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. 3.
ia Publishes Wxsk.it in Sbmi-Wkski.
Tm. of th Wkskit. .Two dollars per f annum,
in advance, or within the first mcmtli; 'rZ.ft
, months : and Three
n'-n' anfift; .nenti delayed six months;
arF"enDS"rno:id within six Lnthsfromthe
UmTveD?u.e. wi.l be inflexibly adhered to.
v.tissts not exceeding fourteen lines w.U
be ined one time for one dollar, and twenty-five
cento for each subsequent inserUon; those of greater
iTn "h in proportion. Court order, and Judicial Ad
Sements will be charged 25 per cent higher than the
Ibove rates. A reasonable reduction will be made to
those who advertise by the year. Advertisements inser
ted in the Semi-Weekly Standard, will also appear in
the Weekly Paper, free of charge.
Subscribers, and others, who may wish to send money
to the Editor, can do so at all times, by Mail and at his
risk. Receipts for all sums will be promptly transmitted.
Letters to the Editor must come free of postage.
One dark, drizzly, damp, dull and disagreea
' ble day, in tne latter part of November, A. U,
a ial gaunt, queer looking customer, dressed in
a blue coat with metal buttons, ar brimstone-colored
vest, and plaid pantaloons, with calfskin term
inations, sat solemnly nnd alone in a little room,
situated in a certain little tavern in street, city
of Philadelphia. Before him was a little round
table, on whose top was set a litlle pitcher of
smoking punch " screeching hot," and wine glass.
. The solitary individual was "York," nothing
else, dear child, and that was his second pitcher
full nigh second pitcher empty. One minute
aftr, and you couldn't squeeze a drop out of either
pitcher or glass by a forty-two pound hydraulic
press. . ....
York rang the bell. The waiter poked his
head in at the door.
" Of course 1 did. Is it clearing off?"
" No. sa damn, sa fotf so thick, sa. you could
ladle it up with a spoon, sa.- Have you anything
sa ?"
" More punch, and strong !"
" Yes sa immediately, sal"
The waiter withdrew, and in a few minutes the
third pitcher stood before our hero, who attacked
it zealously. York had just drained the last
glass from the pitcher, and was beginning to feel
glorious, when on raising his eyes, he saw his
own figure in a large pier glass directly opposite,
he rubbod his eyes winked, started, coughed,
and rubbed his eyes again.
" By Jove," said he, "there is some .fellow sit
ting right brfore me. This is a private room sir,
for my sole accommodation." He waited a mo
ment expecting an answer, but the reflection only
stared at him and held its peace. " I was saying
sir, that this is my private room mine, sir,"
cried " Fork," fetching his voice an octave high
er than before. No answer made he rang the
the bell furiously. The waiter-made his nppear
ance. A
"Ring, sa?
" Yes.. I did ring. Didn't I ask for a private
room ?"
" Yes, sa, this is a private room." .
"It is! why there's a fellow sitting right be
sore me now, on the other side of the table rot
his impudence."
" Table. a fellow, sa?"
"Yes, there is well never mind. Bring
me some more punch and two glasses.
"Ycs,sa immediately, sa."-
In a very short time the fourth pitcher, with
the two glasses, made its appearance.
York filled one of the glasses and shoved it over
the table.
" Will you drink,' sir?" said he, addressing the
figure in the glass. "Oh you won't drink, old
fellow," continued he. " Your liquor is getting
cold, and you look as if you were fond of the
thing. No answer being returned. York fin
ished the pitcher and rang the bell again. In
popped the waiter.
" Ring, sa?"
" To be sure 1 did. Didn'j you bear the bell?"
" I did."
" Didn't! order ap-p-private room, eh ?"
" Yessa -this is a private room, sa."
"A pretty private room this is, with a f-f-fel-low
sitting opposite there, won't take a drink of
punch when it is offered him and a red nose at
that! Oh," never mind Til try him again."
Presently (pitcher No. V.. with tumblers to
match, was borne in with due stale.
" B-b-better try some, old chap, said York,
coaxingly, to his double. The reflex merely
looked good natured, hut said nothing. 'Well,'
continued York, if that ain't the the m-most in
famous well, never mind, I'll drink 'the punch,'
and so he did every drop of it. About five min
utes sufficed to end the pitcher. The waiter came.
Ring, saT
" Why, cettain ! why shouldn't I ? Where's
the m-m-man who k-k-keeps this house?" ' ' '
" Boss, sa I'll send im in."
Shortly after mine host, a quiet looking little
man, with a mottled caiicp-paKernea face-, a sbio
inir bald head, made his appearance.
W-w-whai't to pay?" demanded York, rising
and assuming an air ot dignity.
" Five nunches five levies, sir."
u There's the money, sir." said York, forking
over tha coin. . And now 1 vrant to know why,
when I call for p-p-prirate room, you should put
me here .wit a somebody else. ;., . ; , . ..
