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te Bf B U It hcs"rt
72? ARE WAYS AND WAYS OF. DOING BUSINESS Ours has always Icon the direct, straight way, symbolized by 'the arrow, which moves in a straight line, swerving
neither to the right nor the left. There is no dissimulation, no false pretense, no unreliable statements. Our patrons find on our counters always standard goods, whose
I character and quality do not need the feeble support given by making false pretenses, 'and these goods are offered at prices that need no comment. The public, reading our
advertisements, deal in absolute facts. Our announcements made from week to week have uniformly been filled' to the letter, both as regards qualities of qoods and the
prices placed upon them. These announcements always contain nothing but FACTS, Read our FACTS AND FIGURES for the coming week:
Cloak and Suit Department.
Ladies' White India Linen
DRESSES,' full skirt, lasque trim
med with cmlrciiery, $3.25.
Ladies' White DRESSES,
plaited skirts, lasque and skirt
trimmed with embroidery, $,3.00.
Cm let Fine White Dresses,
elaborately trimmed with rilben
and embroidery, $7.75.
. 'Fine Hull Dresses, beautifully
tucked and hemstitched, $12.75:
Hisses' Fine White DRESSES,
elegantly trimmed with embroid
ery, left over from last season but
net soiled, 12, 14 and 16 years,
. Bcys Linen KILTS, $1.55.
Beys' Gingham KlLTS, $1.20.
All Kisses' and Children's
Gingham DRESSES at a sacrifice.
Ladies' Fine Cream JERSEYS,
smocked Surah fronts, $4.25.
Fine All-Wool Black JERSEYS,
all sizes, $1.20.
SrEciAL Reductions this
week cn all Hohairand Silk DUS
TERS, Ladies' Worsted and Silk
Dresses, Trunks, Valises and
Dress Goods Department.
Last chance cf the season to
buy Fine Woolen DRESS GOODS
at les3 than half price.
At 25c per yard All-Wool
French BEIGES, a few pieces only;
regular price 60c.
At 47 l-2c per yard All-Wool
French Faille SUITINGS, just the
thing for traveling dresses; reg
ular price 90c. .
Iii Summer Fabrics. A collec
tion unequalcd, embracing the
most favored cf all weaves, run
ning in lengths cf from 1 1-2 to
12 yards ; all at remnant prices.
. Hosiery Detartment.
For . 90s three pairs Ladies'
Deal Black Brilliant French Lisle
Thread HOSE; worth 50c per
pair. In packages enly cf three
per pair a jcb lot
Lizie l ureal hose, m
checks, vertical stripes and fancy
novelties ; worth $1 per pair.
French Sateens,
Scotch Ginghams,
French Organdies
and Linen Lawns.
Our great sales materially re
ducing the stock of these, goods
have placed us in a position to se
cure through cur New York rep
resentatives shipments cf the very
latest and choicest styles which
have appeared.
The geeds are new cn cur
counters ; fresh lots will be added
weekly. By thus replenishing cur
stock cur patrons canfnd at the
present time as large and choice
an assortment in fine wash goods
as in the beginning cfthc season.
We do not believe an cqual assort
ment cf choice styles in FRENCH
Sateens and Organdies,
Scotch Ginghams and linen
Lavns is tie whore on
the Southern mirkct.
Inspection solicited.
k. u - LJ a ti
- S g 2? (J
T tab?, 3 W
F-vl t 'J i W 3 ) o
rS & S 8 & o
to to S.?u
I K 8 .f H 8 0
c. i f a s m .
kJ i . ? ii j e
y a -a t
! to-g m
& -5 85 e-K S 5- W
o ii 3 I
vii 3 tit: T?.b a
White Goods Derartuent.
We offer 27 cases cf Asserted
Fancy 'WHITE GOODS, consisting
cf Lawns, Linens, Nainscoks, Or
gandies and Fiqucs, mrcsc ling
stripes, laced and sailn plJds,
epen and solid figures and bro
cades very newest designs-and
worth from 15c to 25c per I'ard.
Wc place this lot on sale, without
reserve, at 10c per yard.
100 dozen SATIN FANS, for
mer price $1, $1.25, $1.50 and
$1.75; colors cream, rcu,, blue,
tan, brown and white. These
Fans are all satin, hand -painted,
and have been sold all season at
the prices quoted. Call and take
choice at 75c. Also, 25 dozen
1'lain Black Satin and Black
Satin, Gray and Colored Fainted
Fans, many cf these worth $2,
all at 75c.
