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Teaarsaee, Mlululppl, Arkan.
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Another Tight Narrowly Averted.
The General Presbyterian Assem
bly Meets at Chattanooga.
Almost the First Thing Done ia to
Nominate Dr. Woodrow
To be the Next Moderator, and He
ia Compelled to Withdraw.
A Storm Ensues, Which Is Only Calmed
by the Wise Action of the Learned
Dlvlus He, However, States
His Case.
Chattanooga, Tenn., May 10. The
General Assembly of the Southern Presby
terinn Church met In its tenth annual ses
sion in this city. Eleven States were rep
resented, among tho delegates being some
of the most learned educators and cclo-
. .1 .1:..: . 1 I. .1 ti.
uinwu wviuiB ui uiu uuuunuiuauuu. aiiu
juuemtilv Mono of the finest rclicloiit enth-
crings tlmt lias ever been hold In tho
South. Tho body was called to order at
11 o'clock in the First Church, of this city,
by Moderator J. J. liullock, of Washing
ton, D. C, who conducted devotional ex
ercises. The liov. Dr. liullock delivered
the annual sermon of the moderator. In
a grand effort, ho set forth tho power of
the Gospel for the enlightenment and
moral elevation of tho human race, and
eloquently pictured tho time when the
earth ahull bo entirely overcome with
Tho Assembly was announced ready for
business and tho election of a moderator
declared in order. A number of idciu
hers rose to their feet to ninko nomin
ations. The following gentlemen were
proposed; Ir. J. U. Hill, Fnycttcvillo,
N. Cj Dr. 1). O. Armstrong, Norfolk, Vo.;
lr. James Woodrow, Columbia, 8, C, and
r. J. H. I.upton, of Chuksville, Tenn.
Tho nomination of Dr. Woodrow was ex
pected nnd a conflict between his sup
porters and opponents bcciino Imminent,
He is the cclehrsted evolutionist whoee
theories two or tlireo years ago camo nenr
causing s serious split hi tho cliureh. Ho
was deponed from tho I'residency of tho
Columbia Theological Institute, sul wns
tried by tho Assembly at ILiltimoro. Ad
journmcnl was had until tho afternoon.
At the beginningaf the afternoon session
Itcv. J. It. Adger, president ol Adger Col
lege, South Carolina, arose nnd warmly
seconded the nomination of Dr. Woodrow
for moderator. The n uines of Dra. Arm
strong aad Lupton were withdruwu.
1)0. JAMI3 woonuow
took thn floor, and in a vcrr earnest man
ncr said it had Is-en stated before tho art
S"mbly in one nf tho nominating siocchcs
tlmt lie had refuted to submit to the judi-
cal decision ol thn ticnerul Assembly. I
wunt tho opportunity." said ho, "of say
Ing that that statement is w holly incorrect.
snd could not have Ik en mode by any 0110
w ho is aware of tho facts. The only judi
cial proceedings I hnvo ever been con
riected with were those at the Riltimore
Assembly las year when mv comnluiiil
was brought leforo it. Tho judgment of
that assembly was that tho complaint
was not sustained, and to that do
ci.ion, al a loval Presbyterian, 1 have
submitted witii my whole heart.
I havo never Uoiio anytliing or
thought anything that was inconsistent
with tho niost complete and loyal sub
mission to the expressed judgment of tho
General Assembly. Along with that
Judgment were certain utterances and
deelarnlioiis of opinion and belief. When
a judicial decision Is given that determines
and conclude in the highest court a par
ticular caw. Myraao wus concluded, but
the Asaeiiibly went on to say llittnnv ex
pressions In connection with tho judicial
decisions or Huding. proved their accord
ance with tho constitution of tho church
and tho law of God. The General As
'sonibly has thus commanded to sit in
Judgment uiKin tiivir opinion. Any uiem
ber of tho church is to be tho judge. Tho
rcsimnsibility is upon me to refuse to sub
..... ... . If In I,l ,nl 1
till 1'f u'iiiiwii ii, ,u juiiiii'-iii. a
find thst it is not In accordance with the
law of God. I am not willing to bo tra
duced before this assembly by having
anything attributed to mo that
not truth. 1 am loyal to the Presbyterian
Church snd the final judgment of the as
sembly, but 1 am not loyal to anything
tlmt is not law Iroui mo in rone 01 uou. 1
bail 110 int mi-it ion that 1 would bo nouil
listed here. 1 thank my student for what
lie haa said of ma. God has houorcd me.
thanks to His name for hsving caused mo
to lead multitudes to believe every syllablo
of 1 is blessed word. Un sccoiinl ol mv
ill health and for other reasons I request
that mv name le withdrawn.
FJdc'r James I.voiia. of tho Virginia Py
nod. uuickly took tho floor nnd said ho
'would show whether or not Dr. Woodrow
bad made unlaw lid and reflecting rrili
cisiua Uon the action of the General As
tnlil v.
Moderator Hullock rcquestol Mr. Lyons
to take Ins seat.
"Jtisauucsiinn of veracity," insisted
Mr. Lyons, whilo the general interest
deepened. '"When he says thst tho spirit
of the Inquisition has entered into the do-
lilM'ratiotis ol the item-rai Asaemiiiv, lie is
going loo far. Kditonsls to that ellect ep-
i spared in the Hillurn 'rr.iriVriin In July,
h.vi. Dr. Woodrow was tho editor, niu
whether he wroto them or not I consider
him morally rvsioniblo for them.'
Mr. Lyons ass called to order and I'r
Woodrow wit Intro w, over tlio protests
several memliers.
Dr. II. C. Hill, of Fsyctteville. X. a
was elected and Inftnlled.
J. D. WesL of MiNiiMippl. and R.
Caldwell, of Uiitiivillo, were elected tutu
tiorarv Secretaries.
W. y. Crabb. of Kcw York, reprcscn
jstvo of the Ams- Cunasy CUanvanra
w,::r, made an al ln-as in which ne
said the saloons, Sunday newnpupcra and
postoflii-cs wont among tho greatest
enemies to tho Kibbath obaervsnco. Ho
mado a strong talk in favor of a legal pro
hibition of hunday work. The assembly
Iiasscd a motion to refer to a committee
ir trial a long standing matter of dispute
bntaeen tho Mecklenburg l'rosbylcry snd
the Hvnod ol Noilh Carolitia,
The night cxsrclars of the Presbyterian
r.onrrsl lasemblv roosiated In a numler
4 aJdrrnses upon the work of cy.njel
- iilng lbs sailor, the special thews of the
disiiissiou being the teaman's bethel st
ew Orleans. Tha plan of work adopted
there and lis very successful results were
highly eulogized. Addresses were made
by Dc It. O. Mallard und Dr. E. &
The Uenornl A.Nsmbly Mrrli,
New Youk, May 10. Tho 101st nnnttal
session of the General Assomblv of Pres
byterian Churches vns begun this morn
ing in tho Fourth Avenue Presbyterian
Church. Every nvnilablo spot in the
church was tilled long before tho meeting
wag called to order, und muny who could
not find scats wero compelled to stand.
