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We present below a correct lUt of the member of
tbe LegfeTalure which aasembled in thia City on
Monday last-Democrats in Roman, Whiga in Ihcs:
Perquimans and PasqnotankIFiT&Vim B. Shepard.
Camden and Currituck John Barnard.
Chowan and Gates Henry Willy.
Washington and Tyrrell Thomas . Fender.
Northampton 3- M.S. Rogers.
Hertford V. Sessom.
Bertie Lewi Bond.
Martin W: R. W. Sherrod.
Halifax -Andrew Joyner.
Nash John H. Drake.
Wake Wesley Jones.
Franklin James Collins.
Johnston William H. Watson. f
yarren Weldon N. Edwards.
Edffecombe Henry T. Clark.
Wayne William Thompson.
Greene and Lenoir- Edwin G. Speight.
Pitt William Eborn.
Beaufort and Hyde -A. Grist.
Carteret and Jones M. F. ArendelL
Craven William H. Washington.
Chatham John H. Houghton.
Granville Nathaniel E. Canady.
Person Robert H. Hester.
Cumberland Thomas N. Cameron.
Sampson Thomas Bunting
New Hanover N. N. Nixon.
Duplin Amos Herring.
Onslow George H. McMillan.
Brunswick, Bladen and Columbus Richard Woolen.
Richmond and Robeson-. Malloy.
Moore and Montgomery ngus B. Kelly.
AnaonPurdie Richardson.
Cabarrus and Stanly Bvfut Barritiger.
Caswell George Williamson. .
Rockingham Daniel W. Courts.
Orange and Alamance John Berry.
Randolph WiUiam B. Lane.
Guilford John A. Gilmer.
Stokes and Forsythe Phillip Barrow.
Rowaaand Davie 7iAn A. UlUngton.
Davidson Samuel Hargrave.
Ashe, Surry, and Watauga George Bower.
Buncombe, Henderson and Yancy N. W. Woodin.
Burke and McDowell Tod B. Caldwell.
Lincoln, Gaston and Catawba John F. Hoke.
Iredell and Alexander G. F. Davidson.
Rutherford and Cleaveland John G. By num.
Haywood, Macon and Cherokee Wm. H. Thomas.
Mecklenburg and Union Green W. Caldwell.
Twenty-seven Democrats and twenty-three Whigs
There are fifty Senatorial Districts, and they are pub
lished above in regular order, beginning with Per
quimans and Pasquotank, the 1st District.
Anson A. J. Dargan and Benj. J. Dunlap.
Ashe A. B. McMillan.
Beaufort Jesse Stubbs and William H. Tripp.
Bertie-. B. Cherry and P. H. Winston.
Bladen Thos. S. D. McDowell.
Brunswick John H. Hill.
Buncombe Marcus Erwin and James Sharpe.
Burke W. W. Avery and T. George Walton.
Cabarrus Joseph W. Scott and John Shinpock.
Caldwell John Hayes.
Camden Caleb Barco. -
Carteret Jennings Pigotl.
Caswell Samuel P. Hill and D. S. Johnson.
Chatham C. Cotten, D. Hackney, G. M. Brazier.
Cherokee George W. Hayes.
Chowan William E. Bond.
Cleaveland G. G. Holland.
Columbus John A. Maultsby.
Craven Geo. S. Stevenson and A. J. Jerkins.
Cumberland Jas. C. Dobbin and Geo. W. Pegrara.
Currituck Sam'l P. Jarvis.
Davidson James M. Leach and Alfred G. Foster.
Davie Stephen Douihetl.
Duplin Isaac B. Kelly and Henry Math is.
Edgecombe Joshua Barnes and Kenneth Thigpen.
Franklin William K. Martin and Josiah Bridges.
Gates Mills H. Eure.
Granville James S.Amis, Wm. R. Wiggins, Lewis
Green B. F? Williams.
Guilford D. F. Caldwell, C H. Wiley, and P. Adams.
Halifax Willi am B. Pope and D. Clanlon.
Haywood Robert G. A. Love.
Henderson Henry T. Farmer.
Hertford Kenneth Rayner.
Hyde Erasmus D. Saunderson.
Iredell J. M.Bogh, G. G. McKay, E. M. Campbell.
Rockingham Thos. Ruffin, Jr. and Horatio Kallum.
Rowan A. H. Caldweltand O. G. Foard.
Johnston Linn B. Sanders and A. J. Leach.
Jones B. F. Simmons.
Lenoir William Sutton.
Lincoln, Gaston and Catawba R. Rankin. F. D.
Reinhardt, S. N. Stowe, and H. Sherrell.
Macon David W. Siler.
Martin William L. Mizzell.
Mecklenburg J. K. Harrison, J. J. Williams and
E. C. Davidson.
Montgomery Zebedee Russell.
Moore Samuel J. Person.
Nash Ford Taylor.
New Hanover William Hill and J. D. Powers.
Northampton Thos. J. Person and David A. Barnes.
Onslow D. W. Fonville.
Orange and Alamance Cad. Jones, Jr. D. A. Mont
gomery, B. A. Durham, and George Patterson.
Pasquotank George D. Poole - -Perquimans
Thomas Wilson. ?.
Person C. S. Winsiead.
Pitt Marshal Dickerson and W J Blow.
Randolph Jesse ThomburgmA j. m. A. Drake.
Richmond Walter L. Steele.
Robeson William McNeill and Neil McNeill.
Rutherford C. . Webb and J. Sloan.
Sampson A. Herring and J. L. BoyUin.
Stanly Francis Locke.
Stokes Allen Flynt, Henry Marshall, and Jesse A,
Surry J. R. McLean, James Sheek, and Joseph
Tyrrell Joseph McCleese.
Wake R. M. Saunders, Jas. D. Newsom.and Bur
well Rollins.
Warren Francis A; Thornton and Vim. Eaton, Jr.
