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An Expose or Ansrchy Fallacies of
Prophecy Noble Work Done by Law
yers In the Past and Tbelr Responsi
bilities as to tbs Future.
At the anniversary exercises of tlio Yalo
law School last Monday the following ail
drcss was delivered to the students by
I'linunocy M. IVpcw;
1 do not pmposo to pursue any ol tlio
subject upon which you hnvo been in
tract ed by this learned faculty, nor am 1
picparod to compile with ou with a
thesis upon somo legal question as a part
of Ihc exercises of griuluatlon. The roin
niciicement orator usually addresses bin
W self to the professors and the elder mom-
ben ol the profession, but I came In in I"
apeak to vou. The most joyous of days is
that which closes the doors of the school
and opens tho gateway of the world; the
most apprehensive, tlio one which murks
tho opening of your clioutless olliec; tlio
luippiest, lbs Sol return after .he future is
secure and success assured, lu collate
scenes and association. It is tin-prtvi
le'e of aw and experience to indicate
paths in the fields you are yet to explore,
to point out the daubers which beset
them, and the methods of sate and com
fort able travel. Most of the ideals o( these
clmina hours dot 1 to tin . 1 1 ' Initial
interchange of aspirations and hopes will
be sliatlered against the stern realities of
prsrtioJ life, but their deM ruction will
furnish the lessons (or suro foundations
sie! permanent construction.
At this hour all your thoughts are con
centrated in one word success. K your
construction of succe won honestly an
alysed it would probably mean to moat
minds tho . . Hit of money. The desire
to acipiire protierty ia tho most potent
force in the activities of ojr ttcople. It la
the mainspring of our marvelous develop
ment, and the incentive and reward of
intelligent industry. It la alike the
ciiuait ot the noblest efforts and the
must revolting crime. That man would
be uufaithlul to his familv and to
bis own independence who Jid not use
every honorable ellort and practice every
reasonable crononiy to secure homo and
romia'tenet' lor dr. lining vours. Hut the
liiwtcr who makes thal-hia Bole aim ia an
unworthy melnbor of Ihe noblest ot pro
fession and will never wiu its honors or
Tli mastery of any calling involve a
thorough knonleduo of it history and ob
jet I and pride in its punraiL The law i
al once the drvest of studies 'and fullest of
inspiration, (ts rulation to liberty, gov
ernment ami the welfare of mankind en
large tbe vi-. n ol ibe Mud. nt. and the
broadei hi- learning tho more eager ia bis
eiilhusi..m. The discovery of tlio I'sn
dects of Justinian in the sack of Amaltl
saved the win Id from rvlapsiutf into barba
rism. This great . 1 1 1 all hi nf I ho learn
ing of cent in les illuniiued die monsslery,
liberalised the church, invaded the uni
versities, cburkod feudalism, taught justice
to rulers an I their rifhla to the people and
Iirveerved utilisation from leiug liojiolc
V lust in the darkness of the MidJIu Age,
but while tbe light thus shed by the laws
ol an aurieut and extinct empire rescued
Kuropc (rum the reign ( brute force and
ignorance, mi l while the gvnornl tirincl-
.,. 'fx )! are "I universal applicstl j'.i,
" . i. . . ....... I.. ..... .1...
IIUIIIIIH '111 I. I 1.1. I j 111.), fill- llll!
vsults ol origin, race, chsr. l r, environ
. meul and climatic conditions. It is tho
" giory of tho aneoslry from which wo de
rive our law that, though sometimes con
quered, they never lost their slatulea ur
customs. All other nations have fallen
under the c ..b s ol the invader, but .Will
iam the Ni'iinan lelt untouched Onset
source of justice snd Ireeilom which were
tumid in Six. hi jurisprudence.
The haughty barons, who could not
write their usmes, brought King John to
the Held ol Itunnyniede. Al the it ol
their good swords they forced Irum him
alsgna Cbarta. and with tin ir hill they
stamped upon it tbelr arms, but the pen ol
Ihe lawyers liamedit. These great jurists,
loysl a the profession hassvt-r heen to lib
erty, unrecognised then and unknown
now, so wisely drew the great charter ol
It . loin Hint II has been conlinncd thirty
seven time, and today need ueiiher
amendment nor commentary. The law
yers comiMdlod Kliaabelh, proutieat ol
gueena, to surrender the nunop.)hna
iin b were ruining Ibe Kingdom, with
n etiology that alio Intended them lor tho
good of the people, which was at that pe
riod a moat valuable admlseiou ol popular
A OtOIIOWt I v in i l . v
Coke i bet ked evou th arbitrary Charles
. with Uie judgment that the law was su
perior lo the sovereign' will, anil Crom
well charged al Maiwlon Moor lor prinei
.. le.tr ne. I i- . rdu I. ol st law, and bv
them raised Knglaud Irum the depth ol
deg sdation to the pinuacle ol greatnesa
while ruling at Westminster. Th early
Settlor of America were deeply Imbued
by precept ami example with Mag
ua t'haria, th I'elltion of Highi
nd th principles ol the ctnninou
taw, bat tltey fled Irom eccleeiaslic.il
tyranny ami the abuses ol privileges. Thev
jiighl liuertv, religioua am
lielr hard slruggh with aava
I. In
mail and
ihuapitable nature, the simple eeonemy
( tbelr But needed no lawyer, ami (or
nit a century lliey had none. Tho
dustier and the magistrata both made
lie laws and administered them. Hut
I tea hundred year were iho nursery of
he American lawyer. Kiiual conditions
iatl led, not lo eoiiiiiiunifin or suclalhin,
tH they are alien to nur race, but In Mllt-i-al
right common tn all. Kvery prinei
e derived h.im lie old World which
Irrliglbened th H 'h-.l-lual un I proltiletl
loin m
and h
grvw '
lily. In pmitcity
d fertile aoil and
gor. The genius
10 ilt-strny pnvl
was neither
at caste and
1 them ont.
celullv pro-
tbelr ci-
but it wa a growth which I
ll was an evolution win. It i
ilueed a Coaamimsw .dih wl
Ut' imi waa impte- hie.
aweejea' onaar i Awyras.
Acommero anil traile ii.cressed com
muniiio bi-esn sruwded, pmpertv n
to b exchanged ami dev ac I. and the
lllt)dluaj relallon of civilised life in
I and town djuatj, lawyer lietauie
a iit'orswity. Tin y werw at usee the ad
ms tuol th icople nd the arcbiU-ot ol
the Ktata. The more wa tudy, the more
w admire the ability, integiity, l oiirace
ami uxlnoliaui ol lliea lalher id ihe
Xmmmm bar. Ibey brought on the
Revelation ami maile it a lawyer a war.
