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Leading Features of the Week's
Trade at Liberty Yards.
Stockmen Sot Less Pleased Than Pack
ers fl it'u Hot: Market
Office of the Pitisbueo Dispatch,!
TnrrsnAT. Febrniry U, JSS9.
The week's local receipts ol cattle are
About 10 carloads less than last week and
15 less than the week before. Through re
ceipts arc larger than for several months
past. "With a falling off of about 300 head
in local receipts, under ordinary circum
stances there would be an advance in prices.
The condition of the cattle trade, however, lor
the past few weeks has been an exception to all
rules, atid has upset all calculations of stock
men. An old-time operator at the Liberty yards
gives the following terse view of live stock
markets: "Heavy cattle are lower than they
have been sii.ee before the war. It seems that
nobody wants heavy weights. Butcncrs want
nothing above SJfc, and if you ask them more
than 4c they get out of the cattle pens as fast
as if they had been shot out by a cannon.
They argue that it is impossible to compete
with" Chicago dressed beef aud pay above 4c
per pound. Bcete3 weighing from 1.100 to
1.200, -which can be bought from Stfc to3fc,
arc in best demand. The effect of this policy
is to drive combiners more and more to dressed
beef. The plan adopted by our butchers to
compete with the dieted beef trade is defeat
ing its own end.
Cattle mari:cts. according to the testimony
of all Libertv stockmen, are no good. Smooth
butcher stock, ranging from 1,100 to 1,400, by a
pmchliold their own, as compared with last
week's prices. Heavier grades go begging at a
decline or 10 to lo cents from last week's prices.
When 1,000-pound steers sell at SKc. as they
have done this week, and the same would have
bi ought 6c a few months ago, it is clear enough
to a blind maa that profits to butchers are
large now, or !oscs wcie large then. It is
ponsibic batchers were working for glory last
summer. Verily they have their reward now.
Receipts at Chicago to-day were 2S.000head
and yesterday 20.OU0 head, with market steuly.
At Liberty markets opened weak this morning
and prices declined 10c from cstcrda's rates.
Before the decline packers here found it profit
able to order their hogs from Chit ago. I. re
quired the drop of 10c to make au inducement
to buy at home
"Tlie hog market,"' said one of the leading
operators in this line, at Liberty to-dav, s
worse than foraveek past," Per contra, a
leading packer said, "markets arc coining to
where they should have been weeks ago. and
bogs are now to be had at a price where there
is some margin of profit on products, which
lias not been the case since the season opened
m November, until the past wtek.
hcrp and Lamb.
Through local receipts of sheep are smaller
th ncek than last, prices vcakeced after
Mcncviv because of unfavorable news from
Eastern maikets, and are 10c off from prices of
las: week r-n all bat very choice grades, which
are scarce.
Light and medium lambs are hard to selL
Follow ing i the report of the w eek's transac
tions at the Liberty yards:
cattle. ijiogs. sheer
Thro. I Local. '
Thursday 1.SM. Sll .4751 1.100
Fridav GJO, SO 2.700 1,7M
Saturday NJ -), 2.250! 1,K0
hunday 1 7 T.lOOi 6.2S0
Moniisv VM . 93 2,0251 tSO
Tuesday 120 1,it0 S.IW)
Wednesday 1,23) 40 4,725 3.9G0
Total 5,230 1,4V 23,175 20,460
Listwcefc 2,010 1,0(10 20,325 22.S50
Thnrsday 20 1.479
Friday. 2. 1,791 51
Saturday is Ttn s;)
J'omUy I,C5I 7,2" 4.127
Unesday 2c,t! 1.1501 4.5IH
Wednesday 71 2,003 . 849
a Total .. 1,429. 13.031 10.34.1
" Last week 1,593 10,793 10.146
By Teicarnnh.
Kansas City Cattle Receipts. 4.104 head;
shipments. 2.C32 lipad; market slow; beet steers
Eteadyto 10; lower; cows about steady; stockers
and iceding steer active and stead-: good to
choice, corn fed, S3 7T,1 10; co'mmon to
medium, S2 80 50; stockers and feeding
steers. SI W?3 20; cows. SI 252 TO. Hogs
Receipts, 9.7J4 head; shipments, 2,GiG; light
weight about steadj; mixed and heavy oc low
er: market closed a slia'le stronger; gooa to
choice. S4 3044C; common to medium, SI 15J
4 25. Sheep Receipts, 1,019 head; shipments,
670 head; market steady; good to choice mut
tons, J4 254 50; common to medium, j2 50
8 80.
Nev York Beeves No arrivals; no mar
ket: dressed beef dull at oVfgTJc for native
sides with general sales ot lair to good beef at
60c Sheep Receipts. 6,500 head, and 2.000
hcail earned over from yesterday; very slow
tiade, but prices were fairly maintained for
good stork; roor to prime sheep sold at
H 0TS5 75 per 100 pounds; common to best
lambs, S6 006 87J, and a deckload of verv
poor lambs at S4 2a, dressed mutton anil at 7
bK" per pound; dressed lambs about steady at
c10Uc, with a few choice heavy lambs at
lie Ilogs Receipts. L250 head, with 10 car
loads to arrive: none offered alive; nominal
value, So 20g5 SO per 100 pounds; dull feeling.
St. Lotris Cattle Keccints. 1,300 head; ship
ments STO head: market steady; choice heavv
native steers. S3 80gl 30; fair to good do, SO
3 73; butchers' steers, medium to choice, S2 40
3 10; stochcrs and feeders, lair to good. SI 75ffl
2 M: rangers.com-fcd.S3 0V5,340; grass-f ed.Sl S0
'210. Hog Receipts. 4,100 head; shipments.
1,300 head; market sto.-ulv: choice heavy and
butcher?' selections, SI S05J4 4j: packinc, we
diuin to prime, S4 30ii:4 50: light grades, ordi
nary to best, S4 504 55. Sheep Recclnts,
COO head; shipments none: market firm;
fair to choice, W U)(S4 75.
CniCAOo Cattle Keccints. 13.000 head: ship
ments, 4,000 head: market slow and weak;
choice to extra beeves, $1 25JM SO; steers,
J3 00g4 10; stockers and feeders, S2 305?
5 35: cows, balls and mixed, SI 455 30.
Hogs Receipts. 26,000 head; shipments. 10,000
bead; market weaK and 10c low en mixed, 51 40
j?4 ; heavy. SI JO; light. Si 504 75; pig,, $4 00
r?u 00. Sheep-Receipts, 10,COOhe.-.d; shipments
4.000 hood: market Eiow and 010c lower: na
tives. S3 50SS 13: nesterns, corn-fed. SI 10
4 65; lambs. S4 C0S0 25.
BvffjlIa Cattle Receipts, LCOO bead
through: UK) bead sate: steadv; mixed butchers,
S2 503. Sheep and lambs Receipts.1,400 bead
through; 6,400 head sale; weak and 25c lotvrr:
good sheep. SI 404 75; good lambs. So 75
6 2i Higs Receipts. 4,800 head through;
4.350 bead --ale; market slow, 515c lower;
mediums. S4 70; Yorkers, S3 00.
Haltlmore Beef cattle slow and values c
lower: average quality better; best heevp.4KS
4'c; ccncially rated first quilitv. 3Jjle;
medium or good fair quality, SvJc; ordmarv
thin steers, ovf-n. cows. 24$oc IteceiDts, 1,031
bcatl; sale-. KV head. Receipts of sheep and
lambs, 1.S32 head; quotations, sheep, 3K5Kc;
Uinbb. 4).0c
Cincinnati Hogs qnict; light lower; com
mon and iighu $3 0OJJ4 7.i: packingand butchers'.
S4 434 65; rectipts, 2,505 head; shipments, 1,185
Rnllwny Enterprises in Pern.
The Peruvian Minister nf Public Works has .
cotified bis intcntion'ot granting a concession
for the construction ofarailwaybetween L.ma I
tad Pisco, which will no donbt greatly tend to
develop the resources of the country, as it tv ill
open up the rich districts betueen lea and
ltiny, and facilitate the tranoport of ore oli
tzincdin the Castrovirreyna mines. The rail
way v.ill also pass through the saltpeter-prod uc
inc district of Lnma. A branch line is alo to
be constructed from Islay to Arequipa. Puno
and Cuzca, and there is no doubt that the port
of Islay will shortly supersede that of Mol
lendo. Drysood.
New- York. February 14. There was Im
proved business in drygoods to-day with both
jobbers and agents, with more confidence and a
better tone to the market due to the low condi
tion of stocks and to the firm attitude of agents
m reference to the recent price cutting of
jobbers. Demand is expected to improve for
cotton goods. The jobbing trade is entering
upon a stage of activitv. Tho woolen goods'
Mason shows signs of being nearly over as re
gards first orders, the result being better than
was anticinatcd.
