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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, December 31, 1886, Image 7

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mmi and comerce.
i r
Cotton FIrn Xlddltor, 8 IS 16
Cents Salei Yesterday, '
6000 Bales. . '
Money is la active demand at 8
per mat. Fineneee ar eaarer. Leeal
aseuritiea are steady. Tu oottm market
firm; mlddlinir, t 15-lea. Bales, 5000 bait,
AtNew York bpoU wen firm; middling, i'to
Futures barely itaadr and I U 10 poinU
higher; December, .463.48e.
A leading New York ootton circular ssys
af the speculative market! "Ob an uoex
pcctcdly full inquiry the oontraet market
wa aetira and buoyant, with rate at one
time abowinf 11(911 points gain. Neither
foreign nor outside domeatio advices received
anything new of a particular ttimulatiac
hiracter, and at tb elos there was a barely
toady feelin, at a reaction of S-JI poind
Rom the highest."
At New Orleans speti were Arm; mid'
ellng, 91-lOc. Futures firm and 6 to
Pints bighsr; December nemiaal.
Liverpool spots steady, fair demand
middling, 641. Futures flrmi December
January, 6 12-64d buyer.
The general market presents a firm
Fortr-fimrt.kvlbito.in. 62 tikis boot an
lioe, 4 irgs clierse. 22 J eks o. flea. It rai
aotton seed,-2244 f ks cmton seed, 48 pkgs drv
food, 3 pkg.i eggs, iZO brls flour, Ul bale's
aay, eu pKg' tin", i nd bogs, 111 bd e.y tie, 381
pegs ia o. os pag nyn.ro, jju brls me. I.;
brls mulnsses, 3 ctrs perk sidei, IV pkgs to
vavoj, iuu du wneat.
The following shows the amount of grain
rooeirea, wunurawn ana in etire by rrguU
levators, an reported to the Merchant,,7 Ki
change yesterduy: Wht in store. 489 bu
Corn withdrawn, 168 bu; In eiore, Ri4l bu
vats receiveri. xim bu; wuhdiawa, 8071 bu
in store, zoo.it'i ou.
N.West.dab.oi.108!. St.L.S.F Oea.M
oiraui eon, 11 Bt.r.U.
T.P. land granuiA T P. R a
0. P. lata. 1 i6J4, . West Shore.KHS.
n I. via
7 am, Al.
gr Dall Untatlona er Cotton
Oil TraM and Mew Tork x
t tmnge Moeka are open to tboM
flu.ereUt, At my oJH
24 Bfadlnon St., Memphis, Tenn.
money in soon onmana at 8 per
eeni. in Clearing xiouse report Is
Thursday, Deo. J", 'Si . S67,7l 88
xnus tar in a ween ., 1,728 mi no
Heme time liut weak 1,745,872 47
Sorrespondlngtin,aln'rV 967,042 56
orreapondingtime in '84 7l,57u 69
Thursday, Pee. 30, '86 . 1W,2fi9 80
Thui far this week. ........ 47:!, 122 ill
IB! lime 1SSI W'SE 370, Z'7 If
Correspon .ing time in '86 134.444 06
Corresponding time in '84 U8.443 32
New York sight on ell points, H discount
buying, par s llmg; New Eng'and demand.
W diso unt buying; New England sight,
discount i New Orleans, X discount buying,
par selling.
Bank nf Commerce IV bid asked
First National ......160 kid, 106 asked
German Baak HM bid, 20 celled
mate nan nai .......... .lY mil, ioO arkd
Vninn and Planters ..1M bid, skd
Korean tile Btnk ....135 bd, . asked
8 luff City - lift bid, ... aiked
ernando ......101 bid, ... asked
Hatae . 77 bid. 80osk.nl
letnuhls City .1117 hid, ... arkod
Ffoplee ........) hid, ! asked
Phase ix- 1(X bid. ... aked
Flint-re 110 bid, ...asked
Vnnde'bilt. 25 hid, 30mik,d
Arlington :ii bid, ... asicd
Factors rioh'-!, ... asked
Cilitens - 12 l-.C. a-aed
Bholhy Tonnty warrants 96 hid, 98 asked
M.AC R R. sbnrss 4.i bid, ... atked
M.1T.H.K stare 45 hi, 50 kd
M. A 0 connote 7s .121 bid, ... asked
W. ei I.. R. I t m. 8s 1(15 hid, ... asked
Mis. A 1 . R. R. os. K HI! bid, ... asked
. Hn. A T. K. R cs. B VI bid, 105 aslud
Tenn. t. sor. D W bid, CW1 asked
Tenn, wfs. for Kt )J K5bid. !HJ acked
rihelby To'inty 6' llWbid, 110 ujked
Taxing l"Btrict 4.6j......ln bid, lCaefced
Taxing Di'tr ct flu. 10H hid, 117 a ked
wemptiiK as Donas Ml4 bid. ... asked
Meinpbit Water bnnda l flbid. ... tsked
M. ot. t'li tru' iH hi ma, tvi ask
Fionrer ( otton Mills 7 bid, .'12 aske
Memphis o-. Com Co..l27,l4hid,12:'4 aske.
Memphi Out stook 77 bid, 60 neke.
Aiasonio iiniue oonas. os ltki t.t
Ci't. Ki D'ldu. 6s 104 hid, 106 aske
Ala. ATenc. I. A C... lis) bid, H6akc
Tenn. VaMnvI. A R. U 45 bid, 10 aske.
NEW Y0"K, December 30.-Money an
all easy at4g8 per oenl., olnsing at 4 per
ent. Pri;ue metoautile paper 647 per ount
Btening txchange dull but steady at 480
ior eiaty ny ouis ana 4.94 lor aemxnd
Bonds OoTcnment bonds and Stite
dodos war auu aoa itesay.
ftooks Stocks thuwed further improve
ment, both in the range t prices and the
amount oi ousinesa aone. 1 De foreign houses
aiaii tie or notning, but an inoreased do
mand lor stneks developed from nil quarters,
There wa" good boying for the long aoouunt.
and the liquidation of su rt oontracts made
luriner progress, ine news ot tiie da wai
er.tirelv fav irble. and advices from W..k
ington that the interstate bill wailikel to
go to a vniertnoe uoi.'inil'ee tor auiend
utntand the (aim re ot'lhe Bank of Rutland
airectere in aavanae loo rate ordisconn
were aneouraging to the bull sidi. The
dividends uuon the Vanderhilts d.
clared tndy were somewhat disappoint
ing, ami mesa siocas tailed to re-
pond to the general better leeling
being sluggish and at times weak, the
loimo hi meuay was me eoumirn stocks
all ot which were unusually active and
trong uoon renewed talk nf a nnn,Kin.;
between those oroptrties. although nothing
definite in reirad to the mutine wua ,i..
veloped. There was specially heavy infide
hllV.Dtf in Klnlllnnnri on.l Wad, J , .
rnooruB punoomenai advance tns evoning.
Favoranlo tr. flio returns laduoed conBider
h e oovering of sboits la New Ki gland,
which, together with the Oould stocks and
coal Slocks, was conspicuously strong
throng routine day. There wasliujn anima
tion n the grangers, tb. ugh tbeyrwtre
w-u j ,4 nun aud ufjunig was gonfraiiy
trong, a-ivanoef ranging from hi t "4.
ttiougti Wilt roint wasup l'and Uocking
Tiu.y , wuuv &,apo'0nore wai on .
taer was active trading, and altnr some
iow eiuni, nee inee in uie eariy ae lings the
entire niarkei became sirnng, and under the
lead nf Jcr ey (Jeotral and Richmond and
west Point advanced materially durirg the
rtvuiur i in nee, eaoepi in a lew i pecial
tooki, halted betore moo and afp.nti..Mi
reaction to kpUcs. There was a renown! of
inenuyitig in me an moon, and further
progre, g toward higher prices wao made, al
thou h on a somewhat rcdaoed business
Kealisa i n aga'n ued a raug ng . f prioes
in the laet h ur, but the market recovered in
the lrt & teen minutes and deed strong at
a shade undor the best prices of the d y
files, 444.9o5e hares. Readng furnished 61 -750,
Jersey Oentrnl 44,918. West Point 84 740
Lackawanna 31,750, bt. Paul 24,( 95. The en'
tlr active list, with theeioeption of Canada
bouthern and Michigan Central is higher this
evenii.g, the mo t nouble gains being West
Point. 5VS N.wKngland,2'a: CeloradijCo I,
1J4; Lackawanna and Paoiflo Mail, Tbe
railroad bonds were active ; sales, l,63.eOO.
Tbeeonspianously aolive insues were Jersey
Central consols with 154.0)Oi Lenverand
Kiortrande lours, i:il.i0, and Texas Pao flo
land grant receipts. $U3.0H). Ohio -onthero
Ineomos rose 2 to 43. bt. Joseph and Orand
IslMd ii comes 3to7SV,, Mobil and Ohio
Jr.t, do 'eulures Z'4 to , and the second de
bentures 5 to 40
lhtoal salea of stocks todny were 444,
K6 1 ares, iaoludlng Delaware, Lackawanna
and Western, 31,750; Canada Southern, 12.