'iuu judges and slsteaCBrn ol Knglaud
w. re amaxml at the Irarniug and iower
With which Ihev presented th roloin.il
pro I ret ami inadr up ihe American oase.
Chatham end Bark louiid in them new
I'l-ptreUoti fr their eltMjueisse, ami Irnah
and immortal atfaawri ol liberty. The
Iktnailtutlofl of tbe United NaCea is the
only charter of govartuutnt whn b has
wiiltstnod th hock, and been equal to
lite pragmas ol lb a0jdrlul crnlnry
Which duaod with iu icoMuax. ll wa
cxclusively the work ol the lawyer of lh
convention. It ia a singular fact that the
lavmen. among tho Htaiuemen ol the pe
riod, generally opposed its adoption, and
that h was carried beior tho people and
la the 8tate conventions by the matchless
eloquence, prophetic fervor and resistless
lope ol its lawyer advocates.
This ia the only country in the history
ol tho world where the coiirta pass upon
mid annul the acta ol the Kxeeutivo und
legislative branchea ol the (iovernmcnt.
The tyranny from which they suffered by
the usurpation possible under nn MWfit
ten Constitution, led tho American puoplo
to limit by specific grants the p livers
which they gave their rulors. The iudg
uient that tho law ia uuconalitiitiniiai iiur
alyaee loth l'resident and Congress. This
i i -a is purely American. Tho tuoitotigi
al and ciealivo eiiactmont in the develop
ment of the representative (iuvernuiont ia
the law creating tho Federal Judieiarv.
Thero were no precedents to guide ita
trainer, and his success was duo not ao
much to bis vast learning as to his having
abKorhctl the spirit ol American liberty.
Tbie majestic system entt rs ukiii itaaecond
i.i.mry with uiifipialod luslor, dignity
and power under the statutes, almost un
changed, which created it Ah the year
advauuo and tho merits of the founder of
the l: -public aro heller understood, a (ore
moat place among them will be given to
Oliver BUawortb, ot Connecticut, tho au
thor of our Judiciary system and the pat
rou saint of this uuiversity o( law.
The profession by it training, obliga
' ms and opportunities heroines charged
with tlio gravest public le.-nonslbililies.
The Judges of the ruoat powerful o( the
three heads ol our tiovn nineiit aro drawn
exclusively from its ranks. Hut the spe
cial liiness anil ulllcial character ol lis
Member have given them a potential Voice
in the r.xccmivc and Legislative, us well as
the Judicial Administration of Ihe Benab
lie. Nineteen ol ihe twenty-three Presi
dents if Ihe t'nited Mates hive been law
vers, and for eighty-two of Iho bundle. I
M ars ol our Presidency, the olllcn has
pawn filled by a member of tho profession.
The lawyers numbered Iweiity fuiir of the
fifty-four signers of the leclsrati n of In
.li p. mlein e and thirty of the thirty-live
BMinbeis ol ihe coiivi nti in which (rained
tho Constitution. In moat Administra
tions a largo majority ol ihe Cabinet have
In en lawyer, and 1 can remember nono
in which their repnssentatioii has not
been eipisl lo those from all other vis a
lions combined, while about two lliirds o(
the S-naln and Ihe controlling minds in
ihe House have alwajr bcuu bred lo the
I ndel lhM en inhli. in- the eh.ir i. tor
anil eriuipinont ol thisMi who are admilled
In 1 1 1 1 1 1 e nf supremo puolie iinHirtanco.
The Ihoilghtless clamor lor free Inw mvana
in ihe end Iho destruction of Ibe law itel(,
through contempt (or it in'orpreter and
practitioner. Nj long as (lie American
democracy believes llnil its courts aro
k ained, luarlessaml Incorruptible, the peo
ple are I hemsel vee the standing army which
upholds their judgments and ciiforceathoir
decree. As Ihe country increases in hiiiu
lalion, in wealth, in crowded coiimiuintltm,
iu vast combinationa o( labor and capital,
in the element which In any disintegra
tion ol society 'nun wrongs or corruption
como together (or Ihe overthrow ol exist
ing inalitiiltnns, the salvation ol our live
ami properly, ol our hiiinhcs and homes,
ej i, in rights and libortiek, nf our civilisa
tion it-, ii, d. I- n .- more and more up ou a
judiciary which commands the respect
ami coulidcneo ol iho masse. The men
who are to (utile estates, care for the inter
ests ol women, ol widows and orphana,
administer sacred trusts, d Und the weak,
right wrongs, fight injustice or crimo in
treliched behiml wealth ami Hiwer, and
luinish the ie. lge-ol ' ..u neither
lJi'igni train ti s nor knavea without weak
eng Iho whole lbrie of society and g iv-
einiuenl ill proiMirliou lo their Incomi
teuce or rascality.
Tbe Republic ha- pi-.-l llnnugh ,:r,iv.
crises ami solved grest problems. A peo
ple who could eucceeslullv grapple with
Iho vaat prorty ami latltttcat interests
involved in lav ownership, and by
I., aeelul legislstion an 1 al. in sdministni
lion ol the laws reach and extirlo the
crime of Hlvgamy in a apulous com
munity weilded to tho practice by th
power n( unbridleil passions and religious
lanalicism, have demonalrated tn an ex
tiaotdiuary degree the (acuity (or goem
in. .1 llul questions ol mom universal
moment will artse, anil Ibey will require
II your wisdom, palriollsiu and courage.
We are at preeonl sailing uton trsnquil
seaa, with no clouds above Ihe horiaou
and no warning Irom the haroinclcr. It
la at such tiinoa that tbo prudent and x
a rieiiced nsvlgstol hope for Ihe Is -I and
prepares (or the worst. The discovery ol
gold in CslKornla and ailver in tho Sierras
and Ibe Itocky Mounutiits, and ol petro
leum ami natural gaa in 1'fiinavlvani ami
ni her Statos; the abnormal development
ol our mineral resource, and Ihe inven
tion of tho telegraph, Ihe telephone, the
ew ing mac hine and other device lo econ
omise labor and stimulate production; tho
rapid conatructiuu ol railroads iu meet tlm
demsmls ol vast Immigration, Ihe olttc
meut ol now territories, the building ol
Mate and the magirsl crest ion ol cities,
have offered opportunities unrqualod in
Ibe world's history lor the sudden accum
ulation of enormous fortune, sail lb
growth ol grant corporations.
