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OkauMkl eu ale BMt-Trmlit
m fful I I , M
Tl.L. II.. uriM at 8 1 40 fc.BU
Iff laasrrl aael T aea Trel I
were u tollowii WewCrleaae U atrlres
" . T-T . j.ii. . a,i! am. Loci
treifkt arrtreB dally (eieept Senday atlSS
leere. daily (eaeept Sunday at ,:lt
Kail train, do not flop J ata-
MdliOTM. -,
laalaof t (la V . O.
ai4T.Ky. Trainees U if roa fol
4, 4: a.B.i Vlokabnrt xpr. dallf.
lunt a :1 a.m. New Orletsl fast Bail,
eeily.arriTe. t:10 a.m. Vlokiboic ex
preas daily, arrlTM a 6:45 p.m.
Tamtavllla mm aakjtlla Tralal
ere aa lollewat Feet nail arrival daily at
1:15 a.B. I leares atlflilO p.m. I nail leave!
daily at 10: HI e.ta.1 arrWaa at 4:00 p.m.
BrowasTille aeaesnmodatiom leave daily,
leapt Beaday, at 6:00 p.ia.l arrirM daUy,
xeeptSaada. at 8 51) a.m. (itandara tiia.l.
Hall etMta (Kaimuaa Ultf ,Kpru.
eiaaaie) Hnuafela)-Trains leave M. aod
T. aeat ai Mlowit No. 4, Kama City -arwi,
leaves at WieS a.m. I No. S, Kansas
City aipreaf, arrive at :) p.m. No. ,
taana City mail, leave. .16:00 p. bj.i No. 1,
en.es City mall, errivee at 1:46 a.m. Ho.
t. tit, LuaU aad Ohlearo eipress, leave at
M p.m.: M. 1. St. Looia aad Chleaeeec
wrees, arrival at i46 a.m. la afiaot buaiiay,
April IM.
saaaapitta aael Ciaarleataat Train
nova a follewer Throat eipree. leaves
dally at 10:00 p.m. Hail and aipree. leaves
dtiiy at 9 ilOa m. Bomervilla aoeoBjaiode
aiAM Wwa f &1I. M&t Hnadav. at 4:40
low!: W.w urieani men, '"
.or f hronah eipreas arrival daily at 6:10
a.m. Mail aad oiprest arrive, dally at lCiH
Bomervtlle aoeommodatloa arrival
ally, axnept Hoadey, at:iua.m.
rraplile, Hlranlaabaia aael Alias
tto-Holly BprtBf BouteTralas mora at
fallows! No. 1 leave. Memphis dally at 8:46
p.m.: arrival ai Holly Bprlns at 6i6 p.m.i
Me. I laava Holly Bonnaa dally at (:10
...: arrival at Memphis at lOilOa.m.t No,
6 laevas Memphis daily at T:16 p.m., arrival
at Haliy Sprinn at 11:45 p.m.) No. 8 loaval
Solly Sprinai daily al 1:16 a.m., arrival at
mpblnaiei4ea.nl. ,
JMrimaMa mm IIHI Mat. Tralnl
aisva u lallowi (aantral atandard timall
Mo. 1 laavai daily at 4i5 p.m.! arrival al
t:!6.m. No, 8 laavai at 5:55 a.m. J arrival
at Die a.m. Ha. Mfralcht) laavai uopanoia
dally (aiooptSaaday) at 8:80 a.m.: arrival
at I :M a.ai.
lorAlmbtma: Rtin ; touthtrly wind),
be toning variable' warmer.
lor Hiuiui,ip( and Louiiiancu Rain;
toutheartrrly windt; warmer.
For lenneuet: Rain; variable windt;
lor Texu: Fair weather; 'Variable
windt, bcmlng exillurly; wanner.
For Arkmtit: Rain or mow ; north
wetter! windt; AiaMy colder.
77 Tenntut and Cumberland ritert
will tin tKghlly; the Ohio river wUl fall
Wi; the MimitipjA river vili rue
tUghlly from Memphit to New Orltant;
the other ritsrt will remain nearly tin
iionary. - "
44troloa;lel Rvporl.
Wnmii, Taaa.. Paooabar 80, 1MB.
ft 4V V V I ftOT
Time. Bar. Tuer. Wind. VVe'iuT
7KW a.m. 30 041 S0 0 N.W. Fogny.
SMIOpjn. 2i),8frU Et.0 N.E. Lt rain
lOrtW p.m. tf,854 33.0 V E. Lt rsin
Maximum teniporature, 3 i. .
Minimum temperature, UK.
Oaone, 11 a.m., 2.
Bolniall. 0.2.1.
Prinsrai of TrebUonde at tbe Thea
ter tenlRht by the Adelaide Randall
Opera Company.
To-night Manager Boblnson, of
the Museum, will give a select Tiew
Year's watch meeting ; to invited
The Shelby County Roiding Cir
ele will meet at the cflloe of the Coun
ty Superintendent on ttaturdiy, Janu
ary let, at 10 o'clock. A full attend
anee is desirI.
