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Markets at the Heir's Island Yards
Somewhat Sluggish.
A LJfht Enn of Sheep and Demand Slow,
TVith Laml3 Eeduced.
Office of PrrrsBtma dispatch,
JIondat. October 21, 1SS9. J
Markets at these yards are sluggish, and
prices -were a shade lower than last Monday.
Mild weather of late has been charged up
with slowness of markets. Good goods held
up fairly well to prices of last week, but
these were in the minority. The general
quality cf the offerings was not quite up to
The run of cattle varied very little from
last week, but quality was inferior. On ac
count of low quality, butchers demanded
and received material reductions on prices
of a weekaco. Best heavy Chicago cattle,
weighing 1,400 to 1,500 pounds, sold at 54 85 to So;
fair to good, 1,200 to 1.300 pounds H CO to
Si 75; light weights, 800 to 1,100 pounds,
J4 15 to H 60; common, thin and rough steers,
$3 50 to $105. Butchering cattle from neighbor
ing counties were lower. S. Lowenstein sold 05
head of Washington county cattle at a range or
S3 25 to $4 00. The range for fresh cows was
S25 00 to 550 00, and calves were easier at last
week's range of 6 to 6c per ponnd. Receipts
from Chicago L. Gerson. 107 head: L Zeicler,
105; E. Wolf, IS; A. Fromm, 84; L Rnthscbild S
Co., 114. From Pennsylvania S. Lowenstein,
65; various owners. 14. Total. 504; last week,
4SS; previous week, 550.
Sheep nnd Lambs.
Receipts were lighter than for many weeks
past In spite of the light run markets ruled
slow and lambs were a shade lower than they
were a week ago. Best heavy Ohio and Penn
sylvania wethers sold at 54 T5 to $4 S3; medium
weishts, 54 35 to $4 50; light weights. S. S3 to
$4 10; mixed ewes and wethers, S3 50 to 54 00;
lambs, 4 to 6c per pound.
Receipts from Pennslvania: D. O. Pisor, 14
head; Bingham t CxC 143; J. Behler. 51; G.
Flinner, 63; J. Wright, 113; William Craig. 202;
William McCrearj, 115: Bell 4. Wartington 33;
E. -D. Sergeant. 53. From Ohio: Sanford &
Langdon, 3L Total, S19; last week, L05J; pre
vious week, 1,113.
Hogs Plenty nnd in Demand.
Receipts were large and demand fair, with
prices of last week sustained on Chicago's and
Ohio's, while Pennsylvania's were a shade
lower, Ohio and Chicago hogs sold within a
range of 54 65 and So 00. Pennsylvania's ranged
from S3 75 to $4 50. Receipts iiomClucaco
1. Zeigler. 112 bead. From Ohio Needy &
Smith, 43S head: Sanrord fc Langdon, 93. From
Pennsylvania D. O. Fisor, 89: Bingham . Co.,
52; J. iReiber, 61: J. Behler. 6; TJ. t hnner, 2o;
W. McCrearj, 78; Bell & Wartington, 28: E.
D. Sergeant, 4L Total, 1,025; last week, 834;
previous week, 1,104.
At Liberty and Chirneo.
The ran of cattle at Liberty to-day was some
CO carloads larger than last Monday, but prices
were fairly maintained for all desirable grades
ot butchering stock. Hogs, however, showed
weakening tendencies on unfavorable news
from Chicago. At Chicago the receipts of
bogs to-day were 31,000 head, and prices are oil
20c from last week's rates. The range to-day
at the Western metropolis is 54 25 i CO.
By reference to statistics it is learned that on
the 25th of November, 1879, the receipts of
bogs at Chicago were 64.613, and that they sold
at $4 40 when corn was 39c per buibel. Corn is
now 8c less pel bnsbeL In the spring of lttSO,
bogs sold at 54 00, and one of our leading pack
ers predicts that they will go as Ion next
On tbe 5th of December, 1SS4, was the largest
run of hogs on record at Chicago, the total on
that day having been 66,597, and of all classes
of live stock, 100,000. There are dealers bero
willing to bank on the belief that the run of
bogs this season will be up to anything in the
pact. There seems to be enough of thi faith
to give the hog market to bears at this date.
The Condition of Boatncaa cl the Boat Liberty
Stock Yards.
MOKDAT, October 2L 18S9. I
CATTC.E Receipts, 3,500 head, shipments,
2,220 bead; market, fairly active at last week's
prices; 31 cars of cattle shipped to New York
Hogs Receipts. 8,300 head; shipments. 5.200
head; market very dull: all grades, 54 404 50;
15 cars of bogs shipped to New York to-day.
SHEEP Receipts. 6,200 bead; shipniLt 4,800
head; market dull: prime, 54 4001 GO: fair to
good, S3 604 00; common, 2 003 00; lambs,
54 505 75.
By Tclecr.pb.
New Yore Beeve Receipts, 4,900 head,
making 14.600 bead for the week; the market
was firmer and a shade higher for anything
good; inferior offerings dragged, but the pens
were nearly cleared: ordinary to prime native
steers sold at 3 404 20 per 100 pounds: com
mon Texas steers at $2 704 00; native cows and
bulls as SI 602 70. Calves Recepts. 1,100
head, making 4,100 head for the week; market
about steady for all sorts, with sales at 57c
per pound for veals and 52 002 25 for grai-s-ers
and Western cal. s. Sheep Receipts, 17,
800 bead, making 38.500 head lor the week: a
stow trade and a fraction lower for all sorts
of lambs; sbeeD sold at from S3 75 30 per 100
pounds, with a carload of fancy Pennsylvania
wethers, at 55 70, lambs went at 55 006 50.
Hogs Receipts, 16,900 head, making 41,400 bead
for the week; market reported steady for live
hogs at 54 G05 00 per 100 pounds.
Chicago The Drovers' Journal reports:
Cattle Receipts. 13.000 head: shipments, 3.000
head; market steady to a shade higher: choice
to extra beeves, 51 605 00; steers S3 0C4 60;
stockers and feeders. 52 002 95; cows, bulls
and mixed, 51 202 85; Texas cattle, 5150
2 90; Western rangers, 52 003 75. Hogs
Receipts, 30,000 bead: shipments, 9,000 bead:
market 5c lower; mixed, 54 0u4 40: heaw. S3 85
64 25; light, 3 54 40; skips, 34. Sheep
Receipts, 10.000 head; shipments, 3,000 bead;
market steady; natives, 53 605 00: Western,
S3504 15;Texans. S3 004 10: lambs, 54 005 SO.
Kansas Crrr Cattle Receipts, C.831 head;
shipments, 4,320head:market active and strong;
native beeves,S3 254 40;cows.Sl 502 30;stock
rs and feeders, 52 503 00. Hogs
Receipts, 3,000 head; shipments, 2,000 head;
market steady at opening and closing weak:
fair to choice light, 54 005 20; heavy and
mixed. 53 904 50. Sheep Receipts. 1.800
bead; shipments, 1,030 bead: market steady;
good to choire muttons, 53 503 SO: stockers and
feeders, 52 002 50.
St. Louis Cattle Receipts, l,500head; ship
ments 1,600 head; choice heavy native
steers, 54 S04 85; fair to good. do. 3 304 35:
stockers and feeders. 51 S02 70: range
steers, S2 102 90. Hogs ReceiDts, 3,400
head: shipments, 4,700 Dead; market
lower; fair to choice heavy, 53 S04 00; pack
jne grades, S3 704 00; -light, lair to best, J390
4 20. Sheep Receipts, 500 bead; shipments,
1,100 bead: market firm: fair to choice, S3 402)
4 60.
BUFFALO Cattle receipts C5 loads through
250 loads sale; stronger; 2oc bLSner on good
grades. Choice to extra export staers 54 20
4 60: fair to good, S3 754 li Hogs doll; weak;
market overstocked. Receipts, 40 loads through,
100 sale. Mediums and heavy, 54 254 50;
mixed, 54 854 40: Yorkers, 54 354 40; pigs.
544 25; roughs, 53 253 50.
New Yore. October 21. Business in dry
goods opened with the usual Monday quiet,
though orders by mail were of good volume, in
cluding those for spring novelties, which in
some instances were the largest yet received.
While interests are most active in new fabrics
for next season, the market for staple goods
maintains a sttiktngly good and firm position.
The jobbing trade moves along steadily, with
stocks in good shape.
Brazilian Coffee.
RIO be Janeiro, October 2L Coffee Reg
ular first, 6,200 reis; good second, 5,000 reis.
Receipts during the week, 47,000 bags; pur
chases for United fetates, 32,000; clearances for
da 9.000: stock, 367.000 bags.
SAKTOS, October 2L Coffee Good aver-
' age, 6,600 reis per 10 kilos; receipts during the
week, 52,000 bags; purchases for the United
States 6,000; clearances for do, 2,000; stock,
203,000 bags.
