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Fall Beturns of Week's Transactions
at Liberty Yards.
Sheep and Lambs in Supply Far Below
Demands of Trade.
Office of PmsBrao DkptchJi
TiiubsdaY. April 11, 18S9L J
It will be seen from the accompanying
report that local receipts of cattle are 300
head less than last 'week. In fact the
figures this week show a lighter run thatr
any time this rear. Good butcher stock
were fully 25c above prices that ruled last
week. Stickers did not advance, though
buyers were "-plenty and willing to pay full
market prices. The trouble both last week
and this week has been that the bulk of stock
ers and feeders received were of low grade, and
this class is not wanted by stock ralsereof
"Western Pennsylvania. All of good quality
and condition were picked up at once, and
many more of this kind would have found
ready customers. The proportion of light and
heavy cattle received this week was better
adapted to the wants of our borne trade than
for some time past.
There have of late been too large a propor
tion of light weights. The season for veal
calves is now at its height. About 12,000 head
have been on the market since Mondav. Prices
show drooping tendencies, with $1 50 as the
outside figure to-day.
Sheep nnd Lambs.
The market is red hot and prices are fully 50c
per cwt. above those of last week all along the
line. There were very few good wool sheep
among the supplies. The higher grades are
held back at this season by farmers until the
weather is sufficiently settled for clipping pur
poses. The clippers that are coming are of
oetter duality than the wool sheep.
Speaking of the present boom in sheep mar
kets one dealer said: "X look lor a break in a
few days. Already there are signs of a break
at Buffalo and other live stock centers. Mar
kets have been wild for a week past and a re
action is sure to come." Another stockman
said: "I look for a break, but not for a -week or
two yet. Farmers will hold back their sheep
until winter weather is certainly goc,e. Such a
storm as last Saturday shows that we are not
yet out of the woods, as far as danger from
weather is concerned. Put me down as be
lieving that the break will not come for a week
or two."
Markets at Chicago to-day are about steady,
with $4 65 to H 85 as the range. The run at
Liberty was 2,000 bead more this week than
last, and 4,000 more than the previous week.
Markets have been slow all the week, except
for choice selected Yorkers. With a very light
run yesterday and to-day markets are a shade
stronger and prices better than at the begin
ning of the week.
8. B. Hedges fc Co., in their weekly state
ment sent out to customers, give the following
as the situation. Cattle advanced 15c to 26c
over last week's prices:
Frlme, 1,500 to 1,700 pounds..
Prime. 1.100 to 1.400 pounds..
Good. J.OOO to 1.300 pounds...
Good, 950 to l,0o0 pounds
Veals, dull
Co vrs and light bulls
Heavy and stock bulls
fl 45(34 00
4 15(34 40
3 gam io
3 40(3 70
4 035)4 50
, 2 50&SI5
Good and best Ycrkers (3 10(33 15
Heavy. SOO5io
Soughs 3 T5&4 S3
Prime, 100 to 110 pounds,
4 00S75
Following is report of week's transactions at
Liberty yards:
Thro'. Local.)
Thursday 460 loi 2.EK 1,110
Friday 1,030 SO 6.25 1,100.
Saturday 540 801 I, lis 660
bunday SOO SlOl 6,100 3,630
Monday 460 110 1,875 110
Tuesday. 30 140 1,43 2.M0
Wednesday 740 40 1,53 1,760
Total 2,840 1,310 STOO 10,670
Last week 1,530 L,eto M.5) 12,210 '
Thursday 1 mj
Friday .... 8 1,308 1,140
baturday 2 j.ss 409
Monday 1,041 4,974 2,023
Tuesday 220 MS 1.S63
ednesdav 16 455 1,331
Total 1,288 9,73 6,816
Last week 1,616 8.790 7,449
Br Telegraph.
New Yoek: Beeves Receipts, 44 carloads
for city slaughterers direct, 20 carloads for ex
portation and 7 carloads for the market. The
sale cattle were preserved for to-morrow's
trade and there was nothing doing In the cattle
ren6: dressed beef was firm and higher at 6
7c for common to prime sides; shipments, 854
beeve 70 sheep and L4S0 quarters of beef.
To-day's cable advices from London and Liver
pool quote American refrigerator beef steady
at Sc per pound. Sheep Receipts, 5,600 head;
market easier and, lower for all descriptions,
and not all sold; unshorn sheep ranged from
So 256 S3 per 100 pounds; clipped do from
54 6005 25: unshorn yearlings from $5 257 50;
clipped do from $5 006 00; spring lambs from
J3 505 50 per head. Hops Receipts. S80,
none for sale alive; nominally dull at 5 20
Kansas Cmr-Cattle Receipts. 2,324 head;
shipments, 1,403 head; dressed beef and ship-
Einc steers steady to stroRjr; medium weights,
alf stockers and feeding steers active; good to
choice cornied, f4 42g4 45; common to me
dium. S3 004 00; stockers and feeding steers,
$3 303 60; cows. $1 753 00. Hogs Receipts,
6,608 head; shipments. 3,412 head; market weak
and 5c lower; good to choice, 4 454 50; com
mon to medium. H 20i 40. Sheep Receipts,
552 head: no shipments; market steady: good
to choice muttons, $4 254 50; common to
medium. 2 604 00.
St. Lours Cattle Receipts. 600 head; ship
ments, 1,100 head: market strong; choice heavy
steers, H 004 60; fair to good do, $3 104 00;
stockers and feeders, fair to gooi S2 003 20:
rangers, com-fed. S2 Ma3 60: grass-fed. $2 10
2 9a Hogs Receipts. 3,100 head: shipments.
8,800 head; market lower: choice heavy and
butchers' selections, S4 65JJ4 75; packing, me
dium to prime, 4 504 70; light grades, or
dinary to best, $4 65&4 75. Sheep Receipts,
200 bead; shipments. 200 head; market strong;
fair to choice, $3 00o 00.
Chicago Cattle Receipts. 6,000 head: ship
ments, 7.000 head; market active and lower;
beeves, $4 75: steers. S3 451 35; stockers and
feeders. S2 503 70; Texas tteers, $3 253 9a
Hogs Receipts. 16,000 bead; shipments, 8,000
head; market slow and 10c lower; mixed, $4 65
(J4 80; heavy. S4 554 75; light. $4 704 75:
skips. S3 504 40. Sheep Receipts, 7.000 head;
shipments, 6,000 head; market easier: natives.
S4 005 50; Western cornfed, S3 754 50; lambs.
4 76 25.
Buffalo Cattle Market active and
steady; receipts. 2.000 head through: 40 head
sale: good, S4 004 25. Sheep and lambs weak
and 10c lower; receipts. 600 bead through: 6.400
head sale: good sheep, $5 155 25; lambs, $6 00
6 4a Hogs Market active and 10615c lower;
receipts, 7,500 head through: 2,000 head sale;
mediums and Yorkers, $5 005 ia
CUSCts Nati Hoes abundant and lower; com
mon and light, S4004 85: packing and butchers',
S4 706 95; receipts, 2,350 head; shipments, 870
Dry (roods.
New" Yoek. April 11. Demand for drygoods
was more moderate to-day, though business is
still regarded as fair for this period. An im
portant drive was made in popular standard
prints at 5c off by the case and 5c by the
piece. Regular purchasers sell at regular
prices. Buyers are beginning to place orders
for some fall goods, such as blankets, flannel
dress goods, shawls, eta The market is steady,
thou-h goods kindred with print cloths sym
pathize to a limited extent with that market.
Metal Klnrkcr.
New Yobk Pig iron steady and quiet. Cop
per dull and heavy; lake, April, J14 50 Lead
firmer and livelier; domestic, S3 7ft Tin quiet
and easy; Straits, S20 &U
Wool Markets.
St. Louis The market Is quiet and un
changed. Receipts continue light.
When babv wu(fv w c-r her Castoria.
.When she was i rn.n fcAHArifnr Castoria
'wen 'be became Miss, she clung to Castoria,
j snenaachildren,she gave them castoria.
Wheat Active at a Lower EnngeVjf Prices
Corn and Oats About Steady Hog
Products Lively and Jrrejrnlar.