45-inch HULL SKIRTINGS, in
hemstitched and sccllcp edge,
were $1, $1.25 and $1.50, new
75c, $1 and $1.15 per yard.
Curs Let Short Ends cf
Hull, Jaconet and Nainsook c-
ir.gs ana inserting;, J i cm 1 1-2 to
1 1-2 yard lengths, at ha1 pice.
IIuslin Underwear Detart-
Ltiildrcn's Lonsdale Cambric
Mother Hubbard DRESSES at 35c;
wcrth 75:.
Ladies' DRAWERS, made of
good muslin, cluster cf tucks and
novelty braid above ruf.c of deep
lace, at 25c; have been selling at
Children's DRESSES, made of
fM French Nainsook and Swiss
embroideries, most elaborately
trimmed, at $2 and $3; hereto
ftre sold at f rem $4 to $6.
J not received a full line cf
Children's, Hisses' and Ladies'
Sccick Flannel Hailed WAISTS,
in all the delicate shades, at
$2.75; worth $3.50. .
Gloves. Gloves.
One lei Ladies' S-Buttcn Length
Silk Jersey HlTTS, embroidered
lack; have been icT.ng at 75c ;
price reduced to 35c per pair.
This is a big cut, but a rcliallc
Bio B.y, tta Orat Two-Tar-Old,
Wins la fMt Tim Carrying tb
Top Wl(ht Plrrad Wins
t Bhpbd Bjr.
f CmrAiio, 111, Juan W.-TU raco at
0 ulilcmton 1'itrk tolay drew an attend-
anro cf 12,000 upoctatora and war ilna
f ftliilly etntoUx all through. Tlio weather
, -u hut ami the track ttty fast. Tha
1 j nnclpJ feature waa the performance of
Ihc (rn-at twu-yrar-oh! U Klo lUry in con-
KcnwooJ itakva and winning In cxrceiW
Jin wrluht to all hia opponeuta in the
ingly (uat time, after n bard ttrugglo i'h
)'rotxtion. r
Fimt lUoe Purae of V'CO, all aoa,
.Mahlrn and non-wlnulnu allowancea,
thrwj-qoartvra of milo Purlers; Pcrcn
ader 107, Scanuin; Aloha 117, Itomrcll;
Vidcllo 10(5, Vox; Kthcl 11 V Joo Walton
7J, McDowell 1CA Klortriclly 101, Copper
l il J W, (iiroodee 100, Ilmenre 107, Kate
Malone 01 llctiinir- etotaeulnat Joe
AValton, 4 to I apint Girundca, 13 to 1
train! Serenadur and Aloha, IS to 1 to
75 to 1 aialnat tho olhrra. The race
throughout waa confined to Aluhaand
Srrrnadur. Aloha led to the atrvtrh,
m. In frrinl .nil
b an oiien lonirth. with Aloha see
Jlud Vldelte third. Tune-1:M
kecth.d lUce Pine diatnnre and condi-
' f. a a flmt rare. Martens Irene 114,
!Otal: tieraldiiie 117. Tomi'kln.; March-
(urn 100, Franeii; Iwia tlark 11'.',
Mirchma lll.IVlmar.W, Hallie llagnn lul,
irare Llr 1 JoIa M ltd. Champatrno
.'harler 111. Vonowiir UMl IWtinir. u to
I auain.t Ireno. b lo 2 Pullie llaitan, OKI
jrace Kiy, 7 to I (ieruMlne, 10 to 1 to M
o I the otnera. Irene aim iti-rauiino were
rt awav. and fooulit It out to the end.
ral(line led lo within KM yanla of the
Hrr, where htnval'a di termluol riding
i 'i and lrvnc won by aliott leiiir'.u,
, i I'h ilnnliburn only a none Uibind Iter
l ., Tiuie-I:ll.
