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OCTOBER il3Wl889.
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Archibisliop Corrigan Issues a
toral Letter Condemning
The Tatican Will let be the Seat of Tem
poral Power.
:ppecial iiLraiuH to the dispatch.!
New York, October 12. Archbishop
Corrican has issued a pastoral letter an
nouncing the annnal collection of Peter s
pence, which is to take place on the last
Sunday of this month, in which he deals at
length with the question of temporal sover
eignty. It will be read in the Catholic
churches this morning. In it he says:
Without dwelling on the wrongs perpetrated
in the violent occupation of Rome in Septem
ber. 1870, the memory of which is still fresh in
our minds, let us turn our thoughts to one or
two facts of recent occurrence in the pontifi
cate of Pope Leo XIII. Elected to his nigh of
fice in a most critical period of the Church's
history, he has succeeded, unarmed and de
fenseless, in winning from the cinlized world a
new recognition of tho inherent strength of the
papacy, and has again brought out In stronc
relief the immense moral power which belongs,
as of right, to the successor of St. Peter. His
great gifts of rumd and heart, his Tast erudi
tion, his long experience of men and affairs, his
consummate tact and prudence ought to make
him pre-eminently successful in extending the
After acting as the arbiter between Spain
and Germany in the affair of the Caroline
Islands, the Holy Father, on the approach of
his saceraotal jubilee, intimated in his allocu
tion of May 23. 1S57, his desire of establishing
satisfactory relations with Italy, the land of
his birth and of his special predilection. Still
more clearly in his letter of June 15. 1SS7, to
the Secretary of State he expressed the same
desire In moderate and conciliatory language.
Acting on this suggestion, the faithful of Italy,
on their part, took up the matter with alacnt.
In accordance with law and with custom, it
was croposed that those who had the right to
suffrage and whose names consequently would
carry great weight, should address a monster
nctition to the Government. There was no
question in this petition of the restora
tion of temporal sovereignty: nothing, there
fore, that could wound the susceptibili
ties of thoe in power, but simply the
expression of the earnest wish that a more
satisfactory state of affairs might be devised
and the Pontiff enjoy necessary freedom.
When the petition had already received the
signatures of 500,000 names, the strong arm of
authority intervened to forbid any further
action, and not only prevented any additional
expression of opinion out Tisited officials who
had taken part in the movement with depriva
tion of office. Such a course of proceeding goes
far to show the policy of the actual Govern
ment and to prove how little it is disposed to
keep the promises so plausibly made to the
Catholic Courts of Europe immediately after
the forcible occupation of Rome. The aim of
the Government is plainly to reduce the Sov
ereign Pontiff to the condition of a private
citizen, so that the possibility of his restora
tion to his lawful rights may be more and more
In further illustration of this point, attention
may be called to the royal sanction of the new
penal code which was promulgated on June SO
of this year, and which goes into effect on the
first of January, 1890l This new body ot law
legislates with marked discrimination against
the clergy, especially by making it impossible
for them to advocate the rights of the Sov
ereign Pontiff without danger of pecuniary
fines and imprisonment.
After quoting the sections of the code re
ferred to, and comments upon them by more
Catholic writers, the Archbishop contmnes:
Hence, on and after the first of January
next, any Bishop or pastor of souls in Italy who
dares to address his flock on the rights of the
Holy Father, is subject to fine and imprison
ment. Comment is superfluous. Bv royal
sanction, micht becomes nsht. Justice.
honesty, smcenty sink to the level of words
without meaning.
If the Holy Father be relegated to the condi
tion of an Italian subject, the next logical pro
cedure would be to sail further restrict his
personal liberty whenever he raises his voice in
protest against the outrages which have been
heaped upon mm: and as for the strongest rea
sons, the Roman Pontiff cannot cease to pro
test, his life would simply be life-long imprison
ment. While it is hardly probable that the
Government of Italy will venture to proceed to
this extremity, in the face of public opinion,
yet there can be no reasonable doubt from facts
constantly occurring in Rome, that it is its set
tled determination to deprive the Supreme
Pontiff slowly bnt surely of all vestige of real
According to the public press, the Prime
Minister of Italy has declared his intention of
reducing the Holy Father to the condition of
simple bishop of Rome, so that having no juris
diction over the Church at large, there may be
no grounds for his claim to temporal sover
eignty. All Christian antiquity proclaims the
world-wide spiritual j ansdlction of Peter and
of Peter's successor. Every Catholic is bound to
admit this primacy of the Apostolic See as an
article of faith. fow, while the Almighty, in
His infinite wisdom, may devise many ways of
securing the perfect liberty of thepontif,despite
all human opposition; still, as far as human pru-
wings actuauy
Trustees Decline to Accept a Pastor
Appointed by the Bishop.