CHICAGO Trading in wheat was quite active
to-day, principally for July delivery, which at
present is attracting the most attention. The
feeling was weaker and prices ruled lower all
round. MayclosedJcandJuneJiclowerthan
closing figures of yesterday; July opened Kc
lower, sold off Jc more, advanced c and then
declined lc, advanced c and closed Kclower
than yesterday. The weakness and decline re
sulted from a renewed desire to sell, influenced
by the favorable showing made by the Govern
ment crop report, cloudy weather and rains in
some sections.
The rain, it appears, according to the weather
map, was scattering, a pretty general fall of
rain in Southern Dakota, but little in Minne
sota and scattering over the Southwest. The
surface speculative trading on behalf of local
operators developed rather heavy selling,
especially by some two or three floor traders,
with good buying by others. The course of the
market would Indicate that selling predom
inated. Only a moderate business was transacted in
corn, fluctuations being confined within narrow
limits, and trading chiefly of a local character.
The feeling was comparatively steady, though
at times an easier tone was apparent, but
values did not vavy materially from the prices
established late in yesterday's session.
The feature of the trading in oats was the in
creased business, and the declines of c on
June and c on July, due to free general sell
ing and a lack of demand from local or outside
resources. At the decline sellers tried to buy
back part of their early sales, and In so doing
caused a reaction of ic The weakness in
the more deferred futures bad its effect on the
May delivery, which, late in the day, receded
Jc from outside figures.
Mess pork wasquiteactiveatirregularprices.
Opening sales were made at 1012c decline,
and a further reduction of 10c was quicklv sub
mitted to. Later the demand improved 10c,
but settled back again 25c, and the market
closed steady. Lard was easier, fluctuating
within a narrow range, and closing at medium
figures. Short nbs were fairly active, and
closed at medium prices, with small fluctua
tions. The leadinr futures rauren as follows:
WHEAT No. 2 May, S686k85S6c;
June. 85Ji86V85S6c; July, 83SS
s&VG&.c; year, s;
I535c; July. So?35K035J;35Jc.
o. 2 May. 2&f e253;e231ca25 Kc: J une.
25Ke2524K24Kc; J uly, 252524K24Kc.
Mess Poke, per bbL Mav. ill 50011 50
U 40U 50; June, Sll 55U 60011 55011 60;
July, eil fi5ll-70U 57U 67K.
Lard, per 100 tts. May. S6 82k6 856 82
6 82K; J une. S6 87K6 906 87&6 8; July,
92K6 H2J406 906 82).
Shout Ruts, per 100 tts. May. S5 92K
5 955 87X5 92K; June. S5 956 005 958 00;
July. $8 0o6 07K6 026 07
Cash quotations were as follows: Klour steady
and unchanged. No. 2 spring wheat, S5M
85c;No.3 spring wheat, 78c; No. 2 red, 85,
gaojc No. 2 corn, 34c o- 2 oats. 25c No.
2 rye. 43c. No. 2 barley, nominal. No. 1 flax
seed. SI 54. Prime timothy seed. SI 2bl 28.
Mess pork, per barrel, Sll 45011 60. Lard,
per 100 lbs, S6 &U Short ribs sides (loose),
S5. 906 oa Dry salted shoulders (boxed),
S5 S7K55a Short clear sides (boxed), S6 S7H
6 50. Sugar Cut loaf, S?8Kc; granulated,
8c; standard "A," 7c. Receipts Flour. 1L
000 barrels; wheat, 22,000 bushels: corn. 129,000
bushels; oats. 100,000 bushels: rye, 5,000 bush
els: barley, 33,000 bushels. Shipments Flour,
17,000 barrels; wheat, 81.000 bushels; corn. 196,
000 bushels: oats.75,000-bushels; rye, 8,000 bush
els; barley. 12.000 bushels.
On the Produce Exchange to-day the butter
market w as active and unchanged. Eggs w eak
New York Flour less active and (weak.
Wheat Spot qniet and c lower: options
active and Jic lower. Barley and barley
malt quiet. Corn Spot quiet and weaken
options K5c lower and fairly active. Oats
Spot firm and quiet; options fairly active
and easier. Hay steady and quiet. Coffee
Options opened quiet and unchanged to 5
points down; closed firm at 510 points up:
sales, 26.500 bags, including April, 16.5016.60c;
May, 16.6016.70c; June. 16.8O0iaS5c: July,
16.8016.'X)c: August. 16.9o17.00c: September.
17.0517.20c; October, 17.1517.20c: November,
17.2017.25c; December, 17.2017.30c: January,
17.20c; February. 17.2017.b5c: March, 17.80c;
spot Rio quiet: fair cargoes atlSJJc. Sugar
Raw excited and active; fair refining. 5 15-16c:
centrifugals, 96 test. 6c; sales 60.000 bags
centrifugals, basis 96 test, at,4c and 2,000
tons Muscovado at 55 15-16C; refined firm.
Molasses Foreign quiet; 50 test, 2626Jic;
sales 437 hhds.Tnnidad at 27c: New Orleans
dnIL Rice quiet and steady. Cottonseed oil
steady. Tallow quiet; city at 4JJc Rosin
steady and quiet. Turpentine Light stock;
quiet at 4Sc bid. Eges in moderate demand;
western, 10llc; receipts. 8.282 packages.
Fork -quiet: old mess, 12 5012 75: new mess,
S13 &013 75; extra prime, $12 6U Cut meats
steady: pickled bellies, 12 pounds, 7c;
pickled shoulders, 5Jc; pickled hams. 1010Mc:
middles quiet; short clear, S6 85. Lard dull
and easy; western steam quoted at S7 207 22X,
spot, and S7 15 c and f.; sales ciy, S6 70; April,
S7 18; Mav. S7 18; June, S7 21. July, S7 23; Au
gust, S7 25; September. S7 277 23, closing at
S7 28. Butter in firm demand; western dairv,
1220c: do creamery, ls26c; Elgins, 27$
28c. Cheese quiet; western, 810Kc.
St. Louis Flour quiet and easy. Wheat
lower;: the opening was weak on favorable
weather here and reports of general rains, the
Government report of W as the average condi
tion of winter wheat having a bearish effect
also; there was a short rally and at the cloe
May was , June 1, July and August JKc
below yesterday; No. 2 red,cab, 87c asked:
May, 86eS7ic closed at 87Kc; June, 83Ji
84c closed at 83c; July, 77?i78c, closed
at 77Jc: August, 76Ji7777Jc, closed at
77lc, bid. Corn lower and unsettled; No. 2
mixed, cash, 29K30Kc; May. 303030c
closed at 30VJ bid; July. 32K32c, closed at
32VJc bid; August, 33Ji33gc; closed at 33Jc.
Oats lower; No. 2, cash, 2oJic bid: May, 25JJ
25c closed at 25a Rj e Offerings and
demand late; No. 2, 43c; nominal. Flaxseed at
!1 45. Provisions dull.
Philadelphia Flour weak and unsettled.
Wheat Pot steady but quiet; futures neglect
ed and nominal; N o. 2 red, April, 9092c; June,
9092c; July, 86087c Corn Options dull and
low er; sales No. 3 mixed in grain depot at
41Kc;No. 3 yellow in do at 42c: No. 2, high
mixed and yellow, in do at 42Kc: No. 1 yellow
in do 43e; No. 2 mixed. April, 4IJi042Kc; May,
41s442c; June, 42J25c; July, 42X043. Oats
Carlots quiet and prices favored buyers; No.
2 mixed at 31c; No. 3 white, 3Hfc: April. 3S0
33c: May, 3333KcS June. 33WJ3Jic: July,
334c Butter firm; extra, 20027c; do prints,
extra. 28029c
Cincinnati Flour heavy. Wheat in fairde
mand; No. 2 red, 85087c; receipts. 1,000 bushels;
shipments, 1,200 bushels. Corn barely steady:
No. 2 mixed, 35c Oats in moderate demand and
easier; No. 2 mixed, 27Vc R e easier; No. 2, 48
51c Pork easy at S12 5a Lard dull at $6 75.
Bulkmeats and bacon quiet and unchanged.
Butter. firm. Sugar qniet, Eggs in demand.
Cheese steady.
Milwaukee Flour steadv. Wheat unset
tled; cash. 80Jic; May, 81Kc: Julv, 82Kc Corn
easier; No. 3, 32033c Oats dull; No. 2 white, 23
02Sc Rye steady; No. 1, 44c Barley quiet;
No. 2 55c Provisions easy. Pork. Sll 3a Lard,
J6 75. Cheese steady; Cheddars. 11011c
Baltimore Provisions dull and quiet.