ll lrd IuirH-IUiidirapaeorMULea; f 13
( a h. with h f) aiied. una mile aixl an
e clith. Punera: Itonita 1UV Hoval: Kir
ton 100. Ihmna: Ilrldiri lifflit W. Fn-eman;
Oarainau 103, amino lo7, Ptom y MonU
vomerr I'.'T. IVc-ttinir P'.ven a-alii.t I.ljr-
Ion, 3 to 1 Itridtrelitrlit, A to I llonita, 6 to
1 Oarsman, VI to I Pinner Montiroincry,
, 30 lo 1 famine. To a fine (tart Kridiro
hkiht look the lead and kriit It until wiill
down the atretrh. with Itonita and Klyton
alternately aecond and third. In front of
the aUnd lkmlta nia lo a null and wn by
two lenctlia, while Klln lat llridjp.lifchl
a bead lor the place, lime very
The fourth rare waa the Kf nwood aUkea,
t for lwn7e.r-old colls; I jOeech h. t, with
11.(1(10 added: worth t.'.lMl to the Winner:
flve-fiuhtlia of a mile. Ptarlem: fj Kio
Kei Winrhell: 1'roteclion 10. Allen;
UV lYun T 1IR, ilclaniihlin; Ularoey Plooe,
Jr., llondurss o Panting KW, Ja)a
A lli JUiwninnt IOH, Xlaror Nolan lo.
. .Perlee V) fwlerii k Hn. W. 1. Morris
MH rnlliiian IlJ. injitni(f r.ven airninat
W Kio lU-jr, 2 to 1 l'enn V. 7 lo I l'rotc
tlon. 10 to 1 Jala. 10 lo 1 Honduras snd
Paullairo tout)led. 15 to 40 to I the others.
Jala, rrotertion aid Honduras were flmt
a war. I'rotecti"". led at the ball with
Honduras sownd and Jaja third. At the
thrve-ooartera Honduras waa a Lead la
front of l'ro' tion with El llio Her third
In the stretch It Wamo throe-cot uered
fllit between LI llio Ifa-y, 1'roUUoa and
nn r. and at the end of a doHpernto rare
home Kl Hio Itey won by a noo Imtn l'ro-
lction, Willi l'enn ralvnj;tu mrtiier uara.
hi Kio Key a performance waa one ol l tin
croateat over achlevod by a two-year-nld.
Time 1:01.
Fifth ltacc Handleap sweepatakea;' for
3-year-olda. with Ma) addel. ('no mile.
Ptartere: Newrnatle 10A, Allen; Floodtido
114, Hart; Urown l'rinecxs 113, larnl;
Cuwllii lai, Unrdiier 113. Nm. Jurkson
Kit, Pantarrua 10:t Hotting 2) to 1
atrauuit Mrs. Jarkaon, 3 to 1 .Nt-wciiHtlo
nd Uartlnnr, 4 to I Urown I rlucvm and
FliKxIiido, 13 to 1 Pantarriix, 30 to 1 I'm-
aella. C'aMwIla led lo the head ot the
stretch with Fiooiltldu'unninK aecond In
the laat furlong Newcatlo came out and
won e.ulv liv three IciiirMia with rliHxltnle
aecond and ltrown Priuctf a third Time
hixth llace rurae iWfr, maxlcn and
non-winning allowance"; mile rnJ a nunr-
er. Marlerv Kirly lawn 104. HuIIk;
Calielite 103, lUrti); Ijidy Hemphill IM,
I reoman: Jolin liubcr 114. itettinir z to
ft aitmn.t Caliene, 4 to I Kirly Dawn, A lo
1 ladr Hemphill, 10 lo I llelier. harly
Pawn wns Ural otT and was never heiideL
lUrnes inaJo a tfreat elf.irt to overhaul
hiui in the atrrtch with 1'alicnte, but it
waa of no avail and l jrly Pawn won by
two lenittha, Culicnte aecoml and Lady
Hemphill tlnr.L Time
1 ho follow ma bid thsentrtua ana weicmi
for Monday:
FlrM lur M.l.lin itirw rrarnMc rm. mlla
fiwli, lwlr, Ihe l"rnw, ..inp fug, mt-r 114
ipiihii 11;, Iw.nJ HmbU Kirutia, M.lou
l'lunlt. c h li7.
rin.i tu MrMrn two yr r oleic flrrrUtiltit
of .mil klrru lix iiui HHrt. ILmt..r, kin.
