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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, December 31, 1886, Image 5

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Wo. 88 KASIIOlf ITISIT, . .
Ii U receipt ( a larger,
lected stack f ClSSIKXBES,irOBSTDS, ItilTUffiS
tit 0TKSC0ATI3GS, (all
tztat,) titan wu ever ahevri
tUk ras prises Ik choicest
aa aiaat daraMe goala la reatltmen'i wear.
MT Staple Price oa
Who have left nf mr.
1 1 Mini t IF
New Slock Open for Inspection
WE would reavaotfutly announce toth publla thatw bar opened an Auotlou House,
and will eonelaiet the General Auction Bualneas, at our old stand. . ie.1 ntu
Hire!, In th Wetntor Block. Having (enured tn eervioea of M..J. J. R. MoDON ALD, the
well know Auction Salesman, who haa along experier.ee in the auotion boa-ncsa, we are
prepared to make salon at RUtiiDBNCKS or 81ORKHO0SKS, and will pay particular etten
tlon to the sale ef 1U1 E-tate and fnlicit a liberal patronage, as oar motto Ik QUICK ISA LBS
ud PROMPT hKTrLKMfcNTd- We will make apeoial ram with Attorneys, Adniinia
toetors, Asstswewg, r-heriffs. Commissioners and Guardians, Kales at onr Sale-rooms daily
a 10 o'eloek a.m. and at t o'clock p m.i and Trade Sa;es one a week, the day to be aa
ounoed hereafter. Consignments ot Merchandise of every kind solicited.
H. Kt:M llOA' sfc CO L,iceuoed Auctioneer.).
)f. R. MrTWlWALn. u.lo.m.n.
Wednesday LA tlAeCOTCB
Shnrsdaj (By special rf-uueatl
fll'. HHII. RAP.
Brlde-v rrtB,'KMITKKHZOnE
law fear's Mttlnee Tun MIKIDO
lew Year's Mrrhl-
iman or omamT.
January -f--ROLAJ.D REED.
UB HAS ARRIVED And w'H Positively
' Appear TUIl WKKK,
-trA Mom tree Bill ei Attraotloaa will bt
Introduced this weok.
w-Three Floors Crowded with Curlositlai.
ud a 8 read Doable Programme In
ler ATM'S-JOV TO ArJ. !
AVHORSK-Atelyat John VV alraVt, Mo.
aeneeond s-.rae'. '
ULB- Cwe.r tu hare tame by proving
proper! an'l paving oearpes.
WM hPKI.I MAN. .d MaHlaont.
eopWua, I know, will uttraot tome
attention, aad I foal aare torn innioua
indiriduaJ will Ind areandion whnh I nan
obtain a dir.rco. altiouih aevoial lawyer
fwhom 1 ita'ed my caaeo'juld find none,
tave bee married two yrara and einht
montha, My ki'band la acond le -king nan
e(40yeiri u t tddi ted to axlnk ; intact,
haa no vioei th t I know of, and while be
lorna m and aunp iea ne with my every
want, jot, tiuah I am aahaincd t aay It, I
lore biia n I a " thretre, nnder a fictl
tioua name ai.d . d treai. ofier i25 or one ol I.
ameliou A i n.'i brautilul M' er o auin
ilta aa a r xe to an lodiridnal who oan
ahow me on what areni dn I can get the alnre
aaid divtiTw f aid he on thereby earn & nice
Christina pr ent. Ald-ea,in coundenoe,
CllblKKlct liuilt and raiiaired and war
ranted. InTetitorif the Sanitary Port
land Cemeaji r an a. Contracujr and briok-l-rer.
T-'-V-. W. TH08 CUB'USS.
S12 tTtM1 RT.
CI (KID OFFICK Jlf-Janua y 1, to keep
T ofQoe Hta t-od ui erraodn mu.t be
able to read and writ. Adjreaa in own
band, care At pchI, 11. 8.
d Ct Ann 10 LOAN On food onlUteral,
)JJJ ' in a u r t" auiti eaiy tcruiai
awiouy conmeutiai. it. A , flppeuonioe
SCRAPIRON tore and Machinery Sorap
00., 8t. Uaia. Ho.
CIOOK-Ap Ivat No.Tl Cnloti Itrtct. Need
) not come n mi well recommended.
TOCK KiKPKR A ood atoek keeper!
heat oi re er-nea ruiaircd. AaJ'ca
C1IAS. HKRr.(W IiKO..Sn6.VlainHt.
gALBSMBN In ererj Hmte in the Or Ion
O BbTAbUSHMENT haying i.veral
tJraoiAL'naa tVat are popular and eaay aell-
inj;. Can bo haudltd alone or in oonnectlon
with other Boada. Address TUB WM. 11,
LADIBS aad CenHemen, In c'ty or coun
try, to take Hi ht wotk t their homes,
tl.00 to X IX) a day eaully ma-'e; work rent
by mail; n oanTaaaiag. We have a rond de
Band far eur work, t.d furnith etady em
nloytnent. Ainn, with stamp, CKOWiS
M'g'G t., 294 Tte St. Cinninnati, Ohio.
O0D M'R.-:l
Apply at tlali offioo.
WHITI OOOK-At ence. Apply at
( 123 VANOli 8T...
MEN, aeiMn, rey-, gtrla to earn 170 per
month atta-.tr own homes; eostiy out
Ill of tamp 1-4, a a4kae of goods and full
anitrnA.laMa far UNi. to hrlD hit Doa'aire.
Addre-i . 0. Hawaii. A Co., rlutland, Vt,
SoTTAuB To rent a (rat-class cottage
J eoxtali'lSMt Bra or nix ronms; mut be
near ear I n.. Ceil at or addroai Room K,
Cotton Kickaoii nsjiiding,
UlTnATtftN Bv a young man from Vir
D ginia, lther la wholes-tie or reUil dry
goods or groeerx house, aa salesman orasatst
aot book-kepor. llave had i jeara expe
rience In botn I'nes. telary no object. Very
eat of re'e-reioeaa t rh.rao'.er and busi
aaas qualiloattots. Addresa
r. 0. boi 302. Lvnchhurg. Va.
RT.L4. O1 R M OOBS Addraaa
r pal ITU, Ht Jnmta rlraae.
SALKSwAlf-rn this rJuu for Blair's
Gold Fonataln Pen. het famp'ea sent
for Is wkol-ele pne.). TUB POPULAtt
fuuhtmh vn t ., .or nroatwy, w. r
Wlff b 6oOKRrere oe requited; 37S
Vt Aaa st. an anrtng momtng aonrs.
