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Remarkable Increase In Inveatments
Tha Prosperous South Dally Growing
More Prosperous A Great enterprise
; ' bf EntrUsa Iron Makers. .
j From the Bsltimore llanulscturen' Record.
1 From the poverty enUiloJ by tlie most
disastrous war In tho world's hititory, the
South Is rapidly prowl dr to the period
when It will bscoma the moat prosperous
country on tho elobo. No one who will
study the facts in tho ense can question
this. Here Is a country rich "beyond
compare;" a country of which it has been
said that "It has every advantage that
iod could civ;" a country blessed with
mineral wealth greater than tho world has
' ever known clues, here, with timber TO'
sources almost without limit; with ngrl
cultural ponihiliiics not bui pawed, proba
lily not equalled in theaff.retatoby anyoth
. er section of even double tho area in Amor-
' ici, for nowhere else can Hint wondorful
. product cotton be raised to any great ex
" tent, and nowhere else can thcro be added
to this, such poMibllities for fruit raising,
for early and late vegetables, for tho
' cereals and the grasses, as in this favored
land. And then theso blessings ore so
ndvantaeeously combined as to vastly on
lianee their value, l'rodiictlon of manu
factured Roods, whether of iron, of cotton,
find of timber, as well as of tho fruits of
tho soil, favored by fortunnto circuit!
stanoes, is made possible at A lower cost
. than in any other soction of America, and
ultimately lower than in Kurnpo. Thrso
remarkable facts, for facts they are, are
claiming tho worlj's attention, and
it is worthy of nolo that every
inventipitor, whether ho bo a rnpitiilint
looking for prolltable investments, or a
mineral or timber export who gos South,
is impressed with llio truth that "the
half has not been told." Men w ho have
examined the best nilnernl regions of Eu
rope and America, oulslilu of the South,
wlien they go there for the Brut lime
freely admit that the wealth of its min
eral resources is far beyond anything tliut
tbey bad ever known of greater, iu fact,
. than tliey supposed oxistctT anywhere in
S - the world, The testimony of such men,
barked, as is being done almost dully, by
the investments of millions of dollars,
shows that they know whereof thoy
Not only is Northern cupltal beginning
i to poor into the houth as never beiore, ami
I not only are Northern iron and steel mak
ers beginning to realise more fully than
ever before that the bomb is to be the
future center o( the world's iron and steel
trado, and that "that nation or thai seeiion
of any nation which (ki-scmsos siiprpinncy
in the production of iron and atoel and in
their convulsion to llnal forms for use, will
dominate and control the commerco of the
world," Not only are them things trim,
but Knglish imn and atoel makers nre alto
realizing their force, and many ot them are
preparing to take part in this industrial
While C P. Huntington is Investing
$1,000,000 in building (I hirp t dry dock
sad iron and steel shlprurd iu America
at Newport Now, Vs., Knglish iron aud
steclinskfrs are prepitring for a work
which is destined to have an almost lu
ralculuhlo lulluvnre iiKn the future of
the houth and upon the country al Urg.
Ni,,HVears go a nundmr ol iron and
Ti Omaha fl' IMiitin, rcpn-sentiag
her. Johnson Mp 'dollar of capital, i:ad their
ward started the called to the wondorful
which John"1"110" ' mineral wealth
ng coal, hlph prn.lo Iron ores
RQTjul many kinds, including Itosxciuer ores
- - and other advanlHip's of the country
around Cumberland lisp, Tonn., a divid
ing point In the mountain range separating
Virginia, Kentucky and Tcnucsaee. They
aent out anexettand his rcxrt was so
lavorahle that they could scarcely believe
it, and others were sent anil they more
than confirmed what the llret lisd suid.
Very qulally then thcee practical iron and
steul uiakurs Wrul to work. They pur
rhaaod thousands of acres of land; they
commenced the cutting of a J,.'aKi foot
' ' tunnel through the mountains, to cpen a
wsyof communication for several rsiltuatls;
they roinmenerd building railroads, lire
pared to ley out a town, olo. These things
they have txen doing so quietly that but
few know of this great enterprise prob
ably the most extensive industrial under
taking of Its character ever organised.
They have already sut H,l."0,0ui in their
work at Cumberland dsn. or rather at
Xlddleeborongh. which la Hie nsmeof the
T ttaar t.iisrt, anil li.ua urttm llimnH ll iui.ii
to the public. The magnitude of
what has been accomplished iniv
J ' be better undertoud from a few
facta. l'n the preliminary work ot
Laving the property, budding a tuunel,
railroads, etc., lliey have as almady simnt
MsM.OtXI, bat that is only the brgtiiiiinir.
Thev have made contracts for not ls Ihsn
four furnace, rilling mills and stci'l works
tocost I l.msi.tKO, for oMning coal mines
involving a catt ol over .j,ul, a tjou
IXM tannery, seven sawmills in full oiwra
tioo to snpu y lumber tor building pur
powa In the town, four brickyards witii
over fcsOO.om) invesUNi, ms.-hino sho.
planing nulla, and a number ol other an
terpriaee, representing a capital ol about
7,tkJ0,00O. Hits is simply an illiiHtration
of the wonderlul work which is now go
ing on in the Kmth. It shows how
lite leading iron and atoel tuskers of
(treat Itnlsm lor Middleshorough is dis
tinctly an English town, so far its origin
and bat-king la concerned, and even Its
able projector and manager is of hcollalid
ving that the Nmth is to Unims the
worlds Iron and eteel center, have de
teraiined to tske an active part in its de
velopment. Middlesborotigli la but a aign
nu n tells of tiow l.iighsu rspitnl Is imw
tm nuretl Into th Kimli. It's fiiiitilin.t
ras a distinctively new era in the
, -- -. -
"yi s i-xin and eteui history.
; "iile this is Uie UMt auibitious Indus.
"yerprise Insngiirjtsd in the Smth
J I magnitude and far-rrsching in
'"y icxw oi una strtion are
Ukrti ttjuvunl, yet Oilier great enter
priaea aiA.,,c nurtl aimooi doilv bv
inen of cap-i r, , Nl-.,hi u
, "T!( ot the Mouth themselves.
tvrrywnerwv ta a, Uy,,, Bn, llM -j ll
riiwi m jht.-. i,t i,l( utv rttiol maim
loclureeaad sy. coiniH-Ung in North
em markets win the ti..r goods of North
ero latuinee, ihe luiuie her pig iron
will mora and titot lie liisnulsrturr-d iu
nerown roinnBiine and nmehine shot
uu louuuriM; otr lytion-iiiiils wilt
mug enter lulo solive uiiiieiiii..n in ,n.k
lag One goods, sad hr slnpyur.ls i fa.
""'"" ann csr ski.iii lead thocoun
vj in wieee lines.