Washington Uriah W. Swanner. ' : '
Wayne C. H. Brogden and John V. Sherard.
Wilkes J. B. Gordon and A. M. Foster.
Yancy Samuel Fleming.
Sixty-five Democrats and fifty-five Whigs. Ma
jority on joint ballot, fourteen. ' 1
From Tuscaloosa ( Ala.) we learh that the Hon.
Marmaduke Williams has soon followed to the pre
cincts of the tomb the partner of his long life, (eigh
l ,?r8') whose decease we lately announced. This
worthy gentleman was a Representative in Congress
'Vjifty vears ago from the State of North Caro-
lna ot which he was a native. '
fro LoDI8' Nov. 9. A speech is shortly expected
'. Mr- Benton, relative to his course in the last
session of Congress, as well as his present position,
80 ar as regards the chief topics of the day.
We learn from the Fayetteville Carolinian that at
the, late Term of Cumberland Superior Court, Mrs.
Ann K. Simpson, tried for the murder or her nos
band, was acquitted. The Carolinian says:
" On Thursday (thanksgiving day) the case or the
State against Mrs. Ann Simpson, for the murder
(by poison) of her husband, A. oimpn, w
taken up. She was arraigned on Monday afternoon,
and pleaded not guilty. The bill 01 inaicimeni
in this case occupied five PSe" " '""'"i'- "
Robu Strange, Warren Winslow and Duncan K.
McRae, Esqs., conducted the defence ; and Mr. So
licitor Ashe and Hon. James C. Dobbin for the State.
At the time of putting our paper to press, the ex
animation of witnesses was not closed. The exam i
; r n,. Mallett and Robinson, and Rev. Sim
eon Colton, seemed to prove very clearly the exis-ten-e
of poison in the stomach of the deceased ; and
their opinions, based upon their examinations of the
-in(a of the stomach, and the symptoms of illness
r wKich the deceased died, were, that he came to
his death by white arsenic taken into the stomach
This bavin? been established, other witnesses testi
tied, that a serious disagreement happened between'
Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, but a short time previous to
his death. That she read to a young woman, whom
she employed in the house to sew, a letter from Mr.
SimDson, saying that he once believed she loved him,
but he now knew she loved another better. That for
the sake of their friends he would continue to live
with her. but she must make him a separate bed.
It was further testified that she went to an old for
tune teller, who told her a good deal of nonsense ;
but among other things and at different times, that
her husband would not live lonsr, and that she would
marry the one she loved ; that she turned the cups,
and saw his coffin, and predicted his early death. It
was further testified that Mrs. Simpson's amours
with another man was the cause of disagreement be
tween her and her husband.
It was testified that she bought arsenic a short time
before his death, and asked a gentleman what effect
it had on animals and men.
Then the testimony of two boarders in the house,
detailing her conduct at the table on tbe day before
Mr. S's death, throw dark and terrible suspicions
upon the motives and designs of the prisoner. Her
conversations but a few minutes after the death of
the deceased, in regard to what the fortune-teller told
her, and of her future course, all help to darken the
picture and point to her as the only person who, in
all reasonable probability, would have administered
the drug ; and yet, there is no positive testimony, to
satisfy a man beyond all shadow of doubt, that it was
her that did U.
The counsel for the defence ably and ingeniously
endeavored to convince the jury that it was quite pos
sible, even if not probable, that the roan did not die
of arsenic; that the physicians may hare been mis
taken ; or that he may have taken his own life; or
that beinz in a feeble state of health, it was not
strange that he died. The State insisted that by a
chain of circumstances, each link in itself not to be
relied upon, but that the whole taken together, form
ed a chain of events which must convince any roan
of the guilt of tbe prisoner at the bar.
The jury consisted of Chas. S. Johnson, Murdoch
McKinnon, Jas. VV. McCallister, Danl. Clark, Jno.
A. Williams, John T. Wright, Danl. Cameron, J. B.
Wright, A. McGregor, John Thames, Wm. Butler,
and Jas. Price.
Thev retired for an hour or two, and returned a
verdict of Not Guilty."
John W. McAllister was also tried for the murder
of Daniel Cutts, and acquitted.
We had the pleasure on Thursday and Friday of
last' week of being present at the examination of the
pupils of the Warrenton Female Seminary, under the
supervision of the Hon. Daniel Turner. The ex
amination of the different classes by their respective
teachers, evinced, not only a thorough knowledge of
their profession on the part of the teachers, but that
most necessarry qualification, the art of imparting
knowledge to the young- minds placed under their
charge. The concert on thnreday evening was large
ly attended, and the ease and faculty in periorming
very difficult pieces by tbe young ladies, is proof of
the high qualifications of their teacher, Mr. John F.
Brandt. We will not extend this nonce or me ex-
ercises, as a friend has nandea us a more aetauea
notice of the examination which will be found in an
other column.
The whole closed by a splendid Ball at Goodloe's
Hotel on Friday evening, where the Beauty and
Chivalry tript it on the light fantastic toe" until a
late hour. Warenton News.
Niw Orleans, November 13.
Late and Important from Mexico. The schoon
er Bonita has arrived here from Vera Cruz with dates
to the 1st instant.
The Presidential election in Mexico had taken place,
but from the returns thus far it is somewhat undeci
ded. Arista has nota majority, but the Trait d'Union
says he will certainly be elected President of tbe Re
public. Arista carries me r eaerai aisincis. n rarneo me
following States, via : Mexico. Queretaro, Vera Cruz,
San Louis, Quana, Junto; the federal districts, Orga-
sa, Coahoeta, Taurantipeias, and probably &onora,
Sinatho and Chilopa.
Almonte has carried Zacatecas and Yucatan, ana
Guerreoras has caried Durango and Mncovlian.
Predrasio has carried Michoacan, and Mogicahas
The shock of an Earthquake has been severely felt
in Leon Roads.
Mexico is in a terrible condition regarding rob
bers, and more than ever infested with them.
