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Palmer & Ramsay
HAVE Ju.t received the most splendid .took of
" Rich and noadme Ooodi
in their line ever offered for sale in the city of Ralegh
the elegance of the articles beS 7 arP"
u-efulnea. and convenience. The pattern. are purely
new, and
tney reemoei"ne"'H'"-'"yi . . ... w j
ing the very highest perfection of art and .kill- -
convince iu peraoiw . "
. i ui. nnKM. were never ottered
UOOdS, ai sucu very rouiiu f ,
before in North Carolina. Qur Fashionable Store there
fore, stands A. No. 1, among the attraction, of the City
f Raleigh during the present
Splendid Gold and Silver Watches,
Gold, vest, fob and guard Chains,
Ladie'a watch chains, new style,
Seals, keys, chains, earrings, breastpins, rings,
Diamond breast pins and Rings,
Gold lockets, bracleU, ketches, and necklaces,
Gold and silver Pencils and pens,
Uold silver, ana sieei spectacles,
Geld and silver buttons and studs,
Gold and silver thimbles, and silver combs,
Gold and silver buckles and slides,
Coral, assorted, silver and shell card cases,
Clocks, warranted good time pieces,
Silver table, desert, and teaspoons.
Ladles, sugar tongs, cream, and salt P?n .
Silver tc plated butter knives, silver forks and cups
Steel keys and chains and music boxes.
Steel worked bags, tassells, rings and beads,
A large collection of fine Cutlery,
Perfumery for the toilet, and fancy Boxes,
Full sets fine Waiters, , ,
Rich plated Castors, candlesticks, baskets,
Waiters and fruit stands, new styles,
Brittania ware and flower vaces.
Pocket books and silk purses,
Hair, tooth and shaving brushes.
Pistols, table cutlery and guitar strings,
Fancy Goods,
Their personal attention will be devoted to repairing
all kinds of Watches, Clocks ana Jewelry.
Old Rold and silver taken in exchange.
November 1850. 6
Important to
THE Undersigned would respectfully inform those
engaged in the Milling Business in N. C, that he
keeps constantly on hand, and will supply at the shortest
notice, that almost invaluable article v
The only Machi ne of the kind that has stood the test and
given satisfaction to the public It has surplanted every
Smut Machine yet offered in the State, more or less of
-which has been taken down to make room lor it. The
public need fear no imposition, as there are now some 280
Machines running in N- C; and I wish to offer no other
references than the gentlemen who are using them,
whose expectations have been more than realized in
their performance. It not only thoroughly cleanses (he
..Wheat of smut, but also purifies itof all other substances,
almost to perfection. It takes up but 4 feet square in
the Mill, and requires but little power, lr is warranted
for five years against breaking or wearing out, and also
to retain its cleaning qualities for that time.
There are a number of these Machines through which
100,000 bushels of Wheat have been cleaned, and they
have never been out of order one day.
There was awarded to it the Premium at the Maryland
State Fair, and a Premium with a Silver Medal, at the
Fail of the Maryland Institute, at Baltimore, last Fall.
Address the Subscriber at South Lowell Mills.Oiange
county, N.C. JNO. A. McMANNEN.
December 21, 1850. 15 if.
Copper work. Turpentine stills,
T' HE Subscriber informs the public that heis still car
rying on his business in all its branches, at his Shop
near the Raleigh Depot. Turpentine Stills made to or
der, in the best manner, and warranted to work well ;
and all kinds of work promptly done in copper, brass
steel, iron, &c.
Constantly on hand and for sale locks of all sorts and
sires, guns, pistols, dec. The Subscriber only asks of
the public to give him a full and fair trial, as he is deter
mined not to be surpassed in his line. The Subscriber's
establishment being the only one of the sort in all that
region of country, he confidently appeals to North Caro
linians and to the friends of home industry, to sustain
Now la the time to Save Fuel.
BUCK'S Patent Improved Cooking Stoves, also, Stan
ly'a Air-tight, suitable for Parlors or private rooms.
I am the only Agent in North Carolina for Buck's Pa
tent Improved Cooking Stoves. Any person wishing to
purchase I would respectfully refer them to the follow
ing gentlemen, who have them in use : Messrs. Charles
Dewey, Dupree, D. Cameron. W. H. Haywood, Col
Yarbrough, E. P. Guion, and Geo. W. Mordecai.
P. S. His Establishment has been removed to Fay
etteville Street, Raleigh, If. C.
. Raleigh, Sept. 1st, 1850. 797 tf.
State of North Carolina, Warren county.
The Petition of Henry Harris, and of Virginia A. Wright,
Minerva H. Wright, William D. Wright, Drury S.
Wright, Lucy B. Wright and Henry A. Wright, iniants
under twenty-one years of aire, by their next friend
Anderson Wright, t. Eliza Davis, Mary Aycock and
Augustus Aycock, children of Henry Aycock dee'd.,
Sally Aycock. Mary Aycock, Martha Ann Aycock, Ann
Maria Aycock and Frances Aycock, children of Claiborn
Aycock dee'd., Sally Aycock, and Samuel Aycock Pe
tition in Warren Court of Equity, for a Sale 'of Land fur
the purpose of Partition.
AFFIDAVIT having been made before me by
Henry Harris, one of the Petitioners in the above
cause, that Augustus Ayceck and Samuel Aycock, two
of the above defendants, are non-residents of this State,
publication is hereby made according to act of Assem
bly, for six weeks, notifying the said Augustus Aycock
and Samuel Aycock of the filing of said Petition, and
that they beand appear at the next term of oursaid Court
of Equity, to be held fur the County of Warren, at the
Court House in Warrenton, on the third Monday after the
fourth Monday in March next, then and there to plead,
answer or demur to the said petition, otherwise the
same will be taken pro confess! and heard ex parte as
to them.
Witness, Charles M. Cook. Clerk and Master of our
aid Court of Equity, at office the third Mondav after the
fourth Monday in September, A. D., 1850.
C. M. COOK, C. M. E.
December 21. (Pr. adv. $5 62j.) 847 w6t.
New Goods, New Goods !