. rromnow on the r itb will Msn the
bonenuol theindaul derrlopment ol
o.wiwo years mcrv freely thin her
wiore. ihe great lurnsVs pUnta, rolling
inilla, car works and kjnJ.d aoterprisw
which have required ao m.n million. i
dollars for their ooeslroctloo, ore one after
iiioumv niiini iow operaUoa and beeota
lag wealtl) creators. Moreover the Iron
Interests of the fouih have paosH thrnngh
aaextieinedeoressioa. wliL h l...
many Nonhrro furnsnr out of blast, ao
BwwT wen, making taooev even at
vw yimm i.iug, as w bare com
tnanded universal attention. Tills very fuct
will draw many millions of dollars ot North
ern and foreign money to tbe south for
Investment In coal end iron properties
The projection of iron furnaces goos stead
ily on, and in Virginia, Alabama, Ken
tucky and Touneeece a largo number are
to be built, whiln arrsnneuients are being
mado to construct one or more to work the
iicssomer ores at Llano, Tex. There is a
growing iuterost in tho building of rolling
mills, pipo works, stove works, car-whool
works and kindred enterprises, toconsume
at home the pig iron made In Southern
furnaces. The prediction is froe'y nrndo
by competent authorities that it will be
but a few yours before, the transportation
of bur iron liecoroes as Important r factor
in Southern Uallroad fruighta m pig iron
now is,
Thcro has boon unprecedented activity
in the building of cotton seed oil mills,
this industry having been vory profltahlo
last year, and the indications Kiut to bit
ter competition between the independent
mills, of which many aro bolng started,
and the trust mills. In cotton mills the
Increase has also beon very largo.
Tho incrcuse in tho number of now en
terprises projected during the lust aix
months, as compared with the corresjiond
ing poriods of 1SSM, 1887 and 18HU, has
been vory largo, while in tho amount of
capital and capitnl stock represented
the gain lias niso been remarkably
heavy. For the first six months of 1K.hU
there were 2,015 now enterprises reported
by tho ilanuftiiiurm' Jlecord, against 2,023
for the s.inio time lout year, l,K.'5 for earno
time 1887 and 812 for tho corresponding
period of 1880.
A comparison of the new enterprises
organised during tho lust six months, as
compared with tho corresponding time in
18HS, 1887 mid 1880, imikci a most Instruc
tive exhibit:
Flr-t kit monlluiil
lhMt. lans. 1m;. inkl
Imn rurnawv w
MwhlimNti(MsiMl (Ciialr's
AKrli'iillursI luiiluiuvul (so
lories .M.HM....H M
Hour inllU ....
I ntlnll uitl.s M ..
Kiirnlltin' Uctxrli-s -
(ins viirka ...........
Wsli'r Horkt . M
I'srrlssr saJ wsgua Isclii-
Kl'tri I lull t atiiiiMiilos ...
Mlnlnii suil uusrri iuu ou-
M W 7
17 H U 0
6 t n v
T 4i 44 s
44 !I1 Kl IS
ii is -a i.-i
i u u ll
M M IS 11
114 W W 17
91 'M "0
u rim.
hi wurklns lui lories In-
lintliiK s sial li ultist
Uillls, iuii.Ii an. I ilixir Isctu
rli. slnv Isi turlus, -U'.
lev iHctoraw
I'siiiiIiir faiMirliHx..MMMM
stun lMintriM....M.HM..M.v
Uriik wnrka
MIo-ellaiM'uua Imn worka,
Mllins nillU, pipe wurka,
le m
riiiiiin roniitn'ti...,.
I on.. ii iuvl ullnlil
4'0 Wl J4S
xi m mi
170 4)
4 1 S
IS 47 I
J0 M 7
li U t
Ml tM. Jl 4
t,va l.sa su
ttltnrllanrima enti-rprlx-a
ml limlu Jl la lun-yuing. 7U
TnUl .... .... ...tCIJ
Fiirumlng up the amount of capital and
capital stock represented .by our list of
new cnteiprises during tho last six
months, si couiarud with the tamo time
in 1888, wo have:
KIM lx months nf
.... I.ll.l)
. I.S4 '.I'M
4. w;h,isii
5. Hsi.ual
. I '.S.IKI
Ik tsc.lt a)
Ki-finifkr mm.....
1 oiiilaiiM..,..H..,..H.M,
Norlli ( Mt.iiiii
Ht.ulb (snlnia..
Wuat MiTluls....
TiiUl....... ..IIUM'J.I,00 nL,MW.uuo
In this sumtnsrv of canltal and capital
Stock tho aim of the Miiiiiifuclurrrt' Htwnl
is to avoid as far as Kwsillo any overa'ato
ment, preferring to underestimate rather
than to exaggerate. Hence we do not in
clude in this summary the capital stock ot
land companies organised for development
ptiriMMcs, even though closely Identified
with industrial matters, nor of natural gas
roiiipuiiios, in tho orgnnisstion ol which
there has been a rags in Keatm ky, nor of
It Is douhlicM true, as we nave olten
said, that notwithstanding theseoiulsNloiia,
the actual cash investments are not as
large as the foregoing tlrfiin-s, as the capi
tal stock ol many companies Is greater
than their Ciuh rupilul, but this is partly
onset by tho hundreds of small enter-
prises, such ss cotton gins, grist mills, port
atile saw mills, etc., not Included in our
list, and the constant addillous of new
machinery to plauU already iu operutiou.
Order of Procession, Offloeee and
Ceremonies to Follow.
Tho firemen's parade ol Jul y 4, next
Thursday, is all arrangod.
What, with the acore or more of picnics
announced for that day, and the sport
sure to bo sprung with the uusl eclat by
young Amor lea, Memphis will have her
haiiils full of ploosant entertainments.
The procession will form al the office
of tho Fire lVparttuont Chief, No. 38 Ad.
ams street, sad move at 10.30 o'clock a. in.
sharp. Hie Una ot march will be as fol
owe: North on HecMld to Oonrxard, west
on t oncord to Main, thence eoutli to
Monro, esst to Second, south to (iayoso,
west to Main, north to l olon, thenue wosl
to the bluft.
(irsnd Msishsl James V. l!vau.
Tho North Memphia (I'lnchl rompsny
100 strong, will be commanded by for-
nelius T. fulllvsn ami hrsuk Turner. II.
C. IJi-iMild, bugler.
The Ninth Memphis comiany a olTlcers
sro Angelo liuls, Johu Leuli aud ilium
The veterans, srvontv or niotf strong,
w ill be marshali'il by Messrs. A. U. Jewell
and I'aviil ttoldsinltli.
Judge A. II. !iuglass will deliver an
oratiou on "The Memphis Volunteer r'ira-
men, alter which the rvlrvshmeiil tallies.
In all their original sumpluousnessi, will be
attended to.
There hsve lieen few events of late year
in Memphis tlist have attraded auch ont-
vrrwul Interest and lileral eneouraguntriit.
Old ritisrns know the celebrating hosts
snd what Ihry eclebrste, while the
younurr generation, Ignorant of the man
her of those esrly days in the citv's bis
lory, are anxious to aee somewhat of them,
ihe expense burden involved in the ar-
rsttgciueui has Isren cheerfully borne by
cititt-ns, who will bo more then repaid in
Ihe privilegeof witnessing the reunion and
fancying ihe delights It brings to lbs
souls ot those pioneer flreuicu.
