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1VII--U 'J-1V1I II II Mill
- . i
As interview with Senator Voor
te6a 1b at any time iotereBting; -the
one we pobliah in another colamn
and f or which we are indebted to the
Courier Journal (s especially 83, aa it
deals with eeveral important national
question?, but pruticularly because it
gives the inside view of the contest be
tween the Rupublicaca and the D;in
ociats for possession of the Indiana
Legislature and the electioa of a
United Stins Secalor. Senator Voor
heee epeaka with entire candor and
frankness, and does not fail to put the
boot on the rght foot. He know the
polities and politicians cf the 8ute aj
well rs any man in it, and aa he has
fooght all along the lines that have
beendrawn since 18S0, knows Ida op
ponent and understands their
methods. What he seys can therefore
be relied np3n both what he says Of
the prerent situation and of the pur
pose of the Democrats to elect a ben
Tub labor troubles have almost
reached our djos. As our special from
Jackson tel's, the strikers refuse
allow any traius to leave that place
either for St. Louii or for Mobile,
This is altogether wrong, and with fauJ
miodrd people will work dieasircuel
for the woiking claues. It robs them of
the sympalby of avery iLfljential class
that regards them ai cn a par with the
dynamiters. The employes of the Mo
bile and Ouio railroad have a right to
stiike, but they have no right to pre
vent the company frjm onsMtinir, its
road. To do that is to rob it of it
earnings and deny ti its stockholders
the rights guaranteed them by th
constitution cf tbe Btats and of the
United States. The workmen at Jack'
son Lave a right to combine for thei
-own interests, but they have no right
to prevent the company from coj
bining for its interests. The labor of
the country bss everything to lose and
nothing to gun by these nnwise pro
ceedings, and by resorting to murder
ous bombs, as in Fan FaD(ijeo yes'.er
day. Propel ty and life must bo mada
secure at whatever f acriflca or cost,
Bcpoiig the interstate commerce b 1
passes it would ba well for Congress
to find out how far its provisions are
ca'culated to interfere with and injure
the commerce of the country. Kail
road supervision is admitted, even by
the leading railroad men, to be essen.
tial, not only to commerce, but for tho
safety of the roads one from the other.
The only question is how best to a?
camplish there purposes. It cannot b
done by forcing arbitrary rat
and compelling the roads to
charge pro rata for short as for loog
1 1- -r '
iiuuiB, or vice versa, ixing cams are
the remunerative part bf the business,
and local rates on the same basis
would ruin any company in the coun
try. Oa the other hand, through
rates on the average local basis would
rain the Western farmer and South
em planter, who could not possibly
pay them. The result of such freight
chargos would be that wheat would
become a drasr ard cotton would ba
confined to tbe local spinners in the
Southern States. Lands would conse
quently decrease in valua, and wide-
spreai ruin won.u toilow. Tha truth
is, that the railroad business is
more and more every year
sdjnatirg itself to the iocreassd de
mands cf the public, and has already
done a vast work by enabling the
western Jarnior to i-n'p Jus grain to
E urope at ooinpeting and rtmunera
tive press, and the Southern planter
to find a ready market for liis cotton.
Tet there are evils to be corrected and
others to be guarded againht. There
fore the necessity for a Railroad Com
mission, with power not to prevent
pooisor tnoct ruin by putting IccjI
and torongh rates on the same basis,
dui to prevent discrimination and
combinations nf roads against roads
to ine injury ci me public .
Is answer to "Tax Payer," the Ap
hal bai to say that the water ques
tion has been Battled. It was eeUled,
nd dcff.iitely, last week by resolu
tions of the Council pledging the city
to build and control its own water
works. An t, as a first step towards
that end, it has adopted the report of
the Citizens' Committee, which is
conclusive as to the manner of con
strut tion, the location of the point of
intake and the adoption of the Hyatt
filter. This settled upon, what more
can be said that is not snperfi rjons, that
is not unnecessary. The very fact
that this is the city's attitude pre
vented tho sale by the water company
of its franchise and works to Bullock
A Co., of New York. The failure to
effect that sale leaves the Watar
Works Company and the city in ex
ctly the same position towards
each other that they ocenpied
when the agitation of the question
of water works was first begun more
than a year ago. It is now for the
company to sell to the city and we ap
prehend that that can be done on a
fair basis. There is no disposition on
the part of the poopla of Memphis to
injure their fellow citizens who own
tbe water workB. They are prepared
to deal with them in a spirit of fair
neea and equity. They have no desire
to injure them in property or fortune,
and when tbe hour for final settlement
arrives wa feel cure it will be mada in
a spirit of tqnity and justice to both
parties. This is the attitnde of the
water company to tbe city and of the
Council to the people. It is, there
fore, we submit, undignified in the
city to entertain bids cr offers like
thf of Turner, Dilliway & Ransom,
of Boston, which Mr. Hadden gave to
our reporter on Monday with injunc
tions of secrery and n;t to publish.
