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Review of Friday Kiglit's Concert
., That Closes the Season of the
Popular Mozart Club.
To be iTK!ilOut by3Teans of Ycry Excellent
rrogranunes to Be Given at tho
Dnquesne Theater.
Items Fraaat Homo and Abroad That Will Interest
Icrcrs cf Bus and Spaces.
The idea of including a "Ballad Concert"
each season among tho Mozart Club's sub
scription series Is a happy one. Particularly
so when it comes, as did the occasion of last
Friday evening at Old City Hall, at the close
of the season, when everyone is sated with
curious music After the fall, solid courses
Just removed, the jaded musical palate is
rcadvforlittle else than simple sweots like
Bridal Chorus, "Bose JIaldcn" Cowen
Dreams btrelezU
Miss Carrie Angcll.
The Wanderer , 1'csca
Mr. F. W. Heart.
Left UnlolJ :...., Concn
Miss Irene Sample.
Pace's Aria, JlHuerottl,, .....Jtoerbeer
Ml 3I.-rV Beciley.
Boat Song Neidllngcr
Mr. J. Bord Duff.
Dear Heart. : Mattel
Mltfl Luilla Ashe.
ITvnke.-, BIrnkcn and Nod."
(A Dutch Lullaby) for boprano Solo and Chorus.
"Words uv Kitrcuc Field.
pet to Music bv EUiclbcrt Xevln.
Mrs. M. IlrnVler and Chorus.
LotcrUli'daLlltlc Maid...... 3nnz
Mrs. F. G. Frlcke.
Come to Mo Denza
Mr. Kd Edstrom.
Mr Heart at Tin Sweet Voice (Sampson ct
Dall!) Salnt-Saens
Miss Marp-rct A. Crouch.
Old HeidclN rg Jensen
Mr. VT. B. Edwards.
(a) SlnmlerSonjr 4 Blcs
(b) Tlicre's a Wny Raff
Mis- May Hetsley.
Fextettcand chortts (I.ucla).. Donizetti
Ml Jtnule Evans, Mls Lizzie Beed and Mcrb.
Gcrding, MiiFtln. Bullock. "Wapier and chorus.
The Ballad Concert Is of value also, be
cause of the good opportunity it affords lor
giving prizes, as it were. In the shapo of solo
assignments to tho faithful ones w to have
contributed so much toward the excellent
choral work which is the Mozart Club's chief
pride. This stimulus to the chorus singers is
now of relatively greater significance since
advancing standards mako it less desirable
to have the cultivation of local sole talent
figure so prominently in the club's more im
portant programmes during future seasons.
The chorus singing of Friday evening was
not up to the club's high standard. Tho
"Bose Maiden" extract was evidently too
familiar: it was treated with a good naturcd
carelessness that forbade much precision
and refinement. The quality and balance of
the hole body of tono was, however, alto
gether delightlul in this, as in the other
choral numbers. In tho "Lucia" fragment
tho soloists were somewhat over
wcignted and tlie mmorchorus part was not
smoothly fitted in. Ethelbert Serin's set
ting of the quaint and charming lullaby wns
the prime feature of the programme. It is
absolutely delicious music, poetically con
ceived and skilfully worked out, possessing
a charm of its own that acted like magic
on Friday evening's audience as it has
w here or it has been heard. Its repetition
was compelled by such hearty, continuing
npplause as is not oftenheard. This was the
more remarkable since the grateful work
was not sung altogether as itdoserves nor
ns this chorus is capable of singing it.
Various changes in tempo and in
degree of force along with some
other marks of expression, all plainly
Indicated by the composer, were more 01;
less disregarded. The chorus was rarely
soft enough to form n proper background to
Mrs. Henkler's acceptable doliverv of the
solo rart; but this was due largclv to the
fact that Mr. Pritchard's unexpected ab
sence threw his share of tho pianoforte ac
companiment without rehearsal to Mr. Git
tings, w ho, naturally enough, erred on, the
side of giving the singers too much support
rather than too little.
