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Declare! Tint lbs Democrats Will
Kot Tleli ta the Iafamoiu Con
aplrae; of the Bepublicani.
LotrkiTiLLi, Kr., December 27. The
i3ourier-Jtrnal pnblirhea the follow
ing interview, by ita Washington cor
respondent, with Senator Yoorheea,
explanatory of the Senatorial equa
tion in Indiana. The Senator, aa
nanal, ipaaka with fraDknres, nod
like a (rue Democrat. Betides the
Senatorial election, he baa also some
thing to say about the civil teivice
bill, of which be hai always been an
OotapoktB opponent.
Tbs Interview With aeaator Yaoi-
'sVnaior Voorheee, will yon beat
Indianapolis at the meeting f (be
Legislators T"
'Yea. 1 txaectto be there."
"Hive vom noticed the procrees of
ths contests as to the legislative seats
in different parts of Indiana, and hts
there been anything in the proceed
ing to Indicite that the Democratic
majority vi two on joint ballot is not
"I have kept pretty well np with
ths iBTeatieitions all over the State.
Every sup takea by the Bepnbllean
party te aaaltoy the majority against
tbeia in tbe Legislature seems to me
to have reacted upon them. Every
investigation has strengthened ths
claiansol ine Democratic party wan
honest majority in tbe LRislatnre,
The secsunl in ths case of Dr. Mo-
Glare, Democratic Senator from Jef.
ferson and Clark, resulted in a sab
stutial gain for him. Ths recount in
Vigo countr between Downing and
Bessley reunited ths saas way. Beas-
ley, tbs uemoorstM memDer oi ins
Lesislatm-'S gaining si t or seven votes.
Tbe reeuit of tbe contest atraUst
Masker, the Kcpablican member elect
from Knox. OibeM and Yanderbnrg,
is simply overwhelming ai to bis in
eligibility. Upon his own testimony,
be is no more entitled t) a seat in tbe
Indiana Legislators than he is in
Maine. How any hody of men, with
the slightest claims to respectability
or honesty, tan keep htm la bis
teat is beyond my compre
hension. 1 have no idea it will Da
done. No party can aflord to do any
thing of that kind. Investigation
shows, also, that there is nothing
whatever affecting ths eligibility of
Mauok, of Wells county, concerning
whom tbere baa been considerable
talk. As to the case of Meagher, tbe
Democratic member-elect Irom Vigo
county, a careful ectatiny of the facts
and tbe law in the case makes bis ell
gibillty absolutely conclusive. lie
was elected a Justice of tbe Peace to
succeed s man whose teini oi office
expired on the 7th of November, 18S0,
Ave days alter ths Ntata election. In
the meantime the oflloe wis abolished
by action of the Board of County
Commissioners. There was never a
time, therefore, at which Mr. Meagher
could iiave entered upon bis dut es as
a Justice, lie not only never did, bat
ne never eouiu nave uone so.
"Ia view of these fao;s.I am carious
to see how the Republican membera
oi, we Legislature
In the oate of Judge Larue, in 1875,
Judge Lime was elected Judge of the
Common Plena Couri of Tippecanoe
county, qualified, and entered upon
ths duties cf his office, lie served
aboat eighteen months, at wbioh time
the LsBttlature abolished the com
mon plets system of the State. He
bad been elected lor lonr years, not
withstanding his term of four years
was not exhausted by two and a half
voars, yel i'ua Republican parly took
him ap and elected bim a member of
tbe Benate, and when bis right to bis
Beat was contested, on ths ground of
ineligibility nnder tbe constitution,
- be wai seated by the votes ol tbe lts-
pubiioan patty, aided In some In
stanoes by the votes of Democrats. It
may be, however, that, right or wrong,
the Republican majority In the House
iniena to turn oat ueuiocrnuo mem'
"Ia that case what woo d you reo
ommend the Democrats ot Indiana to
"I shall advise the Democratic party
never to submit to such a bold and In
famous conspiracy against their rights.
We have the means in our bands to
prevent the success of such a ciime
against the popular majority, and I
am in favor of using them. There are
Republican Senators elected who
openly and shamelessly bought votes
with money paid out by their own
hands. They ought to be untested.