II. Klltlr lulilill. llt. I'mtIm. Ntllllb Jru.
llilnl luiv-Kilr. ir.I'Vn 1f rr ol.l.: flv.
rill. lln ill . mil Hhrr Km. Ill AUIimi III,
7lW III. I'rl.l N III. Murnf NnUn III, I'l-
l inm. I" f.ralln. ii. K ni.l,.i Iik, Mary M.I
krr I.Mir l"s cu i) lr in, Aunl kali' Im.
finmo Kar llartilli'ati: orir. .tia oite-rlirliih or
amll llrl.larll.-lil Hi, Ml llin IIW, IWmiIUi l"
Itanman h Ijii.II W im. I.i luu, Olllurl liu,
Ul' H'IrlU I'U, Iv in la km It...
llili rUtv-4H-llliiK. oim Miilo. I mli-ml l(H, tr
tr. Ha". I ". I.IK II l"V flnnalif Hi. hu.rr
Vlwrl, LMvUkiiy lS lluuklul IM, llinlnul
la-1 1 aa.
mill Ranr-rum, arllln.. on. ml I a. at. Kirk
ll't, l.lila-rt IU. III. iimvii Jiia 110. I.lokiwr l
knlar kaba lia, bullalill IUU, Mlrtii lul, J.kls
liima (L
M-tvulh !. Ilamllrarr flirrnii.rVTi f a
mil I'al iNiiim.n 114. Iiii.lr lihl lit .lnlirll.
Iiat, k.i In-rat !., Maia'l Von 1 rnnii is
WiniHi. I. l..m I.-l I"., cwpl'l IUU, Jruiila Wo
I ariami liu, Luullii. Ws Ualaiuv Wk
tempt, Hillock, fsitiafaetion. Charlie Rna
sell, Uullua, Subaltern, Troy, (irwnliold,
i.iiiiur. cniecK won in cu l.UKO
second, First Attempt third.
Velerdaye ia
Chicago R, lUintuii 2.
Athletic 2, Ilrnoklyn X
PL liouii 10, Uuiaville 1.
I'illiiiiore 7, ColumhiM 0.
ritlaburg 8, I'hilndolphla 0.
Kannaa City 0, Cincinnati 3.
Clevolund 4, Waahingtoii
r.ttMhtirg 3. I'hiladelphia 2.
Indianapolis 1, New York 4.
Jury Bays Not Guilty, After
Hours' Deliberation.
CiURt.MTos, 8. C, June 21). The Jury
in the Mellow cae were cliaiyi-d ly
Judire Kerahnw at balf pnat 2 o'clock, and
after deliberating for two hours returned
with a verdict of "Not guilty."
PiiKiraniAD 11a r, N. J., Jane 211. The
w rather w at delightful here this afternoon.
MaJ. Toowaa, of Lexington, arrived here
this rooming with Jewel l'n, who will
tart In the Iteallsatlon Makes Wednesday
next MaJ. Thomas was tho owner of the
celebrated horao Himyar.
The track today was Tory fast.
First Hare Seven fnrlonga, TUrlers:
Han Clocho. Ilevellrr. Ih lindu, Wary, Jay
F Doe, Tipatsu, JxanUika, lUdiant,
Mcridrn. lxantuka won in L28 1-3, llan
Cloche second, Jar F Ie third.
Pccood Uace Throe-narters ot a mile.
Ftarti-ra: Fairy Onern, lago, Wide, Zor,
1'eteraliomiigh, Livonia. lV(eri)orouih
won In 1:17, I jvonia second, Drftxl third.
Third lUce Three-quarters of a milo.
P'arlenr Volunteer, Peymour, III us Itoek,
Fidi'S, Uluah, Iteclnre. Fldra won in 1:13,
Pevmotir second, Hlue Itork third.
Fourth Itace One mile snd three
eiichlha. Planer Flrenil, Kurtis. Tea
Tray, llella It, I'unhoyne, lavrrwick,
Infia. Hrnii won to Z.Z4 3-0, hurus sec
ond, rvila It third.
rlflU Itace One and three-slsteenth
nillca. Ptarters: Para Wood, lted I'riure,
I'anama, Al Kervl, Long llranrb, Hype
rion, lioaa, aivuwo. iiy uwn won in
2.1)4 2-f), am W'iod aoeond, I'anama third.
' Htth II-) Two miles turf. Purlers:
Sonaaaa. M. Luke, JUrculoa, Flnti Aly
Not Tat lodloted, Toough lis May
by tbe Neit Orand Jury.