Tin r ai.i.ai i or raornccT.
Th present situation is siirprisini
foiuii.f ntarv nitm the worth
deductions drawn Irom historical patallola
111 predit ting -miliar maulta up hi Ilia hip
Ix ning ol like condition to liie AuMrican
peoyl. Tbo u'ora profound snd philo
sophic tho minds, Ihe wider they hare
missed tlm mark. Tho Father of lite
Itcpiihhr apprehended the most frightful
.pi. in i s from a in. re iggealloa i d
listing fact. Webster, sp. aking at a
I. me when Iherc were not Mo, c in. n in the
r iuulM worth fl.iss'.osl. ami not one
worth x",iaa,uiio, ami when corporaUons
wem practically unknown, piopbesiod
that in Ihe coiiilitmna, sa ll n the
t'nited Htale today, litem would either ho
rtwirlclinn o( surfrage or th tlesiru. mm
ol prjperty rights, snd MscsnUy believed
that the great mas ol voter would be)
rsdtucd to s poverty which would leave
them without a dinner anil unable to limt
Isreaklaal, and with no arms In mam
ton order, Ihev wonhl murder iho rieb
and divide Ihetr estates.
While Iheso loar were groundless,
neyerlbt le-.lhereil.tsnnasol l.ilkirand its
consolidation into powvrliil orgniistion,
ii.t anonsl riots displaying the In renal pj.
sions and most detrwcUvpirit, and apaaan
of legislative fury against eorairata invat
menu indicate discontent ami dangers
which it Is folly lo Ignore and criminal 1 1
neglect, they show further that public
spirited and succnesful sMlt and honest
coratralions autlar Irora a keen eenee ol
wroug agsmat these who hsvs acquired
furl urns bv vinlono or fraud, or the com
ismrs wlio hae uniuetly or Ivrsnuicallv
un-iisc l moir nam hisc. no inn-maym
msn desires a return to the crude condi
tion and primliivstaplh)tty of the "good
old time." Notwithstanding great for
tunes, there I wldr and more universal
dmribotloo ol protierty ami owm mliip of
homes than evet hel- r Inspite. m I I he.
hrrauM ol invention, Ibara 1 greater do
ai a. I and larger . uiplovmenl lr lalor.
and itcttnr wsgva Hum at any otbar arriod
in our hiatory.
THK I'll BTIAI.ITV or taw.
Universal suffrage, which, will, tbe In
firm' of wealth, boded only vil to th
imagination ol tb early patriot, ia now
' . . .. . it - at - ,..i,i
demonstrated to be the security ol aoc cty.
Ijiws, and not men, are onr governors;
Urn people make the lawa and respect and
enforce their creations, but tbo stability o(
order depends upon tho intelligence o! the
voters. Mere the lawyer's duty Is plain
and the mtasiou clear. Suffrage can, if it
pleases, annihilate property and dissolve
corporations; but tho majority are invest
ors in land or personalty, and would liercolv
defend what they owu. They do pot, wish
tho limit fixed beyond which neither they
nor their children may go. Tho procession
(roa tho bottom, in its upward march, ia
lorever paaaing tho unfortunate, who aro
corning down from tho top. The .second
or (bird generation, with lew exceptions,
end where the first bogau.
And yet if the lawa wore so framed or
were ao interpreted by tho courts, that any
advantage waa given to one class of cili
icns not equally enjoyed by all, the ma
jority, in sternly seeking a remedy, might
overturn the very Inundations of veiled
rights and and interests, and plunge tho
Commonwealth into chaos. Sen to It that
all Iho burdens ol the Htatu are equally
borne anil its benoilta open alike to all.
Keep the roads paved and free from ob
structions by which tho industrious, the
Ii ::. sj ami the capable, with no additional
i ital but character, can riso Irom any
condition to tho highojt honors ol the Itc
puhlic, and the highest rewards ol busi
ness. Declamation is cheap snd tho vo
cabulary of epithet largo and enaily access
ible, but they remedy no evels. An emi
nent jurist said to me recently that many
ambitious lawyers in his Stale hud preached
from the stump snd on the platform that
railroad ownership was robbery, and ita
cohllaestion by special laxatiou and unro
munorative rates a patriotic duly. They
sought by Ibis appeal lu tnmporary inter
ests to b lODta ' Judges Slid Congrcsamcll,
though they knew Hint Iho general incul
cation and adoption o( the principle would
ond in Communism snd the destruction
ol tho property ol tho people t hoy proteased
a desire lo protect.
i ii nils OV kVAH nr.
The anarchist, ignorant ol liberty, madly
plots and diet for the overthrow of law,
order and religion; but he ia at least lion
in his convictions and purposes,
l utei n years ngo ontt man owned a ina
joniy of lis slock ol the New York Cen
tral Kailroad and a few others most of Un
balance. Now it has IO,t)UU proprietors,
nod the large majority ol them aro eiiplo
ol small prorly. This Indicates a process
ol distribution which will spcodilv chsnge
the character and management iiL Ameri
can corMirations. The luagiiitinie ol mod
ern eiiterprit-es and the close competitions
of buainet have rendered the massing ol
money ol the many Into one company a
necessity which seems lo lie steadily in
creasing. The only other suggestion (or
carrying on tho great affairs essential lo
comfortable living in our complex civih'.a
Hon is lor thoiioveinuieiit lu conduct I hem
all. Hut experience has demonstrated that
then, as in the Herman railways, the laio-
pie gel the minimum ol aervico (or Iho
maximum of price, ami an army ol office
holders keew ils party in ower, ami pre
vents ibe relorui ol abuses or the remedy
of wrongs. We on et ihe question Isttler
by a compromise which may be wisely on
Isrgtwl of Mate and national supervision.
That Ihe lioyernmeiit should wait h the
management and bring II to frequ nt tc
countahihlv, Unit r slmmd firmly protect
the public, tlie stockholder and employes,
ia tlm present, if imperfect, solution of Ihe
coriMtration problem.