Grain in Xicbl,
CHICAGO, October 2L The Board of
Trade report on the visible supply is as follows-
Wheat, 22,052,000 bushels: increase, 2,212,
000 bushels. Corn, 11.333.000 bushelt: decrease,
1.122.000 bushels. Oats, 7.106.000 bushels; in
crease. 668.000 bushels. Rye, 1.278,000 bushels;
increase, 49,000 bushels. Barley, 1,614,000 bush
els; increase, 671,000 bushels.
Metal Market,
New York Pig i""1 Tm and active; Amer
ican tui8 rvinnernezlcctedilakenominal.
Xa quiet and weaker; domestic nominal. Tin
uuu ua steady; tnrws, w.
All the Cereal Weaker Under tho Influence
of nn Unexpectedly Large Visible
Supply Shorts InTFIicat
Chicago There was rather largo trading In
wheat in a.speculative way to-day, and the mar
ket ruled weak and lower. The speculative
offerings were heavy, 'and a prominent local
trader was reportad to have sold 1,000,000 bush
els, with other traders selling moderate quanti
ties. But with all the influences brought to
bear on the market prices suffered a decline of
only lo for DocemberandJfcforMay. Fair buy
ing prevented a further break; shorts covered
lreely, and there was also somo buying from
other sources at the Bottom, evidently in ex
pectation of a reaction following so large a
break, and some on the prediction of smaller
The opening was weak, and KKC lower than
Saturday's closing, held for a little while and
later broke off c mote for December and c
for May, then became stronger, recovering
slightly, but closed easy and about c lower for
December and Jc lower for May tuan closing
figures of Saturday. It will be noticed that May
did not rule as weak as the December future,
and the preminm was widened from 22Jc
Saturday, to 3fflSJ6c to-day.
T ,e principal Itature of weakness was in tho
visible supply. An increase of about 1,500,000
bushels had been expected, but when the figures
began to indicate an increase of iver 2,000.000
bushels, selling became generak The final fig
ures showed an increase of 2,212,000 bushels. A
great deal of long wheat came on the market.
The increase was at Minneapolis, Duluth,
Buffalo, Chicago and on the canal.
In corn a good speculative trade was wit
nessed, and the feeling developed was weaker,
lower prices being the rule all round. The
chief weakening influences as the free offer
ings by a prominent local speculator, whose
sales nrobably reached in the neighborhood of
L500,0u0 bushels chiefly May and November.
A very good demand existed for May around
22Jc and several short lines for tho other
futures were covered to-day. The market
opened atahout Saturday's closing prices, was
weak and i-old off ic, rallied iic when the
visible supply was made known, showing a de
crease in the amount in sight of 1,122,000 bush
els, ruled steady and closed iRJic loner.
Oats were depressed Jic by the weakness in
wheat and large receipt! The visible supply
also increased 56S.000 bushels. Trading was
active. Onelarge operator, who was a heavy
buyer last week, selling lreely. Several oper
ators also bought Slay early, but resold at the
decline. The depression iu the near futures
was the most marked, October delivery to
17Jc Later, May became stronger, most
of tne decline being regained.
The mcts pork market attracted very little
attention. Offerings were comparatively light
and the demand was limited confined to filling
a few "shorts." Prices exhibited very little
In lard more strength was developed, but the
trading was only moderate. The belief pre
vails that tne market is oversold for October
delivery and the inquiry in a quiet wav tended
to confirm it. Prices were advanced 57c on
October, while other deliveries were strong at
2Kg5c advance.
In short rib sides trading was somewhat
limited and the feeling easier. Prices ruled
about 2c lower and ths market closed quiet.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Wheat No. 2. December. 81SlS0Vi
eSOKc: year. 79K7tfK?S7ic; May, b3j
Corn No. 2, November, S05X30X30Vi
30Mc: December, SO-X3J4050t,,&30J; Slay,
OATS No 2, November, 1S1SM1SVj:
18l-c: December. l&K18Ji18H18&c; May.
Mess Pork, per bbL November. 9 47
9 509 459 47k; year, 9 4()9 409 27J0
9 7J January, 69 4559 47J9 42)69 45.
Lard, per 100 Sis. November, 55 95$
6 055 956 02X: ear, 5 905 95g5 905 9o;
Januarv, o90o 955 905 95.
SHORT RIBS, per 100 . November, 4 85
4 925 854 85; January. 54 77K4 77Jf-
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour
dull and generally unchanged, though with
sales rather lower. No. 2 spring wheat, TSJJc;
No. 3 spring wheat, C0g64c; No. 2 rei 7SJc.
No. 2 corn. 30a No. 2 oats, 17c. No. 2
rye. 41c. No. 2 barley, 6063c No. 1 flax
seed. 51 23. Prime timothy seed, SI 003 1 10.
Mess pork, per bbL 310 75U 00. Lard, per 100
pounds, 56 406 42. bhort ribs sides (loose),
S520540. Dry sailed shoulder (loxed), SI 25
1 5U Short clear sides (boxed), S5 5005 62J.
Sugars, cut loaf, SJc; granulated, 7Jc; stan
dard A, Tc. Receipts Flour, 15.000 barrels;
wheat. 119.000 bushels: corn, 22,000 bnshels;
oats, 221,000 bushels; rye, 22.000 bushels; barley,
132,000 bushels. Shipments Flour, 9.000 bar
rels; wheat, 68,000 bushels: corn. 168,000 busbels;
oats, 79,000 bushels; rye, 5,000 bushels; barley,
51.000 bushels.
On the Produce Exchange to-day the but
ter market was dull, weak and unchanged.
Eggs, lS&c.
New Yore Flour heaw and lower.
Cornmeal quiet. Wheat Sjot heavy, KS?ic
lower and dull; options freely offered, general
pressure to sell by longs, chiefly on acconnt of
large receipts at the West; declined llKc,
and closed weak at a reaction of KKc- Rye
quiet; sales, 16,000 bushels; Western, &0c. Corn
Spot steadier and fairly active; options
more active and steady. Oats Spot jiuie and
weaker; options active and easier. Hay fairly
activ") and firm Hops steadv and quiet.
Coffee Options opened.steady, 515 points up,
closed quiet and steady, 6 10 points np: sales,
30,250 bags, including November. 15.2015.25c;
December, 15.1515.25c; January, 15.20
15.25c; February, 1520c; March,
15.2015.2V:; April, 15.2015.25e: Slav,
15.20gl52ic; June, 15.20c; spot Rio quiet
and steady; fair cargoes 19c. Sugar Raw
nominal; fair refining, 6c: centnf ngals.OC0 test,
6c: refined qniet: about steady. Slolasses
Foreign qniet; New Oileans quiet. Rice in
fair demand and firm. Cotton seed oil
firm. Tallow lower; city, (62 for packages) 4c.
Rosin firm; strained, 9c. Turpentine firm.
Eugi firm for choice; Western, 2021c: limed,
17c; receipts, 3,333 packages. Pork stronger:
mess inspected. 512 2512 50: do ninspected,
511 7512 00. Cutmeats firm. Jliddles stronir.
Lard Squeeze on cash and October; prices 10
15 points np: November 10 points up; later
months at 23 points advance: dull, sales of
Western steam, 56 806 85, closing at $6 85; 500
tierces, delivery latter half November, 56 65;
October. 66 80: November, 56 54 bid: December,
56 37 bid; January, S6 15 bid: February, 56 42
bid: Slarcb. 56 47 bid. Butter quiet and steady;
Elgin, 25c; western dairy 9loc; do creamery,
1214o; do held, 1219c: do factory. 7UlBc
Cheese quietand unchanged; Western. 7$10c
Philadelphia Flour qniet, prices steady;
Western winter clear, S4 004 30: do, straight,
64 354 55; winter patent, 54 005 00; Minne
sota, clear. S3 754 12K: do, straight, 54 25
4 75; do. patent, 54 855 & Wheat weak and
lower: No. 2 red, in export elevator, 80c; No. 2
red, October, kOgSOKc; November. 80KMc;
December, 81KS2e; Januarv. 83 83K- Corn
Options steady under light offerings, but
speculation very tame; car lots for local trade
dnll and barely steady: No 2 mixed, October. 39
40c; November, 39539c; December, 39c;
January, 8s39c Oats Car lots easier and
quiet; No. 3 white, regular, 27272c; No. 2
white, 29c; futures quiet but steady: No. 2
white. October. 2Sk2SJc: November. 2ara
2fic; December, 2b5i2j.Xc; January, 2S$ J
oc. fiuiuua ah Aii uciuaiiu mu steauy;
pork, mess, new, 11 0012 00: do prime mess,
hew, 511 00; do family, 512 60Q13 50. Hams
smoked, 511 5013 00; Western steam, 0 50.
Butter dull: Pennsylvania creamerv extra, 23
2ie; do prints extra, 28SS0c. Zggs scarce and
firm: Pennsylvania firsts, 23c Cheese dull,
part skims, 7Jc Receipts Flour. 2,400 bar
rels; wheat, 8.500 bnshels; corn, 5.700; oats, 7,200.