I05 lir e. 15.82"; Kansae and Texas, 8'W):
R Q.es eoa.IUi.
Taa.V,Ht'mt,l09. lena.&aet'am lot.
Teaa. Ii.set'mt, 0. ...
Alton A T. H 31. N.J. Central. WH.
.AT.HPfd..8l. Nor.A W.pid.JVa
Ameriotn Bx., 1U7. Northern Pac.i. .
. C. X. AN.M Northern Pac Pl.l
Canada Po., 67. ). N. W..IH54
uanaaBou..6J4. 0.4 N.W pfd
Central Paoic,42'i. N,T. Central,
Cheiapsak A0.,8?. K.Y.C.A Sl.L..14'
W. O. lt pld, 16 N.Y.C.A tit L.ptd7
Ohio A Mas.,!7,.
Ontario A Wast,. 19'4
Oregon Nay , 102U
Oiem u Traas..XJ'.
Oregon Imp , 4iJ.
Paeite Mnil,64!4.
raoania, v
C. A 0. 2d pld. 10
Chicago A A.,14Ji,
C.A A.ptd.160
C, B. k Q , WH.
., St L. A N.O.,
CSt. L A P., 16.
Cbt.L4P.pfd, WSi
C. 8. AC. 45.
0. A C..64.
C. A a. Valley, mi. Peoria U A R..M
Del. A Hud . Pituourg, 147.
Del.,L. A W., 136'. Pullman r-.0..1S
It L 1)1 gi 4s4 r S sTl-i a.i
L""'.,?"1 i iveaatng, do?
kn. MX,
Bri nfd. 73'.
New Fast Teun.,16.
Fort Wayne, 145
Uannibal A St. Jo ,
H A bt.Jo . pfd, .
Harlem, ua
Rock Island IK.
St.L AS.K ptd.olK.
C. M. A ot. P., 90.
C. M.Abt.Pp, 118
St. P.. M A l..li4S.
bt PaulA Omaha, 47S.
oi Pe.nl AO. aid, US.
Tenn HoalA Iron, 44.
Texu PaciS",
Duion Paoi6o,61S. '
U.S. Exp ess, 1
W..8. L AP..19S
W..8.L. A P. a., bti4.
W.A F. Kx..l2.
W. U. Tel.. 73.
Colorado Coal, 39i, .
Home Stake, U.
Iron Silver, 2)0.
Ontario, VS.
Oilicksilvttr. 6W.
o.li'7ta. Quicks' Iver pld, 21
llouston A T., 4.1
Illinois Central, 111.
Ind.,B. A W.tiV..
Kansas A
Lake B. A W , 18.
Lake bbore. 9iil4.
horn. A Naah., ',
Lou. AN. A., 61.
M. AO. 1st pld,-.
M.AC, seconds.,
Mem. A Char , 53 '
Min.ASt. L ,19'
Sin. AM. L. prd.44
Misnoun Pacific. 1(71
Jtohile A Ohio, 16,'-4. .outh Pacific, .
M.LK.AW.pfd,9SJi. '
L0SD0H, Dot-ember SU. Consols, 103 7-18
Jpr w ney aud Iihi 9-1K for the account.
I'nitel Mita honil. aUs. It'tV. li
and Urrut W estern flrnti.Sl'ai Atlantic and
(troat Western secnml.. i:ti. n.r
4tsd per ounce. 'I he amount of bullion gone
u' mo i.a ui r.. giiina on oiaaoe loay
r ln,m. 'Ihe bullion in the Batik of Kn-
Innd deoreissd Jt)4ii.0 during the week,
be prinort-on ot th Rmltni ,ni,i,ii m.
rerve to liability is now So?, per cent.
CHICAQO. ILL., 'n.e.mtw.. tnSa.v
dearingi, J7.8IO 0OO.
MVW Our IS,V T I r. , u
v bMnnii.?, un,, Lecetnoer aw.-
Bank olearingi toauy, $1,634,6(9.
bT. L1UI8. 410.. Dul, on n..v
elnarins toduv tl.ni'Au. h.i. .
46tJ,2li9. ... .- ,
NKW YORIf. T)nnn,k.e tfl tt..k .1 .
logs todav witre JH.ni.U. k.lunMa. a-..
223.702. "
BOSTON. MA34.. n.,.mL, iori..u
clearings today wora ilO.UI.5 iiu!. M.....
BALTIMORR. KD.. D.omh.. tn Tt.,.v
flftarinea turlv ean a.i;utl. k l-...
1261,305. ' .
Bank olearinvs tnd.v .r sa 00-177.
balauoei, II.: 97,985.
p.m.! Liverpool futa-as war r
ber, 8 141, buyers 1 Daeambar-J.n-
ary,5 Ud bayers 1 Januiry-Fehruary, & 12d,
bivere; February-Mareb, Ltd. bavwi
March-April. 5 '4d. buver ; Aprll.Slay.6 16d!
July, aid, selle.s; July-AugusU 123d,
The local cotton market opened
ulet and easy and olnsed firm, middling.
IS InV. Sales, bono h.U.. 3100 t ...........
Yesterday. Wtdesday,
flood Ordinary.....
bow Middling......
Good Middling...,
Middling rair.
Stains and tinges
I -l
8 ll-:
8 15-16
9 8 18
8 5-16
8 11 16
8 15 18
9 8-18
Msnrnia, December 30. 1886.
b'ook, Sept. 1st, 1886 4 009
Keoeived today 2 299
Received previously ..484,084 490.39J
Khiped todav a. ah
Shipped previously .J33,574
llome consumption to date... 357 1
Stock, running account.. ..
at ports.
Thus far this week....
Thus lar last week
Sine beptember 1st...
AC. R.
AT. R.
L. A N. R.
Jlli K,
O A S.
R. R.. .'
W. R.R
12,l00t Missouri Pacific 3522; Memphis and
Cbarlsun, 3,500; New lersey Central, 44 , 48;
New York Cn ral. 3105; Pacific Mall, 630
Heading, 61,7.0; St. Panl, 24,950; Bt l'.iu
jnd Oaia, 3910; Texas Paoifio, 21,670
JJnion Pscifio, 750.'; Wertorn Union, 21, 155
Oregon Iranreontmantal, 520.1; Hichm.'nd
J" ?t Point, 34,740; Uo'king Viilley.
Jioai- KugUnd 17'020 Closing uuuta
OOTgDVHRgTS. V S. 8s, 1CK. 4(i jap ,
4!s1eontf, Uu'i. Pacific 6s otlKiij.l.
La, stamps, 4s. 82.
K. C.,B A M. B. R ..,
IVI.. . A U. H. K
Steitmers ,
nagona and other sources....
Thus far this week
inns tar laet week
cce bspteuiber 1st
. A 0 R. R
. AT. R. K
A N. R. R
.O.As. W. R. R
-..N.O. AT.R. R. ,
... 247
... !W6
... 117
.. 180
.. 2,299
.. 2il.9
.. 28.949
.. 472
.. h!9
.. .178
.. 1,75 J
Now York rpnts opened steady end closed
firm, middling, 9,Ho. Bi.les, 148 bales.
riuuuuvui weieas ioiiews;
Yeaterdsy. Wednesday
(4ood ordinary.
Low middling
Middling .
Good Middling
Middling lair
New York futures
. 9
6 11-16
8 1-11
8 15. 6
9 7 16
9 11 06
10 5 16
10 15-16
quiet and
firtn, olostd bsrely atoady and 7 lo 10 points
u'auer man yoaieraay. bales, 118,300 bales
Ihe oloaing quotations were as follows:
Yesterday. Wednesdsv.
Deotmber 9 4 9 48 9.37( 9.:
February 9Mt,f 9.Mr 9 52
March..... .71'd Q.63l 9 64
AP'" 9 829 9 74(d) 9 75
May 9.72 9.93 .84ro) 9.85
j"P - ....-.10 l.2ii410.0l 9 94 a 9.95
J"'' 10 1IK910.11 10 02310.03
August 10.16 -10.17 10.00(310.09
The New Orleans aunt m.rb.i nn.j
Iteadysnd oloicdfirmi middling, 9 l-16c.
Kales, iOOO bales. Quotations were aa tol-lowa:
Good Ordinary..
Low Middling
Good M ddling .
Y'oaterday. Wednesday.
1 7
8 5-16 i
VA 8 -
9 1-16 9
,..V l-IO
Tbe New Orleans fnhira maelr.t
steiidy, and closed firm, and 6 to 8
points highor. Bales. 28 IHO K.K. o.i..
tionf were aa follows :
J nuary...
June ,.
Yesterday, Wednsday.
nominal. y.trjntnom
wl:k9.l5 9 06 4 9 07
9.2KJIH.25 9.1(1(9.19
9.37"'9 38 9 31 (4 9 32
......... 9.5(1 51 44o 9 45
'.9.6239 M 9.5'() 9 57
9.7l a!l 75 9.6(.J 9 69
w.neii hi .s y si
....... 9.6S9.9J 9.81(j .1.83
roller, 12 4.1, JrrB.
iiA t tboice, from tmre, T5o: ear lead
uui .. or oapot. ia.io; prime, rr m s'ore,
70c; ear load from levee or depot, I12NV.I 3;
prajrie, f store, 4:e; ear load from levea
or depot t8 so.