SlTTjAll' h lyaneip.ri.noeu and prao
tieal ptaatatiosi man agar i beet el ref -erenoef
ttveai eorresvondene sollcl'ed.
Address . "MAN AGKR,"
Care "fVmmerelsl." Pine Bluff, Ark.
SO RAP IKijH-A quantity of lovet and
maeklnra tcrap iron and old car wheels.
Bt. luls M
( hh ulv k Mt.V.'u Port wa or
lk)b Celoreet Chambermaid.
At Tl Maitiaon arreet.
gBNs- la every town to sell Pianos
Jk A t Y1 if L -a-v. a a...
srwi rrtmni, IIVDV IV a il l 3f R 1 .
I ataxia I IV-. . a
4Y'8 KMPORniM...
Tkjf'AN Ae laullijrnt,eHrneat man to rep
iTl r"eot, ta hl own liK-alitw, a large re
noosiKte honee. A remutiorative eaUry to
rtfbt wwrly. Steady position. References
. 1 Pre'y m . t. v.
rine Wtclaet HuUoM'ti.
mere var! u4 bettir se
thl eeasoa's biHrtf
la tkls narket. Tat
talgax, flntit texturea
applicatioa to
THEIll -
GREYHOUND A tmall black grejhnundt
was lant acen on Main aireet betwren
Union and Mkdiion; liberal reward to find
er Ad ire's N. P., shin nffina.
OOMB Desirable room! and beard at 19
Market atree', earner rona
KSIRABLK RoO.MS-Wltn ooard. at
ST. JAMES 1IOU8E-Corner Beeond and
Adams stree.g. R'voma and boartl, $b per
week I day board, t3 W
GOOD BOARD By the day or wetk-
AtauiTh'rd street.
"OOOMd Two anfurnUbed reoms.
t 133 ADAM9 ST.
board , at Ne. 60 Adams street.
TABLE BOARD Th. best the marketer
fords. At 87 CPU RT BTRKKT.
EWLY furnished front room, with ele
gant board, for single gentleman; It
Ooart street.
OOMS-Pleasant urniab-4 rooma, wltn
board, f or ladies or gentlonen. T.rmi
very reasonable. SI Conrt Egtended.
KAlfTIFUL fr"nt rooma, single or en
auite, furnished or unfurnlahea, with or
without hnrrt: ot'ierrnnm-. 104 -in Court
ent. di'munt Mimin
VX TURE All Kinds-Kanoy Koekerr.eto.
Everything markrd down
AV E.S. BtATTIR A CO , 3A1 Main tt
J W. R. LAHK1V. I arkinsville, Ala.
Call on DR. J. A. BROWN.
little used, and in good condition. Ap
lv at APPEAL OFriOM.
1 0T8 In i rrowtn town of AR
COLA. or the L.. f. 0. and T. R.R..
and ii. P. K R. .wit nVputa In thetown.
This town is locates la Warbington county,
Miss , TOrailoa bovrVi3Hbur au i l.iOinl'cl
bflow Mnmpbir, in the centir of the fineat
cotton eountry in 'he worli, on the high
Pan ha o' Deer oreok. For further inforo.a
tion addrsis JaB. D. oVIlll.
Areola, MI'S.
CIOTTAGE-Ilandfome new cottage on Mia
yirai .ii ave. lot'OilSP. A 'd L.. appeal.
ONE 86 H. P. "Farquahar"8te m Engine
and llorisontal K 1 ubular Roller, com
plete: ail good ta newi haa not seen f ur
uionths actual ai'rrice. .Alao. one new o. S
"Fhj"H Machine. ith 24 inch saw.
Apply to R. .1. WiiQItB. Cotton Kl. Duildmit.
AT A BARGAIN A good paying Oenoan
B;ardioghouse In lUlena, Ark., owner
wiablnn to retire. K r further articulara
Itqulreat BKUHER'S, in Helena, Aik.T
Cr.TrOJTB BED-Alien Long Staple CoS
ton Feed: 50 cents cef bushel la lots el
not leas than 100 ounhels. t
2 MULES AN5"DR AT1 8-Address
K.,386 Mlraiasiptii avenue.
. Adiireas W., thlsoBc.
OT Choice Fort Pickering loti no olty
J taea. DR. HTNHON, 17tf Main St.
LDPAPERS-Ohean, at .
APPHAu Urr It'K.
Li0R bALK CUEnP-No, 6 Washington
V Band Press, for nlne-eolnmn paper)
gooa as new, inquire at Mo. fl7 union at.
AT F. A. J i) noi A Co. 'a., on. nice gentle
buggy MAKE that any lady can drive
or ride perfantly safe.
RKrilJDKNCK Mos. Ho unit M Market rt.
in good repair : lot 57Kxl4HH' Apply to
M O. K KNN K T) . 47S Mrtv at
URNLSnBD R00M9-At M Monro it.,
OT.ai fqnwr from Kfithotly Hotel.
TO KB Corner Hernando road and Brooks
avenue, sou'h of non'vmnari. Apply to
TWO NEW C0TTAGE3-I12 SO per month.
Inquire at IK) Paybnrn avenue.
avenue and Jackaon atreet; two-atory
frame, about 24 aore l nd, fruits of all kind.
One fruit and vrgetable garden. Will tent
for a series of years. Alto, another place,
some six acre, near Gaston'si In vines
and fruit, w th residence.
L. B. McF ARLAND, 22 Madison St. .
ROOMS Peroral desi'able rooms In Ma
sonlo Temple, Iro n Jnar 1, lbeT.
Apply to BUN F. PRICK,
atoffioe of Ilome Insurance Co.
ROOMS Furnished or an'urnishedi eea
tral location terms moderate.
90 Mad -non street.
flHOICa OrFICK-Oa second floor. Ml
ks Main street, corner Union. Apply at
Union. JiH. LKNQW.
NEW 810RB-Rotheast corner Main and
Poplar SU. M. B. Q')N AVTAy,285 Main.
SPLENDID room, furnished or unfur-
Dished, jvlth board. 180 LINDEN 8T.
street. B. M. BaTES. 35 Madison.
LARGE BTORB-Flrst floor and cellar,
with side and rear entrenoee, Noa. 301
aad Main street.
0FHCE8 Ne. m Beeond street.
DW KLL1N4 1 0 Court treeu
83 Madlaon street.
ROOMS Pleaaant rooms, furnished U
drsired, with references, at 818 Madison.
OFFICE-Flrst (loor-
At 33 Madison atreet.
4 ELEGANT R lOMr At btt Market street)
single or en suite, furniabsd or amux
Diahed, good water, and "car buaioeaa.