Tbe water question, so far as the city
is concerned, has endsd. It is pledged
to build and maintain its own rater
works, it bai adopted a plan, aud all
that is now neeii d is an authoriza
tion by ths Legislature to issue bonda
nd begin te work,
The Hames of the Memphis Firms
Who If ill S offer From the
Littlb Rocr, Ark., De-ember 23.
The close of tbe year 1SS0 is ptoving
'atber disastrous to some of Little
Kock's heretofore first class busineea
irtfctitutiors. This morciiaz Jonathan
Kellccg, doing busincs) under tbe
firm name of 'V
to Albert O'Neal for the benefit of his
credited. The failure caused nni
vereal eurpriee, as Kellogg was thonght
to be doing a good nearness end in a
perfectly solvent way. The Kellogg
PiinMnz and Blank Book Manufactur
ing Company has long been a house
hold word throughout the length and
breadth of this S'ate. About a year
ago the firm bought a stock
of tttiocery formerly belonging to
ths O'Neal A Srnvtns Oompmy, and
this elephant forced tho fiim to the
wall. The msjirity cf the crrditore
resida in this city. Those preferred
have cla'rns azainst the concern for
$10,103 98. There is a mortgage on
the printing machinery in f Ivor of W.
V. Late a lor UUU. t.om the Dret
infermntion obtainable tbe liabilities
of Mr. Kellopg are about $13,000; esti
mated assets, ioU.u u.
The community bad scarcely di
gested the Kellogg failure when a ru
mor became cmrent that tbe S. H
Kirby Sowing Machine Company had
also been forced to the wail. Inquiry
at the United Sia'es Courtroom.
brought out the fact that Mr. J. Er'o.
of tha law firm of Carnth A Kro, of
this city, had filed a bill before that
tribunal on bsha'f of the White &
Bratt'eboro Sawing Machine Com
pany, of Ohio, in connection with
J. M. Rose, attorney, r.f Little
Rock, against tbe Fir.it Na
tional Bmk of this city, Ligan
H. Roo's, president thereof, the
8. B. Kirby Company and 8. B. Kiiby.
In the bill it is charged by the above
tewing machine companies to whom
Kiiby is largaly indebted, that Kirby
is and has bceu collecting large rums
of money fiom penorm indebted to
his company, which he refuses to pay
to the above creditors; that the First
National Bark at.d L"gan II. Roots
holds a largi amount of notes due to
the company as collateral sacurity for
loans pretended to have bsen
made 10 the Kirby Company,
and ss these colluteial securities
are in rxrpgs of the sum due tbe
bank and Roots. The appointment.
oi a receiver to take lull cnargeot tbe
concern is prayed. Tbe Rev. Cox
was appointed receiver. Dnn's com
merclal egency quotes the firm's pa
par as racing JKO Ha has dose the
principal sewing machine business in
Arkansas aud Texas for the past fif
tesn years, and to ray the people
throngbont this section will read of
the two above failures with turprue is
to draw it mildly.
Next on the lift Is Sutler, nm-
mingway & uo., oi Wbeatiey, a little
town on the M-tmpbis and Little Kock
road, who, today, are f orcid to succumb
to ercu instances with liabilities at
143,000 ; assets about half the t amount
J. R. (iodwia and I)av, Horton &
Bailey, of Memphis, ate the ptincipal
The sir is filled with rumors to the
effect that other large concerns in this
neignbornood are standing uoon eandv
soil, and liable to go np the fluo in a
day or two.
Gbebnvillr. Miss.. D. cember 23.
L,. .hek stone & Uo., oi this town, were
atiacncd lotiay.
Linden. Ala.. December 23. R. M.
Schwarz, of this town, won attached
Yazoo City, Miss., December 28.