Butter firm: Western packed. 18020c;
creamery, 26027c Eggs firm at 12c Coffee
quiet: Rio, fair. 18c
Toledo Cloverseed dull; cash and April,
$4 65; receipts, 45 bags; shipments, 747 bags.
The market remains practically the same as
at the date of the former report. Consumers
are buying very sparingly, and makers are un
willing to make free offerings at present prices.
Tbey look for an improvement.
PIG Iron Neutral Gray force, S14 50,
cash; wtite and mottled, J14 00014 50. cash;
all ore mill. $15 75016 00, cash: No. 1 foundry,
S17 25017 50, cash; No. 2 foundry, $16 00, cash;
No. 2 charcoal foundry. $21 00021 50. cash:
cold blast charcoal, $25 00028 GO, cash; Bessemer
iron. $16 75017 Oft cash.
Ferro-Manganese Eighty per cent,S55 00
050 00; speigel-eisen, 628 00028 50 f or20per cent
Manufactured Iron Bars, $1 7501 80, 60
days, 2 per cent off: skelp, grooved, $1 6001 85;
sheared. SI 9502 Oa
Muck Bar $27 75 is the extreme
Billets Bessemer steel, $28 50 cash; nail
slabs, $27 75028 00; domestic bloom and rail
ends. $19 00019 60.
Nails Carlots 12d to 40d, $185, 60 days; 2
per cent off for cash.
Wrought Iron Pipe Discounts on steam,
gas and water pipe; black. to 1-inch, 55 per
cent, IK to 12 Inches, 6 galvanized, to
IJi-lnch, 47J per cent; IK to 12 inches, 65 per
cent: oil well casing, 60 per cent; 5 Inch cas
ing, 37 per net foot; 2-mch tubing, 1S boiler
tubes, 62J, and oil well casing, GO per cent off
large lots.
Merchant Steel Took SJc; crucible
spring, 4Kc; crucible machinery, 5c; open
hearth machinery, 2c
Rail Fastenings Spikes, 2.20c per pound,
30 days; splice bars. !.8O0LS5c per pound; square
nut track bolts. 2.7502.85c, and hexagon nut.2.00
2.95c, f. o. b. Pittsburg.
Old Rails American tees, $24 00024 50;
steel do, $18 50 for short, $19 50 for long.
Steel Rails Heavy sections. $28029 cash,
at works.
Scrap Iron No.1 wrought, $21021 25 pernet
ton;.cast scrap, $156O016: wrought turnings. $13
014. net: cast borings, $12013, gross: car axles,
$25 00025 60, net; old car wheels, $19 00019 50,
gross; rail ends, $19 50020 00; bloom do, $19 60,
Skelp Iron Grooved sizes, $1 65, cash;
sheered, $1 9a
Salvation Oil, the great pain destroyer,
ii what everyone needs." Pnce25 cents.
No Scarcity of Building Sites in the
Vicinity of Pittsburg.
The Government Taken to Task for Neg
lecting Eiver Interests.
Said a prominent real estate dealer yes
terday: "I noticed a statement in one of
the city papers a day or two ago to the ef
fect that all the business sites in and about
Pittsburg had been Becured by corporations
or ipdividnals. If this were true it would
be alarming. But it is not true. There are
plenty of such sites on the market at reason
able prices. True, ttiey are not in the heart
of the city, which is fall of other business
better adopted to thickly-settled communi
ties, but tbey are convenient to the rivers
and railroads and are admirably adapted
to any kind of manufacturing. These
sites abound on both rivers
on the Monongahela from near Soho to
Braddock and above, and on the Allegheny
from the city line to several miles above
Sharpsburg, Wilkinsburg, Swissvale,
"Wall's Station; above the city, the "West
End and the Sewickley Valley below, con
tain many fine manufacturing sites, with all ad
vantages of natural gas and quick transporta
tion to alljiarts of the country. Few cities are
so well provided in this respect as Pittsburg,
and any attempt to create a contrary impres
sion is a blow at the best interests of the city."
Philadelphia is not only sustaining its repu
tation as a city of homes, but is making its
claim to the title unassailable. On Monday
permits tor about 400 buildings were taken out.
They will be put up by capitalists and sold to
working people at a fair valuation, and on the
easy payment plan. Pittsburg capitalists are
catching on to this spirit of enterprise. If
carried to a legitimate conclusion it will be of
great benefit to the city.
Samuel W. Black & Co. have a property on
Diamond street, below Wood, for which they
ask $40,000. They have been offered almost
that price, but are holding out for the full
amount. The offer was made by a gentleman
who believes the street will be widened and
thus enhance the value of property.
The neglect of the river interests by the gen
eral government is a standing grievance among
steamboatmnn. One of them said yesterday:
"If this neglect continues It won't be long until
the river interests are completely wiped out.
Ohio river navigation is becoming more diffi
cult every year, lean remember when there
were lines of magnificent passenger and freight
steamers dying regularly between Pittsburg
and all the lower country cities as far down as
New Orleans, and to the headwaters of the
Mississippi and Missouri, carrying Pittsburg
products to all of the business centers, whence
they were distributed throughout the country.
How is it now? A glance at our wharf will
furnish the answer. The railroads have been
fostered at theexpenso of the rivers until the
latter have become almost worthless for busi
ness purposes. The Government owes it to the
millions of people who are. In one way or an
other, identified with the river interests to
thoronghly investigate the subject and apply
the necessary corrections. To give up every
thing to the railroads would be an injustice to
the public for which no good reason could be
An important transaction in oil property at
Brush Creek was closed yesterday. Jennings
& Roth sold to the McCulmont Oil Company
their remaining one-halt interest in the Mc
Caully farm lease, with one well doing 80 bar
rels a day, and an adjoining lease, makingJ
SLKOKcuier nearijr w jm; os ui uii icrriujijr, iui
$25,000. Both parties to the transaction claim
to have made a good bargain.
A Liberty street jobber made some observa
tions yesterday that may be of value to trades
men. He pointed out the advantage of having
cash to pay for goods, especially in such a
season as this, when there is an oversupply of
everything in the produce line. A man with
ready money coming to the cltySsds the jobber
always ready to make concessions in prices,
whereas if he were selling on credit outside
quotations would be demanded. The advant
age thus gained by the cash buyer In most
cases furnishes a handsome profit.
Henry A. Weaver A Co. yesterday placed two
mortgages on city property one of $5,000 for
five years at 6 per cent, and the other $2,500 for
three years at 6 per cent. The money was
furnished by a local capitalist. It cannot be
too often repeated that there is enough of "the
sinews of war" in Pittsburg to supply all
legitimate demands of business. There is no
demand for foreign capital for Investment or
speculative purposes.
Stock Brokers HnnsloK Around Waiting for
Something to Turn Up.
Yesterday was an uneventful day in the stock
market, neatly everything being dull and weak
at both calls. Prices hung tenacionsly to the
old figures and there was very little disposition
shown by the brokers to disturb them. At the
opening of the afternoon session Captain Bar
bour faced the usual audience, and, after read
ing off the list, said: "The market is now open."
"Very open," remarked a broker who has sat
in the balls of legislation at Harrisburg. The
grind then- went on. Silverton bobbed up long
enough to allow a sale of 250 shares of itatSl;
K was offered for 250 more. This mine is as
much of a mystery as La Noria, It may turn
out another Consolidated Virginia. The unex
pected sometimes happens. La Nona rot a
bid of 2 for 13 shares: 50 were offered at the
same price, which broke its back. Bids and
offers are appended:
Bid. Alked.. Bill. Asked.
Pitts, ret. . s.si. "..
Allegheny Nst. Bit....
Citizens1 National Bit.
Freehold Bank
Iron City National Jl'k
Metropolitan at. BL.
City Insurance.
Chartlers Val. Gas Co.
People's Flpeage Gas
Philadelphia Co
Wheeling Gas Co . ..
Ilazelwood Ull Co
Washington Oil Co.... .
Central Traction
CI tl xens' Traction
Pittsburg Traction....
fitts. Jane K. K. Co..
11 tts.. Ctn.Abt.L. K.K.
Pitts & Western . K.