The gilded idiots who dissipate their
time and affect a social icriiirity over
thorn who work, and the millionaires who
never rcuiciuiMtr that wealth is a trust in
volving corresponding obligations lo the
public, sru ex i crating sources ol agi
tation against Ibe conditions which make
them possible. Hut without the sid ol
primogeniture snd entail kg pi dal I estsles
against tho ojioralion ol natural laws,
plutocracy has, in tho Inhrmllit s of man
kind and the division nt act-aniulalinns
among descendants, the sctive principle ol
dikiniegratlon aud constant redistribution.
Masterful men al way forgo ahead. In
Ihe tribal conditions thev become chiefs.
In war they are generals. I u polities the
statesmen snd party leader. In the pro
le minus they c niiman l Ihe large memoes.
In iiiurnsliain they control public opinion,
and in IU imtderu development own grout
aud profitable newspsiera. In business
they rise from nothing tube mill and mine
owner, merchants, contractors, million
aire. Monarchies and itiatocracfo mainUin
barriers of rank and caste, ovsr which
these natural leaden cannot climb, and
they remain the slave ol the ars Idents ol
birth. Hut In democracies, where equal
righta am! opportunities aro aimed by all,
it It la decided to repress the and it
nil successful, no improvement h.is been
suggested by our modern tevelers upon
Iho am mnt lirccisn method ol killing
tbein. Perhsiaj il they lived to Ihe lllbli-
ral pei .o I of enveral hundred years sumo
arliun might ! necesaary, but ttod ami
Nature have made laws, which, unless re
al 1 1. led in then operation by human legis
lstion, give lo all men and women their
lull opportunities to work out their own
destinn-s, snd provldo the incentives lo
ell. tils sild snitnlloni which promote the
enterprises and develop the resources ol
the 11 it i ul r y , and enrich and invigorate iu
iuUllectual hie.
Kvolution aud environment easily de
voloped in tbe older Male that ludestruct
ibln union ol lilwrly aud law which ha
given character and p-erieluiiy in Am-ii
i all in-lilutlolis It produced lln tti i
lect condltiona ol freedom, protection anil
quality, which People have sought lor
go through biianly mvolutions, and
uuvt r In-lorn (.mini, ll has attruilcl m
our abores I l,00().tli) of emlgranU, ga.ns
Iho superior advantage ol soil and th
m it' iu Mexico aii I South Americs, or
equal maturial opp)rtunities lu Canada.
Miatt of this vaat population have Sad
Irum Iho oppression ot law made (or
classes and working Injustice an J wrong
to tlio nuasas
rosiiiisiso raioaisrv
They have la-en ol incalculable benefit
to ihe rouulry, aud without them our de
velopmuiil and resources would 1st (illy
rears la-hind Ibeir prtnieiit state. Thy
lot . e brought with them industry, luleg
rdv and an inteiiMi demre lo hetler their
lives and inq i no tho con binni of their
i-lnldren. Hut w ith many ol them govern
ment waa by tradition and experience an
engine for oppression; n,il law, the police
snd the army, convertible term. Hero
the eolonUi discover no srmy lo up
ttri the Government or enforce th de
cree ol tbe courts, and Uie village con
stable, only tho Impotent shadow ol tbe
i ineat nt soil all-pervotling mini, na ol
th bureau of Justfoa at home. Their
g ml citisenahlp is th highest possible
tribute to Iho aaeuui latins, power ol our
institutions, snd to the common school,
siting upon the psrenu through Ibe
children, but chiefly to the Just an I im
pressive character of our courts llul lbs
greed of eontrsrlers has unnsturally dis
turbed tbo Wkgo and emplovmeot of
labor by Importing large bodlaaol msn,
ho-ignorance has made them dudea,
and who are without family lias and the
hostages which bonnsi give to society.
foreign nation! also shoes our hospital
Ity by ah ppntg to us liiear paupnni ami
ert tain sis. lha beading togaibw ol all
Luropesn Govern menu to reprees socisl
ism snd extl Its leadaraki contr.ullv re
cruit i tig the ranks of trained agitators in
OUr large cities, who mlsaaoa sod teach
fagssrs lo bring into contempt snd tbsn
overthrow ihoae bulwarks of ordr and
safely, religion d aw. H.,r ws huv
lbs ilemi.t, wl.itU ara always lyina ia
wait for revolution. The courage and dash
nf a handful of police at the critical mo
ment was all thatsaved Chicago from de
struction by general conflagration, and the
influitcly worse horror of the sock. We
can still welcome honest immigrants who
seek the protection of our liberty, and the
opportunities open lieeaii.se of the equal
and impartial opefatiou of our lawa, but
we must no longer be tho refuge for the
rascals of the world, and tho asylum (or
tbe crimes and diseases ol mankind.
Present protection and future safety alike
demand a prohibitory tariff upon those
who come hero to make war upon our In
stitutions, to be a burden upon our com
munities, or to endanger our peace, our
property or our lives.
Rteiun and electricity have made ua one
people, and for commercial put poses unt
iled the world. The rapid and growing
interchanges of nations demand the adopt
ion of the principles and the assimilation
of tho procedure ol tho law all round tho
globe. Tho development of this reform
will bo attended by mom bcniflcent results
than any oilier event ol modern times.
Nations and peoples will bo brought into
those close rclatfons where the higher jus
tice i. ml tho nobler law will attract study
and euthiisiaain, ami new impetus be given
to the regenerating forces o( civization and
liberty. Hut there should be no conflict
of laws between the several States ol tho
Union. Tho preacnt condition of the
divorce statutes aro a disgrace to our juris
prudence and a menace to the (amily. It ia
contrary to the spirit of our Federal compact
as it ia understood today that husband and
wife may be indiasolubly tied together in
one Commonwealth and free to marry
again in another, and their children ho
legitimate iu one jurisdiction and illegiti
mate across the boundary line. While
Ihe different method of creating and
dissolving, ol controlling and taxing cor
orationa, joint stock companies and
trusts, whoae business is spread over
many Stales and the sumo ill all, lead to
confusion, litigation and injustice.
Hut oilier public duties picas upon the
lawyer, besides discussion ami actions
upon gn-at questions ol general interest.
It is his special function as a politician lo
prole, t the Court Irom Ihe inllueiue ol
I Hill tics. 'Ihe revolt against the abuses of
Iho appointing power iu other offices
ended in the extreme of short terms and
frequent elections (or judges. The result
was most nut .linn. tie for tho indep. n l
eiieo ol the judiciary. It made tbo jutlgo
iho servant of the parly bosses, who con
trolled the nuuiiuatiug contentions nnd
created a class of lawyers, without learn
ing, who wem retained for their influence.
