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1. TELEGKAfU nvjiiiiyiflw
WITH the latest assortment of Gents Ready made
C oVhing and Fashionable Goods ever before offer-
in Raleieh? Being connected as most of our custo
mers are aware, withessrs. Scott Keen & Company
Manufacturers at Newark, New Jersey, one ot the
largest and et Houses in the U. S.
affords us facilities for conducting our business which
to ant other offered in this Jaarkeu
w , own Manufacturers. We import most ot
, ...;m.r. .nH Vesting, and Day no second
our V.oins. --.-; - o Mm , lo of.
;ru'Pr"M. r.7 -r.. much less than (hose
E.tbli.hB.nt2 whose purchases are made from Whole
",fr. "r;w.n m!nation oTour Stock to convince
f wh "e W ' L?H RDiNG & Co.
Raleigh, 0t. 14tb. 1850. - -. ,r 838
Hardware and Cutlery, Sec.
rfOLLINSA. Co's Axes, Handsaws, Files, Augers
J Chisels. t a
Hammer, Curry Combs, Knives and Forks, Pocket and
OneCSet Balance Handled Knives and Forks, 51 pieces.
Balance Handled Carvers and r ones, ana
Brass and Fancv Cast And-irons.
Brass Headed Iron Shovels and Tongs. '
Spades and Shovels, Trace Chains, and Halter chains.
Cotton and Wool Cards, No. 6, 8, 9 and 10.
Toilet and Swing Looking Glasses.
Superior English Mustard, sup. carb soda, cloves, mace,
Sp?S Indigo, copperas, Fresh and salt snuff, powder,
Turpin?"nileand toilet soap, starch, shoe-thread and
Bed Cords.
Prime green and black Tea.
Nailsand brads, cast german and blister jejWN
No. 9. Fayetteville St.
Raleigh, Oct. 30th, 1850. 839
Cloths, Cassimeres, Sec.
At No. 9, Fatetteyiiie St.
BLACK French Cloth,
Black Doe Skin Cassimeres.
Fancy Cassimeres, a general acsortmenf.
Good and Common Vestings.
Black Satin do
Silk and Worsted Serge. Padding and Canvass.
Bed Blankets, various sizes.
White and Black Cotton Wadding.
Gentlemen's Marino Shirts and Half Hose.
For Sale low by
Raleigh, 28th Oct.,' 1S50- ' 839-tf.
For Sale.
JARPETIG, Tufted Hearth Rugs and Carpet Bind-
75 Negio Blankets, Negro Kirsy, Marlboro Stripes,
100 ps. Dark and Light Prints, DohI ys-and Napkins,
Sup. Table and Towelling Diaper, Bird's eye Diapet, j
With a general assortment of Crockery and Glass ware j
among them, i
White Granite Dinnerand Tea ware, Ewersand Basins, (
White China Tea Setts7and Cups and Saucers,
Cut and Mouidea uooieis, i umuiere aim iuc i--i
No. 9, Fayetteville street,
Raleigh Oct 28, 1850. 839-
Robinson & Co's Shoes.
JUST Received
Kid and Morocco Walking Shoes,
do. and do Ladies Slippers,
Misses and Children's Bootees,
Ladies Bootees,
White Kid Slippers. J. BROWN.
No. 9, Fayetteville St.
Raleigh, Oct. 2d. 835
Just Received,
a fjrkPair Men and Boys Heavy Brogans,
X OlMen and Boys Kip Shoetees,
Woman's Leather Shoes and Bootees,
Men and Boys Wool Hats,
Dundee and Hemp Bagging,
Bale Rope and Twine.
..." , For Sale by
";): J. BROWN.
October 2, 1850. ;' 835
Extra Black Bloleskln Hats.
11 ASHION for September, 1850.
. Fur Hats, a General Assortment,
Men and Boys Cloth Caps,
Just Received and lor Sale by
No. 9, Fayetteville St
Raleigh, Oct. 2, 1S50. 835
Hats and Caps.
MOLESKIN, Beaver, Otter, California, Angelia
Plush, and Fur Hats, Gents, Boys, and Childrens
Sup. Cloth, Prince De Joinville Fine Military, and
Jeuay Lind Caps, just received and for sale by
Sept. 2Isf, 1850. 834
I HAVE just received a splendid stock of American,
French, and English Soaps, consisting in part as fol
lows :
6 doz. Low's old Brown Windsor,
6 " Large Omnibus Brown,
6 " Palmyrene, (a new variety,)
1 bos Barber's Soap,
21 " Hotel Soap,
4 doz. Assorted, Rose, Almond. Portrait, Imitation
Fruit, Poncine, Spring Flowers, Honey, JinneyLind,
Wash Balls. Military, and Almond Soap.
6 doz. Creams, and Olophane, assorted, f
All of the best quality, and for sale low, by
Raleigh, Oet. 2, 1850. 835
For the Toilet.
12 Doz. Farina Cologne, Genuine,
24 do American do Assorted,
6 do Lubin's and Bazine's Extract, of every variety
some new kinds, Jenny Lind, &c,
24 doz. assorted Preparations for the Hair,
Aromatic Vinegar, Depilatory Powder, Lip Salve,
Pomade Divine, Eau Lustrale, Bay Rum, Queen o
Flower and Rose Oil, Pearl Powder, Circassion Balls
Powder Puffs, just received at PESCUD'S
Drug Store.
Raleigh, September 30th, 1850. 835
Negro Shoes.
T HAVE a large lot of heavy Negro Brogans, which 1
1 will sellon as good terms as any other person in the
City. Call and see before you buy elsewhere-
Raleigh, Oct. 2, 1850. 835
Calf skins, Lining:, &c.
4f L. BURCH, keeps constantly on hand. Calf
-W Skins,- Lining Skins, Shoe finding, tec, &.c.
Raleigh, Oct. 2, 1850. . 835
JUST Received, and for sale by
, O. L. BURCH.
Raleigh, Oct. 2, 1850. -.. 835
Fine Over Coats. .
Brown and Drab Cloths.: The prettiest style
ever ona tea in tnis market.