V. hen baby was sick, we qave her Castoria
w hen she was a Child, she cried for Castoria,
wheu she became Miss sl)o clung to Castoria,
t hen she had Chddren, she gave them Castoria.
Humors of Pollllcnl Trouble in Europe Giro
Whcnt-a ItncUset Corn and Oats
Mronitpr Hoc Product Rulo
Quiet and Steady.
Chicago With the exception of a tem
porary spurt, at which time a fair business in
wheat was transacted, the market to-lay ruled
rather quiet and tame. Outside business
showed a marked falling off and local traders
also restricted their operations. The opening
was Jlc per bushel lower, influenced by tho
dull and weak tenor of European market ad
vices, and after some slight fluctuations prices
declined c more. Later the market advanced
lc, partly on report of 100,000 bushels No. 3
red wheat being taken at Buffalo by Cleveland
millers, and also by a rumor of some European
political troubles, but rather free selling at the
advance turned the course of the market down
and prices receded IjSc, part ot which decline
was very sudden, and the closing for May was
about ljfc lower than yesterday, while June
and July closed the same as yesterday. Home
markets are all lower. It was reported that
some 200,000 bushels of wheat had been bought
in New York the last few days by New York
Corn ruled quiet and steady, with trading of
alight volume, fluctuations being within c
range. The feeling around the opening was
easy, after which a bettcrtone was developed
and transactions were at a higher range of
Oats were somewhat more active. A stronger
feeling prevailed and prices averaged higher.
A roodcratclv active trade was reported in
mess pork. Prices ruled irregular, though
confined within a comparatively narrow range.
Opening ales were made at 1212I5c de
cline, but a good demand from local and out
side operators rallied prices again 15c During
the latter part of the session prices gradually
receded 1012c, and the market closed quiet.
Trading was only fair in lard and the feeling
was steady. Prices ruled 2KJc lower and
the market closed quiet at about outside
Short ribs wero quite active Prices aver
agsd higher within a comparatively narrow
range, clo-ing at about the outside figures.
The leading tutures rancea as follows:
WnEAT So. 2. February. SI O4M01 WK
1 0?Kgl 03K: May. SI 07?(C1 0S1 06J?
I 00jf; Julv, UaVQui);92?4'683ia
Cork No. i February, 3l3i33&;031e:
March. 34'i3134KeSJJic; May, 35JS35K
Oats No.2. February. 25252323c: March,
eS'ac; May, 2TK272'KZ
Mrss Pork, per bbl. Fcbruarv. Sll 10
II 10010 9510 95; March. Sll 12)11 12K
11 OOgll 00; May, Sll 17KH 32)411 15
11 22i.
Laud, oer 100 Its. Febrnarv, S6 5M?6 57K
6 .VrfSO S:y.; March. SC KJfjiO S7K6 525a
6 u7: Mav;S3 C56 07KF 6 &!KG 0.
Cash Quotations were as loilows: Flour
steadv and unchanged. No.2 spring wheat.
inal. No. 1 flaxseed, $1 5SK1 59. Mess pork,
per barrel, Sll 00. Lard, per 100 lbs S6 57K
(i 60. Short ribs sides (loose), $5 So(ti 05. Dry
salted shoulders (boxed). So oti567. Short
clear sides (boxed). S6 12K6 25. Receipts
Flour, S.000 barrels; wheat. 25,000 bushels: corn.
139.000 bushels: oats. 106,000 bushels: rye. 4,000
bushels: barley, 20,0PO bushels. Shipments
Flour. S.O0O liarrels: wheat, 30.000 bushels; corn.
135,000 bushels: oats. 02.000 bushels; rye, 9,000
bushels: barlev, 43,000 bushels.
On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was steady and unchanged. Eggs
steady and unchanged.
New YonK Flour dull and easier. Wheat
Snot dull and Jic lower: options 5g5c low
er and fairly active. Earley dull; ungraded
Cam da. 75S3c Barley malt quiet. Corn Spot
weaker; options moderately active: April c
lower; other months firmer. Oats Spot quiet
and weaker; options dull and steady. Hay firm
and in fair demand. Hops quiet and firm.
Coffee Options opened quiet; June 5 points
up; others unchanged to 5 point3 down; closed
barely steadv. at 510 points below yes
iTda: sales. 29.000 bags Including Fehrnary,
15.65c; March. 15.70laS0c: April. 15 60(gl5.75c;
Mav. 15.63S15.S0c: June, 15.751j.85c; Julv.
15iS015.li5: Augu't. 16.05c; September, 16.00
16.10e; October, 16.05: 'pot Rio quiet; fair
cargoes, 17J4c Sugar Raw strong: fair refin
ing, 4 13-16c:"centrifu!rals 00 tPSt, 5 9-16c; refined
quiet and steady. MolassCs Foreign neglected;
New Orleans quint. Rice quiet and strong. Cot
tonseed oil weak and dull: crndc. 41c; yellow,
4Sc TalIoweaierat55-16c. Rosin strong and
in fair demand: strained, common to good, $1 05
(Tl 07. Eggs In large supply, dull and weaken
western. 14,14c; receipts. 5.2D3 packages.
Pork more active: old mess. 512 25: new mess,
S12 5Q5J12 75; extra prime, S12 0012 25. Cut
meats fairly active; pickled bellies 12 ponnds
at 7ic, 13 piiunds at 7c, 10 pounds at 8c; pickled
shoulders. 66Jr; pickled hams. 9J10Jc:
middles weak; short clear. $6 60. Lard steadv;
better export: Hchtsnecnlatlbn: sales, western
steam, 57 0007 05. cTosinir at S7 00; citv. S6 65;
Febrnarv. SO 99; March. SO 99; April, SO 99; Mav,
S6 !m 00, closing at 57 00; June. S7 01: Jnl'v,
56 KVi7 01. closing at S7 01; August, $7 03: Sep
tember, S7 05. Butter in moderate demand;
choice uteadj-; western dairy, 13iJ20c; do cream
cry, lCt2DVfe; Elgins, 31g32c Cheese dull; west
ern. lOJifillc
St. Louis Flour quiet but steady. Wheat
Market was extremely unsettled with rapid
and rather -iolent fluctuations in priee.but the
close was onlv Je below yesterday; No. 2 red,
cash. 96Kc bid. 7c asked: May. 97'.W?c,
closed at fiSo bid; June, 95c, closed at 95V?c;
Jnly, 83Jbfic, closed at S6c bid; August,
Sjc, closed at 85e nominal. Corn Trading
slack and market unchanged; No. 2 mixed.
cah, Z?4W;c; March, 2SKc. closed at 2SVfc
bid; M.iv. 30-sg:30Jic, cIocf at 30?30&c bid:
Julv, 3132c, clod at 31Kc bu'l Augnt,
32Jc. Oats steady: No. 2 cash.23Kc; May. 2G-Vc
bid. Rje-No. 2. 43c. Birley-Nothing doipg.
Flaxseed, $1 50 pure test. Provisions dull.
Pork Sll 75. Lard Prime steam SG 5a Dry
s-ilt meats Shoulders. $5 35: longs and ribs
SO 15: short clear. $6 2006 30. Bacon Boxed
shoulders SG 370 50: longs and ribs, S6 87X
7 05: short clear, $7 107 2a
Cincinnati Flour easier. Wheat easier;
No. 2 red. SI 00: receipts, 500 bushels; sbiv
ments 3.000 bushels Corn ea-ier and lower;
No. 2 mixed. 35c Oats heavv; No. 2mixed, 27M
28c. Rve dull; No. 2, 54c. Pork dull and
lower at Sll 75. Lard easier at $6 50. Bulkmeats
easy; short rib, S6 12K. Bacon easr; short rib
clear, S7 60. Eggs barely steady. Cheese firm.
Philadelphia Flour firm. Wheat opened
a shade lower, but recovered with Chicago,
and closed firm at about yesterday's final
prices Corn steady and in fair demand for
local consumption and export. Speculators
doing nothing. Oats Car lots quiet but
Milwaukee Flour SteadilVTicld. Wheat
neglected; cash, 92c; May, 94Ji'c; Julv, 93Kc
Corn dull; No. 3, 29Jc Oats inactive: No. 2
white, 28c Rye steady; No. 1, 45c Barley
weak; No. 2, 58c Provisions steadv. Pork,
Sll la Lard, S6 57. Cheese firm; Cheddars.
Baltimore Provisions quiet and steadv.
Butter firm for best trades: western packed.
165S20c: best roll. 13017c: creamery, 2229c
Eggs firm at llf UJc Coffee steady; Itio,
fair, 17Jc
Toledo Clovcrsced dull and steady; cash.
February, SS i5K March. S5 20.
Tho market continues in an unsatisfactory
condition so far as business is concerned. Pig
is very weak at the quotations, but furnacemen
think prices have touched bottom. There is a
moderate demand for pipe from the oil conn
ti y. There continues to be considerable talk of
S2"mils in the spring.
