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- --.. iJ. W i nit HIT HMT'tl
i j; Jm i' i .' ! i x i j! .'.,..1 ( .i
pi J) A Ite N A? .:! i
mm i a . , mm. m a avv a a
: v.-
"Weekly, 2 per annum
J !
;1 1 'l
11: ':' -jTirf ." i ' '"' i:l-'i.''Jl
s of ths Wkkiy. Two' dollars par ai.num
Tf Bnrp or within the first month , Two dojlars and
j Jvane'if payment be delayed six months ; and Three
6fty cen nt aj within six months from the time of
sUbscnuiB Sejm-Wkxkit. Four dollars per
TEBMSin advance, or within th first month; Four
annum, cents, if payment be delayed six months ;
FiS Dollars, if not paid within six months from the
1 -IKi n tr. -
"L?1 "u" "ies will be inflexibly adhered to. .: '
,-,, not exceeditTgHburteen lines will
JESS one for one dollar and twenty-five
'"leach subsequent insertion; thoM of.giMtar
een u -: ,nnortion. Court orders ana juokucim ao
bngth in 1 PP ch d 25 per Mnt higher than the
cents u " rtioB. Court orders and JuoKuciai-AuV
llu will be charged 25 per cent higher than the
vtn -- reasonable reuucuon win uc maue iu
above tes- . by the year. Advertisements inser.
J'S&mt Weekly Standard, will also appear in
the Weekly Paper, fceeo jrgo.
S5.?or all wiI1 P"Py transmitted.
""t;, to the EJitor must come free of postage.
Mail Arrangements at Raleigh.
Norths bn Mail.
Due on Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday at 14 P.
bae'ofsun'day,' Wednesday and Friday, at 7 P.
M via Rocky Mount.
Closes every day (except Saturday) at 9 P.M.
Southern Mail.
Dus Daily, at 10 P. M.
Closes daily at 12 M.
Western Mail.
Due on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, at 1
Closes on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, at 10
A. 31.
Pittsborouoh Mail.
Due on Monday and Thursday, at 7 P. M.
Closes on Tuesday and Saturday, at 9 P. M.
Tarborough Mail.
t 1 IX, nJnAoJan on1 Priilsu at 1 P
UUe on ouiiuajf, f,cuiic.uoj .in m.jii - - -
Closes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at
f. w. w
i ITT I Wr'iAwanA SunHav. at!) A
Hue On runcsuaj, " - - J .
Closes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at
Roxborougu Mail.
Doe every Friday at 10 A. M.
s-il .1 10! 'f
Letters should be in fifteen minutes before closing.
Saddle and Harness Establishment.
The undersigned tenders bis sin
cere thanks to his friends and num
erous customers, for the very liber-
al patronage bestowed on him since
his commencement in Business in
this city, and hopes by a strict and
dilisent attention to bis business, to
. .. t
. morit a rnnunuance ui uieir uiTura.
Having had the misfortune to lose his Store House Vy
Fire, he has Uken a Store on the West side of Fayette
ville Street, in Peace' Row, 3nd door South of P. F.
Pescud's Drug Store, where he will eontinue to conduct
his business as heretofore. Having in his employ the
best workmen the country can produce, and the best ma
terials, he is prepared to make to order any and every
article manufactured in his line of business, with fidelity
and despatch.
All kinds of repairing- also done promptly.
The following comprises a list of goods constantly kept
on hand, and which shall be sold at prices to suit the
Gentlemen's best plain and stitched Saddles, Spanish
ditto, all kinds. Somerset and shafted ditto, full quilted
Spanish and Washington Covered ditto, common Sad
dles, great variety, Ladie's Saddles all kinds, Boy's and
Waggon ditto.
(Coach, Buggie and Stage Harness; Waggon and Car
Harnesses, all kinds; Saddle Bags, B riddles and Martin
gales, ail kinds ; Trunks and Travelling Bags, BufTaloe
.robes; Coach, Buggie and Riding Whips, all kinds;
Waggon, Planter's and Drover's ditto ; Skirting Harness,
Bag and Bridle Leather, Sheep and Hog Skins, Sad
dle Trees, Girth and Straining Webb, Enameled and
Dash Leather.
Stirrup Irons and Bridle Bitts, all kinds and Patterns;
Coach, Gig and Buggie Harness Mounting, all Patterns ;
in fact, all articles usually kept in a regular Saddlery
Store can be had here.
Raleigh, January 1, 1851. 17 tf.
TO my old '.friends and the public generally, I am
pleased to say, that I am now prepared at my new
Establishment, the Novelty Works, to execute lo tta
very best manner. Locomotive and Stationary Engines,
Saw and Grist Mills, Mill Gearing, Machinery f every
description, Iron and Brass Castings in every variety,
Screw Cutting, of anv desired length and calibre ; having
the most improved machinery for the purpose to be found
iortn or South.
I employ none but the very best workmen, and ex
pect to put out none but the very best work.
