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i fhf rT" ""'" Bonte Trlni
or tllwi tut lii Ivm :)
B.n.t Ot. UH Im lis kin at 6:30
..a. Tut lin rrirM at liSO p.K.t tit.
Load faat 11b bitIm at I :
laataalppl M Tonne b Tralni
Move! jollowu MewOrleani Ball arrival
dally at :UU a.m. I leaves amuj a w w
Bardu aeeonnuodation arrival a
at 8:48
p m.
freight arrive daily (eiept Sonday t:90
B.l leave! Bauy wxoept ouo
.. Mail traini do not itop flag ifa
tioni. Bar Whitehaven, ilura Lakt Jtiwbit
ad LOVM.
Iaatalp) Taller IUlH (I. . O.
Vt.Blj.) TrmiBioBthiiroB fol
lowit Mw Orlni fast nail, dally, litwi
at 4:30 p.m. Vloksburg niri, daily,
leave at 1:15 B.m. Nw Orlaani fut Bail,
daily, arrival it tilO B.m. Viokfbuii a
prwJ, dallf , arriTM a 6:45 p.m.
Leulavllle and Hntillle Tralni
ror u follows i fart mall arrival daily at
16 a.m.: leav at 10:10 p.m. I mail loaves
dally at 10:10 B.m. I arrive! at :00 p.m.
Brownivlll aoeoromodatloiB leave dally,
imp! Sunday, at 6:( p.m. I arrival daily,
lit9unda, at 8 M a.m. (standard time).
Waif MwMHUaBMi lly , priu
Idand itenipisln) Tralni lv M.and
X. dfpot u follow!: No. 4, KaniaiCity ez
nrse, lvit 10:4) B.m. I No. 3, Kaoiu
City xpri, arrive at 1:30 p.m. No. i,
Kansas City mail, lavi at8:00 p.m.l No. 1,
KatHM City mail, arrives at 8:fi a.m. No.
1, St. Louli and Chtearo express, leaves at
03 p.m. I N. 1. bt. Louis and Chleairoex
presi, arrival at 1:45 a.m. Ia flot banCar,
Bpkli and Ckarleeton Tralnt
aov a fuHown Throoch Bipraai lvl
dally at 10 lOU p.m. Mall ana i press learei
ml S Via m. Bomrrvtlt acoommoda-
in. !. H.llv. niM'it Sunday, at 4:40
a.m. Throngn xprii arrives aany o;iu
B.B. Mail and liprall arrive! daily at lt:h
S.m, bomrrilla aoSfciotlnouatlon arrlrai
ally, pt Sunday, at -.30 a.ra.
Memplile, ltlrsulahaui and at Innate-Holly
Bnrlngi Kouta Traini moT u
fillowit No. 1 ! Mampbii dally at 3:46
p.m.! arrival at Uollr Sprlngi at 5:58 p.m.!
No. 8 leave! Holly Springs daily at 8:10
B.B.I airlTM at Mamphli at 10:10 a.m.; No.
ii laarai Mampbii daily at 7:16 p. m.. arrival
at Bolly bprlnii at 11:45 p.m.; No. o laarai
Molly vprtnn daily at 3:15 a.m., arrival at
liamphii at 6:45 a.m. .
rnpkli and Little Kobi. Tralai
IT ova ai tollowi (eantral itandard tlma):
No. 1 laaiai daily at 4:25 p.m, i arrival at
:!5p.m. No. 3 leaval at 5:56 a.m. : arrival
at9i4A a.m. No. 6 (fraltht) laavai HopaOald
dally (axoaptSnaday) at 3:30 a.m.t arrival
at (:30 .m.
lor Alabima: Light rain, fdlowtd by
fair wathcr; northerly windt, becoming
variable; ilight changet in temperature.
For Mit$iui)pi: Fair weather; windt
becoming Kniiluatterly ; Aiyhtly varmtr.
For Tennrttee: Rain, followed by fair
vealtor; northeaiterly windt; tlatiunnry
For Tcxm: Fair weather; n irtlierly
wind; flight change$ in temperature.
For Louuiana : liain; variable wind;
ilight thanj'i in temperature.
For Arkintat: lair wia'h r in the
wtttern portion; rain in tht eatlern por
tion; variable wind; tligh'ly warmer.
The Tennewe and CumlxrUnd rivern
witi fall uowiy; tM juiHiwppt ww re
main nearly itatimiary from St. Loult to
NtwOrlean; (lie Ohio will fall ilowly
from LwiitUU to Cairo; the other riven
wiS fall floip'y.
f lorttlKloal Kfiporf.
Time. Bar. i'uer. Wind. Wti'ili.
7:00 .m. 30 S4 28 0 N.E. Fobjv
8:00 p.m. 110.277 26.0 N. Wd'y
10:00 p.m. a0.305 2C.0 N. Thr'ng
ilaiiinum ttiinperuture, 2$,
Minimum tomperature, 25.
Oioea, 11 t.ra.. 1,
Rainfall, 0.14.
La Uucolte will be ffWen uttlie
Thrattir t might by the lt; mOcer
Onmpanr, and by special request tbe
Bridal trap tomorOrT evening.
Nnahvl lo lawyers have contrib
uted $1000 to the spring meeting at
tbat City, In a purse to ba known as
the Lnwyera' Hiake. Will the lKal
fraternity of MempM do likewiee?
A'fred Jonea, Lafayette Rtflvens
and Newton O ark were all tried be
fore Justice Barry yxMeiday, charged
with arson and (hoollng with intent
to kill, in tbe vicinity of Oakville.
The evidence elluited was sutllaient to
warrant the couitnltmnnt ol the men,
and J oil I en Bnrry -nt theiu to Jail ia
dtfault of $.'(XI0 ball.
TV-ere will be a meeting of
the Woman's Christian TomperancA
Uuion todny at 3 o'clock, at their
room, No. "J"3 Mnin atrt. All inter
ested in the establishment of a frie
rei(lin ro mi for the workiDRmnn and
.women of tbe city are earnestly
quested to bo pre:eit. Thla is a
praiseworthy move and drS!rvs the
aid and support of every CluialUu
man and womaa of Memphis.
The following nnmed partlrg re
ceived niarilnBi liccn'ina yeatordAy;
White Almost Ho'thcfjr U Mma
Louisa Emmerich, Janes E. Oitnlsln
to Mips Ma U. Hl, k, W. II. Holland
to Mias K nma A. lHahell. Colored
Jacob Allen t i Mirs Hue Onaley, W.