The Arhawwss r.salllaaa
Slr1l liispslrh to 1 lie A -k
LiTTialUait, Ark., Jone W.A pub
lic tuoeling will bo held In this city Moo-
dsy night to botfii preparations for the
esiabiuiitueni ol a twrmanvni oiaia r.xj-
. iuon.
rrlaa s.leM,
W. A. Hrewer to Miss t'snnie eAlth, It.
F. WlllUras to Miss K. M. Tbomnson,
William Arthur to Miss Ullie McUow.
CiaoiATas." by Hawsrd; "HIcxvI
Monev." bv (iihboa: "Hoohia Carmine,"
bv Winter. "The Scarlet Utter." by
Hawthorne, la chean serine besldss a
the lata-st pubUcaUona, at Wllllsms's Hook
store, gvs beeood atreoU
Missisairri Disrrbrs Cordial Is lbs safest
and aiirest renwdr on eHb lor cramping
Mina la Ikm howalia. irriuiml hoars la. loossa-
nesa, sour atomacU, AslsUo cbolara and
c nosers morbus,
Ho Telia All About the Train Bobbery
Near Dallas, Tex., and Bxplalna Why
Ee Is Suspected and Bow He Can
Prove Hla Innooenoe.
Cliarlcs C. Morris, a tinnor In tho em
ploy of A. Silberberg, was arrested by De
tective lied rick yesterday on suspicion of
bolng ono of tho mon who robbod tbe Pa
cific Kxpross Company somo weeks' ajo
noar tho corporate limits of Dallas, Tex.,
of 115,000. He was tukoa to tho station
house to await a reply from a tolograin
sent to Capt J. a Arnold, Chief of Po
lice of Dallas, Tex, .
Whilo awaiting at police headquarters,
Morris was intorviowed by an Aitxal ro
portor. Ho unsworn tho description of
the robber perfectly. He is of modinui
bight, florid comploxlon, prominont uoso,
upwr front teeth missing and wours a
light chock suit, said to have boon worn
by tho smaller of tho robbers. He did not
seoui at all worried ovor tho matter, and
expressed a willingness to rot urn to Texas
and clear matters up. In his pockets were
a number of loltors, two from T. II, Dono
hoe, superintendent of the Toxas Trunk
Itallway, highly rocoinmonding him
as a resioiiniblo man, and another
from J. W. Ayera, local agent of the Texas
& 1'acilla Kail road C'ompaay at Dallas, of
the sauio tenor. Ho had a pass good until
July 3 from Toxarkana to Dallus over the
Texas A Pacific ltuilroud, signed by John
A. Uraut and countersigned by L, 8,
Thorno. Ho also had a letter in his
pocket which read: "If I should be pickod
up on the streets do not take mo to the
calaboose, because 1 shall not be drunk.
I am subject to heart disease, and if so
found please cull a doctor to wall ou mo.
1 lo this to protect myself against a possi
ble attack."
This waa signed C. C Morris. Mr. Mor
ris explained that ho had been badly
broken up in a collision near Dallas, from
the etlocts of which hs still sullureJ, snd
that the aftermath war aevoro aUucks of
heart disease thut wore liable to come
upon him at any titno. Mr. Morris
laughed over the mutter and suid that he
would havo no trouble in clearing himself
of any suspicion. Ho has been working
ho re and talking about tho uiattor to his
comrades all the time. He receivod a let
tor from a "friend" of bis who told him
among other things that the Chief of Police
was allor him and his partner McKnight.
This letter he showed around aud ou this
ho was arrested.
His story to an Aprs At. reporter was
this: "Mi Knight and I worked for the
Texas Pacillu iCuilroad and we got into a
row about the sumo time and wo quit. I
tried to shoot Mc. but waa prevented.
Our trouble w as of a domestic character,
hi nee then I have seen but little of him.
The night of Ihe robbery 1 wss in Charley
Iteed's niloon, corner of Krvay and Com
tnerec, opiKMito the government building.
There were with mo a young nmn who
works as deputy clerk In the Circuit C'onrt
and another who is stenographer for
llughee tiros.' Manufacturing Company.
I don't recollect their naiuos, but know
the in woll. We were there al 7 o'clock In
the evening and remained until after 11
'clock at uight. We had a guitar aud
worn singing. 1 am somewhat of a
musician, and we were having a
rod time. Whon our party broke up
want over and stayed with a friend
comer ol Alain ami Jackson, until morn
ing. I ran provu by those boys where I
was. The robborv was committed about
lr.:) o'clock p.m. The train loll the L'uion
Ioot on time, at t) 1 J o'clock, and ran
low until the tiuli. Colorado & tsanta ro
crossing waa reached on the edgo of town,
where the robbery was committed. Next
morning, when 1 got up and went over to
barley Ituod s to gel a cocktail. I nulicml
the account of the robbery in tho paper. I
remarked to Charley that the description
suited me exactly checked clothing and
alU lie said that it did, but 1 was all right.
as the robliery was committed at tt.30
o'clock and 1 was in his saloon until alter
I o'clock."
"What, think you. directed attention
toward you flrstf f
ell, I think the fact of my leaving
tow a. You sou the dutoctives thought the
robbery bad been committed by railroad
men because they louod tbe express en
velopes iu the yard. There is another
reason, also, mere wss a dead engtns ly
ing in the yard thai night. The lire man
isd banki-d his tiros and goue over Iu
town. W ben he csine bock bo concluded
to open the lire door and see whsl his tiro
was doing, and In doing ao saw aomothiug
black in tho furnace, which ho first
thought was the body of a child thslsnme
one bad thrown In there. Upon pulling
it out ha discovered that it was a psrtly
burned satchel, and of course the detec
tives said that no one but a railroadman
would think of putting It in an engine.
Then Ihe yard was sll Uttered about with
paiiers and envelotiea, Thon my leaving
shortly afterward. The robbery oc
curred about May 23 and I left
June 4, I aoo by reference to the
pass I have. I rodo to Mcmnh is on
a pass, and over the Texas I'ncittc I have s
return ss. nir. .Miller, rhloi clerk lor
air. tiraut, told me that whenever I
wanted locnnie back to write, and he
would send tne a nsasnver the Iron Mous.
tain by way ol Itald Knob. That is the
way 1 came, and a big red-headed con
ductor look up my puss. I am alrald now
that I will not be taken bs k. I want to
f and want no requisition. Tbey can
sndenff me to a passenger coach toint to
lallss and I'll ride all the way without
an rone going Willi me, providing they II
give me something to est. The best friends
I hsve are in Texas, snd I waut to clear
myself of Ihe chargn. Tout Mrolhcr, who
keapsthe I'nloo Depot Hotel, 1 hsve
known lor years, snd T. 11. lknohoe. the
superintendent of tho Texas Truuk, are
mv irivnua, -Moirks
talks freely to anyone and every
one, and the only suspicious circumstance
about him la the tart that lie wauta to
ar ue his rase w ilh all now comers.
home of the men who had been working
with him culitxltosce hliu. and to Iheui
he said, "You didn't know that you were
working with a bold, bail thief, did you?
