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m.iEiLs mn bp
JfJss Faaale Matthews, From Him
tad Ectaraliff Her to Her
Jt.olacr'i Home.
Chicago, III., DecunbtT 80 Mite
Fannie Matthews, who elopad with
the Ber. O. B. Seal", of East Lynn,
111., has been placed la ber mothsr's
care by tbe Pinkerton Detective
Agency. Seals was 60 yean old. had
a wile and family and wu highly
eetefiaed at a paatcr. His victim was
bnt 10 years of age. Sea's wa al ways
made welcome in the Matthews
honscbrild and epared no paint to
praise Fannin. Ht-rparants considered
thia in tbe light of a compliment, si
highly did tbey rgirtl the minister. At
lart Ihe pe'.rr rained (he permistion
of Mr. and Mrs. Matthews to allow
Fannie to act as his amanuensis.
Fannie ooatipled tbe po liion foreruns
time, bnt at last wat t away from East
Lynn to visit some friends. The pas
tor di appeared a few days later, and
aoapioion was aroused for the flrct
time. Tbe matter was placed in tne
Pinkertons' hands acd descrip
tions of tbe conple scattered broad
cast ovtr the country. One of these
was received by an cfficer in Alms,
rk., ho raoognlrti the description
m that of tbe Rev. Uharles Brady, who
had preached there several times.
Mlas Matthews was living io Al
ma s bis d 4 tighter. A .defective
aad Fanoia's mother immediately
went to Alma, bnt tbe couple baa
fbwn. Sealf, alias Brady, found ont
that he wu betas shadowed and lefr,
and the detective found ont that tie
eoaple bad s ee to St. Louis snd from
tbers (o Canada. Superintendent
Robertson notified his operatives st
London. Gonads, and S als and bis
victim were snvsted dsv before yes
terday when tbey stepped from the
train, roe psaior aas anowea w go
and the girl ass Drougnt dsok to uni
cairo. where the was Hood by her
nuttier, who took ber b.ck to Eut
Lyon. .
A Llttln Ulrl 4
rinn by
nrlleil to (Heel
NtWj Yobs:, Dicember 30. For ev
erU weeks pat lady customers In M
ey's.tor bave bad their p icket bonks
s o'en from the r shopping bats. On
Monday litis girl wito bang hair
and nuite eood li onion. aged shoot 11
years, was caught in thecct of dealing
a pnrsa from a lady's bK. fJh a
seen bod and f 118 fuuad in ber stock
ing. The child wai kept at the store
until alter noon. A won an Ibon cauie
in claim ng to be ber mother, and
salted that she had glvon toe child
$300 10 pnrolie thing. Hbe liul'g
natitly dsmnudi'd the child's rslon).
This was refused, and she left. L,t -r
she mine b( k with ber bu band and
adiuiUtd that tbe was not ib.9 cliila'd
mothf r. Tue child was relessnd snd
tbe umney sept to piy tbe robbsd la
dies. Tn girl was o,aln arres ed yes
terday. H.rnm is Lillian 8 1 ith.
She oonfsed t':a'. (he woniao, Mis.
Annie t'mitb, tii got l er to leave
home end steal purua ia Mcv s. Mrj.
Smith was arrested a: d is now in Ja.l.
Lire Irearaac Oktnlnca
"- eler.
by Hue
Niw Tone, Decemb r 30. A flyrs
ense, N. Y , spfcisl Buys: Heniy T.
Uu ver, of Boston, r-uptirlntendent of
egeDC.es for the Job a Hancock In
snrsroe Corrpmy, and Edward litmi',
of New York, nudita! .upirvisor for
the Prndentii 1 Irsarancs Company of
Newuk, N. J, bave b'en Inveatiixt
trjg the circurrntancra of tbe sudden
aVthof Tixunas IJ tubes, on whostr
life Mrs. Ann Hurley held a policy In
ecb oaunpaiiy, smonottug to J9-5.
The grntienun ioterrsted pris'tv
the utims st'tr. cy, but admit that
there is leuou to blL-v thut Ilughe
was poisoned. It Is ni l by tbe rill
cerj if the o imptulei that Mrs. Hur
ley slss holds, policies iu tbe Metro
politan Gompioy and the II myo
pathic Company o( New York f r
about 111)00. It Ualso thrught that
imett gallons are to b t made aslo tho
cause of death in ore or two other
casts wherein Mrs. Hurley was ()e
beneficiary in the poiicier. It ia prob
able that to or three other bodits
will be ex j in' d for exeaniinntion.
Heavy Know Mtrma.
Nw Yoiig, Dcemher 30. 0lna
to lh ent.w i tarm tnly tmirs f.om
the Weft were all behind time. Ti.n
8U L'in s txp'SFS on the New York,
Lake Erie and Wi-tt rn road was (ivo
hours Ute, snd the Uuinsgo expretw
that c:rr!:s the wa'l did not arrW?
notil 11 o'c'ock. The e!orm inlerle red
als? ib tin trsiiH from thoSirrh,
a id the malls from 'W'Hslilnatoo at.il
all fouttitrn paints wire two hoii'B
late. The IUh-U-i and Providenca
malls wcr-i also diliytd about 1am
hours Tnt) vhr,inh mails by wy
ofFitt)bt rg falUd e'.itirely to mk
e uiuec lone, S'id Ihx Pcnosylva' i t
Ontrl brotuht no mails from the f ,r
West. The Northern mat's, wh o sr
due at 6:43 o'cltck arrived at 9
A Masher Wkt Hm Ulllrd Thirteen
PittLiDKLrniA, Pa., Drremler 30
Dr. For mad, Cooler's physio an, ia
investigating a singular serlo ol
d aths in the family of Mrs. f''ary
Hart, No. 201ft Force sin at r.ct. Dr.
Etigiioh (ouud oa l is return to the
city fr-ninhur day' bnce t) S'
Mrs. Hart's new born infant, wliicti
was in full health when he last saw it,
d.ei! on Monday ul.ht veiy suddeLly
k ad inybterlons y. He slro learneil
that ic was the thirteen h thikl which
Mre. Hart had loet in the.tauiH way
and at tlie sm tend-rage. Un.Lr
t ie cirounntiuic-s he doultred to give
a c.-it Q.-rat, and the Uorot er will hold
nn iuqueet oi tho b'.ily -f the iu tint
Am ItiaHit Farmer I) use.
