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LEGISLATIVE proceedings.
Tk o ; Wdn"at, December II, 850"
i he Senate met accord in;; to adjournment. , .
"f ?""SB was 8eni w tno House, statins the pas
geot the engrossed hill fr u ... ".:. i!j r
bill to incorporau the Greenville and RaUigh Vlank
Koad Company, with sundry amendments.
Mr. Woodfin, from the Judiciary Committee, to
whom was. referred a memorial relating to the protec
tion of stock, reported a bill to prevent the destruc-
tI0M r.lT8l0ck in the wUd rang-: ead first time.
Mr. Cameron from the Committee on Corporations,
to whom was referred the bill to authSrize the build
ing' of a toll bridge on Dan river, inlCaswell county,
and to incorporate the same, reported the same and
recommended its passage. Also, a bill to encouiage
the investment of capital for mining and. manufactur
ing purposes. Also, a bill to. incorporate Connohe
Lodge in the town of Hamilton. Also, bill to in
corporate Theophilus Division, No 57, of the Order
of the Sons of Temperance, in the Town of Mur
freesborough.: Also, a bill to incorporate a bank in
the town of Greensborough in the county of Guilford.
Also, a bill to incorporate a bank is the town of
Washington. Also, a bill to amend an act for the
incorporation of the town of Washington. Afso, a
bill ;to incorporate the Fayetteville "and Northern
Plank Road company., 'Also, a bill to incorporate
the Ringgold Guards. Also, a bill to incorporate a
Female Academy in the town of Hamilton. Also, a
bill to incorporate Windsor Female Academy. Also
a bill to incorporate Kranklinsville Academny. Also,
a bill to .incorporate Home Guards in Pasquotank.
Mr. Woodfin from the Judiciary committee to
whom was referred the bill to provide for the pay of
witnesses in certain cases, reported a substitute,
which was read the first time, passed and ordered to
be printed.
Bills. Resolutions, &c.
Mr. Caldwell of Mecklenburg, presented a memo
rial of sandry citizens of the County of Mecklenburg
praying for the passage of a law, subjecting to taxa
tion certain articles manufactured out of the State.
Referred to the Committee on Finance.
Mr. Cameron introduced a hill to incorporate Cool
Spring Tent, No. 203, Independent Order of Recha-
bites, in the town of Fayetteville. Passed and re
ferred to Committee on Corporations.
Mr. Bunting, a bill to incorporate the Fayetteville
and Wursaw Plank Road Company. Read first time
and ''referred to Committee on Corporations.
Mr. Woodfin, a bill to repeal an act of 1848-'9, en
titled an act to amend the charter of Hickory nut Turn
pike Company. Read first time and referred to Com
mittee on Propositions aud Grievances. ,
. I he Speaker presented the report of the Comptrol
ler, in answer to a resolution of the Senate, directing
him to report the amount of land and poll tax, dis
'crim mating, between white and black polls. On mo
tion of Mr. Shepard, ordered to belaid on the table.
Mr. Joyner presented the following Preamble and
Resolution in relation to the Raleigh and Gaston Rail
Road, which was made the order of the day for Sat
urdny next and ordered to be printed:
Y hereas, the Kaloigh and Gaston Kail Koad is
the nronertv of the State, and is in a most ruinous !
and dilapidated condition, discreditable to the owner I
and affording but little comparative advantage to the
public; aud unless it be reconstructed all the opera
tions must in a short time cease :
Remlvedy therefore, That it is expedient to recon
struct the road upon the following terms and condi
tions : That a company be incorporated with a capi
tal slock of eight hundred thousand dollars, lo rebuild
the said road with a heavy T iron or other iron equal
ly good, weighing not less than fifty-one and a half
pounds to the linear yard and to properly stock and
equip the said road ; that the entire road with all the
property of every description appertaining to the same
shall form a part of the said capital to the amount of
four hundred thousand i.!ollars, to be owned hy the
State ; that soltent individuals subscribe for four hun
dred thousand dolhirs to. the capital stock of said
company, and after having expended one half thereof
in the reconstruction of said road, the President and
Directors of sxA company be authorized to mortgage
'.be one halt of said road, belonging to individuals, to
enable them to purchase iron and other materials for
its compete, equipment ; that one half of said road,
when thus reconstructed and eqniped, shall belong to
the said individual subscribers, and that preference
to be given tor' thirty days after the rise of the pres
ent Genera! Assembly, to the individual stockholders
of the late Raleigh and Gaston Rail Road Company
to subscribe for the four hundred thousand dollars
contemplated by the -resolution or any part thereof,
after which time, if not then taken, thu subscription
to be opened to all persons.
Mr. Washington introduced the following Pream
ble and Resolution, which were read the first time :
Whereas, it is believed there are, in the Eastern
part of the Stato, larger bodies of waste and Unimprov
ed Swamp Lands, which in their present condition 1
are useless to the Literary Board, to the State, or its
citizens, and are likely so to continue ; and whereas
it is believed the Literary Fund would be increased
and the interest of the State and the citizens would
be promoted by either making said lands subject to
entry under certain limitations and restrictions, or
allowing them to he sold at ; certain fixed rates.
Jiesoloed, That the committee on Education and the
Lilerary Fund be instructed lo enquire intoihe pro
priety of draining ail such swamp lands belonging to
the Literary Fundus may not have been drafned or
attempted to b drained, though the quantity thereof
may exceed 2,000 acres in a body ; or of allowing the
Literary Board to sell the same at certain fixed," fair
rates; and that they report by bill or otherwise.
Mr. Woodfio,a'bill to amend 2lst section ol 125th
chapter of the Revised Statutes. Provides that
sheriffs shall advertise land for taxes 90 days previ
ous, and repeals the- clause requiring sales of lands
to be advertised in a Raleigh newspaper.
Mr. Arendell, a bill to incorporate the Beaufort and
North Carolina Rail Road Company. Read and re
ferred to committee on Internal Improvements.
pn motion of Mr.- Bynum the Senate adjourned un
til to-morrow morning 11 o'clock; -
A message was received from the Senate, announc
ing the Senate Branch of the committee on enrolled
bills for the week. Also, a message agreeing to re
scind the order by which the report of "the President
and Directors of the Literary Board was referred to
the committee on Finance, and disagreeing to the'
proposition to refer the same to a 'joint select com
mittee, v
Also, a message transmitting the following en
grossed bills from the Senate : A bill to incorporate
- the Murfreesboro' Joint Stock Building Company:
a bill to amend an act passed in 1830-'31 to incorpo
rate the town of Gatesville, in Gates county ; a bill
to amend the 7th sec, chap. 5, of the Revised Stat
utes, concerntng-apprentices; -a bill to incorporate
Fulton Lodgs, .No. 99, Ancient York Masons, Salis
bury, N. C. ; and a bill to authorize the Seaboard and
. Roanoke Railroad ..Company to issue bonds; all of
which were read the first time.-
On motion of Mr. Barnes of Northampton, the rules
were suspended and the last bill read a second- time
Mr. Barnes moved to susDendhe rules anA .u'
bill on its third reading, but objection being made,
the motion was withdrawn.