Ciikaoo, III., Juno 2". . None of the
napecls were repreaenlcd In Court when
the (irand Jury ir ported to Judgo
After I he laat formalities of tho long In
ipiiailion wcro ended Plato's Attorney
IiOiigenecker bild a nnmlx-rol reporter.'
that he bad not yot dnippped the case in
iU relation to Alexander Pullivan. The
Ptata'a Attorney claimed lhat the (irand
Jury bad been unable, owing to the ox
plratlon of IU term, lo hear all the evi
dence that could be presented agninat Mr,
Pullivan. The Inquiry as lo Pullivan would
be continued to tho next (irand Jury.
Whether it would bo another aicrial pane
or tbe regular body could not at preacnl bo
tinted. It was conceited by Mr. long"-
necker In private conversation that up to
the moment that the term of the (irand
Jury expired the authorities hnd not so-
cured tutlteiunt evidence upon which Pul
llvan could bo convicted. An lodldnicnt
of hi in, therefore, so Ihe Ptntu't Attorney
reaanued, would undoubtedly result In an
Immediate trial or acuml'ai, barring lor
ever any further proceed im,, a result
which, from Mr. Lungencckor't sUuid
point, waa not lo bo desired, Another
reaaon for the Plate's Attorney'! count ie
tid to bo a hope on hit part that before
the trial of llio men indicted la ended some
of thorn may be iuduced, through hope of
saving Iheir own necka, lo give eWJonce
directly incriminating Pullivan.
It la Indorsed by tbe Republicans of
Coahoma County, blUa,
Clierlll M.ialU'k Ullht Apl.
Lti a, Miaa., Juno 20. A convention of
the Republicans of Coahoma County as
sembled today at Friars I'oint tod passed
tbe following resolution:
Resolved, That Ihe Republican party of
Coahoma County, in waas meeting aaem
bled, beruhy tender to I'reeideot Harrison
our grateful thanks for the dmtlnguiahed
honor be hai conferred on our fellow-ritl-sen
and arty h adiT. CapL A. T. Win
terly, by hia appointment at Internal
Revenue Collector cf tbe l'ittrlct of Mia
siaaippl and Imiaians: that In honoring
Capt. Winiherly he has honored and
greatly benefited the Republlcani of this
eonntv and ths district; that the honor baa
been worthily bestowed.
CHI 1 KM V Vn L'll 1 (IV lleblnil Pullivsnln the big fight, (leary
Olililil I Ail A.L rU-lk'l''. cn counted on, but Ihe other mania
unknown. Mo)l it will be amiiuu.
thougli Pullivun hltimell did not know
liixt week who was likely lo sl"t Cleary.
Mnl J. Km la Mikeii of snd would till the
bill, but Mnldoon would hardly care to
U liind John, lit! would prefer lo
Eulllvan Bald to Cs In line Condition
and Dlaposed to Concede Every
thins to lile Opponent to
Insure a Battle.
e soliin nioro exierielieei limn ihd
the plai-e. However, the, matter will Iki
der ided in a few (lava, and when it la, the
niimo of Ihe luisaing second will be tundo
Aafnras Pullivan la roneerned nothing
will Interfere with the light unlers Ihu
rhnmpion dmis ilesd. The Kilrain pnrty
will bo conriHled everything III order that
there may lienoku k. AnyKiiaremai aa
a rehire will auit Pullnau, no mailer
where ho bulla from. There w ill 1m ilenty
of good men down from tho North, snd
there are pond men right here in New Or
leena ratahlu of aervliig. Asfur fisths inter
eat .North la concerned it is gettliiii morein
tense every dsv. P far there baa lieen
little iK-ltingin'New York, but what Ihero
la of It Mr. Harnett says was favotable to
The American Company, of New Jersey,
GobbUs Tsn Mills In Texas.
Naw OiiLtAas, U., June 20. Tbe '
eyiiHc't Auatln, Tox., special sn)s: Tho
Amorltan Cotton Peed Oil Company, of
New Jersey, have purchased ten of the
cotton oil mills In Tcxaa, and today
amendments to Ihe several ( barters wcro
filed in tho ellUe of Pec rotary of Plate,
terminating and diteolving the corpora
tions. Tho American Cotton Peed Oil
Company, in tiling their imenduienl,
however, it appear, it going lo liavo some
trouble, sa, under the lawa of Texas, a
cororalion once in exlateuce cannot tlia
solve or lermiualo Ita exiatencu except by
limitation as rxpreawd in iU char
ter of by decree of court of rouie
tent Jui'iaJii tion. Attorney-lieneral
Hogg, who waa seeu this morning,
is of Ihe opinion that Ihe amend
uietita Died are worthies', and hence, if
the mills sre oiieraled by the New Jersey
coinpanr, it must be done under their
original charters snd franchises, aud at
tcparslo aud distinct companies,
Tbe Puccesat j'. Candidates In tbe lief
enib Judicial Dlatrlol of Arkansas.