Any man who works on tin roots this sort
nf weather must have a nerve to continue
ll ne nas a pi:e oi money Mil anywreu
Morns will be held to await the action
ot the Texas au'buriuea, His wife Is here
living on Mam street. Bad be was ttt
preparing lo move lo Mholhy street. He
thinks he will conio out with flying colors
when once he roc hrs the Ixine'f ur Mate,
lie knows rothing shout the location of
IcKuight, his aiW'd accomplice, Tlte
lost he heard from lilru was Hist he led
Oieeovilla, Tex., and was at- IVIls, Tex.
McKuight has a wife and three children
al Kemp, Tex., living on the charity ot
Ihe cltiiena. McKiiiuhl had taken un
with a w4uan aaim d Mar Haven port who
pssaancr named Lou buiitn living In
s'luisa, corner jaexson and Alain.
Cersl Frasasi 1st Irlsla Xaaat I Mass
At a recent mooting of tbe Committee of
Arrsagsmenu of the Irish National League
plcale the following resolutions were unan
imously adopted:
Kssolwd, That we Under oar sincere
thanks to tlieJocAl press for Its kindly no
tious and generous courtesy; also to the la
dies who contributed so much to the suc
cess of the entertainment by their valuable
assistance; tot Mrs. Utile Doherty, the
Main street milliner, Meiers. Joe Urich,
of tbe Tonnessee ISrewing Company Will
iam Finnic, of C J. llurgnn A Co., and
M. llooscher.Jbf the Pchlilr Company, for
their pnerosity (a aid of the worthy pro
jeet; likewise U( all othors who by con
tributing their time and money helped to
make the affulVnvrandsociul and financial
success. Iicspeosiully,
Comujttkk or Arbakokme.nts.
P. McCadujen,. Chairman.
( li
Oon Hogan, an Old Memphis Boy, Re
turns Trom a Long Trip.
Cou Ilogau,' an old Moinphia boy, lias
returned to his home, after an absence
of mora than twenty yenrs. He bos a
brother, Jim Hogan, a well known citison
of Cholsca. Mr. Con Hogan, when a boy,
took it into his head lo see the world, and
going to New York, shipped ' aboard a
training abip that had a sort ot rov
ing commission. Some year later be
drifted into the Pacific Ocean, and has
aince oscilatad botwoon 8au Francisco and
Hong Kong. Japan, Honolulu and other
I'aclilo islands. For a number of years ho
was in the employ of Onus Hpreckles, the
sugar king, and occupied tho responsible
position of shipping clork for the many
timos millionaire, having his permanent
headquarters at Honolulu, and visiting
frequently contiguous islands. Ho finds
mauy changes ia Memphis sinco his last
stay hero. The, .then old are gone, the
middle aged are old, tho young are middlo
aged, and a hostel new faces occupy tho
aphero which it wss his wont to inhabit,
lie recognized a few no one recognized
hinu Twenty years in any one lifu is a
long time, 'lo many things it la otcrnity.
A Curious and Fatal Fresk of the Light
nine In Arkansas.
SptvUl Phpsteh to Tbs AipcsL
Hki.kna, Ark., June 20. An unknown
colored man in Spring Creek Township
was killed late yesterday evening during a
thunder storm by boing struck by light
ning. Ho waa leading a inulo at tho titno.
He was killed instantly, while the mule
escaped with slight injuries.
Am rswraple ! Be Fallowed.
The American Jimtlite states that Mr.
Obcrmaycr, of Cincinnati, rccontly wrote
to Mr, James Lowinan, President of the
Home of tbe Jewisn Aged and In Ann, of
fering to glvo tho Home a fine collection of
books to tho number ot 1,000 volumes.
Tho gift was accepted by Presi lent Low
man in a letter expressing grateful appreci
ation. Mr. Uboriuayer has many friends
in Memphis who will be glad to learn of
his bencvolout dood. His donation to the
Home suggests that it would be well it bis
exsmple were to be followed by citizens of
Memphis Willi, regard to the Cossilt Li
brary, not so particularly in tho matter of
books as in donations ol money.
. 1 1
l.lsl r VsmWII versxl Tslssrasns.
i. K. Koott. , .
An.tTm Hal Co; '
Y. Vsndfiibrrg, A,. 1
I. li Jooea, ! I
t.lll(o , .,
W. ;. rtllll.
A. U. Tboms.
ciraamsn Wumerln X
H. J. llHIlL ,
J H. Ihtrsnt. t '
Mlaa Ksnnlr IsaDd,
I bsrlia Illinois, i
I. . I ainptivll, ., a.
Julin Williams, '
W. H. Tsvlor, I ' '
K. W. kraitii. . 1
C L. flrklatn.
Unxir U fi Co.,
l',lW H.llKl.
Julin k. Hp-ml A Co.,
i C. AIn'Misiay,
l lisrlra iliTMis A Brtv,
slsnhatlan HialnfcsUank,
LJ.1 bmnss,
J. U. Falls as Co.!
aytian Unlet,
Unioka, Nwlf A Co.,
W. U. UlllUiiuuU,
W. A. So.1.1,
Charlie c. Morris,
llniah Klwirlr l.tghtCtk, A. i. Vitid-Ul.
I.tvtrniom Vlrb I o.
J. S. B. lit.
Mra. Ill. li.nt Mltifr. '
Mm. Ii.iI.tI Mrhvso.
Mrs. M. K. Miller,
Mrs, K. Y UxUKjr,
Mrs. A. swwl.
II. R HrhliM A Co,
Ju k MslMiltry,
llonrr liwli,
Y. i. lil-ltia
II. H h. !,!.. It C(K,
W. C baa Is.
M Matlifr,
M. J. Ill linl.
Ihmrll 01 lob Ck,
M. Wllluuia. .
i istis-r A 4 11.,
K. h li v tor,
iillver HdhIs Urn. Co.,
Frssriaias rAaerelsse
Of Sundsy-school msss-menting, to be hold
in tbe First lluptist Church this (Sunday)
afternoon, at 4 o clock. Ihe loliowiug
topics will tie discussed:
1. The object of the Sunday-school; Its
value to society, Its value to the church,
and Its value to the family, J. JL Pepper.
2. The best method of bunday-echool
exercises, Kdwsrd lkiuroo.
S. Ihe suiiertntendont and his work, U.
C liskcr.
4. tiualillcatlona of tundsy-scbool teach
ers; the work In and out of the school, U
5. How to imnrvss tbe mind of the
child, the youth and the adult, W. D.
Lauiusstcr, h. A. Long.
o. leaciiera meeitngs snu 1110 cmei
design ot same, V. il, Thayer, J. 1L
1 be object 01 this meeting lata bring
together the (Sunday-school workers of tbe
city, and, by this united elTorl, at least
oni-e every quarter, lo kindle new interest
and advance the work of one of the wot
important and grandest organizations of
this present sge.
It Is earnestly roquostod that the super
inteiidcnla, teachers and members of lbs
diflcdit Nindsy-ecl tools snd churches In
the rity come lo this meeting, as it Will be
both liitoresUng snd protltalile.