Buffalo, October 12. Quite a stir has
been created among the trustees and congre
gation of the Delaware Avenue Methodist
EpiscDpal Church, in this city, by the action
of the Lockport Conference. Ber. Dr.
Bashford, pastor of the church, had been
appointed President of the "Wesley Univers
ity of Ohio, but by an arrangement with the
university he was permitted, on certain con
ditions, to retain his pastorate here for an
other year. Notwithstanding this, the Con
ference appointed J. D. Phelps, of the Uni
versal Church, of Rochester, to fill the
pastorate of the Delaware avenue church.
Tne stewards of the church met in secret
session last evening, and elected Dr. "Went
worth as temporary pastor. They also
passed caustic resolutions on the action or
the Bishop. One of the trustees stated this
morning that the meeting voted unani
mously to respectfully refuse to receive Ber.
Mr. Phelps. If the Bishop refuses to re
consider "his action the church will con
tinue to refuse the appointment of Mr.
Phelps, and will engage its own minister.
A dispatch from Rochester says that Rev.
Mr. Phelps has been ordered by the Bishop
to proceed to Buffalo and preach in the Del
aware Avenue Church to-morrow, accord
ing to his appointment. If the trustees of
the church hold to their determination not
to accept Mr. Phelps there is likely to be an
interesting conflict of authority.
A Negro Strong Up on a Tree for Annulling
m. Woman.
Memphis, Tests., October 13. Robert
Biggs, alias Charles "Woods, colored, was
lynched at Hernando, Miss., at an early
hour this morning by a mob of several hun
dred men from Lake View. Biggs was con
fined in the Hernando jail on a charge of
havincr assaulted Mrs. J. 2T . Raines, the
wife of a farmer living near Lake View in
August last. He was arrested near Mem
phis on September 27 and subsequently
taken to Hernando. He made a full con
fession at the time, but claimed that the
woman's husband had hired him to murder
her;that he was drunk and assaulted her in
stead, and that Raines was satisfied with
what he did and connived at his escape.
Raines was also arrested and for a time it
was thought both men would be lynched.
At the preliminary examination yesterday
Raines was discharged and Biggs was re
manded to jail to await the action of the
grand jury. About midnight Jailer "Wal
lins was aroused, and, going to the door,
was seized by the mob, tied to a tree and
gagged. Biggs was taken from his cell and
led with a rope tied around his neck to the
Court House Square, where the rope was
thrown over the limb of a tree and Biggs
was soon dangling in mid-s.ir. The mob
dispatched its business in a quirt and or
derly manner and left town as soon as the
negro was dead.
A Rate on Tank Cora Which Will Drive Out
Independent Dealers.
Lima, October 12. A bombshell was ex
ploded in the camp of independent oil
dealers to-day by a circular which was sent
out by the Central Traffic Association notify
ing all railroads to change the rate of tank
cars to nearly double the former rate. This
is supposed to come from the Standard Oil
Company, who have adopted this device to
drive all independent dealers out of the
market. A protest signed by all the lead
ing oil dealers in the city has been forwarded
to George P. Blanchard, Chairman of the
Central Traffic Committee, Chicago.
The question seems to be one of vital im
portance to the independent oil dealers,
(driving them all out of the market, and
have the way cleared for the Standard. As
the btandard pipe line to Chicago has a
capacity of 8,000 barrels a dayand is rnn at
about 3 cents a barrel, the difference be
tween that and 23 would make a handsome
Some Decided Change Are to be Mndo at
the Brooklyn Navy Yard A Big
Fresh Water Basin In Which
Tcueli Can be Placed.
