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Published WtKit Ann imi-wkej.t,
Tsbmb of the Weeklt. " Two dollars per annum,
in advance, or within the first month; Two dollars and
:f v,a Antawt a;-r months : and 1 nree
Tlir if not uaid within six months from the lime of
subscribing. k
rn S... WrMtr.
Four dollars per
annum, in advance, or within 'lfi,rtfh':
annum, tu HUTaiuc. ui .- - . ,
dollars Ififty cents, if .Mf-Sfi
and Five Dollars, if not paiu
time of subscribing. . ... n,,. ,
Cff" The above rules will be inflexibly adhered to.
Adtertisets not exceeding fourteen lines will
be inLrted o"e time for one dollar, and twenty-five
clnu for each subsequent insertion; those of greater
kn-th in proportion. Court orders and Judicial Ad
vcrUsements will be charged 25 per cent higher than the
above rates. A reasonable reduction Will be made to
those who advertise by the year. Advertisements inser
ted In the Semi-Weekly Standard, will also appear m
the Weekly Paper, free of charge. -
Subscribers, and others, who may wish to send money
to the Editor, can do so at all times, by Mail and at his
risk. Receipts for all sums will be promptly transmitted.
Letters to the Editor must come free of postage.
Palmer & Ramsay
w sT- A VP? Tiir rpfpivpi 1 the most SDlendid stock of
XJ Itich and Handsome Goods
in tticir line ever offered for sale in the city of Raleigh,
the elegance of the articles being only surpassed by their
usefulness and convenience. The patterns are entirely
new, and the beauty of the various designs by which
they are embellished are quite unique and fanciful, reach
ing the ery highest perfection of art and skill. We de
sire an inspection, which is the only proof necessary to
convince all persons of correct taste that such splendid
Goods, at'such very reasonable prices, were never offered
before in North Carolina. Our Fashionable Store, there
fore, stands A. No. 1, among the attractions of the City
of Raleigh during the present Winter.
Splendid Gold and Silver Watches,
Cold, vest, fob and guard Chains,
Ladle's watch chains, new style,
Seals, keys, chains, earrings, breastpins, rings,
Diamond breast pins And Rings,
Gold lockets, braclcts, ketches, and necklaces,
Gold and silver Pencils and pens,
Gold silver, and steel spectacles,
Gald and silver buttons and studs,- .
Gold and silver thimbles, and silver combs,
Gold and silver buckles and slides, ,. - i
Coral, assorted, silver and shell card cases,
Clocks, warranted good time pieces,
Silver table, desert, and teaspoons. t -
Ladles, sugar tongs, cream, and salt spoons,
Silver & plated butter knives, silver forks and cups
' Steel keys and chains and music boxes.
Steel worked bags, tassells, ring and beads,
A large collection of fine Cutlery,
Perfumery for the toilet, and fancy Boxes,
Full sets fine Waiters,
Rich plated Castors, candlesticks, baskets,
Waiters and fruit stands, new styles,
Brittauia ware and flower vaces,
Pocket books and silk purses,
Hair, tooth and shaving brushes,
Pistols, table cutlery and guitar strings,
Fancy Goods,
Their personal attention will be devoted to repairing
all kinds of Watches, Clocks and Jewelry.,
Old gold and silver taken in exchange.
NovemlK-r 1850. . 6
rHE Painter, Gilder, and Varnisher's Companion :
I Containing rules and regulations for everything re
lating to the arts of Painting, Gilding, Varnishing, and
Glass -Staining ; Numerous useful and valuable Recepts,
Tests for the Detection of Adulerations in Oils, Colors,
&.c, and a statement of the Disease and Accidents to
which Painters, Gilders, and Varnishersarc particularly
liable; with the simplest methods of prevention and
remedy. In one Volume, small 12mo. cloth.
Tho Dyer and Cnler-maker's Companion ; containing
upwards of Two Hundred Receipts for making Colors,
on the most approved principles, for all the various
styles and fabrics now in existence. With the scouring
process, and plain directions for Preparing, Washing ofi,
and Finishing the Goods. In one volume, small 12mo.
cloth. ' . -
For sale at the North Carolina Book Store by
, . H. D. TURNER.
Raleigh, Nov. 18ih 1850. 6
L. BURCH would inform his old customers as
. well as others, that he has now in his emnln
As good -orkme as there is in the Union,
and feels confident that he cab make any article in his
line as well it" not a little better than can be got else
where, he has neither spared pains nor expense in'pro
curing the service ol workmen for the above purpose.
His Materials are the best known to the Trade.
The Latest Fashions always at hand
Call two doors below the Post Office.
Raleigh, Oct. 2, 1S30. 835
STOLEN on the 13th November, a gold lever watch,
with a gold guard chain attached. , My name is writ
ten in full within the watch, and the initials J. A. W.
are cut on the back.
Whoever brings this watch to me, or will give me any
information concerning it, shall be amply rewarded. "".
Chapel Hill, November 14th, 1850. . 7 3t.
Public-meeting in QrauTille.
rUHB Citizens of Granville Cbuntv. withnnt ?tn
J tion of party, are requested to meet at the Court
House, in Oxford, of Tuesday of December Court. wW
they may expect tohear addresses from several distin
guished sons of Carolina, on the questions ot the day.