Space is lacking, were it otherwise desir
able, to review in detail the singing of the
numerous soloists. In the kind of music
they w isely chose most of them were able to
attain very satisfying results. Miss Mar
garet A. Crouch deserves to be singled opt
tor her thoroughly artistic nud truly im
passioned inteipretation of the Salnt-Saens
aria. Miss Crouch proved herself one of
our very best sopranos: she should be heard
more often. Mr. Binehart Mayer played
the accompaniment particularly well.
Miss Sample, too, deserves a special
word as well for the luscious,
sympathetic voice as for the repose and ex
pressiveness of her surging. Mr. Edstrom's
agreeable tenor was for the most part well
handled. MUs Beesley was not in good
voice nor was Mr. Edwards: neither of them
did Justice to their proven capabilities.
Miss AngelU Sirs. Fricke, Miss Ashe, Mr.
Duff and Mr. Beail justified their selection
tor solo work on this occasion.
The audience filled tho hall and bestowed
most appreciative plaudits upon all the
efforts put forth by the ariedforces arrayed
tinder Conductor James P. McCollum.
Promises of the Pestival Patron esses.
As the appended programme will show, an
extremely enjoyable evening is to bo antici
pated by all who attend the entertainment
to be given next Friday (not Thursday) at
the Duquesne Theater under the auspices of
the May Festival Patronesses and a few
prominent men, forthe purpose of making
up as much as may be ot tho deficit result
ing from hibt month's big event.
Just a word on the. subject of deficits In
such enterprises. It is an absolutely clear
deduction ironi the history, not of Pittsburg
ulone, but of the entire musical woild, that
music ou the grandest calc Is not to be ex
pected to pay for itelf, no more than great
exhibitions of paintings or sculptures. Tho
line arts do not and cannot stand simply on
the plane of business enterprises.
Throughout Europe tho Governments, tho
cities and the petty potentates universally
make regular appropriations for the sup
port of musical undertakings. They could
not exiat otherwise. (That word, "they"
may almost be construed with cither the po
litical powers or the undertakings; music's
value to peaceful, contented society is well
under-lood o or there!) In our own coun
trj.thc Higginsons, the Carncgics and all
the other public-spirited private individ
uals, richer and poorer, have to assume tho
burden -which onv Government has never
taken up.
Commenting upon the customary spring
crop of inusio festival deficits (including
Pittsburg's) and tho various public-spirited
plans for meeting them, last w eek's Jjuilcal
Courier extract this crumb of comfort from
the situation: "We understand that there
arc many losses or like nature in the largo
list f musical festivals this season, which is
n happy omen, as it indicates that music is
being iaid tor by those, who areblessed with
abundant earthly goods."
Let us hope that in Pittsburg the common
duty of helping out so valuable a public
institution as the recurring music festivals
will this week be fully performed not only
bv tho wcalt hy but aNo by the general mass
of music lovcj-s,to whom the tollon ing popu
lar attractive programme should be a strong
"The Message of Spring" Gade
Festlral Chorus.
"Sunset" Buck
Mr. John A. btrouss.
Violin solo Selected
Miss Mamie Beuck.
Becltatlon Selected
Mrs. Maurice I. Coster. ,
"Shadow Song," (l)lnorah) Meyerbeer
Miss May Beesley.
Variations for two pianos on a Beethoven
theme balnt-Sacns
, Mr. Carl Better and Mr. Jos. II. Gittlng.
"Quartet innn Blgoletto" Verdi
Miss Agnes Vojrei, Mrs. Mary It. bcott. Mr. Paul
ZiiiiuiiniiaiLand Mr. John A. btroubs.
Children's dances"
ai(avutte. (b) Tambourine dance.
Tlilrt-t o Masters and Misses, trained by
Miss Davis.
Gipsy Life Schumann .
Festival Chorus.
"My Ilcart at Thy Sweet Voice" (Samsonet .
Dallla .....Salnt-Saens-
.. .. Miss Agnes VogeL
Violin tolo -..Selected
Miss Mamie Beuck. f
Song Selected
Mr. Paul- Zimmerman.
Recitation Selected
Mrs. Maurice I. Coster.
"To beillla"' Dessauer
Mrs. Marr B. Scott.
Miiflainm-ittis" ifftaliat Mater) Kosslnl
Miss May Beesley and Fotlral Chorus.
