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n... 1SBCD
Wkhi. Two aollars per annum,
TsBHS F 7iibin the fin month; Two dollars and
ia be delayed six months ; and fh w
iftv cents, " n- withia m0nths lrom u.uu
Dollar ""- , '
L-Ul3cribii.g. gE)II.wIEKir. Four do lars per
Tebs4. ,w ice. or within the first monin; r our
a,munl riftv eenu, if payment be delayea six n.n.u,
dollars anJnhrf"f ot paid within six months from the
ad Five Dollars, i
time LS.U,,SC." .!l g;!CS will be inflexibly adhered to;
IT1"'" " ot exceeding fourteen lines will
Abtkbtisem" one doar all,i twenty-five
be inserted on insertion; those of greater
Lu for each subsequent , iU(1:d:c;ai aj.
Lngth i r'hU'rharsed 25 per cent higher than the
;mon,S a rponablc reduction will be made to
above r " . b the ycar. Advertisements inser
lhoseWt semi-Weekly SUndard, will also appear in
the Weekly rap , to send money
ll'l i so at all times, by Mail and at his
,0 !hC Jr'tu for all sums will be promptly transmitted.
nsK. "f. . -.,:,, mst come rree.ot postage.
The Caswell Female Institute,
B GOULD, A.M. Principal
u Ss Kits E. Keliosc, sswan and Teacher
Ornamental Brancnes. .
Mas E. B. Goptn, Teacher of Music.
mHE Subscriber, availing himself of the well known
I hcaUhinessof this situation, has undertaken to estab
li Tf-e nale Seminar!,, which, in addition to meeting
c wanu of this vicinity, shall merit patronage from
i LI He has, accordinsly, spared no pains in procur
?ran assistant possessing the highest qualifications.
ML KcIIo-, (who has recently arrived,) received her
elation a? some of the best institutions in the country,
,S been highly successful as a Teacher.' Tcst.mo
Juii of the mart commendable character can be exhib
ited from gentleman of the first respectability. .
The course of studies will now embrace all the bran
ches solid anJ ornamental, usually taught in Female
Seminaries of the highest class. Thoroughness ,8 the
leaJin; feature lit tlie plan oi iiisuucuyu. ' s--ot
feature in tlie plan 01 instruction. ' uc gu.cr.i
msnt is strict, but gentle anu concimwrj. . .
progress and superior attsinmcnts in Music, : Drawing,
kintinr nd Embroidery, it is believed that this School
now oflbrs very unusnal facilities. - I ,.
Tbe subscrilr will devote one naiioi nw i.rne. .w
tool, bis connection with the Dan River Institute still
continuing. ' ' ' ' .
iimr.l. mcludiiti washuiff, from $S to $7 per raontn.
Pupils are required to board in families approved by the
The next session will commence on the 6A of January.
Early attention is requested as far as practicable. Charge
will be made from the time of entering to the close of
the session, and no deduction made for absence except
for protracted sickness.
Terms Per Sessios of Fits Mosths:
Tuition, according to studies pursued from $3 to $15
Music, (Piano with singing) three lessons per
week, with an extended series of vocal ex
ercises, for cultivatinz the voice after the
most annroved European method, - - 20 00
Drawing, Painting in water colors, stylosra-
phic. Monochromatic, Painting and .Em
broidery, each - - - 6 00
French, - - 5 00
November 25, 1850. 844 3tw.
Raleigh Register insert three times and forward account
(Hillsborough Street,)
KEV. BENNET T. BLAKE, Principal.
Mb. W. C. Bocb, A.M., Professor of Mathematics
ana Ancient Languages.
Kim VV. Petersilia, Professor of Music.
Mas. Ltcr M. Petersilia, Teacher of Drawing and
r 1 1 WENTx -FIV E Young Ladies can be accommo
X dated with board in tbe family of the Principal.
lucsewill receive all the attention, and enjoy all tne
comforts ot a private farm I v.
The course of study is well digested, thorough and
extensive. J he entire expense to a pupil will be cover-
cl by the payment of One Hundred Dollars in advance,
for a session of five months. This will include Board
and Tuition, with Music, French, Latin, Greek, Maihe-
matics, Drawing and Painting.
Taken separately, the charges will be as follows:
Board per session of five months, , $50 00 ,
Tuition in the Classical Department ; 20 01)
Tuition in the English Department. 15 GO
Music on Piauo or Guitar, 20 00
Drawing and Painting, 1 ' JO 00
Painting in oil Colours, ' 15 CO '
French, . 10 CO
The Pupils will be regularly instructed in Vocal Mu
sic, wiuout lurtner charge.
The Session for 185
begins Cth January. 1851. ,. .
B. T. BLAKE. Principal.
Ualeigh, Nov. 8, 1850
4 tf.
JYeto Stooks.
pOOT Prints of tbe Creator $1, 25.
The Home Alfar by Rev. Ohnrles F. Deem.o, 75 etc.
-ie eminent Dead or fiiumph of Faith in the Dying
"u. a i-iiem uy I'mlip James BaiM'v,
Author of Festus, 50 cts.
i-cot John Rind.il,hof Roanoki by HukIi-A. Garland
2 vol. Muslin, lg3,50.
llulory it the Polk adminislralion by Lucien B. Chase,
2.5a .-
AnmUnl ibe Queens of Spain by Mrs. Anueta George,
es oi uuerary and Scienlific Men of America,
Wayj ,,r the Hour by J. Fenimnre Cooper. ftlS.
ne Lily ami Hie Fato.n of the Huguenots iu Florida,
I.ile Lore a.j i1(.re liy N p, vVillis.
jie e ot cvcUrs lv Grace Aauilar. - . , ' .