I know that we have an honestly
elected majority ot two in the Indiana
Legislature, sud I sm in favor of
maintaining it. There has been far
too much success in the past in such
nefarious work on the part of the Re-
fmbllcan party. I trust and believe
be Democrats of Indiana will give
them a lesson they will not coon for
get. A majority of two is just as
strong snd inviolable nnder the
constitution and the laws as
the majority of forty-six, by which I
was elected two years ago, and Is to bs
maintained at all haaarJs. The trou
ble with a certain clas of minds is
that a small majority presents a
tempting opportunity to steal it. It is
suggestive of a chance for political
Immorality The fact that only one
vote stood between Hayes's election
to the Presidency incited the disgrace
ful and finally auocessful contest of
1876 77. It is the same thing over
again, only on a smaller scale, now in
"Have you noticed the impudent
and bold claims of the Republican
press of Indians, sad do you regard
them ss being a mere bluST'1
"In the game they are attempting
to play the rule ia to claim everything.
Instructions to that effect have been
passed around, snd they have been
followed, without the slightest know'
edge of their correctness, by a large
majority of the Republican pr?ssof
our Slate. Such claims cannot, of
course, ha made in good faith. There
is not the shadow of a possibility of
ths defeat of the Democratic party in
this matter, if the members of the
Legislature and the party generally
stand together firmly sud in harmony.
I do not allow myse'f to suppose for
an instant that they will do otherwise.
It will bs a disastrous day for ths
Democratic party if, through any
divisions or discontents, tbe Repub
lican party ia allowed to ovf rthrow ths
' legally ascertained majority of the
Legislature. I bave fall faith in the
honesty and courago of my party
friends, whom I have seen tested on
verv many severe occasions.
"The deepest interest is manifested
all over the country in regard to the
result of the election of a Senator by
enr S'ate this winter. Hardly a day
passes tl at I am not approached by
Gentlemen of high erandiog from dif
erecl Btatf s of tbo Union on the sub
ject, Itisktown everywhere that a
majority of Democrats have been re
turned to the Legislature, and It Is ex
pected that that majority will be pro
tected. I may say that ths eyes of
the whole soon try are on ths ap
proaching Indiana Legislature."
"Have von any new opinion to ex
press on ths subject of the olvil sir
Ticelawr "No. I onnceed it from the time
it first aoneared cn tbe floor of the
Senate, where it oaginated. I de
nounced it then and tbere as a trap
laid by tbe Republican leaders, sided
by s few Democrats, whom they used
for the purpose, to keep Republican
ia office and Democrats out of office. I
said S3 then, in my place ia ths Sen
ate, and I sav so now. It was paraed
at a tisae when the entire r.fflcUl foice
of ths government was Republican,
sr.d its purpose from i's iuciiJsticy
wrs to keen tbetn from baiug turned
out in the event of a Democratic ad
ministration. I have seen nothing ti
change my nlnd on that subieet.
bolieve, with all the strength of an
bonest convict:en, mat ins party
placed in power by a top alar minor
ity anould admintnttsr trie government
through the hands of its friends and
not of itaenemifs. Ho other system
is practical or can result in public
"Speak of 'ths spoils of sfflce,' tbey
denonnce the ides that Ho the victor
belong tbe spoils.' Let us see for a
moment what that means. Bpolls la
thst connection csn bs nothing bat
ths offices themselves. The victors
are those who carry ths elections.
Now, if ths ttfl oca do not belong to
the people who carry ths elections
tbey most belong to thoee who sre
defeated at the polls. Tbey nasi go
somewbere. I bo.a mat unoer wen
known and reoogaisad principles of
popular government, based npon the
will of the people, these traces should
belong to the majority. These are my
views, ann lor mem a am eimpiy sou
individually responsible. I am not
attacking anybody nor defending any
body. I do not complain of Mr.
Cleveland for enforcing the law. He
did not make It. It was made to his
hand before he entered the White
House. If he libra the law better tbr.il
1 do an 1 1 tbiuk he does that is a
matter if tiste and bonest differ
encebet'teen him and myself. He has
never najsunderetood my views as to
tbe law iteelf. I think be lias given
me credit for honesty In entertaining
the views I have, and I have giveu
bim tbe earns. Nor bave I tbe slight
eat complaint to make cf Mr. Cleve
land in recatd ta his treatment of In
diana Democrats in (he distribution of
bis patronage ouUide of the civil ser
vice act Thers sre not many Repub
licans remaining in cfllce in ths State
of Indiana, and what few there are
are not in Important places, nor will
tbey stay long."
