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! r" J.
Keasons Given for Improved De
mand and Better Business at a
2fot Far Distant Day.
And Manufacturers Are Stocking Only
for Immediate Wants at
All Points.
Condition of the Market at All Centers at the North
and South,
Office of Pittsburg Dispatch, )
Fbidat, May 15. J
Bar Iitox axd Steel. The volume of trade
does not show up as largcfas for some weeks
past. Still, -we see no particular reason for
complaint. Confidence is being restored,
and values will soon come to tho front So
far as values are concerned, we have few
changes to record. Buyers for some weeks
have confined purchases to limited amounts
for immediate wants. Of course these sup
plies w ill soon be exhausted. In conversa
tion with leading dealers, most of them
said the situation was more favorable.
Human nature is much the same all the way
through, and iron is novor in such great de
mand as when people believe it is going to be
scarce, and they are never so afraid of car
rying a stock as when prices are on the de
cline, no matter how low tho price may bo.
Hence it is not easy to say w hctherthe pres
ent movement will develop higher prices or
not. How ever, those competent to express
an opinion, think that good arguments could
bo presented to show an advance in the near
future. Let us examine the curtailment of
production. Stocks of pig iron on hand Jan
uary 1, 1S91, 422,000 tons; February 1, 403,000
ton-: deficiencv in stock of 19.000 tons. March
1, 304,000 ton: deficiency, 39,000 tons. April L,
stock:,, 290,554: deficiencv, 73,446 tons. Hay 1,
stocks, 246,98 tons; deficiency, 43,566 tons,
showing a deficiency in pig iron during the
past four months of 175.012 tons.
Mxofthe producing districts -Pittsburg,
Marjland, Virginia. Alabama, Georgia and
Standing Kock, Ohio oil show an increase,
while all othe.- districts show a decrease.
1 he Eastern pig iron market is reported
both firm and active. . A leading Eastern
dealer had this to say: "The trade is begin
ning to feel that a bottom has been touched,
and while there is some doubt in regard, to
the stability of any ma. erial advance until
after midsummer, there is a disposition to
buv Ireelv at quoted rates. Sellers are be
coming a ery cautious, however, and in many
instances are refusing business at figures
which would have been readily accepted a
short time ago.
Iito Oke Buyers are still inclined to hold
off awhile longer; no further transactions
steel Kails No large orders have been
taken this w eek: prices remain firm at $30.00
per ton at viorks.
The Sitcatiox Bessemer pig not so firm
o mg to limited supplies; holders refuse to
shade prices. Ura forge, !,ales restricted,
but price maintained except for Southern
brands. Steel slabs and billets not so firm;
sales show a slight decline. Jluck bar,
sales, show no change in values. Bloom, rail
and beam ends show a slight advance. Steel
w ire rods decline.! 50 cents per ton. Spiegel
Ann: advancing. Skelp iron, sheared un
changed: urn-row and wide grooved lower.
Scrap material weaker, not quotably lower.
Old lion rail are offered at a decline.
Litest The demand the past two days
has improved. Sales show up fairly well
and prices are maintained.
3.000 tons Bc-semcr $17(0 cash
2,000tons Ilcssemcr 17 25 cash
2.(HMtous gray forge 14 00 cash
,(Mlons Bcss'seraer 16 50 cah
l,.iwl tons grav forge.. ....... ............. 14 23 cash
l.VOtons llcsVcnier 17 15 cash
() tons Bessemer ...................... 17 09 cash
!.() tons llcsenirr. 17 00 cash
1,0 tons pray forge 14 35 cash
l.iO) tons gray forge. 14 25 cash
1.UO tons Bes'-emer. t 17 00 cash
l.OtMtons gravforge. WOO cash
l,Oi0tons Iteemer 17 00 cash
ViO Tuns gray forpo .14 00 cash
SOOtons graj forge ................. 14 15 csh
5iu ton grav forge 14 35 cash
3"XI tun uthem gray forge 1375 cash
2o0tons Hcssemcr.. 17 25 cash
inotonsXo. I mill 14 25 cash
100 tons -w hitc iron 14 00 cash
60tons Hes-emer 17 25 cash
(ft tons Nu. 2foiindry--....... ......... 15 25 cash
CO tons o. 3 found!. 14 00 cash
So tons o. 2 foundry 16 50 eash
50tons liesnier 17 25 cash
25 tons No. 2 foundry 15 50 cash
25 tons No. I fonndn 17 00 cash
2,000 tons rod billets
1,500 tons hiUcts and blabs .
l,000tons billets
, 750 tons billets
Out tuns blilcts
riotous billets
SO) tons billets
2(i01ons billets
1(0 tons billets
..J25 50 cash
.. 26 O0 cash
... 26 25 cash
.. 25 60 casn
.. 25 50 cash
.. 25 75 cash
.. 25 50 cash
.. 26 (J0 cash
.. 26 00 cash
500 tons neutral
500 Ions neutral..
-Yiu ton-neutral
JfciO tons m utral
3U tons neutral
120 tons so per cent, Baltimore
50 tons SO ner cent. Xew York
..26 50 cash
,. 23 50 cash
. 26 50 cash
,. 26 25 cash
.. 23 75 cash
..?S4 50 cash
. i w casn
50 tons so per cent, domestic, 1'lttsburg 60 50 cash
5no tons sheared Jron $1 83 4 mos.
550 tons narrow grooved 100 4 mos.
300 tons wide grooved 1 621 4 mos.
1,250 ton blomncnds (17 50 cash
l,ono tons bloom end-, lb no cash
.i tuns rail and bloom ends 17 75 cash
l.OUO tons low phos. crop ends 23 50 cash
500 tons American ares, Pittsburg $36 50 cash
300 tons cast scran, gross 14 00 cash
200 tons old car wheels, gross 16 00 cash
200 tons Xo. 1 w. scrap, net 20 50 cash
210 tons crop cuds, p-oss 8 00 cash
200 tons Xo. lit. scrap, net. 20 OOcash
2lO tonX 0.2 !, scrap, net 18 50 cash
150 tons o. h. steel, gross 17 50cah
150 tons cast borings, gross 11 no cash
101 tons crop ends, gross 17 75 cash
75 tons iron axles hammered cxtra.'net 2S 00 cash
SftO tons Amft-Iean T's $23 75 cash
VI tons Amerirau T"s....
3u0 tons old steel rails
, 23 00 cash
, 17 25 cash
A Great Falling Ofll
The following shows the coal shipments
for the pat four months of the present year
as compared with those of the year previous:
1590. ! 1S91.
Cincinnati 16,259,000 Cincinnati... 5,648,000
Louisville. .31,7000 Loul5VlUe 12,728,000
Deficiency for 1S91, 29.G06,000 bushels,
miners in 'nages, 51,036,210.
Loss to
Tho Birmingham Market is in a Condition
of Chronic Dullness.
Brr-MtoGHAM, Ala., May 13. The iron mar
ket has gotten into a state of chronic dull-nc-sj
and while iron men are hopeful of bet
ter prices and maintain their confidence
that the market is to improve, still the im
provement has not come. No. 1
foundry, the standard brand, can
bo bought in any quantities at $12 50.
Gray lorgo mill a shade below $L
Orders are rather slow in coming in
and inquiries ait! not brisk. Stocks continue
to gain on orders at the large plants, though
some of them have kept their yards clear
1 shading under the market quotations.
I uroace owners say they entertain no ap
prehension, as the accumulated stocks can
lie reduced at any time by cutting prices,
w Inch arc a good way above the cost of pro
duction. The maiket may be quoted f. o. b. at the
Xo 1 foundry $12 505112 75
Xo. 2 foundry 11 2"12 00
Xo 3 foundry ."..... 10 SOfflll 25
Gra forge 10 00 10 50
nteel is all the talk in this district now,
andicrj gi-c.it confidence is entertained that
p arc on the verge of a steel-making era.
Of the $1,000,000 plant to be constructed hv T.
T Hilluniu and ms associates, abont $700,000
arc subscribed. The Henderson Company,
which for hceral months made 30 tons of
steel a day and then ran" out of money, is
trying to reorganize, settle Its debts and
Heavy Purchases of the Charcoal Variety In
the Cincinnati Market.
CI5CI3SATI, May 15. Rogers, Brown & Co
say: The principal event of tlie Iron mar-
ket the past week has been the heavy
purchases of charcoal irons by the mal
leablo syndicate. It is estimated that
these amount in the aggregate to 40,000 tons.
Prices varied according to brands, but in
somo cases it is certain low figures were
made. While charcoal Irons have been in
over-supply for a time, in consequence of
slack business among the car works and
railroads, the forces to correct this are
already set in motion. In Alabama and Ten
nessee a large number of the furnaces are
out of blast, and lately there has been a
marked restriction of output in the Lake
Superior district. The extensive forest fires
also in the region from which many of the
Lake Superior furnaces draw their charcoal
have destroyed a great deal of wood cut for
this purpose. In time this will also affect
the situation. In coke irons there has been
a strong disposition among consumers to
take hold for long scattered: deliveries, and
this the furnaces have stubbornly resisted.
The agricultural implement men particu
larly have been in the market about two
months in advance of their usual buying
There is no change apparent in the general
situation, but a free ordering forward of
iron on contracts and numerous inquiries
for spot deliveries, lead to the conclusion
that consumption is gradually increasing.
Statistics show a further large reduction of
stocks in April, and tho same is believed to
be going on this month.
Foundry irons:
Southern coke, Xo. 1 ?15 0015 2S
Southern coke. Xo. 2 and Xo. 1 soft 14 25314 50
Hanging Rock coke, Xo. 1 16 5flg17 50
Hanging Bock charcoal, Xo. 1 20 003)22 00
Tennessee charcosU'Xo. 1 1S5017 50
Jackson county stone coal, Xo. 1 16 5Qgrl7 00
31111 irons:
Standard Southern coke, G. F....
