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. . ... . . -
I' .-.'-'.'-1 j . -.ivn
For the Fall nud U infer, Trade 18.
THHE Subscriber having "jest received from New
,. JL , York and Philadelphia, an elegant and extensive
embracing every variety of Style and Fashion forlhe
Season, would respectfully invite his fiienda and cus
tomers, and the public at large, to an early examination
of the same, being; fully persuaded they cannot fail to
admire and be won by their superior Richness and
Beauty, and still more delightedieith the good bar gains
he intends to give them.' ' '" .
.: The assortment comprises, in part, the following viz:
Super Black Groa-de Rhine Silks, ' t '
! Chameleon Satin D'chine do.
, , Plaid and Figured Changeable, do. .
Lupins finest French Merinos, .
, Plain and Embroidered Cashmeres and Delaines.
Silk PopJiiw, and Mohair Lustres.
' Chameleon Lyonese Cloth,
" Super Black Merino Cashmere and Alpacca. .
Plain. Polka, and Chine Delaines, "
Hungarian and Jenny Lind Cloths, (for Dresses.)
Blue, Brown, Green and Mode colored Satin striped
. Delaines. - -
Changeable Thibet, and (Cherry color'd Paramatta
Cloths, .'- ,- .. . . . -.-.
' New Style Calicoes and Ginghams,
"' Irish Linen, and Cotton Shirting,
Rich Velvet Trimming, and Silk Braids and Laces,
Insertings and Edgings,
' ' Beautiful Bonnet, Belt, and Neck Ribands,
Fine Kid and Silk Gloves, and Mits.
Together with many other desirable articles, among
- which are
- Cloths, Cassimeres, and Vestings,
i . Sattinets. Twee. Is Cloth and Kentucky Jeans,
, Fine Moleskin and Ftu-Hate, -
, Fur and Cloth Cap,
Gentlemen's Boots and Shoes,
' Ladies Walking Shoes. Slippers and Gaiters,
Jenny Lind and Leghorn Bonnets, .
Kersey's, Linsey's, and Blankets,
' Silk and Cotton Umbrellas.
. - - T. A. MITCHELL.
Raleigh, Nov. 6. 1850. 840 tf.
notice. . ;
c Important Sale iu Johnston County.
THE Subscriber having;, at November Sessions, A. D
1850, of Johnston Court, qualified as Administrator
of James Tomlinson, deceased ; hereby give notice to all
persons having debts, claims or demands, against the said
' James Tomlinson, dee'd., to present them to him for
! payment, properly proven within the time prescribed by
law ; otherwise this notice will be plead in bar of their
recovery ; and all those indebted to said Intestate arc
. hereby requested tohake immediate payment.
' Notice is also hereby given, that the Subscriber will,
'" oh Thursday, the 19th of December next, and from day
' to day, until the sale is closed, offer for sale at the late
" residence of his Intestate, under an order of said Court,
' the following Negro Slaves : Anderson, aged fifty odd
years ; Nancy, his wife, still older; Jincy, still older; Da.
:- vid, some 25 or 30 years old, (these Negroes have been
recently purchased by my Intestate for the purpose of
' selling again, and also the following personal and perish
able property, to wit :
Some 30 Bales of Cotton,
if it can be ginned in time ; 200 Barrels of Corn and a
large lot of Fodder, a new road Waggon, some 10 or 12
Horses and Mules, one firstate Saddle Horse, some fifty
Head of Fat Hogs, and a number of out Hogs, all Stock
of Cattle, one good yoke of Oxen, one Carriage, all the
Household furniture and farming utensils, and many oth
; er things unnecessary to mention. '
Said sale on sine months credit, and Bond with ap
- proved security will be required from the purchasers.
: B. H. TOMLINSON, Admin'r.
November 29th, 1850. 845 w2w.
. State of North Carolina, Martin County.
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Oct. Term, 1850,
Elizabeth Hyman and others, vs. Simmons Burnett
. Adin'r. and others Petition tor Settlement.
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that James
Burned, Thomas Burnett, fieddick Hyman, Archi
bald Hyman, Cullen Moore and wife Abigail, John,
William, Jane, and Lova Louisa Moore, Children ol
, Asa Moore, and Minerva, Marion, William W., George
,, W and Hugh Hyman, Children of Wiley Hyman, are
non-residents of this State : It is ordered by the Court
that publication be made for six weeks in the North
Carolina Standard, for said James Burnett, Thomas
Burnett, Reddick Hyman, Archibald Hyman, Cullen
Moore and wife Abigail, John, William, Jane, and Lova
Louisa Moore, Minerva, Marion, William W George
W.,and Hugh Hyman, to appear at the next term of
this Court, to be held for the County of Martin at the
Court House i n the Town ot Williamaton, on the second
Monday of January next, and plead answer or demur,
or the Petition will be taken pro eonfesso as to them,
and heard accordingly.
Witness, Lawrence Johnson, Clerk of our said Court
at office the second Monday in October, A. D., 185a
- , , L. JOHNSON, Cleric
vtov. i, r. adv. go 62J.) . 5 6t.
State of North. Carolina, Martin County.
Court of Pleas and Quarter Session, Oct. Term 1850.
PataeylHarrell and others vs. George W. Hyman, Exr.
and others--Petition for settlement.
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that Red
.m.?n: Archibld Hyman. Cullen Moore and
Wife Abigail. John, William, Jane, and Lova Louisa
r??.r-eli rea of A,a Moore and Minerva, Marion.
' Wi W George W. and Hugh Hyman. Children of
Wiley Hyman are non residents of this State : It is or-
- j .uai vuuiii.auuu in uiuie lor six
Tef the North Caro'"o Standard forlhe said Red
dick Hyman, Archibald Hyman, Cullen Moore and wife
Abigail, John, William, Jane, and Lova Louisa Moore.