"Whatdoyoa think of the action
of the House iu refusing to take up
and consider the Moriison tariff bill T
It was a setious mistake. 1 do not
ssy ths provisions would meet my ap
probation. But while this govern
ment ia collecting moie tsxea than it
needs ti meet its legitimate expenses,
every honest proposition to inset such
an inexcusab e evil should bs fairly,
promptly and thoroughly considered.
We are lmmtdiatelr confronted by s
very ie:loua state efUo's. Here is a
large surplus of money in the Treasu
ry drawn irom ths people, and one of
tne problems is what ahall ha done
with it T And while it is thers idle
excessivs and euperflaom taxation is
still going on, Increasing the surplus
over and above what tbe government
needs for its actual expenses. This
state or auatrs cannot snd mast not
last. Every interest of tbe neonle and
every principle of free government
ana boneeiaaminisxrjtton demand its
correction. It is true that a few Dem
ocrats Vcted against ths consideration
of Morrison's bill, but it must not be
lorgotten tbat tbe Kepubllcau party
in Congress was practically solid
against it, and has proposed no
measure of its own. While
it is to be regretted thsi thers is divis
ion in ths Democratic party on the
subject, yet it will not bs overlooked
tbat the Republican party is a solid
obstacle to tariff reform, a reduction
of taxation and a redress of public
firievaocos. All talk about free trade
a idle and unmeaning at this time in
this country. I aland square upon
the Chicago platform of 1844. which
upholds the doctrine of tariff taxa
tion, but denounces the practice of
collecting any more mouey than is
necessary for the aotual expenses of
government whn economically ad
ministered. I regard this as the true
position for the benefit of all classes
tne urrner, tbe wage laborer and tbe
manuuoturer himtwlf."
Hold Their Tenth Aaaaal Ceaveic
ilea la at, Lonla.
St. Louis, Mo., December 28. The
tentn Annual convention of the Col
ored Teachers of Missouri met in ses
sion hers todsy, with about ICO dele
gates present. Capt. 0. M.Tandy, of
bt, lAtuls, made an address of wel
come, which was responded to by W.
W. Yates, of Kansas City. At ths
afternoon session the president, Prof.
R. T. Coles, ot Ksnsas City, delivered
his annual address, in which ha
snowed tnst tne colored people are
capable of high intellectual develop
ment; favored national aid foreduca
tion : urged the establishment of i
State university for colored yonths ia
Missouri, snd recommended Lincoln
Ins itute at Jeffereon Cily for that
dietinctlon, and pointed out the great
value of industrial education. Papers
were then read and discussed eflai tins
the interests and development oi the
negro, ine proposition tbat Uonirreas
should make good the losses sustained
by the depositors of the Freedmen's
havings juank receivod considerable
attention. Tbe Convention will sit
three days snd many questions of
great Interest to the eduoation and ad
vancement Of the COkired tU Will
come before It.
o.LirriETowaor bethlbhcm
0. HtUt Iowa f Both ahem,
How Itlll w (Mil ha I
Abor thr dtca anil SreamlMI SIMS'
Th tllant huari t" ty.
Tt In thr dark it'oU thlnttk
ThivrlMlint Lijhtj
Tha hope! and lor, of all ths jrcarl
Are mat In that tonight.
For Cfcrltt if kora of aUrj,
And (athtrtd all abova,
Whila mortal! a'aao tha antali kaap
Ibelr watch of wondariaf lora.
0 morning ltr, tngithar
Proclaim tbaholj birlhl
And praiiea lni to God tha stlns,
And paaoa to man on aarta.
How altanttr. how illentlr,
Tha woadroua aifl la (irenl
Bo Uod imiru to human hearts
Tha blafninct of Ilia haavan.
No ear may haar IliroaiuloKf
Hut in thii world of (In.
Whore meok touli will rooalra Illna Still,
oa ue.tr uurw anion in.
0 holy Child of Cothtchem,
leond to Uf we pra. I
Ct out our ain and unter ini
Ua born in n today.