' Petitions and Memorials.
Mr. Eaton introduced a memorial praying an act of
incorporation ; referred.
Mr. Hillof Caswell, a memorial praying a change
of tho law concerning the advertisement oflands sold
for taxes; referred to the committee on the Judiciary
Mr. Leach, of Johnston, presented the resignation
of Richardson O Neal, a Justice of the Pence for that
county ; accepted. - , . . '
Bills and-Resolutions.
Mr. Jones presented a resolution in favor of Pey
ion P. Moore, and Richardson Nicholls, which was
reau ine nrst time.
Mr. Eaton a bill to incorporate Coldstream Division.
No. 50, S. of T Warrenton, N, C. ; and a bill to
incorporate Mochuena Lodge, No. 22, L O. O. F.,
JJarrenton, which were referred to the committee on
Private Bills. ... . .
Jeffer'soo an"1i'U W'off a public road from
tv i v& . ,U ,a ff and establish the (W
y VJ.U? t read the firs tim-
turnpike road gfrom1'1 ? aroend th act to' build' a
After debate betwl" 'bury to the Georgia line.
Cherokee concern;!" .le8re' leminff and Hay of A
ferred to the eommittft7,ren.cethe bil w re-
to tne eotnmitI.,1 " , lne D"
Walton?rbmhe,okee lan
Mr. Walton, a k:ii 77 r lanaa. .';$
plank Road Company, a p'P he Piedmofirf
referred to toramitte, on CheVolT i" a5,of M8?9'f
, 0heiina.
- f Mf. Avorv nroeanfA1 A minnrifv Pannri Vrnm (h
committee on slavery, which was read; and ordered, to
be printed. . :- , - ' - ' .
v !5ee this Report in another column. 'A .-'
. The hour having arrived when the special order for
the day should be taken up. being the subject of
amending the Constitution, on motion of Mr. Flem
ing the special orderwas postponed to Friday next,
and the unfinished business of yesterday taken up. ,
The resolutions of Mr. Bridges relating to the North''
Carolina Railroad were taken up for consideration!'
. ,' Mr. Pope withdrew the resolutions offered by him
yesterday as a substitute for Mr. Bridges resolutions,
and offered the following ia its stead, which was de
cided by the Speaker to he out of order while the in
definite postponement of the original, resolutions was
under consideration : .
Resolved, That the General Assembly hereby pro- V
poses to the North Carolina Rail Road' Company to
abandon the said Rail Road charter on the conditions
that said Company shall return to each- stockholder
the amount paid in by him or her, and that the State of
North Carolina shali pay all reasonable expenditures
incurred in regard to said Road. ' - " '' . -. 4
Messrs. Gotten and Brogden then addressed the
House at length in support of the resolutions, and .
agaisl the policy of building the North t Carolina
Railroad. Mr. Brogden had not concluded when he
gave way to a motion for adjournment, and the House'
adjourned to 3 o'clock.
Evening Session.
Mr. Brogden resumed his remarks, which he con
tinued to a great length. Mr. Saunders of Wake,
followed, in defence of the Rail Road system, who
occupied the attention of the Bouse to a late hour,
when he gave way for a motion to adjourn, and the
House adjourned till to-morrow at 10 o'clock.
Thursday, December 12, 1850.
The Senate met according to adjournment. -The
House was informed thst the Senate had pass
ed the following engrossed bill and resolution, in
which they ask the concurrence of the House : a bill
to incorporate the Charlotte and Taylorsville Plank
Road Company, and the resolution in favor of John
H. Wheeler. ,
Mr. Bower presented a memorial from sundry citi
zens of Ashe county, in relation to the construction
of a public road from Jefferson to the Virginia line.
Referred, on his motion, to the committtee on Inter
nal Improvements.
Reports from Committees.
Mr. Courts, from the committee on Propositions
and Grievances, reported the bill to repeal the act of
1848 '9, entitled an act to amend the charter of the
Hickory Nut Turnpike Company, and recoramen.ded
its passage. Laid on the table.
Mr. Cameron, from the committee on Corporations,
reported a number of bills, and recommended their
passage. These bills will noticed on their second
Mr. Drake, from the committee on Claims, to
whom wai referred a Resolution relative to the Salis
bury and Western Turnpike, made a Report thereon,
I accompanied by the following Resolution, to wit:
i Whereas, at the last session of the General As-
semblv of the State of North Carolina, an act was
passed authorizing the construction of a turnpike
rod a irom oaiisoury west 10 me ueorjjia line, ana
that the making of said road should lie paid out of the
funds arising from the funds of the Cherokee lands ;
an1 whorpaQ. th pYnpnQps of survpv niul location
i ...... - i J -
State ; therefore
Jitxolved, That the State Treasurer he and be is
hereby authorized and required, that out of the first
monies collected on notes, judgments, or any other
claims due and arising from the sale of Cherokee
lands, he retain and return to the general Treasury the
sum of eleven thousand four hundred and fifty-seven
dollars and thirty-three cents, with interest thereon
from the 20th November, 1850 that being the amount
expended in the survey of the Salisbury and Wes
tern turnpike road.
Ordered that said Report and vouchers be printed.
Bills, Re so lotions, &c.
Mr. Jones introduced a hill to incorporate Holly
Springs Lodrye of ancient York Mason, in the county
of Wake. Referred, on his motion, to committee on
Mr. Joyner introduced a bill to incorporate the Me
chanic's Savings Society. Referred to committee on
Mr. Cameron prcsentea a petition praying the
emancipation of Lewis Williams, a man of color.
Mr. Lane a bill in relation to Mills. Referred to .
committee on Propositions and Grievances.
Mr. Malloy a bill more adequately to compensate
Constables. .Referred to Judiciary committee.