A negro named Joe London was
sent to I til yvsterday by Justice Barry
for ttealiogll from tLe hands of a ne
gro womnn at her hooss on Beale
street. Ilia bocd was fixed at $300.
T7 The Century, for January, Is at
hand and the front piece has, in gold,
a fine picture of Lincoln. It Is u nn
osnal flue nnmber. Mmsford has Lis
first supply. Price 36 cents per cipy,
Djn't f org it tbe New Yeer dinner
at the City lloeplta'. Contributions
ihLUld be icpoit d today to Miss Fan
nie Jobe, No. 428 Court street. Bask
ets may to sent to the Hoepilal gate
by the Citii'trt' etrtet railway,
Lut a'ght in the kitchen ol the
Clurendon Liotel John Winkler, a
white man, rfceivrd a very puluful
cut under the left eye from a kiiifa in
the bamls of a negio waiter nsniRd
James Mitchell. Ton latter, after the
cutting, left the hot.'l and has not
been seen since.
Lite yrtordav evening, near the
Hanauer Oil Works, on the levee, a
negro roustabou', called Jin.ihotat
that famine colored cltisen, James K.
Gla, but luckily for him the bullet
went wide of ill mark. Glass had
some words with Jitu, the roustabout,
and the latter, not appreciating the
remarks made by Glass, pulled h's
Kn, fired aad then flad. lie has not
en arrested."
Marriage licensee were iwued yes
terday as follows: Frank Hilton to
Mita Silhy Wright, colored: Alex,
Oartwrlght to Mos Mary Wineton,
' colored; J. A. MaDma'il to Mrs. Kin
mi Ranch; V. L. Kirkmsn to Mies
Kate J. Toompeon ; , Jamea Shaw to
Mlis Annie Pullum colored; M. T.
Hatcher to M si Sal lie Wlufo:d; J. K.
Bronner to Mi a Julia Grinsim; Jem
Gardner to Mias Battle Kivera, colored.
Mrs. Stevens, living in an old boat
at the mouta ol Wou river, la In in
oigent circurmtaccea. Uer husband
died three days ago and luft her with
a three weeks' old babe, a boy 6 years
old and a anrl of 8 years. Money hag
ben provided to aend her away to
relatives in Illinois, but V:.re ia still
money lacking to o'otne herself and
children. Utiaritablv deposed per
sons aaiious to serve this distressed
woman can do an by communiratlng
with Dr. V. A. Williamson at Bjaxd
of Health orat-e.
J. B, T lint in acd wife are rls'tlng
a Mrs. J, U. Uoan s, Wo. i,i Union
Miaj SiLUs IIoWard, of ClarksvUle,
Tenn., is viMiing airs. w. w.Kcnooi
field, at 88 Poplar street
Can. J. A. WooLosiDOK, formerly
ef Memphis, now of St. Louis, will
spend New Year's day among his
Memphis menus.
Mas. Wat. fioaiixixa and daaghter,
Irene, 01 ureenvuie, Mtre., are stop
ping at tha residence of J. Schilling,
Chelsea, ,
tuns, of Pome, tia , and Miss Sallia
Foard, of Nashville, three lovely and
. charming your g Indies, re recent ac
quisitions to Memphis society, and are
tbe gneit f Mrs. W, P. Miller, at No.
12 L.ndun st ect,
Pb. W. B. Wisklrr, tbe oldest son
ef our well knnw-n prrf'-swrrf mnia,
will miko H home In Memphis sfler
January 8, 1387. He has been puc-
ticlnx Mdlcla arth (reat anoeami la
Arktuiar, aod lajti now wider
field, wkich (Xpecti to Hod In thia
growing city . .
' MlU raw OlLBBUTW lost lat
rlnht. eltbar at OaWary Church or at
the jferchaiiU' Ezcharjra ball, kand
fsto diamond croaa. The finder will
bo rewarded by returning the aame ts
Judge Kilett'e, oa Shelby atreet, .
TJkdib a oibliehfd call for a meet-
Ins the totkholdes of the Mamphii
City Fire and General Insurance
Company ate to meet at 11 o'clock
thia morning, to consider tbe bad
ness of banking. There will probably
be a full meeting, as a good deal of in
terest is leu in Uie result. '
ViesiBVM Peai; alfesrf. T. A.
Marshall aai W. A. Bl'talle, both well
aod favorably known in this city as
forcible writers and able Ituinees
men, will brgio In Memphla, on or
about Janoarv 15th. the publication
of a monthly journal devoted t ) the
agricultural and industrial internets of
the Mississippi Valley, and which will
be known aa the Munstipvi Valley
Farmer. Tbe new iournal will not be
of ltai than thirty-six pases, and will
be published at the low rate of $1 per
annum. It ia the dra'cu of tu pub
lishers and editori t j make the Farmer
one ef the bandsomtat and mott vu' li
able publicatiooa of its kind, and we
are sure they have tbe ability to ac
complish this without difficulty, aa
both bare bad the benefit of consid
erable experience, and Mr. Bittaile la
a thoroughly trams! printer beeuee.