CuRN-trom i!ore, whlta. 48c; mixed,
47e. ft.im levee or depot; white, in bu k.44os
In sacks, 47o; mixed, in bulk, 42o; In sacks,
OATS From stora, white. 38e; mixed, Stici
from levee or depot, white. In bulk, 33Sot in
SoSe' Bi'o", in nalk,31Hei in sacks,
" lilj JR Krovjn store, No, S. tS(33 2S; fam
ily, B 503 75; ehoice. $4: f.nti. fl 25: ax
tra fanoy. 84 5 1; p itut , J
BmAN ''ointorsj, 9oo; from levee or de
pot, II.
CKACKKRS-So. extra, 4c; soda, treble
extra, 4Wo: extra. Tm .ix.r
So; ass.it ted jumble., 10c
BKANS-N .yy. 82: madlom. it luval n.
00m m on, 12 25. '
hlCfc. Louisiana, iialte. O.vnlln. ata
UATjIb. All In half barrels. Mil f.m
CRACKED WDE AT-In half-bar rols, II 25
from store
HOM1NV IKn I1PTT4V ., it
j .i.w .wis, e)9
CHICAGO. ILL., nec.nih.etn TK. -K...
market ruled easy early in tbe ses:nn today,
bu' recovered in ton toward the close and
finished He higher than v...r.),i Th.
starting pr.ee f . r May delivery was 86e, but
under moderately frI), otlerlngs, dropped oil
to 8.V4ni su deolv turn.d strong and ad
vanced to Kr'.ia aud closed at 8rAwi, baton
tbe "curb" iu the a'ternoon uni llij.al rales
.iniuwor reiinrteu. ine leport was cir.
filiated rht lha movauient in Dakota would
be inuob. smaller in ttte near future. Large
.x,.or . pur bases Jwere reported at the sea
board, and I irg, nu in, orders came on the
board from New-rk, all ot which bat a
1 maraoo innuor e j sustaining and advanc
ing values. Corn ruied stejdy. without any
noirkcd ohanres in prices. Ke eipts con
tinue to b. moderately large, with
a lair shipping inquiry for the lower
grade. tlati wee quiet and fine.
Cash quotations irere as follows: Klourquiet
and unchanged; No. 2 spring wheat,
je.S'in: No 3 (,,ring wheat,71ot No.2 red,
Wc,i No. 2 euro, 37Mo; No. 2 oat, 2fi'4o:
No.2 rve Mc; No. Jhtrlev. 82lo; No. 1
"!,. WSi; prima timothy seed, ft 7(o)
- " '"ii"8 lutures rinsed as fol
Wheat. No. 2 December opened at
Zf 'Po h ee t . b3, . lowest 77?4C elos.na at
7Sb(S78V4o; Jatiuary opened at 781,, highest
78c, lowest 77J40, closing at 78), '; Feb
,u..',. l."d '9sc highest 79e, low-
t (We, o .i nv at Tfi,c; May opened at
Jr. highest 86!o. Irwesi 850, elos n at
SH.e. O. rn. No. a December opened at
oJSo, highest 3, Wo, lowest S;X e, olosieg at
J7o; J .nuirv opened at 37!. highest
37), lowest S7'(;o. closing at 37o: Feb
I?,VM,.,,nea l ;17 highest S7J-,o. lowest
!' V' 'i'?,"1 1' r'yf Way opened at 4tic.
highest 4,1V, lowest 4to, closing at43Sc
Oats, I No 2-December oi ened at 20V,
highest 2Ho, lowest 2oo, closing at2n'4o;
January '.pened at 26"c, hignest 26!iie,
lowest 26'ic, closing at 20!os Febrtury
opened at aiUc. hiuheat friU,. I.,-.. 01
jlosing at a-Ho; May paced at3lMc, hi.hest
JlJie, loweft SlHo. olosing at 31c. 11 e
ei(.ti "ionr, 25,000 hr': wh-at. 72.0T0 hi, ;
orn, 226,000 bu: oats, 90,000 but rye, 100)
.',LA',,' P3'000 bu- bhipmeuta Fme, ,
23,000 brls: whe.t, 42,0u0 bu; corn, 42,00(5
Mix)bS m bll! 3jt0bu! "rUy.j
of. LOUIS, MO.. December 30.-FIour
s arm .V A -V , I no(0j bo: ram v.
lTi- lo'"'"'", '?i trt"l PrTme,
uncui priraoieona.
ew, my up, ,
NB YORK, Deesmber 30.-Joffev-falr
Kl firm at 14e; opt! as higher and
elo.ed 12 913o; F.hruerr. 117iini
JSVlJe: Marnh. .y.7.V1l Oib. . A .M ,m
..j., Tvaueis r-ugarsteaiy; re-
s '"""1". aaoiassas gnu ana nominal,
ice eieauy.
a nt,r - , ... . . . ...
r...,..,...vrriq irom flora. Dried
peaches, 4(5e f-om store.
vcieii AUKK-Uutcns. tt! 402 78 from
store. Cabbaae, 82 50; per hesd. 6.i8j; 76
trom levee or depot per crau Kraut brls.
1 1 .505. half brls, U 75. Garlle, 4o)60a par
' r "'v., .'e per ousuei.
rRUIl-Oranaes, re: bov.14; pes barrel
aT'aA.t.'S!""' P 0lt- Bananag
81 60(42 51 t,ar h.nnk.
NliTS (Joeanuis-6 per 100. Peanuts-
irginia. be; lonne'see, tarmers' stock, iWI
.01 r.ia ieu, i-j oisner; shelled, loe. A'
ruonos, sjw. ainnis-Knglwh, lsc; French,
15c. Filberts. 12H. Pecen -lexas, 7(fltio.
Brasil nuia, lie Chsstnuta lu.iurud.
per pcun t.
RAI.SINS-Lr.ndnn layers,!; layors,r2 75t
Coliforma, 12 15; Imperial, .
PICKl.KS- Tr Imp. OA.. ..
11 .50. K.,r a-. Vs.. ' "i,
loos,, barrels, bU91; half-barrels, 1 7.Vaj
4 25; mixed, barrels, 110 50; mixed, half
kuus Firm, 23.
PiiTMoK-i-N'orihere stock. II 5081 85.
I 1 1) K tA Now k ...1, trt Ril-M? .... L i-.J
83 ,5il4 iter ba f.n.rrn .
Flbll-Maeke-al hsif-bar-els, No. 1,5 50
oo it it;' 1,0"; iu-io ait, no. i.
.y... u. , ide; 1.-ID, no. o, 00 lr ber-
w.f, i.uii,,, .ic ,.or on a.
A MK Haute 8-h, ims.
VlNKUAR-.OjJlj.) per ga'loa.
COTTON SEED Tn e.r in.A i.,i.. r.:
eruua ootton soed oil, new, 2K.I
fv, off crude outton seed oil, Vm
I .f .J suiumer yollow cotton seed
v. , j,...noi on suinuer yellow 001 ton seed
oil, 82.4d.wi miners' summer rel ow ootton
" , "'!' J""''"! priii.e sumuier white cotton
on, 3 in.!.. ; cneiee cooking yellow rot
ton seed oil, 37S3 prime miit'B seed
3 1 I ' in" iota, jiti 00. totton
joru u,.i.vcre i at nepoi or levoe, 89 per ton :
i.vu wmstou ai. nii.i, "t, par ton,
1 1118 a 81 IS TAI.LO W,
IlinHS-Drv flint. No. 1. 16c; No 2, ll'ci
TraaiV;. VJ.'. J ". JO 1,
...... , ..... (u, a ecu, -hoc. oneep aan
ioosi. .uceswax, auc. lailow, 4o.
NKIN4 AN It ri'KM.
SKINS AND FUR-T,sr ,,n,,
bear. ll,47oi mink, 15.s50ci eoon,
fau-S0J"'d' country handled,
li((J60.!; tier, I14J6 50; beaver, 50ol
17: W lid cat. l.VitORn .... HTST.. n,..l. ...
liio; opossum, lOo; wolf, oOooj!; akuuk, lxti
--, r"u.Hu... uv . . l
TBAMBIks LlAfUQ ' 1 '
Fritwa PolatM.Jaiaaa Lai, ia.ga. .
Oeoeola.....OoaaogA, I p.m.
Hneianatl . Breiivi Stati.I p.m.
Cincinnati n. P. Scaagcg, B p.m.
Nw Orleans. .....C. P. Caoaraas. a.m.
Vlckskurg City or Catao, 5 p.m.
St. Francis Rlver.Bo Fosisa. 0 p.m.
Concordia ...(Utso, 6 p.m.
mvvKar.ralla A( Itia; LRTRat.
Amenta. K.t. arf.m. 1 .w. . r-n .
1 nsapeake. Tmtnnvl.l., (1 u ik......