The Novelty Works are under the exclusive manage
mentof a practical Machinist. Mr. H. G. BRUCE, who
has do superior as an Engineer and Machinist in any
country. This establishment was erected exclusively
for the benefit of the Citizens of North Carolina, and I
can assure them that they need not go out of the State
for anything in the above line of business, as I challenge
the World to produce a finer STEAM ENGINE or a
oettcr MILL than can be purchased at my establish
ment. I am now manufacturing several large and small
Tor Saw Mills to which, and to my facilities for Manu-
iLiunng.ihem, I would respectfully, call the attention
of the public
All Commaniealions must be post-paid and directed
November 14, 1851. . 4
ARE now receiving large additions to
their stock of
Drags, Medicines. Chemicals
lndirui GtattB. I'erfumerv. AV. AV
jfomthe most reliable Houses in the Northern Cities
which have been purchased with an eye single to their
s i, are "ered ,or sale at such prices and on
w ,erms as shall compare favorably wilh any house
10 'he State. . .
Physicians,- Country Merchants, and Dealers gener
will do well to give as a call before purchasing,
eeiir,g assured we snail not fail to please both in point
or price and quality. . .
Orders promptly attended to, and particular attention
p '? packing and forwarding.
Family Medicines and Prescriptions compounded at
u hours of the day and night, by a competent person
"ilh neatness and despatch. r"o
p , e Render our most sincere thanks to the citizens of
lih i nd ,he "Mounding country for the long and
InV Peonage we have received, and trust by untir-
S zeal and energy to please in the prosecution of our
Business, to merit its continuance;
Jlaleigh. April 28. i83l. ; 49
BKi y? nd Bl Executions for Clerks.
Au5ust 6, 1851,
--. iuo ownaard office.
8f tfl.
i FOR 1851V3.
ISAAC PROCTER; Merchant Tailor, (Successor to
thtfirraot Oliver & Procter) haring purchased out
the entire interest afThos. M. Oliver, in the late firm
of Oliver A. Procter, I avail myself of the very first op
portunity to inform the patrons of the said firm of the
fact and to solicit from them the continuance of their
support I have just received a beautiful supply of
goods, selected by Mr. Oliver, with great care, from
the. latest importations, mebraciag '
Cloths, Cussimeres and Vesting? of every colour dan
. grade, Dress-Shirts, Under-Shirls, Drawers, Cravats,
Handkerchiefs, &c. , , .
' In fact, everything usually kept by Merchant-Tailors
or Clothiers. I shall be assisted by Mr. Geo. L. Gould,
an experienced Coat cotter, (and a pupil of Mr. Oliver's
in fact, having beea Oliver and Procter's coat-cotter
for the last fourteen months.) I shall have charge of the
pantaloons ao4 T8l linparaoast aayaal -aact-i ha had
exclusive charge of it in the late firm tor the last five
years. - -
Everything will be done that can be done, to give
satisfaction and to render the establishment popular
with its patrons. Profoundly thankful for the patronage
so liberally bestowed upon us as a firm, I shall endeavor
by assiduous attention to business and a desire to please,
to merit its continuance.
ON HAND AND AM RECEIVING, daily, a large
assortment of CLOTHING, of every description and
style, of my own and Northern manufacture all of
which, being made under my own supervision, lean
fully recommend. I. P.
Raleigh, Oct 24th, J851. 103
To my Friends and Customers in North Carolina.
HAVING made arrangements to leave the State, at
futthest by the first of December, and having dis
posed of my interest to Isaac Procter, (my partner for the
last eight years,) I take pleasure in recommending him
to those who have stood by me so long, as a gentlemen
every way worthy of their confidence and support.
Hook upon Mr. Procter, without attempting to dis
parage others, and what I say now must be believed,
(being totally disconnected with him in business) as be
ing the very best cutler lever saw. He will be assis
ted by Geo. L.Gould, a pupil of mine, who has been
cutting all the Coats made up tor our customers for the
last fourteen months, and has no superior in that depart
ment. 1 have left in the concern all the patterns l have
of my customers scattered all over the State, and they
may rely upon being as faithfully served, having their
cloths, as well cut and made, and the quality of the ma
terials just such as would be furnished, were The
BUG,' present in "propria persona." I have laboured
hard to build ud a business in North Carolina, and desire
that those who have patronised me should continue to
uphold my late partner, particularly when assured by
me, that they will be as well served as they were under
the administration of Oliver & Procter.
Raleigh, October 23d, 1851. 103
rflHE SDrinar term of this institution will commence
I on Thursday the 1st of January next, and end the
1st of June, following.
TERMS of Tuition per session, payable in advance
Ptimary English branches, 9 10 UU
Higher do. do. 12 00
The same, embracing, Mathematics, 15 00
The same, embracing Latin and Greek, 15 00
French language, 10 00
Music on Piano and Guitar, each, 20 00
Use of Instruments, each, 3 00
n cidental expenses, 1 00
Raleigh, Dec 1,1851. 9 tl stF.
i Gunny and Hemp Bagging, 44 inches wide
Bale Rope and Twine.
150 pairs of Men's and Boy's Brogans,
Men's Kip Shoetees, Woms. Lea. Bootees,
with a general assortment of shoes,
BTk and white Wool Hats,
75 Point and Duffle Blankets,
Cradle Blankets,
For sale low by
No, 9, Fayetteville St.