H.Tyler to Miss Ell.n 0. Dickirssn,
Wet Htewart to Mtss Mary Ketohuin,
Baca Htewait to Mies Lerie Kobk, Ull
bert King t) Mil's Mary E ta Km?,
Tom Mitchell to Misi Vngie Bledsoe.
At a mifting of the Memphis
Traveler Club, held !a-t evening the
followle t lllce rs wera elected : Fred
T.Anderson, president; A. F. Cork,
flrat vice president ; Ca ey T. Ander
son, second vice prealdont; T. J.
Birr bus, reoretary end treasurer; II.
J. Forsdick, I). Oenherner, J. (J.
Ball, J. E. O liver, W. E. lluKhej
and Frank Jones, trustees The ro
tiring piesidunt, II. J. Forsdick, and
Tom Barchua, secretary and treasurer,
were preentfd with appropriate Rifts
ia testimony of the cluVa appreciation
of their valced str vices.
J. P. CovMiQTON and Mips M. J.
Wtlls are to be married tonight at fit,
Mary's Cathedral at 8 o'clock.
Misa Jbnie GRtEHnii a,of Jackson,
Tenn., ii in the city on a visit to her
rslatives, Mr. and Mr. Qodebaw.
Jmu B. McBridi, of the Chesa
peake and Ohio railroad, left yeetar
day on a business trip to Vicksburg,
' Thi Hf cry Levy who wis arrested
on Monday for larceny is not the
Henry Levy who is connected with
the People's Theater.
Johm T. CarrioaN, agent o the
Memphis, Birmingham and Atlantio
railroad at Byhalia, Mias., is visiting
his another on Hernando street.
A cablegram received yesterday
from Paii, and addressed to the Ap
peal by Miss M. Eialev, announces
that bt-r mother, Mrs. Enoch Ensley,
is very Kick. The many frien ls of
Col. and Mrs. Kailey, not nnlv here,
bnt in A'atiema and Middle Tennes
see, will doep'.y regret to lea-n ibis
news and will hope for the sick lady's
speedy rta'oratiou to health.
Hol.'d y Ulltv
Nothirg more U'ef ii, Inexpensive or
soseptab'e than a I, ox of Colgate's
Cithmoro Bjuqnet S ap.
New Yolk, December 88 P. Henry
Pmrro, tbe grand sachem of Tammany
Hall, bas resigned. County Clerk
James A. Flack baa bean elected to
succeed him, .
New York, December 28.-0 wing to
tht illneee of Jndge Pratt, the bearing
of ' the motion foranewttial for ex
Alderman McQoade, was this morning
p etponed until next week.
New York, December 28. Gov. Hill
denies tbe statement widely circulated
yesterday tbat be wai about to visit
Washington, where be would be the
guest cf President Cleveland.
Milwaukee, Wis., Decmber28. A
epeclal to tbe Evening rTiaoanita from
Odhkoeh says Kenator Sawyer his lei
i granted toe Login fund committee
at Washingt3n that be will subscribe
Lmifori, December 23. The Ameri
can bark Lillian, from Bangor, arrived
at Greenock December 27th. She f x.
perieneed heavy galea oa Dtcembtr
lOt'u, during wuich tbreo men were
Philadelphia, December 28. Tbe
agreament between tbe K-sdirg rail
road general n aniher and tbe Port
Richmond strikers his been signed.
Both partiea to the agreement decline
to make known Ut toimi.
New Or'eans. La.. December 28 A
special from i. roadie, La., to the Pica
pun says: John Eloa. inj tilbeie,
cnargru wivu iiio uiuiuor vi i uncpii
N. Level le. on the night of December
24ih, was taken cut of J ail last night
and banged.
B tltimore. Md.. December 28 Moist
of tbe glaes blowers who s'ruck sev
eral data ago letinned today to work
on the emnloTera terms, woo insisted
on their riitht to work apprentices. It
is thought the remainder will loturn
to work tomorrow.
Baltimore, Md., Deiember 28. Tho
Modern Language Convention of
America me at Johns Hopkins Uni
varsity this evening, and will remain
In session until Thursday. Me'iy an
the principal colleges iu the United
Htates are represented.
Chicago, III., Decmber 28. A
special to the Inter Ocean from Clin,
ton, 111 , says: It was officially an
norm ed tidty that the Illinois Cen
tral las purthwed the Champaign
and Havana toad. Tbe Central will
Msune management on the 1st of
Milwaukee, Wis., December 28 At
Km Claire today ihe probibiMonlsts
of the E'ghth Convreieinnal District
nomlna'ed Hugh Price for the short
Congreealonal term, and Peter Truix,
of Etu Claire for the long term, to
Bti'ceed wm. r. rrce aoccaaea.
Philadelphia, Pa., December 28.
The bodies of the two firemen, John
Johnson and John Gibson, who were
crnsbed by the falling wall during the
Temple Theater Are, yesterday, wera
recovered this morning. The faces
were bnt little disfigured. Both bod
ios had been scalded by steam.
Detroit, Mich., December 28 Fire
broke out this afternoon in the build
ing occupied by the Detroit-Alaska
Back Oompunv on Clinton street, and
by hard work was confined to the
building. Huter A girls iu the third
story narrowly escaped with their
l.vee. Lira, $37,000 ; insnrance, $17,500,
Chicago, III,, D'oember 2i The
Dailu AVt: "a o flll.l special cava:
Iu a Baloon quarrel (Sunday evening
Xnomas nplcer, colored, was thrown
to the floor by Henry Hayes and
Thomas Meahan, who covered him
with turpentine and set fire lo bis
clothing. Tbe victim died tonight
Ihe perpetrators are la jail.
Ellsworth," Me., December 28 Dr.
Patten, an aged mart who lived alone
in Franklin, was burned to dtnth in
his bouse last Saturday. Dr. Patten
was formerly a snccessful dentUt, but
lofct his practice through intpmper
anje, and of late he earned a living
by cobbling. The origin of the Are is
not known.
Fitchburg, Mess., December 28.
Ia Ihe Insolvency Couit today, on the
petition of the creditors of Charles
Winchester, of Ashburobarn, who re
ceutly became financially embarrass
to a large amount, Judge Thayer or
dered a warrant in Insolvency agalus
the Wircho tor estate, returnable
January 25. h.
Baltimore, Ml, December 28. Ja
cob Ciht ubern. lawelrv, made an as
signment today to Thomas Hughes
for the benefit cf Ms treditore. The
liabilities are placed at 100,000, and
the assets at nDOUiiw.uuu. it is prob
able an arrangement will be effected
wiih his NeYoik creditors by which
he will continue businees.
