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This Blast the Bamored TIei Be
tween Russia and France
Canadian Politic?.
Losdon. December 30. The Paris
ccrretpordeut of the Time affirms
i tbat be bag information from an- od-
: A -.nKiiiH annrnn that Ruaaia and Gar.
' mativ aiirned a direct alliance a fort
night aao. "The Cxw," aids the cor-.
' respondent, "wsa decided in taking
this course by the attitude inaniteted
toward Raw'a by Coont Ka'n-ky,
,Au8tro-lIarjgHrian Minister of Fr-
. eijra Atiars, va ay me rapecinuu
-j VI Di,.nni .r.nl,l ha mulu PrtfDA
. ... - . i3 rri.l - v.awo ' '
,:, juillis er 01 .Traces, mu
conc'udes tbe correspondent, "that
i trie reported alliance D-tween nuwia
sn(i fiance win uni n v'i'ujo.n.
, rlavemeBte In Pullllea.
London, Decemb r 30. Toe Right
HOD win. xittrry diuuu, o-incvB ui
War, is to take Lord Rindolpb Otiurch-
ill's nlsce B leader of the Conseiva-
. tiwtam In lha HH1H ft I u.-immrno.
Lord HarfiDgten, Joseph Cuambe
- lain and George J. Goecheti bad
conference today. They found them
selves equally avrae to loioicg any
" a.aKt nh flahititr Inn all IhPAA flh
: elded ti support the Conservative
' government.
Gladatone'e A.MIIty.
Loudon, Dect-mber 30. Mr. Glad'
stone, replying to a letter cntiPMDg
John JBrignta action on toe irnu
question, save: "lliere u only one
reaeon why I remain ei eat. Aftr ay
. n . : n ., a that l.aMi
aniahni! man and Ibe kind and level
aid he t-o oiten gave me, mot, o
I T 1 1 . .
' speak one wcrl that could pot Bib y
ctve htm pain.
ila T n H n Marif nun IiI'b iilralnlllHi
iIau liuneillMl.
taw (Out) epecal rays: Scarcely
Member of Sir Julm Macdorirtd'a
Cabinet could he found yesterday.
The greatest zniteuient prevHiled
here all day over the rfsrtl- of t:e
e'ectiora in the Province of Ontario.
Upon this cmtfBt depended the fjte
of fair J. tin Mecdouolu s admimstr
tion at the approaching Federal elec
tion, and be, with four racmlej of
his Cabinef.lbrew Ma whole sirnoito
into the fig) t, etompirg the Provinie
for the pas two mon'hti in the interest
ri Mereditt', trie leader nt tneoppo-1
tion, thus Went lying Federal with
Provincial politics. The result hh
been ihiu instead of defeting the Lib
eral government cf Mown'.t it ha
strengtbeuid l is majority 68 per cent.
tccor.iini!r to tt.e latent, returns. h c
give Mowntt 6 ) and Altr. ditti 30. Tbis
meant defeat f or Sir John. Ti e pr. s-
pect now is tliatth Uomluton olee
tions will bfl put off to the ve y lates
. moment prcionbly ta oext fcepumber
Mr. IHUoa Wives Bond.
Dublin, December 30 John Dillon
today dopos'ted tbe KHMi ba i re
quired by the recent decia on agtinst
him for sgiU'iPir te plan oi ram
paiirr, Joseph E. Knney,. mrmbhr
nf .Parliament lor Pouin uork, gu
Joseph (i. Biggar, member 'or West
Uivan, became onr tics lor Mr. Iilliu
in tbe sum ot iiiu;i iacn.