Raleigh Oet. 6, 1851. 97
HISTORY, Structure and Statistics. Plank Roads
by W. Kingsford. 50
Mechanic s for Millwrights Machinist, Engineers, dec,
&C by Overman, 1,25
Swallow Barn by J. P. Kennedy, 2,00
North Carolina Reader by C. H. Wiley, 1,00
Memorials of Capt. Congar, 50
Familiar Science or the Scientific Explanation of com
mon things, edited by R. E. Peterson, 75
History of the restoration of Monarchy in r ranee by
Lamartine, 1st Vol. ready, 75
For sale by
Baleigh. Dec 2, 1851. 9
RESPECTFULLY announces to the Ladies of Ral
eiirh anil siirroundinsr cou-ntrv tht she is now re
ceiving her FALL and WINTER STOCK oi FANCY
GOODS, embracing China goods, fine iron-stone dinner
setts, tea-setts, and cups and saucers as fine as ever
brought to this City.
Also, GROCERIES of every description. MUSI
CAL INS1 RUMENTS, &c, which will be sold low
for cash .
Just Received, a fresh supply of CONFECTION A-
Thankful for past favors, she solicits a continuance of
jhe same.
Raleigh, Sept. 12th. 1851. 90 y.
A ND examine that lot of NEW AND BEAU II-
FUL CLOTHING, just arrived.
Finn Rlnp. Black. Brown. Green, and Olive Frock
and Dre6s Coats, at unprecedented low prices.
Cheap f rock, eaeK, and wver woats, oi every price
and variety.
P.lnti Priwta ami Over Coat, an ntirelv new and
beautiful article, pronounced by all the most tasteful
garment ot the season.
Any or all of which will be sold extremely low for
cash, or on usual terms to punctual customers.
13AAU riWlllilI.il.
Raleigh, Nov. 21, 1851. 6
THE subscriber is now running a two-horse Hack
from Gaston to Garysburg, about 17 miles, in con
nection with the Portsmouth Road, so that travellers go
ing North can be accommodated in the promptest mane
ner, as this line is also in connection with the Baltimor
boats. The Hack leaves Gaston immediately on the ar
rival of tho Raleigh train.
Travellers will save $2 by this route, and go about
six hours ahead of the present arrangements.
W. R. PEPPER, Agent.
December 29, 1851. 16 Sin. '
THE next. Session of this Institution will commence
on Thursday the 15th of January next, and continue
until June following.
A Moot Court will be holden once, in each week. . .
Text books can be had here at the prices charged by
E. J. Hale & Son, of Fayetteville.
Board can be had in good families in town and in the
Immediate neighborhood upon reasonable terms.
F. NASH, .
' ' ; '. J. L. bailey.
December 30th, 1851. . ;, 16 Ira. :
DR. WILLI A MR . M 1 L L E R .
Lifs iirsiT&Aiiras offiofit ; :
Raleighy-Juiy Sand", ll351. ' ; ' 7$
eA3a.ex.xaxr a
V RAI.EIGH, If C. ' : :
THIS Company has been in successful operation for
more than five years, and continues to take risks
upon alt classes of property in the Stale (except Steam
Mills and Turpentine Distilleries,) upon favorable terms.
Its Policies now cover property amounting to $4,500
000, a large portion of which is ir country risks ; and
its present capital is nearly Six Hundred Thousand Dol
lars, in bonds properly secured. ; '
The average cost of Insurance upon the plan of this
Company has been less than one third of one per cent
per annum, on all grades of property .embraced in its ope
rations. s ' :
- , The following persons have been elected Directors
and Officers of this Company for the present year .
Directors: .
- -Or. Jesiah OrtsM-ri-0. Rmfcaer-BieWrd
Smith, John Primrose, Henry D. Turner, 8. W. Whit
ing, T. H. Selby, of Raleigh ; Geo. McNeill, Fayette
ville, Joshua G. Wright, Wilmington, Jas. E. Hoyt
Washington, James Sloan, Greensborough, John CoX,
Edenton, Joshua, Boner, Salem, Joseph H. Poo,
Elizabeth City, Michael Brown, Salisbury, Alexander
Mitchell, Newbern, W. N. H. Smith, Murfreesborough,
H. B. Williams, Charlotte, John B. Barrett, Milton, and
A. T. Summyj Asheville.
All Directors are authorized to receive applications.
Officers of the Company :
Josiah O. Watson, President, "
J. G. B. Roulhac, Vice President,
Richard Smith, Treasurer,
J. C. Partridge, Secretary, 1
John H. Bryan, Attorney,' . . ' ,
, J; Hersman,' General Agent. '
8W. Whiting,
Richard Smith, ' ' Executive Committee. .
John Primrose, )
All communications in reference to insurance should
be addressed to the Secretary, post paid. '
Raleigh, Sept 13. 1851. : 90
PURSUANT to an Act of Incorporation, a Company
has been formed under the name and style of" The
Greensborough Mutual Insurance Company," and fully
organized by the appointment of the following Officers :
JAMES SLOAN, President.