PIG Inox Neutral Gray forge, $13 00Q15 23,
cash; wlite and mottled, S14 w:14 50. cash;
all ore mill. S15 7516 00, cash: No. 1 foundry,
S17 i:&S17 50, cash; No. 2 foundry. Siti 5016 75,
cash; No. 2 charcoal fimmlrv.Kl 0021 .0. cash:
cold blast charcoal, $25 002S 00, cash; Bessemer
iron. SIS 73317 00. cash.
Fekro-Mangakes": Eightv oer opnt.SOS 00
S 00: spcigel-eisen, S28 0028 60 for a per cent
JIasufactured Iron Bars, $1 751 SO, fin
da s. 2 per cent off; skelp, grooved, SI SOgl 83;
sheared. SI 95g2 00.
MUCK BAK $27 502S 00 are the extremes
Billets Bessemer steel, S2S 00 cash: nail
slabs, S27 752S 00; domestic bloom and rail
enils,J19 0019 5O.
N'AlLS-lJarlots 12d to 40d, SI 90, CO days; 2
per cent off for cash.
Wrought Iron Pirc Discounts on steam,
gas and water pipe: I lack. to lf-inch, 55 per
cent, 1 to 12 inches, 65; galvanized, 'i to
I-inch, 47U per cent: 1H to 12 inches, 55 per
cent: oil well casing, 60 per cent: 5-inch cas
ing, 37K per net foot; 2-tuch tubing, 13c: boiler
tubes, 62J, aud oil well casing, TO per cent off
large lots.
JlERcnAXT Steel Tool, 8c; crucible
spring, 4c; crucible machinery, 5c; open
hearth machinery. 2c
Rail Fastenings Spikes, 2c per pound,
SO days; splice bars 1.801 83c per pound; snuaro
nut track bolts 2.85c and hexagon nut. 2.9042
2.93c f. c b. Pittsburg.
Old Rails American tecs S24 0024 50
steel do, SIR -30 for short, $19 50 for long.
Steel Rails Heavy sections S23g29 cash,
at works.
ScnAr Ikon No.l wrought, J2121 25 pernet
ton; cast scrap, S1550Ifi:wionght turnings, $13
(i. net: cast borings. S1213, gross: car axles.
&5 00625 SO, net; old car wheels, $19 00019 50,
gross; rail ends, Sl 5020 00; bloom do, $19 60,
Metal Slnructs
New York Pig Iron American active at
$19 UX Coppernorainal; lake. February, J16 63.
Lead dull and heavy; domestic, S3 6o. Tin
steady; Straits, ill 35.
How Insurance Agents Head Off Pre
varicating Customers.
Petroleum -Again falls Short of Beaching
ing the Coveted Dollar Line.
Insurance agents have the business down
to a fine point. It is next to impossible to
deceive them. By means of colored maps
they can at a glance tell the conditions and
surroundings o( every piece of property in
the two cities and suburbs whether it is
brick, frame or composit, dwelling, factory
or stable, with the kind of roof and other
features which are necessary for the under
writer to know. The Dispatch represen
tative examined several volumes of the maps
yesterday. They are elaborately gotten up and
are as accurate as it is possible to make them.
They cost about S10 a voume.
Two or three incidents of recent occurrence
may be cited to illustrate the value of these
maps in detecting misrepresentations on the
part of applicants for insurance An Allegheny
man made application to a Wood street under
w ritcr for a 83,000 policy. He was requested to
describe his property When he had finished
the underwriter turned to bis colored map,
looked up the property in question, and prompt
ly told his customer that he had made several
important misrepresentations He had given
an incorrect description of the roof. He had
stated that the house was of brick throughout
whereas the rear portion was frame. The sur
roundings had also been incorrectly stated.
The Alleghcnian, finding be was cornered,
offense by saying, be didn't think it would
make any difference. Another man repre
sented his premises as free from dangerous en
vironments. A glan'co at the map showed that
within a few feet of his coal shed were a num
ber of old wooden buildings belonging to a
foundry. .The latest instance was that of a
suburban gentleman who said bis house bad a
slate roof. Tbe 'map showed that it was of
shingles." "These maps are tho best detectives
in tbe world." said the gentleman who had
them in charge.
The Real Estate Exchango project is coming
to a head by easy stages It is the general
opinion that it will be a go. At a meeting of
the general committee at the ofiice of Thomas
Liggett, a sub-committee was appointed to
draw up a plan of procedure and issue a call to
all the real estate men of the city to come to
gether and take definite action in the matter.
This meeting will be heldsome time next week
probably Monday or Tuesday. One of the
propositions that will bo considered at this
meeting will be in relation to the selection of a
building suitable for the purposes of the ex
change. Some propose to buy one on Fourth
avenue its location they desire withheld at
present and remodel it to conform to the plan
they have drawn up. They think they could
do this at less expense than to put up a new
"Tho real estate business Is far more active
than published reports show it to be," said a
prominent Third avenne dealer yesterday. "A
large number of sales are not repoited," he
continued, "simply because the buyers or
sellers sometimes both object on account of
tho notoriety tbe announcement would give
them. I have sold, perhaps $75,000 worth of
property within the past week or ten days that
the public knows nothing about, I would be
willing to publish the facts, but must obey the
wishes of my customers I know of a suburban
deal involving over 200 acres of ground that
has been on the string for some time and may
come to a head any day, but the agent who is
handling it does not make the fact known, lest
it injure his business For myself I think all
deals when consummated should be made pub
lic They would make a big showing and add
immensely to the prestige of the city in a busi
ness point of view. There is less secrecy to our
business than there formerly was, and I think
the time Is coming wheu everything will be
done openly."
La Norin, Sn-ilcb nnd Wheeling Hlsher
Piiilndelphin and Electric Lower.
At the stock market yesterday ia Noria
again cime to tbe front, being both higher and
active, contributing 500 shares to a to.al of 915
sold. Other stocks that showed advances were
Switch and Signal and Wheeling gas. Electric,
Philadelphia Gas and the Tractions wero
weaker. .
Bid. Aiked. Hid. Asked.
96 9S
; i6i
69 Cl
K0.S 61 .... 61
2C9 .... 210 ....
50 ....
ss ws,i ss are
29V 30 2!4 aj
3H 35f ZH 3V
o 77 75 77
7 .... 4S ....
23 23' 23 ....
tn n is in
154 Vi
Kllf 40' 3iT 40V(
18 18M IS I8M
. 61 CJ
Tilts. 1'ct.S.AM.Ex..
Allcsbenv Nat. Hank.
Bank of Pittsburg
Com. Nat. Bank
Citizens' Nat. Bank...
Fourth :at. Bank
Iron A Glass Dol. bix.
.Masonic liank
iter. A Man- Nat i nk.
SIttropolitan Nat. Bnk
Pitts S. U'k kim
Freehold Bank
Pittsburg Gas Co.. III.
Chartltri. Valley Gas..
l'hilidelnhla Ut
Wheeling Uas Co
Columbia Oil
Citizens' Traction
Pittsburc Traction
Central Traction
La Noria M. Co
fcilTertonM. Co..i
West'house Elcc'
Union Switch ihlKnal.
West'house B. Co.L't.
At the morning call 100 shares Philadelphia
Gas sold at SS; 50 Wheeling, b. o. 30, at 30: 100,
b. o. 20. at 30;300 La Noria at 1. hnd 200 at .
In the afternoon SO Switch and Signal went
atl8:50HazelwoodOil at 3 and 85 Phila
delphia Gas at 33.
Tbe total sales of stocks at New York yester
dav were 256,238 shares inluding: Atchison,
17.84S; Canada Southern. 5.S30: DelawarcLacka
wanna and Western, 30.780; Erie. 8,780; Mich
igan Central. 4.431: Missouri Pacific, 4.000;
Northwestern, 10.080; Reading, 15.200; Rich
mond and West Point, 14,795; St. PaiiI. 11,:30:
Texas Pacific, 5,900; Union Pacific, 11,320.
Tbe Banks Find Employment for Some of
Tbclr Surplus Cnsli.
There was a "moderate demand for money
yesterday, nhich helped business at the
banks but In other respects the situation was
practically the sarao as heretofore reported,
At present oil speculators are the best borrow
ers Tbe Clearing House report was the lareest
of the week, the exchanges being $2,158,245 14
and the balances $420,914 18.
Money on call at New York yesterday was
easy at 1KQ2 per cent, closed offered at 1.
Prime mercantile paper, 4B. Sterling ex
change quiet but steady at 51 SG for 60 day bills
and 54 Si for demand.
Government Bonds.
Closing quotations in New York famished
The Dispatch by Robinson Bros, Wood
street. Xiocal dealers charge a commission of
an eighth on small lots:
U.S.4Vs. rig
U. S. 44S coups
U. S.4s, reg
U. S.4J.1K0". coups
Currencv, 6percenu 1895 rcg-
Currency, 6pcrcent. ;8Grcsr.