nilllarx K.I I
Paris, December 30 D plomals
mHider tbe it. t men's made by the
fj'ovemuieiit orians yetUrdny thi
Gf n. Bonlanger bad nor, ae reported,
reduced h s but pluneMul militsrv es-
tima'es (rom CO,(V)0,CO0 to 10,0OiO)D
frince,con)l d it:i (tie .luurnal lliciu
list ol li s rearp tutrrient!) ot Uitej
erals in coiiiiuaiid of the Frtm h f ir-
treFBOs, Another evidence tnat war m
not remote. Much coriosit? is ex
prps'd a 'o what (?-rninny will thita
of Geu. B 'ulongfr'a dicren nn.k rg
these i pool' traenw end b' Stowing
upon G n. Ts bau lin, commander of
the runs gam in, tlie i.e tit e of b-v
perior Ooniraandor i f the Ndtional
Ibe PrnbHhlllilvn In Cnn ot War
Willi VHllt
Nkw Yobk. Dpceaitr 30. The
Nuw Yoik lltraldi Vienna corro
epondeiit te egraplist'itt r".oer ttin it
j the gmerai belief in Vienna tt-at
Rufeia i i cm of v.ar will not witsta
her f,ircs by o:cu)ymg Bilgaria. 8 )
i f.ir as Aiittria is cou r ed it must bo
fought urn on -the Gaiician frontier.
Plaus for an i fleuaive campaign con-
temp'a'e the ina ch of one army from
Craoow down the V stn!a toward War
saw, when vtry sildier w ud crry
an extra-r ila to be givon to trie Polish
ppas'ints, and auotner from ttie re gh
borhooJ of Lembr toward Kiev.
An tffoit would be made to is? a'e
and perhaps dret oy Oifssa. Eve i if
Ri ucnanla should renum Doutra1 the
occupation ri Jury in consul' red
neCHseary, but it is noped that Era.
mania wonld b eouiptlied ti r-ido
with Anuia. V. may ba a-'dad taat
tbe pupil J in tbe military i chord, have
lately been required to study two
booktt, entitled, Fiom the Viiiuia to the
Unriptr, hy arolHlcu8, wnlun is tali
of valuable detile t inaus, and tae
Military Geography of Kutsia, by Ool.
F.edhr, of toe Wtr Olllce, which U
not allowed lo bn sold A recent hint
in tie Norddfu'tche Algimrine Z ilung
thatP.rH-h it.iiuences and men were
at work to excite Germn sympathy
for Bnl.a ia and pgdDS Ras .U is wad
f landed, lhi-re is a deuided feling
that i'mav benr-comarv to r j e.itbl'S!
th Kingdom ti fo'aod asabari r
sgairtt-t Russia. Ia IJungnry ttiia let.
in is (O ktrcng fiat in cue of war the
Uuogiii.tns would insist on the gov
ernment taking nieatiore. to incite a
P .lish insurrection, even at the risa of
being compelled to cide Galicia to
tno new Poliai Kincd m. 1 had, to
day, a long con vi nation onthiisub
jt-ct with a cous:n ot Poce Ci ir:ory
ski, the mruinai betid of Polish em
g'allorr, vho confirmed allihtltal
neard elsewhere. He says tbat three
vea-Brgo thera was a strung move lor
. 1 . . k. I . i l .n !H.JAn..,lLni
l.'KJ fJBl. ItJIiaUIUCIIh U lUUDliruurm
Pjland in clou alliance with Rnssia
and under a Rvsiin protectorate.
At ' ih it time the Polish leidets
had seHct-d an their eveniual
Kiug P.ince Waldemar of Dan
mark, and negotiate ns on tbe snV ject
whj btgen at C.p nhactn to obt.n
tba cO' b lit of tboKntr, bin fathe:,
who tefu ed to be a party to the prr--j
ct. At pie:ent pUlh '6 clmuged
and the di' ore Fobnd muu t e in el
i'aoce w i'h Au'tria and Germany,
rnvd mi end vor ao i'd be made to
pat an Am r ai Arc: d ike on tin
throre. My ii'forjnstit wes told by
C irit Al;dvnstT, lonror bovoriu;
Gfucial f Warta v, mat Ruf-eia !(
I'ecid-id in lm t-vi nt of a war witli
(jcrinauy to ab.'.mlon To and wet,t ot
Vistula. I have also reea today
teotiaman well known in diplomatic
aod miliiarv circle), a ho baa met re
turned from the Eas', who hd much
in say upon tba same topic, and even
went bo far J4 to assert that th Ger
man plana for a Polish campiiga are
all ready, even to tbe selection oi tne
commond n? effioers. The German
candidate for tbe Pnltsh throne
Prince Anton Rarjz'njll. .
