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YOL -r x rTBffiEIi&H. AXIJEIira -1850... '- ; ;-- vq
is PuLisken Wkt iD SlMI-WKir,
Tkbms of the .Wiww. r Two dollar per annum,
in advance, or within the fir month; Two J0"8
v j-i 1 j months : and J nree
Cftv cents, u payuicin ue ucwjcu -
Sallars, if not Jaid within aix months from the tune of
subscribing. t;i.;;V. Vonr dollars ncr
Terms or TBI omi- ,
anu" in advance, or within first JjFou;
dollars and fifty cents, it pay"'" . -v" 7." TT" TKJ
and Five DoHars, if not paid within x months from the
' Tr,MsTS not exceeding fourteen lines will
W 53 for one dollar, and twenty-five
Snts for each subsequent insertion; those of greater
Sh in proportion. Court orders and Judidic.al Ad
verSements will be charged 25 per cent higher than the
above rates. A reasonable reduction will be made to
those who advertise by the year. AdvertisemenUi inser
ted in the Semi-Weekly Standard, wUl alao appear in
h Weeklv Paper, free of charge.
Subscribers, and others, who may wish to send moner
to the Editor, can do so at M times, by Mail and at .his
rSk. Receipts for all sums will be promptly transmitted.
Letters to the Editor must come free of postage.
From the Fayctteville Carolinian.
On Friday October ihe 4th. I started in compa
ny with CapL S. W. D., and Mr. J. H., to ascend
the shaft of the main pinnacle. -
The tnorniii2 was cl-ar and bright. Not a
speck dimmed the blue etheiial vault, or intercept
ed the vision in any direction. It was just such
A.,v as should be chosen by visiters to ascend
the mountain. Half the beauty and grandeur of
the scene is lost in a less favorable day.
At 25 minutes past 9, a. m..we commenced as
cending the base of the mountain, at ao angle of
a. ilpcrreps. nassin? throuffh a drnse forest of
timber" consisting of white, black, red, and chest
nut oaks, poplar chestnut, hickory walnut of a
large size, and from 100 to 150 feet high.
The ascent of the base is divided into 8 steps,
(so called there) or platforms, each becoming
steeoer as vou ascend. At the 5th platform, there
is a place culled walnut cove ; where the soil is
rich enough, to produce su to ou ousneis oi corn
to the acre. The trees along, here are so numer
ous, the whole view of the Mountain is ohstiocted,
and here the wild locust is found, the pods of
which are said to make excellent beer.
By the time we reached the 7th platform, we
were nearly tired down; and hero would natural
ly be a resting place, for the grandeur of the
scene now besius to develop itself. ,
The 8th and last step brought us to the foot of
the pinnacle, and to what is called ' lamting rock.'.
The circumstance which gave rise to this name
was this : a lady in feeble health, in company
with a party, attempted to ascend the mountain.
When they reached this place, she fainted. On
reviving, she insisted on the party continnirfo up,
and leaving her until their return. -' Accordingly
they did so, but after they bad been up the moun
tain sometime they beheld the sick lady coming.
The main pinnacle at this place lonks more like
some vast got hie building of antiquity, than any
thing I can compare it to. . , ,
At 4 minutes past 11 o'clocV, we arrived at the
main pass of the big pinnacle. We now ascend
by ladders, and platforms; the ladders, five in
number, being generally 10 feet long. From the
foot of the fii st ladder to the top of the fifth ladder
being 85 feet perpendicular.
At half past eleven we gained the main pinna
cle, the highest point.
Here we have a view commanding the sur
rounding country for 200 miles, embracing the
Sauratwon mountains, with their five lofty peaks.
The grandeur and beauty ofthe scene js far be
yond my powers of description ; and no one can
have a correct idea of it without realizing it
White rock, the nearest peak of" the Sauraton
range, is 6 miles distant, Steel mountain is 9 naileV,
Mnre's Nob, 16" miles; Cook' mountain 15
miles; Flat Shoal is 20 miles. At the foot of
the Sauraton range runs Dan river. : ' : "
At a distance of 50 to 60 miles, is seen Carra"
way range of mountains, ' in Randolph connty.
In another direction can be -seen the Shallow
Ford on the Yadkin ; and although it 19 20 miles
distant, il looks as though it were t the foot of
the mountain. The ford is formed by an island
in the middle ofthe river.
To the southeast may be seen a white object the
size of a water bucket, tttat cannot be distinguish
ed with the eye; but by the aid of a glass, it can
be seen to be a white house. . It is 25 miles dis
tant ..
Looking to the east, 50 plantations may be coun
ted in one direction ; and to the Northwest they are
so numerous it is difficult to count them. ' "
Some houses at a distance of 2 miles look 80
near as to lead one tq believe he1 could throw a
stone and strike them.
Looming in the distance, hi s;h above all other
mountains may be een th Peaks of Otter, in Vir
ginia, distant lOOmiW. The Blue Ridre and in
Alleghanies are plainly visible, and add greatly to
uie tjrunueur ui wie scrne.
Mount Airy, a email town, U seen 15 miles dis
tant. ' ; 0 '.' v. t .-, , ,
Under a shelving rock, ia a, vety snug nlace.
1 r .1 1 I L 1 " 1
protectee irom, ina weaker, wuicu uas peen, called
the post office. .. , .... , . . . . 4
Cant D. climbed a tree from which he saw
with a glass, table rock 110 miles, and Kins
mountains 94 miles in South Carolina. -
The main platform on the tori of the pinnacle.
is three acres in extent, covered with undergrowth
and shrubbery. ' Corn and wheojl could be raised
up here, and apple and peach trees, would bear
well, although 1800 feet high v '
Descending, we went around, the base of the.
maio shaft It resembles a Vast citadel.. wtth bas
tion after bastion ; recess after recess; fissure after
fissure, on the most gigantic scale, and of the most
stupendous neight The shaft is 633 yards roood.
