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, t. .r; 7,""
2- - 4. !
IALEIGII, SATURDAY MOllNING, DECEMBER 7, 1850. ".r:?jsy-r. --r:
YOL. 1.
is Published
Teems of thk Wskm. Two dollars PfTaaai
fitty cents, ptjru.--. - . -
antbs from the time of
Dollars, U not paia wimiu iui.
subscribing. r
Terms of thi Sejh-Wiiki.'
in ailiinni. or within the
Four dollars per
first month; Four
auiiuiu, " ,
m advance, ?J "'""'" .Cuved six months;
dollars and hfty cents, U P? " onlhg frora the
1 r. . X nl Oil
p:.- timi1, if nnt uaid within six mouiu-
time of subscribing. inflexibly adhered to. .
VW The above ''Jrteen lines will
, A-DVEr,,SreK "m. tr one doL, and twenty-five
be inserted one " . anrt!on. those of greater
cents for eacn t .M ' judicial Ad-
Court orders and
Sra:rbe-char,ed 25 per centher than the
reasonable reduction
.we rates. A re"- 7. . .
t.i niiniinn win uc uiauu w
I ,.. year. Advertisements ubci-
SlntrsSvVely'Tandard, will also appear in
the Weekly Paper, free of charge.
Subscribers, and others, who may wsh to se n money
to the Editor, can do so at all times, by Mail and hw
ri Receipts for all sums will be promptly transmitted.
Letters to the Editor must come free of postage.
Caswell Female Institute,
GOULD, A.M. Principal.
. . . rr 1
8 ,
V.. Kei.lo-,g, Assistant ana leacncr
Ornamental Branches.
Mrs. E. B. Gould, Teacher of Music.
rnHE Subscriber, availing himself of the well known
I hooithinpss of this situation, has undertaken to estab
lish o Female. Senunaru. which, in addition to meeting
the wants of this vicinity, shall merit patronage from
Ha h:is. accordinclv. spared nopains in procur-
.sc;dt ivisspssin? the highest qualifications.
M?ss Kellogg, (who has recently arrived,) received her
P.lnrotioii at some of the best institutions in the country,
!. wn hiahlv successful as a Teacher. Testimo
nials of the most commendable character can be exhib
ited from gentlemen ot the urst respeciauuuj.
The course of studies will now embrace all the bran
ches, solid and ornamental, usually taught in Female
Seminaries of the highest class. Thoroughness is the
loadiiig feature in the plan of instruction. The govern
ment is strict, but gentle and conciliatory. For rapid
progress and superior attainments in Music, Drawing,
Painting and Embroidery, it is believed that this School
now offers very unusual facilities.
The subscriber will devote one half of his time to this
school, his connection with the Dan River Institute still
Board, including washing, from $3 to $7 per month.
Pupils are required to board in families approved by the
The next session will commence on the 6A of January.
Early attention is requested as far as practicable. Charge
will he made frora the time of entering to the close of
the session, and no deduction made for absence except
for protracted sickness.
Teiims Pek Session of Fiv Mosthj :
Tuition, according to studies pursued from $8 to SIS
Music, (Piano with singing) three lessons per
week, with an extended series of vocal ex
ercises, for cultivating the voice after the
most approved European method,
Drawing, Painting in water colors, stylogra
phic, Monochromatic, Painting ami Em
broidery, each - -French,
- -
20 00
November 25, 1850. 844 3tw.
Raleigh Register insert three times and forward account.
(Hillsborough Street,)
R.tUEIGH, X. C. ,
REV. BEKNET T. BLAKE, Principal.
Mr. VV. C. D.u-h, A.M., Professor of Mathematics
and Ancient Lunguages.
Karl W. Petersilia, Professor of Music.
Mhs. Lcct M. Petersilia, Teacher of Drawing and
O TWENTY-FIVE Young Ladies can be accommo
X dated with board in the family of the Principal.
These will receive all the attention, and enjoy all the
comforts of a private family.
The course of study is well digested, thorough and
extensive. The entire expense to a pupil will be cover
ed by the payment of One Hundred Dollars in advance,
for a session of five months. This will include Board
and Tuition, with Music, French, Latin, Greek, Mathe
matics, Drawing and Painting.
Taken separately, the charges will he as follows:
Board per session of five months, $50 00
Tuition in the Classical Department, 20 00
Tuition in the English Department. 15 00
Music on Piano or Guitar, 20 00
Drawing and Painting, 10 00
Painting in oil Colours, 15 00
French, 10 00
The Pupils will be regularly instructed in Vocal Mu
sic, without further charge.
The Annual Examination of the Pupils of this Insti
tution will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, the
4th and 5th of December ensuing.
The Session for 1851 begins 6th January, 1851. -
B. T. BLAKE, Principal.
Raleigh, Nov. 8, 1850. 4 tf.
South Lowell Male Academy,
THE present session of this Institution will close on
the 20th of December; and the next session will
rmnmpnrA nn Thnr1 I. .
earnestly requested to be present at the commencement
of the session.