Minerva, Marion, William W. George W. and Hufh
Hyman to appear at the next term ot this Court to be
held for the County of Martin at the Court House in
iJrJ? WilUamston on the second Monday of
January next and plead answer or demur, or the Petition
will be taken pro eonfesso as to them and heard accord
ingly. Itn' Johnson Clerk of oar said Court
at office the second Monday in October, A, D. 1850
Nov. 13. ,850. (Pr.Advr,8- 5
State of North Carolina, Martin County. "
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Oct Term, 1850
Nancy Ward against W. W. Ward and others-Petition
for Division of Land. ,
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that Thoe.
J- Ward .is not an inhabitant of this State : It is there
fore ordered by the Court, that publication be made for
six weeks in the North Carolina Standard, for the said
Thomas J. Ward to appear al the next Term of this Court
to be held for the f!nnnv nF 1 ,.-;.. .v. r, .
in the Town of Williamston, on the second Monday of
7 y' answer or aemor, or the Peti
- tionwi.l be taken pro eonfesso as to him, and heard
accordingly. .-; ,. -, :-,-. ,
. Witoeff ' Lwrence Johnson, Clerk of our said Court
at office the second Monday in October, A. D. 1850.
i ,o- ' L.-JOHNSON, Clerk.
. . October 16, 1850. (Pr.adr. 5 2J.) 6-6L
State of North Carolina, Ashe County. '
Superior Court of Law. Fall T,rm iasn
Adaline Jones, m Daniel Jones Petition for Divorce.
TT aDDearinsr to. the aatiafartinn nf u rt . -t . '
.f-Do"nda1tVrD?,e). Jo.ne"' " not inhabitant of
ina om , Carolina: n la therefore ordered
that publication be made in the Raleigh Register and
. Niuth Caralina Standard for thr mnntka l.a, at- . ? 1
- ----- iu Mim in saia
Daniel Jones be and appear at the next Term of the
.uuuiiiiigiivi wuii tuue neiaiorme said County
of Ache, at thn Pnnrt t4 miam in J.(TaM.n .1 .
Monday in March next, to plead answer or demur to th
. iwoi vi iuwiw mu ui .uug pro eonjesso
and heard ex nnrtr '
witness, A. B. Co, Clerk or said Court at office, ih
nd, Monday in September A; D., 1850. ' ,
:t , . Nott"nbW 0. 1850. - y 11 8m.
.. HAW. """P. '
t . , wr rCllS Phosgene Gw Some of which
1 . " .Vuttl " "action anJ .in i i.i i r-,i
n u you want bargains at " T '
" November 7 PESCUD'S Drug StoreT
..... - 7 "-- -v r ; .n
I, rtinAT
THE following persons have been elected V"J
and Officer of , this Company for the pTesent ,?6
. . DIRECTORS. . . - ,
; Drlf Josiah O. Watson Jo-. G. B.
Smith. John Prinarose, Henry D. Turner, S. V. Wh-
T. H. Selby, of iUdeight Geo. Mc,Veill,r.yet
villev Joshua G., Wright, WUmington, Jas.. Boyt,
Washington, James Sloan, Greenaborough, Wm. Bad
ham, Edenton; JosSua' Bonerj Salem, Joseph Pool
Elizabeth City, Michael Brown, saiisoujt
M;nhii TV I..., W Ttf. H. Smith, .Mm-fesboronghr
H. B. Williams, Charlotte, John S.urett, MUton. and.
a rr cm- a i
a. rf x Dummy aiuctuic. .
, MI Directors are authoriied to receive appi-.
Jociah O. Watson, President, . , ;
' J. G. B. Roulhac, Vice rreoj,
Richard SmithTreasurer, " ' '
s J. C. Partridge, Secretary, '
' Tnhn H. lirvun. Attorney, '
' J. Hersmaa, General Agent. ' ; , . ; " '. .
S. W. Whiting, ' ) . .
Richard Smith, Executive Committee. -
John Primrpse, ) ' , '. ..'
. . n : n.or in miecessful o De ration, and ir
I I MS vomunuj . . .
Fprepared to effect insurance against fire on all kunds of
f r v:llD -nA Tnrru.ntin(4 TllStlHeries CI-
property, oteaiu "" 7 . ... L,
W Alfcommunications in reference to insurance should '
be addressed to the Secretary, post paid.
be arwressea PARTRIDGE, Sec'y
Raleigh, Jannary 8; 1850. ' 793
IT 1HE Subscribers are now receiving their FALL
J. AND WINTER SUPPLIES, consisting in part
lit" the following : . ,
Black Gro DeLyon and Silver Grey Silks,
1 Fancy and Black Brocade Silks, ; v
' Black, Fancy and White watered do. ' "
Chameleon Silks, Super Chene Silks,
Levantine-, Brocade. Sernidors,
Plain and watered Poplins, " -
Lyonese Cloths, Paramettas,
Silk and wool Chcne Muslin De Lanes and Cashmeres:
Cnameleon Turks,
Engligh, French and German Merinos,
Striped, Printed, and Plain Muslin DeLaines and!
Cashmeres, Chameleon Alpacas,
Ribbon, Velvet, and Hair Ball Trimmings,
Black Silk Lace, v
French work Capes, Collars and Cuffs, - r
Jackonet, Check, Swiss, India Book, V '
Dotted, Tarlton and Nansook Muslinn,
Bonnet, Cape, Neck, Cuff and Belt Ribbons,
Paris Kid Gloves, ' v
Shawls and Visites,
. Ladies and Misses Paris Embroidered Linen Cambric?
' Handkerchiefs,
Real Valencia Thread Edgings,
Tapes, Bobbins, Edgings and Insertings, See.
