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SEMI-WEEKLY", $ 4 PER ANNUM; "7 7,' .7 ' -. T "' ; .IU?LIS?E? ANT);SAOTnp MORNINGS, s ,v !; .J ; -M ''i ''.I ' , ' " 'r'-- ' " ' v, ; J.,: IWeEKLY, $ 2 PER AN7Yrju .
Published w sss.it ash owi-i...,
Terms op the
Wiiklt. Two dollar per annum
r within the first month. Two dollars and
in advance.
'-r .iw.Jl.uJa!i mnnthi anil Three
fifty cents, 11 payu 1 'T- f
Dollars, it not paiu wiim..
subor tbs jSi.Wi:" Four dollars per
m in advance, or within the first month; Four
dollars and fifty cento, if payment be delayed six months;
dollars j ,:,i :,!,: months from the
nil Five uouara, r" .
Jy Vhe'above rules will be inflexibly adhered to.
nvETistKtT not exceeding fourteen lines will
inserted one time for one dollar, and twenty-five
!eU for each subsequent insertion; those of greater
cenia ... r-, nrlra on Jufhdicial Ad-
Court orders and Judidicial Ad
lengtn m r-'"r---- , r nl hiopher than the
. t nnflrtlitn.
than thi
Will 15 tuoigw - f- - o
able reduction will be made to
i ntofi. A aVeuti
those who advertise by the year. Advertisements lnser
ledln the Semi-Weekly Standard, will also appear in
the Weekly Paper, free of charge.
Subscribers, and others, who may wishjosend money
to the Editor, can do so at all times, by Mail and at his
risk Receipts for all sums will be promptly transmitted.
Letters to the Editor must come free of postage.
THIS Company has been in successful operation for
more than five years, and continues to take risks
upon all classes of property in the State (except Steam
Mills and Turpentine Distilleries,) upon favorable terms.
Its Policies now cover property amounting to 4,o00
OOO a large portion of which is in country risks ; and
Sfp'resent capital is nearly Six Hundred Thousand Dol
lars, in bonds properly secured.
The average cost of Insurance upon the plan of this
Company has been less than one third of one per cent
pcrannum, on all grades of property embraced in its ope-
"tHE following persona have been elected Directors
and Officers of this Company for the present year :
Dr. Josiah O. WUon, Jos. G. B. Roulhac, Richard
Smith, John Primrose, Henry D. Turner, S. W. Whit
ing T. H. Selby, of Raleigh ; Geo. McNeill, Fayette
ville, Joshua G. Wright, Wilmington, Jas. E. Hoyt
Washington, James Sloan, Greensborough, John Cox,
Edenton, Joshua Boner, Salem, Joseph H. Pool,
Elizabeth City, Michael Brown, Salisbury, Alexander
Mitchell, Newbern, W. N. H. Smith, Murfreesborough,
H. B. Williams, Charlotte, John B. Barrett, Milton, and
A. T. Summy, Asheville. .
All Directors are authorized to receive applications.
Josiah O. Watson, President, :
J. G. B. Roulhac, Vice President,
Richard Smith, Treasurer,
J. C. Partridge, Secretary,
John H. Bryan, Attorney,
J. Hersman, General Agent.
8. W. Whiting, .1 T.
Richard Smith, Executive Committee.
John Primrose, )
All communications in reference to insurance should
be addressed to the Secretary, post paid.
j. c. Cartridge, Sec'y.
Raleigh, June 16. 1851. 65
Important to
FYtHC Undersigned would respectfully inform those
JL engaged in the Milling Business in N. C. .that he
keeps constancy on hand, and will supply at the shortest
notice, that almost invaluable article
The only Machi ne nf the kind that has stood the teat and
i;iven satisfaction to the public. It has surplan'ed every
Smut Machine yet offered in the State, more or less of
which has been taken down to make room lor it. The
pubiic need Tear no imposition, as there are ddw some 280
Machines running in N C; and I wish to offer no other
references than the gentlemen who are using them,
whose expectations have been more than realized in
their performance. It not only thoroughly cleanses the
Wheat of smut, but also purifies it of all other substances,
aImo9tto perfection. It takes up but 4 feet square in
the Mill, and requires but little power. It is warranted
for five years against breaking or wearing out, and also
ti retain its cleaning qualities for that time.
There are a number of these Machines through which
100,000 bushels of Wheat have been cleaned, and they
liare never been out of order one day.
There was awarded to it the Premium at the Maryland
State Fair, and a Premium with a Silver Medal, at the
Fair of the Maryland Institute, at Baltimore, last Fall.
Address the Subscriber at South Lowell Mills. Orange
county, N.C. JNO. A. McMANNEN.
December 21, 1850. 15 tf.
riHE Subscriber, having four Plantations containing
l about 4,500 acres on this River, is disposed to sell
one of them, and to a good neighbor, who will continue
the system of improvement, the terms will be made
very - advantageous. The estate contains about 1000
acres, consisting of the usual portions of low grounds.
second low grounds, and uplands, part of which has
been greatly improved by Liming, Plaster and Clover.