Shipments Wheat, 9,700 bushels; corn, 4,600;
oats, 3,400.
St. Lottis Flour quiet and easy, but un
changed. Wheat lower; there was a sharp
break on the increase in the visible, from
which there was little reaction and was at a
decline of c for December and November c
from Saturday's closing figures; No. 2 red casn,
7G76Ic; December, 7i79c, closed at
7b78Kc hid; year, 76c; Maj 822fS3c,
closed at 83c bid. Corn dull and lower: No. 2
mixed casn, 2bV28fc: January, 2727c,
closed at 27K February, 27c closed at 27J'c
bid; Slav. 294c. Oats lower at 17c bid; Janu
uary, 19c; Slav, 21c; November, 18c bid.
Rye No. 2, 3Sfc bid. Barley inactive and
easy; -Minneso'a, 5S60c; Iowa, 3035c Flax
seed steady at SI 25. Provisions firm and fairly
SiiLWAtncEE Flour steady. Wheat easy;
cash, 73c; December, 74c, No. 1 Northern,
81c Corn dull; No. 3. 3031c Oats steady;
No. 2 white, 2121c Rye easier; No 1,
42J425c Barley easy: No. 2. ana October. 52c
Provisions firm. Pork, 511 60. Lard, 6 3a
Cheese steady: Cheddars, 99Xc
Baltimore Provisions steady. Butter firm:
western packed, 1013c; best roll, 14ISc;
creamery, 2325c. Egzs steady; nearby, 21
22c: western, 21c Coffee quiet; Rio cargoes.
Toledo cioverseed steady and higher; cash
and November, 53 10; February, S3 70.
Atch.AT0O..lst7. lCOsf
V1. Central, com.,
A.&1, LAnaur'i3S.lU3
Atch. Tod. 11. K... so
Boston & Albany.. .214
Boston Maine.. ...as
Calumet A Hecla...
. 9
. U
.. 10
. 51
. 6tf
. zs
linron ...... ..
V.. B. AW. 105!f
Osceola. ,
Qnlncy ,
A.iern u. a u
Flint fere M. era. 9o
Alexlc&nCen. com.. 14j
Mcx.C.m mtf. has. 66!
. if. & .New En... 4o,
ueii 'leiepnone... ,
Boston Land
Waver Fower.......
Tamarack ,
Sin Diego
.N. x. & .n. iu. VB....l
Did Ooionv... 175
Rutland, com 4
S. "W. Hill, Pittsburg Meat Supply Co.,
corner oi Church avenue and Anderson
street, Allegheny. Pa.," sold for Kelson
Morris & Co.. for the week ending October
19, 1889, 147 carcasses beef, average weight
538; average price, fo 42 per 100 lbs.
V. & V.'s Iron City beer is unrivaled.
Connoisseurs pronounce it so.
. .
Mr. Young, of the Lawrence Bank,
Returns Home to be Surprised.
A Pittsbnrger Interested in One of the
Greatest Deals on Record.
The absconding President of the Lawrence
Bank, Lawrenceville, "W. "W. Young, re
turned from his annnal fishing expedition
to the Kankakee Sunday night, and was
surprised, and much more, when informed
of the sensational and entirely groundless
report which had been circulated in his
absence regarding his whereabouts and the
solvency of the institution of whiph he is
the head, to the effect that he had packed
all the movables of the bank into a grip
sack and skipped to Canada to jointhe fa
mous American colony there. It is needless
to repeat, for the fact has been made very
clear, that the report was out of the whole
cloth, tnere being no basis for it whatever.
The bank is one of the most substantial in
the city, having large resources and an able
and conservative management.
Mr. Robert Smith, of the Union National
Bank,statcd yesterday that the Lawrence Bank
wasas good as gold in the pocket, Saving 00,
000 or more to its credit at the Union at the
height of the excitement on Saturday, none of
which waB needed to tide over the little run
caused by tho false report of the President's
criminal disappearance, The flurry has sub
sided entirely, and business at the bank is
moving along as smootbly as before.
Are any of the descendants of John Camp
bell living in this vicinity? He was engaged in
mercantile pursuits in Pittsburg in 1775. In
that year, as a member of the Wabash Land
Company, he assisted in closing np one of tho
greatest private transactions in real estate on
record in this country, tbe nearest approach
to it in magnitude being the Symmes purchase
in Obio. The only deals which surpass it in
importance, were the purchases by the Gov
ernment of the Louisiana Territory and of
Alaska. It involved about 30,000,000 acres In
Illinois and Indiana.
Tho sellers were the Piankeshaw Indians
represented by 12 ot their chiefs, and the con
sideration was 400 blankets, 22 pieces of Stroud,
(a species of heavy cloth), 250 shirts, 12 gross
star gartering, 120 pieces ribbon for female
ornament, 24 pounds vermilion, 18 pairs velvet
laced housings, 1 piece of multon, 52 fusils
(guns, 35 dozen largo bnckhorn handled
knives, 40 dozen coutean knives, 500 pounds
brass kettles, 10,000 gunflints, 600 pounds gun
powder, 2,000 pounds lead, 400 pounds tobacco,
40 bushels salt, 8,000 pounds flour, 3 horses,
and a few articles of silverware to be worn in
the noses and ears of the principal men of the
Alongside of this acquisition of an empire,
real estate deals in these times, even that of
the H. C. Cenck Company appear insignifi
cant Mr. Campbell was undoubtedly tbe first,
as he was certainly the greatest, real estate
operator in Pittsburg. The only drawback to
bis great dicker with the Indians was that
Congress, after some years of hesitation, re
fused to ratify the purchase.
"Whero an employe of a tenant brought suit
against the landlord for damages for personal
injuries resulting from a defective stairway,
and there was no covenant in tbe lease to the
effect that tbe landlord should make repairs,
the Supreme Court of California held that tho.
landlord was not liable.
Here is another decision of interest to tho
farming community:
A conditional warranty on the sale of a har
vester provided that the purchaser should re
turn it to the seller if it failed to do its work
properly, and that if it failed to do good work
the purchaser must give immediate npficfar $"
......ufe , u vuit.u ui tue Harvester company
in Springfield, O., subject to a second trial in its
presence. No notice was given, but the man
ager of the company's office at St. Joseph, Mo.,
personally directed the operation of the ma
chine after it failed to do good -work. On an
offer to return tho machine tho sellerrefusedto
accept it Tho Supreme Court of Kansas held
that under the circumstances the purchaser
was relieved from his agreement to return tho
harvester, and that there n as sufficient notice
to the company that the machine did not com
ply with the warranty.
Monday is not so blue as it looks to some peo
ple. Said a leading real estate broker yester
day: "I have no fault to find with Monday.
Indeed, it is one of the best days I have. I
don't do as mnch new business as on other
days, but I close npa larger number of trans
actions. People are cooler and less disposed to
rush things than later in the week. Thev
think more about what they have done, or
ought to do. It is a day of retrospection and
conclusions. In scores of instances where I
have been unable to close sales on other days
of tho week, I have easily snecoeded on Mon
day. "Buyers and sellers would come in and say:
I have been thinking over that little matter to
day, and have concluded to close it up.' Mon
day may he blue to people in other business
but it is always welcomed by real estate deal
ers, who finish more business on that day than
on any other."
The New York drygoods market Is very quiet
tor the season. The personal demand from
jobbers in the "regular" way is light to the
verge of dullness. A seasonable distribution is
being made of dress goods, hosiery and similar
fabrics adapted to the fall trade through tho
medium of mail reorders (from nearby and
Southern retailers), and by means of price con
cessions made by leading jobbers. The trade
in holiday specialties with large jobbers has
started up actively. With agents tbe same re
ports of light but steady reorders for season
able goods are made. The chief activity no
ticeable is in the receipt ot orders for spring
cottons, notably woven wash fabrics, white
goods, ginghams and printed sateens. Prices
have shown few changes.
Operations in the Boston market are hardly
sustaining the promises of the early part of tho
month, and yet there is no particular occasion
to find fault The retail trade throughout New
England is brisk, and jobbers and commission
merchants look for an early replenishing of
stocks. Prices are sustained, with tbe excep
tion of print cloth and some makes of brown
sheetings. The position of cotton flannels is
unusually strong. In the jobbing department
the distribution covers the full range for ttie
season. All the wool dress goods are selling
well, while clothing woolens are unchanged.
From present indications prices during tho
coming season will be at least as higb as they
are now.
It seems the South is suffering from the
"boomers" in land. In Birmingham, Ala., the
land speculators have checked the industrial
interests and thrown them back for years. Here
is the way one of tbe victims talks:
"If .the speculators in real estate, the men
who boom the prices of lots up until working
men are compelled to pay almost, if not quite,
as much rent in new towns with lev m no con
veniences as they do in Eastern cities where
thev get something for their money it the land
speculators were shot or drowned, the towns in
which new factories and mills, like Birming
ham and there are many towns in w'hlch new
enterprises are struggling would undoubtedly
succeed. But bow can the new concerns com
pete with old establishments when the land
speculators once get tbeir hooks InT They ab
sorb all the land available, put a fictitious
value on it and tbe operatives of the new fac
tories are compelled to walk a mile, when, if the
land speculators were kept out they could find
bouses within easy reach for moderate prices."