Ijook Out for Good Bargains.
JUST the very thing at last ; that long and anxiously
looked for train, containing those
that wis selected by Alexander Creech, with great care
and with an eye single to the wants of his friends and
customers has arrived and now opened, and for sale.
For the Ladies a large and varied assortment of beau
tiful prints ol the latest styles, a large assortment of
a large and beautiful assortment of a most every kind for
Gentlemen. Call at his Store, two doors above Mr
Richard Smith's corner, and next door to Messrs. A. b!
StithfcCo's. Auction and Commission store, and voii
wi 1 not regret it. ALEXANDER CREECH
Kaleigh, Nov. 20, 1850. g
Work on Cooking, -Jfcc.
THE Modern House Wife, comprising one thousand
Receipts for the Economic aad Judicious prepara
tion of every meal of the day-by Alexis Soyer. PThe
complete Cook and Confect.uoer-by J. M. Sanderson.
The United State, practical Receipt Book. Mis. LesUea
Lady'. New Receipt Book. ModeVn Cookio-by El z
Aeton. Virginia House Wife, oi Methodical Cook b
Miss Randolph. Miss Seeeher. Domestic Receipt Book
Mis. Beecher'. Domestic Economy. Wei? Xhn
lor Domestic me, a book of n.efal Receipt. For a.u
TURNER'S N. C. Bookstore!
Raleigh. Febuary 8. 1851. K.iore.
.: : . New Books.
FIT1HE Life and Correspondence of Robert Souther
-a- couipieiB, wiin portrait. 1 ne fortlouool a South
rn Medical Student, by George M. Wbaitoo, M. D
With Uluitratlnna h Prnnm. ' "
- Home Influence by Grace Aguillor. ' -:
Mother . Recompense; " .
,v- of Cedar., by - "
... Ijoraan'a Friendship ". ... '
A Fr the Csire - ..-'.".
Amon the numerous discoveries Science
rw.iiiti.ta the business or lliein.
it una gnuoiuiivu -- tMrm of ha-
crease it. enjoyment, and ever ' P!J"1 v.
man existence, none can -V r.mi.rrv to the
mankind, than tbi. contnoo .o - .
Healing Art-- A vast trl J 11 inSi-
"Bm',n8 """I L" Uvond a doubt,
oroaa country, n f -. t known, can to
cine or combin.tior .oj "ittiffi " pi--aiirols
control and cure m " . c
hitherto .wepi iroui wu
v uTorPermit u. to publish 7
.4-L.dbv its use, but we would present the fol
here wi
,0WIg opinion. ' "'-?7h ".b.tow named. will
. :. man nrt TPlfT runner en
V"VXr::, 3 r o 7 mi.h lr..'. wherein are full par
ticulars, and indisputable proot of these facia.
r Z Z President of Amhersl College, the celebra
Pr-nffMMnr Hitchcock.
James C. Ayer Sir: I have your Cherry V ec
toral in my own case of deep-seated Bronchitis, and am
satisfied from it. chemical constitution, that it
. , --. i- nf larvnmal and bron-
mirame compound ror mo :j-b ,,
chial difficulties. If my opinion a. to . ts
actercan be ot any.ervice you are at liberty to use it as
you think proper. ,
L. D.'
From the widely celebrated Professor Sillim an, M
, . i- r f fhrmmtm. Miner alozv,(C-i
IZZlKHist. Med. PKil. and
rate itJtcgc, .iw.i j --
c: tlA. Si.Hm nf JlmfflCa Olid CMTOPC.
i .i.m r-v.orrv Perioral an sdmirable compo-
... . . ,.f ik. hoat articles in the Materia
SKIon iroui kjiiic . V i e .i.'o
Medica, and a very effective remedy for the clas. of dis
eases it is intended to cure
Mainr Pattison. President of the S. C. Senate, states
he has used the Cherry Pectoral with wonderful success
to cure an inflammation or the lungs. ,
Prepared and sold by James C. Ayer, Practical Chem
at T.ftWM Majlfl-
RnlA in Raleifh bv Williams. Haywood. & Co., and
by Druggists throughout the State.
February 14. 1851. 855 ly.
$125 REWARD.
-Ta UN A WAY from the subscriber, residing in Edge.
XVicombe county, four miles north of Tosnot Depot,
and about a quarter ot a mile irom me ttauroaa, on or -bout
the second of September last, bis negro man named
HARRY. Said Harry is about 40 years of age ; 5 feet
5 inches high, or thereabouts ; yellow complexion ; stout
built; has a scar on his left leg, from the cut of an axe; has
very thick lips; eyes deep sunk in his head; forehead
very square ; tolerably loud voice ; has lost one or two of
bis upper front teeth ; and has a very dark spot on his
jaw, supposed to be a mark.
Harry is a Carpenter by trade, and nas oeen in tne
employment of a Railroad Company, in whose service he
was when he runaway. He is well known along the line
of the Road. It is supposed that he has obtained, or will
endeavor to obtain, free papers from a free colored man
living in Nash county, by the name of Moses Hagens,
and assume his name, in order te make his way to a free
The above negro was once the property of Mrs. Co
page, o Edgecomb county ; afterwards he fell into the
bands of AsicI Farmer, from whom he was purchased by
Mr. Barnes, of said county, from whom I purchased him
about six years ago. He will be certain to alter his name ;
probablyto call himself Harry Copage, Fanner, or Barnes.
He was last heard from on the 1 1th September, on the
Newbern Road, about a mile and a half from Wilmington,
enquiring the way to the Sound.
I will give the above reward to any person who will
deliver hi in to me, or lodge him in any jail in the State ;
or One Hundred Dollars if lodged in any jail out of the
State, so that I can get him again.
Captains of vessels are cautioned against taking the
above negro away, under the severest penalty of the law.
EJgecombe county, N. C, Oct. 5, 1649. 814 tf.
THE Undersigned respectfully informs the
Ladies and the Public in general, that he
and his Agents are almost daily puting up
Pianos in some part of North Carolina, on trial and for
inspection ; and all Instruments that do not give satisfac
tion, will be taken back and :io charges made for trans
portation or carriage. Persons wanting good Pianos will
please send their orders. Address
No. 75, Greene st., Baltimore, Md.
lit of PrifCH.