T-iere is every advantage of River communication with
Norfolk ind Plymouth ; the Railroad to the former will
soon be completed, and if the Raleigh and Gaston Road
is rebuilt, the estate will be accessible from Raleigh in
half a day's ride.- The health of the low Country has
unquestionably changed within the last ten years, so it is
no longer unsafe to reside there. . . .-,
For further information, enquire by letter, post paid,
of the subscriber, or in his. absence of Thos. Sterling,
Jackson, N.C. H. K. BURGWYN.
July 22nd - 851. . (ta$5) 2m 78
Steam Saw Millie
I BEG leave to call the attention of builders and per
sons wishing to purchase Lumber to my -Steam
Saw Mill Near Raleigh,,
where they can be supplied with any kind at the shoii
est notice. Also sawed Laths of the best quality, at
iJ0!-P!!T,M- T. H. SNOW.
Raleigh July 13, 1850. 821 ly.
BYrPwr- W- M GILLESPIE. The Philosophy
a. Maenaticsr Translated from the French of
Augustus Comte. .
By the Author of the Maid of Orleans." . The Gold
Worshiper,, or the Day. live in .NbVel.
Keceived this day by . HENRY. D.,TURNER. i
Raleigh, July lQth, 1851. - . 73
-t-vt atv 19 and Umbrella.
PrloVssanffeable FSred"nd TiA4,'r
bTolZ Jffi Ch nt!L,lndJBllck' Cttonanfl Silk Um
as. Also, Chmesean other Fans, For sale by
- . . '' ' J. BROWN.-
Raleigh, AprU 28, 1851. , ',!',P,tU!i51S
i! 1j. Harding, & Co.
Have jut r.cei,ed new lot of '
I B5ft S Sacks,
'n-ujUS, White and Buff Marseiles VESTS ;
July 28. l8reANt8'
?lWh, July 20th, 1851. " AB?IINO'
ON the third Monday of August. 1851, 1 shall expose
to public sale as the law di rects, at the Court House
in the City of Raleigh, the following land and town
lots, oi enough thereof to satisfy the taxes for 1847, due
in 1848, and cost of advertising.
. : , "' . Tax.
Bledsoe and Johnson, one town lot, valued at
$1,000, not listed, only Bledsoe's half deed,
Moses A. Bledsoe, 139 acres, $556, .
Ditto for S. J. Baker, Guard, 600 acres, $5,000,
Elizabeth Bell, one town lot,
Elizabeth Barber, one lot, $400,
Sally Chavers, part lot 46,
A. G. Drake, one lot, $2,000,
Catherine Gooch, one lot, $75,
Absalom Mangum, part lot 89,
Jesse Pettiford, one lot, $50,
Hannh Sturdevant, i lot, $125,
James Terry i, not listed,
Leethy Wilkins, one lot, $400,
Estate of Calvin Whi taker, part 68, $200,
Lavina Bell, part 109, $400.
Martha Spivey, i acre, $200,
E. Miller, , $150,
Mary Miller, i. $50,
$2 60
6 20
14 60
1 05
15 70
1 27
1 08
2 64
1 04
WILLIE POPE, former Sheriff:
July 7, 1851. 71 td.
the State ol Arkansas
riiHE undersigned offers for sale the following de
M. scribed Lands.situate in the county of Independence,
at a distance of from two to tour miles from Batesville;
on several of said separate tracts of land there are im
provements, and will be sold on good terms :
.N i qr ot the S W qr of Sec 19, I 13 JN, K e W ;
S E qrofS Wqrof Sec 19, T 13 N, R6 W ;NE qr
ot the S E qr ot Sec 19, T 13 N, R 6 W ; S W qr of
the S qr ot Sec 19, T 13 N, H 6 W ; N W qr ot the
N W qrofSec 19. T 13N.R6W ;S Wqr of N W qr
of Sec 19, T 13 N, R 6 W S W hlf ot the S W qrot Sec
18, T 13 N, R 6 W ; S E qr of the S W qr of Sec 18, 1
13 N.R6 W ; S E qr of the S E qr of Sec 24, T 13 N,
R6 W ; N E qrof the S E qrot Sec 24, T 13N.R 6 W.
Persons desirous to purchase will please call on W.
C. Bevens, Esq , ot Batesville, who is tullv authorized
to make sale of any of the above described lands, or to
the undersigned at his place of residence, six miles
east ol Batesville. 1SAAU UUKWtLL-
Batesville, June 10, 1851. 72 ta$5.
N- B. The titles to the above lands emanate from
the General Government, and are clear of all encum
brances whatever. . 1.
Warren County, North Carolina.
fTlHIS delightful Summer Retreat is now open for the
I reception of Company. I he remedial properties ot
the water, and pure atmosphere, offer great induce
ments to Invalids, as well as those seeking pleasure and
the preservation of health. Among the many improve
ments are two rewly fitted up Uatning Houses. 1 ne
Rooms and Cabins are neat and well furnished. A good
Band of Music is always in attendance, a plentiful sup
ply of Ice, and the best efforts to please, at moderate
rates of Board, as follows:
Families per month each person, $ 20,00
Single persons, 25,00
Per week, ...... 7 00
Per day, . 1,25
Children under 12 and Servants half yriee.
Shocco Springs, June 4, 1851. 61 lOt.
At Wholesale and Retail.