Chicago, 111., December 28. Tho
twelfth annual meeting of the North
wi'itsrn Traveling Mon's Association
was held here today. The report of
the secrotury f bowed a crt-sent mem
bership of KH22. Ihe toU! amount
paid banc Uolariwi since the dato of or
ganisation is $7Cli,000. Duriug the
yerr twenty-three deaths occurred.
New York, December 23 The
schedules in the alignment of the
ilim of E. M. Foster & Co., upholtr
eis, show tbe liabilities to ba f 982,
009; contingent, $H8,0til: noutinal as
st, f 974.12U, and octual sssots $.322,
35(1. Tbe assignees state that the dif
ference in the assets Is due to bad
debts and depreciation In the vilne of
the stock.
Toronto, Ont Djcsmber 28 The
general elections for the Province of
Ontario took plane, reenlting in the
rtturn to power of the Liberal party
by inoreaeed maiorit:c3. with seven
constituencies to hear from, four of
which will probably return Liberal
members. The vote stands, 63
Liberals, 20 Conservative-, and one
labor candidate. In tbe House the
Liberals bad a majority cf 17.
Kansas City, Mo., December 28
A cltlzsns' meeting, very largely at
tended, was held this afternoon to
protest against the proposed' location
of the new eouithousH, between Oak
and Loctut streets, Fifth stroet and
Missonrl avenue. Heeolutione were
adopted protettirg sgainst each a aits
as inconvenient and remote. The
County Court is requested lo hold the
natter in abeyance for a time.
Chicago, IU,1 December 28. Fr-d
Witrock, who wai arrested by the
Pinkertous in connection with the
express robbery in which he realleged
to have figured as "Jim Cummings,"
was in the coal buslne ss on West Lake
atreet He appears to have been in
debt, for John Murray, a oal dealer,
began an attachment today in the Su
perior Court against him for an un
paid account of $743.
St. Louis, Mo., December 23. The
Board of Engineers appointed by the
Secretary of War to investigate the
subject of a low or high bridge across
the Missiislppi rivrr at 8t. Louis, met
bers today in executive te s on and
organic d. Gen. A. L. Abbott presi
dent; Mi i. McKer xie, Maj, Miller and
Oupt. Riif uer were rmenU To norrow
there will be an op n ssiou, whuu
tha Ira ling cit xns will preeut their
Views cf V)f il'lintion.
Mkmpiiis H'.eam Lauudiy Cnish
shirta spocial'y for evening w ear.
Tbe Mlka4 r tmpmn,
Gilbert and Sullivan's opera 77ie
Hik&do was the attraction presented
last night by the Adelaide Bandall
B joo Opera Company. Tbe opera
was considerably beyond tbe reach of
the possibilities of the company, bnt
they managed to get through credit
ably by introducing quite an amount
of burlesque business, which amused
the audience exceedingly. Mits
Adelaide Banda'i is a pleasing little
actress, who possesses a tweet and
cultivated voice and makes quite sn
attractive "Yum-Tum." Many of the
popuhr airs were nicely, if not strong
ly rendered by the leading people in
cast, which was as follows:
Tha Mikado of Japan ....W. W. Packer
Nanki Poo ............. Herman Waldo
Ko-Ki. Arthur W. rami
I'oo Vh .........Jmei (i. Paakai
Piah Tuih. M W. D. Lombard
Katitba .Marion Chatter
1'iUi riiug .. ..Clara Kandall
Pass Doa .....()ertio iloyt
luia Yum - .AdliJo Kandkll
Tonight M Uuootu will be pro
duced, and by special request The
Vrutai zvnpwiu be given tomorrow
evening. Thla change of programme
will be followed by Prince of Tnbi-
wide Friday evening, The Mikado
at New Years mntinee and Vhtmei of
Normandy at night, tans closing tho
At M mchester cloths ar,d yarns are
quoted eteaJy, but little doing.
At St. Lonis cash corn bas advanced
Jc, cash wheat np o and cash oats
Covron iccelnts at Mempkls yester
day 2055 bales, shipments 4403 bales
and sales 350 ba'ee.
Cottoi Oil Trns's yesterday were
6263. No change in Cotton Com
press stock quotations.
The annual reunion and reception
at the Merchants' Exchange tomorrow
eveniog promises to be a brilliant
Chicago cteh corn is np o, cash
wheat to lo, cash otts unchanged,
cash pork up 20.', cash lard Cc and
each clear ribs 15c.
Of the 2072 bales of col ton on barge
49. which was destroyed by lire ys
terday morning at Cairo Landing, ISO:)
bales heloti c d to Wm. Bowles &
8ms, of this city, and were insuied at
Uxton lor I'JU.lUO.
Tbe serul-annnal interest on Cotton
Exchange Building Company bonds
will be paid m and after matmity,
January 1, 1887, on presentation of
onnpons at the Mercantile Bank of
At Liverpool wheat is steady, with
fair demand ; the receipts for the past
three days were 60,000 centals, includ
ing 48,000 American. Tbe receipts of
corn for tho past thrte dajs were 23,-
700 rentals.
The annual eleclinn of the Mem
phlB Cotton Exchang will take place
ou Monday, January 12th, two weeks
from todny. The cilices to be filled
are, preeident, threo vies presidents,
treasurer and seven directors.
Vihitobs oa 'Change yesterday: R.
L. Neill, Atlanta, Oa.; Goo. Gine,
Texaikana; W.J.Floyd, Dr. J. K.
Hlaton, A. S. Buchanan, Benatobia,
Mies. : J. Frank, St. Lonis; Ml Annie
Bake, Mlse B E. Nabors, Holly
Springs; U. i. Wells, Ubicago.
Frank E. Ousterbaut to W. B. Gates.
lot 14 of John D. Armour's subdivis
ion, south side of Court street; con
Bid it' ion $300.
R. J. Black & On. to H. S. Mocby,
lots 13 and 14, Dixon's subdivision;
consideration $500.
John E. Kerr to Liurence and S. U
Lamb, 148 acres near Cavalry Ceme-
tery ; consideration $U'7t 40.
Miss Cabbib M. Keating, pianist,
may be lonoo at toe uayoeo uotoi.
P. M. Stanley, funeral director and
emhalmer, fo AiadiHon street.
Memphis Hti'am Laundry, Calls and
doliveries free. Telephone No. 21.