With metalic or iron plates. Entire mctalic frame.
6 octave $ 1 80 to 250, $250 to 300,
6 J " 250 to 300, 275 to 350,
7 " 300 to 350, 350 to 500.
Grand Pianos for 500 to 1000 dollars.
The above named Instruments are elegantly Manufac
tured in Beautiful Mahogany and Rosewood cases, of
soft and sweet, or powerful and brilliant tone, as the
purchaser may wish, with all the latest improvements
that constitute a good and serviceable Piano. Nc hem
lock or toywork connected with them. I would particu
larly recommend the metalic frame; the climate or change
of weather has no eflect on them, and are well adapted
for the Southern climate; and can, with all safety, be
carried by water or land to any part of the United States.
The manufacturer is able to give any number of refer
ences for 15 years back, of the durability of the Instru
ment, by Professors, Amateurs, and in Seminaries, where
they have been 10 to 13 hours daily in use for a number
of years.
April, 1840. 806 cowly.pd.
At Wholesale and Retail.
WE have just received from one of the laigest and
best established Houses in the United States,
one of the largest and best assorted Stocks ever brought
to this Uity, a Stock that would favorably compare with
the Custom Work ot any Establishment in the Union,
which we are instructed to sell at unprecedented low
prices, and to which we invite the attention of Country
Merchantr, citizens of Raleigh, tba surrounding Coun
try, and M embers of the next General Assembly, and ask
them to call and examine our Stock before purchasing
elsewhere, as we are determined to sell at price, that
will dety competition.
Country Merchants need have no fear, of finding us
with a broken assortment, as we shall continue to have
large additions throughout the Season.
In addition to the above, we have a full assortment of
fine Shirts, Jenny Lind and other patterns, together with
Silk, Merino, Lambs wool Shirts and Drawer..
All nf which we will .ell a. low as they can be pur
chased of any Establishment in New York or any oth
City. A. B. STITH & CO.
Raleigh, 6, 185a 840 w tf.
Rocky .Wonnf , JS'ash County, JYbrth Carolina.
ARE now manufacturing of excellent quality, Cotton
Yarn and Seine Twine, which they will sell at the
Their Machinery is New, and they feel no hesitation in
their manufacture, to give satisfaction. Merchant, with
in 50 miles of Rocky Mount, ordering not less than 500
Ubs. shall have Yarn, delivered to them free of addition
al expense.
Rocky Mount, Nash Co. N. C. on, ,
Maroh 8d, 1850.. . . $ 801 ly.
ITIcITIaliou's American Gardener.
ADAPTED to the climates and season, of the Unit
ed State.; Containing a complete account of all the
work necessary to be done in the - ' -
Kitchen Garden,
Pleasure Ground,
Flower Garden,
Green House,
Hot House, and
Fruit Garden,
. Vineyard, : .
Forcing Fratr
For every month in the vear. ninth iiinn
improved. . . i i .- . ... . . ;
. This is an invaluable work to all who wish' to obtain
ny information on the subject of Gardening in all ft.
vanou. branches. Also, the Ladies Flower Garden Di-
rectol7 by Downing. For sale at
--':V TURNER'S, '
V . , ' N. C. Book Stoore.
KaVagh, March 20r i851- 40
Growth of 1850 Jaw?" 7 - um.wwff
Shakers, ana wr.i-iuuicm.. f "V.. -' - i
'u'-;'''J Henry D. Turner, 4 , .
jSorth Cnrollnn Book Store, Baleleh. y : C .
1 . ' . . ..- . j"..
Artichoke Green GloW. ' . ' , 1J' -1
Asp S" Trwarf ' Earlv six week., fvellow.l I
tteanbwj .'vf
TPt Early Flat Basaano, Early Blood Turnip, Early
-cc 11 Th au wv;faa fiUtna
riMMM-a l nniXUa ICUVU ntuuci UbKOi v v aaavw a
T.on Broad, Long Mangel Wurteel. '
BrocoK'Lvti F"Tle Cape, Large White Cape.
t i:an,r banv, Xiarse lave. -
Cabbage Early 8ugar Loaf, Eariy York, Early Drnm
head. Large York, Large Drumhead, Mammoth, (new,)
n.t nr Late Dutch, Drumhead Savoy. ( new.)
..,T.ar!re ' Vhite Solid. Rose colored, Boiid Oliver
Erl Hawk. Earlv Canada. Early Hmitn s
V- ' . . .
w. -j - - . - ..i
White. Sioux or uiwon, nany i oscarou,
.,Mr. Karlv White Flint. i
dress Curled or Peppergrase, Broad Leaved, xxira
r-.nriAi rnew.i Water.
r-.mJutr Eilv Green Cluster. Early Frame, Early
Short Green, White Bpined, Long Ureen lurney,
T.oni Green, (Keens,) Small Gherkins.
n.nma Earlv Horn, Larire Altrinirham, White Field
Egg Plant Large Purple, White, (ornamertul.)
Endive Green Curled, Broad Leafed.
Kale Green Curled Scotch, 8ea.
T,l, T.arm Scotch, or Flaar. Large London.
Lettuce Imperial Sugar loaJ, arly Wlute neau, rar-
W curled Silesia, Large Green Head.Icehead.Ice Coss,
Royal Cabbage Head early, Extra Cabbage neau,
Brown Dutch. .
Jlfetnn T.arce Musk, Laree Yellow Cantelope, Green
Citron, Fine Nutmeg:, Ward's Nectar, Pine Apple,
Pnraian. Pomegranate. Fragrant. Water Imperial, W
tr Karlv ADole Seed. Water Lonz Island, Water Ca
rolina, Water Citron, for preserves.
Olera Lona White, Short Green.
Onirm White Silver Skin. Yellow, Red, Welsh or
French, for Soups.
Parsnip -Guernsey, Long White, Hollow crown.
Parsleu Plain or Single, Curled, Dwarf Curled.