Standard Southern coke, mottle..
Car-wheel and malleable Irons:
Standard Alabama, C. W.
Tennessee, C. W
Lake Superior, C. W.
..813 00313 50
.. 12 5012 75
,. 18 50310 50
,. 19 S020 50
Financial Troubles in the Quaker City Re
flect on Operators.
Philadelphia, May 15. The tendency of
iron market to improve received a check tho
past week by the disturbances in financial
circles. While the trade was not directly
affected by theso troubles the effect upon
operators was demoralizing. Standard
Pennsvlvania No. 1 X are quoted at $17 50
18 00 and do Xo. 2 X at $16 5017 00; medium
Pennsylvania Xo 1 X at $17 2517 50 and do
No.2 X at$lG00lG2i The Bessemer pig
market was very dull, prices being nominal
at $17 0017 50 at furnace for standard and
from $2 to $2 50 higher for special brands at
furnace. 31111s are gradually filling
up with small orders for structu
ral material, the requirements for
bridge and structural work being especially
good. Angles are quoted at 2.052.10c;
sheared plates, 2.052.10c (steel Is worth L0
L5c more); beams and channels, 3.1c for Iron
and steel. These prices include delivery.
Tho market for steel billets is at a standstill,
holders being firm in their prices and con
sumers, feeling that a decline will come, are
awaiting developments. The former quote
$27 5027 75, delivered at points on the Sus
quehanna, and from 50 to 75c on the Schuyl
kill. There is a fair demand for steel rails
in small lots,bnt tho big orders are not forth
coming as rapidly a3 was looked for. Thirty
uouars continue tne quotation, ana mere is
nothing in the sttuati&n Just now to warrant
a lower price. The market for muck bars is
irregular and unsettled, and there is a wide
range in prices, $2650 being bottom, and $27 50
top quotations.
Grooved sold tho past week at fromL70
L75c White plates have not advanced in
price, owing to the strong competition by
producers, the market is, no doubt, more ac
tive. These prices are nominal, but they
are generally closely adhered to: Tank
plates. 2S?2.10c for iron. 2.05SJ2.20C for steel:
refined, 2.202.3'c for iron, 2.05Q2.10 for steel;
flange, 3.2OQ3.302 for Iron, 2.502.75 for steel.
Old rails are quiet and quotedat $22 5023 50
for iron and $1718 for steel. Scrap iron
might be active if holders were willing to
grant the concessions asked, but tho differ
ence 50c$l is too great to be met. Xo. 1
railroad scrap is quoted at from $2122 50,
according to locality: No. 2 light, $15lb; best
machinery, $1415; old car wheels, $H18 de
AX,arge Xnmber of Good Sized Sales
Coke Iron Made There.
Cuicago, May 15. Sogers, Brown and Jler
win say: Additional heavy sales of Lake
Superior charcoai iron have been made In.
this district. during the past week at prices
ranging on about the same basis as that
which has ruled during the last fortnight.
A large part of the season's buying in this
line on the part of malleable car wheel and
agricultural concerns has now been done,
and in consequence of the large sales made
most of the furnaces making metal of this
class are now occupying a more inde
pendent position as to prices and
long deliveries, and several companies'
have advanced prices 50 cents per ton.
On coke irons there has been heavy buy
ing, a large number df contracts having been
placed for long deliveries, many of them run
ning well into next year. Among these there
have been a number of good-sized sales for
boutnern cotes.
Other large consumers are in tho market,
and are striving to place contracts running
10 or 12 months ahead, but they find the
Southern furnaces quite indisposed to ac
cept these long deliveries. Prices on coke
irons remain practically unchanged. Tho
general leeling is gaining ground that the
worst part of the market nas been passed,
and that more activity and betterprices will
prevail during the remainder of the year.
Car Manufacturers in St. Louis Are Making
Some Good Purchases.
St. Lodis, May 15. Rogers, Brown and
Meachara say: Ther3 has been considerable
more inquiry for iron during the past week
than for some time. The car works in this
vicinity have been making some purchases
and are still inquiring for prices on round
lots for deliveries running through the year.
We quoteTor cash f. o. b. bt. Louis, hot blast
coke and charcoal.
Southern coke, Xo. 1
Southern coke, Xo. 2. ,
Southern gray forge ,
Southern charcoal, X'o. 1
southern charcoal, Xo. 2
Missouri charcoal. X'o. 1..
Missouri charcoal, Xo. 2
Ohio softeners
I Car-whccl and malleable iron.:
Lake Superior.
.. 15 0015 50
.. 18 001J 50
..$20 OMU) 50
. 19 oo&a. 00
Wool Markets.
St. Louis Wool Receipts, 114,400 pounds.
Ready sale for 'all offerings at unchanged
Philadelphia Wool market quiet; stocks
Hght:prices steady. Ohio, Pennsvlvania and
West Virginia XXand above,31634c: X 2931c;
medium, 3739c; coarse, 3 5X36c. Xe w York,
Michigan, Indiana and Western fine or X
and XX, 27J29c; medium. 363Sc: coarse, 35
30c Fine wasned delaine, X and XX, 3437Kc:
medium washed, combing and delaine, 40
42c; coarse do do do 3637c; Canada
naslied combing, 3436c; tubwashed, choice,
3740c: fair, 3G37c; coarse, S334c; medium
unwashed, combing and delaine, 2331c;
coarse do do do 2GJg27Jc; Montana, 2024c;
territorial, 1622c
Coffee Markets.
New Orleans, May 15. Coffee firm; Bio, or
dinary to fair, 1920c
Nov Yore, May 15. Coffee options opened
unchanged to 5 points down, closed dull nnd
unchanged to 10 points up; sales, 6,150 bags,
including Mav, li.90c: July, 17.6017.70c: Au
gust, 17.1017.15c; September, 16.4516.50c:
October, 15.95c: November, 15.2515.30c Spot
Rio dull and steady; fair cargoes, 20c; No. 7,
Drygoods Market.
New Yore, May 15. Contracts for fall were
liberal in flannels, blankets, dress goods and
in some description of brown and colored
cottons. Many contracts are pending,, the
time having arrived when it is possible for
buyers and sellers to come together. Flan
nels and other woolen fabrics are very fine.
Cottons are firmer than a few weeks ago,
and price changes are little talked of. Thero
is a good business, also, in hosiery and
underwea r. A good many special buy ers are
in the market, and some of the larger houses
are represented.
Turpentine Markets.
Wilmikgtos-, May 15. Spirits of turpentine
quiet at 35c. Rosin firm; strained, $120;
good strained, $125. Tarfirmat$150. Crude
turpentine firm; hard, $1 40; yellow dip, $2 40;
virgin, $2 40.
SAVAKKAn, May 15. Turpentine firm
at 35lc Rosin firm at $1 421 52.
Charleston, Mav-15. Turpentine steadvat
35Cc bid. Rosin firm; good strained at $1 35.
SCIENCE nnd Electricity are special fea
tures or THE DISPATCH every Sunday.
Every department of the mammoth Issue In
the hands of an expert.
.$15 50315 75
. 14 7ffil5 00
. 13 50 13 75
. 17 75318 00
. 17 25(317 50
13 500,16 OH
Isaac Taylor Homestead,
North Avenue, Picked Up.
Drift of the Speculative Stream Here and
at Other Iieading Centers.
The residence property of Isaac Taylor,
deceased, consisting of a three-story brick
house and lot, 24x170, and situated on tho
northeast corner of North avenue and
Itesaca street, Allegheny, changed owner
ship yesterday when the deed was passed,
the consideration being $26,000. The new
owner is Mr. John H. Mueller, .who will
occupy the place as a home.
Two other high-class residences on the
Northside have changed hands during tho
week, showing a good demand for that class
of property and money to pay for it, ajl of
these transactions being on a cash basis.
The purchaser of tho Sherman avenue prop
erty, referred to in this column a day or two
ago, was Colonel John W. Echols, the well
known attorney.
Realty as an Investment.
The stability of a communitv denends In a
large degree upon the number of its homes.
Proprietors, having more at stake than rent
ers, are conservative in their conduct, lest
by hasty action they imperil their personal
Interests; and in protecting themselves they
necessarily exercise a restraining influence
upon others. A "city of homes" is so self
poised as to be comparatively secure against
the vicissitudes of trade. Pittsburg is
stronger In every way to-day than at any
previous time in her history, because of the
larger number of those who own the houses
they live in.
Referring to real estate as an investment,
an authority on the subject says: "It is the
best property in which money can bo in
vested." Stocks may riso and fall and banks
fail, but land remains intact. Landed prop
erty of any kind pays well. The man who
has carefully Invested in real estate and lost
is a person who cannot bo found. Some peo
ple complain about property they bought
several years before 'taint worth half as
much as It was then' but, barring the fact
.nil moj- uiuy uuve paiu nctuious prices ior
it, buy It of them at their purchase price if
you can. Wherever it mayDe, it takes little
to keep it and requires no more attention
than one chooses to give it."
Men point to the great manufacturers of
the country and to their wealth as evidence
of largo profits in that interest, but they are
the exception, not the rule, and are far from
being as numerous as real estate kings. But
even manufacturers Invest in real estate as
fast as possible. We do not often hear of
inem in inis lino tnoy are known as manu
facturersyet their real estate investments
are very heavy.
Will Get Their Commission.
The congregation of Bnai Israel Synagogue,
corner of Grant and Third streets, about a
year ago placed that property in the hands
of Charles Somers 4 Co. for sale within 20
days. Within that time it was sold to J. L.