1 he Earl'a Dai.-htrr, by Rev W. Sewclt.
Just received ami iir sale by ' ' :' "'" "' ' 1
Uecnmber 9. 1830. v . , . 13 -
rp HE Trustees of the Forestville, Female Acarcmy
J. wish to employ a Gentleman and, his .Wife to take
.. . ?. "u,r ochool, commencinir about tho 2nd. or
! v" ,'V in Jaa"ary. If they cannot ect a man and
uw wi ., they would employ young lady!. . ' , , ,.
as to character and n unifications will be
roauiri.il i.i i ., . .... . ... -
' duress mo sutweaber at Forestviiic.i wane
"Ju'y, N. c. . J S., PURIFY, Sec.
Nov 28 1850. ' r; 'J. iq-:
I'ster publish till forbid.
Bniler Compniitoii. sr'-: . is
I win I AIMING the Klemonl. f B.,i1.r.nr. SnrrevinaP
Arrlitccture, with practical Rules and Instruci
Civil the subject.' By A.' C Sineaton,
. "..3ncer, &C For Sale by J '-- T 1 " -
B,i.: 'i -11 - : ' r l HENRY: D BURNER.
"-'Kn, IS
nf T. --j i. ii
Balei-h V" y R TUCKER & SON.
o", iOV. 3ft. u-,i
8outli Xowell Male Academy,
rrHE present session of this Institution will close on
J. the 20th of December; and: the next session "will
cotnmence on Thursday,. January . 2nd.J; Students are
raincstly requested to be present at the commencement
of the session. V.-., .
The School continues under the superintendence '.'of
the Rev. James A. Dean, M. A., as Principal, and, Mr.'
B. F. Larabee, B.A. as Associate. The Academy build
ing is new, and is so constructed as to accommodate three
or eveu four I cachers. It is hoped that the friends of
the institution will rally . around itL and furnish a suffi
cient number of students to test its capability.' " 1
Three objects will constantly be kept in view : "' '
1st. To promote thorough scholarship.", 2nd. To secure
the students from the contamination of Vice, and to in
still into their minds moral and religious principles, 3d.
To cultivate a taste for general knowledge.; No pain"
will be spared to obtain all these ends.'
South Lowell Academy is a Preparatory School " of
Randolph Macon College ; but the course of instruction
is such as to prepare for any College in the country ; and
it is equally adapted to such as do not intend to pursue
a collegiate course.
Expenses as heretofore, viz : Tuition $10 00 $12-
50, and $15 00V Board in the best families, $25 00
per session. . . . :
South Lowell is in. Orange county. North Carolina,
3S miles west of Henderson, and about the same dis-
dance Koith-west of Raleigh. ' ,
D. C. PAR RISH, Sec. Ex. Com.
November 28, 1850. r . .; ; 844 4t.-"
fTIHE Exercises of this Institution will commence on
I Monday the 6th of January next, under the charge
ot Mr. Edwin L. Barrett,-a gentleman eminently quali
fied to instruct in all the branches taught in preparatory
Schools. The Academy will bo neat and comfortable,
situated about 800 yards from the residence of the sub
scriler, known to be one of the most healthy locations
in the State, and equidistant from Louisburg and . the
Shocco Springs. - 1 -: 1 ' "
. Board can be had with the subscrilier, at $6,50 per
month, and also in the families of Mr. Joseph J. Jones,
Mr. Thomas A. Person, Mrs. Elizabeth Branch, and oth
ers, all convenient to the Academy, at the above rates. .
Parents and guardians may rest assured, that every
attention will be paid, both to the morals and literary
pursuits of the students;
and owing to the heallniness
- . . .. . ..... . i i:
toe siluauon, tne parity ox me waier, anu me iru-
ty ot the neigbuornood, t&e public anil parncuiariy mow;
living in the lower country, Would do well to give this
institution a Uial. .. i , . ,.
, . . .tuition m sessios.
Fqt L,ilsn.Be-.nd higher English branches, $15
Lower ,? fa ranchc8 ,6- . .. . .. 10
Address the Subscriber, Louisburg, N. C.
Decemlier 1st, 1850. 845 4tw.
Register and Spirit of the Ago copy 4 times, weekly.
TKI3 School will be opened for the reception of pu
pils on the first Monday in February, 1851.
This Academy is located 9 miles West of Oxford, in
a neighborhood proverbially healthy, and the Puj ifs will
have every facility to attend divine worship,' as there is
both a Baptist and Presbyterian Church within a mile
of the Academy. ' 1
The Trustees have secured the services of Mr. Jesse
Smith, a gentleman of considerable experience as a
Teacher, and well qualified to prerarc boys for College.
The Trustees are determined to sustain a good School
in the neighborhood, (.all of them having children of
their own to educate) and have therefore put tuition at
tho following very low rates: . ! ;
Spelling. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, 5 03
English Grammar and tocography, - - ou
The higher Branches of English, - - - 10 00
The Languages, - - - - - - 12 50
Good board can be had in highly respectable families
for $5 per month. Any information with regard to tlie
School msv be had bv addressing Lewij P. Allen, Tar
River, P. O., Granville co, JN.