Srraiaua litiila HI Trealfd.
Vixnna, December 30. The tier
man Deputies in the Bohemian Die
have issued a manifesto to their can
stitnents complaining that they a
treated with svs'ema'ic and unrer.sjB
ing hostility by the Cx-cb members r.f
the Diet. Toe memorial declares that
tbe signers n&ve resolved, thertfor, to
renuin away t orn tbe sittings of tbe
D.et until they are eiven reliable
snrarce that their just c'aiois aiil be
considered by tneir co.leaues. An
abreate coatinud fir three we.ks
wiil nnsrat memheis. The Cfccas
prdbunyiog up the bat-.iners before
tns JJiei iu ordrr to (eenre an ad'
journment before the expirsiion of
that time in older to avoid having the
qnarrel between tbem and tae Gdr
mans pusued to an extreme.
H Kecoltaled I.osn,
Pabis, December 30. Madagascar
has cotclui'ed ariacgeinents for ob
taining a new loin of $3,000,003 fur
twenty-five years at tt per Rent. P"
anunm from the Gompioir Eicjmp'.e
of Paris, gaeranteeing tbe cnetoms
revenue oi sn of the Madagnecr
ports. Of this sum $2,:00,Ot 0 ia to be
d voted to paying oil tns trench in
demuity. ibe baucca will bj
pended on t:ie native army. The
French will tva'uiie Tamatave in
January. The French Minister ieji
dent's rtlations with the MaJagatcar
Government tave lor some time brea
quiie ft'ained, owing to his iLsisting
on niain'aining a fremm protectora'.e
ov.r tne country, jvuiairassy Am
ba'sadora have starte 1 far Earcpo.
Five PerMKB Killed.
Lisbon, December 30. Fivepwons
were killed and n nnrxbsr f Urun n
ii.iurod tod.iv ut a fiw waicli d sno ed
a in go 11 ,ck of buildings in this city,
Kaaltoara aauln.
Ft. Pktehsbuso, D cpmber 3).
Gen. KiuibH S bai ben a 'clmd to
tbe etitf of the Grand Duke Viadimir,
eldest brother of the (.sir.
Nal neilBK Willi ih Requirement
ot ihe Lrnr will fail of
Public Piinter Biredict wi!l nn
doubtedly fail of cm firuialion. Ice
law riqnires the man to be a practical
printer and to have a knowl.dite tf
b )ok binding o be eligible to tbe posi
tion. It is .'.eserted thai Bene ilrt n-v r
hurraed more of tbe art ttinithirun
of tne capes; thai u he lnained the
boxes itr.d how to pick up, slowly.
straight matter; that ha never set a
Itice of tabular w ru or a display jo i,
at no experience in making up ii rms,
going to presi and otber work whica
mates a practical printer, l utvii
charged that lie hts loigotten ihi
boxes, and tbat he wont 1 1 INew York
racentJy, thut. h ro'e f up in a room,
and ie- type ievaal days, to br ghten
op. I' th e is tine, what hn has
1 arred by it will do him no (pod,
as ttio law icqaires Dim be a
prsct cal printer at 'hi 'ime oi
nis appointment. While B n diet
ws ab ent in New York the fcui.a e
Commi'tee nn Apsrouria ions was
c )i sideiingtbe U'Kircyderii i?ncv bill.
whieh made a la'gx approprbition lor
t.io Government, t r nuno Onic B-n
edict wus sent for, but being away
by desn, it is btlieveJ bis brother.
