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leading Features of Trade at East
Liberty Stock Yards.
Weaker Markets Stockers ana Feeders in
Active Demand.
Office of Pittsbuko Despatch,
Wednesday; April 3, 1&S9. J
The run of cattle this week was about 80
loads, an excess of 13 loads over the two
previous weeks. The majority were from
Chicago. From 12 to 14 loads were stockers
and feeders, the bulk of which were common
prades. For stockers buyers were plenty, from
Washington, Fayette and Green counties.
Grides were not quite up to the standard, but
all that were on hand sold freely. There has
been a demand for a high quality of stockers
at Liberty fer some weeks past that has not
been met. Many more than were to be had
would have found ready buyers this week.
The range of prices for stockers was S3 00 to
3 35, the buUK of sales being nearest to the
lower figure. High grades would have brought
even more.
Cattle supplies were in the main of lighter
weights, from 1,100 to L200 pounds. There is
little demand of late for prune heavy cattle,
competition with dress beef having spoiled the
trade in this line. The heaviest cattle received
this week were not above 1,450 pounds, and
very few reached this figure. Markets were 5
to 10 cents off from prices of last week on all
prades excepting stockers. Notwithstanding
increased run, stock was well cleaned np orly
in the weefc The run of calves was little short
of TOO head. Dealers report that they were
agreeably disappointed over the activity of
markets for calves. Though supply was large,
demand kept pace with supply.
Said one dealer: "We all looked to see prices
off, on account of big run, and were agreeably
surprised to see everything taken at last week's
Trices." On Monday as high as 5c was paid for
a few extra calves. "The range of prices to-day
Sheep and Lambs.
Receipts on Monday were 20 loads, Tuesday
12 additional, and this morning 2 loads. Last
week on very light run, not above one-half this
week's supply, markets advanced. This ad
vance has not been maintained, owing to the
heavy run. "Shadow and shine is life," and a
feast or famine appear to alternate at Liberty
yards. Last week we had too much shortage.
This week supplies are In excess of demand
and markets drag. The range of prices was
54 25 to S5 10, the last figure being for a few ex
tras weighing 160 pounds.
The range of lambs was 5 to 6Kc One
little bunch brongbt 6c, but was hardly a cri
terion to markets, as it was bought for New
York parties to fill up a load.
A few lot of clipped sheep were among the
supplies, but buyers were disposed to fight shy
of this class in view of the uncertainties of
The run has been light all the week and
everything taken up as fast as it appeared.
Prices at Chicago are the same as a week ago,
with S4 90 for tops. At East Liberty the range
has been $5 05 to 5 15 for a day or two past,
and to-day the latter figure was paid for all
that appeared. The difference between prices
of heavy and light hojrs is now reduced to a
minimum. Heavyweights find much readier
sale than they did through the winter. Said
one of the large operators: "We have no
trouble selling everything that comes this
week at outside quotations."
BIcCall & Co.'s Report.
The receipts of cattle are fair and mar
feet slow, the better grades selling at about last
week's prices, while common to medium stock
are a shade stronger. We give the follow
ing as ruling prices: Prime, 1,300 to 1,600 lbs,
$4 104 40: good, 1,200 to 1,400 fts. $3 754 10;
rough fat, L100 to LSOO tts, $3 403 75; good
butcher grades, 900 to L1U0 fts, S3 303 60;
common to fair, 900 to 1,000 lbs. S3 103 50;
bulls, S2 002 50; lew light, S3 00; almost im
possible to sell heavy bulls; fat cows, S2 00
3 00; fresh cows and springers, 20 0040 00
per head.
The supply of hogs on Monday was equal to
the demand, and the market closed easy. Yes
terday and to-day the receipts were light, and
with a better feeling, the market was active
at the following quotations: Philadelphias and
Yorkers, S5 105 15.
The receipts of sheep Monday and Tuesday
we.e fair, and the market steady at about last
week's prices. To-day receipts were light and
the market steady at the following quotations:
Prime Ohio and Indiana wethers, weighing
here 110 to 120 fts. $4 805 10; good wethers,
90 to 100 Us, S4 654 Sw; fair to good mixed. So
to 90 fts, $4 404 05; common to fair, 75 to SO
fis, S3 253 60: prime lambs. S5 to 95 fts, $6 00
6 50; good, 70 to So lis, S5 005 75; common to
fair. 50 to C5 tts, $4 505 00; clipped sheep, 75 to
fc5 tts, S3 754 00; there have been very few
clipped sheep on sale; veal calves, 110 to 140
tts, S4 505 00.
By Telegraph.
New York Beeves Receipts, S3 carloads
to be sold and 30 carloads for city slaughterers
direct; market fairly active and 10c per 100
pounds higher, with an early clearance; com
mon to choice steers sold at S3 704 70 per 100
pounds; fat bulls at 82 402 SO; exports to-day
from this port 3,040 quarters of beef, 1,012
sheep and 335 beeves. Sheep Receipts, 5.800
head; market firm at former prices, with a good
clearance; common to prime unshorn sheep
sold at SI 50G 00 per 100 pounds, with a few
extra up to S6 12 and some very poor at S4 00;
clipped sheep went at $4 O0S4 75; unshorn
yearlings at SS 007 75: clipped do at 85 00
6 00; spring lambs at S2 50ig5 50 each, with a
few extra offerings at S6 006 60. Hogs Re
ceipts, 7,000 head, nearly all tor slaughterers
direct; market reported steady at the nominal
range of $5 205 50.
Kansas Citt Cattle Receipts. 3,317 head;
shipments. 2,491 head; market stronger for me
dium weight steers; stockers and feeders strong
to a shade higher; cows strong to 5c higher:
good to choice cornfed, S44 25; common to
medium, $2 753 70; stockers and feeding
steers, SI 603 40; cows, SI 602 75. Hogs Re
ceipts, 9,189 head; shipments. 550 head; market
opened weak and25c lower, closingstronger
with the decline regained; good to choice. $4 50
l 55; common to medium. S4Q4 45. Sheep
Receipts, 3,413 head; shipments, none; market
active and 1015c lower: good to choice mut
tons, S4 254 50: common to medium, S2 5033 90.
Chicago The Drovers? Journal reports:
Cattle RecelDts. 10,500 head: shipments, 6,000
head; market steady, strong; choice to extra
beeves, $4 254 35: steers, 3 004 15; stockers
and feeders. 2 403 45; cows, bulls and mixed,
1 603 10 Texas cattle, 2 003 70. Hogs Re
ceipts. 14,o00 head; shipments, 6,500 head; mar
ket strong: mixed. S4 704 82jJ; heavy. $4 50
f 5 00: light, S4 755 00: skips. S3 504 60.
Sheen Receipts, 6.000 head; shipments, 2,500
head; market 6teadv: natives. 83 605 50;
Western cornfed, S4 50S5 25; lambs, $5 006 25.
St.Locts Cattle Receipts. 1,700 head; ship
ments, none; choice native steers, S3 704 30;
fair to good do, S3 003 90; stockers and
feeders, fair to good, S2 002 70: rangers, corn
fed. S2 75Q3 60: grass-fed. 1 902 6a Hogs
Receipts. 8,600 head; shipments, 1,100 head:
market steady; choice heavy and butchers'
selections, S4 704 S5; packing, medium to
prime. S4 604 75; light grades, ordinary to
best, S4 704 85. Bheep Receipts, 425 head;
shipments, none; market stronger; fair to
choice, 3 005 la
Buffax-o Cattle active and a shade higher
than Monday; receipts. 800 head through; 100
on sale; steers. 3 403 95. Sheep and lambs
Receipts, 200 head through; 500 on sale; sheep
active and 1025c higher than Monday; good,
5 255 40; lambs a shade higher; good, 6 40
6 75. Hogs active and 510c higher than Mon
day: receipts, 6.000 head through; LS00 on sale;
mediums and Yorkers, 85 155 25.
New Yoke, April 3. There was a good
trade with jobbers to-day, nearby buyers now
coming into the market; sales were governed
fairlv; steady tone. Business with agents
continues fair in plain cottons, declining in
some directions and increasing in others. The
market maintains a good tone with quota
tions unaltered, though print cloths and
kindred goods are less firm, with prints steady
because of small stock.
Metal Market.
St. Lotus Lead dull and uneasy, with sales
of refined at S3 4a
New York Pig Iron steady. Copper nom
inal: lake, April, 814 50. Lead quiet and
steady; domestic, $3 671C Tin firm and moder
ately active; Straits, 821 25.
Wool Market.
St. Louis Wool quiet and nominally un
changed. Cable Car Casualties.
A grip breaking on car 126 near the
Penn avenue powerhouse yesterday brought
the car to such a sudden halt that several
of the passengers were slightly hnrt. About
the same time another car collided with an
-Allegheny car at Sixth street, injuring the
mutes attached to it l-'
Vb ril1 fiJmniflftwriiiiMftf '11 dJlMJfflMMMMiMMiMM TitMfiiMtffMifl nifflm -i l
Wheat Weak AH Alone the Line, With a
Sweeping Drop-In the Mny Future
Corn Higher Oats Steady
Ilos Products Unsettled.