On the south side of the mountain, there is an
echo, the plainest that ever heard. it. , ?
The height of tbemaia ibaft i I8f M-; y,
At the foot of the mountain ie a excellent nah,
lie house, kept by William OiUaTV E?q, Whose'
amiable and tasty lady makes every body comfor
table and happy who'favo her w Kb? thir coropa
fty. The charges are lemarkaWy low, and the
tare is of the most substantial, and even delicate
kind. The house is. large and would accommo
date 30 or 40 persons.,
Some 400 yards from "the" house, is ' an excel
lent mineral spring. Therfi is a fine road te the
louse, and I can truly say that no one can visit
scene more beautifully grand tham the Pilot moun
tain, or stop at a house where they will fare better I
than at imwam 3- . , v , , .. , , ,
As a place of resort for health, l " know pf no
Dlace superior to it. An invalid can procure eve
ry comfort and attention' ' at the' most 'teasona-
-The post office is Litte Yadkirt.f - r M.'B.
r..-:-,iO. L. BURCH.
1AM now receiving from the Mortbern marfceta my
. Fall Supply of Boeti and Shoes ,
and without enumerating the articles, I will say that my
and that I will give as good bargains as can be bought in,
the City. . -
Raleigh Oct. 2. 1830. :- ' . 835i-
J boot ni shoe; :, , 'u
OL. BURCH would inform, bis old customers, aa
well as others, that he has now in his employ
3a good Workmen as there i fit the Union,
and feels confident that he can make any article in his
line as well if net a little better than can be feet else
where, he has neither spared pains nor expense infpro
curiog the service ot workmen for the above purpose.
His Materials are the best known to the Trade.
The Latest Fashions always at hand-
: Call two doors below the Post Office.'
Raleigh, Oct-2, 1850 ,.. : 835 v
THE Subscriber would respectfully inform his friends
that he is prepared to accommodate some twenty-five
or thirty of the members of the Legislature with Board
and lodging during the approaching session..
- The Subscriber makes no promises which he cannot
perform. A a to" the character of his accommodations ami
the attention he gives to the com fort of his Boarders, he
refers with confidence to those who have- boarded with
him during former sessions, .
Raleigh, Oct. 7, 1850 836 to.'
Dealers in Staple and Fancy Dry Goods.
Fancy Articles &c. &c r "
HAVE received nearly their entire Stock of Fall and
Winter Goods to which tbey respectfully invite
the attention of their customers, and the pnblic generally,
and all of which are offered on the most reasonable terms.
Raleigh, Oct. 23, 1850. 838 v
Washington Hotel.
THE Proprietor respectfully informs the Mem?
bers of the approaching General Assembly, that he
ie prepared to accommodate with comfortable lodging
and good cheer . .
Twenty or Twenty-Five of thrir JS'umber,
He will spare no pains to satisfy and please his guests.
He has all the necessary accommodations, and will de
vote his best exertions to that end. "Terms as moderate
a the timea will admit F. W. KINU.
Raleigh, Oct 1, 185.. 836 ta
P F. PESCUD is now receiving his Fall Stock of
which he offers to dealer at a small profit ; and assures
thai th nnalitv ot his articles and nriees wilteive
satisfaction. Those-who bare been buying in the
Northern and Eastern cities are particularly invited to
examine nis siock uu i i ivto u.ui. pu.nao....
where. - - P. F. PESCUD.
. Raleigh, SepU Utb. 1850. . t4-U. ..
Sew IVedical Works.
MOHR Redwood and Proctor's Practical Pharmacy,
illustrated by 500 Engravings. Principal Diseases
of the Valley of North America, by uaviu uraae, wi.ii.
Bucchan a Family Physician.. Ood iivet uu, py o. j.
DeJongh, M. D. Copeland on Palsy and Apoplexy.
West on Diseases of Children. Day on mseases oi uiu
Age. Griffeth's Universal Formulary.
This day Kecevea ny
Raleigh, Oct. 16, 1850. 837'
Steam Saw Mill: '
I beg leave to eall the attention of builder
and persons wishing to purcnase iumner o my
. Steam Saw Mill Near Raleigb, ' '
when, tbov .ra ha uinnlied with anv kind at the short
est, notice. Also sawed Laths of the best quality, at
9.1 UU-perM. , 4, oixv.
Kaleigh July 13, 1850, hxi ly.
: lew; nmle Boob
ANTIC A LAUDIS, or the American Book of
y Church Music, by Lowell Mason and Ueo. Weblj,
. Also. The Home Altar an appeal in behalf of Fami
ly Worship, with Prayers and Hymns, for family use,
by the Rev. Charles F. Deems. H. D. TURNER;
Raleigh, Nov. 8, 1850. . , .
? Notice ' '
IS hereby given," that application will be made to the
next General Assembly of NprthiCarolina to divide
the County of Surry into Jwq .Counjties, and: p the
Court house in the centre of each. . ., . ...
A MAJomiTr'or ta Citixews.
November 2,1 85. w v t. 4 6t
IVegrro Slues ' -
I HAVE a large lot of heavy Nogto Bfogans, which 1
will se t Ion as good terms a any other person in h
- . - i . C ,. . i I
U 1 ry. uau ana see oeiore you ouy eisewucrc
- , : . .. . - -.' ci: f'R
. Rileigh, Oct. 2. 1S5Q. . - -i
Calf Skins, Lining:, &cJ .
Tk L. BURCH. .keep constantly on haBd, Calf
VF Skins, Lining Skin,Sbo4 finding, 4lc, &.C? "I
Kiigh, get a, 185U, . , - , , . ao--,.