.w) o is s ud to bo a g od printer, wf n .
to fie enmnvtten. Unnn uskid wbv
the I'tl ,li: P.intir d d not ieprspnt
hi inn ill the brother eto'ed tbat be was
in Nrw York on ' impor'ant triva-e
bunness." Th noaiti itetu concluded
that if ibe Pub ij Pr titer 'on!d Wmvd
his offue and io lo Nw x oik i n pri
vato buaiue s the ofli io turely did no'
me) auy iiLm -d a e Kppropiii.tiou,
d def. rrcd ncii;n. I. mttiledltMt
Mr. Bur.ed c; aill bic'.led bpforetue
Senite Committee on PintiUir, to
etai d exiiiiirii tion as to h s jnn'i-
fica'.locs, before pramici 1 prikt-
ei, and that be li wortm dny ain
nig'it to be prepared for it. He in a'so
workirg himself upamong the Re, lib
licn Rtt well a Democratic S junto; a
A number who have aiKod for ap
ooiiituienta onder tlie pabiic printer
have been surprised to leseive duruig
tbe past month a le'ter, siatiog tbat
s) end to have bedii appoint. d, re
appo nted or returned tj the cr tli: of
tbe Sicator. Borne nf tbeas lniiers
cooiaitied uiimes nf rppui&tees vih ui
he never heard oi. Wjen;ver an ap
plication received from a 8t trf
w:,er o a SnsJt ir li v-d whine inlluenre
was des r-d the Pool c Printer Bjemn
ti have jumped to inaki tbe appoiot
uiect end cht.rge it to the beratr.
then notify b'm. Itlssdd by Dem-
c a s that ti paoutan betators, jurt
n this time, have more inUuiiicH i t
the Government i'nnting Othcs
than thoie in his pvrcy. Vhu
tbe Publ c Pin'er flrt went Into his
fflue he did n t think of confirmation.
it nifni). Oe bluu ly announced th t
the recommeudatiou ot y nati ri et.r.,
would do no io d: that li wai able
to dis barge or select employts wuh
out advicj. Oii' ttiai who is a nro
teee of 8(r.a'tr Knna, tf Wea Vir
ginia, npoa b.'iog reins ated, was trjd ;
1 do cot uo ;nis lor irator ivoo- s;
I am not ouitirg anybody; but 1 do
it mtself f ir jou " Anoiher person
applied wilh a let'er from S-mtor
Voothene. roe ronuc nii.ter is
quottd ss layirij: " i chi not k ep
yon for H-nnti r Voirheei or anybody
else. Besides, I want thes i) m -cats
and liepatd'ciu to un, e-ttand
that tey cinni t inflii'nce me in tr e
! Kb t-wit degree.' Whea it dawned
upon Bmeihct thaf he was rot like!'
to be cm 1 "tried, he bgaito nuke
uppointmeuts fir tentto a without
Nnbacr'be lor ibe Aivitl.M
'layerla'a Pelliloa.
Ricbmomo, Va., D.cembiT 30 C u-
venus. tr.e . C ii'Uemned murderer oi
Faniiy Lillian Madison, hai sen' out
ir. n'ars to the members of tbe O 'li
ra I Assemby for t'.e purpose of tct-
ingihom to tit a peiitioa attiog toe
Governor to gia"t. him a reprieve
ntiltbevmt. When the L-tisa
tore mets Cluveriui hopes that they
w.ll r"commnd the Governor lo com
runtfl tia s.nteica t'j li e iprisoit
ment, IMaluTalk.
Thrrn j n pieservat ve principle in
SOZODO-VT tba'. eff clnal'y ptene,ve
tie t.-e h liooi droy. Ki,:!i and omr
i d re it, Kilmly ivr tried it with
out apfrovirgki cle.n s;rg an I nf.. -it
g pr pirtirs Jtin n'i h I i.t'irr
dei.t.f i'. p. AsV forbOZODONT, thd
take n 'j Kub'tiUit''.
Dr. Aveling, and His Lady What the
Seelalims Have to haj for Their
Political Economy.
