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-Cottoa Qnlot and Eagy Middling,
8 15 10c-8a1m Yetterdaj,
350 Bales.
Honey in in nctive demand it 8
er cent. Finances arc eag'er. Loca'
aeoaritiei are steady. The oottia market U
euiet and cur; middling, S 1514s. Sales,
350 bales. At Nee York spots w re easy; mid
Ming, 9 7-Itfo. Futures steady and 1 U 4
points lower; December. t.S89.S9o.
A lead I o New York eottoa eirea'ar I'JI
at the speculative market! "The market
til irregular, a decline of points, under
line a partial recovery, wi'h loma thowini
f steadiness at Ike eioaa. Oo the whole,
however, the earreat feeling appeared to
favor the beara' aide."
At New Orleans ipoti were quiet; mid
dlini, 9e. Futures quiet and iteady and
4to7pointilowort Deoembor. 8.9A Olo.
Liverpool ipoti dull, in buyeri favor;
middling. blAi. Future! dull; December
January, h 10 64d.
The general market prasanti in eaty
Fire brls apples, '1 pkti butter, 41 pkgs
bonta and timet, 45 pigs cheese, 1199 ski
coffee, 4 car cotton seed, 1402 ska
otton seed, 44 pkgs dry goods.
30 pkgs eggs, 310 brla flour, f 40 rales hay, 30
iikgs la d. 02.000 ft luoibor, 55 pkgs liqm r,
2 orli molsasts, 1000 bu eats, 25 bria onion',
Ji br P' tatoes, 10 oars perk aide", 81 brls
eager, IS pkgs tobacou, 4200 bu wheat acd
10 trle rice.
The following shows theamiuntof (rain
reoeived, withdrawn and in at ire by regular
elevators, at reported t- the Merchants Kx
ehsnge yesterday: Whsat in afore, 10 1
bu. Uoru reoeived, 2104 bn ; witbdruwn, 14 V)
builns'ore, aVW hu. Oats reoeived. 710
ha; withdrawn, 108 bu: in store, 211,316 bu.
r Daily Qnoiatloue of 4'ottois
Oil Troala and Kew York Km
changa Stoobe are often to (boae
later-rated, at mjr office.
21 Kaaliwn St, Memphis, Tena.
Mooe 1q "ctiv clnniaad. a 8 per
cent. The Clearing House report ia ai
loUow,: clsarings.
Tuesday, Dew. 28, '34 1 M2.J81 74
Thus far thswjok . l,f'2-,7i4 42
Same timeliest week 790,157 41
Correaponding time in 85 ...... tuilMi 10
Corresponding time in '84 & 19, 522 00
Tuesday, Dee. 28, '84 MM R
Thai far thii week 2K1S2 76
Same time laat week 158,354 76
Oorreapon ring time in "s tia,2 a
Curreapondiug time in '84 151,176 W
New York light tin all polnta, X discount
buying, par silling; New Kng'anrt demand,
y diae unt having; New Bnnland eight, '
discount; New Orleeua, diaoount bujiug,
Bank of Commerce 1.55 bid. ...asked
Firai National ..lfl0bid, 165 akeJ
German Ba 19ibid, 2H0aaked
Bute National 147 bid, ljOarked
VnlnnTind Pan tor. 156 bid, ... asked
Mercantile Bin k .136bd. ... aaked
Bluff City............. .H6 bid, ... aaked
Hernando H bid, ... eeked
Home 77 bid, 80 aaked
Memphis City 1o7 hid, ... asked
Peonlea 85 bid, 87 aaked
Phoenix 100 bid, ... a ked
Plant; ra .....110 hid, aaked
Vandebi't S5 bid, SOaaktd
Arlington ...H5 hid, ... akcd
PiK-tora........ IWb'd, ... aaked
Oitiaena 12 bid, a aed
Shelby County watranta hid, 98 aaked
M. k C. K. R. aharo 45 bid, ... asked
Id. i'i. K. K. abire' 45 bid, 50 a.ked
M.AC console. 7 121 bia, aakrd
M. I.. H. 1-t m. 8a 105 hri, ... aaked
Mia. i I . K. R. ca. A 113 bid, ... asked
Miaa. A' T. K R ca li li2 bi 1, lift aaked
Ter,n. kU. aer. 1 90 bid, ItftSt asked
Tenn.wis. ser KtoJ tebid. Wtaked
Phelby Cointy 8' '0D hid, 110 naked
Taxing Iiitrict4,0j ..ll 1 bid. lt'21 aaked
Taxing District 6 1 bid, 1(7 a kud
Menipbix Has boi.ds II 4 bid, ... asked
alemi'big Water bonda liObid ... t,sked
Am. Cot. Oil tm t i2 bid. (VI askel
Pioner Cotton Villa I7S bid. 32 esked
Memphis S o-. Com C0..127H hid, 12SV4 asend
Memihi Gua stooK 77 bid, 80 asked
Alabonio Tnmpie bondit. 6a ltfil hid
Cot. Kx. B'idg. 6a 104 Md, 106 aaked
Ala. i Tenn. I & C loo bid, 105 asked
lean. Valley 1. A K. tt 45 bid, i0 inked
NEW YOKK, December 2S.-Mnr.ey on
all easy at S'afi P r oen'., closing ofTe ed nt.
1 por cen'. Piioie metonntile paper 4aS
percent Steriinv exchange fairy active
at Wi for sixty day bill, and 4S3 for de
mand Bonds Government bonds were dull and
Iteady. htte bonus were dull ar d steady.
Stocks The (tork market displayed more
activity, notwithstanding the tea that tbe
Interruption ol ts'eg apbiecnmmun eation
prevenleu tho buniaeae which wo..ld have
been d ne tor fureigo aorouot. Prices ncou
pied a hiaker range, being generally firm to
strong throughout the day, the lowest bgures
being rroirded at the open it. g. and the nigh
est in the lait fow minutes ol buaineas. lbe
advancitwat started by the oovering (
shorts upon the ahs. no of the expeited
London xellin. lbe uiovouieiit was accel
erated Inter by the neas of the adustment
ot the difficulties botween lbe Keadins Com
pany and ia employes, vhich naturally
brouyht tho coal at- o''S into rnminenoa,
and tb .three leading stocks under
that heed furnished, over half the en
tire busness done, beirg renntikthly
atr'ttg and acive throughout thea'ternoou.
tit. r . u was aided by the denial from Ch cs
go that there w "Id oe nny leduction into
dividend, ant Union Po.flo was ttreunlU
encd by a stHtetuont from one of its prom
inent mreet ra eonuad'Otory to the lte re
porta Iroiu Louion in regard to the colU'eral
truiit bonds. Among tne speoialtioa (ain
eron Coal nnd Green Bay were active and
atr, ng, while I'uiladolphiagas was espocidlly
wek. 'lhoopgimg was genorally steady,
first tirices shuw-ng ioeunifioant oranges
trnin 1 at evening's fiunl fiauie-, exoep' Pa
oifio Mal, wh" h as up !, an J New York
Central S The market was dull, although
eontiJoraoly o oie active thnu during tie
past few days at this timo. Prices were de
cidedly strong, and advancer ranging uo to
ov.r 1 percent were established ia.tlie first
hour. Later the mark' t beomue dull and
feiture'ess and the inovemo&t In nrioaa
cssaos; but af er 12 o'o ock the ooal s'ocks
beomne prominent and on aaooiowhnt better
business prioei again aivanctd. The
last hour saw a renewal of the ac
tivity and ttrenttn of the ear
1 mo'tiing and the tnarvet o'o ed
quiet but strong, at the best prices of t
day I sa s, 213 917 shares; nt which Reading
furnished 62.350, Lackawanna 31 950, Jersey
Central 19.1XH) St. Paul 14 3 0, and Lake
rihor. 10.995. The entire active lis, is higher
this evening, the price pal sdvanoes being.
Heading 3 per oent , Richmond and V et
Point l?d, Oiii oron Coal 3 ' . Jersey Central
2",, Color do Ooal, Lake bh . re and Western
Umon each, L.c-nwa .na 'i'i, end 11 ick
ing Valley, cit. Paul and Union i'aci'ie V
a h. rtailio d b nd were somewhat m ro
active; sales. tl,(G!.iXX); Ureen By incomes
with 1147,(1 and Denver and Hio Grande
fours with (VI6. Oltlwe'eibeonly active is uea;
liourtimaaJ Texas (western d vision), cou
pon off, ro'e 2 to 108, the leoonds i'i to 95.