Peas Early Cedo Nulli, Early Prince Albert, (new.)
Earlv May extra, Early June, Early Charlton, Bish
op's Early Dwarf, Large White Marrowfat, Large
Black Eye, Dwarf Marrowfat.
Radish Long White Summer, Early Scarlet Short
Top, Long Salmon, Long Scarlet or Early Frame
Scarlet or Cherry Turnip, Philadelphia Large White
Turnip, Yellow Turnip, White Fall Spanish, Black
Fall Spanish.
Carrot Long Scarlet or Blood, Long Orange
Sorrel English Garden Broad leaved.
Spinage Broad Leaved Savoy, Round leaved, New
Flanders Prickly.
Salsify or Vegetable Oyster.
Squash Bush Crook neck Summer, Dutch Summer
scallop, wnito and yellow, v cgetauie marrow, sweet
I otatoe, Valaparaiso.
Tomato Large Smooth Red, Yellow, Cherry,
Turnip Early Dutch, Large English Norfolk. Red Top
Hut, White f lat, Kutabaga, xciiow Swedisn, f rencn.
white, Long White.
Herbs Caraway, Dill, Fengel, Lavender, Lemon balm.
Sage, Summer Savoy, Sweet Basil, Majo-Thyme,
Grass Seeds White Dutch clover, Lucerne, Blue Grass
Lawn Grass mixed, Cole or l.ape Seed.
Feb. 26th, 1851. 35
JANUARY, 1851.
TTENRY D. TURNER has this day received the fol
I I lowing elegant Works suitable for Presents, &c
The Pathways and Abiding pla-e. of our Lord, with
20 engravings on Steel. Women of the Old Testament.
Reed's Female Poets of America, Illustrated with enrrav.
ings aid Illuminations. The life of Christ, by Rev. H.
Hastings Weld. Washington Irving's Sketch Book..
Tales of a Traveller. Oliver Goldsmith & Knickerbock
er's, New York. With engravings from designs by Darley.
Proverbial Philosophy, 4 to., 16 engravings, 12mo 12,
The Winter Bloom, with 9 brilliant Illuminations in Oil
colors. American Female Poets. By Caroline May
12 Illustrations. British " " Geo. W. Bethune
12 Illustrations.
Leaflet, of Memory,
The Keepsake,
The Iris,
Gems of Beauty,
Token of Friendship,
Friendship's Ollering,
Gem of the Season,
Cabinet of Modern Art,
The Snow Flake,
The Christmas Tribune,
Keepsake of Friendship,
Temperance Offering.
Bibles and Prayer Books of every edition and style of
A splendid assortment of Juvenile Books, Games, $c
Raleigh, January 17, 1851. 22
ON the fourth Monday of March nexUl will sell, for
cash, in the town of Carthage, the following tracts
or parcels of Land, or so much thereof as will pay the
taxes due thereon for the year 1849, and the expenses of
said sale.
No. acres. Peraons names.
45. Heirs of H. A. McNeill.
24. "
Location. Taxea
McDced's creek, 04 c
Mouth Big Pond, 02
45. " " Hart's Branch, 06
50. " " Gut creek, 04
25. " " Little creek, 0C
25. " " Morganton road, 08
10. " " v McDeed's creek, 02
64. " Ysdkinroad, 04
64. " Mill creek, 04
64. " Seal's road, 06
15. " Stcar Branch, 02
22. " McDeed's creek, 02
225. Heirs of A. B.McFadven, Govenor's creek. 63
110- Heirs of John Black, Nick's creek, 10
100. Heirs of Alex Nicholson, Raccoon creek, 21
All the above Land will be sold if not previously paid.
A. R. WADSWORTH, late Sheriff.
Feb. 12, 1851. (Pr. Adv. $4.) 29 6U
State of North Carolina Martin County.
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, January Term,
Samuel Hyman, Administrator of William S. Hines,
against Christopher C. Hines and others, Petition for
IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that the
children and next of kin of Kenneth Sherrod and Eli
zabeth Wallace are non residents of this State : It is or
dered by the Court that publication be made for six weeks
in the North Carolina Standard, for the said children and
next of kin of Kenneth Sherrod and Elizabeth Wallace
to appear at the next Term of this Court, to be held for
the County of Martin, at the Court House in the Town
of Williamston, on the second Monday of April next, and
plead, answer or demur, or the Petition wiil.be taken pro
eonfesso as to them and heard accordingly..
Witness, L. Johnson, Clerk of our said Court, at office,
the second Monday in January, A. D., 1851.
February, 1851. (Pr. adv. $5 62 .) 33 6 w.
Yet Alive
A LARGE Stock of new and fashionable Dry Goods
of the latest Styles and Patterns. Also, a large
assortment of Shoes, Boots, Hats, Caps, Bonnets, Cot
ton. Yarn, Hardware, Cutlery, Double and Sing Bar
rel Gun. and Pistols. The purchaser will save from
fifteen to twenty percent by calling at this Store before
purchasing elsewhere, a. I am detei mined to .ell out
ny entire Stock of Goods this winter for the purpose of
removing South the following Spring. You will find
me at tho well known corner Store formerly occupied
by Mr. B. B. Smith corner of Harget and Fayetteville
strsets Bear this in mind. J. CREECH.
Raleigh, Nov. 20, 1850 6 -.
North Carolina Executor.
THE North Carolina Executor, containing the Sta
tute, and Common Law of the State, toge'ber with
the Decisions of the Supreme Court, and all the neces
sary forms and Precedents, intended as a safe Guide to
Executors and Administrators, in their practical manage
ment of instates, acording to the laws now in force ; with
which ia necessarily connected the kindred subjects of
Wills, Legacies, Dowers, and other provision, tor Wid
ow., distribution of Estates, Descent of Land, Partition,
Guardianship, &c- . -
For 8ale at the N. C. Bookstore, by '
Raleigh. Feb. 1881.. 1 e, . 32.
John M. Sheppard, Jr
OmVe f Vmil Shockoe Warehouse,
OFFERS his service, to sell Tobacco, Wheat, Flour,
and Corn; and respectfully solicit, consignments
RicanoKD, January 1st, 1850. 792-6m.