Currency, 6 per rent, 18S7 rcg ,
Currency, 6pcrcent, IsSsreg
Currency, 8 per cent, ISO) rcg
id) rriosj4
1 '4
12b 'i
New York Clearings, S12L926.943; balances
Boston Clearings $14,424,692; balances, Sl,
865,211. Money, 1 P6 cent.
Baltimore Clearings, $2,185,746; balances,
PniLADELPniA Clearings $10,940,031; bal
ances 91,531,324.
Chicago Money easy at 67 per cent
Bank clearings, S9.385,00a
St. Louis-Clearings 3,147,983; balances
Oil Continues Iti Steady Advance Toward
tbe Dollar Line.
The oil marttet yesterday was bullish and
active. It opened at 8S advanced on good
buying to 9 then broke1 to SS, and closed
strong at 91. There was heavy trading all
along the line. New York was a steady buyer
all day. It was reported that late In the day
Hilton, of Oil City, dumped a 10,000 block at
each & advance. Hero there were quite a
number of 25.000-barrel deals The feeling was
very firm at the finish, with visions of dollar
oil in the near future darzjing the eyes of
many of the dealers Everything had a bullish
flavor. Carrying was 10 cents to flat after the
close. v
The" foUowinR tabic, correclea ny lie Witt Dll
worth. broker fn petroleum, etc.. corner rtrin
avenue and Wood street, Ptllsbnrjr, shows tne
order of fluctuations, etc:
lime. Blit. Ask. I Time. Bid. Art-
Opened S Sa's12:45r. M.... 893 j
10:15A. .... S3 S1H 1:001". M... WM 90H
10:30a. .... t saxl i:tsp. m.... wj JI
10:45A. M.... 8fl M 1:30 P. M.... fOH 0j
11.-00A. 11.... 89H )! 1:45P. M.... 8 i
11:13 A. .... 8?' MK 2:00 P. M.... 91 9I
11:30a. U.... 835-S SM. M5P. M.... 91 91
ll:45A. M.. 89 S! 2:30r. M.... SIM ?
K:00M...:... 8)V 89?ji 2:45P. JI.... 9I 91Jj
1Z::5P. m.... 89' 8'iJs,Ctoed 91,"3 ....
12:30r. M.... 83Hf 69"4i I
Opened. S3Mc: Ulfthest, 91$.'3i lowest, 695ici
clou-0, 91'jc. ,
Drily runs .Jp
Daily sntmnents - SJ
ATeraire rhtpmenls t ??;
llallr cnarters - S?5S
Avcraee etiarters .S'Si
Clearances 2,849,000
'ew York closed at tlc
Oil Cltv closed at 915c.
Itrailiorn closed at 9J"i"
New VorK. rerined. ..20c
London. reUned. 6 9-ltiJ.
Antwerp, retincil. 17jr.
Other OH 3tnrketsw
Bradford. February 14. Opened,
hlghcs.t. SlJic; lowes:, SSic: closed. 91Kc
On. City. February 14. Opened. 89Ji hlSn
est, 91Jc; lowest, 89Jic; closed, 91c
Titusville. Februan- 14. Opened. 89Jic;
highest, 91c: lowest, 89Kc: closed, 91c
New York, February 14. Petroleum opened
firm at69Jio and declined to S9-C in the early
trading. A sharp turn was then caused on
buying by Standarl oil brokers, and on the an
nouncement of an advance in refined the mar
ket advanced sharply and sold at 91?-(c, closing
strong at 91c Sales, 3,403,000 barrels
A Growing Demand for Building Sites in
the Suburbs.
There was only a moderato movement in real
estate yesterday, so far as could be learned.
House renters were out in full force There
was quito a demand for lots in tbe suburbs. No
important deals were consummated.
Reed B. Coyle & Co., 131 Fourth avenue, sold
for George W. Acklin, sq.. two lots on the
corner of Atwood and Bates streets, Oakland,
size 42x100. for $2.t50. The purchasers will com
mence building as soon as the weather per
mits. Ewine & Byeip sold to Mrs. M.Haley a frame
house of four looms and attic on Tenace ave
nue. Second ward, Allegheny, for $1,530 cash.
W. A. Herron & Sous sold one acre of ground
and six roomed frame house at Grove station,
Pittsburg and Castle Shannon Railroad, for
Samuel W. Black t Co.,' 99 Fourth avenue,
sold a mortgage for $15,030 for five years at 5
per cent, free of State tax, on a three-story
business block on Penn avenue near Tenth
Ev, ing tBvers sold for Thomas Henly to J.
V. Yost No. 71 Boyle street. Third ward, Alle
gheny, a brick house, six rooms and hall, lot
18x90 feet, more or less, to a 20-foot alley, for
$4,(O0 cash.
Mellon Bros sold to George and Elizabeth
Taylor a four-roomed house and lot, 21x100
feet. Broad street. Nineteenth ward, for $2,200.
Black & Baird sold to William Walls for the
Peoples' Savings Bank a lot on Lebanon street.
Twenty-seventh ward. South'ine. 25x75 feet on
whirh is erected a two-story frame dwelling,
for $500; also sold to J. A. Lawson for Henry
Kreiline two lots, Nos 17 and 40, in the C. A.
Campbell plan on Charles street, Allegheny
City, for $1,000.
From the West Gives Stocks n Boom
Coalers and Granscru tbo Strongest on
the List Railroad Bonds Reflect
tho Improved Feeling.
New York, February 14. The Western rail
road situation had a much better aspect to-day,
and this caused an improved feeling on the
street, which was reflected in a more general
upward movement, although theadvances were
small but uniform. The Chicago advices wero
of a decidedly hopeful tenor.and that center' for
tho time beingceased tobb the fountain of bear
ism information, and the selling of the Grang
ers was almost entirely confined to the local
Operators for a decline. But these receiving no
aid from the usual source turned and began to
cover, which resulted in making the Grangers
and Coalers, which have so lately beenthe
special weak points Ip the market, the strong
est stocks on the list. The leports said that
two more roads had signed the agreement, and
that the success or failure of the undertaking
rested principally ith the president of the
Illinois Central road, and as no one man would
be likely to put himself in tho position of gen
eral marplot the inference was that the end
was not f.ir off.
There was some hesitation in the early trad
ing, and the bears renewed their attacks upon
Burlington, but met with no success whatever,
and soon ceased their operations, when a
marked rally took'place all over the list There
was a renewal of the effort in the afternoon,
but the same result followed and the stock was
one of the most prominent in showing a gain at
the close. ' The specialties wro again con
spicuous, and some marked gams were made
among them, while the general list was firm,
but without any very strong tendency either
way. and the final changes are in most cases
fofiiisigniilcant amounts. ,Tlie opening prices
were but slightly chanced from last night's fig
ures The market was verv quiet, with a firm
tone, but the attack upon Burlington caused a
yieldingall over thelist and prices were brought
ilon to a shade below those of the opening,
Burlington touching 99. which was its lowest
figure tor the day,
Chicago Gas was the strong spot In the list,
and a sudden change in the temper of tbe gen
eral list occurred at' 11 o'clock, everything
moving up with a will ana the Grangers and
Coalers taking the lead. The market displa ed
more activitv this timo than at any other time
of tbe day. Dullness followed and a portion of
the morning's improvement was lost, but an
other raid upon Burlington failing to have any
marked effect, covering was indulged in to a
largo extent, and the market again showed
animation with decided strength in the last
hour. The rehont'd in Burlington was very
sharp, and tho best price of the day was reached
just before the close, which was active and
firm to strong generally at lractional advances
for tho day. There were no declines of impor
tance. Burlington rose 1, Chicago Gas 1.
and Big Four and Chicago and East Illinois
proferred 1 per cent.
Railroad bonds also showed tho effects of the
improved feeling, and with a somewhat larger
business displayed a stronger tone, and final
figures generally show advances. The sales
were $2,120,000. of -which S43S.0UO were Chesa
peake and Ohio fives and $130,000 Eric seconds.
The principal gains wero Denver and Rio
Grando Weitcnn firsts 2 to 90. and Pittsbuig,
Paiuesville and Fairport firsts 3 to 99.
The following table shows the pricesof active
stocks on tbo New York Stock Exchange.
Corrected aailj for The Dispatch by Whit
ney & Stephenson, members of New York
Stock Exchange, 57 Fourth avenue:
Open- HiRh- Low- Clos
ing, est. est. Inc.
Am. Cotton Oil SV oi-j
Ateh.. Top. & S. '.... 5W M'S S3 53
Canadian Pacific 52 5:j 52)4 M'
Canada Southern H 5''4 56Ji W
Central or New Jersey. M!4 9S!4 98 9S
CcntralPacllic Hi. 33k 3.-.T r.M
C, Hur. & Qulncy ... 9ilH louj s 101)
C, -Mil. &St. l'aul... 01 614 63Jf 61!
