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jj j , JUT PLACE. .
Tb Boij Barae t the (spltol,
Wkere It Ii Tit wed bj Many .
Mtarufnl Peopls
WiH!OT0w, December 30. A
beet oi fresh fallen stow covered the
gT.-nnd this morning, and the rklwi
wms overcist acd lumber. At tbe
Logan manstoa U preparations for
the removal of the dead statesman
bad been perfected duricff tbe night.
Tbe remains still lay in the cbsmbsr
where the Ueneral died, but hid been
placed in the casket, an elaborately
draped recepUc'.a whoae hermetic iu
uer caaing of copper was cjnoc aled by
its qallted lining of creamy aatin, and
whoae plate glass top, not yet In post,
tion, was designed to reveal tbe entire
length of tbe form within. A sqoare
plate of silver In tha middle of the
ever bears the inscription:
pita diokmiiii ), 18M6.
Floral pillows with fuueral legends,
er'8!ea and arches and other appro
prlate emblems were placed tear the
casket and about tbe loom.
At aa er.y boar tbis morning work
men weie badly engitgtd In draping
the Vist rotunda of tbo Capitul in
monraing and In erecting the bier
npon winch was to reft the caskotnon
tainioir the remains of tbe dead He Da
tor. Upon this bier have lain in slate
Pira'detits Lincoln and Oarflald, (JliUf
Jcstice Uliasa and ReprjshuUtivs
Tbad Btevens. llie Iieuvy black
drapery with VibiuU it la covered,
ho never, hai been previouily used
bat on one occasion. It was found in
cn of tbe Senate crypts with an in
scription aiUched to it, elating that it
bad covered the bier on which rresl
dent Lincoln was laid in state, and it
was thought appropriate that it ehunld
attrve the same sad office fur another
distinguished eon of Illinois.
At 11 o'clock tbe n idertaker and
his ass'etantj wiihrirew, when tbe
Immediate family were summoned,
and lor orioi lime
Then the lids were fastened in their
place, the ample folds of a garrison
Sag were Irraoged about the casket
and tied In place witd ribbons of
wiiite. white nowen Ana palm
branches were placed nnou its top.
The last offices of love and rerpect
were performed by the loving bauds
of their only son. All being In readi
nets for the mere formal bnt still pri
vate leave taking, the doors were
opened and the widow, supported bv
ber son and followed by the daughter
and ber bnsband, the grandson and
'other relatives and near friends of
tbe deoeaeed, to the number of fifteen
or twenty, entered.
at the head of the casket, and when
tbe others bad entered and the door
had been closed the voice of the pas
tor was raised in prsyer: "Our Father,
we gather here to take the last fare
well of the form we love, and ere that
form is borne hence from the home
he loved we desire to praise Thes for
tbe pnrity, for tbe joy for the peace
of this once happy home. We praise
Thee for his undivided and constant
love to this precious woman, the Joy
of bis youth and tbe pride of bis man
hood, and we praise Thee for that ten
der and cortataut fatherly, love (or this
am fn whrrrn Vie Ions: snuh prirto, and
for this daughter whom be so fondly
cherifthed. We bless Thee, therefore,
for this sweet home, which is more te
these dear ones thnn all public ap
plause, than all tbe eclat of the out
aide world. And now wo lave no
where else to go bnt unto Thee In tbe
day of trouble. Thou art Hmrelgn
over all. Thon gavest and
Thou hai taken away and blessed be
Thy holy name. We aro aanuri'd that
Thon has takttn him to Thyrelf, and
that when Mm years shall have paesed
by there ehall bo a reunion around
the throne in heaven. Wn thank
Then for bis glorious hope of immor
tality. We thank Thee that ha re
ceived the racramenU of the death
and tbe resurrection of Jeans, in
whom he tnistad, and we praise Tnee
that bis last end was peacuful, and
now, while Tve bless Thee for all bis
private virtuos and all his public and
licroio deeds, yet we py Thee, as we
guttler in tuis sorrowful domestia
circle to pour the Infinite consolation
nf Thy grace npon thin, these precious
one?, aud grant that from out of this
dark cloud they may yet see
the Father's smiling face and
niay yet realias that tlmeo sor
rows are after all designed
for the unfolding of a higher f jrm of
character and for the development of
grander virtues. Now we ark Thy
blessing again npou these precious
oner, that their future my be in Thy
gracious cure ; tbat all their nufoldlng
years may be ordered byTliosjthat
when this brief life is done it may be
woll done, and that at last they uuy
be gathered ou the banksof the 8uiu
iug R ver, wheie sorrow sha'l be no
more and whore Jiy ehall be eternal.
Answer as, we humbly besiwch Tuee,
aud Tby name shall have the pulse,
world without end. Amen.
There was a moment of silence,
nnd then the von tomlerly raised the
almost fainting form of tbe widow and
hii her away. The remaining Irieuu's
pAUHcd for a lsttfUbt of tbe beloved
leaiuies, and with '.heir departure
ended tb family's cimtody cf the
ta'eaman's remains.