Chicago The feeling was unsettled to-day
in wheat, and a surprise was in store for hold
ers of May in the shape of a material decline,
with the more deferred futures sharing in the
weakness some. Only a fair business was
transacted, and influences governing the mar
ket were principally local. May opened Kc to
lc lower than Monday's closing, and declined
3c more, fluctuated some, and closed 4c
lower. July opened KXo lower and declined
c more, then advanced lc, and closed about
the same as Monday.
The May future is clouded with mystery, and
operators are entirely at sea, though it is the
openion that the decline to-day has forced a
large holder out. It was rumored that the St.
Louis market for May was being controlled by
Chicago operators. It was also rumored that a
grain house at Berlin had failed. Outside in
fluences had but little to do with the market.
While July ruled weaker, there nevertheless
was good buying, especially during the last half
of the session, with more inquiry also for June.
The buving. too. was credited mainly to parties
who are supposed to be interested with the
"bull" side in the May future,
A moderate trade was reported In com, and
the feeling developed was relatively firm.
There were no new outside features of import
ance, and prices were governed entirely by
local influences. The market opened at Mon
day's closing prices, fluctuated within c,
closing at K6J4C higher than Monday.
Oats were weaker and lower, but the volume
of business was only fair. Buyers were scarce,
and the liberal offerings caused a decline of
5c. May being the weakest. The break
brought in a few buyers, and a reaction of 14
Jc followed, but the close was quiet at nearly
iuside figures.
Quite an active business was done in mess
pork, and prices ruled somewhat irregular.
Opening sales made at 687!c decline, and a
further reduction of 1215c was had. Later a
steadier feeling prevailed and prices rallied 10
12c but the market soon weakened again,
and prices receded 1215c Near the close
prices rallied slightly, but trading was light.
A comparatively light trade was reported in
lard, and the feeling was easier. Fluctuations
in price were slight. Trading was only mod
erately active in short ribs, and the feeling was
easier, prices ruled 25c lower and the mar
ket closed quiet.
The leading futures raneea as follows:
Wheat No. 2 May, 99V99,H95U95Jgc;
June. 91949292&c; July, SoK80S5J2
S6Mc;year, TSOTyKc
Cohn No. 2 May. 35c; June, SoJi35Jic;
July, 36S36X36fc.
Oats No. 2 May, 26-i6K25K25c; June,
23K25Kc; July2232o2&.
Mess Pork, per bbl. May, S12 4012 42K
12 2012 25; June, 812 3212 3512 25
12 30; July, 812 5012 5012 32K12 37K.
Labd, per 100 tts. Mav. 7 02K7 02M
6 97K6 97K; June, 87 037 00; July, 57 lu
7 107 057 05.
Short Ribs, per 100 tts. May. S6 20
6 17K; June, 6 256 25; July SB 30Q6 306 SO
6 30.
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour nomi
nally unchanged; No. 2 spring wheat, 94c:
No. 8 spring wheat, 87c; No. 2 .red, 94c; No. 2
corn. S4c JXo.2 oats, 2ic No. 2 rye, 43c.
No. 2 barley, nominal. No. 1 flaxseed. 81 51
1 52. Prime timothy seed. 81 331 85. Mess
pork, per barrel, 812 2012 25. Lard, per 100
lbs. StS956 97. Short ribs sides (loose).
6 156 20. Dry salted shoulders (boxed). 5 60
5 75. Short clear sides (boxed), 6 62J6 75.
Sugars unchanged. Receipts Flour, 18,000 bar
rels; wheat, 36,000 bushels: corn, 163,000
bushels: oats. 122,000 bushels; rye, 2,000 bushels;
barley, 65,000 bushels. Shipments Flour. 13,000
barrels; wheat, 22,000 bushels; corn. 128,000 bush
els; oats, 12LO0O bushels; rye. 1.000 bushels; bar
ley. 53,000 bushels.
On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market was firmer, but not q notably higher.
Eggs steady at lOJc
New Yore Flour heavy and unsettled;
lower to sell freely. Wheat Spot strong and
Kc higher; options iic higher and strong,
Barley quiet. Barley malt dull. Corn Spot
VA-VtYp uiK"; uau mure acuve; options auil
and ysic higher. Oats Spot dull and barely
steady; options JVc lower, dull and weak.
Hay quiet and steady. Hops quiet and steady.
Coffee Options opened barely steady, 1520
points down, closing steady at 1520 points
below yesterday: sales, 78,000 baes, including
April, 15.7515.80c; May, 15.8516.00c; June.
16.0016.05c; July, 16.1516.20c: August, 1625
ia30c; September, 16.3516.50c; October, 16.45W
16.50c; November, 16.5016.55c: December,I6.60
16.66c; January, 16.6016.65; February, ia60c;
spot Rio quiet; lair cargoes at lSc.
Sugar Raw steady and quiet; centrifugals,
96 test, 6V6 9-16c; refined, quiet and steadv.
Molasses Foreign rather easv; 50 test, 25c;
Hew Orleans dull; open kettle, good to fancy,
2S42c Rice steady and quiet. Cottonseed oil
quiet. Tallow dull; city, 4c Rosin steady
and quiet. Turpentine dull, nominally about
45c Eggs quiet and about steady; Western, 10
eilKc; receipts, 8,479 packages. Pork lower:
old mess, $12 6012 75; new mess, 813 5013 75;
extra prime. 812 50. Cut meats Quiet sales;
pickled bellies, 11 ponnds, 7Kc:pickled hams,
9K9?ic; pickled shoulders, 55c; middles,
easy: short clear, 86 85. Lard dull and easier
Western steam. 7 30; city, 86 80; June. 7 34.
closing at 87 317 32; April, 7 25 asked; Mav
7 297 30: July. 7 31; August, 7 36; September
7 377 38. ButterChoice in demand and firm
Western dairy, ll17c; do creamery, 1625c;
Elgin, 26Kc Cheese dull and weak, Western.
St. Louis Flour dull and uneasy, .but un
changed. Wheat lower; there was an urgent
selling pressure at the opening on the perfect
weather and weak, lower markets elsewherp?
later on there was a rally, and the close was
firm, with May 1c. June Jc,July leand
August c below Monday; May. 82K93'c
closing at 93c; June, STQSTc, closing at 87&C
""t ","j 'wvzm wuaws ai wac; August,
77K.ic closing at 78c bid. Corn Very
1t1n tmllni. 1,n- ma1: A -kT n .J
""" ""'"(m "" cciiu nun; j.d. 2, casn
30Hc; April, 30XC closing at 30Jc; May, 30
30?c, closing at3(ftfc; July, 32K323fc. bats
weak: No. 2 cash, 25c; May, 2bc Rye No
2, 4242&c Barley Sales of Wisconsin on
private terms; nothing doing. Flaxseed un
changed. Provisions dull and weak.
Philadelphia Flour Dull and weak.
Wheat Carlots firm, with fair inquiry from
millers; futures neglected and nominal; No 2
red, April, 91K92c; June, 9lk92c; July, 87
8Sc Com Spot firm with a fair demand; fu
tures quiet; sales No. 4 white in elevator, 38Kc
No,2 mixed and high mixed in grain depot.
40Xc; No. 2 yellow afloat. 41Kc; do in grain de
pot, 41c: No. 2 mixed, April, 4141c; May.
41K42c: June, 4242c; July, 42JS43V Oats
Fair demand for carlots at steady prices- No
2 mixed, 31Jc; No. 3 white, 31Kc; No. 2 white'
84c; do fancy, S6c; futures quiet hut steady
N. 2 mixed. April, 33K34c: May, 83K31c:
June. 3334c; July. Si34Kc. ogl)lc.
CiNCEMfATi Flour easier. Wheat weak
No. 2 red, 9092c; receipts, 500 bushels; ship-'
ments, 500 bushels. Corn in moderate demand-
i.Y : ; c i """i, "-"H 4uleu -"o. a mixed,
26&C Rye firm; No. 2, 49c Pork easier at
12 75. Lard quiet at $6 80. Bulkmeats and
bacon easier. Butter firmer. Sugar firm.
Eggs dull. Cheese steady.
Milwaukee Flour steadv. Wheat steadv
cash, 86c; May. 87Kc;Jnly, g6Vc. Corn firmer
No. 3, S233c. Oats steady; Ko. 2 white. 28iffl
2SJ&C Rye Arm: No. L 45c. Barley easier; No.
2. ooc Provisions steady. Pork, 12 15. Lard.
6 91 Cheese dull; Cheddars, 10Ue.
Baltimore Provisions steady. Butter
good grades steady; others easv; western
packea, lb19c: creamery, 25c "Eggs. lOKc
Coffee quiet; Rio fair. VSJL ""c.
Toledo Cloverseed dull; cash. March, 4 85
receipts, 245 bags; shipments, 905 bags.
The Pennsylvania Railroad Company Warn
ing Their Agents.