The Pittsburg way slow and sure is the
best It is death to booms and a guarantee
against disastrous reactions.
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closlnc quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney & Stephenson, brokers. Mo. S7
Fonrtn. avenue. Members Mew York Btock Ex
change. BM. Asked.
Pennsylvania Ballroad.,..,! fit UK
Readme..- Sljf 2113-K
Uuualo. Mttsbnnr and Western..... 9 SS
LenlKh Valley 63)4 $i
Northern Pacific si "H
Northern Pacing preferred 7:,1i 71ft
A Good Deal of Philadelphia Gaa nnd Lm
Noria Picked Up.
All the business on the Stock Exchange yes
terday ws transacted at the morning call.
The sales were 1.225 shares. The only active
properties were Philadelphia Gas and La
Noria, both of which were higher and firm.
Ssveral thousand shares of the latter could
have been disposed of at the ahovo figure.
Predictions were freely made of a dollar for it
before the end of the week. The inactive
stocks were also firm. The feeling was buoy,
ant giving rise to anticipations ot an active
market the rest of the week. Bids, offers and
sales were:
Bid. Asked. Bid. Asked.
Lawrence Bank 60
Pitts. N, B. of Com'cc ....
Chanters Val. Uas Co. ....
Nat Gas Co. or V. Va. ....
People's N. O. & P. Co IS
Pennsylvania Gas Co
Philadelphia Co 3 H
Wheeling Uas Co
Hazelwood Oil Co
Central Traction 31K
Plttsbnre Traction
Pleasant Valley 20H
Pitts., A. & Wan
P., C. & Touch. K. It i...
Pitts. June. K. B. Z7
Pitts. & Western K. K. KU
P. & W. K. K. Co. prcf 19
N.Y. 4 CGas Coal Co. 32J$
Buspen'n K'de.(6th st) ....
Mlilalgo MlnInCo
La .Noria Mining Co...
Luster Mining Co
Westinehouse Elect no 43K
Union Storage Co
D. S. ASbr. Co 21
2a 1
Westlnghuuse A. 11... 112
Sales at the early call were 800" shares of La
Noria at K, 400 Philadelphia Gas at 32H. and 25
at 32. There were no sales regular at the
afternoon call. After call 10 shares of Phila
delphia Gas sold at 32.
Sproul fc Lawrenco sold 100 shares of Phila
delphia Gas at 32J. R. J. Stoney, Jr., sold 10
shares Philadelphia Gas at 32.
The total sales ot stocks at In ew Tcork yester
day were 266,859 shares, including Atchison,
14,460; Delaware, Lackawanna and Western,
25,896: Erie, 4,440; Laka Shore, 4,736; Louisville
and Nashville, 11,193; Missouri Pacific, 15,400;
North western,5,865; Northern Pacific preferred,
15,935; Reading, 56,400; Richmond and West
Point, 4.530; St. Paul. 22,365; Union Pacific,
6,270; Western Union, 5,943.
Increasing Business Beginning to Slake the
Locnl Financier Smile.
A large amount of business was transacted at
the local banks yesterday. Money was easy
with a fair demand at the customary rates.
Checking was heavy and discounting of good
proportions. There was a revival of the com
plaint of a scarcity of currency by some of the
banks, but others had enough to get along with.
The exchanges were 52,621,049 78 and the bal
ances 5311,837 44.
BusSell Sage, speaking of the money market
yesterday, said that the situation was all right
money had been absorbed by reason of the
unusual business and railroad activity through
out tbe country, and that the bears had taken
advantage of the situation to make it appear as
bad as possible. They bad bidden away all the
money they could get their hands on, but as
they were destitnteof collaterals tbe amounts
thus hidden away were not very large. It was
Mr, Sage's opinion that the present stringency
was healthy and natural, and that when mouey
begins to return freely from the West the stock
market would jump.
Money on call at New York yesterday was
tight ranging from 6 to 12, last loan closed
offered at 5 per cent Prime mercantile paper,
57- Sterling exchange qniet and weak at
84 S1K for 60-day bills, and 54 85 for demand.
Closing Bond Quotations.
U. S. 4s,reg 127
U. b. 4s. coup 127
U. B.4Xs,reg. ia
C. S. 4H conn.... 105H
Pacific 6s of '95; II7M
SI.K. &T. Gen.53
Mntual Union 6s...
N. J. C. Int Cert.
Northern Pac. lsts..1I49s
Northern Pac. 2ds..H0Ji
Northw't'n consols. HS
Northw'n deben-s..H4$
Oregon Jt Trans. 0s 105M
Lonislanastampedts 89jil
jussonn ds .iui
Ten s. new set. 6s... 10734
Tenn. new set 5s... .102
Tenn. new set. 3s.... It'4
Canada So. zds ?96H
Cen. Pacificists 114
Den. & H. O., Ists...lZlH
Den. &K.G. 4s 71H
D.&R.G.Westl"s. 10
Erle,2rts 104
U.K. AT. Gen. 6s.. 63
St. L. &1.M. Oen.5s8oy
St. L.&b.F. Gen.M.120
St. Panl consols ....126X
t. PL C'hl & Pc. lsu. 1 19
Tx Pc.L.O.Tr Ks. 90
Tx.,PcK.G.lT.Kct 33
Union pac. lsu...lI3M
West Shore 105j
Yesterdays bond offerings aggregated 5187,
200, as follows: Coupon 4. 54,700 at 127; regis
tered 4s, 5112,600 at 127; coupon 4s, $3,000 at
105; registered 4s. 567,000 at 105
New York Clearings, 582,400,319; balances,
Baltimore Clearings, 2,362,343; balances,
Philadelphia- Clearings, 3U,469,221: bal
ances, 51,683,752.
London Bar silver 43d per ounce.
Pabis Three per cent rentes, 87f 67c for
the account
Cbicaoo Clearings, $14,290,000. Money con
tinues in active demand, with the bank rate
firm at 6 per cent for call, and 7 per cent and
above for time loans.
St. Louis Clearings, $2,905,753; balances,
$714,619. '
Not a Bad Oil Market for Monday A Bullish
A short horse is soon curried. The oil market
yesterday was a short horse. It was strong
enough but business was light Still, it wasn't
a bad market for Monday. The strength was
imparted by Oil City, which did about all tbe
buying. New York sold a little, Pittsburg did
nothing particular either way, but sellers were
in the majority, McKelvey doing tbe bulk of
the unloading. The feeling was rather bullish
at tbe close. The opening price was 99c,
highest 51 00, lowest 99c, closing 51 00
There was no field news of importance. Satur
day's clearings were 282,000 barrels.
The Wells Finished Recently Prove to be
Small Producers.
Washington, Pa., October 21 Zelt oil well
No. 2 has drilled through the Gantz Band and
is filled up, but does not flow. The Stevenson-Schmitz-Darragh
well Is also through
the Gantz and without sufficient gas
to make a flow. The Gosford failed
to flow yesterday until agitated. This
is the well that came in a gusher about a week
ago. Kelly & Uo.'s Hutson mystery is a small
producer. Brown & Co.'s Agnew should get
the sand the latter part of tbe week.
Aiken fc Co.'s No. 9, on the David Haggerty
farm is finished. She is a SO-barrel pumper.
Additional oil is reported to have been obtained
at Murphy Bros.' well, on the Crotber's farm,
fllondny'a Oil Range.
Corrected daily by John M. OaKiey & Co., 45
Sixth street members of the Pittsburg Petro
leum .exchange.
Opened 99HLowest...
Highest lOOftlClosed....
Average runs
Average shipments .......... ...,
Average charters
Kenned, Heir York. 7c.
Kefine(, London. 5rt.
Refined, Antwerp, 17r.
Kenned, Liverpool. 6 1-lCd.
A. B. McGrew & Co. quote;- Pats, $1 00;
calls, $1 011 01.
Other Oil Markets.
On. CrTT, October 21. National transit
certificates opened at 51 00; highest, $1 00;
lowest 51 00; closed, 51 0U.
Bradford. October 21. National transit
certificates opened at 51 00: closed at $1 00;
highest $1 00Ji; lowest, 51 00.
TrrcisviLLE, October 21. National transit
certificates opened at 51 00; highest $1 00;
lowest 51 "0: closed at $1 00.
New York, October 2L Petroleum opened
steadv at 99c,and moved up to 51 00 in the
first hour, when the market became quiet and
remained so until the close, which was steady
at 51 00. Stock Exchange: Opening, 99c;
highest 51 OOK: lowest, 99c: closing 51 00.
Consolidated Exchange: Opening. 51.00; high
est $1 001: lowest 51 00c; closing, 51 00. Total
sales, 443,000 barrels.