Ti.e CongreFsionil Gotuinlttoe now
took format charge of the rniHins.
Tha Stirge-int at-A)iL8 snptrintended
tbe clcains of tli caket and its slow
and orc'eily removal from the chain-bo-
cf iitath down tbe broad stairway
between the lines of tbe uncovered
escort and its placing In the hearse.
Kites and muflid drums sounded
sa!ute which merged list,!! int the air
of "JNearer My Hod to Tbee," and at
tbe word "Ijrward, txa hearse, pie
ceded by the paator's carriage alone,
eurrcutided by platoons of Grand
Army men in uniform and followed
by a long profession of carriages,
mavtd slowly down the hill to the
The funeral corlege eccortiug tbe
remains of Benstnr Lniion arrived at
the Capitol at 1 :30 o'clock, amid the
ailence of 1000 persons who bad as
wmb cd In the ntunda to do honor to
the dead ttatsemun. The casket,
draped with tings and srtriouudfd hy
bandcme and appropriate floral trib
ute1, was placett upon the bier pre
pared for its reception, la accord
ance with arrnsemei.ts there wa r.o
service of any kind, and ti e propte
present were reqnvsted to witl draw
uuiil 2 o'c ock when the lid of the
ijce'ifX will te orentd aud the public
rniit'ed to rcvitw tbe remains.
fCKNia at tub cArrroL.
As 'arly us 10 o'clock 600 pertons
hnd arSHUibud in tbe rolnndaof tbe
Cpitol, ulthoog'i it was tmi expicU'd
that the trsmalasol Senator Licit
onld be laid la state antll 11:50 P m.
At Boo the erewd bad swollen so
If 00 and patiently awaiKd the arrival
of the faneiat e rteee, which did nit
reach the Capitol until at er 1 :30 Tbe
interior of the vast domawaa taateiuliy
draped, and u on tbe spot where many
no nave made their mark in Amer-
len bietory have lain in kUts rtsted
the bier prepared to receive the casket
rontalnig tbe remains of the dead
Senator. Ibe bl r in tba upon which
lay the remains i t PrfS d nti Liocnln
and Uarfiuld, Chief Juttifle Obase and
Kprraataure Ibid. Htevene. ire
heavy black cloth with which it U
Civerid was last nsed on the ocnoson
of Pie-ideat L'ucolo's funeral. Deep
black frioge Jails from the, edge of the
bier, wiioee aombemfaf Is only re
lieved by ths narrow bands ot whiba
which encircle it, Roacd about were
groaned mases of floral tributes.
which Ailed the p ace with their per
As the funeral nroce'slon approach'
ed the east fiont cf tbe Capitol the
doors of tbe rotunda were opened and
tbe assemblage uncovered aud rood
la respectful silence. Ths committee
and the houoriiy pall b arern fl ed In,
forming astbey halted ad .ublelice,
between which the ca-ket was born
to Its p ace of ata'e
Tie pa l bearers and the spectslara
were rro nested to withdraw. When,
at S o'clock, tlw dcora were sgsia
opened te lid of the caeknt hod bare
fully uctfarmod and accoutred, etood
at ieev at the tieail aaa loot and on
e ther aids if the casket, while linee
of tirand Army men were draws op
from doer in door, between whitft
tbonaanHs of poopla passed up to view
the remains.
Oil's 'ns of IUInofs reildenls in
WrS'i!U(ton wl I attend the funeral in
a body.
The Pormitllaa ! 4'anleet ! the
faurrat rvxinuiiiii Tuaay
Washington, Darembur 30. Tbe
followtag orders tor the lormntion and
conduct of t ie funeial proceesioa were
iiiadi toeuy :
WiSsmOToa, Btoaahir M, 1M.
Order s
The Mtwihul annonncaa fie follow
irtg ordete end arrnngemenls for the
formatioa and movements ot the
f nnsral procession of tbe late r-'enator
John A. Logan, on Friday, Dtoember
1. Ihe first division will assemble
on the plaza east ol ths Uapltol at 12
o'clock noon and be form si in line
facing weV with Ita right opposite
the tHnata wing
S. Too serjoad divialn, SOnsleting
enureiy oi eatriages, rarked in the
pits east ol the Uapitol
3. Tbe third divisiou will assemble
oa Fi st street, N. W., the l.ft les'inc
on Indiana avenue, t 12 83 o clock
pm., and be formed in line facing
east, with It right ree'ing on B street.