IVluit Bussia Is Doing for Music.
Apropos of Mr. Tschaikovs.ky's brief
American trip Mr. Krehbielmnkc the follow
ing suggestive remarks in tho TWounc-
;'Asfor tho people of tho VnitedJStates,
there "was a highly suggestive lesson in M.
Tschalkowsky'B visit. It brought to our
notice how wisely and patriotically Bussia,
tlie despotic Government "of tho Cray. Is
laboring In behalf of a -national school of
music. LTschaikowsky 'a visits to London
nnd l'aris, perhaps also to America, wore
inndo under tho auspices or the Russian
Government. A stipend, was granted to him
ont of the Xational Treasurr, that ho
rolKht show what Bussia., is doing in tho
province of music. Tho spectacle Is in
spiring. In his autobiography; Rubinstein
tells of hl labors to achieve a professional
standing for composers in Russia. Practi
cally tho conservatory which he founded
ortiicntii1 nil the men since Glinka mid hlm-
belf who have stood for .Russian music, and'
tlicy are not yet oia men. Attnetimeoi
Peter the Great what music there was In
Bussia was barbaric Peter knew nothing
of tho art except the wild songs sung by his
soldien-, and when he wished to encourage
it ho did so by hiring a band of bagpipers.
Hn nlnvml nn the bafmines himself, like
Sera. 'Sow Bussia is attaching the best
men in tho world to her national school, en
couraging its pupils by scholarships, its
.teachers by pensions, and its composers by
stipends. ShoTknows the strength of her na
tive genius, and purposes that the world
nlo shall know and feci it.
Crochets and Quavers. "
Haixvt's "Eclair" has been revived with.
brilliant success at Cologne.
Ci.EMEi.TiNE Db Vet.k will be the s61olstnt
the Hans Bichter concert in London July 6.
This will bo her first appearance with Hans
The Vienna male chorus started recently
with 178 members on its Orientalour1. Tho
chorus is to sing before the Sultan, and at
Athens on May 21 they serenaded the sister
of tho German Emperor.
Actiko Bear AnvtnAL'WAijran wants to in '
crease tho efficiency of the navy by Incroas
Ing the size of tho Marine Band. It is well'
to have some offset to Italy's hand-organ"
brigade, lest tho Xew Orleans affair should
flame out afresh.
The French Minister of the Fine Arts has
at last graciously consented to let "Lohen
grin" bo given at the Paris Opera. "Will the
chauvinist (called "hoodlum"- over here)
sentiments of the Boulevard loafers reverse
the Minister's decision or not?
Ajt nnouymous correspondent asks tho
writer of this department to "say a kindly
word of commendation" about the playing
of a pupil at one of the recent seminary con
certs. Suppose the kindly word were said,
as requested, merely upon tho ipje dixit of
the unknown petitioner; of how much value
would such commendation be:
EnoEKEOirroLAif, who has Just died in Paris'
aged C7, won first honors in musical compo
sition at the Institute in 1817, and has since
composed a number of successful operas and
tlUUlitlUllU. UU tins, IUlkUClUlUlCAIIjCli
author of a valuable trentlse on international
law, a Minister Plenlpotentiarvandnn officer
of tho Legion of Honor. Who says that
music does not fit in well with sterner pur
suits? The suit for libel of Edward Scovel, the
tenor, against tho St. Stephm't Sevieic has
been settled by the Beviao paying Bcovel
$1,600 and the costs of the suit and making
an apology. On Xovember last It was an
nounced that Scovel and his wife, formerly
Miss Boosevelt. of Xew York, would bring
an nctiorr for libel against the St. Stepheivt
Jicviao for publishing an article in which it
was suggested that tho tenor had married
Jiiss Koosevcit lor ncr money nnu mat me
marriage was an unhappy one. Exchange.