The to'al sules ot stocks today were 213,
919 sl'a'es. in lu ting De aw-'e, lackaaanna
and Western. 31 9"i0; Krie. 87Tal; Lake-bore,
10,995; Louisville.aod Naahville, 48T9;'Norih
weitern, 3045; New Jersey Central, lo.ts'a);
Beading, 62.350; St. Paul, UMH Texas
andPacife, 3.S5 ; Union Pacific 58 0; West
ern Union, ,'300: r ioh,iunnd eud West Point,
SiCO. Closing quotations:
n s. 8. n'i. 4. eonp. 128.
ty,i, coup, 110S. Paoito 6s ot 1695, 125.
La. tmva,4s, 85. ' Missouri , If 3.
Cent. Pi.,;, lsts.llf.'i Den. A R . lts,118.
D Jktt.G.W Ws.77 Krie 2ds, 9S.
M K .J-T.G n.ti-.'.iS.',. North. Pao.lsts, HS'i
North. Pao. 2da id. N. Western eon. 14(i'-.
N.West dub. 5' 108. St.L tj.F.Hen.M..il.i!4
8t.Pa.il cou, i:). St.P.C.AP.lKts,11915.
T. P. land grmts.CI. T.P.R G.cx nnn,71ii.
fl. P. 1 6'i West Shore.lW",.
Tenn.0-,(ot'iot.1'8 lenu.ia.tet'uit, 1(2.
Tenn. 3s,aet'uil,79S.
Adams Kxpreaa, l.';7. MorrisAS.. ofrd.)33X.
Alleheay Ueni'1, . Nashville 40, 79.
Alton A T. 11,, IVI. N.J. Central. 61' i.
A. T.ll.,jild., HI. Nor. A W.ntd.snS.
American K.J., 107. Northern Pac.,27.'i.
B. C. R. N,66. ortbcmPao pfd.tKiS
C.4 5.W..11W.
C.AN.W tafd.J?
N J.CeBtral.llSK.
N.Y.O.A 6t L.pfd,2i
Ohio Central, .
O AMiaa rfd.
Ontario A West,, If .
Oregon NaT ,1(0
Orecon Trans.. 32V.
Oregon Imp., S8'4,
Pacific Mail, 40!,.
Panama, 98.
Peoria D A R., 29!.
Pittsburg, 147.
Pullman P.O., ITS.
Rock Island. 12T,';.
New P.ast Tnn..14'i St.L. A K.K lifd. 61'1.
NewE.Tenn.pfd,74. t-t.L.A S.F. 1st P. 112!-
Fort Wayne, 145 C. M. A M. P., 88'...
Hannibal A Bt. Jo . C. M.A 8t.P p, 117V4
II A 61. Jo., pfd.-. 8t. P., M. Jt M..113l4.
Harlem, 216. 6t PaulACuiaha,4.574.
Uouaton A T., 41S 8t.Paul AO. pld. 111.
Illinois Central. 132. Tenn. Coal Iron. 44V
Ind..B. A W.,r.i. Texas Paeifin. ?1V4.
Kansas k T., SIS. I'niou Pacific 5a',.
Lake E. AW, 18. U. B. Express, 60.
Lake bbore, 93. W., 8. L. A P., lPi.
Loa. A Nash., 62. W..H.L. A P. p.. 34.
Lou. k N. A., 69. W.A F. Ex., 128.
M. AO. 1st pfd.-. W.U.Tel., 70.
M. A C. seconds.. Colorado Coal. 37K.
Mem. A Char , 47. Home dtake. 12.
Mich. Cen., 93. Iron Silver, 20.
Mm. A bt. L , 18 Ontario, 22.
Min. A St. L. pld V'4 Quicksilver. 5.
Miaeouri Panifio.l05'a. Quicksilver pid, IT.
Mobile A Ohio; 15 couth Pvsifio, .
M. h. S. A W., 64S Sutro, 30.
M.L.H.A W nfd.9;M.
LONDON, December 2. -United States
bonds 4s. m: 4V. UV,. Atlantic and
Gnat Western first, 61; Atlantio and Great
Western seconds, 1V4.
CHICAGO, ILL., December 28.-Bank
clearings, 8.0fi3,MHJ.
NEW YORK. DecemVr 28.-Bank elear
lgs todiy were 1100,313,441; balances,
BALTIMORF, MD., De-emher TS.-Bank
clearings today were 12,004,793; biUneoa,
t274 221.
c'enr-nai today were
cleinara today wore 113,154,6'
PHILADELPHIA, PA., December 28.
Bank clearings today were 9,127,246;
balances, 1.4;8,j74.
Canada Pa., 6T.
Canada (... 61.
Central Paeiie.41.
0. k 0. Dt pfd, 1SV.
C. k O. Id pfd. 9.
Chicago A. .143.
O.k A.pfd.160.
C, B. Jt Q , 135H.
O., Bt.L.erN.0..
0..St.L AP.,lit.
C St. LA P. pfd, 36.
0.8. AO.. 41.
O. k C, 64!.
C.Sfl. Vailey. 95M
Del. k Uod , 1011.
Del.,L. k W., i:4.
Den. k Rio G , 25.
Erie, IS.
Erie rtd. 75.
The loctl cMton mirkt one-ed
qaletaud closed nu'et and evyi middling,
8 15 16.'. S-.les. 350 bales, 125 toexporlots
and 225 to svincers.
Yesterdsy. Monday.
Ordinary Noin. Nom.
Good Ordinary 8 5-16 8 5-16
Low lidd,ing- 8 11-6 8 1116
Mid-ling 8 15-16 8 15 16
(ford Middling . 9 3 16 9 3-16
Middling rair 9 9 16 V 9-16
K.ir .... Noiu. Num.
btains and tinges StiHii
MkKPitis, Daoember 28, 1886.
b.ook, ept. lt. 1880.- 4 (Ki9 .
Received today 2,055
Htoeivsd previously 478,252 484.S1S
Shipped today - " 4.403
Shipped previously 326,130
Homo consumption to dau... 357 830.890
Stock, running aocount 153,426
Thus far this week . 15,299
Tnua far last week - 18.403
Since Beptembsr 1st 430.307
M. A C. R. R S?3
M. ft T. R. R 15 )
L. ft N. R. R 182
M. ft L. R. R. R . 5tsj
C., A 8. W. R.R.i 16ti
L..N. u k T. it. R 467
Steamer! - 27
Wagons and other sources ..- 2U)
Total " 2,055
Thus far this week 14,198
Thus tar last week 20,2 .8
Siuoa September 1st 330,533
M. tCR. R 1,178
M. AT. R R 495
L. ft N. R. R - 56 1
C.,0. AS. W. R. R 1,742
L..N.O. AT, R. R 428
Total 4,401
New York spo'aoponed quiet and eaar, and
closed eay; aiddling, 9 7-lOc. Sales, 175
bales. Quotations were as tolls ws:
6 11-18
8 1-16
8 15- 6
9 7 16
9 11 16
10 5 16
10 15-16
Good ordinary...
Low middling
Middlit g
Good Middling..
Middling lair
6 11-16
8 1-16
8 15-16
9 7-16
9 11-16
10 5 16
10 15-16
New York futures opened quiet, anl
cloB d sUady und I to 4 points lower thin
yesterday. Sales. 79. $00 bales. The dosing
ij ioluiions wero as follows :
. 9.3WI4 9 89
. 9 3Se 9.3J
. 9.484 9 4 .1
. 9.6H 4 9 hi
, 9 714 9.7:
, 9.Hla 9.2
, 9 9 112
. 9 Wis 10 00
.10 05 10.11
9.3i'il 9.38
9 :9- 9 4'i
U. 'l'S 9 52
9.63iiJ 9.M
9 74 e 9 75
9.84 4 9.85
9 91 a 9.95
In 02 .tin. 03
10 OaylO.lO
Fe bruiry
The New Orleans spot market opsned
quiot, and o'o-ed quiet; middling, 9n. Sules,
800J baits. Quotations were as lollows:
Yesterday. Monday.
uruinary . i ;
Good Ordinary 'J
Low Middling 8'i
Middlirg 9
Good M ddlint Ti
Toe New Orleans fulura m.rket nnnnei
eay, and closed quiet and ateadv and 4 to 7
points lower, hales, 17,820 bales. Quota
tions were as follows:
December 8 99.i9 01
J nuary - 9 029.03
Febmiry .i:v9.'4
March 9.26s9 27
Atril ... 9.39-9 0
May 7.51(39 52
June 9.63m
July 9.7509.78
Augu-t 9 V7a9.79
9.05'i) 9.08
9 UMn) 9 .09
9 ls 9.19
9 31 is 9 3 2
9.4 M 9 44
9.6 ifj 9 58
9.67(4 9.68
9 79(1 9 80
9 Sly u.a.l
lone. I Reo. I Prioea.i btoaa
Galvoston 'Nominal
New Urleal.s. Dul .
