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?- 45116 Iron
Workers are Sure Their
i ?
"Wage Scale Will be Signed.
president Weibe Reports the Association in
ni Ktiana
V? No business 01 specjai importance was
. considered at the morning session of the
Amalgamated Association Convention, but
the entire afternoon was devoted to con
sidering the report of the "Wage Committee.
They got through with the scales for boil
ins, muck mill, scrapping and busneling,
knobbling and heating slabs and shingling.
It was decided to give no information as to
what the scale will be until it is completed,
but it was learned that but few changes
will be" made.
At the opening of the convention several
delegates turned np, and a telegram was re
ceived from the Eastern delegation statins
that they would bo present in themoroinc
Thls will bo the largest convention ever held
by the Amalgamated Association, and although
some lodges that are entitled to two or three
delegates are only sending one, there will be
over 200 delegates nrescnt.
President Weihe called the meeting to order
and read bis annual report, giving a detailed
account of the condition of the iron and steel
trade. His report showed that the association
had grown in membership since the last con
vention to the extent ol fully 5.000. It is now
in better shape numerically and financially
, than It has been at any time since theassocia
. tion was formed.
After hearing the President's address there
Was an informal tall: on wanes, which contin
ued until the noon adjournment Two com
L mittees were appointed, one on the nailers'
scale and the other on the classification of
Miut mill work. The former is composed
of Messrs. M. V. B. Sallade. Amu F. Johnston,
VVm. J. Hunter and VVni. M. Reed. Tho steel
committee is composed of John H. Matthews,
Griffith Daves, F. M. Shaffer, Thos. A. Hocan,
Gcorse Evans, BcnJ. L Davis, Rojrcr Reese. D.
K. Morgan, Hubert Lewis, Samuel Hollis,
Gen. S. Baird. Win. J. Evans, Dennis Donecan,
G. E. McCreary. Phillip Jones, Kane McKallip,
"Win. C. Wcifch-eL Thos. Wood, John Pierce,
Chas. H. Kaufman.
When the afternoon session opened the wase
committee presented their report, and the dif
ferent items were considered at lenztb. Some
of the delegates came prepared to fight for an
advance, but they were in the minority and did
not carry a point. Some of the extras in the
present scale were cat out and several were in
serted. The nailers will cnnie infor a reduction, and
the roll turners' scale, which has twice been re
jected, will again be presented, but will likely
Lave the same fate as heretofore.
All the delegates arc jubilant over the pros
pects for a speedy settlement of the wage
question, notwithstanding the fact that the
manufacturers refuse to bold a conference.
They believe that one bv one the iron masters
will drop into line and sign their scale.
One of the delegates said last night that the
tnpreccdented offer of a reduction at the great
Homestead works of Carnegie, Phlpps & Co.
would not likely be insisted upon, and that
present wages would undoubtedly be con
tinued. The destruction of bridges and
. buildings by the disaster in the
Conemaugh Valley will cause a demand for
. construction Iron and steel. The Amalgamated
men are in good shape for a fight, and will not
work at the wages named in the new scale of
fered by the firm, and the latter, it is said, can
not afford a fight with prospects of a big boom
In business before them.
The unfilled orders at the Cambria Iron
works for steel and rails, it is said, will come to
. the Edgar Thomson Works.
Very Probable Because the Flood Took
.Away n Bis Stock.
The disaster at Johnstown, it is said on good
authority, will stiffen the prices of pig iron
which took such a heavy drop a few weeks ago
when the Thomas Iron Company cat rates. It
will also have the effect of putting up the
price of coke.
Tne Cambria Iron Company used large quan
ties of pig metal and bad a big stock on hand
when the flood came. A gentleman who saw
the flood says the stock of pig iron floated down
the stream like feathers and is lost
Communication has not yet been opened with
the east, and no coke can be shipped. This
will cut off the supply for the present about 25
per cent. No orders have been issued for a
shutdown of the coke works, as it is be
lieved the road will be open in a
few days. It is possible that some of
the firms who hare only Eastern destinations
will be compelled to curtail their production
and run only three days a week until the sur
plus is exhausted. The outlook seems to be
very good for the iron trad e.
May Prosecute Campbell.
