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Larger Enn of Cattle at Herr's
Island, and Smaller at
Higher Prices for Beerts at Sources of
Snpplj and Here.
Monday, May 1
The offerings of cattle st Kerr's Island
were n shade above last week in number.
Demand was goad, particularly for choice
heavy beeves. Cost nt sources of supply
was hizher this week than last, and as a re
sult markets were 10c to 15c higher. Best
heavy steers sold at $6 GO to $6 80; good lo
choice medium weights, $0 10 to $6 40;
common to fair do., 5 75 to f3 95; fancy
smooth light weight;, 55 75 to fJ 00; com
mon to fair do., 54 75 to 5 25; thin and
rough heavy steers, $3 85 to $4 65; bulls,
stags and dry cows, $3 to $4 15. Beceipts:
From Chicago I. Zeigler, 158; I. Gerson,
IK; A. Frouim, SI. From Pennsjlvanla J.
Bekler, 12. Total, S77; last eek, SIS; previous,
Sheep and Lambs Notwithstanding receipts
were larger than last week, markets wero
active and strong at a shade higher prices on
some grades. A few choice wool sheep were
sold at $6 75 to $7 00. Clipped sheep Sold at
$5 00 to So 50, witn a few sales at $5 75. Clipped
earlings brought SB 00 to 6 50. and spring
lambs 9c to lie per pound. Receipts: From
Chicago L Zcizler. 159 head. From Pennsyl
vania J. Wright. 1U5: G. Fllnner, SO; F. Cruik
shank, 9. From Ohio K. M. Stone. 7. Total,
410. Last week, 259; previous week, 1SS. Hogs
Markets were strong at last week's prices,
Some report prices a shade higher.
Best Cnicapos sold at 55 50 to 85 GO, and OhlOJ
at 40 to 5 50.
Receipts: From Chicago I. Zelgler. 80 head;
L. Gerson, 79: AV. Zoller. 229. From Ohin R.
ai. btoue. sif .aeedy fc rank, lis. From
Pennsylvania G. Fllnner. 3L Total, 5S0. last
week, 45b: previous week. 551.
Receipts of cattle at the Cast Liberty yards
for to-day's market were SO carload; lest than a
week ago. There were on sale last Monday SO
cars, rnd only 57 cars were on tho market this
morning, of which some 9 loads were held over
from last week. This week'" offerings were in
the main from Chicago, ana were mostly com
mon and light stock. On tho market were 9
loads of good heavy beeves, for which there
seemed to be no demand at satisfactory prices,
and it was thought by the bolder that they
would be sent on East tor want of customers
here. Demand was good for light tidy butcher
beeves at a. shade higher prices than pre
vailed a week ago, while common and low
grades were 10c to 25c per cwt. higher than last
Monday. The advauce in these grades simply
represents a partial recovery from the heavy
decline last week caused by excessive receipts.
On some grades there was a decline the tore
part of last week at 40c per cwt., and the better
prices this week indicate recovery In part of
the lost ground. Fresh cons were in better
supply this week than last, but prices are well
maintained. All good milkers offered are in
demand at outside prices. The general range
of markets was 25 to S40, but some extra
tine went aboe the outside fig
ure. One extra Durham cow was
bought by a dealer at 62 00, and he was en
tirely satisfied with his choice, as he was
couhdent of being able to place his purchase at
a comfortable profit.
The number of calves on sale was about 250
head. A slight improvement in quality was
reported but there is still room for further im
provement before the quality of offerings in
this line comes up to the average of former
ears. High priced gram, and short allowance
if feed are responsible to a large extent for
The generally poor quality ot calves qn the
market this season.
There was a strong market at a shade higher
price than last week's for all good vealers.
Sheep and Lara!.s There were about a dozen
loads on sale. The percentage of good stock is
still light. Markets were strong and active at
last week's prices, and on fancy were a shade
higher. The top of the maiket for sheep was
eported at 35 GO, and lambs C3c
.uuj;b i uv iiuuiuci uu saiu 4dcjirJaauS,Mgain8S
the same number last Monday. There was a
good demand lor all offered, and prices were a
shade Ligher than last neck. The top of the
market for Philadelphias was $5 35.
Cattle Receipts, 2,hol hcaa; shipments, 2.000
head: market slow on export grades; medium
active; 1015c higher: best export, 55 80g6 15j
butcher grade, 1 755 50; no cattle shipped
to Hen York to-dav.
Hogs Receipt 6.100 head: shipments, 4.900
head: market active: Pliil.idelphias. 5 25Q5 35;
best Yorkers and mixed, to 0035 15: pigs, SI 00
64 73; 12 cats hogs shipped to New York to
day. Sheep Rceolpt, 5,800 head; shipments. 8,900
head; market actlic at last neck's prices;
clipped lamb-, Vic Higher.
By Telegraph.
OMAHA Cattle Receipts, 1,700 head: mar.
kct was about steady on all grades of both
beeves and timelier nock: actlvo and Arm with
tithcr gradex slow and steady; feeders un
changed; a bunch of heifers was sold at 5 40;
fancy 1.4UU to 1,600 pound steers, of which there
are liberal receipt, aro quoted at 14 SOfiO 00;
prime 1.SU0 to 1,175 pound steers, 4 235 Co;
fair to good 1,050 to 1,350 pound steers. $3 00
4 75. Hogs Receipts. 2,300 head; market
opened actlvo and stead; closed slow and
t-asier:ll sold: range, 1554 85; bulk, 4 Wffl
4 7i: light, 4 Sitci 75: heavy, 4 7554 83; mired.
J4 C0S4 75. hlivep Receipts, 400 head; market
active and fullv steady; natives, 3 OOftJ 75:
Westerns. 2 5004 6U .
NEW YORK Beeves Receipts. 6.087 head.
Including 30 cars for sale; market 10c per 100
pounds lowci : native steers. 5 2000 45 per 100
pounds; bulls and cows, 2 704 75: dressed beef
steady at 8JS10c per pound. Calves Re.
ceints, 4,209 head; matket weak: veals, 1 00
6 374 per 100 pounds, Sheep Receipts, 11,057
beau: marLc Jo per pound higher; uuiliorn
eheep, 8 7507 50 per 100 pounds; clipped do,
15 004! 0 75: unshorn lambs, 7 50Jg GOi clipped
do. 0 5007 50: dressed mutton firm at 10J12c:
diessed lambs higher at 11J.J013C Hogk Re
ceipts, 13,0 head, consigned direct; nominally
steady at 4 4005 05 per 100 pounds.
BUFFALO Cattle Receipts, 43 loads
through. 15 sale: market opened slow and ruled
dull, closing duller; prices lowrr: best steers.
5 9006 15; good to prime. 5 7505 85c; fair to
medium, 5 4005 65. Sheep and lambs Re
ceipts, 13 loads through, 38 sale; market active
and higher; good to choice wool sheep, 6 750
7 50: clinped. 5 5O0G 50; good to best wool
lambs. 7 H'S" 25: clipped Iambs, common to
best, 5 75KT 50; all sold: closed firm. Hogs
Receipts. 109 loads through. 40 sale; market
tronsr. active and 10015c higher; best Yorkers,
5 2503 35. mostly 5.30;,good hoavy, 5 2005 3a
CINCINNATI Hogs in good demand and
firmer; common and light, 83 7505 00; packing
and butcher. $4 75Q5 15; receipts. 2,615 Lead:
shipments. 715 head. Cattle, largo offerings and
easy: common, 2 2503 75; fair to choice butcher
grades 3 7505 40: prime to choice shippers.
5 UO05 00: receipts, 2.800 head; shipments. 800
head. Sheep easj; common to cuolco sheared.
3 5005 00; extra fat wethers and yearlings,
5 OOfi'3 25: receinte. 25u head- tlilnmonta nnnn
Lambs In fair demand for spring; common to
choice, 6 50QS 50 per 100 pounds.
ST. LOUIS Cattle Receipts. aOOO head;
shipments, 100 head: market strong; good to
fancy native steers, 15 0005 90: fair to good.
1005 20; Texans and Indians, 3 750
5 5?-. , H,gs-Recolpts, 4,400 head; shipments,
1,600 head; market a shade lower; fair to choice
heavy. 4 &05 05; mixed grades, S4 3004 90:
light fair to best. 4 0004 SO. Sheep Receipts,
900 head: shipments, none: market strong: good
to choice. 4 5005 SO. v fc a
KANSAS CITY - Cattle Receipts, 390
head: shipments. 2,610 head: market steady
steers, 3 5005 75: cows. 2 50HI4 90; stackers
and fcedors.2 4004 9a Hogs Receipts. 3.050
head; shipments, 2.710 head: market steadv
bulk. 4 5004 80: all grades. 3 5004 85. bheep
Receipts, 700 head; shipments, 420 head; mar.
ket steaay.
INDIANAPOLIS Cattle Receipts, 50 head
no market; shippers. 4 5006 00; butchers, 3 73
04 75: bulls, 1 7504. Hogs Beceipts, 1,500
head: market strong but quiet; choice heavy
4 9005 05; light, 4 7504 90: mixed, 4 8005 00;
pigs. 2 50.
Grain In Sight.
Chicago, May i. The visible supply of grain
as reported for the Board of Trade is as follows:
Wheat, 20.9SO.000 bushels: decrease, 1,303.000
bushels. Corn. 3,125,000 bushels: increase. 680,
000 bushels. Oats. 2,839.000 bushels: increase.
218 000 bushels. Rye. 427,000 bushels; decrease,
21,000 bethels. Barley, 593,000 bushels; de
crease, 174.000 bushels.
Hake Haste!
There is no time to be lost when the kidneys
and bladder neglect their duty. Renal disease
advances with giaptstodes. Brighl's di-easo
and diabetes are -dread foes to human life
Subdue them in their inffency with Hostetter'a
Stomach Bitters, the purest diuretic in exist
ence. It conquers likewise malaria, constipa
tion, dyspepsia and biliousness.
401 SmltliCeld Street, Cor. Fourth Avenue.
. Capital, 8100.000. Surplus, 509,000.
.-Deposits of 51 and upward received and
interest allowed at 4 per cent zxs
Flakes of 6now That -Helped to rut Up the
rrice of Wheat Tho Bears Sold and
the Price Dropped An Error
That Caused a Big Mistake.