New Orle.ms: J. F. Walton, Ohio river; U.'
I, trisbia. New Orleans; J. N. Macomb,
Dtimrtura. Kata Ad.n... i.V.n... ro...
rhesaiveabe. Iiptonville; J. F. Walton,
New Orleans.
Kata Adams 317 balaa mii,. 4 .. . 1
cotton. 7ll7aks eott.. V ka 1
51 r kgs .und-ie..
Chesapeake 78 bales eottne. A k... .UJ
Otton. 928 skseotton sa.J. 875 k. ..J
b pkgs sundries.
liuctea Htate-7rr8 btls lour, 125 brls ell,
1140 sks corn. 30 bales anllon. TBI ...1.
5.0 empty barrels, 300 bxa maiohandii aaj
2717 pkgs sundries.
h.rlaa H. C'kautean 104 k.U. ul.. IV
0'7 aks cotton seed, 63 nhus and 1126' brls
.near, vi una moiaaaas and ju empty hogs-beads.
Gloomy weather.
llDBisaos only moderate.
Thu liver here roinmnnrerl fallinw
Flva hOAta are'annnnnf.arl trt laena
here tcday.
The Gavoeo. Cant. A. I., fliimmlna
leaves tomorrow for Coocirdia.
A. BsRog i bcinir lrlftilml writh n',1
cake at Uopsfleld for New Orleans.
KnUINKRR Hall, wliovai iniiirml nn
the II. M. Graham, is resting easy.
IT was very liiaauiflsalila nn 4V.n
levee yesterday, and then were few people
Tit a El Foster la the reonlar
ivin wtnorrow cvaninf fjr Bt. Franeii
si r.
8aJeof Town and Firm Lands
In and Near Bartlett, Tenn.
BVCVri. tf. A?BVw!5f. d!c"b OR NEW ORLEANS
j wiii proeeea la sail, at public anetlon, to J,
tbe bigaest bidder. In BARTLKIT, Tenn., '
ommeneing aboat il 'clock a m., on
Chas. P. Chouteau, riSKL
W H. Thorweg.n...mater tZZ
Monday. Jnuuar X Itny.
e-r am lands situate, lying and being In
1 Vi'.f""1"'1 T,rn ' a near the towa
Li . V s saueje nonneaai ot Usui
pais, to wit 1
u".". Pla' recently eccarled by Mrs
, '"kwell, in th town of Beitleit.
antllainiHa an IK I : 1 .a
pvhii sMraji. lyinf in Kit wt
Wi" M hova fitom Kl.vaior rKiDAT, '
Doo. Slst, at 6 p.m. for freight tr passage
apply at No. I Malison straet. Telephone
H C, LOWB. Agent.
?h: MSaVkVlaa1 'rr'iVl rOtt.lA0UI8VILLF,,CINClSSATi
which is situated a good frame resid nee and
. , ' eurina, large yova ol tor- at
trees in front, and ev.rj thing really tD make
a comler'able and convenient bom
A erUi uact of land near and salt ol
uanien, containing sw uraa.
known as th Goodwood tract, beginning at
a 'take In the bom.rvi lie read, Tbeo. Bland a
bK corner nf hi. Wgl. ar. . 1 .c
(8 shams links to a atake; thcnoeei t 18
eha na 50 links to a stake; thence somh 10V
aatskesp Ail akalaa Mil 1 1 t. a- I
.'VittaV'Hn "ikeye Wtate r
hlioak pointers: thence west 3 chains 35 w5',i: JL'VSi i"' .. .
Southern Transportation Co. 0. LineFor
yro. i.ouisvuie ana uinoianatl-btr.
U. P. Schenck. -hSV
J. L. Carter...master. -inkSk
Will t.a.a gkltllV !.. .TTlTr
u,.r.iuJSht. f ""Ml. apply tc'jAsUvS B.
ROGKKS. Ag't.7Mad a nst Tel.nbnwairr.
emphla siasa (iarlawetl raekoen.
ror vairo, Lrfiuisviiieand Uiroiaaaoi Htr.
links to a slake 1 thence ..lk in.k.i.. .
kt thence west 14 chains 75 links to a
v..ai iuishs norm j enatns to a stake;
thence wet e3 ebalns 80 link. in. ...1...
thene north !0 ehsies to the bomervill
u.-i tummwm wua saiu raaa east to beg n-
Th.DnWRR'WRArT n.l.'.l.ioa .
begins at a stake, the eiti-.na IM10....1 ma.!
aercf th Uoadeend traal, Ik.... .ik an
' stage; tnenee west 63 rliains 50
links to a (take; thsnee north li) chalna to
the Snmervllla road; theaoe with s.id -oad
west S chain to a stale; thence south 81
chains .0 links to the south hoe of the
Will leave FRIDAY. n. at.t c
SbLL, 0. F. and T. A., Ill Madison Mreeet.
rjmum 1. im aiaatson iraea
Telephone KI. Jnwa Otaa. Paas'r Agent.
m. . . r 'J r, VlLa.billilrUi.
City ui Cairo, .-5-3
Doherty SOTO -i
,rant thence east with
.P.W.DkK.R.-:,B!?- kegs, )25;
i) aui
BftKUb-Clovcr. II BO M ror kn.b.l ,
?Ri?t)SvQuJn'n-e',P- wu n".
B A u ""ol ns,oo;
li Y. ,",..7' l cans, ou i
morphine, P. W..H 01., 12 60 oa.i 1 oa
Tiais.82; New York morphine, oa .12 65
i vi 'is, ioo; eiucnonidia, 1 oa.
aou va i o ns eana. i.m n, n
opium, per pound. 1340; iodide potaib, $250
----- l ---. i vs. viya w lit III I IV.
li 80(a3; choice, 13 2.(. 35; tan-y, i (kk
3 0; ejjctrea faaor.H 9o4 10; patents. 14 SIX.
4h0. Wheat aotiv. strong and higher.
in. ascraei, opened easy ana sold oH-'ho, but
ouu uo,..i.i.eu itrengin, reenverea tbe lots
fnd. aavunoed c, closing firm and
8lk82c; Dscember, slv, o820, olosing
gct aominal! January. 818820, closing
ilxM bid: Kebruarv. N4iaUtl.n. uli. ..
nomina ; May, W&mi; do ing a9Sac bid
Uern fairly aotiv and barely steady; the
market closed at about yestorday's final
uaures; rip. mixeu, cash, 34;i,a3.5Sc;
January, &KtM5'. cloiing 43c, nominal;
ebrunry, 3fi,;tno, oloiina 86'o bd:
Muy. 39440c,f closing 40c. Oats dull but
sieauy; no. mixeu, casn, 27J4i(28oi Janu
ary, 4.-OI may, oiy4o. Kye HoaMy at 63o
Baney dull and unchsnged Hay dull:
prairi", IKalOi timothy. 110 otl.1 50 Vi...
aeea nominally nigner at 9o. lirsn easy
KkJoeipU-FVrur. 1000 brii wheat, 13(()00
nu . mirni net- nan 11 I u bm hue
ajx) bu; barley, 16,0tsi bu. " bhipm'ent's--blour,
iiKJO bu; wheat, 81.0HI bu: oorn,
nu: uau, ouuv ou: rye. luou bu: hir st.
Ben. .
KANSAS CITY. Docambar rtn Wl.,,1
airouirer; no. a rea, cash, hSi!-,o bid; Jan
uary, 7lo bid ; May, 7'.lr. Corn steady: No.
Cash, aifi-fc hid. 3'1'.n .uk.,l 1.'. k... ..
82Hc; May, S6!4 bid', 3'lko asked. Outs
nominal, Z8o asked for each.
New Orleans.
;hiirleston ....
Baltimore ....
New York ...
St. Louis, .,..
I Quiet.
F tji.
Dul .
4 W
2 2 3
S. 21 si
Prioes.i block
6 15-16 128. IS
9 1440.5,53
87S 40 224
8 16-16: 131. 353
45. 496
9 1-16
9 9-16
Recaipu at po.U, thii day, 1885 24,618
44 33 i
ReoeipU U. States
i ports, 6 days 192 f61
Export OtBriUin 77,337
tok ... 1,105,247
ReoalntsSank. 1st. ft a K a-cl
Fotalgn xprts... 2i235.2u
Increase in receipts this yesr 131,4 t
At aoeni Liverpool ipots steady, fair
f9man,d. ?! Wt01 b'" "hioh Amer
ican 7500 bales. Receipt., 20,000 bales, of
which American 16,100 bales. .
vioeing quotations were earollows: Or
in-iry. 4Sd: cood ordinary, 4 13 16d; low
fortlinv. a l-IA.I ... .
Irl'dd lit uulsn.li. 5rf. mlHHIi... iS.L.n.
ll'A pricee errs ow .a peace nni64(ns,
IAu... 4 ij awaas 4o3-tlld.- nmd fiui
1 D4J.J '
Atnocn: Llvamnnl rtnr.. w.-. ....j.
at advance; Deoember, 5 15.1 ; Deceiabor-
anuary, : January-February, 6 lid;
",, -.T'r,:n, o izooi, ; rl r ph-A IT il.
w3Hd; April-May. 5 1,5.1(5 16.ii M.v.
une, 5 175 lCd: Jim...!,... n .). t..i.