MsalsMisi Lellerjr.
rartlea wishing UckeU in tlis uext draw
ing should send in thoir orders early that
they may receive prompt attention. There
waa over r.'.nsj uiairibuiod in Memphis
front last drawing. Next drawing, July
14. llemeinlter that the llauk of Com
merce, at Nssh ville, nays all prizes pro-
atiuted al their counters.
J. W. Cl'I.I.R.
Nashville, Tunn.,
(ieuernl Agent
PiTTsnuaa anil Anthrsclto Coal. Sjiecial
attention to car-load orders. Uss Coke.
Ash Wood. ) , i C U liav.vx A Co.
1 'V
,9 si Ire,
Finest candU.s,jrvserves, fancy biscuit,
cakes, eto. tu i imau A b hxibi ks.
Telephone, 1,1 10.
Fwrssllsir, Blsi(ltsiB,aia4l aaid l arsiels
At Mitohell A l'rywn'a, 308 Main street,
whore ono of the Inrgrst snd most com
plete stocks ia lb city csn be found.
MaxsroRO has "Iho Day Will Come," a
new novel, by Miss braddou; auother sup
ply ol "Tbe Prrphefs Mantle," Trean.
the Mormon's Daughter," "Marlon ls
rout," "Cleopatra," llaggard'a latest;
"That Troublcsiw(;irl,"by Ihe Ducheaa;
the summer number of the tUxulnrini Lon
don .Vwa, with colored plates, very pretty,
and all Ihe loading magazines for July.
Mansfui-d'a, No. 2v Msiu street.
' i
Mi.sissirrl Dlsrrb.ca Cordial Is no mere
pal lis tor for the bcsol disunlers or tern
borsrv reliid ol the bowrls. but it Is a posi
tive and permanent curs when used as
I.sca rurtsiiui a'HTiimil and boanlifullv
flniaheil al Men f his Kteara Laundry, JK4
Heoond atnwt llrsirh omce Ul MsJlaoO.
"OsARk" Vlnetsr will
pickles and your health.
preserve your
Tributes Paid Him by the New York
Press His Lira and Character.
The death in Now York Citv last Wed
nesday of Col. William Henry Woods, was
made tho occasion of strong eulogies upon
hla life aud character and extended bio
graphicul sketches by tho New Yoik press.
The Time said:
Wall street In Its boniest hour was sadly abocked
ycslsrdsy. Isawih stalkuil Iu through Ilia tumult
and tho bustteand the lilght ol Ills snd claimed a
Double victim. Willlsia Henry Wonda, slieudiiig
tosbuslnuaa snas.-inent u hla own oflloe. It'll j
desd; It waa hvurt lilai-aaa Hla brother, sir. Ham-
tli-l Woods, of rtdvanrmh, Col. John M. McKk'ror,
Ol AniilaUin, Ala., and FreaMent Kdintind 1). Ksn
dulpli, ol tlie L'oiitinuntsl Nslional Hank, ul tliia
city, wrrs with him when bo died. Phvatrisna
wureauuiuuiued, matorsUvw wers tried; sll ellurt
wss vain.
Col Woods had an event lul career tn his less
than lilty yusns oi lllu. A were boy iu au Alsliauia
Uiwn when the war broke out, b wss one ol lbs
llrto( sll tso vol u b Wan w boio utliualaaiu bur
rliil Into tlie serviiw ig the tonlndcnwy. Ue rose
quickly from the ranks of hta Kuluiils l.lnht Anil
lery: lie waa apuedilya Captslo snd Inter atuiued
hla biKhcr rmuk. lis bad no prouioiiou thai wss
not won by coiirnfa. Ho Inuulit throiiKhuut ttis
war. lis wss la the bloodiest ostites; bs was
slwsys st the front: dannvr uever deturn'il Mm ou
whli, sad lor hlsitevo'lon snd hla during boson
the lova aud tho lul III of sa bruve a ouuipsny ot
men as waa in sit that wsr time.
I'liyalosily bo wss never a strong man, snd the
wounda ul balll told upou him too. but wbeu
the wsr wns over bs hastened lo tho rsnka
of tbo int ounthigenl quilting lbs hatlls
rlrld fur tlie purxulla ol Industry aud enmiiierua,
Ho wsa coMtinuslly s worker, lis estsbllbed a
cotton Uetor and eoinmlaloa Ann at Apuslsi bl
eols, Fls; later hs built up lb pnaiporoua bouse of
V. 11. Wocsla A Co. si Nsviiunsb, slill III exlileinv;
than bo came to New York, snd Ih Ann of Woo.li
A slurptir Urami oneol Ihe mut inlhionUsl on
Ilia New York (Litton KxchsiiOT. He made money; j
ha made frlvnda. In aoeiul III", as In buslnena cir
cles, he wss popular sud bunoruiL From the pnw
lilouoy of bavsuiiab'a famed liglvthonsi Club lis
wsa welcomed to lbs t'nlonl lubol the iuelniilia.
Aa be bad been brave iu war, he was inodeal snd
Ksutle snd Rvnerotia Iu peai. Tbe devotion he
save bla uunlly of wile and rblldrvn waa divided
on I) iu ibe love he had lur blilo, 1 be new houch
waa aa doar to bliu aa Hie. sa dedr aa the old Houtb
lor whlvb lie bad gallantly risked slid endured sll;
snd be worked for southern luu-ni-ta wllb an en
lliiialaain and an uuseliubniw luooin)iaiHtilo; be
siToiuplUihed much. Tbe Alabama Mloersl Ijuid
iiuliauy liidiicaxl hlin lo become lla pruableul;
the Aniiislou City (Als) Und Comiuuiy bad blia
as Ita moat iiillueiitlal director; he led slid won the
llshl ol lbs oftpntaaed mlnorliy aharvhotdor of the
Muinplila Charleston Kallroail; ha wsa lilentlhe.1
wllb s long Hat nf Southern eulurprlaca, sud In bis
circle of paraonsl snd biuineaa trieiida were His
lonmiiMtsiid Hie aiancbi-it men who have stand
lui In Wsll atrrot 11" noubl oontml capital Jlllin
lublu; be wsa trusted by men who by traliiliiiTsud
of buslne-a nucvnliy aro akcptlcaU aud osiilluus lo
tlis fiirtbxat degree trusted by stub men liu
pi l( lily. And never wss tin trust bclra) ist, on
,nmilse bmkeu.