Raleigh Sept 11, 1850. 832
Copper work. Turpentine Stills, &c
THE Subscriber informs the public that heis still car
rying on his business in all its branches, at his Shop
near the Raleigh Depot. ' Turpentine Stills made to or
der, in the best manner, and warranted to work well ;
and all kinds of, work promptly done in copper,' brass
steel, iron, &c
Constantly on hand and for sale locks of all sorts and
sizes, guns, pistols, &c' The Subscriber only asks of"
the public to give him a full and fair trial, as he is deter
mined not to be surpassed in his line. The Subscriber's
establishment being the only one of the sort in all that
region of country, he confidently appeals to North Caro
linians and to the friends of home industry, to snstain.
Now is the time to Save Pael. ,
BUCK'S Patent Improved Cooking Stoves, also, Stan- ,
ly's Air-tight, suitable . for Parlors or private rooms
I am the only Agent in North Carolina for Buck's Pa
tent Improved Cooking Stoves. Any person wishing to
purchase I would respectfully refer them to the follow
ing gentlemen, who have them in use : Messrs. Charles
Dewey, Dupree, D. Cameron. W. II., Haywood, CoL
Yarbrough, E. P. Guion, and Geo. W. Mordecai.
P. S. His Establishment has been removed to Fay
etteville Street, Raleigh, N. C. "
Raleigh, Sept. 1st, 1850. 797 tf.
Agent, Commission Merchant and Dry Goods
Broker, New York
TENDERS hi- services to the Merchants, Planters,
and citizens of the Southern States, and will attend
to any business in his line either in the sale of Produce
or Merchandize, or the purchase of Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware, Crockery, Shoes, Hats, Furniture, Carriages,
Musical and Agricultural instruments, Baggiug Rope,
Drugs. Medicines, Sec He flatters himself as a purchaser
of goods for Southern Merchants,' his experience will en
able him to give entire satisfaction to the Merchants who
may entrust to him their orders. -References:
His Excellency Charles Manly, Raleigh.
William Hill, Secretary of State, do
G. W. Mordecai, Pres't B'k of State, do
Dr. J. O. Watson, Pres't M u. In. Co., do
B. F. Moore, Esq., Attorney Gen., do
Matthew Shaw, Esq., Washington.
lion. i. R. J. Daniel, We Won. ,
Andrew Joy ner, Esq., do ,
R. H. Lewis, Esq., Greensborough, Ala. ,
Raleigh, February 6, 1850. 796
Wholesale and Retail Grocers, &c.
Old Market St. Raleigh, N. C.
THE Subscribers having connected themselves in bu
siness, under the Firra of BUFFALOE & COOKE, '
take this occasion to inform the public that they will'
keep constantly on hand all articles necessary for the-
uses of the Family or Farm. Their stock consists in
part of the folowung articles :
Bacon and Lard,
Iron and Nails,
Flour, Meal and Corn,
Cast and German Bits. Steel
Castings, Trace Chains, and
Weeding Hoes,
Sole and Upper Leather, .
Powder and Shot, and Lead '
Loaf, crushed, clarified and
Brown Sugars,
Coffee, Molasses, and Salt,
Sperm, Adamantine; and
Tallow Candles, Soaps,
Tobacco, Snuffs, &c
Country produce particularly corn, fodder, and dry
beef-hides will be taken at fair exchange.
The above articles have, been carefully selected and.
bought with cash, and the subscribers are determined not
to be undersold by any dealers in the City.
9, 1850. , 807
N. B. South side Old Market Street, fourth and fifth
doors East of Williams, Haywood, & Co's Drug Store
THE Subscribers take occasion to inform
the public generally that they will carry on '
the business in all its branches, at the old '
stand, and that no efforts nor expense will be spared on - -their
part to accommodate the travelling community.
Conveyances, with good horses and careful drivers, will
be furnished at all times and at short notice and in fact - -
every convenience for travelling, in the way of
Morses, carriages, Buggies, dec :
Will be supplied on the most favorable and accommo
dating terms. . . ' , '
The Subscribers also expect to keep constantly on'
hand, Hones, Buggies,' Carriages, &c for sale.
Any persons wishing to put out their Horses by the.
week, or moiith, or year, will have them well attended ,
to, at moderate prices. Their Stables are on Wilming- '.'
ton Street, just to the east of Market Square.'
Hoping to receive liberal encouragement, the under-
signed pledge themselves to do all in their power to mer- ,
it pubUc patronage. ' , BUFFALOE & COOKE.
Raleigh, April 5, 1850. r ' ; . V808 ;
; - Boy's ctotning. " - i ,
ALL sizes Cloth and Tweed Sacks and Frocks for ;
Sunday and every day wear; at from $2 60 to Q4'
Pants beautiful at $2 50, Vest-$2 60 Satin and all
sorts, and all colors. ;, Persons at t a distance can , ,
be supplied by forwarding their measures and stating the
age of the boy OLIVER & PROCTER.
' ' : ? MerehaBt Tailors.'
November ft. . . , .- 842
' " 1 : - .: ' "'
Negro Clothing. . . ; ' -1
WE have a large assortment of Negro Clothing, alt' "
kinds of Jackets, Over Coats, Pants and Vests, that '
we will sell cheaper than the goods can be purchased, .
niuch less o have them made. . To which we invite the i
heads of families who have their servants to supply, j J
; - OLIVER fc PROCTER, i ,
Oct. 7, 1850. . 836 tf.'