About fiOO delegates worn present from all
over tho country. .Shortly before 11
'clock scver.il of tho diguituries of tho
church took their places on the platform,
wmcuwa partially covered with benutmil
flowering plants. Tho reliiing Moderator,
tho Key. Dr. (J. L. Thompson, opened tho
session by preaching a sermon that took
tho form of nn address to Ins brother
members. Tho sermon occupied the en
tire morning session. In the afternoon
tho election of u presiding ollieer for the
remainder of tho meeting will 1 11 ko place.
i lio two most prominent ministers named
for the position of Moderator bio tho Key.
Dr. W. C. Roberts, of Luko Forest Uni
versity, and tho Kev. Dr. Charles "A.
Dickey, of tho Calvary X rcobytermn
Church in Philadelphia.
in the evening the sacrament ot tho
Lord's Supper will be administered.
Tha Cambrrlnnd I'rasbylerlnus.
Kansas City, Mo., May 10. Tho nn-
ntiHl general assembly of the Cumlierlnnd
I'rcsbyteruin Church opened here today.
About 50 delegates aro present, mostly
from the South. Kev. J. W. Hubbard, of
Kushville, was elected Moderator, after
which an adjournment was taken until to
morrow. Tha 1'nlversallMs In Conference.
Chicago, 111,, May 10. Tho Univer-
enlist Conference today listened to a dis
cussion 011 "Evolution," from various
poiuls of view. Among those who read
papers on the subject were: Professor A,
K Forbes, of tho fctote Iniversitv at
Champaign, III.; Mr. Arthur ltcuvis, of
loua city, una Mr. t,. u. ruync, ot j-co-minster,
Tha I'nltrd Hrrllirra oBtrmira.
Yoiik, Pa., May 10. IJoth branches of
tho United llrethrcn Conference ojiencd
ila session its usual today. Fraternal greet'
ins were tulcgraphed to Piesideul llurri
son nnd likewise to the Presbyterian Con
ference iu seadon in Now York. The
majority convention then elected the lol
lowing church olllcers for tho next nimd-
rieunium: l.ishops mnvcr, lustlu Kep-
hurt and Dickiunon wero ro-eliH tud, slid
Kev. J. V. Holt, editor ol tho y.V.i'iom
7. mk.io-, was eleeled luissiouarv IhbIhii)
for the Pacific Coast; cjitor-in-vhief ol tho
Jti'iaiuut ,('i'i, liev. D. J. 1 Kephart;
as-isiunl editor, Kev. M. 1). I'liuv; pub
hsinng houo agent, Kev. J. W.Miuver.
Hie minority convention clcctitl church
otliccrs as lollows: liishops. Keys. .Mil
ton Wright, fl. T. r.jiiinley and llalleck,
1'loydfortho district vast of tho Kocky
Moiinlaios and Itcv. J. II. llecker us
iniHiioniiry bishop of tho I'acilic Co.ul.
Million riglit was elected publishing
streni, and J. A. Kiuracolu was circled
missionary s-crvtary nnd treasurer. Key
Lccker delivered a iec'.uro at tho evening
James F. Tumor Perbapa Mortally
Wounds Thomas II. llol'.on.
Kaiiivii.i.r, Tenn., May 10. This after
noon James F. Turner shot and mortally
wounded T. A. Ilolton, in tho olfieo of
Justice of thu Peiu-e A. It. S. P.row n. It
appears that tho llrni of which Ilolton was
a mcudier had secured the Usuing of an
ex.-cution upou merchandise in Turner's
storu. Turner replevied tho merchandise
UKin tho ground that execution had been
Isiiued for his individual debt and that ho
simply conducted the store as ngont, tho
firm being Turner dt Co. After doing this
ho brought suit for damages. Under this
new phase of the case tho trial was to
occur in Justice Prowu's olfieo this morn-
lug, but when the hour arrived ludgo
Quark, Tumor's lawyer, was not prvseut,
having been called to the Criminal
Court Ho hud been in the
olllce, however, a few tniuutcs pre
vious. At this juncture tho situation
was discussed, but rather amicably, and
Juitieo ltrown volunteered J'.o go liiinwll
to the courthouse and see Ju Igi (u.irles.
This he did, and relumed with thu infor
mation tlmt ho would con !i 11 110 tho c.ia
since Tumor's lawyer would be unable, on
account of other leg.d engagements, to lo
present. Turner sTurcd 1- T. lloliuan
sndrninn intolheolliee with the aniiouneo
ment that he had'accurcd njiother lawyer
snd was ready for trial, but was told by
J in: Ico Drown that tho case hud lccn con
tinued and that he was not at liberty to do
thia for Ih" reason that his lawyer was not
there at the hour when tho caso was
called. ,
"Yes ho was here!" replied Turner, bo
traving anger and excitement.
"lie was not here at 1(1 oYl.s-k," said
Ilolton very oiitively,andtliist-licted (mm
Turner the retort, "Von are a d d liar.''
When Turner used tho language quoted
Ilolton blushed a little, but with
rciuarkablo coolness. "You must lako
that back," at the ssmo time wulking
slowly towards the gale, w lilch was open.
in su instant Turner whiptod from his
losotn a revolver, and, like lightning,
nulled tho trigger ss tho hiurdo covered
lloltnu, who sank linip and apparently
life vs to tho Moor.
Turner was at once arrested. Ilolton Is
still alive, but cannot recover.
Reported Throughout Michigan and Wis
consin It Kills Orasiboppsrs.
Aimlakd, Wis., May 10. Possengerson
trains arriving in this city last night rcjHirt
from throe to five Inches of snow all over
Northern Wisconsin and Michlgsn. Four
inches fell at Pratt, Wis., and from three
to live inches are reported all along the
Uog'bic runji.
1 1 11 H 1
ItteUeesI laeftaavrii laS.
MisxRAroi is, Minn., May 10. ?iccisls
to the Tnbunt report cold rains all over
tho Northern and Central portions of the
Stale. Tho chinch bugs, wherever they
wero getting active, oocin to have been
chilled to death or drownod. A plaster of
mud has been formed over the ground
recently plowed to kill the grasshoppers
in Utter Tall County, ami the pesti srs
srslfd up snd will probably die wlltout
showing a head kbove ground. Tanners
snd I'vgers fere jubilant. The farmers
claim their: is enough wu'er in the ground
to but for six weeks wr two months. The
crops everywhere nro in fine slmpu nnd
promise a grand tiarvwt it then is no bad
luck from summer frosts.