Though not yet definitely arranged. It Is probs
hle thai tbe luuersi will lak idaue lomorniw at
Air. Wocsis's boui. No. 1 but lllly-UIui siroct
Tbo If'orf'f said: t
Th Wall alrvetsciiuslnlances of William Henry
Wiaala, slid their nsms la li'Klon. werosbuckel )ce
Irrdav msin to losru IhnHigli tbe tlekrr that n
had died auddi-uly In bla oilire. He bail been on
tbe aotwt earllor Iu tho day and had a buslnew ap
pointment st the very hour llist ha waa dying st
hla desk. Ho bad been talking Wilts bis brother,
Hsiauel A. WimkK snd Fjlinund K. Ksndolph, uirs
l innlis1 thscoutiueiiisl National Rmk.ov. r wbleh
bla onto ia located, when beauddeuly complained
ol aevere nain lu hla i beat. Almoat linine.llaU.ly
he was seised wllb a spssia. Muaarugere were
dciHiUhcd lor pbysiclana to Ul big ill liuurano
roniul In that luealliy, but bulor uiollral aid
eould ba nbulued Ur. Woods waa d-ad. Ills body
wssnaiovoil to. bla house. No I Weal rilty-Nllh
street, snd his Ismllv, who had recently removed
to I Aiig Itram h lor the summer, were scut foe
Mr. Vtouile was born st Kulsula. Ala.. In IS4L
W lwalhe ni bmkeinit liecnllsltil lu tlx Kuhiul
I.luht Artillery, becoming a l.leuu nant aud Buallr
Cspulu ol Ih halter jr. After th war ba went Into
Ih cotton imikemge nuatneaa st Anpslseliinils,
Ibv aulnrqiumily baemcucd in th ain bnal
neas In Kkvaiinals. lu sT. li deleriulne.1 In eoui
tn New York, sod ver ainiw has bean a rvaideul ul
lit nttroNills.
In this city Ur. Wood) snd Col. . O. Murphy
iuhllhed Ihe Ann of Wouia A Munhy, snd tbey
attained prominence as a eotioo bouai. Alter si-v.
ml years1 bualoeaa ill lb Hnn was illwnlwd. snd
then Mr. Wls tiaik s hsnd in W all atnvt mailers.
)ing special aiiuutlon lo Sotitbern eulerphsaa.
II waa i'rvaidrtit of th Alabama Mineral ljind
Company, Vk-e-I'Mstdant nl the Annlaton lltv
LsimI Uimissny, snd wsa more or leaa dlnsclly eon
bm U-.1 with s aeur ol almtlar comtaintra. He aiM
made a study nl railway attain, snd became widely
known as an expert lu analysing Intricate railway
The HrraM aald:
Col William Henry Woods, who has been prom
Inanlly Idenunxl for many rears with Southern
cnlcrprtsfls and whosrnrd with dlatlnciUiudurliig
th star with the t'onlederate army, diet sndiksy
In btaomcalD lb I ontlusnlal bank building uB
Navau ftnwt yw.Ier.lst.
CoL WimmIs went to bla 'offlis feeling somewhat
nnwell, hut nut asi k emiush In prevent hla alien'!
Ing tn huaiucM aa n.nal II had aranwly 0iriwl
bia dea wliea he fell off kla chair, aud lo a few
niluiitea wss d.-ad.
1 he other uKinisol Ihe nfllce thought si first
that he bad tainted, but when s phralclau eatne a
lea niintib later b dec lare-l that Uier waa no
boi. Tb rau- of ricalll la said lu bav laws
b.vrl dlaeaae, I'ol. WinmIs's bnitlier. who has a
d.xk In Ih same rnce, and bis brother In law, Mr.
McKlrtoy, ol Mnrgia ware wllb blm when be waa
atrleken down and afler hta death hmkthsad
newainnis wltlow and Hire children, who ar
turning the summer at I ing Hraiu-n. An nSiclal
Irons tlie I 'omrter a uftle granted a ssrmll for tb
n-movsl nf the biKly and it wa taken charge ol by
these I inn nf Irlulty 1 hur h and sent In CoL
Woods'! n-sldetM-w, No. I Ka-I Kill)- filth street.
til.oo.la was Uwu In Kulsula. Ala., in IMI. and
riNa-lv s gNl IiiiwiIihi. W hen tho war bmk
mil b Joined lb Kulsuls l.lsht Artillery, nu of
loa crack haitrrt M Hm l oiil-drat Army, sad
waa ale-led lla IJuutossol. II ssw soiim bol see
vie early Is Ih war snd wsa .u promola-d In
tbe Ca4alncy, which h retalnad until th surn-n-det
si Aiauisttng. sunn alter th war h and a
frk-od unumn4wd steam Isua ting on th Caatiar
hom bue Hlirr. but this Una of tiuslnoai waa not lo
ol. Wianls a taasa, sud In a lew months h shan
thwed It sihI stxwpled s pnsltloa with Mswsra. W in.
A. Mi Keuale A tsi.entton l lora uf Auiialachr
eols. fla. There he ehowad snch marked ability
and waa an ruicrprisltig Uialb was Bad a Juulog
mem tr ol Ih house
I pon leaving Appaiachlcota he went to S vao
nau, Us. ami cstaUIMMd lis firs of William
Henry Woods C ... which I still In iistenc.
sltboiiib bearing mither tltla W hli lu Mavan
siah Sa arna pfsimlnem both In bnslnea and wa.ial
rl re lea. aud was st on Urn Ihe president nf th
Hglethor,a Chits, an orgaulAaian compuaed nf sal
tan uali a hading cltln o In '1S h saw blaote
ponuiiity so eatrnd hi businaaa operatlona, snd
came lu this city with CoL S. il. Murihy loerung
In 11m rotion lutein aa. Tb New York arm s
Wola sV M rphy. snd ha.1 lu omens al No. IA Ks
rhaiig plara. ol. Murphy auhw itH-uily rrilnil
from 111 S tn tn eog ga I biistnras la Ih WeO,
siel It w sdnwoleotL loL W ode was an sctlr
tnambcf ol th Colhm ksrhaug up to l-l. la
wbHh year h sssa memlwrnl the hssnl isl Man
a, rs, but lu the past llv yiwra haa devoted blin
aell eulln lv lo tb d.-ralopmaul ol eouihwa ealor
prtwa iu ani. to ha ass luiervstcd.
At Ih lima i4 bis ileaih b waa president of tlv
A,lalia Mlueral Land Company and vtc-pnl-il.nl
villi A til-to t1t land loiniaiuy. II
waa alao cub ue ted with tbs U hia I lists ul Ibis
I'oL Woods waa Ihe brother of R. J.
Woods and uncle of Ixiuis Woods. The
lortnor wsa serving upon the Circuit Court
jury when the telcsrau) annnuncina the
death was received. As lha foregoing
sketches Iroin loo Aew lork press snow.
I'ul. Woods had dona and waa doing a
great riosu toward Interesting bla Irluuils in
Nw York and Iloston In houlhern entcr-
prisea and the grnoral dovrlopment ol the
South. The conference being held at the
time of his death wss for the purpose of
onranistng a new usna at Anniaton, .ua.