4. ImmedUtely on the conclusion
of the ceremonies the Ant and second
divisions will move successively from
tbe pleas around the north front of
the Capitol to Pennsylvania avenue
The tuir.l division wi 1 move into
column when its right is uncovered by
ths second division. The military
organisations ol ths urst division will
be formed into e ilnuins by companies
or platoons alter turulng into renn
sylvanis avenue, and tbe column will
move we'twardly oa Pennsylvania
avenue to FihVenth street : Fifteenth
street to Vermont avenue; Vermont
avetui 'o Khuds lisiand avenue;
Rtiode Inland avenue to Heven h
street; Seventh stieet U Rock Creek
. 5. Tbe organisation of divisions and
Vdsr of procesaton.will be as Culpwe;
Lleateaaat Qenaral P. II. 6herldn, Mar
shal. (ie'f Auf. tlrarat brlfalldr Oaneral
Airr UMwf, uaitua M.Un vniuntem.
Auki-d-IJamm . LieutDant L'olnnal M . V.
Phfirid in, Lnil-d HUt Army i.lrulfnant
(Jolnl f-n a V. hellon, uiilloa mmlvs
Armrt Liatnt Uulunsl nUnhan Ulunt,
I'nrail b '!- Aruir. itnd Drmrat Majur M.
Binmntl tlrsll, I'niie.I -itstst A -my.
fml don. Unit ilU.n of Third Ilnitud
Rtaua Arriilerr, Onl. H. U. Oibauni bi(lit
Uttor u, Ihlrd I nltel bllm Arttlierr.
I'npl. J. Tumbulli bvUH .n llnlie l ritttea
Marina Coria. 0nt . V. 11. Iliirrinviun t da-
tnohinant Uuitnd hialea amnion. I.ii-utenaut
Uonituandnr w m HboUeai Ul triov militia,
ftnd llrknd Arm f af tha Kaoulilio
8ni md iWi'ifwtt. Srala t'OMiiulttMrf Ar-
rn(ouiMU, raaraa, pall beirvt, f imli V of
dni'aaiiod, hanalom, KtprmeniiitlTat. ulim-ra
of lh Arm and Nnvjr, Cominitle) of M" -ean
War Vrta'ani, Oorntnllt a of MHita'T
Ordar Loyal Legmn, Coininlitaa of Grand
Arrafofiaa Republic, Cuunniitr a of Army
or is- len"M'fa, oiticma pi ininota.
third lirwiori.-Clerks 1'auiiun Dureau.
and olnir orgauiauiona,
6 OrKanisa' ions assigned to ths flret
division will proceed to their places
bv U etre t. couth of the Caoitol
gionods. and report to st.ff officers,
who will be found at tbe corner ot
New Jersey avenue and B street,
7. 0rria(es ot tbe second division
will proceed by road through the
grounds smth ol the Uai ltol and re
pirt to stall ofDcers, who will be found
at the steps of ths central portico on
tbe east I ont
8. Organisations assigned to the
Ihiid division, or desiring to loin it
will report t elaS o file ore. who will
be found at the corner First and B
streets, N. W. By command of
To Alsrkt UaowATt Marabal
Ouiel ol tiiaff.
The Senatorial Committee of Funer
al arrangements have iisiied the fol
lowing "Ordor of the Vxj" for toraor
Order cf the Day I
Senator?, Kepreiieidatives, and all
other nets ms invlttd or entitled to
sdmUMon to the nr of the equate,
including the cjmmtttue of the Grand
Army oi the Kepuotio, Lnyai Lejion
and the Veterans 1 1 ihe Mtsluan War
are requcs'-d to be in the places a
eigued 10 them fltteeu minutes before
12 o'clock; the Mpnaker, if present,
at the right hand el the presiding ottt
cers; ilio eh ry at the dk of the
Becre ary. At u n minu es Del ire Vi
o clock promptly tbe following pur
l di In the order named will be re
ceived without announcement at the
s u'h door oi the Sunate (.hatuber and
be sboan to the sats am'gned them
tTba rieiidant and bis Cabinet,
Tba ."-aiirauiaO ort.
S. Tba Diplomatic Corp.
i. Tba Oamaiit aa uf baaatori.
& CnoiniilliM af RaDraaalaLivaa.
S. tbe lawlly anl ral lva, to admitted
at Ui aartli dear ra the Vioa Prat
daat'a roan sua fullowed bj tks maiding
At 12 o'c'ook promptly, upon the
announcement by the presiding offl'
cer, ths ciorgy will conduct tbe inner
al ceremony, aud at 1 o'clook, or as
soon as the oatomonie are Cose i, the
Berg ant-at-Arms will for and conduct
the I aner.d procession in tbe follow
ing order:
1. Th a'arir and atsdloal atUadaaU.
i ba
S. Tba hearaa.
4. UoaaDiilt'. of Banata and nnaaa of
t. Tkaf rniir aid attendant,
t Tba Pre-iiient and Cabinat.
T. TbehnireiuaOoart.
S. Diplomatio Corpe.
9. Kn'or.
10. H nraiantatlTsa
II. iiBioerinl ibaHanat.
li. Oaternora ol oulaa and other Iot Had
IS Ui'tnmlttaea of ths Grand Army of ths
Republic, ato.