Memiihs Wholesale Meat Co., 11
Adams. Daily fioah Beef.Pork and Mot
ion, a'eo Corned Beef. Orders solicited
and promptly niieu. leiephoue 874,
Brown's JJiionciiial Tbocbbs will
rtilievo Bionchitie, Anthma, Catarrh,
Cnnsunnption and Throat Dissrses.
lacy are utea alwayi rt'i gooa tuoceu,
Till Herbal Chill Cure, the test
tonleand antl-parioilto known. A cartu.n
and loraonrefnr ohtlli. I'rloa II par bot
tla. fiauii Kamin for oirculivn. Any ril
rnnev lixas, adiraii John 0. Hookor,
Urvabkari. Va.
Meu.in's Food, the only perfect
substitute for mother's milk, is rec
emmendod by our most prominent
Jhyalcians as the best and saleet tood
or infants. It contains no farinaceous
matter, which so often produces dis-
ordtrs ol the stomach.
liU. ,m WA1.N blKCtT.
Mxhpbis Steam Laundry finish col
lars and cuffs equal to new.
Flrat 4'laaa Exeuralom Tickets
Memphis to Los Anoro'os or San Fran
cisco and return will be sold via the
Mississippi Valley route January 12th
and asstn on February 10 h at their
ticket olllce under the Peabody Hotel
for the very low late of $72. These
ticke's will be good to return at pleas
ure any time within six months, after
expiration of thirty days, from date
of sale, ror further information ad
dreea E, W. How, general passenger
aient,orR. II. Talley, ticket agent,
Memphis, 'lenn.
In Odd Fellows' Building, is (he place
to buy bats, bonntta aud hair goods.
Superior goods and low prices can al
ways be had there.
An Accident That May Not Come Off.
The greater t advertiier of the tgs ia
Sol Coleman. Ilia femous chewing
gum bai been noticed at different
timca ia all tbe leadiug journals of
Europe. Asia and Africa. Sol is not
satisfied with these random equibs,
but has perfected a p'an wbareby the
Associated Press must make men
tion of his Ko-Ko Tulu. To
get his unsurpassed article
mentioned simultaneously in all
the principal papers of the United
States he lies concluded to sacrifice
himself, and tomorrow afternoon will
plunge into a large boiling cauldron
containing his preparation, and as a
matter of courts will force the Mem
phis ageut of tbe Atsoc ated Pries to
send toe following: "f-ol Coleman,
the manufacturer ot the celebrated
Ko-Ko Tulu chea log gutn. accident
al y fell into a lame rauldiou this
afternoon it his laboratory and rv
ct-ived injnries that may teniima'.o
fkts'ly." ihe Appsal wil' also pub
lish full details of tho "accidout.''
Gas. MoOlxixak's Ow Stcbt la
one of the handsomest and most Inter
esting works of tbe year, and ought
to find a place ia every library of the
country. It is published by Charles
L. Webster, of New York.
Thi Sanitabiam for December, now
before os, completes its seventeenth
volume. This number, with tbe in
dex, abundantly justifies ths concen
sus of opinion that thle taigssine un
questionably stands at ths head of
sanitary publications in this country.
1st tbe January. Popular Science
ifonthly, in a paper ou ."The Inter
mingling of Races," Mr. John Roede
shows that crossing is a general and
almost universal phenomenon in
human history, and tl.-t most of the
existing races of men are, to a greater
r r Inra extent, results of it Mr. Dan
iel Greenleaf Thompson, ia "Science
in Religions Education," pleads for
giving scientific branches a more im
portant and ei-ee&lui nines among the
studies prescribed hy eocli'siastical
cchools, In crier, aOfg rhf things,
that clergymen, woeii the come to
deal with scientific questions, may be
more fully prepared f-r ihe work,"
Trjabandtome Jamiaiv Uayuine of
American Wi'.ory opens with the initirl
chanter in its prcmlied seiie.i of
studies in the rise, prog:-j and de
velopment oi journalism in America,
tbe announcement of which has al
ready attracted attention tbe world
over. This chapter, t-eatiog of "Pre-
Rsvo'ntlonary Editors," and the "Be
ginnings of journalism in America," Is
intensely absorbing, and ia illustrated
in the most useful, unique and pictur
esque manner; the text is from the pen
ot toe distinguished author, the inn.
8. G. W. Benjamin, our late Minister
to Persia, who writes delightfully, in
an easy flowing, narrative style, the
strictest care being given to exact
The second article In the ilngaant of
American liutory in JaGu.ry is A
Curious Chapter in Vermont's His
tory," by J. L. Payne, who illustrates
from the old records at Ottawa the
secret negotiations which came near
making VermoLt a British Province.
Moj. Bundy pnya a jutt and apprecia
tive "Tribute to Chester A. Arthur,"
accompanied bv a splendid portrait of
our late ex-Pre-ident as the frontis
piece to the majozine. Tho Hon.
John W. Johnttn contributes an en
gBg'cg article on "Toe Fiict A merican
Rebel," and Charles W. . Uhnpin
write! of "The Property Line of 1703,"
illustrated with an outline map, An
article of exceptional attractions for
ail political etndents is John Van
Buren A Ktndy in Bygone Politits,"
by Charles 11. Pock, and "The Ba tl
more Convention, ltfOO." bv A. W.
Clason, wboeo scholarly studies of the
Constitution published in thin maga
r. na havo been so widely read, com
pletes a brilliant list ol valuable papers
tcey are all excellent.
Tna Popui.ah Siiekcb Monthly for
Janasry is unusually rich, even for
tbat magazine, in artlo es bearing upon
social end educaiional topics. I'ror,
W. G. Sumner holds the leading place
with a discussion of "What makes the
rich richer, and the poor ro-rsr? '
and fiives the answer to it wh ci he
his rei.ched. Sir John Lubbock, who
is as eminent for the personal atten
tion which he gives to Ihe discharge
of bis duties as an inspector of schools
as he is in scientific research, oon
siders the sul j tct of "Manual Instruc
tion," particularly with reference to
English echoolc, but developing prin
ciples which are applicable to cur
schools too. Mr. t rank Jf. Urandon
eives bis attention to the "Misgovern'
UIVIIII Ul Ul.t, Vl,l.r, All UM .ItlblD IU
which sn endeavor is made to expose
the satires and study the ra'ure of
the d flicullies with which honest and
... . i 1 . , . riiiUa i i MM BV,;nrA u
orderly municipal administration is
M. Maukel, who was deputized by
the French Government to examine
the country, presents in the January
number of J7i Popular Scieiir Monthly
the results ot "A ISrientilio MicBion to
Cambodia." Dr. C. O. Abbott, one of
the mo?t charming of scientific writers,
eives a life like account of the "White
Footed Mouse," and Mr. Ernest In-
gereoll, of the same ilk, another of
"The Hound of the Plains," or the
coyote. "Ihe Experimental Study of
Nature" is commended, with vigorous
arguments, by Dr. K. AV. Pavy, in the
Ilatveian Uritiorr ot the Koysl Uot
ler.e of Phyaiciaca. Mr. Frederlk A
Fernald gives a terce account of
"Vine.ar and IU Mother." The
Bishop of Carlisle Inquires into Ihe
nr;g'n ol "ihe Weest ol ven nays."