We commend both gentlemen to tbe
klndlv tnnslderation of tbe dcodIs of
Memphis aa worthy reprefentativea of
this portion oi ALimiMippt, wnom we
regret to lore.
rraaa Bailam, ad'Preailent llajd.
ema aUtaily.
President Hidden received a tele
gram yesterday from tbe Boston firm
who proposed to put up water works
at Mempbiv, and who had sent on a
lengthy communication containing
proportions tor tbe consideration of
the city authorities. The telegram,
which is Riven bplow, was answered
by President Haddcm, stating tbat he
hid replied to their csmmunicatlon
by letter, describing the water aitua-
tion fully and la detail :
lijirroM, Mack , December SO. Will
you kindly answer, at pur expense,
communication ol December 27th,
asking to bs allowed to enter proposi
tion for wa'er works T
Miss Eula Birdie Miller was at
home to ber young friends yesterday
evening from 4 to 9 o'clock, at the
residence of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. P. Miller, No. 13 Linden
snout. Mies I'lula. though but 9 years
of age, is already a nninhed little
cocloty lady, 'and played ber role of
hostess with sn case of manner and
graceiul cordiality that might have
done credit to one many times ber
senior. Tbe parlor was tastefully
decorated with potted plants and rare
exotics and In an adjoining room s
tahe uroanrd under the burden of re-
freihmenis furnished by that excellent
caterer Joseph Specht. Dancing was
indulged in wuu ardor, and lt was
surprising to note the profloiencr and
grace with which the little ones went
througn ins poetry ol motion. Tney
were .elegantly attired in well fitting
dresses of varied hues, ptnk and blue
seemirg the more favored colors,
though not a few wore cream color
and other light tints. Crocs Brothers
furnished the music, and a meat de
ligbtful evening was spent by all wIid
were thera. The following naraud
young ladles and gentlemen composed
tbe party :
Mln R- B. Millar.
Miu Katie Ria I,
Mai Kihel Ouon,
Mlia lila titeoart,
Min Atoll Hold,
MiM I- velya Jordn,
Ml iNanali lllaok,
MlnC. M. Hilvt.
Mm Kline Vanca,
r. rTaok Hill,
Mr. IlurniH ara,
Mr. Pontuo Maury.
M!m Brule MnLaaa,
Mm Mir Cofio.
in Liuranna uoain,
im TiUnila hamnndi.
tni marfia layiar,
im tela Mallory,
III foyaia IHaok,
iliu tren Proudlt,
nr. iMinei uryan,
iir. J u 'e Taylor.
J!r. Arrlna toa,;
Mr, Ji'hn KeiJ, ,
Mr. Cecil Tuokar,
Mr. Wilim Mallary.
Mr RnitoB
Mr. John MNitvney
Mr. Miner ila.ll. Mr. Nvble Anderiaa,
Mr. ?a'er.
Those Hit Will KecelM.
TLe following Is a list of the ladles
who will recciva tt Mj. J. T. Pettit'a
rcsiderios on New Y' ' Day:
MraJTPxHt, MnOoo V Mirkham,
Mn Haliih Worraliy, Mn W T Bowdra,
Mn Jo. eatlertari, Mr! Tarn Dor In,
MrH Mort'a, Mlm JnabDlo l'a'.lit,
Min Kva Lyla, Mlfi lllnaihi llruwa.
Mli Wrakley, Mini Liu'a l'altaraoo,
MiM K Cuir, Mini hiiii Hunt, .
M'i J I'oiton, MiMtiua.
Mi-i rulllam, Miai l'rununt.
Mini Mitta titration, Mm Luria i'altlt,
Mini A fatfrion, Mi-i Mallory.
A Laarbaoai
was given yesterday afternoon from 3
to 0 o'clock by Miss Frank Johnson,
complimentary to Misi Alios Hens
ley, of Nashville, at which ths follow
ing ladies wers creeent: Miss Alice
1 lender, Mies Evelina De Bow, Mies
Sadie Polk; Fall, Miss Davie Brigas,
Miis McAlister, Miss Msggie De
movllle, Miss L'u'.e Kwln. Miss Kate
Piitchott, all of Nashville; Miss Davis,
of New York; Miee Lyle, of SU Louis;
Miss Emma Galloway, Mies Sujie Gal
breath, of Memphis.
aw Tear's Uecrptlaa,
TheLadUs Auxiliary of the Young
Men's Christian Association, aldesl by
the various churchee, will give a New
Year's reception on January 1, 18W,
between the hours of 4 acd 10 o'clock
p.m., at the rooms of the Association,
in the Lee Building, Main street,
abovs Adams, All are invited to call
and make tbe occasion one long to be
remembered. Young men especially
Invited. The rooms will be tastefu ly
decorated and a lunch served by tbe
ladies. A select concert will be given
at 8 o'clock, nnder the direction of
Pio(. W. K. Iluiihes. Everything free.
Everybody invited.