Approbation of Senator Smile's Course Great Union
Meeting Preparations lo xucexve oenaior uuwius.
New Orleans. Nov. 12. A correspondence is
published in the papers to-day- signed by eight hun
dred democrats, between them and Senator Soule,
approving his course as Senator. w
j it: .;,i-. i.-t.nicrb. Thp
Agiemu u iiiuii meeting yMw. .v-.......
is much excitement on the subject, and it is expect
ed theie will be a tremendous outpouring of the peo
ple. Tbe Union, by our population, is held sacred,
above all earthly things.
There will be a great public meeting oi Dom par
" ... .. t .
ties next week to receive and tenaeracKnowieaginenw
to Senator Downs. It will be an immense gathering.
MiBBAcnraeTTs. We shall not repine in the least,
if the coalition between certain Democrats and Whig
free-soilers to carry the Legislature of this State has
been defeated at Monday'a election. Ssucn comoina-
tmna should ba scouted bv all honest men, ana me
thv are overthrown the better. Even the
Whiora have trot ashamed of them : and It 18 too late
in the day for the Democrats, to begin what they have
alwava denounced. We think there is one Democrat
elected to Congress in Massachusetts : the remainder
of the Congressional delegation, nine in numoer, are
Free Sonera and Wbiga. Pennsyivanxan.
Boston, November 13, 1850.
Union Meeting Fugitive Slaves. A gTeat Union
Meeting will be held in Faneuil Hall on Tuesday,
the S6th instanu The call is already signed by
may influential citizens of both parties.
Hon. Daniel Webster is expected to speak on the
Considerable excitement was created here yester
day afternoon among the negroes, in consequence of
ine supposed presence of a colored spy.
He was followed and pelted by the mob, and was
uungea io inrow himself upon the protection oi mar
shal Tukey. -
South Caeolina. The Legislature of this State
will meet in a short time, and its course will be
watched with much anxiety and interest; forjudging
from tbe tone of the Press in that State, her people
are ripe lor aisunion, and resolved to try the expert
ment af secession. Some of the papers are asking
the question : " Shall our delegation return to Con
gress I " U pon the action of her Legislature, at its
approaching session, depends her fate; and if she
shall secede, will the President, like Gen. Jackson
order a force to compel her to submission ? We do
not see with what consistency he could do so if he
refuses to enforce the Fugitive Slave law at the North
Michigan. The city of Detroit at the late election
cast a majority of 138 votes against the adoption of
the new Constitution recently iramea oy the state
Convention. The vote on giving the right of suffrage
to colored persons was, in tavor oi it, kh-s ; against it,
In Caswell, on the 13th instant, by the Rev. John H.
Lacyk Mr. Abner Terry of Milton,' to Miss Sallie B.
daughter of Richard Yarbrough Esq." v - ; '
In Cumberland county, on the 21st ult., Mr. William
McDugald to Miss Sarah McLean. c , y -'-
. . 33X3223 : ; ,
In this City, on the 14th : instant, Mr. Richard W.
Ashton, aged about 57 years, a native of .Virginia, and
a resident of thir, place for the last 35 years. He -was
buried with Masonic honors. V . .
In Washington, Beaufort, on the 7th instant, Susan
Simmons, only daughter of L. H. Royster, aged one
year and eleven months. :
In Marion, Ala., on the 12th of last month, Mr. Isaac
H. Huntington, son of WiUiam and Francis R. Hunt
ington, in the 23rd year of his age. ,The deceased was
a native of this State.
In Cumberland County, on the 20th ultimo, John
McNeill Esq., in the 77th year of his age. The deceas
ed' was a man of strict integrity and honesty, and lor ma
ny years a ruling Elder of tbe Presbyterian Church.
On the 6th inst., at his residence in Sampson county,
after a long and painful illness, which he bore with chris
tian fortitude and resignation, Edward C. Gavin, Esq.,
aged 6R years.
Mr. pavin was one of the best and most highly respec
e 1 citizen of Sampson County. Many years previous to
his decease, he embraced the religion of our Lord Jesus
Christ, and proved himself a most worthy and acceptable
member of the Baptist Church until his death. About
the year 1822 or 23 he entered public liie, and from
that time, with few intermissions, he continued to be a
worthy Member of the Senate or House of Commons of
North Carolina. He also labored zealously for tbe in
terests of the Church of which he was a shining and
exemplary member the Missionary Baptist. But he is
gone his body is consigned to the narrow limits of the
cold snd'silent tomb, and his immortal spirit has taken
its flight to the God who gave it there to reap the re
ward of its labors there to bask in the sunshine of mid
day glory. He has left a wife and children, and a large
circle of friends and connexions to lament their irre
parable loss. But they mourn not as those without hope
for they are cheered by the sweet consciousness that
their departed friend and relative died in the triumphs
of faith and the full nope ot a blessed immortality. May
God be a husband to the widow, and father to the fath
erless. The deceased was long and intimately known to the
humble writer of this imperfect sketch who can bear tes
timony to his sterling worth and unspotted integrity
plain and unaffected manners and unostentatious piety
An affectionate husband, and a doting parent, his death
was no doubt, in some degree accelerated by domestic
afflictions. His character as a public man, and the con
ridence reposed in him by his fellow-citizens, can be bet
ter understood from the fact already stated, that he rep
resented Sampson county in the Senate and House of
Commons of North Carolina, with the exception of a few
years, ever since the year 1822 or '23.
As this is tbe last tribute I can psy to my departed
friend. I wish to God that it were in my power to make
it worthy of his character, and as enduring as his virtues.
But it needs not this. The sincere regrets of this com
munity are bis best elogium, and bis most fitting mon
ument is that engraven on the hearts of his friends.
Tbe old Ten Mile Church, in which he had bis mem
bership, will long continue to mourn his loss, and in af
ter days men will point to tbe seat which he occupied
in his life-time, as a spot hallowed by tbe reccollcctions
of a good man.