" There's nobody here but you and L".
a Nobody I do you suppose I can't see J Do
you ih-th think I'm drunk 1 Therc look, there,
two of them, by jingo !' r . ''
.' Well, sir, I must confess I don't see any but
two." : -' " '' '
w You can't, eh ?' anl York dragged the land
lord to the table. ''Look . there," continued he,
pointing to the glass. Tb-tb-there's the rascals
now. One of them's enough like you. to be
your brother, and the Qtber' the d dest,
Lord-forsaken, meanest looking while man I ev?
er saw I' f. .;
V Spirit of the Time.
" Hr what's the matter ? ' - -'v')'
, Mine Cot, the so rral .wagon ha run away mil
tha jjTen hore, and broke the axletnse of the
prick house, what stands by the corner lamp post
across de way fro-n de apple trefSr-rrun Yaupey,
and stop de telegraph, mine Cot, what bt-ebles.
- . ' . ' ' ...... . - . ..... " ' " 1 '-,' ' ' '
What a Boy may do. Judge Martin who
recently died at New, Orleans, at the age of 84,
left hjs father's house at Marseilles, while n ' lad.
with four francs money ; about eighty dollars, as
his sole patrimony. To avoid starvation, after he
had rambled about the West Indies, he got a place
as an apprentice to a-printer in North Carolina.
After -three years service he was received as a
journeyman. In three years he laid up money
enough to Duy out his employer. Aitcrwaras be
came to Louisiana. Here, while Judge of th
Supreme Court, bes was also partner in a brick
yard. After seven years his partner died. In
settling their accounts, it was found that every
item of theirjoint house-hold expenses was mark
ed down from day to day, and that for the whole
seven years they hud shared the same table togeth
er, they had each expended, on an average, only
25 cents per day, including food and clothing for
their servants, and all the other expenses of house
keeping. During all this time the Judge was re
ceiving a salary of $5000 per year, besides large
profits from the hrick yard, and from his reata,
and money placed at interest, his four hundred
francs have since been increased to 9500,000, and
upwards. During the third of a century he held
office, he had to decide immense interests submitt
ed to the Court and no one ever supposed that for
millions of money his opinion could be made to
swerve a hairs breadth, riis integrity was above
the slightest suspicion from any quarter. Judge
Martin s will takes only five lines of writing,, and
bequeaths his whole estate, valued at 8500,000, to
his brother, who being only 65, he w.is wont to
call "the boy." . It is, therefore, worth just $100.
000 a line.
Vegetable Instinct. If a pnn of water be
placed within six inches on either side of the stem
of a young pumpkin or vegetable marrow, it will
in the course ol the night approach it, and will be
found in the morning with one of its loaves float
ing on the water. This experiment may be con
tinued nightly until the plant begins to fruit. If
a prop be placed within six inchrs of a young con
volvulus or scarlet runner, it will find it, although
the prop be shifted daily. If, after it had twined
some distance up the prop, it be unwound and
twined in the opposite direction, it will ieturn to
its original position, or die in the attempt ; yt not
withstanding, if two of these plants grow near each
other, and have no stake around which they can
entwine, one of them will alter the direction of its
spiral, and they will twine around each other.
Duhamal placed some kidney beans in a cylinder
of moist earth; after a short time they began to
germanite, of course sending the plume upwards
to the light, and the root down into the soil. Af
ter a few days the cylinder was turned one-fourth
round, and again and again this was repeated un
til an entire revolution of the cylinder had been
completed. The beans wepe th'n taken out of the
earth, and it was found that both the plume and
radicle had bent to accommodate themselves to
every revolution, and the one in its effort to ascend
perpendicularly, and the other to descend, had
formed a perfect spiral. But although the natural
tendency of the roots is downwards, if tho soil
beneath be dry, and any damp substance be above,
the roots will ascend to reach it.
The purest of human being; must need live in
the world as it is ; and an education is dangerous
ly imperfect which does dot instruct purity ns to
what it must openly meet, what it may purely re
ceive, and what it should turn from and repel. If
opinion has cried your name up let modesty cry
your he.urt down, lest you deceive it, or it deceives
you. There is no less danger in a great name
than in a bad one ; and no less honor in deserving
praise, than enduring it.
Whatever may be the custo-ns and laws oi a
country, woman always gives the tne to moral
How absurd to be. afraid p! death, when we
are in the habit of rehearsing it every night.
Who from motives of love hides love, loves in
effably and intensely.
Frowns blight young children, as trpsty nignts
blight young plants. v
We all dig our graves with our teeth.
There are no readers of a paper so h ard to
please as those who do not subscribe for it If
you hear a man finding fault with a paper, you
may not it down as a 'fixed fact' that he has
such a tender regard for the editor that he reads
his paper at another man s expense.
About Right. . Some forty years ago, when
a man s respectability oepepaea mucnon nu tak
ing a newspaper, a certain shrewd o)d fellow was
one morning enjoying the Jnxury of perusing hi
paper, (although he labored under the great dis
advantage of not knowing a single Utter of the
alphabet,) when a more knowing neighbor of his
happened in perhaps to borrow his paper ob
served to him that he had hfs piper -wrong end
uy. The old gentleman, drawing himstlfup in
all the pomposity of affronted dignity, exclaimed.
i. would have you to know, sir, that ii t tune a
paper and pay for it, I have a right to read it
which end up please,'
Milton. . When Milton was going to Si.