Somers for $20,000, but the congregation, hav
ing changed their minds, refused to ratify
tho transaction on the ground that the con
sideration was less than they thought the
property was worth. Suit was brought by
the firm for their commissi nn.nnd Tfistnrdftv
judgment was rendered in their favor.
Business News and Gossip.
The property on Water street for which
Captain Sam Brown Is said to be dickering is
in the immediate vicinity of tho Mononga
hela House.
There is probably something in the talk of
a handsome business structure on Grant
street and Fourth avenue, opposite the St.
Nicholas building, -as referred to in this
column some time ago. The property be
longs to an estate.
Tho sale of lots In the Girard Park Place
plan, Marion station, by Morrison & Bank's,
begins to-day. Prices range from $300 to $700.
The largest mortgage on the Recorder's
file yesterday was for $10,000. Seven of 21
were for purchase money.
A New York flnan cler says: "The outward
movement of gold would be checked if tho
money rate here advanced, but this rate is
kept down by people Interested In getting
gold. When the demands for gold are met,
there is likely to be a sharp advance In tho
money rate here."' , I
W. ft. Watt and It. J. Stoney, Jr., were the
principal buyers of Electric yesterday.
Andrew Caster bought from -John D.
Bailey 190 shares Safe Deposit .Company
stock at 64. Tho first of the year it was
held at 68.
Sloan & Co. have sold $20,000 worth of lots
in theirplan at Norfolk, Va., within the past
two weeks. They report inquiry active for
property in that locality.
'Alio Tractions are verifying tho prediction
made some time ago that they would come
to tho front as leaders and furnish a largo
Director of the Mint Leech has ordered
enough dimes coined to meet the demand.
Last month $276,000 worth was coined.
Messrs. John F. and Samuel Robinson have
retired from the well known banking and
brokerage firm of Bobinson Bros., which now
consists of David, William A. and Alex. C.
The earnings of the Philadelphia Company
for tho month of April are semi-offlciallv re
ported as $265,000.
The Building Record.
Permits for the erection of tho following
buildings were issued yesterday:
John Barker, brick addition basement
dwelling2Sx20 feet, on Antoinette street.
Fourteenth ward. Cost, $270.
Patrick Duffy, frame one-story dwelling,
14x26" feet, on Gilmore street, Fourteenth
ward. Cost, $130. '
Stanley Mahood, frame addition, mansard
story dwelling, 16x34 feet, on River avenue,
Nineteenth ward. Cost, $950.
J. C. Xetting, two frame two-story dwell
ings, 15x40 feet each, on Mignonette street,
Twentieth ward. Cost, $3,100.
Movements in Realty.
Allcs & Bailey sold for Gardner Winter,
No. 128 Webster street, Allegheny City, a
brick dwelling of four rooms and finished
attic; also No. 37 Vetotreet, a frame dwell
ing of six rooms and attic, lot 20x100 feet to
veto street, for $6,500 cash.
J. B. Larkin & Co. sold to John Devcr and
Andrew McLeane, of Meyran avenue, two
lots on"Ward street, Fourteenth ward, 27.6x
150 each, for $2,500 cash. This Closes the last
of a largo number of sales made by this firm
on this streot within the last two months at
an average price of $15 per foot front. The
street is not paved.
Reed B. Coyle & Co. sold for Redpath
Bros., of Boston, Mass., the property corner
of Monterey ana JncKson streets, Allegheny,
being a brick and frame dwelling of sue
rooms, with lot 23x100 feet, for $5,350 cash.
James W. Drape & Co. sold a portion of the
property of the National Transit Company,
situated near Hoboken, West Penn Railroad,
embracing 43 lots nnd n piece of ground of
over an aero, for $6,230 cash: illso a collateral
interest in property in McKeesport of $4,500.
A.M.Tressel & Co. sold a lot for Frank
Browning to J. M. McBride, in CoraopoIIs.
Pittsburg and Lake Erie Railroad.
MoreDolng ami a Broader Market Most
of the Leaders Move Up aTeg Re
assuring Talk About Electric
The Outside Situation.
Stock trading yesterday was an improve
ment on that of the previous day. There
was more snap among the room traders, and
more properties were handled. The foreign
situation was a little less strained, but still
far from comfortable. New York was dull
and weak with occasional rallies. Our
$3,000,000 gold will be shipped to-day. Tho
loss of tho yellow metal was tho principal
bearish factor. '
Locally; prices for the "most part were
moved very slightly either way. The Trac
tions were again prominent for strength.
Duquesne soldup to 20, while the others
held flnnly around the best previous
quotations. There were more buyers than
sellers. Airbrake and Standard Vnder
ground moved up, the latter, a full point.
In fact, all the Westinghouse Interests de
veloped an upward tendency. Arsenal Bank
shot up $1 a share at the last call. Luster
closed a fraction better than tho opening.
Electric weakened at the second calf for
lack of steam, but recovered and closed at
15J$, the samo as the opening. At Boston it
finished at 15 bid, offered at 15V. -There
were sales there during the day at the latter
figure. From reliablo information received
yesterday evening, there seems to be no
doubt that the reorganization plan will
be indorsed by the directors of
the comnanv at the meetlnir on
.Monday. Mr. Westinghouse will come
to the city this evening and will attend the
meeting. He will be able to show that tho
common stock is being turned in with un
booked for promptness by Eastern holders.
Here that work is rather slow, but is gaining
momentum, calls upon the officials for in
formation showing a large increase in the
last few days. . . .
Sales on call yesterday aggregated 600
shares, distributed as follows: . ,,,
First call-100 Electric at 15,10 at 1
Before call $20 Electric scrip at 65.
After call 100 Electric at 15V.
Second enii in itiocM-Ir at 1534. 5 Philadel
phia Gas at 13. 10 Duquesne Traction at20,J
10 Manchester Traction at 37, 180 baio de
posit Companvat 64. ., . ,.
Third call 10 Electric at IS, 5 at 15.
Before call 50 Electric at 15. , .
After call 100 Duquesne Traction at 20.
Bids and offers at each of the three calls
are appended:
B. A.
B. A.
B. A.
Arsenal B.nnV
65 .
126 .
Exchange Xat. B.
rourcu At. ji...
Freehold Bank..
Keystone Bank..
Marine Xat. n
uaa fellows a. B.
oaie Deposit Co .
Third Xat. nnv
Boatman's Ins....
... MM
V 10,4
KM 13
17 17K
2! Vi
18J? MX
63 MM
XI 43
24)4 Wi
i-eopies.u.& V
Plliladelnhl rv
US 13
WhotingGas Col
ituumoja Ull uo.
Central Tractldfc.,
Citizens Trfletlrtw
Pittsburg Traction
i leagmu vauey...
Second Avenue...
Hand St. Bridge
Hidalgo Mln. Co.
LaXorla Mln. Co.
Luster Min. Co...
Sllrerton Jlin.Co.
Westinghouse E..
Monon. Xav. Co..
Monon. W. Co....
UnlonS. & S.Co..
West. A. B. Co..
Stan. U. C. Co....
'.'.'. "50
15H ':
70 ..
... m
53 60
At New York yesterday the total sales of
stocks were 202,483 shares, including: Atchi
son, 12,809: Delaware, Lackawanna and
Western, 13,950; Louisville and Nashville,
10,075; Northern Pacific, 3,190: do, preferred,
5,000; St. Paul, 81,100; Union Pacific, 15,21.
General Course of Prices Downward Con
sequent Upon Further Heavy Gold
Shipments Shorts Have Cov
ered Largely Recently.
New York, May 15. The stock market con
tinued to decrease its volume of business to
day, while the trading exhibited a narrow
ing of the speculation, the general list being
comparatively neglected, and all the inter
est and three-fourths of the business were
confined to seven stocks St. Paul, Lacka
wanna, Union Pacific, Louisville and Nash
ville, Atchison, Burlington and Quinoy and
Sugar. The general course -of prices was
downward, the combined result of further
heavy taking of gold for shipment and Lon
don selling, induced by tho higher
rates for money at - that center and
the disquieting financial complica
tions at Lisbon and the Argentine.
Tho bullish feeling isheldincbeckby these
troubles, and while the domestic outlook
continues of the most flattering character,
the foreign situation dominates the market
at present. That holders are not scared by
the foreign complications, however, receives
daily demonstrations, and the drain of gold
with its threat of oreating a scarcity of funds
here is not allowed to bring the larger hold
ings upon the market. There was, however,
considerable selling to realize profits on tho
rise of yesterday by the trading element, and
indications, among which the limited de
mand for stocks in the loan crowd is not the
least, show that the shorts have covered
largely in the last fow days.
The selling for the foreigners and the
traders made the opening of tho market
fractionally lower this morning, but cover
ing was resumed and a material rally fol
lowed, in which, however, only the coal
stocks and the industrials were prominent,
the meeting of the ngents being the moving
cause in the strength displayed by the
former. Tho gains in these shares reached
over 1 per cent, but the genesal list barely
recovered the opening and early losses. The
gold shipments then met the rising market
and the fear that the largo shipments of
nearly $3,000,000 would mako a loss in the
surplus reserves of the banks to-morrow of
noon: o,uw,uuu, out as tne receipts 01 cur
rency from the intoiior have been quite
heavy, it is likely that the loss in the reserve
win not.De as great as estimated.
The tendency of prices, however, con
tinued downward throughout the remainder
of the day, with a slight rally only in 'the
last hour. The advances in all the strong
stocks of the forenoon were neutralized ex
cept in Delaware and Hudson, which is the
only stock to show any material improve
ment for the day. The losses reached 1
per cent, but in most stocks were confined
to fractions. The late rally was induced by
covering, but the close was heavy at close to
tho lowest prices, The final changes are in
most of the active stocks large fractional
losses, while Louisville Is down 1, and St.