President Campbell, of the Window Glass
Workers' Association, has prepared, it Is said,
a statement in reply to the charges against him
for importing glass workers under contract,
and it will be published in a few days. Some
of the persons who are interested in the matter
propose to file charges against liim in the
United States Court and allow the private
investigation to dron. Some interesting de
velopments may be expected before many days.
Children's lives are made miserable by
the irritation and distress caused bj worms.
.. As these pests sap their vitality, and retard
their healthy growth, they should be treated
at once with Dr. Jayne's Tonic Vermifuge.
This remedy destroys the worms, cleanses the
intestines of their nests, and acts as a general
tonic for both the young and old, thus ma
terially aiding in 'building up the strength.
Passengers for the Enst
Can take the Allegheny Valley Railroad to
Corry or Buffalo. Connections made at
Corry for all points on th N. Y., L. E, &
"W. B. JR., and at Buffalo with the X. Y. C.
&H. E.E.and West Shore R. E. for all
points in New York and New England.
Trains leave at 8:45 A. M. and 8:50 r.
, ir.
Bate Pittsburg to New York, 512.
Kennlon nt Sock Point, Jnne S.
The Pennsylvania Company will Eell ex
cursion tickets to Rock Point at SO cents
from Pittsburg and Allegheny, and run
trains leaving Union station at 6:20, 7:15,
7:30, 7:45, 8:15. 830 and 9:00 A. M. and 1220
P. It, Central time. Trains will leave Tern
perancevillc at 6:39 and 8:48 A. M., Central
time, stopping atPoint Bridge and Birming
ham. Pare 55 cents. Tib.
401 SmlthCcld Street, cor. Fourth Avenue.
Capital, $100,000. Surplus, 545,000.
Deposits of 51 and upward received and
interest allowed at 4 per cent its
Victoria! Tlctorln!
T3o prevent sickness in your family keep
tbe Victoria Natural Mineral AVater, im
ported direct to this city from near Ems,
Germany, by Major C. W. Kraus. Send
- your orders 1,154 telephone or 1,339 Liberty
avenue. Wagons deliver to any part of the
cities free ol charge. Ask your physician in
regard to it TThs
Received, Pittsburg, Pa., June 3, 1889,
of the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance
Company, by Henry C. Ayers, General
Acent filteen thousand dollars, in full of
nil claims on policies numbers 110,498 and
112,663 on the life ot Robert B. Phillips,
deceased; and we wish to express our hearty
-thanks for the prompt and courteous treat
ment extended ns.
Phebe A. Phillips, widow.
Eliza B. Phillips, daughter.
1'rclfbt for the East.
The Allegheny Valley EailroaJ is pre
pared to lorward promptly shipments of
freight for Xew York, Boston and New
England points.
. Jait Opened
100 pieces of new .style American challis,
i,at6cU per,yard,-at H. J. Lynch's, 42S,
Chief Arthur I Katbcr Too ConserratiTC for
the Locomotive Engineer. .
Chicago, June 5. There is trouble in the
ranks of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engi
neer. Chief Arthur is a candidate for re
election, and as such has been making a quiet
canvass of the various lodges of the brother
hood, lost week a secret meeting for this
purpose was held in this city. There were up
wards of 200 members present, representing
lodges in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa and
Wisconsin, and with their defeat by the "Q,"
the momentarily expected reduction of wages
on the Santa Fe and the recent discharge by
the Alton of a large number of brotherhood
men, fresh in their minds, they were not at all
satisfied with the Chiefs obtimistio speech. A
member of the general grievance committee
got the floor and addressing Chief Arthur,
'ionr speech this morning pictured our
organization as impregnable and resistless.
And, being so, it had nothing to fear from any
misfortune that might threaten, but that no
mlsf ortune did threaten. Now. sir, if you be
lieve such a state of things exists, you have
been Incorrectly informed of affairs. The
truth is. a reduction of wages is expected to
be made before long on a number of western
roads. Such action we do not propose to ac
cent because we do not believe it justified.
We therefore desire to know whether, in the
event or a reduction being ordered, despite
our opposition, you would sanction a strike?"
Chief Arthur did not like the question, but
there was no help for it. Ho had to answer.
With compressed lips he rose to his feet, looked
at the determined faces before him, and said:
"Under no condition of circumstances of which
I can conceive shall I ever sanction another
strike." A murmur of surprises, tinged with
indignation arose, but ceased as the Chief con
tinued, "my reason for this decision is twofold.