This back waa to occupy a uiairnillcont
building bolng erected by tbo Alabama
Mineral I-and Company (who own 4.V),
000 acres of AlAlMtms land) snd the Aoni
ton City Land Company. CoL Woods was
nrrsldent of tbe former snd vice-prcsldont
and director In lha latter. CoL Wootls
wss acting Adlmuant for Oon. Italnra
when be wss killed at the battle of Mur-
freesboro. hpcakini of this yesterday a
friend ssid: "1 don I hear much of lien.
lUlncs those (lay but our army regarded
lilni B4 tbe lMst and Dravpsl oi Hi lirnra.
dicrsup to the battle in which bo was
killed. The Ihifauls lA'lit Artillery wss
fur a Ions Umo comaianded by ths brave
W. II. Hate, our present United Mstos
fN-nstor. ami wa wore Known in nisi
briKsde ss bis 'right bower,' and when wo
wnul.l do Into action Ihe woikin woni.i
ring wlih onr shouts snd cheers 'here
comoa our rigbi bower.
MiHisiirsi Illsrrhtra Cordial bsj been
used in Ibis section for upwards of thirty
t csrs sail tods v is accepted as the stan
dard remedy for bowel troublca, and tnakce
a friend and advocate of Its merits erery
lima it la used.
3. H. Mohiasitt, late tnansger of the
Memphis Wlrewnrks, ia now connected
with CbaHea troobela 4 Co., 413 Second
atreet, near iVeaits
Taa Mwnnorcbor IVnle bas Isrcu post-
poncd till luruier nouoa.
1 ' ' ' ' - OF
CHffll Gum SEE 1
E. M. Harrison, 102 Front
Thomas Fox A Co., lo2 Front.
Joe Lore n r.i & Co., 84 Front.
Mrs. IL McMulioii, 82 Front
Mrs. M. H. Conolly, 74 Front,
K. ilitu ra, (12 Frouk
Kd. Foley, 8 Front. ' i
N. A. mil. S North Front
1 F. Boyd, North Front
K. McCnllistnr, 2(1 North Front, '
F. Murtinclli, IW Front
0. Ponders, 1X2 Front
Ju.j. Farmer, 24 North Front
P. Cunco, 630 Main.
W. (1. Talc &U Main.
L. I), lkinifuntl, i') Main.
K. a Green, U72 Main.
Chas, Frnircr, TIM Alain.
II. L. Coloman It ISro., 701 Muln.
W. O. Kinitli li Uro.. 71H Maiu.
J. J. Unity k Co., Mi Main.
Lytic .t hhiulds, 2ld Muln.
Jos. P. farcy Co., 223 Main.
Mrs. F. HrlKnanlolla, 4(1 Muin.
J. T. Walsh & llro., ftO Main.
Mrs. K. Uyriifs, 78 Main.
M. Jlarvey, m Main.
Mrs. Murv Kdirerly, 7j9 Main.
M. Cody, 110 Main.
W. A. Hparks. LU Main.
J. A. L' Jungle, I. Hi Main.
Mrs. Na,Tl, 141 Main.
A. M. Worthuin A Co., 173 Main. '
Motto Pros., 1.H2 Main.
Uurwlnkle A Htrolling. 407 Main.
J. W. Madden. 442 and 441 Main.
C. Edwards, 110 North Maiu.
8. J. (isasaway. 140 Main.
Janit-s O'llrlcn, Ki Main.
P. O' Neil A Hon, 72 Main.
!. J. Fullsw, 23 Main.
Mrs. E. Walsh, 2i Muin.
James Ounn, 11 Second.
J. McDonoutrh, 121 rk-cond.
A. K. Kchcihl.ir, 14 j risjcond.
Mrs, L. hchilUnK, Second.
Owin A llro., corner Second and Eickfor).
Mrs. Mary Hoist, M.'i Second.
Mrs. K. llantes, 24 Second.
Mrs. J. llurke, 73 Sucoud.
Mrs. M. I'raiK. 71 Se-ond.
Kdwsrd Fisher. 102 Second.
M. O'Noiii, 71 North Second.
Mrs. Kate ThnsJer, 81 Third.
Mrs M. iTrries. 3 Third.
P. Hvkt-s. 2(1 Thinl.
H. l-lmonds. 2A Third.
K. lltitler, to Thinl.
Mrs. (.'. llvidel, 72 Third.
Mrs. N. llnchuian, tni Third.
It Werner, corner Third snd Loonoy.
W. K. Hill A Co.. 2 snd 02'A LVlo.
Jno. Fisher, (il and U lleale.
Smith A Smiley. 112 ltculo.
U. llornur, Vi Ik-ale.
S. (). Itysu, IU B.-ale.
Thos. Porter A t o.. 178 Ilsle.
F.vnns, Nicholson A Co., 182 Ueale
M. U Coatlllo, llenle.
K. McNulty, 214 Ih-nle.
J. C. lliirilun. cor. llcsleand Walnut
Mat Mshrr, l.VU Ih-nle.
U. K, Robertson. (17 llestc.
Tlios. 0. lkiylc, I Ml Poplar.
Mr. Massa Poplar.
Teiiiirasea (iroccry Co., 147 Poplar.
Chickasaw Urocs-ry Co., l.'itf Poplar.
E. O. Ryan, lstl Poplar.
P. Iloyl. 2n3 Pojilnr.
L I). Thomas, 3i4 Poplar.
iH-tiis Lvon, Poplar and llreodlove.
Mrs, Ks'te llont. All Poplar,
(ierle Wels, ftis) INiplnr.
Mrs. J. C. Collins, 431 Poplar.
M. U. Callshan, corner Fourth aud Poplar.
1). Mclkrniott. 78 DcSoto,
J. Uruwne, 71 HeSoto.
M. ('. Mo) land, 22:1, (iayoto,
P. MHiulre. 2sl KliiolL
P. II. liufly. 174 Linden.
J. Martin, 217 Vance.
Mrs. H. McNullv, 210 Elliott
J. Ialiev. 413 Ih Soto.
F. Volkinar, 413 Clay.
John Risss, rorneeMinsissiiii avenue and
P. Murphy, ITO ClconHa.
iieoiw ScliBiitt MiasiMlpi avs-niio.
Willi lain Tate, 473 Misaiaipii avsjuue.
II. KindUrink, 4711 Mississippi Bvsnuc. .
J. llcinricbs, near corner Mississippi ave
IVoide'stirocory Co., a. e. corner Walker
avenue and Hernando road.
James Pinions, I ja atsiiue. between lot-
denutle and Ijiltose.
H. Conipmlonic, 41 Hailden svenue.
Mrs, A. Nonll, 17 Linden.
Hurdle A Homier, bl and H.1 Linden.
Kd Roach. 87 Ilsdlen avenue.
Mrs. It. Hlrule, lo3 Pontotoc.
Jim Csvlrnsro, Ui Vance.
Mi. i. Dolom. U7 Vance.
A. J. Hall A Co., Psi Huriiamln.
I. Ituchsnstiti, 00 Ihnu svciiUd.
M. Rlcjianls, corner JUybtirn avenue anJ
Mrs. J. Maekey, SO Ttnyhnrn avenue.
Mrs. J. (initio, .tin South.
Mere Cunen, 213 Jackson.
M. F. iHiniiiiKTi, Iim Kaiius sentie.
F. NsL-srakl. 7s Ixmisiana avenue.
Fml Slorti. KM Iiuislsna avenuo,
A. C. Furs, Ul low a avenu.
Fulmer, Thornton & Co.