Urenl Hall Nlnrn-s.
Clinton, la., May 10. A heavy hail
storm passed over tho city this morning,
stones six inches in circumference being
measured. Skylights wero broken nnd
tender plants wero badly damaged, At
thu clos of thu storm the ground was cov
ered with stones uveraging a half inch in
It Nrcuit lo be (.riiernl.
6t. Icinack, Mich., AI;iv 10, A heavy
snow storm orcttrred here ycslcrd.iv. Tho
r.n 1... 1
1,111 m-i-iiia iu uu ueiier.u over .oruicrn
Tbe Shaft Commemorating the Deeds of
Confederate Dead Consecrated.
8vtftl 1 ls itt-ll to tho Appeal.
Nariivii.lk, Tenn., May 10. Four
thousand peoplo witnessed tho unveiling
ot tho Confederate monument in Mount
Olivet Cemetery this afternoon. Tho
weather was warm and clear and tho pro
gram had sotno interesting tent urea. The
exercises were opeued with prayer by tho
liev. David C. Kellcv, D.D., nfter winch
dipt. George Guild delivered an address,
reviewing tho service of tho Con
federates. Ho was followed by Dr. W. J.
McMurray, who accepted tho monument
from tho Cunfederaio Association in behalf
of the boys who wore tho gray. Col. John
Overton next addressed tin asw'inbliige,
and introduced Col. W. C. P. ltreckinriilge,
of Kentucky, tho orator of the day, w ho
sxko for nn hour nnd thiriy minutes.
T lio monument was then unveiled by two
daughters ol (ien. II. F. Cheatham amid
loud npplauso and the booming of cannons.
Elder IL L. Cave oilered prayer, and tho
graves of tlio Confederuto dead were dec
oraleil. The Rev. J. H. McNeilly, D.D., pro
nounced tho benediction, and the vast
throng, among whom were representatives
of thu various bivouacs iu tlio Mute, dis
persed. Ihe monument is forty live feet high
and cost ilt),3lK). The base is of New Eng
land granite, nnd the whole is siirmounlcd
with a uiurblu figuro representing a Con
federate soldier on guard.
A Mrrlnns Itallrosd r-rk.
1'iTTsiu no, i'a., fliay iu. A wreck on
tho Pittsburg, Virginia fc Charleston Hail
roud near Ormsby, a suburb of thia city, at
7 0 c ock tins morning, resulted id tho in
jury of eight workmen, tlireo of them scri
ously. Their names wero
John Wherse, nged forty venm, head
badly crushed, will prubablv die; married.
John Keeter, aged thirty-live ve.us, both
leg broken nnd injured intcrnnlly: be
lieved to be fatally hurt.
Win. llenidoii, leg crushed and hurt in
ternallv; very serious.
Dmiiel Mori is, conductor, cut and
Thomas Hackin, arm mashed.
Delunev, shoulder broken.
Two others, whoso names could not lie
learned, were bruised and rut.
Tho neeident was caused by tlio freight
train bin king out of a siding on which the
work train was standing. A gang of
nearly Its) men, mostly Hungarians, weio
on the Ir.iin, mid the escapo of tho others
is considered remarkshlu. A nu uber of
ens wero badly wrecked.
A Ibrairr Imirnj'rd.
WonrKsTKR, Mass., May 10. The Wor
ccster Theater was discovered to bo on fire
shortly after 3 o'clock this morning nnd
was totully destroyed. The fire apparently
stalled in tho rear of thu building near tho
stage. Explosions followed each other in
rapid succesdon nnd iu a short time tho
roof fell in. Tlio Ilay Male Hotel stands
in cloe proximity, nnd its rear wall win
blistofd and was only saved by heroic
work bv thu tin-men. "Kiiusl" was pluvod
last night by I ew is Morrison and coin-
sny. .Mr. Morrison places the company's
osn'ut II,IK1, including cnspiiiiea. The
ss'nery originally cost S,:f) and the ad'
Unions J.'. Oil. Mr. Morrison's entire le
oitiiiiHto wardrolio was in tho theater. Tho
building w as erected in 1 sou lor the stor.itro
of fruit, but tho scheme failed, nnd in In.S
the str net lire was liought by thu Worcester
Music lull Association and titled upas
theater ut an expuiise of i'.IKMJ,
- -
Try I as I Maka a 4 amaramlsa.
Ciiii'Aiio, III., May 10. A dispatch from
Strealor, 111., says: John Mcllride, of Co
Itimbus, O., president of the National
Miners' Progri'ssivo Union, has been in
tho city for tho past two days trying to
mako some settlement between tho Soft
coal miners and 0er.itors of Noithcrn Ills
nois. In this he bus not Utii successful
I'lut iiiinirs bsvu Is-en liuldinir a laoilavs'
ai tvt s-ssion, which ended yestenfuy
aftcniisiii. An attempt will le made to
arrango for a conference between tho
miners and oH-ralives si Joliet on May
'.'I. Tbe isilicy of the miners, as outlined
bv Mr. .Me Utile, is lor Ihe miners ol 1 III
liois. Ohio und Pennsylvania to unite in
supKrting the inkers in Indiana ngainst
their IS cents reduction. This cannot be
dono by the Illinois miners unless their
oi.-rators pay nearly the samo ecalo ss
they did last year.
tMng Itlstaara Tplnhaalas;.
Ft. Pan, Minn., May 10. A scheme is
being perfected for long distaiico Ulephnn
ing, which contemplates tho connection
by telephone of M. Paul, Minneapolis,
Omaha, K. Ixjuis and Kansas City with
eneh other, and with the Fast throtigli
ChiciiL'o. It wns (or this piirtNiae tho I U-ll
Telephono Company recently inerpascd ila
capital stock. Chicago and Milwaukee
sro now being brought into connection
I ho Fust is already provided, and the rest
of the circuit, which will be for business
only, will be in working order as soon as
A Trnlas Tarawa I'ram a Traalla.
Nsw Oiu.tAXs, I-a., May 10. A lie-
aytirv't lirookhaven, Miss, special says:
Yesterday afternoon a tram on the hey
ktoiiA Lumber CouipAuy branch railiosd,
while pausing over a trestle, thosxloof
one of the rear cars broke, three cars wero
thrown (ruin tho track, snd thrco while
irslnmen. Clifton Connelly, Ksmtiol
itman ami Itih v Howell, wore badly hurt.
llna.-ll died this morning. Hrown is se
riously Injured, though bo msy recover,
Mans Rsaasll ImareSMl.