AVhejt Mr.Xavor Scharwenka returns from
Berlin in the fall to open his new Conserva
tory of Music at New York he will have, it
is stated, the aid of the following instruct
ors: Counterpoint, harmony and composi
tion, Bruno O. Klein; violin, Bichard Arnold
and EmilGramm: violoncello, Adolf Hart
degen; vocal, Emily 'WInant, Edward Schlo
raann and Mrs. Albert Frox; piano, Gonzalo
Nnnez, Albert M. Bagby, C. V. Lachmund,
August Arnold, Walter Petzet, J. Wir
schingcr, Albert Prox, Grace Cowles, H. C.
urantana AiDerc veic
Talkiho of festivals, tho leTneYne JlfiuiJfc
zeitung gives some curious information about
a music festival in Borne abont 77 B. C, thus
once more proving the truth of the old say
ing that there Is "nothing new under tho
sunl" A three days' festival was held at
that date by order of Augustus Cajsar, and
the third day was devoted to musical per
formances in tho Temple of Apollo. A can
tata bv Qulntus Horatlus Flaccns was pcr-
far tho sn may wander over tho earth, ho
ean seo nowhere a greater city than Borne."
Musical Courier.
j CoxMEKTrxo upon Little Jean Gerardy,
fpiio has aroused great -interest in London
jhts spring, the JaH .IfoU -BurJjet saysr '3Ias
er Gerardy, the young; violin cellist, is much
.more of the artist and far less of the infant
phenomenon than is usually the case with
prodigies. He began to play the 'ceUo at 8.
but has really only studied the instrument
for the past three years. The first lessons
were given him at the Liege Conservatoire,
but so soon as ho became acquainted with
Ilerr Bellman, the famous 'celloist of the
Hcckmon Quartet undertook to direct his
studies. He is quite en rapport with his
master, who spends his mornings in teach
ing the boy, and his afternoons in excursions
into the country round Liege with his young
"Wizard Edisox says 'of the kinetograph,hls
latest invention, now nearly penected: "My
intention is to have such a happy combina
tion of electricity and photography that a
man can sit in his own parlor and seo repro
duced on a screen the forms of tho players
in a opera produced on a distant stage.
and, as he sees their movements, ho will hear
the sound of tlreir voices ns they talk or
sing or laugh." America's attempt to roll
grand opera around the country on wheels
has long given good cause for laughter to
our trans-Atlantic friends, with their per
manent opera in every sizable town. But
when we get our grand opera by wire
furnished to the whole country by a single
company of the greatest artists that the
whole country's united patronage can seoure
where wUl the laugh be then?
TnE sixth annual examination of the
American College of Musicians will bo held
at the University of New York during tho
four days beginning on Tuesday, June 23.
The Board of Examiners is composed of tho
following musicians: Pianoforte, Dr. 'Will
iam Mason, A. E. Parsons, Mrs.. Fancy
Bloomfleld Zeissler; voice, Madame Cap
planl, J. Harry Wheeler, F. W. Boot; organ,
b. 1'. Warren, S. B. Whltnev. George E. Whit
ing; public schools. W. F. Heath, N. Coo
Stewart, William H. Dana: violin, S! E.
Jacobsohn, J. H. Beck, G. Dannreuthcr;
theory, Dudley Buck, W. W- Gilchrist,
Thomas Tapper, Jr. Candidates are re
quested to notify their intention to Bobert
Bonner, No. GO William Street, Providence,
before Juno 10. Copies of the prospectus,
examination papers of former years, etc.,
may also be obtained from Mr. Bonner.
Mrs. Thcecer's succ.ess in getting -the Na
tional Conservatory of Music incorporated
by Congress has not yet resulted in the con
templated removal of tnat institution to
Washington as the chief one of a truly na
tional system of conservatories throughout
tho country. But the promising plant is
growing finely for. all that. It now has.a
remarkably brilliant list. of 63 instructors'
and a present roll of 313 actual pupils.
Jn its sis years' career 2,227 students
havo received tuition; much of it
gratuitous, all of it at very low
rates for the standards maintained. En
trance examinations for tho term beginning
October 1 will bo hold from September 2 to
29. Possible Pattlts, putative Pachmann's,
w ould-be WieniawskPs and. the rest may ad
dress Secretary C. L Pardee, 126 East Seven
teenth street. New York, for details of the
work through which Mrs. Thuibcr nnd her
public-spirited coadjutors are helping on
word the country's musical progress. '
Philadelphia pays over $10,000 this season
for band concerts in its one big park, accord
ing to the following item from Afujfc and
Drama ot thatcitv: "Tho contracts for fnr.
nishing the mnslc in Fairmount Park this.