"T UNA WATT1 from the' subscriber iesi&ng inEdge
yjcoobet county, four miles north of Tosnot Depot,'
and about a quarter of a mile from the Railroad, on "or a
bont the second of September last ,his negro man named
HARRY. .; Said Harry is about 40 years of age ; ,6 feet
5 inches high, or thereabouts ; yellow, complexion ; stout
built; has a scar on his left, leg, from the cut of an axe; has
very thick liooi eves deep sunk in 'his bead; forehead
very square ; tolerably ioua voice ; has lost one or two oi
his upper front teeth i and has a very dark .spot on bis
jaw, supposed to be. a mark.
v Harry w a Uarpenter ny iraoe, ana nas been in me
employment of a Railroad Company, in whose service he
was wheu be runaway, ae is well (mown along the line
of the Road. It is supposed that be has obtained, or will
endeavor1 to obtain, tree papers - from a free colored man
livine in Nash county, by the name of, Moses -Hagens,
and assume his name, tn order to make his way to a free
State." ' ' r ' 'i -'-... -
i The above negro was once .that property of Mrs. 'Co
page, of fJdgecomb county ; afterwards he fell into the
hsnds of , Asiel Farmer, from whom he was purchased by
Mr. Barnes, of said county, from whom I purchased him
about six years ago. He will be certain to alter his name ;
Drobablvto call himself Harry Copaire. Farmer, or Barnes,
He was last heard from on the 11th September, on the
Newborn Road, about a mile and a half from Wilmington
enauirinc the way to the Sound. ; -
I will give the above reward to any person who will
deliver him to me, or lodge him in any jail in the State ;
or One Hundred Dollars if lodged in any jail out of. the
State, so that I can get him again,
Cautains of vessels are cautioned acainst taking the
above negro away, under the severest penalty of the law
Edgecombe county; N. C, Oct. 5,' 1849. 814 tf.
Valuable Real Estate for Sale.
I offer for sale my entire Real Estate, upon which
tare thirty-five sets of Boxes; the most of which
have only1 been in use from one to two years; with a suf
ficient quantity of ronnd trees to cut at least twenty sets
more. The lands upon which these are situated is not
easily surDassed bv any Dinev lands in Eastern Carolina
There is upon the premises two Distilleries" neatly and
coavenientlv fitted uu. with all necessary out-houses.
TJion the farm. I think 'the bnildinsrs altogether are sel
dom excelled. Those wishing to purchase are invited
to examine for themselves. Terms shall be low, and
Davments accomodating. Come and see. .
. Any person wishing to purchase, .can be furnished
with a sufficient number of teams and wagons to carry
on both the oiierations of Farm and Turpentine, and
4 m
with a year's supply of provisions.
Catharine Lake, Onslow Co. N. C.
July 22, 1850. '
A Desirable Residence for Sale.
rTIHE Executrix of the late Louis D. Henry, offers for
I sale ms late rtesiuencc, near me viiy oi naieign. iie
Dwelling-House is a large and commodious one, and
remarkably well built, with all out houses complete. It
has about 15 or 17 acres of land attached, under the
highest cultivation. The premises being out of the
limits of the Corporation is not'subject to the City Taxi
and still the situation is convenient,' -end within- fifty
yards of the Governor's Mansion, in an excellent neigh
The terms of sale would be liberal.
. D. K. McRAE.
. : Raleigh, July 15, 1850. 822 tf.
WE most respetfully inform our friends and the
Citizens of Raleigh, and the County of Wake,
that we have fitted up a splendid .
Ten Fin Alley;
where young and old can enjoy the healthful exercise
of taking a hand at the game of Ten Pins, or where they
can enjoy the Smack of Satisfaction over a fine plate of
OYSTERS, or a plate of Beef Steak, or a Bottle ot
Burgundy, or any of the choice Wines or Liquors they
keep on hand for the special accommodation of their
They will endeavor to render those comfortable that
will favor them with their patronage. .,
Raleigh, December, 4th, 1850. 10
Public Sale, and Negroes to Hire.
ON Tuesday, the 17th of December next, I shall
sell by Public Vendue, on a credit of Six month,
at the late residence of Joel Harris in the County o!
Franklin. 350 bbls. of corn. 47 stacks of Fodder ; 25.
000 lbs of Cotton in the seed ; a quantity of Shucks and
Peas : 16 bbla New Brandy : the stock of Hogs : Two
yokes Oxen : 1 Ox-cait ; a large quantity of Tools of va.
rious kindrf : 1 Cotton Gin : one Wheat Thrasher ; two
Stills complete ; a quantity of cider barrels, and many
other articles. '
At the same time and place, I will bite for the ensu
ing year, Foity or r ifty Likely XVegroes.
November 15, 1850. 5-4tw.
Colmau's Letters.
"fjUROPEAN Life and Manners, in Familiar Letters
WJ to Princes, by Henry Uolman, Author of Euro
pean Agriculture, and the Agriculture of France, Bel
gium. Holland, and Switzerland, 2 vols. 12 mo. For
sale by HENRY D. TURNER.
Raleigh, Oct. 24, 1850. 839
Wew-Music Book.
.... -r
ANTIC A LAUDIS, -or the American Book of
Church Music, by Lowell Mason and Geo. V ebb..
Also, The Home Altar an appeal in behalf of Fami
ly Worship, with Prayers and Hymns, for family use.
by the Kev. Charles F. Deems. - Jl. ii. TUHiniSK
Raleigh, Nov. 8, 1850. 1 - ' 4 ,
Linseed Oil.
en Bbs. Mountain Linseed Oil just to hand. 8 bbls. ex-
Opected next week. All warranted pure and for sale
al a small advance by - P.F.vPliiaCUU.
Raleigh, September SO, 1850. 835
A CCORDEONS 100 Prices French Accordeons,
J. of superior tone and finish, selected expressly from
a large lot by a competent judge, lor sale low.
Petersburg, Sept. 19. ' ' 834
- A Supply of Fresh Pnosgene Cai
TUST to hand and for sale at ....:..
f) P. E. PESCUD'S Drug Store.
- Raleigh, August 7th, 1850. : . 827
A PAIR of fine well broke HORSES for sale
at tne Livery Stable of Messrs. (..
. . . v r COOKE Sci BUFFALOE.'
Raleigh, Nov. 27, 1650. 7 St.
Medicine Gasscs
WITH the Tea and Tablespoon full graduated, which
every family should have, for sale at the Drug Store
Raleigh, April, 1850. , J 807
Medicine Cnests
4 FURTHER sudpIv of those beautiful Medicine
f Chests just received at ' r' '
,s .... , . . . PESCUD'S Drug Store.