In the first place I am opposed to strikes on
general principles. In the second place astrike
would be practical suicide, for owing to the ex
orable laws of snpply and. demand and the
large number of unemployed workeis in the
country it would take but an exceedingly short
space of time to fill your places."
"But, sir," broke in tho questioner, "suppose
a reduction of wages should occur on the
Union Pacific system, where the brotherhood
is so strongly equipped as to obtain the granting
of everything thby ask, wouldn't you authorize
a strike to resist it?"
Without a moment's hesitation the Chief re
plied: "No, sir; I would not I trust and I be
lieve no reduction ol wages is to be made; but
should there be and the men follow my aa-rice.
they will accept the reduction. I shall "'never
sanction another strike."
Chief Arthur stopped and the meeting ad
journed. Murmurs of discontent have oeen
heard ever since. It was known that tbe Chief
had a strong dislike to strikes, but that his
conservatism was so extreme as his speech
showed it to be it was never dreamed.
Final Scialon ot the Baptist Association
Ilclpinc a Seminary.
The session of the Pittsburg Baptist Associa
tion yesterday morning was taken up with re
ports showing progress in mission work. The
early part of the afternoon session was en
livened by a discussion between Bev. H. B.
Grose and Rev. T. H. Chapman, the former ad
vocating the enlargement of the Mission Board,
the latter favoring economy. Tbe propositions
of Mr. Grose were laid upon the table. Finan
cial reports indicating prosperity were sub
mitted. A resolution, prepared by Dr. William
Coldwell, pledging the support of the associa
tion to the prohibition amendment was carried
with a great deal of enthusiasm. After
formally extending its sympathy to tbe Johns
town sufferers, the convention adjourned for
the afternoon.
The evening session closed the work of the
association. A resolution was adopted that
the association subscribe S10.000 toward the en
dowment fund for the Mt. Pleasant Institute.
The amount was to be raised by individual
subscriptions, and the work was commenced
immediately. In an hour nearly $6,000 had
been donated.
William Ashmore, D. D., Home Secretary of
of the Missionary Union, was introduced, and
gave an interesting address on the missionary
work in Asia. In connection with this subject
henpoke of China, tbe great power for whose
favor both Russia and England are bidding.
China, he said, has awaked from its slumber of
ages and will some day have a reckoning with
the United States for the treatment given its
subjects. Dr. Ashmore, while not favoring in
discriminate immigration, denounced the acts
of Congress with regard to exclnding the
Chinese, ana saia tnat tne united states would
have to pay for it in conclusion, he outlined
missionary work in China and other countries
in Asia, and advocated increased vigor in pur
suing it
H. Grattau Guinness, Esq., of London. En
gland, founder of the Congo mission, was to
have been present and deliver an address. He
bad left Philadelphia for Pittsburg by way of
Ashtabula, O., before it was learned that the
B. . O. Railroad was open for travel, and has
not yet arrived. ,
A Nice Little List Filled Up by President
Harrison, Yesterilny.
Washington, June 5 The President has
appointed the following named postmasters:
JoknW. Bliss, at Greenleaf, Kas.: Peter A.
Becker, at Kingman, Kan.; Thomas K Beadier,
at Fulton. Ky. : Julius Laux, at llatonia, Texas;
Seymour Foster, at Lansing, Mich.; Mrs. ilary
A. White. atEastTawas. Mich.: Jacob J. Hofl--man,
at Tarklo. Mo.: Ellen Marqulss, at Webb
City, Mo.: John Miller, atKeyser, W. Vs.: Ber
nard F. Ludwick. at Iluttsvllie, Ala. : Emma
ClaTton. atPlneBlolT, Ark.; AbnerT. Hunt at
Elslnorc, Cal : office became 1'rcsidental; Frank
Busker, at Geneva, .III.; Win. A. Hunter, at
Belle Plalne. Iowa; Henry II. Iteeil, at Brooklyn,
Iowa; Alien T. Underwood, at llonteiuma, Iowa;
Patrick E. SlcMurry, at Jacksonville, I'la.