--.t, uniiuarv xnii. HTTiiftira are
The School continues under the superintendence of
ic ncv. james A. JUean, jvi. A., as Principal, and Mr.
o. F. Larabee, B. A. as Associate. The Academv build
ing is new, and is so constructed as to accommodate throe
or even four Teachers. It is hoped that the friends of
iue institution will rally around it, and furnish a suffi
cient number of students to test its capability.
Three objects will constantly be kept in view : ,
1st, To promote thorough scholarship. 2nd. To secure
me students from the contamination of vice, and to in
ml mto their minds moral and religious principles. 3d
u cultivate a taste for general knowledge. INo pains
win De spared to obtain all these ends.
South T
Randolph Macon College ; but the course of instruction
is such as to prepare for any College in the country ; and
it u equally adapted to such as do not intend to pursue
- "egiaie course. , -.
Expenses ae heretofore, viz: Tuition $10 00 $12
d 15 00. Board in the best families, $25 00
per session.
South Lowell , is in Orange county. . North Carolina,
a miles west of Henderson, end about the same dis
tance North-west of Raleigh. ,
v D. C. PARRISH, Sec. Ex. Com.
November 28, 1850. 844 4t. '
The Rev. Dr. Hooper's Farnlly School
. w.lfcf Country, JVear ZMtleto Depot f
' T Warms Cocrty, N.' C' " .' " " '. ' .
uXf R,T- Wm. Heop, Pof. J. DiBs
THE A" tas CHoonn;,.. ...
dyJ "e" w m commence rt the first Thurs
tend to send r17' pefltte,ted at those who in.
Nov "3 'lJSVn Bkeerty application.': .. i-.1v
' 8ao 8 4t.
The Old and hnperishably renowned Prize Sellers.
No. 1, Light Street, Baltimore, Md. - '
Who have for years been dispensing large and handsome
P izes to their Correspondent have never had such
propitious month as the month of November has proven
a -.1 feel assured that the month of December must
far surpass any preceding one as the schemes are
Unusually Kick, JSrtUiam ana uazzung,
j. I . - 4 C II
Now is the time lor speculators 10 invest wiia a iuii cer
tainty of unbounded success.
You that would have y our pockets well line J on
Christmas Hollidats
Do not neglect to seize the present opportunity of secure
ing to yonrselves that much coveted object Monet.
Which may be obtained by the trifling outlay' of a $5
or $10 bill in some of the' following splendid schemes.
Graud .Lotteries for December, 150.
Confidence Strictly Observed.
Capital No. of , Price of Price ol
Dec. Prizes.
jianois. ii.Keis. racKagea.
2 2 $15,000
75 Nos
11 drawn
2 of 25,000
78 Nos
75 Nos
78 Nos
15 drawn
19 drawn
13 drawn '
15 drawn
13 drawn
12 drawn
13 drawn
13 drawn
12 drawn '
13 drawn
13 drawn
1 1 drawn
12 drawn
16 drawn
12 drawn
13 drawn ;
13 drawn
15 drawn
. 12 drawn
15 drawn
13 drawn
14 drawn
12 drawn -
12 drawn
13 drawn
20,000 75 Nos
40,000 78 Nos
25,000 75 Nos
24,000 78 Nos
30,000 78 Nos
25,000 75 Nos
10,000 66 Nos
52,500 75 Nos
25,000 7$ Nos
20,000 75 Nos
35,000 78 Nos
25,000 75 Nos
18,000 78 Nos
40,000 75 Nos
26,000 78 Nos
20,000 75 Nos
30,000 75 Nos
22,500 78 Nos
15,000 75 Nos
61,370 78 Nos
25,000 75 Nos
25,000 78 Nos
In addition to the above Brilliant Schemes, we have
tickets in all the Lotteries drawn in the State of Mary
land, and advertised by other Agents.
Correspondents will please bear in mind that the
prices of Packages of Quarter Tickets only are pub
lished in this paper.
The Printed official drawings which Correspondents
can rely upon as being correct, are always forwarded
from Pyfer & Co'n.
Bank Drafts or Certificates of Deposit payable in Gold
at sight, will be promptly remitted1 to those Correspon
dents who draw prizes at Pyfer & Co's.
Remember A Package of Tickets, can draw four of
the most splendid prizes in a scheme.
In order to secure a Fortune, and the cash immcdiate
Iv after the result is known, the readers of this paper
have only to remit cash Drafts or prize tickets, to the Old
Established, far famed and truly fortunate Exchange and
Lottery Brokers,
No. 1, Light Street, Baltimore, Md.
Or Box 524, Baltimore Post Office.
Oct. 22d, 1850. 839
THE Twentieth Semi-annual Session of this Institu
tion will commence on the 1st Monday in Jan. 1S51.
- ... 1.1 f ,
The location is pleasant, proveroiaiiy neauniui,reureu,
yet easy of access at all seasons of the year. This in
stitution is so arranged and conducted as to combine the
greatest advantages with the least expense, and to give
. . . . f, C it,, it..-, mill
competent and emcieni instruction in mi 01 mc '"
branches of an accomplished Female Education
The Board and TuiHon m all the branches requisite
for a Diploma and Gold Medal will not exceed $124 00
per annum.