Chicago, May 4. A few flakes of snow were
visible to the naked eye at about 9 o'clock this
morning and there were reports or frost and
snow In the wheat belt of tho Northwest; so
that the bulls In wheat proceeded to put the
price upon the cnrb,consequently when regular
trading opened the price of July option was
10JX6105 against 104 at the close on Satur
day. That was the highest figure ot the day.
The bears then sold right and left, and the
price dropped to 102, and then to ItfOJj, and the
close was easy and only J-Jo better than the
lowest, showing a los of 4c from the
top price of the day and 3o as compared
with Saturday's close,
Linn. S. V. Wnite and Baldwin fc Farnum
started the selling and Cudshy, Ream and Pard
rldge helped It along. These three hig opera
tors aro said to be short many millions of
bushels, and tbey were therefore strongly in
terested in uaminerlug the lrfarkct. Minneapo
lis was reported to have sold considerable wheat
here, and there was much selling both here and
at New York on cable orders. John Brvant sold
a very large line and Kennett-Hopkins,
Boydcn Milmlne-Bodman, and Egglestou were
large buyers.
An error in addition caused the posting of
the receipts of comas 474 -cars, a subsequent
correction making it 674. This error, with the
cold weather In the Northwest, made the open
ing price of July corn ta'gClc against 62c
at the close on Saturday: hut weakness lnwneut
quickly made itself felt in the corn pit, and tho
bear traders there began the execution of sim
ilar tactics. They were helped by the correc
tion in the receipt figures. The July option
touched C2QG3c, and then began to decline
under the pounding ot Cudaby and other heavy
bears. 1 he downward movement was con
tinued with Immaterial reactions throughout
the session, closing at 6u061c, the inside
figure AMlng the lowest ot the day, and 2c below
the highest,
Oats were fairly active and weak, following
wheat and corn closely. The Increase In the
visible supply assisted the decline. The pro
vision market was rather heavy at the opening
and positively weak later. N. It. Ream was a
conspicuous and heavy seller. He Is supposed
to have put out about 10,000 barrels ot pork.
Armour was credited with buying some, but, as
a rule, the packers were on the bear side.
A good deal of buying was done by commission
The closing prlees were sear the lowest of the
day and at a recession of 270 on July pork,
10c on July lard aud ribs.
The leading futures ranged as ioiiqws. as cor
rected by John M. Oakley & Co, 45 Sixth street,
members of Chicago Board of Trade:
lns. High
et Low
Whxat. ho.:
sisy............ ..
Inne. -...
July ,
OATS, i0.t
July ,
July ,
September ,
July. ,
ft OS
tl 05
$! 9JK
I 01
i ui
63 H
(12 Silt
112 40
ti2 4:h
(12 43
1 -?
13 S3
6 75
12 tt
13 02t
6 62
6 82
7 10
6 12X
6 67
6 62H
7 10
- Casn quotations were as rollowsi
Flour easier but not quotably lower. .No. 2
spring wheat. 51 011 015i No. 3 spring wheat,
97093c; No. 3 red. 1 0101 02f; No. 2 corn.
b6c; No, 2 oats. 51c: No, 2 white, 6555c; No.
3 white. 64055c. No. 2 rye. 84c. No. 2
barley nominal: Mo. 3, f. o. h.. 73075c; No.
4, f. o. b., 78e; No. 1 flaxseed, 1 18;
prime timothy seed. 1 2901 30. . Mess pork,
per bbl. 312 37&012 10. Lard, per 100 lbs. 6 CO.
Short rib Rides (loose). 8 1000 15; dry
salted snoulders (boxed), o 20Q5 25 short
clear sides (boxed), Jti 6908 7a Sugars un
changed. Oq the Produce Exchange to-day
the bntter market was Arm and unchanged.
Eggs, 13i0ISc,
PHILADELPHIA Flour market weakm sym
pathy with the decline in wheati prices nomi
nally unchapged. Wheat Lower cables and
renewed speculative sellin? In New York and
Chicago Influenced a decline In prices here ot
2c, hot. In absence of business, prices of on
Hops were wholly nominal; So. 2 red. May,
1183119; June. 1 1101 12: July, (1 0901 10;
August, 1 0001 07. Corn There was contin
ued pressure to sell, due to free receipts west
and the break In wheat; options declined 103d,
and closed weak; local car lots declined lc in
sympathy with the decline in options; No. 2
high mixed in grain depot,' S3Kc? do in elevator,
83c; No. 1 mixed in el"-vtor. 2c: No, 2 mixed.
May, 73075c: June. 71072c; July, 70071c: An
gust, e07Ofc Oats weak and tower; No. 2
white, 62c: No. 2 white. May, 6O081Kt June, CO
BlKc; July, 6O061KC Provlslous steady with a
fair jobbing trade. Pork Mess, new. 14; do
tamlly. 14 50015 00; hams, smoked, 10MHc.
Butter scarce and firm; Pennsylvania cream
ery, extra, 80c: do print, extra, 83030c Egci
firm and in fair demand; Pennsylvania firsts,
HiiQioc Cheese steady; part skims, 709c.
BALTIMORE Flour dull; Western snper,
401 25; extra, 4 504 9V; family, 003 60.
Wheat unsettled and lowert No. 2
rsd, spot. 1 1SV1 13U; the month,
1 UUQl 12Ki July. 1 0ei 09Ji; August
II OCgl OfiX; steamer No. 2 red, 81 l
nominal; receipts, 1,643 busholsi stock, 138,080
bushels; sales, 150,000 bushels. Corn dull;
mixed, spot, 76c; the month, 74JQ75Kc- July,
OS'ieWic: spot No. i white, 80c: receipts.
19.8.11 busbeli; stock, 78,459 bushels; sales, SO..
000 bushels. Oati easier; No. 2 white Western,
C3c: No. 2 mixed do, 61c: receipts, 5.000 hu-h-els;
stock, 108,151 bushels. Rye dull; No. 2, 03c;
receipts, none; stock, 13,630 bushel". Hay firm
but qulMl good to oboloe timothy, I12S13. But
ter scarce: creamery, fancy, 29o: do, fair to
choice, 27028ei do, imitation. 2502601- ladle,
fancy. 24025c: do, good to choice, 20022c: rolls.
fine, 22o; do, fair to good, 18020c; Slpie packed.
16022c. Eggs, 14KV Provisions and others
CINCINNATI Flour dull' and depressed;
family. 4 4004 CO; fancy, M 6005 15: wheat
weak and lower: No. 2 red. 1 08H1 09; re
ceipts, 4,600 bushels; shipments. 7,000 bushels.
Corn lower; No. 3 jnlxod, 70Q72c. Oats In
fair demand and firm; No. 2 mixed. 67c Rye
scarce; No. 2. B2c Pork In light demand at
1275. Lard alow aud heavy at 0 50. Bulk
meats ouu and weaker; short ribs, 8 87'
Uacon, demand light; short clear, 7 87'
Whiskv in fair demand; -sales 837 barrel
finished goods on basis of 1 17. Butter steady;
fancy Elgin creamery. 28030c; prime dairy, 18c
Llseed oil steady at 61050c
MINNEAPOLIS -; The market for sample
wheat was slow tchday. Elevator companies
weie in the market for No. 1 Northern a(2o
under July, but roost of tellers were holding In
the hopes of getting a little more at local
millers showed more inclination to buy. The
outside demand was small. Prices as com
pared with Saturday were fully 2c lower. The
offerings were quite large Closing quotations:
No. 1 hard May, SI 08: on track, 10601 06f:
No. 1 Northern, May, 1 03K: June, 81 M; July.
81 04! nn track, 1 0301 wK; No. 2 Northern
May, ll 00; on track, II 0001 OL
MILWAUKEE Mour unchanged. Wheat
weak: No. 2 spring on track; cash 1 0301 05;
July. 1 00; No. i Northern. 81 1L Corn easier;
No. 3. on track, 67067Kc- Oats easier; No. 2
white, on track. 56J057c Barley firm: in
store. 86Kc Rye firm; No. 1 jn store. 87c bid.
Proyisons weak. Pork July, 12 27K. Lard
July, 8 87K.
bcrrEBEns from coughs, sore throat, etc..
should try Browx's HitoxcHiiL Tboches. a
simple but sure remedy. Sold only In boxes.
Price a cts.
Gas Bills Greatly Reduced.
During the summer months, when tho
beat is oppressive and the regular range tor
stove makes life uncomfortable in the kitchen
and laundry, the best remedy is a summer
gas stove. Tne Tire King Gas Stove, sold by
Demmler Brothers", 626 and 528 Smithfield
street, are small, nicely finished, will do the
cooking as well as the best kitchen range,
use very little gas, and best of-al', will not
heat the kitchen. They are made in three
different sizes, can be used with or without
oveus, and can be handled as easily as a
cooking pot or kettle. Natural or artificial
gas can be used in these stoves.
The. Celebrated Chicago Gas -Ranges, with
ovens and broilers, with or without hct water
coils, are also sold by Demmler Bros. Tbey
give excellent satisfaction aud use very little
A large variety of the Celebrated Alaska
Refrigerators in stock and constantly
coming in.
Water coolers in a variety of liM and
styles, the Gem ice cream freezers, ice picks,
lemon squeezers, lemonade shakers, bar
goods, aud the wonderful Pasteur water fil
ters (the best filters in the world) can be
found at Demmler Brothers. House fur
nishing goods in endless variety. Tnsa
Sight Is Priceless.
Do not abuse jL My SI spectacles, every
pair adjusted by myself and guaranteed for
two years. MANlf IOK,
ttssu Expert Optician, 67 Fifth avenue.
Mothers Euould Have Their Chtltfrcn
Photographed by Aufrecljt, at-MB -Market
street, while prices are so low. 'pall early,
v t -
Mrs. Wisslow's Soothing Byrup isan un
excelled medicine for children while oethlug
Importance of Every-Man Owning the
House He Lives In.
The Kan-Appearance of a Statement Clips
the Wings of Electric
The acquisition of homes Is of perennial
importance and cannot bo too olten referred
to. Home life lies at the root of individual
well-being nud general prosperity, A com
munity is strong and thrifty in proportion
to the n amber of landed proprietors, or
those who own the houses they live in.