- fjrrp of Figs,
Mannfactured only by the California
Fig Sj rap Company, Ban Francisoo,
Cal , is nature's own tine laxative. It
is ths most easily taken and the moat
pleasantly eflectlve remedy known to
cleanse ths system when bilious or
costive; to dispel headaches, colds
and fevers; to cure habitnal constipa
tion, Indigestion, etc. For sale in 60
cents and $1 bottles by U. J. Heister
and all leading drufis's; Van Vliet
A Co., O. W. Jones A Co.. W. N. Wll
kerson & Co , 8. MansSsld A Co. have
hHn appointed wbolosale agents at
Iou't Head This.
Chew "Hone Fhoe" Tobacco. The
best and cheapest navy goods in
AABlavllle (ama.
Fonndations, celUr walls and bnlid
ings eobJct to overflow rliould be con
st meted with Louisville Cement It la
the standard.
rTashtagton ai the Ageat of the Ha-
bums Society, and Hires Point
era far the Memphis Society
A reporter of tha Aw it inter
viewed Mr. M. P. Kay, agent of the
Humane Society, Washington, yester
day, as to the methods of work tbat
there have produced such marked
success, and with the following re
sult: ,
The Appeal reporter ssked Mr.
Key how public opinion was changed
at the national capital from opposition
to support of the Humane Society,
and he answered :
Three years sgo.when I began work
ss the agent of the Society for the Pre
vention cf Cruelty to Animals, of
Washington, D. O , we were despised
and hated by all tbe coarse element,
and many of our best business men
had no rdepect far us. and for nearly
a year this order of things existed,
nntil I saw that our enemies were
more right than wrong, and that they
were not flghtin the principles of the
Society for tbe Prevention of Crnclty
to Animals but its fanatic and senti
mental tbeoiie. So I moved to the
blither and nobler sphere : It is right
and honest to care for and protect
your animals that are daily doing yonr
labor and supplying you with f jod and
raiment, aod from a universal demand,
to show onr faith by our works, I be
gan the erection of drinking fountains
for horses, and solicited half tbe
money from the owners of horses, all
of whom we had prosecuted for cruel
ty to animals, far their erection.
Many of tbem gave ns 125 each, and
in a III tie while the whole opposition
was changed to one of support and
respect, until today we number nearly
400 members. The vicious acknowl
edge that we ars pursuing the right
coarse, while the business man says
we cannot do without the society, and
therefore muH support it. A few days
b'foro I left W. J. published a card
that if anyone would donate $10 for a
certain kind of drinkicg fountain for
animals as a Christmas present that I
would add $5 more, as that was ths
price, and the next morning one of
our good ladies, not one of our mem
boie, came to our cdo and gave the
amount. I will add, Mtaurs. Editors,
that if any of your good people wish
to moke a like donation to ycur socie
ty for tbe bontllt of these mules and
fdthf-il servants of man, I will not
only give $5 but ray the freight from
Washington to Memphis for the same
pattern fountains. -1 have recom
mended to onr sociely to give a silver
medal to any uian who nsi worked
one horss continually (or fifteen years,
a gold medal for tweuty years, and a
diamond medal for working a horse
for twenty-five conseoutive years, and
a short time ago they voted to give a
gold medal to a captain of. a canal
boat on' the Cbetapuake and Ohio
canal for his humane treatment of
four mules for nineteen years, they
not having lost a day on ac
count of sicknes, lamfenesa or
gtlle, this man not being the owner.
The announcement that this cap
tain was to receive a gold medal frtm
the Hnmane Socloty of Washington
aroused a npitit cf rivalry amonii all
the canal boatmen, and is doing much
more good than all the prosecutions
we have done since cur cra&iiation.
No, we have received no large do
nations or bequests; in fact, Henry
Bernh. of Now York, ia the only man
who does, for the general idea seems
to prevail that we have two Presidents
ia the United States, Grover Cleve
land being toe Preaident of the peo
ple and Henry Bergu being tbe I'resi
dent of tbe animals, and with this im'
press'on a Washington man gave Mr.
Bergn SIO.UUO by bequeet last tail.
R. D. Goodlett to D. Kollner, west
half of lo's 9 and 10, Armour's subdi
vision. 311x148 feet. Wellincton and
Monroe streets; consideration, f 1525.
1). Zellner to Zellner & Co., eamo
property ss above; conHidoration, $1
CoTroM OilTbcsts advanced yester
day io C465.
Ykstxrhay New Yoik and Naw Or
leans spot cottin advancod 1-lCc.
Chicago grain receipts yesterday
wheat, 71 cars; corn, 16 cars.
A twslvb thousand block of Bank
of Commerce stock was cold on Friday
latt at 16).
CorroH receipts here v'sto-day were
2'29 bale, shipments 3a J8 biles and
sales 6000 bales. '
New York colton futures advanced
7 to 10 points, and New Orleans fut
ures 0 to 8 points. ,
Wbkat at Liverpool is firm, demand
fair, holders ofier sparingly. Corn
firm, demand fair.
St. Louis cash wheat advanced c;
oats off 4a; corn nnobarged; pork up
tbe ; lard 6a and clear ribs 16c.
At Chicago January corn closed o
an, May jo oft; Jauuary and May
wheat, o up; January oats un
changed, May up Jc; cash pork ad
vanced 15s: lard lOo advanced and
clear libs 12o.