Paul, Wheeling and Lake Erie preferred and
Wabash preferred each 1 per cent, while
Dela'n are and Hudson is up 1 per cent. Thero
was the usual insigniflefcit trading In rail
road bonds, but.tho temper of the market
was reactionary and small losses resulted,
the fluctuations being .on the same limited
scale at the business, which amounted to
only $681,000: The dealings developed abso
lutely no feature of interest. Government
bonds have been dull and steady. State
bonds have been dull and steady.
The following tahle shows the prices of active
stocks on the Xew York Stock Exchange yesterday.
Corrected daily for The Dispatch bywIrnTNEr &
Stephensox, oldest Pittsburg members of the New
TfrrJ Stock TRwVMimt 57 Fourth arenue:
" 1 m
Am. SurarReunerv Co....
Am. Sugar Refinery Co. pfd
Am. uotiou im
Am. Cotton Oil pfd
Atch. Top. AS. F
Canadian Pacific
Canada Southern
Central of New Jersey
Central Pacific
Chesapeake and Ohio
Chicago Gas Trust.
C, Bnr. & Qulncy
C, Mil. & St: Paul
C, Mil. & St. Paul pref....,
C, Rock I. &P ,
C, St. P.M. ft O
C. St. P.M. ft O. pref.....
C. ft Northwestern
v.. C. C. &I
Col. Coal ft Iron
Col. ft Hocking Valley....,
C. ft 0. 1st pref.
Del., Lack, ft Western
Del., ft Hudson
Deiu ftRIoOraude
Den. & Rio Grande pref...,
E. Tenn. Va., ftGa
Illinois Central
Lake Eric ft West
Lake Eric ft West. pref....
Lake Shore ft M. S
13 13W 13X
Louisville ft Nashville
Michigan Central
Mobile ft Ohio
Missouri Pacific
National Lead Trust
New York Central
N. Y.. C. ft St. L
N. Y.. C. ft St. I. 1st Dref
N. Y., C. ft St. L. 2d pref..
.n. 1 .. ij. j.. t
193 19;, 16
N.Y., L.E.W. pref...
N.Y. AN. E
KT V f 9. r
Norfolk ft Western.'."!!'
Norfolkft Western, pref.... 52H 52 51V
Northern Pacific I 25K 25W 24S,
Northern Pacific pref. CSX MJal 67H
SII1V dk. .UlSSlSSipjM.....
Oregon Improvement..
Pacific Mall 38 30
Peo., Dec. ft Evans
Philadelphia ft Reading.. .. 32 32J
1 miiuiui Liaci; ur, 102? uu
Richmond ft W. P. T. 16 liltf
jticiunouu . 1. . A., pre. ,u ,u
sr. ram ft Duiuth
St. Paul ft Duiuth pref.
TcxasPaclflc 14 15
Union Pacific 46 MH
Wabash 10 10
Wabash preferred 20X 20
Western Union .'. SOI BOH
WheellngAL. E .... 30 38K
Wheeling ft L. E. pref. 75J. 7C 75
North American Co is; 10 15H
P., C, C. ftSt. L 10 16JT 16X
P.. C..C. ftSt. I,, mcf... .... . .... 1
National Cordage Co 98U 98 861i 97)4
National Cordage Co. pref. .... .... ......1 105
Boston Stocks.
Atch. ftTopcka aity
Franklin 17
Huron 1
Kearsarge 12
Osceola , 3
Ottlnf-r . . im
j)usiun a. .Aiuany....ai
Boston ft Maine 199
C, B. iQ S8H
Fltchburg R. R slftj
j.. ifc. r u o.
Santa Fc Copper 52
Tamarack 148
Mass. Central
Mex. Cen. com....
N. Y. ftN.Eng...
Old Colony
Rutland common.
Rutland pref.
IVls. Central nref.
Boston Land Co 5
Annlston Land Co... 40
West End Land Co.. 22H
uen.xeiepnone an
Lamson Store 8 17 H
WaterPower 2H
Continental Mln 18
N. E. T.ft T 50
Butte ft Boston Cop.. 56K
Atlantic 15
Boston ft Mont 41k
Calumctft Hecla 255
Philadelphia Stocks.
Closing quotations of Philadelphia stocks, fur
nished by Whitney A Stephenson, brokers. No. 57
Fourth avenue, members New York Stock Ex-
Pennsylvania Railroad 50
Reading jeu
Buffalo, New York and Philadelphia -7
Lehigh Valley...., ,...i... 48
Lehigh Navigation..., 46K
Philadelphia and Eric. , ..
Northern Pacific common 25
NortheraPadflc preferred 1... G7'.
Things Locally Moving Along Without
Variation or Unusual Friction.
Business at the local banks was about so-so
yesterday. Discounting was moderate, but
the good cash trade in progress enabled
many tradesmen to hand In libera) deposits.
Rates were unchanged, on the usual basis of
567 per cent- 5w0 outsider loans were
made at S per cent. The available supply of
funds was reported large. Gold exports
have no effect on this market The surplus
funds will be handy for -the. upturn
that will come after the strike.ls settled.
Exchanges were $2,115,651 34, and' balances
$449,740 69.
At New York yesterday money on call was
easy, ranging from 36 per cent; last loan,
3; closed: offered at 3. Prime mercantile
paper, 57. Sterling exchange quiet but
firm at $4 83 for 60-day bills, and$188Ji
for demand. '
Closing Bond Quotations.
V. S. 4s, ree.
Sf., K. ftT.-2d 40
u. a. 4s, coup.
V. 8. 48, reg.
. 101
Mutual union us llH'fc
X. J. C. Int 110
Northern Pac. lsts.. 116
Northern Pac. 2ds..lWH
Northw't'n consols. is;
Xortw'n deben's 55.103
Oregon Trans. 6s..
St.LT. & I. M. Gen. 5s 85
St. h. AS. F. Gen. M104
St. Paul consols 125
St. P.. C.&Fc.lsUUl
Tx. Pc. lsts..7 87ft
U.S. 4s. coup.
Pacific 6s of 95 112
Louisiana stamped 4s 88
Missouri 6s
Tenn. new set. 6s 103
Tenn. new set. 5s..102;
..ciiu. nsw sei. 33.... u
Canada So. 2ds 97
Central Facilic lsts.,107
Den. & K. G. Jst US
Den.&R.G. 4s 82J
R. G. West lsts
Erle2ds 100
M. K. & T. lsts 77
Tx.Paciflc2ds 318
UnlonPaclflc lsts. . ..10SM
West Shore 102JJ
Rio Grand West, lsts 76
Bank Clearings.
St. Louis Clearings, $3,229,588; balances,
$409,607. Money 78 per cent. Exchange on
New York 9c premium.
Memphis Clearings, $413,542: balances, $178,
497. New York Exchange selling at $1 pre
mium. Chicago Clearings were $13,681,000. New
York exchange. was 80c premium. Loans
were unchangedm 5K6 per cent. Sterling
exchange was steady and unchanged.
New Orleans Clearings, $1,195,430.
New York Clearings, $113,611,52!; balances,
Bostox Clearings, $15,625,303; balances,
$1,675,059. Monev 5 per cent. Exchange on
New York, 10 tol5 cents discount.
Philadelphia Clearings, $9,415,181; bal
ances, $1,390,210. Money 44K per cent.
Baltimore Clearings, $l,772,728;'balances,
$254,999. Bate, 6 per cent.
Mining Stock Quotations.
New York, May 15. Alice, 165; Adams Con
solidated, 185; Aspen, 350; Belcher, 260; Bodle,
115; Consolidated California and Virginia,
1,525; Halo & Norcross, 300; Homestake, 1,000;
Horn Sliver, 3S0; Iron Silver, 100: Ontario.
3,800; Occidental,
125; Savage, 310; Yellow
oacxet, zso.
Condition of the Markets at East Liberty
and Other Stock Yards.
Office of Pittsburq Dispatoh, )
Friday, May 15. j
Cattle Receipts, 886 head; shipments, 714
head; market, nothing doing, all through
consignments, 27 cars of cattle shipped to
Now York to-day.
Hogs Receipts, 4,000 head; shipments, 3,850
head: market slow: Philadelphias, $510
5 20; best Yorkers and mixed, $5 005 10; pigs
$4 004 SO; 15 cars of hogs shipped to New
York to-day.
Sheep Receipts, 1,600 head; shipments,
'1,300 head; market very dull, shade off from
yesterday's prices.
By Telegraph.
New York Beeves Receipts, 2,402 head,
including 79 cars for sale. Market 10c per
100 lower; native steers,' $620625 per 100
pounds; bulls and cows, $2 25460. Dressed
beef steady at8J10c per pound for native
sides, shipments to-day 700 quarters of
Deei: to-morrow i,boB Deeves ana 8,604 qnar-
market lie
e Al n. IS
Sheen Roceintfi. 2.476 head market Htnodv.
Sheep, $5 006 00 per 100 lbs; yearlings,' $6 00
7 00; Iambs, $8 008 87 Dressed mutton,
I0llo per pound; dressed yearlings, 11
13c; dressed lambs, 13c Hogs Receipts,
6,922 head consigned direct. Nominally
steady; $1 S05 40 per 100 tts.
Omaha Cattle Receipts, 950 head; mar
ket steady on desirable handy grades of
steers; others weak to 10c lower; Dutchers'
stock steady on best and slow and weak on
others; feeders active and unchanged; fancy
1,400 to 1,600-pound steers, of which there are
light rccelnts. are emoted at 15 2505 no-
prlmo,'l,200 to 1,475-pound steers, at $4 35
u o; lair to koou .1,000 to .1,330-pouna. steers,
$3 254 60. Hogs Receipts, 4,850 head; mar
ket opened slow and 5o lower, closing active1
with tho decline regained and all sold: range,
$4 334 60; bulk, $4 404 50; light, $i S54S;
heavy, $4 454 50; heavy mixed, $4 454 50.