Wilmington Journal.
Arrivals at YnrbrougU' Ilonse.
Breakfast at 8 o'clock, Diicicim at 2 o'clock,
Suppkr at 6 o'clock.
Nov. 15. T. D. Barry, Wilmington ; Wm. B. Pope,
Halifax ; D. W. Courts, H. Kallum, Rockingham ; Jas.
Leathers, Orange ; W. M. Carter, New York ; E. H.
Montero, F. A. Raine, H. Badger, W. H. Hutcbingson,
Richmond, Va. ; P. K. Dickinson, Wilmington ; F. Ma
son, New York ; George Williamson, Esq., Col. D. S.
Johnson, Caswell; T. A. Currie, Chapel Hill; Dr.
Evans, Greenville; Dr. Blow, Mr. Dickinson, Pitt; Hon.
D. S. Reid, Rockingham ; T. B. Bailey, Hillsboro' ; D.
W. C. Stone, Louisburg; Gen. Sing'etary, Nash ; A.
F. Jerkins, Mrs. Jerkins, Newborn ; P. C. Scott, Guil
ford ; T. L. Hargrave, T. Johnson, Granville ; J. A. Lil
lington, Rowan ; G. F. Davidson, Iredell ; E. A. Thomp
son, Wayne-, J. S. Amis, Granville; W T. Dortch,
Goldsboro' ; J. Hayes, Caldwell ; S. N. Stowe, Lincoln ;
Mr. Thomas, N. C; A. J. Dargan, Wadesboro'; C. J.
Webb. N. C.
Nov. 1 6. Mr. Davidson, Charlotte ; T. Wells, Rich
mond : W. R. Wiggins, Granville ; C. !. Winstead,
Person : D. A. Barns,. North Hampton ; 8. B. Jarvis, C,
Barico, N. C; W. H.Hill, Mrs. Hill W ilmingtoo ; J. B.
Kelly, B. Herring, Duplin ; W Sutton, E. Fontiville,
Onslow : D. F. Caldwell, Greensboro" ; N. W. Woodfin,
Ashville ; Col. W. W. Avery, N, C. ; W. McNeill, Lum-
berton : W. L. Steele, Richmond co. ; M. P. Roberson,
H. J. Dunlao. Anson : R. I. Wynn, Hyde ; J. A.Maults-
bv. Whiteaville. Col. Hoke, Mrs. Hoke, A. W. Burton,
Mrs. Burton, W. B. Smith, Lincoln ton ; C. H. Wiley.
Greensboro' ; Thos. Holmes, Sampson ; W. M. Young,
Guilford: Jas. B. Dunn, Petersburg, Va.
Nov. 1 7. T. L. Clingman, Ashville ; Gen. Bynum,
Rutberfordton ; I. B. Gorden, Wilksborough ; A. xi.
Caldwell. Salisbury; Mrs. Foster, N. C ; 8. H. Marks,
Petersburg; L. Myers, New York ; T. P. Hill, Caswell ;
Col. D. Reid, Wilmington; Hon. Jas. C. Dobbin, Fay
etteville : E. Graham. Petersburg ; Gen. Leach, David
son: J. A. Gilmer, Greensborough; Mr. Campbell, Ire
dell ; J. C. McRae, N. C. R. R. ; D. V. Sessoms, Hert
ford ; J. H. Gooch, Granville; Dr. Buntinjr, Sampson;
W. Ashe, Wilmington ; VV. Gillespie, Greensborsugh;
Col. J. H- Wheeler, Beattiesford ;CoI. Hampton, Lm
Nov. 18. Peter Adams, Greensborough; G.H. Wil
der. Wake : R. Strange, Wilmington; Jos. 'D. Powell,
Bleak Hill; L. A. Blankensbip, A. Bridgers, Granville ;
Capt, Dan La Vega, Mexico; T.J. Seagle, I. O.; U
fM.nton. Halifax : T. Avera. Flint Hill ; Wesley Jones,
Kimbro Jones, Jos. T. Hunter, M. A. Bledsoe, Wake;
Dr. L. J. Baker, Florida ; T. S. Ashe, Wadcsborough.
Arrivals at Lawreiicc'i Hotel.
Nov. 15. J. G. ATey, Fayetteville ; B. A. Vaughan,
Thos. T. Vauzhan. Henrico, Va. ; Mai. J. J. Thomas,
W. H. Joyner, J. Ward. Franklinton ; Dr. T. T. Mar
tin na.well: J. H. Burt. C. Powell, Wake ; J. E.Ken
nedy, Wayne ; Dr. J. H. Drake, Nash iR. G.A. Love,
V.'avnesville ; Jas. Sharp, Buncombe; S. D. Bryson.
Haywood; V. W. Swanner, Washington county ; E. H
Saunders, Hyde ; H. T. Farmer, Henderson county ; J
r KinKon. Beaufort county.
Nov. 16. Rufus Barringer, Concord ; W. L. Mizell,
Mrri;M. Dickinson. Fitt: John Shinpock, J. W.
"Scott, Cabarrus ; Neill McNeill, Robeson ; John Gulick,
Cumberland ; A. Kelly, Col. S. T. Person and Lady,
Carthace: Dr. John Malloy, Richmond; John Hays,
Caldwell; Jas. J. Williams, J. R. Harrison, E. C. Da
vidson, Mecklenburg ; Jss. White, Tenn ; Dr. 8. T. Ba
t-, s.ntln,l Neck: Samuel Fiemmini, Burnsville;
T. P. Mathis. Duolin ; Daniel Dickson, Wilmington ;
n. t w.hh Rutherford : Tod R. Caldwell, Tbos. G
Walton, J. H. Murphy, Burke; Thes. Wilson, Per
quimans; Lewis Bond, Sr. Bertie ; Jas. McClees, Tyrrell;
Edwin G. Speight, Greene.
tv-, I7 A. R. McMillan, George Bower, Ashe;
t Ti r. Wm. H. Watsoa. H. H. Hobbs, A. J
T.-.h Johnston : J. L. Boykin, A. Herring, Sampson ;
Peter Adams,
. - ' 1 l . f 1
Beaufort county ; Gen. J. Barnes, it,
Bynum,' Kenneth Thigpen, R, C. Thigpen, Edgecombe;
John V. Sherard, Wayne ; Dr. J. H .Hicks, Duplin ; M.