STOKlSHrVUaB r'our atory an basement
storvhouae. No 2M Ftor.t atroet.
No. W Main Ptre.t,
o. 1S Miin Street.
No. 2rr Ma'n Btreet.
A rp'Vto f AMPH l.KK. .'.. 4 M.dlaoa Wt.
Fin Watt Rfrlr'as,.MnlXord'fc
JL Tbronir of Beautiful Women aad
Gallant Men-1 Mont Delightful
" ' Affair Names of the Gaest-.
The third animal entertainment of
the Meao phis Merchants' Excharge
was g'iTn lat eight it tbe Cotton Ei
cbange Bailding. Sompthlrg ntw w
introduced this year. At former ctle
br.Uona a batqutt a a) given, and wo
attended only by the member of the
Exchange and invited guests, all tvn
tltmen, 'out to the prteent affair the
ladies were invited, and tiey appeared
in full f. roe, making tbe ocevsion ooe
of the moat charming and brilliant of
the society season. ALecardof iraviti
tinn bore the tianiee cf the offlcei of
tbe Exchange and the names of tboae
serving on tue different committees, as
cffickes roa 1886.
W. J. Cha'e, predident
' J. H. Martin, vice president.
. W. D. Bethell, treasurer.
E. A. Kecllnp, secretary.
Invitation Committrt. Hugh Pnttt,
chairman ; Fred T. Andersoa sad Ed
ward Moon.
irrfinyrmrtij Commille. I. N. 8ncw
den, chairman; O. L. Ficklert, Hngh
P. tit, W. U.- Bates, E Iward Muou,
Frnd T. Anderson and J, 11. Marliil.
liectptim Committee. J as. Le, jr ,
chairuiaa; Joo. K. Speed, W. W
Schcofl.ld, A. B. Tieadwell, W.J.
Uianford, Dr. Heber Joe en, Jo.
Fsd.T, lie Fiiedtuan, E. Lowtinalein,
R. Q. Letting, sr , N. W. 8pBrs, Jr.,
A. T. Havtten, Ad. Btorm, J. W.
Cochran, Joo, M. Peter, W. A. 08,
0. H. P. Pipr. R, P. Patterson, R. J.
Woodn, W. D. Bethell, John Johnson,
8. H. Brooks, A. Woodruff, L. B.
6uea and P. P. Van Yieet.
iloor Committte. N, M. Jones, chair
man; M. A. Cochran, 8. T. O.uoe,
Jao. T. Willing, J. M. 8emme, J. 0.
Rogers, W. M. tineed, W. M. Farabee,
Jsmec C. Btli, J. 8. Menken, En met
L. Wodaon. J. J. Mile, T. M. (ial
hreath, F. 11. White, H. B. 8 'hloM, R
L. Uoyer, J. M. Fowikes, J. F. Holpt,
F. Moulton, E. C. Mcsby, I. F. Petero,
Bun F. Price, G. V. Rambaut, Q. D.
Rains and E. C. Buchanan.
The Exchange duly preparej for the
occasion, the Merchant' Exchange
Room being ret apart for dancing,
the Cotton Exchange room for prom?
rtading and the brokerage office of S.
W. Green fc Co., in the baswmeut, as
a banquet hull. Tbe committee rooms
upetaira ware need aa dressing room
for the stUM-8. Tbe decorations were
tn keepmg with the entertainment.
In the hall as you entered from tbe
front on Beeond etreet yon beheld an
immense arch of evergreens from
which were suspended three
white carrier pi&eocs. At the
base, and on either aide
af tea aich were oleanders in fall
bloom and difiArent kinds of palms.
The dancing ball was sjnlle aa charm
ingly decor at' d, and along the aide
and end of tbe room, near the walls,
wera beautiful sago palme, the yuoca
palm and smaller, palms, alio banana
trees, the alvcasir, bteciaaa, pao
danai and gcraoiams of all o alors, and
in full bioom. All these were taste
fully and erdititUly arrarged by
Manager F.. W. Dale, of the Memphis
Floral Compaay.
The) Kroepllon.
By helf pastS o'clock the doors were
thrown opau and the guesta began to
arrive. By 9 o'clock tbe roooi-i aad
balls were fi.led a ith ladies a:id gen
men, all e'egantly attired in fall dresi.
Mu jo and dancing r-oon commenced,
in accjrdance wltb the following
Grand March A. Ta bula
H alts, ie Pleura ... B. Wad e ilel
Qa4ille, The Village Queen C. Fu-t
Polka, My Favorite ,.Th.o Mo.es
Oalnp, Little Devil G Weingarten
Walta Haunting Eyes ......Theo. Tobanl
Vi-f luia Heel .
P.- an, .. and Oheeiiul Ph Fahibuch
Will. a, Black Horaar O.Mill' eok r
Lanoiera, Mikado A bullivan
Galop, Mp and lack. - J btruu s
I'olKa, Mariqui:a .. P. Kuaiia
Waits. Reverie 3. Waldteulel
Qj.dii'ie, Arbitration K. rJchlepgrell
Polka, Qie.n of My Heart...-. Ph Kahrnarh
Walts, Love's Treasure- E Waldtou el
Gilon, Kto.laior.. Thso. Moars
Walt, Horn, bwoet Uome.....
. Tha tceie soon bjeoame one of en
chantment, at the oponing 'QruDd
March,' in which all tbe gUMts par
tjc'pa ed, progressed. The various
Euea cf the rich coetnmes worn by
the ladie came out strongly benea'B
tbe sparkling gas light. It was g in
erally remaiked that seldom, if ever,
Ttio as rsssy bssst'.Jsl isdics, mar
ried or single, assembled in Me i ptit.
The costumes were priocipal'y ot vtl
v(U, and plushes, ailks and eating,
draped with tulle. Many cf them
were rich and costly, aid in tbe ex
treme fashion of the day.
The sapper wu SBived, as stated,
down Btairs, in the bicker's olllce t
8. W. reon A Co., the place having
been prepared by the proprietors for
the feast. Mr. Joseph 8pecht was the
caterer, and well did he da his part.
The repast consisted of all tbe dein
cita of the acaenn, including delicious
oysters, sf rved in mauy at) lee; then
came coffee, CAkee, general confecion
ery, fruits, ice cream, Bt erbt-t and
punch a la Rjuian. The refreehmeot
room remained open from 9:30 o'clo. k
nntil 1 o'clock, the visitors coming
and going t will.
Enjoyment waa the order ol the
n'ght tind the guests became net
Wr-ery of dancing aud the pleasure cf
conversation natil the morning bo it
t ut in i n appi-araaes. Then bidding
friend g oa by, they relucran ly de
patte l for their boines, to rest, sleep
and dream.