Nov. 20, 1850. ' . 7
Register, Times, and Star please copy."
Committed to Jail.
VITAS committed to the Jail of "Wake County, on
ill the 20th instant, a nesTO eirl named Mima. She
aays she belongs to William Smith, of Johnston County.
The owner is hereby notified to come forward, prove prop
erty, pay charges, and take her away; otherwise she will
oe dealt witu as the law directs.
.? WILLIAM4 H. HIGH, Sheriff.
Raleigh, Nov. 21, 1850. 7 tf.
Braided Sack Togaa." 1
2 DOZEN more just received. ' Fancy colors, at
, . , HARDING'S dc CO.
Raleigh, Nov. 15. ' - 5 ,
- ; "
Second aapply of Cloth. Dress 4t Frock Coat.
GENTLEMEN if you want a good fitting eoat, made
in the latest styles, call at - - " - v '7
r E. Li HARDING'S 4 CO. -jaleigh,
Nov: 1 6. J!"r .''t'.. -.v .5 :
Merino Dratrers and Shlrl. i :
, -E. L. . HARDING. & eo: ?
Raleigh, Nov. 15,
Prime Smoking and Chewing Tobacco,
- And the bet . Imported Cegars, '
.. May be found at . ' .
GE3ST3S38.3.i "V7" A33. 13S0PST SOPOOaLE,
v First Come? North of Yarbrongh House,
And opposite Lawrence's Hotel,
Keeps on hand a good assortment of Useful, Fancy,
and Ornamental Articles, Confection aries, Groceries,
&C. ' " . &C &C t i
Raleigh, Nov. 1850. ' " 6 :
Corner of Wilmington and Hargett Streets,'
RALEIGH, N . C . .',
THIS splendid Establishment, just completed,
and elegantly fitted up, is now open for the in
spection and patronage of the Public. '
W. R. PEPPER, the Agent and Manager, is wel
knowijin this 'community, and throughout the State, as
a Caterer for the taste of all those fond of
Baked, Scalloped, Fried, Slwed,
And done up " brown, " with the et eeteras.
The House is so arranged as to furnish Saloons com
pletely retired for private parties of gentlemen desirous
of feasting themselves and friends. "
PEPPER attends to the Cuisne in Person. Trays,
handsomely piled up, sent to every part of the City at
short notice ; and Parties wilt be supplied at any hour of
the day or night, by sending their orders to the House.
. Members of the Legislature, when fatigued with their
arduous official duties, may refresh themselves at PEP
PER'S ; and other Visiters, as well as his old friends and
customers of the City, are invited to do the same. No
pains or expense shall be spared to make this THE
HOUSE where every wish of the Epicure shall be grati
fied. W. R. PEPPER.
Agent for L. F. Smith.
Raleigh, Nov. 15, 1850. 842 tf.
Fayetteville Street.
A few doors North of The Yarb rough House,
,-lna JX'early Opposite iMwrence's Hotel n
Ms Open for the Season I
Every thing furnished in such Establishments will be
served up in the best style, and at the shortest notice. '
Fresh Oysters of a Superior Kind,
. E3P Call at Kane's on Fayetteville Street, a few doors
to the North of Yarbrough's House, and nearly opposite
Lawrence's Hotel.
P. S. There is a BILLIARD SALOON in the Es
tablishment JOHN KANE.
Raleigh, Nov. 16, 1850. 5 tf.
Fresh Arrivals Tri-Weekly !
Will Receive New Goods Tri-Weekly
During the Winter Season;
By this arrangement purchasers will always find .. ,.
Something aVr and Attractive,
By examining their Stock. As for Bargains Gentle
men you can't beigin to buy as cheap elsewhere. Call
and supply yourselves,
Fayetteville Street.'
- Raleigh, Nov. 15, 1850. - 5
New Goods, New G ootid
JLook Out for Good Bargains.
JUST the ery thing at last ; that long and anxiously
looked for train, containing those
that was selected by Alexander Creech, with great care
and with an eye single to the wants ot his friends and
customers has arrived and now opened, and for sale.
'For the Ladies a large and varied assortment 01 beau
tiful prints ot the latest styles, a large assortment of
a large and beautiful assortment of a most every kind
lor uenuemen. iaii at sjiv.c, " -. .....
Richard Smith's corner, and next door to. Messrs. A. B.
Stith&. Co's. Auction and Commission store, and you
will not regret it. ALEXANDER CREECH.
Raleigh, Nor. 20, leou-
And tne Public Generally.
HAVING associated with me in the Olotmng dusi
ness, Mr. Sylvester Smith, it will henceforward be
conducted under the firm of J. J. JJiggs & tO. jwr.
Smith has been long known as a Merchant 1 ailor, nut
is now turning his attention to the Ready Made business,
and it is the design of the New firm, to keep up a large
assortment of all kinds of : '
Ready Made Clotliiug.
Our Stock of Cloths. Castiimeresand Vesting, will also
be kept up, a beautiful assortment of which, is now being
opened, embracing all the latest styles. - .1
Mr. yUAVH wiiiattenatoineu-uiangi-epariiu:iiH"
heretofore. J. J. BIGGS.
Raleigh, Oct. 16,1850. 837 bt.