Two New Federal Officers,
Washington, June 6. The President made
the following appointments to-day: Charles
Price, cf North Carolina, to be United States
Attorney for the western district of North
Carolina: Henry C. Niles, of Mississippi, to be
United States Attorney for the northern dis
trict of Mississippi.
Hnrrli' Theater Open Again.
The "Streets of New York" Company, which
has been attempting to- get to Pittsburg from
Washington since Saturday, finally arrived yes
terday, and gave two performances to large and
well pleased andleuces. Tbe scenery for the
play had not yet arrived, but It-is expected to
day, when the play will be given in its entirety.
Charged With Embezzlement.
Jessie Connor, a collector for the Keystone
Laundry Company, was arrested yesterday on
a charge of embezzlement brought before Al
derman McKeuna, by L. P. Sterne. It is al
leged the defendant is short in his accounts to
the amount ot $15. He will be given a hearing
on Saturday.
Blrn. Robinson Id Speak.
Major A M. Brown will preside at Dr. Reed's
church this evening when Mrs. Annie Knight
Robinson will address the Pittsburg and Alle
gheny auxilliary to the Indian Association on
"The Benefits of Christian Education to the
Special Notice.
B. & O.K. E. Only line open to
and New York,
And all points East.
Wall Pnper.
Spring patterns of wall paper only 5c;
best whites only 10c; cheapest wall paper in
the country.
irliP ?Q .. .. J Tl fkl. ...... All 1
w uuu .v wmw bu, -iniegneny.
FeatjEnheim &Vilsack's Iron City
beer is pure, wholesome and nutritious, and
is the best in tbe market xrssa
Oar Summer Importntlon ofTnble Linens
And napkins is here, making our already
tare ussuriuieub biuiiuure complete. .Nap
kins $1 a dozen and upward. Table da
masks, 65c, 75e, 95c, 51, 51 25 extra width
and newest patterns.
Oos. Hobne & Co.'s
Penn Avenue Stores,
50c to SSc
A large lot of summer dress goods; fine
goods; were 50c now 25c; this is a rare bar
uu uuu .u uuiu oi., jiiiegnenyi
New -American Pntlnes.
100 styles to select from; only 124c, at
H. J.iynch's, 438440 Market street.
Remnpnts of Silk and Drrsi tCoods Tery
13ow to clean np stock in these departments..
All colors and qualities. '
i f.f fV.""- Jos. HobSe & Co.'i
Dishonored Drafts. ' . '
When the stomach dishonors the drafts made
upon it by tbe rest of the sj stem, it IS neces
sarily because Its fund of strength is very low.
Toned with Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, it
soon begins to pay out vigor in the f hape of
pure, rich blood, containing the elements of
muscle, bone andbraln. As a sequence otthe
new vigor "afforded the stomach," the bowels
fiertorm their functions regularly, and the
iver works like clockwork. Malaria has no
effect upon a system thus reinforced.
Special Notice.
B. Ss O. B. B, Only line open to
and New York,
And all points East
19-Inch Sarah Silks Only 50 Cents a Yard,
24-inch at 76 cents, all the newest shades;
certainly the greatest silk bargain to be had.
Jos. Hobne & Co.'s,
Penn Avenue Stores.
Ladles and Gents'
Gauze, balbriggan and merino underwear
at 12c, 15c, 25c to 75c. Special values at
H. J. Lynch's, 438 and 440 Market street.
Get a saek of "Ivbry" flour of your
grocer, and see what nne bread you win
Mnrriago Licenses Granted Yesterday.
(Joseph T. Graham.,
J Janlc Michael
I Calvin P. Sullivan.,
, Allegheny
....Jefferson township
....Jefferson township
...East Deer township
...West Deer township
Sclota county, O'
.... Richland township
, Allegheny
,..., Baldwin township
llaldwin township
(.11 j
Mary A. Foley.
( Henry C lleber
(iiara a. senile
(Julius Huber
Carolina Schmidt
J Conrad Ebert
Catharine Luelllch....
(Sebastian Flnnoff
I Anna M. Kroebcr
(Henry McCoy
1 Alary Fitzpatrick
(John Scott
(Luella Brown
( James S. Christy
J Christine E.Toepfer.,
("William H. Ewlng....
i Christina Thompson. .