Tun wheat crop of Prussia for 1881
is reported at 67,815,284 bushels,
aiainst 68,869,162 bushels in 1885.
The crop of rye In 18i0 is reported at
116,053.624 bushels, against 2J0I360,
43ti bushels in 1885.
Tbb stock of fl' need in Chicago on
December 24'b is reported rt 451,116
bushels in store and 22.630 bushels
afloat, against 472, 36 'S bushels in stora
and 22,520 bushels afloat on December
18 h, and 714 626 bushels ia store and
164,001 bushels all at same time last
Visitors on 'Change yesterday : N.
A.Gibton, Stsnton, Tennj Pope Tay
lor, Naihvllle; R. H. Pointer, Cemo,
M.(w.:J. B. White, Pulaski. Tnn.;L.
V. But'er, Pulaski, Tenn.: O. A. Mil
ler, Cairo, III. ; 11, P. Ilsliiday, Cairo,
III.; M. IX Temple, Shannon, Mies.;
J Felaentha'. Brownsville, Tenn.: W.
Fargason, New York, R. K. Allen,
Donth, Minn. ; N. A. Gibson, Stan
ton, Tenn.
A Tsaacessa exchange oars: "la
dnstrliil enterprleei of every character
are springing up all over the country.
The iron and ooal interests are st 11 on
the boom. Millions of capital are
being invested In the Alabama aod
Tennessee Coal and Iron section, and,
Fudging from present indications, an
legtra of K wtern capitalists and capi
ta), from the lees profitable fields of
the Fast, to the Southern vallojs
teeming with the richest of mlner.iie,
iii not an unreasonable exoecUtion for
the near future, 'ilia tide has nn
qtiAftioiiably turned in this director!
and the immlcratioa fover is mnnirg
blh. The future Is prejmimt wi ii
nruruire for this ponlon of the S uth.
There is no way of loiej adding, or
aMMrlmallna (Ka Oltant tA th
Industrial developments thai win take '
placw wlUuA we next tares or Kiur
years. An era .of prosperity is cer
tainly dawnirg. Its stimulating in
fluence Is to be aeen on every hand.
Everybody leeis it, everyooay tans it,
and its nnm'atakable evidences are
found in the great columns of smoke
Innmln.nn frnm tha blackened throa'a
of tbe thousands ol smoxe a acr.g
throughout tha country, and especially
in the new iron furnaces and acoveS of
eoko ovens in process of erection in
tbe coal and iron tf rritoty.
lml Ianpravcrarnta Ilrdacl
w rnraltare 'ro Ummt
faanMlsttoa Aa Kzeel
laat Tabla.
Tha Feabody Hotel keeps pace with
the muBio cf progress to the tune of
which Memphis ismsrebing on to her
destiny - es tbe Future Great Oitv of
the Southwest. Its viilant and en
terprising proprietor, Mr. O. B. Gallo
way, is not of the kind who allow
grass to grow under their feet, and is
constantly adding to the attractive
ness of his already popular hotel.
Within ths lost four weeks he has
completely refurnished the entire
building, and now every room in the
hoare is adorned by furniture of the
latest deiiuus aad costly material es
pecially manafactnred for the Pea
body HotJl by the Pboniix Furniture
Company, of Grand Ripidr, Micb.
extends all over the country, and its
name is qustad everywhere as a syn
onym for good cheer and luxurious
comfort. Among drummers it is a
common saying that the fare and ac
commodations of the Peabody are un
excelled by thoe of any establish
ment in the country, the b'g hotel J of
New York ar.d Chicago not excepted.
It is for this reason, doubtless, that its
libby ii crowded evsry night by the
traveling public, who need no guide to
tell them where to go, and item to in
tnitively divine tbat the Peabody will
afford them such entertainment as tbe
most fastidious tajte can find nothing
to cavil at
1Iohi mads Bread at Women's Ex
Miss Carets M. Kkatiho, pianist,
may bs found at the Gayoeo Hotel
P. M. Stanlbt, funeral director and
embalmer, 55 Madison street.
Memphis Steam Laundry. Calls and
deliveries free. Telephone No. 21.
Memphis Wholesale Meat Co., 11
Adams. Daily fresh Beef,Pork and Mat
ton, a'so Corned Beef. Orders solicited
and promptly filled. Telephone 874.
Tes Herbal Chill Cure, the beat
tonloand anti-pariodls known. A oartain
and tare our tor ehilli. Pi too II par bot
tla. Band itamiii for alrenluri. Any rof
araniia (iin. Addraai John 0. Hnekar,
Lrnohbara. Va.
Millin's Food, the only perfect
sabstitate for mother's milk, is rec
ommended by onr most prominent
physicians as the beet and safest food
for infants. It contains no farinaceous
matter, which so often produces dis
orderd of the stomach.
Memphis Steam Lauudry finish
shirts specially for evening wear.
Hoi for Florida.
For best health conditions and un
equaled climate, for pleasures and
sports of seashore life, go to Hotel
Sterling, Pinellas, Fla., twenty-two
miles southwest Cf Tampa. House new,
clean and comfortable. For teims, ad
drees Hotel Sterling.