Naw Yodk, December SO. William
Hatton, a wealthy firmer of Fillmne
0 unty, Mii.n, vame to tiwn a few
diyii egi wi h lh br 'tl er to take pat
se f jr t'cotl ind, th)r native p sc.
Wh'le wandeilng sroand the City
sening fhs signs jetTitsv Hmt n
fell iu wifi sharpers who Indno' d him
to pi ay cards. They ih-st d him out
01 $1000 and then 'Warped.
Moiileel Sy tns r meal of 100,000
New Yobk, Deromber 30. The care
of tbe Oit gou TraurcotitiricnUl Com
pany tgninst Kahn, L b i Co., ia
which toe former rreolved u verdict
, of 1112 000, ww fettled to :ey by tlm
psymeutnl $;0',00) by JCutn, Loeh
A Co. Tbe resat.n for such promt t
tthrui.t U tbt one of tbe n embers
of tbe ii'm la to withdraw January
1st and lf fore d siolvlrg connection
with tho firm wisbt's to laveevory
thili clnrnl tin.
Tbe Anierlrna AS'lrallarlxU.
NfcW York. December 30. Extpn
s'Vj p'ep r.-.ti"rs b-ing ir.adt; fir
fie e-gith Nsiiii.il Vo vsri'loi of
tho Aiu ticA-i A' ri u'timi! mul 1 Iry
AssDiintion, wbi' b in tn be h -l i in
Jhie c iy cn the 8:b tnd iitb of Filru-1
ary next. 'Addressct are expected
from L'entenant Governor Edward
Joust, of New York ; Joseph H. Resll,
president of tbe Association : ML B.
Walt, the Hon. John B. Weber, of
Mew York; J as. Howes, of Baltimore;
James O. Adams, of New Hampshire;
O. B. Mason, of Ohio; HerrAdo'ph
M.hliu, of Swedes, and a large nam
bsr of other prominent agricultural
Pebody Hetel.
0. B. HALLO WAT 00.... Pora!troaa.
Kate. fU W and 13 per day. acenrding to
tie and location of room tipeoial
A F Rtawart, Ma
J A BoriaaD. Ala
J Comiitnn, Te ia .
W K Mullint, T.no
A I) Pam. Min
J Twn.feldl. Me ,
JCud.kr, III
0 Utturald, Tonn
J H Triplet. Tesa
K M ii.nbr, Mo
Jl K Vlcmlns, M T
V M Ilur.l.Tenn
A B Phlllii-K Ark
MIm M Uroea, Va
ECorrlKiio, Mo
J A Mien, lod
W VRulla, Mln
K B Kni.wdeu, Teno
C Uami'tun, kf
T r II Vtnn, Kjr
O H Kin, N Y
MI'i Bo.n, V
J W Kin,uhlo
J II BriDklr, Mil
A B Hirb, Tenn
J T AW ia, Mlu
Kdf.r btielur. Tana
O A lDiinpinn, lean B Mman. K T
H Lihmin. Kf
i H White, tons
R h Porter Jr, Mill
LE Polk, Tana
ROMoUlnre. Pa
BO Adaiua, l)
J O bawyer, Wli
J Bennett, Mill
P A Lion, Vina
P A Kkeea, Kr
J 1 Keetor. Mlu '
8 0 Afford, ali'i
K M Urahau, Ark
K Soitt. Mo
U T l.nik, N Y
J 8 Clajpjol. Ini
D I K.ani, III
0 V lienrf A, Ark
II Buihell, Mo
f A Wileon, Ark
T K Wlntinar, Ark
C Caneir, Man
T A Mrire. Ind
U Kallr, N Y
A Aaatln, Mill
V R bbarman, Mlu
DW Whitnar. K
W L Duff, M I
W U IUwter, Tana
J R 'am, Kr
R 11 Venae, 'lena
SIel meld, N I
1) ()ry, Tenn
Mri W 1) Uod, Ark
K W Parkar, Mo
11 T Biantoo, Tena
J M Man.n, Tenn
DW bale, Tenn
K Howard, Tena .
II Kverman.Tena
K Lehman, Tenn
A L Wondi, Tana
W Unyi, Tenn
J llarrii, Mill
W K Taylor, Tana
R B t aih, lenn
c M V.nton, Ala
T H II III, Tenn
8 W Jauiei, Tena
il.amb, lenn
U PoiUin, Tenn
II L bornnir', lenn
W Myari.Tena
0 ban lord, lean
W 1. liarroy, Xonn
J W Kl.um, L
WOKmbt, '
K O D.vIjiob. Kr
H TttrHll Aw.Teao
rtUUnu, AU
Mic H Deno tt, Mill
U H II ien, Mini
T A Wrmht, lean
D B Morri-on. Alk
L B Ivii. Ill
Tt A Wilton. Ark
O N ().l, Km
W Kle, Inii
SOiddinff, Mo
) iLceditl, la
Tt Uooper, mm
JMImO Uadlay, Mui
K Kipler, Mxi
T I) blav.U, lnd
Vo Orton. Hick
Wflr, H V
W B Wirdna, Tenn
5Hitrtmn, Ark
I Churchill, Ark
( tin Harrmann. Ill
Mn A Lovalle'te, 111
ii 11 I3DUU, laon
Mr. M A l'III..Va
I Hilvaritain, Uita
II A Bnbo Aw, Ark
M W Wrin, Miaa
11 i Baker. Kr
C Muun, Tana
F lUvaioa, 'J en!)
Hen Moi.!oil' , P
II B Wl.h, lena
C II Crswlnrd.'f nn
J W WniHer. Tean
Y A Goodwin. Icna
W lio.it. lenn
W lUynw. Mm
W P W ilaoh, T.bb
J A Iini,Tenn
J M U dlir, Tena
J Oriill, Tenn
11 iWerlr, lena
K M i l.tte.T.i n
W C MoUiura, lunn
J Iteed. Ttnn
A M XcVlliUu.Tean
W LPr Uu. tena
W ( sotica, Tenn
W bir.Ai
The Wmw Wnyaeo.
Cut. (I. Kcith Mnier.