WE have just received from one of the largest and
best established Houses in the United States,
one of the largest and best assorted Stocks ever brought
to this City, a Stock that would favorably compare with
the Custom Work ot any Establishment in the Union,
which we are instructed to sell at unprecedented low
prices, and to which we incite the attention of Country
Merchants, citizens of Raleigh, the surrounding Coun
try, and M embers of the next General Assembly, and ask
them to call and examine our Stock before purchasing
elsewhere, as we are determined to sell at prices that
will defy competition.
Country Merchants need have no fears of finding us
with a broken assortment, as we shall continue to have
large additions throughout the Season.
In addition to the above, we have a full assortment of
fine Shirts, Jenny Lind and other patterns, together with
Silk, Merino, Lambs wool Shirts and Drawers.
All nf which we will sell as low as they can be pur
chased of any Establishment in New York or any oth
City. A. B. STITH S.CO.
-. Raleigh, 1850. - 840 w tf.
I HAVE just received from the Man
ufacturers a large lot of Plows of vari
ous patterns, Cultivators, Corn Shel
ters, Hay Cutters, Corn Mills, Churns,
Harrows, t anmng Mills in fact, every ining compris
ing a complete stock of Farming Implements.
My sample room will be arranged in a day or two,
when I Will be most happy to see all who are interested
in such articles. ALEX. McRAE, Jr.
Wilmington, N. C, Dec. 24, 1850. 848 .
WILLIAMS' Traveller's and Tourist's Guide
through the United States, Canada; &c. ; This
bonk will be found replete with information, not only
to the traveller, but likewise to the man of business.
In its nreoaration. an entirely new plan has been adopt
ed, whicn. we are convince!, neeoa ouiy a ini w db
fully appreciated. For sale by
N. O. Book Store.
Raleigh,June8, 1851. 63
Talnable Xand for Sale.
A- Valuable Tract of Land containing 208 acres, lying
' between four and five miles West of Raleigh, on
both sides of Walnut Creek, and adjoining the land of
Rev. Thos. Meredith and others, will be sold on reason
able terms." "
For further information apply to
. . . : M. A. BLEDSOE.
Raleigh, August 21, 1850. . ' 829
PS. Marlborough Stripes and Plaids (for servants,)
Bleached and crown Shirtings and Jeans,
Crushed, Brown, Clarified, Refined Loaf Sugar,
Old Java, Laguira and Rio Coffee, ' '
Cut Nails and Brads,' Swede's Iron and Steel. -'
For Sale by
: ' ; v" J- brown.
Raleigh, 1st April, 1851. - - 43
. Kendall' Great Work.
THE War between the United States ar.d Mexico
Illustrated ; embracing Pictorial Drawings of all the
Principal conflicts, with a description of each Battle. By
George Wilkins Kendall, author of the Texan Santa Fe
Expedition. . Keceived at v .
, - . .. . , - TURNER'S Bookstore.
lirh April 2d ' 1851. ' 43
TN his finely furnished Room warrants the Likenesses
I perfect, and to please. His reputation is so well known
in North Carolina, it is useless to say more.'. Call at Pal
mer and Rams:iy' Jewelry Sfore.' '" : " -
....Raleigh Nr.:.S5,: 185th: i , . ... - - tl
Willis New Work. ;
TTTVRBY"5RApHS or Sketches of Scenery, Ce'feb
JL JL Titte. and Society, ta'kbn from life? by -N Parker
Willis. s f Fillod .to the. brim with graphic, descnptia'rjs
and brilliant word paintings of men and things,.' (just the
men and things, tine likes td be 'posted up witha.il.1 The
Hurry-Graphs cannot Tail to find ten, ihoiwand bay era
apd a, hundred thousand readers?. Price $K?Sr 9itr t
: Aloob; tlte aarde Author" Rural Letters; f People
I have met," cVc &. Just rf ceived and Tot e by
Raleigl), J yne 1?, 1851. 63-
, Third Annual Fair of the
THE Third Annual Fair of the South Carolina Insti
tute for the promotion of Art, Mechanical ingenuity
and industry, will be held in Charleston, South Carolina,
opening -on Mokdat, 17th' November, and continuing
during the week. ' . .. . '. ' .
Specimens in every branch of Mechanism, Art and
industry ; also of Cotton, Rice, Sugar, Tobacco and al
other Agricultural Products, is solicited, for which uita '
ble premiums will be awarded. ' ' - -7
The following special Premiums are offered
For the six best specimens of Steel made from Spar
tanburg' or other Iron, the product of a Southern State,
and manfactured into edge Tools of any kind A Gold
Medal. - ' ' .- i ,
N. B. A specimen of the Steel in Bars to be sent
with the Taols.
For the largest quantity of Cocoons raised on one
plantation, hot less than ten bushels A Gold Madel or
For the largest quantity of Spun Silk the produce of
any one plantation, not less than ten pounds A Gold
Medat or Premium of $50." ' '
For the best Sea Island Cotton Gin, on some newprin
cipie, superior to that now in general use; or for any
real and important improvement on the present one A
Gold Medal.
For the invention of a suitable machine for Pulveris
ing Red Pepper A Gold Medal. - c.i.
For the best Steam Engine -a Gold Medal.