December 1st, 1850. ' S4o til.
T1HE Twentieth Semi-annual Session of this Instil u-
tion will commence on tne isi wionoay in jan. ioji.
The location is pleasant, proverbially neauniui.reurea,
yet easy of access at all seasons of the year. J ins in
stitution is so arranged and conducted as to combine the
Greatest advantages with the least expense, and to give
rmiv.iint nd efficient instruction in all of the various
' . i-i i t , t?i i . : -
branches ot an accompiisnea rcraaie ciuuciiiuu
The Board and Tuition in all the branches requisite
Gold Medal will not exceed $124 00
twr annum.-' ' 1 : ' '" ''" '- ; -1
The Ornamental branches, -embracing inbiruiui-uiai
Music, Mrax Fruit and Flowers, Ancient anu wiooern
1 .anTnms. nrnwin? and Puintine i Oil and Water
"--o-o ;
Colors, at the usual prices. .
Vocal Music. Needle and rancy worK, gratis.
The Librarics'of the Priiicipals are accessible to nd-
vnnrml Students. -'
Lectures noon Literary and Scientific subjects, with
appropiate cxpenmenU will oo oeiiverefjuuring inr. on
t; - J. W1LCOA, 1,
ir-"-4 L. C. GRAVES,
, : . . ! . . . Associate Principals.
November 30. 1850. . ' i . 9
. . raleigh, n. c 7 :
mHE Spring term of tbi lnsutuuon win vprii
I Tuesday the first day of January, 1851. r ,
Terms per Session of five months, payable m aavanee.)
Board and English Tuition, " ' """ ''$6l 00 !
Music on P'rano or Guitar, 20 00 -
Use of Instrument, ; '' ' -. - - 3 CO
Latin and Freuch.'each, ' " . 10 00
Incidental Expenses, 5 ; ' '' ;I 00
Nov! 30, 1850.
814- 4t
xiie scnooL1 at; ii AniLTOi,
"R. J. H. HORNER resumes charge of the ssciiooi
jJJ-at Hamilton, the 1st Monday in January next.
In the Classical department tho studies as heretofore,
will be strictly preparatory to the University. '
. T I . I. Tk I ! V . C. nn.T T 11 1 tl 11 tlAf ' fiPR.
Voaru ni tue nuuiuBi juiaiiijt tw r-.
sion of five months,' ' ' '.''..:'',.,' ... 55 00
Hamilton is situated on'aii 'elevated plain near Roan
oke river, iwclvo mites above Williamston and Is consid-
red a healthy location.
, - - P. P. CLEMEN I S. sec aoara irut,;
' . '. Hamilton, October, 1850. , . , 839td. , .
s,i ','Ralbigh,' n.' b.'1
fTIHE I8th TeVm'of this Schobfwil! commence on tho
J; fourth" day of January 1851, and' continue 'till the
7th of June.. f , -. s - , , '
For a Circular containing full particulars, apply to the
Subscriber. '. . A faUJEiiT SMEDES. Rector.
.December 4th,! 1850. .' : 1 .'. "A". l-r
,e LOT at ,Wako jr oresi college is tor sale,: coiv
taining two nd ahaif Acres, moderately iaiprov-i
ed. It is the handsomest Mte onjtho tJUl, and well wa
Decemlcr 2nd, 1850. H tf.
THE winter session of Mr. & Mrs. Bunnell's School
for young Ladies wiil begin on Thursday, 9th of
'January: ;;-.:..:.' . ..... , -. ; .- . ..
Board and Tuition, - ,
; Music on Piano or Guitar, . , - -,
, Use of Instrument for practice, i
n Drawing, . - . !. -'
.. French, ..) . - - 1, '
Latin, - -
.. Washing per session. .-.
67 50
20 00
5 00
10 00
10 00
, 5 00
5 00
"When two or more pupils come from the an ran fnm;i
the charge for washing will be $2 50 for each. - As the
number of pupils is limited, persons desirous of securing
places must make early application.. For circulars con
; taining all necessary information, address Rev. Bnr
well, Hillsborough N. C. , ,
Dec. 11. 1850. . ) . ; 12-lw4tV '
' The Raleigh Register, Wilmington Chronicle, Fay
etteville Observer, and Newberuiau, will insert once a
week for four weeks.
The Rev. Dr. H ccpei's Family School
In the Country, JSar- JLittleton Mtjtot,
Warren Count-, N. C.
'! Teachers Ret. Wm. H oopbr, Prof. J. DeBkr
kikee Hooper, and Thomas C. Hooper.
rriHE next session will commence on the first Thurs
J day iu January. It is requested that those who in
tend to send, will make early application.
, Nov. 23, 1 850. , , . , . 8 4t. ;
Man IZivcr In stitutc,
friHE Spring session of this School will commence on
'J. Tuesday, tho 7th of January. -
Hoard in the village and vicinity, from $6 to $7 per
Teacher of Languages,
Teacher of Mathematics.
December 11, 1850.