The engrossed bill concerning original attachments
was read the third lime, passed, and ordered to be
enrolled. The engrossed bill concerning Jury trials
in the county of Buncombe was read the third time,
i amended, and sent to the House for concurrence
J The bill concerning the duties of Sheriffs was passed
the third time and ordered to be engrossed.
The Governor Elect.
Received a message from the Commons, proposing
lo raise a joint select committee, consisting of two
on the part of the Senate and two on the part of the
House, to inform the Hon. David S. Reid of his elec
tion as Governor of the Stale, and to know at what
time it will suit him to appear before the General As-t
sembly to take the oaths of office.
The proposition was concurred in, and the House
of Commons informed thereof, and that Messrs. ;
Bower and Joyner form the Senate's branch of said
committee... " i'."
Bills on second Reading. ' .
The bill to incorporate the Fayetteville and Centre
Plank Road Company the bill to incorporate the
Tennessee River Rail Road Company the bill to in
corporate Conneho Lodge the bills to incorporate
the Trustees of Windsor and Colerain Academies- .
the bill to incorporate Oriental Lodge the bill to in
corporate the Home Ganrds the bill to incorporate
Theophilus Division, Sons of Temperance the reso
lution in favor of Susannah Fox the resolution in
favor of Jason Sherrill he bill authorizing a toll
bridge on Dan River, near Milton the bill to pre
vent the destruction of stock in thewild ranjje -the
bill to lay off and establish a new county by the name
of Yadkin the bill in relation to the execution of
criminal process the bill to incorporate Marratocli
Division, Sons of Temperance and the bill to in
corporate Esperanza Lodge, were severally read the
second time and passed. A
. On moitioh of Mr. Pender, the Senate adjourned
until to-morrow 11 o'clock.
Mr. Brogden asked leave to make a personal expla
pation with regard to an expression he had used in,
the heat of debate yesterday towards : Mr. Graves,
Speaker of tha Senate at th'e last session of the Legis- .
lature. - He regretted that he had used the expression,"
and hoped that it would be considered as never hav
ing been said. ",
A message was received from the Senate asking the '
concurrence of the House in an amendment to the bill
to incorporate the Greenville and Raleigh Plank Road ,
Company ; to strike out twenty-five years and insert
fifty years, which was agreed to. :;. V" "
J - Petitions and Memorials. t-
Mr. Kailum presented, a memorial from citizens of
Kocktngham county, praying ttie passage ot an act
to open the river Mayo so as to admit the passage of
fish up the same, which was referred to the commit
tee on Propositions and Grievances.
Mr. Bond, the petition of Sarah Avery, asking for
a pension; referred lo the committee on Claims.
Bills an a Resolutions. ' -
Mr. Hill, of Caswell, a bill to require Sheriffs to
advertise lands sold for taxes in a newspaper pub
lished in the County in which Jthe lands lie, which '
was referred to the committee on the Judiciary. -
Mr. Durham, a bill to. incorporate Samaritan, Lodge.
No. SI, I. O. O. F., Chapel Hill, Orange coonty, and '
Mr. Pegrahifl bill to incorporate La Fayette Division,
S. of 1 ., No. 2, Fayetteville, which billswere refer
led to the committee on Private Bills. . " :'"''"'
Mr. Pegram, a bill to provide for the opening' of
the' Upper Little River.ih Cumberland county; which. .
was referred to the committee on Private Bills.. . V
Mr. Gordon, a bill to incorporate the Yadkin Nav
igation Company, which was referred to the commit
the &
?( tw
tee on interna Improvements. , t
motion of Mr. Wilson a message was sent to
enato proposing to raise a joint select committee
two on the narlnt'Mxh Hnnu. vhosn (fntv it shall
be to inform Hon. David S. Reid of his election as ';,
Governor of the State of North ( Carolina, and to know .
of him at wliat u.;n : i. : . I
,he Gnefal Assembly to teke tha oath of office ; and
that said.:commiUee,make report thereof.
'"Mr. rigoU, a bill to rn,e' act oi,io-
attach that part of Carteret called Ocrocoke to Hyde
county? referred to the cemntirttee On the Judiciary.
- Mr, Fleming introduced biU'granting pre-emption
rterhts t actual settlers on Cherokee lands, and moved
its reference to the committee on the J udiciary. H
Mr. Hayes of Cherokee, opposed tins njotion--to
refer, and moved to amend by referrihgit to the Jo.nt
Select committee on Cherokee lands.
A warm personal debate ensued between Messrs.
Flemingand Hayes on this point. Finally the amend
ment of Mr. Hayes was not agreed to, and the bill
was referred to the committee on the Judiciary.
On motion of Mr. Steele, the committee on theJu
diciary were instructed to inquire into the expediency
of increasing or altering the punishment for" trading
with slaves. ....... .
- Mr. Stevenson presented the following resolutions,
viiirh were read the first time and referred to the
. .... . l .i. -e ton nr. .
committee on Internal Improvements : .
Keaolved, That our Senators and Representatives in
Congress be, and they are hereby requested to pro
cure a hydrograpliical survey of those waters lying
between Pamplico'Sound and Beaufort harbor, known
as Core Sound,, with a view of having the channel
of said Sound deepened by dredging or otherwise.
Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be trans
mitted to our Senators and Representatives in Con-
gFMjv Hayes of Cherokee', a bill more effectually to
suppress gaming with cards, which was referred- to
the committee on the Judiciary.
On motion of Mr. Rofftn, the committee on the Ju
diciary were instructed to inquire whether or not, un
der the Revenue act of the session of 1848-'49 Uni
ted States stocks are taxable. .
On motion of Mt. McLean, the bill to lay off and
establish the county of Williams was taken up, and
referred to the committee on. Propositions and Griev
ances. . ' : .' .4
Mr. Pigott a bill to require purchasers of 1 nrpen
tine to pay the inspection fees, which was read the
A rot IlltlO
Mr. Bogle a bill to annex a part of the county of
W ton in the COUOlV Ol jiiexanuer, wiiitu woo khi-
red to the committeee on Propositions and Grievances.
Mr. Wiggms.a bill to inoc.-porateTtiscarora'Lodge,
Mo laa Yncifni York Masons, Oxford, Granville
county, and Mr. Amis to incorporate Oxford Division,
No. 41, S. of T., which bills were referred to the
committee on Private Bills. Mr. Amis also intro
duced a bill to incorpoate the Tar river Academy,
which was referred to the committee on Education.
On motion of Mr. Hayes, of Cherokee, the tun to
appoint tax collectors for North Carolina, was taken
up and referred to the committee on Finance.