Vhinto, Msy 14-Tha Hon
Fsrauel J. Ilandsll took sdvsnlna of the
.!,... l a-oather to take a drivt th
! 1... II. nrfuul hilliiudl as feelitlS
uorniiiv. ' -1 , . . 1
well and his appears uco corroborated his
Sam Brown's Entry Fails to QotThere.
Reporter and BudAhlat Disappoint
a Host of Confiding Frlouda.
Carroll, a 12 to 1 chot, Lands the
Money With Longetrdot Seoond.
Old Comody Wins a Fast Raco in
Qood Company.
Brown Princess, Casslus and Tudor All
Beaten at Louisville A Qood Fluid
of Horses Today The West.
Side Races Postponed.
Lot'i.svii.i.K, Ky., May 10. Thero was a
ug nUeiKlanco al Churchill liuwnsiigniu
today, nnd good racing. Tlio track was
still a liltlo heavy. Tho weather was very
First Ituco Louisville ll t-l Handicap
Sweepstakes; all ngoa; $IH) B.ldod; 0110
mile. Starters nnd odds: Chevalier 110,
'ox, 8 to 5; Marchma 10S, Humes, 3 to 1;
Harry Glenn 100, T. Donahue, 4 to 1;
(jueeu of Trumps Otf, Fiunegau, 6 to 1;
Comedy 105, Mouuhun, 8 to 1; Tenacity
Uo, Allen, 12 to 1; Cassius 100, Stevenson,
to 1. Comedy won by half a length,
Murchma second, Harry Glenn third, a
ciiglh behind. Time l:l;'.J.
fecund Eacit Kentucky Oaks; (or three
year old lilliua, $1U0 entrance, II.L'OO
added, of hith $.'"K) to second and (100
third; 1) miles. Starters nnd odds:
Prow n Princess 11.1, Tarsi, 4 to I; Hrando
l(ttuli:S, Kivers, 10 to 1; Kclri'evo 113, I.
I-cwis, 3 to 1; Jewel liun 113, Moviil, 7 to
Nylcptha lilt. Dames, 0 to 1. From a
very luid shirt In the chute, in whkii
Duiudolettu had tho host, that filly mado
the running down tho stretch, two lengths
aheud past tho stund and around to the
thrcc-iiuitrtcr post, where sho si 1 11 led by a
length. Moval had held Jewel linn well
in hand in the rear to that point. There
ie gave her rein, nnd In tho stretch site
drew up first und camo on steadily, win
ning in a gallop by fonr oien lengths,
Itrandolcttn second, ltetrlevo third, four
lengths back, lime 2:41.
Third Dace Selling: purse.. $100: for
all sges; seven furlongs. Matter nnd
odds; Initio Custer llsj, Ktovsl; Chestnut
lU'll 101, Allen, 7 to 1; Metal Mil, Mollis.
Hloj; Get 101. I'-ritton; Mv Chance 106,
rox; Clamor 10S, 'Jural, 2 to 1; I'.rnest
ice IU ' HoiioIiiip, 7 to 1; J.iKziu JL H.V
l llie, o to I; liuliiuee, p.1 to l.'i to 1. in a
whipping tiiiish with I'.ettiu Cuslcr, Clamor
won bv u nose; Ernest Kswi third. Timo
-1:31 .
l ourlli Itaeo cllm; nurse. ft'Kh five
furlongs. Harlem and odds: Kamnnllin
101. lux, .1 to 1; 14-na Un lull. Moiiolinu.
(I lo 1: HupluucM 10.S, Movsl, 2 to I;
fiicuci bio, larin, o 10 i; i-pniu j'uucu
11.'), Armstrong, H lo &. I-cns Jkin won
bv three lengths; Satuantlin tnroo lengths
ahead of Happiness third. Tiiiu 1:07.
I illli Kaco N-lhiig-, piirsin'i f, seven
fiir'.ougH. Mm Iris nnd o,l U Amis A
Wnison, 11 to I; MarroriiJ, l.lllv, JO to
Lund l.idv ir.i, Allen. Id to I; 'Tudor
Ml, Tarsi. 4 to I; Maori 107, Hlovnl, 4 t- I;
Kinder M, Harnej, 1 loo; t larat: too;
Donnhue, II to 2; Arundel 111), Ward,
M 10 1. Maori won by a length, Clara C
seismd, Itoi d'Ur third, half a length bo-
bind. J lino 1:301.
Following are the entries and imtilingi
for tod.iv:
Flrl l:aco-"vfn'litlilh nf s mile: c!lin.
K.s'tis-us lol, ill'-, (atiawaf II. VI. . f. Id-. I U .u r
I'U, t-K Ibaeiif kins is S'. Fuislil) U Is,
MnrimVv llii. I.I U nx'tt I'll, 117: I iuU I.
(Il.ll linn. U', II.- I'n.lnn t ll'i; Nuts I. Si. K
h. It.-. I no. iiptuu 1. His vniigiMni lui,
li Jim kl.uvrV. II.
ti'S'sih.l liiirtltiiiitinifsU Stake-; tlmw qnniirrt
. a iiitii', .-jrnr imiik. iyuii I.i. 917.1; ar Nullity
a. file. Atiiiiiliiln IIS (.it-, o. w. 1 1. 1, ., Waiter
111 I IN fl 1; Marn-rt alilavll ll w
llilnl l(iT-llnn IIikis in 1 lo ami a liU-iilh.
I'jir.v thtwn 'M HV r, )rl s.. Iliir. Harry oli'im
Uu. l si.mr Miiiitoiiirijr lua, S'l, Ma)lanWi,
tui; Ki-lii in, tJi.
rutinli iwmv ims mil: n-nnlllri sun sllna
atiit'. I HI. 1. K Ilin; lint'lli.l H I'i Kalu Ma-
lime vi. iu. lion Hi t f 11
tiwrtHT, lliiii-ll.'Si, n'mrirrs nf s mile.
l'l.i) Sl. kluil Nl. ll;; Mi li.il.. II .0. fn; Kublll Ks
tut, I'raiiicr 1', tlh Itlgliussj un, Iajl
l-llontlll.K WIXNKKS TOIIAT.
Vlrt l:ais--hit Ij llcr, Himlur.
h.ttiii'l lu-u--Avi.rul.ilt Siaiii r t'sMtrrll.