Justice was indeed blind when all (he
power ol the judge's parly waa ou the
side ol one litigant, and her vision often
OOUld only ls-eleai. il by ha ting an equal
ill vision ol political counsel, ii'iiucs
againal the hallo! aud tho abuse ol public
iriisl were unpunished. Justice is nf
universal application, and iU diionaatio:i
ought not lo lie dependant iixin the
claims ol lis-ality or parly servtce. The
longer the term, ami (he more serious the
tenure of tho judicial ufliee, the higher
will the character o( tho Court, Iho mom
potent the silent power ol the law, and
the better tbo bar both iu learning and
nrg cokpitiom or noma
It is the shi-isI (unction ol the lawyer
to actively participate in the affair o( hi
i 'immunity, lie u the sHikesmu for il
patriotic observances, for the reform o( ita
abuses, aud (or Ihe enlargement of iu
(unctiona. lie is the motive power in Its
educations!, moral and chsrilablo work.
He is the force in the councils ol bis party.
Cut II he would succeed at tho bar lie
must decline nffliv. Public spirit ami
ueelulno attract client, bill service in
Congress or Ibe legislature closes hi reg
ister. Capilslins sint business men aru
vitally interested in legislation and iu (In
ability and character o.ptir law makers.
but they punish their iillorney il he enters
upon a jrarhaincntary career, by trans
' m their retainers. The moet deatllv
assault iiKM integrity ami capacity in pub
lic I lie is insiln by whose lorlumsi
and m. "ire - am dependent upon pure
and wise enactments. 'Ihev (ear ami de
spise the pro(enional politician, and yet
do their beat, by socisl ami business oalrs-
c isin, tn drive honorable ambition Irnm
the public set vice and leave to the pm
leastonal politician th conduct of govern
Trust ami confidence am Iho foundation
o( nine-- Without them it i useless lo
begin snd impoMibht to silvaneo. When
clients find their aerTet inviolable and
their property sale business grows Bfsset,
and when In additiou they discover the
ability which ao ligbu an to win oril"erve
verdict the foitun of the counsel is as
sured. Plodding loan who promptly pay
over their is, h.Ttions easily paaalhe brilliant
advocate whoa bank aeconnU reluctantly
rnd to the client' call fnrthi-ir money.
Many an unpromising future hat been re
deemed bv never letting tbe night pan
between Ihe receipt ol tho pavmont aad
IU transfer to liie owner, nor p -running
the occasion to happen lor a re
minder or demand. The true lawyer
ia (ar more abaorbod in hta rasa than
if ll w is hi personal business, and he
f.ela that a sarred trust bss been
put In the keeping ol his Integrity,
ability ami judgment. He rather prevents
than encourage litigation and find in th
end that his own best interusU am
promoted thereby.
a laevss.' uptt.
Attorneys who add luel lo Ibe feuds ol
Ihe neighborhood, eeek Its hnical Hsw in
till.-- lo compel antlloitienl and secure
teaee, snd hunt for skeletons lu Ihe closet
of the living and tlm dead, that pride or
nlle. lion mat lie compelled t.. BSM lo naU
, xaure which are cttrUtn lo cause mor
lilicalion and may leavo a alain upon the
character or memory, are public nuisance
and disgrace Ihe pmfeaaioii Hut when
they pacify quarreling (Mends, adjust the
disputes whi h threatens the partnership,
ami above all preaeut in the spirit ol eon
riliation ami f rgivt neas their (aulU snd
internals lo husltand ami wile, w hoo es
trangement Htrt-aUnn the wreck ol Ihe
lamilv in the divorce court, they use their
unusual opporluuttlos to be the benefac
tors of niBiikirpl.
That there are tV',000 lawyer In th
United Mate, ami that the profnasino I
crowded, miwl diactnirago no one who de
serve am -.it. Part oil them have neg
lected their opportunities and many have
MMtakro their calling.- The gills ol men
are Infinite ia chat icier and degree, but
Ifsnrare! la the be ully lor hnt.eai work.
Th carpoulat Mai r taaou, the painter snd
pluinlMT. the luml -rman ami the stone
culler, nil furnish s id piece Iho material
tor the creations ( ' ho great architect A
am us lawyer lob me that in his early
nrariim ha carried to Webster a brief he
fta.1 Isarusix moic in preparing. That
in n .. ma intellect latorbed hi labor gg I
night, and built
sin It an argument
- case, aad ejuiibited
which neilhet op
the court Isslow had
i i and I tnlis. t.uirls
uie their gTucrsllolis,
' 1 1 He that I here I
t Put while yon
I, teriatent and
sill command their
meo are the first
in college ud mar
u law school who are
r ward. They bays a
it and recitation, but
n apply tbwir mate-
lb point In theii
which illumined U
nit rolling prlnclp
eg counsel or
Ili-cause Wc
III remark bss be
p , n't of room at I
H tv ii.. r N e h lb."
mtidlbjent indue' i
mciigniUoa. bono
chular ol tbeit clu
vels ol memory in t
... m ' heard of
talent lor acsjaNti
(bey can never uc
rial. They never -
nor diseoTel lb.
truth in then dot-
liiaj are "eiicient in gray matter
and rente, and should find their places
outside tho liberal professions before their
careen are hopelessly ruined.
When, however, you are satisfied with
your vocation, then the golden hours for
preparation for business, when it comes,
are iu tho early years of practice. Tho
wholo Held o( human knowledge furnishes
materia! for use in after life. History and
biography, literature and Bcioncc, philoso
phy and politics will add their share to
the (ully eauippod mind, while tbe law
and again the law bcconioe more thor
oughly imbedded in memory end aasimi
latetl in Dunking. Busy men aro often
carried uafody through tho latter half o(
tlioir Uvea by drawing upon these invalua
ble accumulations of tlio leisure period (or
tho wise man, und tho lazy one for tho fool.
I .sometimes think that there ia no limit
to what a man can do il tho idle hours
usually given to waiting for somebody or
something, lo worthier gossip, to the so
cial glass at the club in tho afternoon,
which unfit him for work in tho evening,
mid to Ihc fascinating luxury of enipty
hcadedness wcro haired as tqtecial gifts of
Providence to be treasured aud used for
l.nid Coleridge, while on bis visit to
Vale, usked mo where ho couid (iud in
this country tho villages so common in
l'.uglantl, whero old lawyors, sixty years of
age and upward, who had llxed lucomes
from their investments o( from $2,000 to
$.1,000 a year, aud hud rotlred from prac
tice, couid spend tho remainder of their
lives in the congenial cumpaniouahip of
educated neighbors, with no other occupa
tion than tho cultivation of a garden, and
tho mild excitement of the whist club and
toa puny. 1 told him wo had no such
lawyers. Pew ol them had accumulated
that amount of capital, and those who had
were at ill rising young men at tho bar.