3 053
M nhil I Kasv
Sivai nah ...
6 029
Churl' ston ....
3,3. 9
Baltimore ....
New York - .
i'hil idnlohi i
St. Louis
Receipts at piris, this day, 1W
Itai aiuU at no. t-. this dav. 1KH.5
1888. I 16.85.
Receipts U. States
porta, 4 daya
Ex port Ut Britain
HeoeiptsSeot. 1st
Foroign exports...
11(1 527
1. 151,3 :3ll,078.2IS
3,514 81013,818.7 -5
l,9-b,703:,l2 623
Increaee in reoeipts tliis year 113 210
At noon: Live-pool tpots dull, in buy
ers' favir. ulea, 8isSi bald, nl which Amer
ican 6900 balis. Keeipt, 40,000 bales, of
which American 29,900 bales. .
Closing quott'ions were as follows: Or
dinary, 4Vd; good ordinary. 4 13-16d; low
mi'idling, R l-16i; good middling, 6d;
mddiiog uplands, 5!4d; middling Orleans,
I Tk prveas are gtoen in psncc nars 64(As,
lAu: 4 b3 means 4b3-64ii; and 601 means
6 1 64d.
At noon i Liverpool futures were dejl;
Deisember. : December. January. -;
J an uar -February, 6 101; Febru 'ry-Maroh,
Slid; March-April, .5 lV 12d; April
May. 5 &"t5 ltd; May June, 1 17ii 16; June
Ju y, 6 18d; July-August, .
At 2 n.m: Liverpool tuiurei were dull;
December, 6l2d, value; Ueosmber-January,
S 10J, buyers; January-Kebrnary, 6 lod,
buyers; February-March, Slid, value;
Mroh-April, 6 12d, buyers; Apill May,
5 151, sellers; May-June, S T7d, sellers;
June-July, 6 19J, sellers; July-August,
5 2ld. sillers.
AtSn.m.i Liverpool futu-es were dull;
December, Slid, sellers; Docember-Jen
ury,610d sellers; Januiirs-Februarr.SlOd,
rellers; February-March, 6 101, outers;
March-April, S Hd, buyers;Aprli.May,S 13d,
buyers; M ly-Juie, S 161, sellers: .lun--Joly,
6 IP J, bujers; July-Auguot, 8 20d,
nt;F.it)sif i rr.
CORNMSAL Stand I'd, ! 35; pearl,
1 25 -3. ft; roller, 82 4., firm.
HAY Choice, from s'"re, 75o: car load
from levee or depot, 13;'?0i prime,fr im 'ore,
70c; car lo.id from levee or depot, 8125i,(a 3;
praTie, f nn atoru, 4 c; car load liom lovee
or depot 8 ' (I.
rem s'ore, white, 48:; mlyed,
47o. fr-m 'evee or de,ot; white, in bu k. 44o;
in sacks, 47o; miietl, in bulk, 42c; in racks,
O AT3 From ttore, white, 38c ; mixed, 3c i
8 15 16,126 620
9 481,3-7
8 15 16, 41 211
8 15-16 124,051
9 57.534
9 1-10 19.W3
9V, 52,772
9'4 14,207
7 Ki.2Uj,4.-.7
9 9-16
9 15,819
9 70.W7
8 1116
fresa levee er deeet. wklaa. ia balk. Mim: la
eaeta, v; Bixad, la balk.Sl.Vt ia seeks,
FLOUR Frea store. Wo. I, Vf3 r : fam
ily, 18 SOKM 75; eheice, 4; fancy, 4 15; ex
tra fanev, 84 40; pttent-, 5 x8.
B rt A N From store, 90 ; frosa levee er de
pot, lia.
CRACKKRS-8o4a, extra, 4e; aoda, treble
extra, e-v; eiira. is: ginger snaua, eiua.
ec; sorseu juraDies, sue
BKANS Navy, 2; uediim, II 5031 75;
eommon. 92 25.
KICK-Louiaiana, 4J4Sc; Carvlin,Si(9
OATMB VL-Ia half barrels, 1293 15, from
CRACKED WHHAT-Ia half-barrels, 14 25
irom siore
HUMLNY AND GRIT 3 From store, 3
a z.1.
CUICAOO. ILL.. DeesmberSft The mar
ge's were ail eoniiderably stronger today,
and before theeloee whe.t became hanT.ni.
advaneing fully lo over the latest figurts of
yesterday and opening at eut-ide flgurea,
with even still higher figures quoted en the
"curb." The official closing for May de
livery was 86Sie, while fti'-sc l quoted ai
having been bid on the eurb. The foreign
narkete were quoted as being firm and a
vary gooa export demand w.s reported,
whioc features imparted the unusual
strength distdayed. The buying was very
good throughout the entire sess'on, with
'"shorts" covering quite freely at the close.
The reoeipts of corn continue to be only
moderate la volume, and this, taken with tho
strength ehown in wbeat and provisions,
mtda a firm market today an pricxs closed
5n(4?ac over )estsr lay. Oats were firm and
in syinpjthy with the other oereals and
closed shade hither. Cash qunustiotis
were as follows: Flourquietand uuchanged;
iso, s spring wriest, fbi; inn. s spring
wnei, n. irea, (Vac: no. x eorn.
2 barley, f2c; No. 1 flav-eed, 93Xc; prime
timothy seed, 81 731 73H- The leading
futures ranged ar follows: Wheat, N". 2
Liecemner opened at 77'-dC, highest 7telBO,
lowest 77l4u, closing at7a; January open
el at 77Jv. highest 7H',o, lowest 775 v",
dosing ut 781-; Ftbruarv, opened
at iH-c. highest 70Ve.liwe t 7H1c. rloslna
at 79sc: May opened at 85c, highest
eoVfC, t west tkyt3, olosneat mi'. Uorn,
No. 2 December opened at 37V, higheet
37'ac, lowest 37'no, closing at 375c;
.l-niury opened at , 37'iic, higaest
lowest 3750, closing at 37 So;
Fobrury opened at 37tC. highest 370, low
et 37)-,o, Rinsing at 37'.c; May opened
at 4i'i,e, highest 4 li.west 4 !'4c, closing
a 43.,'j,o. Out-, No. 2 Deeeubcr opened at
'26c, highest 26c, lowest 26c, closing at 26o;
January . paned at 2'ir, higi-e.t 26o, lowest
26c, rinsing at 26c; May i per.ednt3lc,hiaheHt
3l:'c, lowest 31 '-io, cloaipg at :UV,c. Keceipts
f loor, 3.1,000 brl; wheat, 124,0(4) hu; oorn,
lTn.lMI hu; o.its, 151 (HHJbu; rye, 300 1 butbar
ley,70,0isi bu. hlpmel'ta K-eu-, 30,0lsJ brls;
whe t, 72.ISK) bu; eorn, 129.018) hu; oats,
107.100 bu; rye, 3im0 bu; barley, 56 000 bu.
ST. LOUIS. MO.. December 28.-Flour
active, firm anl higher; XX, $2 25(92 35;
XXX 2S5rl265; lauiiiy. 82 7ail2 90: ohoioe.
8.1 2i43 35; Ian y, SI 6uCn 70; extra finoy,
83 90 ( 10; p iteins, $1 1X4 50. Wheat aet-
iveand liigher; tie marktt onenea alrocg
on tnreign war new, edvsaced I-ic, ruled
firm, and oloaed T.-'llln hiirhee than vehter.
dny; No. 2 red, oiah, bl54"81'-4e ; January,
81 Si "Hl'io bid, closing 8l- bid; February,
M'-kMSMVeO bid, closing 83;o bid: May, 87J4'4
887.1, olo log at ti8'.i. Corn fairly active
and firmer, Cosing 5lWo h-gher thn yes
tenav; N. 2 mixod, oasn, yu'VSnfias Janu
ary, 3 1rn35o. closing at S-Vie: Februnrv.
36(it:i6;ae bid, closing at 3-o bid; May,
39i4(aKk, olosing at 40o. OaU very dull but
nrui; Mo. mile. I, eaah, 285-.C; January, 28i
bid: Feliruarv 2MiitiilWo bid: Mar. 3Pel
315-4C. Rye, 53c. liarler verv dull, 586o.