Hoir D. voa Geytri give3 an iiitBretit
i ng ssay on " Ihe Voices of Animals."
The portrait and sketch are of
Nxholasr.Prelsval'uti, the great lius
slan explorer, whoee achievements
are comparable with those tf Cameron
and Stanley aud others who rank
among the greatest of the w.rld's
travelers. The editor at his table talks
cf "Political Skepticism," or symptoms
of weakness in convictions of political
A very important work just an
nouccsdby Rogers A Sherwood, of
New York, is the liutory of the vmfed-
erate State Navy, from tha laying of its
first keel to the sinking of U last vee
t el ; its stupendous struggle with the
great navy cf the United States; the
engagements fought in the rivers and
harbors of the t-'ou'h, and upon tho
high seas; the blockade rnnning, and
its assistance to the Confederate Gov
ernment and people; the first liiht of
ironclads, and tbe greatest use of tor
pedoes, by J. Thomas Scharf, A.M.,
LL.l)., lata an ttllcer in the uontede
rate States navy, author of Hulary of
Manland, Hintory of Baltimore City,
Hitiory of Philadelphia, etc., also mem
ber of the Virginia, Georgia, Mary
land, New York and Pennsylvania
Historical Societies etc. The work
will be llluttraled with poitraita of
Confederate naval cflicers, pictures of
Tassels, sketches of bombardments,
cor flictsat Drnry's Bluff, in the Hamp
ton Rads, at Wilmington, Charleston,
Mobile, New Orleans, along the Mis
sissippi, ou the ocean, ard in the riv
ers and harbors of the South durirg
four eventful vear.
KEW ORLEANS, LA.. Decemkor 2S.
Nicht. Departed: llanry Lowory and
barne, St. Louii.
VICKSBHRU, MISS., December 28.-NIht
Paised np: Srhanrk, Cineinnati. de
parted: City of Cairo, Mevphii.
WHKRLfNO, W.VA.. Dramber2-i!fia-M
River H feet 3 inohel on fie naugeand lall
ina and full of loe. Wiather oloudy and
oold. ,
CAIRO, ILL., Da)ibr .-Nltht-River
21 leat on tha suage aid fallins. Weatter
oloudy and cold. Xa arrira'i or depart'
urn. '
CINCINNATI, 0 December 28 -Nliht-River
2tl feet 10 IneAei on the sauce and
rlnini. Weather eleir and ooll. Departed I
Mary Houston, NowOrleam.
F.VAN.VIL1,E, IND., December 2S
Nlht Kiver 2J ijot 4 inrhes on the fuira
and italionary. Weather raw and cloudy;
thai mounter 'M'. Due; Oranite State,
leuiiliis. DiarteH: Hopkins, P.iduoali.
LOtllSVILLK, KY..Deofinbor 2S.-NI(rl t
River ftH nnary. 111 leet (1 ini-hes In ihe
(i mat am' S loot 4 inches on the lal.
Veather onudyand liKht enowlntl. Arri'd :
Par s 0. iirown. New OrUani, 1 p.i. l'B"
p.irted; 1'ar.i 0. Brown, Cinciannti.o p.m.
Tha ItwUifMa,
Chi. G. RoT.....Mmrar.
Ratal t2 50 to H par dar, aeeordios to lata-
tica of rooml.
Frank TVilaon. Ark W C MoXntt. Ark
W M Kallak, Ark R F Hledia. Mill
MP Whipla.Ark J P Card. Ky
P Laldinifr.O 'io T L Rcvnoldi, Mill
Mian E Pats, 41 ill Mill U Pata, 4ti
R F Tata, Tno t C John?D,Miil
A S Burroush, la C W Dudlar, Mill
L B Vob-rti, MiM OO Armitrnna, Mill
h R Daniaii, Tann H R Walton, lenn
H R (iibaon, Tnn N R Andaraoo. N Y
J P Parkini Aw, Ohio M R Baoion, Ohio
B L Ktantoo, Ohio J M Hanrjr. Init
HRPcrkini, Kf E R Dritrich. Ky
M BHortn, A a , L H Smith, Ala
JJFarrall, La C E Kln. Miu
PBJonei, Mii JJEHi., Min
E P Pratt, Tenn M I. Phillia-i, Tenn
J R M ilia, Min II R KTinour, Miel
RBCoopar, Mo AT Paul, Mo
CK Cook, Mo J T Tnwntand, MUl
a f Morriaon, NT EN Cnlev, Kai
R TI Knowlei, Kai A Y Butl r, 8 O
F P Wilooi, Mich W V Pajton, Ohio
IIMiio, Tenn II O Trader, Mis
QAuHtin, Ark R P Burks, Ark
N R Knyder, Ark ' B l.nrh. Ark
O Wai 'an, M W T Graham, Ma
M B Waton, Ohio II M Mintn, Ala
F D Creed, Mo 1 A Scott, Min J
M B Collini, Mill A M Muige. Va
K M Yernr. Miel C Jnhnnon, Min
J H Weha, Miai J H Ho kin. Ky
d R Knowlton. Mill B T Robertnon . Min
II h Walion, Tana A B "utDnoj, Tenn
u it lucaer, Ala m Htianrv, Ark
JHKvani, Ark RTBu'ord.Ark
J H Pe&raon, Mo J M Hampton, Ko
C K Sorusii, Mo J B r-tratton. Mo
K iu Mnitn, nai u a urutonnei, nai
JMJonei.La R M Conk, Lb
A 8 Johnton. Mils J B Conhrm. Mm
O K Ynuni, Mica H L Stewart, Misi
K K Jones w. U410 J J Uavine, Ark
0 Hnom, Mil J Boyd Aw, 111
O W Kiher Aw, Mo R J r-perry, Ohio
W R Bwift iw, Minn ii Lantinir, Min
J B Raid, Manifield A J Crane, La
Prlddy Honae,
(Formerlv Commercial tTntnLt
Cor. Front and Jeffereon tjti.. Mernphii.Tena
J. H. PaiDDT, Prop'r, of Riohmond, Va.
Traniiant ratal, tl 60 to 12 per day.