There is a vast difference between a renter
and a proprietor in a material sense. The
one has a provision against misfortune, a
reserve fund to fall back on iu case of need.
The other i at the mercy of circumstances,
bit family has no permanent abiding place,
and the excess of his earnings over living ex
penses goes Into the pockets of his landlord.
Tho importance of every worklngman own
ing the roof that shelters him"" and those de
pendent upon him, has been frequently
presented in this column, and, there is reason
for believing, with good results. If he who
makes a blade of grass to spring up where pono
grew before is a benefactor, assuredly be who
persuados the people to become proprietors In
stead of renters is something more. It is not
so bard to acquire a homo as many people
think. In this matter, as in Ml others, where
there's a will there'sa way, Industry and self
denial are the stepping-stones t'o success; but
compensation tor these i found in the fact
that every dollar paid bring ownership that
mneh nearer. With a deed to a house and lot
in his possession, a man should have no diffi
culty in keeping tho wolf from the door, and in
case of his death the family would have a pro
vision against want and disneralon.
Pittsburg aqd its suburbs are full ot oppor
tunities for people of limited means to acquire
homes. Improved methods ot locomotion have
brought Into the market large areas of land,
wbieb have been subdivided and are offered on
terms within the reach pf all. Tbeso opportu
nities should pat be neglected. They will not
last forever. The longer action is deferred the
harder It will be fur the worklngman to realize
the felicity of "sitting under his own vine and
fig tree."
Business News and Gossip.
Nearly all the building lots changing bands
are for use. Buyers will erect homes on them.
The largest Of ten purehase-nippey mortgages
on file for record yesterday was for 850.000,
plaeed by Clifford B. Harmon with F. B. Nim
i;k et uv,
Stockholders of the Manufacturers' Bank,
Soutbside, and of the Soutbslde Gas Company
held meetings yesterday afternoon for the elec
tion of directors. In the former there was no
change in the board- In the latter Joseph
Stewart wcqt put and S, T. Bovine took his
George Mnlvin, ot McKeesport, is looking
for a site in North Homestead for a hotel. He
wants to grow pn with the place.
The Bank of Pittsburg will declare it? regu
lar semi-annual dividend of 4 per cent to-day.
Railroad easnlngsi Rock Island system,
month of April, increased 26,608. . Norfolk and
western, fourth week April, net Increase. 829,.
816; month April, net Increase, 855,669. TJuion
Pacific, month March, gross decrease, 308.728.
Operating expenses decreased 8266',6$5 Net
decrease, S42.C91." St. Paul, lonrth week April;
net lnereasn 59,713; month April, net increase
106.595. Wheeling and Lake Erie, month
April, net increase 115,353.
Smoke arose from the stack of tbo Daquesne
power house yesterday, showing that the
machinery is being put in readiness for a. start.
W. L Mustln left Tor New York yesterday
morning, to be absent about two weeks. He
will be missed on 'Change.
All the local stocks held their own yesterday
except Electric, which went off about 1 a
share when it became known that Mr. West
lngbouse was pot ready to make a statement.
The statement ot receipts and expenses of
the Charticrs Valley Gas Company for the
quarter ending March 31 shows total expenses,
f22,8S0 89: gross receipts, 116,043 50; not receipt-,
93,162 61.
The Allegheny Gas Company has declared a
dividend ot f 1 a share, payable on and after
the Mth.
The German National Banjt ot Pittsburg 1
out with a semi-annual dividend of 6 percent.
Mr. Westlngbeuse's assurance that he has
not overlooked the interests of the holders ot
common stock is good news to many who had
taken the opposite view.
The Building Record.
Permtts for the erection of the following
buildings wore issued yesterday.
James Elliot, briek two-story and mansard
dwelling, 22x32 feet, on Wylie avenue, Eleventh
waid. Cost, 13,800.
Benjamin Lewis, frame two-ltory dwelling, J8
z28 feot on Wakefield street, Fourteenth ward.
Cost, 800.
Fred Phillips, frame two-story and mansard
dwelling, 23x18 feet, on Beelin street, Four
teenth ward. Cost, 800.
John Lyons, frame two.storr dwelling- iltll
feet on Home street. Eighteenth ward. Cost.
Reed & Login, four brick two-story mansard
dwellings, 21x35 fae( each, on Penn avenue.
.hbuhiiw null, vv.i, ftf.WV lOr Kll.
Movements In Realty.
A piece of .East End property, located at the
corner oi renn avenue ana anady Lane, lot 85x
120, with a twoitory frame business house,
changed owners yesterday for 14.000.
8 traub i Morris sold seven lots in Scbenley
view piace. iiie purchasers win improve
them this seajon.
J. E. Glass sold for A C. Watkjns six lots in
his AUequippa place plan at the special sale
Saturday afternoon. He reports a good de
mand for these lots, and soveral more will bo
closed up to-day. The buvers will build.
Black dcBalrd sold for Elmira Davis to Mrs.
Alice Sullivan a property fronting 75 feet on
the west side of Bellefont street, near Ells
worth avenue, by 10Q feet in depth to an alley,
with a small frame house thereon, for 3,000.
J. C Reilly sold for John Nusser to George
T. R. Eadle three lots nn Whipple street,North
Homestead, each' 60x120 feet, tor 850, on easy
payments. ,
Charles Somers t Co. sold for Elizabeth
Lamb to Catharine Carroll a frame house ot
four rooms, on l"t 25xl0J feet, situated onEd
gertou avenue, Twenty-second ward, for 2,000.
Liggett Bros, sold for G. 1). Simen to W. F.
Johnson a lot 50x245, on Liberty avenue. Twen
tieth ward, for $4,000.
J. E. Glass sold six lots in the AUequippa
place plan at his special sale on Saturday after
noon. H, A Dickie 4 Co. sold for L. A. Hoke an
other piece of ground on Bennett street, west
of Collier street. 251x135 feet, for 55.500.
A Lcggate & Son bold a Ipt 120 feet square,
on the corner of Bayard street and Preble ave
nue, Sixth ward. Allegheny, for 9,000,
Magaw & Gnff, Llm., sold to Christ Elsen
berg, Jr., a lot, 25x110. fronting on Home ave
nue. Elwyn. Pittsbnrg and Castle Shannon
k Railroad, for 8125.
Local Bankers Report a Good Start for a
, Busy Week.
Business in financial circles opened up iu
good shape yesterday. Discounting was liberal
and the call for accommodations showed busi
ness necessities to be more urgent than at any
time this year. This would not be the case if
trade w ere not broadening.
New York excoango was Jn demand, but
there were no takers nt a premium. Country
banks are relieving the pressure for currency
by shipping in large quantities which they had
boarded up during the scare. Clearing House
exchanges were Si 671,194 47 and balances 8570 .
652 37 both items being. an Improvement on,
Money at "New York yesterday was easy,
ranging from 8 to 5 per cent, last loan 3. closed
offered at 3. Prime mercantile paper 4S6!
Sterling exchange quiet and steady at H &A
f 91 fiO-day bills and 4 89 for demand.
Closing Bon'it Quotations.
V. S. 4s, ree. 120
It. It. ftT. Gen, St.. 42
Mutual Union 03,. .,103
N.J. U fnt. Cert.. Ill
Northern fac. UW..1I7
Northern Pac. Ids.. 1 11
ttortliw't'u consols, lw
Nortw'n deben's Sj.105
Oregon ft Trans, es.
st.l, !..!. Gen. &s. 86
M.L. ft S.K.i;en.I.lnc
u. a. 4E, coup ruM
U.S. , reg.,..,. 100
U. B. 4.!4s,coup,...'..lol
faculcssoi '93 lis
Louisianastampedls E7
Missouri B ...
Ttnn. nsir.set. et 102
Tsnn. new set. m.. 70
Canada So. 2ds 87
Central Paclflc tsu.luT
Ben. ft K. G. Ists.,,114
lien: ft K. 4i. 41. .... F.!i
St. Paul consols. ...IU
St, 1 CblftPc.litj.117
Tx.. Pel its sou
)Tx.. Pe.rds Z3i
iwv. fsnu
KrieMi 101 V
M. K-s'iVUen.Ci.. I7Jj
union l-acine isis...ics
West Snore...,, 102
Bank Clearings.
CHICAGO Bank clearings were 20,065,000.
Mew Yprk exchange, was 7C75o premium.
Hates for money were unchanged on a -basis of.
5X08 per cent, -
-. ST. Louis Clearings, J4.407.262: balances,
K12.155. Moqey steady at 67 per cent. , ,
T NBWYoKK-Cleanngs,"tS8,43i,i7t balances,
bostox tlearlngs,.52017jBl84; balances, iL
641.849. M,oney. 608 per cent. Exchange on
New Tnrkl 5s dlsomint to par.
Philadklvhia. Clearings, $13,051,631; bal
ances. 1,671.297. Money 405 per ceuL
Baltimore Clearings, 2,673,703; balances,
331.780, Money, 6 per cent.
Electric Adversely .Affected by tho Non
. Appearance of a Statement Fhlladel
phla'and Wheeling Gas Improve
' Tractions Still Climbing.
There was a large element of uncertainty
abroad when tho stock brokers came together
yesterday morning, and its .influence .was
felt all day. Several annual meetings were
held during the day. the most important of
which were those of the Electrio and Construc
tion Company and the Philadelphia Gas Com
pany, reports of which appear in another
column. .
These were sufficient to produce the condl.
tion ipentioned at the outset. Still business
was by no means flat on its back. Sales aggre
gated 441 shares, and prices of everything, ex
cepting Electric, were steady to strong, and Jn
Some cases higher.
The failure of Mr. Westlngbauso to make a
Statement of the steps he has taken to place
the preferred stock was a disappointment to
many. Others, however, said It was what they
had expected all along. The outcome pf the
meeting, together with a decline in Bos.on, bad
a depressing effect, and the stack en toff
about 1 a share as compared With Saturday's
prices, closing at the lowest point of the day.
Philadelphia Gas, on the contrary, was
stronger until just before the close, when it
dropped a fraction, for no special reason, so
far as could be learned, as the figures pre
sented to the stockholders were of tho most
encouraging kind, showing a material improve
mout q its financial condition. According to
these figures the assets of the company are
nearer a casn oasis tuan at any previous time.