Haumberg A Co., of this city, were
auacneu touay.
Jackson, Tenn.. December 28. II,
K Burke, dealer in wines, liqnorp,
inued yosteraay. riis liabilities are
stated to l e $4000, oss.Ms between
l.'OOO and $300X Mr. Burke hai been
financially embarraesed for some
time. He is a good citizen and has
the sympathy ol tha public,
Masonry ChrUtmaa Festival Tbe
Onlfand Snip Island Ballroad.
Jackson, AJiss,, Dacember 28 The
newly elected officers of Misei-dipni
.1 X- i T ! i.. f 7
Jackson Roval Arch Chapter No.
6 and Heart Lodga, No. 23, of Masons,
ware installed lust night at the Ma
sonic Hall. After tbe installation all
partook of a snmptnous barqaet
served in an adjoining room. Short
addresses were made by several of tha
Masons, among whom was the Rav. T.
W. Caskey, a visiting brother, who,
was an ante-bellum cit r.ua and was
Eminent Commander of this com-
mandeiy and High Priest of the chap
ter over thirty years ago. lie called
the roll of the then active Masons and
contemporaries, and none answered.
All, or most an, are dean.
This afternoon tha children cf St.
Andrew's Sunday school bad a festival
and Christmas trae at tbe church.
There was some fine tinging, The dis
tribution of the beautiful presents
with which the tree wps heavilr laden
among tne joyous ana nappy recipi
ents was pleasing to behold.
Tbere was a meeting of the Board
of Directors of the Gu f and Ship
island Kaurosa uompauy at their
efhee here today, at which it was de
termined, immediately after ths 1st
day of January next, to put 3)0 to
400 convicts at work between Hatties
burgaud ths Ou'f c:ait, uoder the
management of the president of the
company. The terminal points have
not yet been decided upon. The
force between Ri pley and Pontotoj will
e incretsed to 200, nnd will br under
tee management of Dot. w. C. Falk
ner, vica president of the eomnanv.
Tbe engineer corps are locating the
southern end and an another ecaineer
Ml L . t .1 n t . "
lorca win do put in ine nsid bstwten
Pontotcc and llonston. It is likely
eorce portion of the convict force will
be employed on the levees of the Mie.
el-s dpi river. Uoi. Junes a. Haaitl
ton was elected general manager of
the company, sod remains in charge
of the Penitentiary and convicts at
Jackson. Gen. Wra. Henry remains
as secretarv and sntut general
manager, .h very arrangement nr tb
maintenance of the Penitential v and
the -proper e 8m working if the
convicts has been made.
Tbe Holidays More KJyabI Than
Kvrr Pruaitl Hvnlloa.
lanoiAL tu tii .rriAi.t
Niwbkbn, Tnn., Daiember 28.
Tho weather has baen vjry pleasant
nere ti.i yes erday, when a stron
northern wind set in and tho ther
mometer tumbled in a hurrv.
So fur the holidays hava Darsd cfl
very satisfactorily to ths most of our
The deacons and elders' meeting at
tbe Cumberland Pretbytcriau Church
Saturday was well attended and proved
most beneucial meetirc: and aleo
tbe concert at the college did much
credit to all connected with it.
Mi;ses Lucie and Cora Harris have
returned from school tor the holidays
Mrs. W. O. Dickey and Miss Bell F. r
tune are enend'iDg the holidays in
Memphis. Prof. Meaders and wife, of
Atnia, are nere on a v. sit to friends
miss Lena Murnes, cracuer ot music
in high school at Atoka, and Mi. a
Mattie McCorklo, music teasher at
Heaninfifl, are borne during Chrietma",
i nomas i'jiK. u. i'arrs and K. 11
Baker, all kniiibta of the sample case
are at boms during the holiday. XV
Li. uni ana miss xsannls Jobiiflton
wero maried a few davs Ego. There
are nv.re mnirirgaable youog ladies
and fawer young men in our town
than aay other plac?, perhaps, in Wit.
ienno.'S"e. A o vvriahr, who sh
himself through tke leg while fooling
witn a pisioi, is ao:e to be out again
Rev. J. H. Byera, a temperance lec.
turer, called to sen ns.
Ihe TeanrnKt Iron Hills nKlna
OiieialloD A Cniinl Prrjrrt.
Nashvillb, TsNN..Drember 28.