JUST Received, and tor aalff by "
. 'v ... ....I; O. L-BURCH.v
RaleigH, Oet 2. .185.0, , , .... . 35
Scoteb sanlf and Tobacco '
rTIHOSE wfco are fond of a Kee dtp or good chew of
JL tne weed, wall find a superb article of Snuff and To
bacco, at Pescud's Drug Store.
jRaleigh Augtist 7 th, 1,850. . . .
-: -', .-' NOTICE ' ..
18 thai appHcatioa wiU be made to -tao
naxli Legislatuja. of (he State of North, CaroliniUQr a
Charter to cut a Canal from North River to soma ooint
in Currituck "Bay.
:tuck,"Bay. '-- .. ..,jfix--
October O, 1850
TUST received. " another lot of beautiful Lamps, and
also a supply of Fresh Phosgene Gatf and Burning!
, .r ;i PESGBD'a Dru5tors ,
Raleigh. Angwst 7t 1,850. . 827
I AAA BUSHELS or Fii ro Wot "tW
J-JJ Vmartet price will be given. ' at ' '
"market price will be giv
r-. F. PEsctm.
Raleigh, August 7th, 18(0.
.jV jh'lf :'.: ;Vl.i ; , -tl 'tit t X; W H Jl -A)
TJiq JJqsTaT" also at lionie Agam:
rHAVE" just Vetoined the teeo'ud time froln BostohJ"
New York, aadPhiladerphia; having spent nearly, all
of August and September in said eilies, gettipg up our
CLOT H ING, every article of which ua cut by my$elf,
aiid made up under my otoh inspection1; and I presume
there is no. one i a North Carolina now, who would be
verdant enough to question my capacity after the elo
quent tribute paid to my artistic skill' in ourtast Su
perior Court, by- Judge, Con use I on both sides, witness
es and Jurors. - -L refer to the case of Biggs va Oli
ver' action for damage iu vbich 1 fid' to pay $250,
in eoneeauence of my extended reputation.., : .. t
Come in. if you please, and. assist me in, paying .off
me judgment py puymg our uooob. vv no is inerein
North Carolina, who has hot heard of the Hon. George
E, Badger, the Hon. William' H. Haywood, Jr.;: and
" Bug " Oliver ?" Why their fame is no moire to be
hemmed inby State lines than theirjialents arete be cir
cumscribed within the same narrow limits.'' - ' 1
We are connected, as all our customers know and if
they don't know it, they may .with no Northern House
'but are Tailor oursclvee-buy our own goods, and im
port quite aa many of what we purchase in proportion
to our business, as any House in this State or out of it.
There is no Establishment here or. elsewhere that pos
sesses any advantages over us. We buy where everbody
else boys, and we think we understand our business and
buy as cheaply. We say out CLOTHING is equa lto
any ever offered for sale in North Carolina, and, we
think superior, being judges ourselves of clothing. Of
tnai irtougn, we wiu leave the public to decree, wnen
they examine for themselves.,.. One thing is certain
without intending to reflect upon any one we will
sell our clothing cheaper than the same articles cart be
bought for in any of the Northern cities ; and aa cheap
' as any body that cornea here, who does not steal his
Clothing ready made.
Our stock embracesDrab. Black, Blue, Green, Grav,
sod other OVERCOATS from $6 to $20 and upwards.
- CLOAKS, full circle, $18 and upwards Frock, dress,
and sack COATS from $7 to $12 and upwards. PAN
TALOONS, all colors and prices, from $4 to $8
VESTS, all kinds and all sizes, stall prices from $1 25
to $5. In fact, every thing that can bo found in any
similar establishment in the Union. -
We are North Carolinians. We are permanently lo'
cated here, and it we sell as cheap as others, why not
give us the preference I If we do not sell as good goods
at as small a price',' we will not aeit your patronage. '
Call ! call ! call ! before your purchase, at
' No. 1.
' ' R. R. R. R.
. : . Fayetteville Street.
November 5th, 1850., , ... . . 2 .
Register copy, j ,
: ' SEE J - " ' SEE ! '-" SEE ! -
Sign, R.' R- R. R.
FROCKS and Dress Coats from $!2 60' to $14 and
SiO Sacks from $2 60 to 11 ; Over coats from
$2 50 to $25 ; Pants from $1 50 to 9 ; Vsts from SI
to $5 ; Shirts Irom 7 cents to $Z ou ; all maae op un
der our owp inspection, and will be warranted in every
particular. OLIVER PROCTER,
- Merchant Tailors.
' -.- . R. R. R. R. .
- - . . Fayetteville Street.
Rtleigh, October $th. . '. 836
See R- R. R R. - .
To the citizens of Korth. Carolina partlenlarly.
WE can measure and furnish an entiresuit of clothes
(including coat, pantaloon, and vest,) at Irom JJ35
to $44 ; and will warrant them to be equal in'all respects
to any that can be furnished in the United States lot that
money. Gentlemen need no longer send out of the
State for cheap Clothing, onles they prefer it ... ;
. , ... , .. , . ;s OLIVER & PROCTER,
m Raleigh, Nov. 5, 1850. v , 2 1
,. Royal Raleigh Ringtail Roosers.
.. To tle Ladies. .
YOU will find a most beautiful aupply of Children's
Clothing at our House, just to hand, consisting ot
Jackets single and double breasted, to button up to the
neck, Blue, Black, Green, &c, &.c. . Pants. Black,
Blue, Brown, and every variety of fancy color. Over
coats all kinds. We have made such arrangerhebts as
will enable us to furnish any of the above articles it
prices .- less than they can be obtained for in any of the
Northern cities. Measuies taken and Children supplied,
if necessary. OLIVER & PROCTER.
