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Harvard Beaten Without Trouble.
Annual Four-Mile Race of the Col
li lege Crews.
Struggle for Half the
Fierce and Exciting,
Yale's Grew Show Superior
Brawn and Training.
VIotors Biz Lengths Ahead
at the Finish An Immense
Crowd View the Race
It Conditions.
JTew Londos, Conn., June 28. The
fourteenth nnnuul four mile struiyhtawny
eight-oared race between crews represent
ing the universities of Yalo and Harvard,
Vas rowed this evening over the Thames
ver over a course from Montrose Point
Gales Ferry, and was won by Yalo by
biz-boat lengths. Ollicial time-Yale 21:30,
Harvard 21:55. The series of race bo-
. twoen theso colleges now stands: Yulo
eight victories, six defeats; Harvard sis
victorie. ciuht deieAta. Yale also holds
terror (or the fastest time, mado over tho
course hut year. The crowd which saw
the race was unusually large, there being
. several thousand strangers in town. Large
Eastern delegations cauio in on the special
train from Iioston, and New Haven sent
over an excursion train of twenty-four
cars, bcitidu large numbers on the regular
troika, bcores of steamers and sailing
yucliln, and liundnxls of si
croft were on the course near the
finish making double lines nearly a
half mile in length. ISuuting of every
description was profusely dibptayed, and
, throughout the race tho demonstrations
by (rieuds of the two crews were noixy and
excited. The race was originally set for 11
o'clock, but was postjioneJ until evening
on account of very rough water. The
Yalo crew wero the iirst to show up, com'
Inn down the river at (1:25 o'clock and set
ting into their bout at 0:50 o'clock, llur
vard was very slow. They had their shell
stored in a boathouxo near by. lu spite of
this they kept the Yale crw wailing in
tlieif ulidl luliy forty miuutos. At 7:14
o'clock I larvwrd ptwhej away from their
lloat and pulled to tii6 !:aj, where they
were quickly lined np, and, after YalebaJ
Hindu a false start, were sunt away by the
Ulereo at 7.20 o'clock.
At the word "go" Harvard CAUjtht the
water tirsl, and their ahcll tniycd ahead of
Yale bv half a length. Harvard started
off with a stroke of J, Yalo Hi Harvard
lifld her lead for about 150 yaHs, then
Yale's shell b"gan to gain at every stroke,
and at tho nuartor tuilu they were on even
terms, and Vale then took a lead of alout
f.M-t. 11. tl rrowa were in exctillent
lorni, aua lur iuu iivjii iuhiii ui m tuuv
neither could gain an inch. Junl at tho
half mile Bug Harvard rowed her shell up
on even terms, and the Hug polo was
niiMcd in 2:28, with both bow and bow,
Yalo pulling 30 and Harvard 32 strokes
tier minute. Just after tiamiuK the half
mile flag Harvard took a lead ol about ten
feet This lead they held but a few
second, and as tliey uesred the flag
Yalo tnurlcd, running her strokes
up to 3d. l!y this spurt Yalo gained
a lead of a quarter of a length, pacing tho
mile flag In 4:', pulling 3-i a'.roki, with
Harvard two second behind, pulling 31.
The spurt by which Yalo took tho lead at
the mile settled the race, and, after pass
ing that point, alio gradually increased tier
lead, and Harvard wus uuablo to prevent
It. From the mile to the mile and a half
flag Yale increased her lead to a length.
Mie pasted the ono and a half miles In
7: 15, pulling 32, and Harvard in 7: ID, pull
ing 30 atrokc. Yale then dropped her
stroVo to 30, whllo Harvard increased hers
' to 32. The ellccls of tho hard race for the
ono and a half miles was plainly
visible in the Harvard boat. Filt
hy, No, 5, and Tilton, No. ft, were losing
lorin, and Finley was slow in (P'ttlng his
our o-it of tho water after each stroke.
Yale, however, was pulling In perfect
f irm, evory man eliding as ono niin and
Jilting their oars In perfect time. At two
miles Yale showed a boat's length of clear
water, and the rucn was tiuished so far as
Harvard's chances were concerned. At
I, that point Yale was imllinjr 33 and Har
vard 81 Alter pacing two-mile Hag, Nos.
6 and 7 in tho Harvard boat splunhed
. i t .1.. a i f - ... ; I ..
. .. ... . .. - i - i
DuiIIt. ami llieir ixmy inoveiuuui imu,
Vila lomr. aween nil stroke sent her lur
ther ahead, ami at the two ana a naii miio
i they had a lead of fully four lengths. From
the two end hnlf-milo Hag to tho three
and a half the portions rcmsinou me
same, both crews pulling 32 strokes per
minuti. After painting the three and a
half-mile flag aio gradually Increased
the lead, lulling well within thcinm-lvr
and with no aparrntoflort. In the Har
vard boat thmw were dim-rent Flnlty
nd Tilton were slow with their bladei,
and each with a ditreront bodr movement
from the six others. This looked very
bad, showing plainly that they were loxing
their rowcr. At threo ami three-fourth
Utiles Yalo struck some rough water, and
two additional lenulha were ouickly adled
to her lead. Harvard made a final effort
to lewwn the distance, but to no purpose
and the Yale pamcd tho lino sn euay in
ner by six lengths. The ollicial lime by
half uulcs wss ss follows.
v.t-3i. 4rr.nv mea. iji. ivw. ivji jo.
llutrara-i-a. M, 1. Is. 7
The strokes at each half were:
Y.lD. XX, 31, XI, n, 12, Si, u
lurrnra-xl, 81, M, W, .i. W. U
To summariae the event Harvard maJe
an excellent showing for half a mile and
di.l Inirlv mil to the mile flag, but from
the one mile to the four mile hoe tli' ir rx
liibitioa compared very unfavorably wi'.h,
aixt was not nearly so effective aa, the ma-chino-like
work lu the Yale boat. Harvard
IimI Wause ther were not so well taught
as Yalo, and because their stroke, even at
the rate of 34, was not soeflcctivea Yale'i
at 30. At a rate ol 30 strokes the Harvard
men pulled well together, but when It was
run up to 34 seven! of the men were un
able to hold their own and pulled the
troko turotieh with diminished power.