J. E. Wood, General Passenger Agent ot
the Pennsylvania Railroad, yesterday
issued another circular to all the agents on
the lines of the company warning them
against violating the rule regarding com
missions on the sale of tickets. The notice
read that any agent violating the rule
would be immediately dismissed from the
The agents are trying all manner of
means to get around the company's orders.
They are not only prohibited from accept
ing m commissions, but are not allowed to
receive free transportation or other consid
eration for favoring aconnecting line. It is
not at all likely that any agent will have
the hardihood to disregard the circular.
Don't irritate your lungs with a stubborn
cough, when a sate and certain remedy can
be had in Dr. Jayne's Expectorant,
A Written Guarantee
Properly countersigned-by the manufacturer
for five yearsj is what we give with every
sewing machine. Get the best by all means.
Remember yon don't have to pay us agents'
comnissions. That amount is reduced from
the regular price of every machine to the
Call at a legitimate place of business and
buy a machine.
TTSu 307 "Wood street.
The People's Store.
Call and see our immense stock of new
laces, embroideries and parasol covers, com
prising all the popular makes and styles, at
lowest prices. " Oaupbxll & Dick. '
rf- . . " il
P.- . j - J-t c 3dlL.,-L. Aj - - jt ... vw&J4bI .Z- -Tl- ""Miir T1 fWl T T IST.r T Zi. . TfZ.,KC K-JCr ', - - . J.. . ' ,. .. . .. r r. J r . f -f- .. , . ; - . " . -JJDP . I u ..ii'Vrft 7t f, ,
Their Wretched Condition No Credit
to the State of Allegheny,
Pittslurg Business Jffen Letting the South
ern Trade Go by Default.
The wretched condition of the country
roads is a serious obstacle to local business.
It is almost impossible for farmers in many
parts of the country to bring their produce
to the city. The sight of horses and wagons
sticking in the mud is a familiar one to the
ruralist. This embargo costs Pittsburg
thousands of dollars every year. Any
scheme to remedy this great and growing
evil a,nd place the granger ona solid footing
would be thankfully accepted by the suffer
ing public It is no credit to the opulent "State
of Allegheny" that it contains the worst roads
in the State.
"There is more money seeking investment
this season than ever before within my recol
lection," said a Fonrth avenne real estate
dealer yesterday evening. "Every day men
with from 500 to 10,000 come to me for some
thing in which to invest it. They can't get
bank stocks at what they consider a paying
price, and they won't look at speculative
shares nor oil. The result is that they buy real
estate as offering the best and snrest return for
their money. I have placed a large amount of
cash this way in the past three months. I am
glad of this. It not only helps business direct
ly, but has consequential Importance. It keeps
money at home and gives others confldenca In
the permanency of re "tate values."
Mr. W. A. Broom, who is in the city in the
interest of the Southern Lumberman, pub
lished at Nashville, Tenn., and who is familiar
with business in the South, says Pittsburg is
falling behind other northern cities in the race
for the trade of that section. He attributes
this entirely to the apathy of our businessmen.
There is no good reason, he thinks, why Pitts
burg, with her immense natural advantages,
hermagnificent railway and water communica
tions, touching almost every Southern State,
and her great manufacturing plants, producing
everything needed in the way of machinery,
should not go in and possess the land. He is
fully persuaded that a little more energy and
enterprise in placing Pittsburg products promi
nently before the Southern people would re
turn a large profit on the investment.
Another piece of Diamond street property
changed hands yesterday, but particulars of
the sale were withheld. It is situated below
Wood street, and the price realized was said to
be pretty steep. It is understood the purchaser
is in favor of widening the street. From other
sources it was learned that this project is
meeting with better success than was antici
pated from the stormy opposition raised
against it at first. Signatures in favor
Df it are both numerous and influential. It is
understood that Mr. Craig is heartily in favor
of the scheme, and that Mr. Gregg's opposition
is likely to be overcome. All admit that the
improvement would be a great public benefit,
and that this is a good time to carry it into
A gentleman! rom Detroit was in the city yes
terday, and visited several real estate agents in
quest of a building in which to establish a
clothing store. He wanted it in the business
center between Smithfield and Market, Sixth
and Fourth. As there is not an empty business
house in the prescribed territory, of course he
was unable to accomplish his wish, and left for
Cincinnati, hoping to meet with better luck
there. He was well pleased with the evidences
of activity that ho witnessed on every hand
during his brief sojourn, and greatly regretted
his inability to secure a place. , .,,.,,
Wilkinsbuig is enjoyjula , church boom.
Father Lambing had ground broken yesterday
for the building to tathe -place of the one
destroyed by fire a few. months, 350, It will
occupy the same site, but will be larger, having
a school room in the basement It will cost
about 18,000. The Methodists will soon lay the
foundations for their new church on what is
known as the Howard property, but which was
purchased by the congregation last fall. The
building will be of stone and cost about 25,000.
The United Presbyterians ana the Episco
palians are also talking of building, their mem
bership having outgTown the capacity of their
present places of worship.
Capr. Barbour Encounters an Unruly Crowd
' A Drop In Electric.
Captain Barbour, the autocrat of the Stock
Exchange, had an unruly and noisy audience
yesterday afternoon. Since the removal of the
blackboard and the Captain's throne a few days
ago, to the southeast corner of the room, the
jam in front of the board has been so great as
to shut out those in the rear ranks from a view
of the proceedings in front To remedy this
evil the Floor Committee drew a line, beyond
which It was not lawful to stand. Yesterday
everybody seemed uossessed of a disposition to
ignore this limitation, and crowded the reserved
space in such numbers as to cause considerabln
confusion and some angry talk on the part of
two or thren members. It is probable a railing
will be put up around the space sought to be
reserved. This would effectually accomplish
the end in view especially If barbed wire were
It was a good day for the bears. There were
no transactions In Electric At the first call
65 and 56 were bid and 57 asked; In the after
noon there were bids of 5 with offers at 56.
The brokers who had orders for the stuff re
garded the drop with complacency and smiled
at the prospect of raking it in at still lower
prices. The rumor of a reduction of the force
employed in the Allegheny plant although de
nied by the company, doubtless contributed to
the depression. A bull on the stock said yes
terday evening, "Electric is all right The
bears think they have put it In a hole, but they
will soon find they are mistaken. I want a lot
of it but I want it as cheap as possible. There
are large orders here for it As soon as an at
tempt is made to fill them there will be another
boom. The business of the company is con
stantly increasing. I think the stock is the
cheapest on the market considering its possi
bilities. It will ultimately be as valuable as
Philadelphia Gas was stronger, going at S9l
in the forenoon and at 89 In the afternoon. It
was not pressed for sale. La Noria was the
most active of the stocks dealt in. It onened
at 2, at which 100 shares changed hands. After
that it became weaker and sold freely at VA
Just before the close It rallied on a good de
mand and finished at the opening figure
Switch and Signal was str6nger, selling at 23J
After the last call 24 was offered. There was
no material change in the rest of the list Bids
and offers were:
Bid. Asked. Bid. Asked.
Pitts. Pet.S. AM. Ex.. -510 850
Keystone Bank or P'g 68
City Insurance. 85 .... ....
Chartlers Vat Gas Co. 50 MM 60 "...
Nat. Gas Co. of W. Va CO .... .... ""
PMl&delphlaCo S9& S9) mc 393
Pine Bun Gas 85 90 .... ....
Wheelinr Gas Co .. 30J 30K 30 HK
Central Traction 23 .... 2i 22
Citizens' Traction 87 ....
Pittsburg Traction.... 49K ffljf lH 49J
Consignee Mining Co.. Si .... .. ."
LaNorla Mining Co... ljg 2 IK 2
SUverton Mining Co... t u ju
Tankee Girl Mining O. i ... .
Westinghouse Electric 66 67 65 SS
U. Switch & Signal Co. 23Jf 24 23 2351
Pittsburg Cydorama C 4 ....
The forenoon sales were 10 Philadelphia Gas
at39Ji, 115 at 89K, 100 La Noria at 2, and 800 at
VA. Before call 20 Chartiers Gas sold at 50k.
In the afternoon 45 Bhares of Philadelphia
Gas went at 39, ISO at 39, 50 La Noria at :2, 17
Switch af23K and 60 Central Traction at 22?
Robinson Bros, sold 12,000 McKeesport and
Bellevernon ffs at $105 and interest Henry M.
Long sold 16 shares of Airbrake at 122L J. F.
Stark sold 200 La Noria at 2.
The total sales of stocks at New York yes
terday were 256.51U shares, including: Atchi
son, 45,710; Delaware, Lackawanna and West
ern, 15,800; Lake Shore, 4,325; Missouri Pacific,
13.100; Northwestern, 16,000; Reading, 45,800;
Si Paul, 6,246; Union Pacific 21,94a
Mlnlnir Stocks.