Novembers - ' -'840-i
Dress and Frock Coats. ;
WE have on hand a bcautifut assortment of Black
Dress and Frock Coats for twenty dollars, gotten
op by ou rse I ves and ca n not bebougbtanywhereelseln
the United States for the money.: Recollect that. ...We
have also fancv Frock and Dress Coats for fift -en,, six
teen, and eighteen dollars, the" like of which never"
was known before. : OLIVER t PROCTER. '
- Merchant TaiJors..
Raleigh. Nov 9. . ' . . 2
... Boy's Clotning.- .
ALL sizes Cloth and Tweed -Sacks and Frocks for
Sunday and every day wear, at from 2 50 to4
60. Pants beautiful at $2 50, Vests $2 50 Satin and all
sorts, and all colors. Persons at x a distance 'can
be supplied by forwarding their measures and statinglhe
aee ot the Doy . . . .um.'ar ?uv
M erchaht Tailors.'
Novembe 9.
, jToarneymaia Tailors Wanted,.,,.
ment by immediate application fo Oliverand ProcV
rnr None but steady men and first-raie workmen Deed
apply. c. : . ; OLIVER PROCTER. ,
'.Oct-7, 1850. , ... .y,,. :- -gas , ;
Successor to Messrs. Spotwood 4e Hobertson,
' wnnii.ii: 1IB Jltjil llJiLta 1 ';
Foreign & Domestic Drajss.'OTedfciileS,
Paints, Oils, Dye Stuff's, Perfumery, Brushes, ,
': Soaps,' Fancy Articles, VPindou) Glass, and
' of D: Brandreth'v Garden Seeds. '-- .
Agents for Floor Oil. Cloths, ..
tSenuine Imported Havana, Regalia and Principe Segars.
Orders executed with accuracy, neatnessand despatch.
S. E. Corner of BoUinghrooW and Sycamore St.'r
. , ,. PETEKSBUnG, Va..(1
February 1, 1850.
796 4m.
.. . wj - medicine Tasse
"T7"ITH the Tea and Tablespoon full graduated, which
VV every family should have, for salent the Dwg Storo
Raleigh, AprU, 1850. . . ;
A English ITInstard - I
A FRESH supply of (Saddler and Firtles.) English
r Mustard;' just received, and for sale by l'1 .
i .-it ,.s"t .; F. PESCUD?1
jRaleighiAngnsrT; 'X
a snnnlv of Frcli Pfceno flas
just c:
fV I ' on t.r.t Chrara different Brands.
. , , .... . L. - ....
l.lmeed Oil.
'FEW Barrels ot morin varoiina, buuuiouu.
ert pute-'in storwand for sale by
Trvv -r T a irO TT VrnXTf
Raleigh, Aug. 21st, 1850. 829-
' Jf" tu .ri,;) :f ' .'.:,
'."".-i Jf,"FIAIOSl . PIANOS. l..! r,,t,:,-
THE Undersigned respectfully informs the
Ladies and the PoWic- in general, that he
and his' Agents-are almost daily voting Bp
Pianos in some ' part of North Carolina on trial- and for
inspection ; and alt Instruments that do not give satisfac
tion, will be-taken back-and -no charges made for trans
portation or carriage. Persons wanting good Pianos will
please send their ordeaa.
; Address o rs. h
: tHK .):. u-i -v. -rK.A;.KUHN ..
-i I'No.' 75, Greena ot., Baltimore, Md' v
'- ''"X T"Xist of 'Prices. '-'' :--
With mctalic or iron plates. Entire metalic frame. :
f 6-'.octave $180 -to B50r ; ,'i250 to 3001 . -6i
" 250 to 300, 275 to 350 ,i
7 - ' fr 30Otos350y .r i 350 to 600.
Grand Pianos for 600 to 1000 dollars. -
'Tho above named Instruments are-elegantly- Manufao
tnred iq Beautiful Mahogany and Rosewood-cases, of
soft and sweet, or powerful and brilliant torie, as the
purchaser may wiah with all the latest improvements
that constitute a good and -serviceable Piano. . Nc hem
lock or toy work connected with them. I would particu
larly reoommend the metalic frame; the climate or change
of weather ha no effect on them, and are well adapted
for the Southern climate; andean, with all .safety,,. ho
carried by water or land to any part ofthe United States.
The manufacturer is able to give any number of refer
ences for 15 years back, of the durability of the Instru
ment, by Professors,-Amateurs, and in Seminaries, where
they have been 10 to 13 hours daily in use for .a number
of years..-. , ,., ..... r,y .. ; ,. -.';
. April, 1840. , , . , .. . s ;, ,, 806-.oow ly pd-,,.
Copper "ivorlc., Turpentine Sfillsv&c.,
THE- Subscriber informs the public that heis still car
rying on his business in all its branches, at bis Shop
near the Raleigh Depot. .Turpon tine Stills made to or
der, in the best manner, .and warranted to work well ;
and all kinds of work promptly, done in -copper, brass
steel, iron,v ccc. , . . ., .. .. , ,
Constantly on hand and for sale locks of all sorts and
Hizea, guns, pistols, &c. , The- Subscriber only asks of
the public to give mm a. lull and fair trial, as he is deter
mined hot to be surpassed in his line.. The Subscriber's
establishment being the only one of the sort in all that
region of country, he confidently appeals to North Caro
linians and to the friends of borne industry, to ,ufituin
hn- f v . '. , . .. ,. .. ..' ..
Notv is the time to Save Fuel. .
' BUCK'S Patent Improved Cooking 8toves, also, Stan
ly's Air-t:ght, suitable for' Parlors or private; room",
I am the o ily Agent in North Carolina for Buck's Pa
tent Impro -ed Cooking Stoves. Any person wishing to
purcnase i n-ould reRpecttully retcr taem to the lollow
ing gentlehin, who have them in use:' Messrs. Charles
Dewey,. Duprce, D. Cameron, W. H. ' Haywo6d,'Cof.