The I'Diire prccreBicn, civic and mil
itary, under command of Lieutenant
General 1. II Hhxrid m. to be foimed
in the order commanded by him.
Tho Pr-sidi.nt baa dircc ed that
while the remains ot the late Senator
Logan are lying to state at tie Capitol,
thefligsoa tbepubllo buildings will
be displayed at half mast, and tbat
tneys) remain until after theeere-
mony. t .
Anorder was issum ai ins xoieiior
Department today allowiog all mem
bers of tbe Grand Army employed in
tbe dnpsr'.tmnt who wish to attend
tba funeral of Gen. L-gan, to be ab
sent all day tomorrow -
Thb holiday nnmberof Ovlina. pnh-
lished at Christmas time, is enecially
dedicated tn toboianing. Prant-cjl
advice is given regardins the coitol
tobogvana, bow tt make them yourself
and how to construct slides. There
are more tbsn a dtssa handsome il us
trationc to this one article alone, by
Kelly, Band ham and others.
Ia St. Nicholas tor January, the
two Eton papers, "A tiiimpee of Eton
Hcbool," by E l win n. Mead, and "A
Via t to Eton," by E isabeth Hoblos
Peonell, forming ihe second of tbe
Four Ureat K igllih Hchoo'S beries,
alve a keen ins'ght Into the mariners
and customs of boys today and long
agiintbe greatret of all theKngllah
ectfools. The drawings by Jatepb
Pennell admirably explain and sup
plement the; text..
St. NicnoLas for January, which Is
iastied December 7th, is really not so
much a New Year's number as it is a
second pirt of the Cutis mas number.
The ar ic e, "Millet and the Children,"
by Ripley Hitchcock, w.tn its numer
ous 111 attritions by tbe great peas mt
p dntor, and the curious little ekotcne ',
never buf re pubibhnd, made by hiui
toamutehis gra.dubiidren, will aio
amuse and luien st all the readers of
St. Ntchulat, whether they are foud of
art or only al pictures.
A BKHTC9 entitled "Qeorgn Rancrofl
in riociity, iu Politics, in Letters,"
Is contrlba eil to 'the Januirv Uenlury
by Prof W. M. Sloans. dl or of The
1'rlncHon Ktnev, formerly Mr. Ban
cnfi'a privets eeore ary at Berlin.
This piper is tbe fl st authoritative bi
cgrapny yet written of a man of tbe
most interfiling charm ta and career,
aad gives the o ily ao Uent'o account
in print of Mr. Bsnoroft's interview
with Uoethe and liyron. A eketcb cf
the histiriat's bead, recently driwn
by Mr J.W. Aienniier, is tbe frontis
piece of tbe number.
Tub fiction of the January Century
comprises tbe opening chapters I Mr
Cab e's new Aroad au story. "Cir.in
cro," tbe sens of which is liid in tbe
Ttcbe country of Louisiana, and
which baa Ihe attraoiiventasot deal
ing with lovs and war: the "Wimpy
Adoptions," by Uot. Ji. M Johnston, a
humorous study oi provino al ueorgta
lid-, together with the continuation of
Mr. t took ion's novel, "Tbe lliiudredh
Man." The flrtt and eecord named
are Illustrated by Kemble with draw
ings which have the piquincy of ex
citing the desire o read tba text.
Ii Ths Century for January the pa
pers in the War 8erie, which,
though occupying less space tn.n
formerly, anai oomorenensiveiy who
what is probably the most interesting
part of ths Gettysburg fighttbe third
dsy. Qen. Hunt deecribes the ma
neuvers from the Union point of view,
while Gen. E. P. Alexander, of Lo 'g-
etrei t's corps, adds a supplementary
popular account of the memorable
"Pickett's Charge." Meps and pict
ures relating to the attack, snd als to
the oavalry battle, together with por
traits of (Jens, rickett, Uurtor, Farns
worth, Sberrill and Pleatontnn, make
the number one of especial attractive
ness to veterans. .'
Riadubs of Th$ Life of Lincoln, by
NloUy aud Hay, will be grrt-fal f ir
the liberal por lonsot that work which
are preeented to tnem from month to
mo). th lu Ihe Cmlury, The current
Dart relates to Lincolu in Sorincfitid :
the Qistclaih with Douglai; theL g
Cat. hi and Hard Cider Campaign;
Lincoln's marriage; his relations with
the Setdd, of Kentucky j the 8hinlls
duel; the ramoaigo ol 1844, hikI Lin
coin's dtivoli n to Cay. Among the
characteristics of the young politician,
it is rf corded in his own words that
be waa opposed to 1 removals to make
places for nir f iend?." The piper
has a number of interesting ph tures,
poit alti and ducumrnts."