New York, October 12. The improve
ments contemplated at the navy yard by the
special board, of which Bear Admiral D.
L. Braine is chairman, are in accordance
with the estimated expenditure of $8,000,
000. One of the most important is the con
struction of a fresh water basin for the
dockage of the new steel ships when they
are not in service. There will be large
pipes through which there will be a con
stant flow of fresh water from artesian wells
so that the deterioration by fouling and cor
rosion by contact with salt water will be
removed. A big stone wall is to be built
all around the dock, with great gates com
municating with the "Whitney basin,
through which vessels may pass and be
closed in.
The yard will be supplied with an electric
plant for lighting and for motive power.
Electricity will take the place of steam in
shops, storehouses and docks where com
paratively light motive power is required
for construction and repair. The electric
plant will be in that part of theold machine
shop near the dry docK which is now occu
pied bv the large pumping engine. The
yard will be so well lighted bv electricity
mat woric may be done at night as well as
by day.
Big-derricks are to be placed at all of the
wharves. 3ins capable of holding 16,000
tons of coal, to be kept filled to avoid em
barrassment by labor strikes, will be built.
The new boiler shop, an annex to the ma
chine shop, is now in process ot construc
tion. A float dock for the landing of rail
road trains from barges is to be"crected, and
with this improvement big guns may be
taken direct from the Washington gun
foundry without trans-shipment. About
five miles of railroad track is to be laid in
the yard. It will connect with every build
ing and wharf.
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DALY-On Saturday-October 12, at 10 30 A
m., Bridget, wife olHugh Daly, in her Situ
Funeral from her late residence, Forty-third
street, Seventeenth ward, on Monday, Octo
ber 14, at 9 a. m.
.EARNER On Saturday. October 12, at 10:20
A. x.. at his residence. Thirty-fourth ward, op-
dence can determine, and as
exist, temporal sovereignty is the most natural
means, and indeed, humanly speaking, a neces
sary means of securing the good government
of the church.
Demonstrating this proposition, the Arch
bishop quotes extensively from a pamphlet
entitled "The Truth About the Roman
Question" recently published by the "Vati
can press. The concluding quotation, and
the Archbishop's comment upon it, are as
One hundred and seventy-one times the popes
were depoiled of their dominions bv their ene
mies, and as often by an example unheard of in
the history ot every other dynasty have they
been re-established on their thrones, under cir
cumstances and in times the most varied and
dissimilar. This is a fact both unique and mo
mentous, because it reveals an order of special
and unfailing Providence. What wonder, then,
if Catholics hope to see it reproduced, even in
our own day, for the 172d timet
This phenomenal fact leads to most im
portant conclusions. It is the exeinphhcation
of a constant law of dinne intervention in
Dehalf of the Church. If anything similar oc
curred In the Department of science it would
he regarded as the operation ot a natural law
and treated accordingly. Now, the reasons
that brought about the restoration of the
pontiffs in the past continue to exist in all their
force and fullness. In the present case 19 vears.
Indeed, have lapsed since the usurpation of
Rome, but these 19 years have not yet bronght
to the kingdom of Italy official recognition
from a single court of Europe, and the Roman
question, that has been so often pronounced
'dead and buned,,' makes its voice of indignant
protest resound at this hour from land to land,
from continent to continent, "to show that it
Btill lives."
And even If to human kin the Roman ques
tion should seem to have lost its vitality, the
' spirit of God can breathe as Be will over dry
bones and make them instinct with lire and
grace and surpassing beauty, renewing their
strength like the eagle's. Of this we must rest
assured, if our Lord wishes that His church,
which ig to last "all days even to the consumma
tion ot the world" be protected by other means
than by temporal power. He will manifest His
counsel In Bopdseason;butmeanwhlle,and until
His vicar assures us to the contrary, it is our
dnty to hasten the freedom of the Holy Bee by
our prayers and good works and by every legit
imate channel of defense.
The Archbishop's letter concludes with a
long extract from the letter of the Pope
upon university of tbc Pontifical States and
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The Honra When VUtiora Will Be Received
nt the Wbite Uouin.