For the best model Steam Fire Engine A Gold Med
al. A large and commodious building has been selected
for the exhibition, and every care will be paid to the re.
ception and care of articles sent to the Fair. All Speci
mens must be in by the 13th of November.
Contributors to the Fair are respectfully requested
when they forward Specifications for Exhibition, to send
full descriptions of the Articles, and such information in
general as may be of use, and proper for publication,
Address J. H. TAYLOR.
Chairman of the Committee of Correspondence.
June 16, 1851. 65 td.
"Jewelry, Watches, &c.
3 DOZEN gold lever Waches, from 40 to $ 150
4 doz. Silver " " " 20 to 50 ,00
A large Assortment of Fashionable Breast Pins,
Finger rings, Ear rings, gold Spectacles and Pencils, .
Watch Chains, Seals and Keys, Lockets, Cuff Pins, .
and Pens, Silver, Pearl, Tortoise Card Cases,
'Plated Spectacle Cases and Napkin Rings,
6 dozen silver spectacles; spring steel and plated do.
. 26 doz. silver Spons, Ladles, Sugar Tongs and Cups,
A large assortment of G. S. plated spoons.
Forks and Knives for table use, .
A large assortment of Razors and Knives,
Plated Castors and Candlesticks,
Plated Waiters and Baskets,
Assortment of Clocks from 6 to $30,
Perfumery, Extracts, Cologne and Soaps,
Shaving, Hair, and Nail Brushes,
Money Purses and Pocket Books,
Tea Setts of Waiters, Table Knives and Setts,
Revolving Pistols, best quality,
Chinese Fans and Boquet Holders.
Walking Canes, &.c, &c.' s ,
The above goods have just been purchased. North and
we think excel any previous stock in Beauty and Fash
ion." We are better prepared to repair all kinds oi
Watches and Jewelry, having purchased Tools and Ma
terials for doing every thing in our line.
Raleigh, June 11. 1851. 02
ARE now receiving large additions to,
their stock of '
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals,
Window Glase, Perfumery, tic, ttc
from the most reliable Houses in the Northern Cities,
which have been purchased with an eye single to their
uor.tv. and are offered lor sale at sucn prices and on
such terms as shall compare favorably with any house
in the State.- - ' -:
Physicians. Country Merchants, and Dealers gener
ally, will do well to give us a call before purchasing,
teeiing assured we sraii not iau io piease ooin in point
of price and quality. -
Orders promptly attended to. and particular attention
given to packing and forwarding.
f amily Aieaicines ana r resenpnons compounaea at
all hours of the day and night, by a competent person
with neatness and despatcn. -.
We tender our most sincere thanks to the citizens of
Raleitfh and the surrounding country for the long and
liberal patronage we have received, and trust by untir
ing zeal and energy to please in the prosecution of our
business, to merit its continuance.
- Raleigh, April 28. 1851.- -49
Copper work. Turpeutinc Stilts, &a,
THE Subscriber informs the public that heis still car
rying on his business in all its branches, at his Shop
near the Raleigh Depot. Turpentine Stills made to or
der, in the best manner, : and warranted to work well ;
and all kinds of work promptly dono in copper, brass
steel, iron, &c.
Constantly on hand and" for sale locks of all sorts and
sizes, guns, pistols, etc. The Subscriber only asks of
the public to give him a full and fair trial, as he is deter,
mined not to be surpassed in his line. The Subscriber's
establishment being the only one of the sort in all that
region of country, he confidently appeals to North Caro
linians and to .the . friends of . home industry, to sustain
him. .. - - . ' .. i . .- . ,
"Now Is the time to Save Fuel.
BUCK'S Patent Improved Cooking Stoves, also, Stan
ly's Air.-tight,; suitable for Parlors or private rooms.
I am the only Agent in North Carolina for Buck's Pa
tent Improvd Cooking Stoves. . Any person wishing to
purchase I would respectfully refer them to the follow
ing gentlemen, who have them in- use : Messrs. Charles
Dewey, Dupree, D. Cameron, W. H. Haywood, Col
Yarbrough, E. P. Guion, and Geo. W. Mordecai. '
P. & His . Establishment has been removed to Fay
etteville Street, Raleigh, N. C. " . ' .
Raleigh, Sept. 1st, 1850. ' 797 tf.
Mutual Life Insurance Company
rTlHIS Company continues to insure, the lives of all
"I heatthy White persons and Slaves."1 '
"1he greatest risk taken on: a single life Is $5000.
Slaves are insured for k terra of tme to five, years for
ds their value. ..f: ....-. u; lo.i i ; . .
- Dr:;Chaa. Ev Johnson, President,
Wm. JJ. Haywood, Vice President, -: - . ' '
;' James F. Jordan, Secretary,
l Wrtl-. JoaeTreSBHter; -'" ' " "1
" ' I'ernn nusoee, Aiivny, . ,
Dr". Win.5 iMcXee,'EkmlnTngiTSyrfafi.,"-''
j. jJersmarf. OeTieraF Agent.;1' r'
'-' Ait roasef aire paiif 'withfh -SCTdayV kftertatisractory
proof w presented.' s 'Vs "-:-'
- BWoks and Pantpclet, showing the pW oPoperirtrori
of ttie Comiirj.' nia I MWspplicWtfiriaf th Of
oi oyrfy'f HHeAge8eieS; " AlP fetters voh basiiies
bIdvb aJdrav aJAME Fi' JORDAN, '
-Wiie:i a hn sit W rn i-SedneUrjff'-
April 29, 1830. 51-
One Boor Above - Richard Smith' Old Corner
WE would respectfully inform our friends and the
public generally that we intend keeping constantly
on hand a full supply of - .