At Wholesale and ISelail. -
WE have just received from one of the largest and
best established Houses in the United States,
one of the largest and best assorted Stocks ever brought
" to this City, a Slock that would favorably compare with
the Onstoin Work ol any fc.siablisnmenl in the Union,
which we are inslnicled to sell at uiipiecedentcd low
prices, and to which we invite Ihe ailehlion ol Country
Merchants, citizens of Haleigh, the surrounding Coun
try, and Members of Ihe i.exl General Assembly, and ask
them to call and examine our Slock befoie purchasing
elsewhere, as we are determined to sell at pricesjhat
wilt defy competition.
Countiy Merchants need have no feais of find ng us
with a bioken assort ment , rs we shall continue lo have
lare additions Ihrouehout Ihe Si ason.
In addition to ihe above, we have a full assoitment nf
fine Shirts. Jenny Lind and other palierns, together with
Silk, Merino, Lnibs wool Shins and Diaweis. . -;
All f which we will sell as low as they ran be pur
chased of any Establishment in New Yoik or any oth
City. , A. li. STJTH &. CO.
Raleigh. Nov, C, 1S5!). ... - 840 w if.
Practice what you Preacii.
From Jaiverpool to Wilmington N. C.
I have just received a large stock of
j direct from the Liverpool manufactories, which
I am prepared to sell on very reasonable terms, at whole
sale or retail. ' - .'
To all who are disposed to encourage direct importa
tions, I would say that a fair share of patronage is all 1
ask to enable nie to compete with any other importer in
the- United States. I offer a fair chance to all who are
disposed to build up Southern Independence. "
In addition to the Crockery Business, I will continue
to keep a large and well selected stock of "
Farming Implements, '
to which I particularly invite the attention of my farm
ing friends. I am continually in receipt of the latest im
provements iu these articles, and will take great pleasure
showing tuem to all woo are oesirous oi examining
McRAE, Jr.
Wilmington, Nov. 13, 1850.
5 6m.
, , Fstycttcvillc Street. . . ;
Afjw diors North, of The Yarbrougb. Hause.
.Ir a JS'jcsrTff 4jposite Lawrence's Motet ')
RALEIGH, N. C. v. ,! : '..
Is Open for the Season!
Every thing furnished in such Establishments will be
served up in the best style, and at the shortest notice.
Fres5i Oysters of a' Superior Kind.
UlECEIVEIt JK1ML.W ; .-:::.-.
Or Call at Kane's on Faycttcvillc Street, a few doors
to the North of Yarbrough's House, and nearly opposite
Lawrence's Hotel.
P. S. Thre is a BILLIARD SALOON , in the Es
Raleigh, Nov. 16, 1850.
5 tf.
Just Opened Two Doors Abave R. Smith's Store.
.... ".. .... .RALEIGH, W. C :.; ;
rTHE Subscriber has iust opened a Book Store iuRa
I leieh. two doors above Mr. Richard Smith's Store,
where he offers to the public : ' '
seaDceox, books;
Of almost every description, together with a large col
lection of -j .
From the pens of eminent authors of the different De
nominations; also, -'
statiouerr. 7
Of excellent quality ; all of which he proposes to sell on
very reasonable terms. 1 :
Any Book not on hand at present, can be ordered and
received hv the Subscriber in a few days, and he will be
prompt to fulfil all orders from town or country.' -
Raleigh, Sept. IS, 1850., ;r, 833 tf.
. New Goods, New Goods ! . i
Xjootc Out for Good Bargains.
T UST the very thing at last ; lhat long and anxiously
fj Joo.te.i lor tram, coniawno imw.-.
that was selected by Alexander Creech, with great care
nl n ovfi single to' Hie warns oi nis iiiunua anu
customers has airived arid now opened, and for sale.
- CAP fi. f.jHisj larafc and varied assoilmtnt of bean
t'ifut prints otthe latest styles, a large assortment of '
.. w mwiwr?- nifPSS r:Mfrs! ''
"a large and Iwautiful assortment of a most every kintlfoi
Gentlemen. V Call at his Sbire,, two doors above Mr,
u;hri siiin corner, and next door to Alessts. A. B
nil for
Stith &. CoV..wSuclioa and . Commission store, and ou
will cot regret it AUSASKUEK UKClUH,
IlalriKh, N.rv. 20. 1851). ' - " 8
lbs. Sperm and Tallow Candles, Best
W Brands, i-ist received by . .
: tucker '& :sotf:
Raleigh,' Sept. 21st, 1850 .V f , j " 1 34
Tr-AMP OIL, Burning Fluidi and Phosgene Gas a
I j riod supply expected by next freight Train, t-,
Raleigh, Nov. ST, 1850. ' , ' 9
P aim e r" & Ramsay .7:
AYE Just received the most sulendid stock of
ICicli and Handnome Goods
in their line ever offered for, sale in tbo city of Raleigh,
the cfegance of the articles being only surpassed by their
usefulness and convenience; ; The patterns are entirely
new, and the beauty of the various designs by which
they are embellished arc quite unique and fanciful, reach-:
ing the very highest perfection of art and skill. We de
sire an inspection, which is the only proof necessary to
convince all persons of coirect taste that such splendid
Goods, at such very reasonable pric?swere never offered
before in North Carolina. Our Fashionable Store, there
fore, stands A. No. 1, among tha attractions of the City
of Raleigh during the present Winttr...;M;: - ' ' L.-. .
Splendid Gold and Silver Watches,
Cold, vest,: fob and guard Chains, )
Ladle's watch chains, new style, v . t -.