Washington, October 12. The neces
sity of making some preparation for the
meeting of Congress has compelled the
President to establish the following rules
for the daily transaction of business at the
Executive Mansion, which will be strictly
adhered to:
Senators, members of Congress and others
having business with the President, will be
received every day, except Sunday, between
the hours of 11 and 12.30 o'clock, and at no
other time. The public receptions in the
EastJRoom at 1 P. M. on Mondays, Wednes
days and Saturdays will be held as nsual.
The President regrets the inconvenience to
which friends may be subjected by the en
forcement of these rules, but he is sure that
they will see the necessity of his having
some hours each day that are absolutely free
from interruption.
Several Passenger Injured la a Railroad
Wilmington, Del., October 12. A
south-bound Wilmington and Baltimore
train dropped an iron door on the tracks be
tween Charlestown and Northeast Mary
land, which derailed a passenger train
about 9:45 o'clock this morning. The train
was partly wrecked, and 15 persons were
The following are the names of those most
seriously injured: Mrs. W. B. Guild,
Evansville, Vt, seriously; J. M. Beno'
Youngstown, O.; Robert Van Bogart, Bing
hamton, N. Y., badly hurt about the face
and head' C. W. Lawson, Pullman car con
ductor, badly injured; William Beckley
engineer, leg broken and badly injured: j
B. Bartaletee, Fleetwood, Pa., seriously injured.
Two Railroad Conductors Arrested
Holding Oat Tickets.
Buffalo, Octoberl2. Joseph Hammond
and John T. Springborn, two well-known
conductors of the Lake Shore and Michigan
Southern Railroad, have been arrested hefe
onj bench warrants, charged with hold
ing out tickets to the amount of several hun
dred dollars and giving them to John J.
Myers, of Jamestown, to dispose of, then
dividing the proceeds. Myers was also arrested.
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Funeral services from St Malachy's Church
to-mokrow, at 9 A. jr. Friends of the family
are respectfully invited to attend.
FRIESEL At the residence of her grand
mother, Mrs. Robert Curry, 4916 Penn avenue.
Twentieth ward, on Saturday, October li 1889,
at 8:10 p. m., Edna Boyd, daughter of John A.
and MaryE. Friesel, aeed 2 years 7 months o
Funeral services on Monday, Ilth inst.. at 2
p. m. Friends of tho family are respectfully
invited to attend. 2
GALLAQER-On Friday. October 11, at g
o'clock p. St., Mary, wife of John Gallager, 01
Sharpsburg, aged 02 years.
Funeral will take place from the residence of
her daughter, Mrs. Harry Thomson, Cecil
street, Sharpsburg, on Sunday, October 13, at
2 JO p.m. Friends of the family are respect
folly invited to attend.
HUMBERT At Cresson, Saturday, Octobe
12, 1889, Chahi.es H. Humbert, eldest son of
Charles H. and Josephine Smith Humbert,
aged 10 years.
Intermont at Cresson, Sunday, October 13.
KEARNS-On Friday, October 11, 1SS9. at
12 10 P. sl, Frank J., son of John S. and Mary
Reams, aired IS vears.
Funeral will take place from the residence of H
his parents. No. 72 Sontn Seventh street, on
Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Friends of
the family are respectfully invited to attend. 2
LAGARD-On Saturday, October 12. 1889, at
7 o'clock, Emory C. Lagahd, in the 45th year
of his age.
Funeral services at his late residence. No. 34
Grantham street, Monday, at 2 o'clock. Fu
netal at a later hour.
LUTOMSKI Friday. October 11, 18S9, at 2
o'clock p. H..LEONHARD, son of Corry Lufcom
ski, deceased, and Agnes Lutomski, aged IS
years 1 month 11 days.
Funeral on Monday, October 14, at 3 o'clock
P. 1L, from his mother's residence, corner of
Somers and Bedford avenue. Thirteenth ward,
Pittsburg. Friends of the family are respect
fully invited to attend.
MCCARTHY Saturday, October 12, 1S89, at
8:45 p. sl, Daniel McCarthy, in his bSth
Funeral from his late residence, 142 Cherry
alley, Monday horning at 8:30 o'clock.
Friends of the family are invited to attend.
McVAY-On Thursday October 10. 18S9, at 5
o'clock a. Jr., James Mo V ay, aged 7s years.