Wm. H. Tripp,
H. Eure, H. Willy, Gates; 1. a. c,ow . ., o.a a .
A. Thornton, Wm. Eaton, Jr. Warren ; J. M.S. Rogers,
Northampton. -
Arrivals r.t Galon's Hotel.
Nov. 14. Hon. W. 8. Ashe, Wilmington ; Dr. Bunt
ing, Sampson ; Jos. Holdick Lady and two children. Miss
Hoidick, New York ; Miss P. F. Barker, Concord ; 3udge
Nash, Hillsboro ; Mr. Davis, N. C.
Nov. 15.-MajorN. T. Green Mis. Green, Warren ;
Col. Thos. P. Alston, Halifax ; A. W. Moore, Pi. O...
vmr f M;tn Ala. - -
w. -m. 'nr.. J. rf. Hill. G. H. Hill, Brunswick;
Samuel Hargrave, J. A-March. Alfred G Foster Lex
: . . Tr- F.rwin. Ashville , A. B. 8titb. Thomas
" vv . rs w T..r: Phil.
Drew, T. u. crown. V l1 " T" iJ't " "
1 a. vistavii)
berton ; J.
A. Jeffreys
HII"' ' t? T. rin. Favettville ; Thomas McDcw
u m',in'. Aii-n Grist. Washington, J. E. Pender,
Pi4month : J. R. McLean, Surry ; Thos. L. Galloway,
u ' t:i.4 , P,ol. A. Jovner. Halifax ;CoJ. William H
Tripp. Beaufort; G. Wilkinson, New York; E. M.
Campbell, StatesviTle; Dr. H. J. Robards, Winiamsbo-
rough;B.T. Eborne, 4-itt umy;.
Anthony Knhn, Baltimore ; Mr. Bowers 1 Ashe ; J.. T,
Oliver, Wm. F. Romengsy, Wake Forests
adelphia; Weldon . cuwaras, .
,T.i:t... r t V.,llAr Jno. P. Fuller, Lum
p Pherrv. Bertie : R. R- Bank, Petersburg; J .
Telegraphed Tor the Standard. ,
j '. Washington Crrr, Novl iSUh 1850?
Nashville Convention.) Intelligence from the
Nashville Convention up to the 18th instant. ' The
Reports and Resolutions of the ..Committee re-committed,
and new Resolutions substituted, declaring
the attachment of the Convention to tbe Union, and
that the States are independent eovereigntie'a. They
also' recommend to the South not to go into a Con
vention of the States, but to leave it to Congress to
restore and secure Sou them rights. The Tennessee
Delegation pronounced strongly against the proceed
ings as unworthy of Southern men. Much confu
sion prevailed, amid which the Convention adjourned
sine die. - ' '
ew York, November 19th, 180.
New York Markets. Sales of 1,600 bales of
Cotton at the following prices: Fair uplands 144
and Orleans 15 cents. '
A good demand for Naval Stores, and a light sup
ply. .' ;
. Twenty thousand barrels of Flour sold at one
eighth advance.
Fatsttsv.i.is, November 16. Bacon 9 cents; cotton
1 2 to 1 2 cents, and brisk ; corn 75 to 80 cents, and in
demand; flour 98 25 to $6 75, and but little coming in;
lard 9 cents ; molasses 27 to 30 cents; coffee 14 to 15
WiLMiaeTOJf, November 14. Corn selling at from
65 to ?6 cents per bushel ; parcel pork at from 5 to 6
cents per pound ; flour, Northern, $6 50 to $3 per bar
rel ; molasses 21 to 22 cents ; bacon 4 to 10 cents, accor
ding to the quality. Tbe Journal says of Naval Stores ;
Since Friday last, Naval Stores have taken an upward
tendency. The amount of Turpentine sold during tbe
past week, foots up to about 1100 bbls., ranging from
$2 25, 2 30, 2 40, to $2 50 per bid. for dip; and $1 25
to $1 50 per bbl. fur hard ; market closing at $2 25 for
soft, and $1 50 for bard, for a lot brought by a vessel.
Some 350 bbls. Tar, were sold at $1 55 per bbl. Some
850 to 1000 bbls. Spirits Turpentine changed hands at
from 26, 35 to 38 cents per gallon, market closing at
the latter price. Other parcels 011 market, for which 40
is ftsked... ' ' ' ,
Prtkrsbchg, November 16. Tobacco at from $8
to $20, according to quality, and market very firm ; cot
ton selling at 13 cents; wheat at from 70 to 112 cents ;
bacon, hojr round, at 8 cents,' with a light supply ; lard
at from 7$ to 94 cents ; flour held at $'5 for superfine.
Prime Smoking and Chewing Tobacoo,
And the best Imported Ccgars,
May be found at
First Corner North of Yarbrougb. House,
And opposite Lawrence's Hotel,
Keeps on hand a good assortment of Useful, fancy,
and Ornamental Articles, Confectioneries, Groceries,
&c. &c &c
Raleigh, Nov. 1850. ,6
Corner of Wilmington and Hargett Streets,
THIS splendid Establishment, just completed,
and elegantly fitted up, is now open lor tne in
snection and patronage of the Public.
- W. R. PEPPER, the Agent and Manager, is wel
known in this community, and throughout the State, as
a Caterer for tbe taste of all those fond ot
Baked, Scalloped, Fried, Stwed,
And done up " brown, " with the et cetera.