October 12th, 1850. 838--
. Liuseed Oil.
8Bbs. Mountain Linseed Oil just to hand. 8 bbls. ex
pected next week. All warranted pure and tor sale
al a small advance by :: P. F. PESCU-D. -
Raleigh, September 30, 1850. , . 835
ACCORDEONS 100 Prices French Accordeons,
of superior toneand finish, selected expressly from
a large-lot by a competenljudge', for sale low.
. - . SAM'L- H. MARKS.
Petersburg, Sept, J9. - - . " ' 834
' V-v Jilit Received '
T-ADIE3 Black Winter Gaiteri superior article!"
' No. 9, Fayetteville St.
7 : 839
Raleigh, Oct. 30.
-U?,pplT FrcihPhoigeae Gai
TUST to hand and for sate at
R.u;v & P. E. PESCUD'S Drug Store.
Raleigh, August 7th, 1850. r 8
The "Bugg" also at Home Again! ;
. R. R.;t-R.vRHvS;
I HAVE just returned the eeoMi time from Boston,
New York, and.Philadelphia, having spent nearly all -of
August and September in said cities, getting up our
CLOTHING, every article of which tea cut by myself , '
and made vp under my own inspection ; and 1 presume ;
. ; . ; ikT -.i - i - a , . u
tnere uuuue id iNorin i;aroiiTia now, wno wouiu uo ,
verdant enough' to question my 'capacity alter -the' elo-
quent tribute paid to my " artistic skill" in our last Su-'
perior Court, by Judge, Counsel on both sides, witness
es and Jurors. I refer to the case of Biggs t Oli-,
ver" action for damages, in which I had to pay $290,
in consequence of my extended reputation. .. ?l
uometn, u you piease, aim assist roe m
the judgment by buying our Goods. Who is there, in
Nortb Carolina, who has not heard of the Hon. George t
E Badicer, the Hon. William H. Haywood, Jr., and
" Bug " Oliver ? " V hy " their fame is no. more to be
hemmed in by State lines than their.talenis are to be cir- .
cumscribed within the same narrow limits." '
We are connected, as all our customers know and if
they don!f know it, they may with no Northern House
bitt are Tailor ovrielve buy wu r own goods, and im
port quite as many of what we purchase in proportion '
to our business, as any House in this State or out of it.
There is uo Establishment here or elsewhere that pos- ,
sesses any advantages over os. We buy where everbody
else buys, and we think we understand our business and
buy as cheaply. We say out CLOTHING is equa lto
any ever offered for sale in North Carolina, and, we
think superior, being judges ouiselvesof clothing. Of'
that though, we will leave tho public to decide, when
iliev examine lor themselves. One thing is certain
without intending to reflect upon any one we will
sell our clothing cheaper than the same articles can be
bought lor in any of the Northern cities ; and as cheap
as any body that comes here, who does not steal his
clothing ready made.
Our stock embracesDrab, Black, Blue, Green, Gray,
and other OVERCOATS from $6 to $20 and upwards.
CLOAKS, full circle, 18 and upwards. Frock, drpss,
and sack COATS from $7 to 12 and upwards. PAN
TALOONS, all colors and prices, from $4 lo $8
VESTS, all kindsandall sizes, at all prices f'om $1 25
to $5. In fact, every thing that can be found in any .
similar establishment in the Union.
We are North Carolinians. We are permanently lo
cated here, and if we sell as cheap as others, why not
give us the preference ? If we do not sell as good goods .
at as small a prire, we will not ask your patronage.
Call ! call ! call ! before your purchase, at
No. 1.
R. R. R. R.
Fayetteville Street."
November 5th, 1850 2
Register copy.
The Old and lmperizhably renowned Prize Seller.
No. 1, Light Street, Baltimore, Md.
Who have for years been dispensing large and handsome
Prizes to their Correspondents have never had such a
propitious month as the month of November has proven
And they feel assured that the month of December must
far surpass any preceding one as the schemes are
Unusually Rich, Brilliant and Dazzling,
Now is the time for speculators to invest with a full cer
tainty of unbounded success.
You that would have your pockets well line! on
Christmas Hollidays
Do not neglect to seize the present opportunity of secur
ing to yoarselves that much coveted object Monet.
Which may be obtained by the trifling outlay of a $5
or $10 bill in some of the following splendid schemes. -Grand
Lotteries for December, 1S50.
Confidence Strictly Observed.
-Capital No. of . Price of Price ot
Dec. Prizes.
uaiiois. iicKeis. racaase.
2 2 $15,000
75 Noa
11 drawn
78 Nos
75 Nos
78 Nos
75 Nos
78 Nos
75 Nos
78 Nos
78 Nos
75 Nos
Bfi Nos
75 Nos
78 Nos
75 Nos
78 Nos
75 Nos
78 Nos
75 Nos
78 Nos
75 Nos
75 Nos
75 Nos
78 Nos
75 Nos
78 Nos
75 Nos
78 Nos
15 drawn
19 drawn
13 drawn
15 drawn
13 drawn
12 drawn
13 drawn
13 drawn
12 drawn
13 drawn
13 drawn
1 1 drawn
12 drawn
16 drawn
12 drawn
13 drawn
13 drawn
15 drawn
12 drawn
15 drawn
15 drawn
13 drawn
14 drawn
12 drawn
12 drawn
12 drawn
In addition to the above Brilliant Schemes, we have
tickets in all the Lotteries drawn in the State of Mary
land, and advertised by other Agent.
Correspondents will please bear in mind that the
prices of Packages of Quarter Tickets only are pub
lished in this paper.
The Printed official drawings which Correspondents
can rely upon as being correct, are always forwarded
from Pyfer & Co's.
Bank Drafts or Certificates of Deposit payable in Gold
at sight, will be promptly remitted to those Correspon
dents who draw prizes at Pyfer & Co's.
Remember A Package of Tickets, can draw four of .
the most splendid prizes in a scheme.