Our curse as a nation ia tho prevalence of
false atandard of siicco. It encourage
gambling, loads to broaches of trust, ami U
the daily cause of the (light ot the c.iahier
with tile deposiU of the bank, and of the
atturnc v and executor with the lands ot
tbe estate. Imlcpcndl nt income sufficient
lor tin- maintenance of a comfortable homo,
la success. After that, it ia a question ol
d gree. It has been demonstrated bv
multitude ol long and honorable lives, that
work and an active interest aud participa
tion in current events renair tho waato ol
time and age.
"Nil adiulrari" is the aim of iheatudent,
and ends iu torpor and imbecility in the
man. The history of our country justifies
optimism, ami to keep pace with tho times
requiri-senthii.sia.tui. ho not fear that it
will impair the opinion ol Ihe couiiuunily
iu the enlidiiy ol your judgment to cheer
ami hail aa a special gift o( Providence the
opportunity to laugh. Hchind you are the
precept and examples ol great lawyers
and jutlges whose learning and labor have
enriched the world, and achieved i in x:r
isluible renown for the statcsinniinhiji, the
bench and the bar of our country. Before
you aro Iho fields in which these eminent
men won tlioir laurels ami received their
rewards, and whero the larger opportuni
ties ol today give you 1ioik promise aud
Prepare lor lb M ural.
Hummer comes as s very ph-asaiit rhsug
slier the rigors of a long, cold winter. Its
blue skies, ils balmy bmrscs, iu bright
dowers end green Ileitis arc delicious Indeed,
llul summer has Its dsrk sa well as its bright
title. Lurking within lis breexes ami Ha
llowrrt are iniitiiui raldc ills that j r. v uiatn
Hie human body. Ho not be deceived by
appearances. He warned In lime and lie
prepared for the wort. With a bottle ol Pe
ru ua nnd one of Man a-lin in ihc house,
you sr. safe enough. Do not (sll to keep
in. m ennaUnllv on I. .nil Ther i
single summer complaint that they will not
prompt I v correct. Trouble of Ihe stomach.
Liver. Kidneys and Dowels, which ar ao
common at this m saon of the veer, all yield
tiuieklv lo tie - remarkable I inn it M h
clues. They will be found Invaluable. Mold
by all druggists, tl s buttle.
, e..i. ,o HIMer Wani rreleettnn.
Ciik ioo. HI., June 2fj. A dispatch
Irom lor onto, tint., savs. Canadian mil
ler have called a muss-meeting here lo
I a. - Jbss1 Ihe actum ol tarhauifiit in
r fusing lo protect them against American
mil. era. The duly on Hour ia 'si cents a
barrel, while the duty on the amount ol
wheal in- , st irv lo make a barrel of Hour
ia about M7 cents, a disrnininalion iu (avor
o( the American millers ol about 17 cenU
a barrel.
A Lweky Taawa llalletavllle Tesaa.
r It olln aid thai lurk la)U In lbs uueurthr.
but inti-r, IrwiriK Dim Vns Mos"-iiburt ol llall't.
VII. e. I t-xsa. tat- batv bM1Br ssr twrutlath
part il UtSket Ku KLVTliu n.. ; nl .ltawlii(a llw
UmlaUua lal 1'i'l' f) . ilm ma f ui.iwi. r And
nr.. lallen In Ilia riftoi U. Ha . an Indus
irien. tttun leeri Itanl ab lta urea hrrv Ipsa a
alMirt dtaa 1 bv llmaU nawiiasl b hint elll e
ittrtli uiad la In- utultx-ss Mr Hua- tibuni tarnt
III, lli kt-l lor eollcetlnu lu Ball, Milli hlaa a l o. , ol
Oalveainu, aad ll waa uald io (asoariiialloo
without eat aiajunt-JsaaMli iTVj I .ie Ira,
atar Is. .
The i ...to. . .! . i. A. n.
Month bllo, III., June 2. The Illinois
l)i vision ol the Hons ol Veteran, in thvlr
annual commencement yealerday, appoint.
e. a commute, with den. A. II. (iurny,
ol Springfield, rhslrman, lor lb pnrpna
ol r si sir g money lo etrct a monument over
the grave ol In II. K. Stephenson, ihe
t in b-r ol the lirsnd Army ul lite Itepub
lic in the failed Nlslos. i'hu monument
will be erected at Petersburg, III., where h
1 hill led.
A ic i l'.. i... i
Tbo destruction ol the building on tb
coiner ul North ( ourl and Second streets
ha revealed Rome very alarthng thing,
ll ha been known lor many year that
Ihe building waa inhabited by a great
many large rata, which could In- ar-cu all
lime of tho night running up and down
tbo steps aud around Ihe building. Satur
day the workmen mat bed the liuiiidsilnii,
and after digging awhile discovered an old
cistern, which hsd evidently beeu built
many years ago. ll contained no water
and nad entrance at th bottom Irom al I
directions. The cistern waa evidently th
rat palace of tbe city, where over live bun
drisl r.ita were found, all of winch were
.lowing tmi coleman' eelcbrsted ko-ko
lulu, ihe betrt chewing gntn in the world.
Hundred o4 people have visited tbe place
od go away in asioulsbmenL
Their Iteaaly Aa)1ll sser.
A voting lady nl this rilv who is quite
intelligent and very strong-minded, but
I. nn I ol everything lamitilul and especially
elvlish shoea anil neat little slippers, was
walking up Main street yesterday, sccom
iianied by her brother, who ts known
in sorioty circles as a 11 cent dude snd
s ft-cent lunch mshr. Whn they
returned home the ran excitedly to ber
mother and eaid she waa sick, and ber head
hurt bor, and that her brother was slso
feeling badly. Ilr mother akd whsl ws
the csuso, to which sh replied thai ah
snd her brother were walking along Main
air. -el and, ill So Ihey aloppe l to
admire tbe lieautiful display ol shoe, and
that the scene wss so grand and em hunt
ing that It really did Adle-r Bro. A Co.