The Ornamental brancnes, emoracing instrumental
Music, Wax Fruit and Flowers, Ancient and Modern
Languages, Drawing and Painting in Oil and Water
Colors, at the usual prices.
Vocal Music, Needle and fancy worn, gratis.
The Libraries of the Principals are accessible to ad
vanced Students.
Lectures noon Literary and Scientific subjects, wita
Dpropiate experiments will be delivered during the Ses-
KIT. IX . 1j. ulvA v .ctj,
Associate Principals.
November 30, 1850.
THE Rev. Professor Morgan has established at Salis
bury, North Carolina,
(a model school, )
of the highest grade. The success of his system in
Edgeworth ;during five years, is known to most compe
tent judges in Virginia, North and South Carolina. It
is believed that no similar institution has made such am
ple provision for the comfort and success ef 1 oung la
dies, at such moderate expense to the pupil. The year
will close in June. All information will be sent to ap
plicants. ' ?-'" '
The whole expense lor one year ot 1 v morruis tim
ing in June is from $130 to 200.
November 30, 1850. 10
THE Spring term of this Institution will open on
Tuesday the first day of January, 1851.
Terms per Session of five months, (payable in advance?)
Board and English Tuition, ' $60 60
Music on Piano or Guitar, r 20 00 '
Use of Instrument, ' 3 00 '
. Latin and French, each,' ' 10 00 '
Incidental Expenses, v ' 1 00 !
MRS. J. J. FINCH, Principal.
Nov.30, 1850. ' 844-4t w.
THE Trustees of the Forestville Female Aqar7emy
wish to emDlov a Gentleman and his Wife to take
charge of their School, commencing about the 2nd or
am Monday m January. If they cannot get a man and
his wife, thev wonlil pmnlnv n vniinir ladv. "'
Testimonials as to character and qualifications will be
required. Address the subscriber at Forestville, Wake
county, N. C. ' r J. 8. PURIFY, Sec.
Nov. 28, 1850. " 1 10 tf.
Register publish till forbid. "
THE subscriber having purchased the '
, Payettevilie Caudle Factory.
Is prepared to mould best Candles, and solicits the pat
ronage of those having tallow to mould.
November 30,1850. ... ' 9 3t. .
N Saturday, the 28th of December, LgftO',. wil be
y .renieu to tne mgueei . uiuuer ior toe next year
formerly occupied by Spencer and 1 imWTlake. Terms
made known on the day of rent. . ;: .
n l: ,, :- -tv-LUGE-NIA- M. SPENCER.
Franklin Co., Nov. 30th, 1850. 9 td.
Practice what you Preacli. . , '
From Liverpool to Wilmington N. C.
I have just received a large 6 tock of. .
, direct from the Liverpool manufactories, which
I am prepared to sell on very reasonable terms, at whole
sale or retail. ' , ' -
To all who are disposed to encourage direct importa
tions, I would say that a fair share of patronage is all I
ask to enable me to compete with any other importer in
the United States. I offer a fair chance to all who are
disposed to build up Southern Independence. ' '
In addition to the Crockery, Business, I will continue
to keep a large and well selected stock of
. Farming Implements,
to which I particularly invite the attention of my farm
ing friends. I am continually in receipt of the latest im
provements in these articles, and will take great pleasure
in showing them to all who are desirous of examining
them. ALEX. McRAE, Jr.
Wilmington, Nov. 13, 1850. 5 6m. '
Fayetteville Street.
A fiw doors North of The VarbrougU House,
fita JS'earljf Opjioirlte Lawrence's Hotel
Is Open for the Season !
Every thing furnished in such Establishments will be
served up in the best style, and at the shortest notice.,
' Fresh Oysters of a Superior Kind,
3F Call at Kane's on Fayetteville Street, a few doors
to the North of x aibrough s House, and nearly opposite
Lawrence's Hotel. ,
P. S. There is a BILLIARD SALOON in the Es
tablishment JOHN KANE.
Raleigh, Nov. 16, 1850. 5 tf.
Just Opened Two Doors Above U. Smith's Store.
rrHE Subscriber has just opened a Book Store in Ra-
I leigh, two doors above Mr. Richard Smith's Store,
where he offers to the public
sesxeex, books,'
Of almost every description, together with a large col
lection of
From the pens of eminent authors of the different De
nominations ; also, .
Of excellent quality ; all of which he proposes to sell on
very reasonable terms.
Any Book not on band at present, can be ordered and
received by the Subscriber in a few days, and he will be
prompt to fulfil all orders from town or country.
Raleigh, Sept. 12, 1850. ' 833 tC
New Goods, New Goods ! '
JLook Out for Good ISar gains.
JUST the very thing at last ; that long and anxiously
ed for train, containing those
that was selected by Alexander Creech, with great care
and with an eye single to the wants ot his friends and
customers has ai rived and now opened, and for sale.
For the Ladies a Urge and varied assortment of beau
tiful prints of the latest styles, a large assortment of
a large and beautiful assortment of a most every kind for
Gentlemen. Call at his Store, two doors above Mr.