Dry Goods, Hardware, Cutlery
and indeed every thing found in similar establishments
They present the following as specimens . of their
Cheni, Jasper, and Black Silks, "
Silk Tissue and Alborines,
"Embroidered Grenadines and Berage,
Dotted and Embroidered Swiss Muslins,
Poplins and Berage DeLanes, ..
Em. White Crape Shawls.
Jenny Lind Collars and Cuffs,
Ladies Kid Gloves and Mits,
Do Embroidered L C Hdkfs, "
Teffita and Bonnet Ribbons,
Lace Capes, and thread Laces,
Chine "and Embroidered Paras o '
Ginghams and Calicoes, : ; ;.
Shoes and Boots of every quality and price.
Bonnets and Hats of every description,
' Black French Cloths and Casimeres,
Black Satin and Marseilles,
Bed Tick, Cottonades, Domestics, Crockery, '
Weeding Hoes, Sugar, Coffee, .
Adamantine Candles, and a number of articles not
enumerated, all of which the Subscribers intend selling
oneap tor Casn, or to punctual dealers on a short credit.
Don't forget to give u a call and examine our Stock be
fore purchasing elsewhere. '
One door above Richard Smith's, No. 29, Fayetteville
Street. t" H.L.EVANS,
Raleigh, March 19, 1851. ' , 39
Additional Supplies off
sj?oa.isrGr & suararosoa. goods,
BEAUTIFUL printed and embroidered Muslins
Fancy colored Lawns, checked and Jaconet Muslins
Cotton Cambrics, and Irish Linens,
200 pieces splendid spring calicoes, at all prices, : .
London chints, and curtain calicoes,
Silk laces and ribbons for trimming fine dresses,
Laces, edgings and braids,
Fancy, silk, and glass buttons, .
Fine buff, pink and purple Ginghams,
Tweeds cassimere and Kentucky Jeans,
Black Summer cloth and Alpaccas,
Navy drilling arid brown linen,
Cottonadeand Regetta Cassimeres, for men and boys,
Nankeen cloth and Marsailles Vesting,
Cotton Osnaburgs and Jeans,
Ladies fine Kid and Silk Gloves and Mitts,
Gentlemens brack Hoskin and thread Gloves,
Ladies and Gentlemen's fancy Silk Neck H'd'kTs and
Ladies and Gentlemen's Silk and Linen H'd'kTs.; "
These Goods,' in addition to those already announced,
together with others daily expected, enables the under,
signed to present to the lovers of good taste, not only
the largest, but the richest, the best and cheapest, and
most elegant assortment of staple and fancy Dry Goods,
ht has ever offered in this market ; and in the disposi
tion of which, for like qualities an 1 styles .and beauty of
designs he cannot and will not be undersold by any re
tail establishment in the State.
Raleigh, May 6, 1851i . 53
J. B, Barrett & J. I lYewsom,
Having purchased Mr. Thomas W. Holden's
interest in the Milton Cotton Factory and Mills,
Lands, Tenements, and debts due the Firm of
Barrett, Newsom and Hoi Jen, will continue the Manufac
turing and Milling business. .
They are now putting in operation a set of Woolen
Machinery, for the purpose of manufacturing
u,ooz..v a a a its, .
and will also have two good CARDING MACHINES
in order the ensuing season, which will not only afford a
market for the sale of Wool, " but enable planters to get
Domestic Woolens, Cotton Goods,
and also Wool Rolls of the first quality. '
They have in their employment the most experienced
mechanics, and will endeavor to merit public patronage.
Milton, March 25. 1851. 41 tf.
II uiuorotis American Works, .
JVilh Illustrations by Darley, Price 50 cents.
POLLY Peablossom's Wedding, .; t
Wild Western Scenes,
Simon Suggs, . ..
Chronicles of Pineville.
Drama at Pokerville, .
. Mississippi Scenes,
. Adventures of a Southern Medical Student,
Big Bear of Arkansas, .
Major Jones Courtship. .
For sale by HENRY D. TURNER.
Raleigh, April 1st, 1851. 43
THE Fruit, Flower, and Kitchen Garden, by Patrick
Neill. A practical Treatise on the Cultivation of
the Grape Vine on Open Walls, to which is added a
descriptive account of an Improved Method of Planting
and managing the roots of Grape . Vines, by Clement
Hoare. For sale by -
H. D. TURNER, N. C. Bookstore
June 25, 1851. '
r"BnHOSE Cigars have arrived, and old and compe
BL tent connoisseurs, have pronounced them the most
superior cigars which have been brought here' for sale,
for many years. . . They consist of old Regalia, Principe,
cherotits, London s;ze bavanna.and German of" various
brands. P. F. PESCUD.