Ko.aoo rRONT farr&xrr.
tm five afssaaala Qnun Oasspsay. Orders tot Goods BraaastLy
si SttxtaUu
ltlOlIATlD II.
ankers aad C Baaisslajsl Hsrckaata, .
A. Rnowden, 65 Iowa avenue.
F. 11. Campbell, 3U Iowa avenue.
C. Thomas, corucr Wulkor and Iowa ava
il tic.
John Cosssetto, 88 Seventh. -
M. Mcllride, 153 CieOivia.
M. Wocller, 104 Louisiana avenue.
Fry & Shaw, 88 Carolina avenue.
Isaac (llcitxinan, lit Kansas avenue.
J. L. I-oiir, corner Sixth and Wulkcr.
T. Stanton, 179 Carolina avenue.
F. F. Sullivan, corner Carolina and Flor
ida avenue. . .
0. tfbnin, 402 Shelby. '
' Thos. Caldwell, 410 Shelby.
Y. E. Anderson, corner Fifth and Kerr.
P. 1). (iowling, 202 Monroo.
Mrs. Neely Orcar, corner Laaderdalc and
Schuihlor & flisppard, corner Orleans
stri ct and Marshall avenue.
Mrs. Jus. Mudden, 112 Front
Mrs. M. lla nno n, 2 Concord.
F, M. Coirswcll, GJ Atluius.
L. Panhsiser. 11 Adams.
M. J. Mulally, corner lleale and Orlcam
J. w. Mattuiero, SnlTurans.
Jack Shehun, Johnson avenue.
Jas. O Donnell, corner Second and Overton.
W. It Shannon, Hernando and Dummy
Miss Mary Colter, Jaeksnn.
K H. Schrolla, 8 Anderson avenuo.
Mrs. M. Hatipt, Chelsea.
A. l'on tins. Jones svenue.
Mrs. Joyce, 40 doles svenue.
It. DuUKlurty, H. K. corner Exchange.
Mrs. A. Carmichall, 141 Markat .
John L. llyrnes, 78 Commerce,
J. W. Smith. 87 Commerce.
Mrs. D. DnlTy, 72 Overton.
I. N. Paston, 72 Auction.
Mrs. Minnie Marks. Fourth and Looner.
IL L Crosby, corner McLemoro avenrjs
and Orleans.
J. T. MeNubb, Linden and DeSuto.
Edwin Hoer, 213 Alahsma.
John Cochran. U0o Alabama.
Mrs. A. Warneka. 2&3 Manassas. '.
P. rjllver, corner Lane avenue snd Dun
lup. Mrs. K. 1 drill, 1C0 Dunlap.
Win. Sanderson, 120 liuulapws.
M. Mu I sic, 2."7 LMmlap.
A. W. Dstcrloh, corner Dunlap alreet and
Bass avenue.
Mrs. laura Monronidy, 4oU (ieorgla.
O. II. Ltecktcl. 410 Adams.
T. Manlev A Co., 130 Washington.
Mrs. M. Vasse, 119 Jefferson.
Joe II intra, 76 Madison.
II. . Ikinman, 07 Charleston avenue.
J. J. Downing-, h7 Chsricaion avenue.
E. A. Mil can, Wl Msdisou.
E. Elllngtun A Co., 3 Marshall avcuus.
R. K Stanlev A Co., 7 Ms-shall avenue.
Mrs. C. McElroy, 8.10 Court
Mrs. M. Ureer, 344 Court
II. Klirllct, 873 Madison.
E. Slalocr, 3-kl t'nion.
C. Mild, 81 I nion.
J. Mussctman. corner Sixth snd Looner.
V. balling, Old Raleigh Road, SCi MSs'.f
a venue. .
Tsvlor Abcruatby, RaleigbJ Road
llrl ilk li v s veil ne.
D. Junes, lialelgli Ttoad sud LnnHcy si
E. W. Robinson, Old Raleigh Ttoad and
Ilrinklcy avenue.
iN iiiart hi A Hcnmrclil, Old Raleigh Road
and lireedlove avenue.
Owen lir ornisi k, 104 Johnson avenue.
P. Carlin. 122 Johnson aveu'ie.
F. Carlin. Sol Johnson avenue.
Mrs. Catherine Hough, 174 Johnson ave
nu1. Mrs. M. Fitspatrltk, 370 Johnson avenue,
John lrnni'Ksu, 20 Johnson avenuo.
J. J. Knpiii, 180 St Msrttn.
Ailolhh llua h, 21 Alubamo.
Mrs. hi. Ilnitlnirhsna
Mrs. M. Sauginr, 2s Robinson.
Jno. Fischer, is Ittiliesnn.
W. M. (irtllln, winier Hill and Robeson.
Jas. JlrNonisra, 03 Alabama.
J. IL Mslr 100 Mushv.
Mrs. C. 8. hncllcr, l.v High.
It. A J. Met 'all, KolHiKh.
Wm. Thomas A Co.. 30 Jones avenue.
F. O'Rutike 27 Jones avenue.
Mrs. Mat-vie Ijinsbsn, 40 Dradford,
J. J. (irtiliu.
John O Hcsrn, 1?3 Orleans.
Mrs. Mi krrii. 12 Fxchsnge.
J. Schsrpe. 128 Union. '
C. 11. Wurtibure. 214 Monroe. '
J. IL Perry, 22J I'nion.
Si'hcrrou A Una. 313 In Ion.
Mat Hinlth. 2"t Orlmns.
S. W. Johsoii, 41 Linden.
P. Muhon, corner Vance and Walnul.
Mrs. M. Kelly, corner Vance and Walnut
Thomas Unrrett, eortier Vance and Walnut
V. J. (irartt, liunlsp svenue.
K. XL Punch, cornur Dunlsp and drove
s venues.
iHiv llolrer, Pnnlnp svenue.
r. rrsnkiin a nm., 403 vstioe.
J. N. Ilowail A Co., Ml Vance.
IOuls Lin arlnL. 3(i licrnsiiilo.
HiikIi O'lfouke. Itrailfunl and Hlch
Jniurt Mnnsi;liaii. Pnplsr street bouilT
v. i. rtlien, lexier, loiin. ,
A. O. Kh isky. 71 Fifth.
John J. Shea. In7 Ointaicrce. I
1 1.
Mrs. E. J. loiiilghsn, corner Tlilrd and
John Nnrasa, first house north of Gas
bouse hriilire.
Mil helelte A Uuelianl, 88 IVJiotO.
east Cask bmsU Ss Mint fttasss,
Alt Kln4a Ammunition, rin torsrt Cutlarjr,
Scsmica, t Ssalu l ark la. Hslnsa. Nsu, I to.
Uasulanariias arftl Bilrtn doe la SnMUl
Bssantt suj asiisiaclloB siarsutaL
Araai Bav She Ctnmallr Jam-f Mas"
f.'s Clbrat4 llUfslaa, IiSssis aa
ar Sasnt lor f-talaro
ALLKN 06 CO., 1
. . (l ad u Brea4 tueet. New Tgt
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