A dinner was given to 700 poor cull
bren by the Nashville Rslief Society
today. Bsaides this, tbe Society Fetit
6VJ uinners to cniidren employed in
fa-jtorics, who could not be present at
the regular least.
ires were hunted in the Tennes3en
Iron Compony's rollitie mill at
o'clock this morning, and thus one of
tbe mo t important acquisitions to
Nashville interests was put in opera
tion. Their mill is located in West
Nashville, tor some months work on
tha mills has been in progress, and
tbe "start" was looked - forward to
with interest by busines men and
others who have tbe prosperity and
welfare of the city at heart. The mill
now In operation is capable of makine
merchant iron, such as email, round,
fiat, square, oval, one half round and
one ha f oval, besides wagon and sad
dlery novelties. The first iron made
today was lx J inch flit bars, and is to
nil an order lor the Htate prison.
Anions the best things promised lor
nasuvme is a canal, which it is pro
poaea ta construct irom tbe upper
is ana in ine i umneriana river throuct:
and along Shelby's bottom to the lion
truss bridge. Tbe plan is to give tbe
water in the canal a fall snfiinient to
operate a score of mauufactoiies. A
number of c ipiUlisls aie considering
toe scneme witn a view oi iormina
company for the purpose of prosecut
ing the work. The matter waa flrft
suirgsted by a gentleman, who. on
recent vieit to Minneapolis, was struck
with the wouderful water power of
mat piace.
Tle Hoybcoil or tha Prlionrm In
Lbavbnwortij, Kas..' December 28,
The details of tha PdCiflc Einreea
roDoery as published this morning
nave createu mncn comment Cera.
Every party yet implicated in it is a
former resident ot Leavenworth.
Weaver, Cooir, Whitrock and Haiirht
were schoolboys here together. As
they grew up they became wild and
reckless and were always classed us
rough chaiactars. They were all here
las; snmmer end :t la be oved that
the robbery vrai planned in Leaven
worth. Mrs. iralKbt Taken to HI. Lonia,
Nashville, Tenn.. Docember 28.
Mrs. HaiKht, wife of the express rob-
btr arrested here Christmas day, lelt
for St. Louis tonight in charge of a
detective. She is thoueht to havn
aided in planning the robbsry and to
have $12,l)0J of the money in her pos
sesion. Mrs. Haight has been here si nee
the middle of the month, coming here
from Leavenworth. She was cloeelv
watched by the detectives, because
she was suspected of having much oi
the money in her possession. She is
a email woman of quiet manners and
very intelligent, bhe relused to be
Strike Among the H. A
Brakemen Contlaaes.
Ispacut TO THK APPHI.,1
Jackson. Tenn.. December 28.
The strike of the freight brakemen
on the Mobile and Ohio railroad,
which began last Saturday, still goes
on. lhe brakemen are vciy de
termine! and declare tbe trains shall
not move. Superintendent Hamilton
attempted to have tbe trains coupled
np yesterday, bnt the conplicg pins
were pulled oat as fast as they were
pot in. Warrants were issued today
for twelve of tbe strikers and
in the hands of the Sheriff, who ar
rested six of thorn and presented them
Deiore a J ustice of the Peace, charged
with felony in obstructing traffic and
mails. Thv thereupon gave bead
and were reloased. It ia thought that
the labor troubles in onr midat will be
satisfactorily adjusted tomorrow.
"MoTHEtt, the ladiea are ntu in
spring drefses and I can't wear mine
for fear ot neuralgia." "Pshaw, child,
go and buy a bottle of Salvation Oil."
"Osr Baby's First Tear,"
by Marlon HarUnd. with other valna-
ble information: fcirtv-eiirht paire honk.
Sent free on receipt of 2 cent atamn.
Exchange Building. New York City.
Lr.tDBOBu'B perfume, Edenis
Lnndbors's parlnmt. Marnhai Nl!
Lundborg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lundboru's porfama.lLilv of tha
lave tmeats In loduntrlal Enter
jirlscs and the Growth of OonU
deice Amoag Capitalists.