11. v 01111 ana ea-y; pratri-, nun &u- t mo
thy. I '"413 Flaxaeeil nomlnallv higher. 95n
hid. Bran steady 67rWo. Cornmeal steady,
. i,i a", ,0.101 . . 1 .
w- w. M, r ,', HI , IVfU Ul'l, WUM,,
SOUObu; corn. 45,000 be : oats, 10 000 bu; rye.
viu du; oariey, i.t uuu bn. bbipments
Flour, 3000 bu; wheat, l".s) bu; oorn, 2o,iOD
buioati, 2000 bu; rye, 300 bu; barley, 1000
KANSAS CITY. MO.. De'ember 28.
Wbsat strcr.gu; No. 2 red.casn, 70c; Jan
uary, 70a bid. 7lS! askel; ay,77,'40 hid,
780 aaked. Cora weaker; No. 2 oaeh, 3Ce
bid, 3uSo eakad; January, 3-5-4 bid, 31o
asked : May. 36e bid, Mli aaked. Oats ion
lual, 27o bii, ;9s asked.
PUTTER Butterine, 149i5e; creamery ,
SOQiio; dairy, 18.422c; country butter, 15 t
HOG PRODUCTS Firm : mesa pork,tl250;
sugar oured bams, lOHt.o; breakfast ba
con, 8W(a.9S; clear nb aides baoon, 7So;
bacon ahou'ders, ; bu k pork olear sines,
6Hc; clear rib sides, two; shoulders, oio;
long c ear, AMc.
LaRD Ti rces. 6So; half-barrels and
kegs, 6t4c ; ehoine kettle, 7e.
t KKSU M KA IS lieef, torequarters, 4 9
fc; tuuttoc, 4 a6c; hind quarurs of beef, 4(9
60: hogs, 6 '7o
POULTRY--f!ilekendullisnring, 1M)H2;
ol I bene. W)'it2 Turkeys f8 ll.G-ese,(l(itt.
Dui-ks, !60u3i dres ed ehi'-kens, tl 042 0.
per dosnn ;dresa'-d turkeys,12y413c p-.r pound.
GAME Quails, per il s-n, '.sl-yljl. Squir
rels, 7 c'itSl. habhits, 6ic4l perdoaen.
Ducks, wii'i,$2. Venisou, who.e, 6960;
Buddie, 7o9c.
CUKESK Prime flats, 8'4?9c; New York
fioiory, 7'iSo; full coiuu, 1354c; Young
Americ. He
PIGS FtKT-Barrels, 8 25; half barrels,
11 25; kegs. $1 25.
CHICAGO, ILL.. Der-ember 28.-Tbe
cnn'iniied light receipt-ot hogs and higher
prieos bad a very stimulating effect ou the
uiaikst for provisions. "Shorts" displayed
snx ety to cover, and mess port rulo 1 10ns
15c rer M higher, while lard a ivanced 2cs
6c per 100 lbs, and short libs advanced 75i'4
1'ie. Cash quotations wore as follows.:
Mess pork, per brl, 1.11 87lyi!2; lard, per
lilt) His, JO 35; short rib ?idos, I ,ose, f " 8.5:4
5 90; dry salted shoulders, hoxed. 4 851
4 90; short o eur eidoa, boxsd, $i IVi'ntl ; j
Ths trailing (u'u.-es ranged a- follows)
Mors p rk Ik'couiber opened at 811 80 high
eitjll 9755, lowest 811 Ml, closing at $11 1)5;
JaiiUTy 01 ened at 811 82',. hiuhest 112,
lowest 811 H25-4. .-losing at 81197; Kehruary
opene 1 at SllWS-i. highest 8!2 15, lowest
81197.' ;, closiuj at 81; 1.5,; Ma- opened at
tl2:i75a. h gliet 22!4. lowest 812 35, clos
ing at 412 5254. Lard Decern ker opened at
$1 35, nighast86 35, lowest 8ii 35, closing at
8635; J muiiry opened at 4Vi3754, hliiheat
Si 40, lowest tl 37'4, cltsLu at (6 40;
lay opened at 8672', highest $6 775i, low
est 86 70, olosing a to75 Sh irt ribs Jan
uary opened at 85 875-v, higbest $5 95, lowest
15 8754, closing at! 95; Pooruary opened
at 85 9754, highest 16 05, lowest 85 97S, olos
ing at fri 05; March opened at 18 07'4,
highest (6 15, lows-t $6 07'-4, closlig at 16 15
May opened at 16 25, highe-t 16 3J5-4 lowest
$6 25, olo.ing st 6 325-4. On tho Produce
Kxchange today the butler market was
strnger; creamery, 235i'28l4t d dry,
2l26c. Eggs, 2454""-'6o loritric ly frosh.
8 1'. LOUIS, MO., Deceoiber28. Provisions
Pork, 812. Lard, 80 1536 20. Bulk meats
firm; lorse lots-long clear, 85 75; short
rios, 5 H5; shrt clear, $0. Hosed lots
long olear, 85 85; short r I)', 15 90; sh irt
clear. 86 05 liioon rto-idv; long ciear,
V'i6Uu6 60; short ribs, 86 85H6S75-4; short
clear, 87. Hums steady at 95. alio. Duller
very dull and uncharged ; or jamery, 2427 c ;
diiry, 2ia23a. Kgga better at 22c.
tiKtM t-.ltlsH.
SUGAR Pure white. 6n off white, iV.cx
yellow clarified, &!.; seconds, b'iex
refined A, 6(t65ii; grnuuliited, 6540; jdanta
tion granulated, 6 40, powdorod, 77;ic;
out loaf, 7"n75-4C
CN i.IKS nt cks, ailiitoi, In boxes, pails
at.dbnrrla, 7549540.
I'OVl'KH C.niuion. 134e;l4c ordinary,
11V; prime Kio, 16al6': choice to taucy
17c: old government, 24n425c,
S0Al'-3't6!j or P mud.
SAI.T-81 2(1 per barr-i); saks. fine, tl 33
rfil 45; coarHe, tl 10, t 15; poekatx, bleached,
2'54(rt7ii; o.ir loads lroiu levee or duiiot, 60
Crt'NNED G?i0D-, F.TC.-Prlcas por
en: Pineanp es, $1 25ial 50: peaches, 2-)b,
slaidard.ll If '41 25: scends, 111 10; to
niaioer, 2-1 b. aiatidard, OOemSl; 3 1b. tlcl
1 15; sir wbcrrii s. 81 li SI 25: raspoernes,
81 1W1 25: lilackberriiia, IKrsl ID; green
fages, $ 60;'4l 65; peas, 82ts2 2.5; plums,
I 60 '1 70; asparagus, 82 60-14: green corn,
fi(l 3i; urn n peas. II 65(41 65; cove oya
tus. full woight. l-lb,(l; core orators, full
weight, 3 -lb, 1175; cuve oysters, light
w ight, l-lb,60c; oove oysters, light weight,
2 lb, 81 10; condensed milk Crown, 85 76cl
8 85; Eagle. $7 75. Swiss, 85 75.
H)L ASSKa Lou siana, common to fair,
18 i25r,; prime to ehoice, new, 45(t50a; syiup,
20(itliio; common to fair, 20976c; prime to
e oice, 2-l"loc: ecntri.ur'l, lanoy, S554400.
NKW YOKK, Deosmber 28 Coffee rail
Rio firm a- 14;4e opti ns steady and fairly
aotivet sales, Ii6,','60 Lags; December, 12.85t:
January, 12 5.5(412 7 ; February, 12 4Vd
lt.65o; Marob, a 45'il2 61c 1 April, 12.45(4
12 7IX; Vgy, U54r124ei June, 12..rx5yl2 70o;
July, 12!ii9l2.8oo: Auaust, ll.rOj. Mtig.ir
ates'iy; fair to good refining quoted at 4v.'4,JI
4'o; refined atsaay. Molars s poxlual.
Uioe steady.
NEW OHLIANS, December 28.-Sugar-essy.
hut not quotably loser; open ketile
choice, 454c; strictly nritue. 4 116c; cen
trifugal, plantation grtnulate'f,a SKo off
plantation granulated, S5io choice while.,
6''45 6-16.; off white. S M6s6V4o
prime yellow olarified, ftr-to 1-lGo ) seoonds,
aVialfjirj. Molasea tiulet but ste vJy open
kettle fancy. 47c: atrietlr prime, 42''4.ic:
! centrifugals, a'rirt c utlirs. 2.M32: nritue to
good prim-, 2l(4.5o. Molasses r'air de
: m"d fur tho bttter g-adts. Other articles
eHASr&a-.vAf .a aisr saj a spa
a . v . - . . . . . .