Augost,--. " '
At 2 n.m: Liverpool
rKls.on.l na Irv I
Lent. Pn l.t. lr.t r. an.,, ..n, , I .
D.AR.G.W 76 " KriBZJ ' ' kUl t rmi D'""''". 6 Hd, sellers; Decern-
M.K AT.9..n, wv,.Nirth .P.Uu.Vi tiri'"" ,6 1"' f ""''!. January-Keb-Horth.Pac.2u,,lu3..
N. W.stcn con. i'i. ' Had. WtSttl
RVTTER But'erino, UIl5o; creamery.
30'U5o: dairy. IK.u-'i. ronnirv h,,n... in 1
25c. ".
BOG PRODUCTS Firm mesa nork 10 w.
susar cured haras, lOVlini breakl'a-t ba
con, 8H(9I clear rib sides bacon, 7'Jci
bacon shoulders. : hulk i,ork .,. .i.,u
Sc; clear rib tides, 6 e; shouldors, 6!j!io;
long c ear, hko.
LAK1 Tierces, fi'ic; half-barrels and
kegs, 6.o; cholfle kettle, 7Hc.
SHKmSI MKAl'S Oi(v l...r. for.n.,.rfn..
3c; mutton. 4 6o: hind ouariara of hnl .v.1
6c: bogi, 6et country h.igs, 4(d5';o
POULTRY Uhirkans dull r,.,r ai rnw.
old hens, I 60-92. Turkeys $8 .il.G. ese.8i.j4l
Du. ks, i60u8i dres ed chikens, 11 0()2 0.
pur uoiea larerscu turgeys.iini.ic p r pound
u ai" & uuaiis, per d.it'n.rKi (sji, Squir-
i"i'i i otsei. aannits, ujctgvi per a ren.
Ducks. Wild. 12. Venison, .li..'. f. n.i. .
addles, 7dSt9c. '
CUKESK-Prlm flaU, 8'-,9o; New York
factory, 7H48o; full cream, 13Vio; Young
I'ldS rkKT-R.rr.I.. turn, k.irk. i.
II 25; kegs. II 25. '
CHICAGO. II.I...T).Mmh.r'VI l.l.:.a
aeuln ruled active and strong. The receipt
of ive hogs conlinue to be small, while re
ports from the interior indicated light arri
vals. Mess pert advanced 3(1 ".Vic par krl
3 c!-.-cilr. Lir- iivioe.d 7Ufiilo ....
per too io...aea eiosea sresov. hhnrt rmi
advanced 10(0)12 e. Oaehquotxtions were as
iohowb: mess pcrx.parDrl, 12.(I2 2,5 lard.
er 100 lbs, 10 60; short rib sides, loose. 16:
ry salted shoulder, boxed. 4 85 4490: short
lear aiues. nnisn. an arsn su ' h. i..o...
luiHiniiiiufru u. iuiiows; mesa pom Me
cemher opened still 50, highest 112, 2i , low
ert 111 60 closing at I2 10: Janu .ry opened
at 111 Ijji.bUhest 118 225 lowcstlll.. .le
ns at iiz zii; reoruar- opened at I2 (i7'-
nxhest 812 35, lowest. 112. elnsina at II ) xAZ.
Utopened t 12 40, highest 112 75, loweat
"in. cioning at TUX Lara December
peued at Id 42?,.highet 1650, lowest 16 42'
losing t (6 50; Jmuary opened at (3 4..
ishest. 15 12'A. lownat 18 4 15. .,
60: February nponcd at 6 &2, lii.hest
6254. lowest & fil'X. alnainw .1 tiwill.
May opened at Id 75. highest lowest
75. closir. at I6H7K' bh..rt ,iln-Ji..,
pened at l 87J, highrat 16, lowest 5 87S,
losing at (Hi; February opanedal tit 95,
ghentlb 12!i, lownrt to 96, S oring a t$n 10;
l.'rcn oio-ne.i at 80 IS5. ki.ha.ia; On.
16 05, closing at (6 0; Mavopcned at Id 22V,.
filghf t 16 375,. lowest t W! cliwing ii
6 3754. On the Produce kxebange today the
butter market ruled firm: cr. emery, 22(9)
28:; dniry, l'.'(S2 o. tags, itCn.
M. LOUIS. M0., Decamber 90. Provisions
astivo and generally strong. Pork firm at
112. Lurd biaher, 16 25 Bulk meats atrnng;
looao lota-lone clear, 15 95 : short ribs, 16 05;
short oloar, It) 20 U..sd lots Ions oiear,
15 7.5; short r bs, 5 90 5 95: short clear, I61.4
6 (4. Bcon firm; long clear, Hi 75; abort
ribs, 16 80o6K5; ihort clear, 17. Uarns steady
t t'Vojllo. Butler quiet bit firm ; creamery,
uaii, i.t.a.-xi. aggs a 1 mr ai Zc.
BUOAR-Purewhlt. 601 off whltefio;
yellow clnnfiad, 6'4o: seconds, 6(4554o;
refined A, 6iM; granulated, 6c planta
tion granulated, 65ao; powdered, 775oi
cut loaf, 7 75je.
OANUIES-Mt eVs, all alaes, la boxss, paili
bd barrels, T5i9t.
COfFKE-C mmon. 135y)14ot ordinary,
145,0 ; prim Rio, 16(a6'j eboioe to lanty
17c: old government, t4ol25c,
SOaP-3i.55 per pound.
KALT-ll 20 per barrel; sacks, fine, II 13
1 45; eoarae, II 101 16 1 pockeu. bleached.
Z'. iio; car loads trom leva or depot, be
CANNED GOOD". KTO.-Prlcs per do.
en: Pineapp ea, II ii&v-sl 50: peachea, 2-lb,
standard, 11 15(31 25; seconds, tl 10; tn
matoen, 2-lb, aiandsrd, 9i.-(Ul ; 3.1b, 11(4
I,1? 1 t'berrl. 1 loai 26; raspberries,
II 10(91 25: blackberries. Heal 1(1; greea
fWi.KJ01 P fclt plums,
II bwai 70; asparagus, 12 60't4: green ooro,
11(91 &; era a peas. II 55(41 66; coy cys
t .rs. full weight. Mb, 11: cove ceiers, full
weight, J I lb, 1 75; cove oysters, light
w isht, 1 lb, 60ci eor oysters, ligbt weight,
2-lb. II 101 condensed rolllt
I 83; Eagie. 17 7.5, bwiss.85 75.
.viULABafc, Lou siana, oommon to fair.
18 "2: prime to choice. aew.4V.ku: .,.,
20'a4iioi corom iato fair, 2'.5o; prl r i
o.ioicc,2S(4.iOo; ceotriiugAl, fauey,35'tfOo.
HAVANA, December 30. Sugar wak,
NEW ORLEAKS. I.A . D.e.mk.. w r..e
feu in ligbt de .and but colilors firm. Sugars
In g.iod demmid at fall or. a.., ... i,...
tin, chiice, 4Vic; rtrictly oriin. 4 1 16o;
Dtriiugal, placUtioa franulattd, 6.e;
Per pound, inclusive; aubniirate bismuth, th Ohio river wi
12 20 per Pound, inclusive; chloroform, 45o which sh brought
per po.ind; blue mass, 4:io per pound; calo- t... an...
u..i, 100 iwr pounu; mercury, 70o por pound;
chloral htdrate. 1 60 per pound; camphor,
a7,-f,rDOU,,,alcohiilt barrels, per gallon,
K?2A0ito' ""t barrels, imr g . Ion, II 42.
Her s, 7Ko per pound 1 6iO pound lets, 7o per
pound, 5-,e off, IS days; Southern whit lead,
j. P"r pouna ; ouu pounu lota, 70, 2So off, IS
daya; boiled linseed nil, 43c per gallon, by
hk ' 40e ' ttt" """a' 3i' per gallon,
Till Kale Adam fnr thn l.,e an.l
the Chea.paaia for th upper coasts left with
good trip,.
Tna Cumberland wai atill In nnrt
d"?.".!1" ""nln' n,lli"K r,""llr, 10 h,r
Tug J. F. Walton, with 1 hiataan.l
i barges of coal, passed I New Or Bang yea-
.vivmg luuruiug.
Trta TenreMea and flnmliBe'onrl
rivers conlinu to rise, while Whit and
ma.uea, rivoio ar lulling
Amos Dav ye'tepti reaiirneil Vila
pasitlon as Ireiaht clerk on the Kate Adams.
J. L. liud oa went out in his place.
ThB City Of Cairo. CantL Muhlnae
will bft In today, and ah. U.w..
venirg tor Vioksburg. Uapt. Ad Storm will
sos su luioruia.ioD.