In order to secure a Fortune, and the cash immediate
ly after the result is known, the readers of this paper
have only to remit cash Drafts or prize tickets, to the Old
Established, far famed and truly fortunate Exchange and
Lottery Brokers,
No. 1, Light Street, Baltimore, Md.
Or Box 524, Baltimore Post Office.
Oct. 22d, 1850. 839
At Wholesale uud ICetail.
WE have just received from one of the laigest and
best established Houses in the United States,
one of the largest and best assorted Stocks ever brought
to this City, a Stock that would favorably compare with
the Custom Work ot any Establishment in the Union,
which we are instructed to sell at unprecedented low
prices, and to which we invite the attention of Country
Merchants, citizens of Raleigh, the surrounding Coun
try, and Members of the next General Assembly, and ask
them to call and examine our Stock before purchasing
elsewhere, as we are determined to sell at prices that
will defy competition. ' ' t
Country Merchants need have no fears of finding us
with a broken assortment, as we shall continue to have
large additions throughout the Season.
In addition to the above, we have a full assortment of
tine Shirts, Jenny Lind and other patterns, together with
Silk, Merino, Lambs wool Shirts and Drawers.
All nf which we will sell as low as they can be pur
chased of any Establishment in New York or any oth
City. A. B.: STITH & CO.
Raleigh, Nov. 6, 1850. 840 w If.
Lewis's Pare White Lead.
E are now in receipt of a supply of this superior
, White Lead, which has been tried and pronounc
ed by an experienced Painter, to be equal to any manu
factured in this country. . . '..-''
. August 21St, 1850. " 829
Negro Clothing.
WE have a large assortment of Negro Clothing, all
kinds of Jackets, Over Coats. Pants and Vests, that
we will sell cheaper than the goods can be purchased,
much less to have them made. To which we invite the .
heads of Amities who have tbeirservants o supply. :
Oct. 7,18 BO. j .,, . ,; .-: 836 tf. :
White Lead
R:rr lbs. Pure Lead in 25 and 100 lb. kegs. jus
f received at
Raleigh, September 30, 1850.
GLASS JARSi 30 doaen assorted low priced Jars .
for Preserves and. Confectioners Use, for-sale at the.
Drugstore of WILLIAMS, HAYWOOD & CO.
Aug. 27, 1850 . v , ? 830-
18 hereby given that application will be made , to the
next Legislature of the State of North Caroline' for a
Charter to cut a .Canal from North River to 'some noint ?
in Currituck Bay. . . , - , " ' '
uctooer 30, 1850. 839 St.
$ 125 REWAUD.;
UN AW AY from the subscriber,' residing in-' Edge-
rVcombe county, tour nines norm ui K"-
ad about a quarter of mile from theRaUroad, on ora
bout the second of September last , his negro man named
HARRY. Said Harry i about 40 years of age ; 5 feet
5 inches high, or thereabouts j yellow complexion ; stout
built: has a scar on his left leg, from the cut of an axe; has
very thick lips; eyes deep sunk in his head ; forehead
very square ; tolerably loud voice ; has lost one or two ot
his upper front teeth ; and has a very dark spot on his
jaw, supposed to be a mark . - 1 - i
Harry is a Carpenter by trade, and has been in the
employment of a Railroad Company, in whose service he
was when he runaway, He is well known along the line
of the Road. It is supposed that be has obtained, or will
endeavor to obtain, free papers from a free colored, man
living in Nash county, by . the name of Moses Hagens,
and assume his name, in order to make his way to a free
State. ' - : .v' : ,
The above negro was once th property of Mrs. Co
page, of Edgecomb county ; afterwards, he fell into the
hands of Asiel Farmer,' from whom he was purchased by
Mr. Barnes,7 of said county, from whom I purchased him
about six years ago., He will be certain to alter his name ;
probably to call himself Harry Copage, Farmer, or Barnes.
w wan Inst heard from on the 1 1th September, on the
Newbern Road, about a mile and a half from Wilmington,
enquiring the way to me sound. . , ;. . ,
. I will mva the above reward to any person who will
deliver him to me, or lodge him in any jail in the State ;
or One Hundred Dollars if lodged in any jail out of the
State, so that I can get him again.
Captains of vessels are cautioned against taking the
above negro away, under the severest penalty of the law.
Edgecombe county, N. C, Oct. 5, 1849. 814 tf.
ONE of the most desirable residences in the,
County of Wake, vithin one mile of Raleigh,
nil the advantages of the City and the quiet
country,? convenient to the Churches, Schools,
and society of the Capital. 1 ne u w r,nmn w ""
is large and very convenient, with 8 rooms above and
dining room and pantries in basement. .
The House is in fine order, newly painted, handsome
rrove of 4 or 5 acres in front, besides a good kitchen,
Rock Spring House, and two or three never-failing
Springs in ten steps of the House. There are large negro
Houses, with good brick chimneys, two Smoke-houses,
two Carriase-houses, two Cribs, a three-story Granary,
good Stables and every other out-houes necessary for
comfort, on the premises. - t .
The Tract contains 350 Acres, 100 of which is Forest
Land, well wooded 10 acres in fine Meadow and the
balance in fair farming land. : t
For further particulars apply to W. H. Jones, Esq., of
Raleich. who will show the premises, or address.
Falkland. Pitt co., Oct. 2, 1850. 835
Valuable Real Estate for Sale.
I offer for sale my entire Real Estate, upon which
are thirty-five seta of Boxes; the most of which
h.Vo rtnfw hopn in use from one to two years; with a suf
ficient quantity of round trees to cut at least twenty sets
more. The lands upon which these are situated is not
easily surpassed by any piney lands in Eastern Carolira.
There is upon the premises two Distilleries neatly and
conveniently fitted up, with all necessary out-houses.
Upon the farm, I think the buildings altogether are sel
dom excelled. Those wishing to purchase are invited
to examine for themselves. Terms shall be low, and
nnvmenta accomodating. Come and see.
Any person wishing to purchase, can be furnished
with a sufficient number of teams and wagons to carry
on both the operations of Farm and Turpentine, and
with a year s supply of provisions.
Catharine Lake, Onslow Co. N. C
July 22, 1850.