Thb Americanism of The Century it
exhibited in tne maxe-npol tbe Janu
ary number. Except a elio-t couimn
nicition.it is wholly written by Amer
cans. Its subj 'CU are for Ihe moit
part American and ttililly those of
clore and present interest 10 our peo
ple, sacb as Lincoln and the life of
the West in the last generation; Ibe
great events cf tbe civil war; our ma
terial standing in oomparisou with
other nations; the labor question; tbe
f inhibition movemt nt ; me need of an
nternat'.onal cipyr ght, etc. Where
the subjects are not American, as in
toe papers on the French sculptors
and the French sctir. Coouelln. tiev
are closely re'ated to our art life by the
excellence of tbe artiots considered,
aud the writers ate well known Ameri
can critics.
Thb second of Mr. W. C. Brownell's
erWoal paper on -'rreno! Sculptors,
wblob aptiears lo the- veniury lot Jan.
nary, deals with Saint Marueux. Mer
cle and Falguiere whose work Is rej.
reeonieu by bUHUt lully engraved wood
cuts, three cf fu'l paue slaa. Mr.
Hrowneil incidentally touches upon
the relation of tbe sculpture of tbe
preeent day to thitt of Greece and to
that of the Italian Renaissance. Mr,
Henry James, in a paper of criticism
and reminiscence, presents h:s im
pressions of Giiqtielin. the French
actor of t ie Conudie Franchise, tbe
immediat occas on of tbe article be
ing tbat actor's lately coutemp'a'ed
visit to America. Though not giving
mograpnioai oetaiia, tbis etetch ac
qunnta the rusdtr with the person,
altty and triumphs of ths notd artist
A portrait enxraved by Kruell is
priutta with tbe artie'e.
lit the January number of the St,
Nichotat Frances Hodgson Burnett's
new shorl serial, "The 8rnry ct Prince
rairytoot," is oontinued, with tbe
clever and cbaric'erieilc illnstrations
by Alfred Brennau; Frauk R Stock
t m, in the eecond half of bis latest
shipwreck story, explains wherein it
held "A Fortunate Opening" for the
hero: "Joan and Juanita.'r in Miss
Baylor's serial, break away from their
uomancne captors, alter a number cl
exiitlog advaiures and hair-breadth
escapes: and Mrs. AHing's live and
practical "Ghrirtmas Uonspiracv cul
ml oaten successfully bjth for the con
spiiatjrs and their victim. Rose Haw
taorue Latbrop, a' so, I as a timely aud
amuairg ttory,"witb a purpoee." and
the number o ens with an old time
poem by Edith M, Thomes, called "Ye
Merrie Gtitiiimai rxnet," ctiarmintly
enrr wsed and idus rated by Reginald
B. B'rch, tho work of whose c ever
pennil is alsosoen in the drawing, for
to bright po-nis "Tnn GallnvC.it,"
k. ar....a.. . ...j iuk..
Grandpa Whs a L ttle Hoy," by Mai.
co m iMng'HR. i here area st mure
"JJiownls," by raimr Uox, and cm.
irtbntions by G o. K eter liarnea, J
G. Fraacis, Alice Wellington Rollins,
ana other.
- -- . .j' A
Wss te Save II is Mother's Homestead,
Over Which Ifuog a Mort- -gage
fur 1700. .
Sr. Lodis. Mon December 30 A
special (riim Leavenworth, Kan., eavs:
Mrs. Witrocir, tbe mother of "Jim
Cummings." was seen at her resid-nce,
last night She was very unwilling
to say ao) thing about.ihe arrest ofiber
son, bnt was anxious that tbe public
Baould know the real cause of the
robbery. She seid tbat sbe bad won
dered from tbe fir.it wbat prompted
Ihe robbery, and the first quittion she
asked hereon after he had been brough
lo bis home by the detectives was :
"Why did you take tbe money T" She
says be answered that be was greatly
worried because the time was growing
so short when the mortgage on ber
borne to secure 91700 tnat sbe had
borrowed and loaned to him would
beoomtTVIiie and he was not making
money enough out of bis business to
Eiy her. So instead of allowing tbe
.instead to go to sale he mule np
his mind to make a desprateVfIjrt to
siveit and finally decided npon the
plan of robbing the expreta car.
npstiais lroin xeaven worth and
KniiMsCity etate tnat Cscar Conk
made a confession yesterday, in whicH
bes uteri t Jit Fot itriugbam, the ex
press mejsi'nger, who is now in fail
charired with c jir.pVcity in tbe rob
bery, koew an about the plan to rob
bis car, end war a willing victim to tbe
attack ol the robbers. It is suld tbat
he wai promised $10,009 of tbe emonnt
stolen as bis share of the money, and
thct urn was a part of the money
w Inch Wiirock cent to his trot ler for
safe keeping.
A special from karsas CJlty states
that it was tbe intention of the con-
gpiratmsto rr.b Ihe car on the night
of October 22 I, aud tbat the first "Jim
Cutrjmmg'a" le'ter was written before
that titnn nnd dated on that day. On
tbat nlubt, however, there was cot
enough money in the car to pay the
robbers for their trouble, and their
plsn was not finally carried out until
the zatn.