Sheep No fresh receipts; market nominally
lower; natives, $3 256 00; westerns, $3 00
5 90. '
CMcago The Evening Journal reports: Cat
tleReceipts, 8,000 head; shipments, 2,000
head; market active and steady to strong;
extra to prime steers, $6 006 25; others, $5 00
5 25; Texans, $3 60gl 85: stockers, $3 00
6 00; cows and heifers. $2 754 75. Hogs Re
ceipts, 18,000 head; shipments, 10,000 head;
market dull and lower: rough and common,
$3 754 10; mixed and packers, $4 404 70;
prime heavy and butchers' weights, $4 65
1 85; light, $4 204 70. Sheep Receipts, 2,000
head; shipments, none: market weak and
lower; nativos, $4 75; Westerns, $5 255 60;
lambs, $6 507 50. ,
Cincinnati IIozs Heaw. common nnd
light, $3 854 80; packing and butchers, $4 60
5 10;
receipts, z,iu neaa; snipments, 780
63 50;
Cattle in fair demand: common. 2 23
fair to choice butcher grades, $3 75
4 50: Tjrime to choice Bhinners. $5 25016 85:
receipts, 6S0 head; shipments, 115 ' head.
Sheep quiet; common to' choice sheared,
$3 505 00; extra fat wethors and yearlings,
$5 255 50; receipts, 1,730 head; snipments,
820 head. Lambs Spring in fair demand;
common to choice, $5 507 25 per 100 Bs.
Buffalo Cattle Receipts, 117 loads
through, 3 sale. Demand fair. Hogs Re
ceipts, 78 loads through, 9 sale fresh and 5
held over; slow offerings: generally light
grades; good mediums, $1 955 00, mostly
$5 00; no heavy here. Sheep and lambs Re
ceipts, 13 loads through: 10 sales fresh and 6
held over; market shade firmer for good
graues; ciippeu sneep, iair 10 gooa, $3 wig)
6 25: do lambs, $5 256 50; spring lambs, $6 00
8 50; Texas sheep, neglected.
St. Louis Cattle Receipts, 1,600 head; ship
ments, 1,100 head; market steady; good to
fancy native steers, $5 106 10: fair
to good Texans and. Indians, $2 904 75.
Hogs Receipts, 2,400 head; market steady;
fair to choice heavy, $4 004 75; mixed
grades, $1 204 70; light, fair to best, $4 50
4 65. Sheep Receipts,500 head; shipments
none; market strong; gbod to choice clipped,
$3 755 73.
Indianapolis Cattle Receipts, 600 head;
market fairlv steady; shippers, $4 235 75:
butchers, $2 754 50; bulls, $1 754 00. Sheep
Receipts, 500 head; market firm and steady;
sheep, clipped, $3 505 00, lambs, clipped,
$5 007 00. Hogs Receipts, 5,000 head: mar
ket slow and lower; choice heavy, $4 654 75;
choice light, $4 551 65; mixed, $4 604 70;
pigs, $2 504 10.
Kansas City Cattle 'Receipts, 3,300
head: shipments, 1,030 head; market steady,
to 10c lower; steers; $3 955 95; cows,
$2 OOlffil 25: stockers and feers, $2 905!4 50.
Hogs Receipts, 9,300 head; shipments,
3.660 head: market 510e lower: bulk, $4 40
4 50; all grades, $3 004 65. Sheep Receipts,
70S head; shipments, 230 head; market weak
to 5c lower.
Still King Prices Ruling
at a
Recent Leaf Sale.
Inquiries for now crops were quite lively
tho past week, but packers do not seem In
clined to dispose of those just now, says the
United States Tbbacco Journal. Buyers seem
particularly anxious to get hold of the new
Wisconsin, which, will apparently be the
favorite tobacco for. tho coming season."
Such parcels as were disposed of were bring
ing from 13c to 15c. Fillers are now selling
at eVery price, witb Zimmcrs' Spanish still
leading. Several hundred cases changed
hands the past week at remarkably high
The auction sale of 72 bales of Sumatra
on Tuesday last proved again that the Su
matra is still king. Twenty-flvo of the 72
bales were bid In at from $2 to $2 25 a pound,
while the balance averaged $1 80. Consider.
ing that that Sumatra was supposed to havo
been damaged in some shape, that it was
handled rather roughly and consequently
injured in the soundness of the leaf to the
extent of several pounds, that the terms of
tho sale were strictly cash without any re
course for claims, the price paid for It fully
equals $3 per pound In the ordinary arid
legitimate transaction. The 28 bales of
Havana disposed of at the same auction salo
averaged from 85c to 90c, an equally satis
factory result for tho high valuo of last
year's Havana crop.
Sales of seed leaf tobacco reported bv J. S.
Gans'Son, tobacco broker, No. 131 North
Water street. New York, for the weekend
ing Mayil, 189k
Two hundred cases 1890 New England
Havana, 18c to 20c; 25 cases 1890 Pennsylvania
Havana, p. tj 400 cases 1889 Pennsylvania
seed, Ufio to 15c; 100' cases- Pennsylvania
Havana, !3c to 30c; 100 cases state Havana,
Kc to 28e;150 cases Zlmmer-fipanlsl p. t.;l
cases sundries, 7c to 35c -Total, L125 cases. J
S iMj "" . ,. . . .js- X !&.... "Jt.
Country Butter a Drug and Creamery
Drilling lower,
Com, Hay. and JlUlfeed Quiet, With Wheat
. and Oats Steady.
Office of PrrrsBrma-DispATcH, )
Friday, May 15. j
Cototry Produce (Jobbing Prices) Our
quotations are again reduced on creamery
and country butter, and the end Is not yet.
A leading dealer in dairy products reported
that he could buy all the country butter lie
wanted and more at 10c per pound.. The but
ter makers who have yearly contracts to
furnish butter at 40 and 50c per pound are to
be congratulated these days, when a fair
article is selling at one-third these figures.
Supply of Ohio cheese has not yet caught up
to demand, but is steadily on the gain.
Poultry is coming in more freely of late, and I
prices have improved unaer tne influence of
a better demand. Potatoes are quiet and
prices are a shade lower. The supply of
strawberries is sufficient for all needs of
trade, and fancv stock sells at 15c Tier auart.
In tropical fruit lines bananas are the strong
factor. California oranges havo been com
ing to our markets of late in such poor con
dition that repacking is a necessity, and
good stock is a shade higher.
ArrLls-?o'oo7 50 a barrel.
Bcttek Creamery, Elgin. 2828c; other
brands, 2427c; common country butter, 12c; choice
country rolls, 18c.
Beans New crop beans, navy, $2 302 35; mar
rows. $2 352 40; Lima beans. 5)6c.
Berries Strawberries, 12uc a quart; $2 00
2 25 a crate.
BiESWAX-3032c?n for choice; low grade, 22
Cider Sand refined. S3 5OJ.10 O0i common. $5 50
6 00: crab elder, 112 0013 00 ft barrel: clderTlnegar,
1415c gallon.
Cheese Ohio cheese, new, llHKc: New York
cheese, new, U(ffil2c: Ltmburger, 13M14c; do
mestic Sweitzar, lill7c: Wisconsin brick aweitzer,
1414Kc: imported SweiUer, 27K28c.
CRASBERRIES-Cape Cod, $3 2S3 50 a box; (11 50
12 00 a barrel ; Jerseys, $3 50 a box.
Egos 1016&c- for strictly fresh nearby stock;
Southern eggs, U15)c; duck eggs, 10318c; goose
egKS 29(330c
leathers Extra live jceese, K60c; No. 1, 40
43c: mixed lots, 3035c ? 16.
jiujviCT flew crop wnite clover, Jogiax; ft 10;
California honey, 1215c f lb.
Maple Syrup New, 8S90c f gallon.
New maple Sugar 10c 9 n.
NUTS-Shell bark hickory nuts, $1 2S1 50
bushel; peanuts, jl 501 75, roasted; green, 40c
? lb: pecans, 18c 1 lb.
Podltrt AUve Chickens, 75gS5c a pair;
spring chickens, (4 508 00 a dozen. Dressed
Turkeys, 16c. a pound; ducks, 1213c a pound;
chickens, 14cS15c; spring chickens, 2530o a pound.
Tallow Country, 4JWc; city rendered. 5!ir.
SEEDS-Recleaned Western clover, (5 005 20;
timothy, $1 50; blue grass, $3 50; orchard grass,
$1 75: millet, 7075c; lawn grass, 25c ? lb.
Tropical Fruits Lemons. $4 505 00; fancv,
(5 S06 00 : Messina oranges, $3 003 50 a box; Florida
oranges, $3 Sftai 00 a box; California oranges, $3 50
tow io a oox: navei oranges, ?t ovwa ui; oananas,
$2 75 firsts, $2 00 good seconds, ? bunch; figs, 15
l6c$ lb; dates, 4i5Mc $ lb; pineapples, $150
2 25 a dozen.
VEGETABIJS Potatoes. $1 301 35 f bushel;
sweet potatoes, $3 00(23 25. Cabbage Florida,
crates. 82-0ffi2 25: Mobile, crates. S3 5y
a ,a; aaie,
75c a bushel
65c a dozen
onions, $2 65 a bushel; Bermuda potatoes, $3 SO
per oarrei; southern rose potatoes, vjuua Darren
tomatoes, 85c peck boxes: lettuce. 50c a dozen;
radishes, 75c a dozen: rhubarb, I520c a dozen;
cucumbers, 75c a dozen; onions, lS20c a dozen;
peas, $l2 a box.