Funeral took place from, his late residence,
Flnleyville, Washington county. Pa., on Sat
urday, October 12, 1SS9.
(Philadelphia (Pa.) papers please copy.
NELSON On Saturday, October 12. 1889, at
5-.20 p. m., Caroline Nelson, wife of William
Nelson, aged 52 yean 1 month and 8 days.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
NESTLER On Saturday. October 12, 1889, at
5 A. M., John Nestleb, in his 69th year.
Funeral from his late residence, 1910 Wharton
street. Twenty-sixth ward, Monday morning
at 9 o'clock. Services at St. Michael's Church,
Pius street. Friends of the family are respect
fully invited to attend.
PRENDERGAST At Mansfield. Saturday,
October 12, 18S9, at 12 o'clock noon, Mary.
wife of Michael Prendergast, and cousin of
Thomas McCaffrey, in the 45th year of her age.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
ROBlNSON-At his father's residence. No.
102 King avenue, Columbus. O., October 6, 18S9,
of nervous prostration and brain trouble, W.
VT. Robinson, formerly of the National Blank
Book Company. He was a member of Federal
Council, No. 100, Royal Arcanum. 2
SHANNON On Thursday, October 10. at
450 p. jr., at herfather's residence.No. 119 Elm
street, Ida, only daughter of Y. E. and Mary
Shannon, aged 13.
Notice of funeral in daily papers. fsu
STOTJFFER On Friday, October U, 1889, at
his residence, corner Fifth avenue and Vine
street; Wilson Stouffer, in the SOth year of
his age.
Funeral from tho M. P. Church, corner Fifth
avenue and Vine street, on Monday, the 14th
inst, at 2 o'clock p. M. Friends of the family
respectfully invited to attend. 2
TELFORD On Saturday, October E, J8S9, at
Los Angeles, CaL, George Telford, aged 33
Funeral services Monday, October 14, at 2
o'clock, at residence, 107 Part way, Allegheny.
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only 10c
20 doz. square decorated! china cuspldores
4-qt 35c,5-qt. 41c, tf-qt. 49c 8-qt. 69c, 10-qt. 69c
100 iron pots and kettles. Nos. 7, 8 and 9, your
choice for 25c
Flat irons, 6 0, 7 lb andSB, jottr choice for
Chamber pails, ass't. colors, only JSc
Acme fry pans only 6c
2-qt. covered pails only Sc
TVash tubs, all sizes, from 10c to-SttvOO.
Brass bird cages 50c 89c and Jl ODl.
Howell's ammonia water only 7c
Jointed doll, bisque bead, flowing- hair, 12
inches long, 19c
Kid body doll, bisque head, flowing liair, 20
inches long, 25c
Patent head doll, flowing hair, shoes ind
stockings, 23 inches long, 50c
Dressed doll, bisque head, flowing hair, stow
ing teeth, 17 inches long, cheap at $L onijo9c.
Rubber dolls from Id tn S3 fin-
Beautiful dolls, all kinds, from 5c to S3.
Albums, full sizes, silk plush, 59c
Hundreds of different styles of vases, So to
$3 00.
Also a full line ot glassware, tinware, cook-"-ing
ware, silverware, wooden ware, willow ware, i
uib irames, ataiuea, toys oi au sunos at one
alf the price sold elsewhere.
Immense bargains on our 5c and 10c counters
In the ArtTm.B ot the Dry
Goods Trade.
wide, ?1 per yard. This Is the best valne ever
shown in the way of Broadcloth. It has a
superior finish and is of medium weight,
and is the quality sold by other merchants
at $1 50 a yard.
wide. 65c per yard. In this line we excel
any house in the city. We are showing all
the leading colors. The cloth is strictly all
wool and is the quality sold everywhere
Two Special bargains-in PLUSHES. 300
pieces pure Silk Plush, 19 inches wide, all
the latest colors, 69c.
150 piecesTine SILK PLUSH, beautiful
assortment of colors, and at the price an
assured bargain, 39c.
Boys3 Overcoats at $3, reduced from $4 60.
Boys' Overcoats at $3 75, reduced from $5.
Boys' Overcoats at $4 reduced from $G.