After tho tnce the Yale crowd boarded tho
train for Harvard, aud tonight the town is
ver quiet.
A Nw baa h la) M.ale.
Bot-ro. Mom.. June 28. A JnnJ
special from the City of Mexico says;
The Hank of I-onJou. Mexico and South
AniMica. which lea branch ot luelnsll
tutionof the same nnmein London, had
been reorganized and on Monday will bo
gin business ns a puroly Mexican institu
tion wan a capital ol 5i.rtUi.UU0, Mexi
can capitalists took' $300,000 of the capi
tal stock, and the remainder was sub
scribed in Iiondou. President Dias and
Minister of France Dubiun have aided in
tbo establiHliment of the reorganized bank,
for which the capital was subscribed sov
eral times over. Tho new Hoard of
Directors arc: Thomas Brainiff, lcmtcio
de Latorre and Juan Liumudo.
Yesterday's Police Iotellluonco The
TJblauttous Coonoy.
Ciiicaoo, I1L, Juno 28. Young Carlson,
whose paront own the cottage in which
Pr. Cronin was murdered, and who bus
been prominently brought forward by the
police iu various attempts td identity sus
pects, says that an attoiupt was made yes
terday afternoon to terrorize him. Ho do
chtrcs that two men came to the cottago
and distinctly threatened him with death
if lie should identify Burke, now under
urrest at Winnipeg. .
If tho Grand Jury obtained any valua
ble lnlurmatiun Una afternoon, it did not
become known to many of the swarm of
reporters waiting down stairs to pump
wiinefues, and by putting two and two to
gether guess at " the testimony. Among
tho notables on the lit of witnesses before
adjournment was C M. Hardy, who con
ducted the cross-examination when Alex
ander Sullivan, by a ruse, was investigat
ing Croniu's record before Justice Lyon
some years ago. btcnogniphcr Willlaton,
w ho took down what Cronin said at that
time, was nlso today a witness. The
dentist who idontitled the corpse found In
the sewer as that of troiiin, was
recalled. He reiterated his testimony aud
wont iuto uiinuto details. Two or threo
Kin-lribh looking persons who ascendod to
ttie Urand Jury star chuiubcr suuceuueU
in keeping their identity and relations to
the -4io a secret. The rumor spread that
ono of them was a Scotland Yard detective.
but the report lacked confirmation. Ad-
journineut was taken without the return
of nny indictments, though the time for
presenting such documents, If there are to
bo uny, has now nearly expired, otiu day
only remaining.
'ar, "Tlia ', In Kansas ley,
Kansas Citv, Mo., Juno 28. Cooney,
"The Fox," ono of tho suspect in tho
Cronin murder, was in this city today. It
was 11 o'clock this morniug, when Judg3
Ilolund, of tho Police Court, was bearing
one of the common drunk coses, when I
stranger to everyone in the courtroom ex
ccpliug two persons approached the
Judge, took a seat by his side, and con
versed with uiiu a few moments In jrufh u
whirrs. lhe Judge lookod very much
surprisod snd with uiificultr controlled his
nation. Alter a lew moments ot whis
pered questions and answers the stranger
arose from his st-at and walked from the
room. He was no other than tho uow
noted Coonoy, "The Fox," whom tho po
lice of Chicago would hko to get their
bunds on.
While the ftiL-itivefrom itintice was talk
ing with ttie Judge, a man from C'hiragt),
whose identity the police refuse todivnlge.
n-cognixed him aa the Cronin fiiHt-t and
hanlened to police beaditartcm, where ho
found Chief hpeur, and told him what ho
had seen. Chief r-pcars bimsvif went to
arrest Cooney, bat he had made his escape
and up to a luto hour had not aguin Ueu
Tho Chief of Police was seen by a re
porter this evening. Asked shout tho
trulhhilnexa of the story given above, Mr.
hpears said: "ts) fur aa 1 know IIioms are
tho facts of tho occurrence."
"I to you believe them to bo facts? '
"From the description eivon by my in
formant of the man I buiieve Judge Po
land's visitor w as Cooney. We have U-en
looking for him ever since, but it would
Iks very eaxy for him to have got to tho
I'nion lietx't and to have taken any of
the outgoing trains. I do not buiieve he
is in the citv now. The fact, if such it lx,
that Cooney was actually Judira Holand'a
viaitor lonils additional color of truthful
ness to the supHwition of Judge Longo
nrvkcr, r-tnte's Attorney, tbst the fuels of
the murder of lr. Cronin are at h-aal
known to some of tho high ollicial of the
IMr la Hrsahlyai Ilia
Nw Yokx, June 2H. 1'alrlck Cooney,
who is wanUd In Chlcsgo in connection
with the Cronin murder, Is supxaMd to be
in Ilrooklyn, where be hss a sister, the
wife of a ll'iuor doa'.cr. Police 'iiperin-
tendenl Campbell re--lvcd a description
and photograph of Cooney ia CUn-na-Uaid
regalia. A general alarm was sent
out at once for the arrest of Coooey. It la
understood that ho leit Cincinnati on
Wednesday, intending logo to Ilrooklyn.
Crltlsh.rs Wilt Not Contest for the
American's Cup.
Xbw Yonx, June 28. The first officlsl
information received by tho New York
Yacht Club from the Loyal Yacht Squad
ron concerning the much talked-of chal
lenge for the American's cup arrived hero
this morning, by cable, from Cowcs. Tho
cablegram sum follows:
uuiBilllc. mnrl Uttt mioot con Bra thnV
tetiu. osr."