Seal Estate Moves on Every Dar in the
Alles & Bailey, 164 Fourth avenue, sold to S.
J. Fleming ten acres of land on tbe Pittsburg
and Lake Erie Railroad, near Fleming station,
an oil and gas belt development near theAr
buckle farm, for Jacob Fogek Consideration,
Charles Somers & Co.. 313 Wood street, sold
for Charles Somers to Joseph Schwarea lot in
the Thirteenth ward, near Herron Park, front
ing 22 feet on Herron avenue by 110 to a 20-foot
alley, for 5050 cash: also, sold to Thomas Weit
haus lot No. 13S In Groveland plan of lots, hav
ing a frontage of 50 feet on Euclid avenue and
a depth of 140 feet for 5250; alo, in -aroe plan,
sold to John Swartiwelder lot No. 94 fronting
50 feet on Euclid avenue, and No. 263, fronting
50 feet on Minis avenue and 140 In depth to a
20-foot alley for 5623 making about 70 lots
sold within a very short time in this plan,where
values are bound to enhance, tbe lots lying per
fectly level; streets 60 and 75 feet wide, and an
electrio road to be completed in the spring.
Mellon Brothers sold to J. A. W. Johnson lot
No- 2 in Mellon's plan of Copeland lots at Brad-
dock; 24x115 feet, for 5450; also to Jacob Con
rad lot No. 4 in same plan, size 24x115 feet for
550: also to Samuel Silverstein lot No. 64 In
Mellon's plan of Alllnder Place, Homewood,
24x135. for 5950.
Black & Balrd, 95 Fourth avenue, sold for T.
C. Lazear and C. P. Orr lots Nos. 79 and 80 on
Thomas street Boulevard Place, with a total
frontage of 110 feet by 143 feet in depth. The
purchaser has already commenced the erection
of an elegant stone structure nn the lots. They
also placed a inortgige of 512.000 on property In
the Sixth ward, city, at 5 per cent for five
J.B. Zimmerman. 101 Fourth avenue, sold to
Rev. H. H. Pershing lots 83, 84, 85 and 88 at Re
flectorville,jrice 5760; to Nathaniel Madden,
lot 76 on Plan No. L price 5200: to J. J. G.
Keifer. lot 67 on Plan No. 2. for $200: to George
AKeifer.lot 66 on Plan No. 2, price $200: to
James Farrell, lots Nos. 56. 57 and 58 on Bailey
& Moon's plan No. 2 at Reflectorville, price 5600.
Bize of all tbe above lots, 50x200 feet
L. O. Frazler, corner Forty-fifth and Butler
streets, sold for Matt WeiBS, lot 20x100 ieet to a
20 foot alley, situated on tbe sonth side of Cv
press streer, near Gross street 'Twentieth
ward, to Mrs. Sarah J. Eesch. for $550 cash.
Jamison A Dickix closed the sale of seven
lots in Lang avenue plan, Twenty-seoond ward;
one to A. Ml Bestwick, 50x150. corner Edgerton I
aTenue ana ijang. xor ai.uou; iwo w . j. utuu
say, size 60x150 each, on Lang avenue near Ed
gerton, for $2,000 casb, and fourto Mrs. Caroline
McFarren, 60x120 each, corner Lang and Wll
lard avenues, for 53,000; a lot on Frankitown
avenue, near Murtlana, to Jeremiah Gnmbert
for 51,100 cash, and a house of five rooms, with
lot 33 1-3x150 feet on Winslow street, for John
Gordon to Andrew McClean for $1,985.
James W. Drape & Co. sold on Marchand
street near Denniston avenue. East End. a Blx
roomed bouse and lot 72x120, for 54,200 cash.
Samnel W. Black & Co . 99 Fourth avenue,
sold lot No. 51. located on Paul avenue, and Nos.
102 and 103 on Lafayette avenue, in the S. L.
Boggs plan of lots, Allentown station. Pitts
bnrg and Castle Shannon Railroad, for 615.
Tight Money Gives iho Bear Crowd n
Cbnnce to Get la Their Work
Trusts and Grnngers tho
Principal SntTerera.
New Yosk, October 21. The stock- market
was more active but decidedly weak to-day, and
the declines were very material, reaching all
portions of the list, although Trusts and Grang
ers are the principal sufferers. A variety of
causes contibuted to this end. though the per
sistent attacks of the bears under cover of the
high rates for money, were most effectual in
bringing about the downward movement To
aid them this morning there were not only
decided opposition to tbe Sugar Trust by
Spreckels, but the publication of the statistics
of tho coal trade for tbe expired portion of the
year and the late decreases in the earnings of
tbe Grangers.
New cuts in rates by the Burlington and
Northern aUd some opposition to the Atchison
plan which has developed in London were also
unfavorable factors. The opening of the market-was
tame and heavy, and tbe bear imme
diately began the attack, paying special atten
tion to Sugar, Cotton Oil. Lackawanna, Rock
Island and Chicago Gas. The traders lent their
influence to tbe bears, and there was undoubt
edly considerable long stock dislodged, while
tbe uncovering of several stop orders accel
erated the drop.
The pressure upon the coal stocks was es
pecially severe toward noon, but later the at
tention was transferred to National Lead and
Missouri Pacific "Among the specialties, how
ever, Tennessee Coal, Manitoba, Delaware and
Hudson and Jersey Central were most conspicu
ous for the declines established. There was
later some opposition offered to the decline by
covering of shorts put out earlier in the day,
and money also eased up. dropping to 6 per
cent against 12 during the early demand. Tho
improvement however, was of small propor
tions, and the market, while becoming some
what quieter, made no rally of importance ex
cent in Jersey Central, which here covered
about all of the loss,
Tho market closed quiet but heavy, at some
thing better than the lowestprices. The entire
active list is materially lower this evening. The
most Important declines were Sugar, Dela
ware and Hudson 2, Manitoba 2, Lead and
Cotton each 2. Cleveland, Columbus, Cincin
nati and St. Louis and Burlington each 1,
Lackawanna 1, Transcontinental 1, Mis
souri Pacific preferred and Lake Erie and
Western preferred 1 each, Missouri Pacific
1, Northwestern and Lake Shore each 1,
Reading, St Paul and Chesapeake and Ohio
seconds preferred each 1, Rock Island and
Union Pacific each 1 per cent and the others
fractional amonnts.
Tbe Post's financial article says: "The whole
stock market was active, weak and lower
throughout the forenoon, and this time it was
not the money market which caused selling,
but tho realization of the fact that tbe roost
Important grants of stocks, the Coalers and the
Grangers, do not afford as flattering prospects
in the matter ot earnings as they did some
weeks ago. It does not matter whether the
stocks were attacked by bears or not It is
quite certain that they were widely held and
by tbe uncovering of stop orders all went down
easily, carrying the rest of the market with
Railroad bonds were dull as usual, the sales
of all issues aggregating 5810,000.
Tbe following tame snows tne prices oractlve
stocks on the Mew York Stock Lxcnange yester
day. Corrected dally for the Dispatch by
W iiitnet & Stephenson, oldest Pittsburg mem
bers of H ew York Stock Kxcnange, 57 fourth ave
nne: Clos-Open-
Blgh Low- lng
lor. est. est Bid,
Am. Cotton Oil 43X 43 41 4m
Atcn., lop.A S. F tOU 30 3l3 23
Canadian Pacific 6d
Canada Sonthern 53 53 E3 M4
Central of New Jeriej.lIl.V 1! 3IM( 121 J
Central Pacini Mi Wi 34)$ 31 !4
ChesaDCake Ohio.... 28 S6 25k 25's
C. Bur.4Onli.cv...106), 106)j 104! iW,
C, Mil. & St. Paul.... G9U 64, (& 6S'j
C, MU.&8t. P.. pr.,..112iS 112M Hl2 111
C, KockL&P Sa 93 SGX 96
C, St L. ft Pitts W4
C, St L. & Pitts. Dt 2i
C. St. P..H.&U 33X 33X 33 32H
C.& .Northwestern 111M MM 110 1I0H
C.JS Northwestern, pr. 141
C, C, C. 1 76 76 74 74
C, C, 4J. &L, pr 99K WJ MX S&H
Col. Coal & iron 30Ji 3034 30W SOU
Col. & Rocking Val .. 17 17 17 17
Dei.. L. AW UV, Wi 140 U0K
Del. & Hudson 150 150 J47X usg
Denver AKloG liu
Denver & Bio O.. BI... 61 51 51 50K
E.T.. Va. AOa 10!$ lOJf lOjf l)i
K.T..Va,Ua. 1st pf70 70 70 63
C 1.. Vs. ft Ga. 2d pr. 21!