J 1'hUlomlne Auth
(James Cassldy
I Mary Lamb
( Conrad Nix
I Katie Unglart
t Charles eloh
Annie IS. Marlett
(Thomas J. Fllnn
(Adam Schaefer Pittsburg
1 Sophia Trautweln Pittsburg
( George Wulnnlg Homestead
IJamlma Pauley ......Allegheny
(Rudolph Jautzcn Pittsburg
I Claude B. McConaughey Pittsburg
(P.J. Alberte Allegheny
lEmilee II. Lotz Allegheny
AMEDE BEEBE On Wednesday, Jnne 5,
18S9, at Liberty street M. E. Church, by Rev.
M, D. Lichliter, Harry Amede and Axaxda
Beebe, both of Pittsburg.
BELL. At Connellsville, on Juno 3, Mrs.
Janet Bell, in her 79th year.
Funeral from the residence of her daughter-in-law,
Mrs. James Bell, 85 Monterey st, on
FlSIDAY AFTEBKOOY, at 230 O'clock. 2
CAVEN June 3, 18S9. at 1:40 P. it, Mrs.
MtNKiE E. Caven, wife of J. 15. Caven.
Funeral services at her late residence. No.
120 Center avenue, Friday, at S p. m. Inter
ment at Connellsville, Pa., Saturday, at 10
A.K. 2
DAHLEM At the family residence. No. 103
Auburn street Twenty-flrst ward, on Wednes
day, June 5, 18S9, at 12:05 p. m., Hannah
Belle, wife of James P. Dahlcm, inthe32d
year of her age.
Funeral services at the Park Avenue Presby
terian Church-on Friday, 7th inst, at 230 p.
II. Friends of the family are respectfully in
vited to attend. 2
MARTIN-On Tuesday, June 4, at 1020 p. it,
near Connellsville, Samuel Martin, in his
"1st year.
Funeral services at his late residence, corner
Fifth avenue and Neville street, on Friday
iiORKiKQ at 10 o'clock. Interment private.
McGROARTY On Tuesday, Juno. 4, at 8:50
p. it, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. J.
M. Slattery, of Haysville, Mes. Annie Mc
Gboaety, -aged &l "years, '
Funeral services at St -James Catholic
Church at Sewickley on Thursday, June 6, at
10 A. v., to proceed to St Mary's Cemetery.
JOHNSTON-On "Wednesday, Jnne 5, at 6
p. m., Walter Johnston, aged 15 years.
Funeral from the residence of bis mother.
Mrs. Emma Johnston, No. 1215 Bingham street,
on Feidat afteenoon at 2 o'clock.
KESTER On Tuesday, June i, 1889, at 7:40
p. u., Annie, oldest daughter of Charles and
Mary Kester, in the 19th year of her age.
Bearcst Annie, th6n hast left us,
Here thy loss we deeply feel;
But 'tis God that hath bereft us.
He can all onr sorrows heal.
Funeral will take place from the residenco of
her parents, 421 Orchard Place, Knoxville Bor
ough, on Thursday, 6th inst, at 2 p. m.
Friends of the family are respectfully invited
to attend. 2
117, 119 and 138 Third avenue, two doors below
Smithfield st, next door to Central Hotel.
Carriages for funerals,$3. Carriages for operas,
parties, 4c, at the lowest rates. All new car
riages. Telephone communication. myl-ll-TT3
Funeral Directors and Embalmers, Livery
and Boarding Stables. Nos. 378 and 380
Beaver ave. Residence. 681 Preble
ave., Allegheny City.
Telephone 3416. mh23-MThsu
Assets . . J9J07L.69833.
Insurance Co. of North America.
Losses adjusted and paid by WILLIAM L
JONES. 84 Fourth avenue. ia20-s2-D
Assets $418,50187
JOHN B. JACKSON. Vice President
fe22-26-TTS WM. P. HERBERT. Secretary.
prices; leneths running up to about 30 yards.
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The Johnstown Sufferers.