Richard Smith's cornerj and next door to Messts. A. B.
Stith & Co's. Auction and Commission store, and you
will not regret it. ALEXANDER CREECH.
Kaleigh, Nov. 20, 1850. . 8
Fresh Arrivals Tri-Weekly !
Will Receive New Goods Xrl-WccUly
During the Winter Season,
By this arrangement purchasers will always find
Something JVeto and Attractive, '
By examining th ir Stock. . As for Bargains Gentle
men you can't beigin to buy as cheap elsewhere. Call
and supply you.-selves,
. . Fayetteville Street.
Raleigh, Nov. 15, 1350. . 5
Prime Smoking and Chewing Tobacco,
And the best Imported Ccgars,
May be found at
GE3rasxLA.x, xrA.iK'3?-sr sonas,
First Corner North of Yarorough House,,
And opposite Lawrence's Hotel,
Keeps on hand a good assortment of Useful, Fancy,
and Ornamental Articles, Confoctionaries, Groceries,
&c. ' ; &c. ; &c ' -
Raleigh, Nov. 1850. ' 6
OL BURCH would inform nis oia cusiouim
.well as others, that he has now in his employ
Jls good, Workmen as there is in the Union,
and feels confident that he can make any article in his
line as well if not a little better than can he got else
where, he has nei ther spared pams nor expense in pro
curing the service ol workmen for the above purpose.
His Materials are the best known totte Trade.
The Latest Fashions always at hand-
Call two doors below the Post Office.,
Raleigh, Oct. 2, 1850. . . ., . ' 835
n T. BURCH. -
tf AM tiovf receiving from me .lunuciu
-n c..niir of Boots and Shoes.
and without, enumerating the articles, I will say that my
STOCK IS Zj&RGE, ... .
. ,d that I win give as good bargains as can be bought in
the City. . - - ' ' v ' 835
Kaleigh Oct. 2, 1850. . . .. v:. ; . oja ;
Dealers In Staple nd Fancy Dry Goods.
jiats, caps; soots and shoes:
' -En. Article, Acc - .
TTAVE received early their entire Stock of Fall and
11 j- . , arhirh thev resDectfnlly Invite
thettention of their wwtomcrs, and Uie pnbhe generally.
end all of which are otteiedon we io uu,,""r-
Eftleigh, Oct. 183, lf3SO. ,i n ;'-v
, o.... ,.nif Cloth. Dress A Frock Coats.
1 gi ENTL'E MEN if you want a good flttingeoat jnade
Raleigh, Nov. 15. 5
': Palmer1 & Ramsay -
HAVE Just received the most splendid stock of
Rich and Handsome Goods
in their line ever offered for sale' in the city of Raleigh,
ine elegance ot tne articles being only surpassed by their
usefulness and convenience. 2 The 'patterns are entirely
new, ana tne beauty of the various designs by wnicn
they are embellished are quite unique and fanciful, Teach
ing the very highest perfection of art and skill.-We de
sire an; inspection, which is the only proof necessary to
convince all persons 'of correct taste that such splendid
ijrootls, at,such very reasonable prices, were never offered
before in North Carolina.' Our Fashionable Store, there
fore, stands A'. No. 1, among the attractions Of the City
of Raleigh during the present Winter. ' " ' " ' -
Splendid Gold and Silver Watches,
Gold,', vest, fob and guard Chains, ' '; "
' ' Ladie's ' watch chains, new style, V ;
v ; Seals, keys, chains, earrings, breastpins, rings,
Diamond breast pins And Rings, ''
'-' Gold lockets, braclete, ketches, and necklaces,
! Gold and silver Pencils and pens, . .: i- ;
Gold silver, and steel spectacles, ; m ; .i :
Geld and silver buttons and studs, . . -' i
. - Gold and silver thimbles,. and silver combs, .
Gold and silver buckles and slides,,;
' Coral, assorted, silver and shell card cases, .
Clocks,' warranted good time pieces, .
Silver table, desert, and teaspoons. - .
Ladles, sugar tongs, cream, and salt spoons, , '
Silver & plated butter knives, silver forks and cups
Steel keys and chains and. music boxes, . ;
Steel worked bags, tassells, rings and beads,
A large collection of fine Cutlery, .......
Perfumery for the toilet, and fancy Boxes, .
' Full sets fine Waiters, - .
Rich plated Castors, candfesticks, baskets, .,
Waiters and fruit stands, new -styli-s,
Brittania ware and flower vaces, ...
Pocket books and silk purses, Vt- ...
; Hair, tooth and shaving brushes, .
Pistols, table cutlery and guitar strings,
Fancy Goods, . - .
Their, personal attention will be devoted to tepairing
all kinds of Watches,. Clocks and Jewelry.
Old gold and silver taken in exchange.
November 1850. 6
Corner of Wilmington and Hargett Streets,
THIS splendid Establishment, just completed,
and elegantly fitted up, is now open for the in
spection and patronage of the ' Public. '
W. R. PEPPER, the Agent and Manager, is wel
known in this community, and throughout the State, as
a Caterer for the taste of all those fond of
' Baked, Scalloped, Fried, Stwed, ' '
And done up " brown, " with the et ccteras. , 1
The House is so arranged as to furnish Saloons com
pletely retired for private parties of gentlemen desirous
of feasting themselves and mends. .