APPLfl'-A' plea. 82 7.5dtl 75; dried an
pies, 2 5vTe ! pound from store. Dried
prBcbi..s,4 c f O'u s,.,,re.
VB iKTMlLKS-Ooi, ns, 82 4Wt2 75 from
store. Cabbage, 82 SO; per hoad. 6'i.H'j $175
Irom leveo or depot n--r eraie K-aut- bil,
It IW'I hull brl, $2 75. lisrlto, 4'. -jOOc per
100. Turnips, Mat per busbel.
1IUII I' Ofonses, i-e-bo,l4; pes barrel,
Is. L-mons, $3 5,1,44 er box. 1) ma 11 as,
$1 .Vi't'J54 per hunch.
N I 'i S Cocoanuts $) per 100. Peanut"--Virginia.
60; 'lenne-se?, tarmnrs' stiok, 3
4o; roasted, 254 higher; shelled, lu. AI-
sends. tOe. Walaett Iagllsk,18ct Fretak,
15e. filberts, ll'-.o. Peeaaa Teias, Tsaiee.
Brasrll eats, lie. Ckoetaate Iaperkad. US
per i-eend.
RAISINS Londoa Iayers,t3; layers ,13 (
California, $3 15; Imperial,.
PICKLIU-Io jars, pinU, 8fi.. sfearts,
$1 50; kalf gallons. $2 75: galleaa, S3 75;
loose, barrels, 18 50-37 ; half-barrcle, $3 7-,,
4 25; nixed, barrels, 110 60; tuned, half
barrels. $6
NGGS Easy, 3le.
POTATOKS Norther stock, II 5091 85.
1 lUEa-New fork, $6 507 per barrel and
13 7:v-.4 per ha f-barrel.
FISll-Maekerel, ha'f-har'els. No. l.5
lt; No 2. $5; No 3.14 50; 10-lk klr. No. 1,
K)j; No. X, 75c: lVlb. Ne. 3.65). Dry her
rings, t.imily, 25c per box.
44 AM R-Game flb,S'46i.
VlNl.GAa-ltK15e per gallos.
orro8i atkii rKonrrrria.
COTTON SEED In car load lota: Prime
crude cotton seed oil, new, Z4
2.o ; off crude cotton seed oil, US
26c; prima summar yellow eeltnn seed
oil, 34S"3i5e; off summer yellow eoitoa seed
oil. 32433: miners' summer isl ow eottoa
seed oil, 35(.Vio ; prime summer white cotton
seed oil, 3s36c; choice conking yellow cot
ten seed oil, 37S'3)o prime eottoa seed
meal, $16; less than ear lots, $18.50. Cotton
seed delivered at depot or levee, $9 per ton:
from wagon at mills, tl per ton.
HIDHS-Dry flint, No. 1. 18c; No 1, Vt.
dry salted, 0H"12'-4e; green salted. No. 1,
7'4hei No. 2,7c; green, 5f6e. Sheep skiua,
15c$l. Beeswax, 2Qe. Tallow, 4o. ,
HKIM-4 AND ri'M,
ctrivc ivn pruj r .1. 1 ...
.,-i,,. v. i. i'o.r .nine, inr,
bear, $K7ct irink, Iv.ASOe; eoon, hunt
er handled, 16vJ7oe; country bandl-d,
1560c; otter. $:c6S0: beaver, 50cra)
17; wildcat, l,Vt25c; tox. )3es75o; mask rat,
loc; opossum, Hie; wolf, 5doet2; skunk 15s)
9uo; panthers, 5Pca-81
WOOL-Burry 'grease won), unwashed,
13w'8c; closr grease wool, 23.-1t.-,; burry
waebed, 2 1. -430c; tub washed, 3.iov37c.
bT. LOUH, MO., December 28 Wool
steady; unwished medium. 2lm2Sc; enarse
brxid, l6it21c; low sandy, 13u19u; fine light,
18,a25o; heavy, 14nl9o.
BOSTON. MASS.. December I8.-W00I
st-ady, with a good demand ; Ohio and Penn
sylvania A, 34c; Ubio and Pennsylvania
,n'-.wj j-iicaigan a, ,uu,v;s' me
dium Montana, Wy uung and Utah, 23r2ic;
mea um Jionuna, n youjiDg and I tab Due,
Wool quiet; Ohio. Pennsylvania and West
v irgiuia A, J-'-, ';ile; New 1 ork , v icing in,
Inoijnanui rieslern floe X and XX. 3t4,sa
32c; medium washed combing ana deia'ne,
39i40c; Eastern medium, 21(4.23c; Valley
uregon medium, .-nzic; eosrse, U3&e,
CO AT. OIL Prima whltn. hnln.aU let..
95gC9l0e per gallon.
4M.KVRT.A s;n. (v. rMiinhi, eg r.i.A.
louin-s. w. 110, 75i").
riTTSBURG, PA.,!Decetber 28,-Petro-..iIh
e . -4. . -i... . v .. . ; . i t -.i
eer'ifieates opened at 67c; olossd at 6954o;
niguesL, ovo; towes.. o,o.
WHISKY-Stralght Kentucky Bourbon.
II 50(i45; redistilled goods irni 6)j to $1 50,
aoooroing voprooi; rye, 1 1 7,xa.
CHICAGO. ILL.. December aS.-Whlskv.
ST. T.OITTfl. MO.. December 28. WM.lv
firm, II 13.
CINCINNATI. O.. December 28 Whl.kv
firm : sales of 918 barrels ot finished goods on
a basis of 81 13.
N ellt, l.K tlt, MMOT.
NAILS-lOs, Iron, 12 35; steel, $2 50.
bUOI-Drop, II 65; baek, $1 90.
BAGGING Csrload lotst Jute, a lb.
8,-4o;li541bs,7o154 lbs, 7e. r'lax, a lbs,
1ie9-4ji osano.
POWDER Kegs. 15: half ka.s. 13 XS:
quarter kem, 1225
SKRDS-Clover. 14 90 5 per bushel t
orchard grass, 81 5u.Hl 60: hardigresa. Suffl
55c; timothy, 2ja226.
nncast, paintn and oils.
DRUGS-Ouinlna. P. A W..oa .70m rani.
65c; New York quinine, os.. 65o; cans.'ioe;
u s s, quinine, i a., ovn; cans, ou-
morphine, P A W., os., $2 60 oa. ; Ins.
viola, 12 35; New York morphine, V4os..2 55
per os : 1 os. vi.ls, $2 35; cinctionidia, 1 ns.
vials. I83 os t S os cans. 13c oa. i sum
opium, per pound, $340; iodide potash, $250
er pound, inclusive; subnitrate bismuth,
1 20 per pound, inclusive: ohlorolorm. 45e
per pound; blue muss, 43o per pouoi; calo
mel. 75c per pound : mercury. 7o,i nor pound:
chloral hvdrute, 11 50 per pound; camphor,
27c per pound: a'cohol, barrel', pergnilnu,
i .-z; casior on, barrel', per gillnn, $1 4-.
PAIvTs AN1 011,-Wliite lead. Col
lier's. 7'4o l"r p iund ; 6 (I pound lets, 7o per
pound, (to tl". 1.5 days ; Southern whi'e lend,
7'4o per imuinl : 609 pound lots, 7c, 254n off, 15
d.iys; boiled linseed oil, 43n prr gallon, by
barrel; raw, 40c; lur,emine,38 543periiallou,
by barrel.
l.i v si aioiH.
CORN FED CATTLE Ohoico to extra. 4ft
4V ; good, 3V
GKAdS t-AiTLB Clinic-, 3(9354oi giod,
2H(!03o; lair to medium, 2i25 4o; tcullnwugj,
lea' 'k,c.
HOGS Choice, 45to; cod,4n; common,.
Ml EEP thoice. 4o. medium. 3'. o. Choice
lambs, 4!-4c per pouud.
CHICAGO. ILL.. December 28. The
r,ers' .ournnf reports: Cattle -receipts.
Hi il SI head; shipment-, 3000 head; ui-rket
strong for good grades; shipping steers,
950 to 1501) pounds, i9iK'(5 All; Blockers snd
feodors, $2 25(43 KO; cows, bulls snd ui'xed,
$1 60U3 30; bulk, $2 2Vi2 60; T-xae cattle,
82 25(3 25. Hots receipts, 14 (Km head:
shipments, 3000 bead: market sir ng and
fVnlllc higher; rough an l mixed, $1 9ju4 45;
pack lug and shu ping, $4 40(i4 70; light,
H75:n4?5: akips, $2 7043 65. Sheei re
ceipts, 1000 bed; shipments, 1000 head; mar
ket netlve and 1n20c higher; natives. $2 50
ilt . T . 4VI ..1 ,fl. lu...k- OS.