North Carolina Railroad.
The hour of 12 having arrived, the Speaker an
nounced tho special order oftlie day being the bill
to appoint a general superintendant of the Common
Schools. On motion, the consideration of this snb-
ieet was nostooned until Saturday, and the House
i proceeded to the consideration of the unfinished busi
i ness of yesterday, being the resolu lions of Mr. Bridg
es, concerning the North Carolina Kailroau.
Mr. Saunders, of Wake, took the floor, and contin
ued his remarks from yesterday, during which' Mr.
f . . .1 n . . iv.. I mf i.m ef rotnsirlfc nn
Tuesday. The subject was further discussed by
i Messrs. Cherry, Winston, Drake, Sherard, Erwin,
j Jerkins, Flemimr, Bond, Wilson, Taylor, Cotten,
jand Martin. This debate will be given hereafter.
! The question was then taken by yeas and nays on
! the motion to postpone indefinitely, when the motion
i prevailed yeas 80, nays 36.
The House immediately aajourneu 10 u o ciock
- Friday, December 13, 1850.
The Senate met, according to adjournment.
( Bills, Resolutions, vc. .
j Mr. Bower introdnced a bill to improve the State
j road leading from Wilkesborough, by Jefferson to
i the Tennessee line. Referred to Committee on Iri
i lernal Improvements.
Mr. W illey presented the proceedings of a public
i meeting held in Edenton on the subject of slavery.
, Read and laid on'lhe table.
i Mr. Berry presented a bill for the better regalatioa
! of the village ot Chapel Hill. Keau and rclerred to
! Committee on Corporations.
j Mr. Hoke introduced a bill concerning tho right
; of appeal in criminal cases. Read first time and re-
! ferred to Judiciary Committee
1 Mr. Woodfin introduced a bill to improve County
i prisons and to establish houses of correction. Read
: first time and referred to Judiciary Committee.
Reports from Committees.
' Mr. Shepard, fron. the Committee on-the Literary
! Fund, reported a bill to incorporate the Union Insti
j tute, in Randolph County, a Normal College, re
1 commending its passage. Mr Shepard, from the
same Committee, reported a bill to change the mode
j of dividing the proceeds of the Literary rund, and
recommended its rejection
Mr. Washington, from the Judiciary Committee,
I reported a bill to repeal the act of the last Assembly,
i providing for the support of a system of International,
Literary and bcieiiiihc exchanges, and ecommended
its passage
Mr. Courts, from the Committee on Propositions
and Grievances, to whom was referred the memorial.
presented a bill to emancipate Lucy, a slave, and her
daughter Laura. Keau nrst time ana passed.
Mr. Thomas, from the committee on Internal Im
provements, to whom had been referred the bill to
: ... . i ii : ? 1 rn : i ri i. r i
incorporate me nimiii;iuii aiiu luiinaii riank noau
Company, reported the same and recommended its
Mr. Washington, from the committee on the Judi
ciary, to whom was referred .the bill in relation to
slaves and free persons of color and for other pur
poses; and also the bill to prevent the Cleiks of
Courts from issuing certificates to free negroes and
free persons of color, reported a substitute. Read first
time and ordered to be laid on the table and printed.
The bill to incorporate the Home Guards, and the
bill to authorize the building of a toll bridge on Dan
River in Caswell in county, were read the third time
and ordered to be engrossed.
The bill concerning corporations the bill to en
courage the investment of capital for mining and
manufacturing purposes the bill passed at the last
session, concerning the county 'of Polk the bill to
incorporate the Trustees of I npsail Academy and
the bill to repeal the 57th section of the lOGth chapter
of the Revised Statutes, were severally read the sec-
lond time and passed. . - ' .
The bill to enlarge the powers ot tne wommmisi
sioners of the town , of Wilmington wis read jthe
second, time and passed. z '
Furnishing the two Halls.
The Senate then took up the engrossed Resolutions
from the House, proposing certain alterations and
improvements of the Hall of the House of Commons,
and asking an appropriation therefor. , ; :
The question being on agreeing to the amendment
proposed by the select committee, that the Senate
chamber be furnished in a similar manner to the
Housh of Commons, and that the sum of $300 be ap
propriated for that purpose, it was not agreed to. '
On motion of Mr. Courts, this vote disagreeing was
reconsidered, when the amendment was again reject
ed, ayes 23, noes 24 the ayes and noes being demand
ed by Mr. Canaday : r ; -
-.Yeas .Messrs. Arendell, tfarnnger, Bond, liy-
J - irutn, Cald well of o. Courts, DaviJson, Lborn, Gil
mer, onsi, jinugnion. joyner, lveuy. Liane, iviCi-'iii-
lan, , MaliOy, l'ender, aessoms
Shepard, Speight,
Washington, vvnieyand Woodhn' 2.J.
Nays Messrs. Barnard, Barrow, Berry, Bower,
Bunting, Caldwell of M., Cameron,, Canaday, Col
lins, Drake, Hargrave, Herring, Hester, Hoke, Jones.
N ixon, Richard ton, Rogers, Sherod, Thomas, Thomp-
nr.i j it? . -n ...
son, vvaison, vv uuaenson ana vv ooien
The question being on concurring in the Resolu
tions to furnish the Hsfl of, the House of Commons,
they were rejected, ayes 6, noes 41:.-. ... ,
The Senate then-proceeded to the consideration of
Jhe bill to incorporate a Bank in the town of Wash
ington, Beaufort County, which was amended on
motion of Mr. Shepard ; and after some time spent
in the consideration of said bill on motion of Mr.
Bower, the Senate adjourned. . '
A message was received from the Senate transmitt
ing the engrossed bill to incorporate' the Charlotte
and Taylors villa Plank Road Company, and a resolu
tion allowing Col. John- H. Wheeler .the use f cer
tain documents in . ihe State, Library' for one year,
which were read the first lime; . Also, a raessao-e. re
questing the concurrence of the House in an amend
ment to the bill restoring jury trials to th Count
Court of ConcoinbH ! County. On motion -of Mr.
Erwin, the bHIapd amondmeiit were laid on the Mble
for the present. ,7A!so, a' bill Concerning the,duire of
sheriffs, which was read the first time. ,J- -S'vj
Mr. Powers presented a inemorial from the officers
of the 30th Regiment of N-C Miliua, praying a
revision of the Milium aw of the State, which was
referred to the committtee on-'MtHtary Affairs. ,
Mr. Caldwell of 'Rowan, introduced a bir to in-, .
corporate the Salisbury and Taylorsville Plank Road .