The result of the meeting of the Wheeling'
Natural Gas Company was not known here up
to the close pf the last calL bat the stock was
Stronger. '
The street railways continued the upward
movement begun last week. Manchester Trac
tion advanced on sales to 36. Csntral Traction
advanced to 1? bid. Citizens' o 65 at second
call, but went off a trifle in the afternoon;
Pleasant Ya.'ley to 24U and Pittsburg Traction
to 35. Final figures were the best of the day.
Of the miners. Luster improved its position
and the others were unchanged. Bales were:
First Call-1 Electric at 15V, 15 at 15, 10 at 15.
Before Call-20 Philadelphia Gas at 15-:
After Call 35 Electric at 14 10 Philadelphia
Gas at 13, 10 at 131i. 10 at 13J&
Second Call 25 Philadelphia at 13. 10 at
18, 10 at 13. 10 Electric at 14K. 10 at U.
IhirdCall 55 Electric at 11, SO at 14, 20 at
14 5 at 14, 60 Manchester Traction at 36, 80.
at 36. 10 at 30, 25 Pleasant Valley at 24, 10 Phil-
Huetpuii. UUt 407, PV at iO?S.
Bids and offers at each of in
be three calls are
t! A
P. P. S.ft 81. Ex.
Diamond N.Bk.
Doonesne i. Ilk
Marine Nat. B'k
Masonic Bank..
Honon.Nat. Hk.
odd Fel. Sav. 11.
People's N. B'k.
P. b. B, of Pitts.
Koatmansi Ins.,
Chartlers V Gas
Man'rrs U.Co...
P. N, G. ft P, Uv
Phila. Col. XT..
Wheeling O, Co.
Central Traction
es ...
2lS ...
1 ...
13 18
18 ",
ID ....
65 ....
S3 ....
UH 24
citizens' iraCn
Pltuburg Trac.
Pleasant Yaliey.
Second Ave
Hundbt. Bridge
Point Brldae....
Hidalgo M'g Co
Luster Allnlns-..
Stlverton -M. Co.
lWet'hoise E...
52 .
sionon. w. Co..
U.S. AS. Co....
Btan,u. uco,...
The total sales of stocks at New York yes
terday were 263,74 shares, including: Atchi
son, 11,072; Erie, 3,100; Louisville and Nash
ville. 8,213; Missouri Pacific, 8,185; Northern
Pacific, preferred, 12,450; Richmond ana AVest
Poipt, 7,353; St Paul, 64,870: Union Paclflc
Cash OH Dull. But Strong fi. Jag of Jape
Picked Up.
There was more steam in the oil market yes
terday than for a long time, but It was not re
fleeted In business. For cosh TOJfc bid was the
only market. There were no transactions. Qf
June oil, 8,000 barrels changed hands at 72.
Refined was marked UP at London, but-tbere
were no changes at other points.
Other Oil Markets.
BnADFORP. May i, National Transit cer
tificates opened at 7lc; closed at 71c: high
est, 72c; lowest, 71c; clearances. 816,000 barrels.
Oft. CITY. May 4. National Transit cer
tificates opened at 71c: highest, 72c: lowest.
70Kc closed, 71;ei lalef, 83,000 barrels: clear
ances, 320,000 barrels; charters, 66,666 barrets;
shipments, 104,201) barrels; runs, 100,681 barrels.
New York, May 4. Petroleum opened
steady, quickly became strong on manipula
tion by bull operators to souses e the snorts
aud tho prico was advanecd )c in tho early
trading. A reaction of Jfo followed and tho
market closed steady. Punniylranla nil, spoti
Opening. 70W highest, Tic; lowest. 70Ko; clos
ing, 7ojo. Jane option: Opening, 71o; high,
est, 72)Jc: lowest, 71c; closing, 72c
The Grangers Scorod Several Important
Changes In the Market Higher Hates
for Money Unless These Ts a
Big Movement From
the Interior. ,.
NewYobk, May 1 The itoeic market re
acted to-day, wblob was prominent at times
during iss.t'woek, and while there was no great
activity outside of St. Paul, the Clrangers gen
erally scored Important losses for the day.
The trading element which has fought for the
reaction for a long time, to-day had the co
operation of both London and the Westln sell
ing the list, while there was also some help ac
corded them from local operators, who now bo.
gin to fear the money question as a frotorln
the making of values again.
The princlpahbuyerg.however, wero the com.
mission houses with good connections, and
outside of tue specialties ot the Interests
named the movement downward was of insig
nificant proportions. The export movement In
gold, however, furnished the bears a powerful
lever with which to move the market, and it is
felt that any further outgo without a corre
sponding movement from the interior will re
sult in permanently higher rates for money,
which, however, the bulls do pot seem to regard
in a serious light. The features of the trading
in tho market to-day were the weakness in tho
Grangers, and especially Burlington and Rock
Island, and the strength in Cleveland, Cincin
nati, Chicago and Kt, Louis, although the last
named lastoq only a short time and
was on purchases by a few brokers,
though It was accompanied by rumor
that the dividend tate . on common
was ta bo raised at next meeting and stock
placed upon a 5 per cent oasis. Sliver certifi
cates were comparatively neglected except
during the first hour' when large transactions
were made at close to 100, but the, same
rumors 01 a supposed large order for shipment
auroao were circulated, too selling 01 the
Grangers was persistent during the greater
portion of the day, but St. Paul was well held
even though the trading in It was very large.
The pressure of short stocks was specially
heavy In St. Paul,, Missouri Pacific, .Union
Pacific and Rock Island. The opening was
heayy.and the downward movement was unin
terrupted from that time until well Into the
afternoon whep prices were down 11 per cent,
but toward the close there was an imurovement
and the market rallied and final figures were J
cqcsiqerauiy uetter man lowest 01 tpo uar.
Besldo Cleveland. Cincinnati Chicago and
St. Louis and Wheeiluc- and Lake Erie
'stocks were prominent 'for strength and
..'especially In forenoon when thoy advanced In
tne saoe 01 weaapess in tne rest 01 tne list, tne
strength being principally due to the fact that
the lllcreasa of earnings for April was largest
in the history of the company. The close was
dull, but firm at the Improvement," but while
Wheeling and Lako Erie is up 1 per cent, being
almost alone In shotting a material gain, the
rest of the list are fractions lower, while
Lbulsville and Nashvillelosrland Burlington
1 per cent.
Kailrpad bonds were actually dull once more,
and while the dealings extended to a large
number of issue, the total business was only
1709,000 and the transactions failed to develop
any feature qf note. Prices were steady. No
movement in any pqrtinn of the llsr, while (he
active Issues like Kansas and Texas bonds and
Reading issues, were inclined to drop,
Government bonds haye been dull and easier.
State bonds have been neglected.
The followlnsr table, snows tne prices ot active
stocks on the New York Slock Exchange yester
day. Corrected dally for Tns Uiscatcu by
WHITXIYftSTSPHENEOX. oldest Plttsburr mem.
nersortne .new ton,siock .sxcnancs.Bi n
t - Inc.
Am. cotton our.....
. 27ft
Am. Cotton oil tirer.
Am. cotton OlfTrnst. ....
Atcli. 'lop. fttS. Y... X
(.ansoisu A'acmc.,.t ,
85 ..
128 ....
70 75
Mf ..."
:;; 'a-
IB' 20
63W 87
SI ....
.... SO
10 i:
.... 40
m i?
n ....
62 ,..,
84 ....
... 60
8 ..
'ij "iix
6 m
i ....
a ....
ftmB. iw ins
'eU est. BM.
27 27H - 27K
SI S0 61'
a rm yjj
.... ' .... 783-
Oanana Southern......
cntral orNevrJcrscy.liOM
Central Pfitii.
120M myi
Chicago Gas Trust.
-Btir.,A Qnlncv..,
, M)i
; oo
884 8
C..MH. fcbti'anlprer.
338 a
'21 H
C. St. P.. M. All.
-wv i, ni
tt. at. p.. utu. pt.
C ftAortUwestern. ...
C. It A-, w. ni
C .. Cl.. 65
c.. c, u. & Lprer.
Col, coal a iron. .,. '8S4
Col. AHoctinir Valley 27H
Ches. A Ohio 1st orer.. S2fe
Ches. a Ohio Sd orer.
Bel.. Lack ft West 133
Ben. aio Grand,... Kli
len. ttioUrande.pt. 61H
K.T.. . tut 7
Illinois Central ..i.
139X USH
' 40H
ijiae jcrie ft West 4
J. 'ft
or.. 0K
... .1114
rllle. 81U
i.Hirwj west or.
Lake Hnom m . m. . .
jjicmgan central,..,. ....
Uobue cuius 4U
Missouri facinc 71K
National i.eadTrnst... 188
Newxora central K3H
N.I.. C.CSI. L,
JJ. .. C. &Bt.L.lltpf66i
K. r.,0. ft St. L.Zdnf ....
N. Y.. L. JC W 21
N. If.. L. iftV. pd.. llH
fi. if. ft. . 3t
M. .. O, 4W 17M
Jlorroln ft Western
Moriolx ft Western or. 55H
Northern Paeifle ., J'H
Northern Pacific nr, . 72
Itliloftallsslsslppi 18
Ureson Improvement. 31
PacinoMaU.,, , as1
Peo.. Dee, ft fcvani
rnilaael. ftKeadlnc, S3X
Pullsi&n Pftliiflit if-
CS; 65
54 ll
itichraona vv, P. T . 18
lUciimona w.p.a.w
t, ram uuiutn or.
St. p., Minn, ft Man.. 107 f
St, t- ft San jT. 1st at.. ....
Texas Pactne...., Uti
Union PaclSe silt
Wabash ...-. 105"
Wabasn nrererrafl. .... 22M
Western Union.,,. .... 82JJ
Wneeilncftu it Wi
WheeilngftL.lt, pref.. 76,
North American Co... KH
P., I'., C. ft St. I, 17
P.. C. C. ft St. Lu pr.f ....
ma 106!
Boston Stocks.