Seals, keys, chains, earrings, breastpins, rings, x.
Diamond breast pins and Rings, .-, ... . - ;
Gold lorkets, braclcts, ketches, arid necklaces, .
. Gold and silver Pencils and pens, i ; .-. . ...
Gold silver, and steel spectacles, -Geld
and silver buttons and studs,. !' 1 : ,
Gold and silver thimbles, and silver combs, .-.
Gold and silver buckles and slides, J
Coral, assorted, silver and shell card cases,
Clocks, warranted good time pieces,.
Silver table, desert, and teaspoons. .
Ladles, sugar tongs, cream, and salt spoons,
Silver & plated bntter knives, silver forks and cups
Steel keys and chains and music boxes, , ,. .. .
Steel worked bags, tnssells, rings and beads
A larc collection of fine. Cutlery, . ; r ,
Perfumery for tho toilet, and fancy Boxes,.
Full sets fino Waiters,... r
Rich plated Castors, candlesticks, baskets, ,
1 .' Waiters and fruit stands, new styles, t
Brittania wars and flower vaccs,
Pocket books and silk purses, V ( .
Hair, tooth and shaving brushes,
Pistols, table cutlery and guitar strings, .
' Fancy Goods,
- Their personal attention . will be devoted to repairing
all kinds of Watches, Clocks ami Jewelry.
Old cold and silver taken in exchange.
November 1850. . ..., . 0
Corner cf Wilmington and Hargett Streets, -RALEIGH,
N. C. r
THIS splendid Establishment, just completed,
and elegantly fitted up, is now open for the in
spection and patronage of the Public. "
W. R. PEPPER, the Ageut and Manager, is wcl
known in this community, and throughout the State, as
a Caterer for the taste of all those fond of " : '
Baked, Scalloped, Fried, St wed,
And done up "brown," with the etceteras.
The House is so arranged as to furnish Saloons com
pletely retired for private parties of gentlemen desirous
of feasting themselves and friends. .
PEPPER ottenJs to the Cuisne in Person. Trays,
handsomely piled up, sent to every part of the City at
shrt notice ; and Parties will be supplied at any hour of
ho day or night, by sending their orders to the House.
Member of the Legislature, when fatigued with their
arduous official duties, may refresh themselves at PEP
PER'S ; and other Visiters, us well as his old friends and
customers of the City, are inviicd to do the same. No
pains or expense shall be spared to make this THE
HULiSE where every wish of the Jtipicurc shall be grati
fied. ? W. K. TEPPER.
.' Agent for L. F. Smith.
Raleigh, Nov. 15, ,1850. 842 tf.
New Conf clionarv A- Grocery Store,
3 Doora below the Jost ttlKcc. .
7M. GRIFF1CE, & CO. have opened a Confec-
tionarv and Grocery Store, in Raleigh, 3 doors
below the Post Office, where they have on hand, and
will sell on reasonable tenris.the following articles : ; -. '
Sugar and Coflee,
Do. St. Croix,
Candles and Soap, '
Black and Imp. Tea,
Siilcratus and Snuff.
Crushed Sugar,
Havana ( do.
Pepper and Spice,
Copperas and Ginger,
, Brooms, &c. &c. '
" : Myers Best Chewing Tobacco. :i '
CoJifeClioiiarioa. 1
Best Segars, ' ." -, Water Crackers, '
Dolls, Accbrdians, L ' ' ;' Butter anil Soda, do.
Fancy Candies, Citron," ' Prunes, Cocoa Nuts,
Almonds, Filberts, - English Walnuts, ' '
Palm Nuts, ' " "" ' ' Figs and Raisin,, ' :"
And every thing usually kept in u, 'CV. fiionary Store.
They will say to the public that they carry on the
Candit Making -Business, ' ' -
and without boasting tbey can assure the public that they
will sell the best Candy as cheap as any house in the
place, and warrant it to be as good us can be made: -
Merchants and others, buying by the wholesale, will
find it to their interest to give them a call.
Raleigh, October 9, 1850. - ;'- S36 tf.
Prime Smoking and Chewing Tobacco,
i And tbe bent I mporle 1 Cegars,
i'.iS t May be found at - -1-,- : ...
. First Coriler, North of Yarbrougb. House, .'.-.
... And op posite . Lawrence's Hotels . . , , ::
Keeps on band a good "assortment of : Ueefu.1, Fancy,
and Ornamental Articles, 'Cohfectionaries, Groceries,
Raleigh, Nov. 1850." ' . . - . -. ... , . 6 : "
Fresh Arrivals Tri-Weekly!
Receive New Goods Xri-Weekly
; .During the., Winter Season, .
, By this arrangement purchasers will always find
Something JYcw mid Attractive, -.; ,;
By examining thi ir Stock; As for Bargains Gentle
men vou can't beigin' to buy as cbcap elsewhere. - Call
and supply yourselves,: , ;' ' i--'':" k;"1f'":',
- ? - j '; -' ' ' ' -. Fayetteville Street.
Raleigh, Nov:. 15, 1850. - ' - ; 5
BOOT .and SHOE ;
ax a. sar tj r ie'T o oa-ir
O L- BURCH would inform his old customers as
well as others, that he has now in his employ
a .gowl Xtrarliaten. as there la in the. Union
and feels confident that he can make: any article in his.
line as well ;if not a little belter than can be got elsewhere.'-
he has neither spared pains nor expense in pro
curing Jhe service ol. workmen for Jhe above purpose.