This, of course. Is final, sndilestrovithe
ono rouiaiuing lioo for a race between the
representative sovenly-loolers ol r.ngtand
ami Ilia United t-tutes. The Vnlkvrlo.
which has all along been rnnsldered the
Us'cst sloop of her class In r.ngland, w ill,
liowever, sreording lo her owner. Mr.
Lord Dunravon, l-e trough, over here,
anil douhtless will participate In many a
contest with our truck white-winged Uyera,
Havana 0r Market.
IIavaxa. June 28. In the sugar mar
ket this week prices have rdvauccd, an,
tloiplte the buyers disposition to pur
chase, only a small amount of business
was done. Holders are too high for buy
era. Molasses augar, regular to god po-
HI IMIIH'll. Vv ,'l'l.l'V (Wl., .......
muscovado, fair to good n-lliiing, 85 to Wr
polarixatioit, l. l-'i'" 4 37J; eentrifugnls,
IC to Wl" polarixalion. I .3I 'i.-i.oM
stocks in wsrehouae at Havana and
MaUiiiii, 80) boxes, KJL000 bags, l.Hol
lihds, llre-ipls Of llin week, sixty-six
boxes, 13,000 bags, Vii iiiiua. t.spona
during the week, liftv-eight boxi 7,i0
bttga, LU") hlida., of which 48,000 bags, 000
bhda, to tho United HUtes.
Aas.rlraa raasla la llaailaraa.
Ciiicaoo, 111., June 21 J. W. Troeger,
of thlsctty, who went to Honduras to in
spect the grant of land secured by C. W.
Perry from tho Government, and is now
oancd by the Amertcan-lloadiinri Com-
lay ol Chicago, has re turned borne and
was scon today. Mr. Troegor said that ho
had left everything in very good shape in
the coIodv. Tho grant ol lands secured
comprises about 1,000,000 aeren, and is tKH)
miles directly south of Acw Orleans. Tho
company has estahliahed a town at Pisano,
althe mouth of Putuci Kiver, tho Missis
sippi ot Honduras. Mr. Troeger said that
thero was no truth In the report of the
murder of K. W, Perry, which, was an
nounced by telegraph several weeks Sjjo.
Yesterday's Impressive Funeral Exer
cises Simple and Unostentatious.
1'rkmont, O., Juno 2.S. Tho day is
warm, tho direct rays of tho sun being
tempered, however, by a veil of lleecy
clouds that is just enough to give the sun
shlno thut dreamy quality which suggests
tho season of Indian summer. Tho morn
ing trains brought quite a number ot per-
sous to pay the last tributo of respect to
Lucy Webb 1 1 aye, and there are groups
of old soldiers easily distinguishable by
their steady military stop, albeit dressed
in citizens' costume, to be noted every
where upon the streets or on tho way to
tho Hayes homestead.
The funeral services were slinplo and
unostentutlous, preserving tho character
of a private rather than a public occasion.
They were opened with tho reading of tho
twenty-third Paul in by Mrs. Haves s pas
tor, the Ituv. J. W. Mills, of tho Method
ist Flpiscopal Church. This wus followed
by the hymn:
Mr Jeniif, ss Thou wilt,
Oh, uiuv Tliy w ill lie mine
lulu Tliv l.sncl" iif Itiv.
1 wiiuul uiy nil rvnitin;
which was rend by tho I!ev. C. F. r.arnes,
pastor of the PreHbytorian t'hiirclu The
singing was by a quartet chorus, led by
Prof. Arthur, of Cleveland, w ho wus the
leader of tho regimental band of the
Twenty-third Ohio, of which lien. Hayes
was Colonel. Prayer was then ollcred by
(. Merry, of Ohio' Wwdoyaii University,
Delaware, O., who was an instructor of
both Mr. and Mrs. Hayes when they were
students at that institution. The second
hymn followed, being read by tho IUiv. N.
fciiupp, of the Kvangelicnl Church:
"w lien mtt llkn a rlr." siu-tulctli my way,
W hi-a isirrun. Ilku it-d blllotrt rtill.
WtiMMr my lol, lhnu Imst tauuhl ntc tosar,
"It la well, It Is well Willi my oiiL"
The Kev. L, 1). McCube, LLD., who
rerformed tho marriage ceremony for Mr.
laves and wifu, then delivered a brief
funeral addresi It was the desire of tho
fainilv that there should bo no set sermon.
The fiev. J. 1. Cwandcr, of the Kef'irmed
Church, then read tho hyuin beginning:
4!imI ti with you tilt wo mrrt fiKilu,
hy 111, (-UUU-! s(Uil'. Ulniil )imi.
With Hi. Ii-o ms un I) ( I I )mi.
l.oJ t. Kltlt JilU till K. Ml SsIS,
which wss rendered bv the choir. The
Kev.M. J-tifiL'. of lbe Evangelical Lutheran
Church, then repeated the lord's 1'ravei.
and closing the pimple and iuipruSHivo
services, which hadpen so arranjpd as to
bring into rriuiilion tho ax-rviuea ol all
the Evangelical uiiiiUlere ol the city. An
opportunity wns given to the throngs of
svuipalliisiog vimtors from uumsil lo view
ttie txxly, the rremont J.tglit imard
Hand, which was stationed some dinUuee
(nun the house, playing a number of suit
able schvtions niaanahiln. Tho funeral
cortege then took up its linn ot march to
Oukwood Cemetery, where the itilcniiuut
look place.
Ibe Proposod Scale Not Fatlsfactory to
the Manufaoiurarw.
Pirrsiii no, Pa., Juno 28. The iron
workers will not huvo as plain suiting this
year as was cxcctcd, thero being a num
ber of hitches in the sculi', notwithstand
ing the fact that It is practically the same
as lust year. Tho ucw scalo, as already
stated, contains no demands for an ad
vance, and in some departments a material
reduction is conceded This scale does not
seem to bo satisfactory to tho manufac
turers, as the scale year expires tomorrow,
snd none of them have yot signed it. Of
couso thero is timo to sign before a strike
is declared, as July anil August are tho
montlis w lien tho annual repairs aro made.