Paul's school, in London, at one of the public ex
aminations, the subject for poetical composition
happened to be on our Savuur s hrst miracle, tne
turning ofwater into, wine at the marriage. , Fo
lios were written and handed in on the subject.
When it came to Milton's turn to hand in his poem,
from whom not much was expected, he merely
wrote on a slate one line t '
" The conscious water knew its God, and blushed !"
. The judges looked at eaeh other in astonishment
the laconic beauty of the line,, and simple sub-;
limity 0f the idea were so striking. . After be
stowing encomiums on the more elaborate pro
ductions, according to their merits, they awarded
the prize to the future bard of Paradise Lost,"
'"'s . -: Robinson's Shoes. '
piOMSISTTNO f Ladie'. Kid Walking '
Uo. do. Slippers. c
, Do.
. . - - a
hte ; do.
Satin, do.
Aliases Dooieei,
Misses and Children Bluck and Broose Bootees,
Just received by ; e.. . .F. TUCKER 4 8Q3f
Aug. 26, 1650. 805
; v Steam Saw IMili: ' --.
1 1eg leaver to' call tW attetftion of builde?
and persons wishing to purchase tuituUtr to my '
Steam Sawinifltllfear- Rnieish. .
where they can be supplied with apy kind at' the short
est notice. Also sawed Laths of the best quality, at
$1 00 perM. '.T - N t '' T. Jf. BNOWr
Kalngh July 13, 1850. 821 ly.
V; irAios.' pi awos ! -
M.'T'".Jmm THE Undersigned respectfully informs the
' ffyrrn B Ladies and the Public in general, that he
' " 1 " and his Agents are. almost daily putlng up
Pianos in some part' of North Carolina, on trial and for
inspection ; and all instruments that do not give satisfac
tion, will be taken back and rio charges made for trans
portation or carriage. ' Persons wanting good Pianos will
please send their orders.. "Address
' ' A. KUH.N, 4
No. 75, Greene St., Baltimore, Md.
'. TAst I Prices.
With metal ic or iron plates, . Entire metslic frame.
'. 6 octave $ ISO to 250, ! $25,0 to 300,
6J " 250 to 300, ' ' 275 to 350, ' '
7 " 300 to 350, "350 to 500. " e
' Grand Pianos for 500 to 1000 dollars.
The above named Instruments are elegantly Manofac-
tured in Beautiful Mahogany and Rosewood cases, of
soft and sweet, or powerful and brilliant tone,' as the
' purchaser may wish, with all the latest improvements
that constitute a good and serviceable Piano. No hem
lock or toy work connected with them. I would particu
larly recommend the metalic frame; the climate or change
of weather has no effect on them, and are well adapted
for the Southern climate; and can, with all safety, be
carried by water or land to any part of the United States.
The manufacturer is able to give any number of refer
ences for 15 years back, of the durability of the Instru
' ment, by Professors, Amateurs, and in Seminaries, where
they have been 10 to 13 hours daily in use for a number
of years.
; ' April, 1840. 806 eon ly pd.
Copper work. Turpentine Stilts, &cv
THE Subscriber informs the public that hcis still car
rying on his business in all its branches, at his Shop
near the Raleigh Depot. ' Turpentine Stills made to or
' der, in the best mannar, and warranted to work, well ;
and all kinds of work promptly done in copper, brass
steel, iron, &c.
Constantly on hand and for sale locks of all sorts and
sizes, guns, pistols, &c. The Subscriber only auks of
the public to give him a full and fair trial, as he is deter
mined not to be surpassed in his line. The Subscriber's
establishment being the only one of the Fort in all that
region of country, he confidently appeals to North Caro
linians and to the friends of home industry, to pu&tain
him. .
Now is the time to Save Fuel.
BUCK'S Patent Improved Cooking Stoves, also, Stcr.
ly's Air-tight, suitable for Parlors or private rooms.
I am the only Agent in North Carolina for Buck's Pa
tent Improved Cooking Stoves. Any person witluii to
purchase I would respectfully refer them to the follow
ing gentlemen, who have them in use : Messrs. Charles
Dewey, Dupree, D. Cameron. W. H. Haywood, Col.
Yarbrough, E. P. Guion, and Geo. W. Mordecai.
P. & His Establishment has been removed to Fay
ettevilfe Street, Raleigh. If. C.
Raleigh, Sept. 1st, 1850. ' 797- tf.
Wholesale and Retail Druggist
Fat ETTEViLtK St. Ralkior, N. C.
OFFERS --for cash, or approved credit, at the lowest
market prices, a large -and well selected assortment
of East India, Mediterranean and European i
French, Knllsh and American Chemical,
Foreign and Domestic Soaps.
Perfumery, Paints and Oils,.
Fancy Articles, ' ' Dye Stuffs,
F.ahcy Soapv ' Druggists Labels,
Brushes, Window Gins,
Extracts, Surgical Instruments, '
Trusses, Druggists' Glass Ware,
Leeches, r Shaker's Herbs and Roots,
Pcbk BIaxdt, Madeira, Shkkrt and Poht Wixkb,
Selected for Medicinal purposes.'