Till U. P. Sohenck. Oanl J. T. ria.
jer. will by up thl vnlng en hey way to
Ciuolnnatl. Mr. J. U. R....... ki e ul.n
TBI H. H. Frubie arrlvorl frnm N
Pkrl'Jk? "'lht " l"t o lav today lor
im inree empty txrgea,
her loaded with Bait.
Til 8 Aitierla No. 8 wan tne,l to
Fort Pickering Point yesterday, where ahs
will remain until a week Irom tomorrow,
.ka. ah. will ...1. I.... . .1:1 .
.u,u,u,i.iii.,iu.tiigr er nit rirar.
InaJ-tmei. Lee. Capt. K. T. CIo,
id f,',1, tn' ftrnoon for Helena, Friars
It! il?,nt "" ay landiagi. W II Darragh,
h. Ctaa- Uurr and John ttbedea at her clerks
I m 'i 1 .
iJl.ie L".Bu"r rr,a, W00'- an washed,
k 1 o ' areas wool, 2336.i burry
- .ivw, iuu wasuea, oooyoe.
fcT. L00H, MO December 30. - Wool
quiet and steady; unwasaed medium, 21(4
fu . C,rr'if brolJ,..lt,S-l0! low snndy, 13(J
w, aau. 11111,1 iaj.s. ueavy, 14(9110.
V V. Ii .1. I. ITIrna ah... .h. ... . I..,.
95a'4l0operg.illon. '
CLKVFL4 VT. fl . n.. eon.,..
inu.il, . w , iu , xC,
PlITfillURG. PA.. n,..mk., nn....
active, dull but firm; National Transit car.
jlO'iates oiene. at OSSo; closed at 695.0;
-aa - wk.i lunonvi VAJ.AOi ,
WHISKY Stra'abt k-.nl.,nl.. Il....l...
Il60fln5; re.lisiiilcd gondi from 800 to II 5o!
according to pr ol : rye, II 7.5.0,6.
. Atncri an extrn.qts, 7(.J8; Piper
Beidieok, qts, r.-5; piuls, 7: Miimm's ox
tr.l d v. ula. 8K 5(1. ,.ini.. A'ln o. v...
Uiquot O S, I'll; pints, f-33; clarot, qts, 1.160
9U 50; 81 extra lor pints; Inn or ted ithine
w tie, vo)12 for qts; Catawba, sweet, 9o4
12-5; per aallon; C.tswba. d-v. 8 leu I i.5p,r
1111. m; uutiiwba. swet, (3 60(145 per case;
atawbu, dry. tlli.5 n r case: t'nlifoenia
wines 11(41 60 1 or gtllon: 'innnried port.
60 '1.5; imported siiarrv.il Sil.i.5. . A
a e tliurke's bottkry), pints, II 85; uis, I3;
an. 1 urn, onietre, pi, aio 2-1; chanipagn.
u.iaui. . ,mj: n,,,,. mail ,in... a'l.
...... ... ... .... '
...... , ue, ISI.
CHICAGO. ILL.. D.n.mW V) Bkl.L.
11 18. " u"'"'r
ST- MUI?. M0., Deoember SO.-Whlsky
CINCINNATI. 0.. December 30 .WM.I,
firm ; sales of 711 barrels ot finished goods
nn a aayis II I'J
RtILM, LEaif, ajHOT.
N AILS-IOs, iron, 12 35 atocl, 2 60.
LK5 6c.
bliOI-Drop, II 65; buck. II 90.
a.?A?,'1.E"9,r,,0Adlotol JoU J
l ie; l?.lbs. 7.; 14 lbs, 7. Flax. I lbs,
1TK3-I1 05(91 10.
Live Mli7sa.
CORN FED CATTLET-fchoick? extra, 40
454c ; good, 35n.
iiitASS 4.A 1TI.K CTjolce. 8(15e- geod
2H(43c; fair to mediuib, 2ui2oi soaVawags
HOGS Cholea. VZi.-Ar.Al.. j .
811 KKP Choir. 4o; medium, 854c Choio
lambs, 45s per pouhd. I
KANSAS CITY. M0., Deoembsr I) -The
ilea iS'fncfr JmiicUor reports: Cattle re
oiipts, 1197 head; shlt.menU, 736; market
etri-DKor ana iniriv activ. r innrf . nk,.i..
14 05 44 35; common to uiediun, II r39,;
sior-kers, 12 i6-.2 "5; feeding steers, 12 HO-J
3 40: ews, II .'rmSW. Hogs reoo.ut.. (U tl
nesat in pments. 981 head: the i.,a.k.i
loaoy g.o.i tocnoto .riiiiiHIli; common
in mm um.Mm . no..,. p-a.,,.. .......
hlpmoutH, none; god. Grm; romiuon.dull ;
goou to enoice. m 0K9340; common tome
uiu.ii. ei i.iror.
CHICAGO, ILL., Decamber 30. The
irrnvtrm tovmm rnnoriflr i att paa
RCti via a do 5 -10t) hiifhfr ! whlntiinv t mmr un
IfBUOfB. ytl.1 Hli: flflWM. hi) I la anri miaa,
IW'L buU W imi " T'" i-atHel
12 2.x3 40. lioss rsoeluts. 20 000 hesd:
shipments, 6000 bead 1 markei.tr ng and
a shaia higher; rough an t mixed. 141 5u :
P.'c;,;nf .'h" Ping. W 404 ft; light,
) 704 40: skips, 12 75u3 85. Khe.-re-peipt.
4000hd; shinoieuta, 2O00had: mu-
a.v uriii; na'ivea, f vao; nulg, 8170(44 40:
astern. 12 50u3 90: Taiana. S'iiilllUl. I....I..
NKW YORK, December SO.-The mar et
was very quiet, and e-lde from free deliv-
r.es i on ma eagngements mere waa very lit
tle doing In any elsss of goodt. Cotton
goods market very strong
bu. u7 7 'Joiisms'T
No. 17 JeftiraoB Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS
D .JK"tub",h la lfato.l
R.JOHN bON Is acknowledged by all par
ties interested aa by far the most suo
eessful phraioian in tbe treatmentof prlvat
or secret diseases. Quick, permanent cur,
guaranteed in every caae, mal or female
Recent oases of Gonorrhea and Syphilf
cured In a f w days without the us of mar
jury, change of diet or hindrance fron
uuaiuea,. oeconuary Byr Dliis, the last yes
tig eradicated wltbo-ilthe us ot mercer.
Involunsary loss ot semen stopped in short ,
tim. buBerers trom Impotencyor loss 0
sexual powora restor to free vigor In a fe
weeks. Victims of sell-abos and axoesslv.
venery, sufienng trom spermatorrhea n
lossof physioal and mental nower, siwodll
and permanently cured. Particular attoe
tion paid to the Diseases ol Women, ant
cores guaranteed. Piles and old sores oure,
without the use of eaustio or the knife. A1
consultations strictly confidential. Medi
olnes sent by express to all parts ol tb
country. sMTWorklnrmen cored at half th as
rates. Office hours trora 8 o'clock a.m. to
o'clock p.m. U. S. JOHNBUN, UJS
Tor Coahoma. Oaot. Henrv Onnnae
! ,,i?,"n.6j;nke.t 'aarlna this evening
fnr Gold Dust, O.esu la and all w.. I.nj;..!
S?athu1vu,,,.eroa''. Muaers. Wm. Smithar,
bid heeler and Chas, Lsltwioh are her
Tna BuoVoya 8tate. Cnt. If J Vln.
ton, s in Port reeslvlng. aid will leave this
evening for Cairo, Kvansvilln, Louisville,
Cincinnati and ull way landings on the Ohio
and Mississippi river- Messrs. George W.
Hendrioksoa and t!t.ell. vim... - - i...
THaCliarlea P. Ohontean arrlra.1
yesterday morning from New f'rlenn
with a good trip, the principal Hem of
her cargo for Ibis port being 17.IW sacks of
cnttna seed, bheleives again this evening
for lleiena. Terrene, Arknsis ;ity, Vlcks-
Durc and Now Orleans. Cart W. 11. Thor-
" coinmsiKts, wttu jar, uaorg Miiton-
vcigor in itueuuioe.
Tub Uniltd 8 RtaBrnulraf Jnl. n 1C
Macomb. Can'. Ktank Civtnn. arrl..rf ...!
te'day from Vleksburg mid will leave today
for Cairo. The I. Ilo.ing is a list of snags
..u. c., u. uer UDiwosn vieasnurg. .1....
.... u.....k . r . ,.
Tum- T i svoo-i imm iuceiuner v to ;h,
188o, iuclusivo, imdor the supervision ol
A!'"Brs Corps ot Kn.lnocri,
United stitoi Army: Ono In chute of Is
Iandll3 1 at II. nl. .,. I .. i...j nu ,
at ielat d !ifl, t Eldorado, 1 at. Ilays.l st it.
land 96, 1 at .Maier-villH, 1 at Island 0), 1 nt
uiouori, at rorus, nvluw Kelugft, 2 at Mit(.
wnv, i at i.aumnge, I at Woou-tonk. 3 In
rowdy Mend. 1 In (4nr.tn.r. Iu..i i ,
Cat9h Towhosd, I ot Bolivar, 2 at Cauls!
roioi, iin mnntcrny uona,4 at Itiverton. 1
Bt Roiednl-. I at llund 73. 2 at Vieln.li. K
a. isinna in, I at i.an.mia, 1 at Knowltons, I
at 0od Cott.ac, 16 in chute of Island 68, 1
at Malone . 2 at St. l.oui. I..n,l.n. a . .