Should t'-eso statements be br.roe
out by the fact In the cae, Fother
Ingham will doubtless accompany his
follow ronsoirat.TS t ' thrtnlent.lv.
Tr and with atrtet nmrA to Pnrity , Atrenirth and
5llthriilmi. Ur. ITioe'a Baklnir powder eontatna
no Ammonla,LlmaAliim or r'hosphe.toa. Dr. Hnora
telnuu, Vaniua, Lemon, eto., Uuror deilolouaUr.
Brunt- tmuMin nnvmrti r,Umr -J .Cf ariV
" Wat Aa kerbv Certify that tee uoervi th
arrangement fur all the Monthly awi Semi-
Annual Uraitnnfioj (A uouutaua aSi'ict umter
CowiffMinv nnd tn verum manage ana Cowfrtx
the brnwing tkemelwet and that the Htme art
viaariaanfjf mith hnf.ntu. faimet. and in aooo
faith Uncmrd all yartieet and we authorise the
Company to nee tkie Certificate, with fao-eimiiai
of our lignaluree attachedt im it mdvertiem
Coantnlaalaaiei .
We, O tmHertimed, Banlu and Banker:
wall pay all Pritt drawn in Tht Lauiiiaw
Stat LotUriet waicA may 6a p I'twtntod ai oitf
J. II OUI.ENBY,Pr. IJ. Nat'l Bank
J.W.KILBRKTn.Prea.StateHMt'1 Bk
A, BAI.DWIM, Free. H. O. Hat. Bk.
U Over Haifa Million Distributed.
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
Inoiirporatail in lot for twentr-ora jean
by tba Leiialalura for Kdonattonol and
Unarltalila pnrvoaaa with capital of II,
(100,0110 to whioh a raaarvo fnad ot OTsrt&50,
01 Kl has lino bean added.
S, an oTerwholraine- nonnlar Tota ita
rVaunhtm waa madaapart of tha praaentStnU
ConatitDtUa, adoptaa vaoomoor M, a.v
Di nh LoHry vr ooteol on and tndortti
by (Ae frop'a or any .vnre.
I nemtr tcalri or r.otrnonxt.
Itm Hriantl Nlaiarl Alnuiuair Wraw
Intra tnlt ln inonlhlj, anil tha
Kami Annnnl Urawlnat regwlfirl
rvrrralx Baoutbai, Jnaie aia uccein
a wpi.rwrun oppoRTrsiiTT to
OF MUMU, M UKUiians, luasuAi
Jxnuary 11, lJt7-aooih Monthly Vmm-
Capital Prize, $150,000.
aas-NOTlCK Tickets ars Ton Dollnrs
ul. Ilalraa, Vt. Fifth!
Tontha. !.
1 Capital Prlie of....llN),IMi0..,
. 60.000
.. 1W.000
. 20,000
. 20,000
1 Grand Priia ol...... WJ.UHI
1 UranJ Pria of.... JII.OOO......
3 Earn Priaaa of...... 1U,(J....
4 Larira Priaaa of.... 6.UI0.
20 Priiea of . 1.000.
M Prliei of...... M
100 Priaaa of 90...-
0 Priaaa of....... 2n0......
M0 Prliei of........... li0....
I0U0 Priiaa of...... M... .
ArraoiiHATioa rauas.
100 Approximation Priaaa of 1300
M0 Approximation Priaaa af 0
100 Approximation Priaaa of 100
. 25,000
. 30,000
,. ao.ooo
.. o.one
. 60,000
10,01 0
1179 Prliei, amountlnt to...- ..t35,000
Applioatioo for rataa to olubi ihaoid b
mad only to th offlc of th Company at
lor farther Informattos writ (ilearly
l.ln.full a.rf.lraia. PONTAL NTKM. Kx.
riraaa Vonay Ordara, or Naw York Exohann
n ordinary latter. Currenoy bySxpraaa (at
oar zponi), addroiaaa .
New Urloa-u, la.
Or at. A. ItAITPniM,
WaMhlmartoai. D. SI.. .
01 at 6 VI Mt Court Nr., HfUipUla,
Make P. O. Money Orders payable
and addiPBS KPirtstfred l,tTPrslo
(kaiit ttrltuakin, lA
Early, who r In oharxa of tha draairwa, ii
a a-narantna of abtuluta tairoaaa and ir.te.-ri-
tj, that .ben-hanwl are all ait'ial, and that
to one can praaioiy nivina nat nuuioari
mil araw a (iriaa All pariiea inera'oro aa
Terll-lnrto raarantee priara m thil Lottery.
or bol'iintfout Hnyothir imrocaibl iniuoa
menu, are awlniflar. and only aim to d
eolra aad dalraad th unwary.