Sands Sarsaparilla, Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry,
Gray's Ointment, Beckwith's Pills, Ayer's Cherry
Pcctorial, Doctor Wiley's Cough Candy, Gen
uine Cod Liver Oil, together with every
article comprising th stock of a Phy
sician or Druggist.
April 7, 1850. 809
A. B. ST J Til,
Commission Merchant and Dry Coods
Broker, New York.
. rilENDERS his services to the Merchants, Planters,
1 and citizens of the Southern States, and will attend
to any business in his line either in the sale of Produce
or Merchandize, or the purchase of Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware, Crockery, Shoes, Hats, Furniture, Carriages,
Musical and Agricultural instruments, Bagging Rope,
Drugs, Medicines, &c. He flatters himself as a purchaser
of goods for Southern Merchants, hiaexperience will en
able him to give entire satisfaction to the Merchants who
may entrust to him their orders. .
His Excellency Charles Manly, Kalcigh.
William Hill, Secretary of State, do
G. W. Mordecai, Pres't B'k of State, do
Dr. J. O. Watson, Pres't M u. In. Co., do
B. F. Moore, Esq., Attorney Gen., do
Matthew Shaw, Esq., Washington.
Hon. J. R. J. Daniel, Weldon.
Andrew Joyner, Esq., do
R. H. Lewis, Esqn Greensborougb, Ala.
Raleigh, February 6, 1850. 796
THE Subscribers take occasion to inform
the public generally that they will carry on
the business in all its branches, af the old
stand, and that no efforts nor expense will be spared on
their part to accommodate the travelling community.
Conveyances, with good horses and careful drivers, wilj
be furnished at all times and at short notice ; and in fact
every convenience for travelling, in the way .of .
Horses, Carriages, Buggies, -&c. .
" Will be supplied on the most favorable and.-accommo
dating terms. . .
The Subscribers also expect tu keep constantly -on
I hand,. Horses, Buggies, Carriages, &c for sale. .
Any persons wishing to put out their Horses by the
week, or rooath, or year, will have them well attended
to, at moderate prices. : Their, Stables are on Wilming
ton Street, just to tha east of Market Square. . ..
Hoping to receive liberal encouragement, the under
signed pledge themselves to do all n their power to mer
it public patronage. BUFFALOE & COOKE.
Raleigh, April 5, 1850. . ,v , . 803
New Watch and Jtewelery Store.
W. H. THOMPSON Would respecUulIy m-
Lform the citizens ofRaleigh and its vicinity, that
the has opened a choice stock of
Watches nd JeWelry, ' , '
1 ; : n.rt'of the Store occupied by Mrs. Thompson as a
Xf iHirv establishment, where he offers for sale Gold
arid Silver watches, . warranted correct time keepers i
' the latest styles ct. .. ; ;
Fashionable Jewelry,
snch as Guard, Vest and Fab Chair; Games, atone and
mournW Broaches! Plain Chased and StonS Rings;
Gold ! and Pencils : Gold and Silver Thimblea; Studs,
f!ti.r .r.4 Klev Buttons. Ea Bines, Gold and Silve
Spectacles, &c, Fsncv Goads and Fine Cutlery, all of
which will bp sola- cneap. v cuea v.x m
rv reDaired in supcrior-stvle. Old Gold and. 8ir taken
in exchange, . , v, ' x. vT - -' '
't ; Sept. 2i. j848.. ... . . . ... rrtyfrn
Vk , , ,. 4au i nwif, ' .
VXFFE'Rjj? his services to' seH TobaeeOy Wheat, Flour,
f and Corn? and respectfully solicits consignments.
Richxoxb. January 1st, 1850. 792-Gm.
Sketches or JMnrth Carolina.
1 Beattie's Fosb. Lincoln Col N. C. )
- . October 25, 1850. J
A WORK will be published by the undersigned this
Spring, entitled as above, giving an accurate ac
count of each County in our State, in Alphabetical or
der, the derivation of its name, date of formation,- its
Colonial and Revolutionary History, a Biography of ita
distinguished citizens, an accurate list of it representation
in' each branch of the General Assembly, its Towns, Riv
ers, Population, Resources, Products, and Topography,
" The- undersigned has for many years been collecting
and condensing the material for this work. The archives
of our own State have been carefully examined, and co
pious extracts made from iu records: - He has procured
from the offices of the Board of Trade and Plantations
in London many valuable documents. Rare and valuable
works have ben purchased from abroad, touching the
early history of our State, and each County, which have
never seen the light. He has been kindly aided by gen
tlemen in different sections by copies of original docu
ments, end faithful traditional statements, 'highly impor
tant and interesting.
He does not aspire to the position of the Historian,
but hopes from records and statistical' facts to afford ma
terials, to other and abler hands, for this pleasing and less
laborious duty. ' This work, it is hoped, will be useful as
a book of reference to -the statesman- and scholar, and
man of business or leisure. Occasional extracts have
been published in tike Standard and other ftapent of this
State, over the signature of Tacitus. " .'