1 lilol l.n. - II rrr iilaiiii, mii ir Muiitgomcrjr.
f.. 11 rill I.Siv -1 11 1 il k r. knli' M.il.iua
lillll Itaix Uiibiu, ila Mmtlull.
The Una I is al rrad.
Ntw Yuiik, May Ilk Tim track al
(iruvesetid was in flno condition today and
tho weather was fair.
First IUce Three-nunrlers of a milo.
Mnrters: Kollan, liello d'Or. Jay F Iif,
TimtalT, Khnftan, Glory, 1 ordhani. Tip
slulf won iu l:loJ, iordliaiu second, Lo-
liun third.
(S't'oiid Itacc Milo snd an eighth.
Htarlcrs: Dunboyue, Ilsie Juno, Ilogls,
Ijtngar, Hamster, Pansisirt lu-ssio Juno
won in 1:071, llurrislcr st cond, Duuboyuo
'ihird Itacc Ono ni.d one-sixteenth.
l-lnrtcrs: lioheinisn, l-ong Knight, Mon-
inoulh, PtMiilello, King Idle, Heiiedictino,
1 sitter, r.iggont lte. Jlrrinsounirie, ts.ilviul.
(.riinaldi, tiulluliu, I-llie I'., Golden Keel,
Irfir lelHiso. I ulron. isrtrnoiiinrio won in
1:4, 1ong Knight second. Kilvilil third.
rotirtli Usee One nine. Miiriers:
Huddblst, lU tsirter, Cytlme cdt, llellair,
Ixttig Island, lingslrrrt, Mngleslonc,
Carroll. Carroll won in 1:4.'), Iugslreet
second, cyclone ctill third.
Fifth Jbico Five-rmhihs of a mile.
Slatters: Archllwt, Pell Mill, Foreigner,
Kenwood, Lrhina. Lroma won in i;u.i,
Kenwool second, Foreigner Ihird.
Sixth Itsro Thrco-fl'iHrtJ'ts of a milo.
Marlers: Kolo, Young links, Miracle, ;.
gin, Mclmlrs, Urnpiie, Villiig" Maid, Ito
nuiiiy. Kolo won in 1:011, Young Duko
sccoud, Miracle third.
ksthie roR ioimT.
First fi.ro KVw n fiirlid.s. HtH-er. "ollsn.
Brail, l.l. U, IS Iotiae. I.ii.rn iUr. l.lo, I r. Ii.
reiund 1--4Iii a. Ik liun. S lib. Hall-loll
1 1 J, Is n II tl. I ns Hoy I" N" Vr i, '"' iiU
Kisnk Ward lal, lian fl.he '
Ihlrl Ha-I'lv. sl.titln el a.Lils. 0'i"tln.
Kir William IIIL ri..1..,.. In J.. ..II Almail 1 1 II.
ljf gn-n in st, Jamit l'i Muno" II I"1. In-lKld
lirnun) SUO nitM I a ri riia,rwu wiiwaiu,
Ula. k liurii I'Oca. h, Say W V'.
rnlirlb rtnca-Ona ...a i.m-rlclllll ol S lull.
IWn lit, I VI, a h. m H..r.i. r II". Iii'iss lor
It. hrj, Ira Imi l, tu-,,n l ", I limls r.
Il.ter Hit, IhutHllvtli, ice, Im;!iu l'u I'M, llrolliil
a.111 r .
I illri Fsra. 0n snd our b !! "l'rH.
Iriki.... l-rii... u ..r.tik.il 'Ji.tanrtlt.ri.il-
lis ii, llarrlruii'ai.il r. I .-It. J i ' 1 1 r' fhsu'l
Killr. Sotnir kl.la 11 h ivurttur, Istttaauil
Mil Hi I.. ...I. l.,.i... 'Ir.ll Ill.U'O IIV,
Ituuiv lit, ktuvv.l .u i.j. ...i i ti i- " "1 Ula
110, OonoAwsyltS. flcnr.-o Annus 10s, Toiirmv
lilia Auxin Uk l'ipiitllly m N,.IU II 101, I.hlla
lluMleut 1UJ, Amcri,'u HO, Keeoi.tina VI.
nrl.aitKhlln Interviewed.
James McLaughlin, tho great jockey,
was interviewed in New York on Tuesday,
and among other things said:
Yes, l'vo been much bettor slnco
coming iorth, and I feel a good dcnl
stronger and have now no doubt about
getting to weight. 1 weighed 120 pounds
without mv clothes nn hour ngo, nnd us
that's the weight I mut ridu Term Cot I a
nl in tlio Itrooklyn 1 liavo no fears of not
getting down to' it. I'll ap ml tonight in
it Turkish bath nnd take some mora hard
work tomorrow. Then, again, tomorrow
night will be snent in a Turkish bath, mid
by Wednesday ufiemoon I'll be at l'.'O
pounds or lighter. I never had such a
hard lime beioro in mv life, nnd have for
years been nblo to rido nt 112 pounds
wuon occasion demanded it. lo
what do 1 attribute my iucreiuod
avoirdiiKi? It's hard to say, but
1 m of tho opinion that 1 would
have had no troublo if I hud reinuiiied
North. Down South it was so hot that
outdoor work was well nigh unbearable,
and, besides, I gained llesh ill most imme
diately, lry ns I could 1 couklii t gel
much below 130 pounds, Tho climate,
must have had something to do with it.
in tho liock City handicap 1 rode, at i:iol
pounds, half a K)tind over weight, although
I wns forbidden by my phvaician to louvo
tho stable. The doctor w as ut my tpiur
ters from 11 until 4 o'clock, but Mr. 1 Inn-
kins suid he would rather havo me ridu
Terra Cot I a than anybody else. I want to
say something hero about that race. 1
rodo second Is'cuuso Air. llankins wanted
to suvo IViltit the penally. Sautalenu wus
to win if ho could, nnd if not iwssto
come up and hind the stake. 1 don't care
a straw so long as tho money came into
tlio treasury of the tirin. Neariug tho
w ire 1 was on tho outside, nudwaseloso
up, nod lcnvy called, 'Pull up, Jim, mill
up; 1 ran w in.' Ho said this three or lour
tunes, and 1 look Cotta by tho heud when
wo wero but a few juuis from tho
tinish. I-cuvy let go Miiilnleue's heud
right on tho post. Ho stumbled
nnd Clara C. shoved her wlillo noso in
front. Sho couldn't have won by more
than an Inch, and i. broke my heart. I
never was so much surprised hi my life na
when they ruled nut oil, but it was all fur
the best, as I never knew before how iiiiiny
friends 1 hud. Itef ore I was out of Is'd tho
next morning tho Mess is, Duyers' tele-
f ram tillering assistance was received, nnd
s'foro iiihui I had a score or more, among
llioin Is'ing ono from Mr. W'wis Clark,
President of tho 1misvillo Jockey Club,
and another fiom Sum Itryunt, asking me
Iu ridu Proctor Knott in the Itarhy, ruled
oH or reinstated. Ilcforo the raiv la-gin
tho next day (ien. Jackson calhsl Mr.
llankins, Mr. Johnson, Ix'.ivy und myself
to the stand. Alter iiestioning us I wus
reinstated, and I've heard some tdtspieiice.
lint it makess thrill go thnuigh mo when i
recall lieu. Jacksou'sspeech. That evening
I w as running on tho pike leading to Hello
Meade when thu Gcili-liil wnt go.ng homo.