J I ruwoRii I
BM wfwiai llayaii aaajijiiiiin ajaaiiiipnan
-' . ' -1- "
Ayer's Hair Vigor keeps the' hair soft
and pliant, Imparts to it th lustre and
freshness of youth, cauaca it to grow
luxuriantly, eradicates Dandruff, cures
all scalp diseanea, and ia the moat cleanly
of All balr preparations
YFR'Q Halr v'Kr has Riven me
t I C.n O perfect aat'afwtion. I waa
nearly bald fur aix veara. during which
time 1 usnd many bair preparations, but
without sucveas. Indeed, what little
hair I bad, waa growing thinnur, until
I tried Aver'a Hair Vlijor. I used two
bottles of the Vigor, and my bead is now
well covered with a new irrowtli ol bair.
Judaon Ii. Chapel, 1'eabody, Mass.
MR tnt bas become weak, gray,
Till and fmlerl. mav have new Ufa
end color rearored to it by the use of
Aver's Hair Vigor. "My balr was thin,
faded, and dry, aud full out iu largo
quantities. Ayer'a Hair Vigor atopped
the falling, aud restored my hair to ita
original color. As' a dreaaiug for tho
hiur, this preparation has nu euual.
Mary N. Hammond, Stillwater, Miuu.
VIPflR yului n,l beauty, in the
VlUUria appearance of the hair, may
ne preaerveu lor an imiennite periou ny
the use of Aver'a Hair Vigor. A dis
ease of the sculp caused luy hair to be
come barah aud dry, and to fall on,
freely. Nothing I tried seemed V. f i
any gool until I commenced vjiiu
Ayer Hair Vigor. Three b'rttlus of
this preparation restorod my hair to a
healthy condition, and It is now soft
and pliant. My acalp U cunul, arid it
ia also frett from daudruu. Mrs. E. It.
FotM, Milwaukee, is.
Ayer's Hair Vigor,
Bold by Druggiata and I'trtuniora.
PitRrr.cT savktv, prompt action, and
wontlnrfnt curative properties, easily
place Ayer's Tills nt tho head o! the list
of popular remedies for Sick and Nerv
ous Headaches, Constipation, and all ail
ments originating in a disordered Liver.
I bare lreon a croat sufferer from
Headache, and Aver's Cathartic Fills
are the only medicine that has ever
. . - ,T . . , .1.. . . r:il-
given mo reuei. uiih uimd in uitai.' rmn
will quickly movo my bowola, and froo
tny bead from paiu. William L. Page,
Uichiuoud Va.
Ayer's Pills,
Prepared by Dr. .T O. Avar h Co.,I,owell, Uam.
And Iron Roofing
Fir. Wind. Wa(r and I litbtalas
proof, suitable tor all tlndi or buliainn.
ror nrloaa and aiumiM a notorv ratal
Sail on or addraii
438 A M0 Mala it., and 21 23 Malborry
Hoadaaariari lor Iron Fenoei and Oreltlna.
laalvamaafl Iron llnrnlfta. I ln Hroia A Ntnvaa.
WTV, OFFER FOR 8 ALE oa farorabla
VV terma a larsa plantation in Bolivar
oounty. IVIia , recently improved with new
poet, i.lanlt and wire tanoei. Xwentr-fiva
ne' houaea, ootton (in, aawmill and near
luO.000 feet of lumber in rtaoki, 60 000 new
(ynrera boarda all ready to eonttruet mora
buildmaa. A aood at-irehoaaa and eatoellent
aland lor a mercantile ouilnou. 1M una
tation ia Imuroveu with a view to lubalrii'
Ion. I will (ell all or a part, aooordins to
wanta ol nnrohaaera. Plenty ol labor. Ka.
aro tenant. hve nppMed and are daily ap-
lilting to rent at in. ror run partieaiara
Iq the Country should order tho
Ask your Grooer or Drupg'ut for it,
or send to SPECIIT & WALTER,
Manufacturers, and take no other.
n. a. juiiasu.h,
And Agenta lor tha Purchaie, Sal or
Leal of Lands,
awSiiecial atUutioa glrtn to th lamina
tion ot titles,
ar Lands advertised and placed upon th
m araet. tree ol charge, nnlefs a sale is maaa.
T.ata nf Hnllv Rnrinaa. Mliaiaaintil.
Booiu Bi. H, luluiil Klrhaate Ualld
lust, ajenuBhlM, 'a rwn.
Will praotloa in tha Courts of Tenrjesaa and
Ade jour ret-iiirx f,v t !Orlitnal83l5hoa
Jlowroroof IiMlEationa. -It
one Gcnnlno unless boaring thlaStama.
iriiit ty. CoPtjori and Afrpeae
once, Alx.wti-alcJkr'lKUKti
oarir. i nifxiwtiai in iunaa
lis mil brififc you liuorm
tlnn how ti) t th! Shoe ia
auy bt.ite or Territory, y
J. Ilcacs & ca.
41 l.lnooin Bi
wtaia mr,r. tjwti falfihor In tta Mtfmmtlftn of
m may .. , - I irmtn.