, Yet Alive
jk - LARGE Stock of new and fashionable Dry L,oods
J3L of the latest Styles and Patterns. Also, a large-
assortment of Shoes, Boots, Hats,; Caps, Bonnets, cot
ton. Yarn, Hardware, Cutlery, Double and Mngie uar-
rel Guns and Pistols.. The ourchaser will save trom
filteen to twenty percent by calling at this Store before
nurchaaintr elsewhere, as I am determined to sell out
my entire stocK ot tioous inis winter ior me puruwwn
removtne South the following spring, xou win nnu
me at the well known corner Store formerly occupied
by Mr. B. B. Smith corner of. Harget and Fayetteville
streets. Bear this in mind. ' J. CK.fc.is.CH.
Raleigh, Nov; 20, 1850. ' -- '-h - .. . 6
boot 'and shoe store, 7;
.fUL'''- o. l. burch; -i;:
AM now receiving from the Northern markets my
fall Supply of Boots; and Shoes,
and without enumerating the articles, will say that my
and that I will give as good bargains a can be bought in
the City;
Raleigh Oct
2. 1850.
" ' ' - . Fifteen Dollar sVlle ward.' t '
T UN AW AY, from the Subacriber, residing' in Johii
jLVeton County, f negro boy named Davet or Henry,
Said bqy .'s about 22 years of age, yellow complexion,
weighs about 1 65 ' pounds. He may be, lurking in the
neighborhood of Mr. Penny's, in said County at I bought
him from that neighborhood- ". Said boj has a down look
when spoken to. -' I will gi ve the above reward to any "per
son who will deliver llim to vnej or. lodge him in any jail
in the State, so that I get him. 'J- - 0.;W
Ss-vy k'-i tA jti i, jtfW;, SICrlARDSON.
Ifew Confectionary St. Orocery Store,
3 Doors below the Joat Office..,,.,,. . . j
TTTM. GRIFFICE, & CO have opened a Confec
v T V tionary and ' Grocery Store, . in Raleigh 3 doors
below 'the Post Office, where they have on hand, and
will sell on reasonable terms the following articles : . .
Sugar and Coffee,
Do. St. Croix, '
Candles and Soap,
Black and Imp. Tea,
SaleratuB and Snuff.
Crushed Sugar,
Havana do. ?
Pepper and Spice,
Copperas and Ginger, .
Brooms, &c- Sec -. n .
. Myers' Best Chewing Tobacco.
- Confectionaries.
Best Segars, ,
Dolls, Accordians, , .
Fancy Candies, Citron,
Almonds, Filberts,
. Water Crackers, "
' Butter and Sodado.
Prunes, Cocoa Nuts,
English Walnuts, '
Palm Nuts,
Figs and Raisins,
And every thing usually kept in a. Confectionary Store.
' They will say to the public that they carry on the
Candy Making Business,
' and without boasting they can assure the public that they
will sell the best Candy as cheap as any house in the
place, and warrant it to be as good as can be made.
Merchants and others, buying by the wholesale,' will
.1 find it to their interest to give them a call. - .1 ,:
Raleigh, October 9, 1850. 836 tf.
Just Opened Two Doors Above R.Smith's Store.
THE Subscriber has just opened a Book Store in Ra
leigh, two doors above Mr. Richard Smith's Store,
where he offers to the public
seaoceox. kggxcs,
Of almost every description, together with a large col
lection of
From the pens of eminent authors of the different De
nominations; also, ',.''
Of excellent quality ; all of which he proposes to sell on
very reasonable terms.
Any Book not on hand at present, can be ordered and
received by the Subscriber in a few days, and he will be
prompt to fulfil all orders from town or country.
Raleigh, Sept. 12, 1850. 833 tf.
1 1 THE Undersigned most respectfully inform their
friends and the public generally, that they have as
sociated themselves together, in the Tailoring and Cloth
ing business, under the firm of J.J. Biggs & Co. They
have opened a New Store, a few doors below the North
Carolina Bookstore, where they will be happy to see all
of their old Friends and Patrons, and pledge themselves
to sell cheaper than ever. ' They can at all times warrant
a good fitting Suit of Clothes.
Call and examine their fine Stock of Ready Made
Clothes. Also, their Stock of fine Cloths, Cassimeres,
and Vcstings.
To the Members of the approaching Legislature, they
would sav, it shall be to their advantage to patronize the
new firm of J. J. Biggs & Co. Call next door to Mr.
Root's Jewelry Store.
; Raleigh, Oct 16, 1850. 837 6t. .
To tlie Ladies.
YOU will find a most beautiful supply of Children's
Clothing at our House, just to hand, consisting oi
Jackets single and double breasted, to but tor. up to the
neck, Blue, Black, Green, &.C., &c. Pants. Black,
Blue, Blown, and every variety of fancy color. Over
coats all kinds. We have made such arrangements as
will enable ns to furnish any of the above articles at
prices less than they can be obtained for ia any of the
Northern cities. ,Measuies taken and Children supplied,
if necessary. OLIVER St PROCTER.
November 9. 8-10
See R. R. R R.
To tbe citizens of North Carolina particularly.