Raleigh, August 7, 1850. , 827 v
A PPLICATION will be made to the present Legis-
f lature for an act to incorporate a C-etton and wool
Manubctorv at tne f alls OI l'Neuse River, in vvaae
County. . t
Nov. 30, 1850. ' 101U
Bank of the State of Worth Carolina.
fTHE Annual -Meeting of the Stockholders of this
Bank . will be neia onme nm wonoay in January,
next, at their Banking House in this City. . a
Batirh. Nov. 50. 1850. " - f-r 1U ia.
-O ' j ; 1- :
' fSf Adam's Express,
A NOTHER -upply of articles for the Ladies'-or
' Gentlemen's Toilet, consisting of Foreign and Do
mestic Perfumery, Soaps, Brushes nd Cosmetics, just
on hand and for sale by . r . F Fi. PEtSU U U.
November 21. ' -' '" -'
f 'V -
- :JTust Received v.
LADIES Black Winter Gaiters, a superior article!"
, '-f-:.-.-- J. BROWN.,. ..
. t . . No. 9, Fasetteyille Si.
Raleigh, Oct S0V 839
- One Uoorji Above Blcnard Smlth'a plv Corner.
XVAIfSslc IFII-aLf AMS would respectfully In-
tjj form their friends and the public generally, that they :
Lave opened a Store w Fayetteville Street, vone door ;
above Richard SmHh, Esq where tney wiu Eeep con-'
stantly on hand s. full supply of .v.vj ,
pry Good Hard-ware, vuitrj ; ;
rUYl GROCERIES, &C. v, j ;
and indeed every thing usually found in similar establish- '
ments. They present the following as specimens of their ,
StOCk x 4 fV.-Y ;"-'rt4H ' ,.
' 'Brocade French Cashmere! '
'Embroidered Silk and Grape, and Norwich Lustres,
Chameleon Turk's Silks and Poplins," ! 1
French Cashmere and Delaines, '." ' ,
; Chameleon, figured and black Alpacas, : ' ' :
' ";VeIvet neck Jiibbonsand Belts,'- -.; ' ; ,
French worked Colors and Cnfls, t
Embroidered Kibbon and velvet Trimmings, , i '
Scalloped linen-caicbric Handkerchiefs and Gloves,
: Bonnets, Ribbons, and Artificials,
Ginghams and Prints a i irge lot, - - f
French Cloths, Cassimeres, ard Vesfings,-
- Beaver-cloth, Tweeds, and Kentucky Jeans, ;
Red and white Flannel, and Linsey ard Plain Shawls
Kerseys, Negro and bed Blankets, ''-' --o.
" Brown ' and bleached Domestics, Bed-tickicg, Table
cloths and Diaper,
Ladte's cotton, merino and silk Hose. - Also, Ladle's
fine Walking Shoes and Gaiters, ,
J. Miles and Son fine Pegged Boots, , s
Calf, Kip, and coarse Brogans a good assortment,
-Hats-and Caps of every description, -
Cutlery, Crockery, Spades, Shovels, trace-Chains,
Java, Laguira. and Rio Coffee, ' ,
Loaf, crushed, clarified and brown Sugar. '
Together with a number of other articles not enumerated. . .
The subscribers respectfully solicit a 6hare of public pat- -ronage.
They will sell good bargains for cash, or on
short time to punctual dealers. . -
H. L. EVANS, .
September 19, 1850. . . 833--
. , . . , . -i . .- i . .
HAVING qualified at February Term of the Court
of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of the County of
Wake, as Executrix to the last Will and Testament of
the late Cyrus Whitaker, dee'd. I shall proceed to sell
to the -highest bidder, at the late residence of the said
Testator, on the 16th day of December next, several
horses, one large mule, the entire stock of hogs, one yoke
of large oxen, likely cows and calves, twenty-five bead
of sheep, cropol corn, wheat, oats, fodder. &c Togeth
er with a large assortment of household and kitchen fur- .
Also, a portion of the land on which the said deceased
Fifteen Likely Negroes, .
Among whom are several good cooks and washer wo
men, house servants, several very likely yellow boys and
girls, between the ages of ten and twenty years.
Tr rms Part cash and part credit of six months; but
more particularly made known on the day of sale. The
purchasers to give bond with approved security before
the property is changed. '
November 14th, 1850. 843 3tw.
THE Undersigned respectfully informs the
Ladies and the Public in general, that he
. and his Agents arc almost daily puting up
Pianos in some: part of North Carolina, on trial and for
inspection ; and all Instruments that do not give satisfac
tion, will lie taken back and zio charges made for trans
portation or carriage. Persons wanting good Pianos will
please send their orders. 'Address -
No. 75, Greene st., Baltimore, Md.
, -List of. Prices. . .
With metalic or iron plates. . Entire metalic fjame.
6 octave $180 to 250, $250 to 300,
6J ' 250 to 300, 1 275 to 350,
7 " 300 to 350, 350 to 600.
Grand Pianos for 500 to 1000 dollars.
. The above named Instruments are elegantly Manufac
tured in Beautiful Mahogany and Rosewood cases, of .
soft and sweet, or powerful and brilliant tone, as the
purchaser may wish, with all the latest improvements -that
constitute a good and serviceable Piano. Nc hem
lock or toy woii: connected with them. I would particu
larly recommend the metalic frame; the climate or change
of weather has no effect on them, and are well adapted
for the Southern climate; andean, with all safety, be
carried hy water or land to any part of the United States. -The
manufacturer is able to give any number of refer
ences for 15 years back, of the durability of the Instru
ment, by Professors, Amateurs, and in Seminaries, where
they have been 10 to 13 hours dailyin use for a number '
of years.
April. 1840. , , 806 eowlypd.
TH AVE just received a splendid stock of American,
French, and English Soaps, consisting in part as fol
lows : - ' . .