Naw Yorx, December SO The Her
ald asys: The rocialmts will never
more imprrt a prole'sioral etiitator
from the e9Vt mooaichl s nl Lu ooe,
The recent experiment with Or. Ed'
ward Av in.' nd Mri Eleanor Max
Avoliog ban bai a mo t d eaHrous
eS.ct noon the exj'nque- of tbe N.
itonnl Execnt've Bmid. Srennous
effjtts are mide anion l n-.or prndei
membirsof th t ihe to svo d publicity
nt tt e soandti', as tney claim it wonld
bnrt tne ran e
"Unpid labor in 'h grtt cu'Sf
oi modern civilization tbat is tt,
whole problem in ai utshell," prc-
cUimed Dr. Aveilug. as the axiom of
his synteui ui po itu-al economy ou all
the plsilorms tnroogu his lictunc
tour. As the result ol th e idea, th
Eiicntiv (Jommittee were cim pulled
to honor his drafts, amounting
$1300. tor thirteen week'e work, with
out aemarnnn. thonvh tbe p ue was
consider, d lather s i.T tor a t-osialiat
who professed to have ot ly the we
fare of the poor and di-i iherittd at
b4art. tint tbe patimce of tbe ii iT.r i
with Ut-rr H-ttmnn Walter as si okes-
msn, broke down when th couple re.
ttirntd lad week to tbe city from thei
Wester tour ai d presented a Buppln
mentaty bill of So U.
"Dj )0l consiner thesa items leeiti
mate ixpsnsesT queried Htrr W
ter, in a r, g, ts bs point -d at a charge
0! 5.0 lor corsage Doiiqoets. required
tieunanc" tn baaatyoi Mrs Ave'imi,
O ber clij -ctlonable items were over
hauled in the sime l.sbicn. The tx
traordinary bill had a ronad cum of
(50 for dears to the Don or and vg:ir-
et'es to bis emancipated lady. Tnt.
official cotreepoodence du'ing o period
oi tnrre men ns hid involved an ex
penao of lau fjr pietae srsmps,
Ibmwr t ckrts werrt suiiiinir xed at
J 1 00. though it is a no t rv us fa.t tha
th4Kreatdeciplof Karl Mrx showed
bi'iiaeif an expert et dcadheadiue
at all the theaters on tbe idea
being a dramatic rrit:C for the Sitfnrrini
limit w and otner .ogia!i puuilrat'oiie,
At liAitluioie bis wiue bi.l was $ii lo:
twi d4s. Aveimg una ly cuiupr
lui ftd lor 1U i.
He llenwli HI Nmiirjr,
Ni.w York; Decamber 30. The
coaip atOiint in the au t of Wm. Par y
asai; Bt Hie American upera V mp-itiy
wss rvd npon tnvir cnnnael today
ital.ejpc tba. firry beiume tasustan
stig clirtc or noder a coa'rict whoch
wan to expire lo Jnne next, at a salary
of $75 a week) tie twi wteks sko last
Salnrrlny plaiutiff was discharged
without just rea'on. ruiir.ia de
Diaiids iudiiment for SI CO dne for two
w. eks to Ddcember 25th. lie intends
to soe for thi amount every two
weeks to Jane 1st and also ti begin
au action Ir damage.
Cocaink, iodof orm or mercnriale in
any form iu the treat men, cf rntarh
or l ay fever shou'd be avo;dod, as
tliey tire both in nions end dsnuer-
rus. lodrform U easily detrc ed by
its eff n-ive odor. The or.ly re iabl.i
citntrh temedy on the nibrket todny is
i,lVB Uriarn B .lin, oeing free from ad
p ' ironous drocs 1: nae cur.'d t'lous
nds of acu'e and clitonicrae-, where
alio he,' reined. ei have fAiled. A par
tide jb applied icttencii nostril; nn
pal o ; agreeable to use. Price, 50 cents
ol crngitista.
JndxaPralta.UU ladlapoaed.
New Yoi'K, Derembr 30 Jndgs
Pra t s nmrrt a c trouble be ng un
abalud, 1 e heued an order today poi'
pining tlii argument before h m in
hH Brootiiyii uirmut iJoU't on tb
m t on fi r a stiy of prncemlingi in tbe
caw of ex-Alderman M.Uiade ui til
omorrow mornins.
A Vnlniibln HtHllcnl Trertlln.