L ..-French Sugar, Mangel Wnrael. , White, gugar.
Long Blood Red, Extra ay urnip, juariy eo
Tnrnip. '"".?-" ': ' : -' -
Borecofe Purple. - v S ' : -'--.-;. i .out c:,;.i
ftrusaeFs Snrttufa.
"'h 1"" txtvu-- ftnnnr Pnrole
lbese are
of genuine varieties, aud with proper culture we war-
rant thim An nrnirllire flowers. J '
RMna-RarW Vpllnw Six Weeks'. Koyal Dwarf Kidney1,
Karlv China. Red JSVO.. JiXira - uuny aim.
J . tt. i cs : ur 1.-
Kpf.icrp nr 1000 to 1. Late Valentine, Large Luna.
Caulihwer Early White, Purple and other.
- Laree White Field. 1
o . . I X..n 1..
3" . , " . . . V...L. T
Kucrnr T.r Karlv Uramoewi. XarKa. 'S"
Late Suirar Loaf, liate FUt Dutch,
Large Bergen or Great American, Green Curled Sa
voy, Red Pickling or Purple, and Premium Flat
Dutch. - -- '- ' . " "' '
Celery White Solid, Giant Red, Silver Uiant, nose
Colored, solid.
Cress Pepper Grass. '
Corn Salad Large French. : '. '"
Cucumber Early Frame, Early Cluster, L.ong ricKiHiK,
Early Yellow, Long Green, liong ureen i uraey, lioag
White Spine.
Encive White curled.
Egg Plant Early Purple, Large Late Purple.
Kale Green Curled Scotch, ea A.aie. . .
Lettuce Early Curled Selessia, Early Cabbage, Brown
Dutch, Ice Drumhead,
Melon Carolina Water, Long Striped, True Spanish,
Mountain Sweet, Nutmeg, Citron Nutmeg, fine Net
ted Cantitone. Yellow Cantilope.
Onion Silver Skin. Larce Red, White Onion Setts
Yellow do.
Porsniv Laree Dutch, sugar or sweet.
Peas Early Six Weeks, Prince Albert', extra Early,
(earliest known,) Early Charlton. Uoates new impe
rial, very superior, Royal Uwart Marrowtat, r.ariy
Dwarf Prolific
Pepper Red Cherry, Cayenne, Large Bell, Squash, or
Tomato, Sweet Spanish.
Pumvkin Lame Cheese. Cashaw. Mammoth
Radish Earlv Scarlet, Long Scarlet, Red Turnip,
White Turnip.
Squash Early Flat Bush, Egg or Apple, Lima or Co-
coanut and Crook Neck.
Tomato Large Red, Pear Shape Large Yellow.
Bird Canary, Hemp, Rape.
Sundries Early Corn, Lucerne, Okra, Turnip. Salsafy,
Spinnage, Victoria Rbubard, Triple Curled Parsley,
Mustard, Clover, White, Kentucky Blue Grass, Li
cerne. Flower Seed, a general assortment.
Those who wish a supply of Garden or Flower seed,
will please send their orders soon. Country Merchants
supplied upon such term, as will enable them to make
a good profit. P. F. PESCUD.
Raleigh, Feb. 19, 1851. 32
Agent, Commission Merchant and Dry Goods
Broker, New York.
rrtENDERS his services to the Merchants, Planters,
I and citizen, ot the Southern states, anu win auena
to any business in bis line either in the sale of Produce
or Merchandize, or the purchase of Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware, Crockery, Shoes, Hate, Furniture, Carriages,
Musical and Agricultural instruments, ttaggiug Kope,
Drugs, Medicines, &c He Matter, himself as a purchaser
nf goods for Southern Merchants, his experience will en
able him to give entire satisfaction to the Merchants who
may entrust to him their orders.
His Excellency Charles Manly, Raleigh.
William Hill, Secretary of State, do
G. W. Mordecai, Pres't B'k of State, do
Dr. J. O. Watson, Pres't Mu.In. Co., do
B. F. Moore, Esq., Attorney Gen., do
Matthew 8haw, Esq., Washington.
Hon. J. R. J. Daniel, Weldon.
Andrew Joyner, Esq., do
R. H. Lewis, Esq., Greensborough, Ala.
Raleigh, February 6, 1850. 796
JVew Books.
FOOT Print, of the Creator $1,25.
The Home Altar by Rev. Charles F. Deems, 75 cts.
The Eminent Dead or Triumph of Faith in the Dying
Hour, 91,00
The Angel World, a Poem by Philip James Bailey,
Author ot Festus, 50 cts.
Life of Jnhn Randolph of Roanoke by Hugh A. Garland
2 vol. Muslin, $8,50.
History ot the Polk administration by Lucien B. Chase,
Annals of the Queens of Spain by Mr.. Anneta George,
2 vol. cloth l.oo.
Li7es of Literary and Scientific Msu ot America,
Wavs ot the Hour by J. Fenimore Cooper, 1,25.
The Lily and the Fatom of the Huguenots iu Florida,
by W.Gilmore Si mm 9.
Life here and there by N- P. Willis
The Vale of Cedar, by Grace Aguilar.
The Earl's Daughter, by Rev W. Sewell.
Just received and for sale bv
December 9, 1850. 13
Hardware and Cutlery, Ac.
COLLINS & Co's Axes, Handsaws, Files, Augers
Hammer, Curry Combs, Knives and Forks, Pocket and
Pen Knives.
One Set Balance Handled Knives and Forks, 61 pieces.
Balance Handled Carvers and Forks, and Steels.
Brass and Fancy Cast A nd-irons.
Brass Headed Iron Shovels and Tongs
Spades and Shovels, Trace Chains, and Halter chains.
Cotton and Wool Cards, No. 6, 8, 9 and 10.
Toilet and Swing Looking Glasses.
Superior English Mustard, sup. carb soda, cloves, mace.
Spanish Indigo, copperas, Fresh and salt snuff1, powder,
shot, and lead.
Turpentine and toilet soap, starch, shoe thread and
Bed Cords.