, J , iH.u.1 - 9, n, i.mu'l .-io ...
KANSAS CITY. MO . December 28 -The
Z,tee Stick Indicator rcnortsi Cattle re-
o-lpts,900 head; shipments, nons; shipping
grades strong and 5(41ne higher; cows strong
and aotive; st takers snd 'coders firm but
quiot; good to chnioe, $4 10,44 40; common
to medium, $3 3ixu4: s'oekers, 12 16-275;
teedlug steers, fl 0 til; c wi, xi otK'S-i.
Hogs receipts, '1400 herd: shipments, 500
hesd; market strong and 6 4(10 1 higher, ea
fciiillv for o-oioe heavy: g'-od to olioio-.
$4 2.5i4 3; common to medium, 14 1044 10.
Sheep reoeipts, 300 head ; shipments:, none;
market steady i good to choice, 12 7,'(3 40;
common to medium, 11 60642 AJ
NKW YORK. December 24. -There was
no genersl rcjaest present, but through an
irregular irqu ry a vers fair new busiee-s
was reported, 'jhetoneot the cotton gotds
market was very strotu Agents have made
the price of Simpson's soid black, sliver
gray, bla k end wbite and Edily tone fancy
prints tm and Shepherd plaids -5S,c, with re
duced d scounts becnuso of tbo iauraated
cowt of rt-ih.
gisr-.Tlorcllansa khU riaotera, amnil
Farmers and GarJei.ers, should, In tbe In
terrul between Uarvost and Planting time,
look out fur the future and
that they have made all arrangemonti for
Seeda and Implements needful for tbe next
season. Hundreds of circular! are flooding
the country and filling the columns of tbo
newspapers, soliciting the readsr
goods that they know nothing of. With the
axperience of twenty-flve years In the South,
bath lu selling and planting, w think we
eat itfoly claim thtt
houss has always dealt fairly. We aim to
keep the msit isnprovod Labor-saving Im
plements, and to send oat only Fresh and
Our present itork Is full and complete, snd
we are prcpnred to !urnieh oar papered Seed
in neat and attract!?! style, to the trade, at
tho lowest rata, vis have also large stocks
ot GRASS and FIELD BUKDS fur Srring
Planting. Our Annual Catalogue will be
ready for distribution by Fint of January.
Bond for one
3 Colon hit., MeinpliU.Tcnu.
Frian Feint Jaaea L. t a.a.
Oeeeola. Coaaoga. 6 p.m.
White River... Caicxasiw, S p.sa.
Arkansas City .-.KiT Aniaa, 5 p.m.
Tlptonvil!e.....-...Csssrsiii, S p.m.
Amsnla. Chickasaw, White river: Aeli'en
Rule, New Orleans; D. 0. Fogel, New Or
leans; W yoming, St. Louis.
Drpartum.-Oi Iden Rule, New Orleans,
Gsyoso, Connirdia; hd Foster, St. Francis
river; D. C. Fogel, above; Wyomleg, New
Golden Rels-150 ski eottoa seed and 20
pkgs sundries.
Wyoming-241 brls fl 'ar, 49 oases eggs and
150 pkas suudriaa.
Chickasaw 662 hales eottoa and 14 pkgs
Clocdt and warm.
Tna river bera continue to rise.
Brj'iNMH wag quiet at the liver yes-
Tua upper MifBiasippi con ti noes to
Wnrra river la falling, with 4 feet
from Augusta to the moulh.
Tua towbont D. C. F.?el, from New
Orleans, pasredup yesterday.
Tua K. L. Co ih will b tbe next
boat leavlrg here for Arkansas river.
Thi City of Oair.-i will be bete in
time to leave Saturday for Viekiburg.
Tin Oiiegpeike ia the rctilaj-
packet leaving tomorrow for liptoaville.
Oi.km Noltb, one of tha beat olf rka
on the r.ver, is st er nd olerk on the Wyoming.
Pi'hino tbe twtn'y-Ionr boura pnd
lng at noon yesterday the river here rose 1
Tua G.ito o, for Concor-Ha, and E l
Foster, for St. Fraueis river, left with good
Tua Kate Adam is the mail packet
tomorrow evening for Arkansas City and
way landings.
f Ha Bnc.kevn S'ttla ir BniioniMPtl to
leave hero tomorrow atoning for Cincinnati
and way landings.
Tii a U. P. SohpncV, ro"ninir np. will
get about KKHI bales of cot'on between Vieki
burg and this port.
It wai slippery oi the loveo yealer
day. and nnly throe who hid busineai there
ventured to board a steamboat.
Tim Ohio, fur tliig inrt, and the
Mary Houston, for New Orlotns, are an
nounced to leave Cine nnati today.
THaG.ilden Rain, from Omrinnali,
ra sed to New Orlean yest-rdar a'ternnnn
with a lull load. She put off a lot of freight.
Thii Boii. with a big tow of cenl, ar
rived at the island shove the city yesterdsy
and will proceed to New Orleans this morn
ing. Witan the hip; Helena pained VIcVs-bure-ehe
bad 2851 bales of cotton. S246 sacks
ot oil eake, 4-X) barrels of oil and 455 tons of
miscellaneous Ireight.
TiiEt-nr.iingoI the siameraNaf clips
and R 8. Ilsys was the principal topic dis
cussed yesterday by steamboatmen. A lull
account of the fire will be found en another
page of today's Amu.
Tna Ooahntna is the Lee Una packet
loavlng this evening for Gold Dust, Osceola
and all way .endings on the upper eosst.
t'apt Hei'rjr Cooper commands, with Msssrs.
Bimther. Sid Whosler eud Charley Leltwich
In the office.
Tna James La., dpt. Tom Olaeeett,
leaves at S o'clock this evoning fnr Helena,
Friars Point and all way landings. Mr.
Win. Ashf ird Is her clerk, and he is ably as
sisted by Vessis. Win. Darragh, Cbas. ilurr
and John Rhodes.
Tna Ui.iieil fit toe liihto laetenib r,
Joseph Uenry, made tie following ehaages
In beacon ligbta between New Orleans and
Greenville: Consort Point, moved down 200
yards; Friars Point, moved down 150 raids
Gibson's Landing, new light.
It wan rnpir't'd, on what aams
good autho lty. tbat Capt. El. Amehuts
wi I command Ins New Houston n he Cin
cinnati and Fittsnurg trada. and Capt Frank
Klli-nn will command the Will S llaysin
the St, Louis aud ew Orlosns trade.
Tub WsomitiB, from r-'t Lonl", passml
to New Orleans last sight with about 1000
tons of freight, including 50(0 sacks of eorn,
which sho added in tho bends below Cairo,
She discharged nt tbe elevator 418 ackugoa
aud added 60 tuns of miscellaneous freight,
Tiir H M, Graham is due to lay
from G.,1'1 Du t with a barge loaded with
stone, which will be used ir. finishing up the
work of building the dykes below Heals
street This will, for the present, complete
tho aork of the governiueut in this barhor.
Til a ChiektraJV. Omt. E. C. I'ohUI.
srrlved yoslorday altornoon from While
river with a good trip. She brought out of
the river 9191) ilei of cotton nn I reshiimed
2,57 ba ca at. TeTeno for N ew Or eons, t.he
leaves iigain this coning lor "Inter for.
Messrs. O. M. foetal and John Childress are
her clerks.
Orrtcg Sionai, Sggvicg, IT. S. A.,)
Msui-Hia, Doouraoer 2.1, 1 p.m. J
This fnllowliia ohKurvationa ere takmi
at all stations named at 75" meridian lime.
whi-h is one hour later than Memphis time:
Mb'e Low
Ri self's 1 1
lot's lot's
Cairo ... ....
Dubun ue
Fort Hmlth. ..........
heoVuk -
La Crosse
Little Rook.
M - sis i vi I a
New Orleans
Pltlehurg ...
St. Louis
St. Paul
Shrereport ,
CINCIN'NATI. 0., Deoembor 28 -Noon
lliv-r 26 foot 654 inches and rising. Weather
closr t thermometer 26.
PITTSBURG, PA . December 28.-Noon-Rivrr
8 feet 6 inr hes on the gauge and
tailing. Weather olear and mild.
WUEKLING. W. VA., December 28
Noon Kiver 15 feet nn the gauge and
fulling. Weather cloudy and cold.