M MoOann iw.Tenn John Hoy, Tonn
W K Edward), Teno M llohson, Ky
Mm S A Allen. Mill A J Wait. Mill
II O Marron, Mioh Mr K L Maiom.Mich
B P Gates. Ala
J P Gary, Ala
iv i miirue. Aja
Lee Cook. Tenn
K II Buchanan, Misi
G'BM.tohol, Misi
Thos Fife, Ala
J as Andor.on, Cal
C Oaligair, Misi
T P Bouler, Min
O Will'.amion, Ark
P Arkiand, In
ST Melian, Mich
R MoDnnald. Ark
W Leonard, Tex
Ml,8 IPaxton, 111
J U Fleming. Tex
W CroiFtire IT
J Sweekey, Ga.
(4 L b pence, Mm
II J Ring, Mini
Jaa Shorter, ky
Tneo Johnion, Ark
Mri Watkim, Ala
1 J llorton, vims
W Lenox Af, Ohio
W L Croni. Ark
WM McRay, Tenn
.1 Fed Turd, 111
B II Lernhell. Mini
J B liilow, l.ex
J U MHiion, Ivua
Mn L llidlcy, 111
E Lluluiuee, i'ex
K A Lambert, i I
Daily's European Hotel
Corner of Adams and Mala itreeti. Rooml,
60n. 75o and SI per dav! AmoTlaan Plan.
S'J ier tl.iy. Kirt clan Restaurant in tha
hotel. .I.M. DUFFY (10 year with Paa-
noartiotei;, rroprtotor.
M Hnnstm, Miel Mn Viin Ttlareom, N Y
MiiKVanniarcom.JNYOit Van lilaiooin, Ci X
j A lionson, Ara l Hunt, Mo
O Meyer. Tenn B t Mo'luck. Ark
P Baldwin, Ark O 1. Loath, Tonn
M Sawyer, Tenn B T Parker, Tenn
II Uoodoian. Mlfl J O odmnn, n.i
II Frank, Ark J Naylor. Tonn
Kit Hid, Tonn S Fowlkof, Tenn
R Pickett. Tenn C W tt-eon, Tenn
Mm J C Price, Ark J Sutherland, Tonn
T W i!Urk. 'i.rn, .1 .1 Shielda. Mo
JThoman, Mo W II Coloy, Toon
T A Crenfby.Tenn M mnt. N Y
J O'Connell, N Y T P liellein, Mipl
M J Conner, Mii A II Divenport, La
Min LSturiroo, Pa MIm M Sturiten, Ha
K ri Morvan, Tonn W L Stephens, Ala
Mm A PnrkM.Ky F Maiilu.n, N Y
J F Uroian, Ten Mrs Tomple Ar -. Mill
J O Taylor, Min RT Taylor, Mini
W C Hams, Ind W H Dnvii, Ark
JUCullen.Ara TWAndrows, Mo
II J Cramer, Pa J Kinney, 111
0 Finney, Tenu.
Peabosly Hotel
C. B. GALLOWAY A CO Paoprtriroaa.
xtata fi no and 13 per day. according to
lite and looation of room Bpooial
ratal made.
0 Leake. NY J Kuotaen, N 0
T Whitiaker, Ark T O Hindman, Ark
JFu-eell, Ark J W Bray, Mo
Misa M I Tntten.TennB Smith. Tenn
J A Boyd, Ky J Lang, Tenn
M Plomenthal, Tons O FiUgerald, Tena
W R Muliina, Tenn B F Bond, Tenn
,10 Gray, Ark J B Lindalev, Tenn
J Oman, Tenn 6 A Champion. lenn
F M Du Nal, Tenn M VV Bliaa, Uo
J C Kembert. Ark F O Jones, Tenn
OJDouner. Mo T Nash, 111
D Mot'raclten, Ohio CIlAikin.Tex
J Franklin, Ark W N Pnsa, Misi
J II Reese, P J Jamison, Tenn
O Coleman, Tenn A Codshy, Ark
W Myers, Ala J W Johnston, Mo
J Toensfeldt, Ma J Prank, Mo
II Murdoch, Mo 'X II Stuart, Mo
V 0 Falkner, Miss A W Harrii, N Y
Mrs VY U Ktnis, Misi W W Howe, N Y
J F Duff, Mis W B Filer id. Ark
S M Shai kle, Mies JPCiirrAw, Ky
0 a Wells, I'l PO Magnus, Mo
W MPiin. Mo B Montgomory, Ky
J W Allison Sit, Tenn J Aike s, Tex
J F Grogan.Tenn A 1 Pace, Miss
L Bitiley, T-x R F L .onoy, Tenn
VY L Boyd, Ky G W ( urtti w, Mo
M H P.iior irf, Mo WIICten.Ky
J Mitchell, Ky C Alexander, la
Vra Junes Ac, Ia K 0 Uornt r .few, Ark
Miss M Moehy, i'enn W Luny. Ark
PBMosby, Tenn WCMuso, Ky
R G K-rby Ad, Tenn L L Kok rs, Tenn
J McDonald, Mo
C M Davis, Ark
RJ Harris, Mo
P D Owens, Mill
T llardmir. Ark
A Backer, Tenn
J C Key. olds, N Y
J Manard, Ark
W E Clynn, Mo
L E Polk, Tenn
W G Jatn"S, Miu
Dr Peck, Tenn
B Randolph, N Y
A Minnrd, Ark
C Chandlur, N J
A n Snup.'on, uuio
C u (Juldwell, Mm
USChdUiberaiw.Ala W Moore, Ala.
Hstston'a Hotel.
European plan. Knlargad and refurnished
Vricci aocording to eie and loca
tion of rooms.