I". W. K. R. pref....
S.Y. & CGa Coal Co. ,
Consignee Mining Co..
La .Noria MInicit Co...
Mlrcrton JUlnlneC'o...
VVestingkonsc Electric
Monougahela Water.
510 .... 510 ....
93 .. ... ....
1 ::iJK "8?
39J4" 39 39W 39K
'44 ....
22 22K 22 12H
68 .... 68 69
49 .... 49 SO
.... .... .... 25
KH 15X
0 10 ....
UH 17J nx 20
30 .... Jl
2 ' 2K 2 ....
58tf 67 56 S6X
..... 35
25 25X 25 28
u. Bwitcn Aoiimii o;v
Westlng'se AlrB. Co..
Westlng'se B. Co. lin.
Sales at the mornlnc call were 25 share nf
Wheeling Gas at 29&. 60 Electric at S7, 25 Cen
tral Traction at 22. and 200 Pittsburg and
Western Preterred at 17.
In the afternoon 105 shares of Electric went
at 56K. and 250 Silverton Mining Co. at $L
Robinson Bros, sold $5,000 McKeesport and
Bellevernon (Ts at 105 and interest. Only about
45.000 of these bonds remain unsold.
The total sales of stocks at New York yes
terday were 281,877 shares. Including: Atch
ison, 36.770: Delaware, Lackawanna and West
ern, 8,620; Erie, 3.200: Lake 8hore, 12550: Louis
ville and Nashville, 13,200; Northwestern. 11,525;
Northern Pacific preferred, .offi; Oregon
Transcontinental, 6,825; Readme. 76.300; St.
Paul, 22,732; Union Pacific, 6,350; Western
Union. 5,425.
Bnslnessnt the Banks Moving In the Old
Business in the local money market yesterday
was quiet and without any new features. The
borrowing demand was moderate at unchanged
rates. Counter business was up to the aver
age. Small notes were scarce. Manager Chap
lin, of the Clearing House, managed to get out
a favorable report showing the exchanges to be
52.225.5SS 00 and the balances $586,019 82,
Monevon call at New York yesterday was easy
at 2 to 8K per cent. Last loan 3, closed offered
at 3. Prime mercantile paper, 4K6. Ster
ling exchange dull but firm at H 87 for
60-day bills, and H 88 for demand.
Government Bonds.
Closing quotations In New York X urniihed
The Dispatch by Robinson pros.. Wood
street. Local dealers charge a commission of
an eighth on small lots: 7
U.S.4X. reg , 107?g;S
U. 8. 43s. conps : 107K M
U.8.4Trcjr.... 128iai29!
U. S. 4S, COUPS 128129J4
Currency, 0 per cent. I895ree 12 ,
Currency, S per cent. 1880 ng. WiZ
Currency, Spercent, 1887 re r26H
Currency, (percent, 1808 reg. 130
Currency, 6 per cent. 1899 rex 132
Government and State bonds were doll and firm.
New YOBK-Clearings, $115,592,557; balances,
Boston Clearings, $16,193,753; balances,
$1,703,860. Money H per cent.
Baltimore Bank clearings, $002,148; bal
ances, $233,658.
Philadelphia Clearings, $11,219,456; bal
ances, $1,460,652.
Chicago Money unchanged; on call, 55:
time loans. 67. Bank-clearings, $11,117,000.
St. Louis Clearings, $3,223,690; balances,
London The amount of bullion withdrawn
from the Bank of England on balance to-day is
2,000. The bullion in the Bankof England de
creased 14,000 during the past week. The pro
portion of the Bank of England's reserve to
liability is now 41.70 per cent.
-Pams Rentes, fcf 97c for the account.
The weekly statement for the Bank of France
shows a decrease in gold of 18,058,000 francs gold.
The Boy Take a Straw Tote on the Pro
posed Amendment.
The oil market yesterday was dull, stale and
unprofitable. In the course of a lull, which
lasted pretty much all day. the boys took a
vote on the prohibition amendment, the result
being 29 in favor to 30 against. Several high
license advocates voted in the negative, on the
ground of the impossibility, as they believed,
of enfo.cing prohibition. The market opened
at 90c, advanced to 90c and thca to 80c
closing at 90c It was the opinion of a prom
inent broker that a change of some kind might
be expected to-day. Trading was very light,
footing up only 60,000 barrels. Oil-loaned flat.
Advices from Bellaire were to the effect that
the work of drilling was commenced on the oil
wells at Anderson's run, Dixon's, MoKelvey's,
Qiffen, Hon. John Patton and R. J. Henderson
farmsr and at several other places. Ex
citement runs high in Belmont county.
Nearly half of the connty has been leased
by oil operators. McKeown No. 12 drilled
deeper and was doing 40 barrels per hour
yesterday morning; No. 10 was doing 12 per
hour: No. 11 was doing 7 per hour: No. 6 was
doing 20 per hour. No change at Knox No. 4
or 8. The Union Oil Company's Knox No. 3
was at the top of the sand. The Crag, Wright
farm, well filled up 1,000 feet and the show was
small. Coast, at Turkeyfoot, was at the top of
the sand, and due. Painter's, Hughes farm,
well at Bakerstown was flowing lightly at in
tcrv&ls. A. B. McGrew & Co. quote puts 89Kc; calls,
The roUOTnng table, correciea oy l)e Witt 1511
worth, broker In petroleum, etc. corner Klfth
avenne and Wood, street, Pittsburg, shows the
order of fluctuations, etc. :
Time. Bid. I Ask. Time. Bid. Ask.
Opened SO Sales 12i45p. M.... . MH 89X
10:15A. M.... 89ra 90 1:00 P. If... 89 M 89
lOdOA. X.... 89V 89 1:15 P. M.... 89 90
0:15A. v.... -89K S9V 1:30 P. K.. S9h 90
lllOOA, X.... S9H SSH 1:45 P. M.... $Sh 90
11115A. M.... 89H 83H 5:00 P. II.... 89 90
11 :30A. M.. 8954 89 1:15 P. M.... 89 90
11:45A. II.... 89M 89 2.30 P. II.... 89 90
12 OOM. ..."... Z9X 89 2:45 P. II.... 89 90
12:15 P. M.... MM 99 Closed S9H ....
12 30 P. M.. 89X 89
Opened. 90c: aicneat, 90c; lowest, 89i(c;
closed, 83J'oT
Dally runs 53,453
Average runs 45,309
Dally shipments - 76,328
Averare shipments 72,328
Dallr enarters 24.999
Averare charters ..- 28.988
Clearances - ,.,.,,.,..,,. 872,000
Mew York closed st 89Kc
Oil city closed at 89ifc
Bradlora closea at SJHc
Hew York, retinixt 7c
London, reaned. 3il.
Antwerp, refined, 16M&
Other Oil Markets.
Oil Citt, April 1L National transit cer
tificates opened at 90c; highest, 90c; lowest,
89c; dosed, 89Jc
Bradford, April 1L National transit cer
tificates opened at90c; closed at 89c; highest,
90c: lowest, 89c
TTttsvtlle, April It National transit cer
tificates opened at 90c; highest, 90c; lowest,
89c: closed. 89c
New Yobs, April IL Petroleum opened
steady at 90c and afterward relapsed into dull
ness, sagging off to 89c and closed dull at
89Jic Sales, 264,000 barrels. .
Continued Activity Id the Heal Estate Mar
ketLatest Deals.
Thomas McCaffrey, 3509 Butler street, sold
for Mrs. R.R. Phillips to D.R. Evans andW.
K. Given three lots on Mifflin street, for $2,250,
and placed a mortgage for $600 at 6 per cent for
two years on property in the Sixteenth ward.
Spencer & Glcsser sold for William Krouse
to James Cronin, small frame house with lot
20x100 feet, on Emmetl street. Thirteenth
ward, for $1,200,
The Eureka Hotel, corner Diamond alley
and Decatur street, lot 50x103 feet, with three
dwelling bouses in the rear. Was sold by John
S. Shaffer, for $15,000, the syndicate composed
of Messrs. Mellon. Magee, Frick and Craig be
ing the purchasers.
ReedB. Coyle & Co., 131 Fourth avenue,
placed two mortgages for $500 and $700 on Mc
Keesport property at 6 per cent.