KaUt tt iw t tt par t'r. arcvrdic to let a
Una of roumi
0 J Writ, Mini w j (inodbitr, Tnn
BPMcKennit, A'k W U Huohaoan, Ark
JOMoriwe ber, Mill N K While, Al
J B "oore, Viti M 11 Temple, Mill
L V Butler. Mill K II Temple, Va
TO Leae, Jr, J L Kirkiutn, T nn
Klla kirktnn,Tenn (''ark Kirknn,Teon
Hani Prliehett, Tenn Clark I'riti-hctt, l ean
Kale I'rtlclielt, 'Jean Mill MaAlliiter.Tena
Mantle Vanihn, 'lenn J A UimtrUn, Tina
him Dtinurille.Tnnn J 0 Urouill jrd, Tenn
Mn Dniuil'anl.Tenu V K Kr. uilUrd.Tenn
11 K llrnul Urd.TannH Craliheari Aer.Tenn
K Pillow, Tenn Mm i i.roit'm, 'Tenn
A M n elli. lana J A' Prion. Tonn
V I J'olk. Tnn M M OnrJner, Tenn
Cat't Jo Phllll'i.TennI!raaa IU.aiHsi. Ttnn
Mm I) itrlas. lenn aina m ln lr, lena
Miia Urean, Tana Ml Kwln, lenn
N Kirkuian, Tean ' M W Brown, Tena
R Kirkptr,ck,Tann K B rti, 'lenn
K Frenkhn. T HPerkimir.
, lena
W II l'erk.Tea l J lirnwn. Tens
SII Brown, Teat O D Porter, lenn
Tbompnen, Jeaw R R Knowlei, lean
W Curaiuinc, Tans JO Ware, III
Oapt llalhday, HI Mi Ilnlllday, I I
MiM ilallidar. Ill J D Morrlwer. Ool
D I Kayer, Col H U Mareball, Mill
JBi arllile, Mlu MnJ B O.rll It, Mill
A J HiDlib ki, Mlu J 8 Ilillard, Mia
8 P Caldwell, Miti tt W Dorman, MiM
II 1 M ader, Min Mr- I) Mm, Min
f,n M It; oil. Mill J 11 Hilton Aw. Mlia
J Kreiinrleki Aw, Mill Mm 8 Dowen, Mt.i
RHHiokey, NO J P Manifleld, Ohio
J W Krani, Ohio tl I. Uurie. Miia
w u Sloan, mue 11 Bulr, mm
8 Andennn, Mill U " Arnntroi, Tex
P Hale. Mial M T AleiantUe. 1nn
A B Troail well, Tenn b T Powell, Miae
(i 1) Snckl, Ohio N 1) llii-ki, Ua
II II Donixan. Kr OR Nutt, Mm
W W Wood, Ky 0 II r'ooie. Mo
V Jen, Tenn K M Marra. Tena
I ft Watiion. Ind H M lluthlti. lnd
JSK.n-all, III K II M.ynerd, III
John i) ruiin. Mlu (, Ktt, euatin, rk
A M Woodioo. Ark B II Kolliua, M il
0 L Uoeard, Mm 0 11 Barber, 'lenn.
Prltldr llan,
(FormerlT rnmmarelal IfAtat.l
Cr. KrontandrllxrionMa., Meiapnli,Teng
J. II. 1'kidiit, I'rnp r, - f lllnhuiond, V.
Traniiiect rulea. II ,V In fj nnr dev.
W P Hno Wia i.T. un 11 W Middlebruok.Ark
r j .iiayue u, Tiiei jrra u l ergry. Mm
A W 1. ii iar. Tonn
W B onre. Tenn
ii K H oo lion, T. na
JNWo ii, Tei.n
J T IHmhill, Tena
J 11 llnrria, Ark
1) M ,UUraw in. Ark
L A Dulloir, 111
II J Walton, I'l
L T Warner. Ma
8 W Rnteri aw, 11
W Jonut Ji, A 'a
M D I e n, le, M;a
C W W lroy, Mill
T Rl. he, III
Tl't't itt, Ark
K J MMlll.in. Ka
w 'I lewi'er. Kea
i I M .toholUI, 1U- V F menu. Tena
Vile uwVm.1 id,
V N-b.t. y .
, jjs'-rvt i
i T, Uuttj
J L f tronn
ill. lunn
T U Kim. Ttnn
W A iIaihu', .Vim
WT Barham, Tenn
8F S'o. e, niii
U I- Iiavn, Ala
r J Mnnre, Ala
i M lli.ht. Ark
Wm tt'r vhii Kjr
J B Pnilliix, Mo
VO Wi ltami.Ua
IK ,v. M Iu
W 11 Orillln. Ill
' Kit llutla. d, Tenn
A J Vineent, Ind
W II IUy. Ark
T B llaynoi, Ttnn
F J llarkitr, Ky
8 f Dnrrii, Mo
C I, yUm-, Oa
D B Koberte, Ark.
OMtna'l Hnilel. ,
W. 11. BISGBAM Maateaa.
European plan. I nlr3,l and retnm.ihtd.
Prion anenrdini t. ilie and tuea
lion or rooini.
Tom llulln. Ark J B t.ynnh, Ark
J W Farmer, Ark OOWli'.en, Ark
Mra U Urockar, Ark Mr J J Flotoh.r, Ark
C A Mil.er, Xeun ' W Hoke, Te
Mini lUr.lTiileo, TeiMim I.ula Cr iler.V In
J 8 liem.T on K T Wilnerun, Ark
i Kuhnuit ill, Ark t 8 llnllooev, Ml
W V llarner. Mini R 8 Urik-ihy, Tonn
K M He me!. Mo W X. Ilrahnnt, Tenn
II 8 ilritfi-hy, Teas W A rVriei.Tena
mill it nines
fi-a livan, I I
F Cttlt.i. Arl
TMcTlnhs I
Miia II Fain). Tenn J A lium ter, Ark.
I J T bulllvan. Ill
rk II Mrh, III
i Mill II M J.tni... M
n m jo..,., lenn f I umke. rk
J Allen, Tenn K P Burnett, Tenn
J II Wanibtr. Tenn K II ScharTer, N V
0 )vl, Ark Mm M Kebo, Mini
J Ltli.ro, Ark S H W,tkt, Tena
Ii" r.'t1""' T"""1 Ml" M "a . M
Mra it 1'd.on, Mi Mm J llnwkim., K.