Company ; referrM to the committee on Internal Im
provements. Also, a memorial from certain farmers
of Rowan, praying the Legislature to pass some law
10 protect their crop from destruction by Crows,' r
which was laid on the table. .
; Mr. Hayes of Cherokee, a - resolution to instruct
the committee on claims to inquire into the claims of
Mark Coleman. and others, which was adopted.
' Mr. Foard offered a resolution declaring that no
member shall speak longer than thirty minutes, ex- '
cept by special leave from the -House, which on mo
tion of Mr. Brogden, was laid on the table.
Mr. Pigott introduced a bill to exempt canoes and
nets from execution in certain cases, which was re
ferred to the committee on Judiciary. " Also, the re
signation of J. L. Boykin. a justice of the Peace 'of
Sampson county, which was accepted. ,
On motion of Mr. Rayner, : the committee( on the
Judiciary were instructed to inquire into the expedi
ency of altering the law with respect to the tax on
the erection of gates by private individuals: across
public roads. . ' ' -"
Mr. Williams of Mecklenborg, a bill to repeal the
8th section of the Revenue Act, of 1848-'9, which .:
was referred to the committee on Finance. :
On motion of Mri Flemiojr. the House reconsider-.,
ed the vote by which the bill incorporating the Pied
inont Plank Road Company was referred to the com-.- :
mitttee on Cherokee'lands, and on bis motion,' the bijl
was referred to the commhtee on Internal Improve
ments. The House also reconsidered the reference
of Mr. Fleming's bill to amend the act of 1848-'9
laying off a turnpike road from "' Salisbury to the
Georgia line, and the bill waa referred to the com
mittee on Internal Improvements.
Mr. Webb, a bill to repeal a portion of the act of
1848-'9, establishing the turnpike from Salisbury tOjf
the Georgia line, so that" iit shall not be constructed.
between Salisbury and Asheville ; whicb, after some
conversation between Messrs. Walton, Fleming, and
Hayes, was referred lo the committee on Internal Im
provements, i -
Mr. Farmer, a bill. to incorporate Silico Division,.
No. 13j'l, S. of T., Henderson county, which was re
ferred to the committee on Private Bills. '
Mr. Fonville. a bill to incorporate La Fayette Di
vision, No". 22, Sof T.. Onslow county, which was
referred to the same committee.
Mr. Hayes moved to take up the bill for the relief
of the purchasers of the Cherokee lands, and make
it the special order of the day for Thursday next.
; which was agreed to. .
Mr. Fleming and Mr. Hayes each made a personal
explanation with reference to certain matters that had
occurred yesterday. Mr. Hayes asked to be excused
from further service on the select committee on Cher
okee landsi Several gentlemen expressed them
selves as having entire confidence in the gentleman
from Cherokee, and thought, from -bis intimate ac
quaintance 'vith the situation of the purchasers of
Cherokee lands that he was the most proper person
to be on said committee. Mr. Hayes then withdrew
his application to be.excused from: further service on
said committee. - .:.-- .:
.-A message waa received from his Excellency, the
Governor, transmitting the Report of Ihe President ?
and Directors f Ihe Board of Internal Improvement,
which was sent to the Senate with a proposition to
print. -vi-" : :
y - '. Convention Question. ?i . ,
The hoqr of 12 having arrived, the special order
of the day was taken up, being the bill reported from : .
the committee on amendments to the Constitution, in - '
favor of Equal Suffrage. .'Mr. Fleming moved to
postpone the epeeial order until Wednesday next,
which was not agreed to.: - '
Mr. Rayner moved the bill to amend the Constitu
tion of the State, introduced by him some, time since,
as an amendment to the bill reported by the com
mittee. ;'
Mr. Foster moved the bill presented by him with
his minority report, as an amendment to the amend-
. ia" i , - - i""-1
mem onerea aoove.
Mr. Foster said in "sbbstance, that the subject of
amending the Constitution was one of deep interest,
and he thought it his- duty now to give his reasons
for the plan he had, proposed. As a member of the
committee charged " with the consideration of this
subject, he had been compelled to dissent from its
action, and to present his views in a minority report.
This was not a party qoestion, but one entirely above
party, and he deprecated all party animosity in its
discussion. This was a-legislature in which party
feelings should be forgotten, when all should unite
as North Carolinians to promote the interest and pro
tect the honor of North Carolina;- None of the im
portant questions before the Legislature could bo
made party measures.
Mr. F. went on to say that the committee present
ed rather a singular front. The majority bad repor-'
ted against all the propositions referred to them but',
one that of equal suffrage ; yet the Chairman was
in favor of the bill he proposed, and another memb-
ber of the committee hpstdes himselt had submitted
a minority report. Three out of the five members
actually dissented from the report of the majority. .
He went on to compliment the member from Craven,
fMr. Stevenson. for his gallant defence of the
North Carolina Rail Road ; they united in sentiment
in that, and he was sorry that he had not seen proper
to sign this minority report with him.
He then proceeded to examine the-question in point.
First, do the people desire a change in the Constitu
tion, and if they do, what changes do they demand ?,
Second, in what way shall these changes be effected ?
He gave it as his own opinion that the people of
North Carolina do desire a change of their Constu
tion. - He based his opinion upon the movements of
gentlemen on this floor. Various propositions to
amend the Constitution had been offered by different
gentlemen of the House of Commons, and it could
not be doubted that changes were desired by theircon
stitnents. Yet some doubted, and he respected that
doubt. He defied any man to come to a correct con
clusion from the results of party elections. He thought
individuals-usually adhered to their party even if they
did not entirrely endorse the views of a majority of
that party. Isolated individuals were carried along
by the majority. He had framed his bill, therefore,
so as to respect the doubts of certain men. He pro
posed to submit it to the people whether they would
have a Convention or not.
, He next took up the modes in-which amendments '
to the Constitution may he made. Two modes were '
available one ' by legislative enactment, the other
through a Convention. Ihe advocates of the first ,
say that it is the mode pointed out by the Constitu
tion itself, and that it is a cheap mode. He thought
it was not expedient to adopt that plan at this time.
and he denied that it was the cheapest.
Mr. foster then alluded to a certain statement made
in his minority report from the committee that the
people of . North Carolina bad never lived under -a ':
Constitution of their own making. The first Con
stitution was established by a Convention held in :
1768, the delegates to which were chosen by electors
who possessed 50 acres of land. In 1776, another .