Mr Cedoylon, Tex A J MnDonald, Ark
.1 .1 McDonald. Aik
j j nianas, lenn
J C AUups, Tex
A D Kstheridgo, Tox
II D Oglesby, Ark
J A Brown, Miss
F Fields, Tox
J 11 Aisups, I'ct
J L Baxter, Ark
II D Oirlrsby, Ark
K V lleisin. Misa
S 11 Watkins, Miel
Mrs Itotclikins.Mill J L Sutton, Misa
J Molson Aw, Tex F Cowart f. Met
Mrs II Cowart Al.MexO W Jutland, Misa
A J Pattoson. tonn Jiruaiowin, mibb
I u ranvnuu, ,dl
R K Martin, Tenn
A h Wordberu, Tenn
WRWllburn, Miss
Mrs W L Rhodes, Mill
R Anderson, Tenn
II ' llnbo. Miss
T V Hodges, Ark
C, Parrv. Ill
J T C ements, Tenn
Mrs K IMborno. Tenn
W M Siinraoas, Ala J Dandridge, Ala
M Sawyer. Tenn
L II Sullivan. rk
J 0 Gatther.Tean
J Hirh Aw. Tenn
C 11 Cobbs, Tenn
J II l'lumaer, Tonn
Mrs T Noah A c, Pa
0 W Bennett, La
Mrs R K Dnylo Ac, Tex
J E Wood, Ark
j w naity, lenn
W W Campbell. Misi Mn M K Stntum, Ark
J T llinrs. Min
A L Lester M D, Tenn
J J Caoy, Tenn
N M Uunong, Mtss
J M Coleman, Mill
J 0 Miller, Tonn
Mrs S A Knox, Miss
A W Hancock, Mill
H pCullon.Tenn
J K Sanford, Tana
5 1. Tallev. Tonn
W N Hulibell, Ohio
Dr A P Baldwin, Mill
G 0 Barrett As Ky
J F Hawkins Aw, Miss
W 0 Bowen, Ark
J II Smith, Misi
W Willett&w, Ga
O Wrinht. Miss
B W Wrem, Tenn
a H Wright. Ir. Min H Curtis. Kv
P J Robbim, Ky E B Mitchell, Miss
K Buck, Ark J A Plutniner, Ark
J W Lawlor iw. Mill K Kahn, Miss
II Roman, Mill A Pinsett, Tejn
W Halliburton, Tenn Joe Bennett, lenn
J W Sides, Miss R K Watson, Tenn
fat Hessian, Tenn M Sawyer, Tenn
Wm Pyles, Tonn Van Brown, Tenn
W T llattiok, Tenn , J A King, lenn
Misi M Maxdetd.Ark J Q Halliburton, Tenn
R II Harrison, Tex 8 H Sublott, Ky
w II i-Iii.b.o. Tnn O White. Ark
B T Parker, Tonn F MoAllister, Tenn
Sam Cleston, Tena
' Knoll. Tenn
8 H Wattkins, Misa K V Heisins. Mm
II T Bart'ett. Fla J Roggini, Mill
T Fh elds, Misi G W Cooler, Tenn
T R Atkins, Tenn J B Cutoheni, Tenn
R K L Johnson, Tenn A 8 Johnien, Tenn
11 Johnson, lnn u tnompson, lenn
J C Smith. Tenn
K A llernon. Tenn
V7 A Bonner, Misi
W I. Graham, Tenn
V. Holder, Mill
O P Goodwin, Ark
C. Leslie. N Y
J T liilleman, Tenn
J A Matthews, Tenn
Mrs 8 J Pieroe, Tenn
j Le-l e, III
J C Johnson, Tenn
T K Crammer. N C
P B Maury, Tenn
J at Burke, N O.
Ia Odd Fellows' Buildinif, ia tha play
fo bay hatJ, bonuttt and hair (toode.
8aperior goida and low rte can al
waya be had there.
MsMPnia Stuant Laarjdry, Nn. 224
Second etreot. Ca.ls vand deliveries
Don't Itcatl llilt.
CLew "Iloree Shoe" Tubacc?. The
best and cheapest tavy goods in
ClMBlBK, Dyelac at BpalHstff,
Mo. IT W. Cot; it Btbbst.
foora;o Bt. Niohol.
Wholesale and Retail.
5t7 Nfon4l Rfrcet
308 Front St.
asm yrar rec.-r.ler for t ie Original 83 Shoe
13ow.'WO'.f IrUtiilious.
biUtjtCwnJortand Appear
rfi,iv. AtsOftULlcaMBontto
uswlll bring you lufonntv
&igr fatuto or Territory, -yj
! J. licans Co.;
41 Unco in nu
th. w .
1 m HBtm
n.a omnil hfirhtr In tho Mtfm&tlOTI of
Wrrrw-J tlWin fill oilier In thu W'tirld. THOU
Stockliolders' Meclin
Msupnig, Trix., December 13. 1S!.
To the President and Direclors of the Mam
nhis City Fire and General Insurance Co t
. Gentlemen We. tha undersigned. Stook-
holoeri in tha Memph'i Cily Fire and Gene
ral Insuranro Lomiany, respecuuny asg
that you oall a general meeting of the ttosk
linlilMrs nf vour eomnan v. in the next ten or
fifteen dava, for the purpore of taking into
consideration, the advisability of going into
the banking business, and such other mitten
of interest to the company at you may soe
aroper to bring boture mem.
We are, vary rospeotlully.
K. Dudley Frujier, P. Kallnber,
R.J. Klack, J. W. Clapp,
K. .1. Black A Co., M. O. Pearce,
.T. 11. Ilei.kell. John Overton, Jr.
In accordance with the atiova request, a
general inOti-gof stockholders is hereby
oalled, for the purpose indicated, to assem
ble at th i office ot tha company, No. 19 Mad
iion itreet, in Memphis. Tenn., at 11 o'e.ook
a. ol., on le rinh, r 81, 16.
By order of the Board of Directors.
NAP01.KON HILL, President.
Attest: Henry J. Lynn, Cashier.
Memphil, Tern.. December It. 1896.
FOB AliX:.
WE OFFER FOR BALK on favorable
termg a large plantation in Bolivar
county, fti in. , recently improved with new
pott, plank and wire fencoi. Twenty-five
ne bouses, eotton gin, sawmill and near
lofl.Ono feet of lumber in stacki, 50,000 new
cypresi bcaidi ail ready to oons.tr not more
butldtngi. A good st.rohouse andascellent
stand lor a mercantile business. Tbie rittn
Utlon ii improved with a view lo lubdivii
ion. I will sell all or a part, aooording to
wants of purchasers. Plenty of labor. Ne
gro tenant! htvo applied ana are daily ap
plying to rent at Iti. For lull particular!
apply to TUOln. ALLBflJk CO.
r"f .,,.1:
U VHsUabBftw
pTi":'t.T)H:vV:U. Kn- . It an h.to.i-mn g &i urilscii.e1
mil r in Int. ,r iji. r. I;, r -i., v-i mn ulti v w- v ',l th
ih' rr- ii no ft ill- nre f rinin'nnT a Unit lii. Ou hr ronlru
i'tip a-liTii!HT n7e"tTn")iiehi iii.lnr'iii.'lDtTNlpcMOl
yr rt ara.U-1 rlrrnlsra r ling 1 1 rnvrll-Mil fci 1, by fl.lralxBi
iil Mthr a i. To.. I'. il't'.o.'N. Y,'-T'i1.tli K'rplng KMtllm
J at your own home, 1
causes, and a new
id suoiessful C.XKI
i. bv one who wai deal
twentv-eiibt years. Treated bt most ol
the noted specialist! without benefit. Citbrd
HiuRKLr In three months, and lince then
hundreds of others. Full particulars lent
on application. T. S. PA4K.