His Materials are the best kiicwn to the Traded,
eThe Latest Fash inns always W hanrJ-1 vtW'
Call two doora below the Post Office.
Raleigh, Oct. 2, 1850. ; , 835
The Bugg" also at, Home Again!
R. K. R. R;
HATE juat returned Ihe second time from Boston,
New York, and Philadelphia, having spent nearly all
4 of August and September in said cities, getting up our
' CLOTHING, every article of which was cut bu myself.
; and madevpunder my own inspection ; and I presume
'''there is ho one in North Carolina now, who Would be
verdant enough to question my capacity alter the elo
quent tribute paid to my ' artistic skill' in our last Su
, perior Court, by Jude, Counsel on both sides, witness
es and Jurors. '; 1 refer to the case of Biggs Oli
ver'' action for damages, in which I had lo pay $250,
in consequence of my extended reputation. r.
- Come in, if you please, and assist nie in paying off
'.Ihe judirnent by buying our Goods., Who is there, in
North Carolina, who has not heard of the Hon. George
E Badger, .the Hon.' William H.' Haywood, -Jr., and
"Bug "Oliver? "VVhy' their fame is no more to be
hemmed in by Stale lines than Iheirjtalents are to be cir
cumscribed wMhiii the same narrow limits." - '
. We are connected, as all our customers know and if
, they don'l know it; they may with no Northern House
butare Tailors ourselves huy ourowngoods. and im
port quite as many of what 'we purchase in proportion
, to our business, as any House in this Slalo or out of it.
'Ther is uo Establishment here or elsewhere thai pus
sesses any advantages over us . ; We buy where pveibody
else buys, and we think we understand our business and
buy as cheaply. We say ui CLOTHING is equa Ho
any ever offered for sale'in North Carolina. and,:we
Ihmk superior, being judges ouiselves of clothing. Of
; that Ihough, we will leave the public fo docide, when
they examine for themselves. : Orie '.thine is certain
without intending to, reflect upon any one we will
sell our clothing cheaper than ihe same articles can be
bought lir in any of the Northern cities; arid as cheap
as any body Inat comes here, who does not steal his
clothing ready made, j . - .. .
' Our stock embraces Drab, Black, Blue, Green, Gray,
and olherlJVr.UtUAlS lrom 6 to 20 and upwards.
CLOAKS full circle, $18 and upwards. Fiock.dtess,
and sack COATS from $7.to I2 and upwards. PAN-
TALOONS, all colors and prices, from S4 lo $8
VESTS, alt kind and all sizes, at all prices from $1 25
-t:5. ' In fact, every thing that Can be found in any
similar establishment in the Union.. ' - ... m
We are North Carolinians. We are permanently lo-:-:ifed
here, and it we sell as cheap as others, why. not
give us Ihe preference I If ire do not sell as good goods
il as small a price, we will not ask your patronage.
Call ! call ! call ! before vour purchase, at
. ; - No. l. -'
' R. R. R. R.
'! " 1 Fayetteville Street
JVovember Ofb, 1830 ' "' ' - 2
Register copy. ' . 1
. P. F. PESCUD, , K
, Wiiolejale and. Retail Druggist
.. FlTETTKTlLLE St. Ra1.E10H, N. C. i
(FFERS for cash, or approved credit, at the lowest
market prices, a large and well selected assortment
East India. Mediterranean and European ..' .. - - .
IV2uch, ICallsu. and American Chemicals, .
Foreign and Domestic Soaps. - . , .
P.-rfumery,;' - '' ' -Paints and Oils, : -'. .
Fancy Articles, Dye Stuffs,
Fancy Soaps, - DruggisU Labels, - .
Brushes, Window Glasf, : ; . -
Extracts, . .- - ' - Surgical Instruments,
Trusses, 1 ; '. '. - . ... :' Druggists' Glass Ware, ,
Leeches, ' . . ; . Shaker's Herba and Roots,
'i.-ac Biixor, Mmtiiti, SaEnnrand Pokt Wises,
'". ' Selected for Medicinal purposes. ;
ands Sarsaparilla, Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry,,
Gray's Ointment, BeckwithV Pills, Ay er's Cherry
. Pcclorial, Doctor Wiley's Cough Candy,. Gcii-.-
uine Cod Liver CHI, together with every
r" article comprising the stock of a Phy. ; , , j
.-c: sician or Druggist. , ,. -...,,.
April 7, 1850. i iv ,i 1 i-:-J: .... . ,809 ,
Henry D. Turner,
I'uMislier. Buk.sell-i- and Stationer
No. 1; Fatettevii.i.b St. Rai.kigh, N. C..
HAS always on hand a large and general collection
Law, Medical, Theological, Classical, Voyages, Travels,
Novels and Miscellaneous Books. Also, a very -1
'. extensive assorttnent of School Books, &c, '
Blank Books, Ledgers, Journals, Day Books 4 i
Pass Books, Bank Books, Record Books," ; J
Blank Check Books, and any other kind '
. that may be wanted manufactured
' .''-'.:;'::: : to order 'ti.l'rr ;-i
' Together with a general assortment of Stationery. t
Particular attention given to filling all orders complete
lrom Booksellers, Merchants, Teachers, and private indi
viJuals. And every article iu his line sold at the loweit
prices for cash or approved ciedit, either at wholesale or
ictail. '- ' . , ' - ' - '; - .