Convention was .held, a majority of delegates to
which were monarchists... The people of North Ca
rolina lived under this Constitution until 1835. when '
a limited Convention was held to remodel it. He as
serted that the people of North Carolina never had had
a Constitution of .their own making. The people were"
sovereign, and it was a right that, they should ; say
under what kind of a Constitution they would live. :
If their Representatives did notaliow them to exercise ;
this right now, his word for it they. would demand. it :'
in thunder tones. , -: - t. f
He was in favor of sabmitling the question to the '
people, because it would have a tendency to stop agi
tation. The first dissolution he said would be ihe '
dissolution of fraternal ties, between one portion of
the Slate and another. No people would continue to .
re8peet a Consutuliou whicb every little politician
makes a bobby of lo ride into power on. -The amend
ment of equal suffrage which the majority of the
committee had reported in favor of, might be adopted,
but the agitation would goon. Other amendments -are
demanded by the people.. He wished to set the
matter at rest forever. ' The- people could express
their opinion at the ballot box at the election in'Au
gost next, without costing them red cent ., ; - '
Mr. F. went into a calculation with respect in thn-i
cost of the two modes of amendment, and asserted
that it would cost three. times as much to amend Xh. ?
Constitution by Legislative enactment as by calling-
a Convention.- - He continued bv eavinw' that i
knew some sectional feeling prevailed eq this que-' "J
ion an feared n undecurreiit wa, at work jo j
defeat the measure he. advocated. . lie called ? upon
gentlemen to come .tip, and -discuss: li plan, on jts
merits alone. The RepresaBUtives- oT tbo people
here should not. permit this ma tier to bring sbwa't a
sectional collisin. He seofned to bonpy the post
tion of a little faction f be believed thai ii ws the
proper Way fvmend ihe tJonsiitution,-iiy oalling a
Convention.- This qoestion was one by th side of
which party questions sink jnto.inignificance? He
deprecated all party and sectional feelings in its dis
cussion. . - ' ; .. ... . ...! :.. '. ' f-.
'Mr.'Wilsoji then moved to" divide the motion, and
to take Ihe question first on strikiiig-'ouuv: Mr. Er
win moved an adjournment, which ws - pot agreed
A ft .v liitlA ..nnroafinn ll W'PPH SfVfral
gentlemen, ihe further discussion of the subject was
postponed for the present, to be called "up- at some fu
ture day.' ?: r '., . :. - . ; : ' '
- Reports from Comiittees.-'j!.' -V :j
Mr. Barnes, of Northampton, from ihe committee
on'the jodiciaryi reported the bill to amend the act
making real estate assets, with an amendment, and
recommended its passage. The amendment was
agreed lo, and the bill passed its second reading.1
Mr. Eaton, from the same committee," presented a
written report against the passage of the bill for the
election of Clerks and Masters in Equity by the peo
ple, which was laid on the table, and .the bill and re
port ordered lo be printed. . ('' '
iMr. Sannders.'of Wake, from the same committee,
, reported against the passage of the bill requiring
prosecutors to pay the eosts in certain cases, &c. -On
motion of Mr. Erwin the bill, was laid on the ta
ble, and 'OroVred to be printed.
Alsoj recommending the rejection of the bill to
prevent free persons of color from owning or carrying
firoarais ; the bill was rejected. ; '--.
Mr. Saunders stated that it was now discretionary
with the County Courts to allow free negroes to nse
fire-arms, and the committee saw no necessity for
amy change in the law.
--Mr. S. from the same committee, reported in favor,
of the bill extending the anthority of the Commis
sioners of the town of Franklinton ; the bill passed
its second reading. - , -
Also, against the1 bill for the relief and benefit of
the Clerks of the County Courts ; the bill was rejec
ted. , -A,. ;'
Mr. Saunders, of Wake, introduced the following
resolutions, which were adopted: '. , ? -r.,
Jiesohed, That a select committee ' be appointed to
whom shall be referred so much, of ihe Governor'
Message as relates to th subject of the Raleigh and
Gaston Railroad, and other matters relative thereto;
1. ' That the committee be authorized to open ne-.
gotiations with the old stockholders as to their liabil
ities to the State, : nd for which suits are now pend
ing in Wake Superior Court. , ,--.-'
f 2. That they . further inquire as to the expediency
of disposing of the said Road to said Stockholders,
or to. such other persons as may be disposed to con
tract for the same. ' . "
3. That they further inquire as loathe expediencjr
ut re-orjrnizing saia company wnn a eapnaioi seven
hundred thousand dollars, one moiety of which shall
oe owned oy ine state, estimating her present inter
et xit three hundred and fifty thousand dollars the
other part to be taken in whole or in part, by the old
Stockholders on condition that the Stale shall release
from their present liabilities, all such as shall sub
scribe an amount equal to what they may have held
in tbe old Company;'' . - . . ' .
4. That the sum of three hundred and fiftv thousand
i dollars thus subscribed, shall be expended in putting
kiiu roao in compieie oruer wnn neavy i iron, or
iron eqnally good, and that within a reasonable time ;
and that the committee report by bill or otherwise.
, Mr. Barnes, of Northampton, from the committee
on the Judiciary, reported in favor of the passage of
the bill to facilitate the collection of rent3, with an
amendment. - Tlie amendment was adopted, and the
oji passeu us second reading.
Mr. Brogden, from tbevcommittee on Claims, re
potted the resolution in fa vor of the Sheriff of Mont
gomery county, and recommended its passage : the
4 resolution passed its second reading.' Also, in favor
of. Jthe resolution tor the relief of the Clerk of the
.County Court of Chowan, which Was read a second
ti- .. -V jr v- A-vvy
Mr. Jones, from the committee on Pronosit ions and
Grievances, reported back to the House two .memo
rials concerning the restoration of Robert Rogers and
Stephen McMahon to the rights of citizenship, and
asked to be discharged from the further consideration
of the same. Report concurred in. J- - " ( .
Also, in favor of tbe bill to amend the act of 1848-9,
providing for the inspection of provisions with an
amendment. -.The amendment-was concurred in and
tbe bill passed its second readiner.
On motion the House then adjourned.'
' ' ' SENATE. ' ' '
Saturday, December If', 1850. "
The Senate met according to adjournment.
- " Bills and Resolutions. &e.