No. 41 We.t Slit atreet.NewYork Pit
Peiiiiyroya! Pills.
'('llirHKHTKIt'S KiI,IfH.M
The OrlKlnil and Only Uriioln.
Bale and always Reliable. Bewuro oi wort 1).
1, k Imitations. Indlsiiensahlc to K 11 Kel,
' your OrntrKlNi for " l.ullitt'r'a
Kn.-li-si"and take no other, or inoloso it
(stamps) to us for particulars in lxttir by
return mnll. I'Al'Jixt. till-
rhesier t'ti-uilcnl t'o.,
a im Mal'ou Nqnarn, Ptillada., Ph.
Pnld by Druegisti evtrrwhere. Ask for
'('lilchoaicir'a KuIinU" reuojrojral
Pill. Takenoothor.
For a oheck forJ20
wa will print a ten
line advertisement
in One Million is-
UVtKl IMrwUsnee of leadina-A-
a i i 'merican Newioa-
peri and complete the work within ten days.
This la at the rate of only one fifth of a cent
a line, for 1000 Circulation I The advertise
ment willlappear in but a single Issue ol any
paper, and consequently will be placed be
loro On Million different newspaper pur
chasers; or Fiva Milmok RiAurtaa, if tt il
true, as ii sometimes stated, thut every news
paper ii looked at by five persons on an av
erage. Ten lines will accommodate about
leventy-fivs wordi. Address, with copy ot
advertisemont and oheck, or send SO oenti
lor book of 176 i.kges. GKO. P. ROW ELL t
CO , 10 Eprnce street. New York.
8. sj. Twor
Blank Book Manufacturers,
No. 272 Second Street,
(Ayrei Bloekll
Increased facilities for doing- all
kinds Lithogranhing.
New and Latest Styles Stock. Sew
Type, New Machinery.
Trices as low as anywhere, North
or East.
Pruident of the Great L0UI8VILLK COU-RXBR-JUURNAL
CO.. telli wnat
h knowi of
Wintersmith's Chill Cure.
Orrici or thi Cofbiib-Jocbkal,
Looibvillb, Kt.
Dr. WinltrimMSir: I waive a ml I havi
observed fur many years, tbe value of your
remedy prompting m to lay, in reply to
your request, what I know of yonr Chill
Cure, Th private aiuaianoei of Iu efficaoy
I had, and the good result! of IU effect! I
had observed . Mr. . W. Meredith, who,
for more than fifteen yean, had been fore
man of if office, lndueed m to test it in
my family- The results have been entirely
,atliaotory. Th first oai wai of two
rears' standing, in which I believe ovary
known remedy had been tried with tempo
rary rllif the chilli returning periodically
and with seemingly increased aeverity.
Yonr cure broke them at onoe, and there has
been no recurrent of them for more than
Ii months. Th other cue wai ol a milder
form, and yielded more readily to other
remedies ; but the ohilli would return at in
tervals until your medicine wai used, line
which time, now several months, they hav
entirely disappeared. From the opportu
nity I have had to judge, I do not besitatato
einrese my belief that your Chill Our ia a
valuable ipecifio, and perioral all you
promise for it. Reipectfully, .
ARTnrR PETER k CO., Agents, JLonii-
tUlc, Ky,
What the Jolly Old Soul Has
, To Say To Memphis.
8 There is nothing in either An
cient or Modern LTistory to pfore
that Krias KriDgle ever had a wife,
and therefore, as he is neither dead,
nor never was married, it is impossi
ble for him to have a widow.
Bat it is possible, and it is true '
that tho Misfit Clothing Pa
LORS, 2G2 Second street, are making
fine Suits, Pants and Overcoats.
Do You Want An Overcoat?
Every one is anxionj to save as
much as possible when buying. The
Overcoats you get at the Mispit
Clothing Parlors ore cheap, be
cause they aro not only low in price,
but also high in quality.
OVERCOATS for the man with but
a few dollars.
OVERCOATS for the roan who
wants fine dreis.
OVERCOATS for everybody and at
everybody's prices.
Yon want a good Christmas Pres
ent for yourself. You want a Real
Nice Suit, and you don't want to pay
a high price for it. Well, the Mis
fit Parlors can accommodate you.
We havo high, quality Suits at kw
prices, and magnificent and costly
Suits which we are soiling at less
than half their original value.
rt iTnnitn nr ItaUTO
fLHIUUItOUl I nltiv,
It is a mistake to. buy poor Pants
when tho Misfit Clothing Par
lors will sell you goed Tailor-mada
Pants at very low figures. Remem
ber, all alterations to insure Per
fect Fit, done free of charge.
Clothing Parlors
262 Second Street,
Opp. Conrt Square, Memphis, Tenn.
Open evenings until 9 ; Saturdays,
until 11 o'clock.
Black Hallsa Beaded Slipper
(worth 05.00) for 2.50.
Beat Quality IBlaek latin Boots
(worth 89.00) for 05.00.
Bronav Button Boot, Loot XT
II eel (worth tlO.OO) for A5.0O.
Cardinal, Blank, Old Gold, Pale
Blna Statin Slipper, rod need
to aa.no.
Pale Bine and pink Uld Bllppem
reduced to 63.30.
l-Those Goods ut Decided Br--
rorsnini, and all those in ned of-s
-any will in well to com ear!y-
rand secure the right St bstor th-
avtiiortraeot in I'aa il broken.-,
Zellner & Co.
Notice to Contractors.
SEALED PR0P0SAL8 for th rebntldlB
of tbe County Ja'l at Somervil e, Tenn.,
nr hereby ad vertlsatl for. Contractors de
lirint to bid for this work will please file
their proppsali with the Clerk of th County
Court of Fayette Count, on or be'Oi MON
DAY, JANUARY 3, 1887. It ia expect
that the brick, and other material no on
the (rounds, including walls, so tar ai they
are sound, will be'used m Ihe rebuild! m,
and bids are askd tr oa tha. basis. Plan
and spmifi'-atinns ill be shown contractor
on ai plication to tha County Court Clerk.
The oountv expects to pay for the work '
CASH not in warrtult). and oontractiirs w
renuUte their bids ac ordinnly. lUght .
reject any and all bids 1 rsorved.
.JOUii i- fiXiUulraMa,
1 !
-'1 "'

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