C, JIU.A fet. P., pt 9J'A
C, Itockl. &l' M's 07 D.v 90V
C bt. L. & I'ltts l"!i ny ls'i 18'
a, M. L. Pitts, pi'.. 41 42 4$ 4I3
C, M. P.. M. A 0 32 S2 M!j 31
a. st. p.,m. so., pr. so
aJ Northwestern. ..:1I51 1)$ !; lccij
C& JSortliwestern, pr.Hl 141 im- H04
U. U. C &.J 74', U 733,' , 73js
Col., Coal A Iron So 36 35 3.-.
Col; & Hocking Val 27
Del?, L. & V I 14iy 1 ir.i
Del. & Hudson ST.' 137H VXH J 36
Denver .tlMolt iiiST
Denver i Itlo 0., pr... 43U 43V 43W 43K
E.T., Va. (Sa 9 Jt M 9
E.T.,Va. Jfctia., lstpr 70
E. T., Va. & Ga. 2d pf. liy Zii 23K 22 .
Illinois Central JU7J4 1KM Wi l(bli
l.nkeKrle.t Western.. 18 it 18K lay
Lake Erie & West. pf.. fc)a 58', ss'$ SSH
Lake Shore & M. S IM'j 104-s 1C4S 104-
Louisville. t Nashville. l 60S 60 61 H
Miclii;raii Central WM 91'a Wi 91?
Mobile Ohio ! .... 9
Mo K. JiTcxas 2
Mbsouri Pacific .".. 72y T3J T1H 13
New York Central. jmk
N. Y.. L. E. &V IS MX 2f,V 3J,
N.Y., !.. W.preroi 03 csS 635,'
N. Y., 0. &bt. L 19 IS ID 19
N. Y.. U ft St. L. pr. 74
N.Y., C. &6t.L.2dpf 43'
N.YAM.E 48! 49 4S 43
'. Y..O.&W Ml UH 18 18J
orfolfc ft Western.... 17iJ 17 I7s 17
Nortolk ft Western, pf 52 52U 51& 52
.Northern Pacific 27f
Northern l'aciflc prcr. SZ4 62J4 62 G2S4.
Ohio ft Mississippi... . 24 24 23M 23"j!
Oregon Improvement. t9 61 65 CSJ
Oregon Transcon...... 33j 33y zi'4 33"J
PacitlcMail as 3s, jsZ Ss
1'co. Dec. ft Kvans 274 2 ZIH 27
Phlladel. ft ltcadliiKw 43 4S 4S 4s0
Pullman Pabicc Car...2l,4 202 201 2)2
ltichmond ft W. P. T.. 27S 27V Wt 73'i
KIchmondftW.P.T.pfS2 tax S2 81
St. Paul Duluth .... 3
St. Paul ft imluth pf. to
St. 1'., Minn. Man. ..103 10313 ai 1R3!
St. Ij. & San Krnn 2GU aiw SM 26
St. L. ft San Fran pr.. MM 6tV 04
St. L. ft San K.lst pr. 110J4
Texas Pacific..,. 2IH J2K 215f 22X
Union Pacific KH 06 65K C5!i
Wabash .:'.'. 13S
Wheeling ft L. K 66K
" Bicrii uuiuu., cJ7a cm .1,
Tho Larger Proportion of tho Market Wni
Wenk nnd Heavy.
Boston, February 14. General loans remain
qnlet and easy at 23 on call and 3J$3 for
time paper. Government bonds are firm at
103109K for 4Ks; 120129 for 4s and 120
131 for Gs. Sterling exchange steady at 4 08
for sight. Si 86 for 60-day and 54 &i for com
mercial bills
In the absence of bearish news the bulls took
advantage of the short' interest in C, B. & Q.,
Atchison and one or two other stocks, and ad
van cell them, but the larger proportion of the
list was weak and heavy.
Atch.ftToc..lst7s. 118KIWls.Centrat.com... 16K
Wis. Central, com.
Wis. Central nf..
A.jT. I.ana;r'i7g.iiz
Atch. ftTop. K. K... 53!S
Boston ft Albany. ..215
lloston ft Jtlaine 156
C, u;&0 100K
Clun. San. ft Cleve. M
Eastern It. It 79
Flintft Pereat 29
1'llntftPcreM. DM. W
Little K. Jk Tt. S. 7s. 107
AllouczM'irCo.(new) ZH
Calumet ft Hecla....262
Catalna .' 15
franklin 14
Huron 4
Osceola 10
Pewablc (new) AH
Qnlncy 67
Hell Telephone. 222)
Boston Land 7h
Woicr Power 7
MexlcanCen.com.. 13
"i, u., lsijnon. dus. .u'4
N. V. Nwfnr... 4SWlTamarack 140
N. Y.&NewEng 7s.l27 San Diego 21
Old Colony 172
Philadelphia Stocksi
Closlnfrnnotatlons of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney & Stepheuson. brokers. No. 57
Fourth avenue. Members New York Stock Ex
change. KM. Asked.
Pennsylvania KaUroad 5-K
Keailing KaUroad 21.S 21 7-16
jiuuaio, jriiisqurg ana tvestera..... 10-3
Lehhth Valtev : SH
Lehlirli NavlpAtlnn 52
54 JS
Northern Pacific 27'i 27U
Northern Pacific preferred 62J 62H
minlns Stocks. "
New York, February 14. Mining stocks
clnsed: Amador, 150; Caledonia. 270; Consoli
dated California and Virginia, 730; Common
wealth, 475; Deadwood, 150: Gonld and Cnrrv,
65; Hale and Norcross. 333; Homestake, 1250;
Iron Silver. 310; Mexican. 305; Ontario, 3337;
Plymouth, SS7: Sierra Nevada, 2S0; Standard,
150: Small Hopes, 105; Sullivan, 125; Union
Consolidated, 280.
The United States gunboat Yorktown made
several satisfactory trials of speed yesterday at
the Delau are breakwater.
The Secretary of the Treasury yesterday
afternoon accepted the following bonds: 4is,
registered. $5,000 at 1U9J: $40,000 at 109: ilis,
coupon. $310,000 at V8.
Further advices from Shanghai by tho
China steamer state that the famine in Anhni
and Kianqsu is worse. In on? province &"J,CC0
families are starving, and altogether several
millions are suffering from famine, caused by
drought two years in succession.
The President yesterday sent tbo following
nominations to the Senate: Commodore George
E. Belknap to be a Rear Admiral: Captain John
G. Walker to bo a Commodore; Commander
Silas Casey to be a Captain: Lieutenant Com
mander James M. Forsyth to be Commander.
At a meeting of the Chicago, Burlington
and Quincy Railroad directors yesterday after
noon in Boston, at which all tho directors, ex
cept Messrs. Perkins, Payne. Coolidge and
Gardner were present, a dividend of 1 per cent
was declared. The directors were in session
three hours
The President has approved the act ex
tending the privileges of inland transportation
in bond to the Port of Sault Ste. Mane: the act
for the relief of the town of Flagstaff, Ariz.;
the act authorizing the Choctaw Coal and Rail
way Comnany to construct a railroad through
the Indian Territory, and the act "for a public
building at Sedalia, Mo.
Tho Belgian steamer Olbers, Captain Greg
ory, from Jew York, Februarys for Liverpool,
arrived at Qnoenstown yesterday, having in
tow the Cuuard Line steamer Samaria. Tho
Samaria sailed from Liverpool for Boston, and
on February 10, when 300 miles west of Queens
ton n, she broke her shaft. On February 12 she
was taken in tow by the Olbers.
Jercmie Daignanlt, aged 45, a French
Canadian and business man. was arrested in
Pawtnckcrville, Mass., Wednesday night for
embezzling S4.U00 from Naphtali Parent, of
Danville, Quebec, for whom' he was agent in
tho sale of hemlock bark. Daignault carried
on his operations with some confidence under
tho impression that he could not be prosecuted
Sophia Buck, aged 30, living on tho sccon I
floor of a tenement in HnLokcn. N. J., became
suddenly inianp yesterday morning nnd threw
her 7-months-old babe out of a window, fatally
injuring the child. Tho mother was placed
under arrest. She was abandoned by her hus
band, who left her ill and destitute, and while
brooding over her pitiable condition her reason
gave way.
The policy of letting Are bnrn itself out In
tbe Calumet aiulHecla copper mine has proved
a poor one. The smoldering flames have gained
headway and a large part of the mine is filled
with smoke. Tbc'men got out of the mine as soon
as possible, and the openings are now being cov
ered. The prospects aro that a long and dis
couraging fight against the fire, already fought
four times twill have to be gone through
Arguments wero begun this morning in the
Unite I States Circuit Court, at Chicago, on
tbe application of the Pullman Palace Car
Companv for a perpetual injunction restrain
ing the Wagner Sleeping Car Company from
infringing on the Pullman Company's patents
in connection with the manufacture and opera
tion of vestibule" cars. Judges Gresham and
Blodgett are hearing the case. The arguments
will ptobably occupy the time of the court for
several day s.