I he History of North Carolina is yet to be written
The remark which one of the ablest Historians of the
age, (Bancroft,-) has been compelled, to make, that "so
carelessly has. the History of North Carolina been writ
ten that the name, merits and end of the first Governor
is not known, ia a reflection upon us. An examina
tion of the early history of the Counties of North Caro
lina shows a record of the purest patriotism and indomit
able courage. This record is now covered by the dust
of age, and unknowu by neglect. It is a debt which the
present generation owes to the past as well as the future
to preserve these memorials; for it often occurs in the
history of our race, that facts known to one generation
are controverted bv the next, and at a succeeding period
are considered as -doubtful legends, unworthy of histori
cal faith. Our Mecklenburg Declaration of Indepen
dence, in May 1775, had almost been an illustration of
this truth. '
" These are deeds which should not pass away.
And names that must not wither; though the earth
ForgeU her empires with a just decay,
The enslavers and the enslaved, their death and birth
This work will he illustrated with Map of the State,
rom latest surveys, and including the new Counties to
this date, and sketches in Engravings ' of some of her
beautiful scenery.. It will contain about 500 pages, and
be furnished at one dollar a copy. Subscriptions will be
received and the book furnished at different points of the
State. . JJU. tu WHEELER.
P. S. Editors of the different Presses in the State are
requested to copy the above. The Press will receive in
this work a sketch worthy of its influence and importance
Those Editors who publish .the above four successive
times, and send a copy of the paper containing the same,
will lie entitled to receive a copy of the work as a return
lor such notice. J. H. W.
, S39 4w.
TI1HE Subscriber respectfully informs the Members of
X the approaching Legislature that he is prepared to
lurinsli ten or twelve of them with lodgiugs. and board,
at the UNION HOUSE, but a short distance, from the
Capitol. . : ,
The Subscriber will provide, comfortable rooms, and
good fare, at such prices as the times and market will
afford. He pledges himself that no pains or expense will
he spared to render his customers comfortable.
Travellers arc also invited to call, and transient boarders
will be taken. The Subscriber keeps a constant supply
of corn and fodder on hand, and will have horses left
with him, or the horses of such as may stop at his house,
well taken cre of, ,
The Subscriber's House is about one hundred yards
from the Capitol, t.nd one door to the east of the Baptist
Raleigh, Sept. 24, 1 850. 834 ts.
riHE Subscriber would respectfully inform his friends
that he is prepared to accommodate some twenty -five
or thirty of the memlters of the Legislature wUh Board
and lodgings during the approaching session.
The Subscriber makes no promises which he cannot
perform. At to the character of his accommodations and
the attention he gives to the comfort of his Boarders, he
refers with confidence to those who have boarded with
him during former sessions.
Raleigh, Oct. 7, 1850. , ' - . 836 U.
. Washington Hotel. .
J THE Proprietor respectfully informs the Mem-.
-bers of the approaching General Assembly, that he
is prepared to accommodate with comfortable' lodging
and good cheer . ..... .
Twenty or Twenty-Fire of their JVianbrr. ,
He will spare no pains to satisfy and please his guests..
He has all the necessary accommodations, and will de
vote his best exertions to that end. Terms as moderate
as the times will admit. F. W. KING. .
Raleigh, Oct.' 1, 1850. 836 ts.
Dealers In Staple and. Fancy Dry Goods. .
- . - Fancy Articles, Ac Ac
HAVE received nearly their entire Stock of Tall and.
Winter Goods to- which they, respectfully invite.
the attention of their customers, and the public generally,
and all of which are offered on the most reasonable terms.
Raleigh, Oct. 23, 1850. . ; 8t
IS hereby given that application will be made, to the
, next Legislature of the State of North Carolina for a
Charter to cut a Canal from North River to some point
in Currituck Bay.
October 30, .1 850.
839 5t,
Colmau't Aiettersv ..
E UROPEAN Life and Manners, in Familiar Letters
to Princes, by Henry Colmao, Author of Euro
pean Agriculture, and. the. Agriculture of. France, BelT
gium, Holland, and Switzerland, 2 vols. 12' mo. For
wte by '' HENRY D. 'TURNER,
' Raleigh, Oct. 24,' I850 ". . 839
A Nortu'CaroiuaAnu,nac.
TURNER'S .North Carolina Almanac Vor 1851. This
.day published b; . .. -
, ' : ... , HENRY D. TURNER, ,
" . N,. C Book Store,
Raleigh, Qct. 1850. '. - " 839 1
v'V '" Nevr Medicar Wofks. '
li. fl"OHR Redwood and Proctor's Practical Pharmacy,
If 1 illustrated by 600 Engravings. Principal Diseases
of the Y,eX of North America, by David Drake, M.D.
Bucchan's rnjl f hysician. ,Co3 Liver Oil,' by. S. J.
DcJongh, M. D. Copeland on Palsy andJApoplexy.
West on Diseases of Children Day on Diseases of Old
Age. Qrifieth's'Untversat Formulary." ,' ' . ' -'.
' '"r '" This daV Received by ?" - '
,.? "'.v--?v ' - If. K TDTtNERv i
RalcighOct; 16, 1850. ' ' y-MST- ;
-''j. White f,ead.'' ':
WC'tfilks. Pre LeJd in ?5 and 00 IbTkegs.jas
OUUUrecsived at PESCUD'S.