Winter Wanes
The Bracing Effect of
Cold Air is Lost, 'and
Tired Feeling
Prevails. To Gain
Health and Strength, Take
summer have been awarded as follows: At
Lemon Hill Pavilion, to tho Metropolitan
Band, wliien plays for tho Stato Fenclbles,
for $4,070; Strawberry Mansion, to the Ger
manla Band, 18 pieces, $2,000; Belmont Man
sion, ta Bobert TTagg. 17 pieces, $2,000; Mt
Pleasant, to Bell's" Orchestra', 12 pieces,
$L500." with Pittsburg's new park schemes,
a liberal provision should be mado for tho
band concerts, whioh are the best means of
attracting great numbers of people who
might otherwise not be led to go to tho
parks for a considerable time. Put the Great
Wpstern Band at Schenloy Park onco a week,
Mr. Bigelow, and let tho croakers see how
many thousands of people' will, even with
present facilities, find it quite a convenient
spot to reach.
Mb. nEswr E. Abbkt and his French-Italian
Opera next season at the New York
Metropolitan tnay have a Tentonlo rival
after alL Manager Hammerstcin, who is
building tho "Manhattan Opera House" on
Thirty-fourth street, near Broadway, has
issued circulars embodying his plan for a
season of grand opera in German, beginning
next December, provided with a big "P"
the boxes in the new house are subscribed
for in advance at the rate of
$2,500 for the season of 60 perform
ances. The outcome of Mr. Hammersteln's
excellent project is decidedly problematical.
Fashion runs in a flock and is already
pledged to the Metropolitan. Unless some
tashionable under-current Is Just now flow
ing away from the older house, as wns the
case when it supplapted the Academy of
Music, this Gorman opera 'sohemo will have
to, depend for support upon thoso who
esteem it simply for its own sake. Two
thousand five hundred dollar boxes will be
a drug in that market, it is to be feared.
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Jlarrfage XI censes Issued Testerday.
Name. Residence.
IJohnCzarnescki Pittsburg'
Jadwlga Kurapalweanzcka..... Pittsburg
(StmouDzlndalret Pittsburg
araszKecuwna.... ruisourg
hh Gatz Pittsburg
1 Emma Glace......
..Port Perry
.srott .rerry
f John Weiss - Allegheny
1 Katharine Ecker Allegheny
J Vn. J. Knox. Pittsburg
J Mary Schefftcr Allegheny
i John Becker - Allegheny
J Dollle Smothers Allegheny
(Joseph Godfrey.. ..orr. Pittsburg
i Sadie Aston Allegheny
5 Wm. P, Wernebnrg Allegheny
Nellie Sweeney..... Pittsburg
( James HooDcr Pittsburg
J Margaret E. Sullivan Pittsburg
(John Young. Allegheny
5 Katlo Walsh Pittsburg
5 A. F. C. Scball Pittsburg
j Lizzie Hahn , Pittsburg
j John Schwamberger .Glenshaw
I Anna Franz - .....Glenshaw
CONNOLLY On Saturday, June 6,1891, at
7 a. it.. Jour, son of Lawrence G. and Kate
Connolly, aged IS years 1 month and 23 days.
Funeral Suhday, June 7, ut 8 p. jr., from
his father's residence, Brinton station.
Friends of the family are respectfully in
vited to attend.
FACKINEB On Friday, June 8, 1891, at
1230 T. m., Habbt Ludwiq Fackiker, son of
Adam and Louisa Facklner and grandson
of Charles Angloch, Sr., aged 8 years, 1
montns anu '-J days.
Funeral from the residence of his parents,
corner Crawford street, on Wyllo avenue, on
SD3DAT APTZBKOOK at 2 o'clock. FrienMs of
the family are respectfuUy invited to at
tend. 2
FBEYVOGEL At his residence, 349 Forbes
street, on Saturday, June 6, at 10.30 a.m.,
Akthost Feetvooel, aged 47 years.
Notice of funeral in Monday morning's
GEE WIG On Friday, June 5, at -11 o'clock
t. m., Elekora LArrE, beloved wife of Henry
Gorwig, aged 62 years. i
Funeral services at family residence, No.