S. G. COFFIN, Vice President.
PETER ADAMS, Secretary and Treasurer. .
W. J. McCONNEL, Executive Com.
James Sloan, W.J. McConuel, William S. Rankin,
Jed. H. Lindsay, Shubal G. Coffin, William H. Reece,
Tyre Glenn, John B. Mebane, Andrew Weatherly, C.
P. Mendcnhatl, Lyndon Swaim, Jesse Shelly, Jonathan
W. Field.
This Company has now been in succesful operation
for several months, and will take risks upon Dwelling
Houses, Stores and other Buildings, Merchandize, Fur
niture, Produce, &c. The object of this organization is
to afford a system of Insurance which shall operate for
the mutual benefit of all its members.
1 he peculiar advantages arising from this mode of In
surance is. that the assured pay no more than the actual
losses and expenses of the Company, and experience
has proved the safety of Mutual insurance Companies,
as well as the ereat saving to its members ; no stronger
argument can be produced in their favor, than the con
fidence which they receive from the entire community,
where such Companies are in successful operation. .
Any information respecting the principles cf the Com
pany will oe cheerfully furnished by the Secretary, or
any of its Agents. PETER ADAMS, Sec'y.
The Subscriber, having been appointed Agent, will
receive applications and make surveys to effect Insur
ance in said Company. '
Raleigh, N. C.
December 5, 1851. 896
Mutual Life Insurance Company
THIS Company continues to insure the lives of all
healthy White persons and Slaves.
I he greatest risk taken on a single life is 95000.
Slaves are insured for a term of one to five years for
ds their value.
Dr. Chas. E. Johnson, President,
Wm. D. Haywood, Vice President,
James F. Jordan, Secretary,
Wm. H. Jones, Treasurer,
Perrin Busbee, Attorney,
Dr. Wm. H. McKee, Examining Physician.
J. Hersman, General Agent.
All losses are paid within 90 days after satisfactory
proof is presented.
Blanks and famphlets, snowing the plan of operation
ef the Company, may be had on application at the Of
fice, or any of the Agencies. Al letters on business
should be addressed to JAMES F. JORDAN,
, Secretary.
April 28, 1850. 51-
Fruits, Cigars, Fancy Articles, &c.
THE subscriber would respectfully call'attention
to his very large and extensive assortment of CAN
DIES, of his own manufacture, of every style and qual
ity, which he warrants equal to any made in this coun
try. Also, to his assortment of FANCY GOODS,
SOAPS, PERFUMERY, TOYS, &c, selected with
great care by himself, and which he offers on the lowest
terms. Having made extensive arrangements, he will
be enabled to offer every week to the trade fresh supplies
of Northern and Malaga Fruits of the most recent im
portation. A call is earnestly -solicited.
. Petersburg, Oct 23, 1851. ' . - 1
THE undersigned offers his services as Agent for the
transaction of any business in the City of Raleigh,
at the Public Departments, the Banks, Insurance Ofli
ces, &c.
He may be found at the office of the Secretary of
State. 1 AU letters addressed to him will be promptly at
tended to; and, his charges will be moderate and satis
factory, i RUFUS H. PAGE.
Gov. D. S. Raid, Wm. Hill, Sec'y. State, D. W. Courts,
Pub. Treas. Wm. J. (Jlarke, uomp't. ; of State, E
B. Freeman, Clerk Sup. Court, Gee. W. Mordecai,
Prest. of Bank of the State, Wm. H. Jones, CasWr,
Bank of Cape Fear, W. W. Vass, Treas. R.4f G.
Jt Bi.
Raleisrh. Dec, 18, 1851. 14-lf
At Evan's & Cooked, r .
YOU will find a beautiful assortment of
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods,
Embracing every article usual in Dry Goods Stores
Also, Hardware, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Groceries
dec, &c. .
r .MMnn n thd ilhnVA. the snhnirlhfira am ilnilv re.
ceiving their Fall purchase, which' is extensive, and, in
point of cheapness, cannot be surpassed by any in their
line. We are ever grateful for past favors, and beg a
continuance oi me bmuc.
August 30. 1851 - '86
rasi'B-si;a-:i ' ' , y . ..
t T - :J.V.,nrl ti ttij, firm tit R Tiu1i Jtr. SMn
f are requested trJ come forwardj and make payment,
as looser uiuuikciicb ctuuu gi.cu.
!T , : W. H. H. TUCKER,; ;
..i ' . v. ! ..ca '.T-: i sq. - -i Surviving; Partnfr. :
December 30, 1851." ' - r: h 900 i
!:!;;!;'r large!, salyeu
Valuable Real Ss Personal Property.
, ; Commencing I2lh January, 1852...
THE Subscribers, as Executors of.. the lata Richaid
Hine8, offer for sale the very valuable Plantation he
died possessed of, containing about 2700 acres, a little
over half ef which is cleared and iu a high state of cul
tivation. The Plantation is'situated-on the north side
of Tar River, in Edgecombe County, six or seven- miles
east of the Railroad, and nine miles above Tarborough,
adjoining the lands of Richard Harrison, and others.