The House is so arranged as to furnisb Saloons com
plotely retired for private parties of gentlemen desirous
of lea sun ir tnemselvea and melius.
PEPPER attends to the Cuisne in Person. Trays,
handsomelv uiled np, sent to every part of the City at
short notice ; and Parties will lie supplied at any hour of
the dav or night, by sending their orders to the House
Members of the Legislature, when fatigued with their
arduous official duties, may refresh themselves at rbr
PER'S : and other Visiters, as well as his old friends and
fftistamprs of the Citv. are invited to do the same. No
pains or expense shall be spared to make this TH E
HOUSE where every wish of the Epicure shall be grati
fied, w. k. rjsrrfcK.
Agent for L. F. Smith.
Raleigh, Nov. 15, 1850. 842 tf.
Fayetteville Street.
A few doora North of The Yarbrough House
Jlna VwrZ- Opposite L.aicretice'3 Hotel
Is Open Tor the Season!
Every thing futnished in such Establishments will be
served up in the best style, and at the shortest notice.
FresU Oystera of a Superior Kind,
CF" Call at Kane's on Fayetteville Street, a few doors
to the North of Yarbrough's House, and nearly opposite
Lawrence's Hotel.
P. S. There is a BILLIARD SALOON in the Es
tablishment. JOHN KANE.
Raleigh, Nov. 16, 1850. 5 tf.
Fresh. "Arrivals Tri-Weekly!
Will Receive. New Goods Tri-Weekly
During the Winter Season, . 1
By this arrangement purchasers will always find
Something Vu and Attractive,
By examining their Stock. ' As for Bargains Gentle
men you can't beigin to buy as cheap elsewhere. ' Call
and supply yourselves, "
Fayetteville Street,
Raleigh. Nov. 15, 1850. '
New Goods, New Goods!
JLtOoU OtU for Good Bargains.
JUST the very thing at last ; that long and anxiously
looked for train, containing thtwe
that was selected by Alexander Creech, with great care
and with an eye sinple to the wants ot his friends and
customers has airived and now opened, ana 10 r saie.
For the Ladies a large and varied assortment of beau
tiful prints of tbe latest styles, a large assortment of
large and beautiful assortment of a most every kind
for Gentlemen. Call at his Store, two doors above Mr.
Richard Smith's corner, and next door lo Messrs. A. B.
Stitb &. Co's. Auction and Commission store, and you
will not regret it. ALEXANDER CREECH.
Raleigh, Nov. 20, 1850. .. -.: .-;J 8
AM now receiving from the Northern markets my
Fall Supply of Boots and Shoes.
and without enumerating the articles, I will say that my
and that I will give as good bargains as can be bought in
tbe City. . , .
Raleigh Oct. 2. 1850. .. : . v .. . - 835
' ' - - NOTICE ; ' ,;
"TS hereby eiven that application will be made to the
I next Legislature of the State of North Carolina for a
CharteT to cut a Canal from North River to some point
in Currituck Bay. '
October 30, 1850. 1 ' ' W9 5t.
Palmer! &.Ramaav
HAVE Just received the most splendid Jstock of
Ricli and Ilandionie Goods
in their line ever offered for sale in tha city of Raleigh,
the elegance of tbe articles being only surpassed by their
usefulness and convenience. ; The patterns are entirely
new, " and the beauty of the various designs by which
they are embellished are quite unique and fanciful, reach
ing the ery highest perfection of art and skill. We de
sire an inspection, which is the only proof necessary to
convince all persons of correct taste that such splendid
Goods, at'such very reasonable prices, were never offered
before in North Carolina. Our Fashionable Store, there
fore, stands A. No. 1, among the attractions of the City
of Raleigh during the present Winter. ' .
.Splendid Gold and Silver Watches,
Cold, vest, fob. and guard Chains,
Ladie's watch chains, new style.
Seals, keys, chains, earrings, breastpins, rings,
Diamond breast pins and Rings,
Gold lorkets, bracleU, ketches, and necklaces,
Gold and silver Pencils and pens,
Gold silver, and steel spectacles, . -Geld
and silver buttons and studs, . . , . ,
Gold and silver thimbles, and silver combs,
Gold and silver buckles and slides, , .
Coral, assorted, silver and shell card cases,
Clocks, warranted good time pieces,
Siler table, desert, and teaspoons.
Ladles,-sugar tongs, cream, and salt spoons,
Silver & plated butter knives, silver forks and cups,
Steel keys and chains and music boxes.
Steel worked bags, lasaells, rings and beads,
A large collection of fine Cutlery,
Perfumery for the toilet, and fancy Boxes,
' Full sets fine Waiters,
Rich plated Castors, candlesticks, baskets.
Waiters and fruit stands, new styles,
Brittania ware and flower vaccs,
Pocket books and silk purses,
Hair, tooth and shaving brushes.
Pistols, table cutlery and guitar strings,
Fancy Goods,
Their personal attention will be devoted to repairing
all kinds of Watches, Clocks and Jewelry.
Old sold and silver taken in exchange.
November 1850. ' . 6
rrHE Undersigned most respectfully inform their
I friends and the public generally, that they have as
sociated themselves together, in tbe Tailoring and Cloth
ing business, under the firm of J.J. Biggs & Co. They
have opened a New Store, a few doors below the North
Carolina Bookstore, where they will be happy to see all
of their old Friends and Patrons, and pledge themselves
to sell cheaper than ever. They can at all times warrant
a good fitting Suit of Clothes. .
Call and examine their fine Stork of Ready Made
Clothes. Also, their Stock of flue Cloths, Casyimeres,
and Vestings.
To the Members of the approaching Legislature, they
would say, it shall be to their advantage to patronize the
new firm of J. J. Biggs & Co. Call next door to Mr.
Root's Jewelry Store.
Raleigh, Oct. 16, 1850. " 837 6t.
And the Public Generally.