I he frllowing list inelods tbe
name of all who participated in the
The Invltcel siaeata.
Aadenon, MrsTT
Anderaon, Mr B P
Armour, W B
Algee, J R
Avery, W T
Burton, CT
Bart-,n, Mrs C T
Blaok, M s R J
Beard, Mrs W L
Bethel, MrsPO
Berry, Miss Mary
Brrry, F Jl
Bates, Mrs WH
T .l. Via. W
,aitim.r. Miss Julia
, .awboia. Mrs M U
.aarh.rn. Mis Jalia
...BW -
-enow, JH
jenow, Mrs H
.attmg, J W
.atting. Mis
.ettieg, Mrs RU
ake, Clyde
- ..a. Mlas Lucf
' .eke, Drs W 1
.fV. Mrs R A
rdloger, PeUr
.atting, Mrs R 0 Jr
,ea, K K
a. H B -
.igbthurne. Mlrs M
joon.r, Mia B
.owry, Gov Robt
,e..n.r, T J
anier, J W -
Lanier, AH
.aw'eoee, Mlaa W
fla-kl, f raj D
Hart n, Mr. J II
H-rt n, Mia M.ry H
Vl.haa, Mlaa R
Mama, Ti'b.rl
Mil a. Mira U K
M Ue-y, Mrs W B
Maliory, B L
Ma lory, Mlrs Mary
M rgau. Geo U
u ri..
frady, il
alter, J
axier. Mrs J
lack, Dr i B
S.thell, Mr W jj
a Ualupo, V
Itlaka, Mia l Annie
rlronSS, II I
Braa, C. B
B'van. MraOB
Ilanudi. d L
Hoggii, Thomas G
Itroo.n. PR
Blake, Mi s Anna
erins, Miaa Lee
Brown, B M
-ron. Mrs W P
Law. II. Willia-n
Turcberd, Miss W
Ho.rs W S
llr aooo. M'S J II
RrUcow.J U
Btngoaw, Mrs W H
kansfwa, it M
pIstham.MIs Maaeferd. Mr It M
Borrow, ffeerg Meyers, Caas
Bevrww, Miss . , Majetute, Miss Rns
Brgws. MissD . MalatesU. Miss Lllltf
Boyle, fits Martea Morgan, Miss Sal He
hrucw, Mias Aapie ataivile, Sidney D
Burtew.NlaaMaxy Meriw.lber, Ktlea
UraieO, ll.nry Math's, J Harvey
Boyan.Wm ' Merrill, CB
Burrs, Rd " Morilgom.ry, Min J
Bard, OP Mitebeil, Miaa M
t arriagton,Mra B J Moore, Miss Mary
rrringt.n, a. J Miller, Mr.
Clark, W L Miller, W P
Link, Mr. WL Miliar, Mill er
ClayutD, Miaa Mary Miller. MrjWP
Caldwell, MrsM b! Monroe. Kirk
orhi-an. Miss MagiieMcL.no, Mra R M
Cole, E W McGowaa, K L, r
CollieV, .Vt n.oriia McGow.n, Mi aG
Collier, AM McKernolda, Jeha
Callahan, Mi. a M MiUre, Howard
Chamblit, Wra LC Kcl gh, MraJS
i haae, Mrs W J Mct'addan, Mrs P
Camiibell. Mias KatlrMe-irsw, J M
Cramer, Julias 0 Mow I liama, Miss
Clapp. Miaa Ulile VeWilliaiua, Mis
Carter, Mias E lna MoMiiliu, A M
Carter, Mira Kmma N'nDow.-li, M U
Chapman, W T MoCouib, Il U
Chapman, Mrs W H Melnte.h, Mrs II R
Taie, C H M -Gown, F A
Oiaightad, H L Nelsia, Mrs F M
Craigh, ad, airs II T. Na'aon, W 0
Cartwrigh', Mra W TNnlhn,The
Camon, Mra W 0 Ncely.JC.ir
( larkaen, Mias R Nowland, Sirs ltd
Chriate, Mrs J 0 Nowland. Ed ir
Collier, W A Overall, Mra if VT
Collier, Mra Alloa 0ky, Arehia
Collier, BB Oliv.v, Mra J N
Cohen. Nathan Orglll, Miss t'letenee
Chaopcl. Launr Org ll, Frrd
Cunuinghain, George Orgill, Mrs Fred
Dayton. J 11 Ovrrton, Mrs John
Day, Mias .Irnnl D Ovarian, J W
Doan.MraWU Overton, John Jr
I) . an, WB Paradise, Miaa g
llrouillanl, Itogh Vhelan, Mrato
D.'oui latd, Vaa l'urton, John W
Donahue, Mrs Phi I pa, Mrs J M
Duno aon. Mrs L R Thill. pa, Mias BeC
Doutlaaa. R R P.ltit, t.l s Jeuni
Donelaon.AJ Phillips, Ja
Dyehe, Vr Ktta . Priee, W J
Uem ville, John )' k, Van I.ee
Ilouglaaa, llrure l'r tehaid, Ml,s K
Dunaoomb, J S Trice, a il
Duboae, J J Prire, Mis M II
Huboae, Mra J J Priea, Mrs A H
Durkio, John I'ipor, tors 0 HP
Hunnavant, ttr, WP Pluinmrr, K Y
Oryiien, Walle." Pillow, iiru.it
Donohue, Mra C(tu4 Pullcn, Chas
Douohuc, Cbarlrs Paul. Min Uatll -
Droyer. 0 W P eard. N
Dafly. Mrs J J Pickett, A B
Krb, Mrs Louis Proud lit, J it
Erb, Miaa Klie Prou.ttlt, Mrs J W
Klder, Misa tie Rambaut, Mits Rosa
V.titt, Mr I N Rred, T&o
Kilriogtnn.Bard Rred, Geo
Elicit, Henry Rogers. Jl
Krvin, Miss haod liib, RH
E traeadaon, Mits B llaoc-olph, Mrs R U
Klliott, Ro ert Rankin, Miss Helen
Kliesr, Miaa Jennie Read, B P jr
Kla.ore, JO Ky ey, J B
Klmore, Mrs J 0 Kobiuson, Miis M
Freeman, Mrs J J Hudoipb, CM
Feild, R L , Kcrae, Jas
ronton, II W Rifke.t". IIP
Ponton. Miaa Jennie ltepar. Miss Annie
Fails, J C titration, Mira Metta
Freeman, W J btratton, Miss Lillie
Freeman, Mrs W J tuey, 0
Kl sgetaid, bteve helden.MrsCO
Faulkner, Miss EtB Shaw, Mrs H J
Fox, CM Hpeed, Sirs J K
Farabee, Mrs W M bunler, Mrs P M
Fargaaon children Sneed, Mira LeuU
Friedman, Mrs lk bhrpherd, J t
Friedman Abe batders, M.es Eva
Fickle. etrsOL bandiin, W N
Finnic, Chas San llm. Mrs W N
Fulmar, J W t-aeo,i, W A