Prime green and black Tea.
Nails and brads, cast german and blister steel,
No. 9, Fayetteville St.
Raleigh, Oct. SOth, 1850. 839
Valuable Ileal Estate for Sale.
i I offer for sale my entire Real Estate, upon which
nt are thirty-five sets of Boxes; the most of which
have only been in use from one to two years; with a suf
ficient quantity of round trees to cut at least twenty set.
more. The lands upon which these are situated is not
easily surpassed by any piney lands in Eastern Carolina.
There is upon the premises two Distilleries neatly and
conveniently fitted up, with all necessary out-houses.
Upon the farm, I think the buildings altogether are sel
dom excelled. Those wishing to purchase are invited
to examine for themselves. Terms shall be low, and
payments accomodating. Come and see.
Any person wishing to purchase, can be furnished
with a sufficient number of teams and wagons to carry
on both the operations of Farm and Turpentine, and
with a year's supply of provisions.
Uatnartne Jjake. Unslow to. Si. U. ) i
July 22. 1850. X
boots, greets, & bxxx-vsb.s.
THE subscriber has just returned from
the Northern Markets, where he ba. laid
in a large and beautiful stock of article, in
his line of business, embracing every de
scription of fine and coarse wear.
His stock for Ladies and Misses, comprise, every
quality of Slippers, Walking Shoes, whole and half Gai
ters, &c, fcc., and hi. supply for Gentlemen and Boy's,
such as will suit the taste of alL
, He has also laid in a large supply of materials in his
line, and brought on a firstrate workman from the
North; and is therefore prepared to manufacture BOOTS,
SHOES, &c, in a style unsurpassed by any other estab
lishment in the City. -:
All he aska is a trial, Heeling "assured that he will be
able to give satisfaction both in quality and price. : ..
South East Corner Capitol Square.
Raleigh, Oct 23d, 1850. . 838 tf.
Fayetteville fc Northern Plank Road
Meeting at Pinch's Store, Johnston County.
A PUBLIC Meeting will take place at Finch'. Store.
XX.in Johnston County, on Saturday, March 29th, at
11 o'clock. ., .
'' -VN . persons who are Interested in the construction of
the .Fayettevile and Northern Plank Road are invited to
ktterd.., V -
Fayetteville, March 3, 1851; 3 2U
worth cwntisA - ' '.
iuttiai JLife TnsTiranceCdiiipa
TTHHIS Company is liow taking insurance on the lives
i;"of iealtby perapris anVl Slaves, : at their '--established
rates ot premium- nis oemg toe pniy lAle juisuranca
Uomoanv in tne state, ana worKins under. a cnarter suit
ed to the condition and circumstances or all,' the Direc
tors' feel no ' hesitation in saying that it affords greater
inducements for. the insurance ot lives tlian airy other I
Company in the couhtry.: r.',,,,,,; r t J,i ; 5 s-, I
The 5th Sec of the Charter provides lnat the husband I
mav ineuna his own life, for the sole use and benefit of
his .wife or children,' free from" the claims of the repre-1
sentatives of the husband or any of bis creditora." i 1
It is conducted on the mutual plan,, each person in
sured! becoming a member thereof, and" not liable beyond
the amount of his nreminm. ' " ""
; Policies for 8100 to S5000 Will be issued on tne nie
of a white person ; and on Slaves for two-third, their
market value, for a term of from one to five years, a.
the owner may desire. . "
All losses of the Company are paid within 90 flays al
ter proof of loss is furnished. No California riak taken.
The business of the Company is conducted under the
immediate supervision of
Dr. ChaS. E. Johnson. President,
Wm. D. Haywood, Vice President, ; 1 ';
James F. Jordan, Secretary, ;:. ! .; - :. A
Wm. H. Jones, Treasurer, : . , ..
Pen-in Busbee, Attorney,
Dr. Wm.-H. McKee, Examining Physician.'
. J. Hersman, General Agent-
All Communication, on business should be addressed
postpaid, to JAMES F. JORDAN,
Nov. 1, 1850. 1-
Henry D. Turner,
I'ublisner. Bookseller and Stationer
No. I, FaYETTEyiiiK St. Raieigh, N. C.
TTAS always on hand a large and general collection
1 of.
Law, Medical, Theological, Classical, Voyage., Travels,
.Novels and Miscellaneous Books. Also, a very
extensive assortment of School Books, &c,
Blank Books, Ledgers, Journals, Day Books
Pass Books, Bank Books, Record Books, . -.
Blank Check Books, and any other kind
that may be wanted manufactured
to order.
Together with a general assortment of Stationery.
Particular attention given to filling all orders complete
from Booksellers, Merchants, Teachers, and private indi
viduals. And every article in his line sold at the lowest
pi ices for cash or approved ctedit, either at wholesale or
All new works received as soon as published,
Kaleigh, August 27, 1850. v 830
Wholesale aud Retail Druggist
FFERS for cash, or approved credit, at the lowest
V market prices, a large and well selected assortment
of East India. Mediterranean and European
French, English and American Chemicals,
Foreign and Domestic Soaps. "
Perfumery, Paints and Oils, '
. Fancy Articles, Dye Stuffs, '
Fancy Soaps, Druggists Labels, .
Brushes, Window Glass,
Extracts, Surgical Instruments,
Trusses, Druggists' Glass Ware,
Leeches, Shaker's Herbs and Roots,
I'u a a B a as st, Madeira, Sherry and Port Wires,
Selected for Medicinal purposes.
Sands Sarsaparilia, Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry,,
Urray a Uintment, Beckwith s Pills, Ayer a Cherry
factorial. Doctor Wiley s Cough Candy, Gen
uine Cod Liver Oil, together with every
article comprising the stock of a Phy- -
sician or Druggist. . , . -
April 7, 1850. . ,; 809-r
IflOKO AIVTO!f, Burke Co. N.C
THE Subscriber, thankful for the very liberal pat
lonage heretolore received, would now inform the ;
that hi3 House is still open, and that his accommodations
(heretofore limited) are now enlarged. He has erected
a row of Offices for Professional gentlemen, together
with a commodious Hotel, all of which is entirely new.