Boys' dvercoats at $4 SO, reduced from $7.
Boys' overcoats at , reaucea from yy.
Boys' Overcoats at $7 GO, reduced from. $10.
Boys' Overcoats at $8, reducecCfrom $12.
Boys' Overcoats at $9, reduced from, $15. '
1 .m
Boys' Kilt Suits at $2 50, reduced from $3 75.
Boys' Kilt Suits at $3, reduced from $4 50.
Boys' Kilt Suits at $3 50, reduced from $5.
Boys' Kilt Suits at $4, reduced from $6 50.
Boys' Kilt Suits at $4 75, reduced from $7.
Boys' Kilt Suits at $5, reducedfrom $7 50.
Boys' Kilt Suits at $6, reducedfrom $9 50.
Boys' Kilt Suits at $6 50, reducedfrom $10.
Boys' Kilt Suits at $8, reducedfrom $12.
All Run Down from the weakening effects ot
warm weather, by hard work or from a long
illness, you should take Hood's Sarsaparllla,
which will purify your blood, expel scrof ula
and all impurities, regulate the liver and other
organs, cure headache, give strength and
create an appetite Be sure to get Hood's.
highest p:
gents' cast-off clothing at De Haan's Big
6, "Wylie ave.
prices paid for ladies'
Call or send by mail.
Me. Peatt's fifty-second annnal sale of
new dooks win open to-morrow at 428 wood
street. He has a splendid collection this
year, and sells at less than half regular
Visitors to PJittburs;
This week are respectfnlly invited to make
Gusky's their headquarters; to make
Gusky's their stopDing place. 3Jo matter
whether a purchase is made or not, a hearty
welcome is extended to all.
A round trip excursion ticket from all points
within 80 miles of Pittsburg and admission to
the Exposition will be given FKEE to any per.
son buying the best set ot teeth; price flu, or
having S10 worth of filling done at the follow
ing low rates:
Gold fillings .'-..51 00 and np
White alloy fillings .... 1 00
Silver fillings 75
Amalgam fillings. .. ....... 60
Extracting teeth 25
Administering gas 50
Fine gold filling and gold crown work a spe
cialty. Buyyour excursion ticket, the cost of which
will be deducted from your bill when the work
is done.
311 Smithfield street
The makers of the Ball
corset have a bon-fire two or
three times a year to burn up
the corsets that women have
worn a week or two or three,
and taken back to the stores
because they didn't like 'em.
How many corsets get
burned, do you think? One
in three thousand.
That means that when
three thousand women try
the Ball corset, one of 'em
makes up her mind that it
isn't the corset for her.
That's too bad! A corset
that's right for two thousand
nine hundred and ninety-nine
women ought to be .pretty
nearly right for the other one.
Her husband must have his
hands full?
There's a primer on Cor
sets for you at the store.
Chicago Corar? Co., Chicago and New York.
O.D.LEVIS. Solicitor of Patents,
811 Jffftb avenue, above Smithfield. next Leader
office. (No delay.) Established 20 years.
Has been very busy since the cool spell. Still
onr assortment is complete, and prices just as
pleasing as the styles and finish. Be sure and.
examine onr line of these goods before you
purchase. You will save money. Ages 2to lit
New and pretty styles just in. Plain and em.
brotdered, for ladies. Children and Men.at 10c,
12KC 15c, 25c, SOc, S5c, 10c, 60c, up to $4. Splen
did values.
Corsets and Corset Waists !
The Double Veand Ferns Waists for Infants,
Misses and Ladies, are selling in large quanti
ties, they being indorsed by all advocates of
dress reform. All the best makes, of- Corsets
here. Get onr prices.
Special values Saturday la
Open until 9 f. u. Saturdays.
710 Pann avenue, 710.
Between Seventh and Eighth Streets.
Nottingham Lace Curtains, fully worth
$1 CO, at 99c a pair. ,
Nottingham Lace Curtains, fully worth
S3, at $1 25 a pair.
Nottingham Lace Curtains, fullv worth
$3, at $1 99 a pair.
Also Fine Brussels Lace Curtains, $1 50,
worth $6 0 a pair.