M'a hour tho Cbritttnitf angVa
Tho (lad tiding! toll ;
Oh, coma to u. nliida with us,
fur iivrd uiataDutl I
I'liillipt Brvoktl
Who Shoots One of Them While
Entering Her Bedroom
New Tobk. December 28. k special
from Libreville, Pa., rays: The great
est excitement prevails here over trj.
merous outrages committed by a gang
of tramps who have infected f.his
neighborhood daring ths past few
months. These mi?ereaats entered
the residence of Jasper tjn ith lrst
Friday snd secured a lerge amount ol
cash, jewelry and clothing, livery
room m tho bouse with but one tx
csption bad been pillaged. Ths occu
pant ot tbis room was a sixteen yetr
old daughter of Mrs. Smith, who was
awake and beard ths tramps going
through tbe bouse, but was so over
corns with fesr that she was noab'e to
move or give an alarm. Tbe girl coon
recovered her courage and tuddenly
remembered that an old revolver be
longing to ber father was in one of
tbe bureau drawers. This she quickly
secared and then eha awaited the
tramps' entrance to ber room. The
door was quit-tly opaned, when tbe
brave girl flied two successive shcts at
the burglars. General eon fusion fol
lowed and the girl's parents hurriedly
rushed to the daughter's room to
find ber lying acrota tbe bed un
conscious. Tha trampe had escaped
but an examination disclosed
thst tbe shots wtre not without
effect. The girl soon recovered and
tben related tbe story of ber exploit
wlih the burglars. Blood stsins marked
ths bedroom & ior and stairsteps. A
bottle of chloroform was slto found in
the hallway, which they evidently
dropped in tnakUg their hurried
Several nights prior the home of an
aged couple, liviog some distance from
here, was entered, snd after forcing
tbe old lady to prepare something to
eat, tbey demanded their money or
thfdr lives. The old couple begged the
ruffians ta spare their lives, giving
them it, all the money in tu
house, similar stories coming from
all part3 of the valley, an indignation
meeting of cit sins was held here Sat
uidsy and a protective Eseociation was
formed. Information was received
that their rendesvous wis teveral
miles outs d of the town, and the
members of the PiOtective Association
resolved to raid the place. Ua tbe
way they met a suspicious character,
whom they to. in charge. Pre
parsiiona wsra assises to !;
wbeo the tramp, wh ch he evidently
wa, begged to bs heard. Ths stranger
said bis name ws Berger, and tbat
bit home was in New Turk State. "At
one time I was a prominent speculator
on Wall street. I lost and won, but
ill lack overtook me. Difsipat on
ollowed. Absolutely penniless, I
sough consolation in tbe tr Wis', but
misfortune continued. I came K tt
again with no batter lu:k. I contem
plated suicide, but rather than have a
hand in my own death, I docided to
live outmy miserable existence until it
terminated in the grave. At Elmyra
I joined some tramps who were work
ing their way through to Pennsyl
vania, We arrived here two months
ago," and trembling wi;h fear, he
acknowledged thst tbey met with
nnusual success. Cjntlnuing, be said:
"I took no active put in their crimes,
but was depnta id by tbe leader of the
gang to keep a reoord of what was
dons each day. For the peiformance
cf tbis duty I got plenty to eat and
any quantity of stolen clothing to
wear. The exttat of the robberies in
this neighborhood would foot op
many thousand dollars in caBh, to say
nothing cf ths jewelry, cloth
ing, eic, stolen. One recdesvous
is located three miles from here, but
lbs place is now deeerted. Every
member of the gang has disappeared.
Their sudden exit was brought about
through tbe fatal shooting of one of
the gang while burglarising a dwel
ling ia the neighborhood, and, lest
the occurrence might lead to their de
tection and arreit, they lets. Tbe
gang was principally composed of pro
fessionals. I am desertt d. and am
now en route to New York." A visit
t) tbe rendeavous corroborated the
story which was intelligently related.
Berger was a man cf education, but
was a total wreck Irom difslpation.
lis was therefor permitted to go bis
way. A feeling of relief now prevails
at Libreville and otber tramp udden
towns. The organiaation, however,
remains intact lor luture emergencies.
An Ill-Trrnloa Wire nlne Her Bait
ior NrpnratloB.
New Yobk. December 28. Jadgs
Reynolds ol tbe Brooklyn U.lv Lonrt.
today rendered his decision in ths
suit ol Mis. Louisa U. Staunton
against ber husband, the Rev. Benja
min Staunton, for separation. Tbe
Judge said tbere was no real difficulty
in arriving at the facts in tbe case.
Tbe plaintiff relied mainly on her own
testimony to establish tbe acts of
cruelty alleged. Tbe Judge said tbat
brutal husbands will not beat their
wives in ths presence of witnesses.
Ths assault ot February, 1883. ia cor
roborated by the evidence of neigh
bors who heard her ontcrles and her
brother, to whom she led for refuge.