Until further notice we shall, allow a lib
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Lamps, Ammonia, Andirons, Ash Cans,
Ash Sifters. Axes, Baking Dishes, Barrel
Covers, Bath Brick, Bath Tubs, Baskets
and Basket Ware, Clothes Baskets. Cedar
Baskets, Market Baskets, Bells, Bed Fans,
Bedets, Bellows and Brush, Blackine and
Blacking Stools, Bluing, Meat and Pastry
Boards, Boilers, Bam Boilers, Porcelain
Lined Boilers and Saucepans, Frying Pans,
Bowls wood and china, Bowls and Pitchers,
Boxes, Candles and. Candlesticks, Egg
Boilers, Fenders, Fire Sets, Shovels, Pokers
and Tongs, Mirrors. Screens, Tea Kettles,
Bread Boxes, Broilers, Brushes, Brooms,
Buckets, Buck Saws, Butter Kettles, Butter
Ladles, Butter Paddles, Cake Boxes, Cake
Closets, Cake Turners, Camphor Gum, Call
Bells) Can Openers, Canisters, Carpet
Tacks, Chafing Dishes, Cleavers, Clothes
Horses, Clothes Lines, Clothes Pins.Clotbes-
W ringers, coal Scuttles, coal Shovels, Cof
fee Mills, Coffee Pots, Coffee Urns, Com
modes, Coolers and Filters, Corkscrews,
Cnlienders, Caps and Saucers, Dripping
Pans, Dust Pans? Dippers, Dish
Covers, Dusters, Farina Boilers, Flour
Sifters, Flesh Forks, Gas Stoves, Griddles,
Hammers, Hatchets, Ice Picks, Irons,
Ironing Boards, Knives and Forks, Ladles,
Lamps, Lemon Squeezers, Measures, Meat
Safes, Meat Saws, Milk Pans, Milk-Pails,
Muffin Pans, Nutmeg Graters, Oil Cans,
Oil Stoves, Paints, Pie Plates, Potato
Mashers, Preserving Kettles, Pndding
Pans, Putz Pomade, Boll Pans, Sauce
Pans, Saws, Salt Boxes, Slaw Cutters, Slop
Jars, Soup Dishes, Sponges, Wood Spoons,
Strainers, Trays, Tea Pots, Towel Backs,
Tubs, Vegetable Knives, Wash Boards,
Wash Basins, Water Buckets, Wash Stands,
Wash Boilers, etc., etc.
Fleishman & Go's.
504,506 and 508 Market st.
The Pittsburg Building
Plan Co., .Architects, 0C
Fourth avenue, prepare
plans and specifications
and superintend erection
of dwellings at lowest
rates consistent with
good service. Estimates
guaranteed. Correspond-myl6-TTSU
euco invited'
Or the Liquor Habit Positively Cured
by Administering Dr. Haines'
uoiaen apecinc.
It can be given in a cup of coffee or tea without
the knowledge of tbe
Derson taklnc it: is abso-
lately narmies:
lv harmless. :
and will effect a permanent and
speedy cure, wbetner tne patient is a moderate
VlnV-nr or .in alcoholic wreck. Thousands of
Drunkards have been made temperate men who
have taken tfolden Specific in their coffee without
their knowledge and to-day believe thev quit
drinking from their own free will. ITtfEVEB
FAILS. The system once Impregnated with the
Sneclflc It becomes an utter Impossibility for the
lfqnor ap
Kl-rth nnd
63 E. Federal St., Allegheny. Trade supplied by
(leo. A. Kenv & uo.. i'ittDtirjr, ra. ccsf-M-ris
INS. Co., 417 Wood street, Pittsburp, Pa.
Capital..... ?2o0,000 00
Assets January 1.1889 363,745 80
Directors-Chas. ' W. Batchelor. President;
John W. Chaltant, Vice Presidsnt: A. E. W.
Painter. Robt. Lea, II. W. Watson, John Wil
son, Joseph Walton, "Win. Q. Park, A. M.
Byers, Jas. J. Donnell, Geo. E. Fainter, John
Thompson, Wm. T. Adair, Secretary; Jas.
Little, Assistant Secretary; August Ammon,
General Agent ja224G-TTS
Do You Know It,?
To perfect a cure, you must remove the cause.
LIME AND SODA supplies the system With Oxi
dizable Phosphorus, the deficiency of which Is
the proximate cause of Contumption. For
Coughs, Bronchitis, Weak Lungs, Night
Sweats, and all Throat Diseases, it Is an uu-
equaled remedy. Sold by Druggists. i per
bottle. Recommended
icians. Send
for circular. WINCHESTER & CO., Chemists,
162 William Street, New York.
41 Seventh avenue,
Pittsburg, Pa.