PEPPER attends to the Cuisne in Person. Trays,
handsomely piled up, sent to every part of the City at
short notice ; and Parties will be supplied at any hour of
the day or night, by sending their orders to the House.
Members of the Legislature, when fatigued with their
arduous official duties, may refresh themselves at PEP
PER'S ; and other Visiters, as well as his old friends and
customers of the City, nre invited to do the same. Mo
pains or expense snail be spared to make tins IHti
HOUSE where every wish of the Epicure shall be grati
fied. W. II. PEPPER.
Agent for L. F. Smith.
Raleigh, No v.: 15, 1350. 842 tf.
Look out for the Engine when the Bell Rlnjrs.
j&W-All Aboard ! Bound to
' I'cace's Jilock, Opposite Post Oft ice,
Tne Southern Home Manufactory,
MUCH has been said in Congress, by Southern
members, about the rights of the Sooth; This
community and surrounding country now have an op
portunity of patronizing their own merchants and those
who make up gentlemen's wearing apparel, by callings!
the Proprietor s new Establishment, Peace's Block, op
posite the Post office.
The Proprietor, having made the SCIENCE of cut
ting Gentlemen's fashionable clothing his study, in the
most lasnionaoie uities, lor many years, is now prepar
ed to give satisfaction to all who may want their cloth
ing made. Uentlemen furnishing cloth and trimmings,
will thus give employment lo many in the City of Raleigh.-
; if-..'.!-. .-. . ' .
1 hose who only wish their garments cut shall have
them warranted to fit, and at moderate prices. . Gentle
men's garments altered and repaired .at the shortest
BOtiCe. . . . - i -..-.;,..:' .i . ...
The New York and Philadelphia Fashions for the
Fall and Winter just received. ., . , .
Wanted immediately,, two first rate Coat-Makers, to
whom employment will be given and the highest wages.
Kaleigh, Oct. 22. IS50. S3S tzOIVov;
New Confectionary & Grocery Store,
3 Zfoors below the Post Office.
XfTM. GRIFFICE, & CO. have opened a Confec
,W tionary and Grocery Store, in Raleigh,. 3 doors
below the Post Office, where they have on hand, and
will sell on reasonable terms the following articles;
. . . 4.G33.eeH.xasis. ';.V .-.
, .Sugar and Coffee, .j, . . : Crushed Sugar, :;
Do. , St-Croix, Havana . do.! -k --.
,. Candles and Soap, . ... Pepper and Spice, ; ..'
., Black and Imp. Tea, .f ,.; Copperas and Ginger, ;
... Saleratus and Snuff. , . - Brooms, &C..&C .
: .-. JWyere' Best Chewing Tobacco. . t ': '
.-..-.... 5.. Coaifectionat'ies. t t :
Best Segars, . f-.-... . VVatorJrackers, ' -
Dolls, Accordians, .'.'.' 1 .; Butter and Soda, do.' . 4 :
, Fancy Candies, Citron, . Prunes, Cocoa Nuts,''!
, Almonds, Filberts, t .-.'English Walnuts, '
". Palm Nuts,- -,; . ,i; n i.Figs and Raisins, i r i
And every thing, usually kept in a Confectionary Store.
They will say to the public that they carry on the
-.:,, Candy -Muking Business, . , ; ; . ; -'
and without boasting they can assure the public that they
will sell the best Candy , as cheap as any house in the
place, and warrant it to he as good as can be maSe. ,,! ; '
.. ..Merchants and others, buying by the.. wholesale, . will
find it to their interest to give them a call. '.y
Raleigh, October 9, 1850., ,-. .,- . , . , 836 tf-j j
North Carolina Music Store.
flHE Subscriber takes this opportunitv of announc-
i. iasto the people ot North Carol ios. that he intends
to open in this Cily, in December nejet, mMUSIC
S TORE, where will always oe found a complete as.
sortment of Foreign and American Music and. Musical
instruments ; all ot which will be selected by himseli..
' The" Pianos will be from the best' Manufactories, in
the' United States', and will be' sold at New Yofk iod
Philadelphia prices , PETE'RilVfA. 1
Raleigh; November;, I860. "j":Jlft?
, . -.. PAOA ; j
V? to ilYont Shockot Warth6sp
VFFERS bis sovktetlTolacoo', Wheat, Flodtv
and Corn; and. respectfully solicits eoasigdmeatsu
Kichhosd, January 1st, mou. isx-om.
-J.-'- -i: '- - ' ' ' ..'. : ' J -., t "
The ''Bogrg'? also at Home Again!