Rend i f 65, 2 nt Jackson" Point. 2 at Clara
Field. 1 at Pillows, 8 at Prairie Island, 4 at
ft. Francis Towhesd. 1 at Herbert', let
"orueiux, a at r. x uurns, 1 a blues Point,
1 at Desot i Front. 3 at Scanlaos, 3 at Silver
ivesc, i at rresiuenta l lai.d. Total 93,
She also out from pit ng banks 1235 trees.
Orrini Biokal Slaving, TJ. 8. A., 1
JdgurBiB. Deoemner 30, 1 p.m. I
The follnwinvoheervatlone are taken
at all stations named at 75" meridian time,
whl.'h Is one hour later thaa Memphis time :
am nne re tne nroinnlne.
A alataf aa.al t it'll Til iota I. .1 i
ni .5 n,,"l"r. aaiea r bbelby eounty, in
. imiu, no. ,. m no.
Also, a certain traef, containing some 131
ores, known a the " Cor rev Place," begin.
uioa suns in ine si a eorper ot lot Co.
of a subdivision cl th. Unrf, ..t IV P
Reaves, deceased: theenaHss ehslna.nJ ir!
linka to the MK ncrner ef ..Id l.t. IV,.,...
south t cast 29 shams and 40 linka tn a
siase wun nteHory t ointers, being Ilia SH
corner ot section o, siinge i, or the 11th bur.
vey.r's llistrlctt tbeaa narlh w.lh rV
range line 46 chains tn n stake in the road;
thenoa teuth BiVa wet IS chains and 61 links
to a stage in im nwil: thence norib 88' west
16 chains to the beginning. To be subdivided
and sold srcordinely.
Terns ot Sac On third rash; balance nn
aeredilone and two years from dude: notsa
bearing Interest; Hen retained till same arc
patu,eie. rt. J. iii.ack, r.ieoutor
Ol Mre. M. A. Illaei well, daoised.
ar Aleo, at same tlaae, will sell all the (arm
ing Implements, live sleek, to., on Bald
piares, alio e rtwis.sy.
Liahtner m ..,. awsaaw-...'.
Will leave th Klevator SATUKDAi, Jaa.
J. V .? f mL freight r paesag applw
O. L. H !,!., Piss. A't. ADHT .H7. Ha mt.
, -.jxi
Hi. ar.ucl.stlee,. I rau.pH.rl.ua. t.
Rene Macready. rKZ
0. K.Jop'In.. master.
Leaves Memphis EVKRY TIlRStiiT
SATURDAV al 6 p.m., ior Mariaaaa aad
way landings as far as the Cut-Off.
Tho captain reserves tba right topees ad
landings he dee in a unsafe. Telephone M.
JAd. LEEaJa.. bup't,
fme. No. 4Madlson street.
For Osoeola. Hales Point. Oarathersvilla.
Gayoso and Tiptonvllle- The new id.
wheel passenger steamer
W. P. Hall master. I J. D. FalierZoTeTk
" HI leave as abor, and all way point.
. rorfvlrfitor passage applycn hoard.
kleiiiphle.l rlHr S'olnt aatss eaoin ,
' Bud Osceola PachelUcmiiaEy,
For Helena, Olendale, Friars Point end al
nay uaunings oieamer
9 T Ct IOOVTV k, . ' . 1
. vj,,, n, 4 ..,, , master.
Will leave aa above on EVERY MONDAY,
tt aooDpuai sua rniuAI atsa aioolu
For Randolph, Fo'ton, Ssceola tn Way
Coiilioma, iptJEt'
ar its vvyvn I , .ilidlCY
Leaves Every MONDAY, WEHNEirlDAY
and FRIDAY at I p.m. Thtboatsol tbl
lin reserve the rlabt to naaa all landinva
thc eapiala may deem nnsal. Ofllce, No. i
iwanisnn St. 48 .V KM LKK, .1. , Nqn't,
"To tlie VICTOR the LAUREL'
Pseewanent m every klgber quality, the
HANAN SHUG has became the raccgno.d itsnd.rd
set roe weet emoag ritaasnranaang gantiemen.
A Han with slralnr and Coneclcncc
wii drop petty ptedpiairrs carelenly pitted up
m..i.. ir oeor. nacn are invlled
BO try ene paw nl " llanan'a " shoes. Ws know
th. resell : every awn who wnnu the best and
farst atiirle in ihe asorksl bK koeoiue a psieet-
knl O Il.ni.rt. m r r
Memphis And VickBbartr i'ackctt'ou
Danr U. ..flail Line.
For Helena-Concordia, lerreo aud Arkan
sas t.tty I be elegant passenger Steanur
U. K. Chaek..1masur I W. 0, Blaog.r..oierk
. . Leaves Msmnhla
For Ooneordla and all way leading.
The Steamer
A. L. Cummins. Mast'r I Lew PrT..T.! Clerk
Leave TUESDAY and 6AXURDAY atl p.a
ior aanaral Intnrm.tina .nnl. mi
No. 4 tladison street,
JOHN CIBR.P.o'i A rent Telephone ,-
Chatianooga ........
'Davenport .
r on rlmttb. ..
Keokuk ,
La Crosse
Little Rock..
I nuisvil
I, snsiralN
Now Orleans
rit. Louie
".St. Paul ,
Non-KeHldeBt Notice.
No. 364 In th Chancery Court ol Shelby
ennniy. i enn jeeepnine Hicks vs. 1.
Delia Wai her et al.
It aitlkaarlllBf frnai hill wkl.h I. swn.n In In
(his cause that the do ondanls. I. Delia
Walker, and ber hasbanil, Wm. Walker, are
residents et pan rrancisoo, Caltrorula, and
vn-rosmenia oi inornate o' lennesseel
It is therefor entered. That they make
their a ni earanoo herein, at the oourthouse
ot pneiny county. In womnh s. Tenn.. on
or before the firr-t Monday in February,
1887. and nload. nnswnr or d.inur to ootn.
plalnant's hill, or the same will be taken for
conicsseu as to tnem and set ler hearing ex
parloi and that a copy ot this erdor be pub
lished once a week, for lour successive
weeks, la the Memphis Appeal. Thii 15th
any oi December, 1 ..
A copy attest:
B I. MoliOWELT,, Clerk and Master.
I Memphis & White Hirer FkkCo
ror aiaroaaon, gsapaila lllan,, iseM
Arc, Augusta, bearoy, Newport, Jaokjaa.
K. 0. Postal,.. ,.. master, lT ' iHaataW
Will leave EVERY wKDNESDAY all a.m.
Str. ALBERTA NO. 3,-a
Albert B. Sailth master. Infr 1 k
Will leave KVK6I HA1UKDAY at p.m.
Through rates given to all aolnta. kValahi
consigned to th InWphls aad Whlta River
Packet Co., at Memphis or Terrene, will be
forwarded promptly. For general informa
tion apply at office, No. 8 Madiaon St., n
Hall Telephone II H. 1,1 1 Wit. Ar't
11 13 A la KSTATL
TlvT. il. C11I.I..H. Ii.,,..i.n .n,i m
taylor A Curro I. Sols for cunpln't,
817 ami 815)
H. Second St,j
rta aa.aa.aa.ai a 1
tsirtrraoToiniui oJtes
Dr. Ward's Seminary.
tvi AouvibbK, icnn., tna leading school
XI lor yon ng Indies in the boulM, andequal
any 111 me rorin, opens it next session
DiTTdinino 111 r, 1 ...
. ..... s . irouiinnsr ot. . noon
River 8 fnet 10 Inches on th. ...... .n.l 1. 11.
ins. earner oiouuy anu ooiu.
LOUIHVILLK. KY . Dac.r.1,.. m
Kiverlof et 111 ichos in th. ..! .. a
feet 8incb.es on the falls and lislng. Weather
vie .r U'i com.
WIIKKLING. W. VA.. n.e.ml... ln
Noon River II feet 6 inch son the giugeand
falling. Weather cloudy aud cold. River
IUI, ., UBS U11US ice.
CINCINNATI. 0., December 30,-Noon-
it r Ai rajeBi 1 in cm ana u in Wau.h.a
mI rill 11 w t r- A A., I si t Ii a o s., 'Jfi4 a a
Pang C. Drown and Uuiuiuc btor, Now Or-
IV. u..
CAIRO. ILL.. DusntiW M v.a.ni...
20 feet ( Inohes on the g.ugeand eutlnnary.