6 doz Low's 6ld Brown Windsor,
6 " Large Omnibus Brown, ,
... 6 " Palmyrene, (a new variety,)
1 box Barber's Soap,
21 " Hotel Soap,
4 dnz. Assorted. Rose,' Almond. Portrait, Imitation '
Fiui. Poncine, Spring Flowers, Honey, Jinney Lind, -Wash
Balls. Military, and Almond Soap.
6 dz. Creams, and Olophane, assorted,
. All of the best quality, and for sale low, bv
. s . t P. F. PESCUD.
Raleigh, Oct. 2, 1850. 835
Steam Saw Mill!
I BEG leave to call the attention of builders and per
sons wishing to purchase Lumber to my
Steam Saw Mill Near Raleigh,
where they can be supplied with any kind at the short
est notice. Also sawed Laths of the best quality, at
$1 00 perM. T. H. SNOW.
Raleigh July 13, 1850. 821 ly.
' Valuable S.and for Sale.
A Valuable Tract of Land containing 208 acres, lying
between four and five miles West of Raleigh, on '
both sides of Walnut Creek, and adjoining the land of
Rev. Thos. Meredith and others, will be sold on reason
able terms.
For further information apply to
Raleigh, August 21, 1850. 829
More lAiid for Sale.
Acre of Valuable Land, lying two miles
soutn or Kaleieh.on the b ayetteviue read.
will be sold on a long credit- notes well secured being
all that is desired Persons wishing to examine the land
and premises can do so by calling on M. A. Bledsoe, who
who is authorized to sell it.
October 9; 1850. ' - -836 tf.
Dress and Frock. Coats.
WE have on hand a -beautiful assortment of Black
Dress and Frock Coats for twenty dollars, gotten
up by ourselves and cannot be bought any where else in
the United States for the money. Recollect that.- We
have also fancy Frock and Dress Coats for fifteen, six
teen, and eighteen dollars,- the like of which never
was known before. OLIVER &. PROCTER.
' J Merchant Tailors. '
Raleigh. No 9. ,' : - . 42 '
A English Mustard
FRESH supply of (.Saddler and Firtles,) English.
R Mustard ; just received, and for sale by
- v-., - . P. F, PESCUD.
i. Raleigh, August .7, . 827
Cod Liver Oil
A , FRESH supply of Rushton, Clark & Co's, which
fl we believe to be superior to any we have seen.
received and for sale at the Drug Store of '
Raleigh. April, 1850. - .-. - ; 807 :
Scotch Snuff and Tobacco ;
THOSE wbo are fond of a nice dip -or good chew of n
the weed, will find a superb article of Snuff and To
bacco, at Pescnd'-Drug Store.
Raleigh, August 7 th, 1850. 827
FURTHER supply of London Brown Stout in
Pints. - Ju TprifVfit nt the Drnir store of . '
i tiin WILLI AMS, HAY WOOD . & Co. : u.
Raleizh. Auc 21st, 1850. ? -.
jSluttial Xife Insurance. Company
THIS Company is now taking insurance on tbe lives
of healthy, persons and Slaves, at their e-tabliahed
rates of premium. " J nis being tne Orriy X.e insurance
Company in the State, and working under charter suit
ed to the condition nd cirenmstancea of . all the, Direc
tors feel no hesitation in saying that it atlords greater
inducements for the insurance of lives than any other
Comnanv hi the 'country." ;V t ft - t
The nth Bee ot tne uiianer wiv' j. uu um uuuuu
. . . - . 3 Z A . l .1 . 1. l. .1
nv inmn nam life, for the sole use and bcne&t of
his wife or children, free from ' the claims of the repre
sentatives of the husband or any of his crieditors.w -
It is conducted on the mutual plan, each person in
sured becoming a member thereof, and not liable, beyond
tbfi ftmnunt nf hia nremium.. . . t v .
Pn UrioH far StlOO to SoOflO will be ISSUea on iiio me
of a white 1 person V and on Slaves for two-thirds their
market valiiA. for a term ftt from: one, . to five - ears, ' 88
All losses of the Company are paid within 90 days af
ter oroof of loss is furnished. No California risks taken.
- The business of the Company is conducted under the
immediate supervision of - - -
1 'M Dr. Cbas. E. Johnson, President, . ;r V -
. . . . .Wm. D. Hay wood, Vice President,
'"" James F. Jordan, Secretary ' ' ' '"
' ' Wm. H. Jones, Treasurer, "1 " ?
Pcrrin Busbee, Attorney,-. r - -
Dr. Wm. H. McKee, Examining Physician. .
J. Hersman, General Agent. - '
' All Communications on business should be addressed
poet paid, to JAMES Fi JORDAN,
, - ,. ' . . ; .;. ; ' ; . . - f Secretary.
Nov. 1, 1850. .. . . ...... . k... ; .1
At Wholesale and Uetail.
E have iust received from one of the largest and
Ww best 'established Houses in the United States,
one of the largest and best assorted Stocks ever brought
to this City, a Stock thai would favorably compare with
the Custom Work of any Establishment in the Union,
which we are instructed to sell at unprecedented low
prices, and to which we invite the attention of Country
Merchants; citizens of Raleigh, the surrounding Coun
try , and M embers of the next General Assembly , and ask
them to call and examine our Stock before purchasing
elsewhere, as we are determined to sell at prices that
will defy competition. "
Country Merchants need have no fears of finding as
with a broken. assortment, as we shall continue to have
large additions throughout the Season.
In addition to the above, we have a full assortment of
fine Shirts, Jenny Lind and other patterns, together with
Silk. Merino, Lambs wool Shirts and Drawers.
All of which we will sell as low as they can be pur
chased of any Establishment in New York or any oth .
City. , , A. B. ST1TH & CO.
Raleigh. Nov. 6, 1850. 840 w tf.