Tbaxlltlon for 1t7 o' Ih uti-rllni Mciiinnl
Aarauil. knuwn llositr'r Ahnanuc, is
n iw Toady, una mil be ibtined ireo nt cost,
ol druire iti n nnarkl ouunlrv , rub ri in
All ia.is O' the United btiiies, Jilrxico, anil
lnrieel in evpry i ir, lined rurlif.ti 1 iho Wirt
ero llciuii bpr. 1'liiA rnnmo 1ms bien i-
ueil raitalarly at th con oirnecincnt ot
Viry y.ur lor orr ons-utiu ot a rntarv
1. (o,i, bluer, with the inHnd. m iirncli-a ud
vim for the tiroervatlun aod reiroranon ut
bii'iltb. a bire amount oi intete.tinir utin
BiotiHinii liKhl reading, and tho rnbnoiir,
H'tn.niuilcn culm I tiuna, ch'ono nitii'iil
O'if. etc. aro ir.inr.'il with nrrut cam.
and W'll bs louad entirely aorurxti. ibi
imiue nt liosietter Slinanne tur lav wi:l
IirobnMv bu tho Itrreftt eaittoa ol n medi"at
wnra ever ur.lirba in ny eourilry. Ibe
riinb tort, jinKri MoMtt'er A' Lo., fit.
1 ... on rcrs-.nt cr s twn rest
II forward a cony h mail te any person
WUo oiinDi.t prnrnrenm in lilt nf iiiblioreaod.
New Wrieaaa Kaeia.
Nr.w Orleans, La., Deoembf r 30,
The we-'t.her thriateued rain, but tUe
trrk ws i n gnnri coodition.
jfrir.sf Jtnre. -For non wiuoeis, five..
itthsifa mile. Peacock woo by
halfaleputh; Misjs Daly sei'Oad, Jim
Brom.at third. Time 1:08
Hfflnnd Hare Sel irg, six fnrlorgs.
im B'encan w n by ba f a lenctn:
Twilight second, VVatuh 'Em third.
Tirrp 1 ;2l.
Third Itacf. Seven firloniS.
voke won by a leog'h: Aeo a b--c
ond, Hattie Carlisle ttilrit. Time
fourth Raef, One mile, selling al
lowance Ca' heart won ty Catla-t
hy t'jrre lenntln; Burr Oitt sicoiu.
Envcy ttdri. Timt 1:51
KL Catarrh
Cream Balmi .iLY'SS(i3
CU1.U In HEAI iy,.rv7rrirr ift'fl A
K . Ami
Hay s?r,
Qirci r lf at
r Powilor. Jreei
h-otii I d I r I o u t
Drun aoJ OOen
if rnlon.
A ptr'iDlo U aiiliil lot each eontril ud
In mriMjubie. frme riC cruH at 1)'kIii
By uii'i, rtitred,lei-nt. Dirmileri free.
KLY BKilS.. l)roi'i. Own, M. V.
f . i , i y ya.
tAiiTTars 'n w r m la tsit,
tu n, :n.1 giitb Hu, WMhiarteii, t
C. Provide fruetirally ! i haiiartweae
oatian. W rrui nor yemtioai. . Ieu
enier at any time. Itrai I Li. -bnlrbi,
140 1 wuire week' Coure, liesrd, 1., fib.
hrt1 In -lfnlnr
SiMi-Re-tiiletit Mice.
Kn. 5M-In tb Probate Court of Shelby
eounty, Tors. .lohn .Vitrhnll, Coilain
nt. vi. liO'Seon Mitehell, llidnt.
It nmiennnK truui atbdevit in 1 hie eaa.s
that tbe delenibiut, Doileon V it, hill,
1'iin rrfirlflnt wf the Kt.ite of Teaiieniee, an
if a liwnl ol th State of N'W Vorki
It m tberetore ordore l, That he aiake
fi npiiriranoe h-rnin. it the eojrrboa o
Klielby rounty, in Aienjphi. Ti-nneee, on or
be'or- the brr Mond iy i r'obrar. 1117,
ur.il plraii, ennwer or deunir to foiiiiilini.rit
bill, or 'he t in e will l.e t keu for vonlee'eii
ii p t " o I m nTid -'t Jor npnrinrex parieiaiitl
i tin- e ci py ol tin? ordor ne ,iiblnl.e,l oii- e
v., ek, lor tour f iii'i-eiiive 'ik. in the Mem
I iii.i A preul. iniii li'ili day i,f ilecembcr,
1ni. A ioH Atteit:
P.J. (JUI'lLKT, Cieik.
iU Tho- H. Crnhw. n. 0.
btur '. 11 n, Lol. lur c aplo't. rat
' m ?5 00 faif?K . w
w 2 Zit :SSK, l!Saa
CO 1 xizvs- P3 S
Old StiiiHi No. H Duioii St., Memphis.
r. A. GAGE & CO
Cotton asaotoaria,
N: SOO Front Ktret. i MiMiUa Teaa
And Commission Merchants,
2fiO nnd 212 KVont Ht.. HIomphfi. Teu.