Tbe only witnesses who impeached
the veracity of the plaintiff were those
who svmpathissd with and aided tbs
defendant The Judge expressed him
self as clearly of the opinion that tbs
chsrge of cruelty and inhuman con
duct was made out, and tbat the
plaintiff was entitled to a judgment of
The Jadaje Beraaeal la Baleaae.
Indianapolis, In n , December 23
This morning Judrfo Woods, of the
Federal Court, refused to release
Samuel E. Perkins, ths contumacious
witness called in ths eleotion con
spiracy and foigery care on a writ of
habeas corpus. He also decided that
ths court bad Jurisdiction of the
eases of tbs Orangs county alleged
elm tion bribers. It was argued in this
case that because the alleged bribery
did not affect the election ot a Con
gressman the Federal courts could
ttke no cogniaincs of lt.'but ths Court
holds that inasmuch as a Congress
man was voted for at the election it
has jurisdiction of Crimea committed
at it.
Blllea Hla rilaaaar,
Cikcinmati, 0, December 28 A
special from Keaton, O.. says: Mar
shal Hone, of Forest, 0, shot and
killed Charles Tarelton, wbem he was
taking, under arreet, from Tiffin yes
terday. Tarelton attempted to escape,
and attacked Hune with a knife, when
the latter fired and killed bia prisoner.
Hllka HI Brothor.
Mils City, Mont., December 28.
A horrible tragedy occurred here last
night in a house of ill fame. A nr. an
by the name of Frank t'mith found
his brother Al in a room with two
women nxmcd Clara Chase and F.mrr.a
Richmond. Ha drew a piUol and
fired p ant bliink at the flrrt named.
The ball paeeed through ber arm, and
atartaa tka bod - -I .L - vl.
killed bim Inst' -.i. The two girls
and Frank omit A wvre ,t once placed
mm A nm ml W M. , . . T 1 J
- nil jsmma nicomonu
committed s jidj, by taking a does of
A Brava, tehrrltT rM roar Sana
a la lUllea.
Cot oma. Twr . LWamber 27. Yes
terdy gt Twobig, a station twelve
mles below here, a man named White
'.(tempted and sccomptisned tne ruin
cf an 11 rear old eirl. She was a child
ot a neighbor, and she nsed to come
around his house. Yesterday White's
wife snd people were gone, and the
thild'a parents wtra absent. Sbecams
over into White's yard, snd be coaxea
her into tho boute. No one was near
the place, and her cries were un
heeded. She mada known ths facte,
however, and s telegraphic dispatch
was sent here ai-king f r officer?. C. B.
McKiuDey, the Sheriff, and bis deputy
left instantly for Twobig. They
reached there late in tbs evening.
White is a roan who has many
friends. Ths officers were cautioned,
and went about their work with dne
sire. They approached White's house
quietly, and nuked if bs was in. The
doors were barred and they received
no answer. Approaching fomewhat
closer they siw the muazles of four
weapons protrude from the windows,
snd simultaneously four jets of flame
sprang forth, rour men, Wtiits's
friends, bad hidden tbemselves in tbe
home. McKinney had his weapon
oat, but had no time to ute It. He
was shot through the brain st the first
firs and fe'l from his horse a dead
mm. His deputy kept up the fight
gamely, but could do nothing against
Us concealed foes. He went down
ailed full of lead and was finally
dragged away by citlsscs of ths vil
lage. When the news of the killing
came up Cotulla went wild. A large
force of men Inetint'y volunteered for
service and Laredo was asked for a
special engine. The force went on
horseback, and up to tbis hoar no par
ticulars could be learned of their visit.
They said when they left hers that
they would rundown the murderers if
it took them a week.
Sheiiff C. B. McKinney was one cf
the most remarkable characters in the
h'staiy of lexis frontier defense. He
He whs barn soma twenty-five years
main A' ashing on count;, this State.
His family is one of the most promi
nent in Histtrn Texas. He entered
the ranger service at the ags of eight
een ytars, and remained in it some
little time, rising icom the tirade of
private to that of captain. Hs com
manded a company up to .1681, when
he rre'giwd, and was elected Sheriff of
La Salle county. He has bald the po
mmu ever aiDCd, and fforn a stAt.s cf
laalepsnees notobld throughout Texas
has brought Uiis county down to
compart live quietude. lie was the
bsan idddl of the frontier officer. He
wrs of medium Light, slender, with
keon blue eyes, slight blonde mus
tache and tenures like a woman. Ha
was quiet ia his manners, and wis
liked by all who knew him. Among
his comradts in tlie ranger service le
baa the reputation of a cool, deeperate
man of exceptional nerve and of ex
ceptional intelligence. He was the
hardest rider and tbe deadliest shot in
the State. Ho as a man of family
and some wealth, and the most popu
lar man in his connty.