Atcb. ft Top L.G.7s 33M
Boston ft Albany.. ..204 ),
Boston ft Maine.... 199
C B. &i 89
tflicLburc it. IL. ... 83
1.. It. ft Pt. S. 7s....' 19
Mass. Central 22M
.Mex. Cen. com 39
Mcx. C. bond scrlp.121
N. Y. &N. Knc... 3
N. Y. ftN. Eng.7s.. 63
Wis. Cen. common. 2CV
Franklin .... ....
Qulncy ,
Santa Pe Copper
Anniston Land Co.. 40
Boston Land Co... 53
ban Blego Laqd Co. 215
West Knd Land Co. 223s
Boll lelepbone 207
Lam son Store S 10
Water Power.. 2o4
Centennial Mining. 15
N. Jtnir. Telephone. S2
Butte ft Bost. copper lb
Wis. Central pt SKi
AMonesai.tvtnewi. v
Atlantic ,,.. 41
Boston ft Mont 200
O wiqe os" Pittsburg -Dispatch, l
.Monday, May i.
Country Produce Jobbing Prices.
Commission merchants report the usual Mon
day quietness jn lines of general produce.
Markets are fairly well supplied with eggs, but
prices are well maintained with 15c per dozen
for job lots. There is sun 3, scarcity of choice
crbamery butter iu our markets and outside
prices rule. There Js no prospect of a decline
in creamery this week, though it is the time of
the year which calls for lower prices according
to precedent. Supply of new cheese Is not up
to demand. Potatoes are firm at quotations
and prospects are for still bigber prices. In
the line of tropical fruits, lemons and bananas
are firm and oranges quiet.
APPLES J6 0OQ7 00 a barrel.
Butter Creamery, Elgin, 20S31c; other
brands. 2b27c: common country butter, 15c;
choice country rolls, 20c
Beans New crop beans, navy. 52 302 35;
marrows, (2 J4S2 4Q; Lima beans, 56c
BKRnras Strawberries. 2530c a quart.
Beeswax 830o V) ft for choice; low grade,
22Hc .
cider Sand refined. 9 50S10 00; common,
5 506 00; crah elder. 812 0013 00 barrel;
elder vinegar, 415c $) gallon.
CHRSE Ohio cheese, new, llllc: New
York cheese, new, U12e: Llmburger, 13
Ho; domestlo Sweiizer, 1516c; Wisconsin
brick Swcitzer, 16c; Imported Sweitzer. 27
CRANBERRIES Cape Cod, S3 253 60 a box;
til 5012 00 a barrel; Jerseys. 13 60 a box.
Eoas IhQlbiia for strictly fresh;gopse egg;,
3035r; dnclreggs, 183180.
KBATHER3 Extra live peese, 6Q60c; No, J,
sumtoc: mixea 101s, omgoos yi id.
, Honey Now crop white clover, 1820c $1 ft;
California honey, 1215o V
Maple Syrup New, SogOOo M gallon.
New Maple suoar luc .
NCTS-Sliell bark Hickory nuts, f 1 2501 50 V
bushel; peanuts, tl 5001 78, roasted; green,
46c V &; pecans, 160 W ft.
Onion bets: Fancy Erie, SS 0009.00 W
bushel; Ohio and Pennsylvania, $7 008 09.
Poultry Alive Chickens. 80300c a pair:
turkeys. 18c a pound; ducks, 00'j75o a pair;
geese, 'choice, tl 00 a pair. Dressed Turkeys,
10c a pound; ducks, 1218c 6 pound; chickens,
1218c geese, 11012c.
Tallow Country, IJc; city rendered. 6e.
Seeds Ueclcaned Western clover, S3 ouQ
6 20; timothy, tl 55Q1 65: blue grass, S3 50Q1 00-,
orchard grass, SI 75; millet, f 1 0001 23; lawn
gran, 25c V ft-
Tropical Fit errs Lemons, $460Q300i fancy,
10 00; Messina oranges, S3 25Q3 75 a box; Florida
oranges, 13 6008 75 a box; California oranges,
13 (1038 25 a box: navel oranges, tl 60Q5 00;
bananas, 12 75 firsts. 12 00 good seonnu. W
bunoh; tigs, ISOI60 V ft; dates, iKQMo V &l
pineapples, lCffl25o apiece.
VEOETABLES Pntatoss.Sl 30011 35) busbeli
seed potatoes, tl 60Q2 00 V bushel; sweet pota
toes, S3 0038 25; cabbage, f 530 fl hundred; car
rots, 85o a dozon: parsley, 15o adozsn; turnips,
75cQtl per barrel. ' ' '
New Veoetables Cabbage, SI 600200 for
small crates. 12 00(12 25 for large; kale. 75cll
a barrel; spinach, SL 25Q1 50 a barrel; beans,
S3 a bushel beets,, 500650 a.dozen; asparagus,
'4O0o a bunch 1 Bermuda onions, f2 74 a
bushel; Permuda potatoes, 8 GO per barrel;
tomatoes, 84 GO per case) lettuce, Wo a dozen;
radishes, 85c a dozen; rhubarb, 25c a dozen;
onions, 25o per dozen; pess, l(32fa box.
, 11 in 11
w v Grocerlosr '
It Is too early In the week' or any new "de
velopments in this department of trade. Tho
movement is active, with price of staples un
changed. Green Coffee Fangy, 21K823Ke; choice
Rln. 23it24f: prline Rio. 22Vfc: law rrade R(o. 21
6)22;; old Goyernroent Java. 29U30Mc; Mara
calbo, 25K27K; Mocha. 3032c; Santos, 22
2Gc: Caracas, 'loQSIc; La Jaayra, !627c
ROASTED (In papers) Standard brands. 25c;
high grades, 2730c; old Government Java,
bulk. 31K34e; Maracaibo. 2830c; Santos,
2630c: peaberrv, SOKc; choice Rio. 26c: prime
Rio. 2oc; good Rio, 2q; ordinary; 2122Kc.
Spices (whole) Cloves. 15J0c: allspice, 10c;
casala, 8c; pepper, 13c;. nutmeg, 75380c. '
Petroleum (Jobbers' prices) 110 test. 7Vfc:
Ohio, 120. 8Kc; headlight. 150, 8fc; water-
wpiie, ivaiviic; giooe, iitinin emine. loc:
carnadlne, llKc, royaline, 14c; red oil, llHUc;
purity, 14c; olelne, 14a.
Miners' Oil No. 1 water strained. 4042c
per gallon; summer, S3QS5c; lard oil. 554258c
Srrtup Corn syrup, 85S7c; choice sugar
syrup. 37039c: prime 8nEr syrup. 8135c;
strictly prime, 85037.
N. O. Molasses Fancv, new crop. 45c;
choice. 4243c; medium, 38040c: raixed,3538o.
Soda Bi-carb in kegs. ZViS'SHc: bl-carh In
Hi: Sia bi-carb, assorted packages. 6J6e; sal
soda, in kegs, ljic; do granulated, 2c
Candles Star, full weight, 9c; steartne, per
set, 8Kc; paraffine, HSlSc.
' Rice Head Carolina, 77Kc: choice,. 6HQ
63ic: prime, 66Kc; Louisiana, 66c
bTARcn Pearl, 4c; corn starch, egGc; gloss
starch, 687c.
Fobeign Fruits Layer raisins, t2 60; Lon
don layers, $2 75; Muscatels, SI 75; California
Mnscatels. 81 601 75jValencia.67c;Ondara
Valencia, iy2iaoc; suuana, iiioe; currants,
oJi5Kc; Turkey prunes,75i8c;French prunes.
10KUKc; Salonlca prunes in 2.ft paokagfls, 9c;
cocoanuts, f) 100, $9; almonds, Lan., f? ft, 29c;
do Ivica, 17c: do shelled, 40c: walnuts, nan., 13
14c: Sicily filberts. 12c: Smyrna figs, ISQHc;
new dates, 5KGc; Brazil nuts, 10c; pecan, 14
QlO'c; citron, f ft, 1718c; lemon peel, L2c ft ft;
qrange peel, 12c.
Dried Fruits Apples, slleed, per ft, lie;
apples, evaporated. lKlse; peaches, evapo
rated, pared, 2Jg2tfc; peaches, California, evap
orated.nnpared, 1618ct etierrios, pitted, 81c;
cherries, unpltted, ll12c; raspberries, evapo
rated, SOQijlc; blackberries, 8f9c; huckle
berries, 12c.
SUOars Cubes, 6Jc; powdered, bc; gran
ulated, 4c; confectioners' A, ic: sou white,
Ki5e; yellow, choice, 4J40lkc; yellow,
good. 4j4ic; yellow, fair, 4i$i yellow,
dark, 36"-
Pickles Medium, bbls (1,200). 87 50; me
dlnni. hair bbls (6001, tl 25. ' ' '
Salt-No. 1 V bpl, tl CO; No. 1 ex. W bbl,
SI 10; dairy. W bbl,tl 20; coarse orystaL bbl,
SI 20; Hlgglns' Enreka, 4-bu sacks, $2 80; Hig
gles Eureka. 16 14 ft packets, S3 00.
Canned Goods Standard peaches. S3 70
2 80; 2nds, 82 4002 50; extra peaches, S2 8032 90;
pie peaches, Sli70l 80; finest corn, SI 351 50;
Hfd. Co, corn, SI 00Q1 15: red cherries, SI 85
1 40; Lima beans, tl 35; soaked do, 80c; string
do. 70S0c: marrowfat peas, SI 10t 25; soaked
peas: 6575c; pineapples. SI E0Q1 60; Bahama,
do, $2 55; damson plums, SI 10; greengages,tl 50;
egg plums, SI 90; California apricots, $2 10f
2 50; California pears,i2 4002 60; do greengaSes,
51 90; do egg plnms. Jl 90; extra White Cherries,'
52 85; raspberries, SI S5l 40: strawberries, SI 80
SI 00: salmon, 1-ft. Sl'30ei 80; blackberrfes 90c;
snccntash.-2 ft cans, soakrd, 90s; dogreen, '2 ft.