; "VIET E can measure and furnish an entire suit of clothes
, ft (including coat, pantaloons, and vest,) at from $35
to $44 ;and will warrant them to be equal inldll respects
to any that can be furnished in the United States for that
money. Gentlemen need no longer send out of the
State for cheap Clothing, unless they prefer" it. -
, Raleigh, Nov. 5, 1850. 2 tC '
Royal Raleigh Ringtail Rousers. " '
. , ' . Boy's Clothing.
ALL sizes Cloth and Tweed Sacks and Frocks for
Sunday and every day wear, at from $2 60 .to $4
50. Pants beautiful at $2 50, Vests $2 50 Satin and all
sorts, and, all colors.. Persons at a distance can
be supplied by forwarding their measures and stating the
ageoftheboy ; OLIVER & PROCTER.
Merchant Tailors. . -November
9. - .. . v 842 ,.
Jonrneyman -Tailors Wanted. -
Ii WO JOURNEYMAN TAILORS will find employ
ment by immediate application to Olivei and Proc
tor.' None but steady men and first-raie workmen need
apply. '. , OLIVER & PROCTER. ,
Oct. 7. 1850. ' , 836 if. '
medicine Gasses
"TXTITH the Tea and Tablespoon full graduated, which
' V V every family should have, for sale at the Drug Store
: ' Raleigh, April, 1850. , . y . 807 ,
" Medicine Clicfcts
FURTHER supply of those beautiful Medicine
Chests just received at . v
: fESUUV S Drug tore
Raleigh, August 7, 1850. t 827 '"
Porter-.; . C
FURTHER1 supply of London Brown Stout in
Pints. Jus recieved at the'Drug store of... :.
-Raleigh Aug 21st, 1850. 'rf' .; 828-
f Dress and Froclt Coats.
VK -a . JUST OPENED, of all qualities, well
BVU cut and extremely well made.
5 v.: .: HardII
Raleigh. N ov.' 12th; 1850.
' 4 "
Fine Fancy Cass. Panli
UR Stock ofFancy Caaimefe Pants, cannot be boil.
RaieighV Nbv.M2, 1850. ' r - f
Beantifnl Fancy Silk Vests. "
'"; q DOZEN of decidedly the prettiest patterns ever ex
. O hibUed in Raleigh, at nJt .....
m . , E L; HARDING'S &. COV
lit"JR;aUigh.Nov.l5. '.'.w';r'-"'5-i4
. v 1 s -r -' 1 . ' .) 1 ' r 'B
" V Business Coats. "
MORE of those desirable Coats, just opened at
ine low i"ivD . "
' "E. L.'KARDINGofCO.f1
overseer ;Wanted :3 ' -;- 1
. rsHr.3,.Wriher wishes to employ an- Overseer; fd
" , Jl 'superintend about 100 hands. i He must be sober,
honest and capable, v No other-needVapply. '
i x.,Ti, ;Jtel atthea Standard Print. Ofllce.
.... 1 .. .. ' : -;
... . . JfORTII CAROLINA ' "
Mutual Life InsuranceOompany
' '-, ' R&LEI6H, H. C,4 i '- .'.
THIS Company is now taking insurance on the lives
of healthy persons and Slaves,' at their established
rates of premium. " This being the only Life Insurance
Company in the State, and working under a charter suitr
ed to the condition and circumstances of all,-the Direc
tors feel no ' hesitation in saying that it affords greater
inducements for the insurance of 1 es than any other
Company in the country.- .- .-. . ; y v .
' The 5th Sec. of the Charter provides" That tho h usband
may insure his own life, for the sole use-and benefit of
his' wife or children, free from tne, claims of the. repre
sentatives of the husband or any of his creditors.''
It is conducted on the mutual plan, each person in
sured becoming a'member thereof, and not liable beyond
the amount of his premium. ),,., ; s. , .
Policies for $100 to $5000 will be issued on the life
of a white person; and on Slaves for two-thirds their
market value, for a term of from-one to five years, as
the owner may desire.- . A ;-
- All losses of the Company are paid within 90 days'af-'
ter proof of loss is furnished. No California risks taken.
' The business of the Company is conducted under the
immediate supervision of ., . """"
" : - ' Dr. Chas. E. Johnson, President, ;' " I
4- Wm. D. Hay wood, Vice President, ' ,f
James F, Jordan, Secretary,, . ' '"'" 4
' Wm. H. Jones, Treasurer, . .
Perrin Busbce, Attorney,
. Dr. Wm. H McKee, Examining Physician. :' ,
J. Hersman, General Agent. . ,..
All Communications on business should be addressed
post paid, to ',; , t JAMES F. JORDAN, '
' Secretary.- "
-Nov. 1, 850..-,...; 1-.
. RALEIGH, S. C- " .
THE following persons have been elected Directors
and Officers of this Company for the present year
Dr. Joaiah O. Watson, Jos. G. B. Roulhac, Richard
Smith, John Primrose, Henry D. Turner, S. W. Whit
ing, T. H. Selby, of Raleigh ; Geo. McNeill, Fayette
ville, Joshua G. Wright, Wilmington, Jas. E. Hoyt,
Washington, James Sloan, Greensborough, Wm. Bad
ham, Edenton, Joshua .Boner, Salem, Joseph Pool,
Elizabeth City, Michael Brown,' Salisbury, Alexander
Mitchell, Newbern, W. N., H. Smith, Murfreesborpugh,
H. B. Williams, Charlotte, John B. Barrett, Milton, and
A. T. Summy, Asheville. '
All Directors are authorized to receive applications.