3F I hive also in store and arn daily expecting fresh
Congress Wafer, London Dock Porterand Brandy, Sher
ry, Madeira and Port Wines, selected for Medicinal pur
poses of the Importer warranted pure.' " P:F. P-.':
April 22, 1851. . 49
- IMPORT 1K OK ; .-,
And Wholesale fe Retail Dealer in all kinds ot
South' Side of Market St. '-' -
Wiliiiiugtoil, Jf. C. T
- Wilmington, Nov. 27, 1850. - 8
- Bonne tsSpring. Style, 151.
JUST Received, a varied assortment of Misses' Flats,
Boys and Infant' Hats, &c. Artificials &c, ice.
, Also, a handsome lot of Parasols and Ladie's Umbrel
April 8th, 1851. "V r ' ? : ' . v" 1 ; 46 ';
BABBIT'S Soap; Powder; and C rain's Soap for wash
ing without labor and warranted to take the stains
out of table Linen antf Ntipkins. A fresh snpply jost to
hand and for sale by " J vm . : ! p.,F. PESCUp
. Raleigh, May 7.. 1851,; 4.v .-. . 82-
Bf.AKE'S Fire" arid Water P'rob'f Painl is now" used
t ' rosrexciuBTve'ly- where its virtues are known. If
"m the cheapest a ad most desirable paint ever tlsecf, and
any person wishing to try ir.can see sneoiraenarJ prtv
cure ckcularg containing a full account ot its. merjts at
mjT store. '.' 1 "shall 'shall keep S consrint supply for1 safe.
A lao. chpao PajntOil lRa trervfowHrie. ;
.;. :v'ft"-JtXjrCTBJ,a.1
Faleigh.MayS, U5J.
1 a
niiolesalc and Retail Mf rug gist,
. aaLwa.x.EiGr33c;3xrreJ ".;;,v-
4 HE ha in Store and is .now receiving., nis
lei Spring stock of '.
English, Mediterranean and American Drags,
JttE DMCUVBS Jlnd PERTTTJftEnVi " - " !
Also, Paints, Oils, Window Glass,' ,&c. &c.'
Which were selected by himself of the Importers and
mnnuiacturrs, in the Northern cities, and purchased
almost exclusively for cash. From his increased facili
ties and large purchases, he is sure he can sell all arti
cles in his line at as low rates as they can be had this
side of the Potomac, after adding cost of freight.
Physicians and country merchants would consult their
interest by giving his stock and prices an examination,
feeling confident that he can please all who patronize
his establishment ,
Terms Six months credit or six per cent, deducted
for rash, on orders amounting to $50 and upwards. All
accounts most be paid, or closed by note the 1st of every
year ,.: ?i. l; ....,. , , .. P. F. PESCUD.
Raleigh, April 19, 1831. - , 49
IVew Confectionary & Grocery Store.
3 lioora below the Post Office.
WM. GRIFFICE; & CO. have opened a Confec
tionary and Grocery Store, in Raleigh, 3 doors
below the Post Office, where they have on hand, and
will sell on reasonable terms the following articles :
Sugar and Coffee, Crushed Sugar,
Do. St. Croix, ' Havana do. ...
Candles and Soap, Pepper and Spice,
Black and Imp. Tea, Copperas and Ginger,
Sulcratus and Snuff. Brooms, etc. &c. .
Myers Best Chewing Tobacco.
Best Segars, Water Crackers, ' '
Dolls, Accordians, Butter and Soda, do.
Fancy Candies, Citron, Prunes, Cocoa Nuts,
Almonds, Filberts, English Walnuts,
Palm Nuts, Figs and Raisins,
And every thing usually kept in a Confectionary Store.
They will say to the public that they carry on the
Candy Making Business,
and without boasting they can assure the public that they
will sell the best Candy as cheap as any house in the
place, and warrant it to be as good as can be made.
Merchants and otherB, buying by the wholesale., will
find it to their interest to give them a call.
Raleigh, October 9, 1850. 836 tf.
Henry D. Turner, ,
i'ublisher. Bookseller and Stadoitcr
No.' 1,'Fa.tetteviixe St. Raleigh, N.C.
HAS always on hand a large and general collection
Low, Medical, Theological, Classical, Voyages, Travels,
Novels and Miscellaneous Books. Also, a very
extensive assortment of School Books, &c,
Blank Books, Ledgers, Journals, Day Books
Pass Books, Bank Books, Record llooks, ,
Blank Check Books, and any other kind
- that may be wanted manufactured
.to order.. : I . .'
Together with a general assortment of Stationery.
Particular attention given to filling all orders complete
from Booksellers, Merchants, Teachers, and private indi
viduals. And every article in his line sold at the lowest
prices for cash Or approved credit, either at wholesale or
retail. . - T - . - -
All new works received as soon as published,
Raleigh, August 27,. 1850. .-..- 830
THE subscriber has just returned from
the Northern Markets, where be has laid
in a large and beautiful stock of articles in
his line of business, embracing every de
scription of fine and coarse wear.
His stock for Ladies and Misses, comprises every
quality of Slippers, Walking Shoes, whole and" half Gai
ters, otc, &.C., and his supply for Gentlemen and Boy's,
such as will suit the taste of all.