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocery
DoorH, Nrtali, Blinds, Molding-, Hil klndnof Door and Vludo
I'ratue,!Brtt'Wt,'crikll-tV,ork, Jlongh ami Broaiied
I.nuitr J SkluKliM, L.af Iim, Water Tauka.
All kloda.of Wood. Work xtM'iited nt Mbort jotl.
Xos. 157 to 173 Washington street, Memphis. iVim.
T. B.fclTl.'i, Prea'I.OEO. AKJIOLO. T. Prea'f, W. U. UtIIIOtT, Hre.y
Cou u try Stored, Dwellings and Glnhonae a Kpct'lfly.
niy LoMHeM Adiidtcd l'rounitlj, aud Iald at SfeuiphlH.
rUD ICBKOSuf Cone, SUa r.M.KUKftET,BeiIUeatFariiiaf.
iSS B rt f). (3 tn, el's E ess EM
Zo. VSO And 8S8 Front 8trAt Memphis Tmsvtb
il l MIDI M
Steam Kuginos, Hollars and Tank Work, (Jotton tJInn, Oottoi
rresson, woofl lTiiieys,Mittftinc;, igtlculturai
and riuntutiou Work, ,
Corn o-rnci gSs-wllMKlXlm.
W.WhyetbLAR(EST WORKS ol tbe kind In the Valud 8uu, and wfll a eel
ptioef tor tame quality ol work. Keud lor Catalogue, Prloe-Lint.
and 'J'Milraoniale.-
nraiihlft, - - - mm TrniiiPfa ?,
J0. TOO. " B. L BsaHWAWr o J, S. KTI9H1. W. 8. PARBBOIT.
foot Hclowao fi Go.
Wholesale Grocers and Cotton Factors
Aad:tea!era la Ievee and Hallroad Niippllos,
Vo.' 74 Front Rtrewt Tenipraj.TvjTanMa.
WM. DHAN, Prei't t JAMK3 RSILLY, Vlce-Prei't. I JOHN L1LLT, 6ee'y and Tree.
DM-Iffl COFFEE & Co.
Coffee Roasters, Spice Grinder
lanporlfra aal Wholeaala Dealcra la;
o Oof STooiss, tS5ios
X"' 205 Main Street, Lee Block, Memphis.
aucrroHs i
vVm !. Joha t Illy. aa )t!h. J R.IIIt w i
PAIO 171 CAPITA I, t I i t i t : $100,000
Xzatesreaat T.ltl on Dopoailta.
NAP01R0N HTlfc,
W. h. OAKHOt t.
JOltlt A. BHNIK. A. roll UN, J. H. PfHCOfl,
Canli Advances on oiiNiuiuciitN.
Mercantile U if iii
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, 25,
le S. 8C WlJf, PreaX i. . ttOODlt ti:, rierPreot. C. H. KAIS3, C&at
a suto.
SDoaid or Xlarotrat.
LrjUI'fll, OMkRLl.i ltj TT. R. J,LiiaL
r. v. D i
aa-rw ml SM ml fw im ii, TraiwMeee a MeawiJ laenii I "
Mil., mm nn. Baaalal AIIhiMmi ta CalbMllam.-ai
tm .iiiii.i .1 i mi -mm&iq
BOAHI) OV X,ia.T7aB"r,OTBta.
! "OLKCN WtU. lalOHAItl, (fAVIN, J. U. UANPWIHKf a.