Baltikore, Md, Decmbr 28. In
its auuna! review of ths irtdu trial
progrrss of the Sonth, tbe Baltimore
if witii-t terra Fecoxl in this wtet s
issue will say that 18 has been tha
mwl remnrkalde year in many re
spects in the history of the Southern
States aid more has bren a-wnrtiplis'v
ed for lhe pmgrcBi of lhe whole South
than ever before in any year. Tills is
shown in the enrruious investment
of capital in industrial enterpr.ses a-.d
in the growth of coendeuce among
.Northern and European inves orn In
the stability of the eionth'n iron and
other u.anufacturing in'eres s. The
amount of capita', including capital
stock of incorpoia-.ed ouipmies rep
lesented by the tew luauulac'niiog
and mining enterpriaos organized nr
chartered m ttie South during ISNft,
including the enla gemeut of other
plants aud rebuilding of mills, avgro-
gates iviv?M,w) aga nst $jd,812,C0J
in 1885.
of at'ent'OD and some g cantic entsr
piibes havs been organised and are
now building furnecea. The Tonnts
see Coal, Iron and Kailrcd Company,
witn a capital oi t li'.WJ.ou.l, have nve
furnaces in opirntioa and a ebitildirg
five more, ueBidos coke ovens and
opening new coal mines, Tbe Slcss
lion end eteel Company, with an in
vestment of S5,eOU,000, has two fur
naces now and have given contracts
lor two more, and will a so
build a steel plant. Tbe Birming
ham Fornacs and Manufictoring
Company, with a capital of $1 500.-
000 has just been organized by Penn
sylvania capitalists to bnild two fur
naces. Five furnaces are to be built
at Sheffield, thrje at Florence, two at
iie.'Bemer, and feveial at other dUcub.
The aggregate cf new furnaces report
ed for the year were tweoiy-eiuht,
most of them o! from 100 to 151) toes
daily capacity. One Bessemer atsel
rail mill is nearly linished, one Besao-
mer plant has baen ompleted, one is
under way, bids have bft-u Invited for
the construction of anotlier. and sev
eral other ttjel plants l av ) busn de
cided upnn. Other interests as well as
iron, however, sra being rapidly de
ve optd, and inc'.udad in;
during 183d were 28 iron furnanfs, 60
ica f -ctorie?, 08 foundries and machine
shops, many of. them of large size,
1 .Bessemer steal rail mi 1. i'O mis
cellaneous iron works, including iron
pipe works, bridge and bolt works and
8 stove factories, 20 gtsworbs, 31
electric light companies, 11 agricul
tural implement faotonerf. 174 m:n dot
and quinyiug enterprie s, 10 car
riage and wagon faotorio, 9 cotton
mills, 25 furniture faatoriei, 42 watar
works, 68 tobacco fctories. 82 flour
rnilPB, 418 lumber mills (col conntinir
small portable saw railli). including
saw and planing mills, ra.-h and door
iactinen, Btave. handle, fhinula. hub
and ppfikPjehutLid blosk fdbtoies, etc.,
in addition to which thera was a largo
number of miscellaneous enterprises.
"Una of the most tiratifring feature
of th Somh's indtistrinl progrtsi,"
Bays the Mannfacturtrt' Hreord, "ia the
wide diversity of new Indus, nee that
are developing a:i through thut sec
Action icluat Brewers In the Pool
New Yokk, December 28. The Oen
tral L'quor D.alero Asbcc 1 1 on ol this
ciiy, today decide 1 to refer the ones
tion of a strike againet the pool of neer
Drawers to tre memern ul the local
district oreanizitions. If the loon's
back up their cs-icciati'in thev will
mier all members to stop buying boer
from tho seventy-seven breweries
which form th" pool and to Imv tlieir
beer from the six brewers who do not
belong to the pool, lhe Beloon
koepers say that if ihey ttbh to change
tueir urewer tiiey havo to pay 10 pur
tent, more for beer Mid that the
bietvrrs in the cool airree to forfeit it:
for ivory barrel of beer ttaev fell to
anomer crewera customer. ibev
claim that tho pool is determined to
force the brewers who are not mem
bars to join the p"o1.
Bevislua Army Vrsrulatlons A. Call
lor uoudti.