Alles & Bailey sold a mortgage at 6 per cent
for three years, for $1,400, on property on First
street, Thirty-first ward.
W. C. Stewart, 114 Fourth avenue, placed a
mortgage on downtown business property for
$10,000 at 4Xper cent, free of tax.
W. A. Herron & Sons sold two brick houses
and lot 23x100 on Wylie avenue, near Eleventh
ward school, for $2,500 cash.
Black & Balrd, No. 95 Fourth avenue, sold to
Captain W. W. Card, of the Westinghonse Air
brake Company, a lot in Lloyd plan on Dith
ridge street, near Fifth avenue. 76x175 feet, for
$5,625. They also placed a mortgage of $7,509,
for three years at 6 per cent, on an East End
residence property.
Samuel W. Black & Co., of 99 Fourth ave
nue, sold the lot known as No. 35 Diamond
street, 17x80 feet in size for $12,000.
D. C. Negley sold to the Pittsburg Home
stead Loan and Trust Company lots Nos. 88 and
89 on Gazier street, each 25x135 feet, in Charles
E. Sperr's Dallas plan of lots, for $1,400. They
will build at once.
Mellon Brothers sold lot No. 277 in Mellon's
plan, Scott lots. Wall street, Twenty-first ward,
to Mrs. Mary Coates.
Stocks Demonstrate They Possess Staring
Powers London a Heavy Bayer,
With a Good Domestic De
mand Advances All
Alone the Line.
New York, April IL The stock market
again demonstrated its inherent strength to
day, and in spite of heavy realization from the
trading element, again scored a material ad
vance for the day. The remarkable strength
of the London market for American securities
still continues, and the foreign houses here
were liberal purchasers to-day of their
specialties, most conspicuous of which were
Louisville and Nashville, Lake Shore, St. Paul,
Reading, Erie and Union Pacific The steady
demand for stocks from domestic sources con
tinued also, and after the cessation o( the sell
ing movement the market rapidly advanced.
The London quotations this morning were
from H to K per cent higher than our figures
of last evenincr. and this market onened uuon
the same plane, hut owing to the heavy realiz-
ations oi ine larger irauers mere was no
strength in the early dealings, and this en
couraged a demonstration against the list on
the part of the bears, Atchison being chosen as
the special point of attack, and it was forced
off a point, but the rest of the list retired only
to a shade below first figures. St. Paul de
clined, and this served to restrict the trading
in the cancers.
The movement was soon over and the market
then drifted into dullness and stagnation, ex
cept in a few specialties. The depression con
tinued until the last hour, when the buying of
Reading by some of the mqst prominent
brokers and Philadelphia interests, started an
upward movement which was extended to the
entire list, and all the leading shares partici
pated in the improvement which followed.
The market developed moro animation than
hadjbeen shown at any previous time of the
day, ''and marked advances were made all
around. Hock Island being specially conspicu
ous with a jump of m per cent, while Atchison
reached a point 2 per cent above its lowest
price of the forenoon. The highest prices were
reached shortly before the close and realizing
sales sbaded the list off a small traction, but
the closi? was active and strong at about the
best prices of the day.
TheTeat feature of the day, however, was
me activity ana strengin in tne unnsieo inaus
trial bares, and as on yesterday Sugar Trust
certificates were leaders, continuing their
rise of vesterdav. and after onenlntr xm
Mper cent at BSfi and rapidly rose to 95K wlth
Oft a break, and afterward fluctuated within a
p int and a half of that price, closing at that
Wire, a net gain orojiper cent, uotton uu
yasaisa acure ana very strong utueuier-
noon, closing with a gain of IK at 67, Bruns
wick was again more animated, but after an
advance of , closed unchanged at 21. Man
hattan was the weak spot in the list and de
clined a point, but all the rest of the active
shares were higher. SanFrancisco preferred rose
2, Chesapeake and Ohio first preferred 1:
Rock Island, Omaha and Consolidated Gas Vyi
each; Burlington and Atchison each 1 per ceut,
and the others fractional amounts.
Railroad bonds were fairly active, the sales
of air issues aggregating $1,589,000, of which
Chesapeake and Ohio 5's contributed $184,000
and Reading first incomes $119,000. There was
a firm tone throughout the day, but there was
some Irregularity in the movements, and while
most of the list is fractionally higher a few
bondsshow losses.
The following table shows the prices ol active
stocks on the New York 'Stock Exchange.
Corrected daily for The Dispatch by Whit
ney & Stephenson, members of New York
Stock Exchange, 67 Fourth avenue:
t Open-
is ine.
Am. Cottofi Oil 56
Atctt., Top. A 8. F.... 42
Canadian Pacific 51
Canada Southern 53W
Central of Mew Jersey. 95X
Ccntrali'aclfic 341
Chesapeake & Ohio ... 17
C. Bur. ft Qulncy..... M
C, Mil. & St. Paul... 66M
C, Mll.&St. P.. pf...,104
C.HtttLtl' 92
C, Bt.VL. A WtU
C, St. L. & Pitta, pf.. .. .
C, St. P..M. JtO 33X
C, St. P ,31. & O.. pr. 93
C. ft Northwestern.. ..106
C ft .Northwestern, p& ..,.
U. C C. ftl
Col. Coal ft Iron 28!4
Col. ft Hocking Val .. 23
Del., L. ftW. I36K
Del. ft Hudson .'.. .
Denver ft BtoO., pf... ....
E.T., Va. ftUa
E.T.,Va. AOa.. Htpf ....
K. T.. Va. ft Oa. 2d pf. ....
Illinois Central IUH
Lake Erie ft Western.. 19
Lake Erie ft West. pr.. 58
Lake Shore ft M. S 102
Lonlsvllle ft Nashville. Wi,
Allcblfran Central S7H
Mobile ft Ohio
Ho., K. ftTexas 13K
Missouri Pacific Wi
b. X.. L. E. &V 2834
a.i., L. E. ft W.nref 69
N. Y., a St.D 17
H. X., C ft St. L. pf.
H.Y., C. &8t.L.2d pf ....
N. YftN. E 43
h. r., O. ft W WS
Norfolk ft Western
Hitch- Low
est, est.
" -ii"
51 51
06 955$
34K 343j
17K 17
94?? 93K
6694 65
10IX 104M
93 mx
31' 33i
93X 93
108 106
28 " 2SV(
21 23
137 13W
Norfolk ft Western, pf 52
iiorinern jracinc ztiM
Nortnern Pacific pref. 61
Ohio ft Mississippi :
Oregon Improvement,
uregon iranscon
Pacific Mall
Peo. Dec. ft Evans.....
Phlladel. ft Heading..
l'numan raiace car
Richmond ft W. P. T.. 26!
Richmond ft W.P.T.pf 80J
St. PaulftDuluth
St. Panl ft Duluth pf.. .. .
St. P., Minn. 4 Man
St.L. ft Ban Fran 22S
St. h. ft San Fran pf.. 57
St.L. ft SanP.litpf.. .. .
Texas Pacific 20K
UnlonPaclflc GOi
Wabash 13S
Wabash preferred 26W
Western Union 83H
Wheeling ft L. wj
Very Dull and Comparatively Steady De
scribes the Situation.
Boston, April IL "Very dull and compara
tively steady" describes the condition of the
stock market to-day. Bonds were somewhat
irregular, with stocks a trifle weak. The
changes were Of minor importance, however.
Atch.4Toc.Ht 7a. lis
A.&T. LandGr't7s.ins
Otrd. ftL. Cham, com. 6
Old Colony. 172
Wls.Central.com... UK
MlonezM'gCo.fnew 1J?
Calumet ft Hecla....210
Franklin lOtf
Oaceola ll.S
Fewablc (new) 3
Qulncy 50
Bell lelephone 22o
BoatonLand &X
Water Power 7
Atch. ft Top. K. K... 42
.Dosion x Aioany...2i4
Boston ft Maine. ....171
C. 15. ft(l 94K
(Jinn. Ban. ft Cleve. HJ,
Eastern R. R S0?
xuiera k. it. oa jzj
Flint fere at 26X
K.CSt.J.ftC.B. 78.120
Mexican Cen. com.. 13W
-N. . ftNewEnc... 43)
Tjunftmr.lr 110
i. i. a t. jL.va....i.7
Ban Diego 33
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing: qnotatlona of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney ft Stephenson, brokers. No. 57
Fourth avenue. Members New York Stock Ex
change. Bid. Asked.