Srlal PlM'.ti'b lo Tbo A -al.
Lima Rink, Ark., June CO. Tho re
turns were received todsy from JefToraon
County of tho teelal judicial election held
In the Kleventh I'iatrieton Ihe 22d InaL
for Judgo and I'marcnting Attorney. For
Judge JefTeraon County gave Llilott 2,3(i0
votes a il Cunningham 1"-V For I'roae
ruflng Attorney It gave laylor 2.373 and
Wilhsiua 81). The volo In the entire ilia
Iriet ntands ss follows: For Ju'lge 1.1
lioti, 4,&i-; Cubuinghsui, 741. l-or I'riav
renting Atlorncy-iaylor, 4,700; Willums,
f Ufrt satlooa of tbe Board of Visitors In
tbe Matter of Tbelr Employment.
Vaiiiotom, June J!), PerrfUry Tracy
has received Ihe report of the Hoard of
Visitors lo the United ttlatcs Naval Acad
emy al Annaiwllt. The boai t r scorn -Bionda
that tbe academic course be re
Juoed from alt (o four years, and U at at
Ihe end of tour yesra the caJuU be coin
miasloneil as ensigns. It alsorcromthsadi
that It should be required by law that the
designation ol persous lorappolntineolnnH '
I tlmLr .lliirnales lie Cull An. 1 m ,t I
Nrw Oui.r.AS", I t., Juna CO. rrcpira
tloiia for the Pulliviiu-Kliruin piuo fight is
progrvaaitig smoothly. . Hud Reminiid,
who has t'hsrgo of the eif umion, Is receiv
ing constantly upplinitinn lor tickets and
special curs. All partirs ot sixty will bo
(umikhed ierial car, and can equip
themselves as thuy wish in the matter ol
ieronal comforta. The Ponlliern Atli
lotlc Club, of lliia city, has engiigml throe
aptTial coaches for iiiemlxira snd their
gm-sU, nnd the social clutis of the city have
engaged several more. The firs, train to
leave Ihe city, about 4 o'clock a. m., July
8, will bo tho ticclal train of ten cart
or more, tho occupants paying $13
each. Tli it train will bo followed a few
minutes later by a train of twenty cart
or more It required, all reaching the bat
lie ground in an hour. The ring will bo
pltclmd tiefore daylight and be in readi
ness for iieo when the excursionists arrive.
It is confidently expected that tho fight
will commence at 8 o'clock a.m. and Ihe
excuraioniaU retnrn to the city by noon.
Tim manager think there will bo 6,000
N'Ople ot the ring tide. '
Capt. Tom Jamieaon,o Meridian, Mlas.,
with twenty specials, will probably have
charge of the police regulation. CapL
Jauiieoii la known at an efficient and
reaolule ollirer who rail alwaya have a
poaae of good men at las com man I, and
should bo undertake tho job Ihe very boat
of order will be aaurel,
J. W. Harnett, who left John I. Pulli
van Wenneaduy eveulng at bis training
quarters fli New York, arrived here tint
morning lo rece ive UoImv as lo the selec
tion of the bsltlo gtoun.'l. lleing Inter
viewed, Mr. liarncltejid: "Pullivan never
looked better. 1 knvr biro when he
fought Ryan, and I tell ynu frankly he it
in better shspo at pn-sunt than ever in hit
lifn. Aa lar as 1 can tee there is not a bit
of surplus llcsh on him, and the atory Unit
ui la ilnuby looking about the must lee is
all both. His wind Is excellent and his
legs are as solid and aa strong almost st
ban of atetd.