A Desirable Residence for Sale.
rTHE Executrix of the late Louis D. Henry 'offers for
gale his late Kesiuence.near uw jiiy vi nmeigu. i ue
Dwelling-House is a large and commodious one, and j
rcmarkablv well built, with all out houses complete. It
has about 15 or 17 acres of land attached, under the
highest cultivation. The premises being out of the
limits of the Corporation is not subject to the City Tax,
and still the situation is convenient, and within filly
varda of the Governor s Mansion, in an excellent neigh
borhood. ' -The
terms of sale would be liberal.
D. K. McRAE.
Raleigh, July 15, 1650. 822 tf.
Sale of Land for Xaxes.
fjrHERE will be sold on the 2nd Monday in Decem
B her next, at ti.e Court House in Whiteville, the fol
lowing Tiacts of Land, or so much thereof as will satis-,
o ... - . i -o.o 1 , o j r .
fy the t axes uue iiiereou tor me vrs icho mu iohj
10 000 Acres, the propcilv of John H. White, it be-
ing a part of the Big Swamp, lying on both sids of the
White Maish, and on the east side of N. L. Williamson
and D. F. Williamson's survey. zs za. .
i fino Acres, the property of David Lewis, not given
in fubject to a double Tax, lying in Whitesviile Dis
trict. $37 35-
200 Acres, the property of S. N. Richardson, hot giv-
eu in for 1849 subject to aaouoie iax,ivingin wmtes
.;ilo District. 3 57. .
200 Acres, the property of Jacob Strickland, lying on
LongBraBCh, 67cts.
no Acres, more or less, lying on both sides of Bull
Skin Bay, the property of the heirs of John Goodwin,
deceased, fel.Sa. . '
21 Acres, property of NeedhamMerrilt.on the South
side of Sole s swamp, aO cts, :
Sept. 1830. (Pr. Adv. $6. ) 835 id.
Sale of Laud for Xaxes.
WILL be sold for its Taxes the Lands belonging
to Robert M. Brickell, Harris Norfleet's heirs.
A hram Ricks and M. Fort, Ballard's heirs, William S.
Futrell, Jesse Nelson, Exum Nelson's heirs, before
the Court House door, in the town of Jackson, on the
first Monday in Decembea, 1850.
Acres Owners Location
150 Harris Nerfteet. Roanoke River,
Robert M. Brickell,
Ballard's heirs,
William Futrell,
Poticasi Creek,
- 1,00
- 1.32
Jesse Nelson,
Exum Nelson, '
Abtam Rix and M. Fort,
H. SPIVEY. Shff.
$3) f ' 835 td.
Sept. 2, 1850.
(Pr. Adv,
Grand Ledge of Nortb Carolina.
rTIHIS MASONIC BODY will convene in this city.
I on Monday evening the 2nd ot December, next, at
V ..'..lAalr anil will inntinitA it, aitttnir llnff! all Knui
ii ess which may be submitted lb its consideration.
shall be disposed of. All individuals concerned in the
deliberations of this.body, are respectfully requested to
attend. ..."
Leases which have been working under dispensations
will not fail to apply for Charter, if they Aish .to se
cure a permanent existence.
' " ' ' Grand Secretary.
Rleigh. Sept. 25th, 1850: 835 tf.'
fWlAKEN up and committed to the Jail of Rowan
JUL County, N. C on the 1st of October, 1850, a .Ne
gro man, who says his name is BOB, and that he belongs
to Wm. Crossfic ot Kentucky,' and that be was purchased
by said Crosstic from John C. Moore of Raleigh, v Said
negro is of a light complexion, about 35 years of age, 5
leet or 10 inches highland has two of his upper teeth
out in front. The owner of said slave is requested to
come lorsvard, prove property, pay charges, and take
mm away, or ne wm oe dealt with as the law directs.
. .- . C. KLUTTS, Sheriff
Salisbury, N. C- October 15, I860.. ,;. ,., . 3 tf.
r , . Kcw Music Book.' ,
"1ANTICA LAUDIS, or tha "American Bobk of
VyChurch Music, by Lowell Mason and Geo; Webb;
Also, The Home Altar an appeal in behalf of Fami
ly 'Worship, with Prayers and Hymns,' for family use.
by the Kev. Charles J-' DeemsVV i-H.' D. TURNER-
Raleigh, Jw.ov.,8,, 1,850.
Linseed Oil.
very pure, in store end -for sale by "." , , v ' "
WTI.I.IAMS Bivunnn i'fo
'"Raleigh, Aug. 21st, 1850. , " 829 !
CO. ' Imported Cigars different Brands., ; ' -
of the
. . ' v - " Just Received by .
'"; -: : ' R. TUCKER & SOX. '
Oaf 9, 1850. - - 836 -
Worth Carolina Specially
vrM Tft THE WORLD tifiJN rillA-Lli I ,
And Our Kriends. and .Patrons Particularly! .
vf The Largest Assortment ql.
i jzvjsm brrJEitEif ron sjiie
Inutile State1 of North Carolina,, both irtke. Piece1; ;and
. : 'READY MADE. . ., , ?
V To which wV invite the "attention of Hhe 'public. '
.. ' '.:Sisn of Ihe R B R .
'tigly Row, Fayetteville Street, Raleigh. .
fHAHE Immortal Insect', alia the BuggVafi as Onver,
B - r nr.r r.a Procter, has iust returned 'froirt the
City of Gotbam, otherwise New York,-the London of
America. . Spent six weeks in said diggins selecting an
assortment of Goods that for quality and style never were
aiirrss1 a riff rarelv' ever eoualled.. All ot which are
at hano and ready for exhibition. Whilst absent , said
Matin cniithrA nersnnaere for the. benefit of the firm par
tially, but for the public more particularly, had cut and
made under his own special direction and supervision,
a very large ana . . - , ,
Ranavnl Asiortmeilt Of ClodlillC
embracing Black Dress and Frock Coats, til sizes and
nrirQ. Rrrtwn. Oropn. Blue. Drab. &c. &c, Business
Sacks and Frocks, Overcoats and Cloaks, all colors.