Later. Intelligence received here at
a late hour tonight says tbat the posse
which left here bas not yet accom
plished its object. White and his
three friends have been corraled in
their bousa and are held at bay. They
refuse to surrender, and citisuns bave
Inst left this town, tbe county seat.
( White and his men do not come out
the house will be burned over their
heads. Tbe people are wild and aie
bound to have , blood. In any eveut
it is cafe to say tbe murderers will be
either reduced to ashes or lynched.
The latest intelligence from Twohig
says tbat Whits! and his men will
hardly be dislodged before daybreak.
Twelve men, who first went down to
the scene of the assassination, bave
been reinforced by a party of thirty
five, led by M. S. Williams, County
Attorney, and iJohn Krr. County
Treasurer. There is nobody here who
doubts that the morning will see a
quadruple lynching. Pete Hodges,
the deputy, Btates that ths Shoriffbad
no chance in tbe world to usa his
weapons. He did bis beet against
lour meu concealed bebind tbe walls
of a bouse, but could not do much,
Hodges is not expected to live. Only
those who understand the fear and
esteem in which the Sheriff was held
csa eppreciate the sensation which
bis murder bas caused.
A Battle or Wblaky Camea Kill
ing. Locisvillb, Ky., December 28.
About 7 o'clock this morning Fteve
Kdwards, a colored employe at Brown,
Heard Hall s livery stable, struck
fork handle, instantly killing him.
They had been quarreling for some
time abont a bottle of whisky, when
Smith got a hatchet and started at Ed
wards, who struck him with tke fork
bandle wltn tne enect stated above,
Edwards gave himself np to the offi
cers and was placed in jail. He is a
very peaceable negro and bas tbe
sympathy of everyone.
Iavlaelble Safe Blowers.
Clbvklano, 0., December 23. A
gang of professional safe blowers are
opaiatiDg in Northern Ohio. Last
night tbe sale in the post office at
Wads worth, Summit county, was
blown open, and a quantity of stamps
taken. Next ths burglars drove to
Western Star, a neighboring hamlet,
blew open tha safe in the postoflice
and store kept by D. 0. Dague, snd
secured nearly $GOJ in money, stamps
snd cbecks. Tbere is no clue to ttif
f r. fmrrA Hh at riot rrsrrd an PoHty, Stronjrtll and
llxihl nun-. Hr l-rWallKklna Powder ountina
r ii Am.noiiU.l.litw.Alnm nr !tHitinat4. Pr. l-rltTa
kiuaet Vanilla, Liauoo, ato., tUTur dvUotoualy.
PUCt I4KIW POWOflt CO. OJclfuawtl SlLKM
URDI IIIH All,. Isii iaM
rk and
II WIIIX ,,,! ,,,1,1. Valuable outfit
tan prtl-nUr. re.
f. V. til HAM f, Augasla,Hnloea
. --v....-,--'' Tsse :
For Walo F.TeryTlire in the
Ho. 5062, R. Chanoerr Court of Bhalbjr
eoniitr-Dtat af lanoaiiaa vs. B. b.
BY Tirtoa of as Intarloontory daera for
ala antarad in tha abara canie on tba
3d da, ol Daoambar, 18S6. M. B. 65. oasa
394, 1 will is, I at pnblh aootion, to tha high-
et blddar, In rront al ina Clara ana JUaniar
offloa, oonrthouia oi Sbalbj county, Uam
nhia. Tnnn.. nn
MatnrUaj, Mlta dar af Jaunary, 1887,
within lagal bonra, tba following described
Eropartj. aitaated in tha eity ai llaniihit,
halbjr ooanty, Tann.. lo-wit:
An nndWidad 8-lft intarrat In a eartnin
lot. daiartbad aa followi: BcfflnnlDa? at tha
aonlhwett corner of tha Bead lot, on tbe
noun ndaor Union street, running thanra
wentward with tha north line ot Union
street 42 feet, more or leei, to a itake itand-
Ing u leel, more or loi, east ol tne etui
abutn ant of lha bridge over tha baron i
tbenoe northwardly H8J-. leel, more or left.
In tha nnint whara tha hartotniinnite of tha
triangle lot of tha llrinkley heira, on tbe eait
of tho bayou, outa the south line of old
Union ( tree t; thence eastward!? with tha
south line of old Union street KS feet, more
or Iom, to the west line of the Vend lot)
tnenoe noutriwaruiy witu aaia Heaa una to
tha beginning.