M n H Ick.r, Mt Mra A P Hopklni, Mo
Vt0ubmber,4w,Ku Mini K Chamber!, Kai
IvT femunie, ivmv It llortun, hn
M M Dailev. a
JK illianii, MIm
0 M Taylor, Mlu
J H Uilie.Irnn
F 11 Bullock, Tena
C It lliifhe', Va
J M I'vopidKe, Ml"'
Ml i li.Mtie Fly, Mill
A U Jack Ion, Mill
lh" Taylor, Mill
W II llaynre, Ark
J W Like ii, Mill
A Jno. MIm
W Rdinunilii, 'Tenn
M Holder, M'li
J Blementh l. Mill
II T Xyan. .Mo
A .1 Dou.lnrtr, 111
1 N 1'allia.i, Mli.
0 Kn -ierei, Ohio
J D Willinuii. Tonn
It n lltrrah, leni
II 8 FalconeiAw.Ark I J Wnodion. Mini
Mn Booth. K Vim Kdna B loth, Kal
Ma.ter I'n th.Kaj IIJHaler. Ky
JAboott, Ma J A llil iun. Fla
8L Martin, Mo. ,
r,a Krucia Hwiol.
Corner ofAdama aad Mala itrweti. Rnnni,
Mie, 7ncand II par dati A wet loan Plan.
U xr day. Kir-tolaii KoMaurant in the
Motel J.M. flit m (IU joariwithPaa-
eody Uotelj, Proprietor.
..Tf!;t," A,k 0 W Bramble, Mich
W f Thumai, Sttt J T Ha.li, Tena
'Tr. so. y, Tnn 1 V Perry, Tenn
JW P Cannon, Tena H T PerHni, M.
A Crane, lenn M K Mumer, Tenn
F (!r inn, Tokn J M (traham.lenn
M K'tihiion.Te.ta C R illbion, Tenat
A II Allen, i.hio V i Oranam. Teuu
A Clark, Ark 8 lUyn. MiM
T A A eiapiler, Min M llnir.t-n. Mill
.1 Ddoiuilttt, Tenn l II While. Teua
J I. .1 -hriMin, N JJ A bin. Mo
(' R (lio on, Icxei T Smith, Mi.
K Hf tinei, Tn u W V Alex.ndur, Miti
M J onk, Ara K K Robertmn, Ark
(M A.imiii, Ky W II 1) ,vi, u
It T Kurd, Col C J CainrMl, Mo
U W I'onner, Min C M l!.:iior, itr!:
I I, Juiuiv u, Toi'n J A Vlimn, ArK
V II 'Uieelir, Ark It l II imolv, r'i
M U Tevl.ir. ,Mi II J V.viir,'Ti.n
P h Wili.i,, 'tt x-t 8 L.In -ke ,n, Traiu
A J Koirerr, Tenn T Miller, 'lenn
11 C Wilier, loua il T Addiv u, XL
lafl Is Crashed, Torn aad Killed la
the Presence of Her
NbwTobk, December 30 A young
iiauan gin was giuea today Dy lalliog
in from of a Third avenne elevated
train. Iier name was Prppina La
torre, aged 18 veara. Tbe accident oo
enrred at tbe Eishty-ninth ttreeterooa-
tng. ihe girl, with a auter, worked In a
taiUr shop In Houston it e t. Tbe
sister is named llestine, 17 years r
sga. Both were vcr lively a .d well
koown t j tbe train mi n from their
daily train trips to work. Tho to
girls were waiting for a trsia and were
cnatung mem y as a traia came up
urieaciiie msd a remark;, snd rrp-
pma, taming saaaeniy to rep y, lo t
ner oaia ice, slipped over tue sine o(
the platform and fell tacknard servos
tbe down track. The engine was bnt
ntieen I set away. JSoirineer Merrill
did not eea her but heard ber wild
(cream and ravmed his engine
wiin a de-sperata jerk, be -earns o!
terror aid anguish cime from toas s
trr and all wh saw it. Eevcr.il r.tn to
aid tbe hspbrs girl, bat too late. No
human power could help her. Tbe
poor girl straggled pitifady on the iod
oovfred tosrds, making a deipera e
attemut to a-tte. 8he rais'd her
hands beseechingly toward tbe horror
rincsen spectators. Jne baads were
the next moment beatea dawn by tbe
locimoiive, aad her groans were
faintly bea-d as the iron wheels mer
cilessly crashed oat bsr life. Iheec
gins s'.opoid when the front whee's
sad the forward driving wheels bad
peeved clear over bur bod v. Tbe
girl's head, m shed to a jolly, pro
truded on one fide and a paitof her
dresi on tho oiher side of tbe track.
Wedged la bitween tbe drUiig
wheeis, tbe bodr could not he recov
ered without raising the engine. A
talegrsm whs sent to tbe reoa r vnrds
snd a wrecking traia was tent donn
down with jnckscrews. Af tr a
baf hour's work the etigioo
wu rais-d enongh to draw out tbe
body. The tiscc in Ihe meantime
i bio: ked wttb traiue for two mibs 10
thetHrminns. E icmoni crowdi c il-
l. c'ed st the station sud choked t e
ptntionn, etoiipinir all work. Tre
pol cs cleared tbe eUt on. When the
bo.ly wi taken cinUw sfonna that
the neck was nearlv severed, ono Ipi
broktn and the body ripped ope i.
The rt mains wnre removed toe police
S'at;oo. No blame in attached to t'i
company, as the tracks were coated
with ice caog ra tht wt-enls tt slip.
Brlwaa rp la Una of Oar Anrl.mt
Header a Flooxl of Heitnorlee ol
Ihe Loni Sao."
To the Ell ton of the Appeal :
Herewith I present you a reminder
of tbe Iook ago, "Tiie c.trr!er'd annual
greeilog to ttie patrons af the M'no
pbis da ly Appjal, Jiwuaiy 1, 1857."