Tbe undei taker waa seal lor.
ibmi, jwiy a,
Uosin. Ilnrst A Hreylus will eel I st sor
li. hi Clothing, Mala and aia, Fornial ng
ttoods. Ileote and Hhoea, Notion, Ktc ,
t beeper than ever heard nl bewre. Mer
t hauls, note this and be on band at
o'clock a tit.
Finest ere
aterr butler n rent per
and the Mn-sl brands of
. j
good as low as the loweet Hbep-
bcbolbier. TeWphosMk, I.He.
Saturday, June SB, 1B8Q Printed tn the
Newspaper Having tbe Largest Cir
culation. ARNOLD, MRS A
.- Albert P
.'.merlesa Huresu ol A
AUIns. J W
Autleniua. Mary
RACON. J it S0N8
sehcre, Mr
llnulltiy. Aunts U
I: Minks. Mis U
lliickley, 11
llai ksdale, Mix R L
IttltlKcr. Mis F U
liein. i . II O
llialn, J
Braehy. Mrs J
llurru, J W
Huron. J
hrnu a. Mist M
lliilonl. M I M E
llledntie, M K
Hull -ilv, I' T
Banc. W
Uutltir. W 0
( tHBlfi, A
V M, Mrs
Csrsou, Mtas U 1
l.'tiyfr, C
OnMer, Mrs K
('omel, U
Cane, II A
tonsil. I
CUIlilreaa. J
I iett el. Ml H I. R
ritealliam, M W
(Tilatn, O 0
( link. R
lualuiilta, Mb T
r-vi: LONO. A
J Drake. Miss K
Davis. i
IhtvU. Ml-s L
llrau. M 1
Darla, W A
IjSl.l.lrirTE, MRS A
PL Nlii rij, F L
Kpita, r
Milt, la-na
Ksiiitii, 11 B
P Fortius, J
1 r. y Mnt M
Hnuey, 1 ilu 0
I I. row, MltsU
Alston, R
Anderson. O
Allison, Miss J
Alexander, J I.
Beer, Bury 4 Co
Beanl, Dr
Bukrr. A K
lktuiur, Mrs (' J
Bryant, Mist It
Brutver, KJ
Biiekituiii. II 0
Brown. II B
Burr, J W
Bcdlonl. Jennl
Browu, J M
ltll It'll, Mia b
I'm ii M
Brawn, N I
Bray, 0 F
l:. i lord. MrsS b
Itiow a, W X
Corprrl, A
Culltiut. A C
Cut brsa, It
( lurk. Mm C
t'utllioua. F
Gilo, Q w
fun In. Miss J
f inlHin, J
famlarll, 1,
Collins, M
rmntlner. It II
UUla, Vt
Dun kins. E
Dyer, 1 J
Piirinan, J
bo bam, Mlis II
UoLwu, W
utr, 0
Krrer, H
JEtlinlnton, J M
RvaaSi I
KU Iiavuinee, Mrs B I
Fmtcr, ri A
Fertiu-on, Mlw kf
Kind, Mi- I
Feimell, t 1
Garvey. C
(. rtfiti..- MIm I
(Ilea, Mb I
OitStr, L
(ilt iiii. Maiidy,
(inl.lsltv. Mn ll
(.ill.-l.it-. W
UosdrMf, w B
Hrrulil. FaM
11.- il. luuilirlirtit A Co,
Hooatsa, Me- ki Jt to,
II. ml. Ml It
Ilu. It. V. A
Howard. Mn I
Hall. FAB
II oil If. II U
Harris. J W
Hhu. Mrs A
Hard w Irk. J R X
ll"S e J H
llaam-ll. Mrs K F
Hill, t.ula
ll.itl.iwrll, Ml He
Mara, Mrs 8 i
J i i. Bob
J kosoa, Cnllie CoU?
Jot. II . I, J h
Jsek. Mn L
Joli-a. 0 1
Jat kson, Mia 8
JiMdau, W
liinwrt. J w
Oorxaan, J A
i. Ill, Mrs f
Osao, M
dray. Ii P
rierstiufln. W
Urrcr. W T
II I . aul
(luiillt. II
llama. II i,
II nl II It
II. in I.
ii. Rr, f
lllppler, F
llainner. J a
llarlor. J a
Reeesr, 1 M .
Ilnlmali. J U
Hill. J II
Honshea, Mil K
llildwn, Mrs I. A
II iriti.nl. K r
Heater, Mrs WO
li'llN-'lV Mils A
U Jane. B
'il i Un C
J.-iiniiiut. J W
Jiibtixin. i
Jnora. Mrs M
Junes. Mr. H
Junta, W A
KlnilaUL J
Kirk. K
I j aa, co
Ixa-. iiiuise
Ut . Iloorii-tia
1 eh nil. M'sa I
Utlttn. I.iul
l.liI.Mi. M S
Lueas. Ml- at
Lowe. W
Latt ii ler. W
M km I'll is arsi,
Mvytia. Mis
Met hit.
H irti- iu. K
Meti-slf. O B
U-m: II
Mt laaw J 1
MrK.il l.-ii It l K
v i M
Mat..i-W. MlatO
Main. MlaaS
M I lil.au. T
Mm .r. W
Kin. II
Kltk. Mn J
Kins. T
lata. Mn (' J
latakrr. D
l.uvkru, MnaO
I union. U K
I.. Hi. Mn J
Lucas. MM M
Laurence, Mr, M B
I . I i : . w r
h alt u II
Lary, W II
Pfarsar, mim a
Manh. Brlly
May. II
Monroe, g
MrllilOVy. II
M'-Uii'lnn. Mn I
kit i .. . J
Mn. lu ll. Mn L
M All. Mia, M
Mat llotT. a
Bsryestaar, Miss I
Moore. T
Msatlcse. J J
fSMrojroV, J A
New lull. Met M I
Nil-kin, Mollis
Norn. Mi. BO
O Bil.-n. 0
(is. J
Ovrrtort. F
rat or. urt
I'alnM-r. H P
!. i-uii. J I
V' AMI- '
rN NsnHey, J
M-itlett. L
S. ...n Ml. m r
MtreUware. Mn M
( )
ll BA.C Jl
O asrsu. II
(Muer. r
X I'aanm f
ivtt'ra. Mn J V
Isarrr. J
Parrs MM M 1
I r.-ttt.a H1
l ie k.-u. W II
allolt W U
gii.r. a r
Bonn. A It
Meaar l lam
r. H-i sa iM K,f
Itobb. i
R,d.l.naa. T
Randoddi, W a
Skt-ii. Mn 0
-urkrr. E W
sun Ik Id. P
hose, tj W
del I trie
Smith. I R
'mi o r
Bbalth, W
Ta) lor. An L
Tunc,. Ml., K
Turaliall J
Taraar, Mr., M
laylor. P
Terrell. B H
Tyaa. II J
Tboatiwon. S
Ta)lu.. MlMt
Kohrnuu. Mb
I:. Intel . .