A Board of Army Offijars hes been
appointed to meet at. tha War Depart
ment January m, lor tha curnoso oi
revisiDK sua conaensing tne regula
tions oi tne army and preparing a new
edition ot the same. Ths board con
sittsof Uen. 8. V. Bennet, Chief tf
Ordnance; Col. E. 8. Otis, Twentieth
nfantry; Liont. Col. Robeit N. Scott.
nurd Artillery, and Jt irst JLieut. Ed
ward Davis, Third Aitillery, recorder,
lbs commissions of sixty Presiden
tial postmasters will expire in Janu
ary, 1887. Among the more promt
nent ofliTS are: Monterey, Cal.; Mon
mouth, III. ; Hutchinson, Kasr; Salinn,
Kas.: Kureka. Nev. : Last Portland.
ure.;ugneo, Utah, and rrairie da
Chien. Wis.
G. J. Lund. Assistant Pnncr n-
tendent of tbe Railway Service, has
Ths Secretary of the Treasury this
afternoon losued the 146!h call for the
redemption of bonds. Tha call Is for
$10 000,003 of the three ptr cent, lean
oi issz.
A Ttrrlfle aart Fatal F.sstloslon.
Des Moinbs Ia.. December 28. A
bailer at tha Armstrong mini, at An-
HU B, exploded tbia afternoon, killing
three man and wouotlin two othera.
The dead men art Sol l'iper, firoman,
scalded and mangled ; John Il'ytho,
pit boM, head blown off; (J Ii dries Oiir
fo, workman, blown to fragments".
The Injured are Ted Richarda, work
man, who will die; O. d. Armfitrong,
engineer, aliehtly Injured, will re
cover. Th boiler head wai blown
throngh a coal car and a distance oi a
?uarter of a mile beyond. No cause
or the accident ii assigned.
Ths DcllKblfal Uqald Laxatlra.
Syrnp of Figs ia a mott agreeable
andvalnnble inrnily remedy, an It ia
easily taken by old and yonng, and ia
prompt and effective in cuilng
habitual cona iputi jn and tbe many
ills depending on a weak or inactive
condition of tbe kidney, liver and
Bovrels. It acta gently, (trmglbens
the organs on which It act, and
awakens them to hf althy ictivi'y. For
sale by 11. J. Uicter anu all tending
drngni ts: Van Vlet-t & Co,. W.
Jonfs A Co., W. N. Wilkorem A Co.,
and ti. Manefield A Co. have been ap
pointed wholoaale ageuts at Memphis,
Kvanlns- Hautai antl Tnf'rs-Th
rropar t s inr Hanllf ht KOiota.
Ilandsoino Hrol'-F.ir 'm K0ct,
Kew seea-JnstR(ircd.
Wasr Wlovrw-ReMivsil Pivllr.
I'lowrra toil Hair Oraausenia-lrj
TidicI and NllTtr.
6poUI and ExtrttoMinsr Re-tno'.lonn THIS
ITitK in rlbb
Wraps andJackets
a-Wsvfrr munh daftrs t il"'s dnwntt 0k,
iiArtiouisny ia rms riuDM. lou larrs
I, ire wi' I bn hia taSv t'. i.i.lAmlila Alnn
by pnrehiiint your Cloaks, J scksta or Wrap
UO'S AHB.vin o -ha
Untrlminrd Pins Kottnat LOWfiR PRICES
thin srer bslors socrsd.
In Our Trimmed Hat Dep't
M effur many flrent Part!ns to Rcduo
Stock hMr InyonVory.
In Our Dress Woods Dcp't
wa (bull offer fjrexl Porrninn In DRRSS
COMBINATIONS, be.ld.i vr ChlM Vs.d
(loodi lower lliaa tains loods sai as bougtal
m iuis ouy.
Handkerchief & Glove Dep't
lou oanbuy ioji Tory doalrabts ttiins,
bcnu wtnh, nnd ur dt-Ui-ui
i o s d , T (Mia. L L T li K M .
r All Ihla Wr: IKt-lnl and rinb.
sliinllnl llarKalaa, at
D. P. UtiiniN, rrnttdeut.
twu, UokDrxiTH, V vi Frssldent.
Jamsh Nathan, CsiLier,
ur INTKRI NT at ths rU of 8 r sonl.
porsnnuin nai boon declared bvtheBnwd
ufXrailefion all snoounis entitlei thereto,
vvbois to usninna alter usMmrwr .Hut.
nlereMt not druwrn will ha nr.lil.l t
nVpiKitoM' acrount, fame a ai-w deposit.
will draw iatereit from January 1st.
Prof. V. 8. MALLETTi,
YoU'f) al(ur aud rilii((liir.
osn be teen at liollon berg's, Ns. KH Main
trset. Houre 11 to 13 tti , nnd 4 IsS v.n.