. Josiah O. Watson, President, -
. J. G; B. Roulhac, Vice President,' '
Richard Smith, Treasurer, 1 . .''.
J. C. Partridge, Secretary, '
John H. Bryan, Attorney, ... n,
J. Hersman, General Agent. - .
S. W. Whiting, ) '
Richard Smith, Executive Committee..
John Primrose, " J " . ..
This Company is now in successful operation, and is
prepared to effect insurance against fire on all kinds of
property, (Steam Mills and ." Turpentine Distilleries ex
cepted.) 'r.. 1 '
All communications jn reference to insurance should
be addressed to the Secretary, post paid. - . , .
J. C. PARTRIDGE, Sec'v. u
Raleigh, January 2, 1850. 793
THE Undersigned respectfully informs the
Ladies and the Public in general, that he
and his Agents are almost daily puting'up
Pianos in some part of North Carolina, on trial and for
inspection ; and all Instruments that do not give satisfac
tion, will be taken back and no charges made for trans
portation or carriage. Persons wanting good Pianos will
please send their orders. -Address
f . . .. A. KUHN, ' '' -'
No. 75, Greene St., Baltimore, Md. '
1 List of Prices. - .
With metalic or iron plates. , Entire metalic frame.
: 6 octave ISO to 250, " $250 to 300,
. 6 J " .... 250 to 300, 275 to 350, " ' v
.7 " 300 to 350, ' 350 to 500.
Grand Pianos for 500 to 1000 dollars. "
- The above named Instruments are elegantly Manufac
tured in Beautiful Mahogany and Rosewood cases, of
soft and sweet,, or powerful and brilliant tone, as the '
purchaser may wish, with all 'the latest improvements
that constitute a good and serviceable Piano. No hem
lock or toy work connected with them.' I would particu
larly recommend the metalic frame; the climate or change
of weather has no effect on them, and are well adapted
for the Southern climate; and ean, with all safety, be
carried by water or land to any part of the United States.
The manufacturer is able to give any number of refer
ences for 15 years back, of the durability of the Instru
ment, by Professors, Amateurs, aud in Seminaries; where
they have been 10 to 13 hours daily in use for a number
of years. ... - .
April, 1840. 806 eowlypd.
Henry D. Turner,
Publisher. Bookseller and Stationer
4 No.. 1, Faiettevillk St. Raleigh, JY. C.
AS always on hand a large and general collection
Law, Medical, Theological, Classical, Voyages, Travels,
Novels and Miscellaneous Books. Also, a, very , .
extensive assortment of School Books, &c.', . ,. f
Blank Books, Ledgers, Journals, Day Books t
Pass Books, Bank Books, Record Books',
. Blank Check Books, and any other kind
that may be wanted manufactured ,
to order. . .
Together with a general assortment of Stationery.
Particular attention given to filling all orders complete
from Booksellers, Merchants, Teachers, and private indi
viduals.' And every article in his line sold at the lowest
prices for cash or approved credit, either at wholesale or
retail.', " " :v ' .: ', j, : ',.'.
AH new works received as soon aa published, j : ,
"Raleigh, August 27, 1850. . 830
R. J. H. HORNER resumes charge of the School
at Hamilton,- the 1st Monday in January next.
In the Classical department the studies, as heretofore,
will be strictly preparatory to the University. -
Board in the Principal's family and' Tuition per ses
sion of five months, - . . - " $55 00
' Hamilton is situated on an elevated plain near Roan
oke river, twelve miles above Willnunston, and is consul
ted a healthy location. ; 4 - ' H
K '. P. P. CLEMENTS,: Sec. Board Trus.
- Hamilton, October, 1850. '- 839ul. .
T"., ' North Carolina jMusio Store. .
T1HE Subscriber, takes this opportunity of announce
JL ing to the people of North Carolina, that he intends
to open in this city, in" December next, tfMUSIC
STQRIS, where will always be round a complete as
sortment of Foreign and American .Music and Musical
instruments t all of which Will be selected'bv himself.
' The Pianos wit! befrom the best Manufactories' in
the United States and will be sold at New York and
Philadelphia imcea. , i vv-'1
' " ' y - ... . n'rw T 9 . , . . . - .
J-Ti k-1 -fi '.t?- f- . ..; . " IW. W t ri!ill!.K01ljlArM
, KaleigtixNovember 2? 1850. ' 4 ' Zly.--
Office. Wilmington Raleigh R. R:-Co Vi v?
' Wilmington, tlst October,-1850 f "
THE Annual Meeting othe Stockholders of the
: Wilmington and R&Ieigii Rail Road Company ,-will
ha held at . yYilmington, on Thursday, the 14th day ef
if vcmuci lie a x. r: - i;V r
''' ':..''-V-:fe4 )iJbSK&. 8.