The weakness of sugar already noted in
this column has culminated in another drop,
as our quotations will disclose. This is the
6econd drop for the week. A month ago
there was a cry of scarcity in sugar. Now
the cry is too-muchness. Coffees are firm,
with a fair prospect of higher prices for
Greek Coffee Taney, 2425)4c: choice Rio,
2324c; prime Rio, 22fc: low grade Bio, 2122c;
old Government Java, pX3DZc: Maracalbo,'25K
Z7J4c; Mocha, 3032c: Santos, 2226c; Caracas, 25
27c; La Gnayra, 2827c.
Boasted (In papersjStandard brands, 25c; high
grades, 2730)fc; old Government Java, bulk, 31M
34c; Maracalbo, 2830c; Santos, 2630c; pea-4
iierry, lc; cuvicu nu. 4m;; prime xuo, 2ac: gooa
Blo. 24c; ordinary, 21)i22c.
Spices (whole) Cloves, I516c: allspice, 10c;
cassia. Sc; pepper, 13c; nutmeg, 7580c.
PiTROLEuie (Jobbers' prices) 110 test, 7Kc:
Ohio, 120?. 8Kc; headlight, 150, 8Kc; water while,
lOSlO&c; globe, 1414Mc; elalne, 15c: carnadlne,
118c; royallne, 14c; red oil, llllHe; purity, 14c;
oleine, 14c.
Miners' On No. 1 water strained, 4244c per
gallon: summer, 3537c: lard OIL 5558c.
Strup Corn syrup. 3&f337c: choice snirar svrnn.
3739c; prime sugar syrup, 3J35c; strictly prime.
O. riloLASSES Fahcv. newcroti. 45c:cholci.
4243c; medium. 3340c; mixed, 35S8C.
Soda Bl-carb In kegs, 3J3Xc; bl-carb in 4s,
5"ic: bl-carb, assorted packages, 5&6c; sal soda,
in kegs, l&c; do granulated, 2c.
VMaDLES-oiar, iun weigni, sc: stearine, per
set, 8Jic: parafflne, ll12c.
Kice Head Carolina. 75iWc: chblce. &14I3Vc:
pjiiuir. mVT., jjvuioiuj,, .7mui;,
.,,. ,a,i.. r nni.i... eIA,. - -,.v-.,-.
Starch I'earL 4c; corn
starch, &3!Mc; gloss
starch, C7c.
Foreign Fruits Laver raisinj. St so? T.nndor,
layers.f2 75: Muscatels, ?1 75; California Muscatels,
II C01 73: Valencia, 6f7c; Ondara Valencia, 7K
8c; sultana, 12M6C; currants, 5Mffi5iC; Turkey
prunes, 73tf8c: French prunes, loill)lc: Salonf
ca prunes In 2-Jb packages, 9c; cocanuts, $100, $8;
almonds. Lan..
P jo, ic: ao ivica, 17c: ao sneilea,
40c: walnuts, nap,, 1314c: Sicily filberts, 12c;
auijriiauKS, ju,i(;, utn uaics,oMgAc; iirazunuis,
10c; pecans 14jii16c; citron, lb, 1718c; lemon
peel, 12c lb; orange pejl, 12c.
Dried Fruits Apples, sliced, per lb, lie: ap
ples, evaporated. 1415c; peaches, evaporated,
pared, 24S2Bc; peaches, California, evaporated, un
pared, l(VaU8c; cherries, pitted, 31c; cherries, un
pltted, li12c: raspberries, evaporated, 30331c:
blackberries, 8&9c: huckleberries. 12c.
vellow. fair. 3KI3I3HC
.Pickles Medium, bbls (1,200), $7 25; medium,
half bbU (600). M15.
SALT-No. 1 $ bbl, ffl 00; No. 1 ex.
dairy, bbl, fl 20; coarse crystal,
HIgglns' Eureka, 4-bu. sacks, $2 80;
reka. 16 14-lb packets. S3 00.
Canned GbODS-Standard peaches. i202 65;
2nds, 82 152 SO; extra peaches. 12 6032 70: vie
peaches, $1 6501 70; finest corn, 11 3.VS1 so; Hid.
Co. com. $1 (Xl 15; red cherries. SI 351 40: Lima
beans, (1 33; soaked do, 80c: string do, 7080c
marrowfat peas, $1 1031 23; soak .A peas, 6575c;
pineapples, Jl 501 60; Bahama do, $2 55;
damson plums," fl 10; greengages, Jl 50;
egg plums, 82 90; California apricots. $2 0032 30:
California pears,$2 40(22 60; do grccngages,$l So; do
1-Ib, Jl 301 80; blackberries, 80c: succotash, 2-Ib
cans, soaked, 90c :do green,2-lb cans, S125159;corned
beef, 2-tb cans. 12 2U2 25: 1-lb cans. $130; baked
beans, $1 4031 50:lobster,l-lb cans, 8225 :mackerel,l-lb
cans, broiled, (1 50; sardines, domestic. Us, $4 40
4 50: sardines domestic; "is, $7 00; sardines. Im
ported. s, $11 50312 50: sardines. Imported, Ks,
$18 00; sardines, mustard, $1 50; sardines, spiced,
FiSII Extra No. 1 bloater mackerel, $20 B bbl;
extra No. 1 do mess, $28 50; extra No. 1 mackerel,
shore. $24 00; No. 2 shore mackerel, $22: large 3's
$20. Codflslf-Whole pollock, 5e ? lb: do medium!
George's cod, 5c: do large, 7c; boneless hakes, in
strips, 5c: George's cod. in blocks. 6,S7Jic Her
ring Round shore, $5 60 ? bbl: split, 86 50; lake.
$3 25 V 100-lb bbl. White fish, $7 00 3 100-tb half
bbl. Lake trout, 15 50? half bbl. Finnan haddlcs,
10c ? Tb. Iceland halibut, 13c f, lb. Pickerel, half
bbl, $4 50; quarter bbl, $1 60. .Holland herring, 75c.
Walkoff herring. 00c.
OATMEAL-?7 507 75 j bbl.
Grain, Flour and Peed.
Thero were sold on call at the Grain Ex
change to-day, 1 car No. 1 timothy hay, $11 25,
spot; 1 car of packing hay, $9 50, P. & L. e.
Receipts as bulletined, 26 cars, as follows:
By Pittsburg, Ft. Wayno and Chicago Rail
way, 6 cars of hay, 1 of oats, 1 of malt, 3 of
flour. By PlttsDurg ana Lako Erie, 2 cars of
hay, 5 of rye. By Baltimore and Ohio, 5 cars
of hay. By Pittsburg," Cincinnati and St.
Louis, 2 cars of hay, 1 of bran. The cereal
situation is essentially as it was yesterday.
Corn, hay and millfeed are quiet, with tho
tendency toward lower prices, while wheat
and oats are fairly steady. July corn is now
close to 10c per bushel below the highest
point reached in April, and some expensive
lessons have been learned by operators, who
acted on the faith that corn would travel up
close to the dollar line.
Wheat No. 2 red. (1 10S1 11; No. 3. $1 oaai 05.
.Corn No. 1 vellow shell corn. 7JiS75e; Nn.
yellow shell, 73a74c: high mixed, 72373: mlvcd
sneu. 7UM71C: o. zyeiiuw car. ,ua),,c; nign mixed
ear, 7475c; mixed car corn, 7374c.
Oats No. 1, 5S58'ictNo. 2 white, 57Ji58c; ex
tra. No. 3, bSHIdSic: mixed oats, 5556c.
Rye No. 1 Pennsylvania and Michigan, 98c
FLOUR Jobbing price-Fancy spring and win
ter patent flour. $6 256 60: fancy straight winter,
J5 7o5 CO; fancystraight spring K 756a 00; clear
winter. 5 oosu 70; siraigm -v.v.v.v nailers', 85 50S)
5 75. Rye flour,' to 255 60. Buckwheat flour, 2H
'2He $ lb.
JlILLEEED No. 1 white middlings. 827 C02S 00 S
ton Va. 2 white middlings. CS av52S so. i,mwn
middlings, $21 0021 50; winter wheat Dran, $18 50 1
1? w.
Hat Baled timothy, choice. $12 0012 50; No. 1
$11 2511 50; No. 2 do, $3 609 00; loose from
wagon, $11 0014 00.- according to quality: No. 2
prairie hay, $9 503)0 73: packing do, $9 509 75.
STRAW Oats, $8 00S 25; wheat aud rye, $7 60
8 00.
J3ugar cured hams, large
.Sugar cured hams, medium
sugar curea nams. smaii
Sugar cured California hams
Ruirar enred It. bacon
Sojar cured shoulders .;......,.
.. k.?ffjt... it, r '. jc&i!j4s8fflEaJSfcfeJ
Sugar cured skinned hams, large.-....
Sugar enred boneless shoulders 8)4
Sugar cured skinned shoulders ,
Sugar cured bacon shoulders V
Sugar cured dry salt. shoulders H
Sugar cured D. beef rounds.... 14
Sugar cured . beef seta 12
Sugar cared D. beefflats .- 11
Bacon clear sides S!i
Bacon clear bellies
Dry salt clear sides, 10lb ave'g. 1H
Dry salt clear sides, 20H) ave'g.
Mess pork, heavy 13 50
Mess pork, family 13 60
Lard, refined. In tierces 6i;
Lard, refined. In half barrels 6H
Lard, rpflned In fi01T tnh 1
Lard, refined. In 20-m palls 7
xiaru, rennea, lnfu-ni tin cans
Lard, refined, inT-Ib tin palls
Lard, refined, ln5-m tin palls
Lard, refined, in 10-HJ tin palls
Wheat Trading Spasmodic Due Mainly to
the Weather and Crop Conditions
A Break From Top Prices In Corn
While Oatsr Were Active.