TII firm oro. W. 1 borons t Co. Ik this
day ittolved by roniual content, M.
T. Etriokiand retirlntr. Either party will
oolleol outstanding tlitlmi due the old firm.
(Irrmantown, Tenn., Pen. II, uml
Practical Planomake r
asid Rrpalreraof flnnoa, ranns.
And Moilcal Initrumenta Qnnerally.
857 MAIS ST., Mt.MPlUfl.
In the Country should order the
Ask your Oroocr or DrupgUtfor it,
or send to SPEC1IT & WALTKll,
Mapuriicturorfl, and tultn no other.
KW H' hnva a enr-lninl of jlonilnrna
Hitnaans, iikI rrrolxl, In ari-llmi(
ahlluK rlr. Van lsrk Ia pro.
Ircl from fris, 61.00 M (VI.HK prr
llnncli. Kudos money aarrdr for
Rollduys. Ti lotiono OtlS.
JOMNHO'V A ni'IMt-K, rrnntNi.
r 1 1 n 1 1 I I I II I Trfl
rpAPB WiiKiK HamoTsd AliTs.Irt frnia
40 minoteitoS b"am, with hl oom
I'lalo. or no ebune. NoKattlnir roiiuirad;
oo poiionnnn medlolnsi. (tan bs takon with
me by child or adult. (Ml or Hand far oir
oulari. 1)K. M. MY BMTni. .S,nlallit.
70 Madlnon strnet.
Public AdminiHtrator'H Hale.
Offlns of Public Administrator. Cnnrthnnta
HhslbTCoimtr, Tenn., Dsc.mber 1", lust).
NUXlCK ii barebr sivsn tha' 1 will, ai ad
ministrator of tha an Lata ol Wo.. T.
Prior, dcsuaisd, on
WcMlnrsitav. Iirrsinbrr 90. lhHH.
at ths Into raildssos of Dr. Wm. T. Prror,
on tho UIk Crsok road, on tho O , O. and rl,
W. K. II , near Fraaar btatlon, Bhnlbr c.un
ty, Trnn., pronrsd ts soil, at publlo sntorr,
to tho hidhcat biddsr, (cr fauh, ths followlns
liropsrtr. to witi 17 Head f Work Hunk,
ieer. and Thras U'ajffini. a an.ntitv ol
Fsrminc Imtilomentii. Plows, li ef, elo.
oalo to s miriones at 11 n'slonk a.ro-
JOHN LllAdUK. Puhlln Ailm'r.
and a inch Adin'r of ths titats ol Ir. Wai.
1. 1 flor, oncaifeii.
NR tract or Land, near Fravr (Stridor,
b hoi by cooutr, leno,, lorwoHjr owufi
b Dr. W. T. Prvor. and known as ths O. A
Hons trset. eonlainins 1ml tXl-Hx) unrm
tns lsrirs spp'ooronaru.
Ons trset n'limnins said Prr homcataail.
eontslnins 1W tW-lOU aT.f .
alio, one tract naar Lacy Htallon. Ehelbr
eountr. Tenn., bilunrins to tha e-tate l W.
X. Prror, deeeued, and known aa ths Dun
can Discs, eontalnlns 212 24'lUO acrn mora
or Isi.
All the a dots named and deter lied real
eitats will bs rented lor the year 1H87, on
WadBiHidsy. IaMnalar SO. lnH.
at what ti known at ths Pryor llnmeiitead,
sear fruser Station, Tenn.. at pnblle ontory.
J. H. liUNU, Keoeirer,
810 Pecond atreet, Meinphln, Tno.
Late of Holly Rortsr.. Mlialitlnrl.
Roam Mm. H, oliun kirhssis il a I Id
Ins;, Memphis, trmsi.
Will prieties in the Court- ot Isocsucs and
0am Bin or Mmirsts. I
Mrmubn. Tenn.. t'scsmber 10. Wtt. I
THK tho atoeliholderi ol this batik art
hereof notified that ths annual election
or Direoiori to rerro tho eniiulns venr will
be he'd st the bank on 1 HhHDA 1 , Jao'iarr
11, WH7, between ths hnuranf 10 a.m. end 1
p. ip. ynw. nui.u.iMi ru. caMrr.
ki t. rruv op niui.CKiK.