Pennsylvania Railroad M SS
Reading Railroad 22H 22V
Rnfialo, Pittsburg and Western Wi 12
Lehigh Valley S3H Wi
Lehigh Navigation SIX
U.Co.'sNew Jersey 22$ "
Northern Pacific Wi 28H
Northern Pacific preferred.,
.. ou
Mining Stocks.
New Yoke. April IL Amador, 100: Aspen,
L000; Caledonia, B. H., SOO; Colorado Central,
170; Consolidated California and Virginia,
775; Commonwealth, 625; Deadwood T.. 150;
El Cnsto. 160; Hale & Norcross. 410; Home
stake, 750; Horn Silver, 140; Iron Silver SOO;
Mexican, 399; Mutual, 125; Ontario. 8,350; Ply
mouth, 1.000; Savage, 250; Sierra Nevada, 300;
Sullivan, 14a
Barry's Tricopherous, recommended
a sovereign remedy for all ailments of the
hair and scalp.
Ton will find at G. "W. Schmidt's the
oldest and the finest Pennsylvania pure rye
and Kentucky sour and sweet mash whiskies.
95 and 07 Filth avenue, city.
An extra choice assortment of combina
tion pattern dresses, entirely new effects,
mostly exclusive designs.
B. Sa B.
See onr Onyx dye fast black lisle thread
stocking, 50c, 75c, 87c and $1.
Boggs & Buhl.
Bilious Headache,
Biliousness, Dyspepsia, Indiges
tion, Constipation, Dizziness
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The People's Favorite Liver Pills.
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by an old apothecary, Five bottled JL
The HOP PILL CO., New London, CL
Hop Ointment cures and makes chapped,
rough, red skin soft and clear- 25 and 60c
For reasons which we considergood and suffi
cient, but not through any lack of confidence
in the enterprise itself, we have declined to re
ceive any further subscriptions to the stock of
the American Meat Company. Those who
have already subscribed through us will, upon
application, receive back the full amount of
what they have paid in. Signed.
apl2-29 NEW YORKV
R. G. Bun & Co.,
Germania Bank Building. 423 Wood Wee t, cor
ner of Diamond, Pittsburg, Pa.
This establishment supplies all necessary
information as to the standing, responsibility,
etc., of business men throughout North Amer
ica. It is the oldest and by far the most com
plete and extensive system ever organized for
the accommodation of Banking and Mercantile
interests and the General Promotion and Pro
tection of Trade.
Debts Collected and Legal Business Attended
to throughout the North American Continent.
TrausaGt a General BanMng Business.
Accounts solicited. Issue Circular Letters
of Credit, for use of travelers, and Commer
cial Credits,
Available In all natts of the world. Also issue
For use In this country, Canada, Mexico, West
Indies, South and Central America.
MONEY TO LOAN -nortgages
on Improved Teal estate in sums
of $1,000 and upward.. Applv at
znhi-34-D ifo. 124 Fourth avenue.
Eggs Stiffening, Butter Active, Low
(rade Swiss Slow.
Flour Still Tending Downward, Jobbing
Kates Eeduced. '
Office of; the Pir-rsBtjBG dispatch, i
THTJESDA.T, April U. 1889. J
Country Produce Jobblnc Prices.
Eggs are growing in firmness. One Jobber
reports that while he sold yesterday at Uc be
has nothing to-day under 12c. Advices from
South and West show Increasing strength to
egg markets. Butter, too, is active and mov
ing out freely, though prices are unchanged.
The same is true of cheese. Domestic Sweitzer
cheese is slow on all but the very highest
grades. Anything in the line of Swiss cheese
below fancy stock goes begging for customers
at inside Quotations. There is no noticeable im
provement in fruit and vegetable lines. Old
stock is being worked off for whatever It will
bring. It cannot be long until the old will
have passed awav and all things become new.
Bittteb Creamery, Elgin, 2829c; Ohio do,
2526c; fresh dairy packed, 2021cj country
rolls, 2023c; Chartlers Creamery Co. butter,
2829c. . .
Beaks Choice medium, $1 90: choice peas,
Beeswax 2830c ft for choice; low grade,
CIDER Sand refined. $6 507 50; common,
$3 604 00; crab cider, $8 008 60 V barrel;
cider vinegar, 1012c ft gallon.
CHEESE Ohio cheese, fall make, 1212Kc;
New York, fall make, 1212Kc: Limburger,
lie; domestic Sweitzer cheese, liK12c.
Dried Peas $1 251 35 ft bushel; split do,
Eaas 114312c ty dozen for strictly fresh.
Fruits Apples, 31 o02 00 1ft barrel; evap
orated raspberries, 25c t ft: cranberries, $8 00
a barrel; $2 402 50 per bushel; strawberries,
50c i quart.
FKATHEBS-jExtra live geese, 5060c; No. 1
do.. 4045c; mixed lots, 3035c f) ft.
HOMIUT $2 652 75 J) barrel.
Honey New crop, 1617c; buckwheat, 13
Potatoes Potatoes, S035c $ bushel; $2 50
2 75 for Southern sweets; S3 253 50 for Jer
sey sweets.
PorLTBY- Live chickens, 7580c ?l pair;
dressed chickens, 13lSc 1 pound; turkeys, 18
20c, dressed, bound; ducks, live, 8085c V
pair; dressed, 1314c f) pound; geese, 10I5c
per pound.
Seeds Clover, choice, 62 fts to buanel, 6 ft
bushel; clover, large English, 62 fts, $6 25;
clover, Alsike, $8 60; clover, white, $9 00; timo
thy, choice, 45 fts, $1 85; blue grass, extra clean,
14 fts. $1 00: blue crass, fancy. 14 fts. $1 20:
orchard grass, 14 fts, $2 00; red top, 14 fts, $1 00:
millet, 8) fts, $1 25; German millet, 50 fts, $2 00;
Hungarian grass. 43 ms, Vi uu; lawn grass, mix
ture of fine grasses, 25c per ft.
Tallow Country, 4i5c; city rendered,
Tbopioal Fbtits Lemons, fancy, $3 50,
sina oranges, $3 004 00 fl box; Florida oranges,
$4 505 00 fl box: Valencia oranges, fancy, So 50
07 00 case: Malaga grapes, $9 00t0 00 "H
per keg; bananas, $2 50 firsts: $1 oO, good
Beconda. fl bunch; cocoanuts, $4 004 50 W
hundred: new figs, 10llc fl pound; dates, 5
6c 3 pound.,
Vegetables Celery, 4050c doz. bunches;
cabbages, $1 502 00 - hundred: new cabbage,
$2 OOfifi 0 fl crate; onions. 5075c fl barrel;
onion sets, fancy Enes, $3 2503 50: Jerseys,
$2 753 00; "Western, $2 602 75; turnips, 2s
30c t1 busheL
Sugars are still ascending and our quotations
are again advanced. European advices indi
cate very strong markets for sugars. Coffee
options were 10 points higher at the close of
markets yesterday than at the opening, pack
aze coffee is trembling on, the verge of another
rise. '
Green Coffee Fancy Bio, 2223c; choice
Bio, 2021c; prime Rio, 20c; fair Bio, 18K19c;
old Government Java, 27c; Maracaibo, 2223c;
Mocha, 3031c; Santos,:i922c; Caracas
coffee, 20K22c; peaberry, Bio, 2i23c; La
guayra, 2122o.
Boasted (in papers) Standard brands, 24c:
high grades, 2628c; old Government Java,
bulk, 82H33JicnMaracalbo,Z7H28Kc; Santos,
22024c; peaoerry. 27c; peaberry Santos,
2224c; choice Bio, 25Vc; prime Bio, 23c;
good Rio, 22c ordinary, 2IKc
Spices (whole) Cloves, 2125c; allspice, 9c;
cassia, S9c; pepper, 19c; nutmeg, 7080c
Petkoleum (jobbers' prices) 110 test, 7c;
Ohio, 120, 8Kc; headlight, 150 8c: water
white, lOKc; globe, 12c; elaine, 15c; carnadine,
HKc; royallne, 14c
Bybups Com syrup', 2629c; choice sugar
syrup, 833Sc; prime sugar syrup, S033c; strict
ly prime, 3335c; now maple syrup, 90c.