CHICAGO Wheat was nervous all day,
but ranged within narrow limits. The open
ing price was the lowest point reached, and
tho fluctuations thereafter were from the
starting point to.lc higher. July opened
at $1 01K1 02, and sold up to $1 02, ranged
between $1 02J and $1 02 during' the fore
noon, broke to $1 01J, recovered to $1 02
closing iiBMa lower. The volume of busi
ness transacted was not as large as yester
day or tho preceding days of the week. Trad
ing was spasmodic,- at times showing some
animation and another ruling quiet and dull.
Weather and crop conditions gave more evi
dence of influencing the market. The firm
ness was duo to reports of dry weather, bug
stories and export buying at the seaboard,
mostly, however, for deferred shipment;
while weaker cables,' denials of any serious
damage to wheat by insects and reports of
rain in the Northwest and some sections of
the winter wheat belt caused the weakness
which existed at one time. The rains were
reported in Minnesota and Dakota and little
in Michigan. Predictions in Kansas and Ne
braska: The report of the damage to wheat
by Insects were received from Kansas. The
late rally to the highest point of the day was
due to cablegrams from, Paris that the mar
ket advanced 30 centimes after the official
closing because of larger buying for Hunga
rian account. Frost was predicted In Iowa
and Wisconsin to-night. Pardridge covered
short wheat all the morning, when meal
showed weakness. It looked very much as
though leaders on tho bear side were doing
a little selling.
The corn crowd was disposed to hammer
the market at the outset, but all of the offer
ings were quickly taken and values moved
up In sympathy with wheat. The announce
ment of 500 cars as to-morrow's receipts
caused a break from top prices, but sym
pathy with wheat and provisions again
helped prices up. July opened at 5858c,
sold up to 59J4C, off to 5SJc and closing at
Oats were active, unsettled, with a higher
range of values, and especially for the new
crop futures August and September which
were bought on. drouth stories from the
Northwest and reports of bugs In the South
west. Tho feature of the provision market was
the limited offerings and the good demand
for the product by leading local houses.
Armour's name 'was given by several
brokers as their principal in purchases of
considerable lines of pork. Cudahy was a
buyer of July pork on a weak spot at the
opening and was a seller for September
later in the day. Thero was a good demand
all day for lard and ribs. The close shows
an advance of 12o in tho value of July
pork, 7Jc in lard and 10c in ribs, compared
with yesterday's final figures.
The leading features ranged as follows, as
corrected by John M. Oakley & Co., 45 Sixth
street, members of the Chicago Board of
The leading futures ranged as follows, as
corrected by John M. Oakley & Co., 45 Sixth
street, member of Chicago Board of Trade:
est. Clos
ing. Articles.
Wheat, No. H.
June ',
July :.
Oats, no. 2.
Mess Pork.
Short Rlds.
M 05V
1 OR:
11 05
6 75
6 45
11 00
6 02
5 95
5 95
6 22X
6 12S
b 40
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour dull and unchanged. No. 2 spring
wheat, $1 06 No. 3 spring wheat, 98c; No.
2 red, $1 06J1 05; No. 2 corn, 63c; No.2 oats.
51c: No. 2 white, 5253JJc: No.Swhife, 52
f53c; No.2 rye,90(S91Kc; No. 2 barley nominal;
o.3 nominal: No. i, f. o. b., 7476c; No.l
flaxseed, $115; prime timothy seed, $1 26;
mess pork, per barrel, $1125; lard, per 100
pounds, $6 406 45; short ribs sides (loose),
$5 906 00; dry salted shoulders (boxed),
$5 155 25; short clear sides (boxed), $6 30
6 40; whisky, distillers' finished goods, per
gallon, $1 17; sugars, cut loaf, unchanged.
Ou the Produce Exchange to-day, tne but
ter market was lower. Extra creamery, 18
20c; extra flrsts, 1617c; firsts, 1415c: extra
dairy, 1618c: extra firsts, 1315c; flrsts, 11
12:. Eggs, 1314.
NEW TOBK Flour Receipts. 1.322.000
packages; oxports, 14,760 sacks; marketquiot
and unchanged; sales, 19,150 barrels. Wheat
Receipts, 29,400 bushels; exports, 23,200
bushels; sales, 4,240 bushels futures; 248,000
bushels spot; spot market llc higher,
strong and fairly- active, chiefly exports;
No. 2 red, $1 16-kl W in store, $1 17
1 in anoat, t ti'mmi ayf, 1. o. .d.: un
graded red, $1 07I 15V; No. 1 North
ern, to arrive, $1 16; No. 1
hard, to arrive, $1 19; options opened K
a lower, but soon rallied and ad
vanced Vilc on reports of drouth
and stronger -cables, closing firm as
there was continued inquiry from shippers
for special deliveries, while the millers'
wants were full; general No. 2 red, Mav,
$1 06; September, $1 041 05, closing $1 05;
Oc:obet, closing $1 053$; December, $1 05
1 07, closing nt $1 06J?; May, 1892, $1 09
1 10, closing at $1 10. Corn Spot market de
cidedly lo-H er.freo sellers', moderately active;
No. 2, 70g74c elevator, 7172Jc afloat;
ung.-ided mixed, 7076c; No. 3,72c; options
declined on near months 11 on increasing
snnnlies. closed weak: lato months advanced
Kbc; May,'7?c. closing at 70c; June, 66
66c, closing at 66c; July.OlXfi&ojic, closing
at 65jiJc; August, 64i65c, closing at 64JJc;
SoptemDer, 6364Vc, closing at 61c. Oats
Spot market quiet and unsettled, closing
easier; options dull and irregular; May clos
ing at 56c: June closing at 55c; July, 54f
55c.-closing at 55c; spot, So. 2 white,
54"Ac; mixed Western, 5160c; white do,
607oc; No. 2 Chicago, 58c. Hay
firm and quiet. Hops qniet and firm.
Sugar Raw quiet and steady: sales 2 car
goes centrifugals, 96' test, to Boston, and 2
cargoes Muscovado, 89 test, at 2fg2 15-16c,
to Philadelphia; refined quiet and un
changed. Cottonseed oil unchanged. Tallow
dull and weak. Eggs in fair demand and
firmer; Western, 16c; receipts, 3,795
packages. Hides firm and qniet.
Pork quiet and stcadv; old mess, $11 0OSH2 50;
now mess, $12 7513 50; extra prime, $11 75
12 25. Cut meats quiet and steady. Middles
firm and dull. Lard stronger and quiet;
Western steam, $6 72; city, $5 8505 95; op
tions sales, 750 tierces; May, $6 73nsked: July,
$0 80, closing at $6 81 bid; August. $6 94; Sep-
icmucr, i uu, closing at 71 uo diq. tmiter
nniet and weaken A cstern ilnln.- lOrfBlfirr. tin
"creamery, 1520c; do factory, l(fc?16c; Elgin,
zuc. uneese quiet: pari- SKims, o8c. i'lg
lrtm tiuicbub 91010. vopper nominal; iiko
May, $13. Lead quiet and steady; domestic,
$25. Tin less active and a shade lower;
straits, $20 45.
BALTIMORE-Wheat No.2 red dull and
easy; spot, $1 15; the month, $1 11; June, $1 13;
July, $1 081 08Jf: August, $1 05K61 05:
steamer No. 2 rod, $1 13. Beceipts, 3,775
bushels; stork, 173,539 bushels; sales, 16,000
bushels, -Corn Mixed dull; spot and the
month, 72c; July, esvfeesjfc; spot No.2 white,
72c Receipts, 7,794 bushels; shipments, 82
bushels; stock, 88,643 bushels. Oats quiet;
No. 2 white Western, 59ig60c: No. 2
mixed, do, 5S59c Receipts, 6,000 bushels;
mock, sk,-,i Dusucis. ttyo Bieaay; ro. z, use;
stock, 8,010 bushels. Hay firm: good to
choice timothy, $11 0012 00. Provisions
unsettled. Butter dull, heavy and lower;
creamery, fancy, 22c: do, fair to choice, 20
21c; do, imitation, 1718c; ladle, fancy, 16c;
do good to choice, 1415c; rolls, fine, l'5I6c;
do fair to good, l&gHe; store packed, 1217c
Eggs quiet nnd easier at 15c Coffee firm nnd
unchanged; Rio cargoes fair; Ao.7, 1818c.
ST. LOUIS Wheat opened tamo and about
the same as It 'closed yesterday. Advices
from other markets coming in values firmed
up here and trading becamo active, the mar
ket rulmg firm until 11 o'clock, when prices
sagged only to recover again, and the close
was firm at near top prices of the day, 1K
VAc above yesterdav's final figures; No.2
red, cash, $1 031 05; Mav closed $1 05 bid;
Julv, 9799c, closing at 93K99c: August,
93"97c. closing at 96?c bid: December,
93c$l 00, closing at 99c Corn opened
lie off. but soon became strong and values
advanced sharply until noon, when prices
declined.rallylng near the close and, finished
a above yesterday; No. 3 casb,'60GOc;
May, 6060Kc closing at60c; July, 5757?!c.
closing at 57
No. 2, cash, 80
Oats lusher but oniet-
i izjioi tow, closing $1 um June, $1 12
1 13, closing $1 13; Julv, $1 09K1 H
closiiigl 10: Antrust.il 05V81 06. clnsinir
July, '454Sc-closing at
45Jic; August, 36K36Kc, closing at 363o.