Amaltrnmatod Association ollicers state
that no scale had yet been signed, but they
do not believe there will be any trouble.
Nniio of tho manufacturers will suv any
thing to be quoted by numo on tho aub
jctt. One ol the larwat manufacturers In
this errlion said "liiii scalo will not be
signed, and voucnuput that down tu largo
black letter.
The stand taken by Carnegie, Phipp A
Co., for a reduction in wagns at their mills,
sre ins to tie tho cause. A manufacturer
said on the subp-rl: "The price lor plate
mill rolling lias been or is now w cents per
ton, but a reduction has been made lo 2
cents. Tbo Carnegios sre paying lens llisn
this. We sre tired paying more limn other
firms, and prefer to keep our works idle
unless the workers can auggest holler
terms. A roller in tho plate-mills Is now
making as high as 112,000 a year, and this
ia too much."
Ainsl-smalcd Association "Vials are
not worried over tho matter, and believe
bat all the scales will be signed.
Ike Asnrrlraa Mrdlral AMaelallaa.
NswroKT, I' I., Juno 28. At the meet
ing of the American Medical Association,
Dr. W. 1L Welsh, of Johns Hopkins Uni
versity, gave an address ou "Mate Modi-
cine." It was a comprehensive t refuta
tion o! the nature of Infectious organisms
and their sources snd clrrulation throuuh
the medium of ground ami drinking wa
ter. Delegates were appointed lo the
Canadian Medical Associutioo and to the
foreigu societies. Adjourned.
i -s -
Tasaa lly's roal.wa.ler.
l(Vtal Dl'vstrb to TIm Aupral,
Ysrot). Citv. Wim.. June zh. Jsmes
E. Kverett, the newly appolubd post
master, Is a native of Yazoo, was Identified
with the ltipubllran party during its
ascendancy in this (it ate and since Its
lownfull. a practitioner of law of the
Yssoo bar. llo wiU nuke an efficient
farrfl rssil ! Wllk Malvadar.
Wasiiixoton, June U8.-Custoins olll
tare bsve been informed that a parrel post
convention has beon concluded with the
LepuUlc of Salvador and are instructed to
treat diiliuuio men iiauaiso aruvniK now
that nitintrv bv parcel Ks)t the asms its
aimilur Importations from tho LriilsU West
India colonies.
Iks Rrvlvsl In Yaaoei II.
a-UI PI.l-.KS to Tb. Alil-ral.
Yasoo Cirr. Mis. June 18. Tl Rev.
Joe Jones, aasls'ed by visiting and loral
ministry, has contlnuud his daily services
al tho cotton warel.tiii'S with varying con
gngalioiiaof how bJO to 1,500.
Germany's Movement on Switzerland
Ireland Still Giving England a
Great Deal of Trouble.
The French Senate Considering the
Indictment of Boulanger.
Significant Inflow of Gold to
Russia's ColTore,
The Bon of the Prince of Wales to
Marry a Daughter of Germany's
Royal Bouse Miscellaneous
Foreign Intelligence.
Ixsno, Juue 23. Tho shareholders ot
tho company whoso concession to build
tho Delagoa Bay Railway has been can
celed by Portugal held a meeting in Lou
don today. It was resolved to resist any
attempt on tho part of Portugal touiko the
work out of the company s hands, as such
action would result in a gravo crisis. It
was further determined, in tho event of
Portugal's pcniHtlng in carrying out her
threatened net ion, to cull upon the llritlsh
Oovommcnt to demand from Portugal tho
payment of hor duhttoFngland of 3,000,-
000 incurred iu 1814, and to Ubk thai such
sum bo sppliod to the purchase of tho rail
way. It was also decided that the com
pany should claim dumaipw iroiu rormgai
And request tho llritish Uoverumeut to vu
forco tho claim.
The Italian I'arllninfnt,
Romk, Juno 28. The Premier has do-
clarcd Cardinal ljtvlgerfe was a political
agent trviug to suppress Italian influence
in tho East. It was deplorable that Italians
should bo lured into giving him money
destined to injure Italy, ltefcrrlng to tho
fniliiro of his endeavors to reconcilo the
Vatican, bicnor Crlpl said that the Vati
can now placed its hoes in a revival of
temporal power through mo intervention
of a foreign power and a F.uropcau eon-
llict. It would, thorcfofit bo dangerous
and unpatriotic to subsidiso luiwhinary
schools. Thut was the plan of lluy's
Tks fupraadrrsland.
London, Juno 28. Tho.S'ii.iiiiri Home
corresoiiiknt reatllrins the rorrectnos of
his coiniuuuicution announcing llio Pope t
condemnation of tbo Clau-na-Oacl. Tho
rorritqKindcnt also says that the Poe w ill
decliuu lo interleio lit lite matter ol the
enmiiliiiiit of soma Irish bishops anal list
the harsh treatment .frL.ind leaguers in
prison, ou the rround tint it U their own
laull, they caving disobeyed the decree
against loycoltliir.
Tba karik eauin I.lr4
Biirni'M, Juno 28. Tito diUiculty be
tween tho Southampton t'oik lloard anj
the North Oermau i.loyd pteauishlp Com
pany has been setllud. Tho Noith Her
man I.loyd su-amors will proceed up
NuilliHinpton water to within a utile of tho
city ol NMilhauiplon, iunlcul ol am horing
iu Ctiaes Koads and truuslcmug tlieir pas-
w-nuers as was rv polled they would du
Jo a
lew days ago.
kllll aaalM.t Irrland.
London, Juno 28. In the Ho-i-o of
Commons this evening, Mr. Ia-a, Member
for Ninth lioiidoudcrry, a Liltcial opptsted
to homo rule, complained of dealings be
tween Ixindon guilds and Irish tenaiita,
and demanded the appoinimeul ol a run-
ml' lee to Ittquire into the matter. .Mr,
llullotir. Chief Secretary for Ireland, as
settutd to the spoiiitmoul of such com
A Maal Uetralkal.