::HWE-';A:r'.B-':.:i 's-
I HAVE, just returned Ahe, second time from Boston,
New York, aod.Philadelpbia.haviag spent uearlyaU
of August and, September ia said cities, getting up our
CLOTHING, every article of which was cut bytuytclf,
and made vp under my oipn inspection i and I presame
there is no one in North Carolina now, who would be
verdant enough to question" my' capacitv after the elo
quent tribute paid to my "-artistic skill" in our last Su
perior Conit. by Judge, Counsel on both sides, witness
ed and Jorors. 1 refer to the case of Biggs vs Olf-
yer" action for damages, in which I hid lopay 250,
- in consequence of my extended repotation.. ; . , ,
Come in,.if you please, sod assist me in paying off
ithe judgment by buying our Goods. :Who is there, in
Nortb Carolina, who has nof heard of the H on. George
. E, Badger, the Hon. William H. .Haywood. Jr., and
. " Bug " Oliver ? , U hy jheir fame is no more lo be
hemmed in by State lines than theirtalenis are tobe cir
cumscribed within the same narrow limits." ., 1
We are connected, as all our customers know and if
they don'l know it, they triaywith no Northern House
but are Tailors ourselves boy our own goods, and i m
port quite as many of what we purchase in proportion
. to our business, as any House in this State or out of it.
r Th ere is iio Establishment here or elsewhere that pos
sesses any advantages over us. We buy where everbody
else buys, and we think we understand our business and
buy as cheaply. We say ui CLOTHING is equa Ito
. any ever offered for sale 'in . Norlh Carolina, and, we
think superior, being judges ouiselves of clothiug. Df
that though, we will leave the public to decide, when
they examine for ihemselves. One thing is certain
' without intending to rerWt upon anv one we will
- sell our clothing cheaper than the fame articles can be
bought for in any of the Northern eities ; and as cheap
as any body that comes here, who does not. steal his
..clothing ready made. ' j - -. .
.... Our stock embraces Drab, Black, I Blue, Green, Gray,
and other OVERCOATS from 6 to S20 and upwards.
CLOAKS, full circle, $8 and upwards. Fiock, dress,
" and sack COATS from $7 to $12 and upwards. PAN
TALOONS, alt Colors and prices, fiom 4 to 8
VESTS; all kind andall sizes,' at all prices from $1 25
to $5. In fact, every thing that can be found in any
similar establishment in the Union.
Weare Worth Carolinians. We are permanently lo
cated here, and if we sell as cheap as others, why. not
give use preference .' If we do not sell as good goods
at as small a prie, we wilL uol ask your patrouage.
, Call ! call ! call ! before ypiir purchase, at
'. . . No. 1.
R. R. R. R.
' Fayetteville Street.
November 5fh, 1830 ' 2
Register copy. ' ' c
P. F. PESCUD; - -
Wholesale and Retail Druggist
OFFERS for cash, or approved credit, at the lowest
market prices, a large and well selected assortment
of East India, Mediterranean and European . ., -.-DRUGS
French, English and American, Chemicals,
. -v . sA reis1 and Domestic Soaps.' ;.
i Perfumery,
Fancy Articles,.' t
Fancy Soaps,
.. . Brushes, , . ,
, Extracts, ' ', ;
-' ..- Trusses, ' . ', .
L.eeches, .
Paints and Oils, : -Dye
Stuffs, - i .
Druggists Labels,
Window Glass, , '
Surgical Instruments, . ,
Druggists' Glass Ware,
Shaker's Herbs and Roots,
Peas Brisdt, Madeira, Sherry and Port Wises,
, Selected for Medicinal purposes. .
, Sands Sarsaparilla, Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry,
... Gray'a Ointment, Eeckwith's Pills, Aycr's Cherry
Pectorial.Doctor Wiley's Cough Candy, Gen- i
, .. uine Cod Liver Oil, together with every . .. .
. . . article comprising the stock of a Phy-
April 7, 1850.
Henry D. Turner,
Publisier. Bookseller, and Stationer
No. I, FiTiTTETiLii St. Raleish, N. C.
HAS always on hand a large and general collection
of : - - ... ..-".-.
Law, Medical, Theological, Classical, Voyages, Travels,
Novels and Miscellaneous Books. - Also, a very
extensive assortment of School Books, &c,
Blank Books, Ledgers, Journals, Day Books
Pass Books, Bank Books', Record Books,
' . - B'artk Check Books, and any other kind ' '
that may be wanted manufactured '
" to order. . ; '
Together with a general assortment of Stationery. '
. . Particular attention given to filling all orders' complete
from Booksellers, Merchants, Teachers, and private indi
viduals. And every article in his line sold at the lowest
prices for cash or approved credit, : either at wholesale or
retail. . . .-. . ; . . .. i .. ... .
: All new work's received as soon as published, . -.
. Raleigh, August 27, 1850.. : :, r . .830
. New Watch aud Jewclery Store;
W. H. THOMPSON -Would respectfully in-
:h. nas opened a choice stock ol . " -
Watches and JeWelry, " ' !
in a part of the Store occupied by Mrs. Thompson as a
Millinery establishment, where he "oilers for sale Gold
'and Silver : watches, warranted correct "time keepers
the latest styles of : '- - ' " '- '- .' :;
- jpgijionabie' Jewelry,; 1 . '. ,
such as Guard, Vest and Fob Chains; Cameo, stone and
.mourning Broaches; Plain,, Chased and Stone Rings;
Gold Pens aud Pencils ; Gold and Silver Thimbles; Studs,
.Collar aud Sleeve Buttons, Ear Rings, Gold and Silver
Spectacles, &c., Fancy Goods' and, Fine Cutlery, all of
which will bo sold cheap. . Watches, Clocks and Jewel-.
ry repaired in' superior style." . Old Gold and Silver taken
'iu exchange. ' . ' .' . ' v , . ;
Sept. 21, 1849. ... ; ''': '.'"'." '' ' ; ' 777 6m. '
ao? e;m3A:p eASJBC store.