53 Liberty street, Allegheny, Mowdat, Juno
8, at 3 o'clock p.m. Friends of the family are
respectfuUy invited to attend. Interment
' private nt a later hour. 2
HAMILTON On Friday, June 5, at Craf
ton, Pa., Boss, beloved wife or H. F. Hamil
ton. Funeral on StnmAV, June 7, at S r. v.
Friends of the family are respectfully Invited
to attend.
KENNEDY At his residence, 26 Federal
street, Pittsburg, Pa., on Thursday, evening,
June 4, 1891, at 5 o'clock, William Johx Rex
xedt, son of Mary Paul and tho late John
Kennedy, aged 43 years.
KENNEBDELL On Friday, Juno 5, at 5
o'clock a. i., Lizzie B,, wife of F. B. Kenner
dell, aged 21 years 11 months 2 days.
Funeral services at the residence of her
father-in-law, Avenue, Pa.
MOELLEB On Friday, June 5, 1891, at 4:10
p. My Mrs. Sadie A. Mokller (nee Lewis), wife
of John Moeller, at her residence, No.-214
Second avenue.
Funeral at 2 o'clock Suitdat, June 7."
Friends of the family are respectfully in
vited to attend. 2
MOEGAN On June 6, at 750 Ai. jr., Miss
Elizabeth M. Morgan, in the 77th year of her
Funeral from her late residence, Upper St.
Clair township, Monday, June 8, at 1 o'clock
p. x. Carriages leave M. S. Ward's livery
stables. No. 34 East Carson street, at 9 A. x.
MtTNN At 1230 A. M. Saturday, June 6,
Mrs. Jano B. Munn, in the 60th year of her
Funeral service at the residence of her
brother, Isaac A. Brown, 116 Gallagher street,
Allegheny, on Monday, June 8, at 2 r. x. 2
WELSEE On Saturday, June 6, 1891, at 5:15
p. a., Edith Pearl Wzlser, in her 13th year.
funeral services at the residence of her
husband, Samuel B. WcMser, No. C Scott
street, on Monday eykni,g, Jnne 7, at 7:30
o clock. Interment private at McKeesport
on Tcesdat. ,
New York papers please copy.
WILSON At herj parents' residence, 273
wasmngton avenue, at into p. x., dune a,
Juve, youngest daughter of Joseph
S. and Jennie
3 vv lison, neo r owier.
Funeral services on Suhday jiornino, Jane
7, nt 3 o'clock sharp. Interment at Oak
Grove Cemetery, Freedonf, Beaver county.
Pa., on Suhdat on arrival of Nq. 3 train, Ft.
Wayne Eailroad, which leaves Union sta
tion B50 p. x., leaving residence at 1 r. x.
ZINKOEN On Friday evening, June 5, 1891,
nt 7 o'clock, at tho residence of his
parents, West View, Porrysviile road,HARBT
Marttk, son. of Martin and Elizabeth
funeral services at tho above residence on
Sutoat AJTERSooir at 2 o'clock. Friends
of the family are respectfully invited to at
tend. '
(Successor to Meyer, Arnold & Co., LIm.,1
Office and residence, 1134 Penn avenue.
Telephone connection. myl34-xwsu
Oppicxs: No. 6 Sevesth Street amd 6234
. Pe?JL Avurmj, East Eitd.
.Telephone 1153. my 10-126. wwa
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Pittsburg, Pa.
s -'
Is offering great inducements in Housefurnishing Goods. Those who are about to take up
the-trials of housekeeping and housefurnishing, will find at Keech's just what
they want. It's a comfort to buy of Keech. You can get EVERY
THING at the big Penn Avenue Stores, and at a saving ' .
.. .. ;. of at least 25. per cent, too
The finest and most com
plete assortment in the
city. Wiltons, Axminsters,
Velvets, Brussels and Tap
All grades:
Fine line of
Jn all size's and of new and
handsome colors.
Bargains in Clothing, Queensware, Kitchen Utensils, Stoves, Ranges, Porch Chairs,
Lawn Settees, and-in fact in every department. No shoddy goods,, no misrepre
sentation and bottom prices be it for cash, or credit.