All new works received as soon as published, .
Raleigh, August 27, 1850.; . . .830 y
New Vatch and Jcwelerf Store.' -
' W.' HV THOMPSON Would respectfully in
yu form the citizens of Raleigh and its vicinity, that
CiitiShc has opened a choice stock of ' . . : k
j . .- batches r arid JeWelry, :i '
iu a part of the Store occupied by Mrs. Thompson as a
Millinery "establishment, - where be' offers for sale Gold
and Silver watches, warranted correct time ketpeis
the latest styles of , , . .. '
I'sishioiiablc, Jewelry,
luch as Guard, Vest and Fob Chains; Cameo, stone and
mourning Broaches; Plain, Chased and Stone Rings ;
Gold Pens and Pencils ; Gold and Silver Thnnbles ; Studs,
Collar and Sleeve Buttons, Ear Rings, GCld and Silver
Spectacles, &c., Fancy Goods arid Fine Cutlery, all of
which will po sold cheap. Watches, Clocks and Jewel
ry repaired in superior style. , Old Gold and Silver taken
in exchange. . ,' . . v, ; .-.-j,-- '.,
, Sept. 21, 1849. . ... ; , . ? , 777 6m.
- See R. R. R. R. . ; ':
To the citizens of North Carolina rartlcularly.
M R can measure and furnish an entire suit of clothes
V? rinclndine coat, pantaloons, and vest.) at I'mni $."35
tn $44 and will warrnnf them toberqoal infall respects
to any thai ran tie lurnisiieu in ine unueo siiaiesiui ini
money. ' Gentlemvn' need no longer send out of.the
State for cheap Clothing, onle?tliey preter it..- -. . -;
r . . ; ; OLIVER & PROCTER.
Raleigh, Nov. 5, 1853. ' . - : 12 if.
- Royal Raleigh Ringtail Rousers. :'; , ! . .
:, -h .v. i perfumed matchei; ' "
OF SupeVior quality, just received by : ' ' ' '
- . ,'t : p. F. PESCUD.
. .. .. ..i - ALSCr, ""' '.'-'' '
English and American Mustard in ql. Bolfles and qt
fin cans, of best quality and Very cheap.
Raleigh; September 30; 1850.
i; . ; ;'.; 835
!iiJ VlfortU Carolina Almanac.
rflURNER'S North Carolina Almanac; for 1851
. day published by
N.C. Book Store. ':
':--;;-'- - 839 tf. '
Raleigh, Oct. 1 850.
' 'nat and Caps. ''
'rilC MOLESKIN .Beaver,' biter, Cat liornia, 'Angel ia
SX Plush, and jFuf Hals', Gehfs, Boys, and Children
Siiik Cloth, Prince J)o. Joinville Fine Military, and
Jenny. Lmd Caps.iust.received and for sale by .
' ' ' '' R. TUCKER Sc. SON.
Sept.tlal, 1850.
U 0 H U HB U G!
, -bruce, r'':
Improved JtIoriicein Vflachinc,
SHOULD be in" every f lARPENTER's'SHOP in '
It will Mortice through 8 inches, -with the greatest ;.
possible ease, and is worked by either hand or foot.
. Price 40 dollars Complete " Address Post Paid, '",'"' , ,
, - HENRY G... BRUCE, ,r
'. ' "V; . ' , .. ', Raleigh, N.-f:;"-J
' 'December 9th, 1850. t V ' 13
CE It Jilt ROOT, Frankt.'n Cottnty,
. ,D. S. RICHARDSON,' Principal
. C. H. STOCK WELL,' .Assistant!:
T lHE Spring Term, for-1851, will commence on the .
I l a iu day ot .January. , J. he few Academy, will be
dedicated on that day. The Students .are earnestly re
quested to be present. For a circular containing partic-y
ulars, apply to the . Principal, at Belford Pf, 0., Naah
County. ' '"' ' ' i" - -
Nash, Dec. 13. . . . ' 13-tirel. t'
The Tarborough Press. Raleigh Register, Biblical
Recorder, and North StatV Whig, will please insert the,
above till the 1st of . February, and send accounts to D-.
S.Richardson.' '.' V . , ' "1 ,' i'!
A"' N E Wi B 0 0 kVs T O RE
.'.-.'z-f K - 1 111 . '. .'.. . 5 ! . n Tr;-
3?0aX3S3QLO"Sr&.:O'aSrKAJCri w i3
16, Fayetteville Street , Opposite the , Tost Officii v
raleigh, ;n.;o.
4RK now Teceivintt an extensive a8ortuent of Law. -.5
Medical, Theological, Mis-cellsnroos and JSehpol . t
Books xetinraUvr AnuuaU and choice Books forfres- ,i
ents. Novels, Stationary of ail kinds, which we are sell- . ;
ing at ihe veiy lowest prices, and which we are confi
dent will give satisfaction Call and examine.' ' . " '''
, w. l. pomeroy; ' -':!
.'. . -.7 j y O'NEAL'
-' December 9, 1S50.; r ....:;;' ! -., '1 13
Dealers in .Staple and Fancy lry Coeds. '' r
Fancy Articles Ac &c ':;-.', : ;J
HAVE received nearly their entire Stock of Fall and ,.