Just received, a very elegant line of
WEAR, Suitable for New Yeai's receptions
' and evening dre;s-
Memphis Rtosm Laundry finish col
lars and cnfli) ennui to new.
Thefrect Car llcul.
There iiata longer any doubt of it.
The street ca companies have coueoI
dated, bt thovay it was done is not
genall nown. Some say it took
I iiRff) -Uibjjjrpat thosa who opposed
consolidation, ft took more. It took
$18,000 In money ind 48 packages of
Sol Coleman's Ko-KoTaln.
Mimpuis Steam Lanndry, No. 224
Second atrcU- Calls.: and deliveries
Djclus ul Cleaning.
Ladies and gents' clothes cleaned
ordyedli any color, also kid gloves,
oetrich fathers and lace curtains by
Louis Reigol, 58 Jefferson street, Mem
phis, Tenn. Goods received by express.
WHrlBLiita, W.VA., Daoamber.W-Nlsbt
Hirer U foatoa lbs faufoand latlins .
!" PITTHBURd, PA., Deoibr 30.-Nltht-ItiVer
6 hat tiaobai on iei.aia and Nlliaf.
W eatbtr oloar an d oald.
CINCINNATI, 0.. Dmbar SO Nlht
Itircr 14 feet on tha aauga and fallmf.
Wealhar olauJj aad cool.
CAIRO, ILL., Dec tuber 30. Nlait River
10 lael 7 incbeH on tha Kue and falliDI.
Wentber mid, with drliillnir riitn. N a ar
rival! ar departure! af regular packet!.
NKW OR1.MNS. LA., Deoambar
Nlstit The llolena i a not lnava lor Mam
phm ai reported, lt ii undent ood hehi
aaetained nxne damage IrombelDf agrvand
an the way down.
BT. LOUIS. MO., Pemmber 30.-Nlxht-The
river ojntiuim to fall aod loe (till rum.
Weather moderatlog. with fair pronpeftl of
reiamptloa af naviiatioa loon. A near
now atorm tat In tail allernoon aad contin
ue ton ght. Na arrival! or departarei.
L0UI8VILLB. KT., Ueofmber SO.-Nlghl
River IS leet t leohei In the o.nal and Sleet
T inohoa on ike falla and itationarr Weath
er alondr and eold. Arrived) Ohio and
Mary Hoaaton, Cincinnati t Alice Urowa
and low, Arkan-ai City. Departed r Ohio,
Memphlai Mary Uo-ron, Near Or leani (
Alice Drown and tow, Piluburg.
I Odd Fellows' Budding, Is the place
to buy hat., bonnt 1 1 and hair goods.
Superior goids and low prices can al
ways bs bad there.
fV A And rcliahlo Medicines are
-,vv tho best to depend upon.
Ackrr'a lllood Kllxir has been pro
arrihnd for years for nil Impurities of
the Blood. In cvory form of Scrofu
lous, bvphllitio or iteronnal Diseosea
it is invsiuablo. or l.teuuuiuaic,
h.ta no equal,
Fcrraleby a. BESxxnr.
Tit Denies All Knowledge of the
Klillag.bat Admits Having As
slated In Another Mar4er.
If J. Mingo Jones, tbe negro who is
suspected and accused of tbe mnrder
of Paul and Koea Justi, is cot guilty of
that fonl crime, be is nevertheless a
criminal so deeply dyed in villainy
teat the record of his misdeeds, if
fsififu'ly chronic ed, would make a
story of crime ttartling in its Iniquity.
He was interviewed yesterday at tbe
jiil by an Appeal teporter, and while
he stoutly denied complicity in tbe
Juiti mmder he made admissions that
will bring him so near the gallows ss
to make his head sim. He told a
disconnected tale of bis past career
which was full of contradictory state
ments, but plainly
admitted ths f0ll1wiho damaqiko
First That he was in Kc rrville cn
the 1st day cf July, 1888. (Two days
alter the Justi killing.)
Second That he was in poseesslon
of money at tbat tims which be ber
rowed f i om bis brother-in-law. Cham
Ward, now a resident of K?rrville.
Third That he bas now 1350 in
money and a gold watch concealed in
a hoi ow Ice near Kerrville.
Fourth That about fifteen years
ago be assisted in tbe poisoning of
the wife of Jake Humphrey s, a oolored
man who lives near Kerrville, and
that the p-If on was furnished to him
by tbe woman's huebicd.
Jones is now in jail charged with
having; robbed oerUin par. lea at Kerr
ville of S1200, and if, as he indicate,
the $350 in money is cons-.aled where
be says it is, he either etjle it at Kerr
ville or somewhere elre, possibly from
the Justis. The wach, if found,
may fix his guilt, as there
waj a gold watch among tha
things stolen from the ill ' fated
Italian couple. Bat whether guilty or
not, the Sbeiifl has In his cmtody in
tbe perron of tbe Mingo Jones an ad
mitted murderer and in all probability
one of the accomplices, if not the
principal, in the Justi assassination.
He betrayed great nervonsness daring
the ioterview, and is evidently in
treat fear of some unforeseen danger.