Mammoth Housefurnishing Stores,
923, 92B, 927 Penn Ave., Near Ninth St
Buys choice of a
big lot of t$7, $6
and is Pants. All
are the best" of
all-wool patterns
of this season's
styles and, at $4K
are by large odds
the best bargains
ever offered.
Equally interesting is our
sale of Men's Suits, Our val
ues at $7, $8 50 and ,$10 50
are as good as any offered at
$8, $10 and $12. You'll disr
cover this fact on comparing
161-163 Federal St., Allegheny.
Ladies' Riding Caps-
Ladies' Street Sallors-
-Ladles' Outing Caps-
-Ladies' Tourist Hats-
-Ladles' Traveling Caps.
Leading Hatters and Furriers,
P. S. Ladles having furs to repair or
change should send, them to us now. Fur
work can be done cheaper and better now
than in fall. Je3-C
Nothing better for babies,
Full Cream. Full Weight,
Best on Earth.
June is the month of Re
frigerators as well as roses,
at ledst one would think
so from the number sold
during the past week at
It's tlie Prices,
that sell them.
FROM $9.90 TO S5Q
vlll iil
within the space at command to-day.
The balance of our Spring Cloth Suits will be closed out at less than,
material alone would cost. Visit 'this department for the greatest bargains of
the season and you won't be disappointed. Come as early in the week ag
Bedroom Suites are in de
mand now, and Keech has
replenished his stock, with
another large invoice of
fine and medium priced
FROM $16.75 UP
Is certainly a big enough
range in prices. Special
bargains in suites for sum
mer cottages.
If you want to keep cool and comfortable during
the warm weather wear our Norfolk Waists. They're
more popular than ever this season and there is a large
variety to select from here. There's nothing nicer for
summer wear. Styles and colorings to suit all tastes.
Our prices are 50c, 62c, 75c, 85c, 95c, 98c, $1, $1 12,
$1 25 35i t1 S $r 5 21 7S $2 $2 2S U $0,
$2 7S $3 $3 2S $3 5 UP t0 the ver7 finest made
Call and see the assortment and you'll be delighted. '
We have just opened another case of those won
derful wrappers at 75c, the best for the money.in thee
world. Better ones at 85c, 98c, $1 25, $1 50, $1 75,
2 and upward.
Challie Wrappers at $1 95, $2 45, $3, $3 45 and
Satine and Gingham Wrappers 1 50, $x 75, $2...
These are really remarkable values. Of course, we have,
higher priced wrappers if you want them.
CI I V llfftlCTC Surah Silk Waists, veil
5ILIV nAlO I U""made, $4. 95. H 75.
$6 75. 7 5. $8 5. $9 5 an( UP-
EMBROIDERED FICHUS We show a grand line,
our own importation, at $3, $4, $4. 50, $5, $$ 50, $6,
?7, 18, $9 and up. The selection is one of the finest,
in the city and it will pay you well to examine them.
CREAM BLAZERS Our assortment of these is
immense and the prices are lower than at any other es
tablishment. Just see "the elegant Blazers we offer at
$2 45, $2 75, U 95. $3 25 $3 45 and $4-45-They're
beauties, every one of them.
LADIES' WASH SUITS We have them in Ging
ham, Sateen", Challie, Madras, etc. There are hun
dreds from which to make choice and prices range froni
$2' at. up. A description of each cannot be attempted
We inaugurate a special sale of Corsets this week
and would respectfully invite patrons to take advant
age of it. Note following figures:
Common Sense, French woven, 65c worth $1. -
Extra long French woven 95 c this Corset is
cheap at $1 50.
Fine Sateen Corsets will be sold during this
special sale at 50c they were never offered before at
less than 75c.
Equiline Health or Madam Foy's Corsets re-'
duced to $1, regular price $1 25. We have 90
other popular styles, all of which are offered at corre;?,
Hundreds of babies have
been made happy by pa
rents who have in the past
few weeks purchased one
of those pretty little coaches
at Keech's., See them-or
send for catalogue.
And ranging in price from
53.SD TO S3fr.
':r v
, -

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