There is on the premises a large and comfortable dwell
ing with eight rooms and all the necessary oat-houses
and fixtures of the best kind and in good order.
) We will not go into a detailed statemen of the supe
riority of this Plantation, but invite alt persons wishing
to purchase valuable land 16 examine this. A plat of
th land with a survey ot the cleared portions is lelt in
the hands of Mr. Isaac B..-. Farmer, on the premises,
who is we(l acquainted with.it and will give any infor
mation to persons wishing to purchase. V? e wi II sell it
in 'one-tract or divide it info two or three. If not dis
posed of. at private sale, before the 12th ot next January,
we will; cm that day, at 2 o'olock, P. M-, on the premi
ses, offer itat public sale to Jhe highest bidder. It has
not been necessary for a Physician to visit it during this
year.' ' -
We will also sell at the same place; one hundred and
ninety negroes, of the most-valuable kind ; among them
are three carpenters, (one. .of these .a W heel-v right,)
two Blacksmiths, one painter, three fir.-t-rate house
servants, (one of them a seamstress,) a good os'fler and
some-of 4he best cotton-pickers in the Stae.
Also, the Stock and. Crop, consisting of about 1500
barrels of Corn, 100. stacks of Fodder, .two hundred
buxhels ot Rye, lour hundred bushels of Peas, three
hundred and filly fat hogs, 250 out hogs, 68 head of cat
tle, of th most improyed breed... -.' ;
i Among them are many -fine milk- cows, and nine
yoke of young oxen, large, and well. .broke; 1 pair of
horses, 1 pair splendid thorough bred nines. .3 blooded
mares, 2 very fine ponies, 150 head of sheep, the seed
from near 400,000 pounds' of cotton, two Gins, one
wheat thrasher, three saddles and bridles, forty -casks of
plaster and lime, eight wagons, ten carts, thirty-six sides
of leather, household and kitchen lurnilure, and all the
farmine implements ol every description. The sale will
continue from day to day until everything is disposed ot.
Jo 1 erms of Sale, -i he land will be disposed of
on a credit of one, two, and three years. Bonds bearing
interest from date, with approved security, will be re
quired. The other property will be sold on a credit of
six months, lor all sums over ten dollsrs; and all under
that amount, cash ; the purchaser giving bond and se
curity before the property is delivered.
W. R. SMITH. -
Dec. 1.1851. 896 wtl2J.
WE respectfully announce to our friends. and the
trade, generally, that we have determined to spare
no eflbrts on our part to give Petersburg a Leather and
Finding Establishment, whose stock shall compare favor
ably with that of any house, North' or South. We are
receiving from the importers and mannfactureis of the
Northern Cities one ef the largest and best selected
stocks we have ever kne-wn in this market, and we pledge
ourselves to sell our goods as low as any South of New
York, and many articles as low, if not lower, than they
are to be had, even there, as we have now in full opera
tion a large and well arranged Tannery, from which wc
shall be receiving Leather regularly. .
We have also Brogans of our own manufacture, which
we warrant a superior article.
Also, Shoemakers Tools, and .Lasts, together with
many other articles usually found in similar establish
ments. all of which' will be sold in accordance with the
above statement; and the only way we can prove this, is
for purchasers to come and examine for themselves and
we shall be content to abide the result.
F. A. & R. H.. FORD,
No. 21, Old Street,
opposite B. P. Harrison's Saddlery.
Petersburg, August 13, 1851. 83 tf.
jroxosr 8a?xtTjTi3cims & sonr,
No. 360 Market-Street, Philadelphia,
Furnish all kind or Jflarble Work,
At the most reasobablc rites, and work w J ranted equal
to any house in the Union.
Corner of Broad & Coates Streets,
for Enclosures, Balconies, Verandahs, and any
On the most reasonable terms. Orders attended to. with
September 27,1851.
94 6m
r TUT finftonplhop Korr. UavA tn inform hia friends and
. m -mmv.. -o ---
I the public generally that he has taken the stand
formerly occupied by Mr. 8ilas 5 urns, and tnai ne is
nna.nil tr. A.nnnta quit TrtK in Ilia lino fla Rlflrksmith.
particularly OLD AXES MADE NEW. Having served
his Apprenticeship with Mr. Burns, he flatters himself
that he will perpetuate the character neretoiore sustained
by that Establishment. -
My Grist Mill is in good order ; all Corn brought to
it will be strictly and promptly attended to by
Raleigh, October 1, 1851. 887 w6m.
NEW hulled Buckwheat Flour,.
Superior Ohio Butter, Goshen Cheese,
- Ohio Hams of Bacon, (excellent quality,)
Fine dried Beef, Buffalo Tongues,
Irish Potatoes, Prunes and Lindles.
Gayer and common Raisins, Currants and Citron,
Rhine Wines, together with a choice assortment of
for sale low st F.MAHLER'S.
At the R. & G. R. R. Depot.