CAIRO, ILL., December 28. Noon-River
21 fret on the gaugo and failing. Weather
cloudy and cool. Arrived: ltucasye State,
('nio.unaii, 1 a.m. Departed: Buckeye
Slate, Memphis.
KVAHVILLK, 1ND., December 24
Noon - River 22 feet 4 Inches on the gsuge
and rling. Weather eloudy; theruionie
tcr 22". Arrived: Hopkins, I'adunah.
Der arted: Guiding Star, Cincinnati, Over
due: Granite State, Memphis.
tSTEvcrj Pair Warranted-dl
snoi. house,
410 Wain Hi re IvTmphln.
WW 1 iay wn I mm wmm mmntf t btmm tmm
MtJawMll tliosl feat- UiaiQ rwtur Xaln. I ntateiw flf
wf, I p4rms4aihwrti.
kiafsriirlla.HieH I wftirsnt anw nnmmrm
wrtj itiat wurM east. fm4Ki fttMra nar F1l4t4 m
IwaSMrfA (M Ktrl lW s-VTavltTIMg Mr, cVwDd ! Ofka fl
eTSJaltM sVl-1 ffwsj PiHtlSaa tff IbralllMn rrrlf( ffl
Koch's Fat. S tore
Nil El.' I "(41 taadiustnble tn meet any need
or business. Itis chsspnrthao old style. Caa
be pot up by any one. I oesisaisli! log
I'nntry anal liooas oltclgee. Address
KOVU A. Ik UK niretn
841 ttl! NT., PKORIt, II.L.,r,
Hluisuuas Uartl wareCs.,St. Lsuii, 0,
Feet lot's
7 9
26 8
""i i"
17 8
T DjssMlveJepartB4mlal,
ava-Oar entire stock has to be sold by Jan
nary 1, 1HH7, in Dissolve Copartnership
our company retiring.
Formerly 75 cents and 11.00.
Fancy Featfters and Wings
25 and BO Onts,
FermerlylOne Dollar.
ae Itrldal and Maarnlasr nntflta. -
sr The finest assortmeaf at DOLLS ta the
trlltu Reehaped, Feathers Geaned, Dye!
and Cnrled.
star-tsoldea Hair Wash by the Small or Large
Fr-i g. nnia Fp.
Sale of Town nnd Farm Lauds
In and Near Iturllett, Tenn.
BY v'rtoe of author tv ye ted In me by
will ol Mrs. M. A. Hlackwell, deceased,
I will pr ieeed to sell, at iullia anation. to
the higfarat bidder. In RAHTLRTI. Teen..
eommeacing abjut 11 o'olcek a u., on
Jtloiiilay, JitiiaXHry 3. 1HS7,
cer all laada situate, lying and being in
Shelby county, Tenn , in and near the town
of Uarllett, tome 12 miles northeast of Mota-
prls, tn win
The U"ne Pla-e recently eocopled by Mrs.
M. A. Hlackwell. in the town of lUitlett.
eontelnine some 15 acres. Jvintf In the west
ern portion of said town, on north side of
the Memphis anil hotnervt'le roail, upon
which is situated agood dame residence and
outhouses, good soring, lrie g nve ol lor st
trees in front, and everything really to make
a comfortable and convenient home-
A certain tract ot land near ami cast of
said town of llarlett, containing .US) Mires,
known ns the Goodwood trsct, beginning at
a 'tike In the Somarville read, Theo. Bland's
SR corner of hi" S00 acre tract; thence north
48 chains 26 links to a stake t thence oait 18
chains 50 links toaatakei thencesouih 10V
west CO chains 50 links to a stake; thence
south 6V east 71 chains 75 links tnstake wlfh
whiieoag nolutore; thence west 3 chains 85
links to asiakei thence south 10 chaioa to a
slake; thenee weat 14 chains 75 links to a
stake) thence north 6) chains to a stake;
thence west t3 oualns SO links tna stake;
thence north SO chsins tn the Somervlllo
road; thenoo with said road east to beg n
Dlng. Tbe DOW RR TRACT, oontainlng406 acres,
begins at a stak-i, the extreme southwest cor
ner ol the Uoed.ood traoti thenee north 60
chains to a stake; thence west 68 chains 60
links to a stake; thenee north 20 chains to
tho Snmerville road; tbenoa with said rosd
west S chains to a state; thence louth 61
chains V5 links to the a. nth line of the
Doherty 9000-aero grants, thonoe east with
aid lino to the brglnnrng.
A plat of said T A O TRACTS Is of record
In th Register's office of Shelby county, la
Plat Book Ne. 1, page 10),
Also, a certain tract, containing some 131
acres, known as the " Cerrey Place," begin
nlng at a stake in the N H correr of lot No.
) .is M,d;,i.l"B oi the lands of VI Y,
Reaves, deceased! theaoeS44 ehalnsandlfi
links to the SU enrncr of said lett thenee
south 89 east 29 ohains and 40 links to a
stake with hickory peiwters, being the Sht
eornerot seution 3, range 7, of the 11th Bur
veyor's District; thenee north with the
range line 46 chains tna stake tn the mad;
thence south 82S' west 13 chains and 56 links
to a stake In the roadt thence north 68'' west
16 chains to the beginning. To he subdivided
and sold accordingly.
Terms ot Sale One third cash; balance on
a credit one and two years from date; notes
hearing interest; lien retained till same are
paid, etc. H. J. DLAOK, Kaecutor
ol Mrs. M. A, lllackwell, deceased,
er Ale, at same time, will aell all tbe farm,
ing implements, live stock, etc. oo said
places, and a rwkeway.
vlnml ?l? yT. LOUIS,
anNi'yaiTiria:i,n or
WOOD-WORKIf-Q p,;j j(; f(
Young & Brother
UoohRellers and Htationere,
318 Main ML, Memphis', Tenn
a saw miprLT or
Hauxit Amuiunltlou, FlBftlnK Tackle
and NportBineiiH' Snpiuicg.
fs4 Mala Hlrewl. nmhle, Taxt)
Uannfaeturlng and Repairing of Hons S
Bpeclall y.Largeat Stock. Heat aaaortment.
Importers and dealers lo faa, Asnsnn.
nil sun aad alelilUK Taxsltltj, Malldese'
snrlwr, Klmilrle Mtle aad An
nnnclalors for Hotels and Hes!r!nnees,a6
Mala olrewl, Ms-anphlo, Terna. Klectrle
supplies el wen oa haad.a.Kepairlag aeatly
Frank Schumann,
Importer aad Dealer la
anna, rialilai Textkla aad Mporta
naea'alappllee. gar Special attentloi
given to MASUTACTURING and Ra
41. if aln Nt Namnhli. Ttwnn
AValuaWe Patent.
Daacy'a (Mores) I'ora ami I'ea plan.
HAVING perfected my lnreitlon. I wish
to place it be lure the public, eanocialll
manufacturers. As a Corn Planter, it is a
periootsaoc.fta r.nore the drill, distributed
the seed a-rcratoly, unlniure-t, and eoverd
the same, thoraby one man pcr'uroilng the
work of three. Thev bavo been used Ir.
this soctlnri tor over a dosr.n yeiri wlili per
(act satis. a jtiou. can give renpo,' sibla test)'
moalaja. Address
JOliU U. DANCY.Danojrvll'e,
115 wood ooanty. leu.
t rVjr TSa. i43!aw
LorrtsvtLLO sen rTueviLLi Rsnaoie Co.,
TOvnoi o Aoaay, Meaaphia, Die. te, leVsrL
HIS line has resumed receiving ire h
for all points North and Beet.
. P. B. CLAKK, Agent.
Hetuisnia aad 4'laelaasiii e-asclsei 2.
For Cairo, LcnisvilleandCircinnati Str.
ISuckeye stater TZ
H. J. Vinton master,
Will leave FRIDAY, Dec. Slat, at 5 p.m.
For freight or paaaage apply to C. B.RGS
SKLL, G. F. and T. A., It Jrladlaon street.
Telephone 227. Jomw 4'a. Pas.'r Ageet.
lit. Lome aail fsoer earleuana Aadiar
l.lne-U. H. a.ll-F01iVICaflUR4.
fJltyot t;nIro,
Liahtnee muue. a
Will leave the Klevator BATUROAY, Jan.
1st, at 8 p.m. For freight or paaaage appia
O. L. Hsu, Pass. Ag't. AD ST 'HM. Sa'pt.
Bit. t r.ael. aalee. 1 raaeportauaa vm.