Tbirty yea s since (hit time this
moruinjl What changes, what a vol
ants of history 'tiron'd trake to crowd
in the int-k'e.ts tonutctod wl.h ih
cueer of ttis good city covering thene
three decdts. It ws th custom in
that d.ty for ths rani-r of theddly
paper to prcDt erch one of hi i patroLs
with the New Yen's edd-es and
when be had comp'etod bis runte l ie
pou lilts jingled well with halves, qnar
ter auo dime', aud ti blm it wa a day
of joy and n lad nuts. VVhwn I let.-o-spei.t
t' ess thl'ty years, loolsinvr down
the corridor of time, "Til a time for
tii fin or y and far tarrj "
Tho e mounds In Winchester and
Elmwo id admonish ns that:
"lime, Uo tjmb builder. L olds hia Gereo
Hark, atern, all pltilem and pnntet not
Amid tho uiinbiy worka thai strew his path
Soiusnd muehke other oonqueron
pun the learful ruin bo has urourht."
Tmo AI'pkal wai thfn t.ublirhrtl by
MuOlitiurtiiiin, lii.tton & Co.; rai y,
$iOj tri-weoklv 15, ant weenly !?l.
M-. William Kos.telle, of the edit irul
staff, is the oily pe son now ton
nKcietd with the Ar-pAL who was
toere Janui-y 1,187. lh.outh hi!
tt etryug vi.ufHitud.'e lo wh c.i the
1)iirni.N of M tnphis lnvo brti n s il
noted, tbx good Id Arm. M. of today
ttuuls scli'arv and alcnn as tho only
rwrer wt i ;h h i'hstool tbe stornis
62d ttmpe'-tS Of t" nrinnl. Tl a
Whig, Ji'HjIe and KiHuirtr, Jiullitm,
JCivnipg A, family VitiUir, t'oiiftkt
Hnanei :t Krpreit and Cltrittian Adw
catd liave longeiiicootuirttuiUtiti, wh ch
fi'etoiii cuntpnipori'i-'s of the Ap
pa al. Tho Aitkal has chr.mitded
the inct pim um) demise o naoy a
neweptper tutfrprifle mth'sciiy. It
basa'wnys bad a word rf tncaan.pt-m-nt
to thimo oiigiexed In wor by
buiiDeha en orpriut-e tor lbs boi dir u
op of Memphis. It bis Hone itt
wliOle duty in th s re-pt t. Of tl o-e
who were conn(td with tlHTSoer
thirty ynrs ago and now utigatd in
other pursuit, are Wm. M. Muitoa,
Sieph-n O. Tuof ad H. L. Priddy,
tacho 'eof whom tan pluck a urey
hair. In tke C)inpo?in room now
rs firra typos, H. E. Orandail, J.
II. ILimner nnl Jolin Honii s,
who bave held rguUr"nl!B" nvsrly
toirty years. Ttiese gentemen are
wearlBg" the gray, too. In the spring
of 1816 ttio Appial and Engle and En
(pi rtr were buniod int on Ma n stitmt,
where Kiemttr'a s:ie is locact-d. Col.
MuMbou wh i had just c uninenied
the pnblira io.t ol ti.e Buiinin in tbe
bul'didg how otvupiod by tun lia.
I.tne&t, opt'h'd bis d.vrs for his eld
friemls of tho Appsal, who, diflViring
wh'ely pollticA'Iy, were wa'm pertonal
frimdf, snJ f r a number tf yers
these j jormls "room d" bsr nobliu; y
totjtr, tii etme press worklnor i ff
dai'y tho Whig fo.ia," of tbe Bulletin
aid th Deiuoor.tio 4,foma" if tlm
ArrsAi, Thi Appsal can ia vtht
no o hr ii-pr'okn l.i tbe Umwd
S at.'S t'at It bad iio penusi ent
a iJing pltce it nr. eg tho war, txdng a
ritbl so'dlor, and attiiong') ' on
wht'B" it rev. mled n Wua
I hipflt my long continue to Qll
Itntxtlt-d jo-jilou, nod have) b.uud
Inse prr spttrny ai.d no ctnse to mourn
the pa-t
"ThePre-nhnll clr
Perpitual lilt t , what doaei tea to IItoi
'Act wall your i-il, there all tbe honor
And truet In Rln who every (ond tupidiei.
n'itb srteful rolaoi and wlin lentive ohear
Ba ate the pari akd bill tie cvupna yen-."
Mihi-bis, TiSN., December 31, 1SS.
Pii.as obfd nv Litniu Co 'a Arni
CiTkD ExruatT i.t Wncn Haxki,.
P.of. K. M Hale, M.D., LL.1.. tf
the Chi.aiiO Mi-i ijal i.'olli g , s .y-:
"It tits i.iA'-r 'in irv iD r i.v r u.is
tlitea."--." P.of t):d;iey Ii rgtr, of
the Uuivi'Tsi'v Meoii a1 0 .'It i.tt, Lon
tion, raye: ' I have found .t n.i'a-ly
tu.'uvK-ful" ilia .-.re of yirli.v i n-ila-tf.r.if.
A'sit-ir.H Hi n hm, w
lrb, itiuia'a; rt ar.d females till, r uus,
qvmiirm ham prohaijly bewn ukd Uvwtuiawdi
at? timisit, "How can Brrrwrt's Inm Rittora our twnryw
ItuoaTr'' Weil. t dfMMfj. But it 4umcwMw&uw
t"t which ft rstpsjiAbU phyaictu would prtaawnb lautfl
PhTstcUiiw noucoiM Lr m sva Uv bwt raattnrtvti-
a ni known io iim pruiftstrtija. ana loauir or ftiiy
foadiTif ebamloai firm will an t iarto 1 1 tt Out m rtiu
that than in morv prHprti'tui ul irm that, ul sui
oilinr uhwtaruM naetd in tndjciBi This iiikrwi om
clatvir)) that mn It atcknrwUtll Co bm th Boat
Important factor in Biocrmful raywiioaU praotioei, It La,
u.iwBTtr. av ifrmVri ini,inu pri'r u um aiaouT
wi7oritROWNHi.ON ttlTTCKHnu perfect,
ly Mtufactury tron ootnbiuAtiua had tht ben fuuad.
ueadteba, or pradnoe enni.tinArlnn ttll eichrr Iron
nrdlninredo. IIKOWN KlUOMIITTI'lIrt
r n rue Inditfcfirlnn. nillowiie, Wenkaexi
Dyentintio, JB alarm. hilln and Frreri.
1 1red I'rrllnt.tJcncrnl Ki billly.Pnln'jiUie
HMO, liarlt (jrl.lmbn.llrailarheandNenml.