New Yobk; April 3. Mining stocks
closed: Amador, 100: Aspen, 10.25; Caledonia
B. H.; 300; Consolidated California and Vir
ginia, 600; Deadwooa T.. 150: EI Cristo, 160;
Eureka. 100; Hale and Norcross, 890: Home
stake," 850; -Horn Silver, 135; Iron Sliver, 800;
Mono, lOOf Mutual, 140; Ophir, 480; Plymouth,
10.00: SavageriSO: Sierra Nevada. 260; Stand
ard, 100; Sullivan, -150; Union Consolidated,
295;YeUow Jacket, 800.
Demand for Money nt ilie Banks Holding
tho Surplus Down.
The Clearing House report yesterday showed
a satisfactory condition of general trade, the
exchanges amounting to 2,193,164 91 and the
balances to 8302,071 88. The expansion of busi
ness incident to the opening up of the spring
trade begins to be rea'Jzed in the greater de
mand for funds, the outflow of which at most
of the financial institutions is about equal to
the income. Rates were steady at 56 per
cent Counter business was the best so far
this week. The wretched condition of the
country roads is one of the worst obstacles that
business people have to contend against.
Bankers feel it as much as others.
Money on call at New York yesterday was easy
at K to 4 per cent. Last loan K, closed offered
at L Prime mercantile paper, 4K6X- Sterling
exchange dull but firm at 4 8S& tor 60-day
bills, and 4 8S for demand.
Government Bonds.
Closing quotations in New York furnished
The Dhpatch by Robinson Bros.. Wood
street. Local dealers charge a commission of
an eighth on small lots:
TJ.S.4HS. reg 103 mm
V. 8. 4S4S, coups 108 10S
U. 8'. 43. rcg.... ..1 1 1SBSIS
U. B. 4s, coups .', 12S129
Currency, Opercent, i895reg 1M ,
Currency, 6 percent. 1898 teg. 123
Currency, Spercent, 1897 rejr 126)4
Currency, Bpercent, 1898reg...., 150
Currenoy, Spec cent, 1899 reg. , 132
New Yoek Clearings, $122,698,221: balances,
Boston Clearings, $17,771,567; balances, $L
635,835. Money, 3 per cent.
Baltimore Clearings, S2220,2D8; balances,
PmLADELFHiA-CIeanngs, $13,915,661; bal
ances, 2,101.237.
St. Louis Clearings, $2,728,840; balances,
Chicago Money steady and unchanged.
Bank clearings, $14,202,000.
London The amount of bullion gone Into
the Bank of England on balance to-day is
180,000. Bar silver 12d per ounce.
Pabis Rentes, 85f ; 50c for the account
The ttlarket Sustained by Fears of a Short
aBe A Broker's Views.
The oil market yesterday would doubtless
have closed lower but for apprehension ot a
shortage. The same Influence caused a strong
feeling at the opening, which was 91Kc This
was followed by a snurt to 91c, after which a
less confident feeling prevailed and the price
declined, with little doing, to 91c Later there
was a slight rally, which stiffened the market a
little. The final figures were 915c Carrying
here was flat A broker salo: "I think there
j will be a stronger market in the morning unless
mere snouia De important field news mean
time, after which I would not be surprised to
see a'Slump. There must be a radical change of
some kind before long. I am afraid it will be
in the direction of a lower level."
A. B. McOrew"& Co. quote puts 9i, calls
Ine following tame, corrected uyDeWltt DI1
wortb, broker in petroleum, etc.. corner Fifth
avenue and Wood street, Pittsburg, shows the
order of fluctuations, etc. :
Time. Bid. Ask. Time. Bid. Ait
Opened...... 01H 8's 12:p. k.... SIM 91H
10:15 A. M.... mi mi 1:00 P. M... BIX SIM
10:S0A. M.... 9M 8lS 1:1SP. M.... 91X 919?
10:45A. it.... 91 91U 1:30 P. M.... BVA 91
11:00a, II.... 91 81 H 1:43 p. ll.. 91)2 9U4
11:13 A. u.... 91 01 X 2:00 p. it..,. 91l Sli
11:30A. IS..... 91 na 1:13 P. M.... nH 91h
11:45a. it.... 91 91H Z:S0P. M.... 91H 91M
12:O0M 91. 91f 2:15 P. M.... 91 91&
12:13 p. M.... 91 91)s Closed 814, ....
12:30P. M.. 91H 9U
Opened. 91o; highest, 91fcc; lowest, 91c;
closed, 91c.
. Barrels.
l)Uy Ains 60,675
Average runs 80,675
iMUy shipments 101.8S7
Average shipments 101,837
IJally charters 19,245
Average charters 19,246
Clearances ......u..t..l, 028,000
New York closed at 9Kc
Oil City closed ngiHc
Bradrora closea at 81e,
ew York, retlned. 7o.
London, renued, 5d.
Antwerp, refined, I6t
Other Oil Markets.
On, CITT. Anril 3. Natlnn.il transit ror.
f tiflcates onened at 91Jc; highest, 91?c; lowest
pic; ciuseu, vigc
BRADroBD. April 3. National transit cer
tificates opened at91c; closed at 9134c; highest
91c; lowest. 91c .
TrruaviLLE. April 3.-National transit cer
tificates opened at 91c: highest 915c; lowest
91c: closed, 91c
new York. April 3. Petroleum opened
firm at 91c, and, after a rally and reaction in
the forenoon, advanced lie after noon, and
closed firm atfiyc. Sales, 519,000 barrels.
Real Estate Still Changing Hands The
Latest Reported Deals.
Black & Balrd, No. 95 Fourth avenne, sold to
H. C. Roddy lot No. 92 in the'Hay plan of lots
on Rebecca street near Penn avenue cable
line, 20x84 feet, for 200, payable $10 down and
the balance on easy payments. They also
placed the following mortgages; One of $700 on
a property in Stowe township for three years at
6 per centf another of $4,000 on Southside
property for one year at 6 per cent and 800 for
three years at 6 per cent on a property in the
Twenty-flrst ward. East End.
Ewing & Byers, No. 107 Federal street Alle
gheny, sold for Annie Klipham to James Ryan,
No. 28 Alpine avenue, Second ward, Allegheny,
frame house of five rooms, lot 20x90, for 1,750
Dennison & Schwansold for Mrs. E. Bennetz
toOtta E. Heineman, lot 25x146, No. 6011 Penn
avenue, East End, for 10,500 cash.
S.J. Fleming, 147 Fourth avenue, sold a
frame house of six rooms, with lot 22Kxl00 at
Dallas station, for $2,450.
W. A. Herron & Sons sold a houso and lot on
Copeland street Twentieth ward, frame house
of six room3, lot 50x100 feet to a 10-foot alley.
L. O. Frazier, corner Forty-fifth and Butler
streets, sold for the Gross estate lot 60x110 feet
to a 20-foot alley, situate on tbe south side of
Penn avenue near Mathilda street. Twentieth
ward, to Camnbell & Harrigan for $4,500.
James W. Drape & Co. sold a piece of ground
of 11 acres on Woods' Run avenue, Allegheny,
for $7,250 cash, and closed a mortgage of $10,000
on house and lots in McKeesport at 5 1-5 per
Realizing on tho Look Side of the Market
Canses a Tumble A Strong Opening,
but a Weak Close Bonds
NEW Yobk, April 3. The stock market to
day was strong at the opening, but the close
was weak. Most stocks are lower this evening,
though important changes in quotations are
few in number. The covering of shorts was
still in progress at the opening this morning,
and first prices were generally to per cent
higher than last evening's figures, and a few
shares made further advances of small frac
tions in the early trading. There was great ac
tivity, which, however, was confined to about
a half dozen stocKS, in which all the interest
centers at present Atchison, Reading, North
western, Chicago Gas, Union Pacific, Lacka
wanna and New England.
The market however, soon showed its nar
rowness, as when the realizing of the traders
who lately shifted over to tho long side began
prices gave way, and when the early demand
had been satisfied the bears again came in and
hammered some of tbe list down rapidly. The
Coal stocks were the first point of attack, and
Lackawanna was let off over a point, though
Reading was very well held. The expectation
that the tolls would be reduced at to-day's
meeting, which was announced later in the
day, was the principal influence by which the
stock was weakened. After the first raia dull
ness settled down upon the market and prices
were moved back and forth within very narrow
limits, though the drooping tendency which
marked the general list still continued, but
after noon the issue of the Burlington state
ment for February with its decrease of 630,000
in the net earnings, notwithstanding an in
creased gross, created a very unfavorable im
pression, and it was tho signal for an
attack upon the Grangers, and Burlington was
soon knocked off 1 jf, Union Pacific 1 and
Rock Island 1 per cent Chicago Gas, which
had touched 50 and met some stop orders, then
joined the procession, and it also dropped a
point The movement spread to the general
list and by 2 p. 11. the lowest prices of the day
were reached. Dullness again Decaine the lead
ing feature, but strong.buying of Missouri Pa-i
cine by an influential houso, said to be for in
side account shot that stock urf over a point
ana a half toward the close of business,and the
whole market sympathized in the movement
BurlingtonJtndLackawanna being especially
strong. The market finally closed qnietbut
firm to strong at something better than the
lowest prices. The great majority of the active
list are lower to-night but the only important
losses were Colorado Coal 2 and Union Pa
. , ', i " Si '"V " !
cific 1 per cent while Missouri Pacific, which
closed at the highest price for a week, rose 1.