Lomdom, Juno 28. Unrrtty'i M)gn:tnt
announces that Prince Albert ictor, old
est son of the Prince of Wales, has been
affianced to Princeas Victoria, of Prumia,
a sinU-r of tho Luiperorof Oeriiiaiiy. Willi
the announcement Ihe ladarniation Is given
that the Prime will give llo Princo a mar
riage settlement, and dial Parliament will
not be asked to mako provision lor Iniu.
Analkrr I awl Oroan i,lna,
Ottawa, Out, June .8. The negotta
lions botween the (iovernmenl and Mr,
Auderwiti, of lnlon, for the establish
men! and maintenance of a fast liuo of
ateamshis belaoen Quebec and Plymouth
were today brought lo asucccsslul Uiruil
rrsl.l. Mat Ws.ImI,
Cork. June 28, A proclnmatlon bos
been issued prohibiting a meeting an
nounci-d lo be held hero on futtday to pro-
test against the evictions of Ihe Pouson-
by raiute and to be addrcsaed by Sir.
O' linen.
Tk la.-kl Mare.
Ixpon, June 28. At the Irgs (Scot
land) regatta tlsy the Vslkyrle msde the
first round In 1. bl:i:i. the Irex In l.ni iH.
the 1 srsna in 1, 64. 12, and the Jlarjono
In 1, W.50.
Al kandann rark.
Lnxno. June 28. At the Pundown
rark meeting today the rare for the Wet
land plate, one mile, was won by Master-
insn s Uitles, J-yboutne I Hibernian
klaaiar.at M.,,ra.al af tial4.
Ionpom, June 21 Urge quantities of
gold coin from (south Anx-rica are passing
through Antwerp for liuwlsstid Australia,
the sums as la the I- laiire-ocrmaa war,
A Q.ms la a H-ltessa,
- Madrip, June 28. Uuren Chrisllul as
cended 1,000 feet In sti srmy balloon to
day. II ass her first ssrrnt. llieballoon
was christened Mario Chi Istlani.
Tke rssssttt I sssl.
rams, June 28,-The Chamber of Pcn
uties today voted urg'ticy for the Panama
Canal relief bill, and later in the session
jsed it by a vote ol :'M to
tiarsn.n Rrrvf,
r.i si.ii. June 2H.-icrinanv has bought
a majority of the shares of Ihe hw iss Wnl
rrn Lailwsysnd bss replaced Ihe Tisbch
by Uciniau directors.
Ike Hraata anil Itnalaaa-rr.
Paris, June 28. The K-nstf Cominlltfe
will, on Thursday pel, consider the quee-
lion oi indicting tieu. iwutangfr.
IJrrm.'ar aal .wilsrrlsait
IloMK, June 2S.I:i aspecch In the ?vn
ate tod ty Prcmitr t"i n'd" be deeply
rf.-n.llod Ibe conihct Utwoeo (iormany
and Pwilxerhind, but thoy wero com
pelled te biko notice of the change in the
aims of tho present political refugees, in
iswitioriand troiu those ol itio retugovs oi
former years,
O'ltrlen Will Nat Talk.
London, June 28. At tho meeting of
tho Parnoll Connnission today Mr. James
O'llrion, M.P., refused to say whether he
had been a mouther of the Fenian Lxccu
live Council. '
The Whole rnw l.o.
Ixinpon. June 28. Tho Prittnh bark
Kcuador, Cupt. Hughes, from Buenos
Ay res, A pill 3i), from Itarbudoes, has beea
lout with all her crow.
Carlulla Hull I.
rARta, Juno 28. Carlotta Taltl, the
well known singer, and sister to Adullua
l'utti, died in this city today.
The al. I,, A. A T. H. It. Co-Rreelvershlp.
St. Lot ts, Mo., J u no 28. Hecelver For-
dyee, of tho St. Iaiuis, Arkausas A Texas
Iiuilroad, Is en route for New York on a
hurried trip. Inquiries as to the cause of
bis movements led to tho discovery of a
minor that thero is trouble brewing over
tho appointment of Co-Receiver Kwiinsnn,
by Judgo Pardee. It is stated thut Mr.
Swnnson is not tin admirer of Jay (iould,
and that it is probahlo his share in the ro
ceivernhip will bo extended from tho lines
in lexua to all lines ol the Lotion Jkilt
road, and that lu that event Mr. Swsiison
will ussunio the position ot general man
ager, for economy's sake. The (iould peo
ple do not relish thin possibility, and hetice,
it is said, Keceiver Fordyce lias gona to
New lork to consult Willi Air, (iould ss
to what shall bo dona
Mecalar Itlvldrnil. Ilerlnrrd,
Nkw Yoitx, June 28. Tho regular an
nual meeting of the Yandcrbilt roads was
hold bore toduy and the usual dividends
were declared. The New tork Central
directors declared tho regular quarterly
dividend of tJ cr cent The statement
presented shows surplus out of the earn
ings of 111,000 after paying the dividend.
Tho I-nke Shore directors declared tlto
semi-uiiDiial dividend of 2 per cent. The
statement fur tho six months shows a stir
plus of $17;l,lKM after paying the dividend.
Ihe Michigan Central directors declared
the regular semi-annual dividend of 2 per
cent. The statement (or Ihe six months
shows a surplus of $18,1100 after paying the
Tho Canad:i Fouthern directors declared
tho rcgulur soiui-aunuul dividends of II
per cent.
1 he director! ol the 1'el.iwore, ijicm
wauna A Western lUilrosd today declared
the regular quarterly dividend of 11 per
cent., payable July 2d.
Wiped Off the Dockol D.cauje Convic
tion Was Impassible.