Fogg, Frank, rp-eht,Mls-Gnevle
Ford. Mias bchmalarieJ. Gee ir
For-d ck, CErnert Sbenmaker, J J
F .Id, II L Sanders. K
Field, Mini 6tark, Lewis
Faraqnad, R H H.B., Mrs W T
4ags, Mrs W A Storm, Mrs Ad
Glaa, ED ' tmitb, George
Gardner, M T Boowdeo, airs I H
Uailiapie, Mrs D Ii Simma, M ss J 0
Halliap.e, Miss Spirer, H 8
Gavin, J J bpieer, Mrs 8 B
Gavin, Mrs John Si'leer, Miaa 0
Gravea, Mrs U R ttorrae, vice A
Galloway, Miss f inela r. Mrs A
Gals. Mi Tom Si. vail, Geo A fr
Graham. Thoaa Snnwden, BA
Gibson, R DJr Stoae, Wat
Gib.oi, L R f-tooe, Ore F
Goedb.tr, Mirs MarleSmitb, Henry
Goodbar, W M Smith, Mrs J tl
GooHnan, Min L bhspherd.JH
Gliding, WB rhapherd.MrsJa
Guyon.LS ctiffey.WA
Goodwyn. Geo f rhooiid, D H
Gordon, J B Hihoe n.U, Mire J
Green, K W Fylveator, J A
ll.rrii, JG Pea, Th m.a
llukhaa. Got Trrsevunt, Alias Nslllo
Uailden, DP laylor, SA
Hotter, Hrnry ,. Javier, Mrs 9 A
II cuing, Frid Tally, llarry
Uana'cy, Mias Alice 'Tallj, r.Hgnr
llayden, Mrs A 8 Tate, Ge G
Harden, Mias Anal Taylor, tick
Hoys, WO Tanner, MraJB
llel.ter, H J Tnner, J B
Harper. W A Taylor. Osear P
llaa, JW Tate. Rob. t
IUIIiday, W P Taller, F t
lla'l-day, M aa Vaml'Taylor, Miaa HallleN
II .llid.iy, Mra W P Treadwell, Mies
llurriton. W M T'eidwel'. Tinj
Harvey, K A Treudn.ll. !la low
Karri', CG Thomas, Miaa Emma
llolleobcrit, Mr 0 Tnnrotov, M'as U.yje
Horton, Mrs W II Thompson. Mits h.
Hur on, Mias Fannie Tonf, Mra8 0
II ghl, 0 II Tool, Mm R
Howard, Miss Sallt 1 hompeon, John
liKWkinr, F Tlioiuaa, M sa Netli
Hunt, (hiaa Lin e Tyler, John
Hunter, R. E Turker, Mrs 0 B
Hughes, Mrs B T ylor, Gov R L
Ilumea, Mi Mettle DThomton, It G 0
Hunter. FB Turner. i P M
Johnson, Mra JO Tia-k, Will
Jounson, Richard Underwood, Q K
June", Jaiues Vaoghan,Miaa Uortis
Joplin, Mra II K Vaugh.in. Miss M
Jones Lowell Voegelt, El
Johnson, Walter Watains, TW
Jones, BiT Winter, PR
Johnren, John A Weiron, Mias Claude
Jones, I re . 0 Wa,rren, J rt
Jenes, Kennedy Waller, J F
Jonna, K'lr Wa-n r, 0 0
Jack-on, Tnom Watts, 1Im Bel'
Johnson, Misa L Welter, Mrs Ii
Johoaot), Mine J Wet or, W J
Johnaon, Frank Wi leli.Mias .
Johoson, Mies L W Wiltiema MrJ J M
Kennedy, Mits May Wood.MlsMW
Ke' nady, Miaa MpmieWooilr, Louis
Kelly, I homes Woodard, Mr M E
Ke ly, Mrs aiarllo Wright, Tom
Keorper, Ben Wil evte.Mias Laura
Keonedav, Misa JessloWIIHns, Mrs J U
Keatiag.M siCarrieMW'ooifoik, Mias
Keat'ng, Mrs J M Wiilette. Eugea
Kirkman, Norman Woodruff, OA
hitkmnn.RL Wiggs, R J
Kirkman, Van L White. Fred B
Kirkman. Mi.a Ella Wool oik, Mias
Kennedy, Walker Whltthorne, W 0
Keeling, it A Walker. 8 P
Keeling, Vra B A Yates, Mra Walter
Lallache, E 0 Yates, Walter.
Lawrence, Mrs A A
Ultly Wllllanae, Ocpmvexi Woraaai,
Tries l Nalclde.
At 8 o'clock lait night a woman was
found by two obrwl men on the
steps loading into tns Exposi'ioa
Uuildirg tn a stale ot nnonnsctuus
nese. BolUving hr t3 be
diutik fhs wai carried t) the
hauniO of Annie Wright, where
hhe was ImmeJiately' ldi-niiflad
as Kit y Williams, -a womun of ill
fame, who ) ad a tempttd her life
ahotit a ye.ir g, and was restored t i
C3tiSi:ionsaee by Dr. Lipscomb, who
was sg.ia cslltd ia tola evening, lie
found her In a condition of stnpor,
reused, ai he believed, by chloroform.
Rretoratives were at onon app'ied aid
a', a late hour last night she wai doing
Mnlford. Jeweler, tf)t Main street.
solicits order from the coantre
A lrrugKiei'a tutor j.
Mr. Iaauo C. Chapman, dresgist,
Newburg, N. Y., writes us: "I have
for the naat tea years sold several
gross of Dr. William Hall's Baleamfor
the Loags. 1 caa say ol it woai i
cannot aay of any other medicine, I
have never beard a customer speak of
it but to praise it virtues In the high
est manner. I have recommended it
in a great many eases of whooping
cough, with tbe bappieet efiecta. I
have n et it in my own family for
many years; in fact, always have a
irottle ia tbe medicine closet ready for
IiittpH-l s 1. 1 lord atlock.
NoliJ Nilre'iu Muirsrd'a,
Soother at hand. It ia the only safe
tnetlicine yet made that will remote
ail intanti'e disorder. It contain n
lAriwm or MorpMn, but give Uie child
nairoieMrfmiMn. Price 25 oent.