His account of
of tbe wifa of Jake Humphreys is as
"I was a boy at the time. It was
after the war when a'i the niggers
around Kn'.xville had the blank
tongue sickness. I was a boy at the
time, and carrying a buoket of water
to tbe home. Humphreys met me
eud poured something white into tbe
bucket and said : 'Dj you know what
tbat is?'
, "'No,' sits I.
' "Well, i 's strychnine. My wife is
sick and there is no telling how long
she'll live. I'm getting tired of her.
Let her drink this water."
"I gave her the water to drink, and
she died the same day. I was a boy
acd didn't know any belW."
Tbe Sheriff sent to Kerrville last
night to arrest Humphreys
is s I all negro, about six feet h;gh, of
tbin but sinewy build, sad as mus
cular as a g ant. He wears s black
mustache and a small chin beard. He
can make fourteen con'radictory state
ments in a minute, and will wind
himself up with a network of etoriea
befoie he gets through this cose that
may causa strangulation.
Holiday Uirta.
Nothing more U3tf x, inexpensive or
acceptable thaa a box of Colgate's
Gaehmere B.iuqnet Soap.
Absolutely Pure.
Thii powder never varlei. A marvel
parity, trength and wholeaomenesi. More
eoonomical than the ordinary kindi, and
eannot be told In oomrietitlon with tbe mul
titude of low teat, ihort weight alnm or
phoiihate powderi. Bold oxlt t case.
lort Wall trU New York.
Blek nadacbe grid relieve all the trooMre Inel
dent to a billoui elate of the ayalrm, eura aa Die.
Ilneea, Natian, Drowiinraa, Dletrrae after rating,
Pain In the Sidr, Ac. While their moat remark
able eucctaa una been ihovrn In curing
Beadarhe. jci Cartrr'eLlttle Liver fill! ara eqaatt
valuable in Conetlpitlion, curing and prttentlne
thia annoying complaint, while they aleo eorred
ill dlenrdera of the atniaaeb, etlmulaie tbe llm
ind rcgnlato the bowvla. Xtiii U Uu j onl cured
kehe they wnnld bealmoat prloelrea to thoae wtl
HirfT (rm thia dlatreeaing complaint) but fort
patelr their goodneae doe not end here, and thoaf
arho oace try them will And three Utile mile vain,
tblr In ao many waya that they will not bewUlla
lo do without them. But after all sick head
la the ba.no of ao many Uvea that here le where art
make our irrvat boaet. Our pill car it WBii
othere do not.
t'arter'e Little Liver Pllle are very email and
very may to take. One or two pllle make a doec.
They are elrictly viirrlablo and do not anno or
pnrKe, bat by thi-tr frcntle aenon ileaae all who
iiaeihem. In viale ai M cenia; are for 11. Bold
I j drutgiala every h'.'re, or eent by ma I.
Wow York Cii'v,
What the Jo!I0!d Soul Has
To Say To Memphis.
I There is nothing in either An
cient or Modern Ilistory to prove
that Kriss Kricgle ever had a wife,
and therefore, as he is neither dead,
nor never was married, it is impossi
ble for him to have a widow.
But it is possible, and it is true
that the Misfit Clothi.vo Pab
lobs, 262 Second street, are making
fine Suits, Fants and Overcoats.
Do You Want An Overcoat?
Every one is anxious to save as
much as possible when buying. The
Overcoats you get at the Mistit
Clothing Parlors are cheap, be
cause they are not only low in price,
but also high in quality.
OVERCOATS for the man with but
a few dollars. '
OVERCOATS for the man who
. , (wants fine dreis. ,
OJERCOATS for everybody and at
everybody's prioes.
You want a good Christmas Pres
ent for yourself. You want a Real
Nice Suit, and you don't want to pay
a high prioe for it " Well, the Mis
fit Parlors can accommodate you,
We have high quality Suits at low
prices, and magnificent and costly
Suits which we are selling at loss
than half their original value.
It is a mistake to bay poor Pants
when tho Misfit Clothing Par
lors will sell you good Tailor-made
Fanes at very low figures. Remem
ber, all alterations to insure a Per
fect Fit, done free of charge.
Clothiug Parlors
262 Second Street,
Opp. Court Square, Memphis, Tens.
Open evenings until 9 ; Saturdays,
until 11 o'clock.
Black Matin! BeaeW4 Slippers
(warlh 13.00) for 93.80.
Best Quality ; Black Sal In Boots
(warlta 98.00) fur arj.OO.
Braaae Battoai Baata, Laala XT
II ecU (worth SIO.OO) fer 5.00.
Cartllaal, Black, Old Sold, Pal
Bine 8)aH Hllppera, rcdaecd
to 9.00.
Pale Blue aad Pink Kid Hllppera
redotecd lo 99.00.
ava-Theaa Oooilt ara Decided Bar--
S-(alm, and all thoae la need of-
atvariy will io wall to soma aarlrta
Wand leeare the rtsht at beCars the"
aaraiKortraaat la ' (ice if broken
Zellner & Co,
Notice to Contractors.