'" ''"' "" SELLING OFf 'AT COST,'' "' ' '
... - ' h . . . . ' ... . : i . v.-
- A LARGE Slock of uew and fashionable Dry Goods
"xSL'ofihe latest Styles and Patterns. Also, a large
' assorfment'of Shoes, Boots',; Hats, Caps, Bonnets, Cot--.
ton. Yarn; HardwaTej Cutlery ,'Double and Single Bar
rel Guns artif Pistols. ' The- purchaser will save from
' Gltecn to twenry percent by Calling at this Store before
i purchasing elsewhere, as I am detei mined to sell out
. tny entire Stnck ot Goods this winter tor the purpose of
. reujoYHig o jwa me wi towing opring. ; ion will .nnd
me at tha well known corner Store loiwrly occupied
" by Mr. B- B. Smith cornerof Harget and Fayetteville
itreets Bear this in nsind...",' . 5 , CREECH.'
.Raleigh, Nov. 20, 1850. 6
I' .;';;yvi:;;see'R.uiL. r: k.,- ;
. ,To the clxizens oif , N'orth Carolina particularly.
'' -WJ E n,'asoro and furnish an entuesuitof clothes
f (including coat, pantaloons, and rest. 1 at from 35
.-. to $44. j,aod will warrant them to.be equal infill respects
!. -I f ' - t 1 1 . , . - . r ..
K 10 buy luui can oe. lyrnisneu in me united States lot mat
money.' . Gentlemen need, no .longer, send out of the
State for cheap Clothing, unlessi they' prefer' it.
M'.yx- -"; ; OLIVER '& PROCTER-',
'- f
' Royal Raleigh Ringfai'l Rousrw. 1
X? , iPerfiinieIfffafch; -".f f ' a'
.' English "and Atnencaq; Mustard in qt..JBoffef. and qt.
iio cans', of best'q'aality'a.od '.vera'cfceapJ' ' '",''
tin cans,
Raleigh, September 30, 1850.
f -
New Fall and Winter Goods for 1850
Fresh Arrtvala from the latest Importaticnt :
JSEncaajvT TJiima, iuiLiEKjU, jr. c
s s w; ; oe Doom Abot vBt PtesV Otti'cs, :
" -: - ' ; ' ; ..!
THE Subeciiber :respeetfully hncnces- to bis
fneqds and patrons-te the members of the leg
islature and to-strangers visiting the , City that. h
cntinuea to carry 00 the Tailoring Bwinesa in all its
branches at his old stand, where he .shall be happy h
see (hem and sell them gieat bargains. Ths aubscrtber
had deemed it unnecessary recently to advertise his
businesses he v?as so well known throughout the Stat:
but for fear bis old friends and customers might be under
the impression that he was carried awav by the great
tornado "'which pased Northwards a" few days ago,
he has thought it best to inform them that he is still in
business and hopes they will give him a call. He
would say to his old friends and customers that the lib
eral patronage he has received since he has been hersv
has cemented him still more closely to th good eld "
outie in iiirui arouna; ana ne irusls that tneir patron
age will continue to be bslowed on one who feels he
Kiuuijr appreriaies it; ana ior Ins part there shall be
nothing lacking to give entire satisfaction. He tniKt
say more, but it is sufBcient for him to say thot he has
the feelings ofa North Carolinian. He is DerHiiti1
located here his interests are here and here he ex
pects to live and die.'1 ' ':! '. ..; e- , ,
- 1 tie Subscriber is a friend and well-wisher 1o all
mechanical business in the " Old North State." 1 11
thinks it the duty of our people to enconnv, n, r..
hard-working mechanics, and keep them with a, and
not drive them irora our borders ty encouraging mai
facturers at a distance from us. . Wo may wish for goed
times and State improvements, but .we will never see
them until we come to depend og our own mechanics,
on home manufactures and home industry. ' When we
come to do this theti will ''we see our Cities and Towm
nounsning; ana ear means win not be sent ofl fo the
great City of New York or Boston for articles that
can be made- in this State as well as at either of these
places, and on as good terms. ' . ... . -; , .