SI 2591 50; corned beef, 2-ft cans, S2 llri'J0:l-B
cans, 1 80; baked beans, tl 4U1 60; lobster, I.ft.i
S3 25t mackerel, 1-ft cans, lirollnd. SI 50; sar.
dines, domestic i. $4 401 60; sardines, dn
mestfo, K. $7 00; sardines. Imported. fr, Sll 50
012 50; sardines, imported, ' S1800: sardines,
mustard, 84 50; sardines, spiced. Si 25,
Fish Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, S20 sp
bbl: extra No. 1 do mess. S2S 50: extra No. 1
mackerel, shore. 524 00: No. 2 shore mackerel,
S22: large S's, $20. Codflsh Whole pollock, 5c
? ft; do medium, -George's. OPd, 5c; do large,
c: boneless hakes, in strips, 5c; do George's
cod, in blocks, iii&llic. Herring Round
shore, 5 50 93 bbl: split. (6 60: lake. 13 25 yt 100
ft bbl. White flh, 7 00 100-ft halt bbl.
Lake trout, $5 50 S) half bbl. Finnan baddies,
10c jR ft. Iceland halibut, 18c V a. Pickerel,
half bb(. S4 SI: nnnrter bbl. SI 60. Holland
herring. 75c Walkoff herring, 90c
UATSIEAL S7 5007 75 V bpl.
Grain, Flour and Feed.
There was a slpgle solo on call at the Grain
Exchange to-day, namely a car of No. tim
othy hay, Sll 25, Baltimore and Ohio spot.
Receipts as bulletined, 60 oars, of which 35 ears
were by Pittsburg, Ft. Wayne aud Chicago
Railway as follows; 12 cars of hay. lot feed, 1
of middlings, 6 of oats, 1 offlonr, 8 of barley, 1
or rye, 1 ot corn. By Pittsburg, Cincinnati and
St. Louis, 2 cars of hay, 2 of corn, i pt, oats.
By Pittsbnrg and Lake Erie, 2 cars of corn, 1 of
rye, 1 of. malt, I of flour. By Pittsburg and
Western, 1 car of bay, 1 of flour. The cereal
situation gives manifest signs of weakness and
prices are generally lower than they 'were at the
close of last week. Wheat has declined sharply
at sources of supply. Corn, oats and hay can
also be bought at lower prices than ruled last
Prices for carload lots on track:
Wheat-No. 2 red, SI 121 13; No. 3, SI 07
Corn No. 2 yellow shell, 77K78e; high
mixed, VeiXHir; mixed shell, 7676c: No. 2
yellow ear. 8384'-; high mixed ear, 62083c;
mixed ear corn, 8182c.
Oats No. 1. 6181Kc; No: 2 white. 6001c;
extra. No. 3, 69Q59KC; mixed oats, 575Sc.
Rye No. 1 Pennsylvania and Michigan, 98c
S1 00; No. 1 Western. 97Q9Sa
Flour Jobbing prices Fancy spring ana
winter patent flour, $6 25Q6 50; faney straight
winter, S5 75B 00; fancy straight spring, S5 75
6 00; clear winter. S5 505 75: straight XXXX
bakers', S3 505 75. Byo flour, S5 25Q5 50.
Buokwheat flour, Sy&ltic ft ft,
Millpl-ed No. 1 white middlings, S27 00
28 00 ?9 ton: No. 2 white middling. 123 00
28 00; Prown mid.llingi, S22 5023 00; winter
wheat bran. S21 60022 00. -
HAT-Baled timothy, Np. 1, S12 0012 25; No.
2 do, S10 50QU 00; loose from wagon, J14 000
16 00. according to quality; No. 2 prairlo hay,
10 609 75; paoking ifo. $9 509 75. r
Straw Oats, S7 6038 00; wneat and rye, S7 50
Sugar cured bams, large ' , f
Snjiar cured hams, medium
sugar cured hams, small
Sugar cured California hams ,.
Sugar cured B. bacon...., , ,,...,
HucarcuredsKlnnedhams, large
Sugar cured skinned hams, medium
SUcar cured shonldera
Sugar cured boneless shoulders &H
uu, tmcu aikjuou (luiuners..............
Sugar cured bacon shoulders 611
Sugar cured dry salt shoulders :.. b3
Sugar cured 11. beef rounds,.., , 14
SngarcuredD. beef sets 12
Sugar cured U. t.eer flats. 11
Bacon, clear sides , ' -t
Bacon clear bellies..., .,.,..,
Dry salt clear shies, 10-lb ave'g 75f
Dry salt clear sides' "n.m i
Mess pork, heavy
Mess pork, family
Lard, refined. In tierces
Lard, refined. In half barrels
Lard, refined, in 60-lb tubs....,
Lard, refined. In 20-fb palls,...,
Lard, refined, lnSO-ffifln cans',
Lard, refined, InS-Ib tin palls......
Lard, refilled. In 6-to tin palls :...,
Lard, reflned,.lulO-mtin palls..., ,
13 50
13 so
Mayor's Beceipts for April Run Far Ahead
of Last-Year,
The Mayor's report for the month of April
was completed by Clerk Ostermaier yesterday,
and shows the receipts from police magistrates
tobJ0.872 85, This is an actual Increase of
about $2,100 over the corresponding month of
last year, though the records show the increase
to be bntS686 63. This was because $1,507 baa
been collected by Mayor McCallln for show and
peddlers' licenses when Mayor Qourloy entered
the office; but that duty was then transferred
to the Department of Public Safety, and the
receipts of the Mayor's offlco lessened that
The police magistrates' reports show a total
of 1,795 arrests made in the city, of which 555
cases were tried by Magistrate Gripp, 657 by
MoKenna. 184 by Leslie, 273 by Hyndmau and
265 by Succop. Pines were paid by 665 prison
ers, 366 were committed to jail, 248 to the work
house. 509 were discharged. 4'held for court, 2
sent to Reform School and 1 gent to hospital.
Of the prisoners, 010 were drunks, 650 disorder
lies, 170 vans, 184 suspicious persons, 88 keeping
disorderly houses, 153 visiting disorderly houses,
95 violating city ordinances, and the balance
on a variety ot charges.
The Presbyterian Mission Building 90
Thirty-Third Street Unsafe.
Building Inspector Brown yesterday con
demned and ordered torn dqwn tbo Thirty-third
Street Presbyterian Mission Sunday school
building -on Thirty-thlrd street, Just below
Rldgo street, The building was erectod about
a year ago at an expense of over S2.600, but
from iu location on the hillside bag slipped out
or position a couple ot times, requiring further
expense to repair,
'Ibis lorlne the hnildlns- illnnnri min .!
efforts were about to be made 10 repair it. but
the Inspector dcolded that It could not be made
late and ordered it torn dqwn.
A sharp frost yesterday morning at Boonr,
Is., has dano some damage to the fruit orop in
that section.
Ex-Secretary Taft's physicians
say that It
he is able to survive
bis present attack
cnances are good,
Herman' Btephanski and an unknown
woman, supposed tqbehls wife, were burned
to death in a Are at Rochester, N. Y yester
day. .
Game and several hundred thousand quarts
of berries In Camden connty, N. J. have been
destroyed by the forest fires and a thunder
storm. r
The clgarmalcers of Chicago struck yester
day for an advance in wages. There are about
1,700 in the city, and of this number from 800 to
1,000 are idle.
The first performance of Carmen Rylra's
('he Queen of Rcumanlal tragedy, ''Master
- i.vt ws.svuu iy sua iJlwauuD ui, JLU
peror Francis Joseph and his suite at Vienna.
The Chilean passenger steamer Etata Man
sen putlnto San Diego on Sunday. It was re
ported that she was a rebel vessel, but this was
disproved aa she only went in to secure pro
visions, The Jall Hall Gazelle announces that Im
portant information has been given by outside
parties to the Queen's Proctor, Sir Augustus
Stephenson, during the last few days, in regard
to the O'Shea divorce case,
Edward E. Gedney, President of the Noitn
River Bank, and Cashier Frank Ingersoll were
placed under arrest yesterday afternoon in
New Xork. They were held in 815.000 bail each.
They aro charged with falsifying the quarterly
report of the bank mado on June 14, 1890.
H?ADXCHB-Carters Little Liver Pills.
'-Carter's Little Liver Pills.
'-Carter'j Little Liver Pills.
:-Carter's-Llttle Liver puis.
The simple application or "Swathe's UIST
MENT'wltnout any internal medicine, -will cure
any case olTetter. Salt Kheuin. Ulngworrn, Piles,
ltoh, sores. Pimples, Erysipelas, etc.. noinatter
how obstinate or long standing, sold by drag-'j1"-
!f ??$. 5??." 'or w 1 8 boxes L2i Ad
dress UK. SWANK ft SOJ, Philadelphia. Pa,
Ask yonr druggist )pr it. no-STT
Cured me of Consti
pation. The most ef
fectual medicine for
this disease. Fbed.
Conway, Haver
straw. Rockland Co.,
N, Y.'
iu juaraes street,
j. irauujiui-ioiij a time;
eT- ! Arrtve-
Mall, Butler, .Clarion, Kane.
Day Ex., Akron. Toledo
Batter Accommodation
.Ureenvlllc and Butter Kxr...
Chicago Express (dally).'
Ssellenople Aceom. .....,.. -Bntler
Aeeam wV.-:.
8:M a fa; 4;5S p m
7i30 a m 7iS0 p m
l.-eoa m'liimu m
Ii40 p ini 3:3$ p m
2ii3p miliidO a m
4i2S p mi S:3sa ,m
SiSO p mt7t ,m
First clan rare to Chicago, (40 so, BecoBcieUa
0. Pullman Bnaet sleeping 'ear to Chlcaga
m S)w ff49jsBBBBBBBiBB
Bpth the method and results when
Syrup of Figs ia taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and acts
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup pf Figs is the
only remedy of its "kind ever pro
duced, pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the mo3t
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c
and 91 bottles ly all leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand Tvill pro
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it Do not accept any
louwiue, kt. rVfiv rcwr, tr.r.
412 Market street.
mhl9-82-TTS Pittsbnrg.
Whitney & Stephenson,
$7 Fourth Avenue.
Capital, $300,000. Surplus, S5LC70 20.
4 President, Assr. Sec. Treas.
percent Interest allowed on time deposits.
No. 2 Wall Street, New York.
Supply selected investment bands for cash, or
in exchange for marketable securities.
Execute commission orders for Investors at
the Stock Exchange or in the open market.
Furnish information respecting bonds.
Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Petroleum.