Bye firmer; No. 2, 89c. Barley Iowa, 76c
MINNEAPOLIS There was little if any
demand for any kind of wheat to-day, ex
ceptNo. 1 Northern, and that was small.,
There was some early buying of that grade
at about Jc under July, but it was limited
and soon supplied. The offerings were small,
but tliejnnrket dragged badly. Local millers
were not buying, claiming they could not
sell flour at figures that would warrant their
paying the prices asked. Elevator com
panies would: have bougfit No. 1 Northern at
lc under July, but as sellers only had a few
cars each, they generally held in an endeavor
to get a little more for their wheat. Closing;
quotations: No. 1 hard. May. $1 09; on trnck,
$1 09V1 10; No. 1 Northern, Slav. $1 07K: June
Si 08; July, $1 08: on track, $1 OjVl OTJfcNo.
2 Northern, May, $1 05; on track, $1 051 05f.
PHILADELPHLl. Flour steady. Wheat
Options opened a shade firmer on specula
tive buying in New York and Chicago, and
afterward lost the improvement and closed,
weak: No. 2 red, Mav,$l 131 14; June, $1 13
1 12K; July, $1 091 09K; August, $1 05
1 05. Com Carlots dull and lower; futures
neglected and nominally unchanged; No. 3
vellow, in grain depot, 75c; No. 2 mixed, May,
7072c: June, 68C9c; July, 6667c; August,
65liiffi66c. Oats weak and lower: No. 2 white.
58iffi58Kc; do choice, Mc; Ao. 2 white. May,
5758c; June, 58K5c; July, 58Kho.
Provisions steady, with a lair demand.
Butter weak and irregular; Pennsylvania
creamery, extra, 2023c; do print, extra. 24
28c. Eggs quiet and easier; Pennsylvania
firsts, Kc.
CINCINNATI Wheat strong; No. 2 red,
$1 061 09. Corn quiet and drooping; No.
mixed, 66c. Oats easy; No. 2 mixed, 53Jc
Rye stronger; No. 2, 9294c. Provisions
firmer. Pork, $11 50. Lard, $6 20. Bulk
meats. $6 12. Bacon, $7 12. Whisky quiet;
sales 737 barrels finished goods on the basis
of $1 17. Butter easier; fancy Elgin creamery,
25c; Ohio, 25c; choice dairy, 1314c. Sugar
easy. Eggs firm at 14c. Cheese steady.
NEW OBXEANS Whiskey quiet; Western
rectified, $1 011 05. Sugar steady; open ket
tie fully fair at 4Vc: fair to good fair,
33c; common, 2Jj3c; inferior, 2Jic: cen.
tnfngal prime yellow 4c; seconds, 34Wo.
Molasses steady; open kettle fermenting 233
25c; centrifugal prime to good prime, 20c; fair
to good fair, 1415c; good common, 1012c;
common, 89c; inferior, 67c.
PEOKIA-Corn dull; No. 2, 62c; No. 8,
61c; No. 4, 60c. Oats dnll; No.2 white, 51
52c; No. 3, 6Wc. Bye scarce; No. 13. 83c
Whisky firm. Wines, $1 19. Spirits, $1 2L
Receipts Corn, 25,800 bushels; oats, 3,000
bushels; rye, 550 bushels; barley, 600 bushels.
Shipments Corn, 11,400 bushels; oats, 6,00f
bushels; rye, none; barley, 600.
MTLWABKEE-Wheat strong;' No.
spring, ontrack,cash,$l 031 04; July, $1 OIJi;
'So. I Northern, $1 08. Corn easier: No. 3, ou
track, 65c. Oats steady: No. 2, white, on
track, 53Kc Barley dull; No. 2. in store.
74c. Bye firm: No. 1 in store, 94c. Pro
visions llrm.
July, $6 62.
Pork July, $11 43. Lard
TOLEDO Wheat active; cash and May,
$1 09K; July, $1 02 August, 99JJc; Decern!
Der, 91 ui. torn ami ana
lower: cash. 66c
Oats quiet; cash, 52c
Cloverseed steady;
casn, $ -jj.
Information for Housekeepers Who. Pat
ronize the Stands and Stalls.
The cost of the Sunday dinner will not
vary much this week from last. Staple meats
rarely change to the consumer, whatever the
ups and downs of live stock. Butter should
be from 5 to 10c per A lower than a week ago.
Good country rolls are a drug on the market
at 15c per lb, and good creamery is slow at 25
to 28c In a Jobbing why. Eggs and poultry
aro firm at last week's prices. The markets
are well supplied with strawberries, but
choice stock holds up well to prices of last
Saturday. Home raised strawberries will
not be due for a week or two, and prospects
are not brilliant for a good crop, as late
frosts nipped large quantities In this section
when in flower.
Florists report a fair week's trade, with
much better prospects for the week to come,
as society will be getting in some good work
next week. In the line of outdoor flowers
lilacs nnd lilies of tho valley have the call.
The May Music Festival has made special
.demands for loose flowers.
At-tho fish stalls the only new feature re
ported is the fresh arrival of soft shell crabs,
tho first of tho season being reported this
week. Lake fish appear to bo leaving tho
shore earlier than usual this season, and, as
a result, the catch has been light for a few
davs past.
The following are retail prices of best
quality f meats, fish, vegetables, etc, at the
Diamond Market:
Meats Best cats of tenderloin steaks, 23c per
lb.: sirloin, 18(320c: standing rib roast. l&20c:
chuck roasts, 12c; corned beef, 810c per lb. : spring
lamb. 25e: lesr of mutton. 12c for hind auarter and
8c for fore quarter: loin of mutton. 15c; lamb chops.
20c; stewing pieces, 6c per lb.; veal roasts, 12&
15c per lb., and cutlets, 20c. Pork chops, I2jc ana
steaks, 10c. an advance of 2c per lb. on rates which
have prevailed for some months past. Veal la the
only article in the flesh line which falls to respond
to tne upward movement of prices.
Vegetables Cabbage, 10c; potatoes, 25c per half
onlons'25c a quart; bannanas, 20325c a dozen; car
rots. 5c a bunch, tomatoes, 30T340C a quart; lemons,
303H0C per dozen; oranges, 23(3IOc; lettuce. 5c per
bunch: beets, 5c per bunch. 35c per dozen; new
beets, 10c a bunch; asparagus, 7c a bunch, 4 for 25c;
radishes, 5c a bunch; encumbers. 10c apiece: ap
ples, 25c a quarter peck; strawberries, 1520c a
quart: rhubarb. 3 bnnches for 10c.
Butter asd Egos Good creamery, 27c per lb:
fancy brands, 30c r choice country rolls, 20c; good
cooking butter, 12c; fresh eggs, 17c per dozen.
Poultry Dressed chickens. 13 to 15c per lb;
ducks, 13c to 15c per lb: turkeys, 18c per lb; geese,
12c to Metier ft.
Fish Following are the articles in this llne-ou
the stalls, with prices: Lake salmon, 10 to 15c; Cal
ifornia salmon, 35 to 40c per pound; white flsh, 12
to 15c; herring, 4 pounds for 25c: Spanish mackerel,
40c per pound; blueflsh, 15c; halibut, 20c; rock baa.
scallops, 20c a pound
i , ounu, . w w f. 3 CMU,
Mackinaw trout. 12e ner
pound: soft shell crabs. $1 0to $1 25 a dozen.
j? lowers 11 rrance. ?i :a per dozen; jierzaets,
$1 00 per dozen: Brides, $1 00 per dozen; yellow ana
white roses, 75c per dozen; Bennetts, $1 00 per
dozen; Beauties, 35 to 50c; carnations, 60c per
dozen: Dnchea of Albany, $1 00 per dozen r vio
lets. $1 00 per 100: heliotrope, 50c per dozen: Illy of
valley, 50c per dozen: camellas. 15c each: Harrisu.
20c each: hyacinth, 50c per dozen; hostes. $1 CO a
dozen; lilac, 25c a bunch; Dutch hyacinth, 13c
each; Jacks, $2 50 a dozen; pansles, 25c. ,
SICK HILVDACHECarter,8LIt,eI)lTerpinj
-Carter's Little Liver Plus.
SICK HEADACHECarter,8 t,tU(, LIyerPmj,
-Carter's Little Liver Pills.
Whitney & Stephenson,
57 Fourth Avenue. -
CaDitnl. $300,000. Sumlns $51,670 29.
President. Asst. Sec Treas.
r cent interest allowed on time de
posits. , - OC15-40-D
INGHOUSE Electric and Manufacturing
Stockholders desiring to participate In the
pending reorganization should promptlv
send to the Mercantile Trust Company, 120
Broadway, New York, their stock duly as
signed upon the back of each certificate to
tho Mercantile Trust Company as trustee,
and accompanied by the following letter:
xo tne jiercantue xrust uompany:
In response to tho circnlar of the Westing
house Electric and Manufacturing Company
to its stockholders, dated May 7, 1891, we
hereby assign to you as trustee, and send
herewith certificates for or representing
blank shares of stock In said company, for
which please send us negotiable certificates
of deposits. Yours, etc
The Trust Company will issue negotiable
certificates of deposit for all stock deposited
with it. While stockholders become par
ties to the reorganization agreement bvslm
Bly depositing their stock with the Trust
orapany as-above directed, they may exe
cute one of the original' agreements either
at the office of August Belmont Co., 120
Broadway, New York; the office of Lee, Hig
glnson & Co., State street, Boston, Mass.,
or at the office of the company at Pittsburg,
at all of which-places and at the company's
New York office, 120 Broadway, copies of the
circular to the stockholders and of the reso
lutions of the board of directors containing
the plan of reorganization, and full informa
tion regarding the company and its reorgan
ization can he obtained.
Reorganization Committee.
Aew Youk, May 12, 189L my!3-40
John M. Oakley & Co.,
Stocks, Bonds,'Grain,Petroleum.
Trivate wire to New York and Chicago.
U SIXTH ST, Pittsburg. v"
,ak .-s&s'-j

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