Panhrand V.u all kinds from the low vulgar to the Peru
nr hiirhfalurin. . Dress Shirts, under Shirts; all kinds.
Drawers of everv description. Heavy Silk under Shirts.
Net cotton Diawers, a new article, to which we invite
sDecial attention. Stocks. Cravats, all giades, Scarfs,
Gloves, white, black, and colored Suspenders, Neck
Collars, - . - v
direct from Stockholm, &C.-&.C
Also whilst absent heard Jenny Lind sing sat with
in lour feet ot Gennin the Hatter, the man what paid
two hundred and twenty-five dollars for his ticket and
made money at that ; presented Jenny with a riding
Cap, thereby rendering himself immoital, as no Lady
can ride unless she has on a Lind Cap, and made too by
Gennin, precisely as the Ladies generally who have
heard of our fame for making " them coats " consider
their Lords much handsomer and more fashionable men,
when rigged out at the Store where clothing is fashion
ed by art. ... J '
To members of th Legislature, &e.
Members of the approaching Legislature in want of
Clothing.this Winter would save twenty-five per cent if
not fifty by postponing the purchasing of their clothing
until theii arrival here. Be sure and dont mistake our
establishment, dont let any body persuade you, that they
can do as well by you as we can. Dont sutler yourselves
to be humbugged that is a commodity we dont deal in,
and our friends know it. Gentlemen living in this coun
ty or out of it, would do well to give us a call, as we
are determined to aell cheaper than the cheapest. Per
sons need no longer complain of high prices. If you
want clothing for yourselves, your children or your
neighbors, call, we can sell them cheaper than you can
buv the goods much less have them made. See Sign.
Raleigh, Oct. 9,- 1850. R. R. R. R."
Postscript !
P. S. We take this occasion to render our most grate
ful acknowledgements to a generous public for the very
liberal patronage bestowed uponussinceourcoinmence
ment in business, and trust that by promptly executing
their orders and spreading nverselves for their benefit,
not only to merit bit to receive the appelation of' well
done good and faithful servants" by a continuance of
their custom. 0
wil! please read
Our tnends and customers at a distance
our- advertisement and "send on their
orders; we are anxiously waiting for them.
Latest London, Paris and Northern fashions just to
Cutting of all kinds attended to immediately.
Raleigh, October 9. 1850. 836
THE Subscriber, thankful for the very liberal pat-
I ronage heretofore received, would now inform the
that his House is still open, and that his accommodations
(heretofore limited) are now enlarged. He has erected
a row of Offices for Professional gentlemen, together
with a commodious Hotel, all of which is entirely new.
The location of the MOUNTAIN HOTEL commands
the finest view of the mountain scenery in -the place; and
is removed from the noise and uproar of a Court-yard
and the Public Square, and yet sufficiently near for all
the purposes of business.
The subscriber promises to spare no pains to provide
the invalid a comfortable Summer Retreat, and to gen
tlemen of pleasure and business a desirable Boarding
Morganton, July 25, 1850. " 826 ly,
SJHITIiI-,rEE.It, Johnston Co., .Xbrth Carolina,
ft HE subscriber would respectfully inform his friends
I and the public generally, that he has on hand a large
and rich supply of
Cloths. Cassimeres,: Vestings, and Trimmings
of all sorts ; and that he is prepared to' execute work- in
the best manner and at moderate prices.
He also has on hand a superior lot of
Ready-in side Clotliinsr,
consisting of Cloaks, Overcoats, Business Coats, Vests,
Pantaloons, Iamb's wool Shirts, &c, which he will dispose
of on the most accommodating terms. . .
He solicits a call from those in want of Clothing, as
he is determined to give good bargains, and to do his
work in the best and most approved style.
Sinithfield, October 14th, 1850. 837-3m.
Rocky Jttount, JVash County, JYorth Carolina.
ARE now manufacturing of excellent quality, Cotton
Yam and Seine Twine, which they will sell at the
Their Machinery is New, and they feel no hesitation in
t , WARRANTING ,. -. .
their manufactures to give satisfaction. - Merchants with'
in 50 miles of Rocky Mount, ordering not less than 500
libs, shall have Yarns delivered to them free of addition-:
al expense.
. Rocky Mount, Nash Co. N. C. , .
March 3d, 1850. : - . .801ly-
Iress and Frock. Coats.
WE have on hand a beautiful assortment of Black
Dress and Frock Coats for twenty dollars, gotten
op by ourselves and cannot be bought any where else in
the United States for the money. Recollect that. We
have also fancy Frock and Dress Coats for fifteen, six
teen, ana eighteen dollars, the like ot .which never
was known before. , OLIVER St PROCTER.
. Merchant Tailors.
Raleigh. Nov 9. - 842 .
f SEE ! c:;,:SEE ! : ..
V.";' '. V Sign, R. R. R;
FROCKS arid Dress Coats from $2 50 to $14 and
S20 Sacks from $2 50 to $11'; Over coats' from
$2 50 to $25 ; Pants from 9 1 50 to $9 ; Vests from SI 75
to 85 ; Shirts from 75 cents to 82 50 : ail made ud un
der our own inspection, and will be warranted in every
particular.' t v i OLIVER-&, PROCTER, . .
'-- ' . - t,. -- Merchant Tailors. .
.1..-.,. - , . "... R. R. R. R. '. "
"Fayetteville. Street.
Raleigh, October 9th.; . ,v 836V "
North Carolina Almanac.' '"
TURNER'S North Carolina Almanac for 1851. This
day published by, . "
' ': V. -4 M r - i HENRY D. TURNER.' -
- . , -,. N. C. Book Store." '
Jlalelgh,. Oct. 1850." .'' , 839--tf. .
Scotch' Snuff and Tobacco :
THOSE who are fond of a niccdip or good ctiew of
thweed, will find a superb article of Snuff and To
bacco, at Pescml's Druir Store. ' . .
naieign, .ugusi in, 1BOO. ' j - .. . 827;
BUSHELS or Flax SEieroaTwhicY the
'. RaleighVAdgust 7th, 180;
U ,827
v- V Business Coats. .