: December 23. 1851.' 899
T N accordance with instructions of the Board of Super-
I intendents of 'Common Schools for Wake County,
notice is hereby given to the Justices of the Peace of
said County, that application will be made at the next
term of the County Court, to increase the tax at present
levied for Common School purposes. '
- W. R. POOLE, Chairman,
December 6, 1851. 10 td.
NAZARINE and Skv-Blue Marines, . ;
Super White and Mode Col'd do.,
Rose, Dark Green, Pea Green and Cherry Col'd Mnslins,
An additional supply of handsome Ribbons, ",
White and Col'd Paris Kid Gloves,
Velvet Ribbons, . 1 .
Embroidering Braids, &c, &c.
. W. H. & R. S. TUCKER,
- 101 i
THERE will be a meeting of the Board of Trustees
of St. John's College, in Oxford,; on Wednesday,
the 4 th of February next. Business of importance will
be before the Board, and a full attendance of , the Trus
tees is earnestly desired.
By order of the President
. .. JAMES T. LITTLE JOHN, Sec'y. ;
: OxWTd. Dec 22, 1831. .7' : 80
'Notice. -
WHiTasriLix Columbus, Co.1 N. C. J ''" '
Dec. 10, 1851. ' J . '
! TEACHER WANTED, to take1 eha'rge of the
Academy at this place; A liberal price will be givenf
: Application will be made to f . fjeorge, Esq or mysel
. . l .n. . ....... -
ii idh smcej J. a. (HAUloi,: ,i
. . , :. , 898 4L r .
JLMidWi history of Joephitie. oI,
JCEOOcente. ,vf"i-TT r.-iiIA
' For sale by W. L. POMEROY.
;;;.''!new shoe store;
grfy ..-H. O. GULL, begs leave to inform the citi
v I Ll zens Rsleigh and its vicinity, that he is now
1 VWieeiving the largest assortment of
; " ; t ELLS,' itc, &.c,
bat has ever been offered in this market.
The following; is a list of a few of the leading articles
which he now offers to the public :
indies Blue, ureen, iironze, and light colored rroncua
do : do do do do do half do.
do Black thick and thin sole whole Gaiters. . , ,
do do do do half ' do ' "
do do do do- Morocco Gaiters,
- dof, '.do , and Bronze do, , do. - Bootees,:
do do thick and thin sole do . Excelsiors,
' do . Bronze do . do ' ' "do'.'
.doJBJack do Kid and Morocco Parodies
do do do Enamelled Jenny Linda.
do Green, Bronze, and light colored Morocco Bus
do do . do Polka
Shoes, 'if
do , Black Kid and Morocco Slippers,
do ' do do Ties,
do do do Walking Shoes,
do Black Kid and Morocco Buskins, thick and thin
soles, -j- .
do OverShoes, a nice article, - '
do White Kid Slippers, a superior article,
A beautiful article ol White Kid Gaiters daily expected.
Muses' Blue. Green, Bronze, aud light colored Prunel
la Gaiters, ' '
. do .Black thick and rhin sole , - :do.;.
do Blue, Green, Bronze, and light colored Missess
do Black thick and thin sole ' - do.
do do Morocco and Goat" Buskins,
do. do do Slippers, . ..
do Goat and Boarded Bootees,
Children's black, blue, green, bronze, and light col'ed.
do do do do Morocco Bootees,
- do do do do do Polkas,
do Goat Bootees and Jenny Lind Buskins.
Also, nearly every description of . , ,
SHOES, &c.
All of the above can be had at exceedingly low
prices, for Cash, al the RALEIGH SHOE HOUSE,
on Fayetteville-street, opposite the Post Office, and se
cond door below Mr. Foineroy s Book More.
N. B Country Merchants visiting this place will do
well to give me a call, as they cau be supplied on rea
sonable term.
Raleigh, December 5. 18 )1. " 10-
THE attention of my friends and Dealers, gener-
ally, is invited- to my assortment of
JFortign and Domestic Medicines, Paints, tHls,
Perfumery, Dye Stuns, Ac,
which, as legards quality and variety, is unsurpassed by
any house in North Carolina.
My Stock having been selected with great care and
purchased on the most favorable terms from
Importers and Manufacturers,
enables me to render satisfaction to all who need artieles
in my line. . 1
I take this occasion to again tender my thanks tor the
very liberal support hitherto extended to me, and by con
tinued assiduity, and unremitted attention to the wants
of my friends. I hope to continue to merit the favorable
opinion so generally entertained for my Establishment.
- 1 continue to keep su supply ot- we i urest w ines, and
London Dock Brandy, bought expressly for Medical pur
poses, and a large assortment of the choicest brands of
Cigars smoking and Shewing I ouacco.
tr. r. rfjsuuu,; .
Wholesale and Retail Druggist.
Raleigh, Oct. 20th. 1851 102
$40,000 STATE BONDS !
Treasury Office, Raleigh, N. C.t
December 9th, 1851.
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this Of
fice anlil the 1 1 th of January next, for the purchase
of Forty Thousand Dollars woith of Bonds issued by
the State of North Carolina, bearing interest at the rate
of six per cent per annum, payable at this Office semi
annually, on the first Monday of January and July ; tie
principal of $20,000 of which will be payable at the end
of twenty years, and the principal of the other $20,000
at the end of ten years.