Railroad bonds were quiet, the sales of all is
sues aggregating $1,350,000, but outside of the
registered West Shore 4s, which contributed
$113,000 to the total, there was little special ani
mation In the market Prices were generally
steady, and tbe changes in all but a few Issues
are entirely insignificant The important ad
vances comprise Burlington, Cedar Rapids and
Northern Ists, 2 to 97; St Louis receipts, 2 td97,
and the Great Western 1st receipts, 2 to 97.
The following table snows tne prices of active
stocks on the New York Stock Exchange.
Corrected daily for The Dispatch by Whit
ney & Stephenson, members of Itew York
Steck Exchange, 67 Fourth avenue:
nigh- Low- Ing
lng. est est. Bids.
Am. Cotton Oil S1H 66
AtCh., Top. 4 B. P.... 42 42 41$ 41
Canadian Pacific 49!j
Canada Southern S2H 62 62. 82
Central orNew Jersey. .,., , 95
CentralFaclflc 33
Chesapeake & Ohio.... 1G 16H UH ISM
0., Bur.i Qulncy..... 92 93ff 90 91 ii
C, Mil. & St. Paul.... 62J4 62Jf 62i 62S
C, Mil.ASt. P., pf....l01 101 10O 1006
C, Kockl. &r 91)a 91& 90JJ 90ft
C., Bt. L. & Pitts .... 16
C., St. L. Fltts. pf.i 87 37- 37 SSK
C., St. P..M.&0 31)2
C, St. P..M. &0 pr. 92K 92) 92K 92
C. & .Northwestern.. ..104J6 104)$ Va VHii
C.& Northwestern, pf. .... I 137M
C. C. U.&I.......7... .. ... 70
Dei., L.- & W. 186M K8!i 134H 135
fake Erie ft Western 17
Lake .Erie 4 West pr,. 1 56
Lake Shore ft At. S...:.101M 101K 101U 1014
Louisville ft Nashville. 62 t2 61?J ei
Michigan Central. 88
Mobiles Ohio '. 10M
Missouri Pacific . 67K ..... .... tvt
Jiew York Central 107i
JJ.Y.. L.E. ftVV 278 an
N. Y&JJ. a...., 43 41W 41H 42j
. Y..O. ftW U KH 1W 16
Jiorfolk ft Western 15
Norfolk ft Western, pf 50 -SO 50 49X
Northern Pacific 23
Nortnern Pacific pref. 60 S0H 60 60)4
OMoft Mississippi..... 21)4 21M 21 20T
Oregon Improvement. 47i 47($ - 47 47
Oregon Transcon 33H 33 32Jf 32Ji
PaciflcMailJ 8854 36V 35 S6
Fhuadel. 4 Beading., 44)4 43
Pullman Palace Car..,179i 179 179K 179
Richmond ft W. P. T.. 25fc MM S5 25X
Richmond ftW.P.T.pf 79
St. Paul ft Dtuuth 33
St. Paul & Uuluth pf. , .... 85
St P., Minn, ft Man 93
Bt. L. ft Ban Fran 22$ 2( 22 22
St. L. ft San Fran pf.. 66 Mb 58 56!
St. L. 4 San F.lst pf.,103 108 108 103
Texas Pacific 18 18" 18 mi
UnlonPaclfic 61 61 60H 60H
Wabash nu
Wabash preferred 25J6
Western Union 84)4 844 81 8IJ4
Wheeling ft L. E j 65 6SK 6o4 MX
A Strong Opening, Which Was Weakened
by Subsequent Tradlna.
Boston, April 3. The stock market onened
very strong to-day, but the subsequent trading
proved the opening prices to be the best of the
day, the influence of the market in Wall street
overcoming the rising tendency here.
AlCIl. C10D..lSt7S. 113
Ogd.ftL-.Cham.com. 5
A. & T. .Land or' 1 7s. 105
Old Colony 171
Wls.Central.com... 15)4
AllonezM'gCo. (new)90
Calumet ft fleda....215
Franklin 11
Huron 2S4
Atch. &Top.B.K..
Boston 4 Albany.. .213jj
Dusioii s jiiame.....iu
a, b. 4q eis
Clnn. San. 4 Cleve. 24)4
Eastern B. B 80)1
Eastern It it 6s 125
Flint ft PereM. ofd. 96
Little B. ft Ft. S. 7s. 100
Mexican Cen. com.. 125f
M. C, 1st More bds. 63
N. Y. ftNewEng... 42K
N. Y.ftNewEng 7s. 126)4
usccoia iz
Qulncy 60
Bell Telephone 225
Boston Land..
Water Power...
Ban Diego ,
. 23
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney 4 Stephenson, brokers. No. 87
Fonrth avenue. Members New York Stock Ex
change. Bid. Asked-
Pennsylvania Railroad., ...-.. 84 64)4
Beading Railroad J ...Z.TilZ ....
Bqfialo, Pittsburg and Western 12)4
Lehigh Valley 53)4 53J4
Lehigh Navigation 61)4 51)4
Allegheny Valley bonds U3U
Pittsburg. Clnn. ft St L. bonds. ...119)4
U. Co.'s New Jersey. 225)4
Northern Pacific, 25 26)6
Northern Paclflo preferred 60Ji 60J4
Prairie fires have been doing great damage
throughout portions of Dakota.
Yesterday's bond offerings were 6.000 reg
istered 4Js at 108, which were accepted.
Tho United States man-of-war Brooklyn,
found at sea in distress and out of provisions
by the British steamer Falshaw, has since ar
rived saf ely at St Thomas.
A freight train on the Chicago, St Louis
and Pittsburg Railroad broke west of Center
ville, Ind., yesterday morning, and killed Ave
persons, supposed to be tramps.
The Indiana Supreme Court overruled the
petition of Sylvester Grubb, the Princeton
youth who murdered his sweetheart, for a new
trial. In consequence, he will be hanged, un
less a respite is granted by the Governor, on
the 12th of this month, at Princeton.
After a vigorous fight the female candi
dates for the city offices at Oskaloosa, Kan.,
won the day by sweeping majorities. At Cot
tonwood Falls the ladies were also triumphant,
Mrs. Minnie Morgan being elected Mayor, with
all the members of the Council of her sex.
The Postmaster General has been officially
informed that the Government of Trinidad,
one of the West India Islands, has established
a subsidized semi-monthly line of steamers to
ply between New York and Port of Spain for
the convenience of the fruit trade and direct
mail service.
In the Toronto Police Court yesterday
morning John Lee West of New Orleans, con
sented to give up tbe money stolen by him from
his employer, Charles Peahney. of New Or
leans. The charge of having brought stolen
money into Canada was then dismissed and
West was released. The stolen money will be
returned to Mr. Feahney.
The cases of James E. Welch, formerly en
gineer, and Winfleld S. Stier, conductor, grow
ing out of the railroad accident last October
near Tuscaraora station, in which seven per
sons were killed, were tried at Rockville, Md.,
yesterday and resulted in their acquittal. It
was alleged that the accident was due to their
negligence in running their train.
General Sigel, the New York Pension
Agent has made good to the Government all
the money known to have been taken by his
son up to the time of his conviction, but letters
are constantly coming in from pensioners stat
ing tbat various snms have been deducted from
their pensions. Treasury agents are at work
examining into the complaints, and, if they
are found to be just tho Government will re
imburse the pensioners.
About 40 switchmen in the Erie yards at
uunaio strnck yesterday morning. The men
went out because three of their number were
discharged ten days ago and not reinstated at
their demand. A delegation from tbe Switch
men's Union visited Superintendent Van Etten
last evening and asked that the men be put
back, or if not they would go out this morning.
Their places are being filled as rapidly as pos
sible. The carpenters and painters strike re
mains unchanged.
The contest for the Mayoralty at Leaven
worth, Kan., lay between D. R. Anthony, Re
Bublican, and L. M. Hacker, Democrat Susan
:. Anthony, sister of the Republican candi
date, worked heroically for him, but Hacker
was elected by about 2,600 maiority. Nearly
4,000 women voted during the day, most of
them casting their ballots for Hacker. A man
was stabbed at one of the precincts, and the
women at another ward became involved in a
wordy war.
The Municipal Council of the Irish Na
tional League at its regular monthly meeting
in Philadelphia instructed Rev. Walter P.
Gouch and John Field, treasurers of a commit.
rtee appointed by the League to collect funds.
to turn over 10 treasurer Aicuany, 01 tne Mu
nicipal Council, all money in their possession,
and that Dr. McCahy be then instructed to
forward 10,000 to Dr. O'Reilly, Treasurer of
tbe Irish National Leagne of America, as part
of Philadelphia's contribution to tbe Parnell
defense fund.
Prof. Ernest a music teacher, recently
eloped with tbe wife of a Winnipeg grocer.