Illinois Central. 117
Lake Grin A Western.. 18H KH 18 is
LakeKrleft West. or.. 62 62 CIS, gii
Lake Shore A M. 8 105 VSH 1(M 104K
LonlsvlIleftNashvlIle. COM WH 7BJ 80
ilo.. Kan. ft Texas UK
Missouri Pacific 70 7o; 63 68fe
New Kork Central VH 106 10fl iee'4
h. Y.. L. E. & W 29M 29X 2SJ 2SH
X. .. C ft St L, 16!
ft. X., C. ft St L. nt 66
N.Y.. C. JtSt.lj.2d Df 14
N.tAS.K 45, CH 4IK 43
h. r., o. aw is
-Norfolk i Western 18W
Norfolk Western, Df. 60H !ili KU 55)
Northern Pacific 31 3iU 31 11
Nortnern Pacific oret 73 73 7IK 71
Uhloft Mississippi..... 22K 22J( 2U( KH
Oregon Improvement 50
Oregon 'Iran scon S3 5, 33 S S2Jf n&
PaciflcMall 32 7S.fi 32 33
Peo. Dec. .Evans 20 20 20 20
Phlladel. ft Reading.. HH Wi J 43!j
Pullman Palace Onr...lS2 1ST 15! 1S2K
Richmond ft W. P. T.. 23tf 231 22 22J4
Richmond ft W.P.T.pf 79 7 79 79
St. P., Minn, ft Man. .113 116 11JK 11334
St. L. ft San Fran 24!a 24V 24)2 "
St L. ft San Fran pr. 55
st.L,. ft San F. 1st pr. 105
Texas 1'aclflc 1 19 19 19
-Union Paclflo C5 65 I3J M
Wabasn 16 16 16 16S
Wabash preferred VH SO," 30 30M
Western Union S4)i 841? 64 83
Wheeling ft L. 2. 70 70), 69I4J 694
Sugar Trnst 78 73 74K 74J4
National i.ead Trust. 23j 233, 2G)J 21 H
Chicago Gas Trust.... 55 55 1!X KX
Boslnrss Notes.
Two of the largest banks in ITew York
say the demand for money from the South is
Heby M. Long starts this morning on a
pleasure trip to the headwaters of Cheat river,
accompanied by his family.
Tub coal agents will meet in New York to
day, and nn advance in rates will probably be
ordered to take effect two weeks bence. The
condition of trade Is said to be improved.
There is a kick among the people down the
valley over the announcement that tho Electric
Railroad Company will lay its tracks on Cali
fornia avenue before it is graded or paved.
"Wby this hurry?
The Reading Railroad reports that its coal
shipment estimated for the week ending Octo
ber 19, was lSo.000 tons, of which 34,000 tons
were sent to Port Richmond, and 21,000 tons
were sont to Port Liberty,
Mb. H. N. WnrrsEY, of Kissam. Whitney
& Co., New York, says: "It is a question of ex
traordinary prosperity and large railroad earn
ings versus temporary tight money. Prosperitv
and earnings will win tbe race; tight money may
be the horse which will lead tor a day or two,
but he will quickly And himself outpaced."
The Pennsylvania Railroad reports that the
quantity of coal and coke originating on and
carried over its lines east of Pittsburg and
Erie for the week ending October 12 was 192,
865 tons, of which 201,747 tons were coal and 91,
118 tons coke. Tbe total tonnage for tbe year
tbns far has been 11.695,800 tons, compared
nith 12,194,003 tons in tbe corresponding period
of 1888, a decrease of 498,708 tons, of which 8.
306,225 tons were coal, a decrease of 795,197
tons, and 3,349,075 tons coke, an increase of
296.489 tonsj
in stock options in Wall st leads to wealth.
STEVENSON & CO., Brokers,
ocl7-ll-TTSU ONewst, New York.
- A . ft -.
Monday's Usual Quietness in Produce
lines Eeporled.
Yery Heavy Cereal Becelpts, and Tone of
Markets Weaker.
Office of PrrrsBTTBO Dispatch, J
Mondat. Octoberl, 18S9. 5
Country Produce Jobbing Prices.
Monday seldom furnishes pointers to trade.
The potato glnt is fast disappearing, but at
considerable sacrifice to snippers. An Iowa
dealer closed out his stock this morning, and
the result was J160 freight on a carload and (40
proceeds. Abetter quality of potatoes is an
ticipated by dealers than that which has been
coming of late. Dairy produots present no new
features. Eggs are active and Arm. The sup
ply of graped is large, and quality all that could
be desired. Apples still go slow, except very
fancy, which are in short supply. Walnuts and
chestnuts begin to come in freely, hut the crop
is reported below average in volume.
Butter Creamery, Elgin, 2728c; Ohio do,
2526c: fresh dairy packed, 2224c; country
rolls. 2021c.
Beans Navy band-picked beans, $2 23Q2 40;
medium. $2 3002 40.
Beeswax 2S30c S lb for choice: low grade,
Cider Sand refined, $6 &07 50; common,
S3 504 00; crab cider. 3 00&S SO $1 barrel;
cider vinegar. 1012c p gallon.
Chestnuts So 00Q5 CO per bushel; walnuts,
6075c a bushel.
Cheese Ohio, HlUc; New York, llKc;
Limburger, 9K10c; domestic Bweitzer.lu
13c: Imported Sweitzer, 23c
Eggs 22c dozen for strictly fresh.
Fkotts Apples, S3 002 75 W barrel: grapes.
Concords, 45c pound, Catawbas, CffiSc,
Delawares, 79c; Bartlett pears, 55 00 fl barrel;
quinces, $7 0003 00 f) barrel; cranberries. Jer
seys, S3 003 25 $1 bushel box; Malaga grapes,
large Darrel, $8.
Leathers Extra live geese, 5060c; No. 1
do. 4045c; mixed lots, 3035c $ lb.
Poultry Live spring chickens, 4045c jfl
pair; old, 6570c pair.
Seeds Clover, choice, 62 Ss to bushel, to 00
5 25 bushel; clover, large English, 62 Us, 15 fio;
clover, Alslke, $8 00; clover, white, 9 00; timo
thy, choice, 45 Its, SI 50; blue grass, extra
clean, 14 Sis, 90c: blue grass, fancy, 14 fts, SI 00;
orchard grass, 14 fis, 81 65; red top, 14 lbs, SI 25;
millet 60 fts, SI 00; German millet 60 fis. II 60:
Hungarian grass, 60 fis, $1 00: lawn grass,
mixture of fine grasses, S2 60 13 bushel of 14
Taimt-Country, 4c; aty rendered, 4
Tropical Fruits "Lemons common, $4 60
5 00; fancy. S5506 00; oranges. S4 605 00:
bananas. S2 00 firsts, SI 60 good second, ?
bunch; cocoanuts, S4 O04 60 ) hundred; figs.
8J9c ? B; dates, 6KMc ?? ft; newlayerfigs,
14k16Xc: new dates, 7&c $ ft.
Vegetables Potatoes, si 6001 75 91 bar
rel: tomatoes 75c$l fl bushel; wax beans, 75o
J3 bushel: green beans, 4D50c f bushel; cu
cumbers, S2 252 50 ?1 bushel; cabbages, J4 00
Q5 00 a hundred; celery, 40c 51 dozen; Southern
sweet potatoes. 52 002 25; Jerseys, S2 75; tur
nips, SI 5001 75 a barrel; onions, S3 a barrel.
Green Coffee Fancy Rio. 2223ic;
choice Rio, 2Q21c; prime Rio. 20c; low grade
Rio, 1819Xc; old Government Java, 27c; Mar
acaibo, 2324c; Mocha, 2829c; Santos, 20
23c; Caracas. 2123c; peaberry, Rio, 2325c;
La Guayra, 2223c
Roasted (in papers) Standard brands,
23c; high grades, 25k26c: old Govern
ment Java, bulk, 31$c; Maracaibo, 2C
27c; Santos, 2123c; peaberry. 26c; choice Rio,
24c; prime Rio, 22c; good Rio, 21c; ordi
nary. 21c.
Sfices (whole) Cloves, 2125c: allspice, 8c;
cassia, 8c; pepper, 18c; nutmeg, 7080.
Petrolkum (jobbers' prices) 110 test, 7c;
Ohio, 120, 8Kc; headlight 150, SKc; water
white, 9c; globe. 1414c; elaine, 14c; carna
dine, lljjc; royaline, 14c; globe red OIL 11
bYBUFS Corn syrups, 2629c; choice sugar
syrups. 3338c: prime sugar syrup, 305Sc;
strictly prime, 3335c; new maple syrup, 90a
N. O. Molasses Fancy, c; choice, 48c;
medium, 43c; mixed, 4042c
Soda Bi-carb in kegs, 3Kic; bi-carb in Ks,
5c; bi-carb, assorted packages, 6Q6c; sal
soda in kegs, lc; do granulated. 2c.
Candles atar, full weight 9c; stearine, W
set, 8c; paraffine, ll12o.
Rice Head, Carolina, 77Vc; choice, 6)
7c; prime. c9i6Vc: Louisiana, 16e.
Htabch Pearl, -3c; cornstarch, 66c; gloss
starch, 57c.
Foreign Fruits Layer raisins, 32 65; Lon
don layers. S3 10; California London layers,
S2 50; Muscatels. S2 25; California Muscatels.