These Bods are issued under the authority ot two
Acts of the General Assembly of North Carolina, one
entitled "An Act to incorporate the Fayetteville-and
Western Plank Road Company, and the other An
Act to provide for the payment of the debts of the State."
Persons bidding will please distinguish the class ot
Bonds for which they bid, and endorse on their letters,
' Proposals for State Stocks."
V. W. UOUKTS, rub. Jreasurer.
Raleigh, December 8, 1851. .. 11
SAMUEL H. YOUNG is. now prepared hiihow a
beautiful arsortment of Fall and Winter Goods at his
Store, No. 21, Fayetteville Street. His Stock consists
in part of the following Goods :
BUCK ana uoiorea hiiks,
French Merinoes, Cashmeres and DeLanes,
Fig'd Poplins and Alpaccas, .
A large assortment of Prints,
Red and White Flannels,
Bonnets and Bonnet Ribbons, '
Shawls, Handkerchiefs, Laces, &c,
Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps,
Hard Ware and Cutlery,
Earthern and Glass Wafe, . ..
Sntrar. Coffee. Tea. &.C.
Together with almost every description of Goods kept
in a Dry liooas ?iore. rurcnasers are nuiieu io can
and examine our Stock, all of which will be sold cheap.
Call at No. 21, Favetteville M., ilyou want a bargain.
Raleigh, September 24, 1851. ' 93 tlJ.
just Arrived,
Successor to Messrs. Oliver & Proctor,
A r resn ouppiy oi inose oeauiuui
Also, a variety of
All of which are selling very cheap.
Raleigh, Dec. 20, 1851. 14
TItitital Insurance Company.
fTlHE anntinl meeting of The North Carolina Mutu
I al Insurance Company " will be held at the Office
of the Company, in the City ' of Raleigh, on Tuesday,
the 13th day of January next, at 13 o clock, M., for the
purpose of electing a Board of- Directors for the ensuing
year. JUi U. PAKTKI1JUE,
Secretary J.
. Kaleigh, December 10th, 1851: 12
nri T.. niRDIIVfi. A: fa. W.,ni,1 tc,
JjJtheir friends and customers that they can be found
for a few- days in a room over Messrs. Evans & Cooke's
Stoie. ' Call at the far-famed and world-wide renowned
Estalishment of E. L. H. & Co., and get the best bar.
gains, as, heretofore. .
December 19, 1851. 14 tfT
Ready-ITIade Clothing;.
CHEAPER THAN EVER.,,,W- have received a
a full assortment of fine, exira fine, and low priced
Ready-made Clothing, which we are instiucted to cl
at mo very lowesi prices, in oraer 10 ciose out me n
tire stock, to make roon for further! supplies.
.... i , A. B. STITH. & CO.
' Raleigh. Decomber 20j ISSli. 14
XTtOUR Cases more of Beebe'e.best Hats, latest style:
, Ajso, a few pieces North Carolina Cassimere, made.
at.Rchik.'lsIand Factory, Mecklenbhrg Codnty j Tweeds.
Kentucky (Jeans, Dove- Skin Cassimere, Calico, Domes
tics; Calf Boots, heavy doumrfKHliecT Brdgans.
" Just received by 1 1 33VAW ifW COOKE.
Raleigh, Nov. 4th, 1851. 2
J. B. Barrett A. J. D Wewsom,
Having purchwsef Mr. : Thomas W. Holden'
Sal in rlx MiMnn Cinttnn WrtrMnr Mi) Mills.
Lands, Tenements, and debts due the Firm of
BarrettyNewsom and Holden, will continue the Manufac
turing and Milling business . r v . -.t . ,
They ae now putting in operation a sei n vr ooien
Machinery, for the purpose of manufacturing
iroozfi.v z a o it s.
and will also have two good CARDING MACHINES'
in order the, ensuing season, which will not only atlord a
market for the sale of Wool, but enable planters to get
Domestic Woolens, cotton uooaa,
and also. Wool Rolls of the first quality, . ,
They have in their employment the most experienced1
mechanics, and will endeavor to merit public patronage.
Milton. March 2 5, 18S1, it . -!? 4t4
' 1 1 r
A. B. SXITH, "
Agent, Commission-' Merchant a Dty Geoda
broker. New York.
TENDERS his services to the Merchants, Planters,
and citizens of the Scruthern States, ana vrill attend
to any business in his line neither in the sale of Produce
or Merchandize, or the purchase of Dry Goods, Groceries,
Hardware, Crockery, Shoes, Hats, Furniture, Carriages,
Musical and Agricultural instruments, Bagging Rope,
Drugs, Medicines; &c. He flatters himself as a purchaser
of goods for Southern Merchants, his experience will en
able him to give entire satisfaction to the Merchants who
may entrust to mm ineir orders.