"Just before I left be kip'd tho rope
800 limes without a br ik. And a man
muat have pretty good legs and mighty
good wind to do that."
lr. llarnrtl had plenty of Intermtlng
things lo tell olxiut the ,'us Oilcans favor
ite. He aayt Pullivan Is taking naturnlly
lo training aa a duck does lo water. Hit
docility ia something lo b remarked. He
does everything Muldoiii tells him, snd
be rrslixce perfectly that - urnst show ihe
country iisl what he is t . le of. When
he striie Ihe fiublic WIU 1 amnred lo aee
the miiKniliornt ipcden i of combined
muscle ho la. He It yc ly Hercules,
and all bis pristine i rcngtb of limb
and vigor of rust. have rome
bark. 1 b big lellow tu arlf has at little
fear about tbe riwult us ! " woOld have If
Andy llowra was to , h't opponent
Harnett gives Muldooa ;rrflt credit lt
what has been aceompL. ! la training
Pullivan and giving Lisa saoua in w ratt
ling. He ssys when hul van geU into the
ring he will know a p .t or two alout
wrr.tling thai bare ax .f ktiini to
Kilrain. .
Mr. l'rnctt dons not iv ho Vance when practicable. The board abo
recouiinunda that Ihe maximum limit of
aire for entrance be nineteen instead of
twenty years. The board helicvostlmt tho
Vuluii of the OlIiMt of limlrueliiMl. laith to
thonn who reiiih iirnduatlon und to thime
who fail of graduation, it Impiiired by tho
amullneaji of the nuinUr who run reaaoua
bly Impo lo nilnln po.ttiont In thn uavul
si'rviee. The Uxird rni'idcr that Ihe
morula, iliacipline slid hnlamhln of Ihe
srademy have improved In tho lat four
years, but thinks it would bo deairablo lor
tho (lovernmnut lo lind orupntion for
nioro ern.luuto cadets than nro now taken
annuully into the naviil service, and sug-
r'eals that Cougreaa put Ihean young mull
ii to tho fevenuo murine arvlco.
Tbe Demooratlo Primaries In Monroe
County, Mlsa.
ax liil M.U-h In Iho Applet
AnkNikt!i, Miaa,, Juno 20. Tlio iVino
emtic primaries to elect rsnilidutes fur the
Iirgl.lalure and county ofllcee were held
In this county today. Vnutilul intenl
has lieen shown, capeclally in the choice
for Pberiir. The prinelpnl contestants for
that nomination wero Joseph A. Johnson
and J. J. lttthnm, and Ihe routed ia so
clw that it will laae the official count to
determine who boa been lndorad by the
people. No election was held at Muldon
precinct. A committee hat been -Miinted
lo receive the count snd announce
the renult, which will not bo done until
A Judie Plnss a Jailer for Maltreat In a
Macov, (is., June 20. Judge Fmory
Pper, III the Called Hah Court, lniawed
a line nn Nal I'irdnoiig, Plato Jailer, f-r
chaining up by Iho neck for several hours
Joe Warren, a colored t'nited prisoner.
Warren hod beou diaorih'rly. The Judge
held lhat the puni.huient was rruel snd
unusual, snd inflicted unjilatiflahle torture
on the priatmer. The Jailer's rounsrl ile
murml to the jurixliction ol the court, but
it held lhat ss lo Ihe l ulled Ptsh-s pris
onoi Iho juilrr wsa sn ofllcer of the court
snd ss such waa amenable to punishment
for cruelty. The case creates soino cxcito
No Strike Tbls Tear, ss tbe Scale Will
be Signed.
I'maiit an, I'a., June 20. It can be
safely said lhat there will be no strike in
the iron mills over the wage question this
year. The olhrialeof the Amalgamated
Aaaoelstionof Iron snd Pfecl Workers were
notified today that sixteen firms bad
signod Ihe scale. A number of othcis
have iemlird their Intention of signing at
soou sa necexsry repairs at their llauts
have Ix-eii uiadx, and within a month it ia
thought sll union mills in Ihe country will
bo lu operation under the ncwtvslo,
arel4est t Irh.bwre A friei.
Nrw Ohika, Ia., June 20. The
Vnuaru'l Vlckburg, Miaa., lec.al
a.iya: The train on Iho Vli koburg A Me
ridian Railroad, due here at II o'clock
a.m.. collided this morning wilhadiabled
Ireigiit liuiii sl Hickory Ptatiou. Pevtral
cars were w recked, but no caaunltiv oc
curred. Arkaaiaa. kaiprvam ( sert,
arll lHnlrb k lhs A.l.