Winter Good& to which they respectfully invite-
the attention of their customers, and the public generally,
and all of which are offered on the most reasonable terms. -;
Raleigh, Oct. 23, 1850. . . . ! -, v ic,.t 838 .-,
T NEW ARRIVAL. . , , ,:. ,''
JUST received a few setts of handsome Girandoles; - i
also Silver and Plated Spoons and Forks. Call a( the ;
North Carolina Fashionable Jewelry Slore .,
.. On hand a large assortment of Fjne , Razors, Pocket ,'
and Pen Knives, and Scissors.. .Warranted to be good. , ,
. j . . . , , ; . ; . PALMER & RAMSAY. .',
December 9tli, 1850.'. , . ' , ' . ' '" 13 ' '
Bank oi the $tat; of, North Carolina '
4 DIVIDEND of five per cent on the Capital stock.
" of this Bank,, has been de lared for the last six
months payable at tho brincipal Bank on the first M on-,
dav in January next, a id at the .Branches fifteen days ,
thereafter. ::v ; ; C DEWEY, Cashier, i
Raleigh, Decemlier 11 th, 1850. -; . .. ,13-td. ..
' " : " ' ' ; . ., .::v
Jtobinwii's SlioeF. t , i , .
CONSISTING of Ladie'sKid Walking,; .:
:; ' '..-. Da. . do. Slippers, c. .,' tt-'.t :
st '
Do. white do. . . .
i-i ,' '! Do.-, Satin,, do. ; ., Vi
. Misses Bootees, ; : ; .. ...
. Misses and Children's Black and Bronze Booteea, ;
Just received by . i P. TUCKER,, & SON. 3,
i -Aug. 26, 1850. i ,i I .t J 03 ;PV
Calf Skinsv LinliiSY xc. ir- .-
L. BURCH, keeps constantly -on! harid, Calf :
. Skins, Linint; Skius.Shoe fiudiiiu, &c . Slc.. . .
Raleigh, Oct. 2, 1850. . .: : 835 .. i
JUST Kcceived, and for sale bv . ,.f
' ... ' . ., I 'O'.L. BU
Raleigh, Ocf. .2. 1850. . ,
TS hereby given that application will ba -made to tho
next Legislature of the State of North-Carolina for a
Charter to cut a Canal fr&m 'North'' River to some point
in Currituck Bay. f . :: ,..t ', ; , . '-: :
October 30, 1850. - -- " ' ' - 83961.
W - a
ivVi' i t
i FE .V Barrels of North Carolina
. very pure, in store and fnrsele by
' ''- . WILLIAMS, rtlAx V UOU ft'COjl.M
Raleigh,'Au:. 21st, 1850.. ; i.-.i .i ' r 829! rt
CO. ;. Imported Cigars different Brands.: .,:
Just Rceeived by
: , ',; r. y A ! S3S!
Oct- 9, 1850.
H , railed S ick .V Togas-V
(T DOZEN more just received, s Fancy colors, at.
w ; ,;i iu
. ' Raleigh, Nov. 15..
T:i J.; - -5- '.,
Merino Drawer und Shirts.
1 n DOZEN just at hand
J. w -, ,, . ,
- Raleigh, Nov 15.
Received Ey Express this Day
fX ed Colors. ,'. , '".".. . .. '
' Also, a lot Of Jenny Lind Trimmings.
- " ;- . y: evans'
r" Nov: 6."" '" V ';!,!'-v-. i- :
'1S1 ; 838 .
- ; ;. 7 -js '; wotice; ; 'i;;;;',""" "t
A -ppLIC ATIQN will be made,' to' the present session
'of. the General Assembly of North. Carolina, for thin
passage of an Act to incorporate ihe Caswell Mutual
Fire Insurance Company. - ...MANY CITIZEN S, ?
v;Caswell t ounly, December 7th, 1650,' , .13 2w. '
GLASS JARS, 30 dozen assorted low priced Jars
for Preserves and Confectioners ose',' for sale at tho
Drug Store of WILLIAMS, HAYWOOD & CO. '
, Aug. 27, 1S50.' ' ' ' ; ' ; 830 '
"':;! "m -1 tXasluesi' Coats. 1 - -
'1ft MOREfof those 'desirable Coats'just opened at
. "JL.vJ V the low' price of $4 50. ' ' .-
ivprice i
Raleigh1, ttfoi. 15.'
Journey ina Tailors Wauled.
tlliyo JO URNETMA N TA-LORS. will find employ-
1 ment by immediate application lo Olivei and Proc
tor 'None but steai y men and firef-raie woikmn need
ipp'ly 1 1 ' " ' " OLIVER fc PR OTER. i
;-..oct..7.i85o:.:;, ; : 1: ',
Fine Fancy Cass. Pants."1 . '
ITR Slock ol Fancy Casintere Pants, cannot be beat
- A . . v ii ft 11 nt,Tn
t.. Ln nARUIIXlj At. O.
i2'l850;; . 4-
' Raleigh",' No
-i.- t - DeantiJnl Fancy Silk. -Vesta. ;
'O DOZEN ef decidedl the prettiest patterns 'ver ' cx
'5 hibitetUn' Raleigh," at ' i..1'"' "':: 'J vw
Raleigh, Nov. IS. x . 4 -i .

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