81 85; Valencia, 8&c; Ondara Valencia, 910c;
sultana, eUe; currants, 65f c; Turkey prunes,
45c; French prunes, 813c; Salonlca
prunes, in 2-ft packages, 8c; cocoanuts, B 100.
6 00; almonds, Lan.. $? ft, 20c; do, Ivica, 19c;
do, shelled, 40c; walnuts, nap.. 1215c; Sicily
filberts, 12c; Smyrna figs, 1216c; new dates,
56c; Brazil nuts, 10c; pecans, ll15c; citron,
fl ft, 211322c; lemon peek $1 ft, 1314c; orange
peel, 12a
Dried FBtrrrs Apples, sliced, per ft, 6c,
apples, evaporated, 8c; apricots, Califor
nia, evaporated, 12K15c; peaches, evaporated
pared, 2228c: peaches. California, evaporated,
unpared, 1012c; cherries, pitted, 2122c;
cherries, un pitted, 56c; raspberries, evapor
ated, 242iJc; blackberries, 7K8c; huckle
berries. iUS12c.
Sugars Cubes, 7Jgc; powdered, 7fe; grann-
iiueu, iw, coniecuoners' a, ic; sianaaraA,
jfcc; son wiui.es, oiBicryeuow, cnoice,
6jjc: yellow, good, 6i0c; yellow, fair,
yeitow, uarit, o?ac
Pickles Medium bbl(L200), E75:edis mS
urn. balf bbls (600), S3 25.
Salt-No. 1. W bbL 95c; No. 1 ex. ft bbL SI 05;
dairy. bbl, 81 20, coarse crystal, $? bbL 81 20;
HIggins' Eureka, 4-bu sacks, 82 80: Biggins'
Eureka, 16-14 ft pockets, 83 00.
Canned Goods Standard peaches. 82 000
2 25; 2ds, 81 501 65; extra peaches, 82 402 60,
pie peaches, 95c: finest corn, 81 001 60; Hid. Co:
corn, 7090c; red cherries, 90c$l; Lima beans.
81 10; soaked do. 85c; string do. 85c; mar
rowfat peas, SI lOffil 15: soaked as, -70875c-pineapples,
81 401 50; Bahama do, S3 75; dam;
son plums, 95c; greengages, 81 25; egg plums,
82; California pears, 82 60; do greengage. 82; do,
egg plums, 82; extra white cherries, 82 SO; red
cherries, 2 ftt. 90c: raspberries, 81 401 EO;
strawberries, 81 10; gooseberries, 81 301 40;
tomatoes, 90cl 00; salmon, 1-ft SI 752 10;
blackberries. Sue: succotash, 2-ft cans, soaked;
99c; do green, 2 fis, 81 261 60; corn beef, 2-ft
cans, 82 05; 14-ft cans, 814 00: baked beans, 81 45
m 60; lobster, 1-ft, 81 751 80; mackerel 1-ft
cans, broiled, SI 60; saruines, domestic, Us,
84 254 60; sardines, domestic, Vs. 57 257 60;
sardines, imported. &s, 811 &012 50; sardines,
imported, s, 818; sardines, mustard. S3 60;
sardines, spiced, S3 50.
Fish Extra No.l bloater mackerel, S33 $
bbl.: extra No. 1 do, mess, 840; extra No. 1
mackerel, shore, 832; extra No. 1 do. messed.
138; No. 2 shore mackerel, 824. Codfish Whole
pollock, 4)cft ft; do medium, George's cod.
6c; do large, 7c; boneless hake. In strips, 6c; do
George's cod in blocks, 6Jf7Jc Herring
Round shore, 85 00 $ bbl; split 87 00; lake,
82 00 ffl 10O-& half bbL White fish, $7 00 W 100
ft half bbL Lake trout S3 50 V half bbL Fin
nan haddock, 10c ft ft. Iceland halibut 13c ?
ft. Pickerel, K- bbl, 82 00; y. bbl, 81 10; Poto
mao herring, to 00 fl bbl. 82 SOU KhbLi
Oatmeal 56 306 CO V bbl.
Miners' Oil No. 1 winter strained, 6557c
ft gallon. Lard olL 75c
Grain, Flour and Feed.
Receipts as bulletined at the Grain Ex
change, 63 cars. By Pittsburg, Cincinnati and
St Louis, 4 cars of corn, 15 of oats, 3 of mid
dlings, 2 of wheat 2 of barley, 2 of feed, 11 of
hay. By Pittsburg. Ft Wayne and Chicago, 8
cars of bay, 5 of flour, 1 of feed. By Balti
more and Ohio, 2 cars of oats, 3 of corn, 1 of rye.
By Pittsburg and Lake Erie, 2 cars of bay, 3 of
flour, 2 of wheat By Pittsburg and Western, 1
car of bay, 1 of bran and middlings. There was
but one sale on calLviz: a car of No. 2 white
oat, 27Jic, 10 days, regular. The week starts
out with unusually heavy receipts. This on
tbe heels of weak markets at the close of last
week does not promise well for sellers ot
cereals. Oats are particularly weak. Hay is
slow, aud corn steady. Prices below are for
carload lots on track.
Wheat New No. !s red, 84685(5; No, 3. 80
Cobn No. 2 yellow, ear, 4344c; high mixed,
ear, 4243c: No. 2 vellow. shelled. 40c; high
mixed, shelled, SS40c; mixed, shelled, 3S
OATS No. 2 white. 2727c; extra. No. 3,
2626c; mixed, 2425c
Rye No. 1 Pennsylvania and Ohio, 5051c;
No. 1. Western, 4849c; new rye, No. 2 Ohio,
i LOUR Jobbing prices Fancy winter and
spring patents, 85 0085 60; winter straight
S4 254 50; clear winter. 84 004 25: straight
XXXX bakers', S3 603 75. Rye flour, S3 50
4 75.
Millfeed Middlings, fine white, 816 00
16 50 ton; brown middlings, 813 0013 60; win
ter wheat bran, Sll 5011 75; -chop feed, 815 50
016 00.
Hay Baled tlmothv. No. L 812 00813 50:
No. 2 do. Sll 001L 50; loose from wagon, Sll 00
13 00, according to quality: No. 1 npland
prairie. 88 509 CO; No. 2, S7 0087 50; packing
do, 87 60Q7 75.
Straw Oats, 86 60(37 00; wheat and rye
straw, 86 OOQO 25. '
1 Provisions. . . X-
Hogs are steadily drifting toward; a lower.
level, and provisions feel the effect of this
downward drilt Provisions are quiet and
from present outlook are not at all likely to go
np higher this season. A turn the other way is
more pro able.
Sugar-cured hams, large, 10Jc; sugar-cured
bams, medium, llc; sugar-cured bams, small,
Uc: sugar-cured breakfast baconiOc: sugar
cured shoulders, 6c; sugar-cured "boneless
shoulders, 7c; sugar-cured California bams, 7c:
sugar-cured dried beef flats, 9c; sugar-cured
dried beef sets, 10cr sugar-cured dried beef
rounds, 12Kc: bacon shoulders, 6c; bacon
clear sides, 7Kc: bacon clear bellies, 7Kc: dry
salt shoulders, 5"c; dry salt clear sides, 7c,
Mess pork, heavy. Sll 50; mess park, family.
812 00. Lard Refined, In tierces. 6c: half
barrels, 6c; 60-ft tubs. 65c; 20-ft pails, 7c; 6C
& tin can 6Kc;3-ft tin palls. c;6-fttlm
Sails, 7c; 10-& tin pails, 6c: 5-ft tin pails, 7c; 10
1 tin palls, 7c Smoked sausage, long, 5c;
large, 5c Fresh pork links, 9c Boneless
bams, lOKc Pigs feet half barrel, 84 CO; quar
ter barret 82 15.
Dressed Meat,
Armour & Co. furnished the following prices
on dressed meats: Beef carcasses 450 to 650 fis,
6c; 550 tp 650 fis. 6c; 650 to 750 fts, 67c
Sheep, 8c f) ft. Lambs, 9c ft ft. Hogs, 6c
Fresh pork loins, 8c
Tbe Tiaible Supply- of Grain.
New York, October 2L The followlngs is
a statement of the visible supply of grain
afloat and. in store on Saturday, October
19, as issued bv tbe Produce Exchange:
Wheat, 22,057,370" bushels; increase, 218,451
bushels. Corn, 11,331,475 bushels; decrease,
1.12.133 bnKhels. Oats, 7,113,311 bushels; in
crease. 675.954 bushels. Rye, 1,277.778 bushels;
increase, 4S706 bushels. Barley, 1,582,572 bnsh
els; increase, 639,422 bushels.
ArPETITE is generally restored to deli
cate children by the nse of Br. D, Jayne's
Tonie Vermifuge; and not only an appetite,
but strength and vigor as well. Sold by all
Cor. Wood and Liberty Sts.,
Importers and Jobbers of
Special offerings this weekin
For largest assortment and lowest prices call
and see us.