A. Miuirr.ti
At Cklvary by the Rev. Mr. Sessnm.
la Free. ace of the Beaut) and .
Fabhloa of Memphla. ' '
There has been no social event M
recent years that haa excited pni!!(
inteiat t'i so intense a piieh as the
wedding of Mis Ka'e Thompson, of
tii city, to Mr. VvnLeer Kirktuaia, ol
Naabville, which took place last even
ing at Calvary Church. Before
o'clock in the evening, two and a half
hour before the hour fixed for the
ceremony, people began to assemble in
front of the caaroh doors, and by 7:30
o'clock the crash waa terrific. At 8
o'clock the vestibule of tUe church
at si all avennea leading to it were
crowded to suffocation, and tha side
walk lu front oi tbe churt h was so
thickly peop'ed that tha Sorts of
three policemen were unavailing to
keep a trackway clear for the
bridal party to enter the chnreh.
Inside the chorea tlnrgi were
little better, the side aisles and all the
approaches to it were a living mate ol
hnmanity, wedged together like sar
dines, through wbkh it would have
been impossible to (qnecie a needle.
The mnter aUla alone was
kept free, and through it alone
were tie tahville delega
tion that aiaampauied the groom
enabled tj reaoh the front rows as
s'g'ivd to them, although bo lore
getting In that nnobetructttd avenue
tlity had to elbow and crowd their
way thtougn a ma'titnde of people, aa
thi, kly packed that (atfocation seemed
imminent, and one lady narrowly ei-cup-ad
faiatinp. Nothing like it in
the waycf a area d haa ever been
seen on a similar ocoaeion in this rity,
and this cin-uim-tunca will slonbtleea
came Mis Kate Thompson's wedding
by which all simitar affairs in tha fa
ture will be gnujtCd. The (act that the
streets wtre an ocean of mid,
and that a steady dHsile ot rain
continued throughout the evening
eeemed to have no appreciable e fleet
on the sis of the multitude. The
crowd conlinuod to swell, and by 8:30
o'clock, tbe hoar announced for the
ceremony, tbe demand for room bad
become ao great that the cbtneel plat
form was invaded and ladles were
eeated there in chairs, while others
cmienledly stood np, oongmtu'at ng
them wives upon h iving escaied Bach
linirab e vanlrge groncd.
and one not liki ly to be equaled in
many years. Usually at weudings tbe
feminine sex predominate in the ratle
oi ten to one, but in this case the rule
was stt aaide and the sexes seemed
almoet equally divided, and tbe large
audience that awaited tee bridal party
has never been surpassed In numbers,
character and qattlltv by any similar
event in the annals of Memphis socie
ty. And why not? Waa it not Mias
Kate Thompson, who waa to be mar
ritdT "tbe favorite of all alleles and
the idol of her own." Why- s hou'.d
not the people ponr ont in multitudes
to see whether bridal robes could add
a grace to the beauty that has long
been the theme of a city's pride t
It ia no exaggeration to say
this. Miss Thompson has ao long
be so. a queen in social cireies that
no one has cared to dispute
her title, end it is by niiauimou
consent of both s(xe that she has
been voted t
"ths nxiAB or MBMrnrs,"
with few piers and no rivals. Apart
from ber personal beauty aad regal
figure, MIm Thimpton has wen an en
viable position in the hirtaolall who
know her b her invariable amiabil
ity of timip 'r, her bound esi gener
ojily to the deserving, and a grace of
niaiinor which ahn his iuvm tad with
a thnrm peculiarly ber own. It
is tlieie atttibnt. s that have
won fur her a ropuUrity that pr
mnati a ell c'a see of rociety, and
that i built npon a foundation of g m
nine eaterm ttiat will endure aa long
as the memory of har charxing pBr
tonality rema.i.s free1! in the mind-t of
all who have come within ita magnetic
Mr. Van Leer Kirkman, a Nashville
capitalist and a scion cf one of tbe
but lamilio of Tenueeaeti, if, aa far as
manly beauty goes, a fit mate
for ths enptrb woman be
has won. Tall, handsome, of
compttt but symmetrical figure and
olnguUrly plea ing ' addrets, he is as
flue a specimen of paytical maahood
as one will ate in a day's travel.
Though known to but a limited circle
in Memphis, the reputation ue bears
In Naehvilla had preceded him, and it
is one in every way worthy of the
long line of honorable ancestors from
whom he i descended. 11 is business
ctreer baa thuB far been confined to li e
management of the extoi.sive estate
he has inheiited, but all who know
him speak of htm in terms of tbe
highest prtrUe, and his rank in Nash
ville aa a cit xen and member of so
ciety Is second to non-. Wbat was
seen of him last uiglit fully sustains
that reputation. As far as can be
indeed by outward appeuranoes he is
"t gentleman to the manor born." lie
via accomoanted on the occasion by
TIOH. who occup'ed seats in tbe front rows
of the chuich facing ths chancel.
Anvmgthem were Capt. and Mrs. J.
P. DiOiil ard, the aiiter and brother-ia-law
of the rroom, Mis. John
Overton, Mrs. Hugh Craighead,
Mrs, Brigs, Mrs. R. 8. Payne, and
Mes". 8am Priichitt, Br., John
A, Di-tmvUle, Joseph Thompson, Er
nest Pi low, Ungh Craiuhead, A. W.
Wells, Van Folk, Jos. PhiUipi, Bruce
Donglai, Morgan Brovn, Frank Fogg,
Dr. E. N. Franklin, Clark P.U
chitt, 8am Perking jr . Galium
Brown, Josh Brown, John fhomnsin,
R. 8. Payne, Master Clark Kirkman
and Mr. W. II. Peck, of the Nashville
Ammean. and tbe following named
y-iung ladies, costumed aa described:
Mis-)G..nn, ol Frankfort, Ky., in Bilk
mull; Mira Fannie Ra McAl
I star, violet Bilk and grenadine;
Mlrs Davie Eriggs, Nile green silk,
tr mined with wi d roses; Mit Mamie
TaydT, silver gaus over wbits satin;
Miss Demoville, white satin en train ;
Misi L ' Ewen, black - end white
st n. Nitar them eat Mr. Jacob
Tlompson, tbe venerable grand
mother ot the bride, and M'i and Mr,
htoney Mottgomry, tbe bride'
trotber-in law and eater, the latter
I n kmir very lovely ia white si.k, with
tulle overdress.
in ths anpe trance of the b idal parly,
and p ompt y at 8:30 o'clock the liv.
Dsvis His ami emerged from the
vstrv, aid behind him casae Mr.