Raleigh, September 30, 1850. 835
One Door Above Richard .Smith's Old Corner.'
K , " ""naisEiQU, ,'-v. cv';'.,.' '.
EVA.lfS 4c WI L.L.I A THIS would respectfully in
form their friends and the public generally, that they
have opened a Store en Fayettcville Street, one door
above Richard Smith, Esq.,' where they.. Will keep con
stantly on hand a full supply of , ' S J ' j " .' '
MJrti Goods Uarel-icarfl Culler a
, ' .GROCERIES. &C. '
and indeed every thing asually found in similar esiabiish
menu. They present the following as specimens of their
HtOCk: " - ' ' - . ..
Brocade French Cashmere, - ' "
Embroidered SUk and t2rape. and Norwich Lustres,
Chameleon Turk's Silks and. Poplins,
.- . French Cashmere and Delaines,' '' - .
Chameleon, figured and black Alpacas, ' "
.Velvet neck Ribbons and Belts, -French
worked Colors and Cuffs, -
. . Lmbroidcred Ribbon and velvet Trimmings, -.
S-,alloped linen-cambric Handkerchiefs and Gloves -.
Bonnets, Ribbons, and Artificials. - '
Ginghams and Prints a large lot, j : , :
French Cloths, Cassimeres, and -Yest'ings, ' - ,, .
J Beaver-cloth, Tweeds, and Kentucky Jeans, . . . i'
Red and white Flannel, and Linsey and Plain Shawls;
'.. Kerseys, Negro and bed Blankets, . . . .; -.
. Brown and bleached Domestics, Bed-ticking, ; Table
cloths and Diaper, , ... r.
. Ladie's cotton, merino and silk Hose..,. AUo, Ladie's
: fine WaJkiqg Shoes and Gaiters,. .... . ...
J. Miles and Son fine. Pegged Boots,
Calf, Kip, and coarse Brogaiis a good assortment,
Hats and Caps of every description, ;
Cutlery,' Crockery, Spades, Shovels, trace-Chains ,
Java, Laguira. and Rio Coffee,
Loaf, crushed, clarified and brown Sugar.
Together with a number of other artjc-lcs not enumerated.
The subscribers respectfully solicit a share of public pat
ronage. They will sell good bargains for cash, or on
hort lime to punctual dealers.'
H. l: jevans, '
September 1 8 1 850. ' . ' S33
TliHE Siih3prilers are now receiving their FALL
j. aivu v urmi HjffL.lti, consisting mi part
n tne following :
Black Gro DcLyon and Silver Grey Silks.
Fancy and Black Brocade Silks,
Black, Fancy and While watered do.
Chameleon Silks, Super Chene Silks,.
Levantines, Brocade Sernidors, .
Plain and watered Poplins,
Lyonese ClothW Paramettas.
Silk and wool Chene Muslin De Lanes and Cashmeres
Cuaineleon Turks,
Engligh, French and German Merinos,
' Striped,. Printed, "and Plain Muslin IieLaines and
Cashmeres, Chameleon Alpacas,- . t.
Ribbon, Velvet, and Hair Ball. Trimmings' '
Black Silk Lace, ' . "
French work Capes, Collars and Cuffs,
Jackonet, Check, Swiss, India Book,.
Dotted, Tarlton and Nansook Muslinf,
Boimet, Cape, Neck, Cuff and Belt Ribbons,
Paris Kid Gloves, '
Shawls and Visiles, ' '
Ladies and Misses Paris Embroidered Linen Cambric
Handkerchiefs,-- - " '
Real Valencia -Thread Edgings, ' - - -Tapes,
Bobbins, Edgings and Insertings, '&.,.''
Raleigh Sept U, 1850.
Henry D. Turner, -
I'Hblislier. Bookseller and Stall
NO. 1, FATETTXTllia St. Raikigb, N. C,
HAS always on hand a large and general Collection
Lavv. Medical, Theological, Classical, Voyages, Travels,
Novels and Miscellaneous Books. AJso, a very
extensive assortment of School Books, . Ac,
Blank Books, Ledgers, Journals, Day Books
' Pass Books, Bank Books, Record Books,: N
Blank CheckBooks, and any other kind ..j,
that may be wanted manufactured . ". ;.
to order.
Together with a general assortment ("Stationery. ;
Particular attention given to filling all orders complete
from Booksellers, McrchanteTeachers, and private indi
viduals. And every article iu his line sold at the lowest
prices for cash or approved. credit, cither at wholesale or -J
relail. . j
All-new works received as soon, as published,
' Raleigh, August 27, 1850. '' 830
' Just Opened Two Dvors, Abo v U. Knitha Store.
riHE Subscrilier has just opened a Book Store in Ra-
I Icigh, two doors alovc Ms. Richard Smith's Store,'
.where he offers to the public . -
' Of almost every description, together with a large col
lection Of " "J '
From the pns of eminent authors of the difleaeht De
nominations ; also, '- .
;-" Stationer)'. . - ' "
Of excellent quality ; all of which be proposes to sell on
. very reasonable termx. : -' - '
- Any Book not on- hand at present,' can be ordered and
.. received by the Subscriber iir a few days, arid he will be
- prompt to fulfil all orders. from town or country.