N. O. molasses Fancy, 48c; choice, 46c; me
dium, 43c: mixed, 4042c.
Soda Bi-carb in kegs, 3K4c; bi-carb in Js,
5c: bi-carb, assorted packages. 56c; sal
soda in kegs, 13c;do granulated, 2c.
candles star, inn weight, c; steanne,
choice. GX(d
. 5KQ7c:eloss
starch. 57c
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins, $2 65; Lon
don layers, S3 10; California London layers,
$2 60; Muscatels, 2 25; California Muscatels;
$1 85; Valencia, new, 67c; Oudara Valencia,
7Koc; sultana, 8c; currants, new, 45c;
Turkey prunes new, 4Jffi5c; French prunes,
8K13c: Salonica prunes, in 2ft packages, 8c;
cocoanuts, per 100, $6 00: almonds, Lan., per ft,
20c; do Ivica, 19c: do shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap.,
12UQ15c; Sicily filberts, 12c; Smyrna flgs,12J
16c; new dates, 5K6c; Brazil nuts. 10c;
pecans, ll15c: citron, per ft, 2122c; lemon
peel, per ft, S1314c; orange peel. 12c.
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per ft, 6c;
apples, evaporated, 66c; apricots, Califor
nia, evaporated, 1518c; peaches, evaporated,
pared, 2223c; peaches, California, evaporated,
unpared, 10i2Kc; cherries, pitted, 21022c:
cherries, unfitted. 56c; raspberries, evapor
ated. 2424Kc: . blackberries, 7K3c; huckle
berries. 1012a
SUGABS Cubes, SVgSJjJcj powdered, 8Ji
8Kc; granulated, Sj8Kc; confectioners' A,
88Kc; standard A.8Hc: soft whites, 77Kc;
yellow, choice. 7K7Jc; yellow, good, 66Jjjc;
yellow, fair, 7c; yellow, dark, 6c.
Pickles Medium, bbls (L200), $4 60; me
diums, half bbls (600), $2 75
Salt-No. 1 ft bbl, 95c; No. 1 ex, ft bbl, $1 05;
dairy, ft bbl, $1 20; coarse crystal, W bbl, $1 20;
Higgles Eureka, 4 bu sacks, $2 80; Higgin's
Eureka, 16-14 ft pockets, $3 00.
Canned Goods Standard peaches, $1 30
1 90; 2ds, $1 301 85: extra peaches, $1 01 90;
pie peaches, 90c: finest corn, $1 001 SO; Hfd.
Co. corn, 7090c; red cherries, 90c$l 00; lima
beans, $110; soaked do, 85c; string do do, 75
85c; marrowfat peas, $1 1001 15: soaked peas,
7075c; pineapples, $1 401 50; Bahama do,
$2 75; damson plums, 95c; greengages, $1 25;
egg plums, $2 00; California pears, $2 50; do
greengages, $2 00; do egg plums. $2 00: extra
white cherries, $2 90; red cherries, 2fts, 90c;
raspberries, $1 151 40; strawberries, $1 10;
gooseberries, $1 201 30; tomatoes, 82K92c;
salmon, 1-ft, $1 752 10; blackberries, 80c; suc
cotash, 2-fi cans, soaked, 90c; do green, 2fis,
$1 251 60; com beef, 2-ft cans, $1 75; 14-ft cans,
$13 59: baked beans, $1 401 45; lobster, 1 ft,
SI 751 80; mackerel, 1-ft cans, broiled, $150;
sardines, domestic, XA?, $4 154 50; sardines,
domestic Us, $8 258 50; sardines, imported,
i, $11 50012 60; sardlneSrimported, '. $18 00;
sardines, mustard, $4 00; sardines, spiced, $4 25.
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, $36 ft
bbl.: extra No. 1 do, mess, $40: extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, $32; extra No. 1 do. messed, $36;
No. 2 shore mackerel, S2L Codfish Whole
pollock, 4c ft ft.; do medium George's cod,
6c: do large, 7c; boneless hake, in strips, 6c; do
George's cod in blocks, 67c Herring
Round shore, $5 00 ft bbl.; split, $7 00; lake S2 50
ft 100-ft. half. bbl. White fish, $7 ft 100-ft. half
bbl. Lake trout, $550 ft half bbL Finnan
hadders, 10c ft ft. Iceland halibut. 18c ft ft.
Buckwheat Flour 2J2J ft ft. .
Oatmeal JO 306 60f( bbl.
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained, 5S60c
ft gallon. Lard oil, 75c.
Grain, Flour and Feed.
Total receipts as bulletined at the Gram Ex
change, 32 cars. ByPittsburg,FortWayneand
Chicago, 4 cars of oats, 1 of husks, 5 of flour,
6 of hay. By Pittsburg. Cincinnati and St.
Louis, 5 cars of oats, 1 of bran, 2 of hay. By
Baltimore and Ohio, 2 cars of hay, 1 of flour.
By Pittsburg and Lake Erie, 1 car of wheat, 1
of hay and feed, 1 of oats, 1 of flour, 1 of malt.
There was but one sale on call, viz., a car of
mixed oats at 29c 10 days. No. 2 white oats
and No. 1 timothy bay are the strong factors of
grain and bay markets. This grade of oats is
not in supply equal to demand. Flour tends
toward lower prices. A leading jobber says
carlcad lots were reduced 25c since Monday,
and the best spring and Winter patents are now
selling at $6 2o as the outside rate. Corn is a
shade firmer. Milif eed is dull as ever.
Wheat Jobbihg prices No. 2 red, 98
99c; No. 8 red. 88091c
Cobn No. 2 yellow, ear, 39040c: high mixed
ear. S6K37c; No. 1 yellow, shelled, 3s39c;
No. 2 -) cllo w. shelled, 87H38c; bleh mixed,
shelled. 3737c: mixed, shelled, S53Sc
Oats No. 2 white. 3333W;c; extra,No. 8. 320
32Uc; No. 3 white, 3030Kc: N- 2 mixed, 28
Rye No, 1 Western, 7075c: No. 2, 55e56c
Barley No. 1 Canada. 9598c: No. 2 Cana
da, 85S8c; No. 3 Canada, 7072c; Lake Shore,
per set, skc; paramne, neiizc
Bice Head. Carolina. 7fil7Jc:
7c: prime, 6K6Vc; Louisiana, ttg
Starch Pearl. 3c: cornstarch
Flour Jobbing prices, winter patents, $3 00
86 25;spring patents, $6 256 50: winter straight.
$5 2505 50; clear winter, $4 7585 00: straight
XXXX bakers' $4 6004.75. Ttye flour, $4 00.
Milmeed Middlings, fine white, $15 00
16 00 f) ton; brown middlings. $12 0012 50;
winter wheat bran, $13 00013 50; chop feed,
$15 00016 00.
Hay Baled timothy, choice, $15 60016 00;
No. 1 do, $14 25014 50: No. 2 do, $12 00013 00;
loose from wagon. $18 004J20 00; No. 1 upland
Srairie. $10 0010 25; No. 2, $3 0008 50; packing
o. $5 506 0.
Stbaw Oats. $8 0008 25; wheat and rye
straw, $7 007 5008 00.
Provisions. ,
Sugar-cured hams, large, lOJc; sugar-cured
hams, medium, lie: sugar-cured bams, small,
Uc; sugar-cured breakfast bacon,10c; sugar
cured shoulders, 8c: sugar-cured boneless
shoulders, 9c: sugar-cured California hams,
8Kc; sugar-cured dried beef flats, 8Kc: sugar
cured dried beef sets, 9Kc: sugar-cured dried
beef rounds, HKc: bacon shoulders, "Xc; bacon
clear sides. SJic; bacon clear bellies. &c: dry
saltsboulders,t&c;drysalt clear sides,7c Mess
pork, heavy, $14 00; mess pork, family, $14 5a
Lard Beflned in tierces, WJc: half barrels, 7Hc;
60-Jb tubs, 7c: 20 ft pails, 7c; 50-fttmcans,
TKc; 3-ft tin pails, 8c; 5-ft tin pails, 7c: 10-ft
tin pails, 7c Smoked sausage, long, 6c;Iarge,
5c Fresh pork links. 9c Pigs feet, half barrel,
S4 00; quarter barrel. $1 90. .