' "October' A'n-W mi r. U:.$
GREEN, Sec'v-;
v..'.'..' ; "s ';, I RALEIGH, If . C. .; ' :"
r v , REV. BENNET T, BLAKE, Principal.-
' Kin W.' PsTERsirii, Profesaor of Music. . N
Mas. Lvcr Pf.tebbii.ia, Teacher of Drawing and
;: 'Painting. ::--'f ' i ..- .,
TWENTY-FIVE Young Ladies can be accommo
dated with board in the family of the Principal.
" These will receive all the attention, and enjoy - all -Nthe
' comforts of a private family. v " - . .!..;'
vTbe course of study is well digested, thorough and
' extensive. ' The entire expense to a pupil will be cover
ed by the payment of One Hundred Dollars in advance,
' for a session of five months. This will include Board
and Tuition,: with. Music, French, Latin, Greek, Mathe
matics, Drawing and Painting.- v , . -. ... . t
- Taken separately, the charges will be as follows: -
' " oard per session of five months, ...... $50 00 i
' ' Tuition in the Classical DepartmenV'f ,20 00 ;
Tuition in the English Department. . V 15 00- - .
Music on Piano or Guitar, . . u ' 20 00 ;
Drawing and Painting, , -? . .- " .. 10 00 -
Painting in oil Colours . , .... '.'-.15 00 -:.
French, - . . ,' . 10 00 .
' The Pupils will be regularly instructed in Vocal Mu-,
; sic. without further charge. . , . ' , .
'' - The Annual Examination of the Pupils of this Insti
' tntion will take place on Wednesday and Thursday,- the
4th and 5th of December ensuing.
''- . -v., B. T. BLAKE, - Principal, i
- Raleigh, Nov.,8, 1850. !' ; ' 4 1 t
Copper work. Tnrpeuline Stills, Ac.,
THE Subscriber informs the public that hcis still car
rying on his business in all its branches, at his Shop
-near the Raleigh Depot. ; Turpentine Stills made to or
der, in the best manner, and warranted to work well.;
and all kinds of .work promptly done in copper, brass
steel, iron, &c . - ; ' - . -
Constantly on hand and for sale locks of all sorts and
' sizes, guns, pistols, &c The Subscriber only asks of
the public to give him a full and fair trial, as he is deter
mined not to be surpassed in his line. The Subscriber's
. establishment being the only one of the sort in all that
region of country, he confidently appeals to North Caro
linians and to the friends of home industry , to sustain
him. . " ' . .
. Now Is. the time to Save Fuel.-
. BUCK'S Patent Improved Cooking Stoves, also, Stan
ly's Air-tight, suitable ; for Parlors or private, rooms.
I am the only Agent in North Carolina for Buck's Pa
tent Improved Cooking Stoves. Any person wishing, to
purchase I would respectfully refer them to the follow
ing gentlemen, who have them in use : Messrs. Charles
Dewey, Dupree, D. Cameron, W. H. Haywood, Col
Yarbrough, E. P. Guion, arid Geo. W. Mordecai. ' '
P. S. His Establishment has been removed to Fay-
' etteville Street, Haleigh, JS. C '. , - . . .
Raleigh Sept. 1st, 1850. , - ' 797 'tf.
P. F. PEscri), ' "
y Wholesale and Retail Druggist '
FArETTEriLLE St. Ralsikh, N. C. .
OFFERS for cash, or approved credit, at the lowest
market prices, a large and well selected assortment
'of East India, Mediterranean and European " ' -1
' freuch, Hugilsh. and American Chemicals,:
- Foreign and Domestic Soaps. '-
' Perfumery, ' r ..
Fancy Articles, ''-.
Fancy Soaps, - - - -1
, Brushes, , "
" Extracts, . ,
Pcub BaAKor, Madeira,
Paints and Oils, ' ' '
Dye Stuffs, . J" '
. Druggists Labels,
Window Glass,
. Surgical Instruments,' '
Druggists' GIas4 Ware,
- Shaker's Herbs and Roots,
SnEiiRTand Poiit Winks,
Selected for Medicinal pftrposes. - ' ' ' ' '
Sands Sarsaparilla, Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry,
Gray's Ointment, Beckwith's Pills, Ayer's Cherry '
1 Pectorial, Doctor Wiley's Cough Candy, Gen- .
. uine Cod Liver Oil, together with every
article comprising the stock of a Phy- -'
l-- r sician or Druggist. k ,
April 7, 1850. , . : , ' .. -809
.I"".' : A. B. STITII,
Agent, Commission Merchant nd Dry Goods .
-. t . -. Broker, New Vork.' .. . .
TENDERS his services to the Merchants, Planters,
. and citizens of the Southern States, and will attend
to any business in his line either in tbe sale of Produce
or Merchandize, or the purchase of Dry Goods, Groceries,
. Hardware, Crockery, Shoes, Hats', Furniture, Carriages,
Musical and Agricultural instruments, Bagging Rope,
.Drugs, Medicines, &c. He flatters himself as a purchaser
of goods for Southern Merchants, hisexperience will en
able hiin to give entire satisfaction to the Merchants who
.may entrust to him their orders. ' .-
' References : - -' . . . ; .;
His Excellency Charles Manly, Raleigh. ,
William Hill, Secretary of State, ' do
' . G. W. Mordecai, Pres't B'k of State, do . ,
Dr. J. O. Watson, Pres't Mu. In. Co., do...'.