The wife subsequently returned to her hus
band. The other night there were two separate
&uuaos 01 men looiung zor ".rroi." jLTnest.
One numbered about Bo, the other 20. The
smaller crowd found him before the tar and
feathers were ready. He begged and pleaded
so for mercy that they had to substitute axle
grease, syrup, paregoric etc The party gave
him a grand dose of feathers and the foregoing
ingredients. They then showed him his way
out of the city, he having promised never to
turn .up again in Winnipeg.
A collision occurred on the Northern Pa
cific Railroad, near Helena, by which three
people were killed andthree wounded. The east
bound passenger train leaving Helena ran into
a double-header freight train standing on the
side track, wrecking three engines and piling
them in a promiscuous mass on the track. Of
the killed only one has been identified, Charlie
Gieen, a fireman, whose 'home is in Baltimore.
The injured are Harry Conger, A. L. North,
mail agent and Joseph Jackson. None of their
injuries are "serious. The station agent is
blamed for not closing tbe switch,knowing that
the passenger train was due.
The Brooklyn Is on her way from the China
station to New York. Coming right after the
Apia-disaster, the news created a profound
sensation in shipping circles. The Brooklyn's
passage home was not an exceptionally long
one, since many sailing vessels not handicapnod
by any dragging screw, as was the Brooklyn,
have required as many as 150 to 160 days. It is
very likely that in heavy weather som6 of the
provisions may have been spoiled, and the men
were compelled to live on bare Hard-tack and
"salt horse," as Jack calls salt pork,forto
those acquainted with the provisioning of war
ships for long passages it is known that great
quantities of fresh provisions are carried in
improvises Dins on aecx.
--- w.' .
Eggs Drooping, Butter Finn, Tropical
Fruit Ticking Up.
Choice Say and 0at3 in Good Demand,
Wheat Has a Tumble.
Office op the fittsbubo dispatch, j
Wednesday; April3,18S9.
Country Produce Jobbing Prices.
Egg3 again show drooping tendencies. .The
best price that could be had for job lots to-day
was llKc Nearby stock in small lots sell at
12c, which Is tbe outside price. The Elgin But
ter Board advanced prices of creamery K at
the Monday meeting. As there was a drop of
He last week, prices are now the same as two
weeks ago. We do not change onr quotations
on this small rise, as we made no change on last
week's drop. Ohio creamery is in good de
mand and moving out freely. The tropical
fruit trade is picking up. Domestic fruits do
not follow suit In general produce lines there
are no signs of improvement but the reverse
Farmers are kicking hard against returns re
ceived for products consigned to commission
merchants. Our commission men have their
own trials and tribulations this season in the
effort to satisfy shippers. Many of the latter
not only lose their stuff, but are forced to pay
up in addition for expenses. To this class of
shippers explanations are very difficult
Butter Creamery, Elgin, 28c: Ohio do,
2526c; fresh dairy packed, 2021c: country
rolls, 2023c; Chartiers Creamery Co. butter,
Beans Choice medium, fl 90; choice peas,
52 052 15.
Beeswax 2325c fl B for choice: low grade,
Cider Sand refined, $6 607 50; common,
53 504 00; crab cider, $3 008 50 ft barrel;
cider vinegar, 1012c ft gallon.
Cheese Ohio cheese, fall make, 1212c;
New York, fall make, 1213c: Limburger,
lie; domestic Sweitzer cheese, 11K12C
Dried Peas-81 451 60 ft bushel; split do,
2&3Kc f! ft-
Egos IlK12c V dozen for strictly fresh.
Fruits Apples, $1 001 oO ft barrel; evap
orated raspberries. 25c ft ft; cranberries, 88 00
ft barrel; $2 402 50 per bushel.
Feathers Extra live geese, 5060c; No. 1
do., 4045c; mixed lots, 3035c ft ft,
HOMINY $2 652 75 ft barrel.
Honey New crop, 1617c; buckwheat 13
Potatoes Potatoes, 3035o fl bushel; J2 60
2 75 for Southern sweets; S3 253 50 for Jer
scy sweets.
Poultry Live chickens, 90c fl pair:
dressed chickens, 1315c ft pound; turkeys, 18
,20c, dressed, ft pound; ducks, live, 8085o ft
pair; dressed, 1314c ft pound; geese, 1015c
per pound.
Seeds Clover, choice, 62 fts to bushel, $6 ft
bushel; clover, large English, 62 Bs, S6 25;
clover, Alsike, $8 60; clover, white, $9 00; timo
thy, choice, 45 fts, $1 85; blue grass, extra clean,
11 Its, $1 00; blue grass, fancy, 14 fts, $1 20:
orchard grass, 14 fts, $2 00; red top, 14 fts, SI 00:
millet, 50 fts, SI 25; German millet 50 fts, S2 00;
Hungarian gras3. 48 fts, $2 00; lawn grass, mix
ture of fine grasses, 25c per ft.
TALI.OW Country, 45cr city rendered,
Tropical Fruits Lemons, fancy, S3 60
4 00 ft box; common lemons, S3 75 ft box; Mes
sina oranges, 53 004 00 j? box; Florida oranges.
S4 505 00 ft box; Valencia oranges, fancy, 85 50
6 00 ft case: Malaga grapes, S9 0010 00 ft
per keg; bananas, S3 50 firsts: SI 60, good
seconds, ft bunch; cocoanuts, $4 0C4 50 ft
hundred: new figs, 1214c ft pound; dates, 5ii
6Kc ft pound.
Vegetables Celery, 4050c doz. bunches;
cabbages, $1 502 50 ft hundred: new cabbage,
2 002 50 ft crate; onions, 5075c ft barrel;
onion sets, fancy Enes. S3 253 50: Jerseys,
$2 753 00; Western, S2 502 75; turnips, 25
SOc ft bushel. -"
Coffee options have advanced a few points in
New York, and packages here are firm at
quotations. Sugars are strong, notwithstand
ing recent advance. Other groceries are un
changed. Green Coffee Fancy Rio, 2223c; choice
Rio, 2021c; prime Rio, 20c; fair Rio, 18K19c;
old Government Java, 27c; Maracaibo, 22(223c;
Mooha, 30K31Hc; Santos,P922Kc; Caracas
coffee, 20K22c; peaberry, Rio, 2l23c; La
gnayra, 2122c
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands,23c
high grades, 25)27Kc: old Government Java,
bulk, 8233c; Maracaibo, 2728c; Santos,
21K23Kc; peaberry, 26Jc; peaberry Santos,
21j23c: choice Rio, 2oc; prime Rio, 22c;
good Rio, 22c, ordinary, 21c
Spices (whole) Cloves, 21 25c; allspice, 9c;
cassia, 89c; pepper, 19c; nntmeg, 7080c
Petroleum (jobbers' prices) 110 test 7c;
Ohio, 120, 8Kc; headlight 150 8c: water
white, 10Kc; globe, 12c; elaine, 15c; carnadine,
llc; royalinc 14c
8YBUP8 Corn syrups, 2629c; choice sugar
syrup, S338c; prime sugar syrup, 3033c; strict
ly prime, 3335c; new maple syrup, 90c
N. O. Molasses Fanoy, 48c; choice, 46c: me
dium. 43c: mixed, 4042c
Soda Bl-carb in kegs, 3K4c; bi-carb in Jtfs,
5JJc: bi-carb,- assorted packages, 56c; sal-
Duujt 111 negs, i?ac, uu grauuiuteu, zc.
Candles Star, full weight 9c;
per set oXc: paramne. 11012c
mice neau, uaronna, 77C!
T... .:... tZtl . T..tt .... Lf?$lr-
H..WU .-... V.W.,UM. , .41, 711,., (JUUllK- V?.IU
Staboh Pearl, Sc; cornstarch, 5k7c: gloss
starch. 5&7a
Fobeign Fbutts Layer raisins, 52 65; Lon
don layers, $3 10; California London layers,
S2 60; Muscatels, $2 23: California Muscatels;
$1 85: Valencia, new, 67c; Ondara Valencia,
7K8c; sultana, 8c; currants,, new, 4JrJ5c;
Turkey prunes, new, 4ffi5c; French prunes,
8K13c;Salonica prunes, in 2-a packages, Sc:
cocoanuts, per 100, id 00; almonds, Lan., per ft,
20c; do Ivica, 19c; do shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap..
12K15c; Sicily filberts, 12c; Smyrna ngs,12U
16c; new dates, 5K6c; Brazil nuts. 10c;
pecans, ll15c; citron, per ft, 2122c; lemon
peel, per ft, S1314cj orange peel, 12$a
Diued FbUITS Apples, sliced, per 6, 6c;
apples, evaporated, 66Kc; apricots, Califor
nia, evaporated, 1518c; peaches, evaporated,
pared, 2223c; peaches, California, evaporated,
unpared, 1012c; cherries, pitted, 2122c:
cherries, unpitted, 56c; raspberries, evapor
ated, 2424Kc; blackberries, 7Sc; huckle
berries. lOfillic.