The location of the MOUNTAIN HOTEL commands
the finest view of the mountain scenery in the place; and
is removed from the noise and uproar of a Court-yard
and the Public Square, and yet sufficiently near for all
the purposes ot business.
The subscriber promises to spare no pains to provide
the invalid a comlortable bummer Ketreat, and to gen
Ucmen of pleasure and business a desirable Boarding
House. J. M. HAPPOLDT.
Morganton, July 25, 1850. 836 ly.
New Watch aud Jewelery S(or,e.
W. H. THOMPSON Would respectfully in
form the citizens ofRaleigh and its vicinity, that
ne nas opened a choice stock of
Watches and JeWelry,
in a part of the Store occupied by Mrs. Thompson as a
Millinery establishment, where he offers for sale Gold
and Silver . watches, warranted correct time keeper,
the latest styles of
Fashionable JTewelrv.
auch as Guard, Vest and Fob Chains; Cameo, stone and
mourning Broaches ; Plain, Chased and Stone Rintrs :
voiu rens ana fencils ; uold and Silver Thimbles; Studs,
Collar and Sleeve Buttons. Ear Rines. Gold and Silver
Spectacles, &c, Fancy Goods and Fine Cutlery . all of
L : i i t ii , . . - -1 '
wuicn win oe soiu cneap. w atcties, llocks and Jewel
ry repaired in superior style Old Gold and Silver taken
in exchange.
Sept. 81, 1849. . ; 777 6m.
M A KT TJ OP A 6 0? G 33. TT .
OL. BURCH would inform his old customer, as
well as others, that he has now in his employ
food Workmen as there is in the Union,
nd feels confident that he can make any article in his
line as well if not a little better than can be got else
where, be has neitherspared pains nor expense in pro
curing the service of workmen' for the above purpose.
His Materials are the best known to the Trade.
" The Latest Fashions always at hand- ' '
Call two doors below the Post Office.
Raleigh, Oct. 2, 1850. ' 835
TAKEN up and committed to the Jail of Rowan
County, N. C, on the 1st of October. 1850. a Ne
gro man, who says his name ia BOB, and that he belongs
feet 8 or 10 inches high, and has two of his upper tepth
out in front. .The owner of said slave is requested to
come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take
him away, or he will be dealt witb as the law directs.
C. KLUTTS, Sheriff
Salisbury, N.C-October 15, 1850. : , : -.8 tf..-.
Cloths, Cassimeres, fcc.
. At No. 9, FaTKTTyiii,i; St. .'
LACK French Cloth, ; .;
Black Doe Skin Cassimeres.
Fancy Ca--imeres, a general assortment.
Good and Com non Vesting..: . z ,.vv i
Black Satin do , ; ,; ... , , .
Silk and Worsted Serge, Padding and Canvass.
Bd Blankets, various sizes.'
White and Black Cotton Wadding.- ! . , ,
Gentlemen's Marino Shirts and Half Hose.
. For Sale lew by
-V. viiVA" r ' -'.' J.BROWN.
Raleigh, 28lh Oct., 1850 j 839 tf.
: For'Sale.'- , '
CARPETIMG.Tufted Hearth Rugs and Carpet Bind,
ing, . , .... t . , ,. ;
75 Negro Blanket., Negro Kirsy, Marlboro Stripe.,
100 p.. Dark and Light Print., Dohloy. and Napkins,
Sup. Table and Towelling Diaper, Bird eye Diaper,.
With a Keneral assortment ot Crockery ana Glaaa wara
among them, . ; ,: . ... . ; K .-,-,c.
White Granite Dinner and Tea ware, EwersaDd Basin.,
White China Tea Sett.. and Cups and Saucers,
Cut and Moulded Goblet.. Tumblers and Wine Glasses,
- ; . .. .. . , - ... j BROWN,
'-ta ' 'No. 9, Fayetteville street,
Raleigh Oct 38,1350. 830
io in. rossuc oi n.entucky, and :h.t ne was purcnase a ing menus. . i am continually in receipt of the latest im
by sa id Crosstic Irom John C. Moore of Raleigh. Said provement. in these articles, and will take eTeat pleasure
u.k.v .a ui n iiKiii (.uuiltiezfun. IUUUI ro i a in B.r, w 111 snnwintr inm ESI All nrhA an Hoaa-AMa Ar
fl sTV ff5
. ii!-U.woRTn.rAnnT.twa.'
v"i i C ' RALEIGH, Mb .CJi'V" ' ' r
THE following perabna have been elected Directors
and Officers' of this Company for the present ve
r : directors - ym
- Dr. Josiah O. Watson, Jos. G. B. Roulhac, Richard
Smith, John Primrose, Henry DvTurner, 8. V: Whitt
, ing, T. H. Selby, of Raleigh : Geo. McNeill. Favett.
vine, josnua ix. wngnt, wnmuigton, J as. ju. Hoy
Washington, Jame. Sloan, Greensbotough, Wm-Bad-
nam, jaenton, Josnua, uoner, eaiem, joaepti fool
r.uzaoew uity, Micnael JJiown, , o.uisDury, AlexanH,.
Mitchelli Newbern, W. N. H. 8raith;: Murfreesborouith
H. B. Williams, Charlotte, John B. Barrett, Milton.and
A. T, Summy, Asheville.
All Directors are authorized to receive application!.
Josiah O. Watson, President, ( .
J. G. B. Roulhac Vice President.
Richard 8mith, Treasurer, , .
J. tv. Partndire. Secretary.
John H. Bryan, Attorney,
J. Hersman, General Agent. " "
8. W. Whiting, V
Richard 8mith, ' Executive Committee.
: John Primrose,. ) .i ,-;' .' :. ; .
This Company is now in successful operation. n.t ;
prepared to eflect insurance against fire on all kinds of
property, (Steam Mills and Turpentine Distillerie ex
cepted.) . . -
All communications in reference to insurance ahnni.
be addressed to the Secretary, post paid. . .