A special cable dispatch from London, to
the Montreal Gazette, the Canadian Govern
ment org.m, sas: "Statements have reached
journals here, through New York, that a syn
dicate of leading Republicans in the United
States controls $100,000,000 which it intends to
use in an effort to secure Canada's annexation
to the States by a sjstem of wholesale bribcrv
in Canada, in event of a dissolution of the Do
minion Parliament this year and a consequent
general election."
Secretary Whitney yesterday issued an or
der detaching Commodore George Belknap
from his duty 'as commandant of the Mare
Island Navy Yard, California, and ordering him
to dutv in command of the Asiatic station, to
take the place of Rear Admiral Chandler, who
died last Sunday. No person has yet been
selected as commandant of the Marc Island
Navy Yard. Captain F. M. Ramsev was yester
day ordered by the Secretary of the Navy to
duty as commandant of the navy'jard at fTew
A. C. Wester, a Northern Montana stock
grower, just in from the cattle ranges, says that
while the present very agreeable and spring
like weather would appear likely to
benefit cattle, it came far from
it. The Mreams arc frozen, and as
there is not a particle of snow on the ground
many cattle are in a famished condition for
water. It is just cold enough to keep the ico
in the rivers. If. as is anticipated, a storm sets
in during the latter part ot this month or in
March, he fears that there will bo great loss of
cattle on the ranges.
In advance of the official report of the
operations of the Texas and Pacific Railroad
for 1888 the following statement has been pre
pared, based on estimate of a flrst-class au
thority: Gross earnings. 36.467,107: operating
expenses and taxes, a,0C6,SJ0; net earnings,
Sl.340.737; fixed charges, $1,237,000; surplus, S53,
757. No interest was paid on the second mort
trage bonds, and only ono coupon on the new
first 5s. Tho interest actually nald was S ner
cent on $3,764,000 of prior mortgage bond?,"
amounting to kk(,uw, ana &$ percent on $21,
019,000 of first mortgage 5s, amounting to Sol'O,
130. or a total ot 733,123, leaving a balance of
The barn of D. Henry Rieman, In Adams
county, Pennsylvania, near Euimittsbnrg, Mil,
was destroyed by fire of incendiary origin early
ye6terday morning. 'I lie loss was $t,0C0; in
sured $1,000. The property destroyed was in
the lino of thedczenormorobarnsinysterionly
burned recently on tho border of Frederick
and Carroll counties, Maryland, and the fire is
believed to have been t;ho work of tho same
fiends who have become such a terror to the
fanning community of tint section. The instru
ment usually used in setting fire to the bams is
tbe slzo of two fists and covered with wet phos
phorus. In tho center of tills ball was an open
ing about the size of an egg aud 'filled with
powder, into which was stuck a quill.
Acting on the circular spnt ont from Phila
delphia soveral weeks ago, signed by a number
of so-called original members of tho Knights
of Libor. George Schilling, the well-known So
cialist and labor agitator, has begun the work
ot reorganizing several discontented assem
blies. Schilling proposed a plan which was
agreed to. It wa to tho effect that local as
semblies of the Knights all over the United
States and Canada should, as far as possible.be
induced to reorganize on the secret plan.throw
ing off affiliation with tbe General Executive
Board and setting np under a modus operandi
that should be unknown outside of the order.
A conference was held at Cincinnati a 1'cw
weeks later, when a Provisional Expcutive
Board was appointed and a new GeneralMaster
Workman naroetl. The organizers claim that
in Chicago alone more than a score of assem
blies have cut off all communication with tho
General Executive Board, and have organized
as a part of the new secret order.
Wool Markets.
St. Louis Wool quiet and unchanged.
Whisky DInrkets.
There is a fair demand for finished goods at
SI 03.
Salvation Oil, the great pain extin
guisher is a quick nnd safe remedy. Price
25 cents. '
Wabash preferred.'.... 27K 27Vi 27Ht
Expected Eise in Cheese Postponed
Till Lenten Season.
Wheat the Only Strong Factor in the
Lines of Cereals.
Office op the Pittsburg Dispatch,
THUESbAY, February 14. 1889. 5
Country Produce Jobbing Prices.
Produce trado revives not. Choice butter
and reliable eggs are firm at the recent ad
vance. Cheese has disappointed the expecta
tions of jobbers by not going up since the open
ing of the year. A leading jobber says that the
delay in the cheese advance is in part duo to
tho lact that Lent begins later thin usual this
year.- An experience of many years proves that
cbeeso uniformly takes an upward turn imme
diately before Lent. An Illustration of the
difference in vegetable lines Is furnished by
tho fact that a barrel of choice potatoes can be
had at less tban the price of a bushel this time
last year. The difference In price of apples is
as great, and rough greater in tbe price of
opkms and cabbage. Produce merchants who
close up this winter's trade even are not in the
"BpTTEB Creamery, Elgin, 333Ic; Ohio do,
26Q2Sc: fresh dairy packed, 2023c; country
rolls. 18j22c; Chartiers Creamery Co. butter,
UEA2JS Choice medium, S2 002 10: choice
peas. S2 052 15.
Beeswax 2325c Tfl ft for choice; lowgrade,
Cidee S3nd rchncd. $6 507 50: common,
S3 504 00; crab cider, S3 008 50 Ifl barrel;
cider vinegar, 1012c ty gallon.
Chefse Ohio cheese, fall make, 1212Kc:
New York, fall make. 1213c; Lim burner.
HK12KcF domestic SwcitziT cheese. 1313c
UniED Peas SI 451 50 Tfl bushel; split ao,
23Kc OT ft.
Loos l617c f? dozen tor strictly fresh.
FKUITS Apples. $1 00?t 50?l barrel; evap
orated raspberries. 23c l ft: cranberries, S3 00
?1 barrel: $2 40JSS2 30 per bushel.
Ftathees Extra livo geese, 5060c: No. 1
do. 4045c; mixed lots, 3035c V &
HOMIXY-S2 6.3S2 7o ? barrel.
Hoxey New Crop, lB17c; buckwheat, 13
Potatoes Potatdes. 3540c $3 bushel; S2 CO
2 75for Southern sweets; i3t15g3 50 for Jer
sevsweets. POULTKY Livo 'chickens 6375c ?1 pair;
dressed chickens, 1313c 1 pound; turkeys, 13
15o dressed V pound; ducks live. S085c li
pair; dressed, lj14c f) pound; geese, 10llc
per pound.
Seeds Clover, choice, 62 fts to bushel, S6 "jf)
bushel; clover, large English, 62 fts, $6 2o;
clover, Aisike, $850; clover, white, S9 00; timo
thy, choice. 45 fts. SI 85; blue grass, extra clean.
14 fts. 1 00: bine grass fancy. 14 fts. $1 20;
orchard grass. 11 fts. $2 00; red top, 11 fts, $1 00;
millet, 50 fts. $1 23; German millet, 50 fts. S2 00;
Hungarian grass, 4S fts S2 00; lawn grass, mix
ture of fine crasses. 23c per ft.
Shellbaeks $1 501 73.
Tallow Country, 4ioc; city rendered.
TitoriCAL FBUITS Lemons fancy, $3 00
i W) f? box; common lemons, S2 75 $1
box; Messina oranges, $2 503 50 fl box;
Florida oranges S3 CO.! 50 $ box: Jamaica
oranges, fancv. SB 507 00 $ barrel; Malaga
grapes. $5 50J37 00 yl keg; bananas, $2 50
firsts: $1 50i2 00. good seconds, bunch;
cocoanuts, $4 C04 50 ?1 hundred; new figs, 12
14c pound; dates, 5$iKe V ponnd.
Vegetables Celery. -lO&dOc doz. bunches;
cabbages, S3 001 00 J? 100;onions,50c?I bushel:
Spanish onions, 7590c f? crate; turnips, 30
40c per bushel.
Green Coffee Fancy Rio, .2021c;
choice Rio, 1920c; prime Rio, 19c: fair Kio.
l'KQISKc: old Government Java,26Jc; Mara
caibo, 21K22c; Mocha. S031c; Santos." 18
d2Za Caracas coffee, 19JCR21c; peaberry, Rio.
2021Kc: Laguavra, 20XQillc.
ROAbTEO (in papers ) Standard brands,22c;
high grades 24!'i6Jc; old Government Java,
bulk, 31!32; Maracaiuo. 2627c; Santos, 21K
22c: peaberry, 25c; choice Rio, 24c; prime
Rici. 21ie;'good Kio. 21c; ordinary. 20c.
Spices (whole) Cloves, 2If?25c: allspice, 9c:
cassia. 89c: pepper, 19c; nutmeg. TOSSOc
Petroleum (jobbers' prices) 110 tesr.TJfc:
Ohio, 120, Sc; headlight, 150. 9c; water white.
lOJc: globe, 12c: elainc, 15c; carnadlne, llc;
royaline, 14c.