Weather cloudy and cold. Arrived: John
Oilinore and barges, New Orleans 8 p m ;
I'esoto, kiempbls, 7 a.m. Departed; John
(11 mor and bargee. New Orleans, 11 p.m.;
Desoto. Cincinnati. I a.m
:i b. &i I iW rofiw fortU tor Arm
-; . I I th hmir, ka-atortnf ooJor wtm
a'tt"' ' I nT. Md MwvnuriaT tHrlrnir.
rMe n A . 11 a as sRiaaaai
aUir railinv, and U Bum Co ploM
0o. tvul tl OOtit lnirt-Mu
ir ror Corna, tnlrnia, 4
rttolhe-f.ri. XimU?
I. ilAAeOUX aft Wk, l
ThaaBMfsaalt.nirMtaaM hevy-sa ra4P(Wni
ii-tm iui Min. r nwiraaj tximr'tr
& Valuable Patent.
Baaey'a (Home) Coras aad Pa 1'lan
HAVING perfected my Invention, I wish
to pine it before the pahito, espe-lally
n inolectnrera. As a Corn Plantar, it is .
pertect snooess opens th drill. Hi.ttimi.ai
tbe seed aoaurateiy, nniniured, and coverd
th same, thereby one man performing the
work of three. Thee have been clad tn
this section for oyer a dosen years with per.
feet aatiafactlon. fan give reapoLilbl tesu'
rnonula. Address
JOim U. DANCY.Daneyrin,
liarwood ootuty, leaa.
nusrr 10th. This a b,..,l I. too wall 1-n.s
fv lu grand aueoess and the noble line of
.wftmen It has educated to nord coy com
ment, s-aranie will also nnd it tb most
reasonable in IU terms. Adlrs'B
AUacliinrnt Kollce.
No. 6T33, B D. In .he Chancery Cnqrt of
Shelby c.unlv. Tenn. :annia V. Ilit.l
et al. vs. A. 1. Laval. t'e.
In this cause an a't .ohmsn hiving been
seed out under section 4i t of the U. da ol
Tennessee (Mlllllsn A Vertices), and re
turned into Court levied un'in th. nron.rta
of dolendant. A. f . Livulette; and aflidavlt
navmg neen made that tho defendant, A. I.
Livalette, J isl'v tndohted to cnmplaiosnU
in IUC sum OI aiou and intarast thereon slnaa
beptcmbsr 17, IHetl.due by nntn, and that a .lot
A. T. Lavaleti is a non-resident vf the State
f Tennessee:
It la Uierafor erdered, That th said de-
leoasnt, A. I i.avaletu, n ake bis personal
sppearanr herein, before the Chancery
Court of Shelby eoantr, al the fourth, use
la the city of Memphis, ce the first M nd.y
In February next, and do'erid said attasb-
ment suit, wlthfn the t me Denser.h.il h law.
or tbe same will be prceea ed with ex parte t
and that a cony ol this order be published
one a week, for lour successive weeks, in
in isa inrinpuia appeal. A oopy attest;
inis i.itn osy nt us otreer, irm.
8. I, MoDOWELL, Clerk aad Master.
ny i . p. uaiu.eu, I'ei uty V. aad M
n. u joru
. Sol, for oompl'nt.
MRELTIlf laadloaUhle to meet any seed
or easiness, it u cneaper thaa old style, Cat
be put up by any one. I neqnale,! lor
raniry ana ttoaa ssitaivm. Address
KOOII A. U. C :oM Mirn
4l W1 HT.. PKOKra. III... ae.
Nlissmoaa Marlwiirs4's..Kt I, mil. V
No. 6067, K.-Chancery Court f Shelby
county-Louts r. Ullortet al. yi. William
l'oeka et el.
thn I li' virtue of an Interlocutory deer for
s snie, entereu in tne aoove oause on th
Isldnynf Deceiubor, 18KI, Minute Book 65,
Ksge 3.V.I, I will soli, at publio auotlen, to tba
ighest blddor, In front of tb Clerk and
master s otuce, at the Alain street sot 'sno
of the court-hous of Shelby county, Mom
phis, Tenn., oa
Nalnnlny. Jaa nary H. INSiT.
Within legal hours, tba following described
proierty, situated east fiend near tho cor
poration line or tba city ol Memphis, in
bhelhy county, Tenn.. to-wit:
Lot No. 3, as laid dowo on the plat er sub
division of lauds as act forth In thedenrea
entered herein cn the 19 h day at October,
18 6, In Minute Dock No. 64, (.age 495: Be
ginning at a point on tb north s da of Dea
ry avenue 4404 feitwest from th seulheaat
enrntr of th land conveyed by William
Wiley to Henry Bocao by deed duly recorded
In Book No. 1. Daaa nl the H....I.,'.
oillce of She by county. Tennessee, and run
ning thence nertu 280 feet to bophya bayout
thence westwnrdly wllb said bayou 27 feet to
the eest line of lot No. 2 on said plat; thenoa
south with tbe east line el said lot No. 1.
2h0 'eat, more or less, to tho nertu Una or
Henry areaue: thence east with aaid avenna
67 H foot to tbe bssinning.
Lot Nn. 4, as laid down cn the till plat
and which Ilea Immediately east af said let
No. S and bas a Iront of 5'4 teet on the north
side of Henry avenue, and runs bank north
wardly, between parallel linaj. 'JM teet aa
bopbys bayou.
Lots Nos. 6 and 6, as laid doea ea tba said
rilat, which are in eolido, described ss tol
ii ws : Urglntiing at a point on the north Bid
pf Henry avenue 3 t feot west (rote the south
east corner of the land conveyed by William
Wiley to Henry li. eke by deed recorded in
nook No. 1. page lit. of the Registers ofnea af
Shelby county, Tenn., end running tbenea
wesiwardlv with the north line of llonrw
avenuetiii feet; ihence north on the divid
ing line beiween lots 4 and 6, as laid down oa
the Said plat. 28 teat to Sophia bavnu i
thence eastwardiy along ssld liavuu to th
urtheait oornerof lot No. 6: thence aonth
on the dividing line between li 6 and 7,
I. lu down on said plat. 360 feel, to the point
ol beginning on Henry evenue.
Lots Nos. 11, 1.:, 1 , 14,1.5, lo. end the north
unsold part of lot No. 7, which .re in solid. ,
described as follows, te W't: Beginning at
the lout iiea-1 corner ot the land conveyed by
Willi, u Wiley t llnnrylloeke by deed re
corded in Hock No 1, ptae ill, of toe Res
ist r's office ol bbelby ooutaty. Tene , and
which point is abnut 101 feot eastwardiy
from th inter action of ihe (act Ha el So
I hys bayou and Henry avenue, es the sama
ex sted when said deed was executed by W ti
ll. m Wi er to Henry II eke; and running
thence north along tbe east line f raid land
470 feci I I hence wesiwsrdly alone the north
side of said lead SI feet to b'ei hys bayou X
tnenee in a southwesterly direction with said
bayou to the nor h cad ofthe west line of lot
No 7, as laid down ol said plat; ihenoe south
on the dividing line between leu and 7, 17
feet, mora or lesa; thence aa. t Beresa saiel
lot No. 7 oa a line parallel with lieary are
nu; tbenc south 40 leet, mor or less, ta
Ike northwest corner ef let I; theaoe seat
ali. eg the north line of lot-8, and 10, aa
laid clown oa (aid plat, 4 leet t the north
west corner i lot 11. as laiddnwaea said.
f lat; thenoa south nn the dividing lin be
ween lots 10 and 11,170 leet I tb B irth lie
of Henry avenue: thence east with Uenty
avei ue 80 feet to tbe begineltg.
Terms ol Sale One-taitd cash; balance la
three and II mo las: note bearing Interest
with surety required, end lien retained.
This December 16 116.
S. I. MuDOWKLI., Clerk and Master.
ana M.
AdinlnlMtralor'a olloo.
OlDr Public Admln'slra'or, Shelby Crnnty
Courtliou.a. Vamphia. Tenn.. I)an. 17. lg-K
rTlUK undersigned having i sen appointed
L and qualified admin st'ator thee-Ule
or Maurice Jlrosnan, deeeaeil. notioe is
hereby aiven to all persons ind. bted to said
estate to come forward and settle; an) to
tnoaeiowooin sil l estate Is In tented to n
their claims with me duly probated, within
ihe time proscribed, by law, or the same will
be Krever barred. JOHN l.OAOUS,
PuWio Adiniaiitxator.
By 11. F. Coleman, Deputy 0.
U. A K. Lehman, b IP
ei Ecrioy or niar.CToas.
tuna AtiB Pi.AHTsaa Buni na kimin,)
Memphis, Tenn., December 6. 1888. f
STOCK ll'iLDKHS are hereby noticed tha
in election will be held et this Hnk oa
the (tecond Mondy tn January. 167, front
lo a.m. until D. u . to ohooia Dlreotora to
serve tbe ensuing yoar.
h f. p Kg i, t'asrjier.
I Illsalm k. found In the "stCIKAt sl
4s' 1IELIII.M fnr tha
speedy cure nf Nervous Debility, Lost Ener
gy. Dospoodoncy. etc. A ocpv nt this book
will be sent tree, sca'ed Address Nt'lKNl'aa
4iK 11. A I. a H.iae Waal Mixta aureate,
Cluclnnntl, Oblu.

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