The elegant steamer
Rene Macready, Int
O, K.JonMB maste
Uavea Memphis KVERY TFRKDAT and
SATURDAY at 6 p.m.. lor Marianne and
way landings as far as the Cat-Off.
Tho captain reserves the right to pass fell
landings he deems unsafe. Telephone 69.
JAS. LKB, J a.. Sup't,
eifnoo, No. 4 Madison etreet.
For Osceula, Hales Point, Carathersyilie.
uayoao and Tiptonville The new side
wheel passenger steamer
W, P, Hall master. I J. D. Fuller cieia
Will leave aa above, and all way points.
p.m. For freighter passage apply on beard.
nislila,l riurn Polni Mas. !..
isud 4aevMlA iackel LVntnianT.
For Helena, Ulendale, Friars Point and al
nay aiaaoiDgs Dteamer
"J1" iCe aarriaSS
W T IT. A 111 PTT ai
a. a vunuui A.n,M,,,' niMinri
Will leave as above on KVKKY MONDAY.
naunuvai anu sniuAH atoo oiova.
For Randolph, Fnlton, Osceo'a an Way
ianmavs a learner
C'onlioum, xwa!
J. U. COOPER .Master.
Leaves Kvery MONDAY, W EON K'.-ttAT
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. The boats ot (hi
line reserve the right to pass all landings
tha captain may deeiu unsate. Office, No. I
luaii.on st, J a ' rrs t.r e., .ia.. eiw"-t.
Jtomjibls and Vlct.ntturif PaoKei iass-a
pony U. H.Mall Lluf.
For Helena, Concwrdia, lerreneaud Arkan-
las city 1 he elesant passenstr st--
M. R. Chaek...rnMter I W. C. B anker., oiark
Leaves .Memphis
Tor Oonoordla and all way landing!.
The Steamer
A. L. Cnramlna, Mast'r I Lew Price.-...O.er
LeaveTUlDAY atd SATURDAY atip.as
e'or eenerat Information aDDlv at
No, 4 Slauitonstree'.
J'IH rat.V.,.'T a.t T(eneie .
Memphis & White iuvrr i'itUCej
For (ilaraeadoa, Dewalle rllall Issia
Arc, Augusta. Searcy, Newp rt, Jaoksoa
Sort, Bateaville and all Way Landlnaa, .
til. CHICKASAW. - JgLl.
R. 0. PosUI...;, ....master, aaHiS s"
Will leave KVKRY WBDN USD AY at 8 .
8tr. ALBERTA 0. 8,r.,.IQi
Ainen u. rmitn...... master,
Will leave KVKRY SA1U1LDAT at p.m.
Tk.n.,.1. , -l--n tn .11 n-lnl. WmIvS,.
i P
consigned to the Meiiiphla and White River
"nailii.u w lu. lu.,",).,, wuw .,..
ii.k.t O... .t Mamohla er Terrene, will he
forwarded promptly. For general Informa
tion apply at office, No. 8 Madison St., on
Call Telephone M. H. 0. LOWB. Av't
No. fsOaiT. R. Chancery Conrt of Fhelbe
county Louie V. Bilertet al. Tl. William
I'oeke ot al.
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decree for
aale. entered In the above caeae on tha
latdayof December, IHHil. Minute Book 68,
pagoil3, I will sell, at public auotlon, to tbe
highest Ulililer, in tront ol tne uierg ana
Master's oflice, at the Main street entrance
of the court-house ot Shelby oounty, JUem
phls, Tenn., oa
Nnlurdity, Jasinary a, s)ST.
within legal hours, the following described
pri'icrty, situated oust rf and near the cor
poinllon lino ot the oity of fuenpLis, ta
Shelhv county, Tenn.. to-wlt'
Let No. H, as laid down on the plat er sub
division of lands as sot fcrih in tbe decree
entered herein nn the 1 Or h day ol October,
18 6, in Minute Hook No. 64, page 4tki lie
ginning at a point on the north side of Hon
ry avenue 44nV, fort west from the southeast
corner of the land onnvryed by William.
Wiley tn Henry Hoeko by dred duiv recorded
in llook No. 1, page 222. of the Uegi, tor's
oflice of Shelby county, Tennessee, and run
ning thence north 2mJ tool to t-ophya Wateul
thence weatwardly with aaid bayou t 4eet to
the east lire of lot No. 2 on aald p'atl thence
south with the east lino ' said lot No. 2,
2) leet, more or leas, to tho north line ol
Henry avenue t ibenr e east with said avenue
Lot No. 4, as laid down rn the iiid plat
and which Ilea linmedialelye.it of aaid let
No. 8. and has a Iront of 52 feet on tho north
aide of Uenry avenue, and runs back north
wardly, betwoon parallel lias-, 2ct) feat to
Bopbys bsyou,
Lois Nos. b and 8, as laid doen oa the laid
filat, which are In solido, described as fol
ows: Beginning at a point on the north slda
of Henry avenue 3.2 feet west Irotn the south
east corner ol the land conveyed by William
Wiley to Henry II eke by eed recorded In
Hook No. 1, page 222. of the Hegbter'enfBee of
Shelby county, Tenn., an l running thenee
westwardly wlih the north line of Henry
avenuetki1 lect; ihenoe nor'h oa the divid
ing line botween lots 4 and 6, aa laid dnwn on
the said plat, 2S8 faet to Hoohre bayou t
thence oastwsrdiy along said bavoa to tha
northeast corner of Int No. 8; thence south
on the dividing line between lots 8 and 7, as
laid dnwn on aaid plat, .lob feat to tho point
of beginning on Henry avenue.
Lota Nos. 11, 12, H, 14,15, 1, and tho north
unsold part of l it No. 7, which i re In solido,
described as follows, to Witt beginning at
the soutliea-t corner of the land oonveyed by
William Wiley t llonry llocike by deed re
corded in liook Nn 1, pno 222, of tbo Hsg
Ist r'a office ol t'helhy enuiity, Tenn., and
which point is shnut (04 leet eastwardly
from the Inter-ertion of iheeast line ol So
phys bayou and Henry avoi.ue, aa tho lama
existed when said deed was exoruted by Wil
liam Wiley to Henry Uueke; ami running
flier-oe north a' ng the east lino of said land
470 feo thenee wi a w.rd:y ali.ng the north
side of said land 281 feet lo Hoi hys bayou:
tlionceln a soutbaest- rly direction withsaia
haiuu to the nor h end of the west line of lot
No 7, a laid down on said pie' i thenee sooth
on Hie dividing line between loll 0 and 7, 179
feet, more or less; thence ea-t s cross said
lot No, 7 on a lino parallel with Henry ave
nues thence south lo leet, m- re or less, te
tbe northweit corner of lot 8; ihenoe east
along the norlh lino of lot' 8,8 aud 10, aa
laid down on said plat, 2 8 ti er to the north
west oorner oi lot 11, as laid down on said
lat; thence scith on the dividing line be
ween lots 10 and II, 170 leet 'o the nrth line
of Uenry averuM thence east with Uenry
avenue 80 feet to tbe beginning.
Terms of Sale One-third cash ; balance la
three and s k moitiss note bearing Interest
wi'h surety required, and lien retained.
Thia Dccrmher 15. 18MS.
S. I. McDOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
Ey D. F. Coleman, Deputy C. aad It.
. A II. Lehman. B Hoiiore.
Ml. 1). 8. J01i.S0.a
No. 17 Jefftrjwm Mrwt,
(Between Main and Front.) MKMPHIfl.
lKat.hll.had In 1NHA.I
R.J0HNSON la acknowledged by all par.
su . Intimated aa bv far the Duost sae-
oessful physician tn the treai rose tof private
or aeoret diseases. Quick, permaaeat corea
snaranteed In every case, male or female.
Recent cases of Gonorrhea and SyphlOe
cured in a f w days without tbe use of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance from
business. Secondary Svt hills, the last vas
tisecradioaUd witbottlhe use of mercery.
Invulunsary loss ot.emea stopped in abort a
time. Hullerers from fiape'enoy or loss ol
sexual powers rsstore to tree vigor la a re
weeks. Victims of sell -abuse and excessive)
venery, suOerlng lroiu spermatorrhea ad
lossof physical and menUl newer, speedily
end permanently oureH. Particular atten
tion paid to tbe Diseases ol Women, and
corea guaranteed. Pi ea and old sores cured
without the use of caustic or tho knife. All
consultations Itrlcllv oonSdoutial. Medi
cines scut by express to all parts ot tha
sMrvforklngmsn enred at half taenia
rates. Ollioo hours, trom 8 y oleok a.m. U
o'clock p.m. ID. 8. JOHNSON, M.D

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