Van Ler Kirkman, the britlgronm,
arc niptrjled by Mr. fc'am Pritcbitt,
bin best man. The Utter took prat
tlon at the trot of th s'epa leading to
the chanrel. aid aw..l ing tbe bridal
prootsiioD, wilcbliuarched triakly in
to tha i tralca af an iaep-'ntlBg march
from the orrAn. under tha snanttirfni
touch at Prof. Lavy. The hridesmslda
aad groomsmen airvfoaed la cenplea
1 . L - 1.11 .
ia uie luuowing oratr: (
tub BiAa yeoewsjow.
MisssW Kirkman, Mr J W frlrs. .
Uisi IsSeaiBMS, Mr Van PtoaMlsrd.
Ushe's Uogh Parit, Lamar Chap
pell and Kennedy Jone-
M Irs Kate Prltahett, Mr R T Klrknatrlck,
Misa aietti Leouey, Mr Van Lee Polk.
tUahere-Ji-rtrBn. Reos,T. C. Lxin
ev and O. T. Brooka.
Miss Aliee Uonrk-y, Mr Joseph Pkll'lps,
Miss Maiuie Vaaahe, Mr KeruMi Kirkman
U.hera F. Jonei and J. W. Fal-
a iss M Llghtbarne, Ms Be.h hr.uillard,
MV J Meatgwrnery, lf Mast tiatdoer,
and following them, tha bride, Mies
Kate Thorn peon, leei.kg an the arm
ol Mr, W. J. O asrluiJ, president cf
the Oox'tou Baching . Tbe groomv
men wtore the enttomary 'evening
dress, ties bridesmaids red tnle Bklrta
with red velvet bod bee and rarrled ia
their hand bouques of Datbesse de
Brabant rosea t'l with pink ribbons.
The bride wore white noire eu tiain,
wi'b white tulle nverakttt, white tolle
veil aad orange braisoav, and etrried
in her hand a b roquet oi white flow
ers, second on'v in becaty and sweet
ness t her whn carried them. An
involnnittv exclamation ot "Ori.ls'ut
she lovely f" came krorn a tbouaand
pair cf cherry lips, as with eegnrly de
vouringeyeethey saw tt.e radiant bride
aiss down the alsl., the nerfeot ex
preeaion i i a rare tvpn of iniale !ove
liuess, errayed in g-trmentl that be
csme hor s the sulking cf a pearl does
the gem it incloses.
The scene wasweli worth all the
trouble undergone by those who
witnereed it. tnd an art at with
the love ol rich colaring npp r
moat in iii mind would have loved to
linger on it. lit ike foreground
the white and Ipcrfoc. form
cf (be bride, aundlug in graceful
a'.h'tndM at the ohomovl aters. On one
aide tbe gontiema i honored witl. the
duty of g'.vii g her away and on the
other the stalwart and manly flguie of
the bildegroom. Vaslng them the
Rev. 8autna in recerJotat robes of
white and on either side the brides
maids nd grooms, tha red dresses of
tha former contracting brilliant
ly with tha somber black
of the latter. It waa a scene worthy
of a Tarnor'a pencil or a Dickon'
pen. The wedding sertioe waa read
from tha bride's own rr.'yer book,
handed by her to the cttV kiting min
ister, arid oy bint returned to her after
the service. It waa delivered by the
Rev. Davis Fessuma with that warmth
ol feeling and reporeal manner for
which this eloejaeoj Tousig divine is
diatingulahed. As toe bride moved
out ol tbe chnreh tne waa ajain
and an invo'antaay tfch ran throngh
the andienoa ia the fatr vlalon faded
OsTt of light,
A NEWPrmN aiiaowio
at Die tesidetree ol Mrs, JtoarbThomp
aoa, at which only trV fc lends oi the
family aud tha N&ativllla guests were
The presents wars aonntlesa in
number and rich In vatats, oetably a
complete ellver servroe, consisting of
110 plcara, tha gift of the bride's
grandmother, and a spina el Id silver
tea service, preaented by Mrs. J, P.
Dreulllard, the bridiaoom's aiator.
Bossnd bjr JnsSfaa Barry, ta
Appear Befwra tha frlealaal
dears, let st Fweiiof )00.
The readers of the ArraAb will re
member that in (Viiber last the resi
dence ot Mr. A. Ftirber, on Washing
ton etieet, was entered and robbed of
a gold watch and 160 Last Friday
night the barber ahua of Mr. Fnrber,
on Main street under the Duffy II iuro.
was entered and a I it ot raxois and
clippers were t iken away. In order t
cover his tricks tha thief ret
Ore ta tha bwUdlng. but the
bh at was extinguished beloro
itincit loss hid bum sue'ained.
Willie Wlll ama, a young negro who
worked tor Mr. Fer bur waa Snspl
citned, and on Thursday n'ght he
was arte.! ed by OiTi er llnran on war
rants swv rn nut b-1' re J net ice B ury,
which charged liitn with larceny,
lionsulirnhking and eraoa. Otlloer
Iloran louud his men iu a brase oa
Jacks in s'reet, and in a truLk in tha
room be found twenty-eight raiors
and some clippers" which bad been
stolen from Mr, Forber and a man
named 8leve Wile v. The gold wsUh
belonging tt Feioer was recover. d
yesterday. Williams appeared bt fore
Jus ice Barry yesterday and w. s
bound over o tha btate. Ills bond
wu fixed at t600V , CS3
lea Baadiaira naamt.
The firulisf 3Vr was reproduoed
laet night by the Randall Owra Com
pany and waa given in a pie Ing man
ner. The audience, a sibviI one, en
jjjed the opera aud sppUndcd the
people liberally, 1 anight Prinetu of
2noiiif will be given. At lb riH
nrduy (Now" Yi ar) matinee the Mi
kado will be tbe at' motion, aad at
night ChimiiOfNormanj.
ltolBSiel Keetl.
Mr. Harry Ilire, the manager of
Roland Reed, paid B3 a Vinit last night.
He informs os that tbe enmpanv will
be seen at the TheaU r the lait half of
next week. The ttret two nights of
the engagement will be devu'edt)
CW4, and the lest nht and at the
matinee Humbug wl 1 be tha pro
gramme. Mr. Heed will Inlriduoit
o me new run Ital uovoltiea that wi l
tick a the to n.
At the Uhr stnua performano last
night an iramenst andiecca greeted
the init al perfonuanoe ol Roland
K el In Chtfh, a comedy drama by
Fred Mararien. There waa aianding
r k m only down ttairs and the gallery
was jimmed. The p ay is a spark'lng
piece ol composition, lively, full of
wit. and Is exa jleitelv mounted, Ths
scenery c Ailed '"'th geaoioe applsuse,
pecially tbe Madlspa Square scene.