He has also laid in a large supply of materials in his
line, and brought on a rirstrate workman from the
North; and is therefore prepared to manufacture BOOTS,
SHOES, &c, in a style -unsurpassed by any other estab
lishment in the City. ' '' "
All he asks is a trial, feeling -assured that he will be
able .to give satisfaction both in quality and price. -
South East Corner Capitol Square.
Raleigh, Oct. 23d, 1850. 838 tf.
ivm. jf i.o u & k o I",: :
( Successor to Pomcroy & O'Neal, )
330ox:sx.x,3sxj. & sa?a.a?i03xrar-ai;
No. 16, Fay. Street, opposite Post Office. '
Raleigh, N, C. t ,r .
HAS on hand a large and valuable collection of The
ological, Law, Medical, Scientific, Agriviiltuial,
Miscellaneous and .School Books ;
Blank Books and Stationery of all kiiiAs.
Prices very low. Call and Examine. Orders filled
with despatch.
Raleigh, May 24. 1851. 58
T am now receiving direct from Petersburg, Richmond
JLand Baltimore, my .
Spring and Summer floods.
a suitable assortment carefully laid in by n'n experienced
band, and will continue to keep up such a supply of
Groceries, Wares and Merchandise, as my customers may
need, at moderate prices for cash, or on short credit to
punctual customers. I will also attend to any Commis
sion Business, with care, so as to satisfy those who may
entrust the same to - me. I will take in exchange for
Goods Corn, Wheat, Oats, Fodder Flaxseed and Bees
wax, with any other Produce that may suit the trade
Call at the Brick Store, near the Bank.
'; ; " THOS. W. HOLDEN.
Milton N. C. June 4, 1831; ' ' 872 tf.
. ITJcOTahou's American' Gardener.
ADAPTED to the climates and seasons Of the Unit
ed States;- Containing a complete account of all the
work necessary to be done in the
Kitchen Garden1, ,
Pleasure Gronndi .
.Fruit Garden,,
Orchard, ' . ' :
"Vineyard, .
Flower Garden, .
Green House,
Hot House, and
- Nursery, '
Forcing Frames.
For every month in the. year, ninth edition, trreatl v
improved. -
Phut is an invaluable work to all who wish to obtain
any information on the subject of Gardening in all its
various branches. Also, the Ladies Flower Garden Di
rectory by Downing, j For sale at-1 1 -:
i --r- " ;, :-'; " - TURNER'S,
i ; 'X' ' -'Jf. CiBook Stoore.
. Raleigh, Mactt 20, 185U.r. , Sf n; . , 40.
Monr RedwooaA. Procter's Pliarniacy
PRACTICAL Pharmacy the Arrangement, Appa
ratus Shd Minipilaitons'of rhe Pharmacetiral shoo
nu L,uuraury, ov r rancw moor, rn. l. . ana I rteoph
iltfsi Red Wr Edited -viihr rttenst'tfs ssditinhs., by
WUIiatn. Procter; Jr ProTeasox 01 Phariicxiii .Phi
ladelphia college ot.Fbarmacy 4 .laiustrjld by f0Q.En.
gravings on wood! For sale hi. ' ' - f
Raleigh, Apnl 25, 1831. : f 60'
The Subscriber has, for Saie IoWj ,.
CHINE Flgd,nrl plain changeable silka, -.
Black Groe De Rhine. Silk and Bl'k AlpSea;
Silk and cotton Ttimmings, Hyacinth and other auk
Buttons. , ' - '
Bonnet. Cap. Netk. Belt and Taflety Ribbons, . ; .
French, Cambric and other Linen Cambric Handkfi.,
While. Black, and col'd Rid GloveS, sewing silk, '. .
Jaconett and Swiss Edgings and Insertings, spool cotton,
White and' Bl'k silk and cotton Hose, a great variety..
Brown and White 4 hose, Merino A hose; . ..
Jaconett; cambric, checked and plaiu Swim Moslin,
Cambric, Dimity and paper cambrics, Brows snd Whifif "
Holland,. ; , - " ' J
100 pieces Calico, various prices. . . ' '
100 pieces Bleached and Brown sheeting and shirtings,-:
Kentucky Jearw, cottonades and Bed Ticking, . ,';
Anrou cheek, brown and bleached Jeans -White
Granite and other Crojckery , a great variety; "
Loaf, crashed, cia'rified ahid Brown Sugmf;
Old Java, Lagurra and R16 Coffee, English Muataitf,
Summer and other Hats.' Collin!" Asesf
Expected soon, bv the R.Sl G. Rail Road s general as-' ,
oitmentof Hardware a"nT Cufrey. . -.
au uiiu cAaiiiiHe 111 aiuift,
" ' ' -v-No. , Fayetteille St.-'
Raleigh. April 22, 1851. - " A - : : .- 49 .
TT7"E are now receiving.our Stock of iieather for the.
V Y . Spring trade, which, for extent; variety and qual
ity, has never been surpasssed in- retersDorg. -we re
spectfully request aw examination by our customers and
all othors who may want any articles in our line ; and we
pledge ourselves not to be. undersold by .any House in
Virginia.- Indeed there-sre many.,, articles of our own
manufacture that we can sejl as low an they are to be hail
in any Northern city,, - Below,we give some of the lead
ing articles: . v. . ; -. 3.