- i. JOHN W. O'NEAL :
.. .'.Raleigh, Sept. 12, 1850. - -r . . S33 tf. -
: z -4 , i- 1
1 W 8TOCK F l .
BOGT8, S-BCeaBS, & SX-py-EXLS.
THE subscriber has just returned from
the Northern Market, when? he has laid
SSin a large and beautiful stock of articles in
his line of business,' embracing every de
scription of fine and coarse, wear. . A ,
His stock for Ladies and Misses, comprises every
quality of Slippers, Walking Shoes, whole and half Gsi
' ters. &c., and his supply for. Gentlemen and Boy's,
such as Will suit the taste of alL t
" He has also laid in' a large supply of materials in hjs
"line,: and "brought on , firstrale workman' from the.
North ; and is therefore prepared to manufacture BOOTHS,
" SHOES, &c, in a style unsurpassed by any other.cstsb
iMhmenl in the "bity. .
' AH he asks is a trial; feeling assured that he will te
nable to give satisfaction loth in quality and price.
South East Corner Capitol Squati."
Sit. iRSft. ' aaaJtf l
Raleigh-, Oct. 23d, 1850.
;A FRESH supply of Rushton. Clark &. XV. which
Awe believe to be superior to any we bavesesn. Just
received and tor sale at tho Drug Store of . - ,, -
' ' ' 'WlLUAMS, HAYWOOP CO.,;,
' RaleigXpril,I65J. , , V. (,e7r"
'..- v; t
' A PPLICATION w,ill be. made to the nV Lenslatore
Jof North. Caoaa (of an act ef iocorporaUoa far the
Murfreeaboroogh Joint Slpck ui4os Company-'. . .
October 23, 'fi50 . 'i i .'a-fW-rjt
FURTHER aopply-of Shose Tleautiful : Medicin-e
Chests jusi received at - . nr. j
PESCUD'S Dreg Store.
Raleigh, August 7, 185(L . . , , 82f
f 3QLAXEXGXiC, JOB, e. ' "
VtC0 Door Richard SadtUa Old 8!md,
; LEX AN DER CREECH, takes great, pride anj
F,c:urc in announcing to the cituens of Raleigh,
and the surroondina Country, that b ha. in.t
""!l"ow oped for aale and inspection,
a STOCK OF GOODS selected by himself vith great
care and with an eye single- to the wants of hia friends
and customers, ; A stock, that will favorably compare
with any slock in (!ia State, and which he ia deierm,nt
o sell at such Unprecedented low prices, that all he de-
rires is 10 give Aim a call to ensure a sale. His goods
were bought for sale aad not to grace his shelve., aiul all
he asks is to give him a very small advance on Northern
twice., . ,. .. ... , '......
ir you wish nargains, can at bis store two doors above
Mr. R. Smith's comer, and next door to Messrs. A. B.
Stiths & Cos. Auction and Commission Stora.
His Stock consists jn part of the following : .
For tlie JLadles.
A larsre and varied. assortmnt nf . Ivosntifnl IVinta n
fetcst 8tyles, Black and', figured Alpaccaa, .Cashmeres,
Plain and figured Muslin Delaines,. Ginghams Jackonet
and plain Cambric, SwUs and Book MushWBonnet,
Belt, Cap and Taffity, Ribbons, Velvet Trimmings, Thread
and Cbtton Lace and edging, Linen and CambriaHVfs.
Cotton, Silk and Pongee H'k'ia, Plain and figured .Bobi
net, a beautiful assortment of .Shawls, very low, a large
and varied assortment of Hosiery for Ladies, Misses, and
Infants, a well selected assortment of Ladies and Misses
Shoes and Gaiters, and a great variety too tedious to
mention, such as arc usually found in simUar well select
ed assortments. .' .
? '. JPor the. Gentlemen.
. Black French cloths and Cassimercs, Fancy ditto,
Tweedes, some very heavy Woollen Tweedes, Kentucky
Jeans, Sattihete, Black and fancy Sattin Vestings, Mari- i
no assorted, Woollen Vesting very lowFlanncC all wool,
Bleached Shirting and Sheeting, Bleached and un
bleached Jeans, a large assortment ,of, fancy Cravats,
very low, a good assortment of gentlemen's Hosiery and
Gloves, Blankets uncommonly low, 8ilk, Moleskin. Cal
ifornia and other styles of Hats, Cloth and Silk Plush
Cap"' Geritlcmcris Boots and Shoes, Boys and Negroo'e
do. Cotton Cards, Umbrellas, &c, &c.
' Do give him a call and you Will not regret it.
Raleigh". Oct. 23d. 1850. ' 838 tf.
rriHE Undersigned most' respectfully inform their
rJL' friends and the public generally, that they have as
sociated themselves together, in the Tailoring and Cloth
ing business, under the firm of J.J. Biggs dc Co. Tbey
havcopened a New Store, a few doors below the North
Carolina Bookstore, where they wiir he happy to see all
of their old Friends and Patrons, and pledge themselves
to sell cheaper than ever. - They ean at all times warrant
a good fitting Suit of Clothes.