I inn ll'M x. Ark., Juno M.-Tba So
prcmo Court adjourned today tor Ita lorn
mrr vacation, and will rs-couvstve on
r-oiilcuibftt 30. A majority of the t in
laiis of the Court will tpsni tlia seauuor
outaide the hIilUk
. ( ollllllimya
Tbe Blooming South Is All BIbU
Encouraslng Reports Prorn tbe
Cotton Bsflons A Survey ot
tl e Whole Country.
Wa.iiimito Junu'JH,-Tlio week end
ing Juno 20 bus been cooler than uiusl In
all agricultural dlrrlcta except In I'akota,
where the teuipt MUire has been above tho
svcritiru fur Iho week. In llit Ohio Valley,
Ihe 1-ako regions and Iho Middle Atlantic
rtati-, iiieluding the tobacco regions vf
Kentucky and Virginia, lhc.il.iily teuici
sture rjiuil fiom 0 to If belew the nor.
m il, while in Iho cotton region aud in the
MiMiuri Vuliey tho tcmet4ture raugod
from 3 to ti" below the normal. There Los
been an exceas of rsiufull during Iho week
gemnully oil the Atlantic Count from snd
lueluding southward to r lorida from the
Ohio Valley, and tho southern portion of
the cotton legion, extending from PoutU
em Ocorgid loTexaa. Tho rainfall along
tho Kiuih Atlantic Cojut generally exceeds
four Inches, Ught thowers occurred in
Iho Plutea of Iho Like region and in all
other Males except Alksuaso, lows snd
Niuthcrii llliiioia, whuro fair scallicr con
tinued during Ihe wei'k.
Ihe rainfall of Iho season continues
slong the Atlantic Coa.tfrom New York lo
Furida, snd from Ihe Miuiasippi Valley
southward to the (iull Coaat. Over 7 per
rent, of the seasonal rainfall has occurred
uenerally throughout the Plates of tho
Miuiaaippi Valley snd in Ihe cotton re
gion, excepting in the southern portions
of Alalwina, Miaaiwippi and Louitiana.
where only ii-'t er cent, of the seaai.nsl
rainfall has rxcurreil. Ihe recent rains.,
however, in this sccUonduuhtlrMoceurrea
In lime to improve Ihe crop conditions.
There Is a large detlciency In rainfall,
amounting to shout 30 per cent, ot the
normal In Northwestern MinneenU and
NortliiK.tern l'akota. Phowerw, however.
oixurred duriuir tlio week on Ihe 1'aclOO
Conat from r-aii Frmiciaco northward to
Wa.hingtoii Territory, tho minlall ia Ihe
grain rctfioue runging truia one-lourtn to
thrm-fonrths of an inch.
The west her haa la-en favorable (or "
frow lug crops throughout the routraJ "
evs sod North meat, exrep. in Minn" ' '
but corn is reported aa Due and m
rnpidlv In this Mate snd generally t! '' '
out tlio corn boil. Fruw Mine ' 'V
Ixrta khow lhat sll crops were P ij
nit moie ruin is neeled in the ' 'J-r
Vsilvv country. l!ejrla Iroo- eyasta,
lows.' Illinois, lodisoa, Mi.s-.'1
KtutiMky sud AikauHis ah ' ,J 1 .'
CondiU'ina for tho week w ' 'P11 ?
fsvorahlH l ar oirn. wliv ' ' "pM
growth. Hanestiiii
rirMe, and the dsm.ii
... 1... I
cp!v. ram ..mm uwu rr
Rpporis from hs Z Zl
Kentucky, Tonnes t?,,k,n,
show lhat tl.i. crop ' welb but
waa Improving un' - abU weather
Ihla wel-k. r voa'" vt0 ,l?u
throughout Iheioii w'ff"'; ,U,Mlr
aia.ii.ikl this env - lB',,,lJwr,fT,!t
tectei teas r. J v.e.tber, Lltle
gmerallv C ,out Xi" Nfta , f ur
fug the' w P"hern lx.ui.Uu
thomwaru .V "'"Jf?
weslher i '" 'nl"'r improve t ha
troLa. I" V" iaJ1 AtUntic Putea, SUjw
I nil.n' ""'I Chloaome Hilary baa resulted
froi ceni.nuooB rains snd the absence ot
iu .lone, AllhouU tLe crop twoepecU
cr.ntii.ri gl lhre sections,
tUf U needed tor tle bsrveat sa
crtaiS sd Uf. .1
gls .rtalBletj.
.... at from ex-

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