Mr. Shepard presented the memorial of the Society'
r..n : o ; n ' . i . .
of friends in Perquimans Coonty, praying that tfie
sale of spirituous liquors at or near Newby's Bridge
Academy, be prohibited. Referred' to commitfee on
Education and Literary Fund. '-el
Mr. Pender introduced a bill to incorporate Key
stone Chapter. No. 19, in ihe townof Plymouth.
Referred to the committee on Corporations. '
- On motion of Mr. Bunting,
"Resolved, That theb'mmittpn the Judiciary be
instructed to enqbirO' into thepracticability, and ex
pediency of so "amending tbe law respecting the pay
ment of debts due froirj jrisol vent estates by execotors
and administrators, t.at the fund in their hands may
be applied to all such debts, vro rata, without refer-
jenco to their dignity, and without the power fn such-
BAreiuuisanu numinisiraiors oy conteesion ot assets,
voluntary payment, or otherwise, to give a preference
to any of such debts over others; and that said com
mittee report by bill or otherwise. ; ' . c . v '
Mr. Courts, from tbecommitteeon Claims, to whom
was referred a bill relating to mills, reported the same
back, and recommended its rejection. -'" - " L
-Mr. Kelly introduced n bill to establish a new
County by the name of Witberspoon. Referred to
committee on Propositions and Grievances.
. Bark at Washington. , ' '..' ',
The bill to incorporate the Bank of Washington
was then taken up on its second reading. "
Mr. Bower suggested an amendmerit to tho effect
that the names of the stockholders be filed, at stated
periods, in one of the Departments of State, so that
the public might know who they were. '
Mr. Washington said there was no objection to this
amendment ; and after some conversation between him
and Mr. Bower, the bill was so amended as to pro
vide that once in twelve months the names of the
stockholders shall be filed in the Tteasury Depart-
Mr. Hoke suggested an amendment, providing that
the officers of the Bank should not be allowed to bor
row at any lime from the Bank, more money than their
salaries would amount to during tho year. He said
that experience had shown that in most of the.inston
ces in which Banks had failed, thesn fn..ra
owing to the large sums borrowed from, them by their
, Bu 0 wtsneu o guard against 'insolvency
m this institution; by: some provision preventing this
habit of borrowing on ihe part of the officers.
. This amendment was opposed by Messrs. Gilmer
and Joyner.1 Mr. Joyner was of the opinion that if
any nmendment of this sort was adopted, it would
impede the formation of the Company, and mivht af
fect the Bank injuriously,' even if it should o into
operation. . y '-;-.'.-&-. uim' :
Mr. Cameron thought that some provisioit of this
sort ought to be adopted ; and he suggested a modifi
cation of Mr. Hoke's motion to; the effect that Jhe
Directors should he allowed. to"K.rrow no more than
tbe aiuouut of their stock in the Bank? ." "'
' Mr Hoke preferred that these officers should be
prevented from borrowing at all from the Bank but
as he Was rtor disposed to embarrass' the friends of
..rco,c yjr wn, uiey might regard as an extreme
course, hewas prepared to accept the modification
sugiestedT)y Mr. Cameron, , r
Gilmer thought Mr. Hoke mightlet the friends
of4he bill manage it in their own wayThe Senator
from Lincoln would doubtless vote dainst tbe bill
any. way, and such being the-case," he thought be
ought ot to seek to clog it by amendments. "'
M r. Hoka said be reserved to himself the nghf, in'
tlie first plaee, as a Senator, to offer amendments to
hilra whether he wasor them or agaiust them ; and
in the second, if bis amendments were adopted, to
VntA Cnr 1 klll ... - . . i. , i . . . :
their passage. He should seek, on everyoceiisionf to
make any bill which might come up for his consider
atuiras perfect as be. could by amendmenU; and
then, if the billpassed nnaiost his vote, b' .should
Mr. Joyrror again addreid the Serwtejw ppW
feei inatjie bad pciormed his duty ia regard to it.
tion to' the amendment, tie repealef bis conviction
that if th iinjehdment pTevaiW, the Institution eoiii
iot'go into operation.- ;. . ; . -
'.Air.'Elmrn said the proposed Bank was needed at
Washington Jt wonUl be highly beneficial to that
section of eountry, and he feoned ihe hill would pa8g
He knew but little about such iniiiuiios, and coiilj
not tell what would be the effect ot this amendment
but he would rather see thf bill killed at once hy an'
open vote, than have its efficiency destroydby CW
and dtffieultiestn the. way of amendments. "
Mrt Shepard spoke at some Jength in opposition to
the amendment, and in favor of thu bill. - Heconcnr.
red with the Senator from Halifax that the amend.
. 1 1 j r . . i. r t.:i,
inriit wduiii uneni uiB-opr-rauuii u iiic uiii. rle ar
gued that there was no good reason for this amend
ment, as all the Legislature rould desire in this rpijard
was to make the holders of the, notes of the Bank
safe, and this was done in the most ample manner hy
a provision in the charter which bound the individy.
al stockholders in double the amount of their stock
for the redemption of the notes.
, Wrf Washington said there was a similar provijj
ton In the charter of the Merchants Bank at New.
bern. Heavy damages were , recoverable oy note,
holders against that Bank, in case it. suspended ; and
the fact that that Bank had gone through every mo
mentary crisis without suspending specie payments
was doubtless mainly attributable to this provision
in its charter: He could see no reason, under the
circumstances, for this amendment. He feared ii
would impede the operations of the Bank, and impair
its usefulness. : :-
Mr. Speight said he thought We had enough Bank
ing capital already in tbe State , If this bill passed,
our Banking capital wonld be some four millions of
dollars, all together; bat as it appeared to him that
such an institution was needed in Washington, and
as he had much confidence in the friends of the meas
ure, who were "pressing it so earnestly, he thought
he shonld vote for it.; 1 He offered a substitute for the
pending amendment, providing that the President and
Directors should not borrow,: at any one time, or be
indebted to the institution at any onetime, more than
f 3.000. . '-. ."- ' ".- ' '' j-. '
v The substitute for the amendment was adopted.