SCALED PROPOSALS for tee rebntldlas
ol tha Cenntr Jail at Eomerril.e, Tenn.,
are hereby adverllae'l tor. Uoatraetori de
lirlDir lo Did f ir this work will pleaae lie
their prnpoeali with the Clerk tf the Conntf
Court of Fayette Countr on or befoia MON
DAY. JANUARYS, 1KT7. It Ii exacted
that the briek, and other naterlal bow on
the irounJi, itiolodina wall, io far ai they
are i ond, will be'need m the rrbttildin(,
and bidi areaaked fr on tha'. baeia. l'lan
and ape.-it-atl"na will be ihown oontrartort
cn i ijlietion to the County Court Clerk. .
Tri" oounl x recti to ry for the work
CASH not in warrmia). and contract ra w
rein'ate their bid a acorJinily. Kiht
rtlOvt any and all hlda i rnar.'Ved
JOilX J. tXliviamChairmaa.
T Maaolrc ffepartatvshl. -
aor Oar entire a toe a; ha u ae fold by Jane
nary 1, laVte biuilre Copaxtnerihip--our
eompany retirini.
Formerly It aeata aii fl.SO. 3
Fancy Featners and Wings
25 and SO Ceuta, ,
. ForaarlyOaa Dollar.
nT Bridal and Hoaralnt; elntflta. '
MrTbe laett asfortraent at DOLLtj la tha
aorllati Reahaped, Feather! Cleaned, Dyad
and Curled,
say-uoldea Hair Walk by the Small or LaaBS-
tioantitiet. ,
Vretm 25 Cintw Up. ;
Young & Brolher
Booksellers and Btationers,
818 Mala HU, Heiuphln, Tents
Wans, Ammunition, Finhin Tackle
and hportoinciirr' sopplles.
934 Main 8tree, Mcnipbfa, Team
Manufacturing ana llepairlna ol Onnt a
Bpeaiulty. Largest Stock. JCet assortment.
303 Front St. :
Importer! and dee'ert In na. Anna.
Iilaei and FlablBir VateKlei, Bail let on
Hardware, htaeia-lo Kejla) aMKd aa
nnelaUtraior Hotels and Reaideneei.aVaS
Mala) airMt, BIranpbfa, Toaai. Xlaetria
t applies alwaii on hand. iHepalrtru neatly
dona. a
Wliolesalo and Retail.
V7H Necoiid Street.
Cleaalnc, Dyeing A Repairing-,
No. 17 W. Court Stbiit.
Oeorffn 0. KTlolaol.
And Still They Come
ISTETery Pair Warrauted"!
410 Main Slrefit, Momphla.
Stockholders' Meeting.
Mimpris, Tfuw.j, Deoember 13, 18S4.
To tha Preaident and Dlraotors of the otesa
phis City Fire and Heoeral Inaamnoe Co.t
Oentlemen We, tho aedenrlinied, Htook
bolders in the Memphis City Fire and Gene
ral Insurance Company, raspeotfully aak
that yon call ateneral mortlnir of the itoek
h olden of yonr eompany, ia toe next tan or
Bfteen dayi, for tbe parpone of taklnt into
- laideralion the adrifabilityof tolng into
the banking busineie, andsuon other matters
of interest to the eompany aa yea may saw
proper to brim before them.
We are, Tory reapectl'ully.
R. Dudley Frayser, - P. Kallaher,
R. J. Ulack. . J. W. Oiapp, ,
K. J. Blaok k Co., M. O. Pearoa,
J. B. Hei-kell, ' - Joha Oyer ton, Jr.
In aoeordnnea with the above request, a
reneral meeting of stockholder, is hereby
called, for the purpose indioated, to aaaem
ble'at the oBoe ot the company. No. IV Mad
Isoa itxeet. In Memphis. 1'ean., at 11 o'eloek
a.m., on Wereintwr SI, at6.
Dy order of tie Board of Director!.
NAPOLKON HILL, froitdent.
Attest: Benry J. Lynn, Cashier.
Memphll. Tonn., Deoemher 14. IM.
Frank Schumann.
Importer and Dealer la
Saaa, nablaf Tafelo mm 9rm.
anaai'a Sappltea. anrSpeoLal atuntloa
it yea U MABUTACTUamO aai Kl-
418 Wain StW fmihlB. Txnsi
Public Administrator's Sale.
Office of Public Admlnlatretor, Conrthoue,
Bhebyrounty.Tean. Uecember21, 188o. ,
NU1I0B Is hereby arren that I will, aa
administrator ot the estate of B. H.
Arrit, deceased, ea
Taeaday, Janoary t, 1S97,
In front of the osnrthoase, Balby oennty,
Tenn,, proceed to toll, at pablie outory, ta
the hmneit bid er, r cam, tbe followinc
P'operty, to wit: Ihee Ceal Carta, on
Woo, one Kill try. one Iran Rate, and a
quantity of Cl shirels and Porks. Bala ta
oomirence at 12 e'e'ook.
J'JtlN LCMtJUK, PuMle Administrator,
in1 a! sneii Ailminietrator t tbel estate tf
U U, Arrit, dioeued.

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