The Subscriber has on band a beautiful assortment f
GOODS, selected by himself in person in the Northern
Market, ol the latest and most approved styles and
patterns. His Goods were purchased this Fall, and are
entirely new. They were bought on as good terms as
those of any lipase in this City; and he flatters himself
that he can cvfler as liberal jf not better ' bargains than
any other EstablishmenHn this City or inthe'United
States Call and examine for yourselves. - You most
be your own judges, and you will find this no lucre
"puff" The Subscriber considers it unnecessary fo
say anything about his skill in cutting or making, as
his business is conducted by himself; and he will leave
it to those who deal with him to judge of hie capacity in
this respect. His experience in business is such, aid
he has been so long before the public, that he will not
stoop to commend his own skill and attainments. He
leaves it t'g his friends and' customers to judge of his
superiority over many who presume fo cali themselves
Tailors, or Cutters, or Artists " f you please. His
workmen cannot be surpassed by any, North or South,
and he invites the public to call and try him before pur
chasing elsewhere. He pledges his word for good bar
gains, a9 he is determined to sell low. .
His Stock comprises every article kept in similar
Establishments. There, is nothing vou may call for
which you cannot get. Call and try" the well-known
Establishment, one door North of the Post Office. .
The Sul-scriher's Stock comprises In part Super black
French Cloths and Cassimeres Dlain and doeskin, nf
all qualities and prices, and a splendid assortment of
fancy Cloth, which lor colors and quality cannot be sur
passed. Also, a beautiful lot ot plain black Satin Vest
ings, and a superb article of fancy French Silk and
Satins for parties, with a choice variety of Fancy CassJ
meres for winter wear, and a verv large lot. of lancy
French Cassimeres, which will be disposed of on a very
small advance. ' Also, a general assortment of fancy
articles, consisting of Iamb's wool, merino and silk
Under-shirts and Drawers Dress Shirts, black and
white kid, merino, and fancy eassimere Gloves 'Half
hose, cotton and merino black and fancy silk Cravats;
allot which areofiered at uncommonly low prices. Also,
a beautiful lot of READY-MADE CLOTHING, made
in my own House, and which will be disposed of at the
most reasonable prices. . . .., . , w
Call and examine for yourselves. ... .
N. B. Orders from a distance will be thankfully re
ceived and promptly attended, to. The London aud
Paris Fashions regularly received.
ces of good moral character. - T. R. F.'
Kaleigh, JVov. 14, 1850 - o . 5 6t.
CO-The City papers will please copy four times;
MORGASTOI, Burke Co. HfjC. .-",'
m THE Subscriber, thankful for the
ronage heretofore received, would now inform the , ..
that his House, is still open, and that his accommodations
inereioiore umueu ; are now enlarged. He has erected
a row 01 umces lor Professional gentlemen, -together
with a commodious Hotel, all of which is entirely new.
The location of the MOUNTAIN HOTEL
the finest view of the mountain scenery in the place ; and
i .reiuweu irora me noise aiid. uproar of a Uoort-varJ
ana me ruuuc square, and yet eumcicntly near for all
the purposes of business. ; ' -f v.. . ' ;-
, The subscriber promises to spare no pains to provide
the invalid a comfortable Summer Retreat, and io gen
tlemen of pleasure and business a desirable Boarding
House. . r, , v 4, J. M, HAPPOLDT.
. Morganton, July 25, 185(W -. 8S6rIy.
Z. -. " new, stock op ,. . . ;
' THE subscriber has just returned from
the Northern Markets, where he has laid
in a large and beautiful stock of articles in
his line of business, embracing evert de
scription of fine ant) coarse" wear. ' ' ''' ' ' '
His stuck' for Ladies and Misses, comprises every
quality of Slippers, Walking Shoes, whole and half Gai
ters. &c-t dec., and his supply for Gentlemen and 'Boy's,
such as will suit Ihe taste of all. . ' . " 1 ' ,:
"'. He ba also laid in a large supply of materials in his
line,; and brought ' on a first rate workman from the
North ; and is therefore prepared to manuacture BOOT,
SHOES,' &c, in a style unsurpassed by any otheT estab
lishment in the City. ' 1 ' '
Al( he asks is a trial, feeling assured that' he ' will fce
able to give satisfaction both in quality and price. '
, , ;t , r. -: - South East Corner Capitol Square.'
Raleigh, Oct- 83d, 1850. ; :' " " " ; ; J S38 tf.
SMITUEIELD, Johnston Co., Jtjrth CorsUva.
THE subscriber would respectfully .inform his friends
and the public generally, that he has on hand a large
and rich supply of '.;i s-r . , , i
Cloths. Cassimeres; Veatlncs," and TrfmmlffR
of all sorts and that be is' prepared to "execute work in
v He also has on hand a superior lot of ' ' ' ' '
'"' kU Ready-IfTade CIotnInsr,:
consisting of Cloaks, Overcoats, Business Coats, Tests,
Pantaloons, lamb's wool Shirts, &c, which he will dispose
6t on the most accommodating terms, .,-.' '
He solicits a call from those in want of Clothing, as
he is 'determined to give good bargaies, and 4o do his
work in the best lind most approved stj le. ' : " ' '
;..Jt -""" '"'HBNBT GERHiRDT.'
8mithileld' October i4th"j T8S0.-" 837-3m.
h "U! Sorth Carolina Almanac. ' d
mURNER'S North Carolina Almanac ibr "itsi J.Tni.
, v am a uii.
N. C Book Stcffe.
Raleigh, Oct. 1850.' - 839 tf.

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