, J. U. PARTRIDGE, Sec'y,
Raleigh, January 2, 1850. 793T
; General Agency,
aecAiaTonr & stapp,
THE UNDERSIGNED have formed a partnership for
the tiansaction of business with the several depart.
menu nine seal oi laovemment, id iusud, such U
the adjustment and collection nf claims aeainst th.
State, the procuring of Land-patents, or any other busi.
ness connected witb the Ueneral Land office, the Adju
tant General's office, the Comptroller's office, or the
1 reasnry iepanment, and tne purcnase or sale of land,
scrip, land.&c.,&c. Charges will be moderate. Let
ters on ousiness must be post-paxd.
J. W. HAMPTON, City of Austin.
D. W. STAPP, Victoria.
Hon. C. G. Keenan, Speaker House of Represent!,
tiveg. Hunlsville.
" M. D. K. Taylor, Jeflerson,
Gen. Edw. H. Tarrant, Corsicai;a,
J. D. Henderson, S Augustine,
Joseph Bates. Galveston,
Hon. John H.McRae, Milam,
" James C. Wilson, Matagorda,
Mr. J. W. Cruger, Houston,
' John D. Logan, Washington, D. C.
W. D Miller, Esq., Austin, Texas,
Hon. D. C. Van Derlip. San Antonio,
" Wm. G. W. Jowers, Palestine,
' " R. E. Clements, Brownsville,
; : Burrel P. Smith, Claiksviile,
. " N. B. Charlton, Woodville,
" J M. Clough. Marshall,
" David C. Dickson, Anderson,
W. M. Cochran, Dallas.
Ado'ph- Sterne, Nacogdoches.
j iu. amim, aneihyville,
W. Conner. Esq.. Charleston S n.U
W. Holden. Raleiitb. N. CI. -r"
Austin. Sept. 1850.
WITH th-- largest asrtment of Gen Is Ready made
Cuwhing and Fa.hionable Gmids evt-t htii.i
ed in Raleigh. Being connected as inostot out custo
mers are aware, with Messrs. Scott. Keen &. Company
Manufacturers at Newark. New Jerpv nn i ii,.
Largest and bet Houses in the U. .
affords us facilities for conducting .our- business which
others do not possess.
Let it be distinctly unders'toodtherefore. thai ont Good
Jlre Superior to any ntherm offered iu thU .la, let.
We sre our own Manufacturers. We imnnrt most of
our Cloths, Cassimers and Veslings. and pay no second
nr third profit on these articles, v iiirh'piiahjrs us to of
fer the same quality ot Goods, much less than those
Establishments w hose purchases are made from Whole
sale houses.
VVe ask only an examination ; of our Stock to convince
those who are judges of styles and fahiics. '
Raleigh, Oct. 14th, 1850. . 838
!ew Confectionary & Grocery store.
3 Itoorm below the lost Office.
7"M. GRIFFICE, & CO. have opened a Confec
tionary and Grocery Store, in Raleigh. 3 doors
oeiow tne i'ost Office, where they have on hand, and
will sell on reasonable terms the following articles:
Sugar and Coffee, Crushed Sugar,
Do. St. .Croix, ; ' Havana do.
Candles and Soap, Pepper and Spice,
Black and Imp. Tea, Copperas and Ginger,
Saleratus and Snuff. Brooms, Arc. &c. .
Myers' Best Chewing Tobacco.
. Best Segars, Water Crackers;
Dolls, Accordians, Butter and Soda, do.
Fancy Candies, Citron, Prunes, Cocoa Nuts,
Almonds, Filberts, English Walnuts,
Palm Nuts, - Figs and Raisins,
And every thing usually kept in a Confectionary Store.
They will say to the public that they carry on the
Candy Mukim Business,
and without boasting they can assure the public that they
will sell the best Candy as cheap as any house in the
place, and warrant it to be as good as can lie made.
Merchants and others, buyuig by the wholesale, will
find it to their interest to give them a call.
Raleigh, October 9, 1850. 836 tf.
Practice what you Preach.
From Liverpool to t Wilmington N. C.
I have just received a large stock of
direct from the Liverpool manufactories, which
I am prepared to sell on very reasonable terms, at whole
sale or retail. - ' ' 1
To all who are disposed to encourage direct imDorta-
tions, I would say that a fair share of patronaee is all I
ask to enable me to compete with any other importer in
the United States. -1 offer a fair chance to all who are
disposed to build up Southern Independence. : :
in addition to tne Crockery Business. I will continue
to keep a large and well selected stock of
Farming Implement
to which I particularly invite the attention of my farm-
1850. ' 5 6m.
Wilmington, Nov. 13,
..: JLoubiu's
and , Boaiels Extracts
. i .' Bouquet De Caroline,
, Jockey CJub... . ,
Vervaine, ''
West End,
Jaasamin, ,.
Rose Citronella,
Italian Flower.,
. Lilly.
.... Palchonly, .
Jenny Lind, -.
; Jobe Rose, ;
Honey Suckle. : , i
Also, Farina Cologne, fine Toiletand S ha vine Soap.,
Toilet Ball., and a large Stock of Dressing Combs,
Hair Tooth. and Nail brushes which Will be sold low at
the Drug Store of . , . . .; - i
Dec. 19th, 1850. ' ' . 15,
, t .. SOAPS SOAPS! ' '' '';.';
IHAVE'just received a splendid stock of American,
French, and English Soaps, consisting part a fol
low. : - ' ' - ' - .
.6 doz Low', old Brown Wintlao J u 1
6 Large Omnibaa Browe, . v..
' 6 Palroyrene, (a new variety,) . .. .
I box Barber's Soapy.
21 . Hotel Soap, a : - - ':'-' ! 1 -4
doau-Assorted, Rose, Almond1, Partrait, ImrraHe
Frnit, Poaeis, Spring Flowers, Honey, Jinny Li ad,
Wash Baltr. Mlalry, aad Almond Soap.
9 Attn. Cream., and Oiophane, assorted, "'
' All of the best quality, aad far aa)s low, fcy
; ;:. . ... - f . F. PESCIW.
Raleigh, Oct. 2, 1850. 83-

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