Irish Point Lace. $5 25, worth $10 50 a
pair. '
Nottingham Lace, for Sash Curtains, at
one-half original price, 8c, 10c, 12c, 15e and
18c per yard.
Special Bargains in Portieres at 51 99 per
Special offerings in all Chenille Portieres
at ?5 50 per pair.
Special and Extraordinary Offer
ings in Blankets and Con-
fortables. '
10-4 Gray Blankets, fl, ft 99. f2 60 per
10-4 Scarlet Blankets, 52 50, ?3 25, J4.93
piw pair.
.10-4 White Blankets, $1 75, f3 99, $4 9ft
per pair.
IlU Gray Blankets, $4 99 per pair.
H.v ScarletBIanfcets, $4 99, J7 99 per pair.
II-1 "White Blankets, 53 99, $4 50, $7 99
per ptftr.
Crib Blankets, till colors, ?1 75, f2 99,
?3 25 pnr pair.
Large V Comforts, 99c, 51 50, $2 25, $2 99.
$4 25eaci. ' '
Special attention is called to our large and
varied stock of
for Ladies: Mi iks and Children.
Also Men's Hose in Natural "Wool,,
uameis Hair, u&snmere, etc,, and all at
our famous LOW PBICES.
Boys' Bant Suits at $3 50, reducedfrom $5.
Boys' Bant Suits at $4 50, reducedfrom $6 60.
Boys' Pant Suits at $5, reduced front $7 50.
Boys' Bant Suits at $5 50, reducedfrom $8.
Boys' Bant Suits at $6, reducedfrom $9.
Boys' Bant Suits at $6 50, reducedfrom $10.
.. T, C'.tfa n 0V Kft ,Iw,.r'A.ni
D.ia T, C,H n 0O suio? Au o-fsr -
JLIVyO JL-Wfl.V VflfrF lW V; Mfcy WV IJK.
Boys' odd Fonts at 75c, reducedfrom $1 10.
Boys' odd Bants at 87c", reduced from $1 25
Boys' odd Bants at $1, reducedfrom $1 60.
Boys' odd Bants at $1 25, reducedfrom $2.
New Department Stores,
504-506-508 Market Street, Pittsburg,
Ever Popular Household Furnishing Bazaar;
"Where the best of terms and the lowest prices are. obtaiaakk. ,
Yes, most emphatically we declare that OURS are watched for i
eagerly read by thousands of Contemplating purchasers whenever tty
UUKb iVKfc C.au, we assert, because ot Jfcel
make their appearance.
phenonemal response,
fiction, hut facts only,
terest our interest.
.vtt ..n-. t v. a T-. . . . . -T
uuKh AKBKfiAU Decause we arlwrtvMi mm
OURS ARE READ because we make yewigl
TEETH, $5, $8, $10.
Gold nlllnirs from SI up. Amaizarc, 60c;
silver, 75cj white alloy, L
Cold Crowns a specialty.
; Corner Smithfield and Fourth arena,
leas-TTSn .- - k
pEr",Fg ik
in iiiMffii'ffliT
4 fca
wnjIrX y
The Moirr complete
Stoc-I in tie city.
We also maiHVtactnre toe
wonderful combination
Easy COialT.
No. 8 81XXH-SX,
ml2-86.su PITTSBURGiPA
Stock, Quality va&Jm
We, are away ahead of all competitors in
Prices. We offer the grandest stock of
In the city. We name the Lowest Prices, we offer the best terms. Onr naae k sraiwj
mons wltn eYeryiniDjj r,oou pertaining 10 oar uasmess.
This is the last xreek. ot the Exposition, and ve want tou to call and see now
we'll make yon. whether you purchase or not. "We pay expresaze for the deUrerr of. a
purchases, and give a FKEE TICKET to the Exposition with eTery purchase askS
Again we say, come ana see usi m
Tie wing it, is for sale. Oners for same will be received a t our exhibit at the lKrpariiiMAl
Anne. lanrecsaTon portrait SSfiecsee.tfaea
before ordering eluewnere. CabbetkJt Mw
x super dozen, rivwauri. iJBUAYJtai.
aplt-lS-jrWTSB N
si Corner Tenth Street and EennA.1
4 f.
- -j:
tJr . jSlj&..a

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