Yarbrough, E. P. Guion, and Geo. W. Mordecai.
! P. S. His Establishment hue been removed fo Fay
etteville Street, Raleigh, N. C. "'
Raleigh, Sept. 1st, 1855. '' ' : ' ' HVI- tf. '
,. .,:.. -p; p. PESCUD-,'"" ' . '; ...
..tFhoIesale and Relafl Druggist .
FArsTTSViti-x StRaisjoh, N, C,
OFFERS for cash, or approved credit, at the lowest
market prices, a large and well selected assortment
of Eakt India. Mediterranean and European - -DRUGS
Krench, lngiish. -and American CUemlcals,
i . . Foreign and Domestic, Soaps.. .. s ; - t
' Perfumery, '' Paints and Oils, ' .
'Fancy-Article, ' -.- Dye Stoifs, :---'
Fancy Soaps, 1 '"?' - ' ' ' Druggiats Labels,'1 - - .
Brushes,--' - -i-- Window Glass; -i-
'Extracts, ; - ' i - . ' Surgical Instruments,
- Trusseit, . ' ; - " -Druggists' Glass. Ware .
Leeches, u -'- -. -- Shaker's Herbs and Roots,
Pun Bianit, Mibiim, SititBT and Post Wikxs
' '' Selected for Medicinal purposes.
Sands Sarsaparilla,. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, :
Gray's Ointment, Beckwith's . Pills, .Ayer'a Cherry
- Pectorial. Doctor Wiley's Cough Candy,- Gen- v :
.. . ., uino Cod Liver Oil, together with every ,
' r -. -. article comprising the stock of a Phy- . .- . ,
. . -r.M. . sician or Druggist. - ,,
- April 7, 1850,, .. . - . , : .-. .. . 809 . :
k a: b: STiTe,-": ; ';r;;'
Agent, Commission Merchant arid Dry Goods
. Broker, Sew York. . .' j
nrVENDERS bis services to the Merchants, Planters,'.
JL" and citizens of the Southern States, and will attend,
to any business in his line either in the sale of Produce
or Merchandize, or the purchase of Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware, Crockery, Shoes, Hats, Furniture, Carriages.
Musical and, Agricultural instruments, Bagging Rope,
Drugs, Medicinesr&c. - He flatters himself as a purchaser,
of goods for Southern Merchants, his experience will en
able him. to give entire satisfaction to the Merchauta who
may entrust to him their orders. s , K.t , v
. Reverences : '
His Excellency Charles Maaly, Raleigh. , . v.
William Hill, Secretary of State, do,, , .
G. W. Mordecai, Pres't B'k of Stated do ' .
Dr. J.O.Watson, Pres't Mu. In. Co., do.".;' ' , '.
' . B. F. Moore, Esq., Attorney GenI; do. .. k .t
Matthew Shaw, Esq.,, Washington. ,v f- ',J A
Hon. J. R. J. Daniel, Weldon.
Andrew Joyner,. Esq., ,dos
! R. H. Lewis,' Esq.?' GrepnsboroughAla. J; ,
I Raleighr February .6, 1850, , , ., " ., j,..,,... . , 79
... .. - Trrrrr-Tr77r!77 & . &
: i uLirER,STABLE$, t-- vi
'- - "-THE Subscribers1' take occasion to inforro
the public generally that theywill eavryen
'the- business in H its branches,' atlhe -did
stand, and that no erlbrt? nor expense will be spared n
their part to accommodate ' the! travelling tommonityv
Cob veyaneeSf 'with good horse and careful drivers,'' will
be furnished at all times and at short notice; and in fact
every convenience for travelling, in the wy of '-n-
Horses, Carrioles.. Bueg-ies c. ' ? u
Will, bo-supplied -on th most favorable and, acconnad
dating terms.! b rrs-t :i:r n. . f i-syrt.'.
-..The Subscribers also expect tp keepv constantly 6
band,. Heroes, Buggies, Catriages, &c for sale; - -
Any. persons wishing to put out their Horses y the
week,? or mo.ith, or year, will have them, well attended
to, at moderate prices, ; Their. Stables arc on WilnungT
ton Street, just to the east of- Market Square, ,.-'f
:. Hoping to receive liberal encouragement, the Under
signed pledge thornaclves to do all in their power to mer
it public patronage. BUFPALOE.; fc. QpOKE-,.
, Raleigh, April 5, 1850.-, v e', :iVQ8-,
; ..' . r. , .. 1 ' '. 1 i ; ; ...I ) . i
Jfew vVatcn and 'Jcwclery Store,
W. H. THOMPSON Would respectfully in
form the citizens ofRaleigh and it viqrnkyi that
ho has opened a choice stock of ri-.i m i-Sn.t:
rv c Watches and JfoWelry,-.?.; ,i:f.
ii a part of the Store becTtpied by Mr. Thompson as a
Millinery establishment where he offers for sale' Gold
and Silver -watches 'warranted correct time "keepers'
th-latest stylas'of "-a"; c.ir .Jif'vti-,
;-''-:Fa8hIoiiblV Jewelry, -f5?'
such as G-uafd, Vest and ob Chains;, Caraeostone and
mourning Broaches ; Plain, phased and Stone jRingai
Gold Pens and Pencils ; Gold and Silver Thimbles ;Studs,
Collar and Sleeve B nitons, Ear Rings. Gpld and Silve
8pectacle8t'&Cn Fancy Goods and Fine Cutjery alj of!
which will be sold cheap. Watciies, oiocks and .Jewett
ry Rtpeired lp aoperior stvle. Old Gold and Silver taken
in exchange. " ' v' '"
sept, V'imK'7i7: ---Z-;
i John JM, Bheppaxd, vTr, .