MI1M IIANAHKlt. fllUMAB noVI.K !iAVIl P. HAl'lltM.
aar lmeit rooolvej Is m ol ! aad upward, and Intarait allowed oa aama Aearrf.
ear i bur and d local InveilnieDt Honda and Seearltlet tenerally, pay taxve, kih.
truatee, and, in several, tioeat any tuanoiat buiineii requlilni a aaf aalrwiwailhl .
ear v ! draft, la mni Is mlt parehatert, oa all parti of Karon.
nr vi'e bare a eominnrtna. Vaiill tor tbe depoall ot valuable!, wnloa li SI IB maa
our outomri, frwa at (iliaraja.
1. P. llADDKN, Preelileot, EVTD. (JOI.OSJIITH, Ylw-PrcfU!at
JtwKH NATHAN, raaalnr.
E k lElLiiY,
ai ocers Ei Cotton Factors
R. CJ Naln Nlrexut, (lara Itlaxtk.
If ill
ConfoctloiiH, GLicoH, Noui;ut Curanu'Irt, FrtMich Fruit liiicett,
Oroain Uou UoriH, Flno I'rencli liainltiiiuio Ureaim and
L'ott IJoua, i'hocolatos, Icoh and Noutratliics.
Toa aaa I ml tbM ot. " AT KSTAtL," U sitst!'.:-, .
Tho Peters & Sawrfo ( o.'s Uctail fi fablish:ctU..
No. 43 J rterm Mreei,0ioMltTlieir 1'iuMory.
Taeee aye th laeit Cooleutlom Ual the Meiupbli Publio have ever had trie o,iiirruoiv
teVTr 0r lVr ' 1reiaii'V!oarM " llielni!)0""Wi
JOatU kVvAHMak, HKNKT rUANU.' .HKIU'll r irKel
U ary.
4aha a.aiailiaaai.
rttaa. ClarM. M. J. illavfB.
WlileaAl tirwrwra, bottom JFmvtn
m mi S34 Frost SL, Memphis,
K.LH aUOIT VryaM kit waole tlae la tk w.'cktai aad tale el all Oaawva aalreMtw
tm wr ebevaa. Uotwa WarniM. 'uniirteanraa.
1 L
Plaque! Plaque.
Hf-The beit K II '"Kl. ' IB H In (he market Warraated ora
iiavaua Viller. a:i3 Pvr Tlie.ead ta Onaiara mtj.
jlm i3 ar5 Ije; "vcr x s.
it . taAOAAVaJI.
a. o. mm.
. T. FABGASOri & CO.
IT&iicsale Grocers & Cotton Factors,
SX3 Trtntt Street, Memphia, Tax a.
eesa4 ta a will kava ear anrl nieallea. W aarry at all Maa a awaV
eieeud iteek el
Stt ! Fsnty Gnccries, Wicas, Llqusrtjefcacw Ik C'zn
. H. AUII'U.'.
H. 11. AV.AI1UV.
AudtJtrontUalon Sai rclt.i''tt IIirT, (rr,Ou(, Hrii, t'lmp Feerl, OJ1 ileal,
Mini', Omi-'it. l'ljstur, Ilailihiig uml Hre llr.ck, t.W.
L'or. Front uud Union, r Jloward'tt Itow, 3eui;ih!.r.
( & CO.
Cotton MiiilHb Grocer?
aui Front Nireel. kiiMMel'nNfiii II
S. 1. R8TRH.
b. a. uricta.
w. k ixij.
, (OWafewUeiSl TO Mfn, ktOAia ek .,
Wlalesale Grocers and Cotton Faaro
Ks. tt 12 ind 13 Unlen Strcst KznrXts, Tt2z.
w. t JtowDiiac
n. i". iinvi!cr,
1 WfiflW
a I nul SO TvTnd.MOM Ht ; Ww,!,.,... T w.
Cotton Factors & Commission Filarciris,
H'eltae Wnp.hnM.VM a. OM r.lft.
urn .,t
a m ai u. HAjIj. A . kraH r, li d I. ,1
Cotton Fuciors and Comiaissicn Mercfciiati).
11q. 'il l Frcnt Street, Corner ol Monroe, Memphis, Tena,

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