Private wire to New York and Chicago
si SIXTH ST., Pittsburg.
c22 -33
From PIHsben UaUe SUtleq.
TnlM ky Ceetral TIdm.
Leave ror Cincinnati ana ou louis, anus, m.,
4 liU a. m.tdSiSS and dims p.m. Uennlion, 2itl
. a. Cnicago, d 1:1S a. m. and 12:0 p. m.
whtelair, Jrio s. m., 12:0S. SilOp. m. Bteubcn
vllle, S:i5a. m, Wasblnaton. Cits, 1:33 a. m 1:M,
JiKt 74I4S. JiMp. m. Uulser, lOilOa, m. Buruotts
town, kPlliSS a. m., IM p. m. Msnsaeid, till,
HJO U.O0 a. m., JiCS, eiJO, d i5. Brlditevllle.
10U0 p. p siouonalds, d 4iU, UtU p. m,, Sio-.UJ
TaViws annrvxfrom the West, 2ilX deioot.
mf, liOS, dsistp. ra, llennlsoa, 9i)a.m. stsa
bearllle, J:C4p. m. Wheeling 2:ia, HOa. in..
1.-05, tiSIp. m. Burgettstown, .Ills a. m,, A t:01
a.ra. Washlnaton. eiSS. 7iM, Ii43. lOra a. m.,
2;3i tiap. ra. siansneia. tvsa, oioj, too. niw
. ..... v,k. inMn .ni, !..mn . . if.,,
,w, -.w.. .v.w -.. ' r " ..
cer, liu
MeDonslds, detMa. m., UlliOOp.
Leave tor Chicago, d Tito s, in., d iO dlioo, a
ti4S. exesnt Saturday Hi3) n.in.i Tolido. 7ilO) n-
m., d 12120. d HOO, andexceptbaturday H20p.m.t
p. m. t Head
vllle, Erie and Ashtabula, 7i.-0 a. m., 12i20 p. m.
Miles and Jamestown, 3i3o p. m. Alllanci
n. m.i tvneeiinz anu iieuaira. biio a. m.
I-4S p, m.i Beaver jalls, 4i00 p. m. ; Beaver falls.
Bsnwa.ni.t Lcetsusie, otjua, m,
m.i Beaver falls. ailS.ll:00a.mS:la p.m.: s til)
&. la, : Xnon, 3i09 p. m.: Leeudale. SiOQ, S.Oo,
iO0,Ui4S a. m.: Illi. 2:. 4:30, 4l4S, SiSo, 4114.
Jjio, liOOandti SiSO p. a.; Conway. Wi p. m.(
yslruskss linos, m.
'l-saras aubtvx Union sution from Cblcaio. ex.
cent Monday, liso, di00, diM a. m., dSiSSaad
a o:w p.m. . xoicac
m.. SiSS and SiSO
do, except Monday, liSO, d:3)a.
0 p. m.: Crestline, I2i30 p. m.:
1 Se-w Castle, 9:10 a. m l:i 4:30,
Yonnffitown and li
lOilSn. m-i Jillei and Younorstown. lldun. m.
Cleveland, d 6:50 a. in., 2:20, 7:00 p, m.i Wheeling
and Bcllalre, SiOOa. m.. 20. 7-.W p. ra. t Erie anc
Ashtabnls, 1:25, lOilSp. m.i Alliance, 10:00a.m.;
Mies and Jamestown, SilO a.m.; Beaver falls,
f:t0s, ra.. S 8i-U p. ra.; Lcetsdale, 10:40 p. m.
ABSIVI ALLxquKKT, from Enon. S.0C a. ra.'
Conway S. 40 a.m;Kocnester,.40a.m.;l!eaver Kails.
r.l0a.m..SI2:jO. 1:00, S.3uand S8:15 p. m.: Leeu
dale, 4.30, S.S0, 0.10, e.SQ, 7.4S S. m., 12.00, 12.43,
1.4S, 3.30, 4.30. S.20, .0D and S e:05 p. m.: fair
Ualu, S 3.54 a. m.
d. dally; s, Sunday ontyt ether trains, except
JOSEPH WOOD, General Minaer.
E. A. FOltD, General Passenger Agent,
Address. Flttsburx. Pa.
Bebedul in eaeet January 4, !!, .Eastera
,,-for Wasnlngton, D. a.
BalUmore. PhllaUetnaU
and Neir York, "7t3 a, ra.
and 11:20 p. nv.
forCumberland, Tisji.
m., Jfiia, s:20 p. m. fc
for CounellsTUle, iitV.
7j a. m., tiiu, J4W and
SCO p. m.
for Union town, jeiH
liZu m., tliM aal Mtn
p. m.
unwnwwn, 3i4a. w Sunday only.
.V "i'.r'JS" w,3- m.ndi23a.m. and
iio a nd 34iCO p.-m.
Por Wasnlngtau Pa., JjOS, tS:S0 s. m.. 3:38,
tsisu aadJ:43andlll:isp. ? w
ror Wheeling, "3.-03, 9:1a a. m 3dS, 7t4t and
for Cincinnati and St. Xouls, "83 a.m., j-.a
p. w.
for Cincinnati. ll:ssp. m.
For. Columbus. S:OJ-e. ra 17:43 and 1113 p, m.
ForNewark. SMS, i,n, T;4S andU:SSp. m.
iror Chicago, 111OS and "7H5 p. m. ,
Trains arrive rrom cw York, Philadelphia,
Baltimore and Washington. : a, m,,rni:Jlp
m. From colnmbua, Cincinnati and Chlcaea,
si2Sa.m., am p. m. From Wbeella& tax
'KOi a. m., tSiOO. "9:00 p. m. m
Parlor and'sleeplna cars ta Eiltlmors, Wasblna
ton. Clnclnna-J and Cblcaio.
Dally, ilially except Sunday. tSnnday only.
(Saturday only. Dall? except Saturday.
The Pittsburg Transfer Company wlU call lot
and check baggage from hotels and residences
upon orders left at B. t O. ticket oiuce, corner
flithave. andYoodst., or 40lnd OS Smltbnelj,
General slanaaer. Uea. Pass. Asent.
Winter Time Table. Un and after March 30,
ISM, until further notice, trains will run as lot
ions on every day, exceptSunday. Eastern stanu
arutime: i.eavinr ruisoura ou: a. m,, juua,
ra., 8:00 a. m., 9:30 a. m.. 11:30 a. in., 1:40 p. m
3:40 p.m. ,6110 p in..50 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 9:30 p.m..
H:J0p.ra. Arllns;ton-S:40 a. m., S20a. ta,, 7:10
a. m 8:00 a. ra., 10:20 a. m., 1:00 p. m., 2:40 p.m.,
4:20 n. m . 5:10 p. w., 4:50 p. m.. 7:10 p ra., 10:3
1 p. m. Sunday trains, leavlnz Pittsnurz 10 a.m.,
f 12.50 p. ra.. 2.-30 p. in., S:I0 p. m.t 8 JO p. ln-
Arunfrton s:ma. u. li:iap. m.. 100 p.m., 4120
p. m :30 p. m. - JOHN J AUK. Sapb
t. t.v.n hkn-y
JX. Tnslnj leave Bnlfn station (Eastern stand'
ard tlmei: EastllradrAj;.. SiSS a. in.: Xlar&rj
lon (ustern Suad
SiSlo. m.: Niagara
rlvtni? at ffnffelo at
ex.. daily, .sua a., m. (Arriving at tsnuaio at
Si4JP. jt.l: Kltunnlna 'Ac. tM a. m.t Uultoa
-Ac. 10:10 a. m.i Valley Camp Ac., IZiOI p.m.:
OH City and UulJoIi Express, Mp, m. thnltoa
Act 3.-00 p. m.: Kltunnlne Ac,. 3iS3 p. m.:
llnebnrn EX., 4:S1 p- ra.; KltlannlngAc., Si30
p. m.: Braeburn Ac, 6:2op. in.: Italton Ac, 8:00
B, ra.; BnttaloEx.. dally. 8:45 p. m. (Arriving at
affaloTi2)A.M,l:HnltonAo., i40p.m.t .Vaher
CampAc, llpop.m. cnurcn trains Emlenton.
a.m. 1 Kltunnbiiui40 p. m.: Umeoara. .:
p. mi. Pullmsa 'ParlovQars on day trrlnsand
Bleeping Car ore night, tralns-betweea, piHsoorg,
ana-Uunaio.JAS.'P.'ANDEKSON. li.'iVA4tt.t
viwavvAjvA uva. gu
Trains will leave Union Station, Pittsburg.
as f ollpws (Eastera Standard Time J;
New York It Chicago Limited of Pullman Vestl.
bale earsdsllrat7.1SA. w.. arrlvlnz atllarrl.
burg at 1,04 f. K., Philadelphia 4.43r. v.. New
York 7.00 r. u Baltimore 4.40 r. it.. Washing-
ton 5.SSP. If.
Atlantic Express dally at 3.20 A. M.. arriving at
HarrlsbnrttlO.SOA. K.. Philadelphia 1.26 r.M
Neir York 4.01 r. it., Baltimore 1.15 r. It.
Washington 2.2S r. it.
Mall train dally, except Sunday, 5.30 A. K-, ar
riving at Uarrlsburg 7.00 F. u., Philadelphia
10.53 r. M., Baltimore 10.40 r. it. Sunday Mali
S.40A, M.
Day Express dally at 8.00 A. ir.. arriving at Bar
rfsburg 3.20 p. it.. Philadelphia 8.50 p. v.. New
Yorks.SSr. 11., Baltimore 7.00 p. jr., Washlng
n8.15P. it.
Mall Express daily at 1.00 P. M, arriving at Hsr
rlsburg 10,45 p. v.. connecting at Barrlsburr
with Philadelphia Express.
Philadelphia Express dally at 4.30 T. X., arriving
at Harrlsburirl.00A.ir., Philadelphia 4.23 Ji
11., afid New York 7.10 a. m.
Eastern Express at 7. IS p. ir. dally, arriving Har
rlsburg !.3i. Jr., Baltimore e.;0 a. u.. Wash
ington T.3V A. it.. Philadelphia S.2S A. ir. and
New yorlcS.OOA, 11,
Fast Line-daily, at 8. 10 p. jr.. arriving at Harris.
burg 3.33 a, 11., Philadelphia 6.80 A. it.. New
rork9.30A.i(.. Baltimore S.a A. U., Washing
ton7.30A.ir. All through trains connect at Jersey City Wlttt
boats of Brooklyn Annex" for Brooklyn, 51.