Bugabs Cubes, 8K8Kc; powdered, SV
8ic; granulated,! SJi8c; confectioners' A,
via'Jic; sianaaru a, vjjc; soit wnites, l?iwic;
yellow, fair, S
Pickles J
diums. half bbls (600). $2 75.
Salt No. 1 fl bbl, 95e; No. 1 ex; fl bbl, 81 05;
dairy, ? bbl, 81 20; coarse crystal, bbL $1 20;
Higgitfs Eureka, 4 bu sacks, 82 80; Hlggin's
Eureka, 16-14 ft pockets, S3 00.
Cakned Gooss Standard peacnes, $1 30
1 00;2ds, $1 301 35: extra peaches, $1 501 90;
pie peaches, 90c; finest corn, 81 001 50; Hfd.
Co. corn, 7090c; red cherries, 90c$l 00; lima
beans, 81 10; soaked do, 85c; string do do, 75
83c; marrowfat peas, 81 101 15: soaked peas,
7075c; pineapples, $1 401 60; Bahama do,
82 75; damson plums, 95c; greengages, 81 25;
egg plums, 82 W); California pears, 82 50; do
greengages, 82 00; do egg plums. 82 00: extra
white cherries, 82 90; red cherries, 2fis, 90c;
raspberries, 81 151 40; strawberries, 81 10;
gooseberries, 81 201 30; tomatoes, 82)492c;
salmon, 1-ft, 81 752 10; blackberries, SOc; suc
cotash, 2-ft cans, soaked, 90ct do green, 2Bs,
81 251 50; com beef, 2-fi cans, 81 75; 14-lb cans,
813 50: baked beans, SI 4001 45; lobster, 1 ft,
81 751 80; mackerel, 1-ft cans, broiled, 81 50;
sardines, domestic, Vs, H 154 50; sardines,
domestic Js, $8 25ig8 60; sardines, imported,
Ms, 811 6012 50; sardines, imported, Ks, 818 00;
sardines, mustard, 4 00; sardines, spiced, 84 25.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, 836 !
bbl.: extra No. 1 do, mess, 840; extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, 832; extra No. 1 do. messed, S36;
No. 2 shore mackerel, 824. Codfish Whole
pollock, 4Kc fl ft.; do medium George's cod,
6c: do large, 7c; boneless hake, in strips, 6c; do
George's cod in blocks, 67c Herring
Round shore, 85 00 fl bbl.; split 7 00; lake 82 50
) 100-ft.half bbl. White fish $7 ?1 100-ft. half
bbl. Lake trout, 5 50 fl half bbL Finnan
hadders, 10c fl ft. Iceland halibut 13c fl ft.
Buckwheat Flour 225 ft ft.
Oatmeal 6 306 60 fl bbl.
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained, 5860c
ft gallon. Lard oil, 75c.
Grain, Flonr and Feed.
Total receipts as bulletined at the Grain Ex
change, 24 cars. By Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and
Chicago, 3 cars of hay, 2 of feed, 1 of straw,
2 of oats, 1 of flour, 1 of barley. By Pittsburg.
Cincinnati and St. Louis, 2 cars of oats, 2 of
hay, 1 of s. corn. By Baltimore and Ohio, 3
cars of hay, 1 of oats. By Pittsburg and Lake
Erie, 2 cars of corn, 2 of hay.Jof nats. There
was but 1 sale on call, viz.: a car of sample oats
at33c elevator. Corn of all varieties is ex.
ceedingly depressed. Mlllfeed is little better.
No. 2 white oats are in excellent demand at
outside quotations, because of their scarcity.
Other grades aie very slow, because of their
abundance. Choice nay is not in supply equal
to demand. The reverse is true of common
grades. May wheat was beared In Chicago this
morning to the extent of 4c per bushel. At
noon the rates for May wheat were Soiic The
opening price was 99Kc. The lowest point
touched by June wheat this morning was 92)4c
and July 85c The downward movement is
largely speculative, but the drift of both wheat
and flonr is toward a lower le vel of prices,
.WHEAT-nJobbiug prices-No. 2 red, il 02
l,03:No.3red,9193c. ,
Corn-No. 2 vellow.ear, 38a3Sc; high mixed
c; yellow, dark, 6c '
tedium, bbls. (L200). S4 fin- tno.
ear, -S8K37c; No. 1 yellow,-shelled," S839c;
No. 2 yellow, shelled,) 37H38c; binh mixed,
shelled, 3737Kc: mixed, shelled, 853Cc
Oats No. 2 white, 32K33c; extra. No, 3,31
31Kc;No.3 white, 303OKctNo. 2 mixed, 23
RYE No. 1 "Western. 7075c; No. 2, 5556c
Barley No. 1 Canada, 9598c: No. 2 Cana
da, 8588c; No. 3 Canada, 7072c; Lake Shore,
7880c '
Flour Jobbing prices, winter patents, J6 25
6 50; spring patents, $6 506 75: winter straight
So 505 75; clear winter, to 005 25; straight
XXXX bakers' S4 755 00. Rye flour, J4 CO.
Millveed Middlings, fine white, 316 00
17 00 ft tonr brown middlings. 13 0013 60;
winter wheat bran, S13 00U 60; chop feed,
S15 0016 00.
Hay Baled timothy, choice, $14 25014 50;
No.l do, J13 50614 00: No. 2 do, JU 60012 00;
loose from wagon, $18 002U 00; No. I upland
prairie. S10 O010 25; No. 2, 8 0008 60; packing
do. S6 7&S7 00.
Straw Oats. S8 00Q8 25; wheat and rye
straw, 87 007 50S8 00.
Sugar-cured, hams, large, 10ic; sugar-cured
hams, medium, 10c; sugar-cured hams, small,
llc;J sugar-cured breakfast bacon, l(c; sugar
cured shoulders, 8c: sugar-cured boneless
shoulders, 9c; sugar-cured California hams,
8c; sugar-cured dried beef flats, 8c: sugar
cured dried beef sets,9Kc; sugar-cured dried
beef rounds, HKc: bacon shoulders, 7Kc; bacon
clear sides. 8c; bacon clear bellies, 8c: dry
salt shoulders,o;dry salt clear sldes,7c Mess
Eork, heavy, $14 00; mess pork, family, $14 50.
ard Refined in tierces, 7JJc; half barrels, 7c;
60-ft tubs, 7c; 20 ft pails, 7c; 50-ft tin cans,
7c; 8-ft tin pails, 8c; 5-ft tin pails, 7Kc; 10-6
tin palls, 7c Smoked sausage, long, 6c;large,
5c Fresh pork links. 9c Pigs feet, half barrel,
S3 75; quarter barrel. SI 75,
Dressed Meat.
Armour & Co. furnish the following prices on
dressed meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 650 &3,
6c; 550 to 650 fts, 6c; 650 to 750 fts, 6Kc Sheep,
7c ft ft. Lambs, 8Kc ft ft. Hogs, 6c
Lumber. '
There is a growing demand for poplar wood
for inside finish. Walnut appears to be recov
ering its lost prestige, and bids fair to become
popular again, as in years gone by. Yard quota
tions of lumber have not changed, but there is
a stiffening tendency in markets. Jobbing
rates are higher than last spring, and retail
3 notations are not unlikely to advance when
le season is fully on.
Clear boards, per M.. $52 00o5 00
Select common boards, per M. 30 00
Common boards perM 20 00
Sheathing 18 00
Pine frame lumber nerM 22 00(327 00
Shingles, So. i, lain, per SI 500
Shingles, So, 2, IS In. per M..... 3 75
Lath. .7. :. 300
Clear boards, per M. $ 6000
Surface boards , SO 0035 00
Clear, K-inch beaded ceiling - 26 00
Partition boards, peril 3500
Floorlnsr, No.l 30 00
Flooring, No. 2 25 00
Yellow pine flooring 50 004OOO
Weather-boarding-, moulded. No. 1,
ou uu
25 00
20 00
v eamer-ooaraing, mouiaea, no. z..
Weather-boarding, H-lnch...
Ash, 1 to 4 In $40
Black walnut green, lop run 45
link walnut, dry, log run 60
Cherry 65
Green white oak plank, 2 to 4 in 25
Dry white oak plank, Zto 4 In 25
Dry white oak boards, lln 35
West Va. yellow pine, 1 Inch 20
West Va. yellow pine, 1 Inch 25
West Va. yellow poplar, Ktolln 25
Hickory, 1 to 3 in....... 13
Hemlock building lumber, perM
Bunk rails .
Boat studding
Coal car plank
Ash, 1 t041n 25 0030 00
Black walnut green, log run 45 00330 on
Black walnut dry, log run 30 00eoo
Green white oak plank, 2 to 4 in 17 001320 00
Dry white oak plank, 2,to4In 18 0020 00
Dry white oak boards, lln 19 00320 00
West Va. yellow pine, lln 18 owaao 00
WestVa. yellow pln IX In 19 00022 00
VestVa. yellow poplar, Mtolin lsoor&soo
Hickory. Vito 3 in . 18 00322 on
Hemlock building timber, 1M 10 0012 00
Bunk rails 1400
Boat studding. 1400
Coal car plank isoo
Dealers Laughed at Us.