. . RsrsHxircxsJ ;.;.:-:! ;. -;. , ... ,.i
His Excellency Charles Manly, Raleigh
William Hill, Secretary of State, do
G. W. Mordecai, Preset B'k pf State, do . ( r
Dr. J. O. Watson, Pfes't Mu. In. Co.', do
B. F. Moore, Esq., Attorney Gen., do
, Matthew Shew, Esq., Washington. : ' i :-.'.
;Hon. J. R. J. Daniel, Weldont
Andrew Joyner, Esq., do
R. H. Lewis, Esq., Greensborough, Ala.
Raleighi February , 1850. 796
KAHNWELLER tc BROTHER, respectfully an'
form Merchants, Planters and others, that they
are prepared to supply any amount of DRY GOOD8,
&c, on the most favorable terms. They can success
fully compete with any southern market, as all will find
on application. ' .
We have the late Reading Room expressly fitted up
for the wholesale business.
Wilmington, Nov. 13, 1851. 6 6t.
LITERARY Reminiscences, from the Autobiography
of an English' -Opium Eater, by Thomas De Quin'
cey, 2 vol. , - $1 50
MARGA RET, a tale of the Real and Ideal, Blight
and Blcrom, &c, 2 vol. $2 00
For sale by ' - '
Raleigh , Oct.- 13, 1851. . . 99-4
Home Industry inust Succeed ! ,
Iain now prepared to manufacture DOOR LOCKS
with mineral Knobs, for 65 cents a piece, warrant'
ed ; also, LOCKS up to $150. " ! :
Also, MACHINERY made to order ) and file-cutting,
new and old. Old files made, a good as nttc.
Raleiith, Sept. 13th 1851. - - J- : - 90 ly.
Orocer and Commission Merchant,
FILLS orders for Groceries at low prices, .and gives
his best attention to the sales of Flour, Cotton,' Te
bacco, and other produce' consigned to him.
Norfolk. Dec. 4, 1851. 12-6m.
. WfixiweTox, N. C.
August 12, 1851. "' ' '' 81 ly.
J. W. & C O. PUGH,
eelwiBiissiGisr msxiieECAajriMS,
- And t'drtvardiiig Affents,
KeeD constantly on hand,' and for sale.
lime; salt, tah, bacon, io.otjb, &c.
Gaston, Jan. 10, 1850. ' ' - 26-
Cash for 10,0000 Bushels of Charcoal.
I I am always in want, and always pay the very
hiehest prices. Old Iron always in demand at al
fair price at the " - , . - r
Raleigh, N. C. " f : 4 4t.
. Warrenton Female Seminary.
npHE 11th Term of this Institution will commence
X on the 15th January, 1852.- ' ' "
On application to the subscriber, a circular containing
full particulars as to Terms, &c. will be forwarded.
Dec.9, 1851. - ... ;.-.-r 1 1 Cw
Elegantly Illustrated Books, In Extra
Gilt. . Sacred Streams. Edited by Cheever. aVT.50i
Watchinir Spirits, by - Mrs. .Ellet, 2.50 ; Eveninz Book.
by Mrs. Kirkland, 3,50 ; Youngs Night Thoughts with
Boyd's notes: 4,00. , , ,, .
jror sale by
Dec. 12.1851. ; .' ' i 111
; - Notice."
A 1,1. persons whatsoever are hereby eauticned against
crediting. anv one on' my account, as I will pay no
accounts but such as bave been contracted by myself.
t. !:.' ! i JUH1AH O. WATSON.
December 26. IS&l.
900r. 3tpd.
Swedenhorglauism Reviewed,
Y Enoch Powell, D. DV,"Pr6f. 'in the Theologies
Seminary, Bangor, Maine. ' '
i ai t '
... i ui mmic pj v ' ,
; . ; , , f, ,,H.,D. TURNER.
Octoler 16, 185 1 . ... v r ; 001"
By the Author of "Sam Slick.'
RULE-AND MISRULE of the English in Ame
rica. By Judge Halliburton.,
For sale by ., , J, TURNER, , , I
, ; ...,t.V.Xi C. Bookstore.
Raleieh, Nov' 1851. ' ' .'. ' '" 2
THE LILLY, AND THE BEE I an Apologue of
the Crystal Palace. ..Revived this day by
; , . . HENRY T. TURNER., ,n
, '' pf4 c. Bookstore.
' Raleigh, November, 186t.
i . DTOESTED. MANUAL of the Acts of the Gen
eral Assembly of North Carolina, from the veaf
1838 to the vcai 1R4S. tnMiiaHr omillinir all the AcU
df a private and local nature, and-such as Were tempore
ary, and whose ojet-ation has Ccaseetl to exist
BY JAMES IREDELL Price f 1 50.
' .-.i: : : .flH D- TURNER.
Turner's North Carolina Almanac
,.. . ' FOR- 1832. ; I
PUBLISHED andaold WholeaaHand Retail, fcy
Raleigh, 1851" . , '''' ' ' cil&i C. Book Store.
PRICE 1,7$ Ceota- 'TSaalJoiDarn, or a aojoaro
in the bid Dominion. Revised Edition, wtth twenty
Illustrations. By J. P. kennedy. For sal by
Ralegh, Dee. 1851. N. C. Bookstore.

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