. B. F. Moore, Esq.," Attorney' Gen., do ...
Matthew Shaw, Esq., Washington. . . .
' Hon. J. R. J. Daniel, Weldon.- . . , . , . .. ,
' Andrew Joyner, Esq., do ' ' -"
' R. H. Lewis', Esq., Greensborough, Ala. ; . ( "
Raleigh, February 6, 1850. . , 796
THE Subscribers take occasion to inform
the public generally that they will carry on
the business in all its branches, at the 'old
' -stand, and that no efforts nor expense will be spared on
' their part to accommodate the travelling community.
' Conveyances, with good horses and careful drivers, will
' be furnished at all times and at short notice'; and in fact
'-. every convenience for travelling, in the wcy of '
Horses, Carriages, Huskies, !tc.
Will, be -supplied .on the most favorable and ar corn mo
, dating terms. . s ' ' v
vThe Subscribers also expect to Iwp constantly on
band,. Horses, Buggies, Carriages, Ace for sale. .-
- Any persons wishing to put out their Horses by the
- week, or month, or year, will have them well attended
' to, at moderate prices. ' Their Stables are on Wilming
ton Street,' just to the cast of Market Square. ,i
Hoping to receive liberal encouragement; the under
. - signed pledge themselves to do all in their power to mer
" it public patronace. ( BUFFALOE &' COOKE. . .
4 ' Raleigh, April 5,' 1850. - - - - . . 808
New Watch and Jewelcry Store.
W. H. THOMPSON Would respectfully in-
.forra the citizens" ofRaleigh and its vicinity, that
ihe has opened a choice stock of
. Watches and JeWelry
- io a part of the Store occupied by Mrs. Thompson as a
- Millinery establislunent,' where be offers for sale Gold
' and Silver watches, warranted correct time keepers
' the latest styles of ' ' '
...? . . Fashionable Jewelry, ' ' '"
such as' GuardVest and Fob Chains; Cameo, stone and
' moarning Broaches; Plain. Chased and Stone Rings;
' Gold Pens and Pencils : Gold and Silver Thimbles ; Studs,
Collar and Sleeve Buttons, Ear Rings, Gold and Silver
Spectacles, &c. Fancy' Goods and Fine Cutlery all of
" which will be sold cheap. Watches, Clocks and Jewel-
!ry repaired in superior style. -Old Gold and Silver taken
T in exchange. s ,. s, ; v.,
3 . )
-Sept. t, 1 649. - to - '
Jobn IJ. ! Sheppard, Jr. s
rrEits rns services u sen ioeaeeo, vneet, rtour,
u.. , ... ----
. - .... . . . - , :v a A
One. Door Above Richard Smith's Old Comer.
' - ; -HJULEIGMf, .V- C
ETAXS Jk WlLLIAiVS would respectfully in
form their friends and the public generally, that they
have . opened a Store on Fayetteville Street, one door
above Richard Smith, Esq., where they will keep con
stantly on hand a full supply of .
Mtrif Goods, IMard'ieare, Cutlery
?. , GROCERIES, tC. .
and indeed every thing iixually found in similar establish
ments, . They present the following as specimens of their
Stock :''..' " ' ' "' : ' - ;
Brocade French Cashmere, '
.'.Embroidered Silk and Crape, and Norwich Lustres,
.- Chameleon Turk's Silks and Poplins, v .
. French Cashmere' and Delaines, ' . . .. , .
Chameleon, figured and black Alpacas, ,
.".Velvet neck Ribbons and Belts, . , . r.-
French worked Colors and Cuffs, '
Embroidered K5bboi and velvet Trimmings, .
Scalloped linen-cai?bric Handkerchiefs and Gloves,
Bonnets, Ribbons, and Artificials, ,j. . , jr
' Ginghams and1 Prints a large lot,r v . f-'
French Cloths, Cassimeres, acd Vesting,
Beaver-cloth, Tweeds, arid Kentucky Jeans,
' Red and white Flannel, and Linsey ard Plain Shawls,
' Kerseys.'Negro and bed Blankets, ; ,
" Brown ' and bleached Domestics, Bed-ticfcitg, Table
cloths and Diaper, k. ; . ... '
"' Ladie's cotton, merino and silk Hose.'. Also, Ladle's
. - fine Walking Shoes and Gaiters, ;. . ; ';
J. Miles and Son fine Pegged Boots,';
Calf, Kip, and coarse; Brogans-r-a good assortment,
Hats and -Caps of every .description, T
' J Cutlery, Crockery, Spades, Shovels, trace-Chains,
JavaLaguira. and. Rio Coffee, ' '
- Loaf, crushed, clarified and brown Sugar.: - '
Together with a number of other articles not enumerated.
The-subscribers respectfully solicit a share of public pat
ronage. They will sell good bargains for cash, or on
short time to punctual dealers. '
'- . , ', HJ L. EVANS, ' '
September IS, 1850. , 1 . ' 1 ' - - ; 833
" -., . , ' v
IT1HE Subscribers arc now receiving their FALL
X AND WINTER SUPPLIES, consisting in part
of the following: ' ' .
Black Gro DeLyon and Silver Grey Silks,,
Fancy and Black Brocade Silks, r
Black, Fancy and White watered do. . , . (
" Chameleon Silks, Super Chene Silks,
?evantines, Brocade Sernidors, , . .