Telephone I3H se5-n60-TT3
Saving Week!
in nrdpr tn lcnr a rrpnt mnnv short lencths from
Carpets. Large variety (
limna uuu uapan .mailings, 01
imliirprnffntu in T,npf rinr(n?n! the ennrmons nnnntitiea we have sold this season testifv as to
Heavy Turcoman and Chenille Cnrtains and
complete, S0c- Shade Cloths, all colors,
- 18891
B. & B.
In the Flannel Department:
Two lines of handsome Stripe Flannels in
two beautiful Persian Stripes. Price, 7cents.
The artists have certainly
accomplished wonders in the
Production of tfiese goods. The
quality of the goods and the
beauty would justify the ask'
in? of a much higher price.
hist the season, too, for
Flannels. This one item must
speak for hundreds of others.
Flannels for Ladles' Dresses.
Flannels for Children's Dresses.
Flannels for Tennis Suits.
Flannels for Blouse Waists.
Flannels for Bathfng Suits.
Flannels for Shirts.'
For this morning Two
special .lots of 38-inch all-wool
black and white stripe Sere
at 35c and 40c.
Have you seen anything
prettier in that line than those
j$-cent shepherds plaids, 40
inches wide.
42-inch Black Lace Grena
dine at 30 cents in a large as
sortment of styles.
bilk Stripe Camel Hair
Grenadine at $1 25-goods
you have never seen wider
2 0 a yard.
Black and white side band
suiting at 50c and 65c.
Black Directoire side band
suiting, $1 and $1 25.
Choice line of the finest
French black and white Chal
lis at 50 cents.
Choice line of extra quality,
very stylish French and Scotch
plaids, 40 inches wide, at 50
cents; -actually worth $1.
60 cents on those 40-inch
pure Mohair Glace Stripes
makes these goods rare bar
gains indeed. The quality is
the dollar standard and the
colorings and patterns are
very attractive.
Should prices increase when
the demand increases? It is
not so in these Mohairs nor
anywhere else m ' our stores,
As in Mohairs, so in all lines,
as the call increases the prices
go down and special bargains
become more numerous.
60 pieces 60-inch Vigeurenx Serges at $1.
25 pieces Almanza Suitings, 40 inches wide,
at 75 cents.
40-inch Boucle Stripe at SO cents.
15 pieces very desirable pin stripe at 40 cents,
worth 60c
In the Curtain Room There are Tapestries,
Braperies and many articles interesting at this
season; Curtains bonght all the time.. Light
colored Portieres, such as 'LoulsXTV.Stripe,"
etc, selling; well.
Beaded Reed Portiere3 in many, different
fancy effects, lattice tops, strong and pretty,
$2 60 to $10.
Hammocks, 75c to $5.
Blazer Jackets and Blonse Waists-large and
choice lines at lowest prices.
115, 117, 119, 121
Federal Street, AUegheny.
the earlv trade, to be closed at bargain
Smyrna Bugs and Mats of every kind.
Portieres 53 50 a pair up. Grand values
Curtain Poles and Trimmings nt low nrlces.
. '.'.
. "S-
'''f v '' -V'," ' t'
''.7--'' 4,- -i 2
.-J'-'-ft" ''riV r i
.-"t'' fit !.-, -V I''--' .-.'
-V" '-f'S5il& &''
',' -A '-"..-i-'.i" , .. . ,H-'
UR readers must please excuse us for"
not particnlarizipg bargains i&
-- -
Our hearts are
the poor sufferers
Johnstown disaster.
felt sympathy to all the" bereaved onesT"
300 to 400
- -. ' -'-'?.' V
- ' ' "
' ?&
vf '
r ; c . A
" jK -
. .. - J-f .'
.'; Liffi
jit V
too fulrof sorrovir for
in the recent terrible
"We tender our heart
Market street.
tt t.
- 'M
'' L
tWryttfl A
-jir r
-.' .-!rif'i
-. , if..:
v t
."i:. - '1. - r
" i
n 4 . .. i'
. ..?';,.
-i 'ft'i' - - '. . . .
- ?h if -.
. Y . .- '
4 & i. ,' : v -1'
'. y
End 440 MarkeVeet.
Penn Avenue' Stereca

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