Inlarlou
""d"4 M" HAY-FEVER
A particle Is applied Into eaoo noatrll an
Is agreeable. I'rice Ml cent at Drngglstat
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ul.V UltoS.. Druwos'.s, Owego, N. I.
Kow-Tlie l Ime To fciismiltite
ACTIVK Klucla;iou in the Market offer
onportunitie. lo speeolat'rs to mils
money I ' Clrain, Stoats Itonds and Petro
leum. Prom t personal e'tei.tion given ta
orders received by ;,re or mail. Oortwt
poudence solioited. Full Informal on ,abou
the markets in o.ir Book, which will be for
wardud Iree on application.
II. . KYLtf, Baaker and Broker
SS Broad A Ne auauto. Nsw X orkOWje.

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