Plain and watered Poplins, - . : - 0
. Lyonese Cloths, Paramettas, . ? . :
Silk and wool Chene Muslin De Lanes and Cashmeres
Cnamelcon Turks,. - ...
: Engligh, French and German-tMerinos,
Striped, Printed, and Plain Muslin DcLaincs snd
'Cashmeres, Chameleon Alpacas, .
' ' Ribbon, Velvet, and Hair Ball Trimmings, .
Black Silk Lace, r , - , , " . ; ,
- French work Capes, Collars nd Pijfls,'1'.
Jackonet,' Check, Swiss, India Book, . ''
DoUed, Tarlton snd Nansook Muslins,"1 ' . .-
Bonnet, Cape, Neck, Cuff and Belt Ribbons,
' .'Paris Kid Gloves, ... ,. ''. ; ,K
Shawls and Viaites, , I ' "V T ' ' '.
Ladies and Misses Paris Embroidered Linen Cambric
- Handkerchiefs, -. . -..v . .
Real Valencia Thread Edging,--i' v
- -Tapes, Bobbins, Edgings and In'sertings," &c.
" W , " -R.TUCKER & SON,
Raleigh Sept 11,-1850.:. .. '; ;' . 832.
Wholesale and Retail Grocers, Ac.
Oijj Market St. Raleigh, N. C
THE Subscribers having connected themselvew in ln
siness, under the Firm of BUFFALOE & COOKE,
take this occasion to inform the public that they will
keep constantly, on hand alL articles necessary for the
uses of the Family or Farnu .Their stock consists in
part of the folowling articles: . "
Bacon and Lard, ,.. Iron and Nails,
Flour Meal and Cora, j Cast and German Blis. Steel
Ioaf, crashed, clarified and. Castings, Trace Chains, and
Brown Suirars,
Weeding Hoes,
Coffee, Molasses, anjfSalt,
Sperm, Adamantine and
Sole and Upper Leather,
Powde and Shot, and Lead
Tallow Candles, Soaps,
Tobacco, Snuffs, &c.
'".'Country pToduee particularly com, fodder, and 3ry
beei-nidcs will be taken at lair exchange. -
.The above articles have been carefully selected and
bought with cash, and the subscribers are determined not
to be undersold by any dealers in the City.
;'... .- J. G. M. BUFFALOE.
., .1 . ' i:' GEORGE T.'COOKE.
, April 9, 1850. ' ' " " ' ' 807
N. B. South side Old Market Street, fourth and fifth
doors East of Williams, Haywood, & Co's Drug Store
boots, saacoiES, '& srxiEjas.
THE subscriber has jost returned from
1 the Northern Markets, where be has laid
in a large and beautiful stock of articles in
his line of bqsiness, embracing every de
scriplion of fine and coarse wear, i -
His stock for Ladies- and- Misnes,. comprises every
quality of Slippers, Walking Shoes, whole and half Gai
ters, &c, Ate., and his supply for Gentlemen and Boy's,
such as will suit the taste of all- .- i -
He has also laid in a large supply of materials in his
line and brought- on a first rate workman from the
North; and is therefore prepared to manufacture BOOTS,
SHOES, &c in a style unsurpassed bv any other estab
lishment in the City. '.
All be asks is a trial, ieehner assured that he will be
able to give satisfaction both in quality and price.
p - ,-., HENRY PORTE K.
' South East Corner Capitol Square.
Raleigh, Oct. 23d, 1850.' , . 638 tf.
. Whitlock & Hardie.
THE Subscribers are now prepared to execute in a
workman-like manner, all kinoV of - .
r'LJiMjy k omrjjriEJTJiL, house .ia
Glazing, Gilding, imitation of all kinds of Marble and.
every variety of wood.'"'' :,
All orders left at Mrs. Hardie's opposite the Market
House, will receive prompt attention.
. Raleigh. Sept. 12, 1850 . , , 833 if.
" -c:r " Colman's letters.
EUROPEAN Life and Manners, in Fsmiliar Letters
. to .Princes, by Henry Colman, Author of Euro
pean -Agriculture, and the Agriculture of France, BeJ-
1 glum, Holland, and SwUzerlanti, z voi. mo, sow
saie oy - s - -. xi.... - v....-.-.
Raleigh, Oct. 24, 185a ' ' 639
A Engl lato Mustard5
7V' FRESH strppty of (Saddler and Fidles.) English
R '- Mustard; just receive, sd for sale by
. ;, . -,...--.', F. PESCUD. -
iaieigh, Aogost 7. ' ' 6i7
4. Cod sLirer Oil
FRESH supply of Rushton Clark &-Co's, which
received and for sale at the Drug Store of
i--cr-. iminva 'uivunnri a- rn .
I , , - i. a :i t O Krt , atT
I . IUUE KU..AUIU. V w .
- tpa.
.."--'J 1 - . .. a
a - -i-j . . if?a. rr.i.. 1 m . . 1- - . - . - . w . -
Oil . -.W. . . J. A..
r?JHWl Rr5 4fe V- Hi Jaj''
'l ' ' ' ..' r ',V " ' .

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