Wasiiinotum. June L'H. Tho docket of
t'o Criminal Court of the District of
cTui'iiMa w as today finally cloarci of a
number ol coaos ahlch have buon on llio
IkxiJii evor since (ha. imliollun ol the cele
brated stsr-routo cnws sgnlnsi r.s-ix nslor
fs'bihfn W. Porsvr, Thonas O. ItMily
snd othors. District Attorney II 'go
stated in court this morning that there
were twenty-lour of lliewt w on tho
docket, sad that llio Covrrr.tiit-nl had
fulled lo sectite a conviction iu tho niiiii
rase. His predecessor had recommended
to the Attorney-! ioncrul thai they be
nollc-proaid. but nothing ha I b-i-n
done iu tho mutter. Itcccntly frii-u-ls
of the parties had called on tho
Allorney-l'ciicrnl.w lio had instructed htm
to uso his discretion In tho matter. Mr.
I logo said il was iinHMsillo to gel convic
tions in Ihino tsiK.-s, and ho did not think
the ends of justico would be subserved by a
pro-cut ion. He therufore asked leavo lo
nolle pris the rum s, and the court di
rechxl that this be done. The Indictments
III theso t aes charged conspiracy aud K-t
iiirv slmIiisI the di lundanta, aitintig whoin
aro John W. Ihtrsey, tSti-plten W. IKirsey,
Wihiam Pitt Kellogg, Ihomas J. Ursdy,
II. M. Vuile. A. U. Luck. John M. Peck
and others.
Yealerday'e paaobes of Ihe Defense to
the Jury. '
Cium uTox. R C. June 2, Asher D.
Cohen aud J u life Mat-rath addn .w-d the
jury bxlay In the Me Uow murder rami lu
behalf of the ptisotitr. Kach made a strong
sjH-ech. In bis Scfch to-lay Mr. Cohen
asked that bis client be acquitted on Ihe
plea of self defense, and closed with a
thrilling peroration, assorting that the pris
oner had already suffered punishment,
that he was changed man, and beseech
ing them lo l t him return free to his di-
voted wifo "to be bsptisud In thebiarsof
their little girl Into a nobler snd better
til.. " Jii.l.n. Muirrmh lnllnaoJ aitli a
very lutprva-dvv aeecli. llolli eskers
evidently made a gsl Impmssion on the
jttrv, as well as the sildicnca In the court
room, Which wss parked, ine llitat Sicerti
for the prowulioit w ill bf inadii lomoriow
morning by Ms). Julien Mitt hell, and af
ter a charge by Judge Kershaw Ihe rao
Will go to the jury. MjJ. .Mitchell stands
al the head of tho critiiiiiul lawye rs of tho
Mate, and his Seech tomorrow isexwctid
lo be a wry liuo one.
How It Ravaged a Farm N.ar Tullahoma,
Ten a.
Nasiiviixk, Tsun., June 1.8. A Secial
lo tho AmtrUtiH, from Tullahoma, Tunu.,
says: "A few days sgo, In Moore County,
about ten miles from this pi sre, there was
a cloud burst on the farm of Mr. James W.
Annllon, which did s good deal of damage.
The water came rushing down the faceofa
hill lo a w boat field, rarrylng everything
More It like a miniature Johnstown flood.
Mr. Anelton places bis damage to laud,
fences, etc., at $10,000."
i ii
Tke t-mw (amntaHllf Tar I ST.
Ciiicaoo, III., June 28. Nothing wss
done st today's meeting of the Wfstern
Freight Association to change the North
western situllon. The fear was geuerally
expressed that unless the sppliestioo of
the luw coiniuodity tralllo wss roslrlctrd
the break In rates would extend to local
rates through the whole Weal and Koulh
west Several propositions for settlement
were advanced, but al cacb contemplated
lbs application of the rates on one road
and their abolishment on others none of
the plans received the necessary unani
mous support. It was the general opinion
that the low coiainodlly rates must be put
in effect July IS as decided upon, and that
tho future must take cure of itself. The
liock Island and the Chicago, St. Paul &
Kaunas City protested nimihHt tho tariff
publiHhcd by tho lUirliugton & North
ern, dunning that If it wus enforced they
would bo compelled to reduced tho rates
to all the, points on tlieir lino in Iowa. A
committee was appointed to wrestle with
tho lluilinglon x .Northern aud to report
tomorrow morning.
A State Has No Right to Intorrupt Com
merce to Dressed Beef.
Valparaiso, Ind., June 28. James P.
Harvey, agent for Sw i ft A Co., of Chicago,
was arrested ut Hammond last week and
fined $50 by a local magistrate for selling
in that city dressed beet slaughtered In
Chicago, Ho wits committed to jail for
failure to pay tho lino. On Monday he
was taken before the Hon. Win. Johnson,
Judgo of the Porter County Circuit Court,
on a writ ot habeas corpus, lcntcrd.iy
Judgo Johnson delivered an cluborato
opinion, holding tho .law under which
llurvev was fined to bo unconstitutional.
and discharged the primmer, llio hint
LiCk'tHiuluro ol Indiana passed an act pro
hibiting the sale of fresh meat in ntiy of
the counties of tho State unless the ani
mals hud he-n first insK-cteil ulivo w ithin
tho county where llio meat was to bn
offered for sale. This Is t lit) first case
under the now law. J udgo Johnson holds
that llio Indiana statute is akin to the ex
ercise of power by tho Individual Stiites
over interstafl' commerce, which rendered
the articles of federation a rope of sand,
and which led lo llio adoption of tho
present National Constitution. The Judge
adds that whatever uiuv bo the nature and
reach of tho police power of the State, it
cannot be exercised over a subject con
fined exclusively to Congress by tho Fed-
oral Constitution.
It Has Earned About O Ter Cent, on Out
standing Certificates.