He (Milked Ins horse lip nnd down the
rotr I for three-tpiaiters of ml hour, und
told me how glad be was that everything
bad coiuo fill ull ri;:bt, nnd tlial do und
rlesni. Frnukliii and roggbml p busty
ill ruling inu otL lit) anld that Mrs. Jack.
son told hint bo had done wrong when he
reached homo the evening Im'Ioiv, und bad
adicd Ii i til to go to bed and sleep on Ihe
situation, as it were. Wheti lio uwokti in
tho morning ho wus convinced that I wus
blameless. Cnpt. l'taiikliii. too, had
chiingt'il his mind, nniiouucing that lie
would not go into Ilia stand until I luid
been reinstated, and Mr. Fogg did not de
mur when the ipn-stioii was hiottjit up.
"Alter everything waa over l went in
Mr. ll.mkiiiH ami Mr. Jobnaton ami told
tlieiii 1 Would never ride second again as
lotig-ns I live, mid 1 never will. I am
mom than gruteliil In mv many li lends lor
their kindness In mo when I w:i liiclmccd
by tho worst trouble that can Is. full a man
in my prolcBsiuii Ihe loss ui my gisui
A Tielll. Trark al Maulamrrr 1'ark.
Tho stisk holders of the Memphis
Jockey Club nro aeriourly contemplating
thn conversion ol a iorlioii of the Held of
tlio park into a trolling track. Tho Idea
is a good one, and its accomplishment will
stimulate Ihe breeding of good bolting
lock in this locality. Thero Is mi reas.in
why Montgomery Park should not have
trolling meetings as well as running races.
Thero sre many lovers of lint rujiklcr
here who never go Ijs running nice and
yet woulJ (lis k to ssi a trotting match
'that promised fast Siort Moiitgouiery
Park iM'iug easy ol atiws and admirably
i'iiiipH'd lor the purse might easily bo
made an annual re ndc jevoiis lor tho best
trotting stock in America. Tho reasons
that tH'ralu ngainst a suivcwdul running
meeting In the fall tin not apply to trotters.
There nro no great trolling events in S.p
tellils r, Slid thero Would tat no danger of
scoiillict of tlates W illi ol her racing cen
ters. At any rule the plan is worth Hying,
and Thn A ri'kAi. trusts that tho Jockey
Cluh will tnke Ihe uecess aiy stes lor a
trotting meeting to bike plmv next lull.
Pfialroums Mas! (ia,
Spm Inl M.li I, lo 1 Iw A'l.
Ill km I. uii am, Ala., Msy 10,-Severnl
days ago the Mayor and Aldermen of this
city derided that thu, oHiration of raco
poolrooms were iu violation of the law and
must go. This morning the City Marshal
waited on tho luiinageni of the four differ
ent Si ts of books und ordered them to close
down Immcdislely. 'J ho bookuuikcrs
said that they had Iss n Informed Hint the
law to that cllcct was unconstitutional,
but tliut they had decided to (pot rather
than light the iwtuo, and that it tho au
thorities would give them a chance they
would closo ui business within the next
three days. Threo days of grace wero n I
Inwod them. The poolrooms have mado
big money here.
He Had DarhiNl Haaassr.
Ksw York, May 10. Fnmcia D. Puffin,
forty-five years old. a comtsaiitor of tho
U'uWif, took a room at a Itrooklyn hotel
list night snd ended his Ufa by allowing
tho gits to escape and smother him. He
lost J sw by bseking Hanover yesterday
and was ieKindetit.
Waal Nl4a Manra falaana4.
Hie races at West Side Park yesterday
were rxwljsjnod on account of rain,
larf lias.
A ontAT many people In Memphis still
think thut Proctor Knott is better than
Spokane. For their information ths fol
towing, from su eyo witneas of tho race,
may bo interesting. "J'roclor Knott has
had so much work hammered into him of
lute thst Ihe odgo is worn olf and ho Is be-
a' ii it I ii 2 to go luck. Ibis alonocanex
pluln toiluy a defeat. If any eiplnn ilioii
can be ofl-tod. It was not tho heavy
track that beat til ui. as lis has won the
most of his races la slow going. U
wus not tho jockey, as there was uu
swerving in the stretch this time,
us iu tho Derby, lie was simply
outmatched. Spoknuo may not bo
nblo to Hi rt his heels in tho face of Proctor
Knott in the coming Chicago Derby, but
he ccrlninly is today shoes to plates tho
boiler of the two." Tlio samo writer
anys: "Tho Clark stako has proved
a terrible disappointment, not becau-o
SKkano won it, but because, bo
won in such hollow style. Ten thousand
IH'ople assembled to soo tho great Derby
battle fought over again, but they saw in
stead a stupidly tamo contest, iu which tlio
winner played with his Held ns if they
were u lot of llrighton Poach crabs. There,
is sumo excuse for Proctor Knott's defeat
of Thursday; thero is nono to bo ollcred
for that of today. Ko long ns ho was in the
lead ho run like n victor, secure in his
strength mid confident oi his powers, but
the moment ho wns collared iu tho stretch
hotpiit like a coward."
A i'iiominknt ccntlcmnn, who boards nt
the Peahody Hotel, went into tho Derby
pool room yesterday nnd mimed three
w inners, all short horses, nnd netted $120
for $1. He left tho ticket in his olllce and
w hen informed of his luck hastened back
in time to keep tho colored boy hum
sweeping out the ticket.
H. Titkkh, tho owner of stndenway,
won $10,lkk) on Spokane's second victory
over I roclor Knott, no bought nearly
every pool that was sold on him in lxiis-
ville. llicro nio no tnsectivona oil
In Order to Escape Asphyxiation a Work
man Palls From a High Furnace.