Y., avoldlngdottbleferryage and Journey through
New Yort City:
Johnstown Acedin.. except Sunday, 3.49 r. v.
Orcenibnrc Ac.com., 11.15 P. If. week-days. 10.39
P. Ji. Sundays. Greensbnrg Express S.1Q P. X.,
except Sunday. Berry Express 11.00 A.M.. ex
cent Sunday.
raft's ACCOin. 0.13,7.20,9.00, 10.30 A. IT., 12.15,
2.CC 3,20, 4.SS. 5.30, 6.15. 7.40, 9.40 F. !., andlsTu
-" - ?- -., v., l,WLf.'I, H., KUUj
A. it. (exeeDt Monday. Sanday. 12,10 a.
TVIIklnsburg Acjom. 8.C0, 6.40. 7.00 A. ir., 13.01,
4.00. 4.33. S.20, 8.40. 5.50. 4.10, 10.10 and 11.40 P. X.
bnnday, 12.40and9.isp. v.
Braddock Accom. 6.50, 6.50, 7.40, 8.10, 9.30, I1.U
A. K.. 12.30, 1.15, 2.50. 4.10. 6.00. 6.34, 7.S 34, .
.00ana 10,48 r.ir. weekdays. Bandar. 5. 3JA.lt.
For Umpntown 5,30 ana 8,i a. u., 1.4S and 4,2)
p. 11. week days.
For MonoucaheU Cltr. West Brownsville and
Cnlonlowr. 10.40 A. It. For Jlonongabeh city
and West Brownsville 7.M and 10. 40 a. v., and
4.50 r.x. On Sunday, 8.53 a. m. andl.OVr.if.
For Monongabela City only, 1,01 and 5.M r. a,
week 'days. Dravosbarg Accom., 6.00 A.
and 3.20 p. if. week days. West Elizabeth As
com. 8.SS A. 1L, 4.15, 6.30 and ll,3i p. u. Ban
dar. 9.40 P. It.
JIailtraln. for Blalrsvllle 6VS3A.lt
Express for Blalrsvllle, connecting for
Butler J.15P, it.
Butler Accom. ...,..,6.20 A. It. 2.25 and S.4SP.1C.
SprlngdaleAecom.9.0O,ll.S0A.ii..3.30aad 6.2op,u.
Clareinont Accom l.SOP. M.
Freeport Accom 4.15, 7.50 and 11.40 p. X.
Un Sunday , 12.33 and 9.30p.m.
Apollo Accom 11.00 A. 11. aud S.C0P, X.
Alleihcny Junction Accom 8.2ua. Xw
Blilrsrtlle Accom. 10.30 P.M.
JS" The Excelsior Baggage Express Company
will call for and check baggage from hotels and
residences. 'lime enrds ana full information csa
be obtained at the Ticket Unices No. 110 fifth
avenue, corner Fourth avenue and Try street,
and at Union station.
General Manager. Gen'lPass'r AgenL
CUSIPANY. Scbedalelaeifect December 14,
isuo. Central time. P.iL.E.K.K. UBPAttT-i'or
Cleveland. 4 JO..0Oa.m..ls.4i2o."9:4Sp.ai. For
Cincinnati. Chicago and St. Loau.4:30a. m., '1:33.
J:4j p. m. for Uuoalo. s.oa a. m 40. 9:4I
p.m. for Salamanca, "8:00 a. m., '1:35 n. m. For
Youngstown and New castle, 4:3b, s.Oo, 10:00 a.
m 1:35, '4i2a, 9:-l5 p. m. For Beaver Falls:
4:30, 70, ".-na, 10:00 a. m., "liJB. 3:30, '4:20, S:20,
4:ju, afc wt, ju:uua- in., ido. 4:hl -ia
9:p. m. for Chartlers. 4il 15i33 a. m
VS; 70. 730. !8.BO.S:05.9:r0, 10:00. 11:38.
UI20, 11140, 112:45, H4 3:J0. Sai '4SS. 14:
39, a, m..
ABEtva-From Cleveland. 6:40 a. m., T2iio.
5 .10, "7:50 p. m. from Cincinnati, Chicago and St,
Louis, 10:uu a. in.. 7:50 p. m. From CuffaTiT
8:40a. m, 12::u, 10:05 p. m. From Salamanca
.'10:00 . m 7:W p. m. From Xoungstowa
and New Cas'le, bua, J0i0O a. m 12130. Sill
700, 10:05 p. m. From Beaver FaUs. 5i20. '6:40.
700, lOlOOa.n 12:J0, ISO. 5:40. 1-ja. W.OSn. i.
P., C. A Y. trains for AlansSela,. 7i3Q. 113S a. nu.
15 p. to. For gsplen and Beecnmont, 7 JO a.
m.. 3:53 p. m.
P., C. ti Y, trains from ItsnsHeld. 7071 Bi39
S. m.. 3:4 p. m. From Beechmont, 7.-03, UJ9
"pHIMcK.&Y, K. K.-DlPADT-ror New Ha
ven, 10:10, l:a. ul. JjOOp. m. For WestSlewi
ton, 17:40. 10:10 a. m.. 3.-O0. 5:25 cum.
ABBIT From New Haven, -SToo hn. 4!lX i
Rm. From West Newton. 6:15, 1:09 a. ml -,:10
p. m-
For Stclveetport, Elisabeth, Monongabela CUV
and Belle Vernon, 6:45. 17:40. 11 rj) a. m.. 1;oX
l:50p. ra. .'",
tfrom Belle Vernon. Mononsrahel City. Ellia
beth and SlcKeesport, 7:15, 19:00 a. m.. 12:10, 14:14,
4:40 p. m.
Daily. ISnndays only.
City -ticket Office. e39SmIthSeld Street.
As old residents know and back flies of Pitt,
bnrg papers prove, is the oldest established
and most prominent physician in the city, de
voting special attention to all chronic, diseases.
MCRnilQand mental diseases, physical
lYUnYUUO decay, nervousdoolllty.lackot
energy, ambition and hope impaired memory,
disordered sight, self distrust, bashfulnessl
dimness, sleeplessness, pimples, eruptions, lm-
povenaucu uiuou, inning powers, organic weas
ness, dyspepsia, constlpatioq. consumption, un.
uuing too person ior uusincss, society ana mar.
rlage, permanently, safely and privately cured.
blotches, falling hair, bones, pains, glandular,
swellings ulcerations ot tongue, mouth, throat
ulcers, old sores, are cured for life, and blood
poisons thoroughly eradicated from the system,
IIRIMARV Kidney and bladder derange
Un I IN nil 1 1 ments, weak back, gravel, 0.
tarrbal discharges, inflammation and other
painful symntoms receive searching treatment,
prompt relief and real cares.
Dr. Wblttier's life-long, extensive experience
insures scientific and reliable treatment oa
common-sense principles. Consultation free.
Patients at a distance as carefully treated as It
here. Office hours, a, sr. to 8 r. x. Sunday,
10 a. jr. to 1 p. ir. only. DR, WHITTIER. ill
Penn avenue. Pittsburg, Pa, Jas-49-Dsawk
SPECIALISTS in all cases re
quiring rolentltto aud confiden
tial treatment. Dr. S. K' Lake,
JL R. U P. &, Is the oldest and
most experienced specialist la,
the city. Consultation free and
trietlv rnnfldantlaL Offlae
klhrfi I t and 7 to 8 p. M.t Sundays, 2 to 4 P
X. Oeuuit them personally, or write. DooToasI
iaxx. car. r-ann are. auu su b, rituuu,
Spaolfle for nTrterta,Dlixlnes.rit4Neur7ila;4UJ
xoinesa. jueniai AJptsssasuis. cruiituiiuitjuA uw uisuit,i-i-j
fTiltlar In tostnitr nct laadlnsrto miiery tUear snafl
doathTPreniAture Old Act, Barrenncs. L3a of TowtrS
In either sax, InTolnntar Loseft and Spennatorrhce g
caused by over-exertion of tbo brain, selX-alms orj
OTer-lndn lffence. Each box contains one month treat
mens. i a doi, orsu ur f, cvn oy lutuiprepsuu'
With each order for six boxes, will "end parcluuer
Carnree io reiuua boi-ct it mo irctaimenii isuis u?j
EMIL 6, SUTCKY, Druggist,
1701 and 2101 Fenn are., and Comer WjUa aai .
-1 g an -Hwmw
InJIEN debilitate J i
throni-b disease or
otherwise, WBi
TAltA.NTnrfn cttiiEhy this Mew 1MPKOVEU
inithit ?ir..i ?',L..ii?if. or Phvsleal Weat-
Mild, Soothlnjr, VonUnuou
ielty throuah al(eak parts,
Wrrenu of Eleetrieir
rAsltMVtTliS thaM 4TA HI
8rHNUrf?. Klprtric corrent felt IniUnllT, o J
we forfeit 3, OOO n cash. liELT Complete t&ssd
up. Worst cases Permanently Cured in three
months. Serfifl namnhlets frM. Call on or ad
iei.ij,wu in can. h&ui. i;ompicwiawr
mo nth 1
dress SAMDEN ELECXKIU CO.. Eroadvsy. 1
New York.
KZEVQTjs DIS2A8SB In bet ssxsf.
SaSevtaa frosa-',
the effect oJ
youthful errors ;
early decay, westing weakness, lost manhood, etc
1 will send avaluabls treatlsa (nealadl ctmtnfniid
full particulars for home cure, FHEB of charred
A splendid medical work 1 should be read by every ,
man who hi ru-rvoiu and dehiutated. Addieit
rn j m v ww JL1.1UK, ioiQBtiust, SJH
SealedTrtu. exi
4i - sihssj-s lpr.'9
www pence v
iuairn aruai
hood. Nprvaa-
loDSient. Frrrnif
Uonal Dtsorders. Ktosey and SMdder Btseax
- tuna m lasm ., a i ne. nw wi;
. v .. . t-r
"iTeraJsmvT ?-&

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