MndabaWbUl.wiUtUouUie tuuon U joa
aala tlism. '
J. F. U0LST & MM).
'1 :'bli
Funeral Directors,
A FULL anl tomplaW ttosk of Wood aad
Metallio Jam and Gaskets, Olotb-O.
arad Caakatsand Burial flab always oa
hand. aafOrdtrs by Ulaarrspk proraoUy
Son Resident fiotice.
No. CS$-In th Probata Court af Shelby
oonnty. lean. John Mitchell. fetitiQuar
vs. Doason Mitchell. Defendant.
It appearing from afflda.it in hli cans
that tho delendant, licdion Mitohell. is a
nnn-rarident or tne mate or lenaeaio ana
la a ralident ot tha State of New York i
It Is therefor ordorad, Tbat be make
h'l appearance herein, at tha eoarthou
or cihelnr oounty. in Memphis, lecn , on or
before the first Monday in January, 1887.
and plaa1, aniiwor or demur toonmplainanta'
bill, or tha same w II be taken for confosaad
aa to hiin ai d let for hearing ex parte! and
that a cory ol th i order ba published onset
week, for lonr niceltva week, In the Mem
phis Appeal. This 4'h day f I'ere'nb r, 1H86.
A ojiy-aiient v. j. uu luli.1 , wrs.
tiy Tbo. . vrenanaa-, u. o
lenry t. Dtx, bol. for oomi-ln't.
Ti .! 09 VS.
ftM-, :i ftr.
'...V.CIlKliBXS' II III tlSl"
3,tG Necond Street Ifleniplils.
Atrinlf. r9TP UriVaB VfIS) IfODi La)
CsttsB Factors, WMesale Grers,
JIo. 11 Uiiln atr4,
AJfBatvf BtBWAJJX, Hw ilssuss.
stem, m
WholesaleGrocers, Cot Facto
afayeaBaawawaia-Pii l I Sal.liawai
Casta AdTaneea to Merchant and Planters.
Gctlcn Factors and Wholesalo Grocers
C228 Jhfnt Ct., Uesaphls. Tesm
HILL, FOlMllE d 00.
Cotton Factors, Commission Oorchants,
He. 116 ftotstfr Hain St.,
I .T. "
r ir x i ; .-" ni ic. , y - vr " -. . -
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Molding, Lumber,
Lath and Shingle?, Flooring, Ceiling and Cedar Posts,
JL aa. DAY, W. H. BTtAtl. . W. SLA1TUT.
lasavWlLl.aaay A8. I of laaaonaaa A Strata tot i j"S
VlAir TTATiiTlA'M (L 13 l TT TAK?
SSO-M9 Front 8trMt Zfamvlda Tauu
W. N. Brown.
IL, F. Garrett.
W. M. Brown tfc Co,
2CO Front Street,
laav. AaV
sxmm armm aiaaaaa, mjm
lain, ScsJu BUlis, Dnsswd Floorhtf, CeDJar, WtAttMsTisiil
fcaiUUas ar aasanaasaa sy aay
Oatiia. Bidlna, 8teD LaaaVar aad
a au etBrtasloaa. tt aaa lee
. anttaifl mmA
UW134 Jeffarvon Sti-eet
Wholesale Dealers and Publishers,
8ol Aaants for th followins Pirst-Class Instmmenta:
lIANOJ4 Kranich & JBach, Gabler, and Wheeisch.;
ORGANS Clough iVVarren, and Smith American j
aver ANEW 7-0CTAVKTPIAN0:r0B l0.-i
Write for Catalogues. Kos. 221 and H33 Second Street, Memp'il.
.im, WITT.
1 P1 It P r 1 1ai.F1TrJI W 1 1 ID rM, tM KliNM aV
: t ffiasmhl. Tnsv
Chickasaw Ironworks
98 Second St., Memphis;, Toov
t .ngiueaj, Hollers, NawuilHs,
Brndtord Corn snd Wheat Mill
Vol ton Prem, Ootton Ujur,
HhAflinK, Pnllejis, J;ic
RPK. IAL HOTICB-W an prepared to B1I ordert.
on st.or aotlo. for tha el:.rntd MealHrt Iatul
MronifM-""' Vnllcy. W oarry in atook ovr
Two Hundrad Aisortod hiacs.
star bend for Cataloan and Prloa-Uat.
li;.;f-.fcM'' ..t-
W.N. Brown, Jr.
: : Memplil, Tenn,
WBalallWCSBWwtrsI Saf
sawsaiii ia u gnu im aiii,sisiissaaa
Craroas Blaada, a aaolaltj aIiaaa- J
n aaiaaai aanaau a irwai waaan
aMmmtlv SI1W.
xlenulvl. l ei
AN k Co,

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