CHEAP TWEED 'COATS,4 af a eryIow
price. . E. L. HARDING & Co.
f iff! -N EV -A K 4 II E A K
n ; F A S B 1 0 N A 15 L E . . D R Y; G 0 0 D S
For the Fall and .Winter ,Xradev 1S50.
rniHji aoDscnfter having just. recejvet from New
' fci "Y or k and 'Philadelnhia. an elesant and extensive
Season, would respectfully invite his friends and - cus
tornere. anrt the nuhlir af lartrp ' in "an arl v'Tminatinfi
of the same, being fully persuaded they cannot fail to
, admire, and ...be won by their - superior Richness and
Beauty, and still more delighledu-ith the good bargain
" he'inlends to give them. -; ? .-v-; , ; i;. ;
. The assortment comprises,.! n part. the following viz :
- Super Black Gros-de Rhine Silks, ,. ., r r--
Chameleon. Satin D'chine v : do.. '. . -V . - .
Plaid and Figured Changeable do. ' . ;. ' '
-' .'Lupins finest French Merinos, " '" ; ' i '
- Plain and Embroidered Cashmeres and Delaines. -Silk
Poplins, and Mohair Lustres, ' '
Chameleon Lyonese Cloth, , ' -' :-.-" ';
, Super Black Merino Cashihere and Alpacca.
. Plain, Polka, and Chine Delaines, :;- i " ..' ....
Hungarian and Jenny Lind Cloths, (for Dresses,)
Blue, Brown,' Green and Mode colored Satin striped
' Delaines. ' , ' .
, Changeable JThibet, and Cherry color'd Paramatta'
i ; cloths, . . v. ;; "v,w : ;
New Style Calicoes and Ginghams, " : '
i Irish Linen, and Cotton Shirting,
Rich Velvet Trimming, and Silk Braids and Laces,'
Insertings and Edgings, ' . .. .
Beautiful Bonnet. Pelt, and Neck Ribands,
Fine Kid and Silk Gloves, and Mits,
Together with many other desirable articles, among
which are . ' j r
.. w Cloths, Cassimeres, and Vestings; " ' '
Sattinets. Tweeds Cloth and Kentucky Jeans,
Fine Moleskin and Fur Hats, - . ..;.. ; v
Fur and Cloth Caps, ... .. -
Gentlemen's Boots and Shoes, . ''I 1 .
. Ladies Walking Shoes, Slippers and Gaiters, ' v
Jentiy Lind and Leghorn Bonnets, ' -r
Kersey's, Linsey's, and Blankets, . ... -.' ''
"' Silk and Cotton Umbrellas.
Raleigh. Nov. 6. 1850. . 840 1
. ' Practice wliat you Preach.
From Iiiverpool to Wilmington N. C.
I have just received a large stock of ...
, direct from the Liverpool manufactories, which
I am prepared to sell on very reasonable terms, at whole
sale or retail. .-. . ,
To all who are disposed to encourage direct importa
, tions, I would say that a fair share of patronage is all I
ask to enable me to compete with any other importer in
the United States. ; I offer a fair chance to all who are
disposed to build up Southern Independence. ,.;
In addition to the Crockery Business, I will continue
to keep a large and well selected stock of " .
Farming Implements, . '
to which. I particularly invite the attention of my farm-
inn friends. I am continually in receipt of the latest im
provements in these articles, and will take great pleasure
in showing them to all who are desirous of examining
them. ALEX. McRAE, Jr.
Wilmington, Nov. 13, 1850... , 5 '
X.ook out for the Engine when the Bell-Rings.
All Aloard ! Bound to
Peace's Itleck, Opposite Post i Hi ice, s
The Southern Home Manufactory, . ;
1i,"UCH has been
said in Congress, by Southern
OTimembers, about
the rights of the South. This
community and aurrounding country now have an op-
pcrtunity of patronizing tlieir own merchants and those
who make up gentlemen's wearing apparel, by callingat
, the Proprietor's new Establishment, Peace'sBIock, op
posite the Post office.' ...
J The Proprietor, having made the SCIENCE of cot
ting Gentlemen's fashionable clothing his study, in the
-most fashionable Cities, for many years, is now prepar
, cd to give satisfaction to all who may want their cloth
ing made. Gentlemen furnishing cloth-and trimmings,
will thus give employment to many in the City of Ra
leigh.. . ; - - . . ,
Those who only wish their garments .cut shall have
them warranted to fit, and at moderate prices. Gentle
men's garments altered 'and repaired at the shortest
notice. - . 1 - -'
The New' York and Philadelphia Fashions for the.
Fall and Winter just received. ,.-;...' ' "
- Wanted immediately, two first rate Coat-Makers, to
whom employment will be given and the highest wages.
Raleigh, Oct. 22. 1850. " ' 838 l20Nov. a
Dealers' lu Staple and Faucy Dry Goods.'
Fancy Articles, &c. &c v..-
HAVE received nearly their entire Stock of Fall and
Winter Goods to which they respectfully invite
the attention of their customers, and the public generally,
and all of which are offered on the most reasonable terms.
Raleigh, Oct. 23, 1850. 838
Public Sale, and Negroes to Hire.
ON Tuesday, the 171 h of December nexf,v i shall
sell by Public Vendue, on a credit of Six months,
at the late residence of Joel Harris in the County of
Franklin, 350 bbls. of corn, 47 stacks of Fodder ; 25,
000 lbs of Cotton in the seed : a quantity of Shucks and
Peas ; 16 bbls. New Brandy ; the stock of Hogs ; Two
yoaes oxen; i ux-cart i a large quantity ot. Tools of va
rious kindi ; I Cotton Gin ; one Wheat Thrasher ; two
Siiils complete ; a quantity of cider barrels, and many
other articles. . . '
. At the same time and place, I will hire for the 'ensu
ing year, Foity or Fifty Likely Negroes. '
. Hovemoer it, 185U. ' t ,. 5 -4tw. .
Perfumed Matches. .