TenYears of Intense-Suffering
Mr. Frank Bordar, a well-known gentleman,
suffered for ten years from kidney disease.
After receiving two months' treatment from
the physicians of thePolypathlc Medical Insti
tute, be gave the following interesting history,
with permission to publish it. Be said: "I had
much pain across my back and lower part of
my body. My bands and feet would often get
cold, aud sharp cramps would often seize me.
My heart would at timespalpitate as if it would
Jump out of my body. Hot flashes would often
come over me. I was always tired on getting
np in the morning. The disease finally ex
tended to my lungs, causing much pain and
tightness in my chest. In vain I tried to find
some doctor who could wire me, but could only
get a little relief, and so I suffered on in this
way for ten years. I finally read in the papers
of wonderful cures being made by the phy
sicians of tbe Polypathic Institute, and as X
read that they made a specialty of my disease,
1 began treatment and I am glad to state that
IJhave been cured."
Remember the Polypathic Medical Institute
is permanently located at Pittsburg, 420 Penn
avenue, for the treatment ot all forms of kid
ney and urinary diseases. Office hours, 10 A. X.
to 4 p. scandS to8r. M. Sundays, 1 to 47. K.
A nnm drv Ssid In nowdered form. The great
labor saver and quick cleanser, without Injury te
hands or fabric Economical! purs and good.
Beats the wvU for cleaning glasses, windows,
' houses, dlsbsi, milk pails, milk cans, clothes, &c.
Keeps moths out of carpets, bureaus, &e. See
that you get BELL'S SOAPONA-Rea Packages.
ret I B tenia lthtn
iffnil worse dt
M7enu at mi
I lowed to eoatUoe
beeaaitiic tT ure. S WAYNE'S KLNT.
H leratlon,andlaioateBeareiOTetbetiB
Bion. SwAmaOtTTMraTlioldb7(lmcglxt,ormAUedia
KD7ddru(mncvlitorprie,fioeta.ftbox; SboxM,ttJft,
AaOnu Icucn, DR73WATNE t BOS, Philadelphia, Pa.
A purely Veeetable
Compound that eineH
all bad humors from the
system. Removes blotch
es and pimples, and
makes pure, rich blood.
"Issue travelers credits through Messrs. Srexcl,
Morgan a. uo., riew xors. rasspons procured.
Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Petroleum.
Private wire to New York and Chlcaeo.
45 BXSTH ST., Pittaburj,
M Purifier.
CLOAK i M-iMsl
Merchants visiting the city will Had tt tef
their interest . to Inspect- our COMPLBTM1
line of
Ladies', Misses' and Children's'
ocj)-51-twt 'Plttsbvrg, 3?su
Capital and surplus. J136,99&.
Transacts a General Bonkisg Business.
As old residents know and bock Aies of PMM.
burg papers prove, is the oldest ualnhllstml 'A
and most prominent physician in the etty, e- j
voting special attention to ail cnroaie
MCDni lO and mental ottseates pays! an I
IN Ln V UUo decay, nervous debtltty.feek'eC
energy, ambition and hope, impaired lueuiwy,
disordered sight, self distrust, baseln tans,
dizziness, sleeplessness, pImples,eraptiofi8, im
poverished blood, failing powers. organic wek
nesa, dyspepsia, constipation, coduhipUb,-
ntung tne person ior Dnsmess.soaeiy aaa 1
fiaee. nermanentlv. safelv and nrivatelv cm
Dlotcnes, tailing nair, nones, pains, 1
swelling ulcerations of tongue.mouth, thfaf.
ulcers, old sores, are cured for life, asd Mot
poisons thoroughly eradicated fromtke nyMw.
IIWIIWAWV Jtjunev atou uiauuer piuimpii
U 11 1 1 1 n n I j menu, weak back, graveJ, s
tarrhal discharges, inflammation and owec
painful symptoms receive searching treatss oaf, e
prompt relief and real cures;
Dr. Whittlert life-long, extensive -expest ,
enee. insures scientific and reliable treafeMaC1
on common-sense principles. CoeraHatfeBfrev. '
.patients at a distance as careiauy ireawa as m. ,
here, utnee nonrs tf a. . to s r. m. bmwt, ., ,
10A.3f.tolP.Jl. only. DR. WH1TT1HB, 84
Fenn avenue, .rittsDurg; rx,
ASclentlfloand Standard Popular MadlMJTmwio
the Errors of Youth, Premature Dedtee.NervMW
and Physical Debility, Imparities of the BiM
Resulting from Folly. Vice, Irhovhw, j,
cesses or Overtaxation, Enervating m&xmm
ting tbe victim for Work; Buslftesa. tfcfl ;.
riage or Social Relations. u
Avoid nnsklllfnl pretenders. Pnwm tH
great work. It contains 300 pages, royal .
Beantifnl bindine. embossed, fall (fit. Pita.
only Jl by mail, postpaid, eoaoeaMd la fWi
wrapper. Illustrative Prospectus Freej4yMi
apply now; Tbe distingnishsd aattor. WSsH
'Parker. M. T). receiTed the SOLD AW. JEW.
ELED MEDAL from ttia National MedieaiAa.
sociation, for this PRIZE EMAYeaHCimip
corns of Assistant Phvsieians mar fce J
suited, confidentially, by nail or lajMMMkHpr
the office of THE PEABOOY HEIHeALIfl'V
STITUTE, No. Bulfinch SL, B4i. Mm,
whom all orders for books or letter far iMt
should be directed aa above. a184r-TaMMI4t
How Lost! How RegaiMti,
aSaaaaaaaaal 'VT Hk ' '" WaTaaV taajl
Treatmest. a guaranteed sDecifle for hinmli.
dizziness, convulsions, tits, nervous BearaUat,
headache, nervous prostration caused by OH
use of alcohol or tobacco, wakefulness, mmtM,
depression, sotteaing 01 ure Dram lesiuuf 1
insanity and leadlnz to misery, deeay a
death, premature old aze, barresMec, hn i
nower in either Bex. involunlarY jmm
spermatorrhoea oaused by over-eierti
brain, self-abuse or over-ladstaeseeu
run: contains one month's treat meat. Mai
or six boxes for SS, sent by mail prepaid a m
ceipt 01 price. -
To cure any case. With eaeh order weetvedayw '
for six boxes, accompanied with IS 88; we n4K
tend the nnrcbaser our written nanatean
refund the moneyif the treatment (tees at ag
fectaenre. Guarantees issued only by gaB,
Stucky. Druerf'rt, Sole Agent, 1701 and
avcandcor. Wylie ave.and Fnltoa
burg; Pa.
quiring soieatMe sad
Hal treattnest! Br. &.
M.R.C.P.a,ifleoSJ M
most experieseed speeMMC
tbe city. uoBatananaa
arHntlv eonfliiniitial.
l,ntiTllto4and7to 8 P. K.: Saadays, x ta
JLConsUlt tnem perwmauy, 01 wins.
Lake. 328 Penn aveu, Pittsburg. Pa.
,'a Ccrtrfecm. mommZ
.Composed of Cottom Soot, Thst tst '
PeBByroyal a leoeat dJeewerr
montUir-Safe, Effectual. Pries
'old physician, htaeeemfymr
-Hafe. RffertnaL Pries St. fir
sealed. ladles, aek your draMist for f
Cotton Root Compound sad take bo
nr innlrxw 2 stamns for seeled pert
a pond lily company. n.i :
Biock, 181 Woodward a ve-, Detroit, Math.
43-aold in Pittaberg; Pa., by Joseph
ing & Hon. Diamond and Market sta. m
IUS aa4 ahran RBatM. 1
mm DrwMtfial tar JMaanwJ J
la red, wia auo, waa wmm
una rutoon. itie aaten. aai
ami la paitrteart Bona mat
pen an su VUB iimaau j
A. fitamoal air DarUaakus, s
and -Belief ferXavdfe" a aaaar, j
Mfm mail. Mamm Tmm.
, oeg-7wtr
a rosrrnra
aM t ituff a
IWI I IV I fill I AAflWV,;
III H I 1 J I Km I bhl Weski
BodrAMInd, Lack of Streak, Vifr
(tealed) free. Addreas JCBIJC MtlWCA
Bnaalo. N. Y. otaa-af-n
For men! Checks the worst
days, and cores in five days. Prieett Hkaa -i
1a5-29-TT38u 4l2MarkatW
BKOmrFaaS. A1
OC ToatnflU
Mti4jur PuimaliiTa Deour. mrroos D
Kjuihood, x, fiavtoii tried biTaJn erary kraiant
dy , n aucorerea a mm mui oi aan
hj will antl faMladl PftjEK ta hla f rikyaMmfl
Addraa, i. B. RBEVBB, P.O. Box 3a,w
V b
. afcakatatat
MMtalaMBC' tvA JftrtlfJafcBW 9mW mmm
. forf J?r(
.... .- '.r js.. fi'a .. l wjTiij
7 j x, I III 1 111 1 1 III

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