Kin fur all thane ailments Inie It proscribed daily.
mtnnle, 1,1k" all ethor thoroosh mMicinee. It acta
lowly. VfUea latin by m' the lrt trmptnei at
boneHt to ranewiy enenry. The raitcl then beonme
i.nunr, .an uijiu m itnprtee. tuo iH.wel, are aelti.
la wam.ii the .:Iot m utu tllr mnre rapi.l and marked.
1 f"" TD ""oe to brighten ; the akin clears
up; noaituy otH'iT oomeil to the rheeke; nerenaeneei
Jar, ead if a nonrinir mnther, ahun'lant euetnnneo
hi a.MNira rur me emn. Kememlier tlruwa'a Iran
bitten ia the ON LY iron medicine that to not In.
Junuua. 7'AyKVMt ad rwygiaU raeoiaaienrf if.
Tbe Oenuuw has Trade Mark and emeaed red Unaa
aattrrariper. TAKIi TSO OTIIKU-
" at your own bos
Its eanses, and a new,
and inoeesiful CUR.
your own homo, by one who was daal
Ittantv-etuni veare. 'Iraates htmnitai
tbo roted ipecialiiu wlthont benelt. Ucasa
siasaLP la three monthf and ilnoe then
honored of ot ors. partienlari Mat
OB avpiioatioa. l. a. rt.lN
Ir Otf
in. 41 Wt 1t trt.Nw Voi
For Horssi, Cattle, Sheep,
. uop, nogs, Poultry.
tjsed by v. a. ooinri.
CkaH te BeOaei, aM Dees Saws Pete,
fctmn-Feren, Conreetloni. Iiiflammnlloo.
l.A.-fcpinal Mrnliisillt, Milk Keter.
I. ll-eilralni, l.aiiioiit-ae, HbeumatlaiB.
tJ. IHttt-mper, Natnl fHafharvoa.
I. p. Hole or Urnbe. Vormt.
K. loiiiiha, llf-aves. I'ncumonlsw
'. ollrortirlpe., Hellyatiia. '
JJ.tJ. Ml.carrlane, llrinorreilrt.
ii.ii. rinnry ana lililnt-f llltei
I. I. Kr iipllvo HUrnere, ftlanse,
w. H,-i.iicBioa wi aiaeatiou.
Price, Dottle (orer W dotes).
(table C'aen.yrith Manual, nn racoawllh
cnani iu uoiiien opoinca, bottlsot V
llarei Oil and AleUicalur. aH.Ofl
Bent Free on Receipt of Price.
Humphreys' Med. Co., 109 Fulton St., H. Y.
TTTTHS'TTTW-l awaana,,.
111 UM aJL It'SN. Th Afllv InAMhlHl
Nervous Debility. Vital Weakness.
nd Prontration, from oTrr-work or other cuairs,
f I per ?inl. or 6 tU!b and lartc t!1 powder, for f5.
w'U BTl)Ri'90irrn, orn-nt poatpaidonrucwipta.
price nmphrrjf Bfdlrlael'u.. 1IW Vattoa M., M. T.
Preiidrnt of tbo tt rout liOUISVlLLB CUU-
Altill-JUUKAl i u., UUi what
bo tnowi of .
Winters mith'4 Chiil Cure,
Orricr op tK CoparFB-JonAL,
I.omaviLLA, Kr.
Dr. WinUrmilT,3ir: I waive a mis I hat
obaeryed for many sears, tho value of your
remorly p.-oinplihg cie to ley, in reply tc
your rexus;, wb.t 1 know of your Cblll
Curo. 'ihe private asiarnnres of its nt&cacr
Ihwd,andth gond reiul'a of its efijU J
had obiorred on Mr. R. V. Moreiith, who,
for mora than OlUien years, had I een lore-
man of my office, in loeod me to Ust it in
my family. Thn results havo been entirely
latiilaomry. Tbe 6r-t ante was of two
Jean' sUndios, in which 1 believe every
nowa reaedy had been tried with teinuci-
rary relief-the eta ills roturmns periodically
snd wiih soeminsly lnortanod severity.
I nor ouro broke thorn at once, and there ha
been no raoarrnu of thin Irr tnori thai
ti mr nthi. Tbo other cue j ol a milder
fur in, and yielded more readily to o:hoi
romedies: bnt the chilli wcnld return at In
tervals bp til your medicine win o.ed, sinot
which time, now several months, thsy have
entirely disappeared. From tho opporti.
nity I havo bad to judtra, I do not hesitate t
express my belief that yoor Chill Cure Is s
valuable ipooiliri, and perioral! all yof
promise for It. Koapei'tlully.
W. N. flAI.P?.MAK.
ARTHUR VETER a CO., Agents, Lou...
ville, Ky.
Koa 4 Auo
Th only nerfoot ffsubnttttftA fur Mothnr'
milK inVaViuUtOlll
in Cholr Infantum
ond Tthlnn.
pt-V'dltjesitjd food fur Dyo
fflDtlcfJa Consumptive, Convalflrsconts.
r-riswt uutrlent in ll WastlnK Plsensem.
Kffqulrrtfs no cook! a if. Our Woo. The Car
nq rfftainn ot (riianiSs muitn iruu.
'JUBUR, U JoOAlsil (5b. , Uoriton, Mfftflri,
For a elieck fortai
we will print a tea
line sdvertiroinont
n Una Million is
surt nf Ion. tins A
uicrir.nn Kewniia-
:irs andoomj'ste tho wura wiiuin tea dsys.
I his at at the raie o' only one "Ith rt a cent
line, tor HUM) t liculniion I in aavenieo-
n,n. telll ai.Mi,e in liut a tinirie imne of any
paper, nr" consequ; nily will ho placed be
rre tjno ini'iinn ointinaot npai-im-Br pur-
kaarral or IllVK Mil. I. KIM It K S lC Itit . If It it
true, ae iianu,eiiine auted. that every nows-
per is looneii at i nvo ,ori-ne on -, -
eritao ten linns en1 areommnoau- aoout
revtufy-A'O words. Address, wiih copy 0.
aovoriiMiraerifc aiiu rnie-r, .r s...w ' M
lor bona ol 176 fare. (IKO. P. KOWKLL A
CO , 10 HpriKS atreot. New Yorb.
a mum TCfsic
r.'ienel Irva liarlU.
a i
rtlASAfsT IJ Ihh v
fair I'rsprpeta.all i tiui'M ihru
S4 thai DlKaotlT llrMKIa auil te
tJvwr.aaia I)Ihmi, carta, Burttw.