Kamaai. II k
HI l-tl. I II
Ii I
Rb-b. t
Bless. W
Q( II vIKF.n. adki.a
O slmmon. Mn C
slnunoot. U
-barman. ! I.
t i, .)--. tolurca
. Inal.ll Mr, J L
Stdvey. J O
taunnal. Llnls
Muart. Mitt M
smut. Dr N II
siniib. Bn s
ill. W T.
'pi.tnt M l
I Tboma- t ilt
(US, Ml.. U
Irlee. Mrs L
TaUr. N
Tbayrr. R F
tin." MT
low .. ltd B
Tarlei. W
y am i- i n. i
Wiaotaa. J at
Walter, J t
Willi Mrs I.
William. MIm M
ktii'n Mn N
Warklu. M.ir I
W aldrom. R
W.s-rtn. Mia
Walla. Mn V
w U'lamv Mn
Wa.hlaalou. Bet 0 W
II I la. I
ft heller, i I
Mn J A
W 'Hi-. Mn M
W ... Mr. M
Wl,l l arid N
Williams. B A
wn-..n s
Willis, T
You nj, Mn F
A I., oi.i. I. t l. til . I- .
Lovuvilli, Ky., Jane Miss Kate
Slophor, ol Shelby County, beraino much
interested in a religious revival last (all
and be since spent Urge part el her time
in prayer and reading Ihe Itlble. Her
prayer were not answered, she said, and
aim lasted (or fourteen dy by way ol
pottaaee. 8b then consented to Uke
nourishment, hut after rive tlsys had past
Issgun a to, . .nd lt, w hich hss now luted
twvuty-lour dsy. lier mind does not
seem sflected, and though greatly reduced
in flreh her health ia good. Sh i twenty -eight
year old. '
A MaltMswte of Allmeala.
Tb at: no t. eblcb sOIIrl lb ki 1st and b ad
itr am so nuuirotu I bat amrely lo nsu lb a
would ill s aoae ir oairaoulrtf ts llsjlta ol ibu
srtlele. uAc ll to mi tkal lb-y are bmb ohatl
tiat d dansrroua. To Ibrlr etrttuilon Ueit
ter-s klossseh Bitten Is well adastsA la all am
lea eh I. b ll b ud. to the artlim ol la kidneys
a bee I ber sit Istkarit ssret le rouaiersot a toxsd
eary la tbe to to mum. tin' Into a atsle el pnik
lous Hta. ! It It) . ami sltrt ard Into one ..I roaltlt
oisle dlamssv wMeb aoun dot ran Umtr drlleau
lnnsiato polaooa lb bloial aud raimaa dllt
A duu til puipaa Is arntsl by Ibu dreurent It
iontoteaa.tlllly ol lb klinra. snd Xtat R
.urltlr fr.is lb blood wbltb bar on natural
. banon ot eullet teH lb rsaaa. t ..o.tlpa
I i.r. eglaema. Inrrr an1 a nr. tbauamUass aat
diau are saw lasseJIvsl o uklamsdiao el
boioucb rrtlao sod wldacue.
J. M. M.H Sate.
Corner ol Msln and f ulon treei, hire all
ol th latest styles In Shoes, Hliper sml
Boots, which ibey will sell st th loweet
prices. (Ilv them a rail end price be I ore
mskiog your purchase
Isrseas your em iiouars tn lhrilu
liia.tr si., t couipaay. No. ii Maduoa treeL,
FROM Stormed
ments Dynpep I
Headaidie, snd Con"
phV ji'
ot llaltli.inrn, nf
"Arer's Pills art
I lies t cnthtirtle und
laperlent within tbs
rreacn 01 my prui.-s-
Dr. John W. Brown, "I Oceans, V.
Va., WTltes : " I liave presi-rlbed Ayur's
Pills in my practice, ami find ibcm ex
cellent. 1 urge their grm-rul use in
" For a number ot yrnrs I was afflleted
v. ltd biliousness which almost ib-alta d
my health. 1 tried tanoiis i.iu.-l
but no'hur" nftoidotl me uny relief ii 'il
1 began to take Ayer's Puis." O. 8.
'Wanderlich, tScrantoe, Ps.
"I have used Ayer's Pill for the east
thlrtr years, and am satistlad I she ild
not he slivo trxlay If it had not hcn
for them. They cured mr of dyspepsia
when all other remtrdles failed, a DO tie ir
occasional use has kept me (n a healthy
condition ever sine." T. P. Brown,
Chester, Pa.
"ITaviiii 4teen subject, for years, to
constlni . n, without being able to tin.l
mn. Ii relief. I at lust tried Ayer's Pills,
mid deem it both a duty anil a plcasurs
tn testify that 1 have derived great ben
efit from their use. For over two yean
past I have taken one of these Pills
every night before retiring. I would net
willingly tie without them." O. X.
Bowiiutn, 2ti East Malu St., Carlisle, P.t
"Ayer's Pills have been used in itT
family upwards of twenty years. SiidVi,
have completely verified all
cluiuieil for them. In attacks.
i of prl
mm which I siinernd many yean, ther
afloi.letl tue grealor relief tlian any med-V-lne
I ever tried." Tlioujs F. A.l.m L
Uolly Springs, Texas.
Ayer's Pills.
ruraiiD v
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Dr. J. O. Ayer A Co., L .if, Mass.
Bold by all lirugglau aad !). ip Mr Jicli .
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toda Ilia a bordeit, sargLx,
and rklVATrLY CI REI
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Son. Blotahaa. rirspl. nk
Hs.l and Hones, Snailltl . rs
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kralleraaahu MlsaSUbjlU kytsaf
rsavfvx Co . . Cl bF aNexas OxnaVh
ier is at It hoijt a
blatk avaatovatD
No. 330 1-2 Second St. Memphis
sera rail and eotplaw Mra . Wond sad BB
(kills Oessa aad Casik OBa dMaa Mrtai a
k..rui koua alvaraaa kaai CMsBi B IMssssih
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