, P. Office in. JFrtmt Shmho Warehouse,
OFFERS his service to eH Tbaeee), Wneat, Fronr,'
and Corn; and vespeotfuKy solicits consignments.
Richmond, January 1st, 1850. 792-6m.
One Jior Abav niehai.l Smith -Old t'mer.
tit .?.'!
.... . -, i i ; . m; -i'.uljf
EVJLKS & WILLIAMS would respectfully in
form their friends and the public generally, that they
have, opened, a ..Store, on - Fayetteville Street -one oor
above -Richard Smith,. Esq., where tbey will keep con
stantly ion hand a fuU supply of , : ,.: L. ' -
MPry Goods Iiartt-ivare, Cutlery
. a , GRocpaiEs, ifc: ; .' j' .':r
and indeed every thing usually found in similar esiablishr
laents. They present the following as.speciiueus of their
Stock:, . , .... . - ... ' ...... , ... ..
. . Brocade .French Cashmere, .. . ,, . .; . (j
t Embroidered Silt aud ("rape, and Norwich Lustres, .
Chameleon Turk's Silks and Poplins, , .,. '.st.
French. Cashmere and Delaines, . . f ,
Chameleon,. figured and black Alpacas, , , , . w. ,, .
Velvet neck Kibbons aud Belts, . , . , ..
' .French worked Colors' and Curls,' .
' Embroidered Ribbon, and velvet Trimmings, . .
Scalloped linen-cambric Handkerchicls and Gloves, (. ,
.' Bonnets, Ribbon?, and Artificials, ' (
'', Ginghams and Prints a large lot, , '.
'" French Cloths, Cassitneres, and Vesfings, " ' , i
Beayer-cloth, Tweeds, and" Kentucky Jeans, ' '
"Red and white Flannel, and Liuscy and Plain. Shawls,
Kerseys Negro and bed Blankets, , .
' Brown and bleached Domestics, Bed-ticking, Tablc-
cloths and Diaper, '.' '"' ," ; " ' " ' ' '
''Ladle's cotton, merino and silk Host-. ' Also, Ladie's
'' fine'Walking Shoes and Gaiters, - ' '
J. Miles and Sort fine Pegged Boots. ' " .'''
" Calf, Kip; add' coarse Brogans a good assortment,' '
' Hats and Caps of every description, ' : " '"' '
' Cutlery, Crockery, Spades,' Shovels, trace-Chains,
' Java, Laguira'. and Rio' Coffee, ' '
Loaf, crushed, clarified and brown Sugar.
Together with a number of other articles not enumerated.
The subscribers respectfully solicit a share of public pat
ronage. Tbey will sell good bargains for cash, or on
short time to punctual dealers.
'r.- : H. L. EVANS, - I
- . . . ' . JOHN G. WILLIAMS.
. September 18, 1860. ..,.? . . .. ., 833 .
'THE Subscribers are now receiving their FALL
A AND'' WINDER SUPPLIES, consistiu- in part
the foll6 vvingj- ' ' ' '
Black Git DeLyon and Silver Grey Silks," f :
'Fancy and Black Brocade Silks,- ' - - : .
I -Black, Fancyand-White watered do." ' " '
'.-Chameleon iSilks, Super Chene Silks, - "';
. -iLevantines.; Brocade Sernidors, ' rr,-;,
Plain and vatered Poplins, '' !"' T : :
Lyonese "Cloths, Paramettas,' rt.....: ,,' . ,
."Silk and wool Chene Muslin De Lanes and Cashmeres
- Cnamcleon Turks, - . ; , : - . . -.' i :
i- Engligh French and German- Merinos, t -.
-, Striped, Printed, and Plain Muslin DeLaines and
Cashmeres, Charrrelcon Alpacas, ' - - -.
5 Ribbon, Velvet, and Hair Ball -J 'rimmings,
f Black Silk Lace, .- ....... v
French work Capes, Collars and Colls,, v
. Jackonet, Check,. Swiss, India Book, ... - :-'
. Dotted, Tarlton and Nausook Muslins, :
. Bonnet, Capo, Neck, Cuff and Belt Ribbons, . .
Paris Kid Gloves,, , ,,. - ..- f. , . . ...
, Shawls and Visites, , .
. Ladies 'an'd Misses Paris Embroi4ercd Linen Cambric
Handkerchiefs, . " ' . .
" Real Valencia Thread Edgings,' ' .' .
. Tapes, Bobbins, Edgings and Inscrtings, &q. ' .
' -. . " RTUCKEU & SON, ,
: Raleigh Sept 11, 1850.'"1 . " ' " S32-
v . ; Henry D. Turnei', ; " 1 '
PnMislier. Bookseller aiid Stat inner
i No. 1, FArETTEVItl.E. St. Raleicii, N. Cj.,
HAS always oik hand a large and general collection
of , - - .' ' " :
Law,J Medical, Theological, Classical, Voyages, Travels,
.Novels and .Miscellaneous Books.. Also, a very-
't extensive assortment of . School Books, ,
. . . j Blank .Books, Ledgers, Journals, Day Books &
Pass "Books, Bank Books, Record Books,
. Blank Checkbooks, and.any other kind
. that may be wanted manufactured ;
- ; ,.: .... . , ...to order,.. . ; .. . . . .. ... . ,'. -,.
, Together wjth a general assortment of Stationery. :
Particular attention given to filling all orders complete
from Booksellers, Merchants,. Teachers, aud private indi
viduals. And every article in his line sold at the lowest
prices for cash oc approved ciedit, either at wholesale or
retail. ... ' .,. .... ' ' ... .'. . . ' .. ,
.A'new works received as soon as .j:ublishe .1, . , . .