Dressed Meat.
Armour & Co. furnish the following prices on
dressed meats: Beef carcasses, 450 to 550 fts,
5c;550to650&s,6Wc;650to750fts,6Kc Sheep,
7Hc 9 ft. Lambs, 8c ft ft. Hogs, 6c Fresh
pork loins, 9c
Purifies the Blood,
Strengthens the Nerves,
Stimulates the Liver,
Regulates the Kidneys
and Bowels,
Gives Life and Vigor
to every organ.
There's nothing (ike if.
"Last sp?snR being very much run down and
deblUtatecW procured some of Paine's Celery
Compound. The use of two bottles made me
feel like a new man. As a general tonic and
spring medicine, I do not know its equaL"
W. L. Greenleaf,
Brigadier General V. N. G., Burlington, Vt.
Use It Now!
"Having used your Paine's Celery Compound
this spring, I can safely recommend It as the
most powerful and at the same time most
gsntle regulator. It 13 a splendid nerve tonic,
and since taking It I nave felt like a new man?
B. E. Khobb, Watertown, Dakota.
$L0o. Six for $5.00. At Druggists.
Wells, Richakdsos & Co. Props. Burlington, Vt.
Chartlers Creamery Co,
Warehouse and General Offices,
Telephone 1420.
Factories throughout Western
For prices see market quotations.
Wholesale exclusively.
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sis.,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this week in
and OhLkiVIOTa
For largest assortment and lowest prices call
and see us.
This is now conceded to be the best in the
market, as witnessed bv the fact that we have
Inst secured the DIPLOMA FOR EXCEL
LENCE at the Pure Food Exposition, now be
ing held in Philadelphia.
And with the bright appetizing flavor of fresh
ly roasted beef.
Oil bought and sold on margin- de27-21-Dsu
The Deer Creek ancLSusque.J
hanna R. R. Co.
First Mortgage 5 Per Ct. Gold Bonds
Issue, tCOd.000. Principal and interest roar
an teed by the Maryland Central Railway Co.
This bond is a Jlrst mortgage ou 18 miles of
road now under construction from Belalr, McL
connecting with the Maryland Central Railway ,
Co to Stafford. Md. The Maryland Central K
Railwav Co., Baltimore to Delta. Pa. (43 miles),
was reorganized in December. 1888, and is now
on a sound financial basis, doing a prosperous
business. The York and Peach Bottom Railroad
Co York. Pa., to Peach Bottom (40 miles), has
been acquired by the Maryland Central Ran
way Co., making a system of 101 miles, which,
will be operatedby the Maryland Central Rail
way Co.
We recommend these bonds as a desirable In
vestment, and offer a limited amount for sale a8
93 per cent and accrued interest, subject to ad
vance in price.
REA BROS. & CO., Binders snd Brokers,
As old residents know and back flies of PittsV
burg papers prove, is the oldest established and
most prominent physician in the city, devoting
special attention to all chronic diseases. From
MCDAni IQ and mental diseases, physical
liLn V UUo decay, nervous debility, lack of
energy, ambition and hope, impaired menu
ory, disordered sight, self-distrust, basbfuluess,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, inw
poverished blood, falling powers, organic weak
ness, dyspepsia, constipation, consumption, un
fitting the person for business, society and mar.
riage. permanently, salely and privately cured.
blotches, falling hair, bone pains, glandular
swellings, ulcerations of tongue.moutb. throat,
ulcers, old , sores, are cured for life, and blood
poisons thoroughly eradicated from the system.
IIRIMARV Wdney and bladder derange
Unlllrtn I j ments, weak back, gravel, ca
tarrhal discharges, inflammation and other
painful symptoms receive searching treatment,
prompt relief and real cures.
Dr. Whittier's life-long, extensive experience
insures scientific and reliable treatment oa
common-sense principles. Consultation free.
Patients at a distance as carefully treated as if
here. Office hours 9 A. M. to 8 P. SL Sunday.
10 A. M. to 1 P.M. only. DR. WHITTIER. 930
Penn avenue. Pittsburg, Pa. ap9-31K-Dsuwk
Health, Energy and Strength secured by utla
AHORASDA WAFERS. These -wafers are )
GttiKAxrzKO specific and the only reliable anJ
safe remedy for the permanent cure of Impotency,
no matter how Ion? standing. Nervous Neuralgia,
Headache, Nervous Prostration caused by the mi
alcohol or tobacco, Sleeplessness, Mental Depress
ton. Softening of the Brain resulting in insanity
and leading to misery, decay and death, PrematurfJ
Old Age, Barrenness, Spermatorrhoea, Harrassin
Dreams, Premature Decay of Vital Power, caused
by over exertion of the brain, self-abuse or over,
indulgence. 75 cents per box or six boxes foi
$4.00, sent by mail prepaid on receipt of pricei
Six boxes is the complete treatment and witl
every purchase of six boxes at one time we wilj
give a
if the wafers do not benefit or effect a permanent
cure. Prepared only by the BOSTON MEDICAL,
INSTITUTE. For sale only by JOSEPH
FLEMING & SON, 412 Market Street. Pitts
burgh, Pa., P. 0. ox 37. to whom all communii
cation should be addressed.
mow thyself;
A Scientific and Standard Popular Medical TrsatiM oa
the Errors of Youth, PrematureDeclme.Nervoua
and Physical Debility, Impurities oi the Blood,
Resulting trom Folly, Vice, Ignorance, Excesses or
Overtaxation, Enervating and unfitting the victim,
f orWork, Business, the Marr'ed or Social Relation.
Avoid unskilful pretenders. Possess this greaS
work. It contains 300 pages, royal 8vo. Beautiful'
binding, embossed, full gilt. Price, only tl.CO by
mail, post-paid, concealed in plain wrapper. Illus
trative Prospectus Free, if you apply now. Thai
distinguished author, Wm. II. Parker, M. D., re
from the National Medical Association,
for the PRIZE ESSAY on NERVOUS and
PHYSICAL DEBILITY. Dr. Parker and a corps
of Assistant Physicians may be consulted, confi
dentially, by mail or In person, at the effice of
No. 4 Bolflncb. St., Boston. Mass., to whom all
orders for books or letters for advice should tm
directed as above. j
2ZS C33S3 IWiTSd 221X3.
reuMw pui ior mjc Aererjrui.
Alt for CXUJtesttr'g njlU7l
Liilia twxtrs. Malad with blue rib
bon. At DrDcclntA. Accent
no other. AU dUU 1b duu
botrt boxe, pink wrmppera, ir t &mngtT
K pwtfcttlir nd BHef for LadIeVt
"V- r Utter, by return m&U. 10,000 tU
sMvmlKafromUBlESaAforvuMdtiieiii. JmPmptr.
All forms of Delicate and Com.
plicated Diseases reqmrinc Cos-
Medication are treated at this Dispensary with
a success rarely attained. Dr. S. K. Lake is a
member of the, Royal College of Physicians
and Sureeons. and is the oldest and most expe
rienced Specialist in the city. Special atten
tion given to Nervous Debility from excessive
mental exertion, indiscretions of youth, etc.,
causing; physical and mental decay, lack of
energy, despondency, etc.; also Cancers, Old
Sores. Fits, Piles. Rheumatism, and all diseases
of the Skin. Blood. Lungs, Urinary Organs,
etc Consultation free and strictly confiden
tiaL Ofllce hours 9 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. sr.i Sun
days, 2 to 4 P. M. only. Call at office or address
H. K. LAKE,iI. D., M. R. C. P.S.,or E.J. .
Lake,.!!. D. seMSJ-siWFWk
ynll parttenlars In pamphlet 4
sent free. The genuine Gray
Sneelilo sold by druggists only lu,
yellow wrapper. Price, 41 per),
niirklfffc. or slzforSS. orhYfnall '
k j
on reeelnt of orlce. hr Addrm-. ' J
n..... -is.t- nnt,(uv tt imt., -v 1
Sold in Pittsburg byS. S.JIULLAND. corner.
Smltbfleld and Liberty sts. anl3-53 c
fects of yoatbfiil er- .
on. early
lAbfo treal
aecay. ion
manhood etc
treatlM (eIed;
cont&uitair rou paracouuv tor noma caiv, xit
chr(r. Aaaress,
I-B09KS3aw .

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