. Mr. Courts doubted the policy of increasing onr
Banking capital. It was now four millions-lthift
would justify' a circulation of eight millions, and
this, be thought, was an ahundance. 'Washington
had already a Branch of the Cape Fear Bank, in
which the State was interested ; and if this Bank was
established It would rival the Cape Fear institution,
and, to the extent of its operationsv diminish the pro.
fits of the latter, and consequently the State's reve
nue derived from it. -This-was no time to doanv
thing calculated to dtmjhishthe State's revenue. If
the people, of Washington needed an--extension of
Banking operations, he' .would vote to authorize the
State Bank, to establish .an Agency there, and he
would also vote to request the. Cape Fear Bank to
increase its accommodations ; and . if snch a course
on the parjt of these Banks promised to be profitable.
ne naa no cioodi tney , wouia aaopt it. cm it, from
(any cause, these Banks could not accommodate those
whowere asking for this institution, notwithstanding
he doubted the propriety of increasing our Banking
capital, he inclined to the opinion that he should vote
for the bill. - ,. . '.,,. '
The Speaker here 'announced the special order of
the day, being the Preamble and Resolution of Mr.
Joyner in relation to. the Raleigh and Gaston Road.
Mr. Joyner spoke at some length in favor of his pro
position, and on his motion the Resolution wa
amended and adopted, and a select committee of five
appointed to prepire a bill to carry out the object of
the Resolution. Tbe committee consists of Messrs.
Joyner, Speight," Jones, Canaday, and Bynum.
On motiorj of Mr. Bynum, the vote of the Senate
on yesterday, rejecting the Resolution providing for
furnishing the halls of the two Houses, was recon
sidered ; and, on motion of Mr. Washington, tbe Re
solutions were laid, on the table. .
The Washington Bank bill again came up for con
sideration, when Mr. Gilmer spoke at some length in
favor of the bill, and was- briefly answered by Mr.
Courts. . - . ' - ...
'Mr. Haughton then-spoke at considerable length
in favor of the bilUand la reply to Mr. Courts ; af
ter which the bill, as amended, passed its second
reading, by the following vote : -'--
Ysas. Messrs. - Arendell, . Barnard, Baninger,
Bower, BondBynum Caldwell of B., Caldwell of
M., Cameron. Davi Json, Eborn. Gilmer, Grist, Haugh
ton, Joyner, Kelly, Lane, McMillan. Malloy, Nixon,
Pender, Richardson, Rogers, Sessoms. Sheoard.
Spetghti Washington, Wiley and Woodfin -29.
Mats. Messrs. Berry, 'Harrow,- Bunting, Cana-
dayi jClarke,' Collins, Con rUfc Drake, Hargrave, Her
ring, Hester, Hoke. Jones, vSherrod, Thompson.
nfi..'. . J ,TTrtl? . j.
vy.poien ana niiamson iv. - j
'On motion of Mr. Gilmer, the bill to lay off and
establish a new county by the name of Yadkin, was
tafren np and referred to the Committee on Proposi
tions and Grievances, together with sundry memorials
relating thereto. ' - ':',' -. ':' ' . m , ...
On motion of Mr. Woodfin, the Senato adjourned
until Monday morning 11 o'clock., -
The Speaker announced ihe following Gentlemen
as the select committee to consider so much of tho
Governor's Message as relates to the Raleicrh and
Gaston Railroad Messrs. Saunders of Wake. Amis.
111 at iiu , inoniguiuery, ana. vnerry. , -.4
petitions, and Memorials.
Mr. Erwin presented rf petition from citizens of
Asheville praying a change in the act incorporating
that town, which was referred rto the committee on
Private Bills. Alsoa memorial -praying the repeal
of the Revenue-Act of 1848 9 imposing a tax on
hog and horse drovers, which was referrafto the com
mittee on Financed V -v , -. a .
Mr. Gordonia petition praying ths erection of a new
county by the nairie'bf Williams, which was referr
ed to the committee on Propositions and Grievances.
Also, a petition praying the legalization of the mar
riage of Nathan H. and Sedilla Gain bill; which was
referred to the committee on the Judiciary.
Mr. Foster of Davidson, two memorials praying
the passage of an act to improve the road between
Lexington and Mocksville, which wpru referred to
the committee on Idternal Improvement. -' "-
Mr. Douthit, a petition from citizens fof Wilkes
county, asking a public road to be laid off from Har
vey Ellers' to the Lewis Fork Meeting House, which
was referred to the committee 'on Internal Improve
ments. . -r. ';'... . ' ,. , -
On motion of Mr. Cherry, tho bill to exempt cer
tain lands from execution, known as the homestead
bill, was taken op and referred, to .the committee 011 '
the Judiciary.
Bills and Resolutions. -Mr.
Eaton introduced a bill to iniornnni !.
uuanuHB vaney ttaiiroao, running' Jrom CJarkesviDe
in Virginia to Ridgeway in North Carolina, which
was referred to the committee ou Internal Improvements-
, . ' - r : .
On motion ot Mr. Barnes of Northampton, the
bill'lo authorize the Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad
Company to is? ua bonds, was taken up and put on
lur thirf reading. M r. Rayner offered an amendment, '
which after some conversation between Messrs. Saun
ders, Rayner, and Barnes, was adopted, and the bill
passed i la third reading. '
. On motion of Mr. Saunders" of Wake, the bill to
incorporate the Fayeuevilleand Southern Plank Road
Company was taken up, and read a second time.
On motion of Mr. Avery, the vote, by which ll
bill concerning the Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad
was passed, was reconsidered, when. Mr Avery of
fered a further timendmentwliich was adopted, aud
Jtho bill, passed its third rearting.- ' -
' - Cohmow 6'cBoow. ; ' ". ' "
The hour of 13 having arrived, the special order
fur tbe day was taken up, being the Ulfiu oduewt
by Mri A iley to appoint a general Superintendent of
the Commou Schools of North. Qaioliaa.
Mr Wiley said lie did not intend to make a set
speech, but he was anxious that tbks bill should have
a hearing at an early period of tbe session, as he feared
more exciting topics would at a later day flora. tbe
attention of ihe Hbuse." He should like to have been
relieved from the duty of explauusg tbe bill, but he
found it had been devolved, oa kiw.. He bad taken
great pains to inform himself oa? the stihjeel of Com
mon hrchoola, and had exattkWtl ibe tuol approved
systehisj of the; .Northern .States. He said that tbe
New England, States, uawejthj of imiiatiuu'as they
were in some respects, were to be eomtneocird for !
great attention ihey bad " pai to Common Schools.
He held that it was iibt Ki PoaiT whvre tuseek for ''
'n 1. . xrn , . . . ' -"--
in format ion ' .-"' ". .;. .' - ''.
Mr. W. said, all were satisfied that there was a
radical defeat in the Sehnol System of North Caroli
ra; ' That defect was it bad mo brad; it was a body
Wttho sol. - , The system nuw marked put by Uw
,w genwrally good, but if wa nuliealtr defective
1 1
. I

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