Nrw Yoiik, June 28. At a meeting of
the trustees of tho American Cotton Seed
Trust today it was decided to deter consid
eration of the dividend question uulil the
next annual meeting. An approximate
statement ns presented at the Hurting,
however, showing that tho trust bad
earned j'.',iKd,(Si0 In tho fiscal year, or
equal to U Per cent, on the outstanding
certificates. The attilemenl shows a cash
working capital of fr.tKKi.OiKl. At the an
nual meeting behl in Jnlv, lS-7. a divi
dend of 4 per cent, was declared on the
certificates, ptvitble in four quarterly pay
inenK Hie llist di iilcnd has paid, but
nothing has since been beard of the other
three. Outside cerlilic.ite hollers were
e irprised when they learned o( the action
of llio trustees todav, us It had been posi
tively stuled that the trustees were iu fa
vor of paying a dividend but were divided
as lo whether to declare 4 or 5 per cent.
Boturne From the Eleventh JuJtcl.l
iYtl tXimUrh e TWs Allf.1.
I.irri s Koi, Ark ." June 'jftnctorns
rVn l'-e scciat election Im-IJ lu Ihe
Kleveiilu Judicial fuiiiti on the iJU Inst,
(or judge and prosecuting attorney have
been received ftoni three or four counties
coiiiisiiig the district.
Lincoln Con nly- Forjudge: I'.lllott. 55U;
Cininiiiglisiii, 31.1. For pios -riitiug allot
liev: 'litylor, IIm; William., la 7,
'i-ha t'oiinly- l lln-ti, Ml; Cunning
ham, 15; Taylor, K.'.7; Williams, 14.
A rkuiisasOotlftl v F.I Holt, tio'i; Cunning
ham, 4; TuUor, lit'.)-, t ilhuiiis, .".
Jelleisoii County wiil give l.hiott and
Taylor an iimneiiMi nuijoriiy.
All four candidates are Democrats. The
district is Itepulilicaii by 5,.'od maiortty,
hut the liepllhlicuna il::ce I no CAIldlilules
III the fiold aud Indurse-I Kllio'.t and Tay
lor. Ihe K-niocrats likewise made no
i .
The Lltlle hook Boar J of Trade In Favor
of the Pt oj.cu
poel.1 M-pslcb lo Tli. A.sil.
I.itti.k ItocK, Ark., J lino 2. An en
thusutstie liteeliiig of the It-iard of Trade
was h'dd today to consider tho matter of
holding a Slalo exposition in this city this
full. 'Ihu seiiliin.nl was stiongly in fajor
of Ihe rstublisliinsnt of a M-riiinuenl ck
silioit and a eoiiiuiiilee was npiilnl J lo
wait n miii the Mayor and urge him lo call
a public meeting tu get the eimio cuinim
luty interested In tho matter. It is be
lieved litis will insure the consummation
ol the undertaking.
Jofca I. Ilanrr.
fnr-itl rl-lih tu lb. Al-i-v!.
Nasiivii l a, Teitti., June 2 John V.
Hower, a prouiinent conliMctor mid mem
ber of Ihe Clly Council, died today of con
tention after a brief illnoss. He wss
thirty six vesta old aud leaves a wife and
threo childroil.
Maria ejTietof H, Aslrin.sa.r.
Lvmx, Mass., June US. Muna Milchell,
tho no'.od sslronoiner, died at V.-k) o'clock
Ibis morning.
A Mil AkxlMM.4.
Srll llatb to 1h. A;srsl.
NASHVII.I.K, Teiin., June 21 T. It.
Ding, from near Mid.lleton, (ia., wcut to
the Police Siatlun yesterday slid stated that
F. 1'. Shido bad run off with his wife and
come to Nashville. He swore out a war
rant charging Hilda with abduction. This
morning dutm-livus got on the track of
Shide and Mrs. Long and took them In
custody. Shlde is a voung nun In bis
twentieth yrsr, while M.S. Long said that
hor ago wss forty-two years. Sho said Hint
if there had been any; shdticlioa she bad
liecti Ihe alHlnctor of Shide. The husband
appeared on the scene and held s confer
t ine with his wifo snd also with Miido.
As a result of II he withdrew thewartanl
and left with his wife.
rrfa). U.aglaaa Ma4. a Mialsirr.
W'AsiiintiToM, June VS. 'Ihe following
apMiintiuents wrre made today by the
FrciL Douglass, of the DUIrict of Co
lumbia, to H mister Leslduul and Con-sul-Oeiieral
of Ihe Coiled States to I lay ll.
James l.i. Wright, of Illinois, to be
Agent for the Indisni of the llosebud
Agency In Dakota.
Ihitiiid M. Ksns.lell, ol Indiana, lo bo
Uitttixl Htales Marshal lor the District of
Columbia, vice A. A. Wilson, resigned.
('apt. Meredith, ot Chicago, was p
poluted this slternooii Chief ol ho 11 urea U
of Luarsving tod Priming, .
Somo Evidonco For the Plaintiff.
Persons Who Testify to His Pre
vious Good Character,
One of Them Has an Encounter
With Attorney Bullock,
Tho Courtroom Thrown Into
Tempest of Excitement.
Tie PlulntltY to Teitlty Monday In Ola
Owu Hohalf Intense Interest la
the Trial -Fetra of Blood
shed. Frsvlio Pl"pat h t The ApesL
Jackson, Tenu., June 28. Tills has
been decidedly the most exciting day
einco the Howard trial begun. The attend-
iiuco bus been largo and deep Interest
manilested on both rides. Notwithstand
ing tho defense cloned their testimony yes
terday mid the plninliir was going ahead
with his proof, the court prrmit'ed the de
fendants to introduce a new witness this
morning from (ioorgia touching further
Identity of the pluintifl'. Witneas was
suniiiuiiied and placed ukju the stand.
Said ho waa k lawyer aud resided at Ia
(range, (ia. lie knew pluintitr well, bar
ing gone to school to him two terms at
l'ethsoda, (ia. W it iu-ms staled thftt plain-
till gave him a letter to mail onod iyad-
drotssed to John Huw lett, Trafalgar Siuare,
Ijindon, Huglsnd. l'lalntiir also allowed
witnesi a jdioio.Tsph ol his tut tier ou that
occasion. While on the stand today the
willies, wss sIiowd a photograph of John
Howlett, which be statsd was aimilar te
tho one shown him by the plaintiff in
The defendants ho'd tlist llils w itness
testimony is suother storug circumstance
touching tbo ideulity of the plaintiff.