Cmns amd Pi.nifTi.il Bus or MmrRii,l
Msmphtr, Trnn., iJecembtra, lHin. J
STOCKH'il.DKKS areherebr notlflfd that
an slnctinn will bs held st thm H tok on
ths risoond Mir.dy In Jannarr, IHM7, Irom
lu a.m. until 2 p.m., to ehooie Directors to
lorrs tbe sniuing r.
p. r. AisAi, wiDier.
Total New JJusInpss Greater than tho total new business of All
Other Life Companies now represented in Memphis Combined.
Increase In SurpliiH more than twice the total Increaw ot
surplus ot all other Lite Companies now represented in Memphis,
HsMim No, I. Cotton Kxeliantto Uiilltliug;. Memphis, Tennessee
m m ail fllBMMBE
tVollelt u Hliurc of your i:ilrovujic. The
iiali(y of our Rami will be kept up to
(he lilglieht adiudiird.
Wo Make ii Specialty of Bar Goods
(I ( nr-IotMli Ntofl JVilK
."I Hr-l4taiU Nuutl nuil foil,
1 'iir-loiil l.artf, llama ami Niumuge.
it ('Hr-loiuli AiuorU'iiii NurdlucvH.
1 4'arlnml New JIiiIhIhh, ,
1 Car-load Xow Salmon,
1 !arlonl inliroriii Canned l'riilf,'
lO 'Mr-Iotitn Twiuatuen. 1ocIm'm, 'orn, Et,
1 ltarlwad Almoro'n "IIiko .Ileal.
li 4)r-liid Mow York HurUalwHt, .
3 arl4al! IlKleel, Kraut nnd ltrrel rklilra,
U 'iir-loiili Kilter .VIon lreaiu t'hoeso,
'ar-loal Vii'Klnlu I'eauutM,
ar-ladM l-'irul'raekerH nud rirewortiu,
SS Cur-lwnilM JK vital jiihI 4'mrruu(ti,
:t (lnrloailN Fluo HiiiiniiHM,
5 C'ur-loiKlu llel Iten Jlavix Applet,
j Carl'iads Syctts i'a2svy ' " t ,
1 4'ar-ioail Oatmeal. 4 trueked Htient. VAc. '
And a complete aMorliueut
lor i ue wihi iimo
MTMeud lor
Oliver, Finnie
Ho S87 Main Street, Memphis. Tenn.,
I 1 M
Cuti jry and Moohanica'
Kin f firs m mw mmm
Acme and Barney 6c Berry Skates,
Eolipso Door Springs and Checks.
"1 '.-.-
a , . ' ' .1 . ...... ai
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Molding, Lumber,
Lath and Shingle, Flooring, Celling nnd Cedar 1'okIs,
Iry Goods, Notions, Hosiery
Noh. and Maln Struct, Memphis, Tenn.
'our NiocK or ri i. ani wi.mikk .oii4 is i.h;k am noun
( OMfLKrU THAN KVRrl IIKFuHK.ani our
in ths Unni Htutea. Ws arc Agents lor,
Tennmne Manufuotarlna; Cu.'H Philip, Drills, Sliootln?, Slilrtin?, Ho
sMTli Tea want to niiks a prsfsntito roar tnn,' Husband. Brother or
Bweetheart, then u to M AUTIK OHtW, The llailnr. Yon wiU
fet'antosr and hotter suililyof Hat or t'ap for the moner this
snwbers slss In Msmphii. It will lie a lenalblotiiolection, and'i't
money thrown awsy. Irbs, tf Bndiih manufa.-tnro, a ipeoialty.
madobr Molrllle. 144 Regent street. London. CalltlroB'sJHats ia
all Tarlttlsa. aJant' Dress Jlnta-bsrr makes.
210 mtV tSTKRET. MKlf PlflW.
And Commission Merchants,
IVosj 31 nudSG jflndisoii street, Hcuipliia.
of Ntiiplo and Fancy Orocrl4M
oi couuiry Aiercaauta.
a l'rlce.iifat.ifftt '
prions will cumpuro witli tue ot anr bouf
Drills, Klicetln?,
i,i:h.wo. a uxt.r.
Ul WUU ' U UftMsUBlMa1iWUAs1U U
ata, llrau,
' , imllding aad Fire Bn.
j, 1 Howard's Row, itu
& Temts

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