Raleigh, August 27,' 1850.
Just Opened Two Doors Above K. Smith's Store.
RALEIGH,: If.-C.f- -
THE Subscriber has just opened ar'Bobk Store in Ra
leigh, two doors above Mr. Richard Smith's Store;
where he offers to the public ' ' ;- "' ' "' '
: : S6EL190X. uooxis, '
Of almost every description, together with, a large -collection
of " '..,..
' 'RBtiGiorjy noRKs, . ;
From' the pens of eminent authors' of the different .De
nominations; also, " '. ,'
-'' '' 1 ' '"" Stationery, . ..." . .'. .'"'.V.'
Of excellent quality '; 'ail of which he 'proposes 'to sell on
very reasonable term '' '
1? Any 'B6ok not On hand at present, can be ordered and
received by the SuBscribci' in afew days, and he will be
prompt to f uini an orders irom Town or country.
Raleigh, Sept. 12, 1850.
833 tf.
V';'. ,.buw:&foe&v.., ;: J,..,
THE Subscriber "nils just returned frofri
,; the'Nortbem" Markefbjwhere'be has laid
iin a large arid beautiful stock of articles in
his line Of- busfhese, embracing every 2e-
seription of fine" and coarse wear. ' ' .. .."' . i t
His stock for Ladies and Misses, comprises every
quality Of Slippers, Wslking Shoes, whole and half Gai
tersf Ac.,' and Ms" supply'for Gentlemen and Boyrs,
such an' will suit the taste of all." "'''"' " '" ' ''
t'"He hss also laid in' a large supply of materials in his
lino, arid ;broirght ort'a nrslrate wiorft man from the
North and ie therefbre prepared to rrranuTacture' BQOTS,
SHOES, &c.-,1ri a style unsurpassed by ny Other estab
kshment in th& City. -- '''' ' '
.' All he1 ask is a trial, feeling assured that he will be
able" to giv satisfaction both in Tquitlitv'snd prtc. 1
.w a - V- HENRY" TORTER.
"t t ifmi South East Corner Capitol 8quBre.1
Raleigh, Get. S3d. t850.
ii i-nrs-s rst-838-i-tC '
I'M : sri ii CsdLit'er Oil ""' .
f' A "' TRESH supply of Rushtpnj "Chirk & Cb'sjf wnich
'XV.' beKevet besapevior to any we have Seen. ' Just
aeoeived and for sale at' the 'Drug Store of - l
ReJeigh. April, 1 850. : ' 1 OTT-f- 3
n ji .II.sJ t- it - im' 1 iir ; ' ' ' " t i'"- ' i "
ot-".,!-, -- - JJldicJe 3aet tw--. i-
, A i JFUBTHER sapply f tbos beautiful Medici ae
tV. .CMst jurtecive4 ' - .
vj . fESCUD'S Drug Btom. .
' Paloigb, AoffUt7,. 85fc i eST-
R5rtn Carolina'Alnianac.
rptTRNfiR'S. N ortji CatoUnA, AlaMnsp lor 8.jL TV
''. dlay published by "
' . . '. " " HENRYD. TURNER.
Ii. C. Book Store.
Raleigh, Oct. 1850. 839 tf.
: . ,1
Tiro Boon above Itichanr Smith's Old Stand, '
ALEXANDER CREECH, takes great pride and
pleasure in announcing to the citizens of Raleigh,
and .'he surrounding Country, thot he has just received
fsTScKpTo0" "fle and i"fl?tion.
a, STOCK OF, JGQODS selected by himself with treat
care and with an eye single to the wants of his friends
and customers. A stock that will favorably compare
with any stock in the State, and which he is dcterroinel
to sell at such Unprecedented low prices, that all be de
Fires is to give him a call to ensure a sale. His goods
wcro bought for sale and not to grace his shelves, and all
be a?ks is to give him a very small advance on Northern
; If you' wish bargains, call at his Store two doors stove
Mr. R. Smith's corner, and next door to Messrs. A. B.
Stiths & Co's. Auction and Commission Store.
His Stock Consists in part of the following : ' '
... ..' . . For the. Ladies. !
, A large and varied assortment of beautiful Prints o
latest Styles, Black and figured Alpaccas,,' Cofhmeres,
Plain and figurod Muslin Delaines, Ginghamsj' Ja fconct
and plain Cambric, SwibS and Book Muslin,; Bonnet,
Belt, Cap and Taffity Ribbons, Velvet Trimmings, TbreaxJ
and Cotton Lace and edgings, Linen and Cambric H'fcTs,
Cotton, Silk and Pongee H'k'fs, Plain and figured Bobi
nct, a beautiful assortment of Shawls, Tery low, a large
and varied assortment of Hosiery for Ladies, Misses, and
Infant's, a well selected assortment of Ladies and Misses
Shoes and Gaiters, ahd "a great 'variety too tedious rb
mention, such as are usually found in similar well select
ed assortments. ' " '" '' " ' "' - - '
... " For tle Gentlemen, '';."
Black French cloths and Cassimercs, Fancy ditto,
Twecdes, some very heavy VirooIlen Tweedrs, Kentucky
Jeans, Sattinets,' Black and fancy Sattin Vestings, Mari
no assorted, Woolen Vesting very low. Flannel, all wool.
Bleached Shirting and Sheeting, Bleached and un
bleached Jeans, a large assortment of fancy' Cravats,
very low, a good assortment of gentlemen's Hosiery and
Gloves, Blankets uncommonly low, Silk, Moleskin, CaN
ifornia and other styles of Hats,' Cloth and Silk Plush
Caps, Genflemens Boots and Shoes, Boys and Negroe's
do. Cotton' Cards, Umbrellas, &c, &c. . '
Do give him a calf and you will not regret 'it.