Alter this witueas wss throtii-U the
pltiiutilf proccoJvd with his testimony.
1 tie depositions ui . i: jMurpIiy, J. II,
I'.diuous, Archibald Caiupbell, (. P. Wil
liams, W. J. 1 luhburn and several ether
of Wallelboro, H. ('., wero heard. All
testified thut I hey knew pliillltill at Wal-
tertairo; that he waa Intelligent; (hat Ins
geneial replltittiou was g s I; th.tt h
move-1 lu the best society, slid Uicy never
heard ol him aatocialtug with negroes.
II ho had boou Intimate with ueurs hs
could Hut have associated with siuh men
as Fox and Williams. Witnesses stated
that phiinlilf went bv the name ol Fred
crick A, llowlctl: that it was generally
understood thai lie wus going under sa
assumed name.
Duncan I'adgolt, Clerk of the Court of
Common Pleas, for seversl jeaisa li-pre-seiiintiva
ol h'scounlv In the Legislature
fi t a lesideul ol Wultctburo, S. ('., jcO
placed upon tho wilue-a stand b'
pluiiinll. 'I his witiii sa is a warm p-
Irletid id tbo pl.iliitill, nnd te-tilU-l to.. ,
rlrslniel pl.ilti'irr in JN.'.I l Wulleibora
lu wilitex" snld It lutind plain till lo be a
very Intulhgent young wan; that he
l.iu-bt a negro school about Ihroe moiiilis.
and sll rw.ml tauirht a white schisd
nnd SMin-utteil at Wallelboro w.th t!iolest
(xtople lu the eotiiiiiunilv; llnit his soilid
alaiidiiig was uoixl, and that ho did not
asMMiti',0 Willi neroea.
During lb.) cikss-i xaiiiirii.tlou of this
witnina, Mr. Iliillis k, utioruey for the do
f -nd nils, rather accused tho witness of
aeting ss a spy. 'Iho w it less dented It,
and uccUMxi Mr. LiiIIim k of trying to do
some dirty tilings, I'-iiIIim k )iiiiih-I to hie
feel and gutheilng a lurvac inkstand, looked
tho willies In the face and was in the act
ot throwing it, win n he was seix--d by sev
eral gentlemen, tueut excitement pre
vailed. The winters ar.w and put his
hau l lu his kel. Iho pluinlilf also
Bsouiiied a war alli.ude. Mutt sprang te
their foot in every direction, and bloo-Uhed
M'ellind lllimilienl. Ihe Jlt.l.'O rapiH il and
called for iirdur, I hu Miertll ami his dep
uties ruslio-l in, and Iu a short while order
was restored snd the rxnmiuation ol Ihe
w dues rt-iiiiieL Nearly even body M
CXHftiug trouble iM-lotr ihelrul is through
Willi. Had blood exi.ls on Isilh sides.
'Ihe deiKisilinns ol J. M. Moody, A.J.
Twiggs, J. J. lis hran, T. D. Wilson aud s,
others wera n-ad, all testifying that they
wero acquunU-d w.'.'i Mrs. C ('. Drown,
of llobhiu' H. ('., i,a woman who eloi-rd
willi plaiilll land passed a. Ins wife, snd
Unit her gel.eral charai ter was It d guwd.
(liliuts le.iillo.1 lliul In r tn-nenil i lniractor
was giHxl ci. lotho lime alio tail away with
the plsiiiliii.
'Iho plullitilT WSS not placed upon Ihe
wiliies stuiid as was r iected anl a an-nounci-d
)eietday. lie will likely taxe
the .laud Monday or 'luewlay.
'I ho rxi ilettteiit In IIm iiuirlhnii.e this
morning lathe topic ot contersotion smoag
allrlutMS ol M-ople. Hie interest in Ihe
suit grows di-vpcr by Ihu hour. People
aro ll'sklng bore from all paiUof the sur
rounding country lo hear ihe testimony la
tho ciiso. Ilii lotig and tedious liisl,
coupled wilh Iho lot weather, ia telling
on the court, attorneys, Jurors and report
era. One ol ihe jurors I k sick this evea
ing and court adjourned until K-iO o'clock
Monday morning. Tho An-kai. reporter
h-ftins trout iho attorneys iu iho rnao that
Iho testimony will all bo lu by next Thurs
day night. 'The luw ver will ronsuia
about two days lu speaking.
IH-alh al a Oniaaarlaa.
Sstsl Pl-st h to Ai sL
Dutx llin. Mis., June 2f -f rrri
Sally (colorod) died near here I A u'.ht
at tho remarkablo ago of 104 yc a
( rop proMvla ate llatleriiiV 'arm
ing opcre lions are bo-iming.
WrsiiliMs: al lsH inr
S-lst bl-i h Ui 111. Ap-j
Yaioo Citv, Mis., .'e"e 2. The
cards are out for the "'"n of Mr. K.
Knvoldsea and Mr ("" ilcath, the
cvrcuiouy taking pis -dot lay next.
klras's r-r"'""".
Ciiicaoo, III.. J" S According to
the estimate of ilm pahhsuers of the City
Directory for 1 ,"MI 10 be Issued, the
present populs""" o t hirago Is over WO,-
I . In Issta,
pflsl M-fW ' T Ariwd.
Yai siI' iv Mis., Jnne 28. The gen
erul e. 'iiA'e pliers Ihe growing crops al
in a pio'toas eon I it I id.
ktraaa'a stlsat.
r-r. Tai l. Miun., Juue 28. AcccHleg
I j II. 1'K-urel ol the Just-completed dlrrc
ilia population of the Twin ClUci i
Uv cl'JM to i,kM

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