Bcalao laifC Hrxitre. ACID IHOK
BtHiH la a apacltle.
MhwainnatUm, ,Hatlarlstl Dlawa
attra. ;iire.nl Olarrhtrat aat4 os
Mlaata rnewa t Mioos) Paleaiav,
B-Uta swllhomt lull la
Sw.1 oaartttl ro ova war.
aaa tr BiOHoipBtat, a a
4 atll Swaklwra
Svti ta a. s. ch, glaum, asaa.
price, rirTr ctNTts.
At WNiUawlw nr TN T.VKT& nt.
Xow The II ante To Ne ulHfe
At'TlVK fliieruaiiom in the Market oiler
oiiortmitie t- ii-ren'nt -r to make
ro.mey Ii tlrmn, Stne ; H.mda and l'etro
lr.ii.ii. Kr.im t rri. ua' aueirion givt'o to
orders rei-e'vei by ir ,r mini. Corroa
I..., dfitwe e.ilic.le.l l'.i.l In.iitii.ntion about
t..e iiiaiki' -a o r V.,w,k, wi.a.-h will be ior
w.ir.i, d trre . n h-.i.I. -i ..ii.
I!. i. KV1 1.. i'.'inUe.- uti.t T.-nter,
as troail a SS o bt:,l,ioa lorkCity.
pL a.r3
" J"f JL: f-;TMa J J imC 'qeanssnasesanasseajaosaspaasaanegx. z .--tl- -..-n;--- .
a K--W;
For Waif) Fverywlipro In
turHert'taaalii aaal llatera, IHuaall
Farmers and Gardeners, should, in tho In
terval between Harvest and Planting time.
look ont for tho future, aad
that tbey havo made all arrangements lor
Bcodi and Implements nerdlul for the next
season. Hundred! of olreulari are hooding
ths country and fillins the columns of the
newspapers, lolicltins tbo resdsr
goodi that they know ncthinr of. With the
eipsrisaoe of twenty-five years ia tbe South,
both in selling and planting, we think we
can safely claim Ihit
homo has always dealt fairly. Wo aim to
keep tbe mo t improved Labir-eoviog Im
plements, and to send out only Kroih and
Our prcront itoek i full and ootniilcto, and
wo are prepared te furnish our papered food
In neatand atirictlve style, to the tiade, at
the lowest rate. We bavo alio lame ttocfci
ot GRASS and FIELD SKKDS for Siring
Planting. Our Annual Catalogue will be
ready for distribution by First of -January.
8end for onrl
It. G. CHAIG &. CO.
3f Cn ton af. Wmi'iEii Tmi.
OVTlU. Hi'M'.y MI'V I M.i:i;i-.i
. 'fi t ,.r i-. uu al
v M:Mf in i-rv.
MAT trt ai'a"1 pfrrtitari KiT'.tis; al! partir h Oilrlraifla
I'h ! t M i . i'.' i'. . . .' . It i II n It ' ' N "V'T. T "t.-'s 'r pn I n t: Iteae
So. 6052, R. Chanoory Court of Shelby
no unty htate of ionntssoo vs. B. fc.
W re et al.
RY virtue of an Interlocutory decree for
ftu'e entered in th al.eve oaniie on tht
!d dr.j of Dooember . 18SH, M. B. 05, pure
WI, I will le I al puhli auetlnn, to the hi?b-e-t
bidder. In front of the Clerk and Muater'i
ofllce, ponrtbouio o. Shelby oountf , Mem-
pull, Tenn., on
HHinrUMy, hih llav nf Jaenary, lS?,
within leaal houri. the fnllnwinir rtearriho:!
rirocerty. situaiel in tho city cf Meii.phie,
cbe'by connty, Tenn., o-wit:
An undivided 8 Vt m'ereit In a eertnin
lot, deicribed as follows: Resinning i.t toe
l.,u:liwet eir"ir of the Kead lot, nn the
notth il.lool union s-meti run nn.g thence
wehtwa d with tte north lioe ot Union
Itroet 42 teet, mure or ten, lo a flake stnnd
iny ii feet, more or lo , east of the eat
abut ent of ihe bridirn ovor tho bayon;
thence nnrthwiirdly MftJJ feet, mnro or leev,
to the point who-e the hytothonaae ni the
trinnirle lot of the Mrinltiev b'ir, on tbee iet
f t lie hi.'vnu. outs the folith line o( old
Unii n itroet) thence eaitwn llv with ihi
oulhllnenf "Id Union itieot h."i feet, more
or leis. to the wett line of the r-o.d lot!
thence eoiithwnrdly with mid Krad line to
-.he heirinninv.
Jem s nf ha i Un a credit or tlx lonntbi.
intre t bearing no'ea withsoi'd loouritt re
uui'e l: lien rotimeil. ri-domption barred.
inii'eo'iiinoria, ii-.o.
H. J Mni'0 tLL. Olcrk ord Matter,
fty Tl K. Coleisn. l. C. and it.
V. II AC 'v. tii-Itpell. miriters.
So SS Boa
'affMs. Mr mra) I to mm mmm ffsv-rtaif to tumnmmmwH
aaaaate. tlrOB fear liifm OstUlTI arain. I rflwa i.'sa.
. I rvliaeilJtnieri,KtU.I'ri dcMWi
ka.UUIUJs.Mv4 UifMM aiitws'. anaui mvivraasavw
etr rr worst mum. tnar swv laila a sjw
aaaaasi tut tik irnitaa caaia,. tul at tirioo ttr m
ralia and Km ivitieisja sjnv total ltMf arraa ia
starsva ami I'twi wum. ItctMWvwti so.btaia lw .rM
I will caiti . mt H. v-w . ,
Ko. 82IU, B Chincery Court of f51ietby
eonoty John i. tvilllni vs. n in l. Ira
bu At Ikl
BY vlrtns of an Interlocutory decree fnt
sale entered in tho above -eaieou tht
7 h
A.m ..I IW.,.1.,. l)bl M 11 nut. 41
will sell, at publio ancti.ci. to t lie b ne!