Terms of Salt On a credit of six months.
Interest bearing nolei with good aeonritt re
quired: lien retained, redemption barred.
inn ueoember 10, iw.
S. I MoUOW KLL, Clerk and Muter.
By B. F. Coleman. D. 0. and M.
P. II 4 0 W. lleinliell. tolicltors.
The only perfect substitute for Mother's
emd Teethln
.uabla In Chnlra Infantum
peptlcaf Conaumptjves, Convalescents.
pre-aigeaiea looa ior uys"
perfect nutrient la eli Waatlng Diseases.
Kequlraa no cooking. Our Book, The Cara
una PAAainar nr inrnnt.. maiiea ire.
No. 6264, R. Chin eery Court of Bhelby
eonnty Jobn X. mums ti. nm. v. xrs
bna at al.
BY ylrtue of an Interlocutory decree for
lata entered in tha above ;aase on the
7th day of December, lo96, M.B.55, page 418,
1 will sell, at public auction, to tne nignest
hiddar. in front of tha Clerk and Matter's
office, st the Main ttreet entrance of the
eourthouie of Shelby county, Memphis, Ten
neiiiee, on '
Nainrtlay, lh day of Jannart, 1S7.
within legal bourn, tbe rollnwmg aetcrioea
properly, situated in the pity of Memphis,
Rhalhv ennntv. Tenn.. to-wit;
A lot beginning on tha west side of Walnut
street, at tne noi tbeaet corner ot a parcel oi
land convened January 8,1867, by Samuel P.
Walker In tru.t to Ii. L. Drnnlien and A. 8.
MoNeair, for Win. and Ed Orgii; thenoe
running northward with tbe wet line ol
Walnut street 76 feet: Ibence west 150 feet to
s at.ke; tbenoe south 76 feet to tha line of
(aid trust property aioresata; tnence esv
wnril fnt to thn beirinninff.
T.rm. r Kale line hull cub i balance tn
six months, note bearing interest at 6 per
cent. Irom dati. with security requireui
lien retained. Thi December 15, 1886.
8. I. MCDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
By B. F. Coleman, D. 0. and M.
C. W. Ileiakell, solicitor .
sTr Oyspepala.all dsrangensaata
Sal k DIs;wsUt Orram and ska
KJTr,Shln Dlaesvsea, Cuts, Bnral,
aeavlda aac Brnlsea, ACID 1BSR
KA RTII Is a specific
athsaaaatlssa, lBalaurlal Dlaaara
aSera, Ohrsnle Dlarrhesa aad a
auaata cases af Blaael Falssalsaa,
WlaM wltkaat fall sa las wai
fad asarattwa pa are.
AaSi taartra
aaall dsealars as aw ass.
fraaa (ha A. I. B. Ca,
At Wttoleaaf by TAW YLKETA CO.
k, tnS SIS Ol IIOVBui w .vwbwv, r.
Srsla. reaaltins In Inisnlty and le. 'lng to
leery, deoay sod dasthr Premstnrs Old
Age, Barrenness, Lois of Power ia either
sett lnyoianuiry ui. "P"""""
rhaa, eauat iby OTer-eisrtloa of the brain,
Uinf on month' lrtmnt. i m bjo e
tl DOIM IOT J.ua wj " t'il, n
r,efor sliVea7a;ooinpsaied with 11.
we will send ths i purohaaer or written
aaraiites to reinna n "r
ILVnt doaa not affect s core. Suarantest
uiu.u Ian r:.-" .
g-i.ta. wemrniB.
aiminlH(ratora Nolle.
Office Publlo Administrator, Bhelby County
twt "owe. Memrhle. Tenn., Deo. 17. 1886.
milK undesigned baring roen anpointea
X and qualified administrator o( the eMata
nf alaurice lroinan, uewnicu. unura ii
hereby iWen to all pernona indebted to satd
..rite to come forward and lettloi anl to
e'lft. . w i . .tJ i. In ll,t.,l n a;.
thole townoiu .p.
ihiurolaimi with ma. duly probated, within
Ihef mepreioribed bylw. or Ih. ... will
be irsyar "".-7:
r - tviiu
E - -Ti ji- m
7 A ' 7 2 SL -1 , i' - i-fc st J - C- ajav 'ia a an atSB aa J aaawtta r,w -m Arvar
Taang -MiiiJW J mm, t
ni in
iftoael Iraa Kartn.
yplfaa Kabx.
mi ii0Mfii ArtiScii
"m? cow
TVads tHar 'l .1
HI4LTH IK WKAt.TM.-Dl. I. 0.