1 100 sides Oak and Hemlock Sole LCatHer. '
350 do RusseU and VVaixed Upper Leather; '
150 doz. CalfSkins, (Wnracing 13 different gradeav
150 do Lining and Binding Skins.. ,; ,
Skirting, Harness and Bridle Leather...
Bag Hides anc Hog Skins. .1
Patent Leather of every kind.- ' . ' '
F. A. & R. ti. FORD".
; v - ' ' No 21, Old Street.
Opposite B.. P. Harrison's Saddlery
" Petersburg, Va , -
N. B. Always in store a supply of sewed and pegged
Brogaus of our own make at the lowest market prices.
Petersburg, Va., March 8, 1851. ; 36 tf. ; ;
Ageut, Commission Merchant and Dry Coed
Broker, Sew Yorki ,-
TENDERS his services to the Merchants, Piahtt rs',
and citizens of the Southern States, and will attend
to any business in his line cither in the sale of Produce
or Merchandize, or the purchase of Dry Goods, Groceries;
Hardware, Crockery, Shoes, Hats, Furniture, Carriages,
Musical and Agricultural instruments,' Bagging Rope;
Drugs, Medicines, Ac. He flatters himself as a purchaser
of goods for Southern Merchants, his experience will en
able him to give entire satisfaction to the Merchants whe
may eutrust to him their oVdcfS.'. , ,r
His Excellency Charles Manly,' Ralciglr.- y '
William Hill, Secretary of State; do ; -
G.-W. Mordecai, Pres't B'k of State,' do
Dr. J. O. Watson, Prcs't Mtu In. Co., do'
B. F. Moore, Esq., Attorney Gen., do
Matthew Shaw, Esq., Washington" .
Hon. J. R. J. Daniel," Weldoir.-'
Andrew Joyncr, Esq'.,' - '30 " "' .
H. H. Lewis, Esq., Greensborough, A la';""
Raleigh, February 6, 1850. ?-'; - " 76-
Baltimore Piano Manufactory.-
Kmjtortant Improvement, . ' .
ISE & BROTHER. Manufacturers -Of Boudoir,
Square and Grand Pianos, request those wanting
a first rale Instrument one that Ladle's can perform on
with the greatest .possible advntrrge, that is chaste of
style, of superlative touch and tone, that will stand in
concert tune, and last a life time; to call and sec for
themselves a "sample Instrument at the Agent's oflice
Dr. W. R. Scott's. : - . . .
These Instruments aro more iu general use in the City
among the i rut critics of arts and science, and to whom
wc have the honor of referring. S ee the manufacturer's
circulars, vl rrii-h mar be obtained of the Agent. All Ift
struinents warranted five years. .
Dr. W. R. SCOTT, Agent.
Raleigh, Jan. 11, 1850. SO Cm.
THE Subscriber, as sifccessof fo Cooke and
B-uffaloe in the Livery business, will continue
its oiiprrations in all its branches at bis Stable
on -. iliningroH aireei, auu soiicus ine pationage 01 nis
old friends and the public generally.
His prices nnfsf be ar.-ansed sgreeSfbiy to the prices ot
produce and labour, and will be liom and alter the Iji
day of Febiuary nest, as killows,
Pairs of horses per month 18 00
Single do do ttt 00
do- d6 ' eek 3 hvf
do - do day .75
Quarlerlv Settlements will be required in all in
stances, ei.d persons liavin'g horses now in my care are
requested to take them away immediately, if unwulng
to comply with all the above conditions.
Ja-noary 23, 1851 . 24
E. L. HARDING, & Co.
deale'r'3 IN ' '
! ltcady Made, of the First Quality.
Also; 4 complete assortih'cni of
Teler'apU BuildiU"-, Fkrettevllle St.j
l. MaHbiiSb, . t. & A. L SCOTT CO
Raleigh, July 30, "lS5l. 77
American Flower Garden.
DIRECTORY, containing practical directions for the
Culture of Plants in the Flower Garden, (rreen'
House, Rooms, or Parlur Windows, for every month
n the year, by Koliert Huist, J urporyman and fjoriet.-
For sale at the N. C. Hook fcore by :.
. . r. H, D. TURNER.
June 25, 18S1. 66
Wciv American ftovef.
riiHK MOTHER IN LAW-by Miss Emma Ir. E.
'I Nevitt Southworth, Author of T h Deserted
Wife,' Retribution," " Shannondale," &.c.
The Author of this volume has won gMn opinions in
her literary career. The present tale if destined to be
widely popular. It is told with dramatic' interest.-
Just received and fir sale bv '
"W . t. POMEROT,
Successor 10 Pomeroy 4. O'Neah
Raleitth, May 23. 1851. . 58
THE American Miller and Millwright's Assistant,
by Wm: C. Hughes. l!uHa!rd with cuts of Ma
chinery. &c. In 1 vol. 12mo. $ 1. Just, received and
Tor sale bv vv. l. ruMbtiui.
Raleigh. June 20, 1S51.
TOADIES Bluck Lasting balfGaitarSf
j do. Bronze Motoco ' .TAo- . .
Black Kid and Brbnie Slit
Goat. Morbco. nd Kl Wi
MiMes7 Shoe, chMdretT
Kaletgh, April 12, 1661,

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