HAVING associated with me in the Clothing busi
ness, Mr. Sylvester Smith, it will henceforward be
conducted uudrr the firm of J- J. Biggs & Co. Mr.
Smith has been long known as a Merchant Tailor, but
is now turning his attention to the Ready Made business,
and it is the design of the New firm, to keep up a large
assortment of all kinds of
Ready Ittade Clotliiiip.
Our Stock of Cloths, Camrimeres and Vestings, will also
be kept up, a beautiful assortment of which, is now being
opened, embracing all the latest stales.
Mr. PEACH will attend to the Cutting Department, as
heretofore. J. J. BIGGS.
Raleigh, Oct. 16,1850. 837 6U
THE Subscriber respectfully informs tbe Members of.
the approaching legislature that he is prepared to
furnish, ten or twelve of them with lodgiHgn and board,
at the UNION HOUSE, but a short distance from the
The Subscriber will provide comfortable rooms, and
good fare, at such prices as tbe times and market will
afford. Ho pledges himself that no pains or expense will
be spared to render bis customers comfortable.
Travellers are also invited to calt, and transient boarders
will be taken. The Subscriber keep's a constant supply
of corn and fodder on hand, and will have horses left
with him, of the horses of such as may stop at his house,
well taken cue of.
The Subscriber's House Is about one hundred yards
from the Capitol, and one door to the east of the Baptist
Raleigh, Sept. 24, 1850. - 834 ts.
Yet Alive
LARGE Stock new and fashionable Dry Goods
of the latest Styles and Patterns. Also, a large
assortment of Shoes, Boots, Hats, Caps, Bonnets, Cot
ton. Yarn, Hardware, tannery, uoume ana dingie oar
lei Guns and Pistols. The purchaser will save from
fifteen to twenty percent hy calling at this Store before
purchasing elsewhere, as I am determined to sell out
my entire Stock of Goods this winter for the purpose of
removing South the following Spring. You will find
me at the well known corner Store formerly occupied
by Mr. B. B. Smith corner of Harget and Fayetteville
streets Bear this in mind. J. CREECH.
Raleigh, Nov. 20, 1850. 6
flMlE Painter, Gilder, and Varnisher's Companion :
I Containing rules and .regulations for everything re
lating to the arts of Painting, Gilding, Varnishing, and
Glass Staining ; Numerous useful and valuable Recepts,
Tests for the Detection of Adulerations in Oils, Colors,
&.C and a statement of the Disease and Accidents to
which Painters, Gilders, and Varnishersare particularly
liable; with the simplest methods of prevention and
remedv. In one Volume, small 12mo. cloth.
The Dyer and Color-maker's Companion ;conlaining
upwards of Two Hundred Receipts for making Colors,
on the most approved principles, lor all tha various
styles and fabrics now in existence. . With thescouring
process, and plain directions for Preparing, Washing off,
and Finishing the Goods. In one volume, small 12mo.
For sale attheNoith Carolina Book Store by
Raleigh, Nov. 18ih 1850. 6
Washington Hotel.
THE Proprietor respectfully informs the . Mem-
hers of tbe approaching General Assembly, that be
is prepared to accommodate with comfortable lodging
and good cheer
Ticenty or Tteentff-Five of their JS'umbrr
He will spare no pains to satisfy and please his guests.
He has all the necessary accommodations, and will de
vote his best exertions to that end. Terms as moderate
as the times will admit. . . . F. W. KING. -
Raleigh, Oct. 1, 1850. 836 ts.
; : piftcen Dollars Reward.
1 1 UNA WAY from the Subscriber, residing in John-
iton County, a negro boy named Dave, or Henry.
Said boy is about 22 years of age, yellow complexion,
weighs abort 165 pounds.- He may lie lurking in tbe
neighborhood of Mr. Penny's, in said County, as I bought
him from that neighborhood. Said boy has a down look
wben spoken to. . I will give the above reward to any per
son who will deliver him to me, or lodge him in any jail
in the State, so that I get him. v-,
November 9, 1850. -.- ' - 4 4tpd.
Boara for Members.
"XTILLIAM T. BAIN occupies the same premises
If near the State Capitol, and will prepare himself
to accommopaie -. n - ...-....
Some 15 or 20 Member ' ' . . ' ,
of the approaching Legislature, with comfortable board.
His charges will be as moderate as the times will admit.
' and every exertion will be used ta please and give satis
faction to 1I who may patronize him..-. ,
Raleighi Sept. 27th, 1850. ! 885 ts.
Tiie t'Ilu gsV also at JIomctAgain i
b. n. il B.
I HAVE just returned the second time from Boston,
New York, and.Phitadelphia. having spent nearly all
"!)68' and -September ia said cities, getting Hp' mif
a 1ING rerJ 1icleot which icas tMtbymystJf,
and made tip under my own inspection ; and I presume
there is no one in North Carolina row, who would be
verdant enough to question tny capacity after the elo-:
quent Iriouu pair) to my artistic skill' in oar last Su
perior Couit, by Judge, Counsel on both sides, witness
es and Juiors. 1 refer to tbe case of "Biggs OH-"'
yer action for damages, in which 1 had to pay $260."
in consequence or my extended reputation.
Come in, tf you please, and assist me in paving off
the judgment by buying oni- Goods, - Who im than, in
Norm Carolina, who has not .heard of the Hon. George .
R."d!lh "WH'm.H. Haywood, Jr., and
' Bug " Oliver J W bj " their fame is no anore To be
rf, UedK,nJby Sulte llne th,n heir.t.len.a are to be eir
cumsenbed within the same narrow limits ,
thev don',l,Ilne " onr e"0" knowand if
outatt Tailors ourselves buy our own roods and im.
por. quite a. many of what we purchase propoHifen
oour business ,..ny HoBge jB.hi stale o?3?ofi
There ,. no Lstabl.shment here or elsewhere that pos
euTbovs'nd we'fh" M W tb whVreer.roy
bur L chCl, Wak "Ml"tnd our bnsineasand
buy as cheaply. We say ,., CLOTHING is eoua lto
any ever offered for sale i North C.rolTna and. wV
h.nk superior, being judge. o0eyWof clothing. Of
that though, we W!l leave tbe public to decide when
they examine for themselves. P0. ,hiJu'dcVr,?-'
without intending lo reflect nnD any.one-w. wiU
sell our clothing cheaper than the same articles can be
bought tiirin any orthe Northern cities ; and cfaes
as any body that comes here, who does not steal his
clothing ready made.