HMrl:d llailti lo Ths Aptieid.
liiKMiNoitAU, Ala., May 10. Ned Man-
ifeo, a workman at F.nsley Furnace, No. 4,
met with a horribto death niter midnight
last night. He was engaged in dumping
ore into tho furmico receiver, when gas
utuuhded around tho mouth of the ro
ver. iUumlce turned when no smelt inn
gas and ran lor too elevator, no was
overcomo by the sulphur, however, und
fell just ns ho reached tho shaft. J ho ele
vator had been moved s few feet nlsivo
tho landing, nnd tho mini was plunged
through the tening nnd hurled down a
distance of eighty-live feet to tin) ground.
AlmiMteverv bono .u his body wus Inokcn
and ho died inslanlly.
Indians Meaitjr ta eaallnla.
Ciiicaiio, III., May 10. A dispatch from
Yankton, D. T., says that a dispatch re
ceived there last night from Yankton In
dian Agency, states that tho Sioux Indium
nt that pluco sre preparing to uegoliatu
with the Government (or tint sale of about
seven tow iisbiiis ol tho north purl of their
reservation. I.nglneeis nro now nt work
surveying the agency, and tho Indians are
.I....! .... llt.ilr I..H.I fit nii-.ilt V Tin I hi,.
i"ii"'ll I ....,.. ... .... . - a
sou iiHiijni'd for selling this laud is that
their treaty with the l ulled Slates only
allows them Sl.'t.OOO ier Rtiniini, nnd their
present treaty will mhiii expire. I lie unci
cinbriicea soma nf the tincst land iu S.uitli
Dakota, and a rii-h of aeltlera Is expected
to follow its tus'innj to liotiiiMt.i.crs,
which will ptob.ililv ho wilhiu thirty days.
Their lands will (iiiniMi hoim-s lor 1,0 to
l.imiM a, snowing such UU acres.
Xalrhrs la It Ills l'aMtln j I'liirr,
SlMk-lsl liilll ll lo III A Peril.
Jtt Kso.v, .Miss., May ill. .Vah lies was
finally selected as tho jilneo mi l June i'l
ns the dale for the annual encampment of
the National Guard of Mississippi. There
Wits ipiile a coiite.tt 's'twei'U Coliilnb:it,ii.
Nuteher, und it looked ut nnu tint ' lisu no
selection could ho iiiude, the vote Stan. ling
ul a tie und tho (rieii.U of each place tdiil-
bornly refiisin j to yield. I inally .Mr. I .
U I n In withdrew his town, Columbus,
when Matches wasaclecled. ihe encamp.
un lit ia to coiilinuo for leu days, und il is
thought Will Ut hugely attended by Ihe
Itnlllurv. Hut MslcheS, Jileksou V ollliii
litis li'iilm.id bus p'tieroiialy o!leiud lo
lutnlsh free lr.iiixMirtullon for ull compa
nies fioiu Ibis pi. ire.
- "
Ibfjr Ilal4 Ilia Urals).
Cmt Aoo, ill., May Ul A morning
puiier suvs: A grain shipper received un
order fioiu New York yesterday for 50,000
bushels of corn. Ho looked the order
over and throw it atiidc, because he could
not get tho corn with which to till IL Tlio
price tillered WAS IsmI, but the receipts of
grain hnvo Is-en si slow nnd the toiiuuge
slnudy that elevators havo been kept
clean. This condition keeis vessel agents
tan. hug around with vessel room tinchur
tered. Then- is no disposition to let gtain
rutis go down, however. A lowering ol
rales, the agents say, would neither in
creu thu itceipti nor muko any luoro
business, mid although the maiket is dull
it is prohublo lint grant rales will bo huld
wheiu Ihey ure.
An Ailsmpl ta Vtrrrk a frnln.
G hi KMi i.t.i", Muss., Miy 10. -A das
tardly stteiiipt was in.ldo lust night to
wreck puss4'iiger train No. Hri, bound west
on thu Filchhiirg Ibiilro.nl a short dis
tuned Isyuiid Mielhtirnu Falls, which
leaves that sliitioil nt ld.45 o'tl'sk.
Shoitly Is (ore this hour a truck walker
found a pile ol lies Slid sleepers piled on
thi'ltsi k at a sharp curve, lie attempted
to remove thn obstructions nnd wat vigon
otnly stoned by aomo unknown iH rwins.
He ran to i hclliurne runs ami "ci'iirci
help and cleared tlio track in time. If
thu olisiruetion bad not Is'en discovered a
ti-rnblo siiuii hup atteiidud Willi lots of
life must have resulted.
Tom Maura'a Harp.
N tsiivii.i.r, Tenn., May 10. A s isl
to tho Aiiirrinin from Columbia, Tenn.,
sajc Tho Tom Mooro harp, which wat
on txhihitioll hero during tho Scotch
Irish Congress lost week, has been shipped
back to Its owner, Mr. Georgo W. Cltilds,
of Philadelphia. A photograph "' !',H
harp will prohnbly form thu Ironttspiueu
of the Vilnius lo lie compiled from thu
Scotch-Irish dills gathered al tho Congress
under thu direction of the secretary, Mr.
A. C. I loyd.of this plsce.
A lll atrlha 1 Mrralrard.
piTisni iio, Pa., May 10. Tho employes
of tho lap-weld and but-weld departments
of the National Tube Works Company, at
McKccspoit, Pa., struck today for an
allium In wages of 10 per cent. Two
thousuiid men are out, The employos of
the ealviiniidng and filling departments
threaten to join the strikers. About 0,000
uieu aro employed in thia plant.
turn MevaMsea Malm.
KrtvKvsoK, Ala., May la Tho sa!o of
lots at Stevenson, Ala., yesterday and to
day amounted to t4H,u0U, The number of
lots sold was lol. fjlurc nsnn la on the
Mcuii'li.s ik Clmrleslon Ituilroutl, thirty'
re-lit miles south of ('hsltuiiooga. The
tuau was laid oft' in April,
Over 5,000 People Made Homeless.
A Conflagration Broak9 Out
Quobeo Suburb.
In a
Tho Flamoa Spread With Appalling-
Mora Than 700 Houses Aro Swept
From tho Earth.
Ths Fire Does Not Ceass to Burn Until
It Reaches ths Opsn Fields Two
Army Officers boss Tholr Lives
While Fighting the Fire.