:.. 1. . . , . 1. . i.u.L I M.
ii'llUlir, lu :mu ui iu. v.i. n ..."nw,
ciiurihouae ofSholby county, Memphis, Ton-
nrippt, "ii
liiMrrtny. aihdiy ol .lae Mr. I7.
Ithin lega' hnora, ibe fi.U.'Wing dofcrib d
rnneriv. aituatrd In the oi v oi' Memnois.
Bbn.by i-ount,'leun.. ti.-it:
A lot beg tining on the welt side of Walnut
(treat, at the no thca.-t corner ol a parcel ot
, I ... ..1 r - .. Q il.it k.hl...n.l u
'llllll CVU I....I..UU..1 at owl. vj ur. ,
Walker In truit to t. L. D mil. i n aud A.S.
McNetlr, for Wsi. unit Ed Orgl 1: thence
running notthward with tte wot line ol
Walnut street To teet; 'hence weit lot) 'eet to
art ke; tKen e south Tli feet to the line ol
laid truit prnoerty nforeanld; thence eiit-
nrd l"tl feit In the beginning.
I.rmi ni Sal. line, hull Caen 1 halince In
ill monthi, rolS bearing inlereat at 6 per
c-nt. from dt. with lecurty required;
lien retained. This Peoemb.r 15, lWW.
rl. I. ouu I5LU, tiirrg anuaiaiior.
By B. e" Colemen, I) C. sndM.
C. W. Ilciakell, an 'iMl.ie. '
4t u am' . Nun and Uiiai TssiTalST.
aiaaraniced iieoino for HyrCaria, Diail
neM. OouvulloK, Fits, Nervona rleural
gia, llesdiiobs. Norvc-'s PMstraticn, cauieo
by the nee of alcohol or tobacco vka-
I-.lneas, Mental uei rosiion, ovuening vi mi
Brain, rvsnltir.g In iaaanity and lea- tag u.
mtiieir, decsy sod death i Freiaature "Iu
Age, Tarreti dcm, Loti of Power in either
. v .. fn.Alnnl.r. I.r,ae.a and HnermatoF-
ak.n.. .an t ha Av.r-aiartion of tne brain.
solt-abaie of ov-rltnliilgonoe. Unch bos con-
tk.ni t'oe uiC-ill. iroatmoci. si a oos, o
lis hoses for K, seni hv mail prepaid, o
noeiptol nr oe. te guarmitia 8! Soger
oonr anyeare. vtih ei.es oruer reoeive"
ey ei'i.rsls holes, eoconpsuiiea wi.u ti,
riti unit th. nnrchaiar onr wrlttec
tnaractoe lu refaad the monty 11 thet teat-
m.nt aoe ot a core, ttoaxao'eei
Mu.d onlv ov A. H t i i'rnr
e-ata. al.n.tieit, Tra,,
Pennyroyal Pills
Tiie uniglNnl laaiil luiljr uxwntiie
Sle in. I alwayi Rflitble. Uew.iroo: 'rl.
i. (r..iiiiti'.nii. Indmiirniaiiit. to t.A ! e..-.
. yi or tirnKHiii lut . lurnfxn r'
I nali ''e'id t"kd no other, i.r it:cioe
itk ul ) to in 1ur i-articu' iri umiidki
r-Mita lii'ttl, . 1'al'l.va. Silt
i t.ewl.T', Cii-itt-ra ti..
U'-111 ,- all 'v.. i-.t1l f.-, c,llrtl-lt I'
So'.t be I-rnvei-ty t v- r wltrro. Aik Inr
1 I l.i. li.'Mit IrmiMi'' i". mi j rj
fills. Xabanooiucr.
ths - FnlfiMl Slnfrw p. Wnr
V . J. 1. LaPRADK,
15yaceJ.T. LaPrade i Co.
No. 304 Front street, : Memphis, Tenn.
-Having retired from the Saddlers aad Harness boilnees and opened an offloe aa above,
we are pleaied to annoanoo to our friend and tbe publio generally that wears now prepared
t serve them in onr Bow oauaoity. Keturning thanks tor tbe Tory liberal patronage ex.
tended as la the old lino, we trust io merit and reoeive a share of your lavora in toe new.
Quarter of a Century in the Hardware Business.
Nos. 323 and 324 MAIN ST.. -' MEMPHIS, TEKH".
C5k-T a T T TT f rvT
WMssata Grocers & Cotton Factors.
N. R-H Frstiit NtreMt. for. Fnlnn. liiiilii. 'Ittet.
R. IICDLKT VHTIV K, Frealilem.
M. J. BLAC'sa, SJiikliitir.
"V. D. BETH EL. J. R. OOOWtN. S P.
U. A. II A Ml ll'i N, J.NO OVKRTO'S, Ja
B. I. MaUUtt KLli, r. lUiLii jTUAxobiit, Wm. A.W IliliiAMSUiN, 11. J. liLACK.
siarDapiit'tt received fro.n BO centi npsiri, mil lnir"t apovrpil (,b same seuil-anno-t'lly.
IV ill Buv and neil Locil Socuritin, net l Trustee, Receiver, m. , I .r Horpiir.'ioni or
Individuals. Can booome (lu.rJ'an, 1 d.uiniltrali.r, to. llnv end Sell Ixohuneo Special
at enliuu paid to t.'oileetiona. Itmiey co lmlr..w out ni Mi-y lime, when deiired
Mr inveitmont ii Keal Kta e or otherwise. Have a oommnri'out Vault I"r the Jepmitol
Valuables ior the bencfii oi K.-nnlr t'aiM. ,, iree oi oharce. ra e IW.poiit Bv.jji lor
rent. Msvinul eipwimly s-ii.iited. A 1cp sifory V' te Mtnte of Tennessee.
u. i. MU tiuft, oi law J. tl. Uoiwin a to.
AV.JL KJ JAJUt .,X. V? Vi A, HajCA'J niJ
Cotton Factors & Commission lerofeants
f. 1 iJfiwsiril'ft Hm, Oor. vi'ront and Union, ffieiuiitjfit.
laaaaaa.aa.aaaaaaaaaj I aa
fOUKDBT & MACHINE DKf'T, UWtu 174 Adams Memphis
U 1
.a..,,. 1f0m
Work, iSirt,: .
IKON & JtAILWAYCPPJiY DEP'T, and 228 SwondSt.
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