Call Jmd examine their fine Slock of Ready . Made
Clothes. Also, their Stock of fine Cloths, Cassimercs,
and Vestings... .
. T the, Members of the approaching Legislature, they
would sav, it shall be to their advantage to patroniza the
new firm of J. J. Biggs & Co.., Call neat door to Mr.
Root's Jewelry Store. v -
, - . . . . J. J. BIGGS.
Raleigh, Oct 16, 1850. t ..J . S37 6t.
And the. Public Generally ,
H A VING associated with me in the Clothing bun
. ness, Mr. Sylvester 8mith, it will henceforward be
conducted under the firm of J. J.- Biggs & Co. Mr.
Smith has-been long known as a Merchant Tailor, but
in now turning his attention to the Ready. Made business,
and it is the design of the New firm, to keep vp a large
assortment of all kinds of,; -r. . !,. .' 1
' i Ready lTfade-Clolliinr.'
Onr Stork of Cloths, CassimereS and Vestings, will al so
le kept up. a beautiful assortment xif which,-is now being
opened, embracing all the latest stjles.' .; ; .
- AT?. PEACH will attend to the Catting Department, as'
heretofore.-.. , ..-: - !J. J.BIGGd.
Raleigh. Oct. 16, 150. 83T 6t.
- , At ii. CREECH'S.'; ?
TVST received and opened for sale, one of tha largest
I assortments of-Staple and Fancy-Dry Goods in this
City, consisting in part of the following articles :
Sup. Bllk Twilled French Cloths, to medium qualities.
Superior Black Doe Skin and Fancy . Cassimera. -
Gashmereyelvet and Meruio VesUogs.
All'kinds of Fancy Tweeds. Sattcrmets and X. Jeans, .
A large assortment af Ladie's Worsted Goods, all colors,
Merinoes, -Thibet Cloths, -. -. W -v t
Cashmeres, DeLaina, and Alpsceas, ; , ., , -
A large assortment of Printa and Ginghams.-. s.
A great variety of Shawls, from. 35 cents to tl
Fine Fashionable Bonnets .and Ribbon, Flowers, Laces,
Gloves and Trrmniings, . , : - . - ?
Fashionable JIats and Cap,.BooU add Shoes, .
Rifles, double and single barrel Guns and. Pistols,
Hardware, Cutlery and Glassware, . ,; ,-. '
Bagging and Rope. -v ' . - - '
.; The above Goods.were bought entirely, for cash, and
will lie sold at a treat -deduction from former prices, as
my motto -is quick sales and small profits." Call and you
will buy bargains. - ,-J- CREECH.
Ralcigb Sept.
17, 1650
- I b ti f ip A L 6 ev &. c66Kn,lr
IVholeaale and Rcfnil Grocers, tVc-
- OiD. Market St. Ralcih, 'N. C.
THE SubscTibers. having connected hcniBclvcs in bn
siness, under t$e Firm of BUFFALOE & COOKE,
take this occasion to inform the public that thev will
Tteep constantly on hand all articles necaseary for the
. f -, - x? fl. -l. ;
lises oi tue x amuy w ;i ami. . a hvi wob ,w
part of the fclowling articles :
Bacon and Lard,
Iron and' Nails, ..
Flour," Meal and Corn,
Cast and German BHs.fiUel
Casting, Trace Chains, and
Ioaf, crushed, clacjfied and
Brown. Sugars,
Coffes, Molasses, and' Salt,
Weeding Hoes.
Sole and Upper Leather.
Powder and Shot, end Lead
Sperm. Adamantine," and
Tallow Candles, Soaps,
Tobacco, Snrjfi, &c-
" 6otmtrv uroduce nartir.ularlv'"' corn,' foddcT, find dry
be&hidcs--win be taken at fair exchange.'
7 The above articles have' been carefnfly selected and
bouerht wtA cash, and the subscribers are determined not
'to be undersold by any dealers in the City.
, -' - x. 't. t. unirnuKii.
-. " rt ' -' GEORGE T. COOKE.
April 9,-1 50." : 807 ,
v N. Bl' 8otrth side Old Market 8trect, fourth and fifth
doort East of William, If ayweod, & Co' Dreg Stc,-e
. , ....... .- -7 . . : .i'v
i ' Whitlock & Hafdlc: ;
rfHE Subscribers are now prepared toe xecute,in a
JL ,wodtmap-Jike manner, al kind's of .. v- ,
Olszing, Gilding, imita'ion f sjl tjadaf. Msxblt
every vsrieryi- wodd. ';. H':' . ,
A swdors 4eft s.t 2Z: llwdt opvoa4 i-Isflkct
House will Taoejve prompt attention-,i , , : ,
- FaWgh. gepC H.-l'SoO-'- " '-,-:; CrtC
fx-rnTlCE ;ifchereby'Ov.n thai arcllcetion M I?
l mlo to tb next General Assf mbly jof $fqrthCav
i linafos the passaga af an act Caving, nannesto ttue
Coanty seats of Stokes and rorsythe Counties. -.
September 85, 1850. S4tf

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