Qckiikc, May 10. A disuatrous fire
broko out early this morning in St. Sau-
"eur, lu the hotiso of Mrs. McCunn. on
Vittier slnnd. Tho flames spread with
great rapidity through tho wooden district
which surrounded the place where, tho tiro
originated. A number of houses on Vat
ier, Cheuel, St. Peter and St. Mario streets
wero burned. Tho total lostes so fur in
prosHctive mny bo $130,000. At 3 o'clock
tho tiro was still raging, und it was impos
sible b) guess its limits,
Tho peoplo were dismayed nt tho rapid
ity with which tho flumes Jumped from
otvi worslon building to another. SU
Suuveur hud but a poor lire department,
snd il cou'.d make no headway agaiust the
Humes. Help was naked from this city nnd
(Jneliee engines were tpiieky Dent, but
owing to a luck of water their ell, iris were
crippled. It illery il was linally called out,
and rendered valuable assistance in light
ing thu Humes. At 7 o'clock this morning
thu tiro had shout burned itself our, bar
ing destroyed over a hundred buildings.
Whilo tlio military wero preparing to
blow up aomo houses to chctk tho spread
ol tho Humes, a premature expliwiou took
placo In ono ol the houses, killing Mid.
Mmrt and Setgl, Wulhck, nf Ikittory ll
Itoth went bun, . I in the ruins, aud at 9
o'clock their tsslies bad Uot been recov
Tho Itoilv of Sergt. Wallick lifts been re
covered. It is horribly mangled.
T he lire has been checked tin the city
side, but ia still burning funondy toward
the norths ,t and wilt proh.itily stop only
when tl.cio Is nothing Ull to teed it. Ihe
iusiiiance is cninparulixcy smalt. Tho prin
cipal pro'tlien bumc! urn iIummi of Dr.
1 iset. on V.ltlrr htreet, Mllui',1 ul S.l.tlUU
snd Insiiie I (or if I iKsl, thut of Mr. tun
gro, is'ciipied by Mr. I.epine, underlitker,
Insiiuil for ;l,isl, nnd tliimo of Mrs, Mc
Catiu, insuied in thu North Kritirdi and
Meicanliht l oinpiiii v. Ihe latT-r nninlior
of tho bouses ilcslrovvd were sm.iH wisiden
struct iites. Thero Is a slioug easterly
wunt lilowltiu and tain bus been falling
steadily tor the UV Ihtie liotirs.
Al t'ti'cloek p.m. the tiro is still burning
and no hopes aie I'liteilaiue.l of s'oppiug
il until Ihe oin'ii conn re is reached. Al-
resilv iiInhiI .i si IhiiMim h, molly wooden
leiieineiiis, have Im-i'II I'll ne.l and over
1,1111 pio tendered homeless. J lio
giealer pollioil ol Iheiii aiv riui,H-il out on
tint helils with ubat les ellects ihey wero
able to Kite, while il few h ue found shel
ter with frit nds in thisc.ty.
Muj. Shoil's txsly whs recovered about
no ui. due leg ami one nnn hud bet n torn
fioiu the body by iln t Apl.iMou uu I were
found ul si uu j tint ume liom the trunk.
St. Suuveur is a scpin.ito uiiin.cip.ility
from tjii.'liei'. but Is separated Iroui this
city only by the idili of a street. It buss
pupul.ilion of about 110 SI. Only lust night
the si. Suuveur ollicials rcin-ed un oiler
ol this city lo supply lliem with water.
4 .I'l p. in. - Hi j lii hat burned itself
out itfo r reaching thu limits of St. .Ni li
ve nr. the toll-gate kieis r'a bullae in Vulrfr
sirts'l lieiug aholit lb" lat lot". Iheilis-
irid north nnd went of Mn.ua nml L Am
broM' slns'ts has Is-en swept ileuti, with
the exception of a portion ol Yulier street.
Alsiul 7s) hoiii 'S wete burned. As muny
of tli-ui wero tenements, the numlM-r of
l llllllles bollieli'is is Hot lot-S thllll 1,"00,
rsiiupriniiig fi.O si or o,ij'; ihtmius. The
Hon. .sir. .ai -tcier and o her prominent
men nre iiileiealing Iheiuielves In behalf
of the linineli-ss peelde. Apphculion has
been made In Sir A. 1'. Csioii for tho use
of a drill shed and other iovcrnuient
biidibngs to shelter those who sro yet
camped out ill the Heidi. Tho clergy are
dialrtluiting luid, and slept aro Wing
taken to oranU ' a regular ststein ol re
l:el. 'J he maiority of llio is-opht burned
out aro nl the I ilmrlug cLss, und, as iusur
mice rules inn veiy high, few have any
thing lo fall b it k tilHin.
'lint total lir by lire is cstiinntod st
irSl.isxi. Thu iii-.ui xiii-o is as loilows:
IJuoeii, It'.'.'ski; I am adiirc, v'-.tKi; tmur
iliin, (!,'."; II in lord, 5'.'..Vsr, Itritisli
Ameriis, ts.tKII; N-otlish I'liion, SH.tJot);
lilldon and IJIIiennihire, il.lssl Cltlfns,
$.',lsl; Agriculture, of Walctlown, N. Y.,
t'i,'"ss); Mortli l.nli-.i und Mercantile,
tlL'.lsfi; iii'Ion sol l.lverpisil and tilolie,
i.i. 100; (bi' lss , $'i,0O); Wt-slerii, ftl.tXKl;
(ilii.gows snd luidoii, f.'J.UOd; lmpvriul,
f 1,'ssi.
If tho wind bud been from any other
tpiarti-r all St. I:is liet might havo gone.
As It was M. r-.itivior M ua.iiy swept up to
its Inn het cud.
It was generally supported that Rergt.
Wulliek die I iiuiiiediutely after being
taken from thn ruun, but il h it since
Ihm ii I. arm d that he is still alive at the
M.irino llo-piml. Ho is very serioutly
injured snd It not likely to recover.
1 1 is expected thul lh remains of Mil).
Shoit will ls lakon M King'ton tomorrow
forbtiriai. There will be a military fune
ral to tho train.
Nfiasriu aa-Jaura.
Ssi lal Mut. li In Hi; Aia-sL
CorrssviLi k, Mi., May R The ma
ringo of Jr. Thomas Speui man and Miss
Anna Jones was celebrate. I hut evening
nl the residence of thn bride's father, Mr.
A. J. Joues, tho liev. Ik French ollicist
tng. Tkay llaat Kmif SlarrlfHl 1 brae liases.
Si-, lal Pl.trli M 1 h A.irL
wroRT, Ark., May 10.-An nnusual
event iu tho uiatrimouul lino occurred in
this county today. J. K. Joika a pros
porous farmer, was married hi Mrs. 8. E.
Johnson. This is tho third matrimonial
venture for groom and brido.
- a
Hal al lairreal lladaeasl.
Hrnixoiiiin, I"., My lb
llouseto.lavlliok.il re b:ei lit tha maxi
mum rate oi luloictt fn.n S js.-r cent, to 7,
was parsed.

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