JU. VV ear', Naavi akd Bans TaaiTnaar,
a gaaranteed pad Jo for Ilyttaris, Diial
aa,i ConraUionas, Vita, Neryont Neural
gia, Iteaaaona. i'-v' "- V--"
upaiiiia ay .aaiv1.-
ITnlffd Stalw Bs Snrss
Late J. T. LaPrade i Co.
No. 304 Front street, : Memphis, Tcnn.
asrHsytng retired from the Saddlery snd Harness bnstness snd opened sa offios ss above,
we are plearad to annouooe to our triendi snd the publio generally that wasre now prepared
to fervo them in oar now eapaoity. Keturning thanks for the very liberal patronave at
tended oi in the eld line, we truit to merit and reoeive a share of yoar tuvors in tbe new.
Quarter of a Century in the Hardware Business.
Nog. 322 and ST., - MEMPHIS, TEN1T.
Vhdesale Grocers & Cotton Factors,
IVsa. !W 1 Front Mreet, Cor. Fnlon, M emnblH. Tenn.
-j rv,I -t-r
a IW"V7AF1 IrZ? -
Agent and Commission Merchant and Wholesale Dealer.
aa- Haring purchased the entire stock of Hrnry Pores, M Beale street: st a low ngnre, Ooa
isting of Stoves, Furniture, Queeniwsre, Tinware snd Household Furnishing lioodl, we
will lell cheaper than any other house in the city. Give ui a oall,
P. 8. All klndi ol New and Baoond-hand Stoves snd Mnobinery for salecheip.
We buy all kinds of Ragi snd sll grades of Cotton, Iron, Bones, Hidos, Furs, Metals ana
Feath.ru. Oigheat 'n Prices Paid and Prompt Returns Made on all goodi consigned;
me. 10O0 I one OIU Irou Wasted. lUorrespondenoe solioited, and Price Lial
sent ontapplicatlon.
40W.4II and 413 Slsellsy St. and fl Beale St., Memplila, Tenn.
FOUNDRY & MACHINE DEFT, 160to 174 Adams St, Memphlt
e-u- ilrfh
KnaTlastsnam. 7 , T s
Baw-HlllS, ,
Srfss- MUU
m , -n; -! a i i BMiii anri! i
1 n' r5tr--i swri.n-4'JUiV-awrai
IECN & RAILWAY SUPPLY DEFT, 226 and 228 Second St.'
(Sneoeasors In this lepartment to JOHN MAN09TJB.1
asrWrlteni for information on ANY THINfr In either line.
. 0. MUM.
Uliolssalo Grocers & Cotton Factcn
SSB rromt Stravat, MemphlB, Teaa.
Casaea eaiigaed U u will kare ear larefal attsaUea. Waaaarr a sll Msaesa aatM
ssVatMtoft ltMk f
Ctapla L Fwcy Grsceiies, Wines, LlqDsrt,TilxsS9 & Cl
mm iii. & n.
Boots and SHioes
..1, .. ...i.i..
Oil IO l. VU. U . CI . U.J IU , I ' " i .
dlum. durable snd stylish aoodii, whloh ws offer st low fan'-. ., , . .
T TIIK TKAIIK ws offer ncial lnduoemanta. .f ";nJ Vanfr .kL"
B0L1D BI7.KS, we are prepared to nil orders lor special I siiei at NO iXTRA CObT, tha
enabling MerohanU to ill In without being compelled to buy goods not needed.
APT aT:EL S10.0- cb OO.
Aa-eats for tbe Celebrated W. I.. TswaialaMi fa Jlen'a Cair.Bbaes aaaauij
Boys' Sboea la all styles.
:-r, .
and Buy fhe Pennine AHiolA.
Late with J. I. LaPrnd k Ce
JT I ' i W
. ewr .tasaafahNMasaw,
Bar Lrsar
BoUer Iraa
Hoop, Baasf
Sheet Iraa
K. A. FA&XU.
. Jsa WMQS
iK Vt and nneit but alio lull Unas of me
a inmer7--'a 1 1 1 a n.rjcri. a 1 tc 4-? i . . "'u
iMtvr-'i-Vlm-K-2 l'sf

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