OF Superior quality, just received by "v """" '
- . . . , p. f. pescud.
- .",' also, ; " '
- English and American Mustard in qL Bottles and qt.
tin cans, of best quality and very cheap. " ' " ''
., P.. F. PESCUD:
i Raleigh, September 30, 1850. '
ITIorc Land lor Sale. M .
trtO Acres of Valuable Land, lying two miles
" tPWlf South of Raleigh, on the Fayetteville road,
--will be sold on a long credit potes well' secured being
all that is desired. Persons wishing to examine the land
- T and premises can doso by calling on M. A. Bledsoe, who
who is authorized to sell it. . ' ' '""'
.-,-..' ..... '; . " . ' SI J.; BAKER.- "
. October 9, 1850." ; v ! . -f - 836 tf.
, .Valualle I-and for Stile.-vj j.4
A .V Valuable Tract of Land containing 208 acres, lying
i .f between four and five miles Wcsf "of Raleiehl bn
, - bothides of Walnut Creek, and adjoining- the land of
.. Kev.. i nos. Meretiitb and otners, will be sold oii Teasorr
able terms.' '.' ' " ''," 1 "i -' ' - yf-:t'.:- -1 -j
5; j? or turtner information apply to f.' ,? "-ri
t - , ' : - --' '" .'' ' -; ; M. A.' BLEDSOE;
-. jRaleighJ August 21, 1850.-' r v ' . 820-'
.-Kobinsoh's Shoes. '
CONSISTING of Udie's Kid .Walking,'
V- : i ii.io., do. Slippers.
5' r, no.
white do.
Do. " Satin, do.
, i Misses Bootees. v '". ? '':,J'
Misses and Children's Black and l3ronze Bootees, "
Just received by., , . R. TUCKER, & SON.'
Aug. 26, 1850. ; ; " ' 1 v 835 f
... ' - '' '- !"- if,.:. .J--' t! i. . e,
i.IfH,,W. . 'c&rfltKEJ
' OOLDIERS of the War of 1812, and those who'have
served in Indian Wars since V790, their widows or
' -.x!r- T5-';MS ' -;:J ;
. ... . t iigmi . . rf ..... -
. r.. .. "-s. msx&fi . -i r ' v... .
cnildren cfln. have their claims for. Land Bounty . tinder
the'act of CpngTesa passed September 28th, 1 850, ' at
tended t on moderate terms by appplying to '5' . ' '
. " ' ' Attorney at Law. 7
" Raleigh; Oct. $6, 1850, ' , " 837
New Fall and Winter Goods for 185o
v tf resu arrvviti irom tne Latest importations'
rj!TTnTTfC tl' 'WBTTtBlTinPri
TlJMZi;it.. M' MV1M L.VMt- : MtM 'JL HIGH.
. nOsx. Doon Abovx thi Post Office.
. ! . '. ' - '
fHlHE Sobsciiber
respectfully announces f0
E m .
branches at, his old stand j where he shall befiappy,
see them and sell them great bargains. ' The subsn.k.0
had deemed it. unnecessary- recently to advert;.. . .
business, as he was so well known throughout the Slai
! hut tnr foarhia old rrinria anil riuinmus miukt i :
the impression that he was carried away by the etZ
- he has thoucht it best to inform them that he '. ..:ns
- i Kn.tnA.d nA. Knnaa tViAvwiTI kim 1
would say te his old friends and customers that the lib
eral patronage he has received since he has been her
has cemented him stijl more -closely to the good o)i
S tate of North Carolina; and he trusts that their patrol
age will continue to be bestowed on one who feels h
kindly appreciates it; and for his. part there shall h
nothing lacking to give entire satislaction. He tniZ
say more, but it is sufficient for him to say thst he
the feelings of a North Carolinian. He is permanent?,'
located here his interests are here and here Lee
pects to live and die. . : , .'
The. Subscrjber.is a friend and well-wisher to ai
mechanical business in the " Old North State." u
thjnks it the duty of our people to encourage our ol
hard-working mechanics, and keep them with us
not drive them from our borders by encouraging matin '
facturers at a distance from 11s. t We may wish for good '
times and State improvements, but we will nevertT
them until we come to depend, on our own mecljanici'
on.home manufactures and home industry. When
come to do this then will we see our Cities and Town,
flourishing; and our means will not be sent ofl to n,,
great. City " of New York or Boston for articles thJ
can be made in this State as well as at either of these
places, and on as good terms. - - r ;
The Subscriber has on hand a beautiful assorltnentof
GOODS, selected by himself in person in the Northern
Markets, ot the latest and most approved styles and
pattei ns. H is Goods were purchased this Fall, and are
entirely new. They were bought on as good 'terms u
those uf any House in this City; and he flatters himself
that he can offer as liberal if not better bargains than,
any other E;'blishment in this City or in the United
States Call and examine for. yourselves. Yon mit
be your own judges, and you will find' this no mere
" pufE" The Subscriber considers it unnecessary lo
say anything about his skill in cutting or making, a
bis business is conducted by himself ; and he will leave
it to those who deal with him to judge of bis capacity in
this jespect. His experience in business is suchand
he has been so long before the public, that he will not
stoop U commend his own skill and attainments. He
leaves it to his friends and customers to judge of his
superiority over many who presume to cah themselves
Tailors, or Cutters, or Artists "if ynu please. His
workmen cannot be. surpassed by any. North or South,
and he invites the public to call and tiy him before par
chasing elsewhere. He pledges his word for good bar.
gains, as he is determined to sell low.
-i His Stock comprises every article kept in simihi
Establishments. There is nothing vou may rail lor
which you cannot get. Call and try" the well-known
Establishment, one door Norfh of the Post Office.