Syeups Corn syrups, 2325c; choice sugar
syrup. S53oc; prime s,ugar syrup, CO33c;
strictly prime, 3335c.
N. O. Molasses Fancy, 50o; choice, 48; me
dium, 45; mixed, 1042c
Soda Bi-carB in Kegs, 3K4c; bi-carb in
52c; bi-carb, assorted packages, 56c; sal
soda in kegs, lc; do granulated, 2c
uakdles star, inn weigm, iuc; stearinc,
per set, y,z parafflne, HK12c.
RICE Head. Carolina, 77Je; choice, 6
7c: prime, SJlgOJic; Louisiana, 6g6c
Srabcii Pearl. ,2c; cornstarch, 57c:
gloss starch, 5Jj7c.
Foreiqjj Fi'.uits Layer raisins, S2 65: Lon
don layers, S3 10; California London layers.
S2 50: Muscatels S2 23; California Muscatels,
S2 35: Valencia, new, 6J67c; Ondara Valencia,
VtOtfic; sultana. 7J4C: currants new. 4J5c;
Turkey prunes, new, 4lc: French prunes
SK13c;Salonica prunes, in 2-ft packages, Sir,
encoanut", per 1C0.S0 00: almonds, Lan., per "ft;
29c: do Ivica, 19c: do shelled, 40c; walnnts,',nap.',
12S15c; Sicily filberts. 12c; Smyrna figs, 12J
lbc: new dates 56c; Brazil nuts. 10c;
pecans. ll15c: citron, per ft. 2122c: lemon
peel, per ft, I314c; orange peel, 12&c.
Dries Fbuits Apples sliced, per 6.8 c.;
apples, evaporated. 67Xc; apricots, Califor
nia, evaporated, 13lSc; peaches evaporated,
pared. 2223c: peaencs, California, evaporated,
unparcd, ,1213Jc; cherries, pitted. 2122c;
cherries, unp'itted, 56c; raspberries, evapor
ated. 2!24Kc; blackberries, 7J8c: huckle
berries, 1UQI2C
Sugabs Cubes, TJc; powdered, 73c: granu
lated,7c: confectioners' A, Kc; standard A,6c;
toft whites. 66Jic; yellow, choice, Ei&'ic'
yellow, good, &tQ6c: yellow, fair, bc; yel
10 w, dark, 5c
Pickles Medium, hbls (1,200), 5475: me
diums: half bbis (600). S2 go.
Salt-No. 1 W bbl, 95c; No. 1 ex. ?? bbl, $1 05;
dairy. bbl. 1120; coar.-ecrvital, bbl, $120;
Htiigin s'Eureka, 4 bu sack, $2 80; Higgin's Eu
reka, 16-14 ft pockets, S3 00.
CAxnkd Goods Standard peaches. SI 600
1 60; 2ds, SI 301 S3: extra peaches SI 33I ! 0;
pie peaches. 9uc; finest corn, $1 SOffil 50; Hid.
Co. corn, 7OQ90t; red cherries 90cl 00; lima
beans, SI 10: soaked do, 85c: string do do, 75
8.3c; marrowfat peas SI I01 li; soaked peas,
70&75c: pineapples, f 1 -lOigl 0; Bahama do,
S2 7o; dauisnn plnms, 95c; green gages, JI 25;
eggplums. S2 00; California pears, S2 50; dogreerr
gages. J2 CO; do eg.g plums, $2 00; extra whilo
cherries, $ 90; red cherries, 2fts, 90c: raspber
ries SI 151 40; strawberries SI 10; goose
berries, SI 2UI 50; tomatoes, 92S95c; salmon,
1-ft, $1 752 10; blackberries, SOc; snrrotash,
2-ft canssoaked, 90c; do green, 2tts, $1 251 50:
corn beef, 2-ft cans, $1 73; 14-ft cans, S13 50;
bated beans. SI 4lsi 4o: looster, I ft, SI lots
1 80: mackerel, 1-ft ransj'roiled. SI 50: sardines.
domestic. VJs. $4 23l 50; sardines, domestic,
Ks S8 25(88 50; sardines, imported, s, Sll 50
ou; sardines imported, jjs, jib w; sartiines,
mustard, Jl 00; sardines, spl
need, 51 20.
a'Isii .extra do. 1 aioatcr macKcrei,
$36 v? bbl; extra No. 1 do, mess, S10;
extra No. 1 mackerel, shore, $32; extra No.
1 do. messed. $36; No. 2 shore mackerel, $24.
Codfish Whole pollock. 4c $1 ft; do medium
George' cod, Oc: do large, 7c: boneless Lakp,
in strips, 6c; do George's rod in Mocks by,
1V.Z. Herring Round shore, $5 50 ?1 bbl: spfir.
S7: lake S3 25 10O-ft half bbl. White fish. $7 W
PJO-ftUinlf bbl. Lake trout, $5 60 half bbl.
Finnan Ladders 10c -ft ft. Iceland halibut. 13c
jl ft.
Buckwheat Flour-25;;2c per pound.
Oatmeal SO zogs 60 fl bbl.
Mixers' Oil No. 1 winter strained, 5962c
3 gallon. Lard oik 75c
Grain, Flour nnd Feed.
Total receipts bulletined at tho Grain Ex
change were 32 airs. By Pittsburg, Ft. Wajne
and Chicago, 1 car of oats, 2 of bran, 1 of wheat,
2 of flour, 1 of e. corn. 1 of feed. 2 of hay. By
Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St. Louis, 2 cars of
oats, 5 of hay, 4 of corn, 1 of flour. By Balti
more and Ohio, S cars of hay. By Pittsburg
and Lake Erie, 2 cars of bav, 3 of flour, 1 of
oats. 1 of bran. Sales on call, 70 barrels sample
flour. Si 60. track; 1 car 2 w. oats, 32c 10 days.
The lTjom in wheat is still on, aud our quota
tions, as will be seen, are advanced. Flour is
firm.'and jobbers report their margins so nar
row as to be almost w iped ont. Upland prairie
bay shows drooping tendencies. Outsido of
wheat and flour, markets for cereals aro in
favor of buyers. The holder would be Billing
to shade most of our quotations rather than
miss a sale.
Wheat Jobbing prices No. 2 red, $1 OS
1 09; No. 3 re'd. !H.-S1 01.
Corn No. 2 vellow. car, SSXic: high mixed
ear, 30XE37C; No. 1 yellow, shelled. 3W?40c
No.2 yellow, shelled. 37$j3ac; high mixed,
shelled, 3fi37crmixed, hclled, S531io:
Oats No.2 whitp, KJffiJic: extra No. 3, 313
31c:No. 3 white, 31&31KC; No.2 mixed, 29
RTE No. 1 rye. 555356c; No. 2. 5052c: No. 1
Western. 52ftodc.
BakleY Ka 1 Canart.i,9095c:Nn.2Canada,
SaffijNo.SCanadaSCitf'e; No. 2 Western,
757Sc; No. 3 -Western, u370c Lake Shore, 75
Flour Jobbing prices, winter patents S8 50
6 75; spring patents 0 "3g7 00; fancy straight,
winter and spring, $5 50&5 75; clear winter,
$5 0035 2.5. straight XXXX bakers', So 00Q5 25.
Rye flour, S3 75.
Cons siEAL In paper, 50c '
Millfeed Middlings, fine white, $18 00
20 00 M ton: brown middlings $14 5015 00;
winter wheat bran, Jll 7515 25; chop feed.
$15 00)18 COL
Hay Baled timothy, choice, S15 0015: 23;
No. 1 do. $11 2514 50; No. 2 do, $12 00013 00;
loose from wagon, SIS O023 00: No. 1 upland
prairie. S9 7310 00; No. 2, 58 00S 50; packing
do, SC 607 00.
Straw Oats S8 008 25; wheat and rye
straw, S7 007 25. -
Large hams. 18 ft3 and upward, 10c; medium
hams 14 to 18 fts, lie; small hams, 14 fts and un
der, lljc; picnic or California hams, 8c: bone
less (in skins), lljic; sugar-cured shoulders
8JJc; bacon. 8c: dry salt, 9c; breakfast bacon.
iuc: rouietts (coneiess s. c snotuuersj, iujjc:
Tegular smoked sides 9c; bellies, smoked sides,
9c; regular dry salt sides, 8Kc; bellies, dry salt
sides 8J4c; dried beef, sets 3 nieces, 10c; dried
beef, flats 8c: dried beef, rounds He: dried
beef, knuckles lie; pork, mess, $13 50: pork,
family, $17 00; pig pork, half barrels S9 00; long
sausage, oc. Lara nercps, :zo fts, 7jjc $i ft:
fts, 8c H ft: 10-ft dn pails. 60 ft?, TJJc ft: 20-ft
tin pails, 80 fts, 8c; 50-ft tin pails 100 fts, Te
ft. .
Dressed QTrnr.