! Raleigh, On. 23d, 1850. : 838 tf. '
rjHE LTndersicrned most 'respectfully inform thear
I friends and iiie public generally,- that tbey hav as
eociated themselves together, in the Tailoring and Cloth
ing business, under the firm of J.J. Biggs &.Co,- They
have -opened a Now Store,, a. few doors iplow the. North
Carolina Bookstore, where they will be happy to see U
of their old Friends and Patrons, and pledge'themselves
to sell cheaper than ever. , . They can at all times warrant
a good fitting Suit of Clothes. t ,.A . .. .. -.y. .. j
Call and examine their fine Stock of Ready,- Mada
Clothes. Also, their Stock of fine Cloths, Casrimexos,
and Vestings. . . . .. . ,
-...To the Members of the approaching Legislature, tbey
would sav.it shall be to their, advantage to patronizo the
new firm, of , J- J. Biggs & Co. , Call next door to . Mr.
Root's Jewelry Store... ''
...,--,. . . J.. J. BIGGS. ". ''"'. ''
.Raleigh, Oct. 16, ,1850. ' . , - . . .637 6t, ";
And lbe Public Geuerally.
HAVING associated with me in the Clothing busi
ness, Mr. Sylvester Smith, it will henceforward b
conducted under the firm of J. J. Biggs, & Co. Mr.
Smith has been long known as a Merchant. Tailpr, but
is now turning his attention to the Ready Made business,
and it is the .design of the New firm, to keep up larg
assortment of all kiads of , . .., .-t. ;. . , ., . ;t
" - Ready ITTade Clotliing;
Our Stock of Cloths, Casimeren and Vestings, will a)s
be kept up, a beautiful assortment of which, is now being
opened, embracing all the latest styles.-. i- ,; -, ., ,
Mr.- PEACH will attend to the Cutting Department! as
heretofore. - - i - - . . , : J. J. BIGGS,. .-
Raieigh, Oct. 16, 1850. ' 837 6t.s ,
GOODS, , ..
-.. . . , ; v At JT. CREECH'iS.;,' ;; Zu:
TUST received and opened for sale, one of the largest
assortments of Staple and Fancy- Dry: Goods in this
City,- consisting in part ofthe following articles t,-
Sup. BH'k Twilled French Cloths,; to medium qualities
Superior Black Doe Skin and Fancy Cassimers.. . , ,vo
" Cashmere, Velvet and Merino Vestings - .-i,
All'kinds of Fancy Tweeds, Sattenpets arid K. Jeans,
A. large assortment of Ladie's Worsted Goods, all colors,
Merinoesy Thibet Cloths, . v .,-;
Cashmeres, DeLains, and Alpaccas, . , ,
A large assortment of Prints, and Ginghams, - i
A jreat variety of Shawls, from 35 cents to 1J7.-, '
Fine Fashionable Bonnets .and Ribbon, Flowers, Lnrps
Gloves and Trimmings, ''
Fashionable Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes, -j ,J
Rifles, double and single barrel Guns and Pistols
Hardware, .Cutlery and Glassware, .,' -, ' t
Bagging end Rope. . ;.. , . . ., ...
The above Goods were bought .entirely for cash, and
will, be sold at a great deduction from former prices, a
my .motto U quick sales and small profits.,' Call 'and yeq
will buy bargains. ' . J.-CREECH.''
Raleigh Sept. 17, 1(550 r, ( , " VCZ-r
;;f,j bltfpaloe jvboRv;;
Wholesale and Retail Croceisv Ac,
Old Market St. Raleigh, N. -itA
THE Subscribers having' connected themselvei" in1 bo
siness, under the firm of BUFFALOD & COOKE.,
take this occasion to inform ' the 'public Ihst theT'wifl
keep constantly on hand all article necessary for tb
uses of the Family or Farm. Their stock consists in
part of the folowling articles: . : , -j, .t-:.iA
Bacon and Lard, ' (Iron and Nails, , . -f A,
Flonr, Meal and Conv :. jCast sad German JJlia. fSsal
Loaf, crashed, cUmhed and
Brown '. Sugamfc . - t ;
Coffee, - Melases arid. Salt,
Casting!, Trace CUuin
Weeding tioes, ,u ,(
Solo ond Upper Leather, ,
Powder and Shot,apd.Lead
Sperm, '; Adamantine,,- - and
Tallow Candles, Soaps,
: : Country produc-r-particuUrly corp. foCtyT,, andjdry
beef-hides-wiJl be taken at fair exchange. ,v -
, .The above articles have been , carjjfiilly selected st-d
bought, with cash, and the subscribers are Jejerrflinejd nt
to b undersold by any dealers in the City. . ' ,
,,. . .... ... " J. g. At BcrrAlrtF.',
' " ' -.tiEORGZ t. C00KE.'
? April 9,. I860-, . . : 8Q7-r-""
, N. B. South side Old Market Street, fourth and &
"doors East of WiUiams, Haywood.A, Co's Drug Surye
. .. WhiUOCk & HW?r:u -sion
tm tit u o ui'ovi sv f -1 -
j workman-like manner, all kind of -
GlaxingV Pilding,' imitation of VpftltywaA
.every verjety of wood. ; ' , . ' '
HEroSk4 'ardie. -
Raleigh, SzgU 12 1850. eS84.' 1
LTTOTfCE. i IWvby gvren 1bal BTTTKatfon wJ be
tXN sa4e (to the. next Cwwal Aeiil)ly of JfottJi Car
olina, tor ue passage oi an act giving names vo tee iiew
Connty seats of Stoke and Forsrthe Ccnties. ' '
September S5, 1850... 4 tf-

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