Our stock embraces Drab. BIack, Blue, Green. Gray
and other OVKRCOATS from $6 to $20 ,nd 0pW8rf9;
CLOAKS, full circle, 18 and Opwards. Frock,drfs,
and sack COATS Irotn $7 to $12 and npwards. PAN
TALOONS," all colors and prices, from $4 lo $8
VESTS, all kinds andall sizes, at all prices from $1 2$
to5. In fact, every thing that can be found in any .
similar establishment in Ihe Union.
We are North Carolinians. We are permanently lo
cated here, and it we sell as cheap as others, why not
give us Ihe preference i If we do not sell as good aoods
at as small a prire, we will not ask your patronage.
Call Jcall I call ! before your purchase, at
No. 1. . - -r
R. R. R. H,1
Fayetteville Street
November 5th, 1850 2
Register copy. '"" " "
See R. R. R. R.
To the citizens of North Carolina particularly.
YT R can measure and fornisB an entire suit of clothes
v v (including coat, pantaloons, and vest,) at from $3b
to $44 ;and will warrant them to be equal inUll respects
to any that can be furnished in the United States for fhat
money. Gentlemen need no longer send out" of the
Mate tor cheap Clothing, onles thev prefer it
Raleigh, Nov. 5, 1850.
Royal Raleigh Ringtail Rousers.
2MC A 1ST XT OP A e T G .
OL. BURCH weuld inform his old customers as
well ss others, that he has now in his employ
A food Workmen as there i in the1 Union,
and feels confident that he can make any article in bis
line as well it not a little better than can be got else
where, be has neither-spared pains nor expense i pro
curing the service ot workmen for the above purpose.
His Materials are tbe best known to the Trade.
The Latest Fashions always at hand- "'
Calt two doors below the Post Office.
Raleigh, Oct. 2, 1850. 835
, FALL STOCK, 1850.
p F. PESCUD is now receiving his Fall Stock of
which he offers to dealers at a small profit ; and assures
them that the quality ot his articles and prices wiHgive
satisfaction. Those who have been buying in the
Northern and Eastern cities are particularly invited to
examine his stock and Prices before purchasing- else-
were. P. F. PESCUD.
Raleigh , Sept. 17tV. 1850. - 834-tf.
Dealers In Staple and Fancy Dry Goods.
Fancy Article, Ac dec.
HAVE received nearly their entire Stock of Fall and
Winter Goods to which they respectfully invite
the attention of theircustomcrs, and the public generally,
and all of which arc offered on the most reasonable terms.
Raleigh, Oct. 23, 1850. e3S
THE Subscriber would respectfully inform his friendtf
that bC is prepared to accommodate some twenty -fivrf
or thirty of tbe members of the Legislatore with Board
and lodgings during the approaching session.
The Subscriber makes no promises which he cannot
perform. A s to the character of his accommodations anu
the attention he gives to the comfort of his Boarders, he
refers with confidence to those who have boarded . with
him during former sessions. i
Raleigh, Oct. 7, 1850. " -' 630 tt.
Beautiful Fancy Silk Veata.
3 DOZEN of decidedly the prettiest patterns ever ex
hibited in Raleigh, at . . -
Raleigh, Nov. 15.
Braided Sack
O DOZEN more just received
Fancy colors, at
Raleigh, Nov. 15.
Second supply of Cloth, Dress & Frock. Coats.
GENTLEMEN if you want a good fitting coat, made;
in the latest styles, call at
E. L. HARDING'S & CO. . ,
Raleigh, Nov; 16. S
Meriuo Drawers and Sblrta.
-1 ( DOZEN just at hand
J. J
Raleigh, Nov. 1 5.
Business Coats.
"I fC MORE of those desirable Coats, just opened at '
JL vtf the low price of $4 50.
Raleigh, Nov. 15.
Overseer Wanted. "',
THE Sobscriber wishes to employ an Overseer, to
superintend about 100 hands. He must be sober,
honest and capable. No other need apply.
- . J. O. WATSON: ,
Raleigh, Nov. 9th, 1850. - ' ' 8 St pd
WE are authorized and requested to announce Maj.
A. W. MOODY, of Richmond Connty, as
candidate for the office of Principal Door Keeper to dm
House of Commons, at the approaching Session. -October
30, 1860. ' " ' ' ' 839 pd.
f E are requested' to announce Mr- ALBERT W.
y V . " MOORE, Democrat, of Northampton, as a Can- -didate
for Assistant Doorkeeper . to the next House of
Commons. . -
Oct. 21. 1850. - .833 ts. T
E are requested to announce1 Mr. JOSEPH J.
WARD, of Franklin County, as a Candidate for
Assistant Doorkeeper to the next House of Commons ot
North Carolina. - - ' '
October 2, 1850." . - v ' 835 Upd. - "
' - ' ' ' ' " r, .
TTJE are requested to announce Mr. E. N. PETER- .
, W 80N, of Northsmpton Connty,'. as a Candidate
for Engrossing Clerk to the ensuing legislature of North r
Carolina. -- -- 1
; October S. 185a.; e , '! cfT' 835-
- Kecciredto.dajrfoy'Xxpress.
A BEAUTIFUL lot "of Moleskin and Beaver Hsts,
to which the attention of the public isEespectfuU
invited. " : TUCKER & SON. '
Rsleign, Nov. 20. lfSO. ' 1 6

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