"When we said last year that people had
common sense enough to call at a place of
business to buy a sewing machine and not
be annoyed by persistent peddlers. People
are wise in this generation and know a good
thing when they see it. Kow, when a ped
dler calls and persists in "just leaving his
machine over night" he is met with "be off
with you; will call at Hopper Bros. & Co.,
and get a sewing machine when we need it
and not before." Very sensible people
indeedl Dear reader, don't forget our place"
of business is 307 Wood street ttssu
The People's Store.
Our grand opening of parasols, sunshades
and umbrellas is attracting great attention,
anu our very tow prices piease tne ladies.
Campbeli & Dick.
in the mar
ket at lowest
ruling prices. No advance in
prices during the season to
regular trade. In ordering
from wagons see that they
carry our trade mark, THE
I April ist principal
I nffirp will r-if r.
moved to our new building,
Thirteenth and Pike streets.
Principal Office Telephone No. 703.
East End Telephone No. 5058.
Southside Telephone No. 605L
Allegheny Telephone No. 3100.
Thirteenth and Pike streets.
Capital, 5100,000, with privilege of 8500,000.
Surplus and undivided profits, $23,600.
Transacts a General Banking Business. Ac
counts Solicited. Collections a Specialty.
Interest allowed on time deposits.
JAa CALLERY President
W.J.BURNS Vice President
Sailing every Wednesday from Philadelphia
and Liverpool. Passenger accommodations for
all classes unsurpassed. Tickets sold to and
from Great Britain and Ireland, Norway, Swe
den, Denmark, etc.
General agents. 307 Walnut st Philadelphia.
Full information can be had of J. J. McCOR
MICK, Fourth avenne and Smithfield street.
LOUIS MOESER, 616 Smithfield street.
Auranla, Apr. 6, 9:30 AMIUmbria, Apr. 13, 3 p M
Uallla, Apr. 10, lPMlServla, Apr. 20, 9am
Cabin passage. 60, (so and SIOO; Intermediate,
35. Steerage tickets to and from all parts of
Europe at very low rates.
VERNON H. BKOWN & CO., General Agents,
t . ,. ,..tJ?9wJl!nB Green, New York.
Fourth ave. and Smithfield St., Pittsburg.
State Line
To Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin
and Liverpool.
Cabin passageJ35 and S50, according to location
of stateroom. Excursion $05 to J80.
steerage to and from Europe at Lowest Bates.
AUSTIN BALDWIN 4 CO.. General Agents,
B Broadway, New York.
J.J. McCORMICK. Aflonl, Pittsburg. Pa.
1 route to London and the Continent.
Express Steamer Service twice a week from
New York to Southampton (London, Havre),
!Trave.Apr.3.8AJt. I Ss.Elbe . Apr. 13, 3 P. M.
B8.Fulda.Apr.6,10AM 8s.Elder.Apr. 16.6:3UA.M
8a.Lahn.Apr. 10.1P.X Ss. Aller. Apr. 17, 7 A. St.
First Cabin, Winter rates, from $75 upward.
burg. Pa.
& CO, Agents, Pltts-
OELRICHS&CO., 2 Bowling Green, New
York City. . Ja29-7M
. i' V -
00f75 00
OC75 00
00(330 00
OOf 25 00
0030 00
00(5)30 00
O022 00
13 00
15 00
14 00
13 00
Our little girl when bns three weeks old
broke out with eczema. We tried the nrescrio-1
tion from several good doctors, but without
any special ueneai. w e tried . ts. u., ana or
the time one bottle was gone, her head began 1
to heal, and by the time she had taken six not-1
ties she was completely cured. Now she has a
full and heavy head of hair a robust, health v.
child. I feel It but my duty to make this state- J
ment H. T. SHOBE, Rich Hill, Mo.
.PS-Send for our Books on Blood and Skin Sis
eases and Advice to Sufferers, mailed tree.
The Swift Specific Co-fel-7-rrs
Drawer 3, Atlanta, Qa.
EczemaItchy, Scaly, Skin Totm-
Tie ilipl. ppUclon of "Swim's Oiw;" wUm
STiSSrS ob.tin.to or ton- imll. K1 J7 jS?
or lent Vr mU Sir 50 ett. S Bom, L2S. AAJreMjJtt.
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts.,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this week in K"
Tot largest assortment and lowest price call
and see us.
No. 410 Smithfield St..
CAPITAL, . . - . 300,000 00.
JAMES V. SPEER. Vice Prest
mh22-95-D JOHN F. STEEL. Cashier.
On mortgages on improved real estate in sums
of 51,000 and upward. Appl v at
mh4-31-r No. 124 Fourth avenue.
Oil bought and sold on margin. de27-21-Dsa
fill pew .ivvm? tifnaTTT a s
As old residents know and back files of Pitts-
ourg papers prove, is the oldest established and.
most prominent pnysiaan in the city, devoting
special attention to all chronic diseases. From
MppWni f and mental diseases, physical
'iuii i wj uecay, nervous aeouiir, lacK OI..H
energy, ambition and hope, impaired mem- fi
ory, disordered sight, self-distrust, bashfulness,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, im-'jj
poverished blood, fallingpowers. organic weak--j
HMQ Hvan.n.l. Xrme.ln.tlnn Anno,,......!.,.. .... "3
uluiiv Liuiiitfrann inr iiiisitir?. wiatt nnn mav-?jBi
riage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
Dl nnn AMn CIIM diseases in all
OLUUU rtlMU OrVIH staees. eruptions..
blotches, falling hair, bone pains, glandularis
ovvciuugs, uiuexabiuus ul muffle, moum, luroaiL-j
ulcers, old sores, are cured for life, and blood M
poisons thoroughly eradicated from the system. jS
lIRIMARV kidney and bladder derange-a5
Uninrtn I jment3,weak back, gravel, ca- i3
tarrbal discharges, inflammation and other M
paimui symptoms receive searching treatment; j
prompt reiiei ana real cures.
Dr. VVhittier's life-long, extensive ezperiencd r
insures scientific and reliable treatment on .
common-sense nrincinlea. Consultation frpn '
Patients at a distance as carefully treated as if -a
nere. vmce uours a a. m. to a p. sr. aunaiy,
10 A. M. to 1 p. M. only. DR. WHITTIER, 814
Jf enn avenue, Pittsburg, Pa. f eB-o-Dsuw
Health, Energy and Strength secured by uting
AHORASDA WAFERS. These wafers are
guaranteed SPECrFic and the only reliable and
safe remedy for the permanent core otlmpotency,'
no matter how long standing. Nervous Neuralgia,
Headache, Nervous Prostration caused by the usa
alcohol or tobacco, Sleeplessness. Mental Depress,
ion. Softening of the Brain resulting in insanity
and leading to misery, decay and death, Prematura
Old Age, Barrenness, Spermatorrhoea, Harrassin'e
Dreamj, Premature Decay of Vital Power, caused
by over exertion of the brain, self-abuse or ovei
indulgence. 73 cents per box or six boxes for,
84X0, sent by mail prepaid on receipt of price,"
Six boxes is the complete treatment and with
every purchase of six boxes at one time we will
give a
if the wafers do not benefit or effect a permanent
cure. Prepared only by the BOSTON MEDICAL.1
INSTITUTE. For salo only by JOSEPH
FLEMING & SON. 412 Market Street, Pitts
burgh, Pa., P. 0. Box 37. to whom all.commuuK
cation should be addressed.
Luai viuun.
Fall particulars In pamphlet
sent free. The genuine Gray's
Speclne sold by druggists only In'
yenow wrapper. Price, l per
on receipt or price, far addres-
lug THE GKAT j
ia tMK ,?.-. . -rr"w
6I).II.M . w .L J " " "--'--' -."";
ti4 iu A iiHUiirir mr pt. - hiii.i.i iuii Mfinta
-ja. mucin am., uiuerty 8-8. aplZ-53
For men! Checfca thn wnr.t tm& An tVi-rV
days, and cnrei In five days. Price 81 00. at rM
For LOST or Palling
Body Mind,
Velonment. ra:
ness, weakness
Lack of Strength. Vltror and
yelopment, caused by Errors, Excesses, Ac. Boo
and Proofs mailed
(sealed) free. Address E&LB MEDICAL CO:;-
iuniti&iwi 1
f " JJJ V UtVlgorsndMinboodB!Ted. Pr- ,
MfrV.sDlT aiatoreDeelfti-andl'iiMtlonaldifor.
JIT- ffc Am. nmd StomKh MedlciBM. i
Ul rtUriW 'Mqjronca.iSPuknM,,j..i,
de-15 -STT3WTC
suffciiAu frum tl ef
fl 9 TT.m iots, earlj decay, 1
lecu oi vontarui
i tnatb (Kaled
containing' full particulars Cor home core.
PROF. F. O. FOWLER, Moodu, Conn.

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