Armour & Co. furnish the following prices on
dressed meats: Beef carcasses 450 to 550 fis
55c: 600 to 650 fts, 6 Sc; 700 to 750 fts, 7
7Kc Sheep," 7c ft. Lambs, 8c fl ft.
flUHVtii! NbHVtii!!.
What terrible visions this little word, brines
before the eyes of the nerrous.
Headache, Neuralgia,
Indigestion, Sleeplessness,
Nervous Prostration,
All stare then in the face. Yet all these nervour
troubles can bs cured tj using
For The Nervous
. The Debilitated
The Aged.
Also contains the best remedies for diseased con
ditions o." the Kidneys. Liver, and Blood, which
alway accompany nerve troubles.
It is a Nerve Tonii, an Alterative, a Laxative,
and a Diuretic. That is why it
J)t.oo a Bottle. Seed for full particulars.
HrUS, RICHARDSON & CQ..Propritors,
fel4-92-MF " ,
On mortgages on improved real estate in sums
of 51,000 and upward. AppWat
fe4-22-D No. 121 Fourth avenue.
No. 410 Smithfield St.
CAPITAL. . . - . $200,000 00.
JAMES P. SPEER. Vice Prest.
sel-k35-D JOHN F. STEEL. Cashier.
draws the end of Keech's much
talked of Reduction Sale. A few
more days and the best opportunity
that ever presented itself to this
thrifty community to buy
will be a thing of the past If you
intend to go housekeeping, if you
have concluded to move, or if you
contemplate refurnishing your
house, Take Advantage of this
Sale. You may not need the goods
immediately, but doesn't a saving
of 50 per cent more than compen
sate you for the small trouble of
storing them away for a little while?
But, supposing you haven't the
necessary cash just handy. Well,
don't let this little matter be in
your way, for We Sell on Credit,
as well as for Cash.
BSee our grand Mahogany
Side Boards at half price, displayed
in show window.
923 and 925' Penn Ave,,
Neab Nisth Street.
Open Saturdays till 10 r. x. fel5orwF
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts.,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this week in
For largest assortment and lowest prices call
and seo us.
Dressed Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Hams, Breakfast Bacon;
Pork Bologna
And all other varieties of Sausage of tbe finest
nualitv, at very moderate prices, received daily
irotn their immense cooling rooms at Chicago.
Oil liought ami sold on lbargw. lei7-21-DSU
uau oarreis, iaj us, c f s; tods, woouen. cu
fts, 7e f? ft; buckets, wooden, 20 fis 7c. fl ft;
3-ft tin mils. 60 fts. T.c. S3 ft: 5-ft tin nail. Ct
I elerv
Chartiers Creamery Co.
Warehouse and General ' Offices,-
Telepbone 1423. Blssell Block.
Factories throughout Western'
For prices see market quotations
Wholesale exclusively.
As old residents know and back tiles of Pitt
burg papers prove, is tbo oldest established and
most prominent physician in tho city, devoting
epecial attention to all chronic diseases. From
gsjonsgporsoal NQ prrfT JJNT1L
KiCDnlIC antJ mental diseases, physical
I" CM VUUO decay, nervoas debility, laclt
of energy, ambition and hope, impaired mem
ory, disordered sight, self-distrust, bashfulnns,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, im
poverished blood, failing powers, organic weal
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
btting tbo person for businessociety and mar
riage, permanently, safely anil privately cured.
blotches, falling hair, bona pains, glandular
swellings, ulcerations of tongue, month, throat
ulcers, old sores, are cured for lire, and blood
poisons thoroughly eradicated from the system.
1 1 D I M A D V kidney and bladder derange
U n I Itttfl I i ments, weak back, gravel, ca
tarrhal discharges, inflammation and other
painful svmptoms receive searching treatment
prompt relief and red cures.
Dr. Whi tiler's life-long, extensive experlonca
insures scientific and reliable treatment on
common-senso principles. Consultation free.
Patients at a distance as carefully treated as it
here. Office hours 9 a.m. to 8 p. jc Sunday,
10 A. a. to 1 P.M. only. DK. WHITT1ER, Srjj
Penn avenue. Pittsburg. Pa. ie8-B-DSuw
AScIcntlficand Standard Popular Hefcal TrcabSS 00.
thoErrora of Youth, PremctureDechDe,Ifervon
and Physical Debility, Impurities of tie Blood,
WtfS&T- if '??.
Ovcrtaiation.Eneivatineand nnfittlns the victua
for Work, Baiiness, tbo Harr.'ed or Social Rehtlon
Avcld unskilful pretenders. Possess this great
work. It contains S00 pages, royal 8vo. Beautiful
binding, embo3ed, fail gdL Price, only 81.M T
mail, post-paid, concealed In pbin wrappsr. lllus
trativo Prospectus Freo, if you apply now. Ths
dlstingniebed anthor, Wm. H. Parker, Jf. D.. re.
from tho National Modical Association,
PHYSICAL DEBILITY. Dr.Parkerandacorps
of Assistant Physicians may be consulted, confi
dentially, by mail or In person, at tho office of
No. 4 Bulflnch St., lloston. Has., lo whom ail
orders for books or letters for advice should bo
dlrectsd as above.
2S) ZZ:Z2 IIAlHin) E2iT3.
Ortelml, bML onlr crncls aoi
.Lit.nt.. n ..--.. V-p.ii
SJ t2 VWu,n- MVtazzlrtx. Acftpt
no etner. AU DUli ux Elsie.
boartl bze, p-tok wrarrwrs. ma itMVgtr.
ous counterfeit. 6o4 4. (mmpij for
lanlc3Urs ami Jteltef fur Ladle," j
letter, far vtn.m nuL 10.0041 l..U
&tonnnKO31A0!l3'rI1'l'aTS,ufflt&'m. Famer.'T.
ERfSY and strength secured by using Am
oranda Wafers These wafers are the only rell
able safe remedy for the permanent cure of im
potency, no matter how Ion; standin-f.sepenn.v
torrhoca, overwork, of the brain, sleepless,
haras'-ing dreams premature decay of vital
power, nervous debility, nerve and heart dis
ease, kidney and liver complaint, and wasting;
of vital forces; Too per box or six boxes for $1;
six boxes to the complete treatment, and with
every purchase of six boxes at ono time we will
given written guarantee to refund the money
if the waters do not benefit or affect a perma
nent cure. Prepared only by the BOSTON
MEDICAL '"NTsHTUTIO. For sale only by
JOSEPH FLEMING.. Market street, Pitts
barff, Pa.. P. 0. box 37 aplU-ko5-MWTSu
Orayfn Specific Medicine.
iug cure for
Seminal Weak
ness Bperma
torrhca. bnpo
tency, and alt
diseases tbae
follow as a se
finrnce of Self-.
1-IUi.llII itsi-
Abuse; as loss -s
BI7HRE TMIXG.Unlvcrsal Lril AFT?." TAKW.
sltmle. Falu la the Back, lllmness of Vlsinn. Pre
mature Old Ae and maDy otbr dtseaes that leJd
to Insinlty ur Consumptiaa and a Prematura
SrJ,'nH particulars In our pamphlet, which ws
dei'.re t eml free by mall to every one. ESThe
Specific Medicine Is sold byatl dru-rcl3tsat (I ner
nackas-c. or six package for JV or will be sentfrea
by mill on the rpceini of the money, br addressing
THU1CAY MEDIClMiCO.. buffalo. K. Y.
urf acco'iut of counterfi-lt5. we hare adopted th
Yellow Wrapper: the onlv pcnnlne.
Sold In Pittsburg bvS. S. HOLLAND, corner,
SmitliM.! and Liberty strec'.s. initU-kU
. r it.AMv
All form of Delicate and Cco
plicated Diseases reanirUu: Cox.
cation are treated at his Dispensary with a suc
cess rarely attained. Dr. S. K. lake is a member
of the Royal Collcso of Physicians and Surgeons,
and Is the oldest ami most experience! SfkcCO
T In tbo city. Special attention given to Kei .
ous Debility from excessirei ntal exertion, iJ.
discretions of youth, &c, ct.nsingpli'sicaland
mcnLil decay, lack of energy, despondency, etc ;
also Cancers, Old Sores, r us. Piles, Ehcumatis
and nil diseases of the Skin, Blood, Lungs, Crlu.
aryOrgan3, &c Consrdtation free ami strictly
eonEdcntial. O2icabc2rs0to4aiid7 toSp.m.;
Bumla j s 2 to 4 p.m. only. Call ut office or adoroaj
K.LAKE..M.D.,Jr.P. ,C.P.Sor J.Lake;3LD.
mhwm ItlH Iba il ronu e&rlr decar. lost
manhood , etc. I wlfl ena a T&iuabfe nratlsa (pt-iIlhI)
conttUninir full particular for home core, re qz
eharx. .wor
PROF. F. C. FCYLER, Moodui, Conn. t

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