. The Subscriber's Stock comprises in pari Super black
French Cloths and Cassimeres plain and doeskin, of
all qualities and prices, and a splendid assoitnnent o!
fancy Cloth, which for colors and qualily cannot be sur
passed. Also, a beautiful lotot plain black Satin Vest
ings, and a superb article ot fancy French Silk and
Sating for parties, with a choice variety of Fancy Cafsi
meres for winter wear, and a verv large lot of lannr
French Cassimeres, which will be disposed of on a veri
small advance.. Also, a general assortment of lanrjr
articles, consisting of Jamb's wool, meriDo and sii'k
Under-shirts and Drawers Dress Shiits, black ami
white kid, merino, and fancy cassimere Gloves Half
hose, cotton and merino black and fancy silk Cravats;
all of which are offered at oncomrnorilv lirmvprices. Also,
a beautiful lot of READY-MADE CLOTHING, modt
in my own House, and which will be disposed of at the
roost reasonable prices. "
- Call and examine for yourselves. ' ;
'""N. B.-" Orders from a distance will be thankfully rr-'
ceived and -promptly attended to. The London ami!
Paris b ascions regularly received.
WANTED IMMEDIATELY, one or fwo Apprenli
cesofgood mpral character. T. R. F.
Kaleigh, JNov. 14,1850. 5 CL
jCJ-The City papers will please copy f'jur times.
State of North Carolina, Martin County. !
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Oct. Term, 1850,'
Elizabeth ' Hyman and others, vs. Simmons Burnet
Adm'r. and others Petition for Settlement.
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that Jamp
Burnett, Thomas Burnett, Reddirk Hyman, AicIh- "
bald Hyman, Cullen -Moure and wife Abieail, John, 1
William, Jane, and Lova Louisa Moore, Children ffl
Asa Moore, and Minerva'. Marion, William W., George
W., and-Hugh Hvman, Cbi'.tlren of Wiley Hi man, an
non-residents of this State : It is. ordered by the Court
that publication be made for six weeks, in the Noil
Carolina Standard, for said James Bornett, Thomas i
Burnett, Reddick Hyman, Archibald Hyman, Cullen
Moore and wife Abigail, John, William, Jane, and Lou
Louisa Moore, Minerva, Marion, William W., George .
W., and Hugh Hyman; to appear at the next rennot
this Court, to be held for the County of Maitin al the
Court House in the Town'ot Williamston; on the second
Monday of January next, and plead '.answer or demur,
or the Petition will be taken pro confetso as to theta.t.
and heard. accordingly. , .. - ' - '; -.
'Witness, Lawrence Johnson, Clerk of our said Court;
at office the second Monday.in October,.A. D., 185ft i
t . - . JUnnsom. Clerk. I
Nov.. 16, 1850.
(Pr- adv. f 5 62.)
. ' l
5 6L I
State of Xorth Carolina, Martin County.
Court of Pleas and Quarter. Session, Oct. Term 1850.
Pafsey.Harrell and others . George W. Hyman, Exr. i
- - and others Petition for settlement. 1
TT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that Red- t
J. dick Hyman, Archibald . Hyinan, Cullen Moore aid
Wife Abigail, John, William, Jane, and Lova Louia
Moore, Children of Asa Moore and Minerva. Marion.
William W George W. and Hugh Hyman.'Children of
Wiley Hyman are non residents of this State : It is or
dered by theKJourt that publication be made for six
weeks in Ihe'Noi th Carolina. Standard for the said Red
dick Hyman, Archibald Hyman, Culteri Moore and wife
Abigail, John, William, Jane; and Lova Louisa Moore,
Minerva, Marion, William W. George W. and Hnet
Hyman toappearat the next term of. this Court to be
held for the County of Martin at : the Court Housein
the Town of Williamston on the second Monday of
January next and plead answer or demur, or the Petition
will be taken pro eonfetjo as to them and heard accord-
inglyi" i i' .'. . :.f ; ... .
- Witness, Lawrence- Johnson- Clerk of our said Court
at office the second Monday, in October, A. D. 1850.
L. JOHNSON, Clerk.
13, 1850. - v. pr. Adv. $52i4 8 6t.
: Nov.
' State of Nortb Carolina, Martin County.
Court of Pleas and Quarter' Sessions, Oct Term, 18s'
Nancy"Ward against W. W.- Ward and others Petition
". for Division of Land.
IT appearing to the'satisfaction of the Court that Tht
J. Ward is not an inhabitant of this State : It is there
fore ordered by the Court, that publication be madefo'
six weeks;in the North Carolina Standard, for the
Thomas J. Ward to appear at the next Term of this Court
to be held for the County of Martin, at the Court Hoa
imhe Towuof .Williamston, on the second Mondavi
January, next, and plead answer or demur, or the Pe,!' ';:
tion will be taken pro. confetso as to him, and he i
accordingly,. r , '
I Witness, Lawrence Johnson, Clerk of our said Cort I
at office the second Monday in October, A. D. 1S50. I
'-v r - L. JOHNSON, Clerk.
October 16, 1850. - (Pr. adv. $5
To the surviving Officer and Soldier of the War !
k . 1812. or of the -Indian . Wars imw 1790. or thef
tWidotva and Children s, . '. ." , . -
t--TY a recent -Act, of Conzress the survivinsr OfB"
L. Plaiut SnUi.r. nf lc U7. . L. "? . R.ir.ia. 0
thoir Widows or minor heirs: nlsa b aurwivinir Offi"
and Soldiers of any-o. the Indian Wars since 179 .
theij- Widows or minor, heirs, and also the Com missies'
Officers who were engaged, in the Jate war . with Me1 I
are entitled ta Bounty Lands in quantity from 40 to 1 .
acres,, upon making satisfactory proof of the services'1'
dt)wA,:-t::i - ..v.., . . . v
i.-3'Iie4.under8ignd tenders his professional service' .
those .interested, end if he receives a sufficient nam" ,
c i t. 1 1 ,xt i . .r a. cnoD i
the .claims are prepared .-.for, action there. Where
Certificates of IJischaree are in existence there will
less trouble Iri making out the necessary proofs.
. 1 ICt'JM3 llUa IV. IIC UlCIIiyrrS UI tile 1 A
islature and to strangers visiting the Ci!y, that 8'
;.:,- i ry. j. fflwiif-
Milton, N. C Oct 15th, 1850.
Raleigh, Noy. 12, 1850.'

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