Jtorhy JtTount, JYash County, JVorth Carolina,
A RE now manufacturing of excellent quality, Cotton
r Yarn and Seine Twine, which they will sell at the
Their Machinery is New, and they feel no hesitation in
their manufactures to give satisfaction. Merchants with'
in 50 miles of Rocky Mount, ordering not less than 500
libs, shall have Yarns delivered to them Iree ol addition
al expense.
- Rocky Mount, Nash Co. N. C.
March 3d, 1850.
801 ly.
PETERSBURG, September ftO, 18SO.
Samuel H. Marks,
VLnTOULD respectfallty inform his numerous friends
V and customers that he is now receiving per son
dry Steamers and Packets lrotn the Northern cities his
usual large and varied assortment of CONFECTION-
ARIES, FANCY ARTICLES, Cigars, &.C., which ad
ded to his stock before on hand, and the regnlar weekly
supply of fresh Foreign and domestic FRUITS, renders
bis assortment particularly wortny tne attention ot
country dealers. .. ..
. In the line of IGARShe flatters himself that he can
presenta larger stock and finer assortment,. and atlower
rates, than any other house in tne traae.
Petersburg Sept. 25th, 1850. '
P F. PESCUD is now receiving his Fall Stock of
which he offers to dealers at a small profit ; and assures
them that the quality of his articles and prices will give
satisfaction. - Those who have been buying in the
Northern and Eastern cities are particularly invited to
examine his stock and Prices' before purchasing; else
where. P.F. PESCUD.
Raleigh, Sept 17th; 1850. , . 884-tf.
Fifteen Dollars Reward.
RUNAWAY from the Subscriber, residing in John
ston County." a negro boy named Dave, or Henry.
Said boy is about 22 years of age, yellow complexion,
weighs about 1 65 pounds. . He may be lurking in. the
neighborhood of Mr. Penny's, in said County, as I bought
him from that neighborhood. ' Said boy has a down look
when spoken to. I will give the above reward to any per-'
son who will deliver htm to me, or lodge him in any jail
in the State, so that 1 get him.
November 9,1 850. v ' 4 4tpd.
-:.( To tne Eadies-
YOU will find a most beautiful supply of Children's
Clothing at our House, just to hand, consisting of
Jackets single and double breasted, to button up to the
neck,' Blue, Black, tireen, Ate., &c. rants, iJlack,
Blue, Brown, and every variety of fancy color. .Over
coats all kinds. We have made such arrangements as
will enable us to furnish any of the above articles at
prices less than they can be obtained for in any of tbe
Northern cities. Measures taken and Children supplied,
if necessary. OLIVER & PROCTER. .
.November 9. 840
OTOLEN on the 13th November, a gold lever watch,
kTjwith a eold ruard chain attached. . My name 5s writ
ten in full within the watch, and the initials J. A. W.
are cut on the back. ' '
Whoever brings this watch to me, or will give me any
information concerning it, shall be amply rewarded.
Chapel Hill, November 14th, 1850. 7 3t.
Raleigh, N.'C. ..
SOLDIERS of the War of 1812, and those who have
served in Indian Wars since 1790, their widows or
children can have their claims for Land Bounty under
the act of Congress passed September 28th, 1650. at
tended to on moderate terms by appplying to
Attorney tit Law.
Raleigh, Oct. 1 6, 1 850, ' 837
; Negro Shoes. ' : s:
I HAVE a large lot of heavy Negro Brogans; which 1
will sel Ion as good terms as any other person in the
City. Call and see before you buy elsewhere.
u. L. BURCH.
Raleigh, Oct. 2, 1850. . J r , , . . 835
f I HE subscriber having purchased the
J Fayetteville Candle Cactory, .
Isprepared to mould best Candles, and solicits the pat
ronage of those having tallow to mould. - - -
November 30, 1850. . 9 3t.
- - '.NOTICE. ?: . - v.---
ON Saturday, tbe 28th of December, 1850.; will be
rented to the highest bidder for the next year
M , THE STPRE HOUSE;. wj w .
formerly occupied by Spencer and Timberlake. , Terms
made known en the day of rent.
Franklin Co., Nov. 30th, 1 850. iv 9d. ;
-.Tobttcca and Scgars., , 4 y
THE Members of the Legislature and others who
t want superior Cigars, Smoking and Chewing To
bacco, are requested to fry the supply juef received by
-1 v .,... ,- 'y u. yi --K.-F.iPESCUDi'-'
Raleigh, November 27, 1830., S-hC,.
The Oli and lmperishably renowned Prize Selfo,
trNoi; JLioht STttEiT, Baltimore, Md. '
Who have for years been dispensing large and handsom
Pizea to their Correspondent Ulrve never had k
propitious month as the monlb. of November has prove
i 5 X;TB: ?rr;a P?"? mixes !
And they feel assured that the month of December niu
far surpass any' preceding one an the schemes are
Unusually - Riclt, Brilliant and Dazzling,
Now js the. time for speculators to invest with a lu
tainty ot unnouuded success. 4 -t
You that would have your pockets well linei on
Christmas Hollidays
Do not neglect to seize the present opportunity of secu
ing to yourselves that much coveted object MosET. 8
Which -may be obtained by the trifling outlay of a'&c
or $1.0 bill in some of the following splendid schemet.
Grand .. Lotteries for .December, i&50
ionjiaence strictly vuserrett.
No. of
Price of
: Ballots.
Tickets. Parka.'
2 2 $15,000
75 Nos
11 drawn .
3l) (jo
; 20,000
2 of 25,000
- 24,000
; 20,000
-. 40,000
" fc 25,000
78 Nos
78 Nos
75 Nos
78 Nos
75 Nos
78 Nos
78 .Nos
75 Nos
66 Nos
75 Nos .
78 Nos
75 Nos
78 Nos
75 Nos
78 Nos
75 Nos '
78 Nos
75 Nos
75 Nos
78 Nos
75 Nos
78 Nos
75 Nos
78 Nos
15 drawn
19 drawn
13 drawn
15 drawn .
13 drawn-.