Ro and R- ad gave a most inimitD:e
anrl lanohahla nreirntailon of tha
character, ''Dick Hmythe," the ample
rapresuntative ol "Cheek," a kind oi
magnified and fulrv grown rdpr.aenta-
live ol tbe climate, eaura'-M in tne
tricks and trial ol a Hw gork waif
in tha stree'.. I a aongs were raptu
ronsty encored, and.trom hit first ar
pearanpa to th closing, tha utno t
delight was'rntfnifeated in "niaaoung
NaAtiS: Wurld. I
Rrland Rred, In Chtrt, Hellghtrd
one oi tha . large it audiencu of the
aeasnn last nigtit, Kot only w-s doan
stairs and tha g tilery filled, but stanr1.
ing room was in engbr deniaod. jit
waa Mr. Ried'aintrodnctWni toifjah
ville tbeler goerr, anflhe at once
tahlinhed hlmeoll a favoHte. Tha
piece is bubbllug over with fun, and
never tiresome. Every point has beon
ca't lUily util;l'd to aniues aad enler
tain. It is by far tbe bait ptece ol
work Maradeii bai glvon to the s ae.
Mr. K ed's amiport is exaelleni.
tuthtillt Daily Ameriea.
Dlstiuouda ai nulfsgrtTi.
TT URhH a ay horsei kae I
LX for leg. , A liberal .reward I
turn to J H. CA
fer his tw.
. CAKTRi-i.l
Comer LtnV aa Or'eaes ats.
DOG-Whlte and
leki I
Also. P01NTSR U0. WB
b ack ears, and b aok ap t on baoki very
laraa a-an
toward. If r tireed te
L. B.
McFA KLANI', 21 Madiswa St.
P0G Lome and white Setter.
i- to name ef bam
Reten and be re
o. a. fri.A rk c
M VLB-From Pafibtk OH Worka. Tnefdar
taal, nn.ligbl bay mats, eat'.entaboe.
siUhtly stiff In for leal. Liberal roweri
will be paid for retn-n cf aarne to
Oraagos, Malaga U rapes, Applaa.
Bananas, Lemons, Uraaborries.
Pitted Cherries, Evaporated Peach
Citron, Kvaporated Pears,
German Pears, Lemon Peel,
Herman Cherries, EvaporateM Aaplea
Orange Peel, Dates, lUiatas, PraneA,
Pino A pplo Place, Firs.
Almonds, Pecans, Filbert,' KojKst
Walnut, Braxil Nuta.
Jellies, PrcBerroEL, Etc.
Shaker lVierves, Canton G-ingor, ;
Dundee Jnms and Marmalade,
Currant, Raspberry, 8i raw berry and
Poach Jelly by the pound.
Applo Butter, Minoe Meat, t
Munlo Fyrup, Honey, Maple Sagar,
New MolaascN, Sugar, Syrups1
Plum Pudding,
Curry Powdor, Celery Sal', Olives,
Olive Oil, Capvru, Mixes! and Plain
Pickles, Sweet Stuffed Mangoes
Holland, Pine Apple, Young Aaier-
iea and Croam Cheese.
Salad Dressing, Deviled Ham,
Woroostorshire Hauoe, Torasta Cat
sup, Muatard, Popper Siuoa,
Sage, Thyme, Sweet Wargorium,
Summer Savory.
Buckwhout Flour, Crakara Flonr,
Dried Corn, Faripa. Ttiioca. 8aa,
Corn Starch, Lnnt-!', Kollod A vena,
n.tm.l VjoLJ Who.e K,.lit nm
Rine, V'kite Pea; May Beans,
-lv.:...... ir iUi. li..ln
(ilrecn Kern.
White Pcaortes, Aprloeta, Vi Prnraa
Yellow Peaohea, Gripes, Netarieoo,
Groon Gagos, Chorrto. Pine Aiajtloa,
Goosobarnes, llardett Pears.
Asparagus, Baked Beans, Pes.
String and Htricglea Beaas, Oera,
Tomatoes, Okr and Tataataca, Okrt
Suooataah, Pumpkin. .
Canned Fiah and Mearta.
Lobsters. Bloators, Devilod frab,
Finland iladdios, 8alaiB(8ardinea,
Maokerol, Shrimps, Kustiaa Oaviar
Cove Oysters, Pigsteet, Chip Beef,
Ox Tongue, Canned Beet.
Gelatine, Flavoring Kxtraeta.
Yeast Powder, Blank 'i 11 and -saad
Larrabee k Kenaedy'i Oakaa asI
Creamery Butter, Sweet Cislar,
Boston Brown Dreed, Deep Baa Ooi-
fiali, Shelled Almeads.
Warranted nbeulnlailr pwra
Cteawa, from w bioh t ho eam- -af
Oil haa bee rtannvrd. HsaaMras
tlmti thi ttrtnglh ot Ooooa aolsad
with Htareti, A rriwrw er Bagnr,
and la tltorefore fax more aseooia-
I, eottmf iasa tha owe e"
. It is deliokaia, nourtarJag,
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f . BAKERS CO., DSfiStcr, Mast
Boiler Works.
rtUFA McCAHTHT.Proprt;
110, 112, 111 Front, Mompliig.
In the South, aad the enly omelet
Boiler and Hheet-lron Works In the oaty.
tniealMlarwra-wl lleaty Fliadei Irwss.
work erf rvery Sewriallee, tfpoeu
attention gtv.t, tn p'anttton work.
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N. C. T4
Blank Book Manufacturers,
No. tTi Heconi Street
(Ayros Blookll .
lacreaeed fuclllUes for tetiif aB
kinds LIthograDhlng. ,
flew aad Latest Htjlea 8tock. Mew
Type, New Jnachlaery,
Prices aa low aa anywhere, Hortk
or Fast.
j.t fVSa)
Wla'er riiCiaws rteagta.
Onlda, Plruriay, Rbeueaa iam, Pnwmenla,
Neuraliie, Hoiatloa. I.mh,;, B.e b
andotberailm.a's, for1 ' lleov s 0p
cine l'U'tr ere aJrrl i to be) Ik a best
remedy knon. Tb- y tt ve and eere iu
le. hour. wh..n no otaerael'eaii -n ti ot tn
l.aat beueBt. .Indorsed by W Phyaioian
and trusgtta. Bewaro el litatUa unde
similar annnaaj neieea. aueh M " 1'
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rpfull, Vh.Sb,V AU wa.
Propriotari, K WTU

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