12 drawn
13 drawn '
13 drawn
. 12 drawn
13 drawn
13 drawn
.11 drawn
12 drawn
16 drawn
12 drawn
, 13 drawn
13 drawn
15 drawn
12 drawn
. 15 drawn
13 drawn
14 drawn
: 12 drawn
12 drawn
13 drawn
. 5
16 00
40 00
18 00
15 00
15 00 '
28 00
18 00
37 o
18 00 j
U 00
48 00 S
32 00
18 00
30 00
22 00
18 00
35 00
25 00 f
13 00
30 00 I
18 Co I
13 00 '
100 00
28 00
18 00
In addition to the above ' Brilliant Schemes, we bate
tickets in all the Lotteries drawn in the State of Mary,
land, and advertised by other Agents.
Correspondents will please bear in mind that the
prices of Packages of Quarter Tickets only arc pub.
lished in this paper.
The Printed pfficial drawings which Correspondenu
can rely upon as being correct, are always forwarded
from Pyfer & Co's.
Bank Drafts or Certificates of Deposit payable in Gold
at sight, will be promptly remitted to those Correspon
dents who draw prizes at Pyfer & Co's.
, . Remember A Package of Tickets, can draw four of
the most splendid prizes in a scheme.
In order to secure a Fortune, and the cash immediate
ly after the result is, known, the readers of this paper
have only to remit cash Drafts or prize tickets, to tbe Old
Established, far famed and truly fortunate Exchange and
Lottery Brokers,
No. 1, Light Street, Baltimore, Md.
Or Box 524, Baltimore Post Office.
Oct. 22d, 1850. 839
WITH the largest assortment of Gents' Ready made
Clothing and Fashionable Goods ever before offer
ed in Raleigh.. Being connected as most of our custo
mers are aware, with Messrs. Scott, Keen & Company,
Manufacturers at Newark, New Jersey, one ol the
Largest and best Houses in tbe U. S.
affords us' facilities for conducting our business which
others do not possess. ;
Let it be distinctly understoodtherefbre, that onr Goods
J2re Superfor to any other offered in this Market,
We are our own Manufacturers. We import most of
our Cloihs, Cassimers and Veslings, and pay no second
or third profit on these articles, which enables us to of
fer the same quality of Goods, much less than those
Establishments whose purchases are made from Whole
sale houses.
We ask only an examination of oar Stock to convince
those who are judges ot styles and fabrics. 1
u 14 d u 1 1 1 ru j m r' -
& Co.
Raleigh, Oct. 14th, 1S50.
Hardware and Cutlery, &c.
COLLINS & Co's Axes, Handsaws, Files, Auger
Hammer, Curry Combs, Knives and Forks, Pocket aud
Pen Knives.
One Set BaUnce Handled Knives and Forks, 51 pieces.
uaiance Handled Carvers and t orks, and Steels.
Brass and Fancy Cast And-irons.
Brass Headed Iron Shovels and Tones.
Spades and Shovels. Trace Chains, and Halter chains.
Cotton and Wool Cards, No. 6, 8, 9 and 10.
Toilet and Swing Looking Glasses.
Superior English Mustatd, sup. carb soda, cloves, mace.
in urmeiis.
Spanish Indigo, copperas, Fresh and salt snuff, powder, 1
' shot, and lead.
Turpentine and toilet soap, starch, shoe thread nd
Bed Cords.
Prime green and black T: '
Nails and brads, cast german and blister steel.
. . . J. BROWN,
No. 9,FayettevilIe St.
Raleigh, Oct. 30th, 1850. 839-
1 ' - For Sale. ' -
JARPETI VG.Tufted Hearth Rogsand Carpet Bi
ILNegI B!"nkers. Negro Kirsy, Marlboro Stripes,
inn'raw anL,8h Prints, DobU-ys and Napkins.
w:,k - , wweuing diaper, bird's eye Uiapet,
w itn a eeneral assortment ot Crnrk.r. .m r.i,Hi
, among them, .
ite Dinner and Tea ware, Ewers and Basins,
n.ie ynina I ea Setts, and Cups and Saucers,
Cut and Moulded Goblets, Tumblers and Wine Glassw,
No. 9, FayetteviHe street,
Raleigh Oct 28, 1850. 839-
... Clot lis, CaMimerei, &c.
- ' 1 ' - At No. 9, Fatbttsfiue 8x.
BLACK French Cloth, . . . ,
Black Doe Skin Cassimeres.
Fancy Cassimeres. a general assortment.
Good and Common Vestings.
Black Satin . , do :
Silk and Worsted Serge, Padding and Canvass.
Bed Blankets, various sizes.
White and Black Cotton Wadding.
Gentlemen's Marino Shirts snd Half Hose.
For Sale low by
o ' J. BROWN.
Raleigh, 28lh Oct., 1850' 8S9 1
. Robinsou & Co's Bboc.
JUST Received
" Kid and Morocco Walking Shoes, v
do and do' Ladies Slippers,
Misses and Children's Bootees,
La -lies Bootees, :' : . '
While Kid Slippers. . . .
" 'l ' , K. 9, Fayettvill St.
' Raleigh, Oct. 2d. . 835
Jnst Received,
4 ntiP-a'tT Men ano Bov Heavr Brogans,
L JUMen md Boys Kip ShoHees. '
Woman's Leather Shoes and Bootees,
' Men and Boys Wool Hats,
Dundee and Hemp Bagging.
Bale Rope and Twine.
For Sale bv
October 2, 1850. 835
: .; Kxtra Black Moleskin flats.
FASHION for September, I850.;
Fur Hats, a General Assortment, ,
' Men and Boys Cloth Caps.
, 1 Just Received and lor Sale bv
. , . 1.. ... J. BROWN.
No. 9, Fayelteville St.
Raleigh, Oct. 2, 1850.